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November 2011

Volume 83 No. 10

International Protein Sires issue World Dairy Expo Results Breeder Profile: AR-Line Holsteins District 2 Report

DE-SU 8375-ET

GP-83 VG-MS at 3-03

2-04 2X 358 36,814 4.2 1556 3.4 1235 inc. GTPI +1927 PTA +798M +66F +46P +462NM


• Sired by Boliver, maternal sister to Observer, #9 on the Top Genomic Sires list • 7 Lotta-Hill Shottle 41 heifers • 3 Destry daughters that are being flushed, their full sister sold for $37,000 in the National Convention Sale • Pregnancies coming by Shamrock, Bookem, Armitage & Hunter

Dam: De-Su Oman 6121-ET VG-86 VG-MS GMD DOM 2-01 3x 365 34,770 4.3 1505 3.2 1108 2nd Dam: De-Su BW Marshal Georgia-ET EX-90 GMD DOM 5-01 3x 365 42,490 3.5 1503 2.9 1253 3rd Dam: De-Su Patron Gold-ET EX-90 2E GMD DOM 5-00 3x 365 44,870 4.0 1802 3.2 1416 4th Dam: Kerndtway Lead Gretchen-ET VG-87 GMD DOM 5-00 2x 365 34,730 3.3 1139 3.1 1067 5th Dam: Kerndtway Goldust-ET VG-86 GMD DOM 6th Dam: Miss Milk-Key Gold Mine-ET EX-91 2E GMD DOM 7th Dam: Mil-Key Bootmaker Grace Ann EX-91 GMD DOM

District 2

Cary & Joy Moser Logan & Courtney Westby, WI • Phone 608-634-3803


2-01 2x 365 30,550 3.8 1170 3.0 924 3-09 2x 338 28,610 3.6 1026 3.1 897 4-10 2x 365 40,310 4.1 1637 3.1 1259 GTPI +1851 PTA +1272M +35F +35P +345NM +2.4PL • 6th generation Excellent - her dams all GMD DOM with over 130,000 lifetime • Due in March • Daughters by Shottle, Jordan, Iota & a fancy Alexander • Mac son at Select Sires with +2100 GTPI Dam: Rabur Outside Pandora EX-91 3E GMD DOM 2-11 2x 362 37,330 3.6 1344 3.1 1152 Lifetime: 2523 190,080 3.7 6988 3.2 6096


2-03 2x 365 33,460 3.8 1279 2.9 960 GTPI +1942 PTA +1152M +39F +28P +416NM +3.9PL • Just fresh & looks ready to score - will be flushed • 2 fresh Jeeves daughters that look good • Other daughters by Iota, Fever, Lauthority & Paddy Dam: Rabur Laudan Padarus-ET VG-88 VG-MS 3-04 2x 305 34,200 3.3 1123 2.8 964 2nd Dam: Rabur Outside Pandora EX-91 3D GMD DOM 2-11 2x 362 37,330 3.6 1344 3.1 1152 Lifetime: 2523 190,080 3.7 6988 3.2 6096


99HO6380 Rabur POPULIST-ET

54HO504 Rabur Socrates PLATO

aAa: 213645 DMS: 126, 246 Toystory x Pandora

aAa: 234165 DMS: 234, 345 Shottle x Pandora

aAa: 243651 DMS: 234 Socrates x Shottle Pilgrim VG-86 x Pandora

Pandora’s Dam: Rabur Rudolph Pair-TW EX-91 3E GMD DOM 6-05 2x 38,120 3.9 1484 2.9 1108 Lifetime: 2810 272,240 3.6 9691 3.0 8195 2nd Dam: Rabur Inspired Parallel-ET EX-92 2E GMD DOM Lifetime: 1743 130,130 3.8 4946 3.2 4209 3rd Dam: Rabur TT Pol EX-91 3E GMD DOM Lifetime: 2781 203,460 3.5 7173 3.1 5704 4th Dam: Rabur M Pollyann EX-90 GMD DOM Lifetime: 2495 187,680 3.6 6802 3.1 2984

District 2

Thank you to Ron at IPS for his confidence in Pandora’s sons & grandson. We’re happy to live in the close-knit District 2, great friendships with great cowmen!

R. Paul & Darlene Buhr S4166 Orchard Rd., Viroqua, WI 54665 Cell: 608-606-3480 E-mail: PBR Herd - 33 Years PGH Herd - 21 Years

Wisconsin Holstein Association 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 Phone (608) 356-2114 Fax (608) 356-6312

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VOLUME 83 No. 10

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Breeder Profile: AR-Line Holsteins Wisconsin’s World Dairy Expo Champions World Dairy Expo results International Protein Sires: 20 Years and Growing Koepke Farms Named Dairymen of the Year

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On The Cover

This month’s cover features the past and present at International Protein Sires. On the left is 6HO2002 Cook-Farm Starbuck FLIP, the bull that started everything back in 1991. On the right is 6HO1068 Dev-Lin Matt Dari DYNASTY, one of the Wisconsin-bred bulls that is part of IPS’s current line-up. For more on IPS, turn to page 22. FLIP photo © Maggie Murphy; DYNASTY photo © Beth Herges

4–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011

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wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-5

From your President Corey Geiger Dear Wisconsin Holstein Association members: The Wisconsin Holstein Association staff and board of directors are pleased to welcome Larry Nelson to our team as WHA Member Services Manager. After an extensive interview process, Larry sorted to the top of what was an extremely deep applicant pool. Larry’s first day on the job was October 31. As part of Larry’s new role, he will begin to spearhead a number of WHA activities and bolster member services areas. Some WHA members of my vintage may recall Larry was a Junior Activities Committee member about a decade ago. Since graduating the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Larry has developed an extensive business background both in dairy and outside our agriculture community. He started his career at Semex USA as the GM Marketing Program Coordinator where he helped contribute to a 20 percent customer base increase during a 12-month window. From there, Larry spread his wings at Kohl’s Department Stores where he gained valuable experience as the E-Commerce Content Coordinator. In that role, he helped develop and maintain the company’s sales website. As a member of the team, Larry helped spur double-digit sales growth which also happened to be a sales record that year for From there, Larry spent five years as Marketing Manager at Parts Now! where he eventually supervised up to 10 people. During his tenure, Larry bolstered the organization’s email database and saw “open rates” rise to 28 percent on email promotions. In addition, web sales grew 36 percent during 2010s down economy. Most recently, Larry was serving as a Marketing Supervisor with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Purchasing Services division. Simply said, Larry is a motivated person with a great business mind. He is very customer orientated, and he will certainly have a fresh approach when evaluating our organization. We are fortunate that Larry has a soft spot for the Holstein cow and that he was looking to get back into agriculture, more specifically the dairy industry. He is a thoughtful person with a creative mind, and I am excited about the value he can bring to our organization. With Larry on board, we will have an extremely strong team of employees led by our Director of Operations, Chris Williams, and Editor, Laura Wackershauser. Sharon Maffei, the WHA Administrative Assistant rounds out our talented team. Dairy Policy. A majority of our members have been very interested in supporting reforms in milk marketing and dairy policy. Initial discussions began a few years ago when WHA hosted a milk-marketing forum in the Wisconsin Dells. The super majority attending that event wanted some form of supply control which was originally addressed in Holstein USA’s milk marketing plan. Since then, those supply components were rolled into Foundation for the Future. They can now be found in the Dairy Security Act, HR Bill 3062 cosponsored by Colin Peterson D-Minn., and Mike Simpson R-Idaho. The Bill has seven additional co-sponsors from different states. Working full-time for an organization that covers dairy policy, I can tell you this is the closest thing we have had to consensus in dairy policy. A number of state, regional, and national organizations have endorsed this plan. In recent years, a number of you have asked, “What can we do to help on this issue?” If you agree with this Bill, now is the time to call your national representatives in the House and Senate. From a Holstein USA perspective, we believe the Dairy Market Stabilization Program is an essential component of the bill. Also, it is a good move that federal milk marketing order changes would be handled though the traditional hearing process. Space does not permit discussing all of the Dairy Security Act elements. There is plenty of press coverage so please read up on the issue and then call your elected officials. Future WHA hosts and elections. Our staff and board are pleased to have three hosts lined up for future Wisconsin Junior Holstein Conventions. The 2012 convention will be hosted by Clark 6–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

County; 2013 Rock County; and 2014 Fond du Lac. When it comes to State Shows, Wood County will host in Marshfield in 2012 while Grant County will hold the event in Lancaster in 2013. We have one host lined up for adult convention... Waupaca-Waushara in 2012. With that said, we are looking for Adult convention hosts in 2013 and 2014. Likewise, we would welcome a State Show host for 2014 and a 2015 Wisconsin Junior Convention sponsor. Please contact the office for more information at (800) 223-4269. Lastly, our informal nominating committee for the WHA Board of Directors will be hosting a conference call later this month. The committee consists of the three immediate past WHA presidents: Mark Gilbertson (608) 967-2351, Jim Rickert (920) 960-9640, and myself (920) 650-0294. We know of two openings on the board. I am no longer eligible to serve and Angela Davis-Brown has informed us she will not run for a second term due to commitments at her dairy farm. If you would like to run, give one of us a call. I can tell you firsthand that it is a very rewarding experience. And, with all directors except for yours truly eligible for re-election, this may be your last chance to join the leadership team for the next three years. In dairy we trust, Your President, Corey Geiger

FROM THE FIELD By Sarah Trapp, Holstein USA Regional Field Rep Feeling left out? Well get connected! Go to and you will find everything you need to know about Holstein Association, USA. Once the website is open you will see an animal search box, where you can enter a name or registration number and pull up an animal to get pedigree information. Below that is a blue row of tabs where you will find membership information, products and services, identification information, and even awards and show information. The website will allow you to download software, such as EASY ID and Red Book Plus/MultiMate, and even order your Official Holstein Ear Tags without having to pick up the phone.. On the right hand side there is a scrolling box that will show you recent happenings on the website. Towards the bottom is the Popular Lists section where you can find current classification scores and Genetic evaluations that will keep you up to date on sire information. The information on genetic evaluations is updated with each sire summary, three times per year in April, August and December. If the website is just not enough for the more technologicallyinclined, check us out on Facebook at HolsteinUSA or on Twitter at If you have questions on our website at or would like us to stop by your farm for a visit give Chris, Dennis or me a call.

Sarah Trapp Northern Wisconsin & UP Michigan

54HO510 Apples AVATAR-ET *RC *TV aAa: 324156 DMS: 234, 345 GTPI +1824 +385M +.18% +62F +.03% +19P +2.28 Type +2.04 UC +2.01 FLC 8/11

Apple’s only Shottle son in A.I. now has calves on the ground!! “There’s Only One Apple!” • 1st Aged Cow, Senior & Grand Champion, Grand International Red & White Show 2011 • Best Udder of Show, Grand International Red & White Show 2011 • Holstein International Champion Red & White Cow of the Year 2010 • All-American Junior 2 Year Old 2006 • All-American Red & White Junior 2 Year Old 2006 • HHM All-American Junior 3 Year Old 2007 • Nom. All-American 5 Year Old 2009 • Res. All-Canadian Red & White Cow 2009 Apple Completes 6 Generations of Excellents


EX-94 EEEEE GTPI +1938 +3.04 PTAT +2.73 UDC +3.30 FLC 4-01 2x 365 35,754 4.8 1682 3.5 1247 5-03 2x 365 30,800 5.0 1527 3.9 1213

Mike Deaver 608.207.0344 Sara Kruse & Jim Hill 563.920.6084 John Erbsen 815.275.4990 George Kasbergen 217.202.3595 Tom Schmitt 563.552.2172 Joe Hoffman 951.258.5118 Tim & Bill Rauen 563.590.7871 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-7

Wisconsin Holstein Briefs  Congratulations to Kristin (Natzke) and Trent Olson who were married on September 24 in Fond du Lac. The couple resides in Windsor.  Congratulations to Leah (Johnson) and Jason James who were married on September 30 in LaCrosse. The couple resides in Mineral Point.  Our condolences to the families of Michael Schauf, Harold Hodorff, Julia Pritzl, Doug Schmitt & Dr. Lee Allenstein who passed away recently. Full obituaries are printed below. The Wisconsin Holstein News encourages readers and members to submit information for the Wisconsin Holstein Briefs column. We are looking for news of a wedding, birth announcement, award winner or death that Wisconsin Holstein breeders should know about. High quality, submitted photos will be printed if space is available. Please submit your information to the Wisconsin Holstein News by mail at PO Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813; or email to

Obituaries Michael Schauf Michael J. Schauf, age 86, died peacefully at Schmitt Woodland Hills, Friday, Sept. 23, 2011. Mike was born to Hubert and Alvina Schauf on April 14, 1925. Mike was a graduate of Ithaca High School and attended a one year agricultural short course at the UWMadison. He was a lifelong farmer who loved his family and community. He was a dedicated steward of his registered Holstein herd and farm and was very active in his church and community. He is survived by his wife of 64 years, Maxcine and their seven children, Michaeleen Hill (Robert) of Salt Lake City, Utah, Robert (Karyn) of Barron, William of Richland Center, Jerome of Blue River, Kathi Klaas (Gregory) of Sun Prairie, Vince of Oak Forest, Ill. and Kelly (Karyn) of Janesville. They also have 20 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren. Michael was preceded in death by his brother, Vincent; and his sister, Anna Marie McGlynn. The family suggests memorials in Michael’s name be given to St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

Harold Hodorff Harold Henry Hodorff, age 86, of Eden, died Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at St. Agnes Hospital. He was born on February 19, 1925, the son of John and Esther (Dennert) Hodorff. He married Geraldine “Jo” Rozek on August 20, 1947 at Tabor United Methodist Church in Eden. They farmed together in the town of Osceola until retirement. Jo preceded him in death on October 16, 1995. Harold married Arlene Grahl Bengel on October 24, 1998. Arlene preceded him in death on May 14, 2011. He was a life-long member of Tabor United Methodist Church, a Sunday School Teacher, 4-H Woodworking Leader and Hospice Volunteer. Harold was recognized for numerous honors, including Fond du Lac County Outstanding Senior Citizen in 1994 and Lion’s Club honoree in 1996. In 1989 Harold made a commercial for Dekalb-Pfizer. In the summer of 2011, Harold and the Hodorff family were honored for their ownership of a Century Farm in the state of Wisconsin at the Wisconsin State Fair. Harold’s personal philosophy was to do everything for the glory of god. He was an outstanding Christian example in the community. Harold was known for being a helpful and caring neighbor in the farming community. He thoroughly enjoyed discussing farming with anyone he met. Harold believed his family was a gift from God and family was his priority throughout his life. He was “Grandpa Harold” to more than his own grandchildren. Harold and Jo became foster parents to Kim and Karen in 1972. Harold is survived by his six daughters: Linda (Mike) Schaalma of Oshkosh, Janet (William) Soyk of Eden, Joan Howard of Buford, GA, Phyllis (Les) Fryman of Rosendale, Karen Fryman of Fond du Lac, and Kim (Dan) Arthurs of Fond du Lac; his three sons: Douglas (Linda) of Eden, Dwight (Jeanne) of Glenbeulah and Jonathan (Wendy) of Taylorsville, GA; four step-children: Barb (Tim) Kottke of Lamartine, Jeff (Dawn) Bengel of Campbellsport, Melissa Bengel of 8–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

Kiel and Tess (Jesse) Birschbach of Eden; twenty-one grandchildren: Rebekah (Nathan) Miller, Aaron Schaalma, Zachary (Mandy) Schaalma, Erica Soyk, Matthew (April) Soyk, Corey (Tammy) Hodorff, Kristel (Tim) Guelig, Clint (Erin) Hodorff, Alyssa (Humberto) Silva, Jason Fryman (Bryanna Becker), Jodi Fryman (Chris Slager), Benjamin Fryman, Brooke (Quentin) Stenroos, Kyle Arthurs, Eron (Trent) Hulsey, Katie (Daniel) Weathers, Sydney Hodorff, Jason (Melissa) Landrath, Chad Burmeister, Greg (Mindy) Hodorff and Jacob Hodorff; thirteen step grandchildren,twenty-four great-grandchildren, and his surviving siblings: Mildred Guell, Bernice Miller, John Hodorff and Ruth Burmeister. Along with his wives, Harold was preceded in death by one grandson, Kirk Hodorff, one great-grandson, Alonso Silva, and his siblings, Lydia Germanotta, Merlin Hodorff, Earl Hodorff and Hubert Hodorff. In lieu of flowers, Harold’s family requests donations be made to the Gideon organization or the local Salvation Army.

