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Benefits of Global Sourcing By

What is Global Sourcing ?

Global sourcing is widely used in today's business.

It helps to cut the operating cost of the business.

The cost of the product is very low in global sourcing countries. ✔

The labors are also highly skilled.

Global Sourcing Benefits

Global sourcing has many advantages. Some of the global sourcing countries are China,India,Vietnam,Brazil etc. The advantages of global sourcing are as follows :

Cost Reduction. ✔ Availability of New Technology. ✔ Superior Quality ✔

Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is one great advantage.

Labor cost is also very much low.

Cost reduction helps to get more profit in the business. ✔

Business expansion is also possible.

Availability of New Technology

New technology is also available in global sourcing country. ✔

Number of companies source technology.

It is because domestic suppliers lack the capacity.

They re also not making the necessary investments.

Superior Quality

The quality of the product is very high.

Many companies praise the quality.

It helps to get more customer in the business. ✔

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Utility of Global Sourcing  

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