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March 2014

Volume 86 No. 3

Midwest Holsteins issue Junior Convention Results Barn Meeting Information Breeder Profile: Linerway Holsteins

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VOLUME 86 No. 3

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On The Cover

This month’s cover photo by Morgan Behnke features our 2013 Outstanding Holstein Girl & Boy, Breinne Hendrickson, Belleville, and Brett Hildebrandt, Hustisford. Complete junior convention coverage starts on page 8.

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wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014-5


Linerway Holsteins Jeff & Dan Liner, Van Dyne, WI by Ashley Yager

Mike, Dan, Jeff and Tim Liner

inerway Holsteins of Van Dyne is owned by brothers Jeff and Dan Liner. This herd of registered cows is only part of a larger family dairy, Liner Dairy LLC. Dan manages the dairy with his father, Tim, and mother, Kathy. Jeff and Dan’s youngest brother, Mike, also works on the dairy. The Liner herd has come a long way from the 27 grade cows that Tim and Kathy took over from Tim’s father in the late 1960s. In 1969, Tim owned just half of the 27 grade Holstein cows. He later grew the herd to 45 cows that were milked in a tie-stall barn. Tim moved his family to the farm’s current location in Van Dyne in 1976. Even though he had grade cows, he always maintained records and pedigrees of all animals in the herd and bred using AI. Tim’s sons, Jeff, Dan and Mike all attended college – Jeff and Dan graduated from UW-Madison with dairy science degrees, and Mike is a graduate of UW-Platteville. The boys knew they wanted to all be a part of the farm, and in 1998 they modified their tie-stall barn to a double-six flat barn parlor and built a freestall barn with 133 stalls. At that time, their herd had grown to 130 cows by growing from within and purchasing a herd of 60 additional cows. Jeff and Dan decided they wanted more from the cows, and formed Linerway Holsteins LLC in 2000 to signify the Registered Holstein part of the herd. Dan is the primary herdsman, as Jeff works off the farm as sales and marketing manager for Agromatic. Mike is largely responsible for the fieldwork and routine maintenance on the farm. Kathy also remains involved with the farms’ bookwork. Tim still owns the land and facilities that go with Linerway Dairy, with the exception of the heifer facilities across the road. The heifer buildings were built only a few years ago on Jeff ’s property, and are leased back to Linerway Encino the dairy. The farm encompasses


6–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014

650 acres that grow the herd’s hay and corn silage. The Linerway crew is a family-focused farm with only six additional employees on the payroll. Jeff and wife Charlene have two young sons, Patrick, age 3, and Trevor, age four months. Mike is married to Angie and has a stepson, Jake. The boys are looking forward to getting the next generation involved in the show ring and on the farm as they get older. The farm is currently home to 385 cows, and the RHA on 3x milking is 29,500M with 1033F and 937P. The Liners have been milking three times a day for three years, and made the switch primarily for increased production. There are seve EX and 57 VG cows in the herd, which is approximately one-third registered. Jeff and Dan purchased their first registered cattle only 14 years ago with good college friend Scott Munes, and formed the Moon-Line prefix. Their foundation cow, Long-Haven Storm Charm, VG-86, was acquired at the 2001 National Convention Sale in Iowa. Purchased as a two-yearold, she has several descendants in the herd but was lost in her first lactation to cancer. The Liner brothers liked the appeal in Storm as a sire and were able to purchase Charm as a great young cow with a deep pedigree behind her. In addition, she sold with AI interest. One of the best sons to come from the Charm family was Moon-Line Cedric, EX-91; an Oman son that made the active lineup at Accelerated. Cedric’s dam, Moon-Line Blitz Checkers-ET, was an outstandingly high milk cow as a two-year-old. There are still a large number of daughters in the Liner’s herd from Cedric, and they have proven to be profitable, consistent and long-lived offspring. The Liners are working with fourth generation Charm daughter Linerway Bowser Cha-Cha-ET, VG-85 first lactation. Cha-Cha is a Bowser from a GP-83 Ramos, VG-87 GMD DOM Trent, then Charm. Also in the herd is Linerway Planet Cocos, VG-85 and just fresh with her second calf. Cocos is a Planet from Moon-Line Lancelot Coco, VG-88 and one of the oldest cows in the herd at ten years of age. Coco is from the same VG-87 Trent daughter of Charm. Planet Cocos’ daughter by Gold Chip is recently fresh and looks very promising. While the Charm family has provided an excellent foundation family for Jeff and Dan’s registered genetics, an early embryo investment also had major payback for the brothers. Ms Libby-ET EX-91

Linerway Modl Lizbeth-ET *RC, EX-90, is another ten-year-old cow in the herd from the Laurie Sheik family. This red carrier Talent was the result of a sexed embryo purchase from Comestar. Lizbeth has had six lactations and her lifetime production credits total 196,991 pounds milk, with 6,972 fat and 6,446 protein. She is a granddaughter of Comestar Model Lady, (Rudolph x Inspiration x Sheik), who was Nominated All-American and All-Canadian as a heifer. Lizbeth’s dam is Comestar Model Liza Outside, VG-87 Can and 24*. Lizbeth’s daughter, Linerway Advent Lady-Red-ET, VG-88, is a herd standout. The Liners also have a red carrier Planet from Lizbeth – Linerway Planet Lizzie is VG-86 in her second lactation. In 2004, the Liners purchased additional embryos sired by Stormatic from Comestar Formation Larana, whose dam was a full sister to proven sire, Lee. From the embryos, Jeff and Dan sent three sires to AI, and the two resulting heifers still have some of the highest type offspring in the herd today. Unfortunately, the first ET sister, Ms Linerway Laurie Matic-ET, was lost after her first calf was born. Her daughter has made the impact in the herd, however, and Linerway Sosa Lauren, VG-88, matured into a fantastic brood cow. Her daughter, Linerway Mac Laurella, EX-92, is the Liner’s highest scored homebred cow to date. She also has a VG-85 twoyear-old Atwood that looks to excel with each lactation. The second ET female by Stormatic was Ms Linerway Lilah MaticET, EX-90. Lilah is also a few generations in at Liners, having an EX-91 Encino daughter, a VG-87 Planet daughter, and a GP-83 first lactation Freddie daughter at +2127 GTPI. Lilah’s Planet granddaughter has a young sire by Gold Chip in standing at Semex (Linked-In, +2707 LPI). Another prominent investment for the Liners came with the purchase of Poly-Kow Jasper Alpha-ET, EX-90. Purchased at the Dodgeramma in 2010, her dam is a full sister to Atwood. Alpha has been flushed, exported embryos to Japan, and just made ten embryos by Brokaw. Her first Braxton daughter is about one month fresh, and another Braxton daughter that sold in the Dodgeramma went on to win the Fall Yearling class at the Wisconsin Junior State Fair. The Liners are excited to continue working with this high-type family. A more recent purchase for Jeff and Dan was Lime-Valley Frost, a pick from the Planet Holstein sale. From Brattview Shottle Fern, VG-86, Frost is VG-85 first lactation and has a Mayfield son at Accelerated Genetics as a young sire that is +4.07 PTAT. There is also a Supersonic son in sampling at Semex, and Jeff has continued to test additional Supersonic sons in search of high bulls. Frost also has Numero Uno and Supersonic calves on the ground, and is pregnant to Mack with additional Mack pregnancies on the way. The Liners have tried to dabble some in genomics, and purchased six Super embryos from J&S Mars Gold Gadget, VG-86, online from the Krullcrest herd in Iowa that resulted in five heifers. Three are scored VG-85, one VG-86 and one GP-83, all first lactation. These Super daughters are set to calve in for a second time and look to go no where but up in score. Super Ghost, scored VG-85, has had the highest tested genomic daughters, with two ETS Numero Uno daughters at +2348 GTPI. Her natural calf by Supersire is also high at +2439 GTPI, and the Liners are excited to continue the momentum in numbers in this family. To keep the progression of genetics in the herd, Jeff and Dan have stuck to using a lot of high TPI bulls and young sires in their mating program. A few in the tank currently include Halogen, Montross, and Racer. When selecting, they focus first on udder composite, a strong pedigree, high productive life and positive DPR sires. In the heifer pens, there are several McCutchens, Moguls, Numero Unos, and Gold Chips. Young cows are sired by Super, Atwood, and Aftershock, as well as a few Freddies. Founding dams have Planet, Stormatic, Rudolph sons, and Outside in their pedigrees. When they’re not busy with the farm, Jeff and Dan both enjoy serving on local boards. Jeff keeps busy remodeling his house and is active as a board member on the Fond du Lac Area Agri-Business Council, which focuses on supporting educational programs that promote the importance of agriculture. Dan enjoys trips to Las Vegas and is active on the Fond du Lac Forage Council.

Linerway Mac Laurella EX-92

Poly-Kow Jasper Alpha-ET EX-90

Lime-Valley Frost-ET VG-85 The Liner brothers have no immediate plans for more growth in cow numbers, as they just put up a new tunnel-ventilated freestall barn in 2013. They are excited for a great future as they continue to build their registered herd with the outstanding foundation genetics they have acquired. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014-7

Junior Holstein Convention Results Wisconsin Holstein Youth were “Ropin’ the Dream in 2014” The annual Wisconsin Junior Holstein Convention was hosted by the Fond activities in 2013. du Lac County juniors in Wisconsin Dells, at Glacier Canyon Lodge, January 2013 DJMs include Cassie Endres of Dane County, Karsen Haag of 3-5, 2014. Over 500 Holstein members, chaperones, and volunteers were in Dane County, Charles Hamilton of Grant County, Rachel Hartlaub of attendance to help make the weekend a huge success. Manitowoc County, Kati Kindschuh of Fond du Lac County, Kayla Krueger Throughout the convention junior members participated in numerous of Waupaca County, Bryce Krull of Jefferson County, Cassy Krull of contests, including speaking, arts and crafts, photography, dairy jeopardy and Jefferson County, Austin Nauman of Monroe County, Andrea Pagenkopf of dairy bowl. The largest competition of the weekend was dairy bowl, in which Grant County, Jessica Pralle of Clark County, Ryan Pralle of Clark County, 30 junior, 24 senior, and ten rookie teams competed. Elizabeth Sarbacker of Dane County, Macy Sarbacker of Dane County, Over 50 volunteers helped coordinate dairy bowl matches, dairy jeopardy Nicholas Schuster of Fond du Lac County, Carrie Warmka of Fond du Lac contests, and the speaking contest. As the dairy bowl contest came to a close, County, and Nicole Wright of Jefferson County. the Shawano County juniors took top honors in the junior division, and the The YDJMs include Rachel Coyne of Pierce County, Adam Field of Polk County seniors defeated Dodge County twice to earn the honor to Adams County, Kalista Hodorff of Fond du Lac County, Sierra Huser of represent Wisconsin at the National Holstein Convention. Shawano County’s Wood County, Carley Krull of Jefferson County, Rachel McCullough of Green team included Mason and Carter Jauquet, Nathan Ferfecki and Ben Schmidt. County, Michael Moede of Kewaunee County, Megan Nelson of Trempealeau Polk County’s team was comprised of Chris Rassier, Ethan and Bethany County, Dawson Nickels of Dodge County, Nicole Pralle of Clark County, Dado and Cody Getschel, with alternate Tayler Elwood. Lindsey Sarbacker of Dane County and Brooke Trustem of Rock County. For teams to be seated in the dairy bowl Finally, 12 & Under member recognition was contest, they must take a written exam on the awarded to Ava Booth of Sheboygan County, first day of convention. Those individuals Cole Booth of Sheboygan County, Elise Bleck scoring highest are recognized with awards. of Sheboygan County, Colton Brandel of High scores in the junior division this year went Jefferson County, Madison Calvert of Lafayette to Adam Field of the District 5 Juniors, Tyler County, McKenzie Calvert of Lafayette Franklin of St. Croix County, and Dawson County, Hunter Crowley of Winnebago Nickels of Dodge County. Recognized for high County, Emma Dorshorst of Wood County, scores in the senior division were Andy Sell of Tyler Giddings of Marathon County, Hannah Dodge County, Lizi Endres of Dane County Hockerman of Marquette County, Kaianne and Charlie Hamilton of Grant County. Hodorff of Fond du Lac County, Kaydence All juniors at convention had the chance to Hodorff of Fond du Lac County, Brian compete in the dairy jeopardy competition. McCullough of Green County, Megan Moede The top competitor in each of three age of Kewaunee County, Kylie Nickels of Dodge brackets has the opportunity to compete at the County, Drew Noble of Grant County, national level. Qualifying this year was Brian Samantha Pitterle of Dodge County and McCullough of Green County in the junior Clarissa Ulness of Manitowoc County. division, Jordan Siemers of Manitowoc County Of the exceptional youth recognized, four in the intermediate division, and Andy Sell of representatives in the Distinguished and Young 2013 Outstanding Holstein Boy & Girl: Dodge County in the senior division. Placing Distinguished Member categories were selected Brett Hildebrandt & Breinne Hendrickson second and third in the junior division were to submit award forms to the national level with Abby Field of the District 5 Junior Club and hopes of being honored at the National ConClarissa Ulness of Manitowoc County. For vention, being held in Iowa in June. Ryan intermediates, Sanne DeBruijn of Manitowoc Pralle, Nicholas Schuster, Cassy Krull and Carrie County took second, and Hannah Nelson of Pierce Warmkawere all chosen to represent Wisconsin as County was third. In the senior division, Lizi Endres Distinguished Junior Members. The Young Distinof Dane County and Ethan Dado of Polk County guished Member delegates include Carley Krull, placed second and third, respectively. Megan Nelson, Nicole Pralle and Rachel Coyne. In the speaking contest, Wisconsin can send up The 2014 Wisconsin Holstein Princess and to three delegates in each division to compete at Attendant were also crowned at the banquet on National Convention. To compete, youth must Saturday evening. This year, Kayla Krueger of prepare a speech on a topic related to the dairy Waupaca/Waushara County will serve as the WHA industry at a length assigned to their specific age Princess, and Kristen Broege of Rock County will division. Heading to National Convention this year join her as the WHA Princess Attendant. are Connor Siemers of Manitowoc County, Cole Special recognition is given to youth leaders that Booth of Sheboygan County, and Elise Bleck of have been nominated by youth in the Junior Sheboygan County in the junior division. Jessica Holstein Association and selected by the Junior Steger of Crawford County, Josh Siemers of Activities Committee. This year’s WHY (Wisconsin Manitowoc County, and Kelsey Cramer of Green Holstein Youth) Friends were Mandy Sell of Dodge WHA Princesses County qualified in the intermediate division. County in the five year and under division, and Tom 2014 Princess Kayla Krueger & Representing the senior division will be Jessica Pralle and Vicki Sarbacker of Dane County in the six Princess Attendant Kristen Broege of Clark County, Kristen Broege of Rock County years and over division. and Mackenzie Sarbacker of Dane County. Wisconsin Holstein awarded over $10,000 in scholarships this year, and On Saturday evening, the annual banquet was held to honor outstanding following the award presentation, an auction was held to raise funds for future juniors in the Association. Brett Hildebrandt of Dodge County and Breinne awards. Donated items auctioned off included clippers from Andis, UWHendrickson of Green County claimed the most prestigious honor, being Madison Men’s Hockey tickets donated by Larry Nelson, a certificate for a named Outstanding Holstein Boy and Girl. These individuals have excelled Bonnie Mohr print, UW-Madison Men’s Basketball tickets donated by Corey in their Holstein programs and have been an asset to the Association and Geiger and Krista Knigge, another pair of men’s basketball tickets donated dairy industry as a whole. Also receiving honors were the Distinguished Junior by the Rob Rippchen family, a show package donated by NASCO, a show Members, Young Distinguished Junior Member winners, and 12 & Under bucket donated by the family of John Klossner, a stay at the “Doctor’s House” Recognition winners, all of which excelled in their Wisconsin Holstein by Daluge Travel, and a pair of Packer tickets donated by Dr. Robert Cox. 8–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014

