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Jason Mangrum The Mind Hack Report – Issue #2

The Mind Hack Report By: Jason Mangrum, Author of Uberman

Introduction – Welcome to the 2nd Issue of the Mind Hack Report!

This is the second published issue of what promises to be a most intriguing journey into your mind… You might unlock secrets that you never believed were possible. What you will get within each issue of the Mind Hack Report are step by step techniques you can practice to improve yourself on many different levels, and record your own results. This is the first true secret. Don't just read this report. Do the techniques and get the skills. Then practice them and get better. This goes way beyond just guessing if this stuff works. You’ll actually be experiencing the results for yourself. Put the methods you learn in each issue into practice and watch them work their mental magic for you... You'll learn how you can develop unique talents, powers, and abilities that we all possess, to undreamed of heights. Page 1

The Mind Hack Report

You'll discover secrets of the rich and successful and learn how to get anything you want from life. You'll gain the ability to easily increase your powers of concentration, memory and confidence. You'll be able to instantly control and eliminate any fears or phobias that spoil and disrupt your life and prevent you from enjoying it to the fullest. Anything holding you back can now be easily removed, and replaced with empowering energy for a total life transformation. It's all in here and in several upcoming issues of... The Mind Hack Report

How to Turn $1 into $2 (and go from there)… Let me ask you a question. If you could, how many times would you turn a one dollar bill, into two one dollar bills? Sounds like a pretty cool magic trick, doesn’t it? What if there was a way to figure this out. The logical mind is okay with having two bucks, so there’s less subconscious resistance to manifesting that amount of money. You can imagine it right now. And from there, you can bring it into your experience. Manifesting money, wealth and success, prosperity and abundance are physical manifestations brought into existence through a conduit which is created for, and aligned with that sole purpose. Page 2

The Mind Hack Report

The truth about manifesting anything is that thoughts appear and exist in your actual experience from the instant you create them, in the “mental realm” of your reality. So you do manifest instantly… The “trick” is figuring out how to convert that thought substance into something physical, something tangible you can hold in your hands. And so, to bring that intent from the mental realm into the physical plane of existence, a conduit must be created. A wormhole if you will… a channel or “bridge” from one dimension to another. To be clear, if you want more income, you have to open a channel to receive it. The amount of money you make is equal to the size and quality of the channel you create for it. If you want 9-5 type money, you get a 9-5 type job. If you want to write your own paycheck, you own a business. Those are two possible channels. Both have their benefits and disadvantages. With a job, you have more financial stability, but no freedom. With a business, you have more freedom, capacity for growth and the potential to earn a lot more money, but no stability. You could earn $100 one month, and then $10 the next month. I’ve had months where I’d clear $60k and then the very next month would be $7-10k. A majorly huge difference! But you can’t make that kind of money working at a dead-end job. Remember, you are rewiring your mind to accept new ideas, new suggestions… new information to expand and accelerate your

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The Mind Hack Report

mental, emotional and physical capacity for greater wealth, more abundance and a bigger income. And since we’re dealing with such a material thing as money, if you really want more of it, you realize that you are going to have to do something different than you’re doing now, to get a different result.  You must change your thought patterns in relation to money, and having more of it in your life.  You must also change your emotions related to money. When you change your thoughts and emotional connections to money, you begin to see the whole concept of money differently. You also begin to accept new ideas about making money, and lose old fears associated with losing money. Thanks to the power of the internet, wherever you are in the world you can now earn money. Don’t defeat yourself by thinking you’re going to get rich, drive fancy cars, pay all your debts, etc… That kind of thinking permeates through the “make money” niches (MMO, IM, MLM) and infects the minds of those who need it most. Instead of hoping to get rich quick, start with a dollar. If you can make $1 online, you can make $2… And if you set up the CHANNEL properly, you’ll soon have a selffunding money machine that turns $1 into $2 over, and over again. It is possible, when you perceive the concept in a different way. Which is why we’re spending so much time doing the “prep work” because some beliefs and emotions you are holding within you MUST be identified, cleared and replaced for this to work for you… Page 4

