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Issue 22 July 2012


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Letters to the Editor Hi Duff,


With the cool winds come the lack of desire to get out of bed in the mornings to tackle your fitness regime, yet we still see plentiful of eager fitness enthusiasts out walking our beautiful paths and trekking our famous goat track up Castle Hill. So this message is to say well done to all those who are still keeping up to their commitment and dedication of staying on track to have a healthier and better lifestyle.


Checked out your new online version, great Job. The article from Petra Creutziger hit home & I thank you & her for putting it in your magazine. Keep up the good work mate. Cheers Paul Marsh Hi Paul,

to pass on such helpful tips and information for the readers to be able to take advantage of and implement into their own lives. I am sure the contributors of the articles also feel the same way knowing they are giving back to the community by supplying these articles for the magazine. So thank you again for your feedback and comments as they are appreciate all round.

Thank you for your feedback. I am very Duff grateful for the calibre of articles we publish in our magazine. I myself have got so much out of the articles, always very informative. I think it very important to be able

The Brewery have kindly donated a case of their finest beer - “Townsville Bitter” - to be awarded to the best ‘Letter to the Editor’ for each issue. This weeks winner is Paul Marsh


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Cover Story - Dancing with the Stars Gracie Dale Tai-Loi Gibson Victoria Markham and Lauren Stringini Ben Clun Rachel Baglin Bruce Muller


20 Heel Pain - Jayne Arlett 25 Purposeful Practice- Stu Munro 30 5 Steps to finding your Purpose - Petra Creutziger

41 Swimmers Shoulders- Angus Vincent


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School sports Wizpics photos of the month Community page 5 Minutes with......Ewen Jones


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My Story - Lee Sharrett SLM Challenge - Sky Diving Local Directory

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To promote and encourage sport and a healthy active lifestyle


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The Army Reserve is now recruiting for a variety of roles in Townsville. Gain exciting new life experiences, meet new mates and learn new skills, all whilst giving back to your local area and earn 100% tax free pay. Apply now by calling 13 19 01 or by visiting



AG64751 6




Natural Body Fitness was started in 2006, by owner Shallan Blanch (aka Jak). She brings experience and knowledge of a wide variety of sports to offer an exclusive personal training, swimming coaching and massage business to the Townsville region.

Cert III/IV In Fitness

Massage Therapy 1&2 – (Sport, Deep Tissue, Remedial)

Level 1 Masters Australia Coach

Jak's wide variety of skills, personal experiences and education gives Natural Body Fitness the expertise in ensuring the goals of any individual are met.

ASCTA Bronze Accredited Swim Coach

ASCTA Junior Squad & Assistant Coach

Austswim Accredited Learn To Swim Coach

Punchfit Accredited Boxing Trainer

3 Time Australian Triathlon Representative

Level 1 in Nutrition

Fitness Australia Member and Level Two Exercise Professional

Group classes and specialised training sessions are also offered as a way of catering for specific goals. Natural Body Fitness provides a mobile service of which most is conducted outdoors within the Townsville region. Jak Blanch has 10 years of Triathlon experience under her belt and has represented Australia at the World Championships in 2004 and 2006. With this comes extensive knowledge of sport, injury prevention, nutrition, and understanding of competition at an elite level. Recently she has commenced classes in kickboxing and mixed martial arts, of which she trained for five years. Jak holds various swimming accreditations which give her the ability to coach juniors, adults and masters swimming in Townsville. She can also offer a variety of training packages to others who are seeking a professional personal trainer. Jak has a passion for sport and the determination to educate her clients on the importance of fitness and healthy living.



CONTACT DETAILS For further information regarding classes, personal training massage and swimming coaching please contact Jak directly by phone or email. Alternatively check the website for training updates and class schedules.

Phone: 0412 410 531 Email:

Jak offers personal training clients the following options:  One on One personal training sessions,  Personalised Programs,  Nutritional Advice & Analysis,  Specific group classes,  Injury management/Prevention.


Jak Blanch Health + Fitness Professional Qualified Personal Trainer Massage Therapist Swimming Coach

Having studied a wide variety of massage techniques, Jak has put these together and has designed her very own unique style of massage.

With her thorough knowledge of anatomy and movement patterns of skeletal muscle, Jak prides herself in being able to aid those in their recovery from injury or stress related tension. Being able to understand why a person has become tight, sore or injured gives her the ability to help those most in need.

Jak offers many types of Personal Training to her clients, she is flexible and works with clients so sessions are suited to their needs, time restrictions and other personal commitments.

ping p o t s hing t y l g" n "The o not startin s you, i


She has studied the Emm Tech technique, is a qualified Sports Massage therapist and offers massage to alleviate problem areas.


natural BODY

She offers a mobile massage service which elderly or convalescing people could find useful, as would parents of young children without child care.

SWIM COACHING With 10 years of triathlon training comes 10 years of competitive swimming experience. Jak has now begun transferring her knowledge to youngsters and adults. It began in 2007 when she completed her first level of teaching as an Austswim Learn to Swim Coach. Jak is now a fully qualified Junior Squad Coach, Masters Coach and Bronze accredited Swim Australia Coach. Jak's passion is with stroke correction, developing juniors within a squad, and all forms of adult coaching.


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School sport

Interhouse sports day




School sport

NQ Touch Trials





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Living amongst a family of sports stars is only part of what you need to be a School Age Champion and NQ representative, the other part is a winning attitude as Gracie Dale, 11, tells her story.

she says.

“Being Sporty is something I enjoy, I don’t mind getting amongst it and try hard at being the best in my age,” she says.

She also plays Netball, Touch, Oztag and loves athletics at school and long distance running and heads to Brisbane to represent NQ at Basketball

She has played Basketball with her local club Whirlwinds and gets a real sense of accomplishment when she scores points from a play or getting around a tough defender.

She has friends she plays against but when she steps on the court, friendships are put on hold.

“.. but after the game we always laugh and catch up,” she says.

She would like to be a great defender like her mum. “She is still athletic she still plays in a team with her two sisters, Megan and Kylie. We pay them back and watch most of their games too,”

After having individual training for her shooting technique and hard work she has noticed a great improvement and wants to continue to train to be a well rounded player. “I still would like to work on my ball handling skills and enjoy training 3 times per week and play a couple of games per week,” she says.

