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Lucky door prizes, family friendly, roaming canapes, live music, parades from major bridal houses, lingerie showcase, high end men’s fashion, plus plenty of great exhibitors!

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From the Editor It is with great pleasure and much excitement that we welcome you to the first edition of Townsville’s only dedicated wedding publication. For the last 12 months we have studied the local wedding market looking at many areas in the industry and how best we could portray what Townsville has to offer and how best to represent and support those with business in the industry in return giving the bride-to-be a helping hand in preparing her wedding day.

Whilst the main aim was to give you a directory list of all those in the wedding industry, we also wanted to give you a community feel to the magazine with content full of local people telling stories such as proposal, engagement, wedding day, overseas wedding, cultural wedding, honeymoon, and even a wedding day fail story for a bit of humour. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. Keep an eye out for Issue Two in Ausugst 2012 Stephen Duffie

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Publisher Willabellow Publishing Editor Stephen Duffie Design Nikki Hammon and Stephen Duffie Contributors Mal Gilham, Steve Hawkins, Cassandra Cazzulino, Amanda Medill Enquiries | 0457 811 332 Privacy Policy: We value the integrity of your personal information. If you provide personal information through your participation in any issues of Townsville Wedding Directory, this will be used to provide the products or services requested and improve the content of this magazine. Copyright: Contents of Townsville Wedding Directory are subject to copyright. No part of this publication can be used or reproduced without permission from the publisher. With every effort made to ensure the accuracy of information in this publication, the Publisher accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors, omissions or consequent results including loss or damage of relied upon information in this publication. Expressed and/or implied authors and advertisers opinions are not necessarily those of the editor/publisher.

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You’re engaged

Congratulations, you’re engaged Organising a wedding is often hard work, but also a lot of fun. Good planning and attention to detail will help you on your way.

Traditionally the man asked the woman’s father for her hand in marriage, and the giving of his consent formalised the engagement. Many couples today tell both sets of parents the good news without the formalised consent. Spreading the word Now you’re free to break the news to family and friends. You’ve decided on a formal announcement as well? A notice in the personal columns of your daily newspaper helps the grapevine. Other ways to spread the news include announcing it at a gathering of friends or host your own gathering or do the ring around, emails or popular social mediums such as facebook, twitter or myspace. Choosing Bridesmaids and Groomsmen If you have decided to have bridesmaids and groomsmen, why not ask them before your

engagement is announced so they can help spread your news and make your engagement a wonderful and exciting time. Parties Many couples will have two small celebrations, perhaps a family party (or a party at which the two families can meet), and another gathering for friends. A dinner at which you make the announcement to a few friends can turn into a successful engagement celebration; or you can arrange one party including both family and friends. Keeping track It can be hard to keep track of who has given what and when, it’s a good idea to buy an exercise book so you can take note of each gift received. You can also put keep a record of when you sent thank you cards. Make sure you write it down the minute you receive the gift and this will cause fewer problems with lapses of memory or mislaid cards. By using our wedding planner this will also help you keep track of all aspects of your wedding planning. 

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You’re Engaged

The announcement When is the right moment to announce an engagement? One couple was holding a party and then surprised everyone by asking them to move into the garden, but most couples usually make the announcement as soon as they’re engaged or when they begin making wedding plans.

You’re Engaged

The Bride • Chooses style of the wedding and makes major decisions about the reception • Chooses bridesmaids, flower girls, pageboys The Groom • Sorts out legal arrangements (notice of intent of marriage) • Pays for the ceremony • Makes the second speech at the reception The Bride’s Mother • Acts as wedding hostess • Sends out invitations • Traditionally makes arrangements for the reception • Is present at the signing of the registry • Is escorted by the groom’s father for the recessional The Bride’s Father • Escorts the bride to the church and gives her away • Escorts the grooms mother for the recessional • Makes first speech at the reception The Best Man • Acts as intermediary between the bride’s and groom’s families and keeps everyone informed of the wedding preparations • Aids the groom before and on the day with wedding arrangements


Townsville Wedding Directory

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Who does what

Based on the roles that are traditionally assumed by certain parties, we’ve listed a few guidlines to help your day run smoothly • Accompanies groom to the ceremony • Organises the groomsmen • Looks after the ring and gives it to the groom during the ceremony • Escorts the chief bridesmaid for the recessional • Makes the third speech at the reception and reads the messages and telegrams from nonattending invited guests • Looks after the honeymoon documents and luggage The Chief Bridesmaid / Maid Of Honour • Helps the bride with all her preparations before the ceremony • After the reception helps her to change and looks after the wedding dress The Bridesmaids • Helps the brides when required The Groomsmen • At the church they greet and seat the guests • Help with parking arrangements and transport The Groom’s Parents • Present for the signing of the registry • Escort, or escorted, by bride’s parents • May help to pay and plan for the reception

Bridge of love

“He is the love of my life and the most amazing person I have ever met”

Before I left, my friend Molly gave me a box and told me it was a present for Corey and asked if I could I please give it to him. I thought that was lovely of her and packed it in my luggage. Corey and I were very lucky enough to be on the same flight from Dubia to Rome as this was the first time we’d seen each other since the day he left five months prior. Our first destination was Rome. We stayed for three nights and did all the sight seeing we could handle. Corey’s next destination for us was Venice. As soon as we got to the hotel I was gob smacked, it was amazing, so beautiful and was the best room you could get in Venice, I thought I was the luckiest girl alive. That night Corey wanted to get Gelati and go on a gondola. I was complaining about how cold it was and didn’t really want to, but he finally convinced me to go on the gondola. It was midnight and we were the only ones in a gondola cruising the streets of Venice, our host was singing and telling us about the icons of the buildings and bridges. We were approaching the ‘Bridge of Love’, where

he told us we needed to kiss for eternity love so, as we went under the bridge and he kissed me, Corey pulled a box out and handed it to me, it was an iPhone 4 box. I looked at him and said I have one why did you get me this? He said “open it”, and I opened the box there was a jewellery box inside it. Corey turned to me with the box opened and asked me to marry him under the bridge of love. I don’t know who was more nervous, him or me, but I happily had a little squeal and said YES YES YES! It was the happiest and most romantic experience I have ever had and I will never forget that moment. My girlfriend Molly and Corey had planned the whole thing via email whilst he was deployed in Afghanistan. Turns out the gift she gave me to give to Corey was my ring the whole time and I had no idea. I’d like to say a big thank you to Molly, this couldn’t have happened with out her. Both of us couldn’t wait to share the news with our friends and family, upon Corey’s return to Afghanistan Corey was congratulated, they all knew he was going to propose in Venice. Our engagement party is planned for a month after Corey comes home and all the boys cant wait to celebrate on their return home to Australia. Our wedding will be at Hamilton Island within 12 months. He is the love of my life and the most amazing person I have ever met. Yvette Falconer 

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Real Proposal

My partner, PTE Corey Boyce, was deployed to Afghanistan for nine months, so we decided to travel to Europe of his 10 days leave which fell half way through his deployment. After making our decision to travel to Europe I was pretty much left in the dark from there on in. Corey took control of the entire holiday as a surprise for me.

Photos  // wizpics

Who pays

Traditional wedding costs are usually divided between the bride, her family, the groom and his family. Today’s rules are less formal allowing for changes, here is a guide to the distribution of expenses.

You’re Engaged

The bride and the bride’s family • The grooms ring • A gift for the groom • Gifts for the bridesmaids • Engagement party • The reception including the cake, food, drinks, flowers, decorations, entertainment, room hire • Announcements, stationery, invitations, printing and mailing • Bridal dress and accessories • Photography and videography • Ceremony costs, music and decorations of the venue may be paid for by either family • Bridesmaids flowers may be paid for by either family • Transport to the ceremony and reception

The groom and groom’s family • The bride’s rings • A gift for the bride • Registered Marriage Certificate • Gifts for the best man and groomsmen • The bride’s bouquet, corsage for both mothers and buttonholes for the men • The celebrant and legal fees • The honeymoon • Groom’s attire • The rehearsal dinner The attendants • Wedding attire • Travelling expenses and accommodation • A gift for the newly-weds • Buck’s and hen’s night

Legal matters

of before your wedding day. In case There are a few legal matters that need to be taken care all the legal requirements early. tand unders you there are difficulties, you need to make sure whom one may marry, how much marry, may one which at age include ments require Some ses are required. notice is required, who may officiate, and what witnes r of religion or a civil celebrant – ministe ised author an before place take The marriage must any point, check with the Births, about unsure are you If 18. of and two witnesses over the age d to present birth certificates require be also will Deaths and Marriages in your capital city. You your celebrant at least one month with form ge Marria ed Intend of Notice a lodge must and you and one day prior to your wedding day.


Townsville Wedding Directory

Family experience

Daisy Fresh Drycleaners has been a well respected drycleaners in Townsville for 27 years. Previously owned by Ian Weller and recently purchased by Sandra Smith who worked for Ian Weller for 18 years.

Fresh as a daisy Daisy Fresh Dry Cleaners strive to produce the best quality work and friendly customer service. Daisy Fresh has an excellent reputation and new owner Sandra and her family endeavour to continue to produce great quality work.

A family run business with over 25 years of dry cleaning experience

Daisy Fresh

Dry Cleaners 213 Charters towers Road, Hermit Park Phone 4779 2134 • A/H Mobile 0400 291 465

Townsville Wedding Directory 9

You’re Engaged

Sandra now runs the family business with her two daughters Danielle and Kayla Smith and her cousin Julie Anderson. Julie Anderson has also been with Daisy Fresh for many years and has over 25 years of drycleaning experience.    The staff at Daisy Fresh strive to produce the best quality work and have a very friendly customer service and will continue to uphold their excellent reputation for many years to come.

Things dreams are made of

Real Proposal

Jayde had always dreamed of swimming with dolphines, but the big suprise was yet to come...

Joel came home from work one afternoon and said to me that he was taking me away on a suprise holiday. He had organised everything, even contacting my boss and organising my days off.

Once arriving in Brisbane, I was told we were getting on a coach to the Gold Coast and that we were staying in a Hotel there. Once we got to our hotel in Surfers Paradise we went for a bit of a shop and checked out the beach.

A couple of days before it was time to leave I asked Joel what it was that I needed to pack. Still not giving me any clues he just said pack two nice going out dresses and some normal clothes for the three days. Well, that didn’t really give me much to work with, so I just packed everything from warm clothes to beach clothes to going out clothes and everything else I thought would be useful on a holiday.

That night we decided to stay in and have an early one, hire an in-house movie and order room service. We just relaxed, ate heaps and enjoyed an early night. Joel asked me if I wanted to know where we were going in the morning, because he had something planned. I declined, I knew if he told me, no matter what, I wouldn’t be able to sleep!