The Mind Hack Report

I’m going to share with you a very powerful technique that I wrote into my book Uberman, called “The Money Manifestor.” The primary design of this technique is to re-wire your mental and emotional associations to money. Then, through a new lense of perspective, you can literally manifest more of it, in increasing levels and frequency. No matter if you think the technique will work or not, or whatever theories to support or deny it, just do it. And watch what happens. Do you need more money in your life right now? Could you use some extra cash to pay your bills? Would you like to learn about a revolutionary new formula to bring more money into your life without having to pay a dime for it? Use the Money Manifestor – a special technique for manifesting money into your life right now. By now you’re either skeptical, curious or both. That’s perfectly ok. I’m here to present to you a formula I discovered utilizing a process of magnetization and the principle of incremental improvement. Using this technique, you’re going to experience your innate ability to manifest money, whenever you want. I’ve learned over the years the best way to help yourself is to help others. By developing this technique, I’m using it to master my own ability to manifest money and showing others how to do it too. By releasing this into the public I’m activating the Law of Abundance and strengthening this particular morphic field to work faster and better for everyone.

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The Mind Hack Report

The Law of Abundance states that the world and even the fundamental nature of the entire Universe is pure, unlimited abundance. When we realize this and shift our perspective to see amazing abundance in everything from countless stars in the sky to the endless blades of grass on Earth, we open our mind to the understanding that by nature, all things are overflowing with abundance. It is only when our perspective focuses on lack of abundance that we begin to create beliefs of limitations, control, fear, jealousy and even hate. This has led to wars, street violence, poverty, theft, and the desire to have power over others. There is in fact, more than enough. Everyone is entitled to a life of abundance and prosperity by birthright. Your beliefs and programming since your birth have caused this ability to lie dormant within you… yet it remains in your subconscious, patiently waiting to be re-activated. This technique serves to activate your latent ability to manifest money. You’ll begin as an Initiate, simply meaning – you’re being “initiated” into this new way of manifesting money into your life. By the time you’ve become proficient at using the technique you’ll be known as a v10 Master Money Manifestor. Just like any muscle, your mental abilities get stronger with practice and exercise. Herein is a method of tracking your progress and a new way of thinking about money so that you attract it more easily into your life. From this point onward, forget about the physical manifestation of money… the green stuff with dead presidents on it. Instead, for this exercise you will equate money to value. Page 6

The Mind Hack Report

The value of money is now equivalent to your level of ability to manifest it. The levels of your ability are as follows:          

$1.00 = v1 $10.00 = v2 $20.00 = v3 $50.00 = v4 $100.00 = v5 $150.00 = v6 $250.00 = v7 $500.00 = v8 $750.00 = v9 $1,000.00 = v10

Your status indicates how quickly you’re able to manifest money:     

Initiate = 30 days or more Apprentice = 29-14 days Adept = 13-7 days Scholar = 6-2 days Master = 1 day

You begin at $1 and as you train using the technique given below, your ability to manifest money in larger amounts will increase and the time it takes to bring the manifestation into your physical experience will get shorter. Imagine when you attain the ability to manifest $1,000 or more in a single day! Once you’ve hit this mark, you can manifest anything you want by simply practicing the technique and expanding your belief system, using the incredible accomplishment of a v10 Master Money Manifestor to overcome everything!