Being Talented isn’t surface stuff; the talent in her family runs deep with her Mother’s Cousins are none other than Australian Representatives Brad Newley and Mia Newley. “I would love to follow in Mia’s footsteps and the only reason I would give up sport is to become a full time shopper, but I can’t afford that yet!” she says.

Join the Fitprint® revolution

The Athlete’s Foot

CastleTown Shoppingworld - Cnr Woolcock & Kings Rd - 4721 3668 Willows Shopping Centre - Cnr Thuringowa Dr and Hervey Range Rd - 4723 3633 55307 Townsville NB toning ad.indd 1


Fitprint ® is a complimentary service and is exclusive to The Athlete’s Foot.

23/03/11 5:07 PM


Masters AFL








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Tai-Loi Gibson now twelveyears-old started training in Toogee Taekwondo at the age of four and started kicking from the moment he was born and has not stopped since. He has many accolades from Tournaments in NSW where he started his training in Nelson bay and competed in many Tournaments from 2003- 2007.

In 2008 Tai-Loi and his family were posted to Townsville with his Father’s employment, TaiLoi’s Father was quick to open a new Toogee Taekwondo branch (now with 30 plus students) in Kirwan at the Ryan Catholic Jnr Campus where Tai-loi was straight back into training.

In 2009 Tai-Loi was asked to sit his Junior Black Belt grading and passed with flying colours and


although his preference is full contact martial arts it can only be found further south.

For the past 3 years, Tai-Loi along with his mother have been training and working on testing for their 2nd Degree Black Belts. Founder Master Robert Frost oversaw grading last weekend and Tai-Loi did better than expected, completing special breaking techniques on 20mm boards as well as normal grading requirements.

Tai-Loi is the first student to be promoted to 2nd Dan Junior Black Belt in Toogee Taekwondo in Australia. Tai-Loi’s Father said Toogee Taekwondo has really helped Tai-Loi turn into a healthy and polite clear minded boy.

“He is very good under pressure and always looks outside the circle, looking at other options, his dedication and self discipline is really helping him out in school and life, I look forward to see what life brings him in the future, I am very proud of his achievement,” he says. Tai-Loi’s goes to Taekwondo three times a week as well as playing tennis 2-3 times a week for Western Suburbs in Heatley.

Tai-Loi enjoys the outdoors, specially going camping and fishing with his Dad and using his beach buggy as well as X-Box, and still gets his home work completed on time and maintains good grades at school.


King & Queen of the Hill

Photos: Phil Copp

Living Balance Body Therapies Pain Management treatment Structural Integration program Spinal Alignment therapy Lymphatic Drainage ENAR Electro Biofeedback Personal Postural Training

07 4775 3926 2/120 Fulham Rd GULLIVER 4814


Neuro & Fascial Therapist

Providing long term solutions to pain 18



f o y m e d a c A e l t s r A l g i n i sv r for m n w Pe

• Classical: R.A.D. Ballet, Character and Free Movement • Modern/Jazz and Tap: A.T.O.D. • Highland: N.D.A. • Irish • Funk and Hip Hop • Zumba • Technical Singing (Class Form) • Song and Dance (From 3 Years) • Music and Movement (From 2 Years)

47 232 101 0418 723 675




Heel Pain

by Renee Lammert, Podiatrist Townsville Podiatry Centre

Heel pain is the most frequent pathology lower limb health practitioners’ encounter. Symptoms typically present as pain on weight bearing in the morning and after periods of rest, which eases when walking and may return in the evening. Risk factors of heel pain include obesity, middle aged, increases in activity and abnormal mechanics of the foot including increased pronation. The cause of heel pain is still unclear. It is estimated that 10% of the population with experience heel pain at some time in their life, more commonly in young athlete males and middle-aged obese females. The main causal factor is mechanical; however it may also be from a traumatic, neurological, arthritic or systemic origin. Heel spurs are reasonably common, and are often accused of causing heel pain; however there is no direct correlation between heel pain and spurs. Causes of heel pain include, but are not limited to, atrophy of the fat pad of the heel, tarsal tunnel, medial calcaneal or Baxter’s nerve entrapment, inflammation of tendons attached to the calcaneus (heel bone), calcaneal bursitis (inflammation of a small fluid filled sac), stress fracture and the most common occurrence, plantar fasciitis.

causes mechanical stress and micro trauma to the plantar fascia leading to degeneration of the fascia, usually at the insertion point at the heel, causing pain.

The heel fat pad withstands around 110-120% of body weight of force at each heel strike when walking. This can increase to 3 to 4 time’s body weight of force when running and jumping. Atrophy of the fat pad reduces the capacity to absorb shock of each footstep, which can lead to damage of the underlying The plantar fascia is one of the main arch supports of the foot that structures. In some patients, also helps with propulsion through especially the older population may have a loss of elasticity with the walking cycle. When there are problems with the mechanics of the changes in heel pad thickness, foot including excess pronation, the which may lead to heel pain. The heel fat pad is also susceptible to foot becomes inefficient and can strain and irritate the plantar fascia. inflammation and even herniation in some cases. Overuse and repeated overload

Jayne Arlett Townsville Podiatry Centre

Jayne is Queensland’s only qualified Sports Podiatrist (Fellow of AAPSM and ASMF). She has treated professional, elite and social athletes for many years. Jayne is an Olympic Podiatrist and Consultants Sports Podiatrist to professional teams Townsville Crocodiles and the Townsville Fire. She completed a fellowship in the USA and consulted to the Chicago Bulls, Bears and the White Sox.

Townsville Podiatry Centre regularly consult at -The Athlete’s Foot Castletown and Willows, providing professional advice on correct shoe selection.

Nerve irritation causing heel pain include Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome where symptoms are experienced at the medial aspect of the heel are from a pinched or entrapped nerve. Posterior heel pain causes can include tendonitis of the Achilles tendon where it inserts at the back of the heel or bursitis where there is irritation of a fluid filled sac that assists with cushioning and traction of moving structures. Pain and tenderness spread across the calcaneus (heel bone) may suggest a stress fracture. Pain in conjunction with burning, throbbing or aching pain underneath the heel can be inflammation of a bursa under the calcaneus and pain is typically pain reproducible on direct compression.