The day finally arrived, and we’re getting ready to head off on our holiday, I said to Joel “are you going to tell me where were going yet, are we driving somewhere? Are we going on a plane or is it here in Townsville?” he said “were going on a plane somewhere.” Once we got to the airport he finally told me we were going to Brisbane.

The next morning as we were getting ready to head out, Joel told me he was taking me to swim with the dolphins at Seaworld. I was overwhelmed, I can remember just jumping up and down as I was so excited then I ran over to him and hugged him so tight because it has been my dream to swim with dolphins.

10 Townsville Wedding Directory

Real Proposal

So there we were, waiting in line at Seaworld and a lady called out our names, and four other people, for the dolphin training day. We went in, changed into wet suits, had our info briefing about what we were doing for the day and then off we went, headed for our first meeting with the dolphins. We were taken to the big pool pens where we fed a couple of the dolphins, we then went into another section where we were able to get in the water and swim with them. After lunch the six of us had to meet out at the back of the training pools were they had the show dolphins. The dolphin we were meeting was called R.B, short for Rat Bag! The trainer brought us ankle deep into the water and told us that he was going to demonstrate how the dolphins are taught to retrieve and receive objects, which happened to be a bright red lunchbox at the time. R.B was given a command to beach himself a bit, he then asked R.B to open

his mouth and he placed the lunch box in there. He told us he was going to get R.B to take the lunch box to Joel and I was to take it off Joel put it back into R.B’s mouth and then R.B would take it down the end to the other girl in the line. So off R.B went, after the command from the trainer, R.B. pulled up in front of Joel, he took the lunch box off the dolphin, gave it to me and I was leaning down just about to put it in the dolphins mouth when the trainer say’s to me “oh hold on I think there’s something inside there, Jayde do you just want to open it for me and have a look”. As I was opening it Joel got down on one knee in the water with the dolphin, inside the box was a little note saying “Will you marry me?’ I looked at Joel, screamed YES and he placed the beautiful ring on my finger. The day ended with a helicopter ride over Surfers Paradise and Seaworld. It was absolutely amazing, the most fun, exciting and memorable holiday I’ve ever had, it couldn’t have been more perfect. 

Townsville Wedding Directory 11

Creating your own stationery At Paper Fantasty we understand the stress that planning a wedding or special occasion can cause. With over 13 years experience our trained staff will take the time to consult with you to further understand your requirements and expectations, and will work with you, offering solutions to meet your budget and desired theme.


We offer all our customers an in store obligation free quote, which can be helpful when budgeting for a wedding. An extensive range of DIY products such as plain, patterned and glitter papers; satin and organza ribbons; diamante buckles and embellishments are stocked for the couples who choose to make their own wedding stationery.

Paper Fantasy Wedding & Special Occasion Stationery

4725 1272

255B Charters Towers Rd | Check us out on 12 Townsville Wedding Directory


A blessing for your big day? While many couples are opting out of the church in favour of a civil wedding, a large number are still hanging onto the blessing – an integral part of many religious ceremonies. Blessings are wonderfully flexible. They are a great way to inject a religious dimension into an otherwise fairly secular occasion, but they don’t

Photo  //  Leiden Studios

have to be religious. A blessing can take the form of a self-contained ritual that you can tailor to fit your own requirements perfectly. Remember, blessings don’t have to be conventionally religious, you can put your own stamp on them.

Congratulations on your upcoming ceremony! Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and it should be enjoyable, fun and certainly not stressful.

I offer a friendly and professional service that is unique and tailored to meet the wishes of each couple and ensure the ceremony experience is unforgettable.

Amanda Medill

Weddings // Naming Ceremonies // Renewal of Vows // Non-traditional Ceremonies

Authorised Marriage Celebrant

JP (Qual)

0411 018 387 // 07 4779 0088

Townsville Wedding Directory 13

The Rose Ceremony


In the Rose Ceremony, the Bride and Groom give each other a rose. Two roses are all that are necessary. If you have children coming into the ceremony, you may have a rose for each of them too. The “Rose Ceremony” is placed at the end of the ceremony just before (or after) the couple are pronounced husband and wife. In more elegant days, flowers were used as a means of communication. Each flower had a special meaning. In the old language of flowers, a single red rose always meant “I Love You”. The Rose Ceremony gives recognition to the

Who cares deeply about making your dream come alive by creating the perfect wedding ceremony. My commitment to you is to make this the most memorable, meaningful, treasured and special day of your lives. Willing to travel to your dream location  PA system  Rehersal  Signing table and cloth  Copy of wedding ceremony  Sample/ceremonies, vows and readings  Renewal of vows  Namings

new and most honourable title of “Husband and Wife”. This ceremony originates in a classic rose ceremony from a lost elegant age. Through the words of the classic rose ceremony of long ago are lost, this ceremony has been re-written to explain the true meaning of the ceremony, and the ways by which it can endure through your married life. This is a unique and meaningful addition to any marriage ceremony, and one that may inspire your guests as well.

Love quotes

There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved. George Sand Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was choice, falling in love with you was beyond my control. Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. Aristotle The heart has its reasons that reason does not know. Pascal The risk it takes to remain tight inside the bud is more painful than the risk it takes to blossom. Anais Nin Love, like a river, will cut a new path whenever it meets an obstacle. Crystal Middlemas

07 4755 4691  0417 640 347 14 Townsville Wedding Directory

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. Eden Ahbez


Jan Price

Marriage Celebrant J.P (Qualified)

0434 256 223 • 

Townsville Wedding Directory 15

Destination Weddings

An island paradise When two of Australia’s most experienced event producers decided to tie the knot, you can bet the celebrations weren’t going to be run of the mill. After a unique proposal , Justin Cowell and Bridget Hart set about planning their celebration. Given their extensive background in event planning, Justin and Bridget hand picked their suppliers and managed the entire wedding with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail normally reserved for their corporate clients. The location selected was close to home picturesque Magnetic Island - the very retro and discreet Picnic Bay Surf Life Saving Club and gardens. Liaising both with Townsville City Council for approval to use the gardens, and the club itself, the venue provided a stage/platform out over the beach and ocean for the ceremony, gorgeous tropical gardens for the cocktail reception, and the infrastructure of the club house. Justin and Bridget worked with a number of key local suppliers to create a wedding not just for the newlyweds and their combined family of four children, but for their friends and family, some of whom would make the wedding into an extended break in tropical North Queensland. Guests and family arrived mid-week and the family stayed at the fabulous Nahmahlu in Nelly Bay, which also served as the after party venue following the wedding celebration.

16 Townsville Wedding Directory

Buck’s celebrations were a laid-back ‘Boardshorts & Bowties’ games night with croupier and LOTS of cold beers. The girls’ celebration was a glorious day on the ocean on board the Providence, departing Townsville and ending up with the girls on Magnetic Island, and a private dinner for bridesmaids and Bridget’s family with a fine dining experience, ankle deep in the private pool. From the outset, Justin and Bridget were keen to ensure guests were included in the event, and were part of the fun, rather than just observers. With the dress code as ‘Island Luxe – Strictly White’ guests felt involved in the theatre of the day from the arrival of the invitation (despite some minor grumblings about cricket pants!). After collection from Nelly Bay by a chartered bus guests arrived to an all-white welcome party at the stunning Picnic Bay gardens, and enjoyed sparkling wine or a cold beer in a specially designed white beer chiller (for guests to keep) whilst waiting for the bride. Moving to the covered deck area, guests stood in a circle around a central focus point for the ceremony in the round. After much speculation, the bride arrived in a purple Lisa Ho gown to Nick Cave’s The Ship Song.

Photos  //  Stewart McLean

Unbeknownst to all guests, there was an unusual attendant in the audience. Justin’s vows finished with the words “My Gift is my song…. and this one’s for you”. From the audience the lovely voice of Rick from local vocal act Attori echoed out with the opening phrase to Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ surprising the audience with a beautiful rendition of the track complete with backing music and backup singing from the celebrant and bridesmaids. All the guests joined in for a fabulous finale. The happy and relaxed afternoon continued with stunning canapés, some great speeches and

casual blues style entertainment. Guests enjoyed quoits, boules & skittles and, of course, excellent Australian wines. With the groom hesitant to incorporate staged photography for guests and family, a white lounge photo booth was situated at water’s edge. At any time guests could take their own photos by remote control throughout the entire event. Six hundred photos later, it was obvious there were no shrinking violets in this audience. Following the cocktail reception, guests were invited to join the afterparty on the pool deck at Nahmahlu where the DJ kept the dance floor jumping, an array of grazing platters were provided and the cocktails were styled by Bridget’s brother, straight from Hugo’s Lounge in Sydney.

Based on Magnetic Island with a committment to friendly and personal service

Ph 07 4778 5734 | 86 Mandalay Ave, Nelly Bay

Townsville Wedding Directory 17

Destination Weddings

After readings by Bridget’s daughter and Justin’s oldest son, island celebrant Bernadette Smith took the couple through carefully chosen and personally written vows.

Mission Beach

A flawless location halfway between Cairns and Townsville The Elandra Mission Beach is a boutique resort that houses 52 individual, creatively designed rooms all with personally sourced, hand-made furniture from around the world. Nestled amongst the lush tropical rainforest, interlinked by elevated timber boardwalks, The Elandra contains a fine dining restaurant, glamorous cocktail bar, chic boutique and in room beauty services, National Park walking tracks, private dining rooms, chill out lounge areas, library, and an alluring swimming pool with a large white washed pool deck.

Destination Wedding

Your decision to hold your wedding day at The Elandra Mission Beach is exceptionally important to us. We understand implicitly how vital a reliable wedding supplier is to your wedding.  Our exceptional wedding team have given unsurpassed service to our brides over many, many years. You can rest assured that all the elements of your wedding will be of the same excellent standard we demand of them. They are very familiar with not only our ceremony and reception areas, but the resort staff, and the workings of the resort, ensuring a seamless flow throughout your day. Everything from a marriage celebrant, flowers, cake design, photography, entertainment or hair and makeup is available. The Elandra Mission Beach also prides itself on having an unsurpassed reputation that has been built up over many years. One of the reasons for this reputation is that our exceptional wedding and function coordinators direct every wedding personally and with only one wedding booking accepted per day, your booking will receive 100% attention at all times. Whether in the capacity of simply helping you on the day if you have arranged your own suppliers, to being your wedding planner and fully coordinating every aspect of your wedding, on the day. At The Elandra our overriding philosophy is to provide the best in customer service, combined with the utmost quality in food and wine in an amazing tropical backdrop.  We aim to work together with you to ensure your expectations are not only met but exceeded.

