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April 2014

Volume 86 No. 4

Adult Convention Review Top Performer winners Wisconsin’s Leading Production Ladies Production Top 10s District 5 Report

Junior 2 Year Old Top Performer

Vieuxsaule Freddie Tanya-ET VG-88 EVVVV +2228 GTPI 2-05 3x 305 37,350 4.7 1764 3.4 1284 365 44,867 4.8 2150 3.5 1550 3rd WI Fat - Junior 2 Year Olds Dam: Vieuxsaule Bolton Halia-ET VG-87 2Y Can 1-11 2x 365 30,266 4.6 1391 3.5 1067 Gr’Dam: Vieuxsaule Allen Dragonfly EX-94 2E Can 5-05 2x 365 35,072 3.9 1382 3.2 1115 3rd Dam: Vieuxsaule Outside Mary Sol EX-95 3E Can 6-05 2x 365 43,838 5.3 2321 3.0 1334

Junior 3 Year Old Top Performer

Siemers Shottle Hiana-ET

Senior 3 Year Old Top Performer

Ever-Green-View Latisha-TW

EX-90 EX-MS GTPI +1913

EX-92 EX-MS GTPI +1726

2-00 3x 334 37,390 3.7 1387 3.2 1179 3-00 3x 305 54,030 4.2 2261 3.0 1622

2-00 3x 365 43,430 3.2 1397 3.0 1324 3-10 3x 305 53,740 3.8 2020 3.0 1596

1st National Milk & National Fat

2nd National Milk & 5th National Protein

3-00 3x 365 62,840 4.2 2612 3.0 1904

3-10 3x 365 63,360 3.8 2415 3.0 1880

1st National Milk & National Protein Dam: Siemers Jet Stream Hian-ET EX-91 EX-MS GMD 2-00 3x 335 40,430 4.4 1770 3.5 1408 Gr’Dam: Siemers Durham Hia 6333-ET EX-91 EX-MS GMD DOM 4-07 2x 365 61,150 3.6 2241 3.0 1821

2nd National Milk & 1st WI Protein Dam: Dan-Vue Lariat-ET EX-90 EX-MS GMD 4-02 3x 365 41,470 3.3 1388 3.1 1304 Gr’Dam: Ever-Green-View Lego-ET VG-89 DOM 2-02 2x 365 42,700 3.4 1440 3.0 1300

A special thank you to the Wisconsin Holstein Association for hosting and supporting the Top Performer contest. We would also like to say thank you to all of the many sponsors for this program. The entire crew at Ever-Green-View is very proud to have been selected as a Herd of Excellence for the past three years. 2012 BAA: 110.4% #1 in the U.S. for herds over 120 cows Current RHA: 93 cows 3x 38,516 4.14 1594 3.14 1208

Tom & Gin Kestell & Sons Joel, Clay & Chris

W4672 Co. Hwy. N, Waldo, WI 53093 Ph: 920-528-7063 Fax: 920-528-7428 e-mail:

Kellercrest Shottle Loni-ET EX-92 2E GMD DOM 6-09 3x 365 57,129 5.3 3030 2.9 1633 Lifetime: 212,958 4.3 9150 3.0 6403


e were proud to have Loni be named the 2013 Wisconsin Top Performer. Sadly, we lost her to cancer on November 11, 2013. Loni will always be remembered through her offspring - we are currently milking daughters by Active, Planet, Man-O-Man, Super, Les, Bronco, Sebastian, Gerard and Armitage and have springers by Latroy. Loni also has 12 sons in A.I. and has exported embryos to Japan, Germany, Australia and France. Other top perfomers from 2013: Lifetime production numbers at Kellercrest: • 5 cows over 300,000 lbs. lifetime milk • 28 cows over 250,000 lbs. lifetime milk • 88 cows over 200,000 lbs. lifetime milk

Kellercrest Shtl Bridget EX-93 3-00 365 38,900 5.0 1936 3.4 1322 4th Junior 3 Year Old, Wisconsin State Show Kellercrest Super Bianca-ET GP-82 (sister to Bridget) 2-01 365 42,078 4.2 1729 2.9 1253 Kellercrest Jeeves Anika VG-85 3-06 336 33,260 5.7 1902 3.5 1177

Congratulations to Kim & the Mount Horeb gymnastics team on their 2nd place finish at the state gymnastics meet!

Kellercrest Registered Holsteins, Inc. Tim & Sandy Keller, Andrew & Kimberly • Mark & Kareen Keller 1141 JG South, Mount Horeb, WI 53572 • Ph: 608-437-4755 • Fax: 608-437-4759 • e-mail:

RHA: 311 cows 3x 31,362 4.0 1251 3.1 967 Progressive Breeder & Progressive Genetics Herd Awards

Wisconsin Holstein Association 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 Phone (608) 356-2114 Fax (608) 356-6312

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VOLUME 86 No. 4

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On The Cover

This month’s cover features the 2013 Overall Top Performer, Kellercrest Shottle Loni-ET EX-92 2E GMD DOM, owned by Kellercrest Registered Holsteins, Mount Horeb. 4–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

P.O. Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813 Phone (608) 723-4933 Fax (608) 723-4973 e-mail:

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wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-5

THE 47TH OUTAGAMIE CO. SPRING SALE Friday, April 26th, 7:30 p.m., Seymour Fairgrounds, Seymour, WI





EX-92 GMD DOM GTPI +1939 3-10 2x 365 42,280 4.3 1798 3.5 1070

EX-96 4E GMD 5-03 2x 365 47,540 4.2 1998 2.9 1394 Lft: 2637 255,630 4.0 10,213 2.8 7204

EX-94 4E DOM 5-02 2x 365 43,260 4.2 1834 3.0 1278

EX-96 3E DOM 4-01 2x 365 35,750 4.7 1682 3.5 1247

A fresh RED Colt-P sells along with her January 2014 Lou-P calf. Dam is an EX-91 Redliner with 34,130 4.6 1560 3.0 1039 at 4-03 then Miss Special. Wilstar/Goldenberg

World Famous Apple! A RED December 2013 Magenta sells from Apple’s EX-92 2E Talent Applicious-Red. Casey & Billie Olson



Reserve All-American 4 Year Old ’08

All-American Aged Cow ’06 Res. Supreme Champion, WDE ’06

EX-95 4E 10-5 2x 365 47,080 3.9 1845 2.9 1367 Lft: 301,280 4.0 11,916 3.3 9881

EX-94 3E GMD DOM 6-00 2x 365 42,72- 4.8 2037 3.5 1478

A Goldsun winter yearling that has the cut sells from an EX-90 2E Gibson then Embrace! Joe Paltzer & Ryan Krohlow

Selling a Shottle due at sale time to sexed Atwood. Her dam an EX-94 Durham, then EX Stoneham from an EX-91 Cleitus sister to Ideal’s Blackstar dam. Bob Sabo

An Atwood from Kandy’s VG-88 3Y September Storm with 32,070 3.9 1239 3.0 964 sells due in July to Damion! Rob Moede

A January 2013 RED polled Colt-P sells from a GP-83 Advent fresh with her second calf then EX-91 Dundee Drama, Dazzle and EX-94 3E Integrity Dixie. Chase & Willow Oehmichen





VG-87 VG-MS GMD 2-02 2x 365 29,240 3.9 1144 3.1 912

VG-86 VG-MS 3-03 2x 352 30,050 3.4 1014 2.9 865

EX-91 EX-MS 3-03 2x 365 35,740 4.1 1472 3.0 1086

VG-89 EX-MS 4-10 2x 305 24,870 3.9 980 3.5 879

Selling a GP-83 VG-MS Observer from Bikasa! The Observer’s two October 2013 Supersire heifers sell as well! Bikasa is backed by EX-92 GMD DOM Barbie and 4 more EX dams. Luke Popp

A fancy September 2013 Goldwyn sells from an EX-90 Advent from Lausan, then right to the Laurie Sheiks! An awesome second cut Fall Calf for the WI Junior State Fair! Bob Gates

Selling a GP-84 Atlantic fresh again with her second calf from a VG-88 Shottle then Stormatic Sunny. The Atlantic’s March Acme heifer sells as well! Hilrose Holsteins

Selling Donna’s Braxton spring yearling! Donna’s dam is the world famous Chief Adeen, EX-94 2E DOM. Anthony Fischer

Selling a Shamrock fresh in March from a VG-86 Alexander then Chassity! Next dam EX-92 2E GMD DOM, then EX-92 GMD DOM Barbie and 4 more EX dams. MilkSource Genetics

BUDJON-JK DURHAM EMBRACE-ET EX-95 2E 5-10 2x 365 50,710 4.4 2207 3.2 1611

Res. All-American 125,000 lb. Cow ’07 Unanimous All-American 5 Year Old ’05

A fancy October 2013 Action-Red right out of the factory! Budjon/Vail

KINYON LINJET IDEAL EX-96 2E 4-08 2x 365 44,943 6.0 2700 3.7 1685

Reserve Grand Champion, WDE ’13

70 lots sell from some of the best cow families in the breed - from Red and Polled to show type and solid, long-lasting milk cows! 45 milk cows, 20 show age heifers & 5 embryo lots sell • Second Choice of eight April Advents sells from an EX-91 Rampage, then EX-92 Talent, EX-92 Durham and 8 more generations EX! Paltzer/Thurk • 5 #1 Durham embryos sell from show winning Paltzer-RK LJ Crispies EX-93. Tim Voight Sale Sponsored by:

For Catalogs Contact: Sale Chairman, Skyler Buman 920-901-6466 or email Catalog will be available online at and

Holstein Breeders 6–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

SALE STAFF: Kevin Jorgensen, 920-210-3992 Jay Jauquet, 608-279-3222 Lynn Harbaugh, 920-420-1524 Brandon Ferry, 608-335-8861 Tim Schindler, 715-223-4014

Apply now for the

2014 Badger Dairy Camp! June 11-13, 2014 UW-Madison Campus - Madison, WI Tentative Schedule Wednesday, June 11 3:00-5:00 p.m. 5:00-6:30 p.m. 7:00-10:00 p.m.

Registration Pizza Party, orientation Dairy workshops

This camp fills up fast - send your application today!

Camp Application

Thursday, June 12 7:00 a.m. 8:00-11:30 a.m. 12:00-1:00 p.m. 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Breakfast Fitting demonstration & group fitting Lunch Showmanship fundamentals & contest; show work stations Dairy workshops Dinner Activities Lights out

4:00-6:00 p.m. 6:00-7:00 p.m. 7:00-10:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m.

Friday, June 13 7:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. 12:00-1:00 p.m. 1:00-3:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. 3:30 p.m.

Breakfast Dairy Judging & Linear workshops Lunch Dairy Judging workshops Awards Dorm check-out

Youth between the ages of 12-18 can apply to attend this exciting 3-day program: • Build award winning judging, fitting & showing strategies. • Participate in hands-on Dairy Science workshops. • Take home life lessons, self-confidence, teamwork & sportsmanship. • Test your skills in camp showmanship & judging contests.

Learn from outstanding instructors…

UW-Madison Dairy Science faculty, staff and students along with UW Vet School students, UW Extension team members and prominent dairy industry professionals.

A huge thank you to our 2013 sponsors whose enthusiastic support allows us to keep the program affordable for dairy youth. UW-Madison Dept. of Dairy Science c/o Beth Heinze 1675 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706-1284 Phone 608-263-9409 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-7

From your President Chris McCullough Dear Wisconsin Holstein members, I sure hope that by the time this magazine gets to your mailbox the long, cold, hard winter will be a distant memory. Just a couple of quick notes. First, I’d like to send a big thank you to Monroe, Vernon & La Crosse counties for doing a first-class job of hosting the 2014 Adult Holstein Convention in Tomah. Congrats to all of the award winners and thanks to the host farms for opening up your doors to see great cows on the farm tours. It never gets old seeing great cows on beautiful farms. Also I’d like to thank Bob Miller and Frank Regan for participating in our roundtable on Saturday morning. I think it is safe to say it truly was an enjoyable and educational discussion from two of the greatest Holstein breeders. You can watch it online at - check it out. I highly encourage anyone who has never been to an adult convention to go next year in River Falls. I would like to thank Bella-View, Oeh-My & Walk-Era for hosting our spring barn meetings and to Nick Uglow for doing a great presentation at all of them. Also I’d like to remind everyone that Treasure Quest tickets are available from any board member, Breed Improvement committee member or at the office. Membership renewals second notices are out, and if you already have sent them in, thank you. If not, please do so soon. Last call for futurity entries that are due at the end of April. Just as a reminder if you are a delegate representing Wisconsin at National Convention this year, please let the WHA office know if you are planning on going. The WHA office is now responsible for lining up delegates, so please let Larry know either way if you will be serving as a delegate to the National Convention in Dubuque. Our Midwest National Spring Show will be April 19 in Jefferson. I wish all of the exhibitors good luck and invite you to come watch a great show. Chris McCullough

Membership Renewal Reminder & Notice of News cut-off

Membership renewals for 2014 have been emailed or mailed out to all members. If you have not received a membership renewal, please contact Sharon at 1-800-223-4269 or This issue of the News will be the last issue received for memberships not renewed by April 11.


risten’s attle omments

Greetings Holstein Fanatics! As we crawl out of winter hibernation, warmer weather brings some exciting and fun events for our Association. In March, Kayla and I attended the Barn Meetings at Bella-View, Oeh-My, and Walk-Era Holsteins. A big “Thank You” to all farms that hosted this year. We truly enjoy every chance we get to network with the outstanding breeders in our organization. Not only was this a great chance to mingle with members of our industry, but we also heard from Nick Uglow and were able to take away some great tips about raising and caring for Registered Holstein cattle. For many of us, April begins our favorite time of the year, “show season”! I know that just getting those clippers in my hands for the first time this year was exciting. We know many of you have been working hard to get your animals ready to go for this summer, and we can’t wait to see them! To start, Kayla and I will be attending the Midwest Spring Show on April 19 in Jefferson, Wis. We’re hoping for warm weather and wishing all exhibitors the best of luck. We will also be announcing the winner of the Treasure Quest. Just a reminder that tickets are still for sale; there are some really great animals in the Quest this year with pedigrees to back them up. We know that there are many excited juniors to attend Cow Camp this year. Camp is being held at Sugar Creek Bible Camp this year in Ferryville on May 3 and 4. The JACs have some really great “Holstein educational” activities planned, including a special tie-dying session. If there are some juniors out there thinking about attending for the first time, sign-up! It will be this Princess Attendant’s first time as well. Registration can be found in the News. To all members, keep checking the website, www.wisholsteins. com, for upcoming events, news, etc. District show entries can be made online this year through the website beginning in May. Also, if you would like Kayla or I to come to an event or do a classroom visit, please check-out the form found on the website. Hope to see you soon! Kristen Broege

Sponsor Spotlight: Rural Mutual Agent, Brian Greenman

Rural Mutual Insurance Company

Brian Greenman, 920-322-1194 Hello, my name is Brian Greenman and I am a Rural Mutual Insurance Agent and also a farmer as well. I grew up around Holstein cattle and still to this day own and raise Holstein cattle. When I was younger I participated in many Junior Holstein programs as well as shown Holsteins at county, district, and national shows. Three years ago my wife and I formed a partnership with my wife’s parents, Holy Hill Family Farms LLC, which we raise all natural grass fed Angus beef cattle in which we sell their meat around the state as well as Illinois.

