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It Starts with a Flame The Art of William Henry’s Exclusive Gifts

Forged in fire. Dreamed by man. Fueled by passion. The fine pieces by William Henry is the culmination of our past, future and present.


Sourcing ground breaking materials like Mammoth Bone, Fossil Coral, Titanium and Snakewood, we work with craftsmen from around the world to continue our legacy of quality and artistry.

Beautiful, masculine and above else innovative, it’s no wonder we were the 2013 winner for the JCK.


Hand-forged Damascus steel echoes William Henry’s tradition of taking from the past to create a new future. Harkening sword making techniques used by Medieval blacksmiths, this steel is characterized by its distinctive fluid banding and mottling.

Damascus Steel

Koftgari was the ancient Indian art of inlaying 24k gold and sterling silver patterns into steel. Our Koftgari pieces are created by a small group of artists from 2 villages in India.


A technique passed down from generation to generation, their work allows this lost tradition to live again.

Carved Box Elder Burl, Desert Ironwood, Curly Koa and Cocobolo, wood pieces by William Henry are never just timber. Luxurious and dense, every part of a wood piece is unique with its own patterns and individual personality.


We’ve searched the ocean floors for the rarest of treasures. Using materials such as Fossil Coral, Abalone, Mother of Pearl and Blacklip Shell, we take every precaution to ensure sustainability and a respect to our natural environment.


Precious Stones and Metals

Sapphires, rubies, crystals, gold, brass, silver, none of the riches of the world can compare with what you do with it. From carved silver money clips to Japanese Maki-E handles, we make pieces that break free from traditional garish designs.

Fossil from the Apatosurus Dinosaur, Mammoth Tusk, 10,000 year old Walrus Ivory‌ More than just an accessory, these treasured discoveries from our past is a monument to time and our own evolution.


The Future

Never afraid, our passion for our art often leads us to the future. Aerospace-grade Titanium, high density, light weight Carbon Fiber, hand crafted Black Coated D2 Steel and Wave Mokume technology ‌ At William Henry, we look to the future to create our greatest treasures.

To learn more about William Henry products and our dealers visit our website today.

The Art of William Henry's Exclusive Gifts | From Fossilized Mammoth Tusk cuff links to Aerospace-grade Titanium pocket knives, every piece from the William Henr...

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