18 Townsville Wedding Directory

Nestled amongst lush tropical rainforest, The Elandra contains a fine dining restaurant, glamorous cocktail bar, chic boutique, in room beauty services and an alluring swimming pool with a large white washed pool deck. Your wedding day is important to us and you can rest assured that our exceptional wedding team will give unsurpassed service. The Elandra has everything from a marriage celebrant, flowers, cake design, photography, entertainment or hair and makeup available. We aim to work together with you to ensure your expectations are not only met but exceeded. | | 4068 8154

osure Photography


Photo  //  Northern Exp

Wedding reception order of service Whether you are having a formal or informal reception, this should help you plan your reception. • The guests are served hors d’oeuvres and drinks, as they gather at the reception • As the bride, groom and bridal party arrive at the reception they are served or hors d’oeuvres and drinks separately while the guests are seated • The bridal party enter the reception and are announced to the guests. The bride and groom should be the last seated • Entree and main courses are served.

• Toasts are given. • Telegrams are read aloud by the best man • The cake is cut by the bride and groom • The bridal waltz is preformed by the bride and groom • The parents and bridal party then join the bride and groom on the dance floor • After this all other guests are welcome to join the dancing • Dessert is served • Bride throws her bouquet • The bride and groom return to the reception to say their final goodbyes

For your celebration of love, Billabong Sanctuary offers a romantic setting nestled amongst 25 acres of rainforest, eucalypt forest and wetlands. With tea lights softly glowing along the pathways and the stars twinkling above, let us cast a spell to create an enchanted experience for you and your guests.

Phone 07 4778 8344 Present this ad for $100 discount on venue hire Townsville Wedding Directory | Valid to 31.12.2012

20 Townsville Wedding Directory


The Mercure Townsville will provide a beautiful start to your everlasting union. Exchange your vows within our unique surroundings, then choose from an array of reception venues. From a small intimate gathering to a large family gathering, we have the perfect venue to suit. Our professional team will work with you in making your dreams a reality.

Contact us on 4759 4910 or email

STAY RomAnTic. landris

Phil & Nicole Ma

Melanie & Pe ter Gianoulis

A blank canvas

The Greek Community Function Centre has been operating for over 30 years.Our venue offers flexible terms to fulfill the needs of our clients in the best way that would make their function a success. We have seating from 100-350 for weddings, parties and dinner functions. We also cater for conferences and other similar events with the capacity to have 500+ patrons. Venue

The function centre has air-conditioning, round or rectangular tables, chairs, tablecloths, audio and visual equipment and a fully appointed kitchen with the flexibility of having the caterer of your choice. The licensed bar is available till midnight but an extended license can be obtained on request and at the approval of the board. Our prices are reasonable and we are flexible with our clients requirements. We charge a hire fee, a deposit is required within 2 weeks of booking with the remainder to be paid in instalments or in full when keys are obtained by client. We have repeat business due to offering our clients, service and flexibility. In the past 30 years we have hosted many different types of functions, birthday parties, dinner parties, balls, greek dancers, lunches, boxing, morning teas, Melbourne Cup, fashion parades, expos, playgroups, Zumba, various types of dancing classes, conferences and our most popular, weddings. I invite you to consider having your wedding at our place, The Greek Community Function Centre. Anna Paschalis, Function Manager, 0408 684 239

22 Townsville Wedding Directory


Townsville Wedding Directory 23

DJ At the wedding reception, the had polled the guests to see who ed out been married longest. It turn DJ to be my husband and I. The you ld wou ice adv at “Wh us, asked ple?” give to the newly-married cou nt I said, “The three most importa ’re ‘You are, e words in a marriag probably right.’ Everyone then , looked at my husband. He said “She’s probably right.”

Experience quality catering


4774 7272 •


24 Townsville Wedding Directory

On a high note

Photo // wizp ics


Musical entertainment at weddings is about providing the right atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy a relaxed and unique night. The music can be anything from a jukebox to a perfomance by a string quartet. Most performers will have playlists of songs they have in the repertoire allowing you to pick songs you would like played. Seasoned wedding performers know what style of music to play at each stage of the night. Like the rest of your special day the music should reflect you and what you enjoy, to make it a night to remember.


Find us on

0418 351 175 : : 

Townsville Wedding Directory 25


0400 159 908

Cakes and sweets for any occasion...

Cakes and Sweets

weddings • baby & wedding showers • birthdays • anniversaries Phone 0487 746 074

Megan’s Cakes & Candys 0414 299 816

Cakes for all special occassions

Anja’s Designer Cakes Phone 4778 2844 Mobile 0403 026 469 Email

26 Townsville Wedding Directory

Sweet experience Sugary Delights Confectionary Buffets first experienced Lolly Buffets whilst on holidays. We loved them so much that we searched for them when we returned home and found that there were very few that knew about lolly buffets let alone had the pleasure of experiencing one or the ability to have one at their function. So we decided that we would bring the sweet experience to North Queensland! Whatever you call them be it Confectionary Buffets, Candy Buffets or Lolly Buffets they are the latest trend to add a touch of elegance, style or just plain fun to your event. Candy buffets are ideal and the latest trend for weddings, corporate functions, parties or any special occasion.

We use an assortment of beautiful glass containers, linen and decorative bags or boxes to compliment the theme of your event.

Catering for Weddings, Corporate Events and Special Occasions

Phone 0401 792 234 | 0408 081 330 Email Find us on Facebook

Townsville Wedding Directory 27

Cakes and Sweets

A Lolly Buffet is an impressive display designed to compliment the theme or colour scheme of your event. Lolly Buffets are a beautiful addition to your décor and your guests will be charmed by your Lolly Buffet display.

Our Confectionary Buffets can be tailor made to meet your individual needs. Pricing for each lolly buffet is based on the number of guests attending, the types of confectionary chosen and the additional decorations you may wish to add.

Photos // wizpics Transport

Travel in style How you arrive to your ceremony and reception can add something unique or quirky to the theme and help personalise your wedding celebrations, and injects a little of your personality into the proceedings. Whether you choose to arrive in a horse and carriage, in a vintage car, in a semitrailer, aboard a speed boat, or in a hummer, finding the right wedding car will add character to your day.

Servicing all areas of North Queensland

Charters Towers 28 Townsville Wedding Directory

0439 111 769

Photography & Videography

Treasured forever

A wedding is the most expensive party you will ever throw and once it is over, all you have are the memories. Possibly the hardest decision when preparing for a wedding is the selection of the wedding photographer. Your photographs should be something special. So how do you select a photographer? Selection comes down to the style of photography, the personality of the photographer, cost and how comfortable you feel when talking with them.

techniques, graphic design for albums and canvas prints, and the ability to pull it all together.

The style of photography comes in many forms. There are two distinct styles that most photographers fall into. The photojournalist who tries to be the fly on the wall and capture events as they happen and then there is the traditional photographer who directs and poses. Most photographers fall somewhere in between these two.

Obviously there will be a huge difference in the final images and the products when comparing an $800 photographer compared to a $5000 photographer. This difference will be in quality, quality of the actual image, quality of the albums and prints and the quality of service. This is one of the most important days in your life, do not compromise on quality.

So what is your money paying for? A wedding photographer requires many skills. The most important is seeing light and their ability to use the light. In photography, light is everything and the way a person is positioned within the light can be the difference between an average photograph and an amazing photograph. Photographers need equipment that can handle the different lighting conditions found during a typical wedding shoot and the technical skills that allow them to photograph in all conditions. This means expensive lenses and a variety of portable lighting gear. Further, they need the organisational skills needed to shoot family and group photos, time management skills to get all the photos needed from the day, problem solving skills, as there are always different scenarios that arise during the day. After the wedding, there is post production, editing

So how much should you pay for your wedding photography? The Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) states at least 10% of your total wedding budget should be directed towards photography. Photography, like everything else, comes down to “you get what you paid for�.

All of these factors are important, however, if you do not get on with your photographer it will be a long day. You must meet with your photographer before the day and you need to get to know them. You have to trust that they know what they are doing and enjoy their company. With wedding photography, there has to be a lot of trust involved. If you do not believe in what the photographer is saying, it will show in the photos. Look for photographers accredited with the AIPP, these photographers are part of an education system that allows photographers to improve their skills while being mentored and taught by the best photographers in the business. Wedding days should be fantastic days, select your photographer carefully and you will have photographs to treasure forever. 

Townsville Wedding Directory 29

Real Wedding

Marina & Michael

Leiden Studios Photographer: s awkeye Digital Film Videographer: H llery Townsville Dress: Fashion Ga Hair: Sublime Miss Makeup Makeup: Urban a Florist Flowers: Malpar kes Cake: Janine’s Ca 30 Townsville Wedding Directory

Bride: Marina Bradica (originally from Nelson Bay, currently living in Sydney) Groom: Michael Bogiatzis (originally from Townsville, currently living in Sydney) Photographer: Mal, Kelly & Kellie from Leiden Studios. They were absolutely brilliant on the day and really went above and beyond in preparations, engagement shoot and general wedding advice. Videographer: Matt from Hawkeye Digital Films Ceremony: Greek Orthodox Church of Saints Theodore Townsville Music: Sydney based Greek band “Bouzooki Bluez” and DJ was from Atmosphere, Townsville. Dress: Fashion Gallery, Townsville Hair: Sublime Real Wedding

Makeup: Cheree from Urban Miss Makeup Flowers: Peonies, David Austin Roses and Listhianthus by Malpara Florist Cake: 3 tier white chocolate mudcake from Janine’s Cakes Funny story: The bridge and groom did a “Louis and Clarke – The Adventures of Superman” themed photo shoot in preparation for the wedding. Advice: Planning, planning and more planning. Beware of Groomzilla. Special accessories: Custom made headband, earings and veil by Aphrodite from Crystal Confetti Bridal in Newcastle. Brides shoes were custom made by Deseo Bridal Shoes London (Store: Oxford St, Sydney). The wedding date was engraved on the soles of the shoes. Special moment: Taking our first steps as husband and wife Honeymoon: Athuruga Island, Maldives. The resort absolutely surpassed everything we anticipated and was an absolute dream come true. 