Julia Pritzl Julia Marcella (Burich) Pritzl, age 92, of Reedsville, went home to Jesus after passing away on Wednesday, September 20, 2011, at Aurora Health Care in Two Rivers, Wis. She was born on October 30, 1918, in the Rockland Township of Manitowoc County at her family’s homestead farm, the youngest daughter of the late John and Anna (Satorie) Burich. Julia graduated from Reedsville High School in 1936. She married Elmer Pritzl on June 16, 1938, at St. Mary’s the Assumption Parish in Reedsville, and they spent the next 70 years together. Elmer preceded her in death on July 14, 2008. Julia proudly farmed side by side with her husband, Elmer, even carrying milk pails from their 40-cow Holstein herd until the very last day before their retirement in 1982. Julia was extremely proud to have been the fourth generation to farm the family’s 215-acre homestead which consists of land joined together when her parents were married in 1906. The entire family homestead is now operated by her daughter and son-in-law and dates back to 1867. At that farm, Elmer and Julia had a herd of Holsteins and also raised hogs, geese, and other livestock. During World War II, the Pritzls raised a great deal of clover seed for the Department of Defense. The clover oil was used to lubricate high-end military guns. Julia was an excellent cook and made outstanding pies and other Bohemian recipes. She enjoyed playing the piano and the concertina with her father, John. In addition, she never missed an opportunity to listen or dance to a good polka. She also enjoyed her cat, Harley. Most importantly, Julia enjoyed spending time with her family and enjoyed fishing with Elmer and all her relatives. Julia most certainly rejoiced in the fact she was able to live in her own home up until her second last day on earth. Julia’s immediate family was a founding member of St. Mary’s the Assumption Parish in Reedsville and contributed red oak logs from their woods and gravel from the family’s pit for the construction of the first consecrated Bohemian Catholic Church in North America. She was a member of the St. Anne’s Christian Mothers and a member of the Maple-Rock Homemakers Club. Elmer and Julia were also charter members of the Lake-to-Lake Cooperative. She also was a member of Holy Family Parish in Brillion. Survivors include a son Elmer John Pritzl of Two Rivers; two daughters: Rosalie (Randall) Geiger of Reedsville, and Annette (Robert) Krueger of New London; a son-in-law: Ken Konop of Brillion; 10 grandchildren: Julie Konop (Mark Frischman) of Philadelphia, Pa.; Chad (Melissa) Konop of Oshkosh; Lisa (Mark) PritzlMueller of Tomah; Jody Pritzl (Karl Schipper) of Denver, Colo.; Erik (Katie) Pritzl of Sun Prairie; Corey Geiger (Krista Knigge) of Mukwonago; Angela (Nate) Zwald of Beaver Dam; Samantha (Brad) Kable of New London; Stephanie (Jason) Meir of New Glarus; and Stacey (Nick) Zwirlein of Milwaukee; 10 great-grandchildren: Matt Mueller of Tomah; Dylan, Owen and Natasha Konop, all of Oshkosh; Madelyn and Claire Pritzl of Sun Prairie; Mary and Allison Zwald of Beaver Dam; and Steven and Alexa Kable of New London; two sister-in-laws: Veronica Voss of Manitowoc, and Dorothy (Lawrence) Kubale of Middleton. Julia was preceded in death by her husband, Elmer; and a daughter, Jacqueline Konop; along with three sisters and their

husbands: Mary (Herb) Kalies; Agnes (George) Kubsch; Beatrice (Quirren) Sleger. Also preceding her in death was a teenage sister Cecilia Burich and two infant brothers Wenceslaus and Adolphus Burich. She was also preceded in death by two brother-in-laws and their wives: Art (Bernice) Pritzl and Louis (Lucille) Pritzl; a sisterin-law and her husband, Mary (Walter) Lashua; and brother-in-law Earl Voss.

Carn-Quest Holsteins Complete Dispersal November 14 • 11:00 a.m. Shullsburg, WI Frill is a fifth generation EX Raven that does it all: type, test, milk and longevity! Frill has daughters selling by Shottle (2), Jasper (2), Sanchez (2), Braxton and Fever. Frill has exported embryos worldwide and is the barn sweetheart!

Doug Schmitt Douglas W. Schmitt, age 50 of Hilbert, died unexpectedly on Tuesday, October 18, 2011. He was born February 27, 1961 in Kaukauna, son of Roger and Ann (Brehmer) Schmitt. He married Brenda K. Rusch on April 29, 1988 in Forest Junction. Doug farmed in the town of Woodville and took great pride in his dairy operation. He raised Registered Holsteins and was proud of the many awards he recieved. He was an avid turkey hunter and deer hunter. Doug was also very proud of his family. Survivors include his wife Brenda, two sons; Justin of Milwaukee and Adam at home, his parents, Roger and Ann Schmitt of Hilbert, four sisters; Sandy (Romy) Giese of Brillion, Sharon Fredrick of Kaukauna, Laura (Randy) Purifoy of Milwaukee, Julie (Glen) Schaffer of Hilbert, his father-in-law Lewis Rusch and many other relatives and friends. He was preceded in death by a brother-in-law Bruce Fredrick and his mother-in-law Pat Rusch. Online condolences may be made at The family wishes to thank everyone who has offered love and support during this difficult time.

Leland C. Allenstein Lee “Doc” Allenstein died peacefully at the age of 86, surrounded by family on October 22 at Fairhaven, Whitewater, WI. He was loved and respected by his family, community, and the veterinary profession. A compassionate man, he will be remembered by all he touched as a warm, gracious, sincere, fun-loving person and the ultimate veterinary practitioner, scientist, and teacher. He was born on January 25, 1925 at Lamont, Iowa, and received a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Iowa State University in 1950. He then went into veterinary practice at Whitewater, WI. For more than 40 years, dairy clients and their families benefited from his expertise, wisdom, and thoughtful care. He was a natural instructor and enjoyed explaining his diagnoses and treatments. In 1987, he became a clinical professor and later a faculty associate at the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. For 30 years, he was a regular contributor to Hoard’s Dairyman magazine, authoring more than 350 columns. He served as chief veterinarian at World Dairy Expo for more 25 years. Veterinarians and dairy farmers around the world consulted with Doc Allenstein. He had been awarded the highest honors from each of the major veterinary associations, World Dairy Expo, and National Dairy Shrine. In addition to his extensive professional activities he was dedicated to his community. He was on the board of directors of First Citizens State Bank for more than 40 years, taking leadership roles at First English Lutheran Church, and serving as president of the UWWhitewater Quarterback Club. Fishing was his passion. Preceding him in death was his first wife, Betty Jo Dillman, his second wife, Marian Sauter, and his brother Dixon. He is survived by his sons Steve (Karen) and Scott (Donna) and daughter Carla (Dan), three grandsons, one granddaughter, two great-grandsons, and his brother Gary. Memorial donations in Lee’s name can be made to First English Lutheran Church or to the Dr. Leland Allenstein Dairy Teaching Herd, UW-School of Veterinary Medicine, 2015 Linden Dr., Madison, WI 53706.

Markwell Durham Frill-ET EX-93 2E 7-02 2x 365 40,513 3.6 1463 3.5 1423 Marla’s Advent SELLS! She is due in April to Demello and has an October 2011 Contender heifer selling as well! Where else can you get a red heifer with the closest dams scored 94, 93, 94, 92, 91 and two more VGs. She flushes, with three flushes giving 40 good embryos as a virgin heifer and exported KY-Blue Ruben Marla-Red-ET EX-94 worldwide!! 3-11 2x 365 32,172 4.0 1276 3.2 1038 Grand Champion, Grand Intl. R&W Show 2009 TRIPOLY SELLS along with her daughters by Damion & an *RC Advent. She has exported embryos worldwide and sells open and ready to flush. Next 3 dams also EX: Trilogy, EX-94 HM All-Amer. 4 Year Old, then EX-92 3E, then Tina EX-95 2E, 2x Res. All-Amer. Aged Cow.

Indianhead Tripoly-ET EX-91 EEEEE at 4-04 3-00 3x 365 36,900 4.0 1468 3.1 1134 (1 test on 3x) Reyfia is a seventh gen. EX ROXY pictured at 10 years of age and almost 700 days in milk. Reyfia has 7 daughters selling by Durham (4), Advent (2) and a Pronto. She also has 6 granddaughters selling including a Million, Sanchez, and a RED Arudolph.

Mil-R-Mor Storm Reyfia-ET EX-92 3E 7-09 365 40,490 4.2 1691 3.4 1386  Over 100 lots selling  40 lots with EX dams and 22 are 92-94 points  Fancy udders with very low SCC  Descendants of Elegance, Fargo, Scarlet-Red & More

Built To Last

Randy, Elaine, Ashley & Justin Carns 4461 Hwy. P, Shullsburg, WI 53586 (608) 965-3788 For catalogs, email

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AR-Line Holsteins Randy Holthaus Family, Bangor By Ashley Yager


ome of the most passionate people in the dairy industry today are those who have spent their entire life involved in the farm. Through the highs and lows, they have dedicated their life to caring for their livelihood, and their hard work is apparent in the children that follow and have the desire to continue a tradition started by their parents. AR-Line Holsteins and the Randy Holthaus family represent a traditional family dairy with multiple generations involved in the farm. Randy grew up on his parent’s farm and spent one year at the Western Wisconsin Technical College in Lacrosse before purchasing his own operation in 1979. Just two and a half miles from his roots, Randy started with 70 cows and milked with a step saver and four buckets. His family members were instrumental in getting started, helping with the fieldwork and calves. Randy’s herd at that time consisted of cows purchased from an area farmer and several bred heifers purchased from his grandfather Richard. The cows were a mixture of grade Holsteins. A year or so after the farm was purchased, a pipeline was installed. Randy married in 1985 to fellow Holstein enthusiast Becky Hovre of Ettrick, Wis. In May of 1989, Randy purchased five head of Registered Holsteins from Sky-Hi Holsteins. Many of the animals in the Holthaus herd trace back to this purchase. When Randy started on his own, he left some of his cattle behind at his father’s farm. However, on January 1, 1998, Randy purchased all of his father’s cattle when he retired. Knowing the importance of registering cattle, he took the time to update all of the papers that his father had let go. Randy believed in the marketability of Registered Holsteins, and continued to invest in select cattle at area sales to upgrade his herd.

The farm that AR-Line Holsteins still calls home has seen numerous improvements in facilities and growth in numbers over the years. In 1997, the original tie stall barn was converted to a parallel parlor, holding area and free stalls. Last summer, the pole shed was transformed into a free stall area and existing facilities were modified to improve cow comfort. Randy took a grade herd and through sound management decisions, transformed it into a 350-cow Registered herd with an RHA of nearly 30,000 pounds of milk. His first experience with Registered Holsteins actually came at an early LaCrosse County twilight meeting, when he was just three months old. He was just a baby when his parents and grandparents took him to the farm, which conveniently enough, was actually located where he farms to this day. In 2000, Randy purchased his first Brown Swiss heifers for replacements from a local dairyman. The herd is now home to 25 Brown Swiss cows and 20 heifers, and the remainder are Registered Holsteins. There are 326 Holsteins on test with a rolling herd average on three times a day milking of 29,960M with 3.76 1127F and 3.03 909P. The Holthaus’ have been on three times a day milking for just over a year now, and are pleased with the improved production that has resulted. The Holsteins also maintain a 3040 cheese yield. The herd’s BAA is 104.9% on 255 head, including 8 EX, 76 VG, and 144 GP cows. The farm currently resides on 328 acres, with an additional 250 rented as cropland. Almost all cattle are housed on site, with the exception of young stock that are raised at Randy’s childhood farm. A heifer grower also houses an additional 100 head. AR-Line Holsteins is a primarily family run operation, with three full-time employees and additional part-time help. Randy was dealt a devastating hand in 1997, when wife Becky was lost to cancer. He remarried to Linda in March of 1999. All four of the Holthaus children are heavily involved in the farm. Oldest son Ross works on the farm to help with milking and herd care. Daughter Rachel currently lives in Oklahoma but visits home frequently. The Holthaus’ son Reed has been involved in the farm since graduating high school two years ago, and has taken on milking and breeding for the herd, as well as mixing feed and helping with crops. Ranae is the youngest of the clan, and is a senior at Bangor High School. She hopes to stay in agriculture, and helps to feed calves on the farm. Randy’s first Registered Holstein purchase was the product of the LaCrosse County Holstein Breeder’s calf loan project. Kids

Left to right: Randy, Rachel with AR-Line Astronomical Mercadies EX-91, Reed with AR-Line Goldwyn Deborah VG-86, Ross with AR-Line Shottle Dachia-ET EX-90, Ranae with AR-Line Inferno Remington-Red GP-81, and Linda. 10–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

were given a loan to purchase a heifer, and allowed two years to pay heifers in the pipeline. Randy hopes to flush more animals to back the loan. With the money, Randy purchased Twilling-Beck Shottle, as he admires their strength, udders, and feet and legs. Happy Hilma in 1971 from Twilling Beck Farms. He did not have Outside has also worked well in the herd, and Blitz has provided any daughters from Hilma, but was able to show her as a calf and improved production. The heifer pens now include calves from yearling at the fair. In 1973, Randy won the Twilight calf, which Goldwyn sons Jordan and Jerrick, Million and other Outside sons, came from the farm he purchased (then known as Mein-Acres). A and Klassic Big Time. Randy has bred a lot of strength and bone few years ago when Randy’s son won the county’s twilight calf, quality into the herd through the years, and feels confident in using Holthaus’ discovered that she traced back to the twin sister of Goldwyn sons to capitalize on style. He is also using Sid and Hilma. Lanecreeks Spcemster Hooper has one daughter in the herd Atwood. The Holthaus family is no stranger to the show ring, and tries and is a perfect example of how small the world of Holstein cow their best to breed for show-age heifers. They have shown on every families can be. One of the most influential cows in the AR-Line herd has been level with success, in both Brown Swiss and Holstein breeds. The AR-Line Bell Elton Dolly, VG-85. Dolly had over 200,000 pounds past three years in a row, the Holthaus family has claimed Junior of lifetime milk, and was a Gold Medal Dam and Dam of Merit. Champion honors in the Brown Swiss show at the WI Junior State Her daughters have also done well for Randy as high production Fair. This year, they had a third place winter calf at World Dairy cows. AR-Line Morty Darling-ET was VG-85. AR-Line Manat Expo in the Swiss show. They have also won heifer classes in the Dawn-ET, VG-87, is still in the herd and has over 240,000 pounds Holstein show at the WI Junior State Fair, as Rachel was first Fall of lifetime milk. She is due with her sixth calf and second heifer Yearling in West Allis with Astronomical Mercadies. Mercadies has sired by Sid in 2012, and her last 305d record yielded 38,895M with a daughter in the AR-Line herd. Mercadies herself was named Champion and Supreme Champion at the LaCrosse County Fair 1536F and 1149P. AR-Line Marty Dollie was another daughter of Dolly, and on several occasions. Additional success in the scored VG-87. AR-Line show ring has come from KerryHerschel Dellia, GP-83, is the K Goldwyn Precious-ET, fourth daughter of Dolly and VG-86. Reed purchased Precious also developed into a Gold from Kerry Knutson, and has Medal Dam. She has three had tremendous success showing Shottle daughters in the herd – and flushing. Precious was first Dachia is EX-90 in her third and HM Grand Champion as a lactation, another daughter is senior two-year-old in West Allis VG-85, and the third is GP-81 last year, 5th at the International first score. Junior Holstein Show at World AR-Line Shottle DachiaDairy Expo, and in 305 days she ET, EX-90, has a VG-86 produced 29,356 pounds of Goldwyn daughter that has milk. Reed has a Million daughexcelled in the show ring for ter on the ground from Precious, AR-Line this summer. AR-Line and she has also been flushed to Goldwyn Deborah was second Sid, Damion, Hero and Shottle. at the WI Junior State Fair this Supreme Champion is an year, and has been flushed to honor at the County Fair, and several different bulls. Holthaus’ Kerry-K Goldwyn Precious-ET VG-86 each year, a plaque is given in have heifers by Observer, Durham and Atlas, and pregnancies by Sid and Durham from memory of Becky. The Holthaus family has shown incredible support to other youth with a passion for showing, as 25 to 30 head Deborah. Another powerful cow family at AR-Line stems from AR-Line are shown from the farm by three to four additional youth at the Luke Molly, VG-87. Molly is a descendant of the original five county fair each year. Randy believes in the opportunity to give kids cattle purchased from Sky-Hi Holsteins, and was a Gold Medal Dam a chance to show and learn about agriculture, while giving them in her own right. She has several daughters and grand-daughters in the chance to experience the farm. He is passionate about the herd, and the family continues to grow. Her daughter by Outside promoting a great county show to the general public and increasis VG-87 and has two Shottle heifers. Holthaus’ are excited to ing awareness of the dairy industry in the area. Randy and Linda have been outstanding leaders for the continue developing this foundation family. Yet another family making waves in the Holthaus herd stems LaCrosse County Holstein breeders. Not only have they hosted the from AR-Line Linjet Sweetie, EX-90. Sweetie’s dam was a GP-83 twilight meeting in 2004 and 2010 – they have served as Junior Durham x Emerson x Winchester. With three daughters in the herd, Holstein advisors and Randy has been President of the county she has made quite an impact. Her Roy is GP-83 as a two year old, association for several years. All of the Holthaus children have grown up in 4-H, FFA and the and stood second in the spring yearling class at the WI Junior State Fair last year. Sweetie also has a Sanchez daughter due to Reginald Junior Holstein Association, following in Randy’s deep, agriculture and a Dundee daughter. She is bred back to Resolute for 2012. rooted footsteps. Randy is a past FFA American Farmer degree Sweetie’s Roy daughter has a Damion heifer, and is bred back to winner, and stood atop the district 4-H dairy judging contests in his Fever. Sweetie’s half sister AR-Line Bess Sangria is also Excellent at youth. He was also a past Distinguished Junior Member winner and Junior Trip attendee. Randy credits his FFA Advisor Steven Tucker, 91 points. The Holthaus family has also dipped their toes into the Red and as well as fellow breeders Marlowe Nelson, Bert Brown, Dennis White Holstein world, and an embryo purchased out of City-View Rand, Fred Hoth, Bernard Pralle, and Gus Wendorf for inspiring Ruby Wine-Red, VG-88, has been a founding mother. The embryo him to breed Registered Holsteins and serving as the cornerstone, resulted in April-Day Avnt Winni-Red-ET, VG-85 – an Elm-Park ‘cow sense,’ leaders that paved the way for his generation. When the Holthaus family is not busy on the farm, they enjoy Avanti-Red daughter and sister to Wisconsin-Red at ABS Global. Winni has three Advent daughters that are VG-86 and GP-84 as watching the Packers and Brewers. Their family vacation, though, two year olds, and a bred heifer. She also has three calves by Ardross comes with shows. From chaperoning at Junior State Fair to walking the colored shavings, the Holthaus family enjoys fulfilling Sterling-ET. Bulls that have most heavily influenced the AR-Line herd their show bug. include Shottle, with close to ten milking daughters and additional wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-11

