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HEALTH IS THE PRIORITY Newly re-elected MP Steve Brine outlines his workload for the next five years By KEVIN GOVER News Editor THERE we were thinking that no-one was going to turn out in December for a general election, yet in the end Winchester had a turnout of 78.2% that was way above the national average of 67%. Returned to Westminster on a reduced majority, Steve Brine says he’s focused on what we need to do to heal a fractured country. Steve talked to Steve Randall for the Winchester Today and Winchester Radio newsroom. Steve, congratulations… was that one a bit close? “Yes, but nobody ‘owns’ Winchester. You have to earn the right to represent this seat, and I’m delighted and very humbled that my constituents have given me a fourth term to represent everybody, however they voted, in this constituency and I will do that to the best of my ability for the next 5 years as I have done for the last 10.” “It was an incredible result for the Conservatives overall… that means things can presumably move forward now? “I said throughout this election

campaign that however you voted we need to move on because it has killed investment. We need to move forward so that we can talk about other things that matter to my constituents... health, school funding and social care. Climate emergency has been the page 1 story in this election, and has not had as much coverage as it deserves.” You took a bit of stick for having your other jobs... was that a safety net? “I loved being a public health minister and I was really sad to have to leave that job, but I had to because I wanted to take a stand over the government’s policy on Brexit at the time. But I learned a lot during that time about prevention, where pharmacy sits and the workforce within the NHS, and if I could bring a little bit of experience to those companies and to parliament then I think that’s right. Lots of MPs do that and everything is properly declared, which is only right. My number one priority is to represent Winchester and Chandler’s Ford though.” And what is the priority for Winchester? I think health is still a big priority and I’ve helped bring funding here. There’s a lot more on its way and I

I want to see Winchester hospital have safe and sustainable services in the long term

want to see Winchester hospital have safe and sustainable services in the long term. What we need to do is make sure that the wider health economy is working… primary care, prevention services, community services and the acute sector at the RHCH.” How do you think Boris Johnson will fare? “I know he is a one-nation conservative and I think he will anchor himself in the centre ground. The conservative party has new MPs from former working-class Labour seats in the Midlands and the North. They won’t just come to Westminster and be quiet, and nor should they. They will bring the concerns that they’ve got of their constituents about things like Universal Credit. They will bring them to the heart of government.” And the trains…? “I said during the campaign, and I have told the Secretary of State, that I will be calling for a franchise review into SWR. Their leadership is changing again, their performance is just not good enough, and it is a mistake to say this is all about a bitter, albeit political, industrial dispute.”

SONGS OF GLORY Students from Barton Peveril Sixth Form College performing Vivaldi’s ‘Gloria’ in a Choral Concert at Romsey Abbey. Barton Peveril student Oliver Ingoe says it was fantastic: “The whole evening was utterly amazing. The thrilling feeling of being surrounded by a powerful orchestra and a gigantic choir in such a beautiful Abbey was simply incredible.”

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January 2020

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR “There are places I’ll remember All my life, though some have changed Some forever, not for better…” The opening lines of one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded, the Beatles’ ‘In My Life’ deals with childhood nostalgia, and is one song that we certainly love playing on our internet radio station. Recently, I had the chance to go back to work for a couple of days in Falmouth, a place where I spent many, many happy hours in the summers of the early 1970s. We used to stay off the beaten track at the time and come into town during the evenings. Yes, all the memories came flooding back. I told the people I was with this time round that this was the place where I discovered music to such an extent that it changed my life. It was on a jukebox


winchestertoday est 2012 n EDITOR-IN-CHIEF • Kevin Gover n CONTRIBUTORS • David Cradduck • Drew White • Gavin Harris • Rachel Gover • Helena Gomm • John Ellery • Chrissie Pollard • Freya Storey • Eleanor Marsden • Chris Book • Edyth Miles • Richard Horsman • Simon Newman Richard Horsman portrait by Chris Eastham

when the days were rainy. The summer of 1972 was my awakening for a life in music that’s kept my career going ever since. What made it for me this time round though was the fact that I discovered new parts of this already much-loved place. The memories were still there, and they helped build on a modern-day appreciation of the place. We’re now at a new year, and I wonder if any of us actually look back at 2019 with any kind of affection? Both of my two teams that I’ve followed for years (Arsenal and Bath Rugby) have, quite frankly had near-disastrous starts to the season; there’s absolutely nothing to shout about on both fronts. Yet still we follow them... still we remember the glory days for both, hoping we can get some spark back.