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32 Townsville Wedding Directory

Photography Photography & Videography

Townsville Wedding Directory 33

Real Wedding

Stacey & Brendan

y Postle Photograph Photographer: a Florist Flowers: Malpar a Dress: Bella Donn Hair Hair: Mad About Beauty and Makeup: Balance Makeup Artistry 34 Townsville Wedding Directory

Bride: Stacey Condon Groom: Brendan Lyons Photographer: Postle Photography Ceremony: Sacred Heart Cathedral with Father Dave Lancini Reception: Jupiters Pavillion Real Wedding

Music: Pooles of music Dress: Vintage champagne by Wendy Makin bought from Bella Donna Hair: Stacey’s colleagues at Mad About Hair Makeup: Margot Power from Balance Beauty and make-up Artistry Flowers: Assortment of David Austin roses by Malpara Florist Theme: Vintage/Country Special Moment: Seeing each other for the first time at the ceremony Decorations: Wedding Works and centrepieces by Malpara Florist Funny Story: Small earth quake off coast line at same time as ceremony commencement Advice: Just enjoy your day Special accessories: Brooch worn on garter from Aunty. Champagne rose hair accessory, pearl and diamond earrings and braclet Honeymoon: Gold Coast and Hinterland 

Townsville Wedding Directory 35

Real Wedding

Shelly & Joel

36 Townsville Wedding Directory

Northern Exposure Photographer: Photography lywood Dress: Hills in Hol own Hair: TMH Castlet e’s Skin and Body Makeup: Michell tants ant Beauty Consul Solutions and Radi s ’s World of Flower Flowers: Georgia

Bride: Shelly Archer Groom: Joel Pease Photographer: Donna – Northern Exposure Photography Ceremony: Holy Trinity Church Reception: Townsville Golf Club Dress: Hills in Hollywood Real Wedding

Hair: TMH Castletown Makeup: Bridesmaid’s makeup by Michelle’s Skin and Body Solutions and Bride’s by Nada Reeson, Radiant Beauty Consultants Flowers: Georgia’s World of Flowers Cake: Made by Joel’s Aunty Decorations/Theme: The main theme was black and gold with splashes of leopard print Funny Story: When we pulled up at the church the first thing I asked when the door was opened was “He is here isn’t he?” Advice: Things are going to go wrong!! Don’t sweat it, just enjoy your day. Oh and don’t drink too much. You want to remember everything. Special accessories: A beautiful sparkling flower necklace my sister bought to match the flowers on my dress Special moment: We had to kiss a lot during the photos, I jokingly whispered to him “you are going to be sick of kissing me by the end of the day” he whispered back “I will never get sick of kissing you” Honeymoon: One week at a holiday house in Airlie Beach, given as a gift by a close friend. 

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38 Townsville Wedding Directory


Townsville Wedding Directory 39

Real Wedding

Honey & Dane

y MGM Photograph Photographer: s awkeye Digital Film Videographer: H llery Townsville Dress: Fashion Ga Hair: Sublime Miss Makeup Makeup: Urban a Florist Flowers: Malpar kes Cake: Janine’s Ca

40 Townsville Wedding Directory

Bride: Honey Acharya Groom: Dane Newman Photographer: MGM Photography Videographer: Hawkeye Digital Films Ceremony: Anderson Gardens with Kim Jorgenson as Marriage Celebrant Reception: Reef HQ Music: Just Corrs Dress: All I wanted was a colourful dress which I ended up having it made in the US by Couture De Bride Hair: Kelly at Unique Hair and Beauty Makeup: Cindy from Make Up By Design Flowers: Melanie Taylor Real Wedding

Cake: Madonna at Cakealicious Decorations/Theme: Mad Hatters Alice in Wonderland. We had a friend put together a photobooth at both the reception and ceremony so we have these great candid shots of our friends which we were able to give them copies of also. Over the months we collected and borrowed hundreds of teapots and cups and had them all for the centrepieces Funny story: To stick with our theme, the bridal party set up a croquet set after the ceremony Advice: Start planning early. Even though we wanted it to be simple with a fun theme it was still time consuming and busy organising everything Special accessories: I found a special little mad hatters mini hat for the reception online at Etsy Special moment: The ceremony was beautiful and moving. We had some of the most fun on our photoshoot with Alanna from MGM Photography Honeymoon: Bali – Seminyak and Ubud

Townsville Wedding Directory 41

Real Wedding

Shannon & Owen

Photobase NQ, Photographer: Townsville n Gallery, Townsville Dress: The Fashio n Edge Salon, Atherto Hair: The Kutting ke Resort, Atherton Venue: Tinaroo La

42 Townsville Wedding Directory

Bride: Shannon Holmes Groom: Owen Carter Photographer: Meredith Palmer and Gary Harvey from Photobase NQ, so thankful that they could travel up from Townsville. Ceremony: Outdoor ceremony on the waterfront at Tinaroo Dam Reception: Tinaroo Lake Resort, Atherton Tablelands Dress: Alfred Angelo from The Fashion Gallery, Townsville Hair: The Kutting Edge Salon in Atherton Makeup: Karen Gallo Decorations/Theme: Classic elegance, colours of chocolate and champagne filled the day. All guests were given a small Jade plant to symbolise everlasting friendship, love and prosperity.

Advice: Don’t sweat the small stuff. The day will be over before you know it so ensure that you enjoy and cherish every moment together. Special accessories: A vintage ivory Swarovski pearl necklace strung together by a rhinestone rose and vine brooch. Also a pearl ring from Owen’s mother Special moment: Quite a few special moments, but walking down the aisle and locking eyes with one another, writing our own vows together and Shannon’s brother organised a special video presentation for the Bride and Groom, not a dry eye in sight. Honeymoon: Eagle’s Nest Retreat near Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. A glass house with panoramic 360 degree views and an old fashioned outdoor bathtub spa

Townsville Wedding Directory 43

Real Wedding

Funny story: Owen plotted out a life size

photo of Shannon’s brother and with the help of Shannon’s father, made it so it was free standing. This was to resemble John as he couldn’t be there on the day. Everyone got photos with him and really enjoyed it.

Real Wedding

Renee & Adam

Captured Moments Photographer: Photography Qld Dress: Ebay

Beachcutters Hair & Makeup:

44 Townsville Wedding Directory

Bride: Renee Crisp Groom: Adam Gifford Real Wedding

Photographer: Captured Moments Photography Qld Ceremony: Pallarenda, Celebrant Greg Tanner Reception: Townsville Golf Club Dress: Was and elegant cream strapless dress that I found on Ebay Hair & Makeup: Hair was done by Tamara at Beachcutters and makeup by Erin Flowers: My nana Bev Swan Decorations/Theme: A beach theme and all the decorations were done by the bridesmaids, Aunty Meryl and me Special moment: When we said ‘I do’ and the Sand Ceremony Advice: Tell your partner that you love them every day Special accessories: My great grandmother’s brooch Honeymoon: We spent three days on Magnetic Island 

Townsville Wedding Directory 45

Peter & Carolyn Peter and I were married at the Venus Battery Park in Charters Towers, next to a lovely flowing creek with a small weir on it. We had a very small and intimate wedding day, with a few of our closest friends and our cherished family.

We were married by Viv Chapman of the Uniting Church, and made our lengthy ‘royalty style’ journey to the ceremony in the Bethel’s beautiful horse and carriage, testament to our rural lifestyle and love for horses.

Most things for the wedding were purchased from Charters Towers, including Ally’s lilac dress from Titleys. My good friend Carol made a small, delicious cake, surrounded by delicate cupcakes, decorated with hearts and flowers. Our bouquets, designed by Charters Flowers, were graceful and understated, made up of white roses, tulips and a unique purple cabbage.

Just on sunset we made our way by carriage straight up the main street of Charters Towers to the reception at Henry’s Restaurant. I hired Vicki Miller Photography to capture my entire day, from start to finish, including bride and groom preparation. She was wonderful to work with, and we did not even feel like we were posing for photos.

Beautiful – Creative – Affordable For all your wedding photography

Specialising in rural and outdoor weddings Unique and local photo locations Flexible for all individual ideas and budgets

‘Grass Hut’ Station, Mingela Qld 4816 (07) 4770 3051 |

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Bride & Groom

Capturing the moment

Helpful tips for choosing your wedding videographer Experience Choose a specialist in the wedding field, not someone that has merely added video making to their mainstream business. This usually means limited experience and an average end product. An experienced TV broadcast operator is trained in camera techniques, sound recording, lighting and continuity, these are very important skills but wedding videography requires an even more streamlined skill set. These skills take many years to refine so ask your videographer about their longevity in the wedding filming industry. Filming Equipment Also be aware of operators using domestic standard equipment, providing average footage of a home video quality. Check if they use high definition cameras, radio microphones and camera lighting kits. This is essential for good clarity to your video and sound. Post Production Filming is very important and amounts to 8-10 hours coverage on your special day. However,

48 Townsville Wedding Directory

editing is where most of the time and skill goes in. It’s not just a case of adding music to video. Your wedding footage has to be transferred to the HD digital realm. Editing into a form that flows visually and in continuity. Then adding special effects, music clips and graphics. Sound mixing is next, then menu design and DVD authoring. This specialised process can average 40 hours at the edit suite, this is not unusual for most wedding productions. Ask to view your videographers productions and check who will be editing. A TV industry trained editor will have the skills necessary to provide you with a wedding production of a professional standard. A local wedding arrangement service said to me recently “Once the wedding day is over it is the videographer and photographers work that will be remembered and cherished most”. Choose your wedding videographer remembering these points and you should have a wonderful wedding DVD to cherish forever.


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50 Townsville Wedding Directory

Bride & Groom

Romance and heartfelt gratitude Love and affection the day of your wedding can be shown in countless ways. If you’re making a toast to your partner, you want it to be a meaningful and tender moment by professing your dedication and love. It may not just be the Groom who gives a speech, the bride may wish to say a few words. Your own memories and feelings create a personalised and emotional speech that will make them fall in love with you even more. Delivering your speech can be daunting, but there are a few tips that can help you through. Familiarise yourself with the speech as most people won’t be able to remember the entire thing and have some cue cards on hand to prevent you from forgetting anything. Practice your speech, practice makes perfect, take your time, look full of confidence and have interaction with your guests (by looking up at them now and again), this can give you moments throughout the speech to pause.

Photo  //  Leiden Studios

Wood’n’Girls operated by a mother and her two daughters create


for weddings and parties. Any size, shape, colour and all others.

0448 250 863 //

Just remember, everyone is there to enjoy the speeches, so make it an unforgettable one.



See our latest collections at 114 Charters Towers Road, Hermit Park 4771 4088 | 

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Dynamic fashion Dynamite Boutique was created by Gay Byrne (a name so well known in local fashion) nine years ago. Gay has been in retail fashion for 36 years and is still as enthusiastic as ever.

Since then Dynamite has gone from strength to strength and is one of the leading Fashion Houses in Townsville. Dynamite specialises in outfits for Mother-of-the Bride and Groom. The sizes stocked by Dynamite range from size 6 to size 22 with larger sizes available to order. A growing part of Dynamite’s business is in bridesmaids dresses, which can be ordered in from Mr. K and we also stock a range of accessories to compliment any outfit. Today we offer a wonderful array of contemporary fashion in day and evening wear such as: Threads, Lovers, Lounge, Mr. K, Mix-it, Gordon Smith, Corfu, Free Woman and Vivid.


Labels are always changing as we operate our business to bring to Townsville a range of dynamic fashion for the discerning customer.