Distinguished Junior Members

Front: Brett Hildebrandt, Nicholas Schuster, Ryan Pralle, Bryce Krull, Charlie Hamilton & Austin Nauman; Back: Kayla Krueger, Andrea Pagenkopf, Cassi Endres, Rachel Hartlaub, Macy Sarbacker, Jessica Pralle, Cassy Krull, Carrie Warmka, Nicole Wright, Elizabeth Sarbacker, Karsen Haag, Breinne Hendrickson & Kati Kindschuh

Younger Distinguished Junior Members

National DJM Representatives

Front: Kalista Hodorff, Dawson Nickels, Adam Field & Rachel McCullough; Back: Sierra Huser, Brooke Trustem, Lindsay Sarbacker, Megan Nelson, Rachel Coyne & Carley Krull. Missing: Nicole Pralle & Michael Moede

National YDJM Representatives (Nicole Pralle missing)

Funds from these items, along with a silent auction, are put into the WHA Valerie Kramer of Fond du Lac County. scholarship fund, and over $3,500 was added this year. The Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association awards interested juniors the The 2013 WHA Scholarship recipients included Bethany Dado of Polk opportunity to travel to an area of the state to tour farms and learn from their County, Ryan Pralle of Clark County, Derrek Kamphuis of Fond du Lac dairy operations. This Farm Tour award was given to eleven recipients County, Morgan Behnke of Green County, Ethan Dado of Polk County, including Paige Nelson of Pierce County, Aaron Berg of LaCrosse County, Cassi Endrees of Dane County, Lizi Endres of Dane County, Rachel Rachel Coyne of Pierce County, Cole Hoyer of LaCrosse County, Katie Hartlaub of Manitowoc County, Valerie Kramer of Fond du Lac County, Bauer of Waupaca County, Elizabeth Sarbacker of Dane County, Sara Kayla Krueger of Waupaca County, Bryce Krull of Jefferson County and Griswold of Dane County, Sam Minch of Wood County, Austin Nauman of Andrea Pagenkopf of Grant County. Vernon County, Katherine Larson of Vernon County and Paul Grulke of Throughout the convention, youth were recognized for other outstanding Dodge County. The group will be traveling the state early this spring. achievements, including Junior Progressive Breeder and Long Range The convention concluded Sunday morning with an awards breakfast Production animals producing 100,000 to over 200,000 pounds of milk over and the annual business meeting, where four new Junior Activities Committee their lifetime. Youth with cows that surpassed the 100,000 pound milk mark (JAC) members were elected. The JAC group is responsible for coordinating include Elise Bleck of Sheboygan County, Derrek Kamphuis of Fond du Lac and overseeing all junior events within the Wisconsin Junior Holstein AssociCounty, Ryan and Jessica Pralle of Clark County, Matthew Kramer of Fond ation. Selected this year for the southwest district was Charlie Hamilton of du Lac County, and Elizabeth Sarbacker of Dane County. Juniors with cows Grant County, Jessica Pralle of Clark County for the northwest district, Andy producing over 125,000 pounds of milk lifetime include Charlie Hamilton Sell of Dodge County for the southeast, and Crystal Siemers-Peterman of of Grant County, Ryan and Jessica Pralle of Clark County, and Jessica and Manitowoc County for the northeast. These members will serve a two-year Nicole Pralle of Clark County. 150,000 pound lifetime cows were owned by term as JAC’s, and join second-year members Sean Brown of Iowa County, Brett Hildebrandt of Dodge County, Cassi Miller of Wood County, Cassy Elizabeth Sarbacker of Dane County Krull of Jefferson County and Rachel and Crystal Siemers-Peterman of Hartlaub of Manitowoc County. Manitowoc County. Youth with cows The contest room is always fun and producing higher than 175,000 total a great way to show off projects done pounds lifetime milk included Elizabeth by junior members throughout the year. Sarbacker of Dane County and Ryan In the advertising contest, members and Jessica Pralle of Clark County. submit advertisements they ran in the Wisconsin Juniors recognized as Wisconsin Holstein News or something Junior Progressive Breeders included they designed at home on their own. Aaliyah Borchert of Wood County, This year’s winners in the junior Brett Hildebrandt of Dodge County, division were Elise Bleck of Sheboygan Charlie Hamilton of Grant County, County, Joey Opsal of Dane County Crystal Siemers Peterman and Jordan and Jared Abraham of Sheboygan Siemers of Manitowoc County, County. In the senior division, Carley Elizabeth Sarbacker of Dane County, Krull of Jefferson County, Kayli Jessica Pralle of Clark County, Jordan Hodorff of Fond du Lac County and Siemers of Manitowoc County, Josh Nicole Pralle of Clark County were and Jake Siemers of Manitowoc recognized. Taking people’s choice 12 & Under Recognition winners County, Kalista Hodorff of Fond du Front: Hunter Crowley, Brian McCullough, Drew Noble, Cole Booth & honors were Ava Booth of Sheboygan Lac County, Katherine Larson of County in the junior division and Tyler Giddings; Back: Madison Calvert, Elise Bleck, Megan Moede, Vernon County, Nicole Wright of Kylie Nickels, Hannah Hockerman, Kaianne Hodorff, Samantha Pitterle, Carley Krull in senior. Jefferson County, Ryan, Jessica and In the photography contest’s farm Clarissa Ulness, Ava Booth, Colton Brandel, Kaydence Hodorff, Nicole Pralle of Clark County, and people photos, Clarissa Ulness of Emma Dorshorst & McKenzie Calvert wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014-9

Manitowoc County, Ella Bindl of Sheboygan County, and Brock Nelson of Richland County were recognized. In the senior division, Lizi Endres of Dane County, Ben Powers of Dunn County and Cierra Ehrke-Essock of Jefferson County had photos that received top honors. People’s choice awards went to Emily Makos of Green County and Cierra Ehrke-Essock of Jefferson County. In the farm scenes category, Jared Abraham of Sheboygan County took first, while Hunter Crowley of Winnebago County received second and Courtney Moser of Vernon County took third in the junior division. Excelling in the senior division were Emily Reuter of Lafayatte County with first and second place, and Kayla Krueger of Waupaca/Waushara County in third. People’s choice honors went to Erica Helmer of Sheboygan County in the junior contest and Kayla Krueger in senior. Wrapping up the photography contest was the farm animals category, where Sanne DeBruijn of Manitowoc County took first and Clarissa Ulness of Manitowoc County and Joey Opsal of Dane County came in second and third respectively. Ben Powers of Dunn County took first, Cierra Ehrke-Essock of Jefferson County took second and Lizi Endres of Dane County rounded out the senior division in third place. People’s choice awards went to Sanne DeBruijn and Jessica Steger of Crawford County. The juniors got creative in the arts contest, and taking top honors in the junior Scholarship Recipients division were Hannah Nelson of Pierce County, Abigail Solum of Barron County Front: Bryce Krull, Ryan Pralle, Lizi Endres, Ethan Dado & Derrek and Hunter Crowley of Winnebago County. In the senior division, Andrew Kamphuis; Back: Kayla Krueger, Bethany Dado, Cassi Endres, Andrea Greenfield of Waupaca/Waushara County was the top individual and Kathryn Pagenkopf, Rachel Hartlaub, Valerie Kramer & Morgan Behnke Swenson of Vernon County and Sarah Gerbitz of Dane County rounded out the contest. Hannah Nelson and Kathryn Swenson received the people’s choice awards. Also bringing out creativity were those in the crafts contest. Hannah Nelson of Pierce County, Brooke Trustem of Rock County and Emma Dorshorst of Wood County were the top individuals in the junior division, while Carrie Warmka of Dodge County was first, Elizabeth Sarbacker of Dane County was second, and Emily Reuter of Lafayette County was third in the senior division. People’s choice winners were Payton Calvert of Lafayette County and Carrie Warmka. Each county is encouraged to submit a scrapbook of their activities throughout the year. These books are judged and awards are given to the top three counties. This year, Green County earned top honors, and Sheboygan County and the District 5 delegation followed closely in second and third place. The folding display contest was a huge success again this year. Individuals developed display boards to highlight activities or subjects within the dairy industry. First in the junior division was Elise Bleck of Sheboygan County, second was Emily Makos of Green County, and third was Colby Steiner of Green County. Elise was also named people’s choice in this contest. First in the intermeWHY Friend Awards diate division was Courtney Moser of Vernon County, second was Sam Minch Mandy Sell of Dodge County and of Wood County, and third was Sara Griswold of Dane County. Courtney Moser Tom & Vicki Sarbacker of Dane County of Vernon County was People’s Choice winner in the intermediate division. In the senior contest, Courtney McCourt of Fond du Lac County was the winning entry. The state banner contest was very competitive, and a banner from Manitowoc County took first place. Richland County was second, and Wood County third. The Manitowoc County banner will represent Wisconsin at this year’s National Holstein Convention in Iowa. The annual essay contest encourages members to write about assigned topics relating to today’s dairy industry. The top junior individual for this contest was Hunter Crowley of Winnebago County. In the senior division, Kati Kindschuh of Fond du Lac County was first with Charlie Hamilton of Grant County second. Valerie Kramer of Fond du Lac County and Jackie Breuch of Wood County tied for third place. One of the most coveted awards, based on participation throughout the year and enthusiasm, is the Spirit award, which was given to Lafayette County. The Bell-R-Ring contest was won by Wood County. The Wisconsin Holstein Association would like to commend the Fond du Lac County Junior Holstein Association members and chaperones, and extend a special thank you to all volunteers that helped make the weekend a success! The Association would also like to thank the following junior raffle sponsors: Forest-Ridge Holsteins, Confections for Any Occasion by Joel, UW-Platteville Dairy Club, WI State Farmer, Accelerated Genetics, Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin, ABS Global, Inc., CRV, Holstein World, The Country Today, Animart, NASCO, East Central/Select Sires, Cattle Connection, UW-Madison Badger Dairy Club, International Protein Sires, Semex, World Dairy Expo, Speaking Contest Agri-View, Hoard’s Dairyman, Wisconsin Holstein Association, and Wisconsin Front: Cole Booth, Connor Siemers, Elise Bleck & Josh Siemers; Holstein Publications. Back: Kayla Krueger, Jessica Pralle, Jessica Steger, Mackenzie Sarbacker & Kristen Broege 10–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014

Shawano County Junior Dairy Bowl Team

Front: Heather & Mason Jauquet; Back: Nathan Ferfecki, Carter Jauquet & Ben Schmidt

Dodge County Junior Dairy Bowl Team

Front: coaches Sarah Wendorf, Mandy Sell, Kyle Natzke & Linda Behling; Back: Sam Pitterle, Dawson Nickels, Kylie Nickels & Matthew Gunst

Advertising Contest

Front: Elise Bleck, Ava Booth & Jared Abraham; Back: Kayli Hodorff, Joey Opsal & Kayla Krueger

Polk County Senior Dairy Bowl Team

Front: Ethan Dado, Chris Rassier & Cody Getschel; Back: Bethany Dado & Patti Hurtgen

Dodge County Senior Dairy Bowl Team

Front: coaches Sarah Wendorf, Mandy Sell, Kyle Natzke & Linda Behling; Back: Paul Grulke, Brad Warmka, Andy Sell & Carrie Warmka

Top Dairy Bowl Seating Exam Scores

Front: Tyler Franklin & Adam Field; Back: Charlie Hamilton, Andy Sell & Lizi Endres (missing is Dawson Nickels)

Essay Contest

Front: Charlie Hamilton, Jackie Breuch & Valerie Kramer; Back: Kati Kindschuh & Hunter Crowley wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014-11

2013 Outstanding Holstein Girl & Boy Outstanding Holstein Girl - Breinne Hendrickson

Outstanding Holstein Boy - Brett Hildebrandt

The Holstein cow has been a way of life for me and I couldn’t feel more honored to have been chosen as the 2013 Wisconsin Holstein Outstanding Girl. Being able to celebrate a wonderful industry with so many great people has built a strong foundation for my present and future lifestyle. I grew up on a 212-acre, Registered Holstein dairy farm a mile south of Belleville, with my parents, Jeff and Kate Hendrickson. I have four siblings, Brandon, Kelsi, Trent and Brooks, who are all still very active in agriculture. At JeffreyWay Holsteins, we are currently milking around 75 cows, with a rolling herd average of 29,824 and a BAA of 111.9. My parents built the platform to my involvement in the Holstein industry from the day I was born, taking me out to the barn to hang out in a stroller while they milked. As I left for college almost four years ago, the Holstein cow and the herd my parents had developed over the years keeps me coming back home. Even more so, it is the bond between each and every one of my family members that further increased my love for the farm each and every day. Although I partake in and love all aspects of the farm, my specialty is managing and taking care of the baby calves and young stock. I truly believe that in order for an animal to be successful down the road as a cow, she needs to be cared for properly every single day of her life. I also have played an extremely large role to prepare some of our animals for show. During Christmas of 2005, my parents handed three of my siblings and myself an identical package. It was long and thin, not big at all, but it was the best Christmas present I have ever received. We were each given a pedigree for a calf in each of our names. All four of the heifers were full siblings out of our parents’ well-known cow, Jeffrey-Way Format Tate-ET (EX 93), and sired by Regancrest Elton Durham-ET. The calf I attained was Jeffrey-Way Tish-ET. She is now an eight-year-old at EX-93. She is easily my most prized possession, as she is tremendous for type and has a great milk production record. Additionally, I showed her as a three-yearold winning Grand Champion of both the Wisconsin Championship Junior show and Wisconsin Junior State Fair in 2008. Most of my herd originates from Jeffrey-Way Tish-ET and I have been lucky to receive many heifers out of her, as well as a few successful flushes. Before owning Tish, I did own a select few animals, however, my current herd mostly originates from her and I am working on developing and growing my herd even further. The Jeffrey-Way goal is to have high-scoring cows that will produce large volumes of milk for a number of lactations. I follow this goal, being part of the family and seeing how successful my parent’s herd has been. In the future, I plan to grow my herd not only in numbers, but in quality as well. I would like to breed cows that I can show in strong competition. An additional goal of mine is to have all mature cows score at least VG-88 with 35,000 pounds of milk. When it comes to genetics and breeding my animals, I always ask my dad for advice. I admire his mindset in selecting bulls and he has been my biggest teacher for which bulls to mate to my animals. He knows the cows and the cow families better than anyone else, so no matter where my herd will be located in the future I am always going to ask his advice before making a final breeding decision. I would like to continue to make my family’s name well known within the Holstein industry, as my parent’s success is as important to me as my own. Since I was young, I have been very active in Junior Holsteins. It has played a large role in my life; not only has it helped me build a network within the Holstein industry, but it has also helped me to better my dairy knowledge. I have tried to be the most involved in Junior Holsteins as I can. In the past I have participated in Junior Holstein

