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Preventing Damage With Surface Protection Tape

Surface protection tape, also known in some places as "surface protection film", is used to protect the surface of various polished and finished products, such as glass, various metals, stone, plastic and more. Manufactured products containing these materials are quite prone to various kinds of damage, especially during the shipping process, making protection essential in order to deliver the product to the customer according to their expectations. Although many manufacturers use surface protection tape not everyone is familiar with its full functionality. We are going to take a few moments to go over these things for the purpose of demonstrating the need for protection tape, and why you should acquire it for your products. When various items are undergoing manufacture, it is vital that they remain viable for customer use. Let's take the example of highly polished surfaces such as glass. This can include lenses for cameras or even mirrors and window glass. Customers expect the product to be without flaws. The use of surface protection tape goes far beyond protecting the product, but also protects both the manufacturer and vendor financially. If a product is damaged in transit the customer will seek a refund and the company loses money. Even the lightest of scratches can damage a lens permanently. But most common problems are easily prevented by the use of surface protective films. Surface protection film is of a consistent thickness and elasticity that it can both withstand and protect from scratches. Because of its smooth surface it is able to prevent stains and in some cases light dings by absorbing the impact. It is also very easy to peel off because it contains what is referred to as a "low tack adhesion", and will not leave any residue on the item when removed. In some cases surface protection tape can be saved and reused by the customer if the item requires future transport during a house move or going to a new business location. Surface protection film and tape contains the following characteristics: 1. It has a high tensile strength making it highly resistant to material failure. 2. It has a high resistance to puncturing, making it ideal for preventing scratches on the product surface. 3. It has a high elongation allowing it to be stretched and pulled beyond the capacity of standard tape and surface protectors. 4. It has a low tack adhesion which makes it easy for anyone to remove it from the manufactured product. 5. It has a high heat resistance allowing it to help protect the product from warping and distortion. 6. It is able to resist a wide variety of chemical solvents, and has excellent water resistance.

These films and tapes are produced in both clear (see through) and white opaque varieties. Now that you are better informed about surface protection tape and have a better understanding of its many uses and functions, contact us today for more details on how you can acquire surface protection tape for your company.

About The Author: Avanti Tapes Ltd are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of specialist surface protection tapes and films to industries that include automotive, marine, glazing, construction, electronics and more.

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Preventing damage with surface protection tape  
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