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Increase the productivity of your users and save costs managing and securing all your devices from the cloud Are you concerned about the increasing complexity of your company's IT infrastructure? Do you think that web browsing and spam are using an increasing amount of network resources and users' time? Security, productivity and management of users' devices are needs that often overlap in IT departments. PANDA CLOUD FUSION is a cloud solution that covers all of your needs and guarantees rapid adoption without requiring any maintenance. Accessible anytime, anywhere, it covers: • Data loss by protecting your devices from malware, completely and constantly. • Cost savings by preventing unproductive behaviour and optimising your IT infrastructure. • Centralised and detailed control of your entire network.

Why FUSION is the right choice 1

Cost Reduction – Using the Cloud frees up local resources for other purposes; no hardware investments required with Fusion


Complete Network Visibility – Know exactly what you have, with software licensing and hardware audits


Remote Support – You have both non-intrusive and takeover remote support, which will allow you to access your devices from anywhere, anytime


Centralised Patch Management – Control and push Windows updates and patches to all units from one simple interface via an on-demand or scheduled basis


Remote Software Deployment – Install and update software remotely on systems without having to be in front of them, customising your roll-outs and helping to create a uniform environment


Monitoring Options – Keep track of rogue processes or services that may be eating up resources, and be more proactive with your infrastructure management by monitoring performance indicators across all devices


Mobile Device Management – You can manage and protect phones, tablets, and other devices including geolocation for lost or stolen devices, as well as remote wipe and lock for increased security


Anti-malware protection – Centralised anti-malware administration that can be customised for your environment, no matter where the devices go or what network they are on


URL filtering – Prevent users from accessing unwanted URL categories even if their devices are taken off network; block specific websites by user profile


Advanced Reporting – Help keep track of support work, get regularly scheduled summaries, and monitor user software installations with various on demand and scheduled reports

For UNBEATABLE DEALS or a FREE TRIAL please contact your Prodec Networks account manager.




Panda Consumer Range

Panda Cloud Office Protection

Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced

Panda Cloud Email Protection

Panda GateDefender Appliance

Panda Cloud Fusion

Panda Cloud Systems Management

Antivirus protection for individual computers

Endpoint security for workstations, laptops and servers

Security, Web Control & Antispam for PCs, laptops and Exchange servers

Antivirus and antispam protection for your email

Preventive perimeter protection for your network

Security, Productivity, Management

The new way to manage, monitor and support IT systems

For UNBEATABLE DEALS or a FREE TRIAL please contact your Prodec Networks account manager.

Fusion prodec flyer :- Prodec Networks has worked with thousands of customers over the last 15 years, implementing voice and data networ...

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