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What is China sourcing ?

China is the hub of procuring electronic products.

Therefore those who want to procure electronic products,china sourcing can be a viable option for them. ●

Here the cost of the labor is very low.

It has large number of skilled and well trained technicians. ●

The sourcing companies in China offer good quality low cost products at an affordable price. ●

Types of China sourcing Companies Global sourcing is very important in the modern trade and commerce. China is one such important sourcing country. It produces good quality low cost products at an affordable rate. Therefore when importers decide to procure goods from China,they must know that there are three types of sourcing companies. They are as follows :

The Commissioned agent. ✔ The Trading Company. ✔ The Third Party service Provider. ✔

The Commissioned Agent This agent usually charges buyers five percent to ten percent. ✔

This agent takes more money from the factory than the amount they take from the importers. ✔

This type of sourcing company defend suppliers instead of their clients when things go wrong. ✔

Hiring this type of sourcing agent it is very much required to keep track of the orders as they are not so much professional. ✔

The Trading Company

The advantage of hiring this company is that they take small orders. ✔

It can also handle all aspects of China production. ✔

They work with a number of small factories.

This company adds its margin on the price provided by the factory. ✔

The Third party service Provider

This sourcing provider takes a fee from customers.

This fee is fixed.

It does not vary depending upon the order.

Hiring a this type of service provider is usually cost effective for small mid sized business. ✔

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Types of China Sourcing Companies  

China is the sourcing hub for electronic products.This PDF is made by focussing on the various types of Chi...

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