Wisconsin’s World Dairy Expo Champions Apple Partners - KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET Apple does it again! A crowd favorite, KHW Regiment AppleRed-ET EX-94, was named Grand Champion and Best Udder at the 2011 Grand International Red & White Show. Apple is owned by the Apple Partners and is housed by one of the partners, Mike & Sheryl Deaver, Edgerton. Apple has a best record of 35,754 4.8 1682 3.5 1247 at 4-01. No stranger to the show ring, Apple was the All-American Junior 2 year old in 2006 and Nominated All-American Junior 3 year old in 2007. She had a great year as a 5 year old when she was the first 5 year old and Reserve Grand Champion Red & White at the Royal Winter Fair and was later Nominated All-American 5 year old 2009 and Reserve All-Canadian Red & White Cow. Apple was also named the World Red & White Champion by Holstein International for 2010. Apple, also known as the million dollar cow, was purchased by the Apple Partners in the Global Glamour Sale in 2008. Apple is a maternal sister to KHW Kite Advent-Red and completes seven generations of Excellent. Apple’s dam, Kamps-Hollow Altitude-ET, EX-95 2E DOM with 39,690 4.7 1849 3.3 1310 was the #2 Red/RC CTPI Cow in the Breed in August. The next dams back are CloverMist Alisha, EX-95 3E GMD DOM, Augy Star, EX-94, and D-R-A August, EX-96 4E DOM. This year’s show was quite the Apple family affair. A clone of Apple, KHW Regiment Apple 3-Red-ETN-CL, owned by Westcoast Holsteins, Chilliwack, British Columbia, won the Junior 2 Year Old class and was also the Intermediate Champion of the Show. Three other clones showed as well, with one placing 5th in the Futurity, a fall calf that placed ninth and the second place winter calf, KHW Regiment Apple A2-Red-ETN, also owned by the Apple Partners.

Milksource Genetics - Wilstar-RS Tlt Limited-Red Since its start in 2007, Milksource Genetics has put together a strong group of show cows and elite genetics to build a herd from. With a decided focus on their red show string, the Milksource crew has earned Premier Exhibitor banners at the Grand International Red and White Show at World Dairy Expo for the past three years as well as Premier Exhibitor honors at the Midwest Spring Red & White Show in 2011. One of the anchors and perennial favorites of the Milksource string is Wilstar-RS Tlt LimitedRed, EX-94 2E. Limited 12–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

was purchased at the Wilstar Dispersal in May 2009 and comes from a deep red family. A Talent from an EX-91 2E Kite, her next dams are an EX-91 2E Rubens, EX-91 2E Mason, VG-85 Charles, EX-91 2E Jubilant, EX-94 3E Sheik and the EX-96 GMD DOM Tora Triple Threat Lulu. After being added to the Milksource string, she was the All-Wisconsin 4-year-old and Reserve Senior Champion at the Wisconsin Championship show that summer, fourth at Madison, and earned an All-American nomination. After taking a year off, Limited calved in April 2011 with a Contender heifer and made a strong return to the show ring. This past July she was the Reserve All-Wisconsin Aged Cow at the Wisconsin Championship Show. Limited hit her stride at this year’s World Dairy Expo and was the second place Aged Cow and Reserve Grand Champion of the International Red & White Show. Milksource plans to flush Limited over the next few months and breed her back for the spring of 2013. Along with the Contender heifer, Limited has daughters by Advent, Hvezda and Destry on the farm. Milksource Genetics is selling a June 2011 red Destry calf in the Sale of Stars on November 10 at the Royal Winter Fair.

Brodie Bunkelman Tom-Kins MrBrn Hony Sizzle-Red Brodie Bunkelman has had quite a year with his red and white fall calf, TomKins MrBrn Hony SizzleRed. Following a third place finish at the Midwest Spring Red & White Show, Sizzle was first open and junior at the District 4 Show as well as Junior Champion of the Junior Show and Junior Champion Bred and Owned. At the Wisconsin Championship Show, Brodie and Sizzle took home All-Wisconsin and Junior All-Wisconsin Fall Calf honors. They also have class winnings from the Northern Wisconsin State Fair, Wisconsin Valley Fair, Minnesota State Fair Red & White Show, Midwest Fall National Show and Central Wisconsin State Fair. The highlight of the year, however, came at World Dairy Expo when Brodie and Sizzle placed third at the Grand International Red & White Show, along with first junior and Junior Champion of the Junior Show. The Bunkelmans plan to show Sizzle at the Royal Winter Fair in November and have high hopes for this special heifer. Sizzle-Red is a Dudoc Mr Burns from a GP-83 Idee Wire-Red. The next dam, Stangies S S Holly-Red VG-85, was purchased by Brodie’s brother Brent from Stan Szymanski as a calf and both the dam and granddam are still in the herd. Tomkins Farm, LLC, is owned by Tom and Florine Bunkelman and their children Brooke, Brent, and Brodie. The Tom-Kins herd has a rolling herd average of 21,810 4.0 880 3.3 721 and consists of 9 EX, 40 VG and 25 GP cows.

Jordan Siemers - Siemers Dundee Hilda 8669-ET Siemers Holsteins has bred many show winners over the years, but for one member of “Team Siemers,” this year’s World Dairy Expo will be one to remember. Jordan Siemers, son of Dan and Janina, received Grand Champion honors with Siemers Dundee Hilda 8669-ET in the International Junior Holstein Show, after winning the 125,000 pound class. Hilda, EX-94 EEEEE, has come a long way since being a VG two year old. According to Jordan, one of Hilda’s best attributes is

production. Her best record at 4-10 in 365 days is 56,784 3.1 1746 3.1 1749. Hilda has always milked well, and her 169,180 pounds of lifetime milk at five years of age earned her the right to show in the 125,000 pound class this year. There are currently seven daughters by Aftershock, Spearmint, Braxton, Atwood and Sanchez from in-vitro procedures done at the farm and a Guthrie pregnancy due soon. Hilda is bred back and due in late February with twins. Siemers Holsteins purchased Hilda’s dam, Mayerlane-DK Hiawatha-ET EX-90, a number of years ago in the Branson Limited Edition sale. What drew them to Hiawatha was her outstanding pedigree and flush history. Hiawatha, a Rudolph daughter, is from Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95, a past national production record holder. Hiawatha was flushed to a variety of bulls and produced eight generation Excellent daughters by Durham, Hi Metro and Dundee. Hilda was Jordan’s first project calf when he entered 4-H. He says, “I really liked her pedigree and conformation. Although she won her class at the county fair as a calf, she was hardly what we would call a big time heifer.” After the fair, Jordan had saved his money from selling his market lamb at the fair to purchase Hilda from the farm. Hilda proved to be a sound investment for Jordan and developed into a good solid show cow. She won her class at the District 10 show as a two year old and was Grand Champion at the Manitowoc County Fair as a three year old, but is definitely getting better with age. At the 2011 Midwest National Spring Show, Hilda was third and first junior 125,000 pound cow and was fifth in the open show and Junior AllWisconsin at the Wisconsin Championship Show this past summer. Jordan commented, “For my age, I have had great opportunities to show nice calves, heifers and cows, that I am very grateful for. I enjoy showing with my brother, cousins, Aunt Sherry, Uncle Paul, Aunt Jenny and my parents, as well as everyone that makes ‘Team Siemers’ happen.” Siemers Holsteins is a large family operation that consists of 2,800 cows with a rolling herd average of 33,131 3.72 1234 3.03 1004. All animals are registered and their breeding philosophy focuses on both genomics and show type. Siemers Holsteins will be hosting their second Spring Showcase sale on March 30, 2012 at the Great Northern and invite everyone to join them!

Jordan & Whitney Ebert Budjon-JK Edge of Reason Jordan and Whitney Ebert, Algoma, have had the opportunity to show several winning Holsteins and Jerseys and their success continued at this year’s International Junior Holstein Show. Their 125,000 lb. cow, Budjon-JK Edge of Reason, was named Reserve Senior and Grand Champion.

Edge of Reason, bred by Budjon Farms and Joe Kietzman, Lomira, is EX-94 with a 4-08 record at 365 days of 42,280 3.4 1420 3.0 1252. Sired by Dundee and from Krull Broker Elegance 3-ETN EX-91, Edge of Reason was a perennial showring contender for Budjon-JK before being purchased by Eberts last winter. She was the Reserve All-Wisconsin 4 Year Old and HM Senior Champion at the Wisconsin Championship Show in 2009, winner of the 2008 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity and 2nd in the Kingsmill Futurity at World Dairy Expo in 2008, Reserve All-Wisconsin Junior 3 Year Old 2008, and the All-Wisconsin Spring Yearling in 2006. For the Eberts, Edge of Reason was the first Aged Cow and Senior and Grand Champion of the Open and Junior shows at the District 7 Show this summer. At the Wisconsin Championship Show she was the fifth Aged Cow and Junior All-Wisconsin. Gen-Com Ltd., Notre Dam-du, Quebec, Canada, purchased Edge of Reason prior to Saturday’s International Holstein Show where she placed fourth in the 125,000 lb. class. Jordan and Whitney Ebert are part of Ebert Enterprises, a 1900 commercial dairy consisting of mostly Holsteins with about 100 Jersey cows. There is a select group of animals that they focus on for showing, with show calves housed in a separate area of the maternity area of the dairy for focused care. The top end cows are housed elsewhere to take advantage of the great care available by those that specialize in show cattle care.

Elizabeth Sarbacker - Fischerdale Damion Reality Fischerdale Holsteins is a well-known and respected herd in Wisconsin, and they’ve certainly had a special cow make a name for herself this summer. Fischerdale Damion Reality, owned by Elizabeth Sarbacker, won the Junior 2 year old class at the International Junior Holstein Show and was named Reserve Intermediate Champion. Reality, a June 2009 heifer, calved in June with a Duckett-SA Federal bull. In the middle of her first lactation, she’s averaging 85 pounds per day and will be classified at the end of November. Reality, an eighth generation Fischerdale-bred animal, is an Erbacres Damion from Fischerdale Blitz Ritz VG-88 (2nd lactation). Ritz is fresh again and looking to go EX in November. Reality’s granddam is Fischerdale Champion Rookie VG-86 (3rd lacation), who calved with a Fever heifer in October and also has a September 2010 Windy-Knoll-View Promote heifer. Ritz and Rookie will be flushed this winter. The next dam is also VG. A Summer Yearling in 2010, Reality was third at the International Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo. She was also nominated All-American Summer Yearling and anchored Fischerdale’s Nominated All-American Junior Best Three Females, which placed fourth at World Dairy Expo. Reality was also the first Summer Yearling at the District 6 Show in 2010. After calving this summer, Reality got off to a fast start winning the District 6 Junior 2 Year Old class and was Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion just 13 days fresh. She went on to be All-Wisconsin Junior 2 Year Old and again Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion at the Wisconsin Championship Show. In August, Elizabeth showed Reality at the Wisconsin Junior State Fair where she won her class, was Grand Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion. Reality is bred back and due April 28 to Regancrest S Braxton. After getting her pregnant, the Sarbackers used IVF to get three Goldwyn eggs that have all been implanted. They also plan to flush Reality after she freshens in the spring. Fischerdale Holsteins is located between Verona and Belleville, Wis., on 400 acres and run by the Bob, Tom, and John Sarbacker families. The herd consists of 140 Registered Holsteins that are milked in two tie-stall barns. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-13

2011 World Dairy Expo Results Following are the Wisconsin animals/breeders that placed in the top 10 at World Dairy Expo. For complete results, visit the World Dairy Expo website at

International Junior Holstein Show Spring Calf 2nd (B&O) Crestbrooke Gap Thumper-ET, Kyle Natzke, Fond du Lac 6th Dreamfix Atwood Carlie, Kylie Nickels, Watertown

Winter Calf 2nd Siemers Dundee Golden-One-ET, C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, Newton 7th BHHD Goldwyn Echo-ET, Nicole Ballweg, Dane 8th Krull Mr Burns Dream Big-ET, Cassy, Bryce & Carley Krull, Lake Mills 9th Berryridge G W Atwd Spice, Cassandra & Elizabeth Endres, Waunakee

Fall Calf 4th 5th

Berryridge Sanchez Whisper, Sarah Endres, Waunakee Ms L-Maples-BO Sg Durham 46, Jenna & Justin Langer, DeForest 8th Ms Jasper Sarah-ET, Brynn Kasten & Larissa & Olivia Pfaff, Alma Center 10th Siemers Lthority Ash-Dee-ET, Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Newton

Summer Yearling 3rd 4th 5th 10th

Oceanview-SM Sanchez Zee-ET, Brodie Bunkelman, Edgar Meyervilla Goldwyn Clina-ET, Tyler Meyer, Darien Smith-Crest-Tw J Vidalia, Joshua Butler, Watertown Unique Carisma Devine, Jordan & Jenna Olson, Edgerton

Spring Yearling 1st 3rd 4th 5th 7th 8th

Brookhill Attic Devestation, Kyle Natzke, Fond du Lac Ms Kalinas Jasper Karlina, C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, Newton BVK Atwood Abilene-ET, Mike & Megan Moede, Algoma Siemers Laurin Alle-AnnET, C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, Newton Ms Reyncrest Shaquille Cady, Kelly Lee & Cooper Galton, Johnson Creek Cavanaleck Lana-Rae-ET, C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, Newton

