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Cover Artwork: Mallary Wilson, '20 Photo: Adam Simmons, '17


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Active Agents of Change


Also food! That spirit of creativity

invested in trying to create a more

and experimentation extends into

equitable and just experience for

the food carts and restaurants that

everyone. As a center of creative

abound in Portland, all supported by

culture in Portland, PNCA's

the organic agriculture thriving in the

artists and designers continually

surrounding Willamette Valley.

engage in a critical dialogue of conventional systems and

Portland is an ideal incubator

institutions. We constantly seek

for collaboration, exploring bold

new ways to elevate empathy

ideas, and taking risks. Our

and celebrate the different lived

creative community is a place of

experiences that are the strength

interconnectivity, where you can

and beauty of our community. And,

explore, collaborate, and evolve a

we show up! We're a community

life-long creative practice.

not afraid to gather in the streets to realize our collective power. An incredibly vibrant artistic energy drives us in a region known for visual art, design, performance, music, and stop-motion animation. There's a profound commitment to preserving and spending time in our region's wild natural spaces.

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu


Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu


In every major, you will develop

Your professors are working

creative, technical, and professional

artists and designers with real-

skills, productive studio habits, and

world experience. Class sizes are

the ability to communicate and

small and everyone here is deeply

collaborate. You will learn to think

committed to art and design.

critically about your own work, the work of others, and the world beyond.

MAJORS Animated Arts Creative Writing General Fine Arts Graphic Design Illustration Intermedia

10 Undergraduate Programs

Painting Photography Printmaking Sculpture Video + Sound

AMS, TIES. MINORS Art and Ecology Art History Ceramics Creative Writing Drawing Fashion

Game Graphic Design Photography Stop-Motion Animation

SPECIAL PROGRAMS Art + Science Initiative Boundary Crossings Institute Center for Design International Studies Make+Think+Code Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 11

ANIMATED ARTS Animated Arts invites you to reimagine ways to create framebased work by combining fine art creative practices and digital technology. is designed to build skills in


both animation principles and

Pamela Guest is an illustrator,

ideation, allowing students to

animator, and emerging director.

develop a strong personal voice

During her time at PNCA, she

and style to drive projects and

received a Princess Grace Film

collaborative productions. Student

Scholarship for her film Small.

work includes character-driven

Using her strong online platform,

narrative, poetic experimental,

she landed a paid internship

non-fiction documentary, gaming,

at a New York design firm

gallery installation, and interactive

over the summer of 2016.

Our production-based program

projection. Facilities support 2D drawn, 3D digital, stop-motion animation and fabrication, AR/ VR, and animation for gaming. Visiting artists, creative thinkers, and innovative technicians from Portland’s lively animation scene enrich the learning experience and create bridges to post PNCA career opportunities. Top Right: Pamela Guest, '18 12 Undergraduate Programs | Animated Arts

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu

14 Undergraduate Programs | Creative Writing


Within a school for art and design, Creative Writing offers a unique opportunity to explore the written word’s relationship to contemporary art through interdisciplinary and hybrid forms. crossing creative boundaries

Alumni Spotlight MATTHEW LAYNG ’17

to develop a unique style are

Matthew Layng is a poet and

fundamental to the program.

sculptor. After spending time

Creative Writing at PNCA prepares

abroad honing his creative

students for careers as creative

skills, he returned to Oregon

professionals by focusing on the

where he is the director of The

craft of writing in the context

Orchards, a sculpture park and

of a variety of media platforms,

exhibition space. His work has

including print, digital, illustration,

been exhibited at Cranbrook.

Innovation, experimentation, and

graphic design, animation, video, and sound.

Top and Bottom Left: Madeleine Barbier, ’18 Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 15

GENERAL FINE ARTS General Fine Arts offers broad exposure to the studio arts, with a focus on materials and processes, encouraging you to explore widely while developing competencies in multiple art practices. opportunity to experiment with

Alumni Spotlight SWAN STEVESKI, ‘21

different mediums and cultivate

Swan Steveski is an

a boundary crossing artistic

interdisciplinary artist. Swan’s

style. Because careers in the arts

thesis project is a side-scrolling

are continually evolving, GFA

walking simulator/visual novel/

encourages adaptability and an

interactive poem, “How Come I Just

entrepreneurial outlook. GFA is a

Keep Going in Circles.” It focuses on

curricular pathway that enables

themes of worry, change, loneliness,

students to take classes from all

and dissociation. The combination of

other BFA departments.

coding as an artistic medium, poetry,

This program offers students the

and handmade imagery create a 2D/3D/digital juxtaposition aesthetic.