PUZZLE PAGE ANSWERS CROSSWORD Across: 1 Absurd, 4 Rioja, 8 Vanilla, 9 Sonic, 10 Roam, 11 Israeli, 13 Impracticable, 15 Emperor, 17 Writ, 19 Extra, 20 Ant bear, 21 Total, 22 Shekel. Down: 1 Advertisement, 2 Sunlamp, 3 Rely, 4 Restrict, 5 Ounce, 6 Architectural, 7 Sagittarian, 12 Hairball, 14 Berserk, 16 Petit, 18 Utah. CODEWORD



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In 2019 I was also reunited with friends from the past… some from not so long ago and one from 35 years ago. I’m glad to say that some of it was because of them listening to me on Winchester Today. In the past few months we have all had a great time reminiscing about the past. But we have also actually decided on what we could do in 2020 to take those good times forward, to build on what we went through then to create some new ideas now. We’ve now got some fantastic thoughts for projects in Winchester, and hopefully we will have fab times working together again. We were great teams once, and 2020 looks excellent for all of us, together. Have a wonderful New Year. Bring back the spark!

Kevin Gover

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K ings’ school



It’s been a fantastic 2019 at Kings’ – from shivering in Iceland to delicious market food in France… from success at netball, to training on-the-pitch and at Calshot… from great exam results to discovering the talents of former pupils now excelling in their craft… from all the staff and pupils at Kings’ to you – it’s HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020!

January 2020

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Winchester Cathedral Christmas Market Best In UK! Public vote confirms what we all knew WINCHESTER Cathedral Christmas Market has been voted as one of the best Christmas Markets in Europe and the best Christmas Market in the UK following a public vote organised by European Best Destinations. 24 ‘must-see’ Christmas Markets were included in the competition, including Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Tallinn and Gdansk. The results were announced after 10 days of online voting from 29th November – 10th December, with over

It is the only UK Christmas Market to appear in the top 15 Christmas Markets in Europe

289,000 votes cast from 116 countries. Winchester ended up ranked 14th with 6,472 votes, ahead of popular Christmas Markets including Bath and Cologne. It is the only UK Christmas Market to appear in the top 15 Christmas Markets in Europe. The winner of Best European Christmas Market 2020 was Budapest with 39,448 votes, succeeding Tallinn who won the title of Best Christmas Market in Europe 2019.


advertising feature

January 2020

TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT Gordon Hill explains how he transformed his life around with self-guidance, focus and help from others

FITNESS has been an important factor in my life and it started when I was just 15 years old. At 15, I was very overweight and was the fat kid in my school. This had a profound effect on me. I decided to diet by starving myself and within about 3 months I was totally transformed into being very skinny which was totally wrong. Having gone through this I have full understanding of eating disorders and how, with the correct guidance, things can be turned around. It used to be something that was an obsession with myself. With self-guidance and focus I managed to turn things around by getting into fitness. I started by training at home with some cheap weights, I would run everywhere. When I was 16 I always wanted to put on muscle weight. Being naive about training I didn’t know how

I managed to turn things around by getting into fitness

to achieve this. I just used to train all areas of my body, at any time that had no structure and I was not aware of the correct types of food to eat. When I was 18, I started going to my local athletics stadium. It had a gym where I would train flat out for as long as I could most days of the week. Then a seasoned gym user took me under his wing. With his guidance, my hard work, dedication and his intelligent training I managed to gradually achieve some shape and put weight back on. Over a period of 2 years I put on 5 stone in weight. With these results I developed my real passion for fitness. People noticed such a transformation, not only physically, but also mentally as my personal confidence blossomed. Seeing such a transformation, people would ask for my help with their training. Helping them and seeing them achieve their own results made me feel really good. I joined the Army, which enhanced my fitness knowledge even further over a number of years. I really enjoyed the physicality of army life, it helped me discover how to push myself through new barriers both mentally and physically. After leaving the army, I helped people both physically and mentally with their fitness regimes. I still believe the 2 are very much interlinked. I have helped clients with eating disorders, getting clients in shape for their wedding, introducing middle aged clients to training who have never been to a gym or had any significant exercise in their life. I have helped clients who have had

