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Weider Ultimate Body Works Review Weider Ultimate Body Works Review The Weider Ult imat e Body Works Gym is t he new and enhanced version of t heir previous model t he Tot al Body Works 5000 and is new for 2013.

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It has been creat ed t o sculpt your whole body and offers bot h lower and upper body workout s.

It not only builds up muscles but boost s flexibilit y as well, t his will give you a st rong nat ural looking physique rat her t han build huge muscles.

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The home gym consist s of an incline bench wit h wheels t hat can be adjust ed t o your preferred posit ion wit h t he aid of pulleys on eit her side. All you need t o do is simply adjust t he bench and you can increase or decrease t he resist ance appropriat e t o your body weight .

It is also ideal for home use and especially smaller homes as it has a compact design t o save space and be convenient ly packed away. [acp]


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The Weider Ult imat e Body Works comes wit h a workout guide t hat includes more t han 100 exercises t o shape your body.

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The Weider Ult imat e Body Works folds away convenient ly for easy st orage

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Price – t hought t he Weider Ult imat e Body Works Home Gym won’t t urn you int o t he next M r. or M rs. Universe it will cert ainly give you an int ense and challenging t ot al body workout and if used regularly in conjunct ion wit h a healt hy diet will t ransform your body complet ely. Why pay out a huge sum of money for a cumbersome great Home Gym when you can achieve respect able result s wit h t his equipment and a fract ion of t he price.

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Easy Set Up – This exercise machine comes pret t y much pre-assembled, t he only work you have t o do is put in a few bolt s and pins for t he pull up bar and foot rest . It should t ake less t han 30 minut es t o set up. Once set up t his is a pret t y st urdy piece of workout gear.

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Range of Exercises – This isn’t one of t hose machines t hat just t arget your abs or build big arms you can perform over a hundred Exercises t hat work all your muscles. You can even check out You Tube Videos online t o give you more ideas. Because t here is such a large range of workout s you can do, it

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Videos online t o give you more ideas. Because t here is such a large range of workout s you can do, it will mean t hat you won’t get bored by t he same old repet it ive exercises, t his is t he one of t he main reasons why beginners don’t achieve t heir fit ness goals wit h home workout equipment and t hat is in t he end t hey get bored wit h it . Not so wit h t he Weider Ult imat e Body Works Home Gym.

Compact – If you are limit ed for space for your workout s t hen t his is an ideal home gym as it folds up for easy st orage as well as being on wheels so it can be easily moved from one room t o anot her.

Cons There doesn’t seem t o be many negat ives for t his budget price home gym.

If you are a heavy dut y weigh t rainer who needs t o be lift ing heavy weight s and want t o bulk up really big t his won’t be t he exercise equipment for you, you will need t o buy somet hing a lot more expensive or st ick wit h a local gym.

Some reviewers were saying t hat t hey didn’t get t he exercise work out guide, if t his happens I would suggest cont act ing Weider and get t ing a replacement sent . There are also You Tube videos and DVD’s you can buy for Tot al Gym which is pret t y much t he same t hing as t he Weider Ult imat e Body Works.

The specs of ‘Weider Ult imat e Body Works’ are: Manufact urer: Weider Product Dimensions: 81.5×20.4×8.1 inches Shipping Weight : 75.5 pounds

Customer Reviews of The Weider Ultimate Body Works This home workout machine was only released in early 2013 so as yet only a few users have made t heir comment s on t he Weider Ult imat e Body Works and pret t y much all of t hem have been very pleased wit h what t hey are finding so far. Here are some REAL cust omer reviews: “Excellent Qualit y and Workout ”

The package came in roughly about a week and a half with the free super saver shipping which was awesome. I was very excited to open it and give it a try. Upon first opening it, you will notice the machine is basically assembled for you. All you have…Read more “Great machine.” This thing is built very well and sturdy. I enjoy it alot. Not to heavy with the resistance, it’s just right.Read more “Great Machine – Great Price” Just started using this machine and I am really impressed with how sturdy it is and how many different exercises you can do. At first it may seem a bit confusing how to assemble, but then you realize there is very little you have to do (just bolt on the…Read more

Conclusion So what is our final verdict ? In our opinion if you are limit ed for space or just don’t want a huge great home gym workout st at ion t aking up lot s of space t hen t his is a great buy. Easy t o st ore and move t he Weider Ult imat e Body Works comes at a low cost for a piece of exercise equipment t hat is going t o give you a whole body workout . Resist ance based t raining is more t han just a passing fad it will build muscle and flexibilit y so for most people’s fit ness solut ions t his is an ideal mat ch. Checkout The Best Price At Amazon Here

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