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UKHA PRESIDENT’S WELCOME, 5 OCT 2018 Dear friends, A very warm welcome to this wild weekend! The UKHA is proud to present the first ever jazz/pop harp event in the UK. We will immerse ourselves in creative classes, gain knowledge from experts, and inform ourselves about an ever eclectic mix of musical styles. The performers and educators will display a rich and varied approach which will inform all harpists and musicians, young and old, experienced and (like myself) new to this side of the harp! A seed of an idea grew from the kindness of a friend of the late Jean Price who presented the UKHA with a donation in her memory. Brenda Dor Groot and her expert team have invited a brilliant array of artistes, and created something very special. We thank everyone who has been organising, those who are taking part and exhibiting, and all who have come to support Wild Strings in Manchester. Join us for a new and enriching venture for the UKHA in its aim to be all-embracing and forever imaginative. Let’s get in the groove and celebrate the beat! Sioned Williams President of the UKHA

...and hello from the Wild Strings team! Wild Strings has been a year long project, and is much more than just a festival. Collectively we have organised: …. Nine pre-festival events …. One harp book - The UKHA Jazz & Pop Harp Collection 2018! …. One festival with 25 workshops & events! Our aim is to spark a revolution in harp playing and take our wild strings out to the world! We hope you have a brilliant time with us, and explore this fantastic music for many years to come. OUR MASCOT Thanks go to Margit van der Zwan for our tiger and logo. Tiger illustration and logo © Margit van der Zwan 2018

Wild Strings UKHA Jazz & Pop Harp Festival Timetable of Events Fri 5th Oct @ Band on the Wall 25 Swan Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 5JZ 17:00 - 18:30 18:30 - 20:00 20:00 - 22:00 22:00 - 01:00

Drum programming & Rave harp - EDUCATION ROOM 1 Welcome Drinks - PICTURE HOUSE @ BOTW - pizza available to buy! Park Stickney / Rachael and the Red Socks - MAIN STAGE Rave night - DJ & Electroharps (18+) - MAIN STAGE

Sat 6th Oct @ RNCM: Royal Northern College of Music 124 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9RD 09:30 - 16:30 10:30 - 11:30 10:30 - 11:30 12:00 - 13:30 13:30 - 14:40 15:00 - 16:30 17:30 - 19:00 20:00 - 22:00 22:00 - 23:00

Wild Strings meets Junior RNCM - JRNCM dedicated classes Kids workshop - Feel The Rhythm - Eleanor Turner & Zanna Evans - CN Effects & Pedals - Shelley Fairplay - LT Home Recording - Amy Turk & Ben Turk - LT Concert - Monika Stadler / Ranagri - CN Pop Arranging - Shelley Fairplay & Amy Turk - CN Open Mic - free, open to all to play, contact reception Jazz Club - Amanda Whiting / The Tara Minton Trio - CN Jazz & Blues Jam Session with Rhythm Section - CN

Sun 7th Oct @ RNCM: Royal Northern College of Music 124 Oxford Road, Manchester, M13 9RD 10.00 - 13.00 10:00 - 11:00 10:00 - 11:00 10:00 - 11:00 11:30 - 12:30 11:30 - 12:30 11:30 - 12:30 13:30 - 14:30 13:30 - 14:30 13:30 - 14:30 15:00 - 17:20 17:20 - 18:00

Wild Strings meets RNCM Young Harps dedicated classes - CN Jazz for Harp - jazz beginner - Monika Stadler S2 Jazz for Harp - jazz intermediate - Amanda Whiting S1 Jazz for Harp - jazz advanced - Park Stickney S3 Playing in a Band - jazz beginner - Amanda Whiting S2 Real Blues Harp - Brenda Dor-Groot S1 Kids workshop - Blues for Kids - Steph West S3 Playing in a Band - jazz int/adv - Tara Minton S2 Pentatonic Scales and Slides - Monika Stadler S3 Lecture with live harp - Inspired by Coltrane - Alina Bzhezhinska - S1 Concert - Showcase Concert, Composition Competition Awards & Book Launch - CN End of Festival Drinks

Colour codes: Concerts, Open Mic & Jams, Workshops Venue codes: Under Mezzanine (UZ), Mezzanine (MZ), Lower Concourse (LC), Lecture Theatre (LT), Carole Nash Recital Room (CN), Studio One (S1), Studio 2 (S2), Studio 3 (S3)

Exhibition timetable @ RNCM Sat 6th Oct @ RNCM: Royal Northern College of Music 10:00 - 19:00 10:00 - 14:00 17:00 - 19:00

Acoustic harps and exhibitors - UZ, MZ & LC Electro / electroacoustic / amplified harp exhibit + workshops - LT Electro / electroacoustic / amplified harp exhibit - LT

Sun 7th Oct @ RNCM: Royal Northern College of Music 10:00 - 16:30 10:00 - 16:30

Acoustic harps and exhibitors - UZ, MZ & LC Electro / electroacoustic / harp exhibit - LT