Right: Swan Steveski, '21 16 Undergraduate Programs | General Fine Arts

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 17

18 Undergraduate Programs | Graphic Design

GRAPHIC DESIGN Graphic Design pushes the boundaries of visual communication while rooting you in understanding the vital relationship between medium and message. Graphic design is, at its core, the art of visual communication.

Alumni Spotlight TRUNG BAO, ’20

While the curriculum of the

Trung Bao is a multi-disciplinary

graphic design program is rooted

visual artist and designer. He is a

in the fundamentals of type

co-founder of the design collective

and composition, we encourage

Fustic. Studio where he produces

students to find the right form

visuals and experiences for music

for their message by pushing the

events, exhibitions, and commercials.

boundaries of what design can

Fustic has worked with people

be. Students can expand their

and brands such as Billie Eilish,

work by incorporating elements

Bad Bunny, Adidas, Adult Swim,

from different artistic mediums

Awkwafina, and Eric Andre. Trung Bao

including photography, animation,

is also the World Beatbox Camp Solo

printmaking, and illustration,

Champion, American Vice Beatbox

as well as interactive design.

Champion 2016, and placed top 4

Projects ranging from print to web

in the Grand Beatbox Battle 2017.

to experimental forms prepare students to enter a rapidly evolving field.

Top Left: Trung Bao, '20 Bottom Left: Austin Meros, '20 Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 19

ILLUSTRATION Our underlying philosophy is experience and encounter, inviting students to deeply investigate the interplay of image-making, design thinking, and social engagement. itself in the intersection of art and


design. The Illustration curriculum

Terry Blas is the illustrator and

allows each student to thoroughly

writer behind the comics You

investigate the multiple facets of

Say Latino and You Say Latinx. His

illustration as an art form. Twenty-

original graphic novels are Dead

first century illustrators have

Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom, Hotel

moved beyond simply illustrating

Dare, and Lifetime Passes. Other

stories in books and magazines,

comics he has written for include

and are conceptualizers, character

Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, and

designers, world builders, game

the official Ariana Grande comic.

designers, problem solvers, story-

His most recent work includes the

tellers, and innovative image-

Mexican, Marvel comics, superhero

makers in industries ranging from

series, Reptil, and a graphic novel

publishing to fashion to animation

biography of Cesar Chavez called

to virtual reality. From analog

Who Was the Voice of the People?

Illustration has always situated

and digital media to conceptual development and cultural literacy, the program incorporates a wide range of skills to help students develop a personal style. Top Right: Audrey Meschter, '23 Top Right: Kaylee Berry, '24 Bottom Left and Right: Terry Blas, '10 20 Undergraduate Programs | Illustration

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 21

22 Undergraduate Programs | Intermedia

INTERMEDIA Intermedia offers a researchfocused and conceptually driven program. Students in the Intermedia program

corporate, academic, and cultural

receive personalized mentorship

organizations with a nimble ability

as they design an interdisciplinary

to lead, collaborate, and innovate in

pathway, incorporating the art

a rapidly changing world.

and design practices of their studio on campus, students build


their understanding of existing

Alejandra Arias Sevilla is an

techniques while developing

interdisciplinary artist and printer

skills in emergent practices.

based in Portland, Oregon. Her

These practices are often tied

work has been shown with the

to experimentation, problem-

Nat Turner Project, Black Fish

solving, and verbal and written

Gallery, and Converge 45. She

communication skills. Innovative

is the 2021 awardee of the

faculty as well as visiting artists,

Undergrowth Educational Print

designers, and scholars mentor

Fund at Mullowney Printing and

students as they synthesize art

the Stelo Letterpress Residency.