My name is Brett Hildebrandt, and I was recently named the 2013 Wisconsin Holstein Boy. I am still extremely honored and in shock that I received this award knowing many of my idols have previously received this award. It has been one of my biggest dreams as a little boy to receive this award. It means so much to be recognized for my accomplishments and passion for the dairy industry and the Holstein cow. I grew up on my family farm, which was called Milgene Holsteins and owned by my dad, Roger, and uncle, Alvin, in a 50/50 partnership. The farm began in 1961 when my grandparents, Mildred and Gene moved from Illinois to the present location. This past May the farm transitioned to Hildebrandt Family Farms LLC. The owners now consist of my uncle (Alvin), dad (Roger), cousin (Jared), brother (Ty), and myself all owning part of the farm. The five of us work full-time on the farm with everyone helping with all aspects from chores to fieldwork. We are milking approximately 85 Registered Holsteins, have 100 replacement heifers, 100 dairy steers and are currently cropping 1,100 acres, which 400 are owned. My mom, Fay is a paraprofessional working with special education students at both John Hustis Elementary and Hustisford High School. She is also extremely active in helping out both the Hustisford and Dodgeland FFA Chapters. My mom along with a few other family members are willing to help out when things are very busy around the farm or when their schedules allow. I graduated from Hustisford High School in 2010. While in school I was active in football, basketball, FFA, 4-H and Junior Holsteins. I attended UWMadison Farm and Industry Short Course where I received a certificate in Dairy Herd Management and my two-year educational certificate while I was on the Dean’s List every semester. I was active in the Badger Dairy Club and was on the dairy judging team and competed in Louisville, KY; Fort Worth, TX; and at World Dairy Expo. In the Junior Holstein Association, I was the Dodge County treasurer for three years and the Vice President for one year. I was a JAC for two years and was the secretary for one year. Being a JAC was one of my most memorable experiences of my life. The JAC’s run most of the junior events which was so much fun. I now understand how much work it actually takes to run these activities. I enjoyed being able to help kids learn and had a blast with them. I recommend members run for JAC. My showing career was highlighted at the 2012 World Dairy Expo with my cow, Milgene Advn Jezabel-Red. I showed her as a 4-Year-Old in the Red and White Show where she was fifth and first junior. Later in the day she was named Champion Bred & Owned of the Junior Show and also Reserve Senior and Grand Champion of the Junior Show. She went on to be named Red and White Junior Cow of the Year, Unanimous Junior All-American, and Nominated All-American. My dad has been my biggest influence in my life within the dairy industry. His hard work ethic and strive for perfection has really set a standard for me. Not only does he work full-time on farm and do much of the paper work for it, he is also the President of the Dodge County Farm Bureau and on the Hustisford State Bank Board of Directors. He enjoys doing what he loves on the farm but also believes in helping others, whether it is youth or fellow agriculturists. I wish to thank the following people for pushing me to become who I am today and helping with the many accomplishments through my life. My mom and dad for supporting me in everything I have tried through the years, being there to support me as much as they could at these events, and helping guide me down the right path for a successful future. Ty and I have had many major disagreements through the years, but we are now much closer because of them. He pushed me to do so many different things I

12–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014

Breinne Hendrickson, continued convention, dairy bowl, speaking contest, filling out award forms, county meetings, held officer positions at the county level, state picnics, dairy judging, clinics and showing at many shows. I also served as the Wisconsin Holstein Association Princess in 2011. Running for this ambassador position was one of the best decisions I have made and has had a tremendous impact on my current and future life choices. This past summer I was also honored as a National Distinguished Junior Member Semi-Finalist at the National Holstein Convention. I will be graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison this spring with a Bachelor’s Degree in both Dairy Science and Life Sciences Communication. I will have an agriculture marketing communications career after school, while living on a farm. In the long run, I want to have my own dairy promotion business, educating the public about agriculture and where our food comes from. Being raised on a farm, I have experienced and witnessed the great amount of work that is needed to keep agriculture alive. My profound love will increase my involvement in many dairy-related activities outside of my career as well and I will raise my future children with the incredible lifestyle I have had. Throughout my life my ultimate goal is to make a difference for the betterment of the dairy industry. I would like to thank everyone who has been a huge support to my goals and dreams throughout my life and involvement within the Holstein industry. My family has been by my side, always encouraging me to strive high. There are also so many of you out there who have been confidants and role models for me. Whether it was a few kind words you have said to me or other young Holstein enthusiasts, but also by the actions you have taken to play a large role in our industry. The difference you are making in the lives of others is more than you could possibly know, and for that, I thank you and look forward to the future. Bless you all!

Long Range Production

Front: Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Brett Hildebrandt, Jessica Pralle & Elizabeth Sarbacker; Back: Charlie Hamilton, Derrek Kamphuis, Ryan Pralle, Matthew Kramer & Elise Bleck

Brett Hildebrandt, continued probably wouldn’t have done if it weren’t for his encouragement. Al and Jared, always willing to pick up my slack on the farm when I was gone to many different events and are always willing to support me and give me advice. Todd and Christa Wendorf, for allowing me to go along with them to different shows, teaching me about showing, and cattle preparation. To Cindy Krull and her family, for taking me along to shows or events. Nicole Ballweg and the whole Ballweg family for always being there for me and helping me accomplish everything life has thrown at me. Andy Sell, for being my left hand man/partner in crime at the shows and other Junior Holstein events through the years. To everyone else that has helped me and supported me along the way. You know who you are and I am extremely grateful for everything you have done for me. Finally I would like to thank God for watching over me, keeping me safe, and always guiding me in the right direction. A little advice to the many younger members - don’t be afraid to try new things or do something different. Dream big and don’t give up until you accomplish those dreams. Time flies bye and your years of being a junior will be done before you know it. Do as much as you possibly can do, so you don’t have any regrets down the road. Finally, “Be the Best You Can Be” and do EVERYTHING to the “Best of your Ability!”

Photography Contest

Front: Erica Helmer, Joey Opsal, Jared Abraham, Jessica Steger & Courtney Moser; Back: Kayla Krueger, Emily Makos, Sanne DeBruijn, Ben Powers, Lizi Endres & Cierra Essock

Junior Progressive Breeders

Spirit Award - Lafayette County

Front: Kathrine Larson Brett Hildebrandt, Aaliyah Borchert, Elizabeth Sarbacker & Kalista Hodorff; Back: Valerie Kramer, Jake Siemers, Josh Siemers, Jessica Pralle, Ryan Pralle, Jordan Siemers, Charlie Hamilton & Jake Katzman for Nicole Wright wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014-13

2013 Graduates at Convention

Tess Zettle, Andrea Pagenkopf, Breinne Hendrickson, Garrett Madland, Brett Hildebrandt, Katie Wendorf, Cara Biely & Macy Sarbacker

Trip Award Winners

Front: Aaron Berg, Sara Griswold, Rachel Coyne, Elizabeth Sarbacker & Paige Nelson; Back: Katie Bauer, Sam Minch, Katherine Larson, Paul Grulke & Cole Hoyer

Banner Winners

Clarissa Ulness for Manitowoc County and Hannah Hensel for Wood County

County Scrapbook

Front: Campbell Booth, Macy Abraham & Brady Bleck; Middle: Elise Bleck, Jared Abraham & Ava Booth (all for Sheboygan County); Back: Levi Kindschi for District 5 Juniors & Sara Harn for Green County

Bell-R-Ring Contest Wood County

Dairy Jeopardy

Front: Jordan Siemers, Sanne DeBruijn, Hannah Nelson; Back: Brian McCullough, Andy Sell, Abby Field, Lizi Endres, Clarissa Ulness & Ethan Dado 14–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014

Arts & Crafts

Front: Clarissa Ulness, Abby Solum, Hannah Nelson, Emma Dorshorst & Sarah Gerbitz; Back: Andrew Greenfield, Carrie Warmka, Elizabeth Sarbacker, Brooke Trustem & Kathryn Swenson

Folding Display Contest

Front: Elise Bleck, Emily Makos & Courtney Moser; Back: Courtney McCourt, Sam Minch & Sara Griswold

WHA’s Great Holstein Treasure Quest 2014 Calf Entries


DKC-Dewitt Rvu Bdk Licorice Born 7-12-2013

Reg. #142747911

Sire: Regancrest-GV S Bradnick-ET Dam: Ms Ideal Goldwyn Lashes-ET VG-85 VG-MS 2Y 1-10 2x 208 17,817 2.9 517 3.0 539 inc. 2nd Dam: Fleury Formation Lauria-ET EX-95 3E 5-08 2x 365 37,678 3.4 1298 2.9 1103 3rd Dam: Fleury Aerostar Lausa VG-87 Can 4th Dam: A Blake-T Rotate Laura LCI-ET VG-87 Can 5th Dam: Bly-Century Valiant Laurette EX 2E Owner: Chad & Mark Ryan & Calep Dewitt, Clinton


Lyn-Vale Atwood Gracee-ET Born 9-17-2013

Reg. #71822049

Sire: Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET Dam: Baycroft Rubens Glorious-ET EX-91 3E GMD 4-11 2x 365 43,030 3.5 1489 3.0 1310 2nd Dam: C Nipponia Broker Gloria-ET EX-91 2E 7-00 2x 331 22,110 4.0 895 3.1 688 3rd Dam: Glen Isla Starbuck Gloria EX Can 5* 5-03 2x 365 26,607 4.1 1082 3.4 906 4th Dam: Glen Isla Warden Glenna EX-90 5th Dam: Glen Isla Sen Gracela-ET EX Can Owner: William Schultz III, Waldo

Brainwave Goldwyn Lauramie-ET EX-95 Full sister to Ms Ideal Goldwyn Lashes-ET


Ms Crestbrooke Bnick Teagin Born 4-10-2013

Reg. #840003011492003

Baycroft Rubens Glorious-ET EX-91 3E GMD


Dream Team JM Fever Dana Born 12-2-2013


Sire: Regancrest-GV S Bradnick-ET Dam: Crestbrooke Gap Torrie-ET VG-88 VG-MS 2Y 2-00 2x 263 22,915 4.7 1077 3.4 773 inc. Nom. AA & All-Can Spring Yearling 2012 2nd Dam: Raggi Durham Tobi-ET EX-93 2E 2-03 2x 365 33,280 4.6 1515 3.4 1141 Junior All-American Winter Yearling 2006 Res. Junior All-American Senior 2 Year Old 2009 Nominated All-American Senior 2 Year Old 2009 HHM Junior All-American 4 Year Old 2009

Sire: Crackholm Fever Dam: Sabofarm Dundee Desiree-ET EX-93 EX-MS 2E 3-00 2x 365 32,160 3.6 1170 3.3 1050 2nd Dam: Platte-Vu Durham Dreamy-ET EX-92 EX-MS 3-04 2x 365 32,870 3.6 1167 3.1 1021 3rd Dam: Pearmont Jolt Moondream EX-90 EX-MS 3-05 2x 365 30,770 4.0 1237 3.3 1030 4th Dam: Pearmont Maibu EX-90 EX-MS Next Dams: EX-90 DOM, EX-92 3E GMD DOM, EX-91 3E, EX-90 2E, EX-91 3E, EX-91

Owner: Tim, Barb & Kyle Natzke, Fond du Lac

Owner: Don & Jenna Fahey, Merrill

Crestbrooke Gap Torrie-ET VG-88 VG-MS

Sabofarm Dundee Desiree-ET EX-93 2E wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014-15

Advertising and Marketing Roundtable Any good business person will tell you the key to building and maintaining customers and the reputation of your business is good advertising. In this ever-changing world, the way we go about that is constantly changing. While print advertising was once the most popular way to advertise a herd, many breeders are now taking advantage of a variety of advertising and marketing options including websites, internet advertising and social media. We’ve asked several breeders with strong marketing programs to answer a few questions for our readers. Thank you to all who participated. 1. When did you begin advertising and why did you decide to advertise? Neil McDonah, Speek-NJ Holsteins: My first print advertisement was back in June 2007, when the Wisconsin Holstein News did a District 2 feature. Having just come back from Australia, I started purchasing and flushing registered cattle. It was a way to get the “prefix” out there since I was just entering the industry. Lynn Harbaugh, Bella-View Holsteins: We began advertising shortly after we established our new operation in 2009 and have steadily built our program since then. We decided to advertise because we feel a consistent marketing and advertising program will help build our “brand” and help potential buyers see what we have to offer. We sell several animals in consignment sales every year, and we hosted our first consignment sale last spring, so a strong advertising program is very important to help us reach our goals. Mitch Breunig, Mystic Valley Dairy: We have advertised periodically over the years starting with the promotion of the Toyane family. We advertised to let people know about the family and what was potentially available.

8667 County Road V • Sauk City, WI 53583 Mitch Breunig 608.643.6818 • Danae Bauer, Sandy Valley Farms: We first began advertising when we invested in high profile genetics, and our object was to promote them. Bonnie VanDyk, Willows Edge Holsteins: We started showing in 1986, so our advertising began in the late 1980’s. We saw showing as a form of marketing but needed to enhance it with print ads. At that time we had two barns with excess cattle to sell every year and as our BAA increased we had more confidence to advertise. 2. How do you think the marketing landscape has changed since you began print advertising? McDonah: There are so many more avenues of marketing; three major online resources, Holstein Plaza, Holstein World, and Dairy Agenda Today and multiple social media apps and magazines. I think it has become easier to post information and to present it to other breeders and followers of the industry. Harbaugh: Things have changed a lot since we started with the tremendous growth in online advertising. It seems nearly everyone gets a lot of information from computers, tablets and smart phones. Using those outlets, you can update information quickly and continually interact with potential buyers. Breunig: I think some people spend a lot less time reading magazines. Many get information on websites, through email and social media instead. There is a group, however, that use none of these. Bauer: The marketing landscape seems to have significantly shifted to digital/online. It is more engaging and current. Video has also become a popular marketing tool. Print and online marketing can work well together in tandem. A website that is updated regularly is essential; ours sees a significant amount of traffic because it is updated monthly.

cows. The websites used for breeders has also changed since the beginning of advertising – we were one of the first to use full color in an ad for the WHA News! 3. What avenues do you use to advertise, whether print, web or social media? Please list all that apply (e.g. WHA News, Holstein World, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) McDonah: I use my personal Holstein World website ( as well as some print, with WHA News and Cattle Connection, and a lot of Facebook!

