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Tm happy and thankful that so-0-0-0 many have joined us for the 21st Annual PowerNetworking Conference (PNC) and the 35th Anniversary of FraserNet, Inc...what a ride! Your love and support have been “awe” inspiring. Thank you for taking the time, making the investment and sacrifices to better yourself and, by proxy, improve our community. Each of you are leaders and change agents. You’re poised and ready to master the work necessary to change and grow your life and the lives of those whom you touch and influence. It was Margaret Mead who said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

This year will be our most important ever. Why? We are coming back from a pandemic and re- birthing our new nation: FraserNation: Citizens of Generational Wealth. I believe we are no longer 1n the age of persuasion; we are in the age of mobilization and unification. As a people, we must unify to leverage more effectively our collective resources and intellectual capital. Excellence in everything we do must continue to be our focus. FraserNation will be the year-round portal and incubator for Black Excellence 2.0, which will help us to Connect, Grow & Prosper so we can Learn, Earn and Return. Our promise is simple; to raise our consciousness and trust among each other, to build our capacity to grow our businesses and finances and to provide you access to powerful contacts for more effective networking, collaboration, coaching and training. FraserNation will be power-networking and the manifestation of the “Connect the Dots” we’ve been talking and writing about for two generations. Join us, apply for Citizenship, make the investment of time, talent & treasure, you are worth it, and we are worth it. 3

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CORE VALUES • Service to others as the foundation of success • Learning and growing • The importance of family and legacy • Spiritual growth and guidance • Building wealth honorably • Being a positive role model • A strong work ethic and loving what you do • The importance of our relationships • Making the investment to succeed • Measuring success by the generational wealth we transfer ANNUAL PERSONAL GOALS • Double your streams of income. • A 50% increase in business relationships with Black people. • A 25% annual decrease in purchasing from companies that do not support Black people. • Save and/or invest at least 10% of your annual income. • Make sure that you, your children and grandchildren are properly insured. • Save one child other than your own; with a special emphasis on Black boys. MAJOR OBJECTIVES • To help Black people build wealth that can be transferred intergenerationally. • To make Black people the number one employer of Black people in the 21st Century. GUIDING PRINCIPLES • Put God first • Foster trust through honesty and integrity • Give first, share always • Keep promises to ourselves and one another • Treat everyone with respect • Exceed expectations • Practice listening as the first duty of love • Use wealth as a force for good • Think hard, work smart • Practice humility as strength of character • Give thanks in and for all things • Live healthy and authentic lives • Honor our work as a spiritual practice and as our gift • Lead by serving About FraserNet 5

OUR MISSION To promote and showcase our members/partners’ products and services and help them achieve their professional objectives. Tocreate a networking culture centered on “giving first” and “adding value” before focusing on ourselves. To provide our members unparalleled access to the people and resources they need to succeed. is a global leadership network committed to economic development through education, and empowerment for Black people. Our focus is to train, educate, and equip Black people with new skills, new thinking, and new approaches for personal, professional, and financial success in the 21st Century. coaching with our members.


VISION To lead a global networking movement that brings together diverse human resources, to increase opportunities, wealth, and wellness for people of African descent.



We have a continuing-relationship business model including memberships, subscriptions, conferences, workshops and long-term

Delano A. Johnson CEO, Jonsehn Enterprises, LLC Linda Clemons CEO, Sisterpreneur, Inc.

Dr. George C. Fraser Chairman & CEO

Frances Caldwell Administrative Assistant

Gregory L. Williams Vice Chairman & President (1987-2018)

Carmen Herrera Special Advisor – Houston, Texas Gwen Maul Operations Director/Executive Assistant

Dr. Kwa David Whitaker Elder/Senior Advisor Principal, Ashe Cultural Center, Inc.