My agency’s office is located in Fond du Lac, WI on N Peters Ave. What sets my agency apart from the rest is: our knowledge in agriculture industry, industry leading customer service, attention to detail, claims handling, and many more reasons. In my office I have staff members who are very important to our success and they are: Alan Erickson, fully licensed agent, Bill Kiggens, fully licensed agent, and Colleen Smedberg, Office manager & customer service. When you contact us to help you out with your insurance needs, we come out to your location, walk around your operation with you, and ask you questions to make sure we are insuring your operation properly to provide you with the protection that you need. Once you place your insurance with us, we stay in contact with you often and do regular on site reviews to make sure your insurance is keeping up to date with your ever changing operation. We provide Rural Mutual Insurance products as solutions for your insurance needs. Rural Mutual has valued what’s important in life as well as protecting Wisconsin families for over 75 years. As a matter of fact, Rural Mutual is the leading insurer of Wisconsin farms with Rural Mutual and I recognize that agri-business requires special protection. After all, your farm operation is your home, your business, and a considerable capital investment. To protect your livelihood, call or email us today and I can show you the variety of coverages available to address your insurance needs. Office: 920-921-4158 & 920-322-1194 Brian’s Cell: 920-410-4533 Email: 8–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

Wisconsin Holstein Briefs D Patti and Cy Letter (Technical Supervisor of Classification - Holstein USA) are proud to announce the engagement of their daughter, Emilie Christine Letter, to Tyler Jeffrey Jauquet, son of Cheryl Staszak and Jeff Jauquet (Jauquet Holsteins). The future bride graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Marquette University in 2010 and earned her Masters of Science in Accounting from Marquette University in 2011. Emilie is employed as a Tax Analyst for Fiserv, Inc. in Brookfield. The future groom graduated from UW-Madison with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2012. Tyler is employed as an Analyst for Colliers International in Milwaukee. Tyler met Emilie in the show ring at the 2002 District 7 Holstein Show in Weyauwega. Emilie placed first junior with Pinehurst Folk Dance-ET and Tyler placed second junior with Chili-View Gibson Niles. The rest is history! The couple will exchange vows on October 25, 2014 at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Seymour. A reception will follow at the Marq in De Pere. L Congratulations to Blair and Kathy Sawall, Clintonville, on being named 2014 Farm Family of the Year by the Clintonville Rotary Club. J Our condolences to the families of R. Dale Jones and Evelyn Kepler who passed away recently. Full obituaries are printed below. The Wisconsin Holstein News encourages readers and members to submit information for the Wisconsin Holstein Briefs column. We are looking for news of a wedding, birth announcement, award winner or death that Wisconsin Holstein breeders should know about. High quality, submitted photos will be printed if space is available. Please submit your information to the Wisconsin Holstein News by mail at PO Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813; or email to

Obituaries R. Dale Jones

R. Dale Jones, age 83 years, of Hillsboro, passed away on Saturday, March 15, 2014, at the Gundersen St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hillsboro, Wis. He was born on March 29, 1930. His mother died following child birth so he was raised on his grandfather's farm near Topeka, Kan. by his grandparents, Arly and Lucy Cusic and aunts. Following high school, he graduated from the University of Oklahoma where he also played football. R. Dale then operated a farm in Kansas, where he married Barbara and they had two sons. They later divorced. He later farmed in Indiana and became involved with a training program on the farm working with Senator Birch Bayh and involving many Japanese trainees in farming. He also became an honorary member of the Purdue Agricultural Department. After some time, R. Dale was farming near Marshall and married Myrna Sue, she later preceded him in death. He was very involved with cattle buying and dairy cattle. He was one of the last surviving members involved with the origination of the World Dairy Expo in Madison. He also was a member of the Wisconsin Holstein Association and The National Dairy Shrine. In 1998, he married Barbara Goodrich and shortly thereafter moved to Hillsboro. He became active in the community serving as President of the Hillsboro City Council and also was President of Cesky Den for five years. He could also be found with his many friends in the morning at the local café. He enjoyed athletics of many kinds, watching and attending many games over the years and was a supporter of the University of Wisconsin Sports and also enjoyed his many friendships over the years. Survivors include his wife, Barbara of Hillsboro; a son, Robert Dale Jones II in Kansas; and an aunt, Mary Erickson of Antioch, Calif. He was preceded in death by his parents; wife, Myrna Sue; a son, Michael; five aunts; and an uncle.

Evelyn Kepler

Evelyn C. Kepler, 88, of Richland Center, died at Harvest Guest Home Sunday, March 16. She was born, October 27, 1925, Daughter of Clarence and Jessie Getter. Evelyn married Carroll Kepler, Jr. on July 30, 1947. She and Carroll farmed together for many years; first at Sabin; then they expanded and built Junlyn Farms at Eckleberry Corners. Evelyn was active on the farm while raising 5 children. She was an Elementary Teacher, Teacher’s Aide, Farmer, Bookkeeper, Homemaker, 4-H Leader and a Richland County Farm Wife Award Winner. She and Carroll received the Holstein Pewter Pitcher Award and the Outstanding Young Farmer Award. They hosted international visitors to the farm, Holstein Twilight Meetings, and the Richland County Dairy Breakfast. Evelyn was very proud of her family. She enjoyed cooking, fashion, sewing, dancing and attending the many activities of her children and grandchildren. She and Carroll retired in Weslaco, Texas during the winter months for many years. She treasured the many friends they made from around the U.S. Evelyn is survived by her loving husband of 66 years, Carroll, Jr. and their 5 children: Connie (John) Turgasen, Ron (Julie) Kepler, Kevin (Joan) Kepler, Julie (Jim) Burnham, Jill (Kirk) Layer all of Richland County; 13 grandchildren: Shelly (Kirk) Stibbe, Paul (Becky) Turgasen, Mark (Rachel) Turgasen, David (Erin) Kepler, Emily (Troy) Putz, Jenny (Henry) Vicenik, Elise (Steve) Haroldson, Lucas (Jamie) Kepler, Laura Burnham, Megan (John) Leuck , Jannelle Burnham, Michelle (Ryan) Keller and Joshua (Camie) Layer; 23 Great Grandchildren; Brothers: Laverne (Phyllis) Getter and Norman (Donna) Getter; In-laws: Charlotte Getter, Jean (Wayne) Barnes and Twylah Kepler. Evelyn was preceded in death by her parents; brother: Wayne Getter; In-laws: Verlin (Ellen) Kepler, Theron Kepler, Grace (Larry) Blackbourn, Elma (Floyd) Fry, Rollin (Rose) Kepler, and Thomas Kepler. The family suggests memorials in Evelyn's name be given to: Alzheimer's Association, Harvest Guest Home, Richland Hospital Foundation or G.R.A.C.E. Online condolences can be made at www.

Welcome to These New Members Adult members: Heather Schmitt, Milladore, Ann Marie Magnochi, Madison Alan Errthum, Lancaster Merle Kok, Randolph Nicholas Bohl, Chippewa Falls Nelson Shirk, Owen Andrew McMillan, Poynette Theresa Strub, Spring Green Tom Danhof, Marshfield James & Pam Benitz, Maiden Rock Nathan Watson, Stevens Point Dixie Partners, Merrill Sander & Amy Penterman, Thorp James Mayer, Amery Junior members: Aubrey & Callie Behling, Augusta Joseph & Megan Schuh, Freedom Crystal Haack, Spring Green Kiley Greenwald, Stratford Molly Hendrickson, Hollandale Abbigail & Zachariah Krueger, Merrill Jess Mullikin, Waldo Sarah Witt, Ontario Marcus Zernicke, Wausau Trista Meyer, Unity Grace Peapenburg, Neenah

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-9

The LaCrosse, Monroe and Vernon County Holstein Breeders, in coordination with the Wisconsin Holstein Association, hosted the 123rd annual Adult Holstein Convention at the Cranberry Country Lodge in Tomah, Wis., February 21-22, 2014. Over 200 Holstein breeders from across the state were in attendance for meetings and to receive recognition for outstanding accomplishments in 2013. Friday Afternoon Meetings While there was no official Regional meeting scheduled, Holstein USA directors Corey Geiger and Paul Buhr, along with Holstein CEO John Meyer, held a member session on Friday afternoon. A summary was given on the “Advancing Dairy Cattle Genetics” conference held earlier in the week in Phoenix. Meyer reported on association financials and activities, including that Holstein registrations were down from 2012 however there has been a 25 percent increase over the last 10 years. Geiger stated that the association was now handling all registrations for the Red and White Dairy Cattle Association. Animals will receive one registration paper that states it is registered in both associations and will be accepted at all shows. Members still need to be members of the Red and White Association in order to show at their shows. Following an update from Buhr on the Genetic Advancement Committee meeting also held earlier in the week, the floor was opened up for a question and answer session. Attendees then adjourned for WHA committee meetings. These committee meetings continue to be very productive and aid in the direction of the association’s yearly activities. Production Winners Recognized At the dinner that evening, the 2013 Wisconsin Top Performer cows were announced. Recognized were Tom Kestell of Waldo, Siemers Holsteins of Newton, Allan & Susan Lundberg of Osseo, Kellercrest Registered Holsteins of Mount Horeb, and Jeff and Kate Hendrickson of Belleville. Receiving the overall Top Performer was Kellercrest Holsteins with Kellercrest Shottle Loni-ET, EX-92 GMD DOM, with a record at 6-09 3x 305d 49,163M 5.3 2605F 2.84 1397P. Also recognized were owners of cows that have produced 300,000 and 400,000 pounds of lifetime milk (a complete list of cows that were recognized is on page 13). Friday evening concluded with the announcement of the Young Adult Educational Scholarship award winners and the fifth annual Wisconsin Convention Futures Sale, sponsored by Wisconsin Holstein’s Young Adult Committee (YAC). Winners of this year’s Educational Award were Brandon and Shianne Ferry of Hilbert. The Young Adult Committee also handed out five $100 rewards to firsttime convention attendees throughout the convention weekend. The Futures sale averaged $4817 on 33 lots that included choices from some of the area’s most prominent cow families. High seller at $12,000 was Lot #18, consigned by Charles, Eric and Brandy Westphal of Brownsville, and purchased by Al & Cathy Silverthorn and Joe & Kathy Hughes of Omro. This fancy June 2013 McCutchen with big time show potential and good numbers also has a +2363 GTPI, and is a top 100 GTPI McCutchen along with top 50 for type at +4.03 PTAT. Second high seller was Lot #6 from Budjon Farms, Joel Kietzman and Clark Woodmansee of Lomira at $10,000. This heifer, Budjon-JK Abs Dial It In-ET *RC, an Absolute daugher of EX-95 2E Scientific Gold Dana-Rae-ET, is a September 2013 calf and sold to Bob Miller of Orangeville, IL. Rounding out the top three was Lot #7 at $9,000, which was a choice consigned by Synergy Dairy of Pulaski purchased by Jeff Jauquet of Luxemburg. At the completion of the sale, the Junior Activities Committee worker auction raised $3,525 for the Junior Holstein Association. 10–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

WHA Annual Meeting Saturday morning kicked off with a panel discussion by renown breeders Frank Regan of Regancrest Holsteins, Waukon, IA, and Bob Miller of Mil-R-Mor Farm, Orangeville, IL. Following Regan and Miller, President Marci Walker called the annual WHA business meeting to order and various committee reports were given from board members who head the committees along with a report on the financial status of the Association. President Walker delivered the annual President’s address and thanked the staff and board for a great year as well as past board members and state and county committee volunteers. Walker highlighted some of the accomplishments from the past year including the implementation of an online entry system for WHA shows, development of an improved Princess program with a dedicated advisory committee to help with the program, continued strong communication with the members through several mediums including the News, website, Facebook and blog, and putting together a committee for planning for the 125th Anniversary of WHA in 2015. She also commented on the strong financial position of the association due to several factors including an increase in sponsorships, a profitable Spring Showcase sale and good returns on the Merril Lynch investments among other things. Nominations were opened up for four board of director positions. Kent Wendorf, Dan Cnossen, Tracy Nelson, Chad Ryan and Doug Wallerman were nominated from the floor and gave a brief introduction to the members in attendance. Elected to their second three-year terms were incumbents Wendorf, Cnossen, Nelson, and Ryan. Resolutions presented and passed at the annual meeting were as follows: 1. Whereas... implements of husbandry, such as grain carts, combines and manure tankers are extremely heavy, especially when filled to capacity, and Whereas the DOT weight limit on public roads is 80,000 pounds gross weight or 20,000 pounds per axel (much lower than some implements) and Whereas Senate Bill 509 and Assembly Bill 648 will make it possible for famers to navigate the road with overweight implements without the fear of DOT repercussions, Be it resolved that WHA and its members urge their elected officials to support Senate Bill 509 and Assembly Bill 648. 2. Whereas... the Holstein Association body of members attending the 123rd Annual convention of the Wisconsin Holstein Association, would like to pay tribute to members or family members that have passed away during 2013, Be it resolved that we pay tribute to those members by standing and observing a moment of silence at this time. 3. Whereas... much time, effort and planning go into hosting a state convention, the members of the Wisconsin Holstein Association attending the 123rd Annual meeting in Tomah would like to express their gratitude to Vernon, La Crosse and Monroe County Holstein Breeders convention committee for the excellent job they have done in hosing this convention. Executive Director Larry Nelson gave an update on WHA programs and the yearly objectives the staff is working on for 2014. He also introduced the 2014 Wisconsin Holstein Princesses and stated that they are looking forward to meeting many of the adult members during the weekend. Reports were given by representatives from WLIC, World Dairy Expo and National Beef Council. Luncheon Award Recognitions Saturday’s luncheon included a report on junior activites and recognition of this year’s outstanding Holstein Boy and Girl. 40-year and 50-year members were recognized and Wall of Fame inductees were honored. This year’s Wall of Fame inductees were Marlowe

Nelson, the cow Snow-N-Denises Dellia, bred by Robert Snow of Sparta, and the bull Regancrest Elton Durham, bred by the Regan family of Waukon, IA. For more information on these inductees, see page 15. Following the awards luncheon, the afternoon was highlighted by farm tours to Johnson-Way Holsteins and Ar-Lor Holsteins, PierceVale Farm and Hauve Farm. Thank you to these farms for opening their barn doors and allowing WHA members to visit your herds. Saturday Evening Banquet After an enjoyable social hour, the annual awards banquet was held. Following speaker Tom Thibodeau, President Walker introduced the WHA board and thanked them for all of their input and work throughout the year. Advertising contest winners were announced and this year’s Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder, Distinguished Service, and Distinguished Breeder award winners were honored. Chad and Amy Ryan recognized the partnership of KHW Genetics – Ryan and Traci Weigel of Platteville, Wis., and Ryan and Brandi Kamps of Belmont, Wis, as Young Holstein Breeder. Honored with Distinguished Service recognition was Christianne Williams of Baraboo, Wis. Receiving the prestigious Distinguished Breeder honor was Indianhead Holsteins, Robert and Karyn Schuaf of Barron, Wis. The WHA Board of Directors met at the conclusion of the convention to elect officers for the upcoming year. Newly elected officers are President Chris McCullough of Juda, Vice President Paula Bovre of Fond du Lac and Secretary Marci Walker of Wisconsin Dells, with Matt Lippert of Pittsville and Kevin Jorgensen of Waupun also serving as Executive Committee members. Thank you to the La Crosse, Vernon and Monroe County Holstein Breeders for all of the hard work to put on a great convention filled with fun and fellowship. Also thank you to the many sponsors that made the convention possible and support WHA activities throughout the year.

Top Performer winners: Susan & Allan Lundberg, Mark Keller and Sherry Siemers-Peterman

300,000 & 400,000 lb. Cow owners: Ashley Yager, Arne Peterson, Linda Hodorff, Sherry Siemers-Peterman, Randy Holthaus & Mark Keller

Young Adult Committee Educational Awards

In 2009 it was a Wisconsin Holstein Board initiative to reach out to young adults to become more involved in the Wisconsin Holstein Association. The age group of 21-45 was targeted and the Young Adult Committee was formed, spearheaded by Bob Traynor who now serves as our Advisor. To generate funds for activities, the first Futures Sale was held in 2010, and this year marked the fifth sale. Last year the committee gave two awards of $500 in Educational Award monies and a $500 gift to the Younger Distinguished Breeder Award recipient. Furthermore, five first-time convention attendees were presented with $100 each to help defray convention costs. Five more convention attendees received $100 rewards this year - Chrissy Meyer, Ryan & Brandi Kamps, Eric and Amy Swiggum, Lucas & Jamie Kepler, and Aaron Schmitz. This year the committee is awarding one $500 Educational Award and $500 to the Younger Distinguished Breeder. Awards are intended for those whose main source of income is from the farm. Applicants simply answer four questions in 200 words or less per question and submit their applications in the fall. This year’s Educational Award recipients are Brandon and Shianne Ferry. Brandon and Shi Ferry of Hilbert, Wis., purchased their farm in April of 2012 and currently milk 80 Registered Holsteins and Jerseys on 40 acres where Brandon manages mating, breeding and herd health. Shi takes care of the calves and record keeping. Together they milk, feed, bed and clean their barn daily! They exhibit at numerous Holstein shows at the state and national levels. Brandon is serving on this year’s Futures sale staff and they attend sales nationwide. Congratulations Brandon and Shi on your $500 award!

Marci Walker, far left, presents Shi & Brandon Ferry with a YAC Educational Award

40- and 50-Year Members Present - Front, l to r: Cory Weigel for UW-Platteville, Orville Kemink; back: Galen Schreiber, Ivan Schuster & Steve Towns wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-11

WHA Past Presidents: seated - Steve Holte, Marlowe Nelson & Bill Hageman; back - Bonnie Van Dyk, Jim Rickert, Marci Walker, Don Rickert, Lynn Harbaugh, Todd Stanek, Scott Pralle, Henk Van Dyk, Bob Schauf & Corey Geiger

2014 WHA Board of Directors, left to right: Matt Lippert, Chad Ryan, Todd Stanek, Chris McCullough, Marci Walker, Tracy Nelson, Paula Bovre, Todd Borgwardt, Bill Calvert, Kevin Jorgensen, Dan Cnossen and Kent Wendorf.