Useful info THE WILD STRINGS INFO DESK can tell you about our HARP STORAGE, OPEN MIC & JAM SIGN UP, LOCAL TAXIS and PLACES TO EAT. NO PHOTOS ARE ALLOWED OF UNDER 18s WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. RNCM CAFÉ & BAR OPENING TIMES SATURDAY CAFE 8am - 5pm - sandwiches and snacks 12 - 2pm - limited hot food available

SUNDAY CAFE 9am - 7pm - sandwiches and snacks

SATURDAY BAR 1pm – 11pm - drinks 5 - 7pm - hot food

SUNDAY BAR 5 – 11pm - drinks only

Our heartfelt thanks go to: Our fantastic volunteer team who have pulled it all together: Brenda Dor-Groot, Steph West, Natasha Gale, Amanda Whiting, Tara Minton, Susannah Evans, Rachael Gladwin, Eleanor Turner, Shelley Fairplay Our brilliant colleagues at the UKHA and further afield, including: Sioned Williams, Lauren Scott, Helen Sharp, Katherine Harrison, Alex Rider, Jane Lister The vibrant RNCM: Eira Lynn Jones, the RNCM harp department and Young Harps Karen Humphreys and Junior RNCM A big thanks to Fran Barsby for masterminding the Future Blend / Wild Strings Composition Competition and the Wild Strings UKHA Jazz & Pop Harp Collection 2018 Rebecca Ritchie-Timms: our production manager hero! Finally our sponsors, we couldn’t do this without you:

Camac Harps, Salvi Harps, The Harp Studio and Pilgrim Harps

About Jean Price Wild Strings was inspired by a donation made in name of Jean Price. A dedicated harpist, Jean worked exensively in West End shows and London orchestras, including the BBC Light Music Unit. Our thanks go to the donor who wishes to remain anonymous.

Concerts, Events, Open Mic and Jam FRIDAY 5th Oct - Band on the Wall

Welcome Drinks WS2 // 18:30 - 20:00 // BOTW CAFE // FREE

Welcome to Wild Strings! Come and have a drink with us to celebrate the start of this festival. Band on the Wall cafe sells great pizzas, so arrive early, eat well, stay late!

Park Stickney / Rachael and the Red Socks WS3 // 20:00 - 22:00 // BOTW MAIN STAGE // UNDER 18S ALLOWED UNTIL 11PM £18 / £16 SEATED OR £15 / £13 / £10 STANDING, £30 SEATED FRONT ROW SUPPORTER TICKET ALL TICKETS INCLUDE HARP RAVE

Park Stickney is today’s most accomplished jazz harpist, never ceasing to amaze and inspire his audiences while he plays the seemingly impossible on the harp with astonishing virtuosity, liberty and wit. While attempting to live simultaneously in Brooklyn and on a farm in Switzerland, Stickney is constantly in motion, giving concerts throughout Europe and the U.S., performing almost year round at harp festivals all over the globe, and with the very best of artists and orchestras in rock, jazz and classical music. At the Wild Strings opening concert, he will perform a fascinating set of harp solo jazz music. Rachael and the Red Socks are a harp-led six piece featuring vocals, cello, trumpet, guitar, double bass and percussion. Their upbeat, folky songs come with an infusion of jazz, grooving world rhythms and gorgeous harmonies. They deliver intricate, melodic stories about people, places and journeys both physical and personal. This autumn they launch their second album, Somewhere By The Moon. PARK STICKNEY APPEARS WITH SUPPORT FROM SALVI HARPS.

Harp Rave WS4 // 22:00 - 01:00 // BOTW MAIN STAGE // £5 RAVE ONLY TICKET // AGE 18+ ONLY

Harp Rave! Breaking new ground in both harping and clubbing, the night will move on to present cutting-edge DJ’s alongside the most dynamic and unconventional harpists. Giving room for new talent, expect beats and harp in a most extraordinary club night. Wild Strings at its wildest

Concerts, Events, Open Mic and Jam SATURDAY DAYTIME - RNCM

Monika Stadler / Ranagri WS8 // 13:30 - 14:40 // RNCM CAROLE NASH RECITAL ROOM // £15 / £13 / £10

Monika Stadler, harpist and composer from Vienna, Austria, will perform a varied program of mainly her own compositions, plus one or two jazz standards. Monika’s love for jazz and improvisation as well as her technical knowledge shines through her compositions, which are refreshingly original and astutely sidestep harp clichès. Her compositions are very personal, an expression of her soul, drawn from being connected with nature, from the rhythms of life and from her extensive travels throughout the world. Monika Stadler combines the highest musical aspirations with technical brilliance. Contemporary folk four piece Ranagri are an electrifying line up of guitars, flutes, harp, bodhran and Donal Rogers’ vocals, forcible and fresh with influences from rock to world music and a powerful message to boot. A band who exude good times and happiness, Ranagri bring catchy hooks and sublime instrumental blends to trad tunes as well as their original songs, characterised by Donal’s ability to spin a great yarn. Robust bass lines flow from Ellie Turner’s fingers at the electric harp, the perfect partner to Eliza Marshall’s finessed flutes and whistles. Joe Danks’ bodhran has a boisterous energy that takes the drum kit role and pays it forward with irresistable cross-rhythms and the addition of stomp box and African udu. Ranagri are set for their busiest year yet with tours in the UK and Germany and the much anticipated release of their fourth studio album (Stockfish Records) in Autumn 2018.

