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BUY ONE PAIR - GET A SECOND 50% OFF - WITH OUR SIZE-A-DAY-SALE! July 6 - save on sizes 6 and below July 7 - save on size 7, 7.5 July 8 - save on size 8, 8.5 July 9 - save on size 9. 9.5 July 10 - save on size 10, 10.5 July 11 - save on size 11, 11.5 July 12 save on size 12 and up

Downtown Peterborough’s Annual Sidewalk Sale Join Wild Rock from

Wed July 10th - Sat July 13th

Great deals on footwear, sportswear and more!



Photos: Matt Stetson Location: East City

lthough the temptation may be to spend your summer in bare feet - there is still a time and place for footwear in the hot weather ahead! Wild Rock has a great selection of summer shoes and sandals for men and women in stock. Let your feet breathe a bit (and still be allowed in a restaurant) with new summer kicks from Olukai, Merrell, Patagonia, Teva, Cushe, and more!

Olukai takes style and comfort very seriously! Slip into a pair of the W’s Kumu and you will know what we are talking about. $100

Versatility is key with a good summer sandal at home on the dock or in town. L-R Keen M’s Clearwater CNX $100, Keen W’s Whisper $89.99, Teva M’s Tanza $100

Looking good matters too! The Merrell Henna (left) $130 and Cushe Clover (right) $94.99 have you covered on the fashion front!

PUNGO 120 RECREATIONAL Rec boats are usually defined by a wider more stable hull and a wide open cockpit. Boats in this category allow a wide variety of users of varying abilities to comfortably get out to play on the water. The Pungo 120 has been our best-selling Rec boat for the past couple years. This year they stepped up the outfitting to the new Phase 3 AirPro seating system. What was perhaps our most comfortable boat is now even better! With adjustable seatback height, forward lean, under thigh support and slide lock foot-brace system this boat quickly adapts to almost any user. If you are looking for a super stable boat for around the cottage, wandering shore lines or even to fish from, the Pungo 120 might just be your new favorite boat.

Keep essentials on hand with cup holders and storage galore!

A super comfy and adjustable seat for long days on the water

Boat: Pungo 120 Price: $849 Length: 12 ft Width: 29� Weight: 49lbs Max Capacity: 325lbs


MANITOU 14 LIGHT TOURING If longer trips and more speed are what you’re seeking you might be happier jumping into a light touring model. While less stable than the recreational class these are the go-to boats for day long paddles, quick overnights or just fun outings that you want to cover some solid distance. The Necky Manitou 14 is both my favorite boat we carry and our best-selling model. Period. The shape has a really nice glide that transfers more of your effort into forward movement. Forgoing a rudder system assures the boat is kept clean and simple. It also keeps the cost down! Instead Necky opted for a drop skeg which helps tracking with less drag. You also end up steering more with your paddle strokes and body geometry as your skills increase. The seat is fully featured using triple density foam for comfort and support, adjustable seat back height, forward lean and under leg support. Being a light touring model you of course always get lots of sealed storage for your gear in both in the bow and stern. Does this sound like a fun fit for you? If so come out to our new boat garden and have a look! You can even rent one from us if you want to try it first !

Multiple lash points add versatility and easy access

Watertight storage with plenty of room for all your gear

Boat: Necky Manitou 14 Price: $1099 Length: 14’ 4” Width: 24” Weight: 49lbs Max Capacity: 275-325lbs





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COOKING OUT. NOTHING CAN MAKE OR BREAK A CAMPING TRIP LIKE FOOD CAN. MASTER THE OUTDOOR KITCHEN WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM WILD ROCK. 1. A lightweight stove needs to be reliable, and pack a punch too. The MSR Dragonfly offers multi-fuel versatility too. $119.99 2. Don’t settle for bad coffee. Start your day off right with a cup made from the Aerobie Aeropress. $39.99 3. Rule the kitchen with the complete GSI Bugaboo Camper cookset. Pots, pans, cups and wash sink. $99.99

4. With great skill comes great reward. So says GSI of the handy KungFoon. Stainless and cool $11.95

8. You never leave home without waterproof matches right? Save your life, or cook some soup from $4.99

5. The Jetboil Flash is a staff favorite at Wild Rock - boil 2 cups of water in 2 mins with an all in one cooking solution. $99.95

9. Purify water anywhere. Aquatabs make it easy. $10.00

6. Reusable, light, and BPA free - the Platypus Soft Bottle is the go anywhere water bottle solution. 1L $10.99

10. Freeze dried the right way! The variety of meals from Backpackers Pantry will make you forget you are in the woods! Prices vary.