choosing. Utilizing every lab and

and design’s existing and emerging strategies into a unique creative practice. Students go on to work in creative, commercial, non-profit,

Top Left: Alejandra Arias Sevilla, ’20 Bottom Left: Johanna Oppeqk, ’20

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 23

PAINTING Painting begins with the development of core observational and compositional skills, including the use of painting and drawing materials. build on their foundational


understanding of painting

Olivia Harwood has exhibited work

principles to achieve mastery within

at Fuller Rosen Gallery in Portland.

the discipline and explore broad

Raised in the Midwest, now based

interdisciplinary study. Electives

in Portland, Oregon, Harwood

in Illustration, Printmaking, and

takes much inspiration from her

Graphic Design are encouraged to

current environment, previous

enhance professional opportunities.

surroundings, and childhood

Our faculty of professional artists

upbringing. Working mainly with

support and challenge students

acrylic and oil paint, Harwood

as they develop an individual

wants the audience to be able to

vision, voice, and mastery of forms

connect their memories to relatable

through rigorous studio practice.

images and icons within her work.

Throughout the program, students

Visiting artists, lectures, and critical discourse broaden students’ perspectives and stimulate investigations into the historical, cultural, aesthetic, and theoretical contexts of the field. Top Right: Olivia Harwood, ’21 Bottom Right: Shannon Driscoll, '21 24 Undergraduate Programs | Painting

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 25

Emily Lint, ’18 26 Undergraduate Programs | Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY To be a photographer today is to place yourself in the center of a world where image-making possibilities are endless and where you can decide when to embrace tradition and when to reject it. communication in today’s visual


world. In the Photography program,

Emily Lint’s studio practice uses

students will explore the infinite

mirrors, plexiglass, mylar, and

possibilities in contemporary

light to manipulate the viewer’s

image-making by building a strong

perception of space and reality.

foundation in analog and digital

Her photographs of constructed

techniques and lighting strategies.

abstract scenes dissolve the limits

Our curriculum balances practical

of the photographic frame through

skills with theory and critical

visual illusion. In her thesis project,

analysis to enable students to

she developed an immersive mirror

develop a personal style and

sculpture installation. Photographs

perspective. Courses examine

projected onto mirrors explore the

photography’s broad range of

push and pull between reality and

contexts in society as well as the

magic. Her work has been exhibited

ethics and personal responsibility

at the University of Iowa, LightBox

of photographers. Students explore

Photographic Gallery, Blackbox

how the language of photography

Gallery, and Blue Sky Gallery.

Photography is a primary form of

can be a tool for social justice and cultural analysis. Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 27

PRINTMAKING Printmaking immerses students in traditional and contemporary methods, processes, and ideas related to the constantly evolving medium of visual art and design. studio experience, students will


explore intaglio, lithography, relief

Vanessa Kauffman Zimmerly is

printing, screenprinting, monotype,

a writer, editor, and visual artist.

letterpress, book-making, artist

After PNCA, she went on to earn her

publications, digital, and 3D

MA in Visual and Critical Studies

printing. Our program values

at California College of the Arts.

community, exposing students

She is co-founder and co-editor of

to diverse perspectives as well

Volumes Volumes and is an editorial

as a wide range of technologies.

member of Kelsey Street Press,

By delving into tradition and

a literary publisher in Berkeley,

focusing on experimentation

CA. Vanessa has also worked at

and the potential of the multiple,

several fine letterpress studios

students develop a personal voice

in Portland and the Bay Area.

Through a rich, interdisciplinary

to communicate ideas and themes through their prints.

Top Right: Vanessa Kauffman Zimmerly, ’09 Bottom Right: Angelica Trimble, ’18 28 Undergraduate Programs | Printmaking

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 29

30 Undergraduate Programs | Sculpture

SCULPTURE Sculpture is a radically hybrid medium where traditional craft meets innovative tools, processes, and novel ideas about what an object can be. are encouraged to investigate a


dynamic spectrum of sculptural

Sage Cortez a designer, ceramicist,

methods and techniques, develop

and craftswoman. Her one-woman

unique presentational strategies,

business, Hand + Fire, was founded

and acquire a rich material

in 2016 while she was still a

literacy. These investigations

student at PNCA and produces

can exist as stand-alone objects,

small-batch functional tableware.

