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Macaroon bonbonniere? Do you think it would be ok to have a macaroon buffet (similar to a candy buffet) for our wedding as a bonbonniere? i was thinking about getting cute little noodle boxes and buying personalised thank you stickers. our theme is vintage … thoughts? BarbaraC answers: I think that it’s a lovely idea good idea

Michael asks…

Bonbonniere; help, can’t decide!? Ok so first off our colours are purple and black. As for the bonbonniere gift i can’t decide! Here are a few of my choices which i like best please tell me what you like most. If you like none, please give me an idea!! Ok..

1. A cd made for all guests with a mix of the songs played from our reception and vowels. I’ll get them all printed professionally. 2. A small pot plant with one lavender stem in each. Lavender as our colours are purple and black, so lavender works perfect. 3. A small jar with a clear sticker on the side saying our names and wedding date, the jar will be filled with purple and black hard boiled lollies. 4. Just your general, wine glass for girls, beer glass for guys. I love the plant idea but i don’t think giving that to the guys and girls would be good. So what would go good with that? Thanks so much in advance BarbaraC answers: 1. I really think this idea isn’t that great I have seen it done so many times and the cds get left at the reception or thrown out when the guest gets home. 2. I have never seen this one at a wedding before and I personally would love it if I wasn’t prone to killing all plants the second I get them. 3. Edible is best, I believe, I will always take it home eat it the next day and use the jar or tin for storing spices, herbs etc 4. Ok idea I might use it but chances are I would chuck it as I have my matched glasses etc that I use. My brother in law gave out recipe books that they had made together with photos etc of all their favorite recipes including their wedding cake recipe. I loved this and I still have it to this day and have even cooked from it. If you and your FH love cooking, gardening, baking anything then maybe you could make a little hint book of that. My hubby and I had bubblegum machines in our colour.

What do you think of this bonbonniere? What do you think of having thongs (flip-flops) tied to the back of the chairs? Everyone usually kicks off their shoes as the night goes on, and I want them on the back of the chairs because ‘you shouldn’t put new shoes on the table’. Tied on with a nice ribbon somehow? They would be colour matching, or maybe black for the boys and white for the girls. I want something that people will actually get some use out of. Would you use them, or be offended at all?

For the shoe size I would probably just go with small/medium/large, can’t really get too many wrong that way. BarbaraC answers: That really sounds like a fun idea! Perhaps placed in a mesh shoe bag on their setting with a small introductory note? Perhaps stick with med for the ladies and large for the men? That way most should fit. Have you considered getting them custom printed? Http:// above is a website that custom prints thongs, they may be worth contacting. On the base of the thong you could have “X & X’s wedding 2009″ and purchase black for the men and white for the women. Good Luck!

Alice in wonderland reception ideas? I want to have bonbonniere in an alice in wonderland theme at my reception but i don’t want it too tacky. i was thinking cupcakes for the women and there was bottle openers in the shape of top hats but is there anything else i could do? BarbaraC answers: I usually hate theme weddings but I think this is very cool! You could do each table as a different scene of the movie or set up each table with a centerpiece of different tea pots or incorporate something like this ea_party.3391205_std.jpg You could put bottles of wine on the tables that have tags that say drink me, and favors of cookies that have Eat Me written on them. There are a ton of options for the cake I would also use very bold colors for linens like a deep purple.

okay I am having an outdoor reception by a pool. I can’t decide if I want to get a tent or not... part of me thinks it will look better without a tent and it will def. cost way less…and most guests will be going in and out of the lodge that we will have b/c it’s going to be an indoor/outdoor thing. there will be a stage and dance floor and a bunch of round tables, and banquet tables for the wedding party. this is a photo of sort of how we would do the layout

I also want to know how to put paper lanterns up (if I don’t get a tent) and I want to put a lot over the pool like in this photo And also over the tables and a lot over the dance floor How can i do this with no tent and there are no tree’s nearby? It will be in mid September in Ohio…it’ll be fall out so it should be decent weather, but like I said there will be a very large lodge so if it rains it will be inside.

BarbaraC answers: I have a few suggestions/comments about your photos and questions and I hope they will help. In no real order: 1) Tent: If you have a bad weather option (which it sound like you do), then you don’t need a tent. Just realize that if the weather is bad, and in September it can be iffy, then you will be indoors. Have plans for set up ready for either option. 2) Your outdoor layout: I would suggest moving your wedding party table. Do you really want all of your guests running into you to get to the food? Also, do you want your buffet table to be featured in every picture taken of your table? That would include your best man’s speech and MOH toast. I think it would be better to place your table in front of the pool or opposite the pool. Opposite the pool, you’d be able to see everything going on at your party – the buffet, the dance floor, the pool. 3) You’re in a bit of a pickle with your lantern question. First, talk to your venue about what you want. They may have hooks in the wall of the building that you can’t see, but you could attach the lantern wire to. The second person you should talk to is the lighting company you’re using (I assume you are talking to a lighting company since the lanterns in your picture are lit). They may be familiar with the venue and have ideas about how to hang these lanterns. What will probably happen is they will recommend using pipe and base to attach the lanterns to. You will have to sandbag the bases of the pipe and base and ensure that the lanterns have a fail safe (turn off immediately if they were to fall into the pool) if you want to pass inspection with the fire marshall. Pipe and base isn’t always the prettiest (even with vellum covering it) so you may also want to rent some large plants to visually block the pipe and make it look pretty. I hope this helps you! Sorry if the pipe and base section is confusing. Hopefully, your venue or lighting company will be able to help you with this.

Lizzie asks…

What kinds of flowers are in the wedding pictures on this page? I really want to know what kind of flowers were used in the wedding bouquet and in the picture directly underneath that, and also further down if anyone can tell what they used for the decorations on the tables. But if you could tell me all the types of flowers used for this wedding, that would be just wonderful. Thank you so much!

BarbaraC answers: The blue flowers in the first picture look orchids to me. I don’t know of any orchids that are naturally that blue, so I bet what they did was add blue food coloring to the water in the vase for a few days until the orchid drank up the dye and turned blue. In the second picture, it looks like hydrangeas. Again, I’ve never seen any naturally that blue, so they probably used food coloring.

Daniel asks…

What kind of things would you have at a Brown Wedding? What flowers would you use? What kind of party favors? Table Centerpieces? Decorations? Pictures would be greatly appreciated! BarbaraC answers: I’ve been to a few “Brown Weddings” and they came out beautifully. One wedding they used orchids and as centerpieces they had them floating in water. In another, they used the colors brown & red with red flowers. I’m going to another one in October, and they are using a coffee theme – coffee packets for favors, coffee beans with flowers in vases as centerpieces, and different kinds of coffee for their seating chart. Good Luck!

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Personalised wedding favours discussing ideas you could use  

Personalised wedding favours discussing ideas you could use

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