7. Set the table with the GSI Cascadian 1 person table set. Tough polypropylene construction and a handy mesh bag. $12.95









SUMMER WEEKENDS ARE THE TIME FOR GETTING OUTDOORS. BEFORE YOU HIT THE CAMPSITE PICK UP A FEW ESSENTIALS TO KEEP YOU SMILING AND OUT OF TROUBLE. SEE THE LIGHT The UCO Arka USB is just about the coolest thing to come through our doors this season! Use as a lantern and then collapse it down to function as a flashlight. Running on Lithium Ion batteries for 6-8 hours on high and up to 50 on low. Here is the neat part... The Arka can recharge your mobile device through a handy USB port - smart! $59.99 WHISTLEBLOWER On the water, in the woods, at kids soccer games - a good quality whistle is an inexpensive tool that comes in pretty handy. Les Stroud puts him name on the Sharx pealess whistle from Fox 40, and he knows a thing or two about getting out of a bad spot. Works wet or dry. $12.99 ANALOG iPAD Sometimes it is just nice to put pen to paper. Keep a travel journal, work on your birding tally, play hangman - do it all no matter what the weather with a Rite in the Rain all weather notepad or journal. From $5.99 SHARP AS A cheap knife is great - until it lets you down when you need it most! Add a reliable, well made knife to your kit - such as the Benchmade Griptillian Family of knives. Prices range from $100-$115. Handbuilt perfection. TRUE NORTH Your GPS is only as good as its batteries. Learn to navigate with a compass and you have a true survival skill. The Brunton Nexus Star keeps it simple for only $15.99 STAY SAFE Always be prepared - that is what they say right? At just over 2 oz the Adventure Medical Kits Ultralite 3 is the perfect first aid kit for day hikes, short paddles and ripping it up on your mountain bike. $8.99 CHOP CHOP Nothing makes you feel like a true Canadian woodsman (or woodswoman) like an axe. The small, tough Gerber Sport Axe is just the right size for packing on your next camping adventure. $42.99 FROM THE GURU Kevin Callan is a bit of a local legend in these parts. His updated guide book The Happy Camper is loaded with all the info you need to feel comfortable getting off the couch and into the great outdoors. $24.95

Do you sell maps? We sure do! All kinds! This is a question we get asked a fair bit at the store. And the answer is yes. We sell all kinds of maps to help you navigate through your next adventure. Wild Rock has a great selection of flat paper topo maps, waterproof/ripproof maps, folding maps and even canoe route maps that float (how handy is that!) Don’t see a map that you need in our store? Just ask one of our helpful staff as we may be able to special order it in for you! In addition to good old maps, Wild Rock has copies of the very popular Backroads Mapbooks guides. These books are a travelers best friend with a wide variety of destinations available. Go Out and Play - and don’t get lost - with Wild Rock.



Pack: Osprey W’s Aura or M’s Atmos

Pot Set: GSI Bugaboo Camper $80 (reg. $100)

50L $180 (reg. $240) 65L $200 (reg. $270)

Water Filter: MSR Hyperflow $75 (reg. $89.99)

Tent: 2P > MSR Hoop $200 (reg. $249.99)

Sleeping Mat: Therm-A-Rest NEOAIR Trekker

3P> MSR Holler $250 (reg. $299.99)

Size: Short $75 (reg. $99.99) Size: Regular $100 (reg. $129.99)

Sleeping Bag: Marmot Trestles 30 (M’s & W’s)

Size: Large $120 (reg. $149.99)

size: regular $80 (reg. $99) size: long $89 (reg. $110)

Headlamp: Black Diamond Cosmo $26.99 (reg. $31.99)

Stove: MSR Dragonfly $100 (reg. $120)

Dry bag: Seal Line Black Canyon 30L $32.00 (reg. $39.99)


What a great night! Even more awesome than it was last year (hard to believe!), this year’s night dedicated to the best women in Peterborough was a flying success. Here’s a re-cap: -AMAZINGLY scrumptious food from Brio Gusto -some FABULOUS wines and beers from Ontario that were paired specifically for the food by Brio Gusto -thousands of dollars’ worth of draw prizes -discounts on women’s clothing and footwear -mingling and chatting with some wonderful people -most of all, the Entire Wild Rock store emptied of men!