In the Sculpture program, students

design prototypes, site specific engagements, multiples, wearable forms, performance props, installations, functional wares, and any number of other articulations yet to be realized. Access to our fabrication labs, presentations, and workshops with visiting artists, designers, craftspeople, critics, and curators enrich the experience, so students become engaged, skilled thinkers and makers.

Left: Sage Cortez, '17 Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 31

VIDEO + SOUND Video + Sound invites you into an expansive investigation of moving image and audio culture. the most pervasive forms of


communication in today’s society.

Ben Glas is an experiential

We are immersed in video and

composer based in Berlin. Through

sound media, from video channels

ephemeral compositions Glas’

and image feeds to podcasts

work questions preconceived

and streaming services. As

notions between the acts of passive

artists and designers, effectively

hearing and active listening. In

communicating using video and

seeking to discover open ended

sound has taken on increasing

forms of music and pragmatic

importance. Our program combines

listening perspectives, Glas’

a grounding in the history of the

compositions focus on the realms

moving image and sonic arts with a

of subjective perception and

spirit of experimentation in the use

cognition, via the use of acoustics,

of cutting-edge tools. By absorbing

psychoacoustics and space as

the language of cinema so it may

tools for sonic composition. He

be applied to 21st century image-

is currently receiving his MA

making, students are encouraged

in Sonic Studies at the UdK.

Video and Sound are among

to develop their own contemporary voice.

Top Right: Ben Glas, ’17 Bottom Right: Forrest Grenfell, '16 32 Undergraduate Programs | Video + Sound

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 33

MINORS Minors help you deepen understanding, broaden the scope of your education through the intentional selection of targeted classes, and communicate your focus in the future. Minors are open to students in all majors. Completing a minor does not require you to take additional courses. You'll simply make your course selections to fulfill the requirements of the minor, choosing from a wide range of 3-credit courses for a total of 15 credits. You'll work with your Academic Advisor to create an individualized plan that outlines how the minor fits into your course of study and ensures that your curricular choices support your goals and interests.

34 Undergraduate Minors


Course highlights:

In this interdisciplinary minor, you’ll


develop a broad understanding


of pressing issues and their


relationship to the social, political,


cultural, and economic systems that


impact the future of humanity, other species, and our shared planet.


You'll understand how your own

In this minor, you can choose

work as an artist or a designer can

to focus on clay as a dynamic

comment on, interact with, and

sculptural medium or material for

impact the world.

fabricating wares and functional

Course highlights:

objects as you develop skills


and techniques while gaining a


broader understanding of historical


precedents and contemporary


practices. You’ll work in our ceramics studio with seasoned pros


to deepen your practice or expand

Art History examines the breadth of

outward into new pathways including

human creativity and considers how

entrepreneurial studio strategies.

it influences and reflects the culture

Course highlights:

of its time. Power, myth, science,


religion, philosophy, and technique


are all included. By delving into


historical and contemporary artistic


tenets and their social contexts,


you’ll gain a richer and more diverse visual arsenal which will sharpen


your critical faculties and help you

Through creative writing studio classes,

develop a deeper understanding

you’ll explore experimental writing

of your own work. The Art History

practices, including using language

minor includes writing and research

as a visual medium and incorporating

skills that prepare you for graduate

writing into visual work, as well as

study and professional careers.

those focused on contemporary forms of fiction, poetry, and scriptwriting.

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 35

Minors Course highlights:

society while exploring the garment


itself from many perspectives


including costuming, wearable


technology, textile design, soft sculpture, performance, and body



Artists practice drawing across

Course highlights:

genres and disciplines to translate


ideas to form. Drawing in its


capacity as an exploratory medium


is nearly universal. The drawing


minor offers the opportunity for sustained study and practice of


drawing, supporting both practices:

Gaming in both analog and

drawing as exploration and drawing

digital formats is one of the most

as form.

relevant and pervasive forms

Course highlights:

of entertainment worldwide.


