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y e n r u o J s A Soul

By Karima Lachtane ©2012

Thank You For taking the time to look through this third poetry collection of mine. It is a mixture of old poems and more recent ones. The way that I deal with my emotional pain, is through imagery. Painting a picture with words. We tend to take our individual pain, and keep it to ourselves, because we do not know where to ask for the help, let alone where to begin our story. But do not keep the pain to yourself, and do not fall for the lure of destruction. Look inside yourself, and work through your pain with eyes wide open. Paint, draw or write every tear into existence and regonize that a person that hates, has only learned about hate.. Know that even the hatefull person needs love and help, but they have become so selfdestructiove, that they might look blinded. Instead of telling them what is right and wrong, I dare you to show them. Love them and help them, be a friend.

Thank you.


. u o Y o t ed t a c i d e d hi s i s

This is my 3 poetry collection, and as you read, you might think that I am a completly unhappy personality, but you would be mistaken. I choose to let the pain of my emotions shine on paper, merely because I have to rid my heart of them, which in turn gives my heart hope. I believe in coffesions, and this is why when I ’confess’ anything (getting it out), I feel the burden fly away, and after it has no hold over me. I love life so much, that each night I die a lot. But I choose to hope too. A hope for unconditional love for everyone no matter what, a hope for dreams to be regonized and worked towards. My soul is on this journey of life, and I will not fall for the trickster who trys to feed me, my own ego. Nor the lover who puts lies in my heard only to keep me walking on an endless street with no hope. My soul… Your soul is worth Everything! Worth every second of life, every second of love.

I wish you Love on your journey in life, and do not forget to live.

y e n r u o J A Souls

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Chain Reaction


Dust of Time


Sleep sinks In


Vein of Gold


Empty Bed


Explosion of Light Matter


Rainbows at night


Paradise’s illusions


Glass cuts

10. Bridge of lonely hearts 11. Alter of sad stones 12. Come one Come all 13. Scars 14. Heaven or hell 15. Passion and Hate 16. Paradoxical behavior 17. Path of Pain 18. Seductive Words 19. Something behind the trees 20. The Last Ice 21. Matter Meets 22. Corner of Da Vinci’s eye 23. Chains of Despair 24. Fallen into the abyss 25. A million thoughts

Chain Reaction

If the butterfly can make such a chain reaction Then what is the affect of our mistakes How is love to come from such a hate When our egos never hesitate to take “They hurt me so, Why?” we say When we All know - we all feel the same way And still we never hesitate to take Oh for god sake! Dear being of night I dare you to see into the light May the stardust of splendor Love you from the dark corridors Forever and much more May light pass corners of our mistakes Light away all this humane hate We should ask “Why, must I hurt to understand” When we all need love to hold our hand Dear Star filled being of a thousand nights Recognize that you possess the light

Dust of time From the dust of time I shall await your coming But still I am longing Fake words spoken over my head Can’t remember what was said Heartfelt years of pain Has driven this soul insane A stick writes in the desert sand Where be your hand Sandy wind Twist the word again A knife I still try to remove Given to me with love Death kissed me and breathed life back into me Whispers of I’ll leave you be Like a Ghost between the walls Can anyone hear my calls? Touched by a fake lovers still some sound I let my body fall to this lonesome ground By desert sand I loose As vultures sings the death blues Bye bye blue misty girl Don’t cry for this world No man can enter to this blue land You’ll die before he’ll reach your hand Bye bye sweet tasty flesh You’ll have best in your rest

Sleep sinks in

As sleep sink in I hear the sweet angels sing Golden words covered in holiness I die while we kiss Church of forgotten hopes Will hang by their own ropes

Vein of Gold

Blue vein of gold Turns to ice so cold Red lines of sadness Turns to stone cold madness Flip your coin of luck and hope While you clean your sins of with soap Veins in despair Between heaven and care Blue blood of forsaken mist Solitude and emptiness

Empty bed

Laying in this empty bed I will love you with my very last breath As the sight slowly fades away I would only want to hear one thing said That without me you will also be found dead

Explosion of light matter

Like an explosion of light matter You enter into a heart that has long last shattered Tears red of blood and deep to the bone Healing in a room all alone Suddenly a burst of light That was brought forth this night As if the stars had given their ear So did it appear An explosion of light matter

Rainbows at night

A thousands rainbows Fly into the night sky Into the universe they fly Hearts getting reborn Maybe a son of someone Enough of being alone Rainbows that grow into an overflow And what do we have to show Nothing but a colorless rainbow A thousands tears Ran away into darkness Where they found happiness Fingers of cruel deception Rips out the vain of tension Filled with lacerations Rainbows of craziness where is my kiss Or don’t you remember this Nothing but empty promises

Paradise’s illusions

From the swamp of paradise’s illusions I drowned never to see a solution Glassy tears shatter against the devils hand While he sang Blood drained slowly from my torso As they watch this horror show Come reaper gather up your souls We shall do as we are told With the flag of blame We come with storms of shame Pieces of glass piercing through my bloody vanes Sweet devil bathe your body in my remains Dirty swamp of paradise I drowned away into your lies Crucified by my own belief I seek your swamp of sweet grief

Glass cuts

Glass cuts into a skinned surface Black tears falling from an angels face I would tend to your wound Under the sweet bloody full moon Come thunder come rain Let me drive away your heavenly pain Earthly roses that lights up the Essen’s of you I would make your dreams come true Oh glass sweet glass cut me rip me apart I will tear out my own heart I cannot take away the pain already given But neither can you friend Let me tend to your wounds Who was the foul that hurt you