Winter Yearling 1st 4th 5th 7th

Mill-Wheel Jasper Petri, Laura Finley, Lake Mills Dithmarsia Dundee Cinderella, Jordan & Jenna Olson, Edgerton Ms Nabholtz Legndhlm Aqua-ET, Paige & Hannah Nelson, Ellsworth Hoff-Hill 4 Aces Debbie, Dustin Kirkpatrick & Suton Paulson, Juneau

2nd Arethusa Talent Vanya-ET, Kyle Natzke, Fond du Lac 3rd (B&O) Paradise-D Shotl Powder, Andrea Pagenkopf, Lancaster 5th Siemers Affirmed Astounding, Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Newton 7th Siemers Goldwyn Glams-ET, C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, Newton 8th Krull Gold Excuses-ET, Cassy Krull, Lake Mills 9th BKB Shottle Ashlynn-ET, Lucas Hetts, Fort Atkinson

Senior 2 Year Old 2nd Siemers Goldwyn Galaxy-ET, C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, Newton 3rd Siemers Goldwyn Goldie-ET, Jordan & Whitney Ebert, Algoma 6th Siemers Goldwyn Happy-ET, C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, Newton 10th Ali-Star Dundee Noelle, Alison Grulke, Mayville

Junior 3 Year Old 1st

2nd-Look Redliner 6445, Kayli & Kalista Hodorff & Kyle Natzke, Eden 2nd Mar-Linda-K Affirm Raelynn, Jordan & Whitney Ebert, Algoma 5th Siemers Damion Andrea-ET, Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Cleveland 6th Willows-Edge Jasper Dancer, Jordan Van Dyk, New Richmond 7th Blondin Jasper Billabing, Kyle Natzke & Nicholas Schuster, Fond du Lac 8th Opsal Allen Sandal-ET, Joshua, Joseph & Felicia Opsal, Blue Mounds 10th Welsh-Edge Adam Rain, Heidi Petersheim, Viroqua

Senior 3 Year Old 1st 5th 7th

Laumax Final Cut Tamia-ET, Jordan Siemers, Newton Courla Advent Pansy, Alex Court, Seymour Jeffrey-Way Taleea-ET, Brooks & Breinne Hendrickson, Belleville

Reserve Intermediate Champion Fischerdale Damion Reality, Elizabethe Sarbacker, Verona

Fall Yearling 2nd Ms Duckett Durham Beauty-ET, Cal Dewitt, Clinton 3rd Ryan-Crest Sanz Extacy-ET, Kyle Natzke & Dylan Ryan, Fond du Lac 4th Pfaffsway Aspen Titanium, Larissa & Olivia Pfaff, Alma Center 9th Lonely-Mile Duke Cheyanne, Jade Pinter, Curtiss

Fall Yearling in Milk 5th

Tomkins Shottle CavanyaET, Brodie Bunkelman, Edgar

Junior 2 Year Old 1st

Fischerdale Damion Reality, Elizabethe Sarbacker, Verona

14–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

4 Year Old 2nd Raggi Durham Tobi-ET, Kyle Natzke, Fond du Lac 3rd Rokeyroad Strmatic Kitty-ET, Jordan Siemers & Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Cleveland 4th Diamond-Vu Durham Bev, Joshua Butler, Watertown

5 Year Old 1st 3rd

Krull Dundee ElloryET, Cassy Krull, Lake Mills (B&O) Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS, Crystal

7th 9th

Siemers-Peterman, Cleveland Opsal Stiles Myron Coral, Felicia Opsal, Blue Mounds Paradise-D Shotl Glystal-ET, Andrea Pagenkopf, Lancaster

Winter Yearling 3rd 5th

6 Year Old & Older 2nd (B&O) Willows-Edge Dur Michele-ET, Jordan Van Dyk, New Richmond 3rd Too-Keen Merchant Abigail, Danielle Brown, Dodgeville 5th Wyss Homestead Sweety, Stephanie Wyss, Monroe

125,000 lb. Cow 1st Siemers Dundee Hilda 8669-ET, Jordan Siemers, Cleveland 2nd Budjon-JK Edge of Reason, Jordan & Whitney Ebert, Algoma 5th B-Long Brown Sugar-ET, Bret Long, New London

Senior & Grand Champion Siemers Dundee Hilda 8669-ET, Jordan Siemers, Cleveland

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion Budjon-JK Edge of Reason, Jordan & Whitney Ebert, Algoma


Gloryland-JG Julia-Red-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna (B&O) Scenic-Edge Nativity-Red-ET, David Preder & Rodney Bohnhoff, Plymouth Algene-Egs Marchino-Red, Allan & Mary White & Steven & Linda Zastrow, Fox Lake

Fall Yearling 1st

Jerian Siemer SunrayRed-ET, Siemers Holsteins, Newton 2nd (B&O) Vande Debonair Yahtzee-Red, Shawon Vande Zande, Waupun 6th Sunny-Valley A FavorRed-ET, Wayne DeBuhr, Cottage Grove

Junior Champion of the Junior Show Tom-Kins Mrbrn Hony Sizzle-Red, Brodie Bunkelman, Edgar

Champion Bred & Owned Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS, Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Cleveland

Junior Best 3 Females 1st 3rd

Duckett Holsteins, Mike & Julie Duckett, Rudolph Scenic-Edge Holsteins, David & Yvonne Preder & Rodney Bohnhoff, Plymouth

Dry Cow Spring Calf

1st Treestone Kite Maxi-Red-ET, Clara Eickhoff, Malone 2nd (B&O) Ourway Kite Nevada-Red, Ourway Holsteins, Brooklyn


Fall Yearling in Milk

Winter Calf

3rd 6th 7th

Grand International Red & White Show Sunnylodge Reality Megan-Red-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna 10th Duckett D Legend-Red-ET, Mike & Julie Duckett, Rudolph 1st

Duckett P Lucky-Red-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna 2nd KHW Regiment Apple A2-Red-ETN, Apple Partners II, Edgerton 3rd (B&O) Westphalia Rr Astonish-Red, Charles Westphal, Brownsville 5th Frozenes-LP Apples Lass-Red, Laura & Michael Rammer, Sheboygan 6th (1st Jr) Duckett P Lydia-Red-ET, Cal Dewitt, Clinton 7th Scenic-Edge Dtr Janessa-Red, David Preder & Rodney Bohnhoff, Plymouth

Fall Calf 3rd 5th

(1st Jr, B&O) Tom-Kins Mrbrn Hony Sizzle-Red, Brodie Bunkelman, Edgar (2nd Jr) Milksource Cndr Lynn-Red-ET, Cole, Ava & Campbell Booth, Plymouth

Summer Yearling 7th

Lyn-Vale B M Renata-ET, William Schultz III, Waldo

Spring Yearling 8th

Critter-Ridge Reba-Red-ET, Crystal Siemers-Peterman & Jordan Siemers, Newton (2nd Jr) Wilstar Lion K 7409-Red-ET, Kayli & Kalista Hodorff, Eden

V-View Amery Rae-Red, Jamie Endvick, Kaukauna Mcwilliams Sandra-Red, Majestic View Genetics, Sun Prairie Scenic-Edge Dtr Jenaya-Red, David & Yvonne Preder & Rodney Bohnhoff, Plymouth

Junior 2 Year Old 2nd Dupasquier Contender Whitny-Red, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna 7th L-Maples Hearts Ruby-Red, Tom Lyon, Westfield 9th Willows-Edge Ad Melt-Red-ET, Bonnie Van Dyk, New Richmond 10th Probert D Babette-Red, Kate Smith, Watertown

Senior 2 Year Old 3rd

(Best Udder) Paulo-Bro-Sp Shar-Red-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna

Red & White Futurity 2nd Scenic-Edge Jellybean-Red, David Preder & Rodney Bohnhoff, Plymouth 5th KHW Regiment Apple 2-Red-ETN-CLN, Apple Partners II, Edgerton 8th Gaedtke Redlnr Sky-Red-ET, Justin Gaedtke, Luxemburg

Junior 3 Year Old 6th Castleholm Regina-Red-ET, William Schultz III, Waldo 10th Huppert-Bros Tessa-Red-ET, Jason Kjos, River Falls

Senior 3 Year Old 2nd Oakvale Advent Cinnabar-Red, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna 4th Leeland Advent Star-Red-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna 7th (B&O) Scenic-Edge Jellybean-Red, David Preder & Rodney wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-15

Bohnhoff, Plymouth (2nd Jr) Krull Advent Smiley-Red-ET, Carley Krull, Lake Mills

Fall Calf 4th 5th

Rock-N-Hill Vezdette, Michael McCullough, Juda Crave Dusk Penny 6262, Roseanne Crave, Waterloo

4 Year Old

Summer Yearling



Budjon-Ditzy DestinyRed-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna 2nd Greenlea Advent LetaRed, Mike & Julie Duckett & Jim & Nancy Junemann, Rudolph 7th Goldfawn Adv RitzyRed-ET, Goldfawn Farm & Wilstar Holsteins, Poy Sippi 10th Greenlea Ad Rae CC-Red-ET, Tom Lyon & Bob Osborne, Westfield (2nd Jr) Fran-Do Advent 917-Red, Neil Ledden, Auburndale

Ploegsway Distance Cat, Budjon Farms, Lomira

Spring Yearling 6th 8th

Ms Kalinas Jasper Karlina, C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, Newton Cavanaleck Lana-Rae-ET, C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, Newton

Winter Yearling 9th Walk-Era Dundee Oh-My, Walk-Era Farms, Wisconsin Dells 10th Dithmarsia Dundee Cinderella, Jordan & Jenna Olson, Edgerton

Fall Yearling 9th

Ms Duckett Durham Beauty-ET, Cal Dewitt, Clinton

Fall Yearling in Milk

5 Year Old



Junior 2 Year Old

(Best Udder) Greenlea Talent Cat-Red-ET, Robert Schauf, Barron

Aged Cow 1st

(Best Udder) KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET, Apple Partners, Edgerton 2nd Wilstar-RS Tlt LimitedRed, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna 5th (Prod) Swiss Acres Morris Ubi D-Red, Carson Kasbergen, Rudolph

125,000 lb. Cow 3rd

(2nd Jr) Luck-E Advent Kite-Red, Carson Kasbergen, Rudolph

Senior Best 3 Females 2nd Scenic-Edge Holsteins, David & Yvonne Preder & Rodney Bohnhoff, Plymouth

Produce of Dam 1st

Sherona-Hill, Mike & Sheryl Deaver, Edgerton

Dam & Offspring 3rd 4th

Scenic-Edge Holsteins, David & Yvonne Preder & Rodney Bohnhoff, Plymouth Lyn-Vale Holsteins, William Schultz III, Waldo

Senior & Grand Champion KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET, Apple Partners, Edgerton

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion Wilstar-RS Tlt Limited-Red-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna


(Best Udder) Garay Alexander Destiny-ET, Mike & Julie Duckett, Frank & Jane Phill, Rudolph (B&O) Rosedale Gold Mine-ET, Rosedale Genetics Ltd., Oxford

Senior 2 Year Old 3rd 7th 8th

Siemers Goldwyn Goldie-ET, Jordan & Whitney Ebert, Algoma Mill-Wheel Adv Carolina-ET, Peter Vail & Budjon Farms, Lomira Blondin Minister Soulie, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna

Holstein Futurity 2nd 3rd 6th 7th

Ms Goldwyn Alana-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna Paulsoncrest Advent Joanzi, Paulsoncrest, Columbus Crestbrooke D Chardonnay-ET, Kyle Natzke, Fond du Lac Paulsoncrest Advent Frolyc, Brian Paulson, Columbus

Junior 3 Year Old 2nd Rosedale Lexington-ET, Rosedale Genetics Ltd., Oxford 9th (Prod.) Ms Goldwyn Alana-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna

Senior 3 Year Old 1st 4th

Brainwave Dundee Leasure-ET, Jordan & Whitney Ebert, Algoma Cavanaleck Bg Scarlet, Siemers Holsteins, Newton

4 Year Old 4th 7th

Budjon-JK Emilys Edair-ET, Elegance Futures, Lomira (Prod.) Brainwave Goldwyn Lauramie-ET, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna 10th Long-Haven Gold Rochelle, Mike & Julie Duckett & Gerald & Gerald Todd Jr., Rudolph

5 Year Old 5th

(B&O, Prod.) Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS, Crystal SiemersPeterman, Cleveland 6th Rolling-Spring G Escence-ET, Charles Bean & Elegance Futures, Lomira 7th Winterbay Goldwyn Lotto, Peter Vail & Peter Vail Jr., Lomira 10th Krull Dundee Ellory-ET, Cassy Krull, Lake Mills

6 Year Old & Older 3rd 6th

Vangoh Durham Treasure, Mike & Julie Duckett, Rudolph Stone-Front Advent Laverne, Mike & Julie Duckett & Shane Nodolf, Rudolph

125,000 lb. Cow 1st

Best Uddered Cow of the Show KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET, Apple Partners, Edgerton

Premier Exhibitor Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna

State Herd 1st


International Holstein Show Winter Calf 8th

Siemers Dundee Golden-One-ET, C, J, J, J, C & L Siemers, Newton

16–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

(Best Udder) Stone-Front Iron Pasta, Mike & Julie Duckett, Rudolph 3rd Oakvale Durham Echo, Mike & Julie Duckett, Rudolph 6th Cherry Crest Lyster Golden, Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna 7th (B&O) Marks Ally Durham Africa-ET, Me-Do Meadows & Mark & Stephanie Miranda, Orfordville 10th (Prod.) Siemers Dundee Hilda 8669-ET, Jordan Siemers, Cleveland

Nasco International Type & Production Award Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS, Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Cleveland

Best 3 Females 5th Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Produce of Dam 6th Siemers Holsteins, Newton

State Herd 1st


Klussendorf Award

Intermediate (90 participants) 1. Tori Evert, Brooklyn, WI 3. Mikhayla Luttrop, Berlin, WI Senior (96 participants) 1. Janelle Remington, Juneau, WI 7. Abby Tauchen, Bonduel, WI 9. Brett Hildebrandt, Hustisford, WI Senior Youth Fitting Contest (9 participants) 2. Andrea Pagenkopf, Lancaster, WI 3. Jessica Pralle, Humbird, WI 4. Sean Brown, Dodgeville, WI 5. Kami Schuler, Platteville, WI

Joel Kietzman, Waunakee

Showmanship & Fitting Contest Juniors (81 participants) 1. Cole Booth, Plymouth, WI 2. Kylie Nickels, Watertown, WI 3. Lindsey Sarbacker, Edgerton, WI 5. Jenna Broege, Janesville, WI 6. Kalista Hodroff, Eden, WI 7. Dawson Nickels, Watertown, WI 9. Hannah Nelson, Ellsworth, WI

Crescentmead Arrow Minnie VG-88 at 3-11 2-06 2x 317 20,540 3.7 762 3.1 635 Dam: Crescentmead HLM Mary Ann VG-87 3-04 2x 365 25,670 3.9 1001 3.2 816 2nd Dam: Crescentmead Jolt Marie EX-91 2-06 2x 365 28,640 3.8 1098 3.1 889

Minnie is sired by 6HO1036 Mr Crescentmead ARROW-ET +2.80 Type +2.45 UC +1.62FLC 8/11 Durham x Amlaird Lee Alice-ET EX-94 x Ms Kingstead Chief Adeen-ET EX-94 DOM x C Aitkenbrae Starbuck Ada EX-94 DOM Arrow is one of the highest type sons of Durham in the world and comes from the All-American Chief Adeen family. Use Arrow to sire cows with tremendous udders and great show style.

Todd, Christa & Landon Wendorf Ixonia, Wisconsin • 920-988-3323

E-mail: Visitors always welcome!

Niles & Elmo Wendorf Ixonia, Wisconsin • 920-474-4284


wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-17

Looking for Productive Life?

