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WindBlower Poetry Vol II By Karima Lachtane

All the poems in this book are written by Karima Lachtane And may not be copied unless the authors acceptance.

©WindBlowerTM 2009

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Thank you For taking the time to read this poetry book. We could call this a poetry portfolio, just a short collection of poetry. I write poetry because of my emotions, I tend to better at describe them through writing, than actually speaking about them. I am very passionate about different subjects, and when I see injustice or just plain hate, I have to react, honestly. I also use it as a force itself; If I am sad or angry, I collect the energy which my passion creates, and start being creative, by making something, such as books. Being creative in general have helped me a lot, I find it calming for the soul.


You must remember when reading these, that they describe an emotional state and not me as a whole. I use harsh words when describing, because I also try to ‘paint’ an image of how I feel at a curtain moment. This does not mean, that I live in a darken world, where only the cruel can enter, quite the opposites. I use this harshness, to jump directly to the core of an emotion.


I truly hope that you enjoy reading them, Again thank you.


Sincerely, Karima L.

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In my dreams………… 6

Dead mans crypt………… 19

Rose Cross…………… 7

Empty sea……………… 20

Black Knight………… .. 8

What is Life?............................ 21

Remedy……………… 9

Captured king and queen…... 22

Foolish Thoughts……… 10


Self destructive Nature…. 11

A Rose……………… 12

Walk among the old and Hollowed………… 13

Tree of pain………….. 15

Lost………………... 16

Drowning in vain……… 17

Mind over matter…….... 18

Danish Poetry •

Den Rose………………. 24

Sneen der ikke falder……... 25

Julen………………….. 26

Se……………………. 27

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My Dreams In my dreams I get ripped open by an empty token Emotions bleed from my fantasy As I dream Everything seems so easily repaired And I never seem to be scared But only in my dreams as it would seem As your tongue licks my neck I drown while feeling safe As your breath touch my ear My vision becomes so unclear Heated bodies entangled into a frameless picture Where we stay forever and pure

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Rose Cross By the Rose cross My heart fell and was lost Bloody streets of empty despair Is clouding up the air I can’t breathe My soul is about to leave As the Rose of the Blood Red Cross Returns the soul I was about to loose Soaking redness leaves my feet As I fall beneath Cannot walk on these blades of emptiness But I would gladly walk here for your kiss They could then drain this earthly shell My soul would always remain To keep you sane Through fires of what they call peace I only want to remember one kiss They could crucify me upside down In the shadows of Notre Dame I would still remain

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Black Knight The black knight’s bleeding heart Is sweet as Leonardo’s beautiful art So perfect the line was made And one black tear was saved

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Remedy Oh remedy oh remedy What is left for me Pain is eating me slowly Oh please sweet remedy Set this sadness free

Oh remedy oh remedy Who wants to care for me

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Foolish Thoughts

Let me bathe in the pool of foolish thoughts Love is bleeding too much Hate sets the devil free from his chains He’ll be walking around on our remains Baby put me in your chain of love I promise you a heaven above Firing lights would blend with the blue Baby I’ll bleed for you Blades shatter the skins surface Only sweetness left to taste Shattering flesh Foolish thoughts bathe inside me Pools of rutting remains suits the heart Sweet dark knight I need you this night Drink from my vanes Keeping me in your chains

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Self destructive Nature Let my self destructive nature Rape me into chambers of torture Behind wet walls of illusionary hope I rot away while others a lope Ancient revenge Of the self destructive nature Where are thou innocents and pour Or is our nature just plain torture Candle flame burns insane But everyone is still being shamed Oh let me rot into these words of mine Let me eat this heart in twine

The blood drips from the heart, but the pain isn’t enough Every emotion is cut rough, as we bleed from our hearts

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A Rose

A rose that blossoms in the mist of everything Will shed its leaves with the wind As its life begins

In a woolen cocoon A new butterfly shall soon blossom As it is reborn

In the emptiness of the sea Deep fantasy roams free As we begin to see

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Walk among the old and Hollowed We shall walk among the old and hollowed In silence we shall follow Words shall root away As our hearts choose to stay Among right wrong shall Parrish Moral shall again be cherished For so did the Sun rise Over paradise Bend before the dream That paradise has of yet to be seen Bend before the sin of mankind Which brought hell into our mind For so did the sea rise a long side the Moon As everything else blossomed Let us retrieve what has been lost And Build on our trust

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Tree of pain Leaves from the tree of pain Falls gently towards the ground Leaving the naked branches behind No animal seek comfort here No one ever comes near Alone as the leaves root into the earth Until next years rebirth

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Lost Lost to the splendor of space Lost to a Timeless Place Fainting away into stardust Getting away from the heating lust Gone by in a passing shadow Gone through an open door I fall from, high above Falling away from love No eyes To see my endless suicide No sadness No distress Lost in the black space I've become misplaced

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Drowning in vain Drowning in vain Hidden in solitude and shamed Why remain

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Mind over matter Mind over matter Or mindless matter

