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Facts About Turkish Automotive Sector


What is Turkey Procurement ?

 Turkey procurement is mainly associated

in producing

textiles,shipbuilding,automobile.  It is mainly about electronic products,automobiles,textules and shipping.

 Automobile sector is an important part of turkey procurement.  In turkey clothes are also produced.

An advantageous country for vehicle manufacturers

 Turkey holds the advantages of being a production center.  Such advantages is very important in new centers of automotive production.

 The key factors of competition are high costs of energy, raw material and labor.

An attractive country for foreign by-industrialists

ďƒ˜ Turkey can be exploited both to fulfill increasing demands of domestic automotive producers. ďƒ˜ Turkey is also important for subcontracting companies for vehicle manufacturer.

An update about Automotive Sector

 Turkey has been going through a major change in decades.

 GDP of the country has reached to US$ 10,000.  Automotive industry is the heart of Turkish economy.

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Turkish Automotive Sector News  

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