Dr. Joel Martin CEO, Triad West, Director Emeritus of Training

L. J. Jennings Executive Conference Advisor, GAP Communications Group

Dr. Randal Pinkett Co-Host, Co-Director of Education and Training

LaRick Calhoun Director of Exhibits, CEO 2 Excel Group

Alexandria Johnson Boone National Conference Executive, GAP Communications Group

FraserNet Affiliate Program Brother Bedford, Affiliate Program Manager/President, How To Become A Black Entrepreneur, Inc. Tony Jackson, WINDS: Curriculum Training CEO, Toney Jackson Acgency

FraserNet, Inc. Board of Advisors

Dr. Randal Pinkett Chairman, Board of Advisors CEO, BCT Partners

Dr. Kwa David Whitaker Elder, Conference Senior Advisor

Dr. Joel Martin VIP Coordinator

Christopher Rimmer Production Assistant, GAP Communications Group

Tracie D. Hicks Production Assistant, GAP Communications Group

Linda Clemons Director of Sales, Recruiting and Training Monique Lisa Director of WOW Gwen Maul VIP Coordinator Carmen Herrera Special Advisor – Houston, Texas.

Bernadette K. Mayfield Assistant Conference Coordinator, GAP Communications Group

William N. Byers Visual ExplorerArtist/Filmmaker,Studios,Inc

Dr. George C. Fraser Conductor of Excellence, Co-Director of Education and Training

Linda Clemons Director of Sales, Recruiting and Training Monique Lisa Director of WOW

Paula T. Newman Assistant Conference Coordinator, GAP Communications Group

Cody Assistant Coordinator, Exhibits Gerry Foster PowerExchange Fundraiser, Auctioneer Gerry Oscar Hines Live Stream Co-Producer, Media in Motion Barbara Lindsey, Local Market Coordinators Peggy Morris, Dr. Ali Yasin Bob Lott Video Consultant, Brad McWhorter Teamwork Media Audio Visual Coordinator, Atlanta Audio Visual Linda Morgan Social Media Advisor Meeko Muhammad Security, Royal Force Security Trevor Otts & Che Brown Social Media Advisor, Black CEO Lisa Overton Chief Financial Officer, FraserNet, Inc. Morris Parsons Live Stream Co-Producer, M3 Media in Motion Dr. Robert Scott Registration Manager Hiram Smith Founder/President, HiramStyle Kassandra & Imaj Thomas Social Media Design Consultants Layna Ware Brand Ambassador Coordinator Lester Wright Executive Assistant to Dr. George C. Fraser PowerNetworking Conference Exec utive Staff/Planning Committee Thanks to all the great people who serve our PNC Brand Ambassadors 6 Roy Johnson Roz PatriciaKimberlyMiaKierraVinceNicholousTaniaAlanRoxieCassandraZelmaKarenAnitaMichelleMimiMarilynVernitaFrankDianneAmonyChristieTiAnnaKnighten-WarfieldLewisLove-WilliamsLuchinLylesMarshallMetoyerMimsOnyeaniPillowPriceRigginsSingletonSkinnerSmithThorntonTuckerWalkerWarfieldWashingtonWhiteWillisWindon Carmen M. Herrera Coordinator Karen Levinston-Franklin Lead Taija Jackson Lead Patricia Berry-Jones Tiffany Bolufemi Alice Brown Kris MarinaJanineStaciBryantClarkeConwayAngelica Coryat Cynthia East Kim Edwards Ugo RoyJoiCrystalGraceSylviaMarjorieShaunaEdnaDandreonValenciaRussellLynnEziefuleFranklinGilesGoffGrayGriggsGriggsGreenHinojosaHoldenJacksonJonesJohnson

John Breen Breen Photography

Lisa Overton Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Emma Fraser-Pendleton CEO, Fraser/Pendleton Consulting Group

Delano A. Johnson Creative Director, Jonsehn Enterprises, LLC

Dr. Zephia Bryant Director of Student & Millennial Affairs

FraserNet, Inc.

Daisey Williams Technical Support

Dr. Kwa David Whitaker Elder/Senior Advisor to Dr. Fraser Joseph Chubb, Jr. Technical Support

Dr. Stacie NC Grant Mistress of Ceremonies & Chief Motivator

Delano A. Johnson Creative Director/Brand Architect

William N. Byers Video & Collateral DesignConsultantManager

Dr. Stacie NC Grant Mistress of Ceremonies & Chief Motivator Dr. Kwa David Whitaker Elder, Conference Senior Advisor