Open Mic WS11 // 17:30 - 19:00 // RNCM // FREE

Do you have a song you’d like to play or sing? This is the space! It can be anything, as long as it is could be described as pop / rock / blues / jazz / rave. Some spots will be booked in advance, some will be available on the day. Steph West will be there to host the event. We will have a vocal mic and a harp already plugged in, you just need to bring your music. We will have two extra inputs for other instruments so bring your band! Visit the Wild Strings info desk to sign up. Priority given to harpists and groups featuring a harp, but all instruments welcome.

Concerts, Events, Open Mic and Jam SATURDAY EVENING - RNCM

Jazz Club - Amanda Whiting / Tara Minton Trio WS13 // 20:00 - 22:00 // RNCM CAROLE NASH RECITAL ROOM // £15 / £13 / £10

From classical roots, Amanda fell in love with the freedom of jazz harp. She has travelled around the world and performed at renowned jazz festivals, as well as currently being a teacher at numerous Conservatoires in the UK. With Latin and modal grooves, her set will embrace and explore standards and new works all in her unique style. The Tara Minton Trio will be showcasing new material from their two upcoming albums: “My Burden, My Prison, My Wings” - a deeply personal work exploring Tara’s relationship to the harp, music, womanhood and commitment, and “Three”- a lively collection of standards reimagined by the trio. AMANDA WHITING APPEARS WITH SUPPORT FROM THE HARP STUDIO. TARA MINTON IS ENDORSED BY CAMAC HARPS.

Jazz & Blues Jam Session WS12 // 22:00 - 23:00 // RNCM CAROLE NASH RECITAL ROOM // FREE

Ever wanted to jam with a jazz band? This is your chance to try. We will have a mix of jazz and blues jamming with Ed Babar and Tom Early from the Tara Minton trio rhythm section to back you. There will be harps provided, so stash yours safely and enjoy the jam. Like the open mic night, there will be spots you can sign up in advance (talk to the Wild Strings info desk) and spots you can fill in the moment, just keep your eyes out for your host!

Concerts, Events, Open Mic and Jam SUNDAY 7th Oct - RNCM

Showcase Concert, Composition Competition Awards & Book Launch WS24 // 15:00 - 17:20 // RNCM CAROLE NASH RECITAL ROOM / £5

We are delighted to welcome you to our Sunday showcase: engaging performers from around the UK, professional and amateur, are here to celebrate the vibrancy of jazz and pop harp. We will also present and award the winners of the Wild Strings Future Blend Jazz & Pop Harp Competition, and launch the Wild Strings UK Jazz & Pop Harp Collection 2018. Pieces from the book will be performed by the Wild Strings harpists who have donated them, as well as by harp students from around Manchester and beyond. The fantastic Amy Turk will open this very special occasion for us and later on, Shelley Fairplay will treat us to her poptacular music. We have two very special ensembles as well: RNCM Young Harps, and Shelley Fairplay’s community ensemble Dynamic Harps. Finally, be prepared for a high-wire last act. Be there, don’t miss it!

End of festival drinks WS25 // 17:20 - 18:00 // FREE

You made it this far! Congratulations. The Wild Strings team invite you to stay for a last drink, survivors photos and finish off your festival weekend in conviviality. Grab a bevvie and talk to us!​

Do you love Jazz Harp as much as we do?

Join our Jazz Harp Community @ www.jazzharp.org facebook.com/jazzharp | facebook.com/groups/jazzharpacademy | twitter.com/jazzharp_org Connect with other jazz harp lovers, players & students. Find out about concerts, lessons, workshops & courses near you or online. Browse sheet music, cd’s & downloads and many other resources!



Future Blend Project / Wild Strings Jazz & Pop Harp Composition Competition 2018 Wild Strings and the Future Blend Project teamed up for a special edition of the popular FBP composition competition. Harpists and non-harpist composers around the UK were invited to submit their creations in the realm of jazz and pop. Originals for harp solo, harp and voice, harp and other instruments and larger ensembles specifically featuring the harp were all welcome, and submissions were split into under 18 and 18 and over. The composition challenge has sparked a new generation and style of harp composition, and it was fantastic to see so many harpists get involved. A selection of competition pieces was chosen to be published in the Wild Strings / UKHA Jazz & Pop Harp Collection 2018 and further awards will be presented to the winners during our Sunday showcase concert. The concert will feature winning compositions as well as selected pieces by Wild Strings artists who generously donated their original compositions to this book. We would like to thank Pilgrim Harps for their very generous donation of a Pilgrim Spectrum - a 22 string solid body electric harp, the prize for our winner! We would like to express our gratitude to our adjudicators David Snell and Savourna Stevenson and to all who contributed to the book.