The McDonah Family Steve, Patty, Emily, Elaine, Katie, Neil & Joan W21205 South Street, Trempealeau, WI 54661 608-385-1592 Neil cell • 608-534-7729 barn •

Harbaugh: We advertise in the WHA News, Holstein World, and the Cattle Connection. We also maintain a webpage through the Holstein World and we have a Facebook page as well. By using these different avenues we are sure to reach all potential buyers. Everyone has different means of getting information. We are able to connect with people whether they are on the farm or traveling a lot. Breunig: We advertise in the WHA News, Holstein World, through our website, and Twitter. Some of our partnership animals are promoted through Facebook. Bauer: We have advertised in the WHA News, Holstein World, Holstein International, Hotspots, and the Cattle Connection. We have an online presence through our website and Facebook page. VanDyk: We use print advertising in the WHA News to target the soft sell/grassroots. Cattle Connection has a wider audience, and is used if a sale animal has national appeal or show results for a larger population to see. Holstein World is used for specific, direct target ads, and for traffic to web page also. Finally, Dairy Agenda Today is used on occasion for a sale and also guides traffic to our web page. We have not used Facebook, as we feel it’s too social and too time consuming with limited return. Also, less than 10% of the population is on Twitter, so we have not used that either. 4. Do you feel that print or web/social media marketing has had a greater impact on sales of genetics and/or publicity of your herd? McDonah: I find social media, Facebook in particular, to have the greatest impact. It can be as easy as a picture of a newborn calf, high GTPI heifer, or a sale consignment that can be viewed by many different people on the daily! Continuous status and picture posts are a great way to show others something you are excited about; whether it is a big flush day with embryos available or a show heifer you have been working with. Remaining constant and positive are great ways to stay relevant in the fast-paced and everchanging industry. Harbaugh: Both avenues are equally important. We have had very positive feedback on our print ads. We are always getting even greater feedback on the number of people who follow our website. Our website and social media has had a big impact on the publicity of our herd and sale of animals privately and in sales. It can be quickly updated and it reaches potential customers in a very timely manner. You can include more information and it is easily accessible through computers, tablets, phones, etc. Print ads are

Lynn & Sara Harbaugh Jacob • Logan • Madison

VanDyk: One thing that has changed is the number of professional photos we take. It was common for us to photo 20-25 cows in addition to the show 16–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014

“Defining Beauty”

N11912 Graetz Rd., Marion, WI 54950 920-420-1524 Lynn cell | 866-590-0241 Fax

still important, and using them together with a common theme has been very effective for us. Breunig: Using the web and social media attracts more new customers, but they are usually from further away. It is all about timing, and the right person seeing the information at the right time. Bauer: If we could pick only two methods of advertising it would be a website and a Facebook page as we feel they give as an exceptionally good value for our investment. However, these tools are only valuable if they are updated regularly with current and engaging material, which we strive to do. VanDyk: We feel that all advertising has a purpose. 5. Please provide specific examples of success that have come from advertising, whether online or in print. McDonah: Multiple embryo sales and cattle transactions have come from posts I have either seen or made online. Facebook and text messaging has made it easy to show candid photos of individuals we are working with on the farm. Two specific examples - I took a snap and posted on Facebook of a trailer load of IVF calves I picked up at Genetic Futures. It led to a lot of interest and follow-up conversations, and a private sale of a *RC calf after genomic results. Another example is similar - I snapped a picture of a donor starting shots, and it led to interest a mating sire being agreed to and embryos sold. Harbaugh: Our website has been a great tool for us promoting animals that we are selling in sales. We also created a separate website for our Quest For Success sale last spring which worked well for us. We could advertise several animals at once as we had more room than in a traditional ad, and we could continually update information. Using this together with Facebook reached many potential buyers that we may not have reached with print ads. We feel it is key to keep a consistent “look” in all of our ads to build brand recognition. We feel using all of these together will help us reach all types of potential buyers. Breunig: My favorite story is the eight bulls I sold to Montana through Twitter. Also, I had a new customer from hosting the WHA Summer picnic that purchased seven bulls. I think updating the website prior to sales also generates interest, but it’s sometimes hard to define specific interest. Bauer: We have had inquiries made on animals resulting from both print and online advertising, some of which have resulted in sales. It is hard to measure but we feel that our Facebook page featuring honest “working clothes” photos of our herd has resulted in confidence in our breeding program in general. VanDyk: Some of the advertising is a means of keeping in breeder’s minds. With soft sell ads, we want to show results without being boastful. We have sold to young breeders and grade herds from this type of ad. Our direct focus ads are intended to sell an individual cow or heifer that will lead to future sales. We need to sell 40-50 cows each year to keep the barn at a manageable level. In the past we have had our own sales every two years to disperse cattle. The market has changed – our last sale was held in 2009. We had great success with all media when we had these sales. I feel there may be opportunities for this type of sale again when we have the emphasis again on type cattle.

Henk & Bonnie Van Dyk New Richmond, WI 54017 • PH: (715) 246-5454

6. Do you have any advice for breeders who would like to start advertising or promoting their herd online? McDonah: Embrace the technology! We have learned to adapt to changes every new proof run, and a breeder trying to keep up has to be as efficient and prompt as things continue to advance. Constant and clever exposure will only keep you in the minds of potential buyers. Online resources allow breeders to show others you are doing a good job, you are enthusiastic about the industry, and you just may have something they want! Harbaugh: We feel it is key to keep a consistent “look” in ads to build brand recognition, whether they are print media, websites or social media pages. We developed a logo and always use the same background and colors. We also like to keep ads clean and simple and we try not to load too much information in a print ad. We believe more is less. With today’s busy

schedules, someone may look past a “busy” ad because they don’t have the time to read it. You can utilize a website or social media to add more details. Personal conversation and visits with potential buyers are key as well. Finally, don’t quit your advertising program if you don’t see immediate feedback or benefit. It is a work in progress. Breunig: Take pictures when you have the chance. People still like to see them. Keep things clean, as too much text in ads doesn’t tend to catch peoples’ attention. Keep your website and media updated, which is very hard as things are changing all the time. Tell potential buyers specifically what is for sale through advertisements. Bauer: Make sure you regularly update both your website and Facebook page! On Facebook, in our opinion “barn shots” are well accepted. People love to see cows in their everyday environment. Photos of daughters of new interesting bulls, which not many people have seen, are appreciated. We try to give an honest and open evaluation of the cows in our herd, including their strengths and weaknesses, which seems to be very well received. VanDyk: We are a breeder herd – we have bred over 309 EX cows and have multiple breeder banners. Develop an ad style based on ‘who you are.’ There are so many beautiful ad designs now that you can just copy one. Back in the 1990s I used to go through horse magazines to find ad designs now all the Holstein magazine editors and staff are talented. It is always tempting to put too much info in an ad - keep it clean and try to emphasize your message.

Tea Time with Teapot

Hello Fellow Holstein Enthusiasts! After one of the hardest winters we have seen in many years, I’m sure we will all find warmer temperatures a blessing as we approach March. Just this past month, Kristen and I were fortunate enough to engage in a media training session to help us in our role this upcoming year. The month ended with an enthusiastic adult convention held on February 21 and 22 in Tomah. A huge “Thank You” goes out to our hosts counties, LaCrosse, Monroe and Vernon on a job well done. ‘Congratulations’ to all the well-deserved award recipients. It was truly inspiring to meet and mingle with such well-respected members of our organization Our junior members are very fortunate to have an adult association that supports us so well. As an Association, we have so much to be looking forward to including the Midwest National Spring Show held on April 19, as this will be the last time it will be held in Jefferson. We will be relocating to the Alliant Energy Center, the home of World Dairy Expo in 2015. Entry deadlines are due April, and forms can be found in the News or online at Treasure Quest entries are in, with four exceptional pedigreed calves to choose from. If you have not already done so, please make sure to purchase a ticket by contacting the WHA office or WHA Board Member. Parents, please mark your calendars for Cow Camp taking place on May 3-4 in Ferryville. This is a tremendous opportunity for youth to gain new friendships and learn about the Holstein cow along the way. Forms for Cow Camp are also located within this issue of the News. We encourage everyone to attend the upcoming barn meetings being held throughout the state at Bella-View Holsteins, Marion – March 17; Oeh- My Holsteins, Abbotsford - March 20; and Walk-Era Holsteins, Wisconsin Dells - March 27. This opportunity will help to sharpen your expertise on raising and caring for Registered Holstein show animals from guest speaker Nick Uglow. We hope to see you all there! ’Til our next cup of tea! Kayla Krueger

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014-17

Wisconsin Holstein Briefs D Congratulations to Ryan & Haley Krohlow, Poynette, on the birth of their daughter Callie Lou on January 30. Callie weighed 6 lbs. 6 oz. and was 18.5 inches long. Proud grandparents are Craig & Marlene Krohlow and Greg Mell. D Andrew & Shannon Rickert, Eldorado, welcomed son Jonah Lee on February 3, weighing 6 lbs. 5 oz. Jonah joins siblings Miles and Emma. J Our condolences to the families of Bert Brown and Donna Martin who passed away recently. Full obituaries are printed below. The Wisconsin Holstein News encourages readers and members to submit information for the Wisconsin Holstein Briefs column. We are looking for news of a wedding, birth announcement, award winner or death that Wisconsin Holstein breeders should know about. High quality, submitted photos will be printed if space is available. Please submit your information to the WI Holstein News by mail at PO Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813; or email to

Obituaries Bert Brown

Bert W. Brown, 88, of West Salem, passed away peacefully surrounded by his loving family on Sunday, December 15, 2013, at his home. He was born December 11, 1925, at home in La Crosse to Charles and Myrtle (Wittenberg) Brown. On May 8, 1948, he married Marion Kamprud at the Brown family farm in Melrose and she preceded him in death on April 1, 2011, after nearly 63 years of marriage. Bert farmed for many years as well as raising purebred Holstein cattle, having one of the first purebred Holstein herds in La Crosse County. He also exported cattle throughout the United States and around the world. After his retirement, Bert enjoyed traveling with his wife and kept busy at custom combining and farming until recently. He was an active member of the Presbyterian Church of West Salem, where he served as an elder and a deacon. Bert was also an active member of many organizations including the Hamilton Town Board, the Neshonoc Cemetery Board, the La Crosse County Ag Society, the La Crosse County Holstein Association, and also served as president of the Wisconsin Holstein Association.

His true pride in life was his daughter, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, who will sadly miss him. Survivors include his daughter, Sue (Brown) Winterfield of West Salem; his grandson, Andrew (Rebecca) Lipski of Westby, Wis.; his granddaughter, Stacy (Daniel) Sandhoefner of Albertville, Minn.; five great-grandchildren, Taylor and Ryan Sandhoefner of Albertville, Minn., and Jack, Cooper, and Hudson Lipski of Westby; three sisters, Bev (Leo) Brown and Elizabeth (Donald) Schmidt, both of Melrose, and Edna (Bill) Schelble of Tucson, Ariz.; two brothers, Charles (Dolly) of Rochester, Minn., and Chester (Marian) of Melrose; and many nieces and nephews. In addition to his wife, he was preceded in death by his parents; an infant daughter, Linda; an infant son, Bruce; one sister, Ruth (Marlin) Brown; and one brother, Robert (Jeanette) Brown. Memorials may be given to the Presbyterian Church of West Salem, and Mayo Clinic Health System Hospice Program. Online condolences may be sent at The family would like to especially thank the Mayo Clinic Health System Hospice Program and also Comfort Keepers for the compassionate care that was given to Bert.

Donna Martin

Donna D. Martin, age 79, of Richland Center and formerly of Reedsburg, died on Saturday, February 15 at Pine Valley Healthcare. Donna was born on the Brewer farmstead in Buck Creek, the daughter of Frank and Eithel (Dicks) Brewer. She was united in marriage with Roger D. Martin in November 1952. They farmed and raised Registered Holsteins together on the farm that their daughter Cheryl now owns and operates. Donna worked 45 years for the Richland Hospital, and later for Vacuum Technologies in Reedsburg. She was a 4-H leader, and received the Friend of Wisconsin Junior Holstein Members Award (6 years and over) in 1996. Survivors include her daughter Cheryl Martin (Glenn Schmidt) of the family farm in Buck Creek. Donna was preceded in death by her parents, her husband Roger D. Martin December 11, 2010, and an infant daughter Roxanne Rae. The family suggests memorials be directed to Pine Valley Healthcare in lieu of flowers. Online condolences may be made at “Happiness? That’s nothing more than good health and a poor memory.”

Sponsor Spotlight: Frisle-Vue Holsteins Frisle-Vue Holsteins is found outside of Prairie Farm on the highest hill in southern Barron County, we think the view is worth the wind! Gary and Patsy founded the farm in 1969, they updated and erected buildings giving the farm the look it still has. Dean and Leslie took over in 2001, carrying on the family farm tradition of milking registered Holsteins. We milk 75 cows in a tie-stall barn and use 325 acres of owned/rented land to raise the crops for feeding them (less an acre or so of sweet corn for us!). Our BAA is 107.9; RHA 23,700 3.9% 850 3.1% 702. We are blessed to have chore help from Gary & Pat, our nephew Richard who is the main morning milker with Dean, and our nephews Dalton and Cody who can be counted on for help when they are home from college. Dean is President of the Barron County Holstein Breeders, while Leslie stays busy with volunteering to help get projects and kids organized. Besides having the responsibility of calf chores and helping in the barn, our daughters, Allissa (16), Justyne (10), and Gina (8), are active in 4-H and Junior Holsteins, participating in showing, judging, quiz bowl, cow camp and any other dairy activities they can. This past summer BA FrisleVue Baltimore Monay won Junior Champion at the District 1 show. Allissa showed at World Dairy Expo for the first time, taking Frisle-Vue Goldsun Ipod-ET. She was Outstanding Senior Dairy Exhibitor and Bred & Owned champion at the county fair. Justyne was 3rd place in showmanship at District; was Outstanding Junior Dairy Exhibitor and 1st place showman at the county fair. Gina was 1st place in Little Britches and looks forward to moving into the “real” shows.

Frisle-Vue Goldsun Ipod-ET

Goldsun x VG-86 Jasper x EX-92 Integrity x Kinyon Linjet Ideal EX-96

Along with some homebred favorites, we have descendants from the Ideal family, the Prettysweet at Rosedale family, and a Goldwyn sister to Pasta that we plan to use to expand more into marketing of embryos and animals. Please feel free to call us at 715-455-1212 or email to talk cows anytime! 18–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014

Midwest Holsteins SPRING 2014

Illinois • Iowa • Minnesota South Dakota • Wisconsin

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All-American (tied) & Reserve All-Canadian 4 Year Old 2013 1st 4 Year Old, Best Udder, Res Sr & Res Grand Champion WDE 2013 2nd 4 Year Old, Res Sr & Res Grand Champion Royal 2013 All-Canadian & Unanimous All-American Senior 3 Year Old 2012 1st Senior 3 Year Old, Int& Res Grand Champion WDE 2012 Now Flushing to Windbrook & Atwood!! Inquiries Welcome

All-Canadian & All-American Junior 3 Year Old 2011 Intermediate & Res Grand Champion World Dairy Expo 2011 Intermediate Champion Royal Winter Fair 2011 All-Canadian & All-American Junior 2 Year Old 2010 Now Flushing to Doorman & MAS!

(Atwood x MS Kingstead Chief Adeen EX-94) Reserve All-American Junior 3 Year Old 2013 2nd Junior 3 Year Old, Best B&O WDE 2013 1st Junior 3 Year Old & Grand Champion Illinois State Fair 2013 1st Junior 3 Year Old & Grand Champion Illinois Championship Show 2013 Now Flushing to Sexed Goldchip & MAS!




(Numero Uno x KHW Regiment Apple EX-96) GTPI+2196 PTAT+2.84 UDC+2.81 Very stylish heifer from the great APPLES! Now Flushing to Olympian & MAS!

(Goldwyn x Rockymountain Talent Licorice EX-95) Only RC Goldwyn from Licorice! Full sister to Lotus at Jetstream Now Flushing




(Numero Uno x Vision-Gen SH Frd A12304 VG86 @ 2 yrs) GTPI+2406 PTAT+3.02 UDC+2.48 One of our favorite heifers at Butlerview! Has Main Event embryos for sale!!

(Supersire x Shottle VG87 @ 2 yrs) GTPI+2364 PTAT+2.92 UDC+2.50 Balance of great type, cow family and genomics! Now Flushing!

(Supersire x Superstition VG86 @ 2 yrs) GTPI+2422 PTAT+2.63 UDC+1.93 Next Dam Outside Gigi EX! Now Flushing!


PIERSTEIN GOLD CHIP ROCKSTAR (Gold Chip x Dundee VG87-2yrs x James Rose EX-97) Nominated All-American Fall Calf 2013 5th Fall Calf WDE 2013 1st Fall Calf & Junior Champion Illinois Championship 2013 1st Fall Calf & Res Junior Champion Mid-West Spring 2013 Now Flushing to Windbrook & Doorman!