There are many causes of heel pain. A vast majority of cases will improve with conservative treatments, which should always be tried first before jumping to injections and surgery. When heel pain strikes, consult a Podiatrist.

Book your child’s annual foot health check-up today, to keep them running tomorrow.

Townsville Podiatry Centre is Australia’s largest podiatry clinic providing state of the art facilities normally found only in research centres. Specialising in foot and leg health for sporting people, children and family members.



Rugby Union

Photos: Stef Mussap



Currently in year 12, Victoria Markham, 17 and Lauren Stringini, 18, started dancing Highland at the Ann Roberts School of Dancing and have been learning from Highland teacher, Leone’ Savage, for the past 12 years.








A love of dancing from a young age and the inspiration of an amazing teacher saw two young Townsville women being picked to dance on at the prestigious Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and this is their story. The school has produced many Highland Dancers who have gone on to dance internationally including Willa Preston, Hayley Foruria and Grace Tirendi who all performed at the prestigious REMT in 2009 (as well as many other Tattoo internationally).

“To make it even more special, my parents, my grandfather and a couple of close family friends are travelling to Scotland to watch me perform,” Lauren says.

“I will be travelling to Sydney during the school holidays to compete in the Grand Australasian Championship,” says Victoria.

“Without my parents’ and Ms Leone’s unfailing support, I would never have made it to where I am today,” Lauren says.

“Ever since I became aware of Australia’s Premier International Highland Dance Team, OzScot Australia, it has been my dream to dance with them,” says Lauren. Both girls have competed and won at many local and national competitions, eisteddfods and across a variety of dance including Jazz, Ballet and their favoured Highland Dancing.

The team depart at the end of July & will have an intensive week of rehearsals in Edinburgh before the REMT starts on 3rd August.

“I look forward to continuing my highland dancing and plan to complete my teacher’s exam next year,” Victoria says.

26 Highland dancers from throughout Australia have been selected for the OzScot Australia team to perform at the REMT in Scotland this year. The REMT is a series of performances steeped in history performed by dancers across the Commonwealth countries. This is the first year the Australian team will be performing a standalone item and the team will dance 21 performances throughout August, and several public performances during the Edinburgh Festival, as well as mini performances in Glasgow & outlying towns. “This year will be a culmination of years of dedication when I dance at the REMT in Scotland, not only because I will be doing what so many Highland dancers dream of but also because in the audience will be my grandfather,” Victoria Says.



Touch Footy Cash Comp


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Purposeful Practice – How to get the most from every session. How is it that some people seem to continue to improve through training, while others stay at the same level? The way in which we approach our training has a massive impact on our outcomes. Through adopting an approach of Purposeful Practice, we can enjoy focussed training and achieve substantial improvements. by Stu Munro We have all heard the saying “Practice makes Perfect”. Unfortunately, this is a myth. The truth is that rubbish practice makes for rubbish performance, and repeating poor technique can lead to injury.

Perhaps we’ve also heard “Perfect Practice makes Perfect”. While closer to the truth, as it introduces a focus on quality of training, it misses the mark in two areas:

1. Most practice is not perfect. Even at the elite level, athletes are seeking the improvement that will give them that little bit extra – staying Number 1 by training as if they are Number 2 and need to do better. For the majority of us, practice is about learning new skills and developing our existing skills. The pressure to be perfect and associated feelings of not achieving perfection can be counter-productive. 2. On a deeper level, many people have an underlying objection to the idea that they can be perfect. Many beginners lack confidence as they compare themselves with elite athletes. Even among the elites, who is perfect? Federer and Nadal have different styles and strengths, and every fast bowler’s technique is slightly different. Which style or technique is perfect? The answer doesn’t actually matter for improving our own performance. The goal of training for improvement is not perfection in itself, but to train


with purpose ie. Purposeful Practice.

What each of us can do – right now, today – is to put forward the best version of ourselves in the present moment, acknowledging our current skills and strengths and improving towards our desired future self through the application of purposeful practice. The following Purposeful Practice routine will work for athletes at all levels, including those who exercise socially for enjoyment. Your new process for Purposeful Practice: -Commit to the session. You are intraining. Focus on the lesson.

-While preparing for the session, identify your goals and purpose: What improvements are you seeking? What are the benefits of this session? What aspects of the training do you enjoy, and look forward to while engaging in aspects which hold less appeal? -Smile and greet your training group and coach/trainer when in a group session. Consider how you can assist your coach or trainer to inspire and motivate you. Give them feedback about each session so they can build your combined knowledge into your programme.

-Enthusiastically participate in each component of the training, focusing on improvement. -Acknowledge your recent improvements. Acknowledge

Stu Munro Stu is a Director and Performance Coach at Activ8NQ. As an accredited Sportsmind Performance Coach, Running Coach and Personal Trainer, Stu applies Mental Preparation techniques to provide high performance outcomes and help achieve fulfilling goals. Stu has a background in marathon running, triathlon, touch and AFL.

your past achievements. Feel the excitement of improving and achieving mini-goals. -Enjoy a great training session, knowing that your performance is improving and will continue to do so.

Athletes following a training program have an added advantage because they know what sessions they have scheduled, and the goal of each session, in advance. Look at your program for the week ahead and ask yourself the following questions. What is the focus of each session? How does each session relate to my short and long term goals? What improvement am I seeking from each session? What can I do to ensure I gain this improvement? Spend some time connecting to the purpose of each session. If your purpose is enjoyment, then “enjoy the training session”. Practice with purpose. Tell us about your progress towards Purposeful Practice on the Activ8NQ Facebook page. Purposeful Practice leads to improvement!

Application of mental preparation skills will improve your training and performance immensely. A Performance Coach with training in Mental Preparation can help improve your skills in mental preparation for training and events, including purpose, focus and visualisation. Contact Stu on 0404 355 296 or stu@ for more information.


