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Oregon’s Blue Ribbon Fare T

he food scene in Oregon is fast becoming NOT Oregon’s best kept secret. The whole world is focusing on Oregon, the fantastic local bounty, and the passionate people involved in bringing you the bacon! So passionate in fact, the local foodies were abuzz just a couple of years ago about a fist fight that broke out between an event organizer and a passionate local chef who was not happy about the provenance of a purported Portland Porker -turned out the swine was an import from (gasp) Iowa. Exhibit A: FEAST Portland Started a short 2-ish years ago, Feast Portland is a celebration of all things “Oregon Gastronomique.” For years, everyone has known that there is some great food in Oregon, and there have been local celebrations of same. But FEAST is a whole new league, chefs flying in -- from


Willamette Living Magazine

France, big sponsors -- like Bon Appetit Magazine, and huge media focus-- think Food Channel. The cat’s outta’ the bag. Although Portland IS the birthplace to James Beard, the “Father of American Cuisine” as Julia Child referred to him, there have never been any hard and fast rules -- food wise… or otherwise. But I suspect Beard had something to do with getting the (meat) ball rolling. Back in the day, there was some good salmon, but… vegetables were something to be endured aside your chuck roast, from who-knew-where, or cared. Then the food pioneers, like James, and Julia, and countless others since, have made the masses aware of the fantastic food in Oregon. The following is just a sampling, an à la carte menu if you will, of some of the locals who make it all happen.

Oct / Nov 2013

Willamette Living Oct / Nov 2013