I believe that everyone has a catalyst that can drive them to reach their goals heart operations, and walk impairments after operations. After following my training regimes, they have all achieved results, seeing this gives me so much satisfaction – helping clients achieve their goals. My exercise and fitness plans have developed over the years. I have had to adapt, change and train sensibly so that I can achieve longevity through my own fitness. I have also developed and expanded my knowledge of injury recovery through my own personal experiences. Putting this knowledge into action means at this present time I am now in the best physical shape of my life. I believe that everyone has a catalyst that can drive them to reach their goals. Working together with my expertise and knowledge I have obtained the results clients want to achieve. If you’ve been inspired by this into getting your own life in order, why not give Gordon a call? All the details are contained in an advert elsewhere in this newspaper.


January 2020 7


Here are just a few of the highlights from the last twelve moinths in Winchester. From the Hat Fair to the Cathedral, we were there to cover it

The year began with a smashed-up car that was near the Christmas tree in Winchester this year. Sadly, it had little effect on persistent offenders, with 80 arrests for drink driving, and 155 drug wipes carried out across Hampshire and the Thames Valley – of which 79 were positive as part of the Christmas campaign.

This was the year that Michael Frayn came to the city. We don’t know about you, but the play-within-a-play ‘Noises Off’ is surely one of the funniest things to have ever graced the British stage.

Strong Lady. Just one of the highlights of Hat Fair

March saw one of our favourite covers when more than 20 Tiger cubs from the 6th Winchester Scout Group spent an evening at Colten Care’s Abbotts Barton home.

‘The Meeting’ during Perins’ staging of West Side Story. Simply stunning.

This year also saw Kings’ School being given a rare opportunity to display their work at Winchester Cathedral. GCSE art and textile students were inspired by the history of the Cathedral.

The choristers at Winchester Cathedral ahead of the Christmas tree being lit This year also saw the stunning Kings and Scribes exhibition launch at the Cathedral. Have YOU seen it yet?



January 2020


by DAVID CRADDUCK BIG, brash, colourful and huge fun – but is it pantomime? And would JM Barrie really turn in his grave (as one of the cast quips) to see what a big budget production has done to his original story of the boy who wouldn’t grow up? There is no denying that this take on Peter Pan is hugely funny and a really enjoyable evening’s entertainment; no expense has been spared to make it one of the most lavish, stylish and spectacular shows I have seen on the Mayflower stage. It’s all still there from the original – the rooftop antics of the Darling family (rather like the dance routine in Mary Poppins, I thought?), dastardly Captain Hook, his pirates and the bad ship Jolly Roger, the ticking crocodile – that has to be the biggest croc I’ve ever seen as it lumbers out menacingly towards the audience – Peter flying in on wires, Tinker Bell (complete with sparkly iPhone), wonderful Wendy and and loveable Smee. Add to that the pyrotechnics, special effects, loud accompaniment and explosions, stunning lighting and set design and the whole would be an amazing rendering of Barrie’s opening night 115 years ago when audiences were first stunned by such a new and

intriguing storyline. Ironically that opening night in December 1904 was delayed by nearly a week due to ‘problems with the complicated stage machinery’. No hold-ups these days, the visual and audio effects are as amazing as any CGI or digital effects we see at the cinema. Peter Pan, both the show and the role, take a bit of a backseat to the other acts going on. Indeed at times you forget that it is panto at all as you are dazzled by a fantastic variety of performances. You sort of get the feeling that you are watching a Royal Variety Show and the title is purely incidental. For instance The Timbuktu Tumblers, a team of super-human acrobats from Kenya who take on the mantle of the Neverlanders provide a really impressive routine that is difficult to put into words. Then there are Robin Colvill and James Brandon of The Grumbleweeds, a two man comic team who really are extremely funny and would provide the glue to hold the whole show together if it wasn’t for the star of the show, Darren Day, as Smee. He truly is the master of ceremonies and comic timing throughout with his corny but hilarious one-liners and impressions. Even headliner Marti Pellow of Wet, Wet Wet as the impressively evil Captain Hook is upstaged by the other stuff going on. There are some great performances from the ‘supporting’ cast – Jaymi Hensley as Peter, Cassie Compton as