Wild Strings / Future Blend Project Jazz & Pop Harp Competition Winners 2018 will be announced from Monday 1st Oct

Workshops FRIDAY 5th Oct BOTW - SATURDAY 6th Oct - RNCM Jazz and pop skills unlock a whole new range of music making! Come along to try something new, learn how to play your favourite songs and find out tips and tricks to make your band playing go with a swing! Our workshops have a range of levels: * Open to everyone * Open to all instruments * Open to all harpists * Open to harpists (certain requirements needed) Workshops £15 / £13 up to and including age 13, kids workshops £12 for ages 7 - 13. Spectator tickets for selected workshops can be purchased at the Wild Strings desk at 50% of the workshop value, if space allows. FRIDAY 5th Oct Band on the Wall

Drum Programming and Harp Rave WS1 // 17:00 - 18:30 // BOTW EDUCATION ROOM 1

Want to know more about the mysterious art of drum programming? Key to nearly all modern music production, this elusive skill is fascinating. Come along to this workshop to get a glimpse inside the magic and have a go! TUTOR: CRISTOPHER MICHELAGNOLI AKA TEAR OF JOY AIMED AT: OPEN TO ALL MUSICIANS, LIMITED EQUIPMENT PROVIDED AGE RANGE: 13+ YEARS // ABILITY RANGE: ALL


Kids workshop - Feel The Rhythm WS5 // 10:30 - 11:30 // CAROLE NASH RECITAL ROOM

Body percussion and lever/pedal harp - stomp, clap, sing and play with a latin groove. The best way to learn how to play exciting rhythms is to get together with others, soak up the music and feel it in your body! On the harp, coordinating everything can be tricky, but making music in a group is fun and liberating. Explore simple latin rhythms first using your body, claves and other percussion instruments, then put them into practice on the harp and learn a fun latin song. Many different abilities can work together to create more complex rhythmic patterns. The workshop will require focus and attention to keep a strong pulse and bring the latino spirit alive. Disfrutalo! Enjoy! TUTORS: ZANNA EVANS & ELLIE TURNER AIMED AT: OPEN TO EVERYONE AGE RANGE: 7-13 YEARS // ABILITY RANGE: ALL PLEASE BRING YOUR INSTRUMENT IF YOU HAVE ONE

Workshops SATURDAY 6th Oct - RNCM

Effects & Pedals WS6 // 10:30 - 11:30 // LECTURE THEATRE

As the electro-harp steps onto the main stage, it’s time to try out those guitar pedals and effects! This workshop is here to guide you through the main kinds of pedal to consider. TUTORS: SHELLEY FAIRPLAY AIMED AT: OPEN TO EVERYONE, HARPISTS GET TO TRY OUT AGE RANGE: ALL // ABILITY RANGE: ALL

Home recording, a beginners guide PLUS Amy Turk: a harpist’s perspective on recording WS7 // 12:00 - 13:30 // LECTURE THEATRE

Ever wanted to try out recording at home? Or wanted to know how to get the best sound when recording your harp? Amy and Ben Turk are here to take you through the basics, as well as the specifics of recording a harp at home. This event is a lecture with a Q&A at the end. TUTORS: AMY TURK & BEN TURK AIMED AT: OPEN TO EVERYONE AGE RANGE: ALL // ABILITY RANGE: ALL

Workshop - Pop Arranging WS9 // 15:00 - 16:30 // CAROLE NASH RECITAL ROOM

Do you like to play Pop songs? Come and learn key skills required to create your own harp arrangements using readily available PVG (Piano/Voice/Guitar) scores and recordings. What works best? How can you make the arrangement ‘your own’? Are there typical chord progressions and rhythms? What harp sounds and tricks can you use to create a Pop feel to your music? Sometimes we want to play a tune that we cannot find any sheet music for at all, so in this class we will also take a look at how you can use recordings/YouTube to work out your favourite song. Open the door to a whole world of Pop music on the harp, even writing your own! TUTORS: SHELLEY FAIRPLAY & AMY TURK AIMED AT: OPEN TO ALL HARPS AGE RANGE: 13+ // ABILITY RANGE: ALL LEVELS WELCOME

Workshops SUNDAY 10:00 - 11:00 7th Oct - RNCM

Jazz for Harp - Jazz Beginners WS15 // 10:00 - 11:00 // STUDIO 2

On the basis of an easy jazz standard Monika Stadler will introduce and show the participants the first steps into the world of jazz harmonies, jazz rhythms and the essential II – V – I progressions in Major and Minor. She will also explain the chord symbols as well as teaching some easy and very useful voicings. Learning by doing will happen by improvising over the jazz standard. She will give the participants some tools for jazz improvisation by showing possibilities for the right hand as well as different options for the accompaniment by the left hand. TUTOR: MONIKA STADLER AIMED AT: OPEN TO ALL HARPISTS AGE RANGE: 13 + // ABILITY RANGE: ANYONE WHO HAS LEARNT TRIAD HAND SHAPES