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Coral Coast Body Building and Figure Championships Photos: Stephen Duffie /Wizpics Photography






5 Steps To Finding Your Purpose by Petra Creutziger

It is not for everybody to find their purpose. With knowledge always comes responsibility, which is why some people choose to rather not pursue to find out what they are uniquely designed to do. Many ask themselves “What will happen if I find out what my purpose is but fail to live/achieve it?” instead of embracing the opportunity to experience a life that is filled with meaning and - well, purpose. It sure takes courage, determination, commitment, most likely a lot of perseverance and sometimes support and guidance to perform such a task. So here is a simple 5-step process, as explained in an easy-toremember analogy on five fingers by Mat Boggs, that can help you to become aware of a destination that can spark an amazing journey called living on purpose: 1. Thumbs UP - Joy The thumb stands for the things that you enjoy most.

What are the things that bring spark into you your life? What gives you natural joy?

were not so afraid of doing them?

Purpose is all about growth and expression. To keep you safe, your unconscious mind will look out for anything that it considers a thread to staying in your comfort zone and disguises it as “fear”.

When you start to investigate what is really holding you back you will be surprised to realise that more often than the fear of failure it is the fear of success that keeps you from achieving your goals.

If you have a day that you can spend 4. Ring finger - Commitment as you like, what are the things that The fourth finger stands for your you would choose to do? commitments. These are natural preferences that tie in beautifully with your purpose, even though it may not be very obvious how. 2. Index finger - Priority Your Index finger points out your precedents.

What are your highest priorities in life? What do you value most in terms of your relationships, your work, social connections, life in general?

Your core virtues and what you value most are always aligned with your purpose 3. Middle finger (keep it down) Fear What is it that ignites fear in you? What tasks would make a huge difference in your life if you only


What do you spend hours doing that feels like minutes? When are you loosing track of time? What do you do that others experience work but for you it’s play?

Petra Creutziger Petra is the founder of Transition Guidance, a company that encourages and supports others to live authentically and to shine their own true light with courage and honour. She is a Diploma Life Coach, Fitness Trainer and Nuad Thai (Traditional Thai Yoga Massage) Practitioner who focuses on a holistic approach to health and well-being. Petra passionately provides services, products and treatments to decrease, cope with or prevent stress in order to attain, increase and sustain relaxation for body, mind & spirit.

them? What´s the pattern?

Your talents will also always be aligned with your purpose.

Sometimes it is more difficult for us to see our talents than it is for those around us, because they are so natural and a matter of course for us, that we simply take them for granted and expect it to be that way for everyone. If you experience these difficulties, simply ask your 5-10 best friends to independently write down what they think your 10 best talents are, then compare their answers. They may be very surprising! So here you’ve got the 5-finger test that can give you some clues about your purpose.

Trying to discover your purpose can be challenging for many reasons. What could you talk about to people Having someone to hold you even if they aren’t really interested responsible for your commitments, in what you have to say? What are to guide you when you are stuck, to you passionate about? explore with you why and challenge you when you get stuck or even just If you had a room that you could to acknowledge you when you have design specifically to suit your a breakthrough can make a huge passion, what would it look like? difference. 5. Little finger - Talent I wish for you that discovering Your little finger represents your your purpose will be the key to talents. unlock your potential, so that you What comes easy to you that others can start or continue to even more may find challenging? What do you purposefully let your unique light have a natural talent for? When shine with courage, and as a result others come to you to ask for help, of that help to make this world a what is it they are expecting from better place. you? What is it that do better than


Fondo Social Ride McDonalds “Gold Fever le Tour” Cycling Festival 11th & 12th August, 2012

HELP SUPPORT COUNTRY KIDS AND FAMILIES The Townsville Cycle Club in partnership with Queensland Country Health Fund presents the Fondo Social Ride (69km) for anyone with a bike and enjoys riding as a healthy lifestyle. The attraction of a Fondo Social Ride is a personal challenge for riders to set goals, enjoy the company of fellow riders while raising funds for a very important Charity. Date: 11th August 2012 Where: Charters Towers Start: 7:30am Weir Road - Richmond Hill Charters Towers (Gold Nugget Time Trial venue) Finish: 11:30am Lissner Park - Charters Towers (Gold Fever Criterium circuit) Distance: 69 km approx. Maps and course profile at Townsville Cycle Club website:

Entry Fee: $55.00 + COMMITMENT to raise $50.00 for Ronald Macdonald Charities NQ (minimum entry of $105.00) Field limit of 50 riders (conditions apply)

Ride for a Reason Full details and entry at: Contact m 0411658843 a/h 0747739904 SPORT LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE




Photos by 32



Profile Profile

From a skinny, unfit 14 year old who would get bullied at school to working for a modelling agency and being highly skilled in Muay Thai, Ben Clun tells his story. “I saw an ad in the paper for a Muay Thai kickboxing class, I begged my parents to let me go. It was the start of something awesome for me,” he says.

He says it helped him develop as a young man and develop values such as respect, honour and pride and learning to defend himself from bullies. “I never played team sports as a young boy, due to medical issues; So I was able to dedicate all my passion to Muay Thai,” he says. He started out as a skinny boy who was barely able to do 10 push ups, however soon gained fitness, confidence and happiness within himself and the way his life was headed.

When he turned 16, he was offered the chance of an exhibition fight and jumped at it. The rush he got in the ring was absolutely addictive. “It was the first time I had really taken pride in myself, and I loved the feeling. And the second I climbed out; I knew I had to do it again,” he says.

to find a club which would let him enter more fights he found Fighting Fit, in Townsville, and found his home and developed love for the sport.

“Muay Thai can give support through tough times at home and school, provide routine, structure and discipline, and provide a positive way for teens to release anger other than on school mates or family,” he says.

tough times.

“I owe a huge debt of thanks to Townsville Fighting Fit, and the whole team there for what they have done for me. And I look forward to what we as a team can accomplish in the future,” Says Ben.

An offshoot of working out as much as he does is that he was offered a job at a promo agency and is a topless waiter (among other things) with Novelty Imports NQ and loves working there.

“It will also give me the opportunity to become a bigger part of the modelling industry and I am working towards being published in fitness magazines,” he says.