Wendy, Tinker Bell (Kellie Gnauk) and Tiger Lily (Micha Richardson). The professional ensemble of dancers and singers and children from the Lindsey Read School of Dance (the Red Team at our performance, with polished performances from the two lads Jasper Croser-Neely and Aedan Pickard playing the Darling boys) provide even more colour and mesmerising action. Flying motor bikes, a truly magnificently menacing crocodile, a ship that appears to sail straight towards you, clever projection to enhance some already stunning backdrops and sets, it’s all there, big, brash and with lashings of wow factor. The kids love it and so do the ‘big ones’. Whether, like me, you like your panto a bit more home grown and traditional or you prefer it with lots of techy bling and well-rehearsed ad libs, you’ll love this show as my fellow audience did. So tell your family friends to join you and get on down to the Mayflower to enjoy a hugely entertaining evening (or matinée) of Festive Fun and Frolics. That’s one tongue twister they don’t try, by the way… but there’s plenty of others and the odd naughty joke thrown in, so if you plan to take children under five or anyone of a nervous disposition, call the Mayflower team on 02380 711811 for guidance. Peter Pan runs until 5th January, more details on booking and availability at



PERSONAL TRAINING At Gordon Hill we know that every person we work with is an individual, which is why we tailor our training and nutrition plans to your specific body, your goals and your exercise experience. We cover all aspects of training with an initial screening by our sports therapist, which helps to inform the structure of our training recommendations, right through to the final stages of your body transformation and we work closely with you to create effective nutrition programming throughout your journey. During the process of achieving your goals, you will be educated to understand the mechanics of your body, how to reach your potential through specific exercise. We also offer customised nutrition programming to effectively fuel your training that you will genuinely enjoy. Please call for further details all levels of fitness abilities are catered for.

t: 07718 906903

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CALL US NOW TO A FITTER WAY OF LIFE... 02/07/2018 17:29

January 2020

news 9

Panto Joy Taken Outside Theatre For Special Treat Dick Whittington cast visit Naomi House & Jacksplace hospice SEVERAL cast members from Theatre Royal Winchester’s panto, Dick Whittington, made a special festive trip to Naomi House & Jacksplace hospice, near Winchester. Dick Whittington’s Cat, played by Jessie Angell; Fairy Bow Bells (Libby Gore), and Alderman – Jon Bonner, who also stars as Captain and Sultan in the panto – visited the children and young people staying for respite care at the specialist regional hospice in Sutton Scotney. During the visit they introduced themselves to the children and young people there, and told them about the story of Dick Whittington – a man who seeks his fame and fortune in a London ravaged by the sinister King Rat. They entertained the group, including families and staff members, by singing Christmas favourites including Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, Silent Night, We Wish You A Merry Christmas – and more, with Jon on the guitar – one of several instruments he plays during the panto itself. Everyone joined in, with some shaking sleigh bells and tambourines.

Jessie, Libby and Jon expressed what an honour it had been to be asked to go and meet everyone After, they had photos with the children and young people, and Jessie, Libby and Jon expressed what an honour it had been to be asked to go and meet everyone at the hospice, and to witness the extraordinary work that the staff team does there. They hope they brought some joy to the hospice. Naomi House & Jacksplace provide respite, emergency and end of life care to life-limited children and young people across the central south of England.



WINTER SALE 27th Dec - 11th Jan


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Elstead House, Mill Lane, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2QJ | Tel: 01420 590510 Showroom open 9:00am - 5:30pm Monday - Saturday



January 2020

TAILOR-MADE FOR A FAMILY AUDIENCE Helena Gomm says this one’s “a real treat!”