Stockist of gowns by BellaDonna, Wendy Makin and Brides Desire

Shop 1/1 Ingham Road, Townsville | 4771 5580

52 Townsville Wedding Directory

Shop 96 Castletown Shoppingworld Gaynor - 4724 3999


Loloma ensures quality with peace of mind With over 50 years experience as an industry leader in North Queensland, Loloma’s 60 staff have established an enviable reputation for product knowledge and are renowned for delivering a service that makes every store visit a breeze, and every purchase a winner. Loloma Castletown manager Krystal O’Shea said Loloma staff always took the time to ensure every bride was over the moon with their purchase, and continued to service their needs into the future with their unique jewellery insurance. “An engagement ring represents significant financial and sentimental value, which is why we ensure every customer is not left out of pocket if something unforeseen occurs,” she said. “Our jewellery insurance is second to none and provides extensive cover for every type of mishap. “Loloma has exclusive access within north Queensland to offer this protection, called QReport. It provides quick and efficient, like-forlike replacement for items that takes into account the natural increase in value of diamonds and gold over time. “After hearing horror stories about lost engagement rings and special anniversary items, we wanted to ensure each quality purchase came with absolute peace of mind.” Retail operations Manager Joanne Coleman said Loloma was excited to offer such an important value-add as product insurance.

54 Townsville Wedding Directory

“Affordable jewellery insurance will only build on our reputation, which has been established over a generation for our range of products and our contemporary and innovative ring designs,” she said “Loloma Jewellers announced at the end of last year the opening of a fifth north Queensland store to coincide with the opening of Myer Stockland. “The new Stockland store will be located outside Myer and will have a strong focus on bridal jewellery, with a range of unique designs that every bride deserves. “Loloma’s approach to finding the finest products internationally, as well as our ability to buy direct from the source, ensures local brides and husbands-to-be can purchase the finest jewellery products that are as individual as their relationship,” Ms Coleman said. Loloma invests considerably in staff training and development, which translates directly into a better quality of service and product knowledge for its customers. A direct result of these visits is Loloma’s exclusive access to the latest Vanelli range, including elements of South Sea Pearl Jewellery and a new variety of the world’s finest coloured diamonds. “We work to expand and extend our range to keep things fresh and cater for every taste and budget. There is no such thing as an average bride or average jewellery purchase” Ms Coleman said.

Specialising in Jewellery Design Remodelling Unique Creations

4721 2273 • 667 Flinders Street West

Look and feel your best Hair & Beauty

Every bride-to-be wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day. It may be the first meeting with many of her new husband’s family and friends. Of course the new bride wants to make a good impression. Conscious that all eyes will be on her, the bride wants to shine on her way down the aisle. And then, of course, there’s the wedding photographs to think about-the glamour shots of a lifetime. So what makes a bride really shine? Love, of course, excitement and the confidence that comes from knowing she looks absolutely stunning. For some brides-to-be, arriving at that shining point of self-confidence can be a struggle. Despite the adoration of fiancés and the love of families and friends, many women suffer from negative body image. Faced with the air-brushed perfection of models gracing the many bridal magazines, even women generally comfortable with their figures

58 Townsville Wedding Directory

can have their confidence shaken. Just when she wants to look her best, the bride-to-be may be feeling her worst. On top of that, the months leading up to a wedding can be an anxious time for many brides-to-be. All the drama over bookings, invitations, table arrangements, dress fittings, hair appointments, flowers-preparing for a wedding is a tough second job, with more than the usual emotional investment. It’s enough to drive a girl to chocolate, which doesn’t help one achieve a clear complexion or ideal weight. At this time, when the bride-to-be needs a healthy diet, a good night’s sleep and plenty of exercise to

get the body you have


big day

look and feel her best, she can feel overwhelmed by stress. Not only discomforting, stress can disrupt sleep patterns and deplete energy levels. It has negative health implications and can manifest in weight-gain, dark circles, dull hair and skin-not at all helpful for the busy bride-to-be.

lose 10kg in just weeks


So how can a girl stay on top of the pre-wedding checklist, maintain a healthy diet, stick to her exercise regime, and build up her body image and self-confidence to truly shine on her wedding day? First Things First has helped thousands of women to lose weight, recover their self-esteem and reduce anxiety, boosting their self-confidence and enabling them to achieve their goals. Our wellbeing consultants focus on each individual’s situation and history to be able to deliver the personalised service to assist a client achieve their goal.

join our very successful ultra Lite program today

Free Consultations

PHONE 4728 7165

Book a free consultation and find out how we can achieve a major boost in your selfconfidence and self-esteem, a sound foundation from which to work toward your ideal weight, achieve that beautiful inner glow and realise your dream wedding.


Townsville Wedding Directory 59

Hair & Beauty

of for your

Photo  //  Northern Exposure Photography

WEDDING PACKAGES TO SUIT YOU! Save up to 25% off all services when you book a wedding package with us. *Conditions apply

• Hair services • Hair extensions • Acrylic nails • Shellac polish • Manicures • Pedicures • Tooth Gems • Facial waxing • Facial tinting • Napoleon Perdis Make-up & Stockist

Hair & Beauty

P 4788 0145 A Shop 3 Bushland Beach Plaza E



Great package deals for weddings 3 SPRAYS


Shop 1/375 Charles St, Kirwan | 4723 2238 60 Townsville Wedding Directory

Beccy Jean Mobile Makeup Artist Townsville | 0412 292 632 | uses Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics

Professional Hair & Makeup Artist SERENA SAGAR specialising in: Bridal Hair Bridal Makeup & Spray Tanning

- Also providing all other hairdressing services Mobile Service | 0413 570 603 | follow me on facebook f

138 Charters Towers Rd, Hermit Park Phone 07 4771 4703 •

Photo  //  Leiden Studios

Event styling & hiring

Sit back and relax Photo  //  Po

stle Photogra


You’ve decided to get married and now it’s time to create that magical wedding you’ve always dreamed of. With the help of event coordinators and event hiring specialists you can bring your special day to life, so you can just turn up, relax and soak up the atmosphere. From hiring the marquee to creating the table decorations, wedding styling transforms your day into a memorable and entertaining day.

Marqueeweddings&gardenceremonies Doug Edes Marquee & Party Hire are North Queensland’s premier choice for traditional marquee weddings and garden ceremonies. We are committed to ensuring that your special day runs as smoothly and as hassle free as possible. Call today and our experienced consultants will be happy to provide you with answers to any of your queries.

(07) 4772 6611  86 – 92 Charters Towers Rd, Hermit Park, Townsville Q 4812

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Event Styling & Hiring

64 Townsville Wedding Directory

Decorating Townsville FOR OVER 10 YEARS

Wedding Works is renowned for creating stunning Wedding and Event themes styled to suit each client and their guests. Your vision is our success.

• Complete reception decoration • Ceremony packages and set up’s • Event DIY hire items 43 Ingham Road, West End | Phone (07) 4724 4116 Find us on Facebook

Sand colours

Event Styling & Hiring

Personalised Unity Sand Ceremony

The colour of loyalty, dignity and sophististication. Purple has unbelievable drive and passion. A very inventive soul chooses purple, which leads to a successful and prosperous relationship.

The colour of wealth, prestige and success. Gold ignites a life rich in love, wealth and happiness. This is a forever winning relationship.

The colour of love. Red ignites a warm, loving and passionate relationship, which encourage excitement and intensity. Emotions not to be forgotten.

The colour of security, glamour and sophistication. Silver generates ornate riches and dreams. A life that will be strong as the test of time.

The colour of happines and tenderness. Pink is for the romantic softhearted soul, that has a calm inner self. Pink inspires a playful and happy relationship.

The colour of nature, renewal and vigor. Green balances the forces of compassion, energy and wealth. Leaving a lasting impression and a sense of wonder for a realistic and natural relationship.

The colour of the sun (meaning light). Signifying consistency and joy. Yellow builds an optimistic, playful, postive disposition towards life, love and ultimately a joyful relationship.

The colour of the ocean, symbolizing trust, loyalty, and ones dedication and commitment. Blue generates calming and a peaceful environment for an everlasting romance and relationship.

The colour of innocence and peace. A clean and sanctuary soul describes a white personality. Uplifting and refreshing wisdom are emotions that are evoked in a white relationship.

Fancy That Events strives to assist you in planning your perfect wedding day from the ‘yes, I will marry you’ to the ‘I do…’


any of our services when you mention this ad (Conditions apply)

E V ENT A ND W E D D I N G P L A N N I N G, CO O R D INAT IO N, ST YL I N G A N D D E SI G N Odile Wilkins 0412 001 556 Email

66 Townsville Wedding Directory

Townsville Wedding Directory heading

Wedding Planner The Bride

The Groom

The Date

Townsville Wedding Directory 67

Wedding party Bride’s Mother


Address:_________________________________________ Phone:______________ Mobile:____________________ Email:____________________________________ Bride’s Father


Address:................................................................................................... Phone:................................. Mobile:................................................ Email:...................................................................................... Groom’s Mother


Address:_________________________________________ Phone:______________ Mobile:____________________ Email:____________________________________

Wedding Planner

Groom’s Father


Address:_________________________________________ Phone:______________ Mobile:____________________ Email:____________________________________ Chief Bridesmaid

Name:... __________________________________________

Address:_________________________________________ Phone:______________ Mobile:____________________ Email:____________________________________ Bridesmaid

Name:... __________________________________________

Address:_________________________________________ Phone:______________ Mobile:____________________ Email:____________________________________ Bridesmaid


Address:_________________________________________ Phone:______________ Mobile:____________________ Email:____________________________________ Notes________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

68 Townsville Wedding Directory

Wedding party Bridesmaid


Address:_________________________________________ Phone:______________ Mobile:____________________ Email:____________________________________ Flower Girl


Address:_________________________________________ Phone:______________ Mobile:____________________ Email:____________________________________ Best Man


Address:_________________________________________ Phone:______________ Mobile:____________________ Email:____________________________________ Groomsman


Mobile:____________________ Email:____________________________________ Groomsman


Address:_________________________________________ Phone:______________ Mobile:____________________ Email:____________________________________ Groomsman


Address:_________________________________________ Phone:______________ Mobile:____________________ Email:____________________________________ Page Boy


Address:_________________________________________ Phone:______________ Mobile:____________________ Email:____________________________________ Notes________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 

Townsville Wedding Directory 69

Wedding Planner

Address:_________________________________________ Phone:______________

Wedding checklist Twelve or more months before Announce your engagement Decide on wedding date and time If desired, book your wedding consultant Discuss/decide a budget Draw up a guest list  hoose your wedding party and confirm the C participants Consider bridal attire Meet and book a minister or celebrant

Nine to twelve months before  hoose and book ceremony and C reception venues  rder your wedding dress and O attendant’s attire  hoose and book a photographer, C videographer

Wedding Planner

Organise caterers, if required Book your florist  ecide on honeymoon location and book. If D going overseas for your honeymoon, check that your passport is current Obtain birth certificate or a certified extract  egin a personal health and fitness B program  elect music/musician/DJ for ceremony/ S reception

 elect a hairdresser and beautician and S arrange a trial  egister with a bridal gift service and select R gift choices  iscuss insurance, wills etc for your D future together  heck your level of health cover or arrange C health insurance Select and order your cake