“Martial arts provided more than just fitness and fighting for me. It gave me a whole new lifestyle, and has opened up so many more opportunities with my life”.

At 18, and having never finished school it shows how powerful martial arts can be at changing His appetite for competition people’s lives and giving them increased and despite struggling something to hold on to during



and bungee run, as well as hot food and drink stalls. The event was broadcast live with popular 4TO radio announcer and V8 race-caller Glenn “Minty’’ Mintern, who also took a run down the hill live on air – and didn’t crash, luckily! 35 teams competed from local businesses, sporting clubs, army and air force, schools and local families, all keen to win not only the fastest billy cart trophies in different age groups and team categories, but also the bestdecorated novelty cart and best theme cart. A crowd of 700+ turned out on the day despite the drizzly conditions in the morning, and cheered on the billy cart teams as they raced down the Burke St hill and competed in the fun obstacle course event as well as enjoyed a range of fun activities including children’s rides, a jumping castle

The teams launched from a ramp at the top of Burke St, helped along the way by fellow team members pushing their carts to reach the fastest times ... the team won the fastest downhill time of 31

seconds, and also won the fastest time on the obstacle course, of 1 min, 24 secs.

also awarded for a range of criteria including best-decorated carts, best team spirit, highest fundraising effort, and who paid the most fines – all in the spirit of Variety! Much fun was had at the muchanticipated Dash Dunk, which featured MP David Crisafulli as our “auctioneer’’ , pumping the crowd to throw money in the pot to reach the set target to drown Townsville councillors Vern Veitch, Gary Eddiehausen, Pat Ernst and Les Walker, raising $400 for Variety in just 10 minutes.

One of the more spectacular race starts was by the Mykito Kennels kids’ team who got a major wobble up after launching off the ramp, and did a 180 onto the asphalt – but luckily walked away with just a scratch! But it wasn’t just about who had the fastest cart ... points were

35 Bowen Road ROSSLEA QLD 4812 Ph: (07) 4779 0211



My story

A CAN DO attitude and extraordinary determination has taken Lee Sharrett from one of the lowest points in his life to the happy, successful man he is today and this is his story.

Lee Sharrett Born in Sydney and with a love for the water I joined the ‘Tourists’ swimming club at Tubrook pool and at 12 years old I moved from in the water to speeding along the surface at 100km/h in water-ski racing. I spent most weekends at Paluma or on the Ross Dam practising and I was in a local waterski team called ‘Hot Stuff’. Winning 9 races at the NQ Games didn’t come without training and sometimes injury and I suffered a broken leg, nose and fingers and moved from skiing to working as a ‘watersports’ expert for my first job. I had a variety of jobs including being a Scuba instructor on the Great Barrier Reef, to Sales Rep work for top business brands including Strongbow. I mainly taught Sweedish Backpackers how to was a tough job. My love of water and speed saw me purchase motorcycles and jet skis and work for a motorcycle accessories company where again I was injured and almost paralysed.


I fell asleep at the wheel and was involved in a major single vehicle accident, I was coherent enough to ask my mum, who was at my bedside, “Am I a paraplegic”, as I could not move both legs and could only wiggle left big toe slightly, Mum started crying and answered we don’t know yet!” .

“I have lost 24kg since January 2012, I’m in the best mental and physical condition I have ever been,” he says.

I have undergone multiple surgeries including surgery for Carpel Tunnel Syndrom and has also had to learn to walk again. This was almost 10 years ago and through rehabilitation and a CAN do attitude Lee is already a winner. “I’m already a winner by achieving the fitness level, physique and extra motivation exercise brings, and getting up on stage and showing people that I am proud of my achievements, regardless of injuries.



Lifestyle Challenge

Story by Stephen Duffie Photos by Megan Crouch


Sky Diving

Townsville’s ONLY skydive centre!

“Jump the City” Solo Tandem “Land the Strand”

Learn to Skydive at Ayr Airport

All the time I thought the biggest fear I would have would be jumping out of the plane or that fear of falling towards the ground at speeds that would make anyone feel uncomfortable. But I was quiet surprised that the feeling of free falling for 45 seconds towards the earth was one of the most exhilarating feelings I have ever experienced. The moment any fear set in was in the plane flying upwards to meet our destination point of 12,000 feet, At one point I felt like we were close to our jumping height and the ending point of my comfort zone, so stupidly I asked how high we are, to get a response of “6000ft” made my stomach tighten and did not help the anxiety I had that I was actually going to “jump out of a perfectly good plane” as people would keep saying to me. The plane is only a very small plane, one seat for the pilot (Mossy), and then a padded floor with enough room for two instructors with two willing jumpers waiting to get to the required height to be then secured together in preparation for the tandem-jump to follow. My Instructor was Toby from Townsville Skydives who made me feel very comfortable and I couldn’t have been happier having him as my instructor. With Toby keeping conversation happening on the way up helped me to keep my mind of the inevitable that I was about to attempt my first skydive. But eventually that point in time comes when he says, “2 minutes to drop off zone, let’s get ready”.


Getting ready is simply a case of getting on your haunches in front of your instructor so he can secure you to his suit in readiness for your exit from the plane.

Then it’s time for them to open the door. “Holy S@&T” there is that fear again, sitting right next to the door when it is opened and to look out and see the earth 12,000 feet below you is a rather daunting experience. Well it is time, either you jump or don’t, I had been taught that soon as the door opens, swing your feet out, arms across your chest and we go. I did this immediately as I didn’t want that feeling of sitting there in an open doorway to be prolonged any more than needed to be, thankfully Toby gave me no time to think about it and we were out of the plane. As we exited the plane, we did one tumble and then it was chest first falling towards earth, arms and legs back, goggles on, smiles wide, heart pumping. Well what an amazing feeling. From that very first second I couldn’t believe I had left it so long in my lifetime to experience this amazing feeling of freedom. For 45 seconds we free-fall towards earth, sometimes screaming with joy, sometimes

yelling how amazing this felt, not that anyone could hear me, but dam it felt good to express how amazing I felt experiencing something so fulfilling. 45 seconds is a long time when your freefalling, I only wish it could have been so much longer, and am so glad I jumped from 12,000 feet and not 10,000 ft as it was the difference of a shorter free fall period which beyond doubt was the best part of the jump. Toby pulls the parachute and we are pulled back from out speedy decent and we start to sail on way downwards with the guidance of our parachute at a comfortable speed that you can just have a good look around and enjoy the view. Being offered to take over the controls of steering the parachute was quiet a surprise and was indeed an experience to actually be in charge of the parachute and do some spirals as we descended. As Toby takes over the reins again, he guides us in to land perfectly on the Strand Beach, and perfect it was landing on our feet. The first thing I felt when I landed was that I wanted to go back up and do it again.