THE TAILOR OF GLOUCESTER The Salberg, Salisbury Playhouse

THIS delightful new show is based on Beatrix Potter’s seasonal story The Tailor of Gloucester, in which a cash-strapped tailor falls ill and seems unlikely to complete the mayor’s new coat in time for Christmas Day. To make matters worse, there isn’t enough of the cherry-coloured twist for the buttonholes, which the mayor has specifically requested. Sent out into the snow to buy more twist, the tailor’s grumpy cat, Simpkin, reports that the shop has sold out. By then, the tailor is too ill to do anything but sleep. To the rescue come a pair of mice, saved by the tailor from Simpkin’s clutches. The grateful mice, whom Simpkin had imprisoned under the teacups ready to eat later, sew the garment with stitches so tiny that the ageing and arthritic tailor can only marvel at their skill. The only thing missing is the last bit of cherry-coloured twist required to finish off the buttonholes. Simpkin is eventually shamed into revealing that he succeeded in buying the twist, but hid it in a fit of pique on discovering that the tailor had released his mice. The finished coat is a triumph and the tailor’s fortune is made. Glyn Kerslake and Gareth Machin’s musical adaptation of this story is a little gem and a perfect Christmas entertainment for young children. Performing it in the more intimate space of the Salberg studio (underneath Salisbury Playhouse’s Main House) allows the cast to engage with the audience right from the start, moving amongst them and chatting with the children – later even getting a few volunteers involved in assembling the pieces of the mayor’s coat. The actors also deal masterfully with a number of unsolicited interjections, which are perhaps inevitable once it has been established that the children have permission to interact with the characters. The songs are catchy and fun, the

The cast engage with the audience right from the start

music being played with aplomb by Glyn Kerslake (in mouse costume) on a piano in the corner. Lara Stubbs makes a chirpy and sympathetic tailor and Jake Mitchell performs with energy and enthusiasm, moving between his roles of flunkey, mouse and general cheerleader for the audience participation numbers with ease. Natalie Williams excels as the crabby tabby, Simpkin, a grouchy, sly and selfish cat, whose purringly slinky song about favourite kinds of fish is one of the highlights of the show.

Delightful: Jake Mitchell performs with energy and enthusiasm

Verity Quinn’s set eschews the grinding poverty and bleakness portrayed in Potter’s original illustrations, preferring a relentlessly pink confection of boxes, tiles and hangings. It is, nevertheless, a clever set, enabling

To see the wonder on the faces of the young audience members is a joy in itself

Images: Nick Spratling

the actors to pull out and return the tailor’s cutting bench at will and splitting apart at the end to reveal the finished coat – a magnificent piece of work, which is promptly modelled to perfection by Jake Mitchell’s prancing and flamboyant flunkey. To call this show in any way oldfashioned would be grossly unfair. However, it does hark back to an age when the attention of children could be captured by simple well-told stories, without all the gaudy bells and whistles that the Disneyfication of the world of children’s entertainment has made seemingly inevitable. And it is all the better for that. To see the wonder on the faces of the young audience members as flakes of snow flutter down at the end (bringing tears to the eyes of more than one adult, too) is a joy in itself. I have no hesitation in saying that this is one of the most likeable shows I have seen all year.


January 2020


Multi-million upgrade: An artist’s impression of the concept for the new exhibition.

STORAGE made easy

•24/7 access•Sizes to suit your needs• •Short or long term•Easy to find, easy to use• •On your doorstep•

01962 771993

Holden Farm Cheriton SO24 0NX 11 WINCHESTER Science Centre and Planetarium is set to relaunch its visitor experience in July 2020, having successfully secured full funding for a £1.1m redevelopment plan ‘Inspiring Science for All’. The Centre has a main drive to excite children in the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths. Biffa Award is a multi million pound fund that helps to build communities and transform lives through awarding grants to communities and environmental projects across the UK. Their grant of £292,400 completes the Science Centre’s fundraising target. Ben Ward is CEO of the Centre in Winchester: “Thanks to Biffa Award we are now in a position to turn our dream into reality and create an accessible and inclusive Science Centre experience that every child can enjoy. “Following completion of the first phase of the project, the installation of a new accessible planetarium in June and Changing Places toilet in October 2019, we are now embarking on the total transformation of the upper floor of our two-storey site. This includes a brand new multi-sensory exhibition, a re-designed welcome area, café and shop, and the creation of a sensory room, live science demo area and invention studio.” The Science Centre and Planetarium will remain open throughout the development, which is predicted to take six weeks starting the first week of June. During this period, visitors will have access to the lower exhibition floor, live science show space and planetarium.



