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West Hill was one of my very first quilting fabric collections. It was inspired by a real place, an intersection of dirt roads where there had once been a town, on little mountain in northern Vermont. Just beyond that crossroads was an old one room schoolhouse, and just below that, a meadow filled with wildflowers, and just beyond that, a perfect swimming hole at the bottom of a waterfall, underneath a covered bridge.

Memories of West Hill

I lived there when I was really young, loved it fiercely, and was heartbroken when we had to leave it behind.

For Sale Just recently, somebody planted a For Sale sign on that meadow, and without a lot of thought, I bought it. I considered putting up a house, but decided instead to install what the eightyear-old version of me would have designed: a massive, Robinson Crusoe inspired safari tent. It’s off grid, offline, offroad, and, in the scheme of long term plans, somewhat off topic. It has also become my family’s most favorite place in the world, which is great, because it’s always been mine. Watching my daughter run through the buttercups and jump into the river is a dream, one I could not even have imagined when I first drew the wildflowers and tadpoles that became West Hill.

Woman’s Robe

pattern by: Purl Soho sewn by: Allison O’Grady

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates pattern by: Sweet Jane Pieced & Quilted by: Josie Kate Snyder

Revisiting West Hill

I’m happy to welcome back these little characters, plus a few new stories and colors. You’ll find the same deep, cold greens of the deepest part of the river, and the acidic yellows and greens of the buttercups and the fireflies, the bright blue of the Vermont sky, and the pale grays of rainy afternoons. Annabel and I have even updated our solids collection, Ruby+Bee, with these same hues, so that you can find more ways to use them.

Carolyn Pajamas

pattern by: Closet Core Patterns sewn by: Allison O’Grady

Girl’s Cotton Dress

pattern by: Wag Doll sewn by: Allison O’Grady

Gathered Skirt

pattern by: Purl Soho sewn by: Allison O’Grady





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FABRIC KEY: 1. “Matryoshka Dolls” 52875-7 Brown 2. “Matryoshka Dolls” 52875-6 Warm Tan 3. “Riding Gear” 52878-13 Cool Tan 4. “Riding Gear” 52878-14 Mustard 5. “Becoming Frogs” 52879-17 Sunshine 6. “Tall Buttercups” 52877-12 Orange 7. “Horse Field” 52874-5 Dusty Pink 8. “Buttercup Map” 52873-1 Palest Pink 9. “Becoming Frogs” 52879-16 Peachy Pink 10. “Tall Buttercups” 52877-1 Palest Pink 11. “Floral Stripe” 52880-19 Pink


12. “Matryoshka Dolls” 52875-8 Lilac 13. “Floral Stripe” 52880-8 Lilac 14. “Floral Stripe” 52880-17 Ivory 15. “Lily Pond” 52876-9 Olive 16. “Horse Field” 52874-3 Green 17. “Buttercup Map” 52873-3 Green 18. “Tall Buttercups” 52877-10 Pond Green 19. “Lily Pond” 52876-10 Pond Green 20. “Buttercup Map” 52873-2 Grass Green 21. “Tall Buttercups” 52877-11 Dark Green 22. “Horse Field” 52874-4 Sky 23. “Riding Gear” 52878-15 Grey

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West Hill by Heather Ross  

West Hill by Heather Ross  

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