Carmen Cauthen Proofreader, Research and Resource

Power Staff & Volunteers

Brother Bedford Special Projects

PowerNetworking Conference Executive Staff/Planning Committee



Demonstrated Excellence • Equity / Investment • Entrepreneurial Thinking raserNation believes that reasoned ‘change’, at the proper time, is key to a better life and finds it untenable that the Creator intended for ‘postslavery’ descendants, in the world’s ‘richest’ nation, to languish as ‘mentally enslaved’, criminalized and marginalized beggars. After 400-years of institutionalized racism, discrimination and oppression, Af rican descendants must undergo a complete, objective, psycho-social-emotional and economic autopsy. They must evaluate myriad coping strategies to identify strengths, weaknesses and lessons learned in preparation for serious prescriptive steps towards the long-term amelioration of all deficiencies. FraserNation believes that the perfect time has come! The box office acclaim, unprecedented financial success and spontaneous global response to Marvel’s Black Panther has signaled a new era of consciousness for people of African descent worldwide. FraserNation’s mission is aligned with this clarion call for dramatic ‘change’ in our self-perceptions and the paradigms we employ for our stability and prosperity. Our Vibranium is our $1.7 trillion and growing economy and the trillions more of natural resources and economic clout in mother Africa. We must ‘seize this moment’ to nurture and F accelerate the ‘re-birth’ of a new breed of Citizens of Generational Wealth who will be a) poised to earn, learn and return future generations to our Ancestral standards of excellence, equity and entrepreneurial self-determination, b) driven by genius, cooperation and collaboration, c) com mitted to a disciplined work ethic and focused long-term gratification, and, d) seasoned in the face of adversity. The guided integration of these elements will ensure realization of the illusive equity we seek, the quality of life we deserve and the social respect we have been denied. These objectives represent a broad vision, the achievement of which will require a clear plan of action; bold, unwavering leadership; and te nacious insistence on adherence to travel with policies, directions, details and quality controls. As people of African descent, it is truly time that we move to center stage, ready ourselves for seri ous participation in the social-spiritual economic realities of life, and, accept the responsibility to create the future we claim we want! FraserNa tion is poised for this journey with the plan, the passion and the performance history. And, yes, we have a Citizenship Application for you!


About Power ConferenceNetworkingForsixteenyearsthePowerNetworkingConferencehasbeenthehomeofblackentrepreneurslookingtoconnect,growandprosper. Forbes voted us one of the top five conferences in the world for entrepreneurs We pride ourself on a unique philosophy of networking and building a financial legacy for your grand children’s kids. $100 Million of Intellectual Capital Learn the hidden secrets of how the mega-rich legally protect their assets. Meet millionaires, potential partners, and investors. Master techniques to close million dollar deals every time. Discover the secret of how to make a million selling Amazon products. Recondition your mind to think like a Millionaire. Access billions of Federal funds from at least 10 heads of Government Agencies –ready to sign up suppliers on-site and more! The New Era Entrepreneursof MEET MORE THAN 50+ GLOBAL NETWORK OF BLACK OVER ACHIEVERS READY TO SHARE THEIR WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE WITH YOU! 8

Making a proper introduction

. Thank them for their time, for taking the call, for their email or letter. Thank them for sharing, listening, referring, responding to an email, letter, or call. Said another way, open the call with enthusiasm and positive rein forcement.

Do your research first. Think about the person that you make contact with and list what you have to offer and present it first. For example, make a mutually beneficial introduction; share your expertise or excellence. Provide valuable information, but all must be helpful to the per son with whom you are trying to build a relationship.

. Learn and use the FraserNet 20 second “sound bite” formula.

How to Power Network


Build rapport. Add value first; help them with their wealth, health, or children. Be clear and concise on why you’re making the contact and what you’re seeking. Don’t force people to guess your agenda or request something they cannot and/or are not prepared to do. Give the relationship time to grow.

Please remember PowerNetworking is not a job fair, but a business fair, it is a place where you build new relationships. How do you build new relationships?

Discover those things you have in common (such as a fraternity, sorority, personal referral, hobbies, colleagues and friends, etc.).

“You find common ground/bonds and build trust over time. The higher the trust the more willingness a person has to share their resources, opportunities, and key contacts. Yes, it is through loving, giving, and serving relationships, that things get done. Opportunities will present themselves only after a strong and trusting relationship has been built. So in the relationship building, PowerNetworking world, slow is good and fast is bad.” – George C. Fraser 2 1 3 4

Follow-up with a thank you note. Let your contact know what occurred (resulted) if they recommended a course of action or a referral.

