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Why Africa Sourcing ?

Africa sourcing is more about agricultural products and mineral resources. Among farm products cocoa, coffee, and cotton are notable. For minerals procured, gold, diamond, petroleum, and platinum are outstanding. Moreover, a significant area of this continent has deliberately been left untouched by explorers for protecting the valuable flora and fauna of this land mass.


Tanzania is in south of Kenya.

Agrarian nation is on the east coast.

Cashew nuts and Coffee are the chief agricultural products of this country . ✔

cotton and gold are sourced from this African nation.


Kenya is on the East coast of Africa.

Coffee,tea,fish are the products of export.

This country also has crude oil.

It is exported regularly.


Egypt is famous for cotton and yarn. ✔

Petroleum products and crude oil are other items of export. ✔

This country forms a border with Jordan ✔

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Facts About Africa Sourcing  

Africa is an important sourcing destination.This PDF is made by focussing on the news for Africa sourcing.

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