Beyond its role in entertainment,


social scientists and cultural


anthropologists alike have identified


gaming as a dominant form of finding and building community in


contemporary society, using game

Fashion is a minor with a multi-

culture as an expressive means

disciplinary approach. We encourage

of connecting with others. In this

students to delve into material

minor, you’ll develop a general

exploration, garment construction,

understanding of the philosophies,

fabric manipulation and

systems, and mechanics utilized

embellishment, silkscreen printing,

in contemporary game and

pattern drafting and draping,

interactive design while becoming

textiles, concept development,

familiar with processes for

and fashion sketching. The minor

research, experimentation, design,

invites you to consider fashion as an

prototyping, and production.

embedded aspect of contemporary 36 Undergraduate Minors

Course highlights: WORLD BUILDING, CHARACTER DESIGN, SCRIPTING, INTERACTIVE AESTHETICS GRAPHIC DESIGN Design shapes the way we interact with the world around us. The same skills that designers use working with clients can also be used to “move” people–for more powerful communication, or to create social change. This minor is a way for you to gain fundamental graphic design techniques working with typography and visual systems for a range of technology. You will also gain core skills in ideation, critical evaluation, and revision that you can take into a broad range of careers. A minor in graphic design will give you a general understanding of the many possibilities within design and help you learn to speak the language of design for fruitful collaboration. Course highlights: SIGNS + SYMBOLS, TYPOGRAPHY, CULTURE + AUDIENCE, BRAND + MARKETING PHOTOGRAPHY Photographic skills have endless applications and are increasingly valuable in a marketplace that relies on photography as a central form of communication. A photography 37


Minors minor offers the chance for students

set construction, lighting, rigging,

to deepen their technical knowledge

cinema, prop sculpture, character

and conceptual engagement with

development, storyboarding,

the medium of photography in their

and animating. With a general

practice. Photo classes address a

knowledge of animation, students

range of professional and artistic

can build out their portfolio by

goals that students bring: using

demonstrating specific stop-motion

photography in dialogue with other

craft skills imbued with their

media, exploring analog processes

creative spark. Portland

in the darkroom, or developing a

is an animation town, with three

strong portfolio demonstrating

stop-motion features in production

lighting techniques. This minor is an

this last year alone. We regularly

opportunity for you to focus on an

invite local industry professionals to

aspect of photography that would

share their work and expertise.

best complement your aspirations.

Course highlights:

Course highlights:








STOP-MOTION ANIMATION Stop-motion minors gain experience in a quickly growing field. It is wellsuited for cross-media exploration with other majors and minors, from sculpture to fashion to illustration. Our curriculum has an open studio format, allowing students to gain a basic understanding of animation and explore pathways toward puppet fabrication, costuming,

Left: Brandon Roberts, ’22 Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 39


Our Liberal Arts courses broaden your understanding of the world and introduce you to multiple perspectives, views, histories, and experiences. Liberal Arts courses inspire curiosity and new lines of critical inquiry while fortifying your intellectual foundation. You'll read, research, share what you’ve learned, and engage in impassioned discussion. You'll learn to synthesize strands of knowledge in a cohesive, elegant manner and to frame and articulate questions and complex ideas.


40 Liberal Arts | International Studies

INTERNATIONAL STUDIES Transformative international research and learning opportunities to prepare you for an interconnected world. The Office of International

your time spent outside of PNCA

Education believes transformative

gives you a new perspective

international research and learning

on your own culture and a new

opportunities prepare you for an

understanding of art. The skills

interconnected world. We recognize

you learn abroad can give you a

how important it is for students at a

competitive edge in today’s job

21st-century art school to develop

market as you develop an ability

an awareness of diverse cultures,

to adapt to diverse situations.

a sensitivity to cultural difference, and awareness of culture’s

OIE facilitates international learning

formative effects. The OIE supports

opportunities including both short-

this learning for both international

term and semester-long programs

students studying at PNCA and

as well as international exchanges,

for students studying abroad.

collaborations, and the promotion of on-campus intercultural

Studying internationally can be a

experiences. Our Global Learning

life-changing experience. You’ll

and Diversity Development

learn about a different culture,

(GLADD) Initiative makes global

broaden your education with new

learning opportunities accessible

perspectives, and develop an

to more students through

international network of friends

increased financial support.