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The Mind Hack Report

The Technique: 1. Sit still. Breathe in slow and deep in even breaths. When you inhale, feel energy in the form of pure white light come in through the top of your head and go straight down into your abdomen, about 2 inches down from your bellybutton. On exhale, see clear air with specks of negative energy in the form of dark flakes exit from your mouth. Repeat this process until the clear air you breathe out is as pure as the white light coming in. 2. Close your eyes and imagine receiving the amount of money you want to experience. Beginners always start with $1.00, because it is often the easiest to manifest quickly. After all, anyone reading this web site will have most likely manifested $1.00 in their lifetime and there are no strong objections or limiting beliefs about having $1.00. 3. Do not be concerned with how the money comes to you. This part is vital and will prove itself when manifesting larger amounts of money in shorter periods of time. However you visualize or imagine money coming to you is perfectly fine, but remain completely unattached to how the money is manifested into your physical experience. 4. Answer this very important question… “What will having this amount of money give me that I don’t have right now?” If it’s $1.00, then you can honestly answer that manifesting that amount will build a foundation for you to build your belief that you can manifest higher amounts over time. If it’s a larger amount, go within and think of what this amount of money represents to you. Explode with emotion and exclaim your answer within your own personal Universe behind closed eyelids. 5. Think of yourself as a giant magnet. When you inhale, feel the energy you want to attract (i.e. the energy of money) being forcefully pulled to you. Create this sensation of “pulling” into your body. You can feel it. Visualize receiving your desired amount of money in whatever symbolic form your mind presents to you, and when you inhale, you’re pulling this specific, directed energy into Page 8

The Mind Hack Report

your being. On the exhale, feel your body from the inside out; pulsate with magnetic force and energizing power. 6. Continue magnetizing your visualization until you instinctively feel a “click” or a sudden recession in energy. This is how you can tell your magnetization is complete and you’ll feel the desired thought-form is now closer to manifesting into your physical life. 7. Repeat this process every single day until the desired amount of money is manifested into your physical experience. When that happens, make a note of how many days it took you to manifest this amount of money in a journal or notebook. Find what status and level you’re at and record that as well. You are now a Money Manifestor! 8. Use incremental improvement to increase your ability to manifest money. Start with v1 ($1.00) and move up the scale, all the way to a v10 ($1,000.00). Be open to any and all opportunities that present themselves to bring this money to you. You’ll quickly begin to notice how many opportunities suddenly emerge to manifest your desires. Do not try to “skip” levels, but instead make a commitment to accomplish each level in the shortest amount of time. Doing this daily will raise your level and build your status quickly. Again, do not be concerned with how the money will come to you. You could receive your $1.00 through your normal paycheck with your job, by finding it on a street corner, by realizing you had $1.00 you weren’t aware of in your pocket, or in any other way. What many closed-minded people call coincidence is actually the energy of synchronicity in motion. Synchronicity is how your desires are made manifest. It may seem like nothing more than “coincidence” at first that you wanted to manifest $1, $10, $20 or even $50 and then magically received it, however it will become much clearer to you over time, and as you strengthen your belief system to incorporate Page 9

The Mind Hack Report

manifestation into your daily life that you will realize this method works. When you’ve reached the level of a v10 Master Money Manifestor, you’ll know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you create your reality and can manifest anything you want! Remember, you must practice manifesting these amounts of money in order and once you've manifested all the way through a v10 level, focus your intent on increasing your status by reducing the amount of time it takes you to progress through each level. Within a very short time, your energy field will contain a strong magnetic force that pulls energy directed by your intent to you easily and effortlessly. You can then go onto manifesting much larger amounts and watch the opportunities show up to bring you money in any amount, whenever you choose. You are now a master of money manifesting! So, that’s the internal game… Do the technique and you’ll surprise yourself. Manifesting money is a skill, and just like with any skill, you get stronger, faster, better with practice. Now, let’s create a proper channel in the physical world to receive more money. To do that (and skip over all the BS, hype and false promises that often come with it) you’re going to need two things: 1. An item of value 2. An audience who wants the value The item can be a physical thing, or it can be digital. Or it can be a service. Page 10