1710 BE 7750 S. Road • Chebanse, IL 60922 USA • JEFF BUTLER: 1 (217) 341-2437 CELL • Email: • JIM BUTLER: 1 (847) 987-5813 CELL MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS: Declan Patten 1 (815) 697-2700 • FARM MANAGER: Joe Price 1 (765) 618-5479 • Email: 2 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

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Illinois Holstein Associa Association tion

Minnesota Holstein Association

411 28th Avenue South, Waite Park, MN 56387  ‡)D[   (PDLOPLQQHVRWDKROVWHLQ#JPDLOFRP

www w.illin illin

Illinois Holstein Herald Editor - Julie Drendel Ashton 2664 N 2950th Rd., Marseilles, Ill. · 815/766-0045 ·

OFFICERS ......................................................................................................Brian Brian Olbrich President ...................................................................................................... 1318 Rte. 23, Harvard, Ill. 60033; 815/482-7426; Vice ...............................................................................................Jason Jason Oertel V ice President............................................................................................... 32633 Delhi Rd., Brighton, 62012; 618/779-9060; Treasurer........................................................................................................ T reasurer........................................................................................................ Carol Jones 23485 N 3100 East Rd., Emington, Ill. 60934; 815/934-5551; Yagow Tina Hall Yagow Secretary ................................................................................................. Tina 906 N. 12th Street, Rochelle, Ill. 61068; 815/757-0852;

EXECUTIVE MEMBERS Steve Irwin ................................................................................................ Heart of Illinois 9400 Meridian Rd., Beason, Ill. 62512; 217/447-3220; samirwin@itsintheair .net McHenry-Lake Gary Janssen .............................................................................................. ..............................................................................................McHenry-Lake 28548 Burnett Rd., Island Lake, Ill. 60042; 847/224-7857 John Mitchell ........................................................................................ Boone-Winnebago 11587 11587 Edwardsville, Winnebago, 61088; 815/703-5614; McHenry-Lake Ed Smith ...................................................................................................... ......................................................................................................McHenry-Lake 43386 N. Scott St., Antioch, 60002; 847/372-0602; Kevin Wendling Wendling ................................................................................................... Altamont 62411; 618/483-5532; 13500North North400 400th St., Altamont, Ill. 62411;

DIRECT DIRECTORS ORS Boone-Winnebago........................................................... Jennifer W Wakeley, akeley, Rockford 815/978-8528 Harvey Harpstrite, T ...........................................................................Harvey Trenton Clinton ........................................................................... renton 618/224-9852 Mike Netemeyer ..............................................................................Mike Netemeyer,, Carlyle 618/594-3190 Clinton .............................................................................. (IÀQJKDP ( IÀQJKDP ......................................................................... Howard Dust, Shumway 217/663-2395 (IÀQJKDP ..............................................................................Toby Toby Probst, Wheeler 217/925-5459 ( IÀQJKDP .............................................................................. Gateway .................................................................................. ..................................................................................Ron Ron Schaufelberger 618/664-0789 Heart of Illinois ....................................................................... Steve Irwin, Beason 217/447-3220 Heart of Illinois .......................................................... & &KULVW\2·&RQQRU.DQNDNHH KULVW\2·&RQQRU.DQNDNHH Lincolnland ..................................................................... Roger Bauman, Nokomis 217/563-7692 Lincolnland ....................................................................... ........................................................................DVH\.OHLQ&KDPSDLJQ .DVH\.OHLQ&KDPSDLJQ Mississippi-V Va alley ............................................................... Jef Mississippi-Valley Jefff Thorman, Macomb 309/769-5494 Mississippi V Valley alley ........................................... Herb Schmiedeskamp, Camp Point 217/593-6668 Meier,, Ridott 815/238-8540 Northwest ................................................................................. Glen Meier Timmerman, Northwest ..................................................................... Carol T immerman, Galena 815/777-0318 Southern....................................................................................... Southern ....................................................................................... Joann Hartmann 618/939-7075 Southern................................................................... Southern ................................................................... Norbert Hasheider, Hasheider, Okawville 618/243-6312 Tri-County .......................................................................Dale T ri-County ....................................................................... Dale Drendel, Hampshire 815/766-0326 Tri-County 5RJHU.RHKQ3HRWRQH T ri-County ......................................................................... 5RJHU.RHKQ3HRWRQH OFFICERS Lane Johnson, President UI4USFFU4& ,FSLIPWFO ./t   Russ Thyen, Vice President ./)XZ (SPWF$JUZ ./t  







Iowa Holstein Association

South Dakota Holstein Association

OFFICERS Matt Hamlett, President t #"WF "SMJOHUPO *"tIBNMFUUIJMM!ZBIPPDPN Tom Simon, Vice-President t $FNFUFSZ3E 'BSMFZ *"tTBTJNPO!IPUNBJMDPN Paula Smith, Secretary/Editor t UI4U #SPPLMZO *"tMBOHTNJU!OFUJOTOFU Linda Pagel, Treasurert UI4U 4VNOFS *"tMQBHFM!BDSFDDPN DISTRICT DIRECTORS Paul StempflettUI4U .BZOBSE *" Trent HenkesttUI4U -VBOB *" Lance Schuttett)JDLPSZ"WFt.POPOB *" Dan Bolin t tUI4U $MBSLTWJMMF *" Dave ChapmanttUI4U 3VUIWFO *" Carl Mensentt6OHT3E (VUUFOCFSH *" Bob Rahett3UF %ZFSTWJMMF *" DIRECTORS-AT-LARGE Todd Bushmantt4UBUF)XZ $BMNBS *" Joe Gibbstt#JFSNBO3E &QXPSUI *" Jeff Hammerandtt/#BOLTUPO3E &QXPSUI *" Mark Knudtsontt)XZ 8BVLPO *" Jason Menne tt0UUFS4U 8FTU6OJPO *" Jess Rediskett4DFOJD3JWFS3E %FDPSBI *" Katie StollttUI"WF .POUJDFMMP *" NATIONAL DIRECTOR Mark Kerndt tt8.BJO4U 8BVLPO *"

4 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014






Midwest Holsteins Spring 2014

INDEX TO ADVERTISERS B-J Grove Holsteins ...................................... 38 Bella-View Holsteins ................................ 26-27 Bluff-Ridge .................................................... 65 Brite-Side Holsteins ...................................... 19 Butlerview........................................................ 2 B. Willenborg Farms...................................... 33 Char-La-Don Dairy Farm ............................ 62 Clinton County Classic ............................ 50-51 Daggett-Brook .............................................. 69 Dellka Farms.................................................. 78 Dev-Lin Holsteins.......................................... 24 Dodge County Holstein Association ............ 72 Dream Prairie Dispersal .......................... 34-35 Farnear Holsteins ............................................ 8 Golden-Oaks ................................................ 25 Green|Rock Dual County Sale................ 42-43 Hartford Farm .............................................. 74 Heinz-Hope Dairy Farm .............................. 46 Henkeseen Holsteins...................................... 68 Hilltop Dairy ................................................ 64 Iowa National Convention ............................ 18 Illinois PDCA ................................................ 54 Iowa Spring Sale............................................ 37

Janestead Dispersal .......................................... 9 Jas-K Holsteins .............................................. 63 K-Lane Holsteins .......................................... 12 Kamphuis Farm ............................................ 63 KJ Holsteins .................................................. 33 Lonely Mile Holsteins.................................... 76 Ludwig Farms................................................ 47 Lyons Holsteins.............................................. 77 Manannah Valley ..........................................11 Marathon County .................................... 56-60 Mil-R-Mor .................................................... 10 Milksource .................................................... 39 Minnesota Directory of Services .................. 82 Minnesota Spring Sale ............................ 22-23 Minnigan Hills .............................................. 24 Moondale Farm..............................................83 Nortwest Spring Sizzler ..................................54 Nosbush Dairy LLP ...................................... 30 Oeh-My Farm .............................................. 31 Olmar Farms .................................................. 3 Purple Ribbon Classic .................................. 75 R-Homestead ................................................ 65 R-R Letters.................................................... 52

Wisconsin Holstein Association 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 Phone (608) 356-2114 • Fax (608) 356-6312 1-800-223-4269 To Advertise: P.O. Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813 Phone (608) 723-4933 • Fax (608) 723-4973 e-mail: WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION STAFF: Larry Nelson, Executive Director Laura Wackershauser, Editor/Advertising Manager Sharon Maffei, Membership Coordinator Ashley Yager, Public Relations Associate WISCONSIN HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION BOARD MEMBERS: Marci Walker, President - WI Dells, 608-253-3003 Chris McCullough, Vice President - Juda, 608-934-1425 Paula Bovre, Secretary - Fond du Lac, 920-923-6991 Todd Borgwardt, Executive Committee - Valders, 920-758-3133 Kevin Jorgensen, Executive Committee - Waupun, 920-210-3992 Bill Calvert - Cuba City, 608-759-2080 Dan Cnossen - Hatley, 715-302-1327 Matt Lippert - Pittsville, 715-884-6578 Tracy Nelson - Ellsworth, 715-307-1804 Chad Ryan - Fond du Lac, 920-960-1449 Todd Stanek - Fall Creek, 715-456-8718 Kent Wendorf - Viroqua, 608-689-2201 NATIONAL DIRECTORS: Paul Buhr Viroqua • 608-606-3480 Corey Geiger Mukwanago • 920-650-0294

Ran-Rose Holsteins ...................................... 36 RedFest with a Touch of Black...................... 45 Regancrest .................................................... 80 Ripps Dairy Valley ........................................ 32 Rosedale .......................................................... 6 Rotesown Dispersal ...................................... 44 Royola Holsteins ............................................ 79 RWDCA ........................................................ 20 Sapa Ska ........................................................ 41 Schaufine Holsteins ...................................... 53 Scottmore Holsteins ...................................... 55 Second-Look Holsteins.................................. 40 Sherdale ........................................................ 11 Silverview-Lane Farm.................................... 73 South Dakota Holstein Association .............. 61 Spring Fashions at the Northern ..............13-15 Sugar Creek Dairy ........................................ 81 University of Minnesota.................................. 7 UW-Madison .......................................... 5 & 21 Viland Acres .................................................. 24 Walk-Era........................................................ 84 Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale ............................................................ 70-72

The University of

WISCONSIN MADISON Dairy Science Student Profile Name: Breinne Hendrickson Hometown: Belleville, WI High School: Belleville High School Class Size: 72 Farm: Jeffrey-Way Holsteins Major: Dairy Science and Life Sciences Communication Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison? I chose to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison because I knew I would receive a tremendous education both in and outside of the classroom. I also knew the staff and courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison would be top of the line. What has been your most memorable college experience? I would say the Royal, ADSAs and Marketing Team competition, as well as working at World Dairy Expo. I can’t stress enough how exposure to off-campus activities is extremely important in order to build relationships and networks within the agricultural industry. What has been your favorite course? Dairy Science 305 (Lactation Physiology) because I loved understanding the biological and molecular level as to how cows provide milk and ways to improve milk production in each individual cow. LSC 360 (Information Radio) was another favorite of mine; I was able to create a 30-minute radio show! What are your future career goals? I would like to obtain a career in marketing and communications within the dairy industry, then eventually manage my own dairy promotion and advertising business. I will also be living on a farm upon graduation to continue to grow my own Registered Holstein herd.

UW-Madison Department of Dairy Science 1675 Observatory Drive, Madison, WI 53706 Ph. 608-263-3308 • Contact: Ted Halbach e-mail: MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 5

Rosedale Open House & Tag Sale • March 19-22 The only Red & White cow to be named Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo turns 14 on March 19. Come see the Queen of Rosedale and all of her offspring. • All cows in the milking barn will be tagged, along with show heifers • Majority of the milk cows are 1st and 2nd lactation, many are just fresh • Looking for milking cows, show animals or flush cows? Come celebrate! Nominated All-American 125,000 lb. Cow 2013

HM All-American Junior 2-Year-Old 2013

Nominated All-American Winter Calf 2013

Rosedale Tea-Rose-Red EX-94

Rosedale Lucky Rose-Red VG-87

Rosedale Rumor Has It-Red

Redliner x Durham x Redrose

Perseus x VG-87 Sanchez x Redrose

Redburst x Redrose

Lavender Ruby Redrose-Red EX-96 4E 7-04 305 44,833 4.9 2207 3.2 1418 Lifetime: 2671d 255,980 4.3 10,988 3.3 8,563 • 2011 WI Cow of the Year • All-American 125,000 lb. Cow 2007 & 2010 • All-World Champion 2006 & 2008 • Grand Champion, WDE 2007 • Grand & Supreme Champion, WDE 2005 • All-American 5-Year-Old 2005 • Reserve All-American 4-Year-Old 2004 • 1st Junior 2-Year-Old, WDE & All-WI Junior 2-Year-Old 2002

MARK & NICKY RUETH 3066 Cty. G, Oxford, WI 53952 (608) 584-5853 Ph/Fax Mark: 920-988-3070 | Nicky: 920-988-9570 |

6 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

We w would ould like lilik ikke too welcome wellco come everyone eeve veeery ryo yonne too Iowa wa for fo orr tth the he National Natiio N ionnaal Co Convention onv nveen nve entiion ion inn June! une un ne!

Tom Simon 563.599.9183 Rick Simon 563.744.3541 Mark Simon 563.542.1297 Bill Rauen 563.599.9384 8 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

10476 Cemetery Rd Farley, IA 52046

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 9

Born 12-1-13 -- Selling April 12, 2014 -- Illinois PDCA Calf Sale X


Paternal Sister to Peaches:




FAMOUS AN & Y C C ES N A TO F Mil-R-Mor Brbwr PEACHES-Red R Mil-R-Mor Barbwire Desire-Red $25,000 Top Seller at 2013 201 Redfest Buyer: uyer: W Westcoast estcoast Holsteins, Holstei B.C. Western Spring p g National 20 2013 013 R&W Junior Champion 1st Fall Calf, R&W and B&W Miidwest National Spring p g Sh how 2013 HM Junior Champion, R&W W and B&W W

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Peache es’s 4 direct ct dams dam are all EX with EX mam. These 4 dams have an average e lifetime to date (with ( 2 sti stillll producing) pro oducing) off 211,194m 4.0%f 3.3%p Using January 2014 milk prcies, that’ well over $45,000 each worth of milk income alone! Plus many thousands of dollars from offfspring fspring sales $PD]LQJUHSURGXFWLRQ7KHQGUGWKDQGWKGLUHFWGDPVKDGWKHLUÂżUVWFDOYHVEHIRUH\PRIDJH Three sires in Peaches’s pedigree have been Premier Sire re at W World orld Dairy Expo a total to of 16 times

Remember Mendel’s Law! Like begets like 3 times out of 4! These world famous sires and dams are the foundation of PEACHES’S pedigree:

ROXY -- 4E-97 Member All-Time AA Produce

SHOTTLE -- GM World fa favorite sire

AUGUST -- EX-96 Apple Foundation, Nom. AA

DURHAM -- GM 5X Expo Premier Sire

TONY BEAUTY -- 5E-97 WDE Supreme, AA Aged Cow

TALENT BARBARA -- EX-95 All-American 5-Y Year-Old ear-Old

RUBENS -- GM 6X Expo R&W Premier Sire

ADVENT-RED -- EX-94 5X Expo R&W Premier Sire

Bob & Kaye Miller & Family 765 E. Rock Grove Rd., Orangeville, IL 61060 815.819.7282 Bob & Kaye | 515.290.0453 Lorilee MIDWEST 10 - MID WEST HOLSTEINS, HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014



















