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issue 6 volume 3

wholesale catalog winter 2017

Well, hello to our wonderful shops and boutiques! It’s always a bit funny to be talking about the Holidays in blazing hot summer, but in the retail world we know: Quarter 4 is fast upon us! For our 2017 Winter releases, we have added brightly foiled holiday photo cards! Perfect for retail shops (since so many customers have fled the brick and mortar to now ordering online), these are ready to go in packages of 10, with a spot to affix a 4 x 4 inch instagram photo (or trimmed 4 x 6 snap) and write a message on the back. Definitely great for targeting last minute card senders. Our guided taste and travel journals continue to be a big hit, and are perfect for holiday gifting. Also among our new releases: moving notes, meal thank yous and other obscure but awesome cards that are great to fill in occasion gaps in your shop. In addition, due to the wonderful retail market response we’ve received with our Ink Wild Kids coloring cards, we’ve expanded the line with another complete set all about food! Yay!

we’re social like that.

Our catalog cover features our collaborative 2017 Pie Calendar with recipes by Elise Bauer of the famous blog Simply Recipes! Featuring 12 seasonal pie recipes (and one amazing crust!), the calendar is gouache painted, hand-illustrated, and then offset and letterpress printed, sure to be a smash hit in the 2017 calendar market. This year, we are so proud to release matching cotton pie recipe tea towels! And: Yum.

Owner & Designer

table of contents 1 2017 pie calendar 3 kids coloring cards 5 journals and notebooks 7 single greeting cards - by line 14 birthday 16 friendship & encouragement 18 love 20 valentine’s day 22 easter 23 mother’s day 24 father’s day 25 grad, anniversary & wedding 26 baby, sympathy & sorry 27 thank you 28 gift wrap & tags 30 home goods 31 coasters 32 art prints 34 boxed notes 36 holiday 42 terms and conditions

in collaboration with Simply Recipes, twelve delicious pie recipes & hand-painted illustrations. trims to 5 x 7 recipe cards or art prints. letterpress and offset printed in Chico, CA. 14 pages | 5� x 10� | 100% recycled paper

page iv |

{ 2017 pie calendar}

twelve amazing pies (& one great crust) Recipes written by Simply Recipes blogger and renowned home cook Elise Bauer. A Northern California girl herself, we’ve cooked her recipes for a long time and were delighted she agreed to collaborate with us on this fun recipe calendar. Gouache painted illustrations and line art by our own Rebekah Tennis, letterpress printing by Wild Ink Press. This one is not to be missed!

back of each month has directions


pc-286 | 2017 pie calendar

= new item | page 1

page 2 |

{ kids coloring cards }

kcc-290 | tractor thanks

kcc-291 | bi plane awesome

kcc-292 | school bus teacher

kcc-293 | submarine sorry

kcc-294 | fire truck birthday

kcc-295 | bicycle mom

kcc-296 | vespa dad

kcc-297 | ice cream truck grandma

kcc-298 | hot air balloon grandpa

ink wild kids: coloring cards correspondence begins with the young. zen coloring cards for the little artist! there is one for every occasion in a child’s year, including mom, dad, teacher, grandparents, and of course, thank you and i’m sorry. the mini coloring pencils are tree-smart, made from recycled newspaper.

A6 folded 3 mini color pencils with each

you can also preorder our kid foodie cards for our august release! = new item | page 3

journals & notebooks

pocket- or purse-sized guided journals are spiral bound in metal wire. covers are foil printed on a vintage letterpress. interiors are offest printed in Chico, CA

journals measure 6.5" x 3.75" covers are 100% post consumer waste made in USA

page 4 |

{ journals & notebooks }

taste: a journal for tasting everything. Includes notes to taste wine, beer, whiskey, tea, coffee, cheese, chocolate and any other thing that might strike your fancy. 8 guide pages with descriptors for each category included.