Distinguished Holstein Breeders - Bob & Karyn Schauf presented by Mike Holschbach Choosing to take a brief hiatus that year, the It is my sincere pleasure to present the 2014 milking herd and a select group of heifers were Distinguished Breeder Award. I thought it might dispersed, resulting in one of the highest ever be fun to enlist your participation in recognizing recorded sale averages in the breed. Through the this outstanding couple. I will give you my version years, they have bred over 200 Excellent cows and of their journey to prominence, highlighting over 400 cows scored Very Good. The herd events, people and yes... Holsteins that have currently boasts a BAA of 112% with a RHA of impacted them along the way. All I ask of you is to 30,005 3.83 1150 3.2 947. stand up when you think you have identified These breeders won the very first Wisconsin tonight’s very deserving recipients. Holstein Futurity, are a record four-time winner, Our story begins on a warm summer’s evening and have exhibited at nearly every one in its 27 in 1977, at a Holstein Twilight meeting hosted by year history. They also show at the District 1 Show our 1985 Distinguished Holstein Breeders. She every year as well as exhibiting cattle at the was the keynote speaker, driving an infamous blue Wisconsin Championship Show, Minnesota State bug with license plate AID77. He was a UWFair, Midwest Spring Show and World Dairy Platteville grad and former farm intern in Expo. attendance. Although they never actually met face They are the “hosts with the most”! They have to face that night, our aspiring young Holstein Bob & Karyn Schauf hosted over 100 international farm trainees in the breeder, already noted in college on his keen eye for past 30 years, as well as being the site for the Wisconsin Holstein Summer lovely ladies, expressed an interest in doing so! A couple of months later Picnic and the PDCA Dairy Judging Workshop, to name only a few. Their he got that opportunity when asked to serve as her escort at a Badger doors are always open, with the invitation extended to come and visit their Football game. Wisconsin’s own 1957 National Holstein Girl is credited for herd... and they really mean it! playing matchmaker. The rest is history. In 2007 they received the Wisconsin Governor’s Export Achievement This dynamic duo called Richland County their home as they began Award for their extensive embryo export program. And in 2009 were their partnership in marriage and in the Registered Holstein business at named the National Holstein Associations Elite Breeders. the farmstead called RC Alpine Haven. Tonight’s recipients acknowledge He is a past President of the WI Holstein Association and she was most God’s great importance in their lives. Blessed with four sons, coincidently recently named World Dairy Expo Dairy Woman of the Year. all possessing a gift for music, each are named with biblical reference In case there is any chance you haven’t figured it out by now, this final Christian, Gabriel, Zachary and Jacob. clue will most definitely “give it away”! A few of the most notable Holsteins Often credited for his important role in the herd’s development, a bred or developed in their herd include Sadies Star, Bic Betty, Red Marker special mentor and lifelong friend, is a highly respected man in the Holstein and Blackrose. industry, and our honored 2014 Wall of Fame inductee Marlowe Nelson. Yes, their accolades are endless. So too is their enthusiasm for the In 1981 this couple relocated north, to the farmstead once trademarked business, their service to the industry, and their commitment to God, “Home of the Scotty’s”. Their prefix also changed to reflect the shape of family and farming. border counties in Northwest Wisconsin and honor that heritage. Their Join me in congratulating Bob and Karyn Schauf, of Indianhead herd has been recognized as having the highest BAA in the nation for its Holsteins, in Barron, Wis., on their Distinguished Breeder Award! size, peaking at 112.7%. In 2002, 54 of their 110 cows were scored EX.

12–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

400,000 lb. Cows

Branders Emory Lyn Lilly VG-88 GMD 401,320M 13,094F 11,679P Douglas Brander, Spring Green

300,000 lb. Cows

Badger Malachite Mariel-TW VG-87 378,430M 12,046F 10,919P Badger Holsteins, Unity T-Bells Storm Macie G-78 361,330M 14,810F 11,127P Tim J. & James C. Bell, Camp Douglas Sugar-C Lon 1467 EX-90 339,400M 11,827F 9,364P Sugar Creek Dairy, Elkhorn Ocean-View Outside Dacia EX-90 335,990M 11,061F 9,052P Ocean View Genetics, Deerfield Siemers Enhance Delire 5454 VG-88 335,460M 12,390F 9,097P Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc., Newton Homestead-Range Add Valerie VG-88 331,840M 8,719F 8,842P James J. Anhalt, Manitowoc Mayerlane-Sa Bwm Misty-ET EX-93 GMD DOM 326,190M 16,723F 10,275P Emerald Acres, De Pere

Determination Abide Jamie EX-90 GMD 324,120M 12,953F 10,094P Dan T. Schaefer, Platteville Badger Durham Masterplan EX-92 320,540M 8,583F 9,316P Badger Holsteins, Unity Jalena Aero Wade Faith GP-83 317, 510M 9,660F 9,112P Petersons Dairy LLC, Lena Royal-KG Rudolph 837 VG-88 313,660M 10,877F 7,441P Kevin L. Greenfield, Waupun 2nd-Look Winchester 3353 EX-92 310,540M 11,149F 9,331P Second-Look Holsteins, LLC, Eden Siemers Maje 5685 VG-87 308,910M 8,562F 8,130P Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc., Newton Badger JC Prince-1459 VG-85 308,880M 10,759F 9,941P Badger Holsteins, Unity Lynglen Estimate Rascal EX-90 308,180M 11,181F 8,537P Dwight & Shelly Mayer, Slinger Meado-Brook Adam 2840 VG-87 GMD 308,040M 9,314F 8,607P Peter & Shellie Kappelman, Manitowoc

Golden-Oaks Lee April-ET EX-94 306,750M 13,428F 9,650P Sam Brantmeier, Sherwood Ar-Line Blacktone Galiaxy VG-85 306,330M 13,123F 9,950P Randy Holthaus, Bangor Kellercrest Convincer Jessy GP-84 303,600M 11,209F 9,683P Kellercrest Reg. Holsteins, Inc, Mt. Horeb Kellercrest Manat Brooke VG-87 300.970M 9,650F 8,746P Kellercrest Reg. Holsteins, Inc, Mt. Horeb Axe-Bluff Highlight Daphne 300,640M 13,461F 9,272P Ronald M. Unseth, Genoa Twin-Val Miklin Loddie VG-87 300,540M 11,609F 8,732P Kevin Ihm, Barneveld Hi-Lo-Valley Leduc Lily-TW EX-90 GMD 300,230M 11,689F 9,116P Ashley Yager, Highland

Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder Ryan & Traci Weigel and Ryan & Brandi Kamps presented by Chad & Amy Ryan The accolades of Apple and Advent This year’s Distinguished Young in the showring are second to none in Holstein Breeder Award honorees have the Red and White Holstein breed. a unique story that began back in 2000 The partnership is very proud to have with one very special purchase. That bred KHW Regiment Apple-3-ETN, particular purchase has had a major VG-89 4Y in Canada, and KHW impact not only on these two partners, Regiment Apple-Red-ET, who were but the entire Registered Holstein indusnamed Grand and Reserve Grand try as a whole. This impact purchase has Champion at the 2013 International influenced the breed on the maternal Red and White Holstein Show. While and paternal sides of the pedigree and they have sent eight young sires to can be summed up in two household different A.I. companies, their proven names – “Apple” and “Advent”. sire standout thus far is KHW Kite KHW Genetics, the partnership of Advent-Red-ET, who is five-time Ryan and Traci Weigel of Platteville Brandi & Ryan Kamps and Ryan & Traci Weigel premier sire of the International Red and Ryan and Brandi Kamps of and White Holstein Show. With the above results, it is no surprise Belmont started almost 14 years ago with the purchase of Kampsthat an astonishing 56 percent of the animals shown at this past Hollow Altitude-ET at the Pioneer Dairy Classic in the fall of 2000. year’s International Red & White Holstein Show had Altitude on You could say that the partnership has flourished through those either the top or the bottom side of their pedigree. years as it now owns 111 head of Registered Holsteins, all descenConsidering the previously mentioned statistics, it is easy to see dents of Altitude who has developed into an EX-95 Dam of Merit. why the partners say that this purchase has changed their lives This family is known worldwide for their high type and components forever and opened up marketing opportunities they never imagined and the KHW breeding philosophy is centered on maintaining possible. Furthermore, they say that they couldn’t be happier to see those traits while increasing pounds of milk. That philosophy has the success of those who have purchased KHW Genetics and it is produced many great results. the reason they love this business. When looking specifically at herd statistics, they have bred 18 While the Weigel and Kamps families say that their experiences Excellent, 34 Very Good and 10 Good Plus females here in the U.S. with Altitude and her offspring have been truly rewarding, like many and not one of those animals is scored below 81 points. They have of us, their most exciting accomplishments lie closer to home. More also bred three Dams of Merit, namely KHW Regiment Applespecifically, they state that watching their children Kaelyn, Kenadee Red-ET EX-96, KHW Regiment Apple 2-ETN EX-93 and KHW Goldwyn Aiko-ET EX-91. Aiko and Altitude are still owned by the and Keegan and Delaney and Tessa, who are now becoming more partnership. excited about the Registered Holstein industry and exhibiting their On the genomic side, there are currently 102 females on the cattle at local shows is something they look forward to for years to locator list that carry the KHW prefix, with 47 of them being come. owned by the partnership. In addition, various animals bred by Please join me in congratulating Ryan and Traci Weigel and KHW have topped the Red or Red Carrier cow or heifer lists Ryan and Brandi Kamps of KHW Genetics on winning this year’s through numerous proof runs. Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder Award. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-13

2013 Advertising Contest Winners Full page, Full color ads - Group 1: 1. Krull Farms (February) 2. Tree-Hayven Holsteins (February) 3. Fer-Crest Farms (March) Full page, Full color ads - Group 2: 1. Hi-Lo-Valley (June) 2. Welsh-Edge Holsteins (June) 3. Ever-Green-View (April) Full page, Full color ads - Group 3: 1. Moorclose Holsteins (September) *Best ad of the Year 2. Willows Edge (December) 3. Hammertime Holsteins (October) Best Calendar Ad: October - Rosedale Genetics

Less than Full page, Full Color: 1. Swaindale Holsteins (February) 2. Walk-Era (July/August) 3. Rob-Cri Holsteins (January) 2 Color ads, any size: 1. Level Plain Holsteins (July/August) 2. R Green Acres (April) 3. Bosside Holsteins (March) Black & White ads, any size: 1. Gateway Acres (May) 2. Krohlow’s Reg. Holsteins (March) 3. Bears Grass Dairy (April) Cover of the Year: May

Distinguished Service Award - Christianne Williams presented by Corey Geiger hard-earned dollar, too. On behalf of the past Presidents, it is my honor to present the 33rd annual Wisconsin This year’s winner moved up the ranks as Holstein Association Distinguished Service an employee with the Wisconsin Holstein Award. Tonight we honor a person who has Association. Her financial management attribhad extremely close ties with the Wisconsin utes came at a time when this Association Holstein Association for the 19 straight years. needed it the most. Outside of her immediate family and her After a house cleaning of personnel, this horses, she treated this organization as if she lady was the only person standing and with the was part owner pouring her heart and soul support of the full board she assumed the role into it. There were many years that she left of Director of Operations. With finances on weeks of vacation go unused to make sure the shaky ground to say the least, she methodically job was done right for the members who make turned over leaves until the fiscal house was up this Association. put in order. This was not a one-month or Christianne Williams with husband Gary one-year project. It was an ongoing saga in Of any group in our Association, the Juniors held the largest piece of real estate in her heart. She was a firm believer which she eventually turned a dire situation into a polished work of that the junior program should be run by the juniors for the juniors. art... after being given some rather crude raw materials, I might add. Proving her fiscal management was not a one-shot wonder. Whenever mostly well-intentioned adults would step forward to offer advice or give direction, she would remind them that the Junior Nearly a decade later, the board was quoted as saying the following, Activities Committee would take the matter under advisement and “The WHA Board can think of no other person to run this work through the matter. As a result, our JAC’s junior leaders grew organization given our financial situation in the industry.” That leadership skills, improved decision-making and took responsibility for quote was from 2009 following a time many of us won’t soon forget their actions. Was it perfect? No. But every junior leader became better when milk checks didn’t cover bills on our farms. Like the dedicated hard-working dairy farmers in the audience, prepared for the real world and that’s why we have a junior association. That’s also why many of us work on family dairy farms to grow and I appreciate employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. If you’d ask any past president tonight, they’d say this year’s winner nurture the next generation. A comment she made to me last year succinctly sums this up, repeatedly answered that call far exceeding the hours noted on her “As in the past, I’d like to thank all the parents for the wonderful pay check. As anyone who runs a business knows, you can never juniors and junior programs I was part of and being able to share have enough employees like that in your organization. all the fun and accomplishments of the Wisconsin Holstein Juniors. This marks only the fourth time that an employee of the It was a wonderful opportunity for me.” Wisconsin Holstein Association has been named the Distinguished There is no doubt that may have been the highlight of her Service Award winner with Norman Rasmussen winning the very career. But in my mind her talents had shown most brightly in 2007 first honor in 1981 and his wife, Margaret, being honored just two and 2008 when she teamed up with Elmo Wendorf, Jr., to put on years later. Then, in 2010, Mike Snyder was added to the list. I along the National Convention in the Wisconsin Dells. That convention with the other living past presidents of this Association strongly is still the most talked about National gathering seven years later. believe that the name of Chris Williams deserves to be permanently It’s the yardstick by which all others are measured. With her keen placed alongside these three fine individuals and the other 29 organizational skills, event planning and ability to reel in a budget, winners of the Distinguished Service Award. along with Elmo’s gift for flair and pizzazz, we haven’t seen anything Based on our friendship over the years and the fact Chris is a like it in some time. humble person who never seeks the limelight nor speaks in it much As President that year, I can tell you firsthand that the convention for that matter, I feel compelled to share this text I received from was a tremendous success because of her amazing problem-solving Chris after our in-depth conversation when she learned she had won talents. As a result, there were no substantially unbalanced apple this honor. carts throughout the week. That was in part due to her keen ability “Corey, I will receive this recognition on behalf of all the to read fine details found in contracts and head off issues before they wonderful members that volunteered and industry volunteers that even flared up. Likewise, she was a keen negotiator that we were all made my job memorable. Would you make sure that is relayed to pleased to have on our side as she often dug in her heels until WHA all that I feel this is for all the volunteers, not me. I will receive this got a business agreement it could work with because budgets always unbelievable honor on their behalf. Thank you again to you and all mattered with her. As dairy farmers, we all appreciate the value of a the past presidents.” 14–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

Wall of Fame Inductees Man - Marlowe Nelson

The first living legend was added to the Wall of Fame this year, and like Dellia and Durham, whose names are recognized about everywhere Holsteins are bred on the planet, so is this man’s name. Marlowe Nelson was born and raised outside a small town just north of the Illinois border, during his high school years he spent a great deal of time with his cousins working with one of Wisconsin’s all-time greatest herds. He accompanied their highly successful show string on the circuit, including greats like B D Crissy, Pidon Crisco, Pet Crystal, Skyanne and many others. It’s here that he studied the bloodlines of the breed. Marlowe attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he received a degree in Ag Education. While on campus he was very active, a member of both the meat livestock and dairy judging teams, Ag Student Council, Collegiate 4-H, the UW Band, Saddle and Sirloin Club and more. After graduation, he served as an ag agent in two Wisconsin counties. Then it was off to the army to serve during the Korean conflict. He was based in Korea and of the northernmost islands of Japan, Hokkaido. It was there that he saw a herd of Holsteins and stopped to introduce himself to the Japanese family who would become his lifetime friends. He also became friends with several other dairymen. Upon arriving home, he set up a program to bring young Japanese dairymen to study and work on Holstein farms in Wisconsin. Many of us in this room have welcomed those trainees to our farms and families. He made many trips back to Japan accompanied by Wisconsin Holstein breeders. In 2000 he was invited to Japan by the Emperor and was decorated with the Order of the Rising Sun for his impact on Holstein genetics for 50 years. That impact has resulted in the population being taller and healthier generation after generation. Marlowe earned a master’s degree in dairy genetics from Michigan State University and returned to Wisconsin to become a member of the UW Extension staff. His main responsibility was working with youth programs. He was instrumental in forming the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association. He was then hired by a relatively small A.I. co-op in southern Wisconsin as a sire analyst and sire procurement manager. Shortly thereafter, the co-op merged with another and he was placed in charge of sire procurement and sire evaluations. It was during this time that the co-op became a major force in the A.I. industry through his purchases of several highly proven sires like Harborcrest Happy Crusader, Provin-Mtn Ivanhoe Jewel, Sunnyside Standout, Hagemans Tempo and more. After more than a decade in the A.I. business, he went in business for himself. He exported young sires and females to Holland and Germany, as well as Japan, from which many of us here benefitted. He made several trips to Europe and judged most of their major shows. He became an agent for a German A.I. co-op and was in charge of purchasing bulls that were housed in North America and semen shipments went back to Europe. Once again he started bringing trainees back to Wisconsin. Like many here today, they became part of the family and keep in close touch as they returned to their home farms. He worked with Al Piper’s International Holstein Sales. Two decades ago, Al and Marlowe started International Protein Sires with a lineup featuring high components and longevity. They marketed semen worldwide. Today, IPS is owned by Ron Sersland and has grown into a powerful A.I. unit. His biggest contribution is the impact he has had on the next generations of Holstein breeders. From judging 4-H calves at the county fairs to mentoring, advising, supporting and encouraging young dairymen.