‡ ‡ ‡‡ ‡‡  ‡‡














12 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 13

14 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 15

2014 National Convention Host Day Tours Host Day Tours were not finalized at the time of this publication. Please visit our Facebook page - 2014 National Holstein Convention or for the latest information. However, featured in this article are the various farms and other attractions which will be included in the tours. Regancrest Holsteins of Waukon is owned and operated by the Regan brothers, Frank, Bill, Ron and Charlie along with Charlie’s son, Mitch, and Frank’s children, Brian, Sheri and Sean. Their rolling herd average is over 27,000 pounds on 750 cows that are milked 3X per day. Their BAA of 107.2 ranks them among the highest nationally for their herd size. Regancrest has received the Progressive Genetics Herd Award for 23 years. Frank was presented the 2012 Master Breeder Award at the National Holstein Convention. Their breeding program focuses on using the highest proven bulls along with the highest available genomic bulls. Plan to see members of the Dellia and Barbie families, as well as the Opine-P and other Polled families. Moondale Farms of Monona is a 300 acre farm home to 55 high type registered Holsteins. Dan and Nancy Moon and their three children, Kyle, Emily and Ryan along with Dan’s parents, Vernice and Bev Moon, own and operate Moondale. They have been the Premier Breeder at the Iowa State Show for 17 out of the last 22 years. The herd currently has 29 EX and 19 VG cows with a BAA of 112.9. Many cows in the barn are descendants of Moondale Mark Poppy EX-95-3E. In 2011, Vernice and Dan were honored with the Robert “Whitey” McKown Master Breeder Award at the World Dairy Expo. Henkeseen Holsteins of Luana is a homebred registered Holstein herd focusing on high type with a BAA of 111.3. Their herd has 29 EX, 35 VG and 2 GP, several Red and White families, All-Iowa winners and Junior All-American nominees. The majority of the herd traces back to the Hillary cow family. Henkeseen is owned and operated by Trent and Leslie Henkes and their children, who are the sixth generation on the family farm. After graduating from Iowa State last year, Matt returned full time to the farm. Their daughter, Leah, and husband, Marshall Lange, are also involved at Henkeseen. 16 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

Wesselcrest Holsteins of Greeley installed two robotic mikers in 2011. They were recognized as the highest producing dairy per robot in the world in 2013 with a rolling herd average of 27,348 3.9% 1037 3.3% 858. Walt and Judy Wessel along with their sons, Brent (Staci) and Jason, milk 200 cows and farm 1200 acres. They have an extensive flush and IVF program working with several different cow families. Their sire selection focuses on high production with adequate type, and they breed 98% of the animals to genomic young sires. Farnear Holsteins of Farley is a family operation including brothers, Tom and his wife, Shirley, and Rick and his wife, Jodi, along with Tom’s son, Mark. They milk 125 registered Holstein cows in a 92 cow tie-stall barn twice a day and farm 370 acres of corn and hay. Their extensive ET program focuses on genomics and type which includes working with several generations of the Barbies, Chief Adeen, and the Apple families. In 2013, Farnear hosted their first sale, “Focus on Farnear” which made headlines across the country with a sale topper of $185,000. Currently, there are three bulls in the top 100 TPI list bred by Farnear Holsteins. Hansen’s Farm Fresh Dairy of Hudson began on-farm milk processing in February 2004 with nonhomogenized whole milk. This decision was explored and then made when all four sons, Brad, Brent, Blair and Blake expressed interest in joining their parents, Jay and Jeanne Hansen, on their family farm. The product line has grown since then to include skim, 1% and chocolate milk, 30 different flavors of hard ice cream, soft-serve mix, cheese curds, butter and heavy cream. They milk 175 registered Holsteins and farm 450 acres. Their quality dairy products are marketed through 3 owned retail outlets and a newly constructed tour center, as well as other local outlets.

Reuter Dairy of Peosta is only a 10 minute drive from Dubuque. The operation is a partnership between Rick and his wife, Elaine, and his son, Dan, along with Dan’s wife, Jill, and their four children Colin, Ally, Noah & Shay. They currently have 12 employees who have played a significant role in their development and success. Their 850 milking herd of Holsteins is 100% identified with a rolling herd average of 31,084 3.9 1184 3.2% 970 and a SCC average of 75,000 for the past eight years. They have 850 heifers with the majority of them housed at their 850-acre dairy. Two of their most recognizable cow families are Dream&Do Outside Cassidy and RJR-BH Goldwyn 1154 aka “Bailey”, an EX-95 Goldwyn daughter. Bailey has transmitted other successful young stars in their herd including her most notable daughter, RJR Sanchez 1914 EX-92. Le-O-La Holsteins is 160 acre farm owned by Rick and Kathy Demmer and their seven children of Peosta. They milk 2X day in a 64 cow tie stall barn. Registered Holsteins were first purchased by Rick’s parents, Leo and Stella in 1969. His parents combined their names to create the prefix Le-O-La which is still used today. Several members in the herd are from the Dellia, Barbie, Liberty Rae, Roxy, Kerndt-Total Grumpy, Royal Rosa, Lead Mae, Shottle May, and Raven families. The Lady Family, tracing back to 1969, produced the All-Iowa 5-Yr-Old and the Top Bred and Owned at the 2013 Iowa State Show. Breeding goals at Le-O-La are to breed the best cows with show type and high genomics. Kass Antique Tractors of Dunkerton has what experts call one of the best collections of Waterloo Boy and two-cylinder John Deere tractors, prairie tractors and Rumely Oil Pull tractors and stationary engines in the country. The collection usually isn’t open to the public. Tractors with chain-driven steering, semi-enclosed cabs and a spring under a seat pale in comparison to modern machines with satellite-guided, handsfree steering, climate-controlled cabs and air-ride seats. However in the early 1900s, the machines on Kass’ farm were state-of-the art. Many tractors Kass owns are extremely rare or some of the first off assembly lines. For example, Kass owns a 1913 Fairbank Morse 20-40, one of two known in existence of the 18 tractors made. An additional new building with an old time front on it and a lean-to type porch is full of collectibles - old clocks, calendars, farm and kitchen tools, etc.

Trappist Caskets – New Melleray Abbey is a Cistercian (Trappist) monastery located in the rolling farmland south of Dubuque established in 1849. They support themselves by farming and making wooden caskets. Trappist Caskets was launched in 1999 when they began selling caskets and urns at wholesale prices. They work at a monastic pace, paying close attention to detail. The skilled craftsmen employ old-world techniques that have been perfected through generations – producing caskets and urns of unique quality. Currently, about 30 monks live, work and pray at the Abbey. Breitbach’s Country Dining in Balltown is the oldest continuously operating restaurant and bar in the state of Iowa, having been open since August 23, 1852. The establishment has been owned and operated by the Breitbach family since 1862. They are now in the 6th generation of family ownership. They have rebuilt the building twice after fire destroyed it in 2007, and then again in 2008, a year to the date. Enjoy the finest hospitality, a home cooked meal and a scenic view while dining in Balltown. Park Farm Winery was established in 2005. It is a family owned and operated 11 acre winery set atop the rolling hills near Bankston, just west of Dubuque. The Park Family produces a wide variety of award-winning Midwest/French-hybrid varietal wines that are unmatched in quality within the region. The chateau-style facilities, together with the surrounding vineyards, pastures and woodlands, evoke an old-world charm that perfectly complements their handcrafted artisan wines, making Park Farm a must-experience Iowa destination. National Farm Toy Museum in Dyersville is the “Farm Toy Capital of the World” since 1986! With thousands of toys, exhibits, and displays scattered throughout the museum, visitors can discover how farming has changed throughout the years and the history of the tractors that help make successful harvests happen. The Museum has your favorite brands like John Deere, Case IH, and Massey Ferguson and along with numerous others for you to explore! Field of Dreams Movie Site - “Is this Heaven? No, it’s Iowa.” The century-old Lansing family farm with its quaint, and oh so recognizable house is located in Dyersville. Field of Dreams, released in 1989, is a movie that has inspired millions and became an Academy Award nominee for “Best Picture of the Year”. Welcome to this home, this farm, this baseball field, this little piece of heaven on earth. Welcome to a place where reality mixes with fantasy and dreams can come true.

Non-Delegate Tour River Cruise – Enjoy a relaxing, sightseeing river cruise over lunch down the Mississippi River. The Spirit of Dubuque is a replica of a century-old Mississippi River steamboat with decorative smokestacks, a scalloped canopy over its open-air deck, Victorian red and gold decor throughout the enclosed dining salon. The gangway and dining area are handicapped accessible for standard wheelchairs. Wildlife that might be seen includes turtles, seagulls, great blue herons, and America’s National bird, Bald Eagles! MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 17

18 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

12 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

20 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 21

























































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MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2104 - 31

Please join us March 17 from 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. for a Wisconsin Holstein Association Spring Barn Meeting We will be discussing show heifer management and several of our spring sale consignments will be on display.

Nominated All-American Junior Best 3 Females in 2013

Bella-Ridge Go For Broke

Bella-View Shot of Gin

VG-86 at 2Y

VG-89 at 2-07 Junior Champion, 2011 Mideast Fall National Nom. All-American Fall Yearling 2012

Junior Champion of the Junior Show, 2013 MW Spring National Res. Junior All-American Milking Yearling

Bella-View Angels Apple

Bella-View Goldwyn Julip

Dempsey x Ms Angelina Angashock-ET VG-87 x EX Stormatic x EX-96 Apple-Red

Goldwyn x Wilstar Shotle Jacquie-ET VG-85 x EX-95 Durham Juba, All-WI 2008

6th Summer Yearling, MW Fall National Reserve All-WI Summer Yearling • Owned with Car-Cor Holsteins • Due in June to sexed Atwood

Junior Champion, WI Junior State Fair Reserve Junior Champion, 2013 MW Fall National • Owned with Forest-Ridge Holsteins • Due in June to Brokaw

Lynn & Sara Harbaugh Jacob • Logan • Madison

H A choice of Angels Apple and Goldwyn Julip sells at the Best of Triple-T and Heath on March 27 “Defining Beauty” 26 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

N11912 Graetz Rd., Marion, WI 54950 920-420-1524 Lynn cell | 866-590-0241 Fax

Rosedale Go for Gin EX-92 EX-MS

3-04 2x 365 34,000 4.2 1430 3.0 1030 Sired by Goldwyn, Go for Gin is a full sister to Rosedale Lexington, EX-94, 2x Reserve All-American & 2013 All-American 5 Year Old

Bella-Ridge Go for Broke-ET

Kingsmill Ashlyns Ashore-ET

VG-86 at 2Y Sired by Braxton from Gin


Reserve Junior All-American Milking Yearling 2nd Milking Yearling, Midwest Fall National & International Junior Holstein Show Owned by Kayla Krueger

Bella-View Alex Ashanti-ET

Sired by Alexander from Ashore 3-06 2x 260 24,699 3.3 814 3.0 748 inc. All-WI Summer Yearling, Jr. Champion of Jr. Show & Reserve Jr. Champion of Sired by Goldwyn and from the All-World Open Show, WI Championship Show Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96. 1st Summer Yearling & Junior Champion, Midwest Fall National Jr. Show

H An awesome 12/13 Aftershock sister to Broke sells March 15 in the March Madness Sale

H A fancy 7/13 Durham from Ashore sells on March 15 in the Waupaca-Waushara Sale

Owned by Paige Vossekuil

H A special 6/13 Braxton from Ashanti’s VG full sister sells in the Purple Ribbon on March 22

photos: Go for Gin & Giovanna by Beth Herges, others by Cybil Fisher

This exciting trio sells at Spring Fashions at the Great Northern on March 22

Jerland Tal Giovanna-Red EX-92 Nominated All-American R&W 4 Year Old 2013 Grand Champion, Midwest Spring R&W Show 2013 Grand Champion, MN State R&W Show 2013

H A Red Roxy! Giovanna’s VG-86 2-year-old Atwood sister is the dam of a very stylish RED Junior 2-year-old Advent due two weeks after the sale with a Talent female.

Wilstar Ad Roses Reba-Red EX-91 EX-MS 3-08 365 34,760 4.4 1521 3.6 1246 Reserve Grand Champion, MN State Fair R&W Show 2012 7th Senior 3 Year Old, WDE R&W Show 2012 Owned with Buman & Boyke

H Reba sells! Her EX dam is All-American R&W & her EX-94 3E granddam has 8 EX daughters.

H Also watch for a stylish *RC Goldwyn that goes back to the Elegances! Owned with Ryan-Vu Holsteins. Lynn & Sara Harbaugh Jacob • Logan • Madison

Kurt, Sarah & Adella Loehr W2133 Randellen Lane, Eden, WI 53019 Kurt: 920-602-0101 | Sarah: 608-792-7013 |

“Defining Beauty”

N11912 Graetz Rd., Marion, WI 54950 920-420-1524 Lynn cell | 866-590-0241 Fax MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 27

2014 Wisconsin Holstein Barn Meetings The Wisconsin Holstein Association invites all members and area dairy farmers to the 2014 Barn Meetings. The focus of this year’s barn meetings is show heifer management. Host farms will open their facilities for tours and will be on hand to answer questions. Nick Uglow, a nutritionist with Vita Plus, will speak at each barn meeting on show heifer nutrition. Three locations have agreed to be host farms for these barn meetings. The schedule for the barn meetings are: Monday, March 17 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Bella-View Holsteins - Marion (Waupaca County) Lynn & Sara Harbaugh N11912 Graetz Rd., Marion, WI 54950 • Lynn cell 920-420-1524 Directions: Take Highway 45 north of Clintonville or south of Marion to Equity sale barn. Turn east on Magolski Rd., two miles to farm. Thursday, March 20 11:00 a.m. Oeh-My Farm - Abbotsford (Clark County) Craig & Christine Oehmichen N14350 Badger Ave., Abbotsford, WI 54405 • Christy cell 715-316-1216 Directions: 1 mile west of Abbotsford on Hwy 29. Turn south on Badger Ave. From south/east: Hwy 39/51 N to 29 West to Badger Ave., south just after the two Abbotsford exits. From west: Hwy. 29 east to Badger Ave. south just before the Abbotsford exits. Thursday, March 27 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Walk-Era Farms - Wisconsin Dells (Columbia County) Dean & Doris Walker, John & Marci Walker, Tim & Tracy Walker and Tom & Jackie Walker N9036 Lewiston Station Road, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 John cell 608-432-3113 • Tim cell 608-697-2922 Directions: From Portage, take the Hwy. 16 west toward Wisconsin Dells about 8 miles. Turn right onto Lewiston Station Road. Go 1.8 miles and the farm will be on the right at N9036 Lewiston Station Road. From Wisconsin Dells, take Hwy 16 east about 6.5 miles and turn left onto Lewiston Station Road. Go 1.8 miles and the farm will be on the right at N9036 Lewiston Station Road. All barn meetings are open to any interested Holstein breeder. Any other breeders wanting to host similar barn meetings should call the Wisconsin Holstein Assocation at 1-800-223-4269 and we’ll work with you to set one up for your local breeders. For more information on the barn meetings please call the Wisconsin Holstein Association or the host farm.