Jazz for Harp - Jazz Intermediate WS16 // 10:00 - 11:00 // STUDIO 1

Why does this music sound so great and why do I want to tap my foot? A workshop looking at swing and the musical language of Jazz. What to do with a lead sheet and how to make it come alive. We will discuss the chords and scales available and then, when all that makes sense, we will throw it all away and make it up by improvising! An open mind and willingness to try things is definitely needed. TUTOR: AMANDA WHITING AIMED AT: OPEN TO HARPISTS, CERTAIN REQUIREMENTS NEEDED AGE RANGE: 13 + // ABILITY RANGE: GRADE 6 LEVER & PEDAL HARP UPWARDS

Jazz for Harp - Jazz Advanced WS17 // 10:00 - 11:00 // STUDIO 3

If you know your jazz basics and are up for the next challenge, then gear up and fasten your seatbelts: Park will take you on a field trip you won’t easily forget. We can’t predict if it’ll be smooth or bumpy for you, but it will be lots of fun for the daring. Hop on and enjoy the ride! ​​​TUTOR: PARK STICKNEY AIMED AT: OPEN TO PEDAL HARPISTS & LEVER CONFIDENT LEVER HARPISTS AGE RANGE: 16+ // ABILITY RANGE: ADVISORY GRADE 6+

Workshops SUNDAY 11:30 - 12:30 7th Oct - RNCM

Playing in a Band - Beginner WS19 // 11:30 - 12:30 // STUDIO 2

Everyone wants the buzz of playing in a band. Come along and try it out with some simple ideas. We will look at modes and their chords and set up a groove with a bass and drums, resulting in an improvised session. We will learn about playing in a group, taking ‘solos’, comping and generally making spontaneous music. A willingness to improvise, or at least give it a try, is needed. TUTOR: AMANDA WHITING WITH SUPPORT FROM ED BABAR & TOM EARLY ON BASS AND DRUMS AIMED AT: HARPISTS (CERTAIN REQUIREMENTS NEEDED) AGE RANGE: 13 + // PREREQUISITES: GRADE 5 LEVER AND PEDAL & UPWARDS

Real Blues Harp WS18 // 11:30 - 12:30 // STUDIO 1

Let’s show those guitar and harmonica players some of the blues potential of our ‘real blues harp’! We will borrow knowledge from their proven methods, which will be conveniently translated to your harp for you. Some brain activity involved, but also lots of playing, grooving, and easy-peasy improvising. TUTOR: BRENDA DOR-GROOT AIMED AT: HARPISTS (CERTAIN REQUIREMENTS NEEDED) AGE RANGE: 13 + // ABILITY RANGE: GRADE 5 LEVER AND PEDAL & UPWARDS

Kids workshop - Blues WS23 // 11:30 - 12:30 // STUDIO S3

A play-at-your-own level workshop. Whether you are just starting to get confident on your instrument, or are quite the virtuoso already, everyone can enjoy a good bit of blues playing. With just a few easy blues principles and a small instant toolkit of tricks, we’ll all be swinging together in no time. No music reading necessary, all instrumentalists welcome. TUTOR: STEPH WEST AIMED AT: ALL INSTRUMENTS AGE RANGE: 7 - 13 // ABILITY RANGE: ALL

Workshops SUNDAY 7th Oct - RNCM

Playing in a Band - Intermediate / Advanced WS21 // 13:30 - 14:30 // STUDIO 2

Have you ever wanted to start your own band? Ever wanted to join in at a local jam but not sure how to fit in with other musicians? Well now is your chance to learn! Tara, Ed and Tom will be running a jazz workshop all about playing in a band. Everyone will get a chance to play with the rhythm section, “comp” and have a go at a solo. Tara and the guys will give you tips and tricks on how to lead an ensemble, counting in, cueing endings and going with the flow. Let’s make some noise and have some fun! TUTORS: THE TARA MINTON TRIO (INCLUDING ED BABAR & TOM EARLY ON BASS AND DRUMS) AIMED AT: OPEN TO ALL INSTRUMENTS AGE RANGE: 13 +​​// ABILITY RANGE: MEDIUM TO ADVANCED PLAYERS WITH SOME JAZZ EXPERIENCE

Workshop - Pentatonic Scales and Slides WS22 // 13:30 - 14:30 // STUDIO 3

Would you think that pentatonic scales can help you to improvise over II – V – I cadences and jazz standards in general as well as using tensions (the 9th, sharp 11th and the 13th) easily? Where can you use pedal slides and pedal kicks? What does this have to do with the pentatonic scale? Monika Stadler will reveal some of her experience with these scales, as well as show how to create different moods with them. Improvisations over some vamps and jazz standards by using these scales are included in this workshop. TUTOR: MONIKA STADLER AIMED AT: OPEN TO HARPISTS AGE RANGE: 13 + // ABILITY RANGE: ALL

Lecture with live harp - Inspired by Coltrane WS10 // 13:30 - 14:30 // STUDIO 1

Acclaimed Coltrane specialist Alina Bzhezhinska takes us on a journey through the music of 1970s harping jazz icon Alice Coltrane using live harp, loop pedals, images and speech. TUTOR: ALINA BZHEZHINSKA AIMED AT: OPEN TO EVERYONE // AGE RANGE: ALL // FREE!

harp studio

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PoppyHarp is a harp showroom and publishing company located in Warwick, UK. Our harp hub offers a personal and exclusive experience to all of our clients. Not only do we stock and sell harps and everything you might need to accompany them but we offer harp and music tuition as well as hosting concerts, running ensembles and more.

