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Mexico Sourcing Guide


What is Mexico Sourcing ?

 In the recent poll it has been found that doing business with Mexico is easier.  In Mexico turnaround time is much lower.  Mexican economy has also improved since 1994.  Mexico sourcing offers you an integration mix of agricultural products, minerals and manufactured goods.

Benefits of Mexico Sourcing

 Mexico uses competitive manufacturing techniques.  Mexico is very competitive with other low cost countries.  It has lower language barriers.  Also it has longer history with US business process.

Challenges of Mexico Sourcing

 The biggest challenge is finding the right suppliers.

 Mexican companies often do not advertise on the internet.  Therefore it is very much required in finding the right one.  You must be very clear about your expectations with the Mexican suppliers.

Facts about Mexico sourcing  

This PDF is made by focussing on the important facts about Mexico sourcing because Mexico sourcing is now ge...

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