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Highland Dancing Comp



Shoot the breeze and kiss the sky

Rachel Baglin is a local Townsville Kite Boarder who grew up in North Queensland and learnt how to kite surf on Pallaranda three years ago.

The competition at the national titles will be very hard this year but it will also be fun to compete against all the other girls to see where everybody is at.

She competed at last year’s national titles and on the PKRA World Tour in New Caledonia in December 2011 where she came third.

The Freestyle aspect of the sport is pretty full on and learning means hurting. Having to keep fit with lots of exercising, yoga, stretching and general fitness is part of training.

Since last year’s nationals Rachel and two other local girls, Sam Croon and Kim Lema, have been training hard to do well in this year’s National Titles. Kiteboarding is really taking off now especially since it has been announced that the sport will be included in the Olympic Games in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro. Rachel is stoked that lots of girls are getting into the sport and that we have a lot of very good riding Australian females in the country that can step it up to the world circuit.

“Your knees and shoulders are especially under a lot of pressure when you are performing freestyle tricks and I’ve had a few injuries including a recent torn muscle in her bicep,” she says. “However, the fun and adrenalin you get from kiting is amazing and being on the beach and water just makes you a happy person. Kiteboarding is an excellent sport and lifestyle and our kite boarding community here in Townsville and its region is great,” she says.

ages on the beach. Our youngest is only 9 and one of our keenest kiters, Ian, is past 60 years old which just makes it very diverse and fun with so many different generations of people enjoying the same passion,” she says. Rachel loves teaching and especially loves teaching girls because they usually get the feel for the kite very quick and good kite control is the most important thing in kiting. Rachel will be finishing her education degree at James Cook University this year and is excited to compete on the World Tour next year in 2013 and represent Australia. She would like to thank her sponsors Cabrinha, Hive Bikinis, ION, Ronix and Intheloop Kiteboarding, Pura Vida Beauty and Aquadrenalin for their support.

“We have all sorts of people of all

Photo By Danny Tucker 38








AND 2012



ian Natural Bodybuild


Natural Bodybuilding & Figure Championships SATURDAY 8th SEPTEMBER Edmund Rice Hall | Townsville Com

petitor’s MAJOR Cash Prizes SPONSOR Beside Muscle & Fitness Gym

NOMINATIONS & WEIGH IN (bring music) Fri 7th Sep from 5 - 7pm at MUSCLE & FITNESS HYDE PARK




Sat 8th Sep 9am



PRE JUDGING (Round one & two only)



MAIN SHOW (Round three)


From $30

s P e CTaTO r


Ws lUCKY Dra

Food & drinks are available at both shows.

Tickets available from: Muscle & Fitness Gym 4721 1511 Reserved seating: Tickets go on sale Monday 23rd July, 2012. All enquiries: Rhonda Barnes Mob: 0409 064 000 Email: DiVisiONs *PROOF OF AGE REQUIRED MEN

Teenage Juniors Masters Grand Masters Ultra Grand Masters Novice


(19yrs. & Under) (22yrs. & Under) (40 yrs. & Over) (50 yrs. & Over) (60 yrs. & Over) (Has not won in previous contest) (Under 65 kg) (Under 70 kg) (Under 80 kg) (Under 90 kg) (Over 90 kg)

Australian Sports

Anti-Doping Authority Open Model Novice Figure Open Figure Figure Masters (35 yrs. & Over) Grand Masters Figure (45 yrs. & Over) OVERALL FIGURE Physique (Under 52 kg) Physique (Over 52 kg) Physique Masters (35 yrs. & Over) OVERALL PHYSIQUE MIXED PAIRS Female Fitness Model (Under 30 yrs. of age) Female Fitness Model Classic (30 yrs. of age & over)

Open Mens Open Mens Open Mens Open Mens Open Mens OVERALL MENS Male Fitness Model (Under 35 yrs. of age) THIS IS A DRUG TESTED EVENT Male Fitness Model Classic (35 yrs. of age & over) PENALTIES APPLY IF FOUND POSITIVE

Dalrymple Hotel


4779 6344


Stockland Shopping Centre


Ignatius Park College




Edmund Rice Hall



Cedar Lodge Motel 4775 7800




4779 0100


Aitkenvale Motel

2 rOU N Ds

Sports & Swim Wear



4722 2333

Linderman Avenue


F iTN e ss M O D el



Swimmers Shoulder

Swimmers both recreational and elite may experience shoulder problems at some time in their life. In fact 40-70% of swimmers report shoulder problems. Swimming is an unusual sport in that the shoulders and upper extremities are used for locomotion, while at the same time requiring above average shoulder flexibility and range of motion for maximal efficiency. This is often associated with an undesirable increase in joint laxity (hyper mobile). Because 90% of propulsion comes from the shoulder it is subject to accumulate stress (pain can be diffuse in the shoulder or at specific locations and most swimmers feel pain during the first half of the pull through). The rotator cuff muscles can develop fatigue and the repetitive stress can lead to laxity and dysfunction.

Some biomechanical problems leading to pain are: 1.Insufficient body roll (approximately 45° in freestyle and backstroke is recommended) 2.Hand placement in the water – catching too close to the midline leads to impingement 3.Low elbow action during recovery (maybe due to tightness in the shoulder capsule and associated muscles) 4.Poor swimming posture 5.Use of hand paddles can increase the incidence of shoulder pain. Swimmers can get tight in major muscle groups and need regular stretching exercises (lats, pecs, triceps and posterior shoulder capsule). Massage for tight muscle groups is also useful. Thoracic spine stiffens with forward rounded shoulders can be a postural outcome and hence thoracic strengthening and stretching is important.

and scapula co-ordination exercises can be helpful when hitching of the shoulder is apparent. Core stability exercises are important as fatigue can lead to stress on the shoulder.

