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Keeping a watchful eye when trading through Strait of Hormuz

Spark by Wilhemsen Ship Management

Sustainability: Reducing Plastic Usage Onboard

Mental Health Campaign for Crew

Wilhelmsen Ship Management Acquires 50% Stake in NorSea Wind

Enable, Enhance, Simplify.


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Keeping a Watchful Eye When Trading Through Strait of Hormuz 20

News And Stories...

Spark by Wilhelmsen Ship Management


Wilhelmsen Ship Management Acquires 50% Stake in NorSea Wind


Wilhelmsen Ship Management Awarded Two Supramaxes from Stove Shipping AS


Ship Inspection Services


Wilhelmsen Ship Management Tightens Vendors Selection Process to Reduce Plastic Usage Onboard 16 Major Industry Players Pledged to Reduce and Reuse Plastic in Maritime Supply Chain


WSM Malaysia takes home the Second Prize in NYK’s Brush Up on Safety Awareness Competition 2018


Driving the Safety Message Home


Ship Management Takes Home AMVER Awards


Mind over machoism: Wilhelmsen Ship Management Launches Mental Health Awareness Campaign on Board


Meet The Management Team



Editor amanda.loh@wilhelmsen.com




Wilhelmsen Ship Management Malaysia 19th Floor, 1 Sentral Jalan Rakyat, Kuala Lumpur Sentral 50470 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia T +6 03 2084 5600 © All rights reserved 2019

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Hello everyone, In recent months, we have been very busy and visible in customer events and ship management wins. Even so, we are not resting on our successes. We are committed to maritime innovation and sustainability to create a healthy environment for the business and community. Ship management continues to strengthen and expand I cannot single out any exact strategy that is resulting in the winning formula we have now. However, I can confidently say that it is synergy and efforts from every single department within the company that is closing us notable wins in ship management. Regulatory and customer demands have increased and all of us in Wilhelmsen Ship Management are working fiercely to professionally and effectively manage our vessels. I am pleased to share that customers who have been with us for decades are still entrusting their vessels to us. As a leading maritime company, we are also developing digital tools to help our customers with monitoring vessel performance; delivering more value on our technical solutions. Creating a vessel monitoring tool that sparks joy A few months ago, we launched our |web-based vessel energy efficiency application named Spark. Spark was a result from an initiative to address the need to access key information at your fingertips and increases transparency on vessel fuel consumption. The application identifies and visualizes critical fuel related data for the end-users’ immediate attention.

As we develop more tools to enhance our stakeholders’ ship management experience with us, we have not forgotten our responsibility in preserving the environment we are operating in. Continuously #makingadifference and making changes for maritime sustainability Wilhelmsen Ship Management has recently organized the first-of-its-kind roundtable discussion with major industry players to pledge for the reduction and recycling of plastic in the maritime supply chain. We gathered players from all parts of the industry and discussed solutions on how to reduce and recycle. Earlier this year, we also implemented an added criterion to reduce plastic use through our vendor selection process. 2020 is approaching As you read this, we have entered the last quarter of 2019. Next year, Wilhelmsen Ship Management will be marking our 45th year in third party ship management. 2020 is also the year where environmental regulations take effect and we are prepared to weather this storm with our customers. We can do this together! I hope you enjoy this read and I’ll see you again soon. Yours sincerely,

Carl Schou, President & CEO of Wilhelmsen Ship Management

Issue 2 - 2019


Feature 2


Spark by Wilhelmsen Ship Management Wilhelmsen Ship Management has developed a customized application for ship owners to monitor their vessels’ energy efficiency.

Issue 2 - 2019


The idea behind Spark

There are many complex energy efficiency solutions

on the market, however no one which had the end-user in mind. We saw this as an opportunity to develop an

intuitive application that provides key information to all layers in the organization, including the captain, but at

the same time gives drill-down opportunities to identify

root cause. With this as a starting point, we embarked on

the development of Spark – an intuitive application which adds value to the customer.


