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Rami Kim’s Hexie Quilt kit Catalog


Rami Kim “I love to spend my time creating whatever my heart desires. I feel tremendous freedom in this process. I thank God for giving me this opportunity and my family, especially my husband for supporting me one-hundred percent.” -Rami Rami Kim is a DNA scientist turned fabric artist/quilter/instructor known nationally and internationally. She is a 19-time Best of Show winner, distinguished for her innovative art-to-wear. Her passion is in making contemporary art-to-wear, quilts, cloth dolls and bags with special interest in 3-dimensional textures and she is known for her own distinctive colors and techniques.

Hexie Quilts This look book will focus on Rami’s newest editions to her Hexie Quilt Collection. The quilt projects in this book were made by her unique method of cutting and folding circles of batik fabrics into beautiful hexagon creations. Get ready to enter Rami’s World of Fascination! To learn more about Rami visit:

Contemporary Grandmother’s flower garden Contemporary Grandmother’s Flower Garden includes a beautiful floral design. Measuring at 37 inches long by 32 inches wide. With a total of 213 batik circles and 14 different skus, quilters can enjoy a colorful creation process.

Kit Number: 50424QK Dimensions: 37” x 32”

Hooooskeeter (pink)

Hooooskeeter (Pink) Kit Number: 50422QK Size: 31” x 29”

Hooooskeeter (Brown) Kit Number: 50423QK Size: 31” x 29”

Hooooskeeter (brown)

The Hooooskeeters make a great pair! They come in two select color schemes, one in Pink and one in Brown. Both measuring at 31 inches long by 29 inches wide, this quilt makes for a great wall decoration or a small blanket for a child.

With a total of 151 batik cir-

cles and 7 different skus, quilters of any age could enjoy this project.

Twilight in sonoma Twilight in Sonoma is the largest Hexie Quilt of the kits featured in this look book. Twilight measures 54 inches long by 37 inches wide. These beautiful, contrasting colors were carefully selected in order to create a stunning work of art. There are a total of 363 batik circles and 5 different skus, for quilters to enjoy a fun and interesting crafting process.

Product Number: 50425QK Dimensions: 54� x 37�

lava solids collection: 100q Hooooskeeters - Pink (7 skus): 1046 White

1615 Tropical

1647 Hemp

1405 Taxi

1722 Nude

1508 Rose

1046 White

1615 Tropical

1647 Hemp

1405 Taxi

1722 Nude

1727 Sienna

1502 Purple Haze

Hooooskeeters - Brown (7 skus):

1662 Battleship

Contemporary Grandmother’s Flower Garden (14 skus): 1439 Celedon

1947 Twilight

1800 Solar Flare

1418 Lemon

1494 Blush

2023 Blue Jay

1899 Evergreen

1046 White

1869 Morning Glory

1607 Neptune

1488 Berry

1045 Black

1824 Sangria

1585 Lagoon

1684 Juice

1711 Camel

1413 Honey

1486 Cotton Candy

1550 Elephant

Twilight in Sonoma (5 skus):


Fascination by Rami Kim

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Rami Kim Kit Catalog  

Rami Kim uses her hex technique with some of our Lava Solids batiks.

Rami Kim Kit Catalog  

Rami Kim uses her hex technique with some of our Lava Solids batiks.