It seems a lot to absorb to avoid swimmers shoulder but the best advice I can start you on is frequent stretching (daily) and correct stroke technique. Plenty of the public pool here in Townsville and around the region have stroke technique lessons. Get a minimum of 6 lessons so you can at least get an understanding of what you should be achieving and also YouTube total body immersion for some excellent tips. And be patient and not expect to be Thorpie overnight. If you are still getting shoulder pain then go and see a physiotherapist. Good luck and keep floating! Here are a couple of excellent shoulder stretches to get you started. •Hang Stretch -Grasp overhead bars with both hands at shoulder width

Rotator cuff strengthening may be indicated if there is weakness

Angus Vincent B.Sc.,B.App.Sc SportsMed Physiotherapy Angus graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Adelaide and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy in 1996 from the University of South Australia. Angus is the Director of SportsMed Physiotherapy at Pimlico, North Ward, Ayr and Ingham. Angus has keen interests in all sports, in particular, running, cycling and swimming. He focuses on hands-on therapy and an active approach to rehabilitation. Appointments are available at SportsMed Nth Ward - 4722 3888”

-Keep body position upright (look straight ahead) -Hold for 30-60 seconds, repeat 3 times •Sleeper Crank Stretch -Lay on your affected side -Position your shoulder/arm at 90deg to your body, elbow at 90deg -Push your hand gently to the level of the bed -Hold for 20 seconds -Repeat 10 times -If you are not feeling the stretch, lie more into the affected side •Combined Interval Rotation and Elevation -This is an extremely important range of motion to acquire for keeping a “high elbow” -Stand side on to the wall -Lift your elbow straight up out to the side with your elbow bent to 90deg with your forearm resting along the wall -Lean in until you feel a stretch under the arm -This should be a slow prolonged stretch, approximately 30 seconds -Repeat 3 times

LEADING THE WAY IN SPORTS INJURY MANAGEMENT Under the directorship of Angus Vincent.

• • • • •

Physiotherapy Sports and Workplace Injuries Post-surgery Rehabilitation Exercise Prescription Exercise Physiology

• • • • •

Real Time Ultrasound Pre-Employment Screenings/FCE Dry Needling Women’s Health Clinical Pilates

• Lymphodema • Head-aches and Migraines • NEW - Sports, Fitness and Rehab Classes

No referral required Home visits available



NQ Sports Medicine Centre 13 Fulham Rd

The Stanton Centre 31 Leichhardt St

21-37 Fulham Rd, Pimlico 14 Oxford St, Hyde Park

07 4728 9999

07 4722 3888

07 4728 9999





121 Edwards St

37 Herbert St

07 4783 7757

07 4776 0355



In December 2009 I was diagnosed with Extensive Perineural Invasion of the Nerves, a Cancer of the Nerves.

This started a roller coaster ride of emotions and opened the doors to a challenging, a life threatening and very life changing new era of my existence. Surgery and skin grafts were followed by multiple visits to the Oncology Department of The Townsville Hospital for planning and subsequent radiation treatment. Just six weeks after completing radiation treatment I was diagnosed with further Cancer and commenced the journey all over again.

One year after completion of that second course of treatment the Cancer raised its’ ugly head again. This time it had re-occurred in an area which had already received radiation, therefore further radiation was not an option. What to do – no looking back just looking forward, keeping fit, keeping up my swim training and involvement in Masters Swimming and reminding myself how fortunate I am to have good friends, colleagues,


supporters and family.

I have been fortunate in not having required blood transfusions, but the experience has reinforced to me the importance of my role in our community on behalf of the Blood Service to educate and encourage all eligible people to roll up their sleeves to donate blood. I am in awe of and have great respect for the generous people in our community who regularly donate blood to ensure a safe and adequate blood supply for those in need.

Life’s recent experiences brought about a pressing need to reengage with my family roots. I was born and raised in Proserpine, but my mother was born in Bundaberg and my father grew up in Maryborough. This year will be the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first Immigrant Ship from England to land in Queensland at a port other

than Moreton Bay. I am a direct descendant of Richard and Salome Kendall on my maternal side after whom Kendall’s Flats in East Bundaberg is named. Kendall’s Flats is a large sporting ground and home to numerous sports including cricket and AFL for the people of the Bundaberg Region. My Great Great

My Family’s Sporting Legacy Relations Officer for the Aust Townsville and writes of tak back in time to re-immerse h SPORT LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE

Grandparents Richard and Salome Kendall accompanied by my 3yr old Gt. Grandfather George Kendall left Liverpool, arriving in Maryborough on that first immigrant ship the “Ariadne” on the 8th October, 1862. The family travelled to Bundaberg by dray loaded with their personal possessions. After their arrival Gt. Gt. Grandfather Richard selected, cleared and cultivated land at what is now known as East Bundaberg. They additionally selected land

at Rubyanna for sugar cane growing. Richard farmed produce along with establishing orchards and gardens on Kendall’s Flats supplying his General Store along with groceries, hardware, crockery, boots, shoes and drapery. Produce grown included oranges, grapes, pineapples, cherry guavas, apples, lard, jute and rosellas. Also from the Flats for sale in the General Store were vegetables, fruit preserves, honey and beeswax. The General Store business was later to pass to the hands of my Gt. Grandfather George Kendall.

Richard was a public minded gentleman and citizen and took an active interest in his community both then and for the future. He was elected as the first Chairman of the Woongarra Divisional Board and served for several years. During the early days of Bundaberg the settlers struck a bad depression (after bad droughts or similar) and some lost all

they had. Richard allowed those who wished to put up tents on his property free of any charge until they could put a roof over their heads again. During this time he saw no one went hungry or in need of care. Every week a parcel of groceries came from his General Store to those in need and if there was no money to pay for the food, he did not ask. This story has been relayed down the generations with the message (what a wonderful Christian gentleman he was and that it gives us quite a standard to live up to, and that we should be so proud to have his blood coursing through our veins”.