Data at your finger tips

Since fuel is the primary driver of operational cost for vessels, we wanted to develop an application where

energy efficiency is the priority. Spark gives ship owners and operators immediate access to energy efficiency

data and a ranking of their fleet, and at the same time they can perform a quick analysis of the fuel consumption drivers.

Vessels produce huge amounts of operational data.

This is highly complex information and it is easy to get lost in the “data jungle”. Spark identifies and visualize

critical fuel related data, so key stakeholders can easily use the information to their advantage.

Gamification has been added with the ambition of

encouraging healthy competition between vessels

to improve their performance and get “honored” for energy efficiency. As a result everyone can see an energy efficiency ranking of all vessels in the fleet at any given time.

When drilling down to a certain element impacting

the fuel consumption, the application also provides recommended actions or advice related to that particular topic.



Built for success

Spark increases transparency related to fuel consumption by giving owners, operators and captains the total fuel consumption overview in the fleet,

but also insights into root causes on individual vessels through a highly user-friendly interface.

Spark serves as a driver for behavioral change when vessels are ranked within the fleet according to fuel efficiency – and this is available on everyone’s hand phones. As a captain you don’t want to be at the bottom of the list!

Watch the video - https://youtu.be/6OnIGE5ORpk

Issue 2 - 2019


Wilhelmsen Ship Management

acquires 50% stake in NorSea Wind


Wilhelmsen Ship Management strengthen its foothold in the renewable wind energy market through acquisition of a 50% share of Norsea Wind AS.



Issue 2 - 2019



Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM) to acquire

50% of NorSea Wind AS and its subsidiaries to offer a unified and integrated solution to the renewable

wind energy market. NorSea Wind, founded in 2016 as a subsidiary of Norsea Group, provides project

management and logistics planning throughout all stages for on and offshore wind farm projects.

It is the focal element within Norsea Group where it integrates all service offerings for the wind energy

segment as it’s go-to-market strategy. Its accumulated expertise and experience combined with proven track record globally provide a market leading proposition.

“ NorSea Wind offers an exciting opportunity for WSM to strengthen our service offering within the wind energy market, this acquisition complements WSM’s strong experience in marine asset operation and maintenance. The acquisition will combine core competencies from both parties to deliver a full range of service offerings throughout the whole value chain.” – Carl Schou, President & CEO of Wilhelmsen Ship Management.



“ This acquisition provides a major growth opportunity for both parties to lead and meet the growing future requirements in the wind energy sector. With the rapid market development, our combined competencies as a total solution provider will be best positioned to support stakeholders on the evolving journey.” – John Stangeland, President and CEO of Norsea Group AS WSM and Norsea Group are part of the Wilhelmsen group

companies. NorSea Wind will be positioned as the group’s

platform towards the global renewable wind energy market. In 2018, WSM, together with Norsea Wind, secured a frame agreement to provide a complete technical maintenance

solution for TenneT’s off and onshore transformer stations and AC electricity transmission systems.

Issue 2 - 2019


Feature 10


Wilhelmsen Ship Management

awarded two supramaxes from Stove Shipping AS

On 14 August 2019, Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM) is pleased to announce that we have been selected as the technical manager for the Stove Shipping AS (Stove) vessels, Stove Friend and Stove Tide.

Issue 2 - 2019


The two supramaxes are the newest addition to the Stove fleet built in 2016 by Tsuneishi shipbuilding Co, Ltd. Eastern Bulk Carriers will be the commercial manager of both vessels and technically managed by WSM in Singapore. This year, WSM and Stove commemorates 10 years

News Update

of good working relationship.











“ We are very pleased to select WSM as the technical manager for our vessels, Stove Friend and Stove Tide, and look forward to continue our good working relationship and synergy with WSM in years ahead,” – Pal Gilde, Technical Fleet Manager of Stove

In addition to these 2 vessels from Stove, WSM have secured more than 40 new vessels into technical management so far this year. WSM is optimistic about the future of the ship management industry driven by the improved sentiment in some market segments. Besides expanding in the managed bulk carrier fleet, we are also expanding in our gas fleet.