If you missed it this year (it was held on Sunday, May 5th), make sure you don’t miss it next year… Keep your eyes on the newsletter to find out when it will happen next!


My Story I’ll start by saying, growing up I never liked running. In high school I wasn’t into gym class and the days of the 12-minute run, I’d have rather been at home “sick”. By second year university, something changed. I started to hit the gym and made a choice, a personal goal rather; to be healthy, to be active and to be good at running. Where did I go from here? My Experience In mid March, 2013, I was running an average distance of 3 to 4km several times a week when I was given the suggestion to run in the annual Bread & Honey Race. The race takes place at the beginning of June in Streetsville (Mississauga), Ontario with 5km and 15km disciplines plus 1km fun run. At this point I had two and a half months to shape up so I took my biggest step forward as a runner and registered for the 15km race. I slowly increased my distance about a km a week and finally worked my way up to 15km. “Achieving

my goal was extremely rewarding but I found myself easily bored after 4 or 5km of staring at the road, grey buildings, passing cars and inhaling fumes. If you can relate or are looking for a new challenge than it’s time to Go Out and Trail Run! You don’t have to be an expert runner.”

Living in Peterborough, we’re lucky because urban escapes are easy to find and easy to access. You’ll discover quickly that trail running offers new challenges, adrenaline rushes and a chance to connect with nature like never before. The fresh air, the trees and changing terrain will be enough to keep you running longer and faster, pushing your limits one run after another. On a chase for another race I discovered the 5peaks Trail Running Race Series. I was once again ready to take on a new challenge; a 12.7 km endurance course at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area. I kicked up my km and actually practiced the race route 3 times before race day. The race trails were extraordinarily technical, rugged and required fast feet so my preparation paid off in terms of knowing what to expect. The constantly changing terrain, intense climbs and fast descents made for an advanced course but with proper training, it’s a fun course. For local easy access trails check out Jackson Park and the Millennium trail close to downtown or the Drumlin and Trent Nature Area Trails. Peterborough has something for everyone all skill levels. For the future I look forward to racing more trails, longer distances and better goal times. I am an honest example of a person who has taken running as a hobby for active living, selfimprovement, lifestyle balance and the opportunity to connect with nature. You’ll be surprised how well you do if you just get out there.

My Shoes Traditional. Minimalist. Trail Shoes. Road Shoes. What do I wear? I’ve ran hundreds of kilometers in everything from your more traditional style runner to trail specific and minimalist style shoes on and off the trail. I never limit myself to one style of shoe for running, I just pick what I feel like wearing that day depending on the terrain and distance. I like switching things up so I’m using different muscles but also to avoid over-use injuries (especially when I’m running often with a race approaching). Sometimes I just like to run without a destination in mind so I was looking for a multi-purpose shoe. A shoe I could wear jogging around town and onto the trails or a grassy detour. Something I could run the gravel cottage ways but also along the road to the next nearest lake. I had no idea there was something to suit all of these needs in one shoe until our Salomon rep introduced me to the XR Missions - a trail running road shoe. They were exactly what I was looking for theoretically so I put them to the test. The XR Missions offer good cushioning with a more traditional heal to toe drop. I prefer the cushioning for my longer runs however I still focus on the control of striking with my mid and forefoot rather than my heel (even in the traditional shoe). I’ve put about 300km on them from extreme wet rocky, hilly trails to flat dry road and they’re holding up great. I feel confident in their construction and love the quick lace system. The grip and stability are excellent even on intense terrain and from an overall performance standpoint well worth the retail price or $119.00. The XR Missions meet all my needs as a versatile trail or road shoe. The only downfall limiting the shoes is the narrow design. I did have some rubbing on the inside of my arch but I felt the pros of the shoe greatly outweigh the cons. For more information on running tips, trails, races, shoes or other general inquiries/questions contact

The Salomon XR MIssion


ig is Made In Canada – as a Canadian-owned company that runs out of Quebec, they have been manufacturing in Quebec for quite some time, and have recently started manufacturing in Ontario as well. All of the spring fabrics this year have been dyed and knitted in Montreal. Fig develops and manufactures ENTIRELY in Canada.