January 2020


day leading up until Christmas. So, since the beginning of December, children in all four classes brought a ‘little something’ into school to put into boxes in each classroom which were then collected by Winchester Food Bank to make up into food parcels for local charitable organisations and less fortunate families and individuals. The items for the Calendar were suggested by the school and include essentials like toothpaste, toothbrushes and shampoo as well as seasonal nibbles, snacks, chocolate, biscuits and mince pies. “The response”, says Mr Goldsworthy, “has been overwhelming and we are grateful to the children and parents who gave so generously.” Likewise, Winchester Food Bank expressed their profound gratitude. For more information on Winchester Food Bank and what the organisation does, not only at Christmas but all year round, can be found on their website at https://

EVERYONE loves an Advent Calendar. Haven’t you always loved that hidden expectation behind the little doors – chocolate, ginger bread or something else? And the children at Cheriton Primary School are, I’m sure, no exception. But this year Headteacher Andrew Goldsworthy had an idea for a different type of Advent Calendar – one where you give, not receive, something every

Headteacher Andrew Goldsworthy had an idea for a different type of Advent Calendar

Overwhelming: Admin Officer Elaine Wright and Headteacher Andrew Goldsworthy, with children of Cheriton Primary School and the overwhelming results of the first week of their ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’ in aid of Winchester Food Bank.




Truly local radio for Winchester from Winchester, by Winchester








Charity, WINCHESTER RADIO which has provided the hospital radio service for patients in the Royal Hampshire County Hospital since 1984, now provides a truly local radio service across Winchester and the surrounding villages. We promote grassroots community groups, events and activities, telling you what’s happening locally, and encouraging active participation and engagement.

Tune-in on 94.7FM Listen online at Listen on your smartphone or tablet using the Radioplayer app Tell Alexa to… “Ask Radioplayer to play Winchester Radio”

Do you enjoy listening to Winchester Radio? Support us by taking out a £10 voluntary monthly subscription - simply visit and click on “Donate”. Or donate by phone, text RADIO followed by the amount (up to £30) to 70085 – to donate £20, text RADIO 20 to 70085.


January 2020 13

WHITTINGTON: A GREAT TURN, AGAIN Kevin Gover enjoys the best panto Theatre Royal has seen in years

DICK WHITTINGTON Theatre Royal, Winchester

90 seconds. That’s all it took in time to get the audience ‘on side’ in this dazzling, sparkling adventure to rid Old London Town of the rats. In fact, it was King Rat and his team of ‘Squeaky Blinders’ who did this; the boos were instant and loud. Very loud! The jokes were on-topic and funny, including the references to the Squeaky Blinders and rail bus replacement services. And not a single mention of Brexit! There were plenty of ‘behind you!’ moments for each time we spotted a rat. EastEnders moments, water squirting the audience moments – yep, it was all there. There were amazing tongue twister moments. We even had floating jellyfish moments! I was very glad to see Ed Thorpe (Dick Whittington) back this year, in what seemed to be an even bigger presence than last year. My word, he’s a star. He had control of the children from the off, they were right there in the palm of his hand. Julian Eardley (Dame Dolly Dumpling) is another familiar face, and this is his 10th panto at the Theatre Royal. Long may he continue to return. Joanna Brown (Alice Fitzwarren) and Jon Bonner (Alderman/Captain/ Sultan – running gag here: “It’s the same bloke!) both impressed us even further with their on-stage musical ability. I’m sure that’s the first time I’ve seen an accordion on stage. Kristopher Milnes was a brilliant King Rat with all the sneers and boos in the right places. Libby Gore (Fairy Bow Bells) – well, how on earth can she reach those high notes at

Jessie Angell (below) was an adorable Cat I cannot believe this is her pantomime debut

Brilliant: Ed Thorpe as Dick (above) had the audience eating out of his hand and Kristopher Milnes (right) got all the sneers and boos in the right places

When they all sang ‘Dick’s Got a Cat’, I thought the roof was going to come off! 10 in the morning? Jessie Angell was an adorable Cat, and I cannot believe this is her pantomime debut. Look out for the acrobatics too. Bravo too to the support cast and musicians under the direction of Tom Attwood. The staging was big, glamorous, loud and noisy… I’m sure the kids in the audience were still speaking about the cheese gun in the interval. And when they all sang ‘Dick’s Got a Cat’... well, I thought the roof was going to come off! Every single child around me was belting out the words as if their life depended on it. I overheard one teacher say how members of their cohort were “just mesmerised” by what they were watching. The song ‘If I were not upon this ship’ was also very clever in its delivery and choreography. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought “how did he do that?” when Dick had to get from stage left to back of stage in a robe very, very quickly. But then, that’s the magic of the theatre! One man as I was leaving said: “That was the best one we’ve seen in years!” Yes, he’s right. One hour later, I still have ‘Dick’s Got a Cat’ going round my head… and I loved the ham and cheese toastie in the cafe beforehand. On until 5 January. Grab a seat!



