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Guidelines For Effective Sourcing In Bangladesh

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Safe Work Environment

Bangladesh is famous for its small scale industries. Therefore the labours work very hard day and night to create products. But a safe work environment is always a necessary factor which needs to be considered.

Factory Assessment and Its Process

This is a very important function for sourcing. Factory assessment can ensure safety and the follow-up processes can be safely turned into sourcing process.

Supply Chain Transparency

Bangladesh sourcing offers full transparency on the supply chain management. This can help you gain an added value from the other competitors in the market.

Auditing The Facility

As the import market is very diversified, the audit function is very necessary before selecting the final company for sourcing your products or services.

Guidelines For Effective Sourcing In Bangladesh  

Here you can get a proper guideline that will help you to perform effective sourcing activities in Bangladesh. For more reference you can vi...