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2014 cycling vacations



“Really went out of their way to make sure we were having a pleasurable experience, and that everything we needed was looked after, including flat tires!”

“It was great to have options for all ability levels, making the trip accessible for all”

YOUR PERFECT CYCLING VACATION AWAITS. It is no secret that we love cycling here at Wild Rock. Although we live in a great area to ride bikes, there is nothing quite like cycling in a new location, especially when you are surrounded by beautiful mountains, and immersed in a new culture. We have been running cycling trips with our staff, friends and customers for almost 10 years, and love the excitement that comes with traveling to ride your bike! Wild Rock is pleased to offer three great cycling trips for 2014, returning to Mallorca, Spain for two - our classic Training Trip and our Recreational Tour Trip, and adding a new fall trip to Tuscany, Italy. With all of our trips Wild Rock strives to give you the best possible experience on your cycling vacation, we take care of the details so all you need to focus on is riding your bike and having a great time! Have a look through our 2014 trip guide, and click on the TRIP DETAILS links to view all the trip information, including the planned daily ride itinerary, what is included in the trip package, important dates, and how to book your vacation with us. If you have any questions about our upcoming cycling trips please don’t hesitate to contact us at the store, we are always happy to help, and love talking bikes and travel! We hope you can join us on a great cycling vacation in 2014! Wild Rock Travel.

Mallorca 2014 We keep coming back to Mallorca for a reason! This island continues to impress us with great roads, variety of routes and stunning scenery. For 2014 we offer two Mallorca cycling vacations - our Training Trip to get those early season base miles in and the Recreation/Tour Trip aimed at shaking off the winter blues and getting some beautiful riding in this spring.



TRAINING TRIP Wild Rock has been traveling to the island of Mallorca, Spain for almost 10 years. Kick off your 2014 season at the playground of the pros. A perfect cycling vacation. Mallorca boosts great climate, breathtaking scenery, and some of the best roads for cycling on that we have come across. With no shortage of routes, and the Tramuntana Mountains near by, our Training Trip will test your preseason fitness, and help you build some base miles for the warmer months to come. Designed for the experienced cyclist, routes range from 60-150 km in length, and feature several classic climbs of the region, including Sa Calobra, Puig Major, and Col de Soller.

DURATION 9 days / 8 nights

$1299 based on double occupancy


additional nights are extra.

Friday March 7th 2014


RETURN Sunday March 16th 2014

based on single occupancy additional nights are extra.


VIEW TRIP DETAILS Wild Rock Outfitters 705-745-9133 For more info contact



Love cycling? Want to enjoy the beauty of Mallorca? The Recreation Trip features the same great roads as our classic trip but shorter days at a more relaxed pace. Looking for a great cycling vacation? Experience the beauty of Mallorca this spring, let our experienced guides show you the very best of this great island. This trip is aimed at the road or hybrid cyclist (drop bar or flat bars, clip-in or platform pedals, smooth/slick tires) who wants to ride most days. We will break into at least 2 groups each day to accommodate all ability levels.  You are welcome to try different groups on different days. Long lunches and good times are of equal or more importance than kilometers ridden! The scenery is no less important and good lunch or an espresso stop is valued, but these indulgences are earned! Average day is 40-80km. This cycling trip is the perfect spring getaway

DURATION 9 days / 8 nights

$1499 based on double occupancy


additional nights are extra.

Sunday March 15th 2014 RETURN


Monday March 24th 2014

additional nights are extra.

based on single occupancy NON-RIDERS SAVE 10% ON TRIP COST


This trip is more expensive as the rider/guide ratio is lower and the rides will be van supported or begin or end with a shuttle.

Wild Rock Outfitters 705-745-9133 For more info contact

what we love about Mallorca


CAFE CON LECHE When you order coffee in Mallorca, you order cafe con leche. Espresso and steamed milk at just about any cafe kept us going. Also works as a distress call for a rest stop!