5 9

Lead with a thank you…and/or a compliment



Super COACHES We draw some of the world’s best and brightest Black Coaches to give you the tools needed for your personal and business success. 17 Sheila Jones Garry Ratiff Jr Lindsey Vertner





He started Roberts-Roberts & Associates, a con sulting firm. This led to opportunities in politics, real estate, broadcasting, wireless communication and construction.


Toni Harris Taylor International Speaker | Certified Marketing & Sales Coach

A powerful network is established by knowing and nurturing relationships with people in places of power. These people have the ability to open and close doors and look for people of excellence like you who have ideas and resources that may assist help them accomplish the goals of public policy and job creation. The Politician needs the entrepreneurs. They are invited for you to get politically connected.

Dr. Michael V. Roberts

Entrepreneur of the Year

| Author of 6 books | TV Show Host Babatunde Irukera Executive Vice-Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission Networking AWARDS

Dr. Lance London Prince George’s County Restaurateur, Educator, Serial Entrepreneur, and Business Mogul.

PowerNetworker of the Year


Janice Bryant Howroyd Founder of ActOne Group, a global leader in the human resources industry that specializes in partnering with firms looking to optimize human resource talent management.

Entrepreneur of the Year (Male) Entrepreneur of the Year (Female) International Entrepreneur of the Year

25 Our Sponsors and Partners are our lifeblood. Support them because they helped to make all of this possible. POWER Sponsors FraserNet’s BRANDS Media PARTNERS

NEW PowerCoaches PowerMoment Sheila Jones BOA

2:00pm-2:15pm Spectacular Opening & Welcome Celebrity Emcee Dr. Stacie NC Grant BOA



Rhythm Rumble Workout Byron Nelson BOA


NEW PowerTalk: ‘Mind Leadership’ Dr. Linus Okorie 343B

August 3rd-6th 2022

NEW PowerCoaches PowerMoment Garry L Ratliff Jr BOA







Suicide: The Consequences of the Unintelligent’


ALL PowerTalks/Workshops: See Room # for Workshops

9:00pm-10:00pm “Presidents Welcome Reception” Sponsored by Sysco Dr. George C Fraser 335 A/B SCHEDULE CHECK THE POWERNETWORKCONFERECE.COM DETAILS AND UPDATES

NEW PowerTalk: ‘Kill Your Website, ER Spaulding 329 Build Your Funnel’

NEW PowerTalk: ‘Building Legacy Wealth’ Tony Jackson 329 Marlon Smith


Wednesday August 3rd Bonus Day, 2:00pm-7:30pm est First Name Last Name Room


NEW PowerTalk: ‘Hitting the Reset Button: April Ervin 327 The Power of Resilience’


Dr. George C. Fraser BOA

NEW PowerKeyNote: ‘How to Commit Psychological Dr. Emma Fraser Pendleton BOAFNB

NEW PowerTalk: ‘The State of Crypto in Black America’ Najah Roberts 343A



NEW PowerTalk: ‘How to Gain Massive Visibility Chanelle Yarber 328 Without Social Media’

NEW PowerCoaches PowerMoment Lindsey Vertner BOA


NEW PowerPanel: Building Legacy Wealth 2.0 Dr. Boyce. Watkins (Mod) BOA Dr. George C. Fraser BOA Tony Jackson BOA Carmen Herrera BOA Diamond Petty BOA

ALL PowerTalks/KeyNotes Workshops will be in BOA: See room # for workshops


8:00pm-9:00pm ”A View From The Top: Where Do We Go From Here?” Dr. George C Fraser 343 A/B Dr. Kwa David Whitaker

State of FraserNation Dr. George Fraser BOA Dr. Randall Pinkett BOA



10:10am-10:15am Dr. George Fraser BOA

11:45am-12:00pm Reveal Dr. Kwa David Whitaker BOA

3:45pm-5:00pmALLPowerTalks/KeyNotes Workshops will be in BOA: See room # for workshops

The Transformational Impact

Celebrity DNA


NEW Nite Cap & Social Hour @ The Bar with Faculty

Thursday August 10:00am-8:00pm


12:00pm-12:30pm (Meet/Greet) Dr. Stacie NC Grant BOA

5:00pm-5:05pm Rhythm Rumble Workout Cheryl Jones 5:10pm-7:00pm


NEW PowerTalk: ‘Building A 7-Figure Che’ Brown 329 Sales Team w/out Spending One Dime’

Malcolm’s Ballot or The Bullet’ Dr. Julianne Malveaux BOA Dr. Tameka Ellington BOA Dr. Michael V. Roberts BOA Dr. Janice Bryant Howroyd BOA

NEW PowerTalk: ‘Brand YOU: Gerry Foster 330 Like Your Life Depended on It!

