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Supply Chain Procurement Challenges By

What is Supply Chain Procurement ?

Supply chain procurement is an integral part of procurement outsourcing. ✔

They deliver the real value to their clients.

There are various IT tools available.

A good technology tool can help you in various ways. ✔

Challenges of Supply Chain Procurement The recent economic recession has forced companies to take the help of supply chain procurement. Some of the challenges of it are.... Customer service. ➢ Cost control. ➢ Risk Management ➢

Customer Service

The main function of supply chain procurement is the proper delivery. ➢

Also the goods must be delivered in right condition. ➢

The price of the goods must also be proper.

Cost Control

Supply chain operating cost must be under control. ➢

The various types of costs are expanding health care cots,rising labor rates and rising commodity prices. ➢

In order to control these costs there are various metrics ➢

Risk Management

Supply chain risks must be identified and quantified. 

Supply chain is periodically redesigned.

It is done to give response to market changes.

It also includes new product launches.

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Supply Chain Procurement and its Challenges