j-268 | taste

j-269 | explore

j-270 | appreciate

explore: a journal for adventures. Features pages to record travels and other excursions, from backpacking and bike rides, to touring ruins or sailing on the Mediterranean. Guide pages with conversions, currencies and a place to staple maps, receipts, etc on each facing page.

appreciate: a journal for art lovers. Features pages to record experiences in the arts - be it a public sculpture, a painting at a museum, an indie rock concert, an opera performance, a theatrical release . Includes pages to staple tickets, sketch drawings and record medium used, location and emotion.

j-271 | taste (black)

j-272 | explore (black)

j-273 | appreciate (black)

notebooks measure 3" x 5.5" 100% recycled cover blank inside 120 pages

nb-279 | find adventure

nb-284 | zebra

nb-285 | giraffe

= new item | page 5

single cards: pages 6-27

{ sweet somethings }

best seller

ss-252 | world together

ss-254 | world upside down

ss-257 | you’re top shelf

best seller

ss-253 | sweeter with you

ss-255 | more flavor

ss-256 | you’re souper

= new item | page 7

{ flood + foil cards }

ff-228 | beer/bacon

ff-266 | mom/kale

best seller

ff-227 | 29/fabulous

ff-288 | look/note

page 8 |

ff-230 | coffee/wine

ff-229 | cook/clean

{ collections }

cl-233 | lifesaver

cl-232 | indispensable

cl-235 | go to

cl-261 | good for me

best seller

cl-234 | grate

cl-236 | old school

= new item | page 9

{ happy cards }

hc-174 | happy dance

hc-167 | truly amazing

hc-170 | sorry for your loss

hc-265 | pet sympathy

hc-258 | better than email

hc-171 | happy birthweek

hc-169 | hello friend

hc-173 | ready, set, go!

best seller

hc-226 | you’ve got this

hc-172 | here for you

hc-223 | owe ya

hc-263 | hooray birthday

hc-224 | woohoo!

hc-289 | calls for bubbly

hc-225 | thank you so so

hc-264 | just sayin

page 10 |

{ strike that series }

st-159 | a mess

st-160 | licking

st-250 | happy new year

best seller

st-162 | dictator

st-163 | ancient

st-161 | wine/age

st-165 | entanglement

st-166 | favorite

st-164 | odd balls

= new item | page 11

{ three things series }

best seller Winner of Best New Product: Paper Style at the 2012 National Stationery Show these cards sell!  our top line for four years running

3t-222 | hot

3t-175 | birthday legal

page 12 |

3t-176 | one in a million

3t-153 | baby

{ three things series } best seller

3t-073 | birthday

3t-074 | you rock

3t-075 | sorry

3t-076 | me and you

best seller

3t-077 - wedding

3t-078 | belated birthday

3t-079 | graduation

3t-080 | love = new item | page 13

{ birthday }

kc-213 | birthday blast

kc-216 | purrfect birthday

kc-219 | hoppy birthday

kc-218 | turtley old

q-129 | moderation inside: including moderation. ( Julia Child) (happy birthday!)

q-131 | staying young inside: and lie about your age. (Lucille Ball) (happy birthday!)

best seller

hc-171 | happy birthweek ff-227 | 29/fabulous

page 14 |

bd-179 | free birthday inside: it’s this card.

{ birthday }

best seller

3t-073 | birthday age well

cl-236 | old school

st-163 | ancient

best seller

3t-175 | birthday legal

st-161 | wine/age

bd-105 | boggle birthday

best seller

3t-078 | belated birthday

hc-263 | hooray birthday

id-137 | piece of cake

= new item | page 15

{ friendship & encouragement }

hc-258 | better than email

hc-264 | just sayin’ gg-128 | pumpkin

s-004 | hello gorgeous ff-228 | beer/bacon

ff-288 | look/note

hc-226 | you’ve got this

hc-224 | woohoo! gg-123 | buttercup

page 16 |

{ friendship & encouragement }

kc-211 | dig you friend

cl-232 | indispensable

cl-233 | lifesaver

best seller

kc-217 | ducky friend

cl-235 | go to

cl-234 | grate

kc-214 | buoy great

ff-230 | coffee/wine

best seller

kc-220 | woof being friends

= new item | page 17

{ love }

q-132 | chocolate inside: but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. (Charles Schulz)

