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Golden Hawk Basketball Golden Hawk Athletics General Information

Wilfrid Laurier University

Founded: 1911 Enrollment: 8,155 President: Dr. Robert Rosehart Conference: Ontario University Athletics Colors: Purple and Gold Nickname: Golden Hawks Phone: (519) 884-0710, ext. 2184 Fax: (519) 884-0203 Director of Athletics and Recreation: Peter Baxter ext. 2216 Manager of Intercollegiate Athletics: Wayne Gowing ext. 2384 Development Officer: Roly Webster ext. 3289 Sports Information Director: Ari Grossman ext. 6483

WLU Athletic Complex

Capacity: 2500 Facility Coordinator: Kevin Webster ext. 3732 Web Address:

Golden Hawk Women's Basketball Head Coach: Stu Julius Assistant Coach: Ann Weber Assistant Coach: Kevin Duffy Team Manager: Cailin Miziolek Student Trainer: Jasmine MacDonnell

2002-2003 Season In Review Entering this season, Laurier would see a roster that would feature 6 new faces to the line-up. After a 2001-02 campaign that saw the Hawks finish with 9 wins and 11 losses, and an early play-off loss at the hands of the Brock Badgers, Coach Stu Julius was hot on the recruiting trail determined to make wholesale changes to take the next step with the basketball program. With changes in place the Hawks would feature only two 3rd year players (Rebecca Williams and Dee Channer) along with two 2nd year players (Sarah Zagorski and Robin Rozell) to provide the foundation for this young line-up. With Zagorski named as the OUA Rookie of the Year and Rozell also coming off a strong first-year campaign, Julius was excited about the future. With the 2001-02 season barely complete, freshmen Sarah Barnes, Kerri Jilesen, Heather Sutherland and Meaghan McGrath had made their commitment to attend Laurier the following fall. Joining this youthful group would be international student Maire Guinney who hales from Listowell, Ireland and walk-on, Julie Roantree who completed the new-look roster. With five true rookies and a total of six new faces to the line-up the 2002-03 campaign was set to begin. Coming out of the gate with a 4-0 record, the Hawks were excited about their new roster and the early success they were experiencing. After Christmas the Hawks were sitting with an 8-6 record and looking to move up the standings. Not far off in their sites would be the stretch run towards the playoffs in which the Hawks would win six of their last seven games and secure 2nd place in the OUA West Division. Along with this position in the standings came a first round bye that would see them face the winner of the Western Mustangs and Windsor Lancers. With a week off to prepare the Hawks would put on a clinic that included shooting 75% from 3-pt land in the second half that propelled them to a 84-59 victory that would advance them to the OUA West Final versus the McMaster Marauders. With both the division title and a berth into the National Championships on the line, the Hawks were entering into new territory for the basketball program. Though they played a tough game versus McMaster, finding themselves down by ten late in the game pushed them into tough situations in need of some points. With the eventual outcome being a 85-74 loss the Hawks now had to re-focus for the Bronze medal game, and the final berth into the National Championships. This game would be against the Laurentian Voyageurs who were upset by Queen’s in the OUA East Final. The Voyageurs were coming off an undefeated regular season, and now were looking for redemption following their first loss. Finding themselves only down by four after a first half in which the Hawks struggled from the field, the team was confident they could still win this big game. On the heels of a career game by Dee Channer who had 31 points and 10 rebounds, while shooting a perfect 15 for 15 from the stripe, the Hawks would go onto a three point victory and earn their first ever berth into the National Championship. With a roster of only ten players, everyone has had to contribute to the Hawks’ success this season. With strong team play first, individual accomplishments have not gone unnoticed as Sarah Zagorski and Maire Guinney were named OUA All-stars, Sarah Barnes and Meaghan McGrath were named to the OUA Rookie Team, while McGrath picked up the OUA Rookie of the Year award for the Hawks for the second straight year. Finally, entering his fourth season with the Hawks and a young line-up that would lead the OUA in scoring, coach Stu Julius would take home Coach of the Year honours, after leading this group to their best ever season.

Road To The Nationals W 81-68 (Western) W 84-71 (Guelph) W 71-61 (Carleton) W 85-68 (Ottawa) L 72-50 (Queen's) W 70-52 (Guelph) L 45-42 (Windsor) W 70-57 (Waterloo) L 58-54 (Western) W 63-52 (Windsor) L 76-58 (Laurentian) L 69-53 (York) W 83-73 (Toronto) L 70-64 (Ryerson) W 75-66 (McMaster) W 75-68 (Brock) W 82-67 (Waterloo) W 102-74 (Lakehead) W 81-66 (Lakehead) L 73-64 (McMaster) W 74-68 (Brock) OUA Playoff's West Semi Finals: W 84-59 (Western) West Finals: L 85-74 (McMaster) OUA Bronze: W 78-75 (Laurentian)

OUA West All-Stars and Award Winners OUA All-Stars Sarah Zagorski Maire Guinney OUA All-Star Rookies Sarah Barnes Meaghan McGrath

