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UTILITYWISE BIO | WHO ARE THEY? Utilitywise, through their unique range of energy services have fast become one of the UK’s leading water and energy consultancies. Working closely with clients, Utilitywise is able to assist with energy procurement, utility saving product selection and consumption lowering projects across electricity, gas and water platforms, allowing businesses to make considerable consumption savings and adopt a far more environmentally sound approach. With a hugely diverse portfolio of clients, Utilitywise is able to provide a first class service to a variety of industries from retail outlets to multinational corporations with multiple sites. With a focus on the UK and Ireland, Utilitywise are well placed to provide a comprehensive service and with overseas specialist teams already participating in the French and German markets, Utilitywise looks set to keep growing. Recognising the importance of getting the most value out of the energy procured, Utilitywise are fully committed to assisting clients in their mission to reduce costs, while adopting a greener approach to business. Lowering the carbon footprint made by clients, Utilitywise are aligning with the prevailing trends for environmental awareness and social responsibility. Providing clients with a comprehensive and inclusive energy management service, Utilitywise oversee the entire procurement process, assessing which type of contract will best suit a businesses needs, as well as advising on efficiency techniques. Utilitywise, as one of the UK’s leading service providers, is fully conversant in all energy legislation including, but not limited to Carbon Reduction Commitment, EU Emissions Trading Systems, Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). Utilitywise are not merely office based, they have a number of nationwide on-site technicians, fully trained to complete company energy audits throughout the UK. Undertaking such assessments is a vital component of energy management as it allows Utilitywise to select the most beneficial tariffs and services for business clients, ensuring that they are offered the best savings possible. Audits also provide clear indications as to areas that can be made more efficient, allowing for an entirely tailored energy management package from Utilitywise.

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