3t-222 | hot

best seller

ss-253 | sweeter with you

ss-255 | more flavor

page 18 |

ss-252 | world together

ff-229 | cook/clean

ss-254 | world upside down

cl-261 | good for me

{ love }

hf-085 | heritage turkey

hf-086 | prosciutto

bh-081 | ketchup

hf-087 | buttercream

hf-088 | foie gras

bh-083 | chicken fried steak

bh-082 | cool whip

bh-084 | hot dish

= new item | page 19

{ valentine }

v-202 | love you

v-259 | takeout valentine

v-200 | i love us

vt-203 | I love us

vt-204 | xo

vt-205 | be mine

vt-206 | besos

tag includes red and white twine

v-201 | be mine

2.5" x 3.5" single tag 100% recycled vt-207 | love you

page 20 |

vt-208 | mwah!

{ classroom valentines }

v-194-1| plane awesome

v-194-4 | float boat

v-209-1| purrfect

v-209-4 | gopher you

v-194-2| truck loads

v-194-3| dig friend

v-194-5 | rocket blast

v-194-6 | wheelie

you can now order these in bulk! no packaging or twine minimum of 50

v-209-2| ducky friend

v-209-3| turtley awesome

v-209-5 | woof friends

v-209-6 | otterly great

classroom valentines are now no longer assorted, but single styles sold in sets of six, with twine and upgraded kraft packaging and clear cello bag. = new item | page 21

{ easter }

e-158 | risen indeed

e-156 | alleluia

celebrate the deeper meaning of easter e-157 | he arose

page 22 |

letterpress printed in 3 colors / a2 folded 100% cotton / envelopes as shown available as boxed sets of six or single cards

{ mom }

md-262 | just like mom

md-275 | real mothers day

id-135 | measure mom

Louie Award winner

md-103 | boggle mother

md-028 | hot mama also available without “happy mother’s day”

best seller

md-177 | mom grammer inside: and now i face a lifetime of being annoyed by other people’s poor grammar.

md-276 | prettiest mama

ff-266 | mom/kale

= new item | page 23

{ dad }

best seller

fd-267 | galaxy dad

st-166 | favorite

id-134 | measure dad

fd-277 | finest dad

Louie Award winner

fd-178 | dad answer inside: “go ask mom”

page 24 |

fd-104 | boggle father

fd-029 | tie card inside: happy father’s day

{ graduation }

id-139 | smart: cookie

hc-173 | ready, set, go!

3t-079 | graduation

{ anniversary & wedding }

a-301| sweet spot

a-287 | sharpest couple

st-165 | entanglement

best seller

a-260 | amazing marriage

3t-077 | wedding

st-164 | odd balls = new item | page 25

{ baby }

3t-153 | baby

st-162 | dictator

hi-180 | motherhood infographic: pee

{ sympathy & sorry }

hc-265 | pet sympathy

q-130 | change a man inside: is when he is a baby. (Natalie Wood) (congratulations!)

hc-170 | sorry for your loss

gg-125 | ladybug

3t-075 | sorry

page 26 |

hc-172 | here for you

{ thank you }

best seller

hc-225 | thank you so so ss-256 | you’re souper

ss-257 | you’re top shelf

hc-223 | owe ya kc-215 | plane with me

kc-221 | otter thank you

3t-074 | you rock kc-210 | thanks ton truck

kc-212 | wheelie nice

= new item | page 27

gift wrap, prints, tags, home goods pages 28-33

gw-187 | happy hex wrap

gw-186 | happy dots wrap

gw-185 | happy leaves wrap

gw-152 | ikat wrap

gw-150 | suzani wrap

gw-148 | pakistan tile wrap

gw-149 | korean vase wrap

gw-151 | otomi blue wrap

gw-184 | otomi red wrap

page 28 |

{ gift tags & wrap }

ht-189 | many thanks

ht-192 | with love

ht-188 | happy happy

ht-191 | for you

gift tags match our happy cards & happy gift wrap 2.5"x 3.5" tags / gold foil / assorted colors six styles, each sold separately as a multicolored pack of six ht-193 | you rock