Cow - Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95 GMD DOM

Like all individuals, you need just a little bit of fate for things to come together. Snow-N Denises Dellia was bred by Bob Snow, Sparta, and Bob’s herd was primarily an Acclerated Genetics breeding herd.

Bob won two units of Carlin-M Ivanhoe Bell at one time so he bred one of his R A Wonder daughters to Bell, which produced Snow-N Dorys Denise, EX-90 GMD DOM, the dam of Dellia. Dellia was a memorable two year old and placed second at the Wisconsin Championship Show where Frank Regan first saw her. He admired her and eventually purchased her as a four year old. Dellia made a tremendous impact on the Regancrest herd and Frank had numerous daughters and picks of flush from her that sold well at many sales. Dellia’s top production record at 7-06 2x in 365 days was 35,610 4.0% 1431 2.9% 1035. She produced 180,240 3.9 7108 3.2 5723 in her lifetime. Dellia’s remarkable ability of transmitting her blend of balance to her offspring has attained her a level of excellence that ranks her as one of the breeds greatest brood cows. She was nominated as Queen of the Breed II in 2003. At that time, she had produced 31 Excellent offspring and 47 Very Good offspring. Looking at stats on her daughters, you’ll find 72 classified daughters by numerous sires that average 88 points. This includes 19 classified Excellent; 2 at 94, 3 at 92, 7 at 91 and 7 at 90 points. Along with her female offspring, Dellia has many male descendants that have made their own impact on the breed, the most well-known being Durham and Dundee.

Bull - Regancrest Elton Durham EX-90 GM

Breed icon Regancrest Elton Durham has produced over 4400 daughters that have classified Excellent, making him the No. 1 sire of Excellent cows in the United States. With over 770,000 doses of semen sold, his influence has been felt in herds across the country. He was also named Premier Sire at World Dairy Expo five times. Durham’s breeder Frank Regan credits Charlie Will of Select Sires for suggesting the mating of Elton on his dam, Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95 GMD DOM. At the time, there were no contracts pending but by the time the calves were born in March of 1993, two of the three were spoken for. The first went to Japan, a bull that died as a young sire but had a good proof. The second went to Alta Genetics, Regancrest Elton Dante, who also made their active line-up. Durham is one of those special sires that transcends both type and production. As a young sire he was exremely popular and used extensively by hundreds of breeders - in large or small herds, commercial or show-string. Durham daughters were known for being silky dairy cows with exceptional udders and outstanding feet and legs. Often, gangly two-year-olds grew into deep bodied Excellent threeand four-year-olds whose udders only continued to improve with age. Durham’s impact can be seen through his daughters and sons. Holstein World published an issue focusing on Durham in October 2005 and included several lists of high scoring and high producing Durham offspring. At that time, Durham had 226 daughters and sons scored EX-91 or higher and 190 daughters that produced over 37,000 pounds of milk in their best lactation. At one point, Durham sons took up eight of the top ten spots on the PTA Type list. His most popular sons were Mr Sam, Zenith, Damion, Modest, Drake, Duplex and Nunesdale Durham Rudy. He has not only had sons that have done well in A.I., his daughters are influencing the breed as well. The true meaning of what he can do can be seen though four daughters that are having quite a bit of influence on the breed and are all known by one name alone - Altitude, Debutante Rae, Barbie and Atlee. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-15

Regan and Miller Talk Genetics, Strategy at Early Bird Session

Two of the Holstein industry’s greatest breeders were on hand to discuss their theories and strategies during the early bird session at the 2014 Wisconsin Holstein Annual Adult Convention. Bob Miller of Mil-R-Mor Farms and Frank Regan of Regancrest Holsteins were on hand to answer questions regarding their breeding program, thoughts on current industry trends and more. Corey Geiger served as moderator for the discussion. Cattle from the Miller and Regan herds have been sought after from all over the world. One of the first questions for Frank and Bob pertained to why their cattle are so appealing to so many breeders. The Regans were fortunate to have Holstein breeders use their bulls to help build confidence in Dellia and the sons that she produced and that became so widely well-known. In the Mil-R-Mor herd, the first cow born from Roxy in Bob’s herd was Roxette, and Bob sold her to Hanoverhill, who developed the cow to her maximum potential and gave the Roxy family a tremendous amount of exposure. The discussion turned next to on-farm sales and what creates a successful on-farm sale. Frank opened the discussion with the importance of selling from the top of the herd, and making sure the farm looks good to make a great first impression. Bob agreed with many of these things and added the importance of having the pedigrees and consignments right. He said that it’s important to make sure cattle are bred on time and that good advertising and a good sales force also go a long way in hosting a great sale. Bob also advised to be candid in advertising so that people don’t come to the farm and find a surprise with what they see – be honest up front. When asked how body size has impacted their herds, Frank responded that in a freestall environment, breeders want cows with some strength and width so they remain a force in the barn. Cows still need strength to function, and dairy strength has been very important as weaker cows get pushed around easier. Bob commented that because of facilities and limitations in current facilities, it may not be the worst idea to make a more uniform cow that can fit its dimensions better. He said that Holstein USA may have hit the nail on the head with discriminating cows that are too tall versus too short. However, when it comes to shows and selecting cows that are too big, there is an entirely different issue to address.

16–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

Bob continued, in defense of the judges - they grew up believing when they were in the center of the ring that they looked for big cows with dairy character, dairy strength, big sweeping rib, and a cow that is strong enough to sustain herself. Judges give credit to a wide front end, wide rear end, rear udder, long, wide barrel, deep barrel and sweeping rib, and upstanding cow that carries her udder high off the ground out of harms way. Having said that, the tall cow is the one that has that. In shows, more often than not, a judge will pick the tall cow with all the right parts – who wants to be the first one to put that cow in second, just because she’s taller? If size is getting to be a big problem, the shows should go along with what we want. When you’re in the middle of the ring, you put cows up there because they’re most correct, which happens to include being taller. When asked what these breeders would incorporate into a founding herd now, knowing everything they do at the age they were starting out, both admitted they would incorporate the use of genomics. Frank would stand by a good pedigree and a cow with the ability to transmit. Bob followed with two things breeders need to stay alive today – to breed good cattle and start with a good foundation. He commented that today, if you want to market successfully, you need to be on the forefront of genetics, which includes using genomics. Bob would start with genomics and the best cow family he could find if he had to do it all over again. Geiger asked Regan and Miller which trait they would never want to add back to the breed, and both had a similar answer in reproduction. Bob commented on how much better reproduction was in the 1960s – of course, cows milk more today but years ago we were selecting for high producing two year olds with no emphasis on reproduction. He feels the breed overemphasized young cows that produced a lot and didn’t breed back. Even with today’s synchronization programs, repro is worse now than it was back in the day. Frank echoed Bob, and said that in addition to those things, we’re feeding better, cows are milking better and coincidentally, harder to get bred. Fertility has definitely become an issue. A truly enjoyable morning session, Frank and Bob’s entire panel discussion can be found on the Wisconsin Holstein YouTube channel at or by visiting the Wisconsin Holstein website at Thank you again to Corey Geiger for moderating the morning’s discussion.

40 Year Members Dean Booth, Cuba City Richard Diedrich, Twin Lakes David Gartman, Sheboygan Roger Grade, Eldorado Keith Hagen, Milton Kenneth Heeg, Marshfield Leon Henneman, Ellsworth Doris Hetts, Fort Atkinson Alvin Hildebrandt, Hustisford Mark Horsch, New Holstein John Jinkins, Livingston Paul Kacvinsky Jr., Washburn Paul Kallinen, Iron River Calvin Keepers, Sheldon

50 Year Members

Thomas Kestell, Waldo Allen Kohn, Krakow Allen Kolpack, Antigo John Korb, St Cloud Michael McCullough, Juda David Nodolf, Belmont Lyle Ott, Brillion James Parish, Linden Ivan Schuster, Fond du Lac Galen Schreiber, Athens Donald Thompson, Darlington Towns Farms Inc., Janesville Werner Vogel, Monroe

Elam Buttles, Lancaster Robert & Nancy Carns, Cuba City Jon-De Farm Inc., Baldwin Gene Kaestner, Cleveland Orville Kemink, Brandon Maurice Nichols, Mt. Hope Eugene Peper, Centuria Joseph Waldvogel, Wausau Univ. of Wisconsin-Platteville, Platteville

2013 Top Performer Winners Junior Two Year Old

Senior Three Year Old

Vieuxsaule Freddie Tanya VG-87 2-05 305d 37,747 4.8 1764 3.3 1213 5,191 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo award by Alpha Genetics & Initial Design Embroidery

Ever-Green-View Latisha-TW EX-92 3-10 305d 53,744 3.8 2020 2.8 1494 5,808 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo award by Alpha Genetics & Accelerated Genetics

Senior Two Year Old

Four Year Old

Siemers Outbound Facile 14382 VG-86 2-11 305d 42,590 3.5 1439 2.8 1320 4,929 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton award by Alpha Genetics & East Central Select Sires

Ken-Flo Potter 598 VG-85 4-11 305d 44,575 6.4 2864 2.9 1304 6,818 pts. Allan & Susan Lundberg, Osseo award by Alpha Genetics & Hoard’s Dairyman

Junior Three Year Old

Five Year Old

Siemers Shottle Hianna-ET EX-90 3-00 305d 54,028 4.2 2261 2.9 1520 6,053 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo award by Alpha Genetics & Rowe Pottery

Siemers Sharky 10990 VG-85 5-04 293d 45,742 5.0 2299 3.1 1415 6,364 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton award by St. Joe’s Implement & Nasco

2012 HIGH Top Performer Six to Nine Year Old Kellercrest Shottle Loni-ET EX-92 6-09 305d 49,163 5.3 2605 2.84 1397 6,870 pts. Kellercrest Holsteins, Mount Horeb award by St. Joseph Equipment & Alpha Genetics

10 Years & Older Jeffrey-Way Manat Terra-ET EX-93 10-9 305d 40,725 4.2 1718 3.1 1269 5,887 pts. Jeff & Kate Hendrickson, Belleville award by Alpha Genetics & Wisconsin Holstein Association

Vieuxsaule Freddie Tanya

Siemers Shottle Hianna-ET

Ever-Green-View Latisha-TW

Ken-Flo Potter 598

Kellercrest Shottle Loni-ET

Jeffrey-Way Manat Terra-ET wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-17

District 5 Report Watch for your chance to advertise & promote your county association in future issues. The May issue will feature District 6 - Dane, Green, Kenosha, Racine, Rock & Walworth counties.



Green Marquette Lake

Columbia Sauk

Adams/Marquette Counties

2013 Adult Membership: Adams - 5, Marquette - 11; Jr. Membership: Adams - 3, Marquette - 6 Adult Association officers - President: Greg Hockerman; Vice President: Tom Lyon Jr.; Secretary/Treasurer: Nicky Rueth; Directors: Tom Frozene & Jason Hockerman.

Columbia County

2013 Adult Membership: 25; Jr. Membership: 13

Green Lake County

2013 Adult Membership: 7; Jr. Membership: 1

Juneau County

2013 Adult Membership: 12; Jr. Membership: 9 Adult Association officers - President: Richard Sheahan; Vice President/Secretary: John Roloff; Treasurer: Sandra Madland; Junior Advisor: Sandra Madland.

Sauk County

2013 Adult Membership: 45; Jr. Membership: 24 Adult Association officers - President: Jody Behn; Vice President: Mike Holschbach; Secretary: Lisa Evert; Treasurer: Chris Meyer.

District 5 Junior Holstein Group

Junior Association officers - President: Adam Field; Vice President: Theresa Madland; Secretary: Abby Field; Treasurer: Alli Walker; Historian/Reporter: Levi Kindschi; At-Large Directors: Johanna Madland, Katelyn Brunn, Hannah Hockerman, Brett Walker; Advisors: Marci Walker, Sandy Madland & Theresa Field. The District 5 Junior Holstein group (D5JH) was formed in 2011 to give all of the smaller member counties of Adam, Columbia, Marquette, Green Lake, Sauk and Juneau a larger group to do activities and learn together. This year’s Junior Convention was close to home in the Dells. We had D5JH members compete in both ages of dairy bowl, dairy jeopardy, speaking contest, photography, county banner, and photography.

We are proud sponsors of a class award at the Midwest National Spring Show as well as having several members compete in the showmanship contest and exhibit their animals. Our biggest D5JH event is our annual Dairy Day. This year it will be hosted by Arlington Research Center on April 12. Demonstrations and topics covered will include everything from fitting and show preparation to heat detection to agriculture advocacy. D5JH representatives at the 2013 Cow Camp in Beaver Creek were Levi Kindschi, Connor Field, Hayden Hockerman, Hannah Hockerman and Katrina Hosley. We learned a lot of about what to do for showing animals including building a bedding pack, showmanship techniques, clipping, and more. Our Junior group held our annual business meeting at the Marquette County Fairgrounds in Westfield at the District Show where we elected officers. We also held our third annual fundraiser auction where we sold cheese baskets and semen. The adult members really support our efforts and we greatly appreciate that! At the 2013 WI Championship show many of our District 5 Juniors competed in the judging and bale rolling contests. We were the first place junior team for bale rolling. We had a great time judging together! Langer Dairy Farm in DeForest graciously hosted D5JH members and their families for the Fall Picnic. They have a great facility and gave a great tour! A Corn Maze and bonfire at Trienen’s Corn Maze in Lodi was a very scary place to be on a night in October as many of the D5JH members found out. Map reading and s’mores making were learned skills. We celebrated our Christmas Party on December 15 at the Endres home near Lodi. During the potluck supper we reviewed dairy bowl questions and chatted about the upcoming year’s events. Submitted by Levi Kindschi, D5JH Reporter

District 5 Juniors with auction items at the District 5 Show

Join Us! The 7th Annual WHA Young Adult Milwaukee Brewer Outing Sunday, May 11, 2014 • 1:10 p.m. • Brewers vs. Yankees Join Wisconsin Holstein’s young adults ages 22-45 for a day at the ball game! For $35, guests get a ticket, a bus ride to the game, and great camaraderie with fellow young Holstein enthusiasts! Attendees are invited to bring a dish to pass and must provide their own beverages. One bus will leave from the Oshkosh & Fond du Lac areas and a second will travel the western side of the state with pick-ups in Tomah & Madison. Sign up for this fun annual trip soon - tickets go fast and we only have a limited number available! Give the WHA office a call (1-800-223-4269) or email to reserve your spot today! 18–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

Wargo-Acres Mink

VG-86 VG-88MS at 2-04

+2047 GTPI +1608M +51F +35P +3.9PL +2.67T • Sired by Ladys-Manor PL Shamrock-ET • Milking 120 lbs./day with a 5% BF Dam: Wargo-Acres Molly (by Bogart) VG-87 at 3-02 Gr’Dam: Wargo-Acres Marlena (Pasen Marsh) EX-90 EX-MS 3rd Dam: Wargo-Acres Marla (BW Marshall) EX-90

4th Dam: Wargo-Acres Memphis (Fatal) EX-90 5th Dam: Wargo-Acres Melrose EX-94 Next 2 Dams: VG-87 & EX-90

Mink is currently being flushed and has embryos by Massey ready for export. Mink joins a growing list of Melrose “cover” girls here at Wargo Acres. Other Melrose news includes Bolton Mopsie now EX-93 (EX-93MS) and her two Guthrie daughters going VG-86 and VG-87. Barn is overflowing with cows for sale as well as embryos and bulls always available. Gordon & Emily Carncross Craig & Jen Carncross



Green Marquette Lake

Columbia Sauk

W13157 Co. Hwy. J, Lodi, WI 53555 | 608-592-2560 Craig cell

Check us out at BAA: 108.1% on 287 cows

RHA: 384 cows 30,495 3.8 1157 3.1 930

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-19

Ken-Flo Potter 598 VG-85 VG-MS 4-01 2x 302 36,550 6.4 2331 State Record Fat Production

4-11 2x 305 44,580 6.4 2864 2.9 1304 365 51,176 6.3 3236 2.9 1498 State & National 305 day & 365 day Record Fat Production

Allan & Sue Lundberg

W12976 Huskelhus Rd. Osseo, WI 54758 715-983-5866 •

Flo is an 11th generation VG or EX cow from the Debra’s, including 7 generations of EX Gold Medal Dams. She is also a production POWERHOUSE, having completed her fourth lactation with the state and national record fat production. Flo has calves due this summer by Atwood, Corvette, Aftershock and Golden Dreams.