“ We thank Stove Shipping’s trust in us and this award further seals our long-term relationship. Stove Shipping and WSM have worked hand in hand like partners for the past 10 years. “We have been through the market volatilities together and as the market improves, we hope to ride this momentum together,” – Carl Schou, President & CEO of Wilhelmsen Ship Management.

Issue 2 - 2019


Ship Inspection Services

News Update

Independent and accurate ship inspection services at reach

Quality service delivery is the hallmark of success in our business. We are committed to deliver bespoke inspection services with purpose-built reports through a web access portal within a short turnaround time. Our ship inspections are made to access the conditions for all vessel-types appointed by owners, buyers, sellers, managers, banks, brokers financial institutions, fund houses, and investors.



Our global network of qualified and experienced inspectors have an eye for detecting technical, condition and operational anomalies as they determine an asset’s true value based on actual condition. We are ready to be deployed to any location to undertake the ship inspections on board.

Professional assessment

A full operational assessment of the vessel’s systems and machinery will be carried out if permitted including a review of key events, dry dock history, planning and details of the preventative maintenance system if made available. Our teams work under strict HSEQ Group policies and while on board will adapt to the vessel SMS requirements. Intrinsically safe cameras will be used as permitted and possible.

Robust reporting tool

All data and reports are transparent and easily disseminated on our web-based platform 24/7 through your own private access. Results are always delivered with clarity and supported by pictures in respect of your need to timely and accurate inspection reports. Our intuitive web-based platform delivers projects securely to be viewed with password access on any device, with about 1000 plus pictures, categorized and arranged like a walkthrough of the ship. The reports are designed to be narrative and of professional grade with easy navigation and empowering you with decision making intelligence. Ship inspection services is a division of Wilhelmsen Ship Management, a Wilhelmsen group company. Wilhelmsen is a global maritime group and a leader within the industry. With the world’s largest maritime network on call 24/7, we can deliver products and services where your ship at. The pulse of the maritime industry is at our fingertips.

Issue 2 - 2019


Wilhelmsen Ship Management

tightens vendors selection process to reduce plastic usage onboard

News Update

Vendors will need to demonstrate a viable plan to reduce plastic usage.



Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM) enforced a new criterion in their vendor selection process as part of their commitment to make maritime trade sustainable. Vendors supplying spare parts, stores and consumables will be required to demonstrate that they have a viable plan to reduce plastic usage on the products delivered to us. This will apply to all existing and new vendors.

“As a ship manager, we are able to procure at economies of scale and at the same time we own the responsibility to create a sustainable world. We need to consume less plastics in every way we could,” – Carl Schou, President & CEO of Wilhelmsen Ship Management. WSM has pledged support to UNDP’s Sustainable Goals and is making changes in both business practices and lifestyle to reduce the use of plastics. WSM has earlier launched the #makingadifference campaign for both ship and shore staff to urge everyone to make lifestyle changes and say no to plastics. Watch video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94NhcZTKM5s

Issue 2 - 2019




News Update

Major industry players pledged to reduce and reuse plastic in maritime supply chain On 6 September 2019, Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM) hosted a roundtable discussion to facilitate initiatives on reducing and recycling plastic in the maritime supply chain.

WSM has gathered major industry players together to share opinions, best practices and ongoing initiatives towards a common goal in preventing and significantly reducing marine pollution of all kinds, in particular from land-based activities (UNSDG 14 : Life below water). In this first-of-its-kind roundtable discussion, the panels focused on plastic packaging delivered onboard ships including means of disposal and recycling plastic waste. The panel discussed in depth the need to create alliances in the industry to share best practices, standardization of metrics for measuring plastics, establishment of industry standards by authorities and audit trails of plastic consumption. Representatives from class society, ship agency and chandlers, engine manufacturer, marine chemicals, lubricants and equipment were present at the discussion. Key action plans were discussed with consensus from all panels. WSM plans to arrange the next roundtable discussion in the next 6 months to follow up on the action plan. WSM have enforced a new criteria in their vendor selection process earlier this year. Vendors supplying spare parts, stores and consumables will be required to demonstrate a viable plan to reduce plastic usage on the products delivered onboard WSM’s managed fleet.