January 2020


SUDOKU – MEDIUM Across 1 Utterly senseless (6) 4 Dry red Spanish wine (5) 8 Plain variety (7) 9 Operated by sound waves (5) 10 Wander (4) 11 Galilee native (7) 13 Unworkable (13) 15 Largest penguin (7) 17 Legal instrument (4) 19 Minor actor in crowd scenes (5) 20 Aardvark (3,4) 21 Sum (5) 22 Israeli currency (6)

Down 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 12 14 16 18

WORD SEARCH Bird feeder Bored Cap Coal Cold Cool Cosy

Crust Dismal Fir Flake Fleecy Flu Fog

Paid announcement (13) Tanner’s aid (7) Depend (4) Confine (8) Unit of weight (5) Relating to building design (13) Born in early December, perhaps (11) Affliction of cats and other fur-lickers (8) Violently frenzied (7) Small in number (5) Home of Salt Lake City (4)


WORD LADDER Frost Gales Grey Hat Hazy Heat Ice

Icy Luge Melt Mist Rink Severe Skid

Sled Socks Stews Thaw Warm up Wet Zero

Change the bottom word into the top one a letter at a time, making a new word with each change. Write your changes between the rungs.





January 2020 15

What’s On in Winchester and beyond January 2020 Sunday 5 January Last Day For Ice Rink!

You do NOT have to pay to have your event listed here! You send details by email to or tweet us the info @winchestertoday All event details listed are correct at time of going to press.

See details elsewhere in the newspaper for tickets

Friday 10 - Sunday 12 January The Railway Children, presented by Blue Apple

Sunday 26 January Romsey 5 Mile and Kids Fun Run Broadlands, Romsey. 8.50am - 11.50am

St Faith’s Parish Hall. 10 St Cross Back Street. 10am - 1pm

Thursday 30 January Evening Talk

Saturday 11 January Open Day

Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum, Romsey Road. 6.15pm

University of Winchester, Sparkford Road. 9.30am - 3pm

Friday 31 January University of Winchester Student Platform

Sunday 12 January Family Circus Fun Day

Cafe Bar, Theatre Royal. 1-2pm. Free to drop in.

Badger Farm Community Centre. 1pm until 3pm. See separate ad on this page for more details

Friday 31 January Graffiti Classics The all-singing, all-dancing musical comedy show. Theatre Royal. 7.30pm. £10-£18. Tel: 01962 840440

Sunday 12 January Vintage Afternoon Wedding Fayre

Saturday 1 - Sunday 2 February Raymond Briggs’ The Bear

Mercure Winchester Wessex Hotel. 1pm - 4.30pm

7pm. £10. Limited Capacity. Tel: 01962 840440


Sunday 26 January Yoga Brunch

Theatre Royal. Fri and Sat 7.30pm, Sun 3pm. £10-£19. Tel: 01962 840440

Thursday 16 January Cafe Bar Jazz Nights Shenoy/Dunn Duo


Exhilarating: Graffiti Classics bring their hilarious all-singing, all-dancing musical comedy show to Theatre Royal on January 31st

Theatre Royal. Sat 1.30pm and 4pm, Sun 10.30am and 1.30pm. Tickets £10-£14. Tel: 01962 840440

Friday 17 January Winter Lights

Saturday 18 January MS Information Day

Sunday 19 January Winchester Vegan Fest

Tuesday 21 January Winchester Ghost Tours

Monday 3 - Tuesday 4 February Alexei Sayle

Whitchurch Silk Mill. 8pm (continues until 26 January)

Holiday Inn. 11am - 3pm

Guildhall. 10.30am - 3.30pm

Meet at Royal Oak. 8.30pm

Theatre Royal. 7.30 pm. £17.50-£25. Tel: 01962 840440

We do two things on our internet radio station...

1: talk about Winchester 2: play fantastic music


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Winchester Today - January 2020  

The online version of the January 2020 edition of Winchester Today

Winchester Today - January 2020  

The online version of the January 2020 edition of Winchester Today