The Mind Hack Report

I’m not going into the basics of Internet Marketing or Making Money in this report. When you have the proper channels open and the right perspective, making money gets a lot easier to understand. And it’s the understanding that makes all the difference. These days, you don’t even have to sell something to make money. With CPA (Cost Per Action) offers, you can earn money by getting people to enter in their zip code into a form and click a button. And then, there’s Adsense where you can get paid every time someone clicks on a link. All you do is generate traffic to a web site with updated quality content on it, and you can make money. Internet Marketers like to make it seem so much harder than it actually is, IF you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work. The shocking thing is, most people have so many preconceived ideas, beliefs and limitations about money that they’re not willing to put in this kind of work (and would rather flip burgers!) because they haven’t yet been “convinced” it’s possible to make more money. So with the Money Manifestor Technique, we’re clearing out those old beliefs and limitations and rewiring those associations. Now, you need clear and focused action to open the channel. One of the best methods I’ve ever used (and continue to use to this day – because it works) is… 1. Develop something of value (an article, a free report, a digital product, ebook, plugin or software) See my PLR Secret Stash 2. Offer the value upfront in exchange for an email address 3. Locate complimentary products to your topic of value and join their affiliate program

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The Mind Hack Report

4. Go to their “Promo Tools” page, and copy their pre-written emails to promote their product 5. Add them into your Autoresponder sequence and repeat This process is much easier than you might think. And it’s repeatable. Once you put in the effort to setup the system, you focus on Step One (providing the value) and the system spits out money for you, on complete autopilot. Basically, you “feed” it value, and your system turns it into money. If you have something to share with the world, write it down. That is value. Everyone has specialized knowledge or experience in something. And if other people share that same interest, you can share your value with those like-minded people, and you can make money. You don’t have to sell your value to make money. That’s where most people get tripped up and slowed down. They think they have to create some big product or service and it has to be just perfect, etc… this is simply not the case at all. Before I wrote the book Uberman, I lived very comfortably for years from ONLY doing the same five steps I just shared with you. Give away your value. That’s what draws people in. That’s what gets their attention. Give it away up front. Then find other entrepreneurs who ARE selling their value, and promote their products.

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The Mind Hack Report

After a while, you can create your own product to sell, but why slow yourself down… just get started NOW and make some money first! If you don’t have a list of subscribers, you need one. And then, you need an Autoresponder sequence. Your focus should be on giving away awesome free value in exchange for becoming a subscriber. Subscribers = Money The Autoresponder sequence is a series of emails set to go out automatically by themselves on a schedule that you specify. Your Autoresponder sequence serves to introduce yourself and your value, to build a relationship through providing that value, and to sell products and services that enhance the life of your subscribers. That is an extremely effective channel for manifesting more money. If you can’t write, outsource it to someone who can. Anything you cannot do yourself, can be outsourced. In fact, I wrote another report on this in detail, and it has been praised as one of the highest quality reports ever written about making money as an affiliate, and internet marketing. And you can have it for free at See what I mean about demonstrating value?  That’s the ticket. That’s where you want to come from - Sincerity and originality. I’ve been doing this for a long time, but there’s no better time to get started doing it than right now… if you want money. Go read that report to get the “how to” details on driving traffic and getting paid instant cash money for your efforts. It works like magic. Page 13

The Mind Hack Report

That’s it for the second issue of the Mind Hack Report. Each new issue will build upon the previous, with new techniques you can incorporate to empower and energize your entire life! I hope you have enjoyed this issue and I look forward to sending you the next one, as it becomes available. If you want to be notified every time a new issue is published, just make sure you are one of my valued subscribers (  I appreciate your feedback, testimonials and success stories of how this issue of the Mind Hack Report has helped you. And please, feel free to share this report with everyone you care about. Live In Magnificence, Jason Mangrum, Author of Uberman For further study on this subject, I highly recommend: The Secret Mastery – Mastery Of The Secret Science Of Power High Ticket Dynamite 2.0 – Make $1,000-$10,000+ Per Sale How Is That Working?: A Roadmap from Rat Race to Freedom BIO: Jason Mangrum is author of the bestselling book “Uberman”, developed the Free Self Care System and is dedicated to increasing the quality of life and enjoyment for everyone who crosses his path. Like The Mind Hack Report? Click Here to Share It!

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Mind Hack Report - Issue #2: Manifesting Money  

In this exciting issue we explore manifesting money made simple...

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