Issue 2 - 2019


News Update

Keeping a watchful eye when trading through Strait of Hormuz

Wilhelmsen Ship Management shares the measures taken to safeguard owners and crew interest.



Issue 2 - 2019


News Update

Since the Fujairah attacks, we have increased our measures to safeguard our owners and crew interest. Everyone is encouraged to heighten their situation awareness to stay vigilant for any abnormalities. The principles of situation awareness require one to observe the situation, understanding it and projecting ahead. Cultivating a culture that encourages situation awareness is an ongoing focus for us to improve decision making processes. Though situation awareness is considered part of basic seamanship, this attribute will only thrive in a suitable environment and culture. To maintain high situation awareness as a team, every individual is encouraged to do a self-reflection of his/her state of awareness.



The following are some general operational guidance we have given to our crew onboard when operating in affected zones: • Maintain vigilance, all-round surveillance, look out and

proceed at best speed

• Plan navigation to stay out of Iranian water and coast and

weather, safe navigation permit (WSNP)

• Monitor suspicious crafts, observe those that are heading

towards vessel and look out for any suspicious activity

• Report all suspicious sighting to port control, if vessel is

outside port, report the sighting to UKMTO (UK Maritime

Trade Operations) and Company Security Officer

• Increasing reporting frequency to UKMTO or MSCHOA

(Maritime Security Centre- Horn of Africa) and Company

Security Officer when vessel is schedule to pass this area

• Maintain awareness via local news media • Increase security measures to higher level • For vessels that are approaching coalition naval forces,

bridge should maintain radio contact on VHF Channel 16

While geopolitical situation changes ever so rapidly, seamless communication between shore and onboard during this period is crucial. Relying and acting upon each other’s perception is vital to achieve a pragmatic assessment of the current and anticipated future situation of the vessel. Situation awareness is one of the most important element of good ship management and in Wilhelmsen Ship Management, it is a skillset that we hone on every individual.

Issue 2 - 2019


News Update

Wilhelmsen Ship Management

Malaysia takes home the Second Prize in NYK’s Brush Up On Safety Awareness Competition 2018 9 out of 20 ship managers were shortlisted to present their safety awareness campaign to respected maritime and shipping audience. Nandan Biswas (pictured right) and Saikat Dasgupta demonstrated how we can enhance crew safety awareness through visual media/

digital display

onboard at NYK’s head office in Tokyo, and won second place after making through the finals.



Driving the safety message home Inclusive leadership is one way to ensure our safety message reaches everyone. To walk the walk, our management team leads the way through on board visits.

Not long ago, we made 3 vessel visits on board our managed LNG carriers in Malaysia waters. The management team based in Kuala Lumpur went on board to enforce safety messages to our crew and listen to their concerns and feedback. It was a great opportunity for us to have these informal sessions on every vessel to listen and address our crews’ concerns and challenges. There were plenty of good takeaways learnt for better improvement as we work in collaboration between our people on board and on shore. Watch the video: https://youtu.be/QVjj-Rm1FrI

Issue 2 - 2019


News Update

Ship Management takes home AMVER awards

WSM Norway and UK were awarded AMVER pennants for 24 vessels under their management. On 5 June 2019, WSM was invited to the award ceremony at the US Ambassador’s Residence in Oslo to receive the recognition for our commitment to maritime safety and making ourselves available to assist in search and rescue activities at sea. A total of 293 vessels from 33 Norwegian shipowners and operators received the nod of approval from the USCG as AMVER-worthy. Erik Lyngnes, Head of HSEQ – Region Europe & Americas (center), accepted the award for WSM.