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The Jazz Harp Foundation (JHF) is delighted to collaborate with the Wild Strings/UKHA team, our kindred spirits, on this exciting event. The JHF links musicians and audiences around the world to enrich the jazz world with harp, and the harp world with jazz. We provide and stimulate jazz harp courses /workshops/lessons for players of all levels. We promote jazz harpists, share news and knowledge, and serve as a platform for all jazz harp enthusiasts to connect. We support this with a specialist jazz harp CD and sheet music shop, live at events and online at www.jazzharp.org.


Artist, Tutor and Ensemble Biographies Park Stickney While attempting to live simultaneously in Brooklyn and on a farm in Switzerland, harpist Park Stickney is constantly in motion, giving concerts throughout the world, from Adelaide to Zaragoza, either solo, or in various combinations: the harp-flute-percussion trio “Dada String Quartet”, his classical/improvisation duo “Colliding Strings” with Fabrice Pierre and a new duo collaboration with erhu player Gan Guo. Park teaches at the Royal Academy of Music, London and the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Lyon, and has given masterclasses and workshops at nearly every harp festival that exists. He has five solo CDs: ‘Overdressed Late Guy’, ‘Action Harp Play Set’, ‘Still, Life with Jazz Harp’, ‘Surprise Corner’, and ‘All Harp – Globe Live’. Park has recently discovered that virtuosity at the harp doesn’t immediately translate to aptitude on the alphorn. His neighbours likewise agree. Monika Stadler Monika Stadler is one of the most creative solo harpists in Europe. She studied classical harp at the Vienna University of Music with Prof. Blovsky-Miller (diploma with highest honors), and jazz harp with Deborah HensonConant, in Boston, USA, where she won several awards at international jazz & pop harp competitions. After engagements with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, she only performs as a soloist, in duet or trio formations, exclusively with her own projects. Apart from her intensive schedule as a performer throughout of Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East and Asia, she also teaches many jazz & improvisation workshops for harpists worldwide. Currently she is a guest professor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, UK, as well as a staff member of the University of Music and Drama in Vienna, Austria. To date, she has released 10 CDs (mainly her own compositions except one with jazz standards) as well as several music books at Austria’s main music publishing company Musikverlag Doblinger and Creighton`s Collection, UK. For detailed information please see www.harp.at Rachael Gladwin Rachael Gladwin is a harpist who loves everything weird, wonderful and exciting. She works with bands both live and in the studio, and creates and plays music for theatre, outdoor productions and multidisciplinary shows. She is the harpist with spectacular French outdoor theatre company, La Machine, travelling the world and playing in a moving cherry picker in the sky next to giant mechanical animals. She performs with flame installations and fireworks shows. Her 50+ album discography includes recordings with Guy Garvey, Corinne Bailey Rae and DJ Shadow, and creative projects include Beth Orton and Nitin Sawhney. She has played at Glastonbury, Green Man and at jazz festivals all over Europe. Rachael is also a singer, songwriter, composer and dabbler of other instruments.

Artist, Tutor and Ensemble Biographies Amanda Whiting Classically trained, Amanda has since obtained her Masters in Jazz carving her own path in the jazz world. She is now the visiting Jazz harp tutor at the Royal Conservatoires of Birmingham and Cardiff. She has performed around the world including Finland, Ghent, London and Johannesburg jazz festivals (with trumpeter Matthew Halsall and the Gondwana Orchestra) and has been a headline act at the prestigious Edinburgh Harp Festival with her trio. As an author, she has numerous pieces on the Trinity Harp Syllabus and her Pedalsliders books have made jazz harp accessible for all. Tara Minton Australian harpist and vocalist Tara Minton is joined by Ed Babar on double bass and Tom Early on drums. Based in London, the trio formed in the Summer of 2013 at The Ashtead Jazz Club and have gone on to play some of the capital’s top jazz venues including a The Elgar Room, The 606, The Pizza Express Dean St, The Pheasantry and Brasserie Zédel. Music has taken the trio across the globe, touring to Ireland, Switzerland, France, Lithuania, Poland, Australia and New York. Tara is also the only harpist ever to have played a concert on the iconic London Eye! The band’s debut UK Album “The Tides of Love” was released on Discover Records in April last year to great acclaim at a sold out concert at the Elgar Room, Royal Albert Hall. The trio are passionate about music education and run workshops in jazz harp and improvisation. Tara is currently studying a Masters of Jazz at The Guildhall School of Music and is proud to be endorsed by Camac Harpes, France Amy Turk Amy Turk is a harpist, arranger and composer from the UK. She began her harp studies aged seven with Ann HughesChamberlain, a former pupil of the legendary Lily Laskine, and completed a masters degree under the tutorship of Karen Vaughan at the Royal Academy of Music. In 2015, Amy’s arrangement of J.S Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor brought her to wider public attention on YouTube, now with over 9 million views on her channel. Since then she has produced a diverse range of content taking in everything from Tchaikovsky and John Williams to Napalm Death and Anthrax, showcasing her arranging abilities as well as her technical prowess on the harp, and attracting over six million views to date. In addition to her arranging work, Amy is currently working on a trio of original songs for solo harp, planned for release in 2018. If you would like to be involved in Amy’s continuing artistic journey, you can pledge your support on Patreon.