54HO551 Finger Planet FRANZ Planet x Oman x Ito x Bellman x Slocum aAa: 531642 DMS: 345, 135 +5.0PL 8/11

Dam: Jax-Rix O Man 2456 VG-85 DOM 2-00 2x 305 23,670 4.3 1013 3.3 789 3-02 2x 305 31,240 4.1 1275 3.3 1032 149,000 lifetime to date ~ 5 calves in 5 years 2nd Dam: Jax-Rix Ito 1954 2-01 2x 305 22,540 3.9 886 3.0 668 3-01 2x 305 26,440 4.3 1146 2.9 762 4-01 2x 305 27,670 3.7 1010 3.0 828 5-06 2x 305 25,230 4.1 1033 3.1 780 6-05 2x 305 29,550 3.8 1119 3.0 886 Lifetime: 149,010 4.0 5962 3.1 4551

3rd Dam: Finger Bellman Horton VG-85 2-02 2x 297 23,780 3.9 919 3.0 704 3-02 2x 305 33,450 3.2 1081 2.9 982 4-02 3x 305 28,780 3.7 1052 3.0 852 5-10 2x 305 32,250 4.1 1338 2.9 933 6-10 2x 305 34,180 3.3 1136 2.9 976 Lifetime: 172,190 3.6 6254 3.0 5112 ~ 5 calves in 6 years 4th Dam: Finger Horton Slocum

This family has it all - milk, components & family fertility. We have maternal sisters to Franz just fresh by Boliver and Alexander with high genomics and all milking 98 pounds or more.

Jack & Nancy Finger • Philip & Laura Finger W5020 County Line Rd., Oconto, WI 54153 Philip: 920-604-0764 Fax: 920-834-3346 E-mail: 18–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

Working with the Best Knaus Hiview R Roxy 181 2-00 324 28,323 1019 766 3-00 358 36,229 1129 999 4-02 276 33,371 916 863 inc. Sired by 6HO1146 Quaresma Marshall R ROXY Along with this Roxy daughter, we are very pleased with our milking daughters of Chism, Roxy, Falcon & Baccalaureate. We are currently using IPS sires Legend, Hogan & Duke-Red.

HIGH-VIEW HOLSTEINS Brent Knaus & Family E724 County Road Q, Wonewoc, WI 53968 Phone: 608-464-7213 Fax: 608-464-7205 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-19


#1 GTPI son of Lion King • #4 GTPI Red Young Sire

54HO559 Hol-Star LK




100% RHA HFA 69248935 4.4% inbred aAa: 234156 DMS: 123, 135 Sire: Ra-Mar-Land Lion King *RC This is a no-holes pedigree with great sires and beautiful, balanced, high-scoring and high producing dams... generation after generation. And, he’s RED!

Dam: Hol-Star Talent Teary A-ET *RC VG-89 EX-MS 2-03 3x 363 24,050 3.5 847 3.6 865 2nd Dam: Hol-Star Teary Durham EX-90 DOM 5-01 3x 365 42,310 4.0 1712 3.2 1368 122,630 lifetime ~ Heavily contracted, mulitple grandsons in A.I., dam of 5 EX daughters to date 3rd Dam: Hol-Star Formation Teacup VG-86 2Y 4th Dam: Hol-Star Emory Tease VG-87 142,250 lft. 5th Dam: Hol-Star Tesk Jee VG-88 109,840 lft.

Hol-Star Holsteins Andy & Pete Portmann 2012 SR 6, Raymond, WA 98577 • 360-934-5578 • cell 360-581-7881 20–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

photos by Lea McCullough

Stone-Front Cable Magic GP-82

Stone-Front Cable Contrary GP-83

2-06 2x 295 21,150 3.6 771 2.8 601 3-05 2x 245 24,518 3.2 778 2.7 672 inc.

2-00 2x 277 18,630 4.0 750 2.9 538 2-11 2x 365 32,400 3.4 1106 2.7 889 4-01 2x 94 10,403 3.9 405 2.4 247 inc.

Dam: Stone-Front Frost Mona G-76 2-07 2x 365 22,170 4.4 972 3.4 761 2nd Dam: Stone-Front Captain Monet GP-83 7-01 2x 365 37,650 4.2 1595 3.1 1175 Lifetime: 2010 175,340 3.9 6894 3.2 5570

Dam: Harms-Home Clementine GP-84 3-06 2x 325 24,060 3.5 851 3.1 741

Sired by 54HO393 Rose-Lyn Throne CABLE-ET Throne x Wilcoxview Rudolph Cali-ET EX-93 2E DOM

Andy & Lyn Buttles Christina & Kayla (608) 723-4712 5027 Hwy. 81E, Lancaster, WI 53813 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-21

International Protein Sires

20 Years and Growing I

t may be hard to believe for many Wisconsin Holstein breeders that 20 years have already passed since two Wisconsin legends Al Piper and Marlowe Nelson started International Protein Sires. That one bull they started with, COOK-FARM STARBUCK FLIP, ended his career with over 10,000 milking daughters in his proof. Marlowe and Al started the company with a simple goal in mind - to help people breed better cows and FLIP was the start of it all. They believed breeders were looking for people who thought outside the box and would not use their herds as a laboratory. These have been landmark times for International Protein Sires, an artificial insemination (A.I.) company that specializes in marketing Holstein genetics. With eleven of the past twelve years showing positive growth, and an expanding domestic and international marketing network, IPS continues to make its mark in the world of Holstein genetics. President and owner Ron Sersland says the rapid growth of the company he purchased in 1999 is testament to the fact that Holstein breeders continue to demand alternative genetics - the cornerstone of his business and breeding philosophy. “It is interesting to note that 45% of our proven bulls are the only sons from their dams in AI anywhere in the world,” comments Sersland. “Many times people think all the bulls in AI come from the same cows and that is not the case. Alternative deep pedigrees and high conception rates are important, and these areas are our niche.” “We continue to offer five generation pedigrees to our customers on all our young bulls that we are sampling,” he continues. “The majority of the A.I. industry seems to not find value in presenting such depth, but our experience indicates a strong interest among many breeders about what’s behind the young sires they’re using. Today genomic evaluations are being done on all young sires entering our program but, we find that people still want to see the pedigree behind that young sire.” A strong example is BARBWIRE-RED who has been the top selling IPS genomic young sire this year. He does not have the highest GTPI in the breed by any means. However, he is currently the #2 TYPE genomic Red & White young sire in the breed. His dam RAINYRIDGE TALENT BARBARA EX-95 traces back to TONY BEAUTY. People still want and go to cow families and this shows to be just the case. His brother RAINY is the #1 RC genomic young sire in the breed and is drawing more attention each and every day. This year IPS will sample around 40 young sires. “We’re on an aggressive path to continue to progeny test sires,” says Sersland. The company currently offers 23 proven Holstein sires and more than 100 young sires in different stages of progeny testing. “One important point to note is that when we mention proven sires we mean sires that actually have milking daughters.” IPS still sees strong demand from people in the USA and around the globe who want to see bulls with milking daughters before purchasing. It can be very misleading today when a company sends out their price list and it does not clearly state which are genomic young sires and which bulls have milking daughters. The industry is still seeing big changes from young sires genomic information to when they are proven with milking daughters as. Sersland is quick to point out that the steady sales would not be possible without the high quality sales people that represent the company. “On the whole, we have some of the top cow men in the industry. Talking cows comes naturally to them, and they are truly excited about our unique lineup.” 22–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

A Different Kind of Company, A Different Kind of Genetics With consolidation and fierce competition continually threatening to cull players from the A.I. industry, Sersland often gets asked why he bothered with the A.I. business at all. “First, the Holstein breed is in my blood. It’s a highly competitive industry and the prices aren’t like they were 25 years ago,” he concedes. “People question why I would want to up against the established A.I. companies. Second, the global market place means there is a lot of competition no matter what your business is today. You do not have to be the biggest to be successful.” “We don’t necessarily chase the hot numbers like our competitors do, but will not turn away a high numbers bull if available,” he says. “But we are absolutely focused on breeding betters cows.” “Our bulls are not like every other A.I. company’s,” he continues. “We sometimes select the bulls others will not, and we have success with those animals.” For example: • LUSTER, DYNASTY & ARROW ARE TOP 35 FOR TYPE • LUCIFER, LILYMAN & YANKEE ARE TOP 10 FOR MILK • TYCOON & ZADE ARE RANKED TOP 10 FOR PRODUCTIVE LIFE • TYCOON & LEGEND ARE RANKED TOP 10 FOR SOMATIC CELL • SEAN HAS HIGH MILK & HIGH DPR FROM OLD PEDIGREE An A.I. and cattle marketing veteran and international business entrepreneur, Sersland clearly is not afraid to break the mold. For instance, IPS offers no-cap leases - an alternative source for leasing and proving bulls. “Breeders who want to maximize their earning potential versus settle for the industry standard payout should seriously consider our royalty program,” he says. “We see a continual stream of interested breeders who’ve seen what we’ve done with MANDELIN, COLE, and MANHATTAN, for example. Breeders know we work to treat them well.” Breeders also comment positively on the IPS sire catalogs, Sersland notes. “We bullet point the positive traits our sires transmit, but we also suggest which characteristics to protect when using our sires - this is very different from the majority of the industry. Every bull of every company has good things, as well as characteristics to protect. People are not used to getting both sides of the story. I hear that comment both here and abroad.” Another IPS differentiating factor: 30 million sperm per dose, one of the industry’s highest concentrations. “This number hasn’t changed in the twelve years I’ve owned the business,” he says. “Whether you buy LUSTER for $35 a unit, or a young sire at $8 per unit, our sperm concentration numbers remain the same.”

Holstein Destiny While born and raised on an Iowa Registered Holstein farm, Sersland has lived and worked in Wisconsin for the past 23 years. It was during these career-building years that he established a reputation of having an eye for excellent, long-lasting cattle. Sersland is from a long line of Holstein breeders who influenced his zeal for the breed. His great, great grandfather started milking Holsteins after emigrating from Norway in 1864, and his grandfather was recognized by Winneshiek County with the Pioneer Dairyman

award in 1979. His grandfather also boasted the county’s highest herd production for fat in the early 1950s (albeit the 420 pounds record would have been cull numbers today, he would joke). Sersland’s father, Howard, also earned an entry in the history books for breeding a Holstein that held the 4-year-old milk and fat record in Minnesota for several years. “So, when Dad asked me when I was 11 years old whether I wanted to raise more hogs or milk more cows, it took me all of a second to say ‘Let’s milk more cows,’” Sersland recalls, adding with a smile that the ill-fated hogs once resided in the very location now occupied by his bull facility, where elite young sires are housed during progeny testing. In 1991 Sersland and his late wife, Sandy, founded Our Help Inc., a company focused on assisting international customers with agricultural products and equipment that they could not purchase in their respective countries. Their customer-focused efforts resulted in a strong network of international contacts, and led to a bull purchase in 1998 that ultimately catapulted Sersland back into the A.I. industry after a four-year hiatus. Sersland is quick to point out that his present wife, Nelly, has helped play host to many international guests, including 90 distributors and breeders from multiple countries during this summer’s celebration of twenty years in business held at the Sersland home. Holstein breeders came from as far away as New York and Argentina in South America to attend. One key point to IPS success are the many sires who dairymen and breeders alike have milked. These bulls brought customers back time and again to continue to use IPS bulls. Sersland’s first high TPI release, 6HO820 GREEN-VALE BLACK SAMI-ET, immediately appeared in the Top 100 TPI and continued to be ranked near the top of the breed for Productive Life when second crop arrived. 6HO545 TECH was ranked as the #1 Productive Life bull in the breed during the February 1999 sire summary. Productive life was just new and an item for breeders to begin to evaluate at that time. 6HO844 CHISM was a Storm son who was a high foot and leg composite bull, solid productive life, good components, and came from two EX-94 point dams. This bull became a customer favorite in Wisconsin and in many other countries. 6HO683 MR MANHATTAN and 6HO699 MANDELIN were the two sires that really opened the doors to the world. MANHATTAN spent his time in the top 100 TPI list for a considerable amount of time. MANDELIN was ranked both here in the United States and abroad for type, udders, and feet and legs. This included being ranked #1 in Spain for a time. 100HO9047 MOONSHINE and 6HO944 JOEL followed and were both ranked in the top 100 for TPI during their first crop proofs, but maintained their proofs when second crop daughters arrived. Daughters of MOONSHINE are even more appreciated today than maybe at the time the bull was marketed. 6HO999 COLE was ranked as the #1 *RC TPI sire in the breed for a time. This bull offered outstanding conception, calving ease, and made medium sized daughters that are tough, long lasting cows. 6HO1030 LILYMAN continues to have strong use among commercial dairymen in Wisconsin. His high producing, high udder texture, and low somatic cell daughters keep people using him again and again. Look for his brother 6HO1156 LUCIFER to have similar impact for breeders. 6HO1068 DYNASTY and 6HO1036 ARROW are two more recent young sire program graduates that were both bred and raised in Wisconsin. These two bulls are currently ranked in the top 35 for type in the breed. These easily fit into the lineup as two bulls with deep pedigrees and the maternal lines to match the type proofs these bulls have. 6HO1151 HOGAN and 6HO1063 SHOWBOY are sires that IPS considers as the next candidates to be high on the customer satisfaction list. HOGAN is a breed leading foot and leg specialist while SHOWBOY is high for TPI while making very strong cows that many in the breed are still seeking. Most of all, Sersland is thrilled to see a growing number of customers from Wisconsin and around the globe successfully integrating IPS genetics into their breeding programs. As always, call IPS anytime you want to talk cows.

Contact: 1-800-542-7593

6HO999 G-Toctin-Sm COLE-ET

6HO1068 Dev-Lin Matt Dari DYNASTY

6HO1151 Wa-Del Rice HOGAN-ET

6HO1063 Gold-N-Oaks S SHOWBOY-ET wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-23

Dewgood Holsteins... ...Where Families make the difference! Our Opportunity...


n April of 2000 our neighbor Mark Madson asked us to house a powerful Mattie G heifer he purchased at his parents’ dispersal. She was a VG-86 two year old and we got a couple embryos when Mark flushed her.

We ended up with Marita, a powerful BW Marshall that was EX-91 2E GMD DOM. Three of Marita’s daughters are now brood cows in our herd.

Dewgood Goldstar by Goldwyn

EX-92 EEEEE 3-08 2x 365 34,820 3.4 1190 3.1 1079 over 100,000 lifetime to date

Dewgood Goldmyn by Goldwyn

EX-91 93-MS 4-01 2x 365 38,010 3.6 1357 3.3 1249 over 100,000 lifetime to date

Dewgood Pamela by Hardys Juror Palmer

EX-92 93-MS 94-FL 5-10 2x 365 48,150 3.4 1634 3.1 1501 over 180,000 lifetime to date

These 3 cows complete 10 generations VG or EX cows that can easily make 35,000-40,000 lbs. of milk. The 11th generation is scoring VG and milking well! 24–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

Your Opportunity... Let this family influence your herd through IPS!

Goldstar’s son by Shottle!

6HO1136 Dewgood GOLDSPIKE Breeders around the world are pleased with Gold Spike calves and the oldest ones calve this winter! They look like the right kind! Gold Spike’s full sister is a powerful VG two year old.

Goldmyn’s son by Man-O-Man!

54HO550 Dewgood MAN-O-GOLD His genomics: +1726M +.02% +67F +.03% +59P +2.66PTAT +1.80UDC +2.96FLC

His first calves will be born soon. This bull could make some great ones!

Pamela has a VG-85 two year old Ramos named Rhone. Rhone’s son by Garrett...

54HO568 Dewgood RHINE Look at the bottom side of this pedigree - Ramos x Palmer x BW Marshall x Mattie G. There is no Oman, Durham, Shottle, Goldwyn, Outside or Planet. None of these except Oman on the top side either. Add in his genomics of +5.2PL, +1.8 DPR and 5% CE and Rhine should work well on many pedigrees. He should be available soon! Goldstar, Goldmyn & Rhone have all bred back on the first breeding after multiple flushes in each lactation. Use their sons to make profitable, fertile cows with style! Our thanks to Mark & Cindy Madson for letting us into this family and to IPS for sampling these bulls! Reality Check! Our sympathy and prayers for the family of Doug Schmitt! As we miss our friend Doug and deal with the reality of death may we find courage and strength through JESUS who said He would carry our load and give us rest for our souls if we come to Him! Matthew 11:28-30 As always... Success is not what we achieve, but enjoying God’s blessings one at a time!