Whether you ride the climbs easy and take in the views, or put the hammer down to challenge the Strava KOM (you will never get one here), the fact of the matter is that you just can’t spend an hour climbing up a mountain in Peterborough. There is something about chugging up these climbs, no matter what the pace, and leaving a bit of yourself on the mountain. It is only after getting to the top, and taking a breather that the enormity of this place is realized. You just climbed for an hour. Sit down, stretch out and enjoy the views. You have earned it.

SWITCHBACKS Going up or getting down, Mallorca is full of tight, beautifully radiused switchbacks. On the way up you rise out of the saddle and jam a few hard pedal strokes around them, going down with a keen eye for upcoming traffic and perfect MotoGP apexing guarantees a smile.

pa amb oli A great thing about travel is enjoying the local cuisine. While in Mallorca pa amb oli is a good as it gets for lunch! Mallorcan bread, fresh tomato, great cheese and a good drizzle of local olive oil. We ate these at just about every lunch stop.

small roads This one always takes us by surprise. Rolling along roads that are a fraction of the size of a Duoro backroad, yet accommodate two way traffic. And bikes. While we ride cars and trucks roll up behind us and wait. That is right, I said wait. They wait for a chance to pass, no horn honking, no middle fingers, no screams to get off the road. Just a quiet understanding of sharing the road. Imagine that.

BONUS CLIMBS Sometimes we focused on the “big climbs” on the itinerary and didn’t pay close attention to the other upwardly trending roads. Sometimes you take an exploratory turn off your planned route. It is pretty common to run into a few magical “bonus climbs” if you will while riding in Mallorca. They are part of the landscape that shapes these amazing routes, it may not just be the ascent of Sa Calobra that challenges you, but that feisty little number right before.

LUNCH A typical day cycling in Mallorca goes like this - we start around 10, have a coffee stop (cafe con leche!), ride some great roads and stop for lunch. Lunch stops are part of the fun. Whether it is at the top of a climb beside a monastery, or in a cool little town like Valldemossa, lunch stops are a welcome rest to refuel, rehydrate, and share a laugh before we swing a leg back over our bikes in search of the next great memory. Pro Tip: eat the olives, they will blow your mind.

G O OD P E OP LE Some of the folks who join us on our Mallorca trips have been riding with us for years, for others it is the first time we have cycled with them. With each trip our network of cycling friends grows. From experienced racers to new cyclists, every trip has a diverse group that all share a love for getting out and riding their bikes. For many they come back year after year - this is a place that once you uncover its charms, you see why it is the spot to be for pro cyclists and recreational riders alike. See you in Spring 2014!

Noel and Kieran roll along near perfect roads for cycling. The destination for the day - the San Salvador monastery looms in the distance. A 6km switchbacked climb averaging 6% delivers us to stunning views.




Enjoy a fall cycling vacation in beautiful Tuscany, Italy. Great cycling combined with fabulous cuisine and legendary wine. Tuscany has become a favourite destination for us, offering great riding on small roads that wind their way through vineyards, farms, orchards and forests. The riding is incredibly undulating with almost no flat riding. While the climbs may not be epic, you have to glean some satisfaction from climbing to enjoy this trip. The Italian pursuit of La Dolce Vita radiates at every lunch stop and espresso break. The area exudes all the good things in life, food, wine, cycling, passion and landscape. What more could you want! Cyclists should be comfortable riding 60-80km per day with several climbs in the 2-4km range in the minimum to enjoy the B route options. The A route options are appealing to those who enjoy climbing and are comfortable with 75-100km rides in Ontario. DURATION 9 days / 8 nights



based on double occupancy

Friday September 26th 2014 RETURN Sunday October 5th 2014

additional nights are extra.

$3499 based on single occupancy additional nights are extra.

VIEW TRIP DETAILS Wild Rock Outfitters 705-745-9133 For more info contact

Wild Rock Outfitters 169 Charlotte St Peterborough ON (705) 745-9133

Wild Rock 2014 Cycling Trips  

Take a cycling vacation with Wild Rock! All the details on our 2014 cycling trips to Mallorca and Tuscany - have a look!

Wild Rock 2014 Cycling Trips  

Take a cycling vacation with Wild Rock! All the details on our 2014 cycling trips to Mallorca and Tuscany - have a look!