Two to six months before Have inoculations for overseas travel  ive notice of intention to marry G Registration Mail wedding invitations and registry lists  ecide on menu and drinks with your D caterers/reception centre  ook any wedding apparel that B needs to be hired  ook accommodation needed B for out-of-town guests  iscuss and plan your photos with your D photographer/videographer Try on and order lingerie

Four weeks before Confirm all bookings and arrangements Purchase gifts for attendants

 ook a consultation with wedding B decorator

Plan seating arrangements for the reception

 esearch accommodations for R out-of-town guests

Ask speakers to prepare their speeches

Arrange for any name changes

Organise wedding insurance

 chedule wedding rehearsals and notify S those involved

Organise travel insurance

Trial your make-up

Plan your honeymoon

Six to nine months before Finalise your guest list Order wedding stationery

Two weeks before Place newspaper wedding notices Have the final fit on your wedding dress

Select and book wedding transportation

 heck arrangements with photographer/ C videographer

 ake an appointment with florist, M discuss colour schemes

 onfirm numbers with caterer and C reception booking

 rder hire equipment O chairs and tables, etc

Check and confirm honeymoon bookings

Select wedding rings

 rder traveller’s cheques and O overseas money

Choose MC for the reception

Pick up wedding rings

Plan the order of ceremony and reception

Have wedding rehearsal

70 Townsville Wedding Directory

Wedding checklist One week before

The wedding day

 ack for your honeymoon: passports, P tickets and travellers cheques

Take your time getting ready

 ollect and try on your wedding outfits C and check accessories

Relax and enjoy your special day!

Give the wedding rings to the best man

 rganise someone to return hired clothes O and equipment

Bride flower delivery Phone_________________ Time_________

 onfirm equipment hire and wedding C transportation

Bride photography

Get a tan, facial and massage Have your hair coloured

Phone_________________ Time_________

Relax where possible

Bride transport pick-up

 onfirm details with (if you haven’t C already): Caterer, Florist, Musicians, Officiant, Photographer/Videographer, Transportation, Honeymoon

Phone_________________ Time_________ Ceremony arrival Phone_________________ Time_________

Day before

Ceremony flower delivery

Have nails manicured

Phone_________________ Time_________

Enjoy your day (relax)

Groom flower delivery

Pack last minute items for your honeymoon

Phone_________________ Time_________

 rrange refreshments at hotel for the A wedding party during pre-wedding preparation times

Groom photography

 ack an ‘emergency kit’ including: needle P and thread, safety pins, hollywood tape, extra stockings, bandaids

Groom transport pick-up

Phone_________________ Time_________

Phone_________________ Time_________

 ay out everything you need for the L wedding day


Pack essentials for the wedding night

Phone_________________ Time_________

After the honeymoon

Make-up Phone_________________ Time_________

 ake an appointment to see photographer M and videographer

Reception flower delivery

Send thank you cards for gifts

Phone_________________ Time_________

 rganise legals: wills, bank accounts and O passports - all name change information


 ave wedding dress dry cleaned H and preserved

Phone_________________ Time_________

Have flowers preserved

Notes________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 

Townsville Wedding Directory 71

Wedding Planner

Get a good night’s sleep

Wedding day time table 6.00am��������������������������




7.00am�������������������������� 7.30am�������������������������� 8.00am�������������������������� 8.30am�������������������������� 9.00am��������������������������

4.30pm�������������������������� 5.00pm�������������������������� 5.30pm��������������������������









11.30am�������������������������� Wedding Planner


12.00 noon������������������������ 12.30pm������������������������� 1.00pm�������������������������� 1.30pm��������������������������

8.00pm�������������������������� 8.30pm�������������������������� 9.00pm�������������������������� 9.30pm��������������������������





Budget Ceremony












Equipment hire__________________



Attire girls


Photographer __________________

Attire goys


Videographer __________________

Hair & beauty __________________

72 Townsville Wedding Directory





Ceremony Location Contact name:__________________________________________________ Business name:__________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Ceremony date: __________________ Start time:________________________

Notes........................................................................................................................................................ ................................................................................................................................................................... ................................................................................................................................................................... ...................................................................................................................................................................

Contact name:__________________________________________________ Business name:__________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Interview appointment:_____________ _______________________________ Date:__________________________ Time:___________________________ Rehearsal appointment:____________________________________________ Date:__________________________ Time:___________________________

Notes________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 

Townsville Wedding Directory 73

Wedding Planner

Minister / Celebrant

Reception Venue Contact name:__________________________________________________ Business name:__________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Guest arrival:____________________ Bride & Groom arrival:_______________ Entree:________________________ Main:___________________________ Cutting of the cake:________________ Bride & Groom depart:_______________ Booking date:____________________ Confirmation date:__________________

Wedding Planner

Master of ceremonies Contact name:__________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Booking date:____________________ Confirmation date:__________________ Catering Contact name:__________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Booking date:____________________ Confirmation date:__________________ Notes________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

74 Townsville Wedding Directory

Equipment hire Ceremony Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Equipment:____________________________________________________ Delivery date:____________________ Delivery time:_____________________ Reception Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________

Delivery date:____________________ Delivery time:_____________________

Decorations Ceremony Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Details:_______________________________________________________ Delivery date:____________________ Delivery time:_____________________ Reception Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Details:_______________________________________________________ Delivery date:____________________ Delivery time:_____________________ 

Townsville Wedding Directory 75

Wedding Planner


Entertainment / Music Ceremony Contact name:__________________________________________________ Business name:__________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Start time:______________________ Finish time:______________________ Special requests:������������������������������������������������ ____________________________________________________________ Reception Wedding Planner

Contact name:__________________________________________________ Business name:__________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Start time:______________________ Finish time:______________________ Special requests:������������������������������������������������ ____________________________________________________________

Notes________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

76 Townsville Wedding Directory

Bridal attire - Girls Bride Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Fitting date:_____________________ Time:___________________________ Fitting date:_____________________ Time:___________________________ Bridesmaids Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________

Fitting date:_____________________ Time:___________________________ Flower girl Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Fitting date:_____________________ Time:___________________________ Fitting date:_____________________ Time:___________________________ Accessories Shoes:________________________________________________________ Veil/head piece:_________________________________________________ Lingerie:______________________________________________________ Stockings:_____________________________________________________ Other:________________________________________________________ Other:________________________________________________________ 

Townsville Wedding Directory 77

Wedding Planner

Fitting date:_____________________ Time:___________________________

Bridal attire - Boys Groom Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Fitting date:_____________________ Time:___________________________ Fitting date:_____________________ Time:___________________________ Groomsmen Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Wedding Planner

Email:________________________________________________________ Fitting date:_____________________ Time:___________________________ Fitting date:_____________________ Time:___________________________ Page boy Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Fitting date:_____________________ Time:___________________________ Fitting date:_____________________ Time:___________________________ Accessories Shoes:________________________________________________________ Ties:_________________________________________________________ Cuff links:_____________________________________________________ Socks:________________________________________________________ Other:________________________________________________________ Other:________________________________________________________ 78 Townsville Wedding Directory

Hair and beauty Makeup Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Trial date:______________________ Time:___________________________ Wedding day start:________________ Finish:__________________________ Hair Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________

Wedding day start:________________ Finish:__________________________ Nails Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Pre-wedding app.:_________________ Time:___________________________

Notes________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 

Townsville Wedding Directory 79

Wedding Planner

Trial date:______________________ Time:___________________________

Rings Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Bride’s ring size:__________________ Groom’s ring size:___________________

Cake Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Wedding Planner

Special requests:_________________________________________________

Stationery Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Invitation quantity:________________ Order date:_______________________ Delivery date:____________________ RSVP:___________________________ Thank you card quantity:____________ Order date:_______________________ Delivery date:____________________ Notes:___________________________ Other:________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Notes________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

80 Townsville Wedding Directory

Flowers Wedding party Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Colour/type/details:______________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Bridal bouquet:___________________ Bridal headpiece:___________________ Bridesmaid’s bouquets:_____________ Bridesmaid’s headpieces:______________ Flower girls’ headpieces & bouquets:___________________________________ Flower girls’ petal basket:___________________________________________ Groom’s buttonhole:_______________ Groomsmen’s buttonhole:_____________

Special female guests’ corsage:_________ Special male guests’ corsage:___________ Ceremony Altar arrangements:_______________________________________________ Pew decorations:_________________________________________________ Aisle:_________________________________________________________ Other:________________________________________________________ Reception Entry arrangements:______________________________________________ Table decorations:________________________________________________ Bridal party table:________________________________________________ Cake table:_____________________________________________________ Other:________________________________________________________ Notes________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 

Townsville Wedding Directory 81

Wedding Planner

Mothers’ corsage:_________________ Father’s corsage:____________________

Photographer Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Appointment date:_________________ Time:___________________________ Wedding day start:________________ Finish:__________________________ Special requests:_________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ After wedding viewing time:__________ Date:___________________________

Wedding Planner

Videographer Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Appointment date:_________________ Time:___________________________ Wedding day start:________________ Finish:__________________________ Special requests:_________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ After wedding viewing time:__________ Date:___________________________

Transport Contact name:___________________ Business name:____________________ Address:______________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________ Mobile:__________________________ Email:________________________________________________________ Wedding day start:________________ Finish:__________________________ Special requests:_________________________________________________ 82 Townsville Wedding Directory

Overseas Celebrations

Honeymoon perfection Organising your wedding day is enough stress and planning for anyone. And that’s just one day! Your honeymoon might be a week, a fortnight or even a month long. Travel Managers will endeavour to make every day of it is as perfect as your wedding day! So whether you want to relax on an island paradise, explore Europe go on safari in Africa, contact Dan for a hassle free honeymoon. Dan also arranges overseas weddings and with 12 years experience in the industry and having

arranged groups of up to 270 people, he has the experience and know-how to ensure everything runs smoothly. And just to make it even simpler, Dan is fully mobile so will come to you at a time and place convenient to you for an obligation free consultation. Why use a travel agent when you can have a personal Travel Manager organise your perfect honeymoon.