Dewgood Holsteins

Dean & Wanda Good and Family 7937 Elm Lane Rd., Oconto, WI 54153 Phone and fax: (920) 834-4884 E-mail: wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-25

Supreme Champion, World Dairy Expo 2009 & 2010 All-American Senior 3 Year Old 2007 All-American & All-Canadian 5 Year Old 2009 All-American Aged Cow 2010 The only Stormatic son from Frosty:

54HO505 HFA 68793362

100% RHA *TL *TV *TD

aAa: 132546 DMS: 135, 561 PEDIGREE: Stormatic x EX-96 Frosty x EX-93 Sam x VG-88 Harmony x VG-88 Hallie x VG Harrison

GTPI +1716 +670M -.05% +12F -.05% +7P +2.11 Type +1.63 UC +1.82 FLC +2.8PL 8/11 “Breeding Cows, Not Numbers”

A Division of Our Help Inc.

26–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

PO Box 157, Rock Springs, WI 53961 Tel • 1-800-542-7593 Tel • 608-524-8086 Fax • 608-524-6935 E-mail:

Jimtown Shottles Nominate EX-90 DOM 3-11 2x 353 31,753 4.8 1515 3.1 974 Dam: Jimtown Champion Nominee-ET EX-91 2E 2-11 2x 365 33,100 4.0 1330 3.1 1036 Over 125,000 4.1F 3.2P lifetime ~ due to calve in February 2nd Dam: Ronland Nita Merv Natasha EX-92 GMD DOM 3-06 2x 365 41,860 4.1 1701 3.0 1248 ~ dam of 7 EX cows all by different sires Next Dams: VG-87 GMD DOM, VG-89, EX-90, EX-90, EX-91


Jimtown Gold Nucleus DMS: 123, 234

Goldwyn x Nominate

Jimtown Nicegirl-ET EX-91 2E

Ronland Janet Jasmine EX-90 GMD DOM

4-00 2x 365 36,210 4.6 1661 3.0 1097 125,000 4.7 3.1 lifetime to date ~ by Ramos

7-04 2x 365 37,030 3.7 1388 3.1 1137 Lifetime: 3429 312,750 3.7 11,572 3.1 9666

Dam: Jimtown Natashas Nice-ET EX-93 2E 5-09 2x 365 39,010 3.3 1305 2.8 1085 Lifetime: 2268 176,020 3.9 6883 3.2 5566 2nd Dam: Ronland Nita Merv Natasha EX-92 GMD DOM ~ dam of 7 EX cows all by different sires Next Dams: VG-87 GMD DOM, VG-89, EX-90, EX-91

Her son going to IPS: Jimtown Domain by Domain, born 12-14-10 ~ a real outcross pedigree!


Dam: R-Pinelawn Black Janet-ET EX-92 4E GMD DOM 14-04 2x 365 37,000 3.6 1337 2.9 1085 3rd National Milk & 2nd National Protein record Lifetime: 4433 351,320 3.4 11,853 3.2 11,077 Next dams: GP-80 DOM, VG-86 DOM

Her son at IPS: 6HO1122 Ronland Jasmine Jaybull by Oman aAa: 315246 +1727 GTPI +3.4PL ~ This family has real productive life. His Manfred sister has over 300,000 lbs. lifetime also. He is just getting some milking daughters now.

Congratulations to IPS on 20 years in business!


Ronald, Sue, Chad & Jim Hackmann 2005 Wimmer Rd., Manitowoc, WI 54220 Phone & Fax (920) 758-2917 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-27


99HO7345 HMV aAa: 561423 DMS: 234, 123

Lancelot is a very rare RED son of Sanchez from the family that carries the rare Variant Red gene. A combination of the great type of Sanchez and outstanding production of Shottle with the red gene! His Dam (pictured):

Vande Shottle Lottery-Red VG-86 2-03 2x 335 20,181 4.2 883 3.3 661 inc. 2nd Dam: Vande Mutant Logan-Red VG-87 4-04 2x 305 25,600 3.7 951 3.1 785 3rd Dam: Voight-Acres Laurier Linda *RC VG-87 5-08 2x 365 31,970 4.3 1372 3.3 1040 Lifetime: 127,360 4.2 5308 3.5 4423 4th Dam: Voight-Acres Rudolph Indy VG-88 4-10 2x 365 31,300 3.2 1014 3.0 929 Lifetime: 157,740 3.2 5056 3.0 4673

Haven-Maid Dairy 12971 Bailey Road, Melba, ID 83641

John Mortensen

Blair Mickelson



28–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

Congrats to IPS on 20 years of promoting cows, not numbers!

Bruce Hoeft N6827 34th Avenue, Fremont, WI 54940 715-851-3105 •

Dynamic Duo Sire: Emerald-ACR-SA T-Baxter Dam: Ms Goldwyn Chevy-ET EX-91 EEEEE 2-00 2x 365 32,942 4.1 1363 3.2 1065 2nd Dam: Wilcoxview Drm Carmella-ET EX-94 2E 3-08 2x 365 41,870 3.7 1555 3.2 1328 3rd Dam: Wilcoxview BC Cami-ET EX-93 DOM All-American 3 Year Old 1999 4th Dam: Roylane Mark Carmen EX-94 2E GMD DOM 5th Dam: Natzke Valiant Coreen-ET VG-88 GMD DOM 6th Dam: Natzke Elevation Carmen VG-87 GMD DOM 7th Dam: Talisman-Hill Croixco Camile VG-86 8th Dam: Chambric Crusader Clarice VG-88 9th Dam: Chambric Citation Clarice VG-87 10th Dam: Pabst Inga Duchess 2D 11th Dam: Pabst Inga Duchess-Twin VG-89 12th Dam: Plain View Inga EX-94 All-American Aged Cow 1956 Reserve All-American 4 Year Old 1955 13th Dam: Plain View Fobes Nettie EX-90 14th Dam: Plain View Fobes Ethel 4th VG-87 All-American 2 Year Old

54HO489 Mr Baxter CHICAGO aAa: 315246 DMS: 234, 345 GTPI +2176 +2094M +54F +49P +3.02Type +2.40UC +2.83FLC Sire: Sandy-Valley Bolton-ET Dam: Miss Durham Dolly-ET EX-92 DOM 2-01 2x 365 35,540 4.7 1656 3.4 1201

54HO456 Mr Bolton DARWIN-ET aAa: 231465 DMS: 234 GTPI +1932 +938M +57F +43P +2.44Type +2.19UC +1.39FLC

2nd Dam: Miss Lee Majestic EX-91 GMD DOM 5-06 2x 365 44,780 5.2 2336 3.5 1520 Lifetime: 1446 121,770 5.1 6188 3.6 4286 3rd Dam: Miss Mark Maui EX-95 GMD DOM 5-11 2x 365 53,590 4.1 2222 2.9 1567 Lifetime: 3051 252,401 4.2 10,595 3.3 8365 4th Dam: Gettinger Maggie EX-93 GMD DOM 7-11 2x 365 47,500 3.3 1573 2.8 1341 Lifetime: 2062 191,790 3.3 6321 2.9 5578 5th Dam: Gettinger Wonder Mandy EX-91 3E GMD DOM 10-04 2x 365 29,250 4.0 1165 2.9 854 Lifetime: 3216 219,670 3.7 8110 2.9 6458 6th Dam: Wesdorn Gettinger Magic VG-88 DOM 8-02 2x 305 23,010 3.8 864 3.4 778

Joe Sigwarth

Joe Kietzman

Brian Behnke

Holy Cross, IA 563-387-0035 | 563-380-1318 cell

Waunakee, WI 608-289-0096 |

Albany, WI 608-279-2016 |

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-29

6HO1151 Wa-Del Rice HOGAN-ET HFA 136221850 VG-89 100% RHA *TV TL

aAa: 615243

DMS: 126, 246

PEDIGREE: Titanic x VG-85 GMD DOM Mtoto x VG-86 Rudolph x EX-91 2E GMD DOM Blackstar x VG-87 GMD DOM Mars x EX-93 Glendell x EX-92 4E GMD DOM Elevation

August 2011 Sire Summary: TPI +1843 Milk +1032 -.05% +23F -.01% +27P 87%R Type +2.12 82%R UDC +1.41 Foot & Leg Comp. +3.07 DPR -0.4 PL +1.4 SCS 2.67 Calving Ease = 7%

Daughter of HOGAN: Millwork Hogan Melody, Joel Mills, PA

Daughter of HOGAN: Reich Spring Hogan Gemini, Reich Springs Farm, PA

Daughter of HOGAN: Ricecrest Hogan 24667, Andy Helman, PA

Wadel Holsteins

Ricecrest Holsteins

7134 White Church Rd., Shippensburg, PA 17257

3404 Church Rd., Chambersburg, PA 17202


30–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011


It Isn’t Always Genomics...

Sometimes it’s Just Good Breeding!



USA 63196386 aAa: 234516 DMS: 234

Shottle x EX-94 3E GMD DOM Patron x VG-87 GMD Washington x EX-90 2E GMD DOM Valiant The early reports sound exciting. Watch for his release in December and more daughter photos on the way!

Millstone’s Full Sister:

Millstone’s Dam by Patron:

Millstone daughter:

Wargo-Acres Mardi VG-86 GMD

Wargo-Acres Melrose EX-94 3E GMD DOM

Heinze Millstone Claire (NC)

1-09 2x 340 29,156 4.1 1206 3.3 908 ~ dam of Wargo-Acres Blton Mopsie EX-91 3Y

6-05 2x 365 49,500 4.3 2104 3.3 1644 Lifetime: 2440 255,260 4.2 10,643 3.4 8580 ~ dam of 2 EX & 7 VG daughters; 3 EX & 10 VG granddaughters

72 DIM proj. 24,100 4.2 926 2.8 678 with 96 lbs. on last test

Bulls & embryos always available

Check us out at

Gordon & Emily Carncross Craig & Jen Carncross | 608-592-2560 Craig cell BAA: 107.1% on 216 cows RHA: 384 cows 30,495 3.8 1157 3.1 930 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-31

Dam of BARBWIRE & RAINY: RAINYRIDGE TALENT BARBARA *RC EX-95 1st 5-Year-Old, World Dairy Expo 2010 1st 5-Year-Old, Royal Winter Fair 2010 All-American 5-Year-Old 2010

of Only RED son ble! Barbara availa

54HO552 Hylite


CAN 9748330 100% RHA-NA aAa: 312456 DMS: 234, 123 #2 Type R&W Young Sire


RAINYridge Barnie-ET

CAN 10935962 100% RHA-NA aAa: 312546 DMS: 126, 561 #1 Type Red Factor Young Sire

according to R&W Holstein Association listings August 2011

according to R&W Holstein Association listings August 2011

Sire: Deslacs Shaquille *RC

Sire: Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez

Dam: Rainyridge Talent Barbara *RC EX-95 3-04 2x 365 34,465 3.6 1257 3.3 1133 2nd Dam: RF Outside Breeze EX-95 4-02 2x 334 31,920 4.7 1488 3.5 1113 Nom. All-West 5-Yr-Old 2008 1st 5-Yr-Old, MB Spring Show 2008

Optimal Dairy

3rd Dam: Raverley Briana Milan EX 2E 3 6-03 2x 365 27,075 3.4 928 3.2 862 4th Dam: Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX 5E 10-05 2x 365 29,081 3.5 1005 3.1 913 All-Canadian Mature Cow ’92, ’93, ’95, ’99 All-American Aged Cow, ’92, ’95, ’99 Grand Champion, World Dairy Expo 1999

Rainyridge Holsteins

Steve Boerches

Ronald Boerches

Beausejour, Manitoba Canada 204-266-1392

Laurier, Manitoba Canada 204-447-2047

32–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION Summer Internship The Wisconsin Holstein Association is now accepting resumes for a summer internship. The internship will run from May 29 through August 15, 2012. There will be extensive travel to all parts of the state for the various WHA events and applicants will need their own vehicle. The summer intern will be reimbursed for mileage and other expenses. This internship will include office work, public relations, fund raising and service to the WI Holstein members through attendance and working at various events around the state. Educational Opportunities: • WHA Futurity - The WHA intern will work with the Futurity committee to plan the 2012 WHA Futurity. This will include finalizing entries, organizing volunteers and other details for the Futurity including judge’s needs, mailing of dignitary letters and information and exhibitor letters. The intern will also organize the show booklet and meal, send all closing letters and correspondence after the show, compile a final listing of the placings and awards, and write an article in summary of the WHA Futurity and winnings. • District Shows - The WHA intern will be expected to attend assigned shows, take necessary items, keep and bring back a marked book, take photos of winners for the website and WI Holstein News, and take in entries for WHA Championship Show. • Breeder Profiles as assigned by the WI Holstein News Editor Interview breeders and take photos to go with articles; write assigned articles, as well as articles of interest, for the WI Holstein News as assigned by Editor. • Attend all WHA sponsored summer events and other county Holstein events. These include the WHA State Championship Show, Junior State Fair Holstein Show and Showmanship Contest, and Open State Fair Holstein show. Intern may also be asked to attend county twilight meetings to represent WI Holstein, where they will set up a small booth and photograph interesting events. Intern may also be asked to work at the WHA booth during World Dairy Expo. • WHA office experiences include but are not limited to, website updating, telephone etiquette, Microsoft Office programs on PC and Mac, fax and copier work.

New UW-Madison CALS Dean Named Kathryn VandenBosch, professor of plant biology at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul, has been selected as the new dean of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “We are delighted that professor VandenBosch will be joining us. She brings a wealth of experience, accomplishments, and leadership acquired at public land grant institutions not dissimilar from Wisconsin. Her very articulate and insightful approach will be most effective in the diverse components of CALS and Wisconsin’s agricultural community,” says Provost Paul M. DeLuca Jr. VandenBosch has headed the plant biology department at the University of Minnesota since 2001, with a brief hiatus in 2006 to serve as interim dean of the newly formed College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences. She is also a member and former chair of the executive committees of both the Faculty Senate and the University Senate. Her research focuses on the genetics of plant-microbe interactions and nitrogen fixation in legumes, a family that includes several agriculturally important species, and in 2009 was named a fellow of the American Society of Plant Biologists. Prior to her tenure at the University of Minnesota, VandenBosch was a faculty member at Texas A&M University for 12 years. She holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in botany from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and spent time at both UW-Madison and the John Innes Institute in Great Britain as a postdoctoral associate. VandenBosch will assume her new role on March 1, 2012, and will receive a salary of $250,000. Interim Dean William F. Tracy, who has held the position since Jan. 2, will return to his roles as professor and chair of the Department of Agronomy. Established in 1889, CALS enrolls approximately 2,600 undergraduate and 1,000 graduate students and carries out UW-Madison’s mission as a public land-grant university. The dean is the chief academic and executive officer of the college, with responsibility for personnel, budget, fund raising, community relations, curriculum, academic affairs, and physical facilities.

Annual Supporters of Wisconsin Holstein

Brian Greenman, 920-322-1194

Please forward your resume complete with 2 letters of reference by November 15, 2011 to:

WI Holstein Association Summer Internship 902 8th Ave. Baraboo, WI 53913 Interviews will be held at the WHA office in Baraboo in January 2012. Please call 1.800.223.4269 with questions about this internship opportunity.

The companies noted here are “Annual Supporters” of Wisconsin Holstein events. To be an annual supporter, these companies make monetary and/or in kind donations to various WHA events at certain dollar levels for the year. To join this group, contact WHA today at 1-800-223-4269. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-33

District 2 District 2 Report Watch for your chance to advertise & promote your county association in future issues. The December issue will feature District 3 - Crawford, Grant, Iowa, Lafayette & Richland counties.

Buffalo County 2011 Adult Membership: 18; Jr. Membership: 4 Adult Association officers - President: Eric Moe; Vice President: Andy Engstrand; Secretary: Billie Dittrich; Treasurer: Don Dittrich. Junior Association officers - President: Ben Bagniewski; Secretary: Barbara Dittrich & Becca Bagniewski; Treasurer: Jordon Dittrich; Jr Advisor: Don Dittrich.

Jackson County 2011 Adult Membership: 35; Jr. Membership: 13 Adult Association officers - President: Jerry Schmidt; Vice President: Charlie Bue; Secretary/Treasurer: Sara Larson. Junior Association officers - President: Bailey Larson; Secretary: Grace Curran; Jr Advisor: Dan & Carla Stetzer.