3066 Cty. G, Oxford, WI 53952 (608) 584-5853 Ph/Fax Mark: 920-988-3070 | Nicky: 920-988-9570 |

20–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

Green Marquette Lake

Columbia Sauk

Cattle and embryos available at all times.

Her Daughter:

L-Maples Hvezda Calli-Red

4-06 2x 305 25,520 3.0 774 3.0 775 Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion, District 5 Show 2012 Grand Champion, Midwest Summer Red & White Show 2012

Res. Junior All-American B&W 2013 Res. All-American R&W 2013 Junior All-American R&W 2013 All-American Spring Calf 2012 2nd Spring Yrlg., Intl. R&W Show 2013 1st & Jr. Champion at All-American R&W Jr. & Open Show 2013 1st & Jr. Champion, Intl. Spring R&W Show 2013

• Embryos available by Armani & will be flushed again

Owned by Cooper Galton, NY

L-Maples Advent Cait-Red EX-91 2E

Dam: L-Maples R Candy-Red EX-91 3E

6-09 2x 305 26,410 3.5 916 3.3 882

Ms Ariels Observer Arby-ET VG-86 VG-MS at 2-03 2-02 2x 218 17,440 4.1 717 3.2 556 inc. • Due in June to Corvette • Pregnancies by Damion • Owned by Rayme Mackinson

Dam: Ms Atlees Goldwyn Ariel-ET EX-92 4-00 2x 305 32,570 4.3 1407 3.2 1037 2nd Dam: MD-Delight Durham Atlee-ET EX-92 GMD DOM 3-11 2x 365 38,290 5.5 2091 3.1 1177 All-American Senior 3 Year Old 2005

Tom Lyon Jr. W7416 Cty Rd E, Westfield, WI 53964 Cell 608-219-9787 • Fax 608-296-1853 E-mail:



Green Marquette Lake

Columbia Sauk

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-21

22–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

Wisconsin’s Leading Production Ladies By Ashley Yager

Siemers Shottle Hianna-ET Ever-Green-View, Tom & Gin Kestell & Sons 1st Wisconsin Fat and Protein – 3x

Siemers Shottle Hianna-ET, EX-90, leads the state of Wisconsin for both fat and protein production. Owned by the Kestell family and Ever-Green-View of Waldo, Hianna was purchased as a calf from the Siemers Spring Showcase sale in 2010. She is an eighth generation VG or EX, and her dam is Siemers Jet Stream Hian-ET, EX-91 with an EX-94 MS. The Kestells flushed Hianna as a heifer to Snowman, resulting in sons at Select Sires and JLT. There are also three milking Snowman daughters in the Ever-Green-View herd. The first is VG first lactation and milking 148 pounds per day as a two-year-old. Her second Snowman daughter is GP-84 and is contracted with Select Sires. The third daughter is just fresh. Hianna produced a second lactation record at 3-00 3x 365d of 62,840M with 4.2 2612F and 2.8 1785P. This feat also earned her 2013 Top Performer recognition for Wisconsin in the junior threeyear-old category. In addition to leading the charts in Wisconsin, Hianna is first for national milk and protein and second in the nation for fat. Hianna has a natural heifer calf by AltaIota and a bull calf by Supersire that is headed to AI. The Kestells are currently flushing Hianna. They have Alta Meteor embryos headed to Japan, and Supersire ET calves being born through the spring. They are flushing her daughters as well, whose embryos will go to China. Her daughters look to follow in Hianna’s footsteps, with one carrying a 3.8% protein test in her first lactation.

Latisha topped the list of Wisconsin milk production records in the 3x category, with a 3-10 3x 365d record of 63,360 3.8 2415F and 2.8 1760P. As a senior three-year-old, she was also second in the nation for milk, and took the senior three-year-old recognition honors in the 2013 WI Holstein Top Performer contest. Latisha is still milking in her second lactation, and had 162 pounds milk for the tester at 427 days into her lactation. She has been flushed with embryos headed to China, and the Kestells will flush her again soon. Latisha has daughters by Toystory that are not fresh yet. Her twin sister is owned by Tom’s son, and she has additional sisters that have been national production leaders. The Ever-Green-View herd was recognized as a 2013 Herd of Excellence by Holstein Association USA. Their herd averaged 123 pounds of milk per cow on their last test, and their 2013 BAA was 110.3% - ranking them as the number one herd in the nation for herds over 120 cows. The Kestell herd has a rolling herd average of 38,240 milk, with 4.1% 1561F and 3.1% 1191P.

Ever-Green-View Latisha-TW EX-92

Ken-Flo Potter 598 Bert-Mar Farms, Allan & Sue Lundberg 1st Wisconsin Fat – 2x

Ken-Flo Potter 598, VG-85 VG-MS, captured the fat production title for both state and national categories in the 2x division. “Flo” is an 11th generation VG or EX from the Deborahs, including seven

Siemers Shottle Hiana-ET EX-90

Ever-Green-View Latisha-TW Ever-Green-View, Tom & Gin Kestell & Sons 1st Wisconsin Milk – 3x

Ever-Green-View Latisha-TW, EX-92, also hails from the Kestell herd of Waldo, Wis. Latisha is a daughter of Mr AltaSolo, a bull that the Kestells sent to stud. She is from another extremely wet cow family at Ever-Green-View, and backed by several generations of VG and EX. Latisha’s dam is an EX-90 GMD by Saturn, with 187,810 pounds lifetime milk in three lactations. Her second dam, Ever-Green-View Lego-ET, VG-89 DOM, made a completed twoyear-old record of 42,700 pounds milk, and is a maternal sister to the matriarch of the Kestell herd, Ever-Green-View Elsie-ET, EX-92 GMD DOM. 24–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

Ken-Flo Potter 598 VG-85

generations of EX GMDs. From a VG-85 Progress, Flo’s second dam was Jerland Kaddy Devotion-ET, an EX-90 GMD owned in partnership with Larry Jerome. Flo’s fourth lactation is when her production ability started to shine through for Allan and Sue. At 4-01 2x and 302 days, she produced 36,550 pounds milk with 6.4% and 2331 pounds fat, a state record for fat production. At 4-11 2x 305d, she had 44,580M with 6.4% 2864F and 2.9% 1304P. At 365 days that same lactation, she finished with 51,176 pounds milk, with 6.3% 3236F and 2.9% 1498P. Flo has a three-year-old daughter by Tempting that was GP-81 first score with 1100 pounds fat in her first lactation. She also has a Sid daughter just fresh. The Lundbergs chose to not flush Flo during her record, but since completing it have flushed her to Atwood, Aftershock, Corvette, and Golden Dreams. There are 15 pregnancies from these flushes, and the Lundbergs are very excited to continue working with the cow family. The Lundbergs have 100 milking-age females and farm in Osseo, WI.

Partee Modest Rendezvous Emerald-Acres, The Ossmann Family 1st Wisconsin Protein – 2x

Paul Ossmann had no idea what he was investing in when he picked Rendezvous up at the Partee Holsteins dispersal in the summer of 2011. Now a state leader in protein production for the 2x category, Partee Modest Rendezvous, EX-91, has stood the test of time in the Emerald-Acres herd. Rendezvous is from a deep pedigree – her dam is Partee Rich and Famous, GP-83, and sired by Sky Fame. Backed by eight additional dams scored VG and EX, her third dam is Dun-Did Whiskey Renee, EX-91 2E. Rendezvous herself is sired by Modest, and made her state-leading protein record at six years of age. Rendezvous’ protein-leading record at 6-05 2x and 365d produced 52,690M with 1669F and 1566P. The Ossmanns appreciate her ability to put money in the tank, especially through the hot Wisconsin summer. She has proved to be a low maintenance cow, and even as a ‘milk wagon’ looks outstanding for her age with an udder that’s tied on tight. Rendezvous is due soon with a Corvette heifer calf. The Emerald Acres herd has a rolling herd average at twice a day milking of 26,723M with 1086F and 827P. There are 500 cows on test, of which 90% are registered. The herd is classified every seven months on the limited program.

Echowood Blitz Shelly Echowood Holsteins, The Begert Family 1st Wisconsin Milk – 2x

Echowood Blitz Shelly, GP-83, takes top milk production honors in the 2x category for Wisconsin. Shelly made her record at 5-00 2x 365d, yielding 54,880M 1657F and 1426P. She is backed by a VG-88 Skychief, and her third dam is Dupasquier Starb Silvia-ET, EX-92, a Starbuck daughter purchased by Brian Begert from the Dupasquier herd in Canada. A daughter of 1997 WDE Supreme Champion, Boalcrest Sterling Silver, Silvia was an outstanding milk cow in her own right, with a record at 7-01 365d 44,218 3.7% 1618F and 3.1% 1387P. Shelly’s Skychief dam had a 6-04 record at 2x and 297 days of 31,749M with 3.6% 1148F and 3.0% 953P. Shelly does not have any milking daughters in the herd, but has a heifer on the ground by Aftershock. In her state-leading lactation, she had two consecutive tests with 223 and 219 pounds of milk. Even as a two-year-old she hit outstanding production levels, topping 37,000 pounds in 365 days at 2-05, and exceeding 45,000 pounds milk at 3-07. Shelly just calved for the fourth time in December at 6-04, and at 75 days has 11,000 pounds of milk with 170 pounds on her last test. Echowood Holsteins has 195 cows on test with an RHA of 30,035M with 4.0% 1209F and 3.22% 967P, and the last BAA on the herd recorded in 2012 was 104.7%.

Wisconsin’s 2013 Top Performer Kellercrest Shottle Loni-ET Kellercrest Holsteins, Tim, Sandy, Andrew & Kimberly, Mark & Kareen Keller

Kellercrest Shottle Loni-ET, EX-92 2E GMD DOM, has become a household name in the Wisconsin Holstein business. Most recently recognized as the 2013 Wisconsin Top Performer for her sixyear-old record, Loni has many additional credits to her outstanding production through offspring and the legacy she has left in the Kellercrest herd. Loni topped the state production contest with a record at 6-09 3x 365d of 57,129M with 5.3% 3030F and 2.9% 1633P. With lifetime milk of 212,958 4.3% 9150F 3.0% 6403P, Loni was truly the cow that could put money in the tank while looking every bit of her EX-92 points. The Keller family lost Loni to cancer in November of 2013, but her legacy lives on through her offspring. The Kellers are currently milking daughters by Active, Planet, Man-O-Man, Super, Les, Bronco, Sebastian, Gerard and Armitage. There are also heifers springing by Latroy. Not only a dam of several daughters, 12 of Loni’s sons have been sent to AI. The Kellers have also exported embryos to Japan, Germany, Australia and France from Loni. The “L” family that Loni is bred from is one of the longest standing successful cow families in the herd, and it started with a 1985 Badger Invitational sale purchase – Con-Inv Lindsay-ET, VG-87 DOM. Lindsay was flushed to Walkway Chief Mark, which resulted in three daughters. The Kellers lost Lindsay as a three-year-old cow, but not until after a single flush to Winken. The single flush resulted in Kellercrest Winken Lusty, EX-90 2E GMD DOM, the founding mother in the Kellercrest herd. Lusty defined longevity and lived to nearly 18 years of age. She was named the Cornerstone Cow of the year in the 2007 Wisconsin Holstein News contest. There have been many developing branches of the Lusty (“L”) family. Her daughter, Kellercrest Factor Lori, VG-86, was a Renown Factor and produced Kellercrest Judge Love, EX-90. Love was sired by Windcrest Leadman Judge-ET. Love’s daughter, Kellercrest Rudolph Loney, VG-88 GMD DOM, has sent four bulls to AI. Loney is the dam of Kellercrest Shottle Loni. As a six-year-old, Loni’s August 2013 proof numbers included +1879 GTPI, with +1004M, +46 CFP, and +2.06 PTAT. The Kellers feel truly fortunate to have had the chance to work with an individual like Loni. The Kellercrest herd maintains an outstanding reputation for high-producing, long-lived individuals, with 88 cows producing over 200,000 pounds lifetime milk. They have had five individuals top the 300,000 pound mark, and 28 cows go over 250,000 pounds lifetime. The Kellers milk 320 cows and maintain an RHA of 31,346 milk with 4.2% fat and 3.1% protein. The herd’s BAA is 105.5%, which is in the top ten for herds in their size category. Kellercrest is a 12-year PBR and 14-year PGA herd.

Kellercrest Shottle Loni-ET EX-92 2E GMD DOM wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-25

Wisconsin’s Production Top 10s 2x Milk 1. Echowood Blitz Shelly 2. Partee Modest Rendezvous 3. Bur-Wall Buckeye Gigi 4. Ken-Flo Potter 598 5. Opsal O Man Fantasy 6. Plain-Knoll MarionMissletoe 7. Emerald-Acr-Vr Carma 8. Axe-Bluff Ito Bacardi 9. Branders Blitz Lyndin Laura 10. Stone-Front Outside Queen

5-00 365 54,880 3.0% 1,657 2.6% 1,426 6-05 365 52,690 3.2% 1,669 3.0% 1,566 5-09 365 52,190 3.9% 2,040 2.9% 1,532 4-11 365 51,180 6.3% 3,236 2.9% 1,498 6-07 365 49,900 4.0% 2,015 2.9% 1,452 5-05 352 49,430 3.8% 1,891 2.9% 1,456 7-06 365 49,380 3.7% 1,824 2.9% 1,455 6-03 365 49,200 4.1% 1,996 3.0% 1,492 5-11 365 49,120 2.6% 1,285 2.5% 1,241 6-01 365 49,050 3.0% 1,477 2.7% 1,307

Brian Michael Begert Emerald Acres Bur-Wall Holsteins Allan & Susan Lundberg Troy Opsal Dennis & Cynthia Begert Emerald Acres Ronald Unseth Douglas Brander Andrew & Lynette Buttles

Neillsville De Pere Brooklyn Osseo Blue Mounds Neillsville De Pere Genoa Spring Green Lancaster

4-11 365 51,180 6.3% 3,236 2.9% 1,498 6-04 365 46,610 5.2% 2,421 2.8% 1,324 6-00 305 39,330 5.6% 2,217 2.9% 1,138 5-03 365 48,240 4.5% 2,191 3.1% 1,484 6-02 365 43,350 5.0% 2,180 3.1% 1,363 5-11 365 41,360 5.1% 2,122 3.6% 1,473 5-00 365 42,690 4.9% 2,074 2.9% 1,241 5-09 365 52,190 3.9% 2,040 2.9% 1,532 7-01 305 40,850 5.0% 2,038 3.2% 1,323 5-02 365 47,950 4.2% 2,018 2.9% 1,407

Allan & Susan Lundberg Osseo Ronald Unseth Genoa Heatherstone Enterprises, Inc. Baraboo Milk Source LLC Kaukauna Bur-Wall Holsteins Brooklyn Glenn-Ann Holsteins Albany Claire M. Van Dyk New Richmond Bur-Wall Holsteins Brooklyn Glenn-Ann Holsteins Albany Ronald Unseth Genoa

6-05 365 52,690 3.2% 1,669 3.0% 1,566 8-07 365 47,820 3.9% 1,853 3.2% 1,544 3-07 365 46,980 3.6% 1,668 3.3% 1,541 5-09 365 52,190 3.9% 2,040 2.9% 1,532 4-11 365 51,180 6.3% 3,236 2.9% 1,498 6-03 365 49,200 4.1% 1,996 3.0% 1,492 5-03 365 48,240 4.5% 2,191 3.1% 1,484 5-11 365 41,360 5.1% 2,122 3.6% 1,473 3-02 365 40,680 4.3% 1,736 3.6% 1,465 5-10 365 48,160 2.6% 1,264 3.0% 1,465

Emerald Acres De Pere Glenn-Ann Holsteins Albany Brooks Hendrickson Belleville Bur-Wall Holsteins Brooklyn Allan & Susan Lundberg Osseo Ronald Unseth Genoa Milk Source LLC Kaukauna Glenn-Ann Holsteins Albany University of Wisconsin Madison Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc. Newton

Fat 1. Ken-Flo Potter 598 2. Axe-Bluff Ito Butterfly-TW 3. Heatherstone Stardancer 4. Idee Shottle Lalia 5. Kamps-Hollow Amen-ET 6. Miss Goldwyn Phantastic 7. Willows-Edge Ad Mick-Red-ET 8. Bur-Wall Buckeye Gigi 9. Glenn-Ann Jasper Shiner 10. Axe-Bluff Alonzo Baby

Protein 1. Partee Modest Rendezvous 2. Glenn-Ann Durham Sharla 3. Jeffrey-Way Tullion 4. Bur-Wall Buckeye Gigi 5. Ken-Flo Potter 598 6. Axe-Bluff Ito Bacardi 7. Idee Shottle Lalia 8. Miss Goldwyn Phantastic 9. U-W Armstead 6258 10. Mergold Adv Mirror-Red-ET

Lists provided by Holstein Association USA for records completed in Premier TriStar herds in 2013.