On the 10th January I had the privilege to present to the Bundaberg Regional Council and to the people of Bundaberg, my Gt. Gt. Grandfather’s “Queenslander Cup” which had been won at the very first Bundaberg Show in 1878 for his “Collection of Agricultural Produce of Local Growth”. I have big boots to follow but also have much strength to draw on from my forebears of whom I am so very proud. What a positive footprint they have left and such a great contribution through good times and bad to the Bundaberg Region. Very importantly Richard and Salome Kendall’s legacy lives on with Kendall’s Flats being the home of Sport for the population of Bundaberg and surrounds.

y: Bruce Muller is the Community tralian Red Cross Blood Service in king stock of life, and his recent step himself in his rich family heritage. SPORT LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE


South Coast Surf Rescue Titles






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Beauty Therapy

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Athletics Nth Qld

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Top Brand Avanti

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O2 Creation

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Athletes Foot

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Body Torque

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0451 161 216 4779 5557

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Rhonda’s Final Touch 4773 3336

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absolutehealthandfitness@hotmail. com 0432 211 793

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Daniel Currinckx

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Therapist Lissa - 0487 465 558

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Cootharinga Cocktail Party




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Cootharinga Cocktail Party




5 Minutes with..... Ewen Jones / Member for Herbert Describe yourself in 3 words: Public Bar, average, engaged Do you have any hidden talents: None whatsoever. What you see is what you get. I am just as prone to the late night “I think I should sing karaoke” as the next guy though What is one of your favourite things to do: Counter lunch at the GN or the Herbert with a couple of mates. There is nothing better than a public bar, a steak sandwich, and an ice cold XXXX Bitter Name 1 thing you miss about being a kid: : The speed I could run and the lack of recovery time needed. You would finish a game and then have a muck around game 15 minutes later. Favourite Sporting memory: I think we will always remember where we were when Kieran Perkins won the 1500 in Atlanta. I was picking someone up from the airport in Townsville and there would have been 200 of us crowded around a 30cm colour TV watching lane 8 go out hard and never be headed. Truly magical – almost made me want to start up swimming (not really) If you could be any cartoon character which one would you be: Jessica Rabbit or Foghorn Leghorn. You wouldn’t be caught dead, doing what? Wearing fancy dress. I just don’t do it, so please don’t ask Favorite Team: Mens team would be the Cowboys for sure. Women’s team would be either the Australian Diamonds netball team or the Townsville fire. They play sport at the highest level for bugger all money. Favorite movie: The Court Jester starring Danny Kaye is the best comedy. The Verdict starring Paul Newman is something I will always watch if it is on TV What’s the last movie you watched: The Amazing Spiderman in 3D at Event Cinemas the city in the new leather seats. If you could be a superhero, what would you want your


superpowers to be: The ability to make automatic doors not open for people. Name one thing that not many people know about you? I am pretty much an open book, but I will tell you I would rather drink water than lite beer. Hate the stuff What is important to you right now: Personally, I have been having back trouble and that leads to weight trouble. Professionally, the right to have a fish off the coast of Townsville is being threatened. If you were granted a wish from a genie what would you want: Another 3 wishes What would you spend your last 5 bucks on: The fourth at Flemington What did you have, now don’t have, but wish you still did have: A waistline. What have you always wanted, could easily afford, but never bought yourself: Probably a kick arse chair for me to watch TV. Your first rebellious act? We weren’t allowed to get the cane in grade one, so I got it on the first day of grade two – it was a trumped up charge and I wasn’t guilty. The head master said it was for all the year before. What is the last book you read: 1984 by George Orwell Name a celebrity actor you would want to date. Emma Thompson and Kate Winslett have always done it for me. If your house was on fire and you could grab only 3 things before leaving, what would they be? My CD’s, my iPod, and my golf clubs (my wife and children have already gone haven’t they? If you could have dinner with any person in the world who would it be? God, I think that would be cool and you would be able to order anything!! What do you think the best love scene in a movie is: : Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chumlsky in My Girl. It was beautiful


Good Sports Clubs – Ahead of the Game Townsville Hockey Association Contact: Mark Irving, Phone: 07 4778 4810 Email:

North Thuringowa Rugby League Contact: Paul Smith, Phone: 0419 886 060 Email:

Wulguru United Football Club Inc (Soccer) Contact: Michelle Cahill, Phone: 0488 291 893 Email:

Centrals ASA Junior Rugby League Clubs Contact: Charles Fisher, Phone: 0439 876 197 Email:

Western Suburbs Tennis Club Contact: Graham Wicks, Phone: 0412778791 Email:

Brothers Junior Rugby league Football Contact: Jason Griffiths, Phone: 0428116010 Email:

Upper Ross Junior Rugby League Club Contact: Janell Preuss, Phone: 0408 841 433 Email:

Townsville Western Suburbs Cricket and Vigoro Club Contact: Glenn Owens, Phone: 0488 406 569 Email:

Western Lions Junior Rugby League Club Contact: Lee Sawyer, Phone: 0447 760 477 Email: Townsville City Lions (AFL) Contact: Jonny Freeman, Phone: 0419 878 051 Email: Whirlwinds Basketball Club Inc Contact: Marnie Gray, Phone: 0418779319 Email: Rebels Football Club (Soccer) Contact: Ian Fricke, Phone: 0419 166 080 Email: Townsville Cricket Inc. Contact: Stephen Boyle, Phone: 0458 581 377 Email:

Townsville Good Sports Project Officer Daniel Egan Mobile: 0406 958 500 Email: SPORT LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE

Townsville and District Junior Rugby League Contact: Kerri Ritchie, Phone: 4723 2088 Email: Saints Cricket Club Contact: Ian Jones, Phone: 0419 862 298 Email: Hyats Basketball Club Contact: Alison Ward, Phone: 4728 2132 Brothers Hockey Club Contact: Glenda Edwards, Phone: 0447 761 247 Email: Blackstars Basketball Club Contact: Michelle Dance, Phone: 0417 769 314 Email:

Good Sports Townsville proudly supported by Townsville City Council 51

Sport Lifestyle magazine Issue #22  

Sport Lifestyle

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