ht-190 | yay birthday

gift wrap matches our textiles & my sons boxed notes, and now our vintage holiday ornament cards, too! 22" x 28" / uncoated 60 lb sold as flat sheets or rolls of 2 soy inks / made in the usa recycled content

gw-239 | otomi multi wrap

gw-240 | vintage ornament wrap

= new item | page 29

{ home goods }

inspired by our “you cook, i’ll clean” card - coordinating apron and tea towel set is perfect for your kitchen! screenprinted in chico, ca 100% cotton apron is unisex / made in the usa towel is 28" x 30" / made in india hg-278 | cook/clean apron/towel set

page 30 |

{ coasters }

hg-300 | zebra coasters

hg-302 | giraffe coasters

classic cocktail recipes are now coasters! 4" square coasters gold foil & black ink four styles sold as an assorted set of 8 coasters

hg-299 | classic cocktail coasters = new item | page 31

{ city love prints }

ap-243 | city love: chicago

ap-245 | city love: san francisco

ap-244 | city love: new york

ap-246 | city love: los angeles

we love our stores, and we love their cities! “city love� prints are available as shown also customizeable for your hometown! minimum order of 50 - contact us for pricing 8" x 10" prints / 100% cotton

page 32 |

{ art prints }

hg-303 | 5” x 7” classic cocktail prints

8” x 10” mat included (no frame) order by specifing print: 303-1: dark & stormy 303-2: sazerac 303-3: manhattan 303-4: income tax cocktail 303-5: mint julip 303-6: negroni 303-7: gin & tonic 303-8: margarita 303-9: martini 303-10: blood & sand 303-11: spiced old fashioned 303-12: french 75

our favorite “happy card” is now a print! 30% post consumer fiber 9" x 12" | gold foil ap-274 | truly amazing print

= new item | page 33

boxed notes: pages 34-35

mn-283 | giraffe

mn-281 | leopard

mn-280 | zebra

mn-282 | tiger

page 34 |

{ boxed notes }

a2 folded 100% cotton boxed sets of six

t-070 | suzani

t-181 | indigo

t-001 | ikat

t-003 | faux bois

ms-019 | pakistani wall

ms-016 | korean vase

ms-017 | pakistani tile

ms-018 | korean lattice

t-133 b | otomi blue

t-133 r | otomi red

t-133 g | otomi green = new item | page 35

holiday: pages 36-41

Missed the ball on the holiday cards this year? We’ve got you covered! Print an instagram snap at your local drugstore and slap it on these beautiful foil printed cards. Your friends will never know!

{ holiday photo cards }

Sold in packs of 10 A8 flat card Blank back for your message

hpc-304 | grateful prayer

hpc-305 | yonder breaks

hpc-306 | cheers

Brown paper packages

hpc-307 | comfy cozy

hpc-308 | paper packages

hpc-309 | oh what fun

= new item | page 37

{ holiday } holiday art prints

h-197 | rejoice! rejoice!