OUA Rookie of the Year Meaghan McGrath OUA Coach of the Year Stu Julius

2002-2003 Golden Hawk Roster

Name Number Position Height Prog. Year Home Sarah Barnes Dee Channer Maire Guinney Kerri Jilesen Meaghan McGrath Julie Roantree Robin Roszell Heather Sutherland Rebecca Williams Sarah Zagorski

10 21 13 12 11 7 8 14 5 9

Guard Post Guard Guard Guard Guard Post Post Guard Guard

5’ 8" 5’ 11” 5’ 9” 6’ 0” 5’ 8” 5’ 7” 6’ 3” 6’ 2” 5’ 5’’ 5’ 4”

Kin/Phys. ed. General arts Political sc. Kin/Phys. ed. Kin/Phys. ed. Kin/Phys. ed. Kin/Phys. ed. Business Kin/Phys. ed. Kin/Phys. ed.

1 St. Catharines, ON 3 Hamilton, ON 1 Listowell, Ireland 1 Midland, ON 1 Toronto, ON 1 Napanee, ON 2 Ancaster, ON 1 Port Carling, ON 3 Brantford, ON 2 Mount Hope, ON

Golden Hawk Staff

Stu Julius - Head Coach Entering his fourth season with the Golden Hawks, Julius led this young roster to their best ever finish for Laurier Women’s Basketball. After 20 years as head coach at Lakehead, Julius joined the Hawks with this goal in mind. Following a successful 14-7 regular season and earning a berth in the National Championships, Julius will be making his seventh trip as a coach. Moving to Kitchener-Waterloo from Thunder Bay with his wife Lynne, and sons Kyle, Ben and Mark, this OUA coach of the year is excited about taking his new team to experience the championship competition.

Ann Weber - Assistant Coach In only her fourth season as a University coach, Weber is no stranger to the Laurier hardwood. Following a career as a player for the Hawks in which Weber was named an OWIAA All-star and Academic All-Canadian, Weber would make the move to the bench upon Julius’ arrival. A member of the Golden Hawk Hall of Fame, Ann is a local High School teacher.

Kevin Duffy - Assistant Coach In his first year with the Golden Hawks, Duffy comes from Hamilton where he is a head coach in club basketball. Recently appointed as the Head Coach of the Hamilton entry in the International Children’s Games in Greece, Duffy has provided additional leadership for the team and assisted with individual skill.

Golden Hawk Staff

Cailin Miziolek - Team Manager Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, this year's team manager is in her first season with the Hawks. Cailin is in her second year of a Kinesiology degree and is responsible for statistics and on-going website updates of stories, rosters and promotions.

Jasmine MacDonnell - Student Trainer From Halifax, Nova Scotia, Jasmine joined Golden Hawks athletics as a student trainer three years ago. Bouncing around with a few different programs within athletics, Jasmine has now found a home with women’s basketball and is now in her second year with the team.

Season Statistics Team Record Exhibition Season: 3-4 Regular Season: 14-7 OUA Post Season: 2-1 Offensive Statistics: Points For (Regular Season): 1245 Points For (OUA Post Season): 236 Defensive Statistics: Points Against (Regular Season): 1155 Points Against (OUA Post Season): 219

Regular & Playoff Season Statistics Name GP Sarah Barnes 22 Dee Channer 21 Maire Guinney 24 Kerri Jilesen 16 Meaghan McGrath 24 Julie Roantree 20 Robin Roszell 24 Heather Sutherland 24 Rebecca Williams 24 Sarah Zagorski 17

Offensive 292

FG(M-A) 3PT(M-A) FT(M-A) Pts 55-125 21-53 20-30 151 62-139 0-0 83-99 207 91-208 1-18 55-97 238 43-109 1-10 39-45 126 114-284 66-147 46-58 340 5-25 0-4 3-4 13 72-209 3-9 47-65 194 49-114 0-0 17-45 115 66-194 45-120 27-37 204 46-121 22-68 13-27 127

Defensive 486

Turnovers 187

Blocks 22

Team Rebounds Team Total 343 1121

R(O-D) PF 20-44 25 35-66 54 45-67 81 17-36 40 22-48 53 12-14 13 55-89 65 62-76 68 15-24 44 9-22 32

DB Rebounds 96

Team Statistics Assists Steals 154 122

A TO B S Min 29 47 4 32 455 17 45 9 18 482 86 61 3 59 662 24 33 4 21 394 32 49 8 46 627 6 9 0 3 119 17 36 3 35 596 4 32 3 13 362 43 45 2 32 633 59 40 1 21 436

Opp. Pts. from Reb 40

Team Fouls 212

Golden Hawks

Sarah Barnes #10 Position: Guard Height: 5’8" Year: 1 Hometown: St. Catharines, ON.

Program: Kin./Phys. Ed

GP FG(M-A) 3PT(M-A) FT(M-A) PTS Regular Season 19 47-107 21-45 19-29 134 Playoffs 3 8-18 0-8 1-1 17 Quick facts: Sarah is in her first season as a Hawk and was awarded a position on the OUA Rookie All-star team. She has been excellent coming in off the bench and has also led the team in 3-point shooting during the regular season.