Bella-View Holsteins - Lynn & Sara Harbaugh Bella-View Holsteins, Marion, is a family-run operation owned by Lynn and Sara Harbaugh. Lynn and Sara have been involved in the Registered Holstein industry their entire lives, and their children Jacob (8), Logan (6), and Madison (3), are just starting to become involved with Junior Holstein and 4-H activities. The Harbaughs currently own about 50 head of Registered Holsteins, and they house as many as 25 in our facilities at any one time depending on age and size. They do occasionally house a show heifer for others, but own part interest in nearly all the heifers they care for. Most of their milking females are housed at Forest-Ridge Holsteins and the balance of the heifers live there as well. The Harbaughs have a few partnership cows housed elsewhere. Most of the chores at Bella-View are covered by the family. They do have occasional help from a neighbor if they need to be away from home. The goal at Bella-View is to grow and develop heifers from deep pedigrees to their highest potential. They do a small amount of IVF flushing on select cows and flush a few heifers conventionally with sexed semen. Most embryos are implanted at Forest Ridge and Car-Cor Holsteins with resulting calves owned in partnership. The facilities sit on 20 acres, of which 13 are grass hay and the balance is pasture and the buildings. The barn consists of a shavings bay, manure storage, heifer housing and an office. They also have a machine shed that is utilized to store hay and other equipment. Lynn and Sara are excited to be working with several deep-pedigreed cow families. Some of these families include the Roxys, Elegance, Ashlyn, DRA August, Apple, Laurie Sheik, Rubens Marlene, Talent Limited, Durham Juba, 28 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

Integrity Dixie and Go for Gin. Members of all of these families have produced All-American nominations. They have daughters from these families sired by Durham, Goldwyn, Braxton, Sid, Dundee, Dempsey, Aftershock, Gold Chris *RC, Talent and Advent. Heifers bred by Bella-View had a remarkable show season in 2013, topped with three summer yearlings placing first, second and third at the Wisconsin Championship Show. Bella-View Alex Ashanti-ET was purchased by Paige Vossekuil in last spring’s Quest for Success sale, hosted by Lynn and Chad Ryan. Ashanti was the All-Wisconsin and Junior All-Wisconsin Summer Yearling as well as being named Junior Champion of the Junior Show and Reserve Junior Champion of the Open Show. Ashanti is an Alexander from Kingsmill Ashlyns Ashore-ET, EX-92. Reserve All-Wisconsin Summer Yearling was Bella-View Angels Apple-ET, owned in partnership with Cory and Cara Biely. She is a Dempsey from Ms Angelina Angashock-ET, a granddaughter of Apple-Red. Finally, placing third was Bella-View Goldwyn Julip-ET, a Goldwyn from Wilstar Shotle Jacquie-ET VG-85. These three heifers were Nominated All-American Junior Best Three Females. Two of the three heifers will be on display at the barn meeting, as well as some of their spring sale consignments. The Harbaughs do a limited amount of work with genomic families, but are working with an Epic daughter of Curr-Vale Goldwyn Delicious. All heifers at Bella-View are cared for the same. They are housed in group pens of three to five on a shavings bedded pack. Each pen has access to dirt exercise lots. The barn has curtain side-walls to maximize natural ventilation. In addition, there are five individual box stalls for heifers on flush shots or specialized feeding programs during the show season. The box stalls and wash area have rubber flooring to ensure optimal footing. They feed a protein pellet and free choice dry grass hay with corn supplemented in the winter months. Hoof trimming is done on all heifers in early March with additional trimming done as needed throughout the year. All heifers are clipped four to five times a year, with show heifers getting extra attention throughout the year. The show heifers are washed daily and are also under fans during the show season. Lynn and Sara believe in a strong vaccination program to promote maximum health and growth. All heifers get three doses of Bovi-Shield prior to their first breeding and Inforce 3 is given before leaving to go to shows. In addition, all heifers are poured with a dewormer in spring and fall. Lynn and Sara are excited to be hosting a barn meeting and look forward to your visit to Bella-View Holsteins on March 17. The farm will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Oeh-My Farm - Craig & Christine Oehmichen Oeh-My Farms, Abbotsford, is owned by Craig and Christy Oehmichen and their children, Chase (11) and Willow (8). Christy grew up on her family farms of Mayerheim in Deer Park, and Pepst Farms in Centuria. She attended UW-Madison and earned a degree in dairy science. Following graduation she worked for a reputable dairy company but always knew her dream was to have a herd of her own. In 2008 Christy and Craig purchased the farm just down the road from where Craig grew up. The couple hassince built a very reputable herd. They also co-own Short Lane Ag Supply, a full service agronomy business with locations in Colby and Mishicot. On the farm, Christy primarily manages the cows while Craig takes care of the crops. The kids complete daily chores and are getting more and more involved as they become older. Additionally, Christy has been able to mentor high school students through a youth apprenticeship program and shares her love of showing with younger children by allowing them to exhibit animals at area shows. Chase and Willow are also taking a liking to the show ring and have participated at shows such as the Central Wisconsin State Fair, Wisconsin State Fair, District Holstein Show and the Wisconsin Championship Show and the Wisconsin Jersey State Show. They also attend the annual Cow Camp and the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Convention. Oeh-My Farm is located on 174 acres, 135 of which are tillable. They also rent an additional 145 acres. The herd consists of 85 head, including youngstock. The milking herd includes 30 Registered Holsteins and three Registered Jerseys with a rolling herd average of 22,604 milk with 3.8% 854 pounds fat 3.0% 683 pounds protein. Cows are milked in a tie-stall barn that holds 39 cows and heifers are raised in a recently constructed heifer facility. The Holstein herd includes 24 head that go back to the Mark Maui family and eight head that descend from the Elegance family. Christy breeds for type and selects sires with high type, udder composite and foot and leg

composite numbers. She is currently using Gulf, Brokaw, Richman, Moregold, Guthrie, Armani, Absolute, Atwood, Shot and Spur. Frozenes Durham Velma, EX-94 3E and a daughter of Frozenes Broker Vidalia EX-94 GMD DOM, is one of the farm’s top brood cows. She has daughters by Absolute and Atwood. Velma has a deep show record including being first aged cow and Reserve Senior Champion at the District 5 Show in 2009. She was also the second place four year old at the Midwest Fall National Show in 2007 and Nominated All-American Winter Calf in 2003. Some of the other herd highlights and favorite show cows include Ms Drake M-Azement, EX-91, who was the winning 5 year old at the District 4 Show and Central Wisconsin State Fair in 2012. She has daughters by Atwood, Sid and Dempsey. Four-of-a-Kind Mich Miracle, EX-92, is a granddaughter of Four-of-a-Kind Jolt Justine, EX-94 2E, and was the first 5 year old and Reserve Senior Champion at the 2013 District 4 Show. She was also the first 5 year old, Grand Champion and Reserve Supreme Champion at the Central Wisconsin State Fair. Miracle has an Atwood daughter due in March. Kietz Sanchez Blondie, EX-90, also has an Atwood daughter and was second place as a Junior 2 year old and Junior 3 year old at the District 4 Show. She was also first Junior 3 Year Old and Reserve Intermediate Champion at the Central Wisconsin State Fair. The Oehmichens have had much success with their show heifers over the last few years. Oeh-My Hero Ebony, from an EX-90 Ross, was the winning fall calf, Junior Champion of the Junior Show and Reserve Junior Champion of the Open Show at last summer’s District 4 Show. She was also the first fall calf and Reserve Junior Champion at the Wisconsin State Fair. Oeh-My Dempsey Molly comes from the Maui family and was the second place and first junior spring calf at the 2012 District 4 Show. She followed that up as the second spring yearling in 2013 and was the first place spring yearling at the Central Wisconsin State Fair and Wisconsin State Fair open show. Finally, Oeh-My Richman Eliza, from the Elegance family, is a perennial winner at the District 4 show. She was the first spring calf and Reserve Junior Champion of the Junior Show in 2011, second spring yearling in 2012 and first Junior 2 year old of the junior show in 2013. Oeh-My Farm was the Premier Exhibitor at the 2013 District 4 Show and exhibited the Junior Best Three Females in 2012. They have exhibited the Supreme Champion at the 2012 and 2013 Central Wisconsin State Fair and won the Herdsman Award the last two years. Christy has continually enhanced her heifer raising program. The new barn is a pack barn and is very versatile. This allows her to separate show heifers or heifers that need to be fed differently and each pen has access to a pasture. A variety of bedding is used with decisions made based on weather, price and availability. Newborn calves are fed colostrum from Johne’s and leukosis negative dams at birth. If this isn’t available, Secure colostrum replacer is used. Calves are raised in hutches and fed whole milk from Johne’s and leukosis negative cows until they are ten weeks old. In the winter they are fed milk three times per day supplemented with Vita-Lyte and are started on a 20% starter and fed soft hay only. As animals get older, a higher protein hay is made available to heifers. Pellet feed and hay is adjusted according to manure, weight and availability. At breeding age, a ground protein mix is added. The effective, yet costly Fermentin protein is limited to potential show heifers only. Long dry hay is always fed free choice and not limited. The Oehmichen family has mostly shown younger calves as the neighborhood kids that show with the farm are pretty young. Christy selects potential show animals early and ties these animals up to work with them each time they need to be vaccinated or cared for on an individual basis. She believes the key is to start this process early. A bunch of the nicest looking heifers are tied up early in the spring and are clipped off as soon as weather allows. This gives her a chance to see how the heifers look and also how the kids relate to each heifer. Each kid selects the calf or calves they are going to work with during the year. Christy has the group of kids practice leading as schedules allow. The heifers are washed a couple times a week but are sprayed off as often as possible. Christy also trims feet on all show cattle early in the year and then has the hoof trimmer on the farm once every six weeks to do any feet that need more maintenance. Prior to any show, calves are tied up on a pack to get used to things like being watered, having a fork underfoot and people walking up between them, etc. The Oehmichen family would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone who is able to attend the meeting and appreciate the Wisconsin Holstein Association for this opportunity. It’s always an honor to have people to the farm. They love what they do and couldn’t do it without the help of the countless friends and mentors who have helped along the way. First and foremost, they’d like to thank their parents – Jim and Carlene Mayer and Larry and Carol Oehmichen. Also special thanks to Joey Kietzman, Joe and

Belle Sigwarth, Chad Ryan, Lynn Harbaugh, Perry Phend, Tim Rau, Kim Bremmer, Matt Dorshorst, Tom Steive, and many others for their role in developing this herd.

Walk-Era Farms - Walker Family Built on family and faith, Walk-Era Farms of Wisconsin Dells is truly where dreams of excellence are coming true. The Walker family has been located in the Wisconsin Dells area since Erwin and Ella Walker arrived from North Dakota in 1936. In 1957, their son Dean married Doris, and they purchased the farm from Dean’s parents. At that time, the farm consisted of 240 acres, a 23-cow stanchion barn, 20 grade and three Registered Holsteins. The farm has come a long way since its birth in Wisconsin. In 1963, a free stall barn and double four swing parlor were built, and the herd number grew to 70 cows. Dean and Doris’ sons slowly grew the number of Registered Holsteins through involvement in 4-H and showing over the years, and by 1983, the decision was made to improve and expand facilities. That year a 100-cow stall barn was built, with a double five herringbone parlor. The decision to build a stall barn rather than free stall was a simple one for the Walker boys, as their desire to show and merchandise their cattle trumped the poorly designed free stalls that were being built in the 70’s and 80’s. John and his wife Marci, along with children Alli, 14, and Brett, 11, are heavily involved in the cows, as John takes care of the breeding and the family works with the show animals and feeds calves. John is a graduate of UW-Madison and Marci from UW-River Falls. Marci is very active in the industry, serving as president of the Wisconsin Holstein board, and providing her leadership to the District Five junior Holstein delegation. Tim and Tracy, along with their children Gracie, 11, Libby, 8, and Emmy, 4, are excited to continue getting their children involved in the farm. Tim helps with both the cows and crop work, and is also a graduate of UWMadison. Tracy is a graduate of Cal Poly/Fresno State, and was a nurse before becoming a stay at home mom. Tom and Jackie have a daughter Nora, age 2 and a 4 month old son Nash, and look forward to the day they will be able to show and help on the farm. Tom focuses on the crops, is a graduate of UW-Platteville in engineering, and Jackie is a physical therapist. Walkers milk 100 cows in a double-five herringbone parlor and the cows are housed in a 4-row wide tie-stall barn. The bred heifers and dry cows are housed in a freestall barn. The herd boasts a rolling herd average is 23,748 3.86 947 3.16 751 and a BAA of 109.2% with 24 EX, 49 VG and 37 GP cows. Over the years, the Walkers have bred 92 Excellent cows, received the PBR Award 9 times, had six All-Wisconsin and Reserve All-Wisconsin winners, five animals place in the top 10 at World Dairy Expo, and have won Premier Breeder or Premier Exhibitor honors at the District 5 Show five times. There are several key families that have contributed to the Walk-Era success over the years. The Rose family matriarch is Pearmont-LTD Mandingo Rose, EX-91 3E and backed by four generations of Excellent, was purchased as a yearling heifer in 1988. Her pedigree includes Spring Farms Citation Rosetta, a cow that was Grand Champion at the Royal Winter Fair in 1977. Rose has over 30 Very Good and Excellent descendants, including four Excellent daughters – two by Raider, one by Kite and one by Roy. Carldot Raider June, EX-91 in Canada, had three Excellent daughters for the Walkers, but her best was Walk-Era Counselor Jena, EX-93 3E. A prominent show cow, Jena had six daughters that included EX-92 Linjet Justine. Justine’s record at 4-05 and 365 days included 30,639M with 3.8 1206F and 3.2 990P. Justine is a tremendous brood cow in her own right and has produced one Excellent and three VG-87 Goldwyn daughters that are all excelling as young cows in other herds. The Walkers sold all but one of the VG daughters, and are excited to flush and work with Walk-Era Just a Dream VG-87. Raider June has over 20 VG and EX offspring to date. She has transmitted phenomenal udders and style to her progeny, and has welded on some of the best udders in the Walker herd. In addition to Jena, June had another Excellent Counselor and an Excellent Broker. The next foundation family is backed by Cherown Strategy Marsha, EX-92 3E. Her dam was an EX-94 Raider and granddam the EX-92 Mark Ruperta. Marsha also has over 20 VG and EX descendants in the Walk-Era herd – including two EX daughters by Champion and two by Outside. These four Excellent daughters have combined for an EX-92 Damion, two EX-91 Durhams, an EX-91 Advent, and an additional EX-90 Durham. Marsha’s most notable daughter, though, has been Walk-Era Champion Matrix, EX-90 2E. Matrix was Nominated All-American as a winter yearling in 2005, standing second at both the Midwest Fall National and Midwest Spring National shows that year. Her record at 6-0 2x 365d yielded 35,845M with continued on page 30 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 29

The Walker family would like to welcome you to their barn meeting. There will be an open barn from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon with lunch available from 11:45 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Nick Uglow with Vita Plus will give a presentation on show heifer nutrition at 12:30 p.m. followed by an overview of the Walk-Era show heifer program and a tour of the heifer facilities. Walk-Era’s nutritionists, James Hoffman with Frontier FS, Argyle, and Lisa Peterson with Allied Coop, Adams, will also be on hand to answer questions.

WHA Barn Meeting info, continued from page 29 4.6 1665F and 3.3 1174P. Her best daughter has been WalkEra Durham Monarch, EX-90, who was second 4-year-old and Reserve Grand Champion at the District 5 Holstein Show in 2011. Her record at 3-02 2x and 365d totaled 34,026M with 4.3 1448F and 3.4 1143P. Monarch has milking Windbrook and Fevers. Holbric Ravage Orsmby, EX-93 3E is another matriarch that was added to the Walk-Era herd. Nominated Junior All-American as a four-year-old, Orsmby was flushed to Dundee early on and her daughters have packed a punch in the show ring. Walk-Era Dundee Oh My, VG-87, was AllWisconsin Winter Yearling in 2011 and ninth at Madison. As a senior 2year-old in 2012, Oh My was first senior two-year-old at the Midwest Spring National, first and Reserve Intermediate Champion at the District 5 Holstein Show, and seventh in class at the WI Championship Show. Walk-Era Dundee Oreo-ET, EX-90, is another prominent Dundee from Orsmby. Oreo was 1st Spring Yearling & Reserve Junior Champion at the Midwest Spring Show, Junior Champion at the WI Championship Show, 4th at WDE, Nominated All-American Spring Yearling in 2009. She has a VG milking Aftershock daughter and a Sid Winter Yearling. Orsmby also has two exciting heifers for 2014 by Fever and Goldsun. Other cows leaving their mark in the Walk-Era herd include Liessels Outside Allie, EX-91, and her nine daughters; KHW Distorted Humor, an EX-90 Jasper from the Altitude family and an eighth generation EX; and Miss Triumphant Kandy-ET, EX-91, who has milking daughters by Durham, Atwood and Aftershock. All calves at Walk-Era are given the same ration and opportunity to develop in their calf barn up to 10-12 months of age. They begin with whole milk and calf starter in indoor or outdoor hutches, depending on the season. At weaning they move into groups of no more than seven head per pen, transition to grass hay and 20% starter and then at 6 months of age are transitioned to a protein pellet. Those that display show potential are moved to our show barn where we have four separate pens and are able to monitor feed intakes with more precision and handle them easier for halter breaking. The facility also has a wash rack, fans and pasture access.