LaCrosse County 2011 Adult Membership: 44; Jr. Membership: 22 Adult Association officers - President: Randy Holthaus; Vice President: Jeff Heuer; Secretary: Jason Heuer; Treasurer: Jody Hoyer. Junior Association officers - President: Cole Hoyer; Secretary: Ranae Holthaus; Treasurer: Riley Miller; Jr Advisors: Randy & Linda Holthaus.

Shawano County holds 2011 Futurity Entrants in this year’s Shawano County Futurity proved that even dairy farmers enjoy a little glitz and glamour once in awhile. Their bovine beauties were decked out in glitter, bows, garters and even a neck tie for the show at this year’s Shawano County Fair. Exhibitors also donned formal wear for this regal event with many wearing yellow to highlight this year’s “Cream of Crop” theme. Spectators filled the coliseum with a standing-room only crowd. The Shawano County Futurity is a fun event managed by the Shawano County Holstein Breeders and is designed to stimulate interest in breeding and exhibiting outstanding registered dairy cows. Farmers choose calves they believe will grow and develop into productive and competitive cows. Those promising calves are entered into the Futurity with a one-time $15 entry fee, but they do not compete in the class until they have reached 3 years of age and have become milking cows. Since only those that develop the best are exhibited, the entry fees are divided up with the winners receiving a nice payout. Russell and Kris Robaidek of Russell Robaidek, Inc., donated additional prize money making the competition even more exciting for the exhibitors. Judge Bob Hagenow chose Park-View-H Aspen Pepsie exhibited by Brianna Zernicke and Park-View Holsteins as the winning entry. She was also the winning Junior-Owned entry and the Best Udder winner in the class. Second, was Synergy Mac Shelby exhibited by Heather Jauquet of Synergy Family Dairy and third was Briccows Gold Ms. Fizzle exhibited by Brent Bricco of Briccow’s Cow Town. Fourth, was Synergy Redliner Speckle-Red exhibited by Mason Jauquet also of Synergy Family Dairy. Best-dressed award winners included Garrett Holewinski for the seniors and Mason Jauquet for the juniors.

Monroe County 2011 Adult Membership: 53; Jr. Membership: 10 Adult Association officers - President: Mary Kollterman; Vice President: Tim Johnson; Secretary: Adam Schmitz; Treasurer: Ketih Giraud; Jr Advisor: Beth Leis.

Trempealeau County 2011 Adult Membership: 31; Jr. Membership: 7 Adult Association officers - President: Bob Hart; Vice President: Amanda Killian; Secretary: Shelly Hart; Treasurer: John Giemza; Jr Advisor: Larry Nelson.

Vernon County 2011 Adult Membership: 56; Jr. Membership: 21 Adult Association officers - President: Joe Harbaugh; Vice President: Randy Nigh; Secretary: Gary Thompson; Treasurer: Anna Wendorf; Breed Improvement: Paul Buhr; Membership: Steve Holte; Jr Advisor: Cary Moser. The Vernon County Holstein Breeders hold their annual sale each May and a twilight meeting each summer. They will also be hosting the District 2 show in June 2012.

Tank Talk To compliment our District report each District 2 month we present this column reporting what bulls some breeders from that District are using in their herds.

Gran-J Holsteins, Viroqua, Vernon County Grant & Jenny Rudrud RHA: 97 cows 24,683 3.86 954 3.01 742 BAA: 105.6% Currently using: Ensenada Taboo Planet Regancrest S Braxton Solid-Gold Colby-ET Golden-Oaks St Alexander-ET Picston Shottle Ladys-Manor PL Shamrock-ET Ronelee Toystory Domain Erbacres Damion Bomaz Marion Emerald 648 34–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

Futurity winner Brianna Zernicke & Park-View-H Aspen Pepsie is pictured with sponsors Russell and Kris Robaidek

Wisconsin Holstein to offer Educational Awards for Young Adults The Wisconsin Holstein Association’s (WHA) Young Adult Committee will be offering monetary awards for young adults to attend educational events in 2012. There will be four $500 awards given to WHA members ages 21-45. To apply for a Young Adult Award, interested applicants should call the WHA office or visit the website at Applicants must be a member of the Wisconsin Holstein Association and their primary source of income should be from the farm. Educational events include, but are not limited to, Young Dairy Leader’s Institute, World Dairy Expo, and World Ag Expo. Applications must be submitted by November 15, 2011 and winners will be announced prior to the 2012 Adult Convention, to be held Friday and Saturday, February 24-25th, in Waupaca, Wis. For more information or an application, visit the WHA website at or call the office at 1-800-223-4269. The Wisconsin Holstein Association is a membership organization with the purpose of promoting the Wisconsin Holstein registered breed and its breeders and owners.

Craig-Kro Timber Hotshot EX-93 95-MS 3-06 328 30,072 3.9 1162 2.8 845 Sire: Peachy Timber Dam: Craig-Kro Roy Hotseat EX-92 95-MS 2nd Dam: Craig-Kro Fame Hotsauce EX-90 90-MS 3rd Dam: Craig-Kro Leader Hotstuff EX-91 90-MS 4th Dam: Craig-Kro Astro Jet Hotsy EX-94 95-MS 5th Dam: Craig-Kro Logic Holly EX-90 90-MS

These are the kind of numbers we like to see, along with aAa separating the high type bulls.  Hotshot has a Damion son at Triple Hill Sires in Pennsylvania to be released soon. She also has a VG-86 2 year old Jasper & a Pronto bred heifer.  A big thanks to Ryan, Travis, Hammer & Alane for all their help in getting the District 7 Premier Breeder banner.  Congrats to Marlene’s All-WI Fall Jersey calf!

KROHLOW’S REGISTERED HOLSTEINS W4203 Shady Rd. Black Creek, WI 54106


Craig & Marlene Krohlow Ryan, Tiffany & Travis VISITORS ALWAYS WELCOME

38 cows: 23,137 4.0 925 6/11 BAA: 112.9% - 24 EX, 12 VG, 2 GP plus Marlene’s 3 Jerseys! wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-35

2011 Wisconsin Top Performer Application Form Name of animal: ______________________________________ Reg. # _____________________ Owner: _____________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________ Telephone Number ____________________________________________ Final Score ______________ Age at Classification ______________ BAA of Animal ____________ Lactation Number When Classified ____________

Months in Milk when Classified ___________

305 Day (or less) Record ___________________________________________________________________________________ Age Days Milk # BF% BF# True P% True P#

__________ X 20 or 30* + __________ + __________= __________ BAA #Fat #Protein Ranking Points

Copy Of Official Test Sheet To Be Submitted With Application Form Contest Rules: 1. Copy of Official Test Sheet to be submitted with application form. Also, a copy of the Registration paper to verify classification score. 2. Cow must be classified at least GP if a 2 year old or VG if 3 or older. 3. Cow must be classified during the 305 day lactation for which recognition is requested. For permanently scored cows, the permanent score will be used. 4. All production records will be for 305 day or less in lactation. 5. For records completed from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2011 and received in office by Jan. 15, 2012. 6. Cows must be housed in Wisconsin for the entire lactation to receive recognition. 7. This contest is for Wisconsin Holstein Association members. 8. All records will be entered on a TRUE PROTEIN BASIS. 9. *2 & 3 year olds use 20 for the multiplier; all older animals use 30 as the multiplier to obtain ranking points.

Send entries to: WI Holstein Assn., 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 or fax 608-356-6312 or email 36–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011


ABS Global Bauer Joins ABS as GMS Development Manager

Filament Marketing Pierce joins Filament Marketing as Media Relations Manager

ABS is excited to announce the appointment of Daniel Bauer to the position of GMS Development Manager. “ABS is fortunate to have Dan join our team. His experience in linear evaluations, training and promotions will prove to be real assets in fulfilling the expectations of the development manager role. His enthusiasm for genetic improvement and commitment to customer profitability are critical attributes that will benefit ABS in the on-going development of new products and programs designed to meet the changing demands of today’s dairy industry,” stated Steve Fried, Dairy Programs and Services Director. Dan will be responsible for the overall training, marketing and promotion of the existing GMS program, reporting directly to Steve Fried, Dairy Programs and Services Director. He will also be responsible for the development of new tools to support genetic sales and enhance customer profitability through improved genetic selections. “I look forward to working with the members of the GMS team to develop new genetic tools and services that provide added value to ABS customers in a fast-changing dairy industry,” commented Bauer. A graduate of the UW-Madison with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dairy Science, Dan has worked with Jersey Marketing Services (JMS) since 2006, managing the overall business since 2008.

Filament Marketing, LLC announces the hiring of Megan Pierce as the Media Relations Manager for the company’s growing roster of clients. Pierce joins the team after five years of editorial experience in the dairy industry. Most recently she was an associate editor for Dairy Herd Management, prior to that she was the managing editor of Agribusiness Dairyman. “We are very excited to have Megan join our team,” says Ed Peck, owner and president of Filament Marketing. “Megan has tremendous writing experience, unlimited industry networks and resources, as well as a passion to make a difference in agriculture. These attributes will make her an amazing complement to the team. For this newly created position on our team, Megan is a perfect fit.” A native of New Glarus, Wis., Pierce is a 2001 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in agricultural journalism with a focus on international marketing. She is currently located in the central valley of California and will work from Newman, Calif.

B REEDER B USINESS C ARDS KRANZDALE SALES, INC. Dairy Cattle Buyer & Broker • Auctions & Appraisals

DALE & JOEY KRANZ Want to have a sale? Call us! N3931 O’Connor Rd. • Columbus, WI 53925 Ph: 920-623-2246 • Cell: 920-960-2566 • Fax: 920-623-0435 e-mail: WI Registered Auctioneer #1008-52 Animal Dealer License #124006-AD

Rickert Bros. LLC Home of Rickland Holsteins

Doug, Linda, Corey & Tammy Hodorff N3832 Hwy. W, Eden, WI 53019

Jim & Kelly, Greg & Laura, Andrew & Shannon, Don & Lila Rickert Eldorado, WI 54932

Tel: (920) 477-6800 • Fax: (920) 477-2520 E-mail: • Tel: 920-872-2982

Stop in anytime for a second look!

RHA: 940 cows 27,283 3.5 962 3.0 826 17 Year Progressive Genetics Herd

Craig Krohlow aAa® Approved Animal Analysis Associate W4203 Shady Rd. Black Creek, WI 54106

Phone: 920-833-7507 Mobile: 920-639-5388

e-mail: website:

LOOKING TO ADVERTISE YOUR FARM FOR A SMALL PRICE? Breeder Business Cards can be run one time for $30/ad or every month for $25/ad. Give Laura a call today to reserve your ad in our next issue - 608-723-4973. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-37

Heifer’s Registered Name ___________________________________________________________________________ Registration # _______________________________ Sire: ___________________________________________

Birthdate ____________________________________ Dam: __________________________________________

Dam’s Production Record: _____ Age ____ days ______________ M ________ F ________ P Owner’s Name: _____________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________ City, State, Zip: __________________________________ Phone: _________________________________ Remember to enclose $50 non-refundable application fee. Due by Feb. 1, 2012 to WI Holstein Association, 902 Eighth Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53913

38–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-39

World Dairy Expo Names Koepke Farms Dairymen of the Year Taking roads less traveled seems to be the mantra for the 2011 Dairymen of the Year, Alan, Jim, David and John Koepke of Oconomowoc, Wis. Brothers Alan, Jim, David and Jim’s son, John, make up the management team. The individual contributions of all four could be worthy of recognition in their own right, however it is more appropriate that this honor be awarded to the whole operation. Known for breeding extremely high-quality registered Holsteins; the Koepke Farm combines brilliant business skills with sincere family- and community-centered values. Koepke Farms has bred and managed 320 milking cows in a double-10 herringbone milking parlor with a current RHA of 31,563M, 1168F and 942P. They operate nearly 1,000 acres of cropland as well. More than 100 cows have produced 200,000 lifetime pounds of milk with the famous “Granny” cow holding the current World Lifetime Milk Production record at 458,609 pounds of lifetime milk. The herd has been named a Progressive Genetics Herd by Holstein Association USA twice. The Koepke herd has received numerous designations including the State of Wisconsin Office of the Governor Commendation for Distinguished Dairy Management and the State of Wisconsin Assembly Dedication to Excellence in Dairy Management. Recently Koepke Farms has embarked on a direct-to-market project with a local master cheesemaker to make a special, just-for-Koepke recipe called La Belle Cheese. Innovation is evident in just about all of the facets of Koepke Farms. With the farm’s goal “to produce a healthy dairy product in a manner that is good for our cows, our environment and our business,” it is no surprise that their efforts in environmental stewardship have been extensive. Koepkes were pioneers in the no-till revolution, starting in the 1980s. They also implement other conservation practices including contour strips, grass water-

ways, cover crops and nutrient management. Each of the partners of Koepke Farms has been an active agriculture leader. Active in organizations that support the industry, such as Professional Dair y Producers of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin Center for Integrated Ag Systems, Waters of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, Ag Source Cooperative Services, Dodge County Dairy Herd Improvement, Wisconsin Holstein Association, UWMadison Center for Dairy Profitability Advisory Committee and University of Wisconsin Discovery Farms, the Koepke family has led by example.

The University of

WISCONSIN MADISON Dairy Science STUDENT PROFILE Name: Curtis Horsens Hometown: Gillett, WI High School: Gillett High School Class Size: 64 Farm: Horsens Homestead Dairy - 350 Reg. Holsteins Major: Dairy Science Business Concentration Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison? I decided to attend the University of WisconsinMadison because it not only is the best university in the state, but it also has one of the best Dairy Science programs in the U.S. I knew that by challenging myself at UW-Madison I would give myself several educational and career opportunities. Touring the campus before I applied helped understand what the campus was like, and I felt as if I would really be able to fit in and enjoy my time in Madison. What has been your most memorable college experience? My most memorable college experience has been working for Badger Dairy Club during World Dairy Expo. The past two years I have been the Milk House Chair, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. The real life experience gained and friendships made clearly make World Dairy Expo my most memorable college experience. What has been your favorite course? My favorite course has been Dairy Herd Management. The class ties together several of the topics we learn about into one practical, thought-provoking class. Another class that I’ve enjoyed was my Statistics 301 class. Most people would think that stats would be their least favorite class, but I thought the professor did a good job explaining the importance of learning how to calculate and interpret statistics in science. What are your future career goals? My future career goals are to return home to our family’s dairy farm. I like the thought of owning my own business and enjoy working with dairy cattle so managing a dairy farm is a great fit.

UW-Madison Dept. of Dairy Science 1675 Observatory Drive Madison, WI 53706 Ph. 608-263-3308 Fax 608-263-9412 Contact: Beth Heinze

40–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

Inquiry Lives Here

2012 Wisconsin Junior Holstein Convention Registration

Rockin’ in the Northwoods

Hosted by the Clark County Junior Holstein Association December 28-30, 2011 • The Plaza Hotel, Eau Claire - 1-800-482-7829 TM


Registration forms must be postmarked by Saturday, December 10, 2011. A late fee of $15 per person will be added if postmarked after December 10. Registrations received after December 20 will be on a “room available” basis. A trade board will be available at the convention, but tickets may not be available for all events.

Wednesday noon lunch - on your own There are a variety of eating outlets near the hotel as well as a hotel restaurant. We will provide a list/map for those arriving early wishing to find lunch.