and contacts. On a personal level, Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 41


your work and others through a


robust critique process where

In your Foundation Year, you’ll

you give and take constructive

be immersed from day one in

feedback regularly. Whatever

media of all kinds—from drawing,

major you choose, you will develop

design, and sculpture, to digital

creative, technical, professional

tools, video, and performance.

skills, productive studio habits,

It’s a year of discovery, a time

and the ability to communicate,

to explore new ways of making

collaborate, and think critically.

and thinking while integrating into your new community. Along the way, you’ll develop the skills


and habits that will help you

Senior Year means Thesis at PNCA:

thrive at PNCA and beyond.

the time, support, and resources to plan and produce a significant body


of work or ambitious project. With


the support of faculty, your peers,

In your Sophomore and Junior

and a mentor who works with you

years, you’ll take courses from

one-on-one, you’ll develop a detailed

within your chosen major. But, we

proposal for your project during

also encourage you to take courses

the first semester and produce it in

in departments across the college.

the second. During your midterm

By studying related histories and

review, you’ll present your work-in-

broadly exploring the contemporary,

progress to visiting professionals

you’ll expand your ideas for your work and the impact it can make in the world. Just as importantly, you’ll learn to think critically about

42 Four Year Flow | Focus Week

FOCUS WEEK Your senior year is an exciting time of transition from student to professional artist or designer. During Focus Week, you’ll install your completed thesis work and make a presentation before a panel of professional artists or designers. For Focus Week, classes are suspended, and the whole PNCA community—students, staff, and faculty—comes together to support seniors as they present their thesis projects.

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu

Assignment Highlight Foundation 3D: Cardboard Couture Every semester as part of the Foundation curriculum, 3D students take to the "runway" to present their cardboard couture creations to the enjoyment of the entire campus.

44 Foundation | Cardboard Couture

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu

A PLAYGROUND FOR ARTISTS AND DESIGNERS. PNCA's campus, galleries, labs and facilities provide all of the spaces and tools needed to produce and exhibit nearly any work. From an expansive print studio to Make+Think+Code's array of high tech tools, we've got you covered.

46 Campus



PNCA's Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design The Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design is a 100-year-old former federal post office we’ve renovated with a striking, contemporary design that brings natural light into nearly every working space in the building.


Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 49

Lab Highlight Make+Think+Code

We embrace the possibilities of creative technology for artists and designers. Make+Think+Code is a technology-

As a hands-on studio, it offers

focused research studio, institute,

students, as well as Portland’s

creative incubator, and lab that

creative and tech communities,

brings together members of

opportunities to learn and

Portland’s vibrant creative, tech,

explore emerging technologies,

civic, and educational communities

augmented and virtual reality,

to explore the powerful role that

(digital) fabrication and prototyping,

creativity and technology play

creative coding, data science,

in the search for imaginative

systems-thinking, the internet of

and impactful solutions to

things, smart technologies, creative

complex and urgent problems.

entrepreneurship, STEAM, and privacy and security. In addition,

Emphasizing the skills of the

a wide range of workshops,

future, Make+Think+Code is

institutes, hackathons, and

an outlet to build fluency with

design challenges are offered to

emerging technologies, creativity,

foster collaboration and leverage

design-thinking, research,

creativity and technology in

and collaboration. These skills

new and innovative ways.

prepare students to succeed in our growing regional and national creative technology industries.

50 Campus

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest PacificCollege Northwest of Art College | pnca.willamette.edu of Art | pnca.edu 4

Galleries, Labs, and Facilities

GALLERIES 511 Gallery 157 Gallery Dorothy Lemelson Innovation Lab Glass Gallery Commons Corner Gallery 1 and Corner Gallery 2 Atrium Shipley/Collins Mediatheque M31 Mezzanine Holt Gallery Design Corridor B10 Tiny Thumb

LABS AND FACILITIES Animated Arts Lab Wacom Lab Gilkey Center for Printmaking Professional Digital Fine Art Printing Lab Documentation Studio Painting Studios Sound Lab Make+Think+Code Digital Production Center Media Resource Center Photography Lab Glass Building: 3D, Sculpture, Ceramic, Wood, and Textile Studios 52 Campus

Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.edu


Galleries, Labs, and Facilities

54 Campus

Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.edu


Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu


Preparing for tomorrow—today! We support your development as a professional artist or designer during your time at PNCA and throughout your career. We empower you to take risks and

knowledge and networks for life

pursue professional experiences

after PNCA. To connect you with

that will enrich your working

other artists, designers, makers,

life and creative practice. It’s

and business owners, we work

our goal that you will leave

with community partners who open

PNCA as a capable, self-reliant

their doors to PNCA students and

professional with experience in

alumni for learning experiences,

the form of internships. Along

including informational interviews

the way, you’ll have access to

and behind-the-scenes tours.

resources that include workshops, information sessions, one-on-

Investing in a PNCA education

one career advising, networking

has prepared our alumni for

opportunities, and a strong

successful careers in art, design,

alumni network to support your

communications, marketing,

professional development.

arts administration, education, business, community work,

We fold career preparation into

information technology, and

every academic program and

software engineering.

empower students with practical

58 Office of Career Design Career Services

IGN We fold career preparation into every academic program and empower you with practical knowledge and professional networks for life after PNCA.

Taxes for Artists


Understanding Copyright


Negotiation 101

Grant Writing

Writing a Résumé/CV

Interview Skill Development

Building a Professional Portfolio

Applying to Graduate Schools

Internship Opportunities

Job Fairs

Running a Creative Business

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 59

Ready for the real world CREATIVE CAREERS Animator

Graphic Novelist

Apparel Developer


Art Director

Interactive Designer


Logo Designer

App Designer

Marketing Specialist

Brand Consultant


Brand Development Designer



Production Artist

Character Artist


Comic Artist


Communications Director

Promotional Designer

Creative Director



Social Media Director

Design Director

Sound Engineer


Storyboard Artist

Editorial Designer

Textile Designer


Type Designer

Experience Designer

UI Designer/UX Designer

Fine Art Printer


Furniture Designer

Video Editor


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Graphic Designer


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Contemporary Student Housing

PNCA’s Residence Life program provides a supportive and vibrant environment with in-house social and academic activities as well as events that connect students to the life, culture, and art of Portland. The Residence Life program

in-room washers and dryers.

includes live-in Resident

The building has a secure entry

Advisors (RAs) trained to

system and bike garage. ArtHouse

cultivate a safe and healthy

also offers high-speed internet

community for our residents.

and includes all utilities.

ArtHouse is our dedicated student

Nearby are plenty of food options,

housing apartment building

including restaurants, diners,

within blocks of PNCA’s main

food carts, the weekend farmers

campus building, the Arlene and

market, and two organic groceries.

Harold Schnitzer Center for Art

Portland Streetcar lines, light-

and Design. ArtHouse features

rail lines, and bus routes are

private and shared studios or

within blocks of ArtHouse.

two-bedroom apartments with

62 ArtHouse

Admissions + Financial Aid

We are committed to making college affordable and accessible for more students. PNCA is a community that will


challenge you to do more and to


radically reimagine EVERYTHING. Our process for admissions is


structured to help us identify


prospective students who


possess the skills, motivation, and potential to be innovative


artists and designers.

& VISITING PNCA pncaadmissions@willamette.edu


To schedule an in-person or

Applications are submitted through

virtual tour of our campus:

our website. Please visit:


pnca.willamette.edu/apply Admissions Office: 503-821-8972 or 1-888-390-7499 pncaadmissions@willamette.edu

2022/2023 PNCA Viewbook 64 Admissions + Financial Aid

MISSION We prepare students for a life of creative practice. ACCREDITATION The Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). MEMBERSHIP PNCA is a member of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (aicad.org). NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY PNCA does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, religion, sex, national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, and other school-administered programs. The College admits qualified individuals without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, physical disability, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin, to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu 65

Willamette University | Pacific Northwest College of Art | pnca.willamette.edu

OFFICE OF ADMISSIONS Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design 511 NW Broadway, Portland, Oregon 97209 pnca.willamette.edu