Spectacular Opening &

NEW PowerTalk:’Just Do The Damn Thing’ Tiffany Largie 343B

NEW PowerTalk:‘Procrastination Buster: Dr. Stacie NC Grant 327 5 Strategies to Profit from Your Platform Now

National Town Hall Meeting: (Sysco) Tavis Smiley (Mod) BOA Year of ‘Decision for Democrats, Revisiting Cong. Sheila Jackson Lee BOA

NEW Networking Break/Raffle


Reggie Williams BOA


Opening Prayer Dr. Emma Fraser Pendleton BOA


NEW PowerTalk:’’Harnessing Supplier ’ Reginald Williams 343A Diversity To Drive Your Power Network’

9:30am-10:05am (Faculty Only-with African Drums) Dr. George Fraser BOA



10:05am-10:10am Dr. Kwa David Whitaker BOA


First Name Last Name Room




10:05am-10:05am Welcome Dr. Stacie NC Grant BOA

11:15am-11:45am Ancient Historical Greatness


7:00am-8:00am Dr. Stacie NC Grant Jones 327 8:00

PowerKeyNote: “Dare to UNLEASH

12:30pm-1:00pm Dr. Cheryl Wood BOAFNB of Your Voice”

Anthony Browder BOA

1:00pm-2:00pm NEWNetworking, Lunch with Black WallStreet Vendors

10:15am-10:25am Dr. Kwa David Whitaker BOA

NEW PowerTalk:”How To Make 6 Figures Brother Bedford 328 with Mastermind Groups”

Black Wall StreetNetworking Dinner On Your Own



330 Cheryl

Special Remarks



Spectacular Opening & Welcome Dr. Stacie NC Grant BOA Opening Remarks & PowerKeynote Intro Dr. George C. Fraser BOA

PowerKeyNote: ‘How To Build A Million $ Brand’ Tiana Von Johnson BOAFNB

7:45pm-8:15pm Networking Dinner On Your Own 8:15pm-9:30pm

NEW PowerNetworking Masterclass: Dr. George C. Fraser BOA ‘ Ask Us Anything’ (optional) Linda Clemons





NEW ‘PowerTalk: ‘Take A New Entreprenurial ’ Toni Taylor Harris 329 Journey, Create Your Roadmap to Franchising co-presenters Jennifer Callender 329

NEWPowerTalk: ‘The Power of ’Corrie Sampson 343A


PowerNetworking Luncheon (Fortune Brands) Dr. Stacie NC Grant (Co-host) BOA Celebrity BrainShare Auction Gerry Foster (Co-host) BOA Dr. George Fraser BOA Dr. Randal Pinkett BOA Dr.

NEW PowerTalk:’15 minutes w/The David Tyson 328 Sales Dr.“Your Rx for Sales Explosion”


6:30pm-7:45pm ALL PowerTalks/Workshops: See Room # for Workshops


NEW PowerTalk: ‘How Federal & Corporate Kimberely Kelly-Rolfe 327 Contracts Can Make you Rich’

Rhythm Rumble Workout Cheryl Jones BOA


PRAYER/EXERCISE/MEDITATION ROOMS Dr. Stacie NC Grant 330 Cheryl Jones 327

Watkins BOA



NEW Black WallStreet Vendor Visitation BOAPF


NEW Black WallStreet: Vendor Visitation BOAPF

7:00am-8:00am 8:00

1:00pm-3:30pm Michael Dr. Boyce.

