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A1er trying   to   capture   iden?ty   through   paints   and   drawings,   I   found  that  photography  was  the  most  appropriate  medium  to  do   this.   It   allows   capturing   the   essence   of   a   moment,   object   or   people  in  the  picture.I  use  a  lot  the  resource  of  reflec?on  like  in   mirrors,  windows  and  water.  I  did  this  because  it  shows  who  we   are   versus   how   people   see   us.   Also   because   one   of   the   major   challenges  I  had  was  to  take  pictures  with  self-­‐?mer.I  strived  for   using   different   composi?onal   schemes   and   aesthe?c   resources   within   the   whole   process   of   my   inves?ga?on.     I   wanted   to   do   each  picture  different.  I  just  didn’t  want  a  picture  of  myself  in  a   mirror.  That’s  why  I  used  different  composi?ons  like  the  ones  in   photos  7  and  9.Those  composi?ons  force  the  viewer  search  me,   and  is  not  simply  me  in  the  mirror,  like  in  the  photos  3-­‐4.Those   photos  were  the  first  approaches  I  made  to  self-­‐portraits.  As  my   theme  was  iden?ty  and  the  search  of  it,  I  wanted  to  make  very   personal   photos.   In   each   photo   I   wanted   to   bring   something   of   my  personality,  where  or  how  I  feel  comfortable  and  what  I  The   last  two  photos  came  from  the  idea  of  taking  a  self-­‐portrait  with   me  not  being  really  there.  For  these  photos  I  printed  a  photo  of   me  and  then  took  a  picture  of  that.  

Maria Emilia Escobar  

student art work

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