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Dead mans crypt I was left by the dead mans crypt Where only the cold were kept I was left And these words were said Dead and gone Break apart a heart Which seems so strong But their words were so wrong Black candle flames gaze at me Something begging me from the crypts so deep But my soul has already made its leap And no emotion could ever reach me Sweet crypt of passing dreams I’ll join in The dead mans scream Hear the words that they sing Dead and gone Lonesome for so long We shall scream our lovely Sweetly deadly sins On our knees for Forgiveness Yet another painful test Will our souls ever have rest? Black crumbling candle flames Why keep us in the crypts of shame But no words is left to be said I could as well Be dead

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Empty sea Why have I been lead to this big empty sea Of solitude and no possibility Of remedy Did I not please in loneliness Must you leave me in such a mess Rotten to the bones Empty and alone Why lead me to this sea Where the reflection scare me Have I not tended to your hidden heart Did I not love you enough Rotten and alone Empty to the bones Why have I been left here by this untrustworthy Big empty sea When I bleed Has my solitude left you laughing enclosed me in a black ring I feel Rotten and a shamed While you play your game

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What is Life? What is life? But a moment in time A gleam’s within a second. Lasting only within the Sun’s light Reflecting in the moons face.

What if life? But a movement of the Stars A cloud filled with substanceA lasting reflection of the human mind Only existing in the Sun’s face.

What is life? But a raindrop falling A single drop filled with life. Lasting only within the airs movement Only existing to nourish the Earth.

What are You? But a body of substance A breath filled with rain drops. Lasting only within the earth’s belly Only existing to nourish the Child.

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Captured king and Queen Captured king and queen This day was foreseen By your knights blade You had your last breath And nothing was saved Queen on her knees Her king fall and bleeds As he pass into the next scene She turns and screams From the breath of air She challenge the unfair Behold for she is a queen From the deep seas of the unseen And you whom killed her king Shall pass along side the unclean

Captured queen Will follow his scene Like Juliet gave her life Because she was nothing more Than a captured wife

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Truth Truth shall befall this day No matter what some might say Foolishness shall pass into the empty abyss And their thoughts shall never again be missed Light shall shine on all darken souls And make them glow So we all will know That Foolishness is but a darken lie Send forth to crucify The truth Truth is what I tell you

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Den Rose

Den Rose Jeg dig giver Er ej en rose der bliver Den vil sin farve miste Som jordbundens tørrer kviste Men Kan dine øjne se forbi Vil dens betydningsfulde liv forbliv Som minde for den kÌrlighed Der aldrig var en hemmelighed Som jeg, dig giver Der altid forbliver

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Sneen der ikke falder

Sneen ser ikke ud til at ville falde I år Måske er det første tegn på moderjords sår Jeg må lære at ære hende Og ej behandle hende som var hun min fjende

Respektere og ære denne krop min sjæl bærer Ikke tro denne verden ikke har mere vi kan lære Vær’ ikke ubetænksom overfor det liv naturen ejer Tro mig I sidste ende er vi blot lejerne

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Vinter nærmer sig med hastig fart Dette er ingen tid til at være sart Glatte veje og kolde nætter Foran pejsen vi os sætter Varmer vores hænder varmer vores hjerter Dette er ingen tid til store smerter

Tiden er kommet vi må forstå At al hadet må fra os forgå Tal til din nabo lærer af andre Tro ikke du er den eneste med tanker Døm ikke en anden for deres dårlige dag Vi alle bliver pillet lag for lag

Julen kommer nærmer din dør Tror du at du i år tør Åbne døren med kærlige hænder Tænke på Julemanden som du ham kender Være der for at give ikke tage Og hvis du intet får så heller ikke kage?

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Nattens timer er trængt ind over min sjæl Kigger mig i spejlet, gud hvor er jeg blevet fæl Kender ikke længer mit eget jeg Kender mig slet ikke når jeg kigger igennem dig

Føltes som 5 minutter men 5 år er gået Og se hvad jeg har nået

Kigger på de stressede mennesker omkring For dem går tiden blot i ring Arbejde og arbejde noget mere Så vennerne og jo der var jo lige noget der

Føltes som 5 år men 10 år er gået Og se hvad vi har nået

Uskyldige mennesker dør stadig i flertal Og på grund af hvad?! Af en politikers salg? Kontrakter underskrifter og en masse regler Hør’! De rige taler

Føltes som 10 år men 20 år er nået Og se i hvilken retning vi er gået

This is a poetry book, containing some of Karima’s poetry. She has been writing since she was a young child, starting out with writing thought process, and quickly when on to poetry. Her poetry is filled with words which capture remarkable images, rough and quick to the point. Even thou they are easy to read, there is deep thoughts behind every poem.

Også digte på Dansk (Also some in Danish) ”Jeg skriver ikke blot på Engelsk, men også på mit moders sprog Dansk. I denne bog har jeg valgt, at vise nogle enkle af dem.” Karima L.


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WindBlower's Poetry Vol II  

This is a collection of the Danish author Karima Lachtane's poetry - second collection. "In darkness I create Light"

WindBlower's Poetry Vol II  

This is a collection of the Danish author Karima Lachtane's poetry - second collection. "In darkness I create Light"