NEW PowerKeyNote: ‘ Wealth Requires Mastery’ Walter Bond BOAFNB

NEW PowerTalk:’Little Known Technique of JR Fenwick 330 Making Money with Stocks in Less Than 10 Minutes


The NovaTech Crypto co-presenterPlatform Stan Richards 343B

V. Roberts BOA Dr. Cheryl Wood BOA


NEW PowerKeyNote: ‘Shift Happens. Delatorro Neal BOAFNB



PowerKeyNote: ‘Supernatural Selling Linda Clemons 329 through Nonverbal Communication’



NEW PowerTalk: ‘Monetizing Your Voice, Delano A Johnson 327 Story & Personal Brand’

Humanity: Attack Life instead of Life Attacking You’

Black Excellence Extravaganza Closing Party (African Attire required) BOA 29

Dr. Stacie NC Grant (Co-host) BOA Dr. Boyce Watkins BOA Dr. Delatorro McNeal BOA

Dr. Michael V. Roberts BOA Mike Johns BOA Dr. Wendy Muhammad BOA Stan Matthews BOA





PowerPanel: ‘Building Legacy Businesses’ Dr. George C. Fraser (Co-host) BOA

Closing Remarks: Dr. Kwa David Whitaker BOA

6:10pm-6:20pm Dr. George C. Fraser BOA

12:00pm-1:15pm ALL PowerTalks/KeyNotes Workshops will be in BOA: See room # for workshops


NEW PowerKeyNote ‘Return on Finish’ Trevor Otts BOAFNB

Gerry Foster (Co-host) BOA


Dr. Randal Pinkett (mod) BOA


NEW PowerTalk: ‘The Power of Janice/GeorgeLeek/Fraser 343B The HyperVerse Platform’

Farewell Processional w/attendees BOAPF

NEW PowerTalk ‘Building Your Business Dr. Jackie Mayfield 329 Portfolio One Opportunity at a Time

NEW PowerKeyNote: ‘How to Supercharge Dr. Boyce Watkins BOAFNB Your Income Using Stock Options’




Luncheon & Celebrity BrainShare Auction & Awards Opening Prayer Bishop James Dixon BOA




PowerKeyNote: ‘Turning Back to Our Rev. Dr. Fredrick Haynes BOA

Rhythm Rumble Workout Cheryl Jones BOA 5:05pm-5:25pm Willie Barney’s Omaha Update Willie Barney BOA


Spectacular Opening & Welcome Dr. Stacie NC Grant BOA Opening Remarks & PowerKeynote Intro Dr. George C. Fraser BOA

Trevor Otts BOA Dr. Tiana Von Johnson BOA Walter Bond BOA

NEW PowerTalk: ‘The Real Value of Soroya Garner 343A Intellectual Property & Brand Ownership/Protection’





The President’s Secret a Royal Bloodline: Who Should Be King? an Untold Story by Michael V. Roberts Sr. Black Faces in High Places: 10 Strategic Actions for Black Professionals to Reach the Top and Stay There by Randal D. Pinkett and Jeffrey A. Robinson Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money, 2nd Edition by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, A.C. Fellner, et al. The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story by Nikole Hannah-Jones , The New York Times Magazine, et al. Whoo Influenced You?: Three Relationships That Transformed My Life by Dr. George C. Fraser (Author), Stan Matthews (Author) 33

TION FINANCIAL NAJAH ROBERTS & SURPRISE EXPERTS THE QUEEN OF CRYPTO Learn how to build generational wealth and revolutionize your portfolio with Bitcoin and digital assets! F E A T U R I N G TICKETS A T L A N T A W W W D F R E X P E R I E N C E C O M 34



POWER PARTNERS 37 “The POWER of the human connection and collaboration, where many are always stronger than ONE!



Emails Phones 317.469.3993216-496-1287 To be held in Indianapolis, Indiana.40




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Y 20th ANNIVERSAR National Executive Women’s Summit Sunday - Wednesday, October 23 - 26, 2022 The Grand Resort, 9519 East Market St., Warren, OH 44484 DR. RANDAL PINKETT Chairman & CEO BCT Partners SpeakerAuthor ALEXANDRIA JOHNSON BOONE Founder & Chairwoman Women of Color Foundation President & CEO GAP Communications Group Publisher & Chief Editorial Officer C L Magazine ROBIN WILSON CEO & Founder A Blue Egg Corporation Clean Design Home brand SpeakerAuthor The Women of Color Foundation is celebrating 20 incredible years at our national conference! To register, womenofcolorfoundation.comvisitoruseyoursmartphonecameratohighlightthisQRcodeforquickaccess Featured Executives in Residence: 46




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