Bridge of lonely hearts

By the bridge of lonely hearts I walk with an empty soul Shivering all fallen apart Holding my cold heart Covered by mystic rivers So no one sees me shiver By this bridge of forsaken souls We’ve all grown old I ask why am I here When no one wants me near Or even care Why am I here A lost child in the gardens of Eden I am In need of a friend So by the bridge of lonely hearts I lie all broken apart Waiting for a kiss That can break these Chains under the mist

Alter of sad stones

By an empty alter of sad stones Lay their ancestors bones Come gather your candle light As we watch them pass over into the night Incenses sweetens the air As we live on with care By an empty alter of sad stones Bodies lay all alone Priest where be thee Their souls should be set free So where be thee The Charlie stands empty By an empty alter of sad stones My heart lays broken Was this grace’s token

Come one Come all

Come one Come all Hear ye Hear ye For I come from long ago Which I think ye already know But how can this be She is born outside the walls of remedy A body with a lost soul Can contain all that has been told Only in such a cocoon Can spirits be reborn Come one Come all Let not silly words be your fall


The scars have breached Reached Through my bones Into my heart All memories shatter and fall apart The mirror broke into a thousand pieces Destroyed the illusion and teased me Tears turned from water to ice Who could do this twice? Blocked by memories sad shadow Heart struck by a blow Hidden scars bursting Strings Torn from within From my heart All love stories fall apart

Heaven or hell

Heaven or hell No one knows where I dwell I’ve been pushed to the floor Only to be beaten on some more Blood has drained from my heart And I have seen everything fallen apart Mirrors break by the mere sight of my sadness But this is nothing compared to the madness Hollow to the bone Heart left alone Heaven or Hell No one knows where I dwell I was smashed into the wall And ripped of my all Tears was forced from my face Painful thoughts had to be erased Heart inside and behind the bone Left hollowed and alone

Passion and Hate

Existing in a world of passion and hate But rarely a soul that hesitate They are all walking Meanwhile their lips keep flapping Words of no hope or end They say the same again and again Dedicating a bit of their pressures time Meanwhile everyone else keeps on dying The reporter speaks his ‘story’ A little bit of hope and glory and then Something boring Entertain me is what they in silence say Meanwhile they keep walking the other way Off course I want to help, someone declares To offer some public ‘care’ Send the money Spend the money Strip the tress from their inner Watch the earth become so much thinner Drunk in violence and black oil Drunk in being spoiled

Paradoxical behavior

There is this paradoxical behavior In the mere presences of our nature

Path of Pain

I have walked the path of pain Seen the rooms of shame and lost all that was to gain yet I remain sane please explain

Seductive Words

Oh so seductive they can be As they touch me Lovely sweet rose Standing in a different pose White Angels cry the red tears As they eat into their own fears Oh so seductive this feeling can be While one body bleeds Lovely black wine Where is the border line? Oh so seductive their words can be As they enter into me Lovely sweet dying rose Who only blossoms for those Who will feed you blue With false words of truth Oh how I feel for you

Something behind the trees

Something lies among the Forrest trees Something which I cannot see Yet its sent is finding me A hollow sound from the ground Small branches breaking A hollow hunting sound In despair I turn to see Feel the deep eyes starring into me An emotion of panic starts to emerge I am merely a frightened girl I try to flee this uncomfortable state Desperately reaching for help Something has a hold on me Something from among the trees My heart is racing Almost exploding As I run I am afraid to turn To see that something Which is now hunting me Yellow, white, black, green, and blue eyes Looks as petrified As me When they flee

The Last Ice

Standing on the last given Ice This was the heavenly price Now Can we afford to pay such a debt? Without surrounding to the dead Oh sweet polar bear Shameless That we didn’t care Please pay our debt Lay down and ‘play’ dead Birds get burned for being sick Such hypocrites Can this devil bend before thee And ask once more to be free I confess I am born in sin From the start we are blinded Learn to be sweet and kind Who the hell fucked with our mind Humans born in sin Always blinded from within And no ways to follow Only those which seems so hollow

Matter Meets

Exploding matter meets Yet bound in a lovers defeat Power among power Their egos are tall like towers

Corner of Da Vinci’s eye

She came from the corner of Da Vinci’s eye Into the room of new kings she flied Her light was only to be seen by the darkest drapes Only reflecting her shadow in a unknown shape

Chains of Despair

Here caught in chains of despair I hear of no one who cares Only whispers of empty emotions Creeping toward me in slow motion The walls are closing in And yet I see no one who cares Only the blood which falls from within And the tears upon my chin The beating of my heart Is beating so much As if it was breaking everything apart The chains have grown into my skin Absorbing In despair I pull with all of my strength But they won’t break So here I sit Caught in these chains of despair With no one who cares

Fallen into the abyss

I have fallen into the abyss Of solitude and emptiness I have fallen for a dream of a single kiss Must I linger on among the shadows Who is the soul that knows Tears are bloody red Deep in my head Spinning a record of drunk illusions Which filled my veins with deadly poisons I have fallen to deep For a dream that makes my heart leap And now I long for something sweet

A million thoughts

A bleeding heart that breaks apart By a million thoughts Drip drip sweet substance Drip drip goes the romance Blood floods the hall I creep to my hollow wall Ghosts keep me at bay So here I stay With a bleeding heart There is no voice to shout Cold spider’s web Trapped inside my head Redness paralyze my eyes Broken by people that enjoy the lies Dripping blood from my heart Killed by my own thoughts Drip drip the drops fall Into the hollow halls

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Š2012 By Karima Lachtane

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Poetry Vol. III  

Third Poetry collection by Karima Lachtane

Poetry Vol. III  

Third Poetry collection by Karima Lachtane