“Made In Canada” is a phrase that is becoming more relevant and important to people as we become a more educated society – with economies crashing and manufacturing changing overseas, finding locally supportive companies that produce quality and affordable garments is starting to make more sense to us. We are starting to get the big picture! Wild Rock is a locally owned and a community oriented business, so it makes sense that we should share these values. We support and carry many Canadian-owned brands, but finding companies that manufacture in Canada is not easy. Manufacturing here is quite expensive in comparison to outsourcing, and having a competitive price is becoming increasingly important in this industry. Fig has found a way to manufacture in Canada while still remaining competitive. How can they do this when the cost of labour is so much higher here in Canada? They keep things simple – their designs are usually 2 or 3 panels of fabric, with no bells and whistles like zippers or buttons. And that is the beauty of Fig – nothing unnecessary, just a well-shaped garment that shows off your beautiful self.

How the Environment FIG-ures in Needless to say, manufacturing in Canada cuts down on pollution. No more CO2 emissions from shipping the raw goods overseas to be dyed and cut then shipped somewhere to be manufactured then shipped to the distributer then shipped to the store. Phew! The manufacturing is so close to us, that I have recently received multiple orders the DAY AFTER I had ordered them. Almost totally unbelievable. But completely true. (Just in case you are wondering, Wild Rock does special orders at any time and does not charge for shipping.) Fig also chooses environmentally friendly fabrics when they can – both their Chalet and Safari lines are made with only “organic” cotton. Why is Fig Fabulous? As the fastest growing brand in the women’s section, Fig has increased their presence at our store by over 50% in the past year. We love what Fig stands for, we love their clothes, and it seems that so does everyone else! Their designs are made for the womanly figure; they love using an a-line silhouette in their skirts and their tops. Their clean and simple designs make coordinating easy, especially when traveling. With simplicity comes versatility, and one piece can quite frequently do the job of many – from casual to dressy, Fig makes it easy to put an outfit together when you are not sure where your day will lead you.

“Fig develops and manufactures ENTIRELY in Canada.”


Material content:


Voyage: strong and stretchy – 95% cotton, 5% spandex


Chalet: heavy, warm, and stretchy – 100% organic cotton


Safari: soft, light, and comfortable – 54% bamboo viscose, 28% organic cotton, 8% spandex


Fig is short for “figure” – women’s curves are appreciated in the garment shaping process


Fig’s Safari line is now available in winter!


Chalet line has been updated for Fall ’13 – lighter fabrics with a better price


Safari, Voyage, and Ocean are UPF 50

THE VERY FINEST IN SPORTS NUTRITION Starters Clif Shot Bloks soft, chewable cubes for easy on-the-go fuel. Great for cyclists. (a) Hammer Gel essential fuel for endurance activities. Various flavours. (b) Hammer Gel w/ caffeine energy get with added caffeine boost. Espresso contains 50mg.(c) Enervitene quick liquid energy boost. Rocket fuel for athletes.

$2.35 $1.29 $1.29 $3.29

Entrees Clif Bars the go-to energy bar. 70% organic ingredients. Great before or during long activities.(d) Hammer Bars all natural and gluten free. Moist texture easy to consume during exercise. (e) Honey Stinger Waffles organic, Euro inspired energy snack. Can’t go wrong with waffles. (f)

$1.96 $2.69 $2.99

Beverages Hammer Heed high energy electrolyte drink. Subtle flavour, energy and electrolytes. 32 servings. Eload the choice for hot summer rides and those who are prone to heavy sweat loss. 1.15 kg (g) Hammer Perpetuem fuel for long distance activities. Great tasting performance. 32 servings. Hammer Recoverite ultimate recovery fuel. With whey and glutamine. 32 servings.








$27.99 $34.99 $47.99 $59.99



CHARIOT COUGAR 1 - $649.99

CHARIOT COUGAR 2 - $749.99

RIDE LONG THIS SUMMER The warm summer weather is perfect for long days in the saddle exploring the great roads of the Kawarthas! Wild Rock wants you to enjoy those long, hot rides this season and is offering an exclusive SPECIAL OFFER to PCC members. From July 1st to July 20th PCC members can save on legendary Assos shorts at Wild Rock! Save 20% on in stock Assos M’s F1 Mille bibs, M’s F1_13 bibs, and all knickers. Save 20% on in stock W’s F1_13 bibs, S5 bibs, S5 shorts and all knickers There has never been a better time to get into your first (or second!) pair of Assos shorts!

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