M1 Wednesday Pizza Party at Action City - $25

M2 M3 M4 M5

Thursday Breakfast Buffet - $10 Thursday Princess Luncheon Buffet - $20 Thursday Rock ’n Roll Banquet Buffet - $25 Friday Breakfast Buffet - $10

Action City has 55,000 square feet of games, rides, sports and arcade games. It boasts the largest indoor go kart track in the Midwest, a climbing wall, laser tag, bumper cars, mini-bowling, and more. This fun center has more than 100 of the most popular video and redemption games. WI Junior Holstein members will have three hours of unlimited play on all attractions excluding “redemption” arcade games. You can purchase tickets for redemption arcade games and accumulate points for prizes. The evening starts off with a pizza bar and unlimited drinks all night. Prefer swimming? Attached to Action City is the Metropolis Resort featuring the Comic Book themed Chaos Indoor Water Park. The water park features multiple slides, activity pools, a lazy river, a double hot tub, a ropes course, and a kids wading activity pool area. You are welcome to “test the waters” at Chaos Waterpark at your own cost ($8). County _______________________________________________

Chaperone _____________________________________________

Phone (home & cell if available) __________________________________________________________________________________



Total number each meal


x $25


x $10



x $20


x $25

x $10

Total amount due per meal Make checks payable to: Clark County Junior Holstein and mail to: Jessica Pralle, N4621 UW Hwy. 12, Humbird, WI 54746

Late fees ($15/person)


Amount enclosed $ _______

Grand total enclosed


Check number: _______

WI Holstein Junior Member Agreement The Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association is open to membership for those persons under the age of 21 as of January 1st of the membership year. The purpose of this organization is to encourage youthful interest in the promotion of the Registered Holstein industry. To be eligible for membership, all juniors must sign this agreement and agree to abide by the rules hereinafter set forth. Failure to honor any of these rules will subject the junior member to immediate revocation of membership status, including the opportunity of participation in WI Holstein Association sponsored activities and events. The following rules shall apply to all members: 1. Use or possession of any alcoholic beverage or controlled substances strictly prohibited. 2. No member shall engage in any behavior prohibited by state statute, local ordinance or Board Policy (which shall include, but is not limited to vandalism, theft, truancy, assault, threats to personal safety or property and flagrant misconduct). 3. Members, at all times, shall demonstrate good citizenship and recognize the value of setting and adhering to the highest standards of conduct and performance. 4. At all Association sponsored functions, activities and trips, the rules of conduct specified by adult chaperones and advisors shall be at all times observed by members. 5. All members shall recognize the right of the Wisconsin Holstein Association’s Junior Activities Committee, the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Holstein Association and its staff, adult advisors and chaperones to have the authority to enforce the rules as established and authorized herein. Members and/or their parents/guardian shall accept any financial responsibility for the enforcement of the provisions herein. For the purposes of the observance of the rules of membership herein, there is established a Board which shall consist of the Director of Operations of the Wisconsin Holstein Association, the President of the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Holstein Association and the Chairman of the Wisconsin

Holstein Association Junior Activities Committee. The purpose of this Board shall be to oversee the fair application of the rules of membership and afford the right of due process to all members. Due process shall be afforded by: explaining the evidence against the member, giving the member an opportunity to explain his/her version of the facts, thereafter, it is a matter of discretion by the Board whether to have the accuser/observer summoned and whether to permit cross examination of said individuals, due process must be initiated within 120 days of receipt of membership revocation. I have read and discussed the above rules and agree to accept and faithfully abide by them as a member of the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association. Junior Member Name: (please Print) ____________________________________________ Junior Member Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date: ________________________ Parent or Guardian of Junior Member - Signature: ___________________________________ Date: ________________________

Junior Member Agreement must be signed in order to attend Wisconsin Junior Holstein Convention activities.

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-41

2012 Junior Holstein Convention

Junior Convention Reminders

“Rockin’ in the Northwoods”

Have you made all your crafts? Have you taken all your photos? Have you finished your artwork? Is your folding display done? Have you entered for the Dairy Jeopardy contest? Have you finished your speech and are you pre-entered? Does your county have their County Roll Call ready? Is your Dairy Bowl Team or you as a WI team member entered and ready to hit the buzzers? Have you sold all your raffle tickets? Have you made your room and meal registration!!?

Clark County Junior Holstein members are very excited to host the 2012 WHA Junior Convention in Eau Claire, WI. Their planning is going well and everyone is welcome to come and be ready to be “Rockin’ in the Northwoods”! The Plaza Hotel & Suites, Eau Claire, WI Room Reservations, call: 1-800-482-7829 Room block under “Wisconsin Junior Holstein Convention” $95 + tax/night Tentative Schedule Wednesday, December 28 9:30 a.m. DJM Interviews 10:00 a.m. Convention Registration Contest Registration – Dairy Jeopardy, Speaking, Princess, DJM, Dairy Bowl Contest Room open for entries and Caucus discussion board 10:50 a.m. Dairy Jeopardy Officials Orientation meeting 11:00 a.m. Dairy Jeopardy Roll Call for Contests Junior Dairy Jeopardy Intermediate Dairy Jeopardy Senior Dairy Jeopardy Noon Lunch ON YOUR OWN 1:00 p.m. Speaking Contest – all ages 4:00 p.m. WHA Junior Forum County Roll Call (Bell-R-Ring) this year “Cow Country Hit” Moo-Town Records is looking for a “Cow Country Hit”! Develop a song, rap tune, barn yard yell or snappy ditty to represent your county and be named to the “Moo of Fame”! Bring it on! Presentation of Progressive Breeder & Long Range Production Awards District Caucuses 5:30 p.m. Dairy Bowl Seating Exam (Holding Room) and *Coaches Meeting (Breakout room) 6:15 p.m. Depart to “Action City” for Pizza and Outrageous Fun! Thursday, December 29 7:45 a.m. Dairy Bowl Judge’s orientation JUNIOR Dairy Bowl County Roll Call 8:00 a.m. Junior Dairy Bowl Contest 10:00 a.m. Princess Interviews 11:30 a.m. Princess Luncheon Junior Trip Winners, Graduate Recognition, TOP Speaking Contestants introduced, TOP Dairy Jeopardy Contestants introduced 12:45 p.m. SENIOR Dairy Bowl Roll Call 1:00 p.m. Senior Dairy Bowl Contest 7:30 p.m. Rock ‘n Roll Banquet - 12 & Under, YMR, DJM Awards, Princess announced Friday, December 30 8:00 a.m. Breakfast Buffet and Contest Room Results 9:30 a.m. Business Meeting & JAC Elections To Follow Junior & Senior Dairy Bowl Finals

Can’t wait to see all of you in the “northwoods”!! Send us your county PHOTOS from your county dairy happenings to be included in the Junior presentation! You can send hard copy photos to WHA, 902 8th Ave, Baraboo, WI 53913 and we will try to return them, make sure to place your name and address on them. You can also email

Junior Holstein 2011 Fundraiser Drawing on Dec. 30, 2011 at the Junior Convention, Eau Claire, WI Grand Prize: Donation of a Registered Holstein Heifer Calf by Sandy-Valley Holsteins, Bauer Families, Scandinavia Other Prize Donations by: UW-River Falls Dairy Club - gift, WI State Farmer certificate, Genex/CRI Coop - semen cert., Accelerated Genetics - semen certificate, PDPW - gift, ABS - semen certificate, CRV - gift, Holstein World - gift, Bovine Boutique - gift, Country Today - subscription certificate, Animart - Show package, Nasco - gift, EC/Select Sires - semen certificate, Alta Genetics - certificate, Cattle Connection - vest, UW-Madison Badger Dairy Club - gift package, International Protein Sires - semen certificate, Green Stone Financial - gift, Semex - certificate, World Dairy Expo - 4 one-day passes, Wisconsin Holstein News - advertising certificate, Hoard’s Dairyman - gift package.

Tickets can be purchased from any WHA Junior Holstein member or call the WHA office at 800 223 4269. Tickets sell for $2.00/each or 3 for $5.00 or 6 for $10. Thank you for supporting the WI Holstein Junior membership.

$$ Holsti-Buck Corner $$ Earn Holsti-Bucks for your county to use at the WHA Junior Convention! Due Dec. 1 to WHA, 902 8th Ave, Baraboo, WI 53913 or Remember to include your name and county. Your thoughts and input to WHA 1. Name your WI Holstein Board of Directors and their hometown. 2. Name your WHA Board President and his home farm. 3. Name the cow that was the winner of the WI Holstein 25th Futurity and who she is owned by. 4. Name the National Board of Directors for Holstein USA that are from Wisconsin. 5. Who was the Grand Champion of the WI Championship Show for 2011? 6. Who was the Grand Champion of the WI Spring Red & White Show for 2011? 7. Who was the Grand Champion of the WI Midwest National Spring Show for 2011? 8. Who was the Grand Champion of the 2011 Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo? 9. Who was the Grand Champion of the 2011 International Junior Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo? 10. Who is the World Dairy Expo Board President?

We look forward to receiving your answers, photos & forms for Holsti-Bucks! 42–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

Dairy Bowl 2011 Dairy Bowl Deadlines The Dairy Bowl contest will be held on Thursday, December 29, 2011 at the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Convention. Finals will be held on Friday, December 30, 2011. The deadline to enter a team for the 2011 Dairy Bowl Contest will be NOVEMBER 15, 2011. Entries must be IN OFFICE by this date or entry fees will double. The fee to enter teams will remain $10 for the Rookie division and $30 for Junior and Senior divisions. Remember, FEES WILL DOUBLE if the entry form is not IN OFFICE by November 15. NEW - All potential team member names must be submitted by the November 15 deadline. Please remember, official teams do not need to be named until registration at the 2012 Junior Convention. This includes all possible team memebers and there is no limit to the number of juniors that can be included on the list. Names must be included with the entry form to make a completed entry. Counties that will have juniors wishing to participate on a Wisconsin team must submit their $5.00 entry fee by November 15. This has been put into place so that we have a more exact number of teams prior to convention. 2012 Dairy Bowl Source List: (Dairy Bowl questions may be obtained from articles and information going back three (3) years) HA Identification Application HA Application for Transfer HA Fees for Programs & Services HA Pulse (Quarterly)

HF Understanding Genetics & the Sire Summaries HF Pedigree Q & A HF The Path to your future...Careers in Agriculture HF Dairy Cattle Marketing HF Working with Dairy Cattle HF Effective Group Leadership HF Dairy Judging HF World of Dairy Cattle Nutrition The Rules Are Black and White... WHA History Book (Ch. 1 & 2) August Sire Summary (Red Book) Dairy Bowl Rules Dairy Cow Unified Scorecard 2011 Hoard’s Dairyman (exception - no December 2011 issue) 2011 Wisconsin Holstein News (exception - no December 2011 issue) 2011 Holstein World (exception - no December 2011 issue) Calf Care (Hoard’s) Showing 101 (Hoard’s) Virginia Dairy Quiz Bowl Study Materials Additional Senior Sources: WHA History Book (Ch. 1, 2, 12, 13, 14, pgs 99-119) HA Cattle Merchandising & Advertising Policy Cattle Abnormalities A78861 CA 2011 Dairy Herd Management (exception - no December 2011 issue) Profitable Milking (Hoard’s) Progress of the Breed (Ch.1) Dairy Cattle Fertility & Sterility Hoard’s Feeding Guide (2008)

2012 Dairy Bowl Team Entry Return IN OFFICE by November 15, 2011 to: Dairy Bowl Registration, WI Holstein Association, 902 Eighth Ave, Baraboo, WI, 53913

County: _________________________ Coach: _____________________________ Address: _____________________________________________________________ City: ________________________________

Zip: ________________________

Phone: ___________________________ Email: ____________________________ Entry fee per team is $30.00 (competitive) and $10.00 (Rookie), and rules will be sent to teams when entry fee is received. There is a $5.00 fee for individuals participating on a Wisconsin team. Entry fee will double if not in office by November 15, 2011. #Rookie Teams: ______

# Junior Teams: ______

# Senior Teams: ______

# WI Team Members: ______

All possible team member names must be submitted with this form in order to be considered a completed entry. There is no limit to the number of names that can be included. Each county will be allowed 10 participants in Junior and 10 participants in Senior Dairy Bowl. There will be a “Rookie” Dairy Bowl opportunity for members age 11 & under. Young or first year teams will be allowed two rounds each and no awards will be given in this division. Teams entering late will have entry fees doubled. For answers to any questions, call 1.800.223.4269! wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November, 2011-43


ACKY WPoint of View Editor’s Comments

What a week at World Dairy Expo again this year! Along with a week of great weather, Wisconsin breeders had an outstanding week in the showring. I hope you’ll enjoy reading a little about each of the animals and WHA members that took home champion honors at WDE on page 12. Congrats to all that competed on the colored shavings. Also thanks to all who stopped by our booth during the week. Included with this issue is our 2012 Breeder Calendar. Thank you to the breeders that helped to make this a reality. It’s always a popular piece to give away at our booth at WDE and I hope you’ll enjoy looking at the great ads throughout 2012. This issue is our annual A.I. feature issue and it was a pleasure to work with Ron Sersland and International Protein Sires to promote IPS sires during their 20th year in business. You can read more about IPS on page 22. Thank you to the breeders that took advantage of our discounted rates this month to make this issue a success. Coming in December is our annual Youth Issue. This is a great opportunity to showcase the junior members in your family that have done well this year. I also encourage juniors to put their design hats on & work on an ad featuring their favorite project animal. Give me a call to save your ad space for the December issue & take advantage of the 10% junior discount. This is the last call for entries for our Cover Contest. Our theme this year is “Families” and that can mean cow families or your favorite farm family. Entries are due November 15 & can be mailed (high quality print, 5x7 or larger please) or emailed to me at as a 300 dpi, 5x7 or larger JPEG. Please call with any questions. Contracts for 2012 will be available soon. If you would like to take advantage of discounted rates on all your ads for next year, please contact me for more details. Until next time...




November 2011 Classifying in Dane, Grant, Green, Iowa & Lafayette counties 5-6 PDCA Youth Leadership Derby, contact PDPW at 1-800-947-7379 14 Carn-Quest Holsteins Complete Dispersal, Randy & Elaine Carns, Shullsburg, 11:00 a.m. 15 Dairy Bowl Team Entry & potential team members due to WHA office 15 WHY Friend nominations due 16 Sure-View Holsteins Complete Dispersal, Great Northern, Fond du Lac December 2011 Classifying in Columbia, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Jefferson, Marquette, Rock & Walworth counties 1 Dairy Jeopardy & Speaking Contest entries due 2 WHA Board Meeting 5 Barron Fall Sale, Barron Pavilion 28-30 Junior Holstein Convention, Eau Claire, hosted by Clark County 2012 Events Feb. 24-25, 2012 June 15 June 19 June 27-30 July 16-17, 2012

44–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

Adult Convention, hosted by Waupaca-Waushara Counties District 10 Show, Manitowoc District 6 Show, Janesville National Convention, Springfield, MO WI Championship Show - Marshfield

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A Marvelous Evening...

INDEX TO ADVERTISERS Accelerated Genetics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BC Alpha Genetics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Apple Genetics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Armbrust, Dr. Scott . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Carn-Quest Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Crescentmead . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Cybil Fisher Photography . . . . . . . . . . . . 45

October 7, 2011 Madison, WI

Dewgood Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24-25 Dream Prairie Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . IFC Finger Family Farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Haven-Maid Holsteins/Bruce Hoeft . . . . . 28 High-View Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 Hol-Star Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Initial Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 International Protein Sires/Our Help . . . . IBC Koepke Farms, Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Kranzdale Sales . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Krohlow, Craig . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Krohlow’s Reg. Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Merle Howard Agency . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Misty Meadows Wood Products . . . . . . . 45 Morris Ltd., Tom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Oney, Connie . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Optimal Dairy/Rainyridge Holsteins . . . . 32 Pete’s Auction & Photo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Rabur Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

43 lots averaged $27,295 Buyers from 8 Countries, 14 States, 4 Canadian Provinces

Rickert Bros. LLC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Ronland & Jimtown Holsteins . . . . . . . . . 27 Rural Mutual Ins./Brian Greenman . 39 & 45 Second-Look Holsteins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Sigwarth, Kietzman, Behnke . . . . . . . . . . 29 Stone-Front . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21

Good Sales Don’t Just Happen - They’re Managed

Holstein Association Representatives

Sunshine Genetics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Taurus Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 The Practice Veterinary Services . . . . . . . 45

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Wadel Holsteins/Ricecrest Holsteins . . . . 30

46–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/November 2011

Ultrascan, Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 UW-Madison . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Wargo Acres . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31

I Design by Laura Wackershauser Wisconsin Holstein Publications

t was great to have Marlowe join us for the 20th Anniversary party at our home this summer. Al was certainly in my thoughts that day. I have considered it a pleasure and honor to know these two Wisconsin Legends. Marlowe’s cow and pedigree knowledge is second to no one. His impact on the Holstein breed today is much greater than many people realize. Al Piper’s work ethic was like few people I have ever known and worked with. What started as two men and one bull has grown more than I ever hoped. “Breeding Cows, Not Numbers” PO Box 157, Rock Springs, WI 53961 Tel • 1-800-542-7593 Tel • 608-524-8086 Fax • 608-524-6935 E-mail: A Division of Our Help Inc.

November 2011 WI Holstein News  

November 2011 issue of the Wisconsin Holstein News featuring International Protein Sires and World Dairy Expo results.

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