Doug, Linda, Corey & Tammy Hodorff N3832 Hwy. W, Eden, WI 53019 Tel: (920) 477-6800 • Fax: (920) 477-2520 E-mail:

Stop in anytime for a second look! 26–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

Wisconsin’s Production Top 10s 3x Milk 1. Ever-Green-View Latisha-TW 2. Siemers Shottle Hianna-ET 3. Ever-Green-View Dalphi-ET 4. Sewards-Folly Buckeye 1596 5. Jenny-Lou Augustine 1887 6. Ever-Green-View Maya-ET 7. Siemers Baxter 11600 8. Siemers Potter 11290 9. Siemers DieHard Vivit 10081 10. Siemers Die-Hard 11574

3-10 365 63,360 3.8% 2,415 2.8% 1,760 3-00 365 62,840 4.2% 2,612 2.8% 1,785 3-03 365 58,610 3.0% 1,762 2.9% 1,717 5-00 365 57,510 2.7% 1,562 2.8% 1,629 6-06 365 57,390 3.1% 1,790 2.9% 1,671 4-00 365 55,980 4.4% 2,488 3.0% 1,652 4-06 365 55,010 4.7% 2,611 2.8% 1,537 4-11 365 54,830 3.2% 1,774 2.8% 1,519 5-08 365 54,780 4.2% 2,289 2.8% 1,523 4-07 365 54,770 4.2% 2,302 2.9% 1,575

Thomas J. Kestell Waldo Thomas J. Kestell Waldo Thomas J. Kestell Waldo Scott Seward Pine River Mystic Valley Dairy LLC Sauk City Thomas J. Kestell Waldo Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc. Newton Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc. Newton Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc. Newton Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc. Newton

Fat 1. Siemers Shottle Hianna-ET 3-00 365 62,840 4.2% 2,612 2.8% 1,785 2. Ever-Green-View Maya-ET 4-00 365 55,980 4.4% 2,488 3.0% 1,652 3. Ever-Green-View Latisha-TW 3-10 365 63,360 3.8% 2,415 2.8% 1,760 4. Ever-Green-View Lourdes 3-09 365 48,890 4.7% 2,315 3.2% 1,556 5. Pinehurst Silver Sequin 5-08 365 49,540 4.6% 2,284 3.0% 1,494 6. Morningview Elgnt Arleta-ET 5-06 365 53,330 4.3% 2,278 2.9% 1,573 7. Kishholm Advent Chamaze-ET 5-01 365 52,270 4.3% 2,264 2.9% 1,510 8. Siemers Shottle Hianna-ET 3-00 305 54,030 4.2% 2,261 2.8% 1,520 9. Sure-View Baxter Always 4-03 365 54,520 4.1% 2,223 2.8% 1,538 10. Shawnee Goldwyn Shanice-ET 6-01 365 43,600 5.0% 2,178 3.1% 1,370

Thomas J. Kestell Waldo Thomas J. Kestell Waldo Thomas J. Kestell Waldo Thomas J. Kestell Waldo Robert P. & Laura Bachmann Sheboygan Thomas J. Kestell Waldo Gary L. Housner Elroy Thomas J. Kestell Waldo Gary L. Housner Elroy Thomas J. Kestell Waldo

Protein 1. Siemers Shottle Hianna-ET 2. Ever-Green-View Latisha-TW 3. Ever-Green-View Dalphi-ET 4. Ever-Green-View Maya-ET 5. Ever-Green-View Le Plume-ET 6. Morningview Elgnt Arleta-ET 7. Ever-Green-View Lourdes 8. Ever-Green-View Lizi-Red-ET 9. Sure-View Baxter Always 10. Ms EverGreenView Babble-ET

3-00 365 62,840 4.2% 2,612 2.8% 1,785 3-10 365 63,360 3.8% 2,415 2.8% 1,760 3-03 365 58,610 3.0% 1,762 2.9% 1,717 4-00 365 55,980 4.4% 2,488 3.0% 1,652 3-01 365 54,270 3.7% 2,017 2.9% 1,575 5-06 365 53,330 4.3% 2,278 2.9% 1,573 3-09 365 48,890 4.7% 2,315 3.2% 1,556 3-02 365 48,320 3.8% 1,860 3.2% 1,539 4-03 365 54,520 4.1% 2,223 2.8% 1,538 3-07 365 50,320 3.1% 1,547 3.1% 1,537

Thomas J. Kestell Thomas J. Kestell Thomas J. Kestell Thomas J. Kestell Thomas J. Kestell Thomas J. Kestell Thomas J. Kestell Thomas J. Kestell Gary L. Housner Thomas J. Kestell

Waldo Waldo Waldo Waldo Waldo Waldo Waldo Waldo Elroy Waldo

Lists provided by Holstein Association USA for records completed in Premier TriStar herds in 2013.

KRANZDALE SALES, INC. Dairy Cattle Buyer & Broker • Auctions & Appraisals


Dwight & Shelly Mayer

Want to have a sale? Call us!

4965 County Rd. E, Slinger, WI

N3931 O’Connor Rd. • Columbus, WI 53925 Ph: 920-623-2246 • Cell: 920-960-2566 • Fax: 920-623-0435 e-mail: WI Registered Auctioneer #1008-52 Animal Dealer License #124006-AD

REGISTERED HOLSTEINS & BROWN SWISS Breeding age bulls, heifers, calves and young cows available - we sell only from our best lines. Call Dwight’s cell: 262-224-6838 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-27

WHA’s Great Holstein Treasure Quest

2014 Calf Entries


DKC-Dewitt Rvu Bdk Licorice Born 7-12-2013

Reg. #142747911

Sire: Regancrest-GV S Bradnick-ET Dam: Ms Ideal Goldwyn Lashes-ET VG-85 VG-MS 2Y 1-10 2x 208 17,817 2.9 517 3.0 539 inc. 2nd Dam: Fleury Formation Lauria-ET EX-95 3E 5-08 2x 365 37,678 3.4 1298 2.9 1103 3rd Dam: Fleury Aerostar Lausa VG-87 Can 4th Dam: A Blake-T Rotate Laura LCI-ET VG-87 Can 5th Dam: Bly-Century Valiant Laurette EX 2E Owner: Chad & Mark Ryan & Calep Dewitt, Clinton


Lyn-Vale Atwood Gracee-ET Born 9-17-2013

Reg. #71822049

Sire: Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET Dam: Baycroft Rubens Glorious-ET EX-91 3E GMD 4-11 2x 365 43,030 3.5 1489 3.0 1310 2nd Dam: C Nipponia Broker Gloria-ET EX-91 2E 7-00 2x 331 22,110 4.0 895 3.1 688 3rd Dam: Glen Isla Starbuck Gloria EX Can 5* 5-03 2x 365 26,607 4.1 1082 3.4 906 4th Dam: Glen Isla Warden Glenna EX-90 5th Dam: Glen Isla Sen Gracela-ET EX Can Owner: William Schultz III, Waldo

Brainwave Goldwyn Lauramie-ET EX-95 Full sister to Ms Ideal Goldwyn Lashes-ET


Ms Crestbrooke Bnick Teagin Born 4-10-2013

Reg. #840003011492003

Baycroft Rubens Glorious-ET EX-91 3E GMD


Dream Team JM Fever Dana Born 12-2-2013


Sire: Regancrest-GV S Bradnick-ET Dam: Crestbrooke Gap Torrie-ET VG-88 VG-MS 2Y 2-00 2x 263 22,915 4.7 1077 3.4 773 inc. Nom. AA & All-Can Spring Yearling 2012 2nd Dam: Raggi Durham Tobi-ET EX-93 2E 2-03 2x 365 33,280 4.6 1515 3.4 1141 Junior All-American Winter Yearling 2006 Res. Junior All-American Senior 2 Year Old 2009 Nominated All-American Senior 2 Year Old 2009 HHM Junior All-American 4 Year Old 2009

Sire: Crackholm Fever Dam: Sabofarm Dundee Desiree-ET EX-93 EX-MS 2E 3-00 2x 365 32,160 3.6 1170 3.3 1050 2nd Dam: Platte-Vu Durham Dreamy-ET EX-92 EX-MS 3-04 2x 365 32,870 3.6 1167 3.1 1021 3rd Dam: Pearmont Jolt Moondream EX-90 EX-MS 3-05 2x 365 30,770 4.0 1237 3.3 1030 4th Dam: Pearmont Maibu EX-90 EX-MS Next Dams: EX-90 DOM, EX-92 3E GMD DOM, EX-91 3E, EX-90 2E, EX-91 3E, EX-91

Owner: Tim, Barb & Kyle Natzke, Fond du Lac

Owner: Don & Jenna Fahey, Merrill

Crestbrooke Gap Torrie-ET VG-88 VG-MS 28–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

Sabofarm Dundee Desiree-ET EX-93 2E

Date of Birth

Reg. Number


Sire’s A.I. Organization

Mail Futurity Entry to: Wisconsin Holstein Association, 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913

Address ____________________________________________________________________________ Signature of Exhibitor ________________________________________

Name of Owner ____________________________________________________________________________________ Phone _______________________________________

Full entry fees must accompany entry form or sent within the appropriate time noted above.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fee Schedule: Payment of $35 per animal due by January 1, 2014; Late entries will be accepted from January 2 - April 30, 2014 for $50 per animal.



Full Name of Animal

2016 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity Official Entry Blank

Futurity, the right is reserved to cancel same and refunds made to persons owning females that have been nominated, their share of all monied accrued after the deduction of actual expenses in the promotion of the Futurity. SALE OF ELIGIBLE ANIMALS: When an animal that is entered in the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity is sold, the eligibility may be transferred to the new owner, and it shall be his responsibility to inform the Futurity Committee of the change of ownership. The seller shall inform the buyer that the animal purchased is already entered in the Futurity. To aid in this, exhibitors will receive an entry certificate for each animal after entry payment has been received. New owners will need to sign an entry form after notification of entry into Futurity. OPEN CLASS SHOWING: If the show is held at the Wisconsin State Fair, all animals shown in the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity are eligible upon proper entry to be shown in the open class competition of the Holstein Show. It is the responsibility of the animal’s owner to fill out the necessary forms for open class competition. MISCELLANEOUS: Neither the Wisconsin Holstein Association nor the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity Committee is in any way responsible for the condition of the premises in which the Futurity is held and is not liable in the event of accident or loss of persons or property. All matter pertaining to the showing of the Futurity are subject to the rules, regulations and health requirements of any WI Holstein Association sponsored show along with those for the show at which the Futurity is held. DRESS CODE: Every exhibitor must have formal dress to show in the Futurity. (Minimum requirements for men include a shirt, tie and dress pants while women should wear a dress, business suit or the equivalent.) Exhibitors not meeting the minimum dress code requirement will be denied entry into the show ring. Interest on Futurity entry fee accounts and any sponsorship monies may be used to offset show expenses at the discretion of the WHA Board of Directors and the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity Committee.

2016 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity

PURPOSE: To stimulate interest in the breeding and exhibiting of outstanding Officially Identified Holsteins of 87% RHA or higher. To promote the Registered Holstein breed and dairy industry to the general public with an appealing and memorable presentation. PROCEDURES: An animal is nominated by an owner. All nominations are the responsibility of the owner. Dates, fees and rules will be followed to the letter. ELIGIBILITY: Any registered Holstein female that was born September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2013 is eligible for the 2016 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity. FEES: Entries, along with $35 per animal, must be postmarked on or before January 1, 2014. Animals may be late entered from January 2 - April 30, 2014 for $50 per animal. Full entry fees must accompany entry form or sent within the appropriate time noted above. PURSE: The purse in this event shall consist of all monies received by the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity (plus interest earned) as nomination fees, less the actual expenses incurred in its promotion and management. All Futurity monies shall be kept in a separate Futurity Fund and used only for Futurity purposes. The purse in this event will be divided among the first forty Futurity placings as follows: 1st place winner - 15% plus sponsorship monies 2nd ................12% Next ten places .........2% each 3rd ...................9% Next ten places ......1.5% each 4th ...................8% Next fifteen places ....1% each 5th ...................6% (If 100% of purse money is not distributed by above breakdown, the balance will be split equally amongst all participants.) REFUNDS: When nomination fees and the payment in connection with the Futurity are received, they are committed for the purse of this event and no refunds will be made, whether or not the animal is shown or its eligibility discontinued by owner. In the event however, that any condition should arise which prevents the showing of the

LAST CALL! Late entries will be accepted until April 30, 2014

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-29

2013 All-Americans Nominations

Winter Calf Nom

Rosedale Nice and EZ-ET, Rosedale Genetics Ltd., Oxford

Fall Calf

HHM Jacobs Windbrook Bally, Siemers Holstein Farms, Newton

Spring Yearling Nom

Ryan-Vu Damion Relish, Chris & Jennifer Hill, Thurmont, MD and Chad & Amy Ryan, Fond du Lac

Winter Yearling Nom

Budjon-JK-Glaz-Way Erin-ET, Budjon Farms, Glaz-Way Enterprises and Frank & Diane Borba, Lomira

Fall Yearling HM

Phoenix Gr Gloria, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton

Fall Yearling in Milk AA

Extondale Sid Iams, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna

Junior 2 Year Old

HHM Weeks Dundee Anika, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna Nom Dream-Prairie GW Alberta-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna

Senior 2 Year Old Nom Nom

Arcroix Goldwyn Jamaique, Budjon Farms & Peter & Lyn Vail, Lomira Kingsmill Atwood Allison-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna

Junior 3 Year Old AA

Ehrhardt Gold Beauty-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna

Senior 3 Year Old Nom Nom

Garay Alexander Destiny-ET, Mike & Julie Duckett and Frank & Jan Phillipson, Rudolph Vedderlea Goldwyn Esther, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna

4 Year Old AA

Robrook Goldwyn Cameron, Budjon Farms, Peter & Lyn Vail, St Jacobs ABC Inc. & Clark Woodmansee, Lomira

5 Year Old AA

Rosedale Lexington-ET, Rosedale Genetics Ltd., Oxford

Lifetime Production Cows UAA Nom

Vangoh Durham Treasure, Mike & Julie Duckett, Rudolph Siemers Dundee Hilda 8669-ET, Jordan Siemers, Newton

Fall Yearling

Phoenix Gr Gloria, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton RES Rock-N-Hill Garret Liz, Garrett Lederman, Brodhead HHM Kulp-Dale Wndbrok Ellie-ET, Zachary Lemke & Jess Mullikin, Chilton Jeffrey-Way WB Twitter-ET, Breinne Hendrickson, Belleville Nom


Fall Yearling in Milk RES

Bella-Ridge Go For Broke-ET, Kayla Krueger, Marion

Junior 2 Year Old AA Nom Nom

Langer Dundee Bubbles-ET, Jenna Langer, DeForest Moorclose Fever Marcella, Madison, McKenzie & Payton Calvert, Cuba City Rosedale Fancypants D Honey, Julia Nunes, Chippewa Falls

Senior 2 Year Old

RES Rock-N-Hill-II Atwood Crisco, Rachel McCullough, Juda HHM Butlerview Aftersh April-ET, Ryan Lauber, Union Grove Nom Birkentree Goldwyn Cadee-ET, Jenna Langer, DeForest

Junior 3 Year Old AA Nom

Jeffrey-Way Advent Dynasty, Patrick Blair, Belleville Siemers Atwood Alexia, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton

Senior 3 Year Old RES Nom Nom

Wis-Tex SS Poem-ET, Jeff Koster & Gracie Curran, Alma Center Budjon-Vail Gold Dreams-ET, Jordan & Whitney Ebert, Algoma Ehrke Ytina Gold Athiena-ET, Cierra Ehrke-Essock, Fort Atkinson

