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Portfolio Camila Varon  Jaramillo    


Técnica: fotogra3a   Dimensiones:   ()  

Técnica:   SketchUp   Dimensiones::   ()  

Técnica:  lápiz   de  color  y   marcador   :    

Técnica: Lápiz  sobre  cartón  paja   Título:  Mi  monito  se  parece  a  mi  

Técnica: Esfero  y  pastel  seco   Dimensiones::A4  

Técnica: Lápiz   de  clor   Dimensiones:: A4  

Técnica: Esfero  y  pastel  seco   Dimensiones:  A4  

Técnica:  Marcador,  cinta,  cloro,  pastel  seco     Dimensiones::A4  

Técnica:  Tinta  china,   esfero  y  pastel  seco   Dimensiones::A4  

Técnica: Fotogra3a  

Técnica:  lápiz   Título:  ANGT:  

My Concentration We fight for more, but the more we have the sooner we die. It passes by fast when you're most enjoying it and its eternal when you are suffering. We live according to the tick of a clock, and we believe that by counting it we are able to control it, but the truth is , we are slaves of every second that passes. And we might try to deny the fact that we are slaves of time, and the evidence that seals our dependence in time surrounds us. Making this evidence evident is my work.

My Work The evidence of time can be shown in different ways: as wrinkles or muscles, as a clock or many clocks or as photos that capture a moment that seems to be infinite. Besides all this, some icons of certain times such as the "retro" tendency is also evidence of time passing by. Sometimes our faces seem to be melting with time. As I developed my concentration I found that the evidence is not always as "evident" as we think, it lies within simple things. Verbs such as melt, explode, or multiply can be combined with images and techniques to create the illusion of time passing by. Â In the end, it is all a matter of having curiosity of the world around us, even icons of other times can show us how the world is always in constant change. We know that time is directly related with change, but only knowing is not enough, we must embrace that change and take advantage of the world that surrounds us.


Técnica: fotogra3a   Título:  Eter  

Técnica: Esfero   y  acuarela   (sketchbook)  

Técnica:  Lápiz  y  acuarela   Dimensiones::A4  

Técnica: Esfero,ecolín  y  Pnta  sobre  carton  paja     Título:  Booom:  

Técnica:   fotogra3a      

Técnica:  esfero  y  pastel  seco   Dimensiones:    A4  

Técnica:  Acuarela  y  lápiz  de  color   Dimensiones::A4  

Técnica: Esfero,  marcador,  acrílico,   acuarela  y  pastel   Dimensiones::A4  

Técnica:  Lápiz  y  esfero     Título:  hhh  


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