Mind over machoism: Wilhelmsen Ship Management launches mental health awareness campaign on board

From August till end-2019, Wilhelmsen Ship Management (WSM) will be focusing on the seafarers’ mental health and wellbeing as part of the ongoing hazard watch campaign on board. Mental breakdowns could happen to seafarers especially in conditions where they work in isolation at sea. There are huge risks involved when seafarers are faced with the possibility of unwanted reactions, unexpected actions, or even inaction that would impact other people, environment and property. Mental health is very important and WSM aims to break the taboo on this subject. To begin with, WSM’s initial release of the mental wellbeing campaign will focus on three areas: stress, sleep and overall psychological health of the seafarers.

Issue 2 - 2019


STRESS AT WORK Seafarers face unique working conditions which can put them under a lot of stress with fewer opportunities for relief than would be likely to found on land. Stress factors include:

Lack of communication

Social Isolation

Physical demands

Multicultural differences

SLEEPLESS IN THE SEAS WSM has made available self-help resources to assist seafarers and their fellow crew members

News Update

identify their stress points and ways to address the issue. Stress is one of the most common mental vulnerability that can lead to lack of sleep. Our body’s reaction to stress may affect our sleeping patterns. An unrested mind and body could result in fatigue and poor work performance. For seafarers, this deteriorated condition is discouraged as they are expected to be vigilant when serving at sea. Sleeplessness can also be caused by:

Increased use of digital devices

Eating too spicy or heavy foods before bed

Irregular sleeping time

Unconducive sleeping conditions

Drinking too much caffeinated beverages

WSM encourages seafarers to incorporate exercise and relaxing activities like reading, listening to music and meditating to ease into a rested state before bedtime.



PSYCHOLOGICAL WELLBEING FOR BETTER STATE OF MIND Every member on board a vessel must work together to actively enhance the living and working conditions on board; and that includes social activities among crew.

A balanced psychological wellbeing includes a good mix of:

Positive relationships with crew

Finding accomplishment in any goals and ambitions

Finding joy by through meaningful and purposeful activities

Engagement in activities both socially and professionally

Positive emotions with people and work

Issue 2 - 2019


WSM SETS FOUNDATION TO BUILD MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS ON BOARD Understandably, professional consultants cannot be 24/7 on board to monitor, identify and address the crews’ mental health. WSM is taking the proactive way by launching the hazard watch campaign to promote mental health awareness on all managed vessels. Seafarers can find self-help resources installed in onboard computers and informative posters

News Update

to serve as guidance and reminders on improving mental wellbeing.

The resources may help seafarers recognize signs of mental health problems and how to find appropriate shore support when needed. The Master and selected crew would undergo basic training to act as “mediators” or “counselors” but by no means offer any kind of professional advice. The Master would report any incidences to their respective designated person ashore (DPA) who may seek professional advice or assistance if required. Mental health should not be taken lightly and any negative shift in behavioral patterns and emotions can pose safety risks to both crew and vessel. The biggest hurdle today is to create an open culture on board and erase the stigma behind mental health issues. The aim for the mental awareness hazard watch campaign is to generate awareness, compassion and support for one another. With a Health & Safety Policy in place, guided by industry bodies, WSM is committed to the health and welfare of all seafarers on board managed vessels.



Meet The Management Team Häkon Lenz Daniel Reinsborg

Regional Vice President, Americas & Europe

Vice President, Finance

Øyvind Størdal Vice President, Digital

Esther Gan

Vice President, Marketing & Communications

John Beck

Pål Gunnulfsen

Vice President, Procurement

Regional Vice President, Asia

Christina Cheh

Irina Carbunaru

Vice President, Risk Management & Systems

Vice President, Marine Personnel

Sean Neilan Vice President, Commercial

Carl Schou CEO & President

Kenny Lee Vice President, HR & OD

Issue 2 - 2019


Consistently delivering quality ship management

Enable, Enhance, Simplify.



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