4 Year Old Nom

Rosedale Maggie Mae, Jenna Langer, DeForest

5 Year Old

HHM Gildale Advent Primrose, Kayli, Kalista & Kaianne Hodorff & Nick Schuster, Eden

Aged Cow Nom

Willows-Edge Advent Malika, Jordan Van Dyk, New Richmond

Production Cow AA Nom

Siemers Dunde Hilda 8669-ET, Jordan Siemers, Newton Willows-Edge Dur Michele-ET, Jordan Van Dyk, New Richmond

Senior Best 3 Females Nom

Scientific Holsteins, Matthew Nunes, Chippewa Falls

Produce of Dam Nom Nom

Produce of Scientific Gold Dior Rae-ET, Matthew Nunes, Chippewa Falls Produce of Scientific Gold Dior Rae-ET, Matthew Nunes, Chippewa Falls

Junior Best 3 Females Nom

Bella-View Holsteins, Marion

Junior All-American Nominations

Spring Calf Nom

BHHD Sid Legacy, Nicole Ballweg & Karlee Ketelboeter, Dane

Winter Calf Nom Nom

Berryridge Guthrie Nallana, Cassandra & Elizabeth Endres, Waunakee Siemers Fever Hia-Glam-ET, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton

Fall Calf

HHM Siemers Gsun Haya-Dream-ET, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton WI Fischerdale Damion Rambo, Sara Griswold, Black Earth Nom

Summer Yearling

HHM Siemers Bradnk Haya-Love-ET, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton 30–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

Wisconsin Championship Show Hotel Information Mineral Point, WI

July 12-15

Mineral Point Lodging: Redwood Motel - 608-987-6500 Quality Inn - 608-987-4747 Dairyland Hotel - 608-987-3141 There are also Bed and Breakfasts in the Mineral Point area. More information on B&Bs in the area can be found at Dodgeville Hotels - 10-15 minute drive from the fairgrounds Best Western Quiet House and Suites - 608-935-7739 House on the Rock Inn - 608-935-3711 Super 8 - 608-935-3888 Pine Ridge Motel - 608-935-3386 Belmont Hotel - 10-15 minute drive from the fairgrounds Belmont Inn and Suites - 608-762-6900

Vernon County Holstein Sale Saturday evening, May 10, 7:30 p.m. Vernon County Fairgrounds, Hwy. 14-27-61, north edge of Viroqua

A great line-up of Show Calves, Springers & Fresh Cows




VG-87 DOM GTPI +2173

VG-86 GTPI +1737



2-04 2x 365 27,840 4.1 1142 3.3 907 Selling Lucille’s November Liquid Gold with sons in A.I. Next 7 Gold Medal Dams: VG-87, EX-90, VG-86, VG-87, VG-87, VG-85, EX-90. Brian & Wendy Fust

3-05 2x 365 29,890 3.9 1176 3.3 995 Selling a first choice Predestine from Dani’s +1850 GTPI Snowman daughter. Next dams: VG-87 GMD, 2 VG, EX-91 2E & VG. David & Dawn Windle

3-07 3x 365 36,630 5.0 1814 3.3 1225 From the Elegance family, a fresh Guthrie from a GP Shottle daughter of Eve. Next 2 dams VG and then EX-96 Elegance and 4 more EX dams. Lucas Moser

2-02 2x 365 25,380 3.0 753 3.3 826 Fresh Sanchez from Spirt sells. EX-94 3E 2nd dam with 42,220 4.6 1946 & 200,000 lifetime. The next 9 dams all VG. Lucas Moser






EX-93 2E *RC

EX-92 3E


4-01 2x 365 38,380 4.2 1600 2.9 1111 Fresh Palermo from VG-88 Atlas, then GP Lou and VG-87 Finley from Envy. Backed by 4 VG and EX dams. Four-of-a-Kind Partners

5-09 2x 365 43,420 3.6 1582 3.0 1287 Lft: 1508 138,650 3.8 5312 3.2 4380 GP-80 Kite daughter of Margaux sells fresh again. Next 6 dams EX back to Matilda. Aaliyah Borchert

7-05 2x 305 21,380 4.3 918 3.2 685 Fresh Klink from VG Damion daughter of Anabell. Next dam EX-91. Heather Petersheim

3-09 2x 365 29,140 4.2 1212 3.2 924 Fresh Durable from GP-82 Shottle daughter of Stars, then EX-91 Stripes & 5 more EX dams from the Saturdays. Two more from this family - fresh CM & her Aftershock from a GP Jeeves from 2 VG dams from Stripes; fresh Sudan from GP Million, then EX-90 Sweet. Steve Holte




EX-90 2E

EX-92 2E

5-03 2x 365 33,760 4.0 1366 3.5 1168 Selling Armani choice from Rein. Next dams: VG-88 Renita Ravel then EX-94 Renita Ranger, & 2 more EX & VG dams. Timothy Johnson Also selling fresh Barbwire from Phoebe-Red, a VG-89 Rhapsody from Ravel. Ronald Hoyer

4-03 3x 365 35,050 3.4 1187 2.9 1030 Fresh VG-87 Fremont with 27,630 3.6 1005 3.2 878 from Babydoll sells. Next dams: EX-92 Barbie, EX-92 Brina, EX-90, EX-91, EX-90 & 2 VG dams. Lucas Moser

Just part of the animals selling from deep pedigreed cow families.

• Guthrie due to Sid from a GP Shotgun then VG-89 & VG-85 dams. KATHRYN WENDORF • Fresh Durable from GP-83 Pronto then EX-94 then 3 more EX dams from D-R-A August. RALPH PETERSHEIM • Fresh Pronto from VG-86 Stormatic. Next dams: EX-93 3E GMD Roxmoney Alta, EX-95 4E & VG-88. ROBERT GATES • GP-80 Socrates fresh in April. Dams: VG-87, EX-91, EX-90, EX-91, EX-94, EX-95 Vigo Royal Jewel & VG-85. ROBERT GATES • Fresh Atwood from Shottle dam. VG-87 O-Man, 2 EX dams & 2 VG. GARY & PATTY EDELBURG • Fresh Atlaross from VG Bolton and 6 more VG dams. COLE HOYER • GP-83 Darwin due in March from VG-86 Durham, GP Integrity & 3 EX & 2 VG dams of the Jo-Clar Patsy family. RICHARDSON • VG-86 Sanchez from EX-91 3E Durham & 4 VG dams. ROBERT BARDEN • GP-83 Reality-Red from 2 VG dams. Next dams: GP & VG. ROBERT E. GATES • Fresh Million from GP O-Man. Next dams: VG, EX-92 4E & VG. JAMES SATTLER • Fresh Attitude-Red from Debonair. Next dams: VG, EX, VG. MARK CADE • Debonair due to Mazda from VG Rubens. JORDAN & KASSANDRA CHRISTENSON • GP-83 Damion with 20,440 3.6 728 & due before the sale. GP-84 dam. DENNIS & MARSHA GETTINGER

Sale sponsored & managed by Vernon County Holstein Breeders Association

Sale Committee Co-Chairmen: R. Paul Buhr, 608-637-3480 and Steve Holte, Co-Chairman, 608-634-4545, e-mail: wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-31

Holstein Foundation Graduates Young Dairy Leaders Institute Class 8

Over 40 young adults from across the U.S. and Canada recently graduated from the Holstein Foundation’s eighth Young Dairy Leaders Institute class, with Phase III being held February 5-8 in Albuquerque, N.M. Building on the skills they learned during their first meeting last February, along with what they have practiced and accomplished over the past twelve months, the class participated in workshops covering topics such as advanced media relations skills, conflict management, and the public policy process. On their final feedback survey, participants were asked to write one sentence about what YDLI meant to them. Following are just a few of the comments that summarize the YDLI experience: “For me, YDLI has meant increased skills on many fronts, a large network of connections, heightened confidence and unforgettable memories,” said one participant. “YDLI has inspired me beyond what I could have ever done on my own,” added another. The theme for this YDLI Class was “Blaze Your Leadership Trail.” Featured speakers and workshops included: • Joan Horbiak, David Pelzer and Michele Ruby, who presented Advanced Media Training, focused on mastering interviews with the media and telling dairy’s story to consumers • “Leverage Optimism to Make Change Work,” by Terry Paulson, who spoke about how our actions and attitudes impact the team we are working with • Dr. Wes Jamison, who led a session on Conflict Resolution, teaching attendees several effective strategies for communicating with others who may have opposing viewpoints. A highlight of this session was a debate between Missouri Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst, and Joe Maxwell, Vice President of Outreach and Engagement for the Humane Society of the United States. • Pete Kappelman, YDLI Class 1 alum and chairman of the Land O’ Lakes board of directors, who provided an evening keynote, encouraging class members to “explore their leadership frontiers” and make an impact. • Bonnie Burr, YDLI Class 1 alum, led a session on understanding public policy and gave participants hands-on experience with the governmental process. • Ty Bennett led a powerful closing session, with his talk about the “Power of Influence.” His message left the class inspired and feeling empowered to continue their leadership journey. The Holstein Foundation and Young Dairy Leaders Institute participants would like to sincerely thank the many gracious sponsors who made the experience possible. Platinum sponsors include Allflex USA, Inc.; DairyBusinesss Communications; Dean Foods Foundation; Farm Credit System Foundation; Hoard’s Dairyman; and Land O’Lakes, Inc. Foundation. Gold-level sponsors were AFACT, Cargill Animal Nutrition, CHS Foundation, Dairy Management, Inc.; Elanco; Holstein Association USA; Northeast Agricultural Education Foundation; and Zoetis. Silver sponsors were Accelerated Genetics; Center for Dairy Excellence; GEA Farm Technologies, Inc.; and Merck. Bronze-level sponsors included Chobani; Church & Dwight Co., Inc.; COBA/Select Sires; Cooperative Resources International; Farm Credit Northeast Ag Enhancement; Hilmar Cheese Company, Inc.; Robert L. Cain Memorial Fund; and Select Sires Canada, Inc. Read more about Class 8’s YDLI journey on our official YDLI blog at! Class 9 will be held in Phoenix, Ariz., in late February 2015 and 2016. Applications are now available on the Holstein Foundation web site, and are due August 1, 2014.

Rickert Bros. LLC Home of Rickland Holsteins

Jim & Kelly, Greg & Laura, Andrew & Shannon, Don & Lila Rickert Eldorado, WI 54932 • Tel: 920-872-2982 RHA: 975 cows 28,091 3.5 1001 3.0 844 17 Year Progressive Genetics Herd 32–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

Natzke Elected to PDPW Board, Crave and Zwald Re-elected

The members of Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin (PDPW) elected one new individual and re-elected two incumbents to the PDPW board of directors. Jeremy Natzke, Greenleaf, Wis. will begin serving a three-year term. Members re-elected Charlie Crave, Waterloo, Wis. and Kay Zwald, Hammond, Wis. The election results were announced at the 2014 PDPW Business Conference March 13 in Madison, Wis. Jeremy Natzke, Wayside Dairy, Greenleaf, Wis., will begin serving a three-year term. He was raised on the family dairy - which was established in 1863—and has been the herdsman at Wayside Dairy since late 2004. The dairy is now a partnership among his dad Dan, his cousin Paul and himself. The dairy milks 1,750 cows, raises 1,450 heifers and crops 2,700 acres of corn, alfalfa and wheat. In 1998, he won the James W. Crowley State 4-H Dairy Leadership Award, and in 2009 he was chosen as a Land ‘O Lakes Young Farmer, participating in the National Milk Producers Federation meetings in Grapevine, Texas. Kay Zwald, Bomaz Farms, Hammond, Wis., was re-elected to a three-year term. She owns and operates the dairy in partnership with her husband Bob, their daughter Annette and her husband Steve Schalla and their son Tom and his wife Ashley. The dairy milks 700 registered Holsteins, raises all of its young stock and crops about 1,500 acres. Kay has been an integral part of her county’s dairy promotion program, including Farm City Day, and has taught a six-week dairy unit to the fourth graders at her local elementary school. She is currently a representative on the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. Charlie Crave, Crave Brothers Farms, Waterloo, Wis., was re-elected for a three-year term. He represents the dairy industry as a dairy producer and farm owner as well as a partner in Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese factory which produces specialty cheese. Crave Brothers Farms has a 1,000-head milking herd, raises its own heifers and grows crops. Charlie is currently president of the Waterloo Chamber of Commerce. He has served as a 4-H club leader since 1975 and is an active member of his church. He has been a Knights of Columbus member since 1980 and an officer for 17 years. These three join six other dairy producers who complete PDPW’s nine-member board: Mitch Breunig, Sauk City, Wis.; Brian Forrest, Stratford, Wis.; Marty Hallock, Mondovi, Wis.; Walter Meinholz, DeForest, Wis.; Linda White, Reedsburg, Wis.; and Keith York, Lake Geneva, Wis. PDPW welcomes two newly appointed advisors to the board: Steve Kelm, professor, University of Wisconsin-River Falls; and Steve Schwoerer, dairy specialist with Badgerland Financial Services. PDPW members thanked three outgoing board members for their years of service on the board of directors: Mark Diederichs, Malone, Wis. who served as president in his last term; and board advisors Roger Swigart of AgStar Financial Services, and Tom Vander Heiden of Cargill Animal Nutrition. Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin is a dairy-producer founded organization that provides educational programs and services to fellow dairy producers. PDPW’s mission is “to share ideas, solutions, resources, and experiences that help dairy producers succeed.”

UW-Madison Dairy Science Department to hold Spring Visit Day April 11

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Dairy Science invites prospective students and their parents to visit campus on Friday, April 11, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., to explore what the program has to offer. High school juniors who are looking to get a head start on their college search and transfer students are encouraged to attend. Those attending will get a firsthand look at one of the world’s leading dairy science departments as they tour the UW-Madison campus and Dairy Cattle Center, meet faculty, participate in hands-on workshops and learn about the wide variety of learning opportunities available to dairy science majors. Current students and alumni will be on hand to answer questions and share their experiences. The UW-Madison undergrad dairy science program emphasizes a combination of cutting-edge, science-based knowledge and hands-on experience. Award-winning research and extension faculty teach more than 20 undergraduate courses covering nutrition, reproduction, mammary physiology, genetics and other aspects of dairy management. On-campus, state-of-the art dairy facilities enhance the learning experience. “For a high school student, spring of their junior year is really when I would recommend they start taking campus visits,” says Kent Weigel, professor and chair of the dairy science department. “Making a college visit and touring the campus can be pivotal in a student’s decision to attend college and what school’s they end up applying to.” “Students who visit are often amazed by the small-school feel of our ag campus and the extra benefits they get studying at a Big Ten university,” states Weigel. “That, and our proximity to the heart of the dairy industry, is what makes UW-Madison such a special place for our students to study and live.” For UW-Madison admission eligibility, it is recommended that high school students rank in the top 25 percent of their high school class. Transfer students must have completed at least 24 semester hours of college–level work. Most transfer students have a GPA of at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. To attend the Dairy Science Visit Day, please register on-line by April 8 at visitday/. For more information, contact Cathy Rook at (608) 263-3308 or; or Ted Halbach at (608) 263-3305 or

A Crash Course in Dairy Farm Management

“Learning about farm management strategies in class is one thing,” says University of Wisconsin-Madison junior Ryan Pralle. “But the real world is a different story. There are factors that we might not consider in class when discussing what research tells us is the best way to farm. Things like the existing infrastructure of the farm, or the farmer’s financial standing, can be limiting factors.” Pralle had a chance to address some of those real-world issues when he joined 57 other dairy science students from 13 Midwestern schools at the 10th annual Midwest Dairy Challenge in Appleton, Wis. Pralle, from Humbird, was one of the six UW-Madison competitors. Dairy Challenge was developed to expose students to opportunities the dairy industry. Working in four- or five-person teams, each with members from multiple universities, participants assessed all aspects of a working dairy farm and presented recommendations for improvement to a panel of judges and participating farm families. Two Wisconsin farms, Sugar Creek Dairy LLC of New London and Country Aire Dairy of Greenleaf, hosted this year’s contest. Max Luchterhand, a junior from Spencer, Wis., says that he says he was “stunned” to learn that his took first place among the six that assessed Country Aire Dairy. The experience will always stick with him, and will be invaluable in helping him run his own farm after college, he adds.The three-day competition offers students a crash course in practical dairy farm management—with opportunities to attend seminars on finance, nutrition and reproduction, play the roles of consultants, interview farm owners and inspect dairies - where they can apply their classroom learning out in the field. As Pralle, whose team also took first in its group, puts it: ”It is a rewarding feeling to know that what I learn in college is making me a well-educated dairy professional who knows his way around the barn.” Others UW-Madison students at the Midwest Dairy Challenge included Elizabeth Binversie, Joseph Mulcahy, Olivia Peter and Carrie Warmka. Dairy science professor Dave Combs and dairy management instrucLeft to right: coach Dr. Dave Combs, Carrie Warmka, tor Ted Halbach served as Olivia Peter, Ryan Pralle, Max Luchterhand, Joseph Mulcahy, coaches. Elizabeth Binversie, coach Ted Halbach

The North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge was established to facilitate education, communication and an exchange of ideas among students, agribusiness, dairy producers and universities that enhances the development of the dairy industry and its leaders. In its 13-year history, the program has helped train more than 4,000 students through one national and four regional annual contests. NAIDC is supported through generous donations by 130 agribusinesses and dairy producers and coordinated by a volunteer board of directors.