Dee Channer #21

Position: Post Height: 5'11" Year: 3 Program: General Arts Hometown: Hamilton, ON. GP FG(M-A) 3PT(M-A) FT(M-A) PTS Regular Season 18 49-114 0-0 55-69 153 Playoffs 3 13-25 0-0 28-30 54 Quick facts: Dee is in her second year as a forward with the Hawks, who had an outstanding game against Laurentian. This Hawk went 15 for 15 at the free-throw line and had 10 rebounds just in that game alone. This starter is a presence below the net and will make a solid contribution to the upcoming games at nationals.

Maire Guinney #13 Position: Guard Height: 5’9" Year: 1 Hometown: Listowell, Ireland

Program: Political Science

GP FG(M-A) 3PT(M-A) FT(M-A) PTS Regular Season 21 77-178 1-16 53-89 208 Playoffs 3 14-30 0-2 2-8 30 Quick facts: Maire is a first year international student from Ireland who has been a key player on the Hawks team. She is a major contributor to the Hawks offence, leading the team in steals and is one of the top scorers and rebounders. This OUA All-Star is a key ball-handler and a tremendous all-around competitor.

Golden Hawks

Kerri Jilesen #12

Position: Guard Height: 6’0" Year: 1 Hometown: Midland, ON.

Program: Kin./Phys. Ed.

GP FG(M-A) 3PT(M-A) FT(M-A) PTS Regular Season 13 32-83 1-9 32-36 97 Playoffs 3 11-26 0-1 7-9 29 Quick facts: Kerri is a first year player who was out due to injury midway through the season. Following her recovery, she has played very well. With double digits in scoring, this Hawk has been a key player and will make a difference in the up-coming games.

Meaghan McGrath #11 Position: Guard Height: 5'8" Year: 1 Hometown: Toronto, ON.

Program: Kin./Phys. Ed.

GP FG(M-A) 3PT(M-A) FT(M-A) PTS Regular Season 21 99-251 56-127 38-49 292 Playoffs 3 15-33 10-20 8-9 48 Quick facts: Meaghan is a first year point guard from Toronto, who has made a tremendous impact on the team this year. She is the leader for the Hawks in points and second on the team in 3-point shooting. This all-around player comes through in the clutch, and was named this year’s OUA Rookie of the Year.

Julie Roantree #7 Position: Guard Height: 5'7" Year: 1 Program: Kin./Phys. Ed. Hometown: Napanee, ON. GP FG(M-A) 3PT(M-A) FT(M-A) PTS Regular Season 18 4-22 0-4 3-4 11 Playoffs 2 1-3 0-0 0-0 2 Quick facts: Julie is a first year guard from Napanee, ON who is adjusting well to her first year with the team. This Hawk comes in from the bench and has given the Hawks some key minutes when needed.

Golden Hawks

Robin Roszell #8

Position: Post Height: 6'3" Year: 2 Program: Kin./Phys. Ed. Hometown: Ancaster, ON. GP FG(M-A) 3PT(M-A) FT(M-A) PTS Regular Season 21 68-195 3-8 43-61 182 Playoffs 3 4-14 0-1 4-4 12 Quick facts: Robin is a second year player who is labelled a ‘dependable’ Hawk. She is very strong defensively and is the top rebounder for Laurier in the regular season. At 6’3” this post player is a force on the boards.

Heather Sutherland #14 Position: Post Height: 6’2" Year: 1 Hometown: Port Carling, ON.

Program: Business

GP FG(M-A) 3PT(M-A) FT(M-A) PTS Regular Season 21 44-102 0-0 17-39 105 Playoffs 3 5-12 0-0 0-6 10 Quick facts: Heather is a first year post player whose strong play put her second in rebounding for the Hawks. After a slow start to the season, Heather has contributed down the stretch for the Hawks.

Rebecca Williams #5 Position: Guard Height: 5'5" Year: 3 Hometown: Brantford, ON.

Program: Kin./Phys. Ed.

GP FG(M-A) 3PT(M-A) FT(M-A) PTS Regular Season 21 62-176 42-110 25-35 191 Playoffs 3 4-18 3-10 2-2 13 Quick facts: Rebecca is a third year point guard from Brantford who is one of the solid ball handlers on the team. This Hawk has good leadership skills and works well under pressure. Rebecca was ranked near the top in the OUA for 3-pt shooting all season.

Golden Hawks

Sarah Zagorski #9 Position: Guard Height: 5’4" Year: 2 Hometown: Mount Hope, ON.

Program: Kin./Phys. Ed.

GP FG(M-A) 3PT(M-A) FT(M-A) PTS Regular Season 14 38-96 19-55 11-23 106 Playoffs 3 8-25 3-13 2-4 21 Quick facts: Sarah is a second year player who was out with an injury for the first half of the season. This former OUA Rookie of the Year and current OUA All-star has been an integral part of the Hawks’ move through playoffs. Look for this team captain to continue to be the field general for the Hawks.

2002-2003 Women's Basketball Media Guide  
2002-2003 Women's Basketball Media Guide  

2002-2003 Laurier Women's Basketball Media Guide