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Modern and Contemporary Lights from Topson Lighting Lights are an important aspect of home design and decor. They play a very significant role in creating the ambience of a particular place which can be a private home or a commercial building. Use of lights can make an area appear spacious or small. So, an appropriate use of light would even open up space. Much of the interior decorations in the modern day involve skillful use of lights. Lamps and lights in the present day are designed to serve as a decorative item besides reducing the total energy consumption. Topson Lighting offers a complete range of lights that include both simple lamps and designer lights from different brands. The online shop offers lights for both household and commercial purposes such as offices. Lights do play an important part making or breaking the ambience of a house. Gone are the days when lights of same kinds were used in every place. They do not play a spoil sport on the decors of a place any longer. The lights in the current times are available in various designs and are different for specific purposes. An idea of what Modern & Contemporary Lighting signifies can be found on the online lighting store Topson Lighting. The modern approach lies in reducing the size while multiplying the result or effect. The online shop offers beautiful and sleek lamps as well as lights for modern homes and offices. The designs on the lights are minimalistic and modern. The collection displays different kinds and designs of table lamps, walls lamps, pendant lamps and heavy chandeliers among others. Modern concept of lighting is effective only it reduces the use of space and materials. The aim is to open up space. The wall lamps available at the online shop are sleek and designed in a way to maximize the output. Topson Lighting offers Arne Jacobsen lamp. Both wall lamps as well as desk lamps from Arne Jacobsen are also available at the online store. The lamps are available in two different shades that cover white and black. The lamps come with an adjustable tilt on their head and consume forty watt of power. They have a favorable structure that makes them fit to be hung on the wall or put on a table consuming minimal space. The online store offers a large collection of Serge Mouille lamp to be used on tables and walls. The lamps are available in various designs that

include one arm desk lamps, curved arm wall lamps, ceiling lamp, and two armed wall lamps. About Topson Lighting URL: Topson Lighting is an online shop that offers modern and contemporary lights. The store offers wall lamps and desk lamps and other designer lamps from Arne Jacobson, Serge Mouille, and other brands. For more information, please visit the website. Source:

Latest Designer Lighting Trends There is nothing like designer lighting to add a touch of elegance to any environment. Whether it is redecorating a home or for a brand new home, they make for excellent enhancements to the interiors of a home. The great thing about designer lighting that is available these days is the sheer variety on offer. You can find a wide range of lighting options, suiting every taste and importantly, budget. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice, when it comes to selecting one for your home. These lights are not just about style. They also have other advantages. For one, whenever you buy a designer light it is a guarantee of quality. Secondly, it is a work of art that has been done by someone who has been passionate about them. Since they are created by leading artists they also reflect your refined taste for works of art. Another advantage with designer lighting is that they never get out dated. They will blend perfectly with any interior. Even if you were to change the interiors of a home dramatically, you will find that the designer lighting that you had bought earlier will still blend seamlessly with the rest of the environment. Take for example, a Serge Mouille three arms ceiling lamp, with its insect like lights. Now, this iconic model will never go out of fashion and will look good in almost any setting.

One of the popular trends that are being observed nowadays is the retro styling. Lighting that is a throwback to the 1950s and 60s is becoming popular. Artists are cleverly fusing the latest technology with the styling of that era to come out with breathtaking designs. A good example of retro styling can be found in the variety of chandeliers that have hit the market in recent times. While a few years ago, minimalistic designs were being seen in the case of chandeliers, the grand designs of the era bygone are now back in vogue. No home seems to be complete without them these days. The "Edison" look with exposed bulbs is also finding an increasing number of takers nowadays. These days there are even CFL bulbs available which look just like the old filament bulbs. They not only look stylish, they also help in saving on energy bills too. Similarly, you have the farmhouse fixtures that are again back in fashion. The open cage designs that were a rage about four decades ago are now again in demand. The metallic look has also become very popular these days. For example, brass is back in a big way. Similarly pewter and copper finishes are in great demand. They add that rustic touch to your home, while also being durable. Choose from this wide range and let your home make its unique style statement. Designer lighting can blend with the interiors of any home. Retro styling such as Serge Mouille three arms ceiling lamp seems to be the flavor of the season these days.

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