Artist, Tutor and Ensemble Biographies Alina Bzhezhinska Originally from Ukraine/Poland and now based in London, Alina Bzhezhinska is an internationally renowned harpist and winner of the PRS Women Make Music Award. She gives regular master classes in the UK and abroad and teaches harp at Goldsmiths University London. She has performed with leading classical and jazz musicians such as Shabaka Hutchings, Django Bates, Miguel AtwoodFerguson, the Glasgow String Quartet and Gregory Potter. Bzhezhinska’s critically acclaimed Quartet appeared at the EFG London Jazz Festival in a special triple bill featuring Denys Baptiste and legendary saxophonist Pharoah Sanders - ‘A Concert for Alice and John’ and has been nominated for Best Live Experience of the Year at the Jazz FM Awards. Alina has recorded a solo album called Harp Recital and is featured on recordings by the American harp ensemble Harp Fusion and the Scottish jazz group New Focus. Her new album, Inspiration, was released in June 2018 (Ubuntu music). Shelley Fairplay Shelley Fairplay is a harpist based in Wales, UK. Her concert series “The Three Strands: Passion, Sorrow and Joy” was premiered in the UK in 2014, and her CD of the same name was released in 2015. Shelley’s latest concert series“HarpOSphere” features her own original works along with her arrangements of popular, classical and traditional tunes. Her concerts include traditional playing alongside performances on electric harp with effects pedals including the popular looper. Her ensemble ‘Dynamic Harps’ perform music predominantly arranged by Shelley from films, pop, shows, classical, Jazz and Celtic genres and also original music she has written. Shelley has an online harp school offering courses with individual support for beginner to intermediate harpists ‘Start Harp’. The three courses total 36 weeks of tuition on technique, note reading, improvisation and playing by ear taught via teaching videos, play-a-longs, sheet music, live online Q&A’s and video homework submissions. The courses teach students across the world including in the UK, mainland Europe, Canada, Australia and the US.

Our tiger in full glory. © Margit van der Zwan 2018. More biographies overleaf.

Artist, Tutor and Ensemble Biographies Ben Turk Ben Turk is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and videographer, best known as the drummer of metal band Gloryhammer and for his work with his sister, harpist Amy Turk. A largely self-taught musician, he first took up electric bass and guitar as a teenager, before switching to drums at age 16. He has studied music production including at ACM in Guildford, and his career to date has included extensive international touring, composition and arrangement work both for his own band and others, and work on Amy’s YouTube channel. Ben is responsible for overseeing the production of Amy’s videos for YouTube, as an audio engineer, producer, video director and editor. To date they have produced over 30 videos together, which have so far amassed over 6 million views. Eleanor Turner Eleanor Turner is a passionate ambassador for the harp and its music. She made her concerto debut aged just fifteen, with the Academy of St Martin in the Fields conducted by Daniel Harding, broadcast live on Classic Fm. Eleanor has performed everywhere from the Berlin Philharmonie to the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. She won Second Prize in the 2011 Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition for contemporary music and in 2007 won the European Harp Competition. Eleanor studied with Daphne Boden and Alison Nicholls. Ballet Wales gave Eleanor her first professional commission, so in 2007 she scored ‘The Bride of Flowers’ for harp and small ensemble. She’s collaborated with pop singer Angela Moyra and created original shows including ‘Elusive Symmetry’ with hip-hop dancer Lizzie Gough and guitarist-composer Alan Thomas. Eleanor creates Indian-western fusion music with tabla player Mendi Singh and tours with her band Ranagri, often with pop legend Tony Christie. Eleanor has also been working with Music Interaction Designer Balandino Di Donato on their ‘HarpCI’ gesture-controlled electronic music project, including performances and workshops around the world. They have performed together in London, Birmingham and Shanghai. Zanna Evans Zanna Evans is a versatile freelance harpist currently based in London. She has performed at a variety of venues including The Royal Albert Hall and Royal Festival Hall. She loves performing and collaborating with other artists and plays a variety of music. Zanna’s love of Jazz grew through being part of the International Jazz Harp Foundation and has attended several of their Academies, most recently in Leiden, The Netherlands in 2013. Zanna studied at the Federal University in Rio, Brazil in 2013 with Cristina Braga and released her debut album, Dreams Rising in April 2014, a collection of Latin American songs in collaboration with Brazilian artists.

