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Amy Gibson for Windham Fabrics

Emily Dress by Children’s Corner Patterns pattern for sale: shown on cover Briar & Bramble Quilt by Amy Gibson made by Karin Pudenz quilt kit for sale:


62-1/2” SQUARE

Matilda Dress with Rosemary Pinafore by Violette Field Threads made by Amy Ready pattern for sale:

\ ‘mer-e\ ‘we-ther\ | noun |

happy weather: good times: a cheer fu l person: a sunny disposi t i on Meriwether is all the folksy, whimsical, vintage-inspired magic of my childhood, brought to life in sweet hand-painted flowers and plaids. These prints remind me of getting lost in fields of wildflowers behind my great grandparents’ old Illinois farmhouse, of chasing glowbugs beneath twinkling stars in my grandparents garden on warm summer nights. It’s twirling my skirt at a barn dance, singing pretty harmonies on a bumpy song-filled hayride, and pillow fights on my parents bed. It’s the sweet little joys in life, the good times, the sunshine. Pretty aprons. A Sunday drive into the country after church. Just good old-fashioned, handmade, homespun happiness. I hope you’ll enjoy playing with the sweet floral motifs, which are perfect for fussy cutting, and also pair beautifully with matching embroidery. The plaid is dreamy as a quilt binding, and don’t miss the text print featuring my all-time favorite uplifting scripture verses in the sweetest cursive. I hope you’ll stitch to your heart’s desire, making things that bring joy and sunshine to your life.

1940s Dress Butterick 5209 sewn by Jessica Zimmerman pattern for sale: Boys Bow-Ties Simplicity 8023 sewn by Trisha Bullock pattern for sale:


quilts you love, For the people you love, To use every day.”

Potluck Quilt from Amy Gibson’s book For Keeps: Meaningful Patchwork for Everyday Living quilted by Susan Santistevan, 2015 58” square

Don’t miss the

#COOKBOOKQUILTALONG featuring Meriwether fabrics

Follow along as we stitch our way through Amy’s latest book, The Quilt Block Cookbook, weekly in 2017 at Books available and all major distributors.

“My Sew Day Quilt by Amy Gibson sewn by Kelly Eberhardt quilted by Linda Lupton Pattern for sale at

72-1/2” square

soul is fed with needle & thread”

Top Left: Maker Tote by Anna Graham sewn by Stephanie Kendron pattern for sale : Top right: Bon Voyage Tote by Annie Unrein sewn by Kaitlyn Howell pattern for sale: Bottom: Ultimate Travel Bag by Annie Unrein sewn by Kaitlyn Howell pattern for sale:

“Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever

is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things..” -Philippians 4:8 They say your environment can affect your mood and it’s true---the things we choose to surround ourselves with tend to soak in and shape our attitudes. That’s why I designed this print. I wanted to be able to surround myself with my favorite uplifting scripture verses...the ones that tug at my heart and draw me back to truth and joy when the worries of the day threaten to pull me in. Use this ultra-versatile text print, available in three colors, in any project-- a table runner, a journal cover, a bag, a quilt --and embrace the truth in these powerful words every day.

Pillowcase by Lindsay Conner free tutorial: 1950s Vintage Girls Pajamas Simplicity 1264 sewn by Claudia Pate pattern for sale:

Blushing Bride Embroidered Pillow by Amy Gibson embroidered by Rebecca Allen, Ginny Fisher, & Tanya Lord pattern for pillow & embroidery for sale:


works with her hands in delight” Proverbs 31:13

Boys Pajamas Simplicity 1043 sewn by Shaneka Giscombe pattern for sale: Hortense the Mouse sewn by Alison Baxley pattern for sale: Stuffed Puppy Dogs Simplicity 8044 sewn by Sarah Hanner pattern for sale:

1940s Vintage Apron Simplicity 1221 sewn by Andrea Britz pattern for sale:

Loverly Quilt by Amy Gibson sewn by Kelsey Prantis & Michelle Wise pattern for sale: available in two sizes: 44” and 88” square


each day with a grateful heart”

Frannie Baby Outfits by Children’s Corner Patterns pattern for sale:

Smitten Quilt by Amy Gibson sewn by Kate Whitman quilted by Alyce Taylor & Stephanie Crabtree pattern for sale:

57-1/2” x 72-1/2”

Oh how I adore cottage-style furniture! I find it at thrift stores and yard sales--even on the side of the road---rescued from a trip to the landfill or a sad life buried in a garage. Scrolly carved dressers and spindley beds are scattered adorn every room, smiling at me with their vintage style. And that’s what inspired this quilt--- it’s named after the timeless Jenny Lind beds, and is the perfect way to highlight those sweet little flowers in the Folk Fleur print. Sweet, simple, and deliciously folk.

Lindy Crib Quilt by Amy Gibson pieced & quilted by Amy Martin and Stephanie Daniel pattern for sale: available in two sizes: • 33-1/2” x 40-1/2” • 45-1/2” x 58-1/2” Wishing Pillow by Amy Gibson sewn by Kelleigh Bland pattern for sale:
























A. 42629-1 Bushel & A Peck Farmhouse B. 42629-2 Bushel & A Peck Petal C. 42629-3 Bushel & A Peck Sea Glass D. 42630-1 Whatever is Lovely Farmhouse E. 42630-4 Whatever is Lovely Golden Delicious F. 42630-5 Whatever is Lovely Nightfall G. 42632-5 High Meadow Nightfall

H. 42632-6 High Meadow Oatmeal I. 42632-7 High Meadow Honeysuckle J. 42634-1 Frolic Farmhouse K. 42634-2 Frolic Petal L. 42634-10 Frolic Robin’s Egg M. 42635-3 Homespun Sea Glass N. 42635-8 Homespun Monarch O. 42635-11 Homespun Berry

P. 42631-1 Folk Fleur Farmhouse Q. 42631-2 Folk Fleur Petal R. 42631-4 Folk Fleur Golden Delicious S. 42631-5 Folk Fleur Nightfall T. 42633-1 Twinkle Farmhouse U. 42633-7 Twinkle Honeysuckle V. 42633-8 Twinkle Monarch W. 42633-9 Twinkle Hummingbird

Amy is a passionate designer, writer, instructor, and lifelong creative. She lives in Colorado with her husband, four young children, their fluffy Siberian Husky, and dainty dwarf kitty. Keep up with Amy’s latest adventures and shop her quilt patterns at Be sure to check out her books: The Quilt Block Cookbook (2016) and For Keeps: Meaningful Patchwork for Everyday Living (2015), both published by Lucky Spool Media. look for meriwether inspired threads


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