T: 07 4724 2552 M: 0431 371 618 E: 

Townsville Wedding Directory 83

Island pampering Overseas Honeymoon

Jody and Phill Ross jetsetted off to Fiji to celebrate their honeymoon on the island of Denaru When discussing our honeymoon Phil and I decided we wanted to go to an island destination. We looked at Vanuatu, Bali and Fiji. After extensive research we decided to visit Fiji due to location, pricing and the romantic aspect of the country. We left Townsville four days after our wedding, and stayed a total of seven nights. After a few hours stop over in Brisbane and the four and a half hour international flight, we finally landed at the airport in Nadi, Fiji. As I’m not one for boats and ocean waves we decided to stay at Denaru Island, about 20 minutes by car from Nadi Airport. Phill and I opted to stay at the beautiful Sofitel Resort on Denaru. We had booked a standard ocean-view room but you couldn’t see much of the ocean through the palm trees. The room had provided all the usual items and we were generally surprised when our beds were turned down for us at night. Our stay included daily continental breakfasts including bacon, eggs, sausages, pancakes, cereals, local fruit, meats and a range of beverages. Each breakfast was accompanied by a local Fiji man playing his guitar and singing. The waiters/ waitresses were very helpful and pleasant. The only drawback to breakfast was the pigeons flying in and out, trying to steal food. Sofitel offered an exquisite resort style pool that we enjoyed everyday. The pool even had a waterslide

84 Townsville Wedding Directory

for the kids, but we had some fun on it too. A few times we joined the staff and other guests and played volleyball in the pool. That was definitely a blast. On our second day at Sofitel it was raining so I decided to book us in for a couple’s massage at the resort’s spa. We were in the same bure with our own personal Fiji lady tending to us. I can honestly say it was the best massage I have ever had. The spa was quite pricey but we were on our honeymoon so why not? Sofitel has its own private beach and watersports directly in front of it. We did swim in the ocean once but it wasn’t anything too spectacular. Phill and I didn’t eat lunch or dinner at the resort as we found the prices were a little too expensive. We ventured into Port Denaru, about 5 minutes down the road, and found a variety of restaurants. Some of the cuisine included the American Hard Rock Café, Italian, Indian, a pub-like eatery, Fijian, Kebabs, Seafood and Mama’s Pizza. We dined at most of the restaurants and were very satisfied with all the meals. I especially liked the Indian restaurant (butter chicken was delicious) and the Hard Rock Café (the hot fudge sundae was to die for). Both being big seafood eaters we sampled the local seafood platter at the Seafood Restaurant but found it to be pretty average and and we agreed that Australia’s seafood is much nicer, but I guess it all depends on individual tastes.

As an avid fisherman, Phill booked in to do a day trip and sample Fiji’s waters. It cost about $140 Fijian dollars for around six hours of boating and fishing. Unfortunately it turned out to be mainly trawling and Phill was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more intense fishing. He was quite amused though at how the Fijians keep any sized fish, as in Australia there are size and bag limits. We visited the town of Nadi on one occasion. It was very different to the resort and Denaru Island. The town itself was quite dirty and run-down. We were taken to a local Fijian shop which sold genuine Fijian-made artefacts. We were offered a kava session as a welcoming to their shop and country. Afterwards the shop workers encouraged to us look around and see if there was anything we liked. They had no prices on any items and told us to bring up what we liked and they would work out a deal. Well, we were fooled. We chose about 4 or 5 items and it ended up costing us about $360 Fijian dollars. They were quite cunning as they engraved two of the items we chose as, according to them, it offered us

luck. Phill and I were disappointed but we figured that we had provided enough money to last their village for a couple of weeks. A definite highlight of our trip was visiting the local village. You can pay quite a lot of money through booking agencies to visit villages but we arranged ours through one of the friendly Fijian guys we met on staff at our resort. We caught a cab to the village, only about 10 minutes away from the resort. Another friendly staff member then proceeded to show us around his village and explain their ways of living. We didn’t get to meet the chief, or in this case the two chiefs, as there was a bit of conflict amongst the village. The church within the village was amazing. The houses (huts) on the other hand were an eye-opener. It was an amazing experience and it certainly made us realise how lucky we are to live in Australia. Fiji is definitely still behind the times in regards to housing, roads (appalling), shops, infrastructure, economy, wages etc. However, most of the locals and all of the staff at the resorts are eager to help and friendly. The resorts are world-class and offer whatever it is you require. My gorgeous husband and I enjoyed the whole experience (good and not-so-good). The resort-style holiday was a whole new world to us, it was nice to be able to just relax and be pampered and know that our every need was or could be catered for. 

Townsville Wedding Directory 85

Overseas Honeymoon

Port Denaru also offered clothing shops, jewellery, a little supermarket, hair and beauty and booking places for a wide-range of boat and helicopter trips. At night Port Denaru offered a dance and flame show performed by local Fijian men, women and children. The performance was amazing and captivating.

An intimate celebration

Overseas Wedding

After almost 10 years and 2 children; finally the much awaited marriage proposal happened. That’s when the big questions started. After we announced our engagement, the questions and phone calls flowed in. When are you gettting married? Where are you getting married? Luckily for us we had already had a few years to think about it and the decision was easy, we would marry in Fiji on our 11th Anniversary of being together - giving our family over a year to save up to fly from Western Australia to Fiji. Getting married was not our main focus, so for the next 10months we ‘planned ‘ to get it organised, but never actually got around to doing anything. Several desperate phone calls from our parents urging us to ‘get off our butts and organise the wedding’ finally moved us into action. Apparently they felt they had waited long enough for the proposal let alone the wedding information. This followed hours of sitting in travel agents (well it felt like hours with two small children), which then turned into hours of searching the internet for information on getting married in Fiji and trying to find the perfect place to get married. It is extremely difficult to make a decision on the location of your wedding based on information on the internet and all the information on the different resorts and islands got so confusing that I had to start a list of the islands/resorts and the good and bad information that I came across. We did eventually find the perfect resort… ah relief!!! Only then to discover they didn’t have enough accommodation available for our predicted 30 guests. We sorted, decided on and successfully

86 Townsville Wedding Directory

booked our wedding on Treasure Island, Fiji. Excellent, parents off our back, we continued on with life as normal. With four months till the wedding, once again our family and friends are concerned. What’s your plan with your wedding dress? What are the bridesmaids wearing? So a quick trip to BellaDonna bridal with my bridesmaids (luckily one was visiting Townsville from Sydney) and dress number 2 was the perfect one with a few alterations. The perfect bridesmaid dress for a Fiji beach wedding, summer dresses with big frangipanis. They were so perfect that I decided our daughter who was flower girl should also wear one but they didn’t come in kids sizes, so an adults one was pulled apart and sewn into a matching dress. The awesome thing about getting married on an island like Treasure Island is that everything is already organised and after a couple of emails back and forth to the amazing wedding coordinator on the island I soon discovered that it would be easier to confirm/organise most of the wedding and reception when we arrived. I did however confirm a few things such as flowers required and a general idea of what I wanted. The people at Treasure Island were more than happy to provide any information, cake photos, flower photos and the buffet menu with about 20 items plus dessert. When I asked how may dishes

Final budget: 10 day family holiday (2 adults & children) + wedding = under $10 000 Pros: Intimate, Low stress (if you’re happy to go with whatever happens), great holiday, gower cost Cons: Higher cost for guests to attend (although this could be a good thing), not for someone who needs to have complete control over everything, not for bridezillas.

Busy with work, the wedding planning was put aside until about a month out when we quickly raced around Townsville on the desperate search for things for our wedding. Grooms clothes, rings, veil, make up shoes and some fake frangipanis just in case. Gifts for our guests were photo albums and sugar coated almonds decorated with frangipanis organised by the groom’s Italian family. Finally the day came and we left Townsville for Brisbane where we met up with about 20 of our guests, to begin the flight to Fiji followed by boat transfers to Treasure Island and in true travel style, half of them didn’t have transfers, got flustered, had to pay for taxis to the boat which we all nearly missed which meant rushing around with relatives and children in tow, a box with my wedding dress being passed from person to person and at times out of my sight (which any bride will know is a slightly stressful situation). Finally all relatives, children, bride, groom and most importantly wedding dress arrived on Treasure Island, let the relaxation and fun begin and that it did! During the two days before the wedding we spent most of our time swimming, snorkeling, catching up with family, drinking cocktails and joining in kava ceremonies and a brief meeting

with the wedding coordinator to go over the final details like wedding time, location of wedding and reception, music for walking down the beach (which was two Fijians playing guitar), Fijian warrior escort, bridal boat (which we had to cancel due to the tide being too low at the time of our wedding), reception set up, music (we had an ipod with some random music) and wedding cake. The wedding day arrived far too quickly and with an afternoon wedding we had a lot of time on the day. Mine was spent in my bure which looked out to palm trees, a hammock and the beach, hanging out with my bridesmaids, flowergirl and any other girls that decided to pop over for a chat, drinking champagne, painting nails, hair and makeup and all the things brides do! Lucky for us we had Allanna from MGM Photography in Fiji capturing it all (and helping us with some of the finer details of weddings like what leg to put the garter on etc). Joel, my husband-to-be, did what guys dream of doing the day of their wedding, headed out with all the other guys snorkeling on the magnificent reef surrounding the island, returning just in time for showers and getting dressed. But in the nature of weddings, just before the ceremony, rain began to fall and wind on the beach was up and our guests sheltered under the palm trees as the groom and groomsmen stood with the celebrant alone on the beach, determined to continue. The rain stopped in time for my bridesmaids and myself to be escorted by the Fijian warriors towards the beach. Joined 

Townsville Wedding Directory 87

Overseas Wedding

could I choose from the very large menu , they informed me that everything on the menu would be on offer at our wedding buffet, my husband-tobe was especially excited about this.

Overseas Wedding

by both my parents I began the long awaited journey down the beach to my awaiting groom standing below an arch carefully decorated with flowers. Our family and friends gathered around for our ceremony which was a simple ceremony conducted by a celebrant, a few giggles from me and witty comments from the groom and finally after 11 years we were married! Thankfully that was the end of the rain for the rest of the day, just enough for luck! Because of the threat of rain our reception was moved from outside to inside, a blessing in disguise as we sat on the open deck restaurant at one long table, the party began. Being inside meant we had the benefit of the restaurant band and dance floor, which came in handy for the bridal dance we had failed to organise a song for. We also ended up with Polynesian hula girls and fire dancers and joined in other dances with the Fijian staff and other guests on the island. The wedding buffet was amazing, seafood galore including scallops that melted in your mouth, beef and pork and other amazing salads. Thinking the day was already so much better than we could have ever planned, we moved outside to the pool deck to be wowed even more. About 12 of the island staff come out with our wedding cake, a simple white 2 tier cake, bottom tier square and top tier a love heart decorated with fresh frangipanis and my grandparent’s bride/groom cake topper. After setting the cake down in front of us and our guests they announced that they had something special for us, they then began a Fijian

88 Townsville Wedding Directory

tribal dance (similar to the Hakka) followed by a Fijian hymn that was absolutely beautiful. Returning to our bure we discovered that the staff had been in to tidy the room and had decorated it with honeymoon sarongs and flowers and left a bottle of champagne. A perfect end to what turned out to be a perfect day. But it didn’t end there. In the days following we spent time again hanging out with our family snorkeling, kayaking and relaxing. Soon it was time for us to leave the beautiful people at Treasure Island and head with a few family members to the Warwick Resort on the Coral Coast for another 5 nights, our ‘honeymoon’. We travelled first by boat around many of the islands before arriving at Port Denarau where we boarded a small bus to travel to the Coral Coast. Finally we arrived at the Warwick Resort, an absolutely stunning 5 star resort. From here we planned on seeing Fiji and spent our days touring villages, kayaking on the rivers and trying out more of their kava. The Fijian people are great to have a chat to and are more than willing to tell you about how they live and the history of the islands. Already we were missing our time on Treasure Island, while The Warwick Resort had all the bells and whistles, it was a big resort and the staff were busy (still very friendly and helpful) whereas the staff on Treasure Island were much more relaxed, more our style. After 10 days we returned to Australia, married and relaxed and looking forward to a real honeymoon on one of Fiji’s beautiful island, probably Treasure Island!