Artist, Tutor and Ensemble Biographies Zanna Evans cont’d

She is a founding member of the London Jazz Harpers, hosting bi-monthly Jazz jams across London working with Brenda Dor-Groot and Tara Minton. Zanna regularly plays at weddings and functions throughout the UK and is also busy private teaching students who range from 5 years to adult. Brenda Dor-Groot Brenda received a thorough classical training at the conservatories of Rotterdam and Cologne, soon after which she started specialising in jazz, blues, and improvisation nonacademically. She can therefore look back on a position in the European Union Youth Orchestra and many a classical solo and chamber music recital, but is currently mostly found jamming with jazz and blues bands, in free improv with eclectic musicians and visual artists, and grooving with house and techno DJ’s. At the moment, exploring the blues potential of the lever harp and DJ & harp music production are her main focus, along with her private teaching practice with emphasis on jazz, blues and arranging. A true advocate of the harp in jazz and related genres that are non-traditional for the harp, Brenda has, with fellow harpist Sabine Meijers, founded the Jazz Harp Foundation, successfully promoting and educating jazz harp worldwide since 2007. After moving her homebase from Rotterdam to London in 2016, she has found and catalyzed new opportunities and collaborations throughout the UK. Steph West Harper and singer, Steph West works as a performer, music creator, teacher and workshop leader. Starting out as a classical musician, Steph is now an English and Irish trad specialist who also writes songs (via an early music degree and a liking for jazz). The only harpist with 9.5 fingers, Steph performs with the British Paraorchestra and RNS Moves. Projects with the Paraorchestra have included collaborations with Mayk, Extraordinary Bodies, and the CBSO as well as trips to Bahrain, Qatar and a televised performances. Steph also works as a mentor for disabled led youth music organisation Open Up Music, who have just launched the National Open Youth Orchestra. Back in the folk world, Steph plays with her European bal / swing band Midnight Patisserie. Steph has worked in both English and Irish traditional music communities, teaching for EFDSS and Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Eireann. Steph has also enjoyed teaching for Goldsmith’s University and University of Reading, the Edinburgh International Harp Festival and Guildhall’s CYM.

Artist, Tutor and Ensemble Biographies Cristopher Michelagnoli aka Tear of Joy ‘Tear of Joy’ is a project born in London, created by Cristopher Michelagnoli. The DJ, of Italian origin, started to perform at the age of 16 at rave parties, organised by his city, growing between sounds and goa trance. From this experience, music became his real passion, which grew stronger upon discovering his uncle’s vinyl collection of house and acid house dance. This rough musical education was the inspiration for the young DJ to find the type of sound that suited him stylistically as an artist. The search ended when listening to pieces by artists like: Raffaele Attanasio, tim engelhardt, dixon, solomun and others playing techno and deep house. Thus it was that Cristopher chose the path of techno, finished with his studies in Italy, and moved to London to begin producing and studying music. The choice of name is inspired by the DJ’s musical path. As he evolved and played for different audiences the DJ began to understand how the emotions his listeners’ experience are linked to the concept presented in the music. The strongest and most intense emotions are those that fall on the face as a ‘Tear of Joy’. Ayrton Hood Ayrton Hood is an up-and-coming DJ and music producer based in Manchester and Hull. His influences range from The Beatles to Jungle, but his music is generally centred on deep, groovy house music with elements of techno and disco. He has had tracks supported by BBC radio 1, and now runs, along with a collective of DJ’s/producers, his own nights in Manchester (Hivemind), along with regular appearances at events in Hull.

Dynamic Harps Dynamic Harps is a community based ensemble based in Wales, UK where the harp is the National Instrument. The membership ranges from harp novices to students of a grade 8 level and above, with children through to post retirement age sharing the joy of performing together. This highly supportive and dedicated group of fellow harp enthusiasts meet weekly to play a diverse range of musical genres together; traditional, classical, pop, rock, show tunes, film music, Jazz and more. Songs are requested by the members and arranged by their director Harpist Shelley Fairplay for the students to perform.

Artist, Tutor and Ensemble Biographies RNCM Young Harps RNCM Young Harps is a series of FREE workshops for harpists under 18 run by Eira Lynn Jones, Head of Harp at RNCM. We meet at the Royal Northern College of Music, twice a term, from 10am - 1pm on a Sunday. There are guest tutors who work on different topics with the emphasis on playing in an ensemble - and having fun. All standards welcome; from beginners to post Grade 8. There is also plenty of cake during the break, and then a short performance for parents at the end of the morning. Just bring your harp, and join in. Guest tutors for this year include: Rachel Hair (Scottish Tunes), Anneleen Lenaerts (Master Class), Esther Swift (Original Sounds), RNCM harps (Christmas party tunes), Bethan Habron-James (Dalcroze), Gavin Bailey (Stage Confidence), Catherine Kontz (new commission for harp ensemble), Anne-Marie O’Farrell (Introducing the Konghou: Chinese Harp). Come and join this innovative project - contact bryony.taylor@rncm.ac.uk to book your place. www.rncm.ac.uk/youngharps



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