h-198 | heaven and nature

hp-241 | rejoice! rejoice! h-199 | newborn king

these holiday cards feature much-loved carol texts, and are also available as framable art prints cards: letterpress printed in 2 colors / a6 folded envelopes as shown / boxed sets of six prints: letterpress printed in 2 colors / 8 x 10 100% cotton / 11 x 14 white mat

hp-242 | heaven and nature

page 38 |

{ holiday coasters & tags }

h-122 | stocking coasters (set of 6)

h-120 | merry wreath coasters (set of 6)

coasters come with printed muslin cloth bag

4 inch round / blotter stock

h-121 | o christmas coasters (set of 6)

holiday tags: 2.5� x 3.5� tags / white foil each style sold separately sets of 6 / specify red or kraft cardstock

h-193 k | happy holidays

h-193 r | happy holidays

h-194 k | merry merry

h-194 r | merry merry

h-195 k | no peeking

h-195 r | no peeking

h-196 k | to from

h-195 r | to from = new item | page 39

{ holiday }

Love, Joy, Peace: a consistent best seller! letterpress printed on chipboard with white and red ink a2 folded / recycled chipboard Handel’s Messiah: inspired by chalk art, printed on chipboard with white foil a6 folded / recycled chipboard

ljp-039 | love

h-113 | behold

ljp-040 | joy

h-114 | glory

ljp-041 | peace

h-115 | arise

vo-111 | cup of kindness (A6)

vo-110 | ding dong merrily (A6)

sg-047 | splatter (A6)

sg-046 | sketch lines (A6)

vo-112 | love and joy (A6)

sg-048 | swirls (A6)

sg-045 | chevron (A6)

page 40 |

{ holiday cards }

hv-116 | deck the stockings

am-155 | silent night (A6)

am-154 | merry & bright (A6)

hv-118 | merry wreaths

hi-251 | happy holly-daze (A6)

st-250 | happy new year

hv-117 | oh christmas tree

= new item | page 41

terms and conditions Ordering & Payment $150 minimum for opening orders $100 minimum for reorders There are four easy ways to order - by email to | by phone: 530-592-3697 | by fax: 815-301-2632 | or online once you have set up an online account with us. resale license / number is required. Pricing and Payment - opening orders must be prepaid before shipment by credit card or check. subsequent orders can be payable in 30 days, subject to credit approval (two trade references required). late payments will be subject to a 10% late fee per month. all listed prices are wholesale, and are subject to change. Shipping and Handling - orders usually ship within 2 to 5 business days, unless a shipment date is specified. rush shipment is available, however fees may apply. fed ex, ups ground or standard usps rates apply. occasionally, there will be items out of stock. we will notify you if any of your items are back-ordered. free shipping on all orders over $350 (gift wrap excluded).

product information Paper & Packaging Greeting Cards - our cards are printed on 100% recycled wood pulp paper, or 100% cotton fiber, made in the usa, with the exeption of our happy cards, which are made with 30% post consumer recycled stock. we package our cards in biodegradable clear bags made from plants. all cards are a2 size (4.25” x 5.5”) unless otherwise noted. our boxed notes come in clear plastic boxes with a kraft label. you may not break apart boxed sets for individual sale.

Other Paper Goods - our gift wrap sheets are printed in the usa with soy inks on fsc certified stock with recycled content. they sell as sheets and rolls. our notepads are printed in the usa on recycled paper.

we’re social like that.

183 East Sixth Street, Chico, California 95928 | 530-592-3697 |

our story Wild Ink Press is a little letterpress studio in Chico, up in northern California. We design and manufacture (made in our space from start to finish): witty and pretty greeting cards, stationery and other paper goods in our downtown shop renovated from an old soda bottling plant. We keep old printing machines and techniques alive, but liven them up with fresh artwork and zingy prose! Our paper goods are eco-produced from recycled stock and also 100% made in the USA (by us) for you. When not designing and printing greeting cards, owners Rebekah and Matt Tennis can be found wrangling their three young boys, running a tractor on the family rice farm, or attempting to travel the world. The company has grown and expanded over the years, and we now are a staff of six and have a retail and printing space in downtown Chico where we still do just what we started at the beginning: design cards, print them on old presses, one ink at a time, and package them with care for you to give and receive.

we’re social like that.

Wild Ink Press Winter Catalog 2017  
Wild Ink Press Winter Catalog 2017