The University of


STUDENT PROFILE Name: Genevieve Dryak Hometown: Taylor, WI High School: Blair-Taylor High School Class Size: 50 Major: Dairy & Poultry Science Why did you decide to attend UWMadison? It had always been my top choice for colleges, as it has a world renowned program in agriculture, particularly in Dairy Science. I am proud to be a Badger! What has been your most memorable college experience? My most memorable college experience was the summer Poultry Consortium, Center of Excellence Internship Program. The classes were taught in a hands-on environment, giving real world experiences. A real benefit of the curriculum at UW is the flexibility to tailor your coursework though double majors to your interests, in my case dairy and poultry science. What has been your favorite course? My favorite course has been Management and Human Resources 305. It taught about issues applicable in any business. The real life experiences have already helped me during my internship. What are your future career goals? My plan upon graduation is to be working in the agriculture industry on the production side. Inquiry Lives Here UW-Madison Dept. of Dairy Science 1675 Observatory Drive Madison, WI 53706 Ph. 608-263-3308 Fax 608-263-9412 Contact: Ted Halbach

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-33


WHA T-Shirt Design Contest

New in 2014 is a Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association t-shirt design contest. The winning design will be used to represent the junior association for the next year. WHA wants to continue to promote the Junior T-Shirt Association and what better way than a design Design Contest from one of our own members! Designs can be simple or elaborate but make sure the design is representative of the Association. Designs may be sketched on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper or completed on a computer. The design should be able to be printed in two colors or less. The winner will be announced this summer. Entries are due May 1, 2014. TM

Rules: - Current member of the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association. - One entry per member. - All designs will become property of WHA with credit given to the designer if used or repurposed. Guidelines: - Design one graphic that represents the WI Holstein Association that can be repurposed in two colors or less. Your initial design may use more than two colors if needed. - You may sketch your design on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper or complete your design on your computer. - Images completed on a computer should be saved as a high resolution image of 300 dpi or higher. - Mail entries by May 1 via mail to 902 8th Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53913 or email to in a .PDF or .JPG format.

National Award Form Deadlines

Letters were mailed in January to state representatives for Dairy Jeopardy, Dairy Bowl, speaking, essay, folding display and more. Please make sure to be aware of upcoming deadlines for the national contests. The Wisconsin Holstein Association will submit entries for the state banner, scrapbook, digital scrapbook, Dairy Bowl, and Dairy Jeopardy contests. Please note that the following contest entries must be submitted individually and are due May 1, 2014: Prepared Public Speaking, Junior Progressive Breeder, Junior Breeder of an EX, Multiple E Cow, production awards and folding displays. The folding display contest is open to all Junior Holstein members. All forms can be found online at

Junior Membership and Junior Ownership Deadline

Memberships are due! Be sure to have your Wisconsin Junior Holstein membership paid in advance of any upcoming WHA events or activities this spring and summer. Memberships must be paid in full before June 1, 2014. This is also the date that all heifers and/or cows need to be transferred to a junior’s name in order to be eligible for junior recognition at this year’s shows. No transfer applications will be allowed for juniors at the shows, so make sure paperwork is sent in ahead of the summer show season. Remember, partnerships between two or more juniors are allowed if all juniors are WI Junior Holstein members. No other partnerships qualify for junior recognition.

Images Wanted for State Scrapbooks

We are looking for photos! Please send photos from any of the WHA events from the past year so that they can be included in the state scrapbook and digital scrapbook. Images can be emailed to Green County and Roxanne Klossner, at The more photos we can gather from counties, the better! 34–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

Contact the JACs:

Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Northeast District; 920.242.7507 Rachel Hartlaub, Northeast District; 920.287.1965 Jessica Pralle, Northwest District; 715.533.0902 Cassi Miller, Northwest District; 608.669.5925 Cassy Krull, Southeast District; 920.253.9428 Andy Sell, Southeast District; 920.253.0052 Sean Brown, Southwest District; 608.553.1412 Charlie Hamilton, Southwest District; 608.330.1223

2014 Calendar of Events April 1 Midwest National Spring Show entries due 1 National Dairy Bowl & Jeopardy entries due 18 Midwest Spring Red & White Show, Jefferson 19 Midwest National Spring Show, Jefferson 30 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity LATE entries due. Must be postmarked on this date to be entered. Late fee applies. May 1 National Junior Progressive Breeder, Production Award forms & folding display entries due 3-4 Cow Camp, Sugar Creek Bible Camp, Ferryville June 13 District 10 Holstein Show, Sheboygan County Fairgrounds, Plymouth 16 District 2 Holstein Show, Jackson County Fairgrounds, Black River Falls 17 District 6 Holstein Show, Rock County Fairgrounds, Janesville District 4 Holstein Show, Taylor County Fairgrounds, Medford 18 18 District 5 Holstein Show, Sauk County Fairgrounds, Baraboo 19 District 8 Holstein Show, Dodge County Fairgrounds, Beaver Dam 20 District 3 Holstein Show, Grant County Fairgrounds, Lancaster 23 District 1 Holstein Show, Chippewa County Fairgrounds, Chippewa Falls 23 District 7 Holstein Show, Waupaca County Fairgrounds, Weyauwega 25-28 2014 National Holstein Convention, Dubuque, Iowa July 14 Junior Judging & Classification Contest, Mineral Point 14 State Showmanship Contest, Mineral Point 14-15 WI Championship Show, Mineral Point, hosted by Iowa County


Join Us for Cow Camp 2014! Sugar Creek Bible Camp, Ferryville • May 3-4 This year cow camp will be held at Sugar Creek Bible Camp in Ferryville on May 3-4. Our tentative schedule is for registration to start at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday and getting campers settled in. Our workshops for the first day will include a first aid station, cattle photography, feeding your fair calf and showmanship. We will start the next morning with our morning walking trail adventures and breakfast. The stations for day two will

include a station by Dr. Matt Dorshorst, DVM, farm safety, what’s in your show box and a fun arts and crafts project with our WHA’s intern, Morgan, and the WHA Princess and Attendant. We are very excited to have another great cow camp and see many familiar faces and meet new ones at this year’s event. See you in Ferryville on May 3rd and 4th!

Tentative Cow Camp Schedule Saturday, May 3 12:30 p.m. Registration 1:00 p.m. Orientation & Introductions 1:30-5:00 p.m. Workshops 6:00 p.m. Evening meal with a hike before 11:30 p.m. Curfew Sunday, May 4 7:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m. 9:00-11:30 a.m. 11:30 a.m. 12:00 noon 1:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m.

Hike with the JA guys!! Breakfast Workshops Cow Camp write-ups & group photo Lunch Ag Olympics/Games/Shaving Cream Fight Campers dismissed

Any youth age 14 and under interested in any breed of the dairy cow are welcome to attend. Have fun while learning about cows and meeting other youth from across the state! Cow Camp is also a great way to get to know your Wisconsin Junior Activities Committee members! Cow Camp this year will provide some excellent opportunities with science workshops and more! Details will also be posted on the web at

Cow Camp Registration May 3 & 4, 2014 - Sugar Creek Bible Camp, Ferryville, WI Camp Fee - $45/person (Junior or Chaperone) Campers should be 14 & Under Name: ____________________________________________ Age: ______ Adult or Junior (Circle one)

Boy or Girl (Circle one)

Youth T-Shirt Size: ______ ❏ ❏ Adult

County: ___________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________ State: ____________ Zip: _________________ Email: ___________________________________________ Cell Phone: ______________________ Return to: WHA, 902 8th Ave, Baraboo, WI 53913. Registration deadline is Friday, April 11. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-35


ACKY WPoint of View Editor’s Comments

While the calendar says it should be spring, I’m still waiting for Mother Nature to catch up. We sure could use a stretch of warm days to finish melting all this snow and start getting everything dried out. Here’s hoping it will soon be here! This issue contains a review of the Adult Convention held at the end of February in Tomah. Thank you to the La Crosse, Monroe and Vernon County Holstein Breeders for hosting a great weekend! Congratulations to all of our award winners and honorees you can read full information on the convention starting on page 10. If you’ve never been to the convention, please put next year’s on your calendar it’s really a great weekend for socializing and catching up with fellow Holstein breeders. This issue also focused on our top production cows in Wisconsin. Congrats to those that own or bred one of the cows that made our Top 10 lists. Don’t forget to buy your Treasure Quest tickets before they’re gone! We’ve got four great calves entered again this year and you could be the lucky winner to take one home. Call the WHA office or a board member if you’d like to buy a ticket. Next month’s issue is our Calf Care issue and will include a report from our spring barn meetings. Thank you to the three farms that hosted such great barn meetings this spring! The May issue will also feature District 6. The June issue will be our next Midwest Holsteins issue. Remember, this issue will be extra special as it will also be the official souvenir book for the National Convention being held in Dubuque, Iowa. Rates are a little higher this time around, but are still a great bargain for the expanded coverage you’ll get with your ad. If you’re interested in advertising please contact me by May 7 to reserve your ad space. The Communications Committee met at the Adult Convention and have made some exciting new changes to the Cover Contest. Watch future issues for more information. Until next time... 36–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014




April 2014 Classifying in Columbia, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Jefferson, Marquette, Rock & Walworth counties 4 Dream Prairie Holsteins Complete Dispersal, Cary & Joy Moser family, Westby 12 Barron County Spring Sale, Barron Pavilion 12 RedFest with a Touch of Black, hosted by Crescentmead Holsteins, Ixonia 18 Midwest Spring Red & White Show, Jefferson 19 Midwest National Spring Show, Jefferson, 8:30 a.m. 24 Le-An Farm Dispersal, Dan Kelly, 1186 Liberty Rd., Deerfield, 11:00 a.m. 25 Outagamie County Holstein Sale, Seymour, 7:30 p.m. 30 late entries due for 2016 WHA Futurity May 2014 Classifying in Langlade, Marathon, Menominee, Oconto, Outagamie, Shawano, Waupaca, Waushara & Winnebago counties 3-4 Cow Camp, Sugar Creek Bible Camp, Ferryville 10 Vernon County Holstein Sale, Viroqua, 7:30 p.m. June 2014 Classifying in Adams, Crawford, Juneau, LaCrosse, Monroe, Portage, Richland, Sauk, Vernon & Wood counties 13 District 10 Holstein Show, Sheboygan County Fairgrounds, Plymouth 16 District 2 Holstein Show, Jackson County Fairgrounds, Black River Falls 17 District 6 Holstein Show, Rock County Fairgrounds, Janesville 18 District 4 Holstein Show, Taylor County Fairgrounds, Medford 18 District 5 Holstein Show, Sauk County Fairgrounds, Baraboo 19 District 8 Holstein Show, Dodge County Fairgrounds, Beaver Dam 20 District 3 Holstein Show, Grant County Fairgrounds, Lancaster 23 District 1 Holstein Show, Chippewa County Fairgrounds, Chippewa Falls 23 District 7 Holstein Show, Waupaca County Fairgrounds, Weyauwega 25 - 28 2014 National Holstein Convention, Dubuque, Iowa 29 Calumet County Sundae on the Farm, Grandview Dairy July 2014 Classifying in Barron, Buffalo, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, St. Croix & Trempealeau counties 10 Central Wisconsin Summer Event, hosted by Twin-B Dairy, managed by District 4 Holstein Breeders 14-15 Wisconsin Championship Show, Mineral Point, hosted by Iowa County 22-26 50th Anniversary National Red & White Convention, Elkhorn 25 50th Anniversary National Red & White Convention Sale, Elkhorn 26 2014 International Intrigue Sale, hosted by Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna; managed by Butler-Fellers Auctions 27 WHA Picnic, hosted by Budjon Farms with St. Jacobs ABC, Lomira August 2014 Classifying in Ashland, Bayfield, Burnett, Chippewa, Clark, Douglas, Florence, Forest, Iron, Lincoln, Marinette, Oneida, Price, Rusk, Sawyer, Taylor, Vilas & Washburn counties July 31-Aug. 10 Wisconsin State Fair, West Allis 9 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity, West Allis

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING • Embroidery • Awards • • Caps • Jackets • Shirts • Halter Bags/Saddle Bags • Director Chairs • Blankets/Hoods/Sheets Stock Designs Available “Personalizing One or More”

PETE’S AUCTION & PHOTO Normen Peterson Auctioneer & Photographer RR1 Box 129 Wykoff, MN 55990 Ph: (507) 352-4162 Fax: (507) 352-5981 Pam Zeigler

Pat Gauthier

Associate Photographer Prairie du Sac, WI Tel. (608) 643-4553

W4987 County Rd. B, Fond du Lac, WI 54937 Ph: (920) 477-5062 • Fax: (920) 477-5061 e-mail: •

Donna Swiecichowski Pulaski, WI (920) 822-8330

Office: 920.465.3880



E-mail: Associate Photographer: Lea McCullough Phone: 608.214.1845 E-mail:

Taurus Service Sales Representatives Serving Wisconsin Dairyman

Northwest & Southeast: Rinell Vincent, 570-954-1317 North Central: Jeremy Totzke, 715-571-0096 Eastern: Al White, 920-296-1482 Southwest & Western: Chris Richards, 608-341-7472 David Kendall, Director of Genetic Development, 608-346-1605 Contact Laura at 608-723-4933 or for rates on our classif ied and breeder business card ads! A Farm Bureau ® Service Rural Mutual Insurance Company Statewide Services, Inc. 343 N. Peters Ave., Fond du Lac, WI 54935 Office: 920-322-1194 Fax: 920-921-5834 Cell: 920-410-4533

Brian Greenman Agent Commercial, Farm & Personal Insurance

- Send Her to Sunshine -

Reproductive Ultrasound and Fetal Sexing Sandy Curran, DVM 608/469-6100

3 Enhance the value of your elite donor cows and heifers with ET & IVF. 3 Three veterinarians & a professional staff manage 200 embryo donors. 3 Donor cow comfort and individual attention are our specialty. 3 Donors are seen by many buyers of elite genetics. 3 A full service AETA Certified Embryo Technologies company

Give us a call to discuss your ET & IVF needs!

W7782 Hwy. 12, Whitewater, WI 53190 • Phone: 262-473-8905 • Fax: 262-473-3660 E-mail:


Mortality coverage for your livestock investments.

Steve Howard, Agent 257 Greenway Circle, Deerfield, WI 53531 Phone: 507-254-4794 Fax: 608-764-3087 e-mail: wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014-37

INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Accelerated Genetics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BC Agri-Graphics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Alpha Genetics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Badger Dairy Camp . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Bert-Mar Farms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Cybil Fisher Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Ever-Green-View . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IFC Great Northern . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38 Initial Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 International Protein Sires/Our Help . . . . IBC Kellercrest Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Koepke Farms, Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Kranzdale Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Maple Lawn Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Mayer Farms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Merle Howard Agency/Paula Bovre . . . . 38 Merle Howard Agency/Steve Howard . . . 37 NorthStar Cooperative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Opsal’s Ridge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Outagamie County Sale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Pete’s Auction & Photo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Rickert Bros. LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Rosedale Genetics Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Rural Mutual Ins./Brian Greenman . 22 & 37 Second-Look Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Sunshine Genetics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Taurus Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 & 37 The Practice Veterinary Services . . . . . . . 32 Ultrascan, Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 UW-Madison . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33

Holstein Association Representatives Sarah Trapp W16080 Merlin Road, Taylor, WI 54659 608-525-2901 cell: 608-628-1978 e-mail: Chris Lyons W 5979 Lee Dr., Fort Atkinson, WI 53538 920-563-1082 cell 920-723-2406 e-mail: Dennis Devore 1905 9th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 cell: 319-270-5038 e-mail: 38–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2014

Vernon County Sale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Wargo Acres . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

April 2014 WI Holstein News  

April 2014 issue of the Wisconsin Holstein News featuring adult convention results, Top Performers and Wisconsin's Production Top 10s.

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