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The Best Summer Cleaning Tips

Does your home feel like it is still stuck with the summer blues? Well, spring cleaning is one of the traditions that will aid you freshen the home ahead of the hectic summer and spring seasons. To make things easier, here are six of the best summer cleaning tips that will keep your home in a tip-top shape all year round.

Cleaning painted walls

Start off with a sponge or piece of cloth and water. If the idea does not work as expected, consider mixing the water with any dish-washing liquid but keep it as mild as possible. Some stains may be stubborn, compelling you to apply the soap directly on the sponge or the wall itself. However, if you opt to use some of the strong cleaning detergents, be aware that they have very strong solvents which may actually soften the paint, a reason why they should be applied sparingly.

Arranging the closets

This should rather be the first step towards organizing the entire house. Get rid of obsolete accessories and clothes, and then organize the rest by color and the order in which you wear them. If you succeed in making the closets appealing, be assured that the other everyday routines will also be cheaper.

Maintaining stainless steel

There is no single home that will miss tools and accessories made of stainless steel. To maintain it clean and shiny, experts recommend the use of wax-based aerosol sprays. Wipe the mist with a clean piece of cloth but never use any oil because it will leave fingerprints. Similarly, do not use bleaching agents after applying the wax layer because it will dry away and lose most of its luster.

Changing the mood in your home

For a complete makeover in your spring cleaning, change the table linen, bedding and towels. You can also play with the color patterns to initiate a transition from one season to another or even signify a special event.

Cleaning the carpet

Every day practices such as taking off shoes before walking into the house can keep the carpet clean for an extended period of time. Similarly, you are often advised to walk on the carpet with socks on so that oils are not transferred to the carpet. Whichever the circumstance, however, you have to vacuum often, using a top-load vacuum so that all the dirt falls off inwards. If the carpet looks too dirty, call in experts, preferably a steam cleaning company so that you do not compromise health. Cleaning the tiles Use a cleaner with a neutral PH to clean all the tiles in your kitchen and bathroom. You can buy the synthetic cleaners from stores or make your own by mixing water and baking soda. If the stains are tough, you should invite an expert. Cleaning granite tiles especially those making the countertops is a daunting task. Mild stains should be cleaned as soon as they appear but in a case of rust, you should poultice it away as soon as possible. If there are coffee and juice stains, use hydrogen peroxide and some water to wipe them off. For More Detail Checkout Link Here :- Book Cleaning, Homejoy

The best summer cleaning tips :- Does your home feel like it is still stuck with the summer blues? Well, spring clean...

The best summer cleaning tips :- Does your home feel like it is still stuck with the summer blues? Well, spring clean...