Wedding Anniversary

Let’s celebrate

An anniversary is a unique celebration, a moment that symbolises the passing of another year together and the celebrating of your love for one another. As each year passes it recalls the happiness of the past and creating an abundance or memories for the future. Anniversaries should be marked with memorable gifts and celebrations. To help celebrate, special gifts are assigned to each anniversary, each with its own material and symbolic value.

Year Traditional











Year Flower



 ruit and Flowers/ F Appliances

1st Carnation






Sweet and Sugar



Desk Set




Bronze/Pottery Willow/Copper















Gold Jewellery



Watches Platinum

30th Pearl/Ivory





40th Ruby




50th Gold 55th


60th Diamond

4th 5th

Sapphire Gold Emerald Diamond


Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire




Hydrangea Daisy

6th Calla 7th Freesia


20th China 25th Silver 35th

2nd Lily of the valley 3rd Sunflower




Bird of paradise

10th Daffodil 11th Tulip

12th Peony 13th Chrysanthe

14th Dahlia


15th Rose 20th Aster 25th

Iris 28th Orchid 30th Lily 40th Gladiolus


Yellow rose, violet

Townsville Wedding Directory 89

Wedding Anniversay

ery, Joy Hartley, ), Aster Gusthardt, Roy, Marg Graham Farthing (Groomsman er Girl – Lynne Brasch (Margery’s sister) Flow ), man t Lex Rowland (Bes

Fifty years of bliss

Once upon a time! NO! It is not a fairy tale. At times it was devils and dungeons!

valve – the dance floor. Margery and Roy soon became a couple and the friendship strengthened.

Roll back to the late fifties – 1959 actually, and the teaming, steaming dance floors of Cairns, N.Q. There used to be at least three dance venues operating during the week in Cairns in those times.

In June, 1960, Roy returned to Bundaberg as his contract had expired, but Margery had another contract in mind, commencing 31st December, 1960 and like the builders of old, the contract has never been challenged.

The young lady, Margery Brasch, was a born and bred Cairnsite, except for a stint during World War II when the family followed Dad around Air Force Bases; Mr Allan Brasch was a “ranked” airframe Mechanic.

Roy and Margery were married at St Margarets Anglican Church, Aumuller Street, Cairns. In those days, married teachers were not employed, but she soon found casual work. Roy resigned from State Works Department to work with his new father-in-law in a lawnmower sales and repair business.

The Tradie, Roy Jorgensen, was a Bundy boy who had learned his trade as a Builder at the Bingera Sugar Mill. Roy designed and built the new family home in Bundaberg when the Jorgensens moved to Bundaberg in 1957. 1959 was a very eventful year; Margery’s first year out as a School Teacher at Balaclava State School in Cairns, and, Roy’s secondment to Cairns with the Public Works, to build new schools in the area. There were 42 transient tradies in the Cairns area at the time. While the teachers taught, the builders built with one common relief

90 Townsville Wedding Directory

Roy designed and built their first home on a quarter-acre block in Macilwraith Street. In 1967, State Works offered Roy the chance to oversee the renovations of a couple of government buildings which he took up. Margery was doing Supply A teaching and teaching piano and theory on their first piece of furniture, a Beale Pianola. This time in their lives was probably the crisis years; trying to build a house on one wage, working for a boss during the week and on the

oetter together with Jim and Lorainne Woerg brated both couples cele , sen gen Jor ry Roy and Marge es at A Touch of Salt sari iver ann g din wed 50th

house at weekends and babies being born; Joanne born in 1962, Paul 1964 and Wayne 1967. They were both heavily involved with the School Parents and Citizens Association as well. Margery also kept up her passion for singing, being the Musical Director of two Musicals for the Cairns Choral Society, conducting the Balaclava School Choir at several Eisteddfods and forming her own Choir which sang at Church Weddings and The Cairns Classical Music Society. She ran her own concerts with her Choir and many Piano Students performing. She enjoyed singing duets with her sister-inlaw, Glenda Brasch, and they, in turn, joined Nan Mann in trios. They were very successful at Eisteddfods. During this time, Margery was studying for her Music Teachers Diploma with Trinity College, London. Margery and Roy owned a little plywood caravan that Roy renovated and which they towed with an FC Holden. This was followed by a HD Panelvan which saw them through two adventures; the first to Ayers Rock and Darwin and back to Cairns and the second to Tasmania and back to Rockhampton.

Roy had been posted to the Rockhampton Architectural Branch in 1974 as a Technical Officer where his drafting skills were honed. Margery was engaged as a full-time teacher at Allenstown State School in Rockhampton. Her Allenstown School Choir won the State Eisteddfod. They purchased a ‘real Queenslander’ in Murray Street and were only halfway through the renovations when Roy was offered a promotion in Townsville, in 1976. Margery was transferred to Mundingburra State School, where she taught for twenty-two years, and then to Annandale State School until her retirement in 2008. In 2000, Margery was honoured with an Australia Day Award for her services to Education in Queensland. The transition to Townsville didn’t go too well socially, but, they believe that this seemed to bond the family. Jo-Anne started at Townsville Grammar and both boys attended Mundingburra State School. They travelled a lot as a family; to Cairns and Bundaberg to visit Grandparents and a trip to Western Australia in the Kingswood. In 1979 Jo-anne was chosen as a Rotary Exchange student to the United States of 

Townsville Wedding Directory 91

Wedding Anniversay

A talented young lady, just out of Teachers College and a Transient Tradie – both with the world at their feet. How could this couple ever be a match?

America. What a wonderful way to mature a young lady! This year also saw Roy resign from State Works and establish a Hardware Store at the Upper Ross which was sold as a going concern in 1984. Margery had learned new skills as a gofer, a shop assistant, and a bookkeeper. Roy turned to teaching after selling the shop; he established the Manual Arts Department at Cathedral School and taught for two years. He then returned to the drafting board with a well-known Architectural Firm, Macks and Robinson, where he became the Contracts Administrator, before retiring in 1999. His reputation as an Administrator allowed him to obtain work as a Project Manager at various sites. Many of the James Cook University buildings owe much to Roy’s knowledge, diligence and attention to detail. The establishment of the initial Cowboys Stadium is another complex that owes Roy acknowledgement. Their love of travel has seen them travel to Europe, Ireland, New Zealand, U.S.A. and Canada together with many trips around Australia, the last being on a voyage down the Kimberley coast with the “Coral Princess” line. They now own a

Toyota Hiace wagon that Roy adapted to supply sleeping quarters. They enjoy the rewards of a close-knit family, driving to Adelaide to see Wayne and his partner, Tracy, and to Sydney to see their daughter, Jo-anne, and her son, Dane, They have regular visits from Paul and Alison and their daughters, Ella and Emily, who live in Townsville.. Since her retirement, Margery has found her talents in high demand both in Music and Education and she has a full work load. She is a member of the Music Teachers Association of Queensland, and at present, is the Secretary of the Townsville Branch. Roy does minor building projects, particularly with Heritage values as well as house maintenance and house-husband. A long term project of Roy’s has been the collation of construction details/methods used in the field workers’ (labourers’) accommodation. e.g. Cane Cutters’ Quarters. This reference book will cover construction methods of shelter types used from the days of the first fleet to the present day. Roy supplied the detailed drawings for the reconstruction of a set of quarters (circa 1920’s) shipped from Ingham to a Heritage Museum in Finland.

Cultural wedding

Hindu dream

Preetika Singh and Anesh Pal recently celebrated their traditional Hindu wedding at the Greek Community Centre. It was a dream come true for the couple to be able to have a traditional wedding. Although many items had to be bought up from Brisbane in a semi trailer, including the mandap (canopy) and the sacred fire, and flying in the decorator, this wasn’t going to stop Preetika from having her dream wedding. The entire wedding was held in the Greek Community Centre, which was chosen as the venue, because of their flexibility to adapt to the needs of the Hindu wedding.

92 Townsville Wedding Directory

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Like most girls, you dream of the fairytail wedding with the perfect man. Well that’s what you dream of anyway. I remember the day my future husband and I sat down and put our lists of guests together. I was not impressed that my husband-to-be had invited his ex fiancé school sweetheart lover to the wedding because apparently, they made a pact when they broke up that they would stay friends and invite each other to each others wedding in the event they did such.

We had a lovely setting for our reception. We set up a big Marquee in my dads backyard. We spent all day decorating with lanterns hanging from the perimeter of the marquee, with runners shooting up the apex plus many other hours of work wanting to make this the most special day of my life.

I walked on and continued to greet my husband to be. We began the vows, and whilst saying the vows, I could hear her talking. Her presence was starting to grate me.

By the time we returned from the bridal party photo shoot and arrived at the reception, she was drunk. Laughing, giggling, all over the boys. The bitch, she was having a better time than me. I asked three of my close friends to accidentally spill a wine on her beautiful dress and she may leave, but none of them would, the cowards. So by the end of the night, I wanted to punch her, dancing to every bloody song, trying to lead the Congo line, miss smarty pants at the Nutbush. So I give in to the fact that she had ruined my wedding, so I might as well just get drunk. As nothing else could get worse, right. Well I was wrong, she decided she was going to run up to the main pole in the marquee and pole dance, except she didn’t swing around on it, she pulled it clean out with the marquee collapsing on top of everyone.

After we were presented to our friends to congratulate, she was one of the first to give him a big affectionate cuddle. It was like I had a radar on her. (I look back and laugh now).

Well that was the first and last time I saw her, yet never got to meet her the whole wedding, even though my husband insists he introduced us…. Believe me, I would have remembered!

Fast forward to the wedding day: I felt so beautiful all day, not a thought of her, I had arrived at the ceremony, she was the furtherist thing from my mind. I began my walk down the aisle, I could see my husband down the end of the aisle, I spot him, he spots me, then he looks down, looks back up, looks and waves to a girl on the end pugh who waved to him first. He then looks back at me, at this moment, I did not feel at eaze, I knew it was her, it had to be. He looked and waved at his ex girlfriend while his bride-to-be is walking down the aisle. She was standing there with three of my husband’s long term single mates.

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I don’t drink beer or eat prawns

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Wedding Fail

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