Our Featured Speaker - Nick Uglow Nick Uglow grew up on his family’s 60-cow dairy, Horseshoe Hill Farm, in Watertown, Wisconsin. Working on the farm, Uglow developed his passion for dairy production and genetics. This led him to pursue a bachelor’s degree in dairy science and agricultural journalism from the University of WisconsinMadison. Today, he continues to help manage his family’s herd composed of 80 percent Brown Swiss and 20 percent Holstein genetics. He also works as a dairy nutrition consultant with Vita Plus, a livestock feed and nutrition company based in Madison, Wisconsin and serving producers throughout the upper Midwest. Uglow is a member of the Wisconsin Brown Swiss Association, Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Association, Wisconsin Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni Association and Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. Uglow combines his nutrition expertise with years of on-farm animal management experience. He draws on these skills to develop customized solutions for his customers that will help meet their herds’ performance and profitability goals. His experience has also led him to his own herd’s success in the showring. Horseshoe Hill Brown Swiss saw several All-American nominations in the past five years. As he works with fellow producers, Uglow emphasizes the importance of optimizing nutrition and providing top-notch care to all animals, starting with newborn calves and continuing throughout the entire herd. Youth exhibitors and other clients have boosted their nutrition and management knowledge thanks to Uglow’s assistance and used their new skills to reach the top of the showring. At this year’s Wisconsin Holstein Association Barn Meetings, Uglow will share this same show heifer nutrition and management expertise with attendees. His tips and advice can be put to use in helping heifers achieve their genetic potential.








‡‡IRU&0 ‡‡ IRU10 ‡ ‡IRU*73,      


















Join us for our Spring Barn Meeting Thursday, March 20 • 11:00 a.m. We’re honored to have been chosen to host this event and welcome you to our farm to mingle with fellow Holstein enthusiasts, enjoy a fantastic lunch and learn from some of the best heifer nutritionists – Vita Plus’s Nick Uglow and Kim Bremmer. It would be our pleasure to have you! Directions to the farm: Corner of Hwy. 29 and Badger Ave. (south). One mile west of Abbotsford, turn south off of Hwy. 29 onto Badger Ave.

Herd Highlights:

Oeh-My Hero Ebony 1st Jr. & 1st Jr. B&O Fall Calf, Jr. Champion of Jr. Show & Res. Jr. Champion of Open Show, District 4 2013 1st Fall Calf & Res. Jr. Champion, CWSF 2013 1st Fall Calf & Res. Jr. Champion, WI State Fair Open Show 2013 Dam: Ragnar Ross Eloquent EX-90 3-03 2x 305 26,120 3.8 981 3.0 791

Oeh-My Dempsey Molly

Four-of-a-Kind Mich Miracle EX-92 EX-MS 4-08 2x 346 38,854 4.1 1607 2.8 1087

Kietz Sanchez Blondie EX-90 EX-MS 3-10 2x 287 24,754 4.2 1038 3.2 801 inc.

1st & BU 5-Year-Old, Res. Senior Champion, District 4 2013 1st 5-Year-Old, Grand Champion & Res. Supreme Champion, CWSF 2013 Dam: Four-of-a-Kind MS Tina-ET EX-90 EX-MS 3-00 3x 365 36,120 3.9 1393 3.1 1104 2nd Dam: Four-of-a-Kind Jolt Justine EX-94 2E

2nd Junior 2-Year-Old, District 4 2012 2nd Junior 3-Year-Old, District 4 2013 1st Junior 3-Year-Old & Reserve Intermediate Champion, CWSF 2013 2nd Dam: Miss Durham Scarlet-ET VG-88 VG-MS 2-06 3x 305 34,580 2.8 957 2.9 1020

Miracle is currently being flushed. She has an Alexander daughter and an Atwood due in March.

Blondie has an Atwood daughter.

1st Jr. & 2nd Open Spring Calf, Dist. 4 2012 2nd Spring Yealring, District 4 2013 1st Spring Yearling, CWSF 2013 Res. Jr. All-WI Spring Calf (10 & Under) 2012 Backed by VG-85 Duplex, EX-90, VG-88 GMD DOM, EX-91 GMD DOM, EX-95 2E GMD DOM Maui

Oeh-My Richman Eliza 1st Spring Calf & Res. Jr. Champion of Jr. Show, District 4 2011 2nd Spring Yearling, District 4 2012 1st Jr. Junior 2-Year-Old, District 4 2013 Backed by VG-86 Redmarker, EX-94, EX-93 GMD DOM, EX-96 GMD DOM Elegance

Spring Sale Consignments:

Miss Drake M-Azment EX-91 EX-MS 5-03 2x 365 36,214 4.9 1408 3.2 1139

Miss Dundee Michelle-ET EX-92 EX-MS

Reserve Intermediate Champion, Central WI State Fair 2010 1st 5-Year-Old, District 4 & Central WI State Fair 2012 Backed by a VG-88 VG-MS Astronomical, EX-94 2E, EX-91 GMD DOM, EX-95 2E GMD DOM Maui, EX-93 2E GMD DOM, EX-91 3E GMD, VG-88 DOM

5th Junior 3-Year-Old, Midwest National Spring Show 2008 Backed by an EX-91 Lee then EX-95 2E GMD DOM Maui

Miss Million Marriot EX-90 EX-MS 3-06 2x 305 22,734 4.9 1109 3.2 730

4-01 2x 365 30,650 4.3 1309 3.4 1056

Selling a fresh Atwood from M-Azment on March 22

2nd Senior 3-Year-Old, District 4 2013 Backed by a VG-88 Fortune, EX-93 Champion, EX-91 Lee then EX-95 2E GMD DOM Maui

Selling on April 12 in the RedFest with a Touch of Black: A Megabuck Fall Yearling from Michelle’s VG-85 Minister daughter

Selling on March 22 in the Purple Ribbon Classic: A Braxton spring yearling from Marriot herself

Oeh-My Farm Premier Exhibitor, 2013 District 4 Show

Craig, Christine, Chase & Willow Oehmichen N14350 Badger Ave., Abbotsford, WI 54405 • Christy cell 715-316-1216

BAA: 110.5%

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 31

Rippd-Valley Mega-Man 4499 VG-86 VG-MS at 3Y +1963 GTPI 2-01 3x 348 34,490 3.5 1217 3.0 1045 3-02 3x 307 37,730 4.0 1493 3.1 1088 4-01 3x 35 2,740 4.0 109 3.1 99 inc. Her dam is VG-87 VG-MS with 42,000M at 2-11. The next dam has 35,900 at 2-10. Mega-Man has a Trigger calf and 3 milking Shottle daughters all off to a terrific start as two year olds.

Rippd-Valley Juniper 4732 GP-82 VG-MS at 3Y 2-01 3x 293 27,330 3.9 1062 2.8 772 Her dam is a VG-86 VG-MS Shottle with 36,720 3.6 1310 at 3 years and 101,020 lifetime. The next dam by Die-Hard. Juniper has a Gerrard daughter and is fresh again and off to a great start.

Two of our milking Dorcy daughters: Rippd-Valley Dory 4581 VG-85 VG-MS at 3Y 1-11 3x 365 29,950 3.9 1154 3.1 921 GTPI +1979

Rippd-Valley Dorcy 4583 GP-83 VG-MS at 3Y 3-00 3x 311 39,270 2.9 1154 2.8 1090

Watch for our consignments to the Pride of the Plains sale in Brookings, SD on June 6. August Classification: 308 head - 3 EX, 52 VG, 142 GP RHA: 999 cows 31,837 3.8 1212 3.1 971 3261 CY

RGary, ipps DaiRy Valley llc Troy & Chuck Ripp & Families 6626 Ripp Drive, Dane, WI 53529 • 608-850-5789 •

32 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2104 - 33

Dream Prairie Complete Dispersal ~ 250 head selling ~ Westby, WI • April 4, 2014 • 10:00 a.m. THESE ALL SELL

Dream-Prairie RV Beeswax-ET NC

Dream-Prairie Bethel-ET

2-08 2x 32 2816 5.4 152 3.4 97 inc. milking 100 lbs. 4.9%F 3.3%P 18 SCC


Dream-Prairie Curio Dee VG-86 VG-MS

2-00 2x 365 24,580 4.9 1209 3.7 907

2-01 2x 365 29,845 3.7 1093 3.1 911

This fancy young cow is sired by Ravish has a full brother at Semex and milking 100 lbs./day on first test. Beeswax sells along with her already VG-85 full sister and maternal sister at right by Time. Their dam is VG-86 and the next dam is Boxer’s EX-90 Goldwyn dam; extending back to the Barbie’s.

Sired by Big-Time and a maternal sister to Beeswax at left. Bethel has numerous daughters selling by Man-O-Man, Supersire, Headliner, Shan, and four McCutchens - one with show winning credits.

Dee is sired by Dundee and was the 1st Senior 2-yearold and Hon. Mention Intermediate Champion at the District 2 Show in 2013. Backed by 7 generations of VG or EX, she sells with her Windbrook yearling.

Dream-Prairie Ad Clover-Red

Class-E Atwood Christa-ET

Class-E Fever Colleen-ET




2-05 2x 365 26,560 4.3 1152 3.3 888

2-00 2x 216 16,610 3.4 563 3.0 498 inc.

2-00 2x 129 10,488 3.4 361 3.1 325 inc.

Advent Clover is recently fresh, milking 149 lbs. with 70 SCC and looks great. From the same family as Curio Dee above, her dam is a VG-85 Talent then the EX-92 2E Encore Clover and EX-93 3E Benchmark.

This fancy Atwood daughter is milking 80 lbs. with a 28 SCC, looks great and is bred back to Doorman. Also selling is her VG-86 full sister; both have Acme summer yearlings selling with them. Their dam is an EX-91 Champion that extends back to Encore Celene EX-90.

Sired by Fever and awaiting her new classification score. Colleen has 3 VG 2-year-old sisters selling by Stormatic and Atwood, including Christa at left. Colleen is milking 94 lbs. with 24 SCC, is due Sept. 1 to Sid and is a Senior 2-Year-Old for 2014.

Dream-Prairie FGG Atlee-ET milking 70 lbs., 13 SCC Pictured just one month fresh, this Guthrie daughter sells. A young cow with huge promise; her dam is a VG-87 Mac that sells along with Atlee’s full sister, due in March, and a Windbrook maternal sister. 2nd dam is Durham Atlee EX-92, then Storm Amberlee VG-88 and Chief Adeen EX-94.

34 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

Dream Prairie Complete Dispersal ~ 250 head selling ~ Westby, WI • April 4, 2014 • 10:00 a.m. THESE ALL SELL

Dream-Prairie Windbrok Blue NC Dream-Prairie Atwood Ashlyn NC 1-10 125 12,451 3.5 435 2.9 364 inc. milking 106 lbs., 12 SCC Blue is from one of the foundation families that started Dream-Prairie. Watch for her new classification score; she sells pregnant, carrying an Acme heifer and milking right at 100 lbs./day.

2-02 350 23,287 4.4 1018 3.2 751 1st test, 2nd lact.: milking 100 lbs., 19 SCC

Dream-Prairie Shottle Sylvia GP-84 VG-MS 2-04 2x 113 8847 3.2 283 3.0 263 inc. milking 90 lbs., 9 SCC

Yes, she is the great-granddaughter of Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96 herself. This young cow is all quality and Sylvia is from a VG-88 Mr. Sam with 42,000M and recently fresh in her second lactation. Her granddam then an EX-90 Kenneth. Milking well and bred back, by Skychief is EX-92 and her dam is by Dundee. she sells along with her fall calf sired by Big Gun.

De-Su 8375-ET GP-84

Dream-Prairie Hill Hayle-ET NC

2-04 365 37,400 4.2 1582 3.4 1257

1-11 106 7,750 4.1 315 3.3 254 inc.

Dream-Prairie Season-ET NC 1-10 91 7,901 4.1 322 3.2 250 inc.

This Boliver is a daughter of De-Su Oman 6121-ET herself and is milking 94 lbs. with 16 SCC. Selling are her daughters by the following bulls: 7 Hills that are all milking with beautiful udders, 2 Destry VG 2-year-olds, 2 Shamrocks and a +2285 GTPI Bookem with a Jabir that is +2404 GTPI and also sells.

Hayle is one of 7 milking Hill daughters of 8375 (left), all milking between 80-92 lbs. last test with 14-17 SCC. This family leaves its mark with great udders and will to milk - she had 82 lbs. on last test with 16 SCC.

Season is a Shamrock from 8375 (left) milking 100 lbs. with 15 SCC. She has a full sister also selling. Season also has 3 Enforcers and a Jabir daughter selling. There are 20 head from this family that sell.

• 140 Milking cows - 80 1st lactation, 35 2nd lactation • 50 bred heifers, 60 show age heifers • High genomic & polled heifers

12/13 RHA: 137 cows 25,739 4.07 1047 3.2 827 53,000 SCC BAA: 108.7 Cows are housed in a sand bedded freestall and tie-stall barn with outside feeding daily. Watch for new classification scores & updates on our Dream Prairie Holsteins Sale Facebook page and Sale managed by:

Cary & Joy Moser & Family 264 Coon Prairie Ave., Westby, WI 608-634-3803 • Cell 608-632-1401

2564 Pole Line Road, Ridgeway, IA 52165 Home 563.387.0035 Cell 563.380.1318 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 35


an-Rose Dairy has always opened its doors to young people in an effort to facilitate learning. On September 4 and 5, Hoard’s Dairyman and the University of Wisconsin-Madison embarked on the second edition of Learning Linear. As was the case with the first series in 1998, the cows of Ran-Rose served as the models for the project. In all, 25 cows were used for 65 different poses. Additional cattle came from the UW Research herd, Mark and Nicky Rueth and Mitch Krahn. The articles series and its 90-plus photos were published in the January 10 and 25; February 10 and 25 and March 10 Young Dairyman pages of Hoard’s Dairyman.

Two of our 25 models that day:

Ran-Rose Co Roxys Reign EX-90 EX-MS

Ran-Rose Sanchez Seatac VG-85 at 2-05

5-04 365 33,870 3.4 1141 2.7 922

3-00 354 25,979 3.7 958 3.1 808

• By Durham, Reign has a summer yearling by Goldsun

• Seatac has a winter yearling by Dempsey

Dam: Ryan-Geiger Roxys Roxann VG-85 by Outside 3-02 362 23,960 4.4 1046 2.7 657 2nd Dam: Hanoverhill Rudol Rachel-ET VG-86 2-05 365 30,380 3.9 1182 3.2 957 Next Dams: EX-95 Mark, then Roxette and Roxy

Dam: Ran-Rose Durham Seattle EX-92 2E 5-05 365 30,690 3.7 1131 3.1 960 2nd Dam: Ran-Rose Marshall Sexton VG-87 6-05 305 27,850 3.8 1068 2.9 818 Next Dams: VG-86, EX-90 & VG-87

The photo crew for the linear project included front row (L to R): Josh Krahn, herdsman at Ran-Rose Dairy; Patti Hurtgen, HD online media manager; Corey Geiger, HD managing editor; Luke Lensmire, dairy cattle fitter; and Ben Kinnard, project assistant. Back row (L to R): Beth Herges, photographer; Amanda Smith, HD associate editor; Ted Halbach, UW-Madison; and Jonus Melbaum, dairy cattle fitter. Also assisting with the project was dairy cattle fitter Ryan Krohlow.

Ran-Rose Holsteins

Randall and Rosalie Geiger ~ Corey & Krista; Nate & Angela Josh Krahn, herdsman 4227 Hickory Hills Rd., Reedsville, WI 54230 Corey cell: (920) 650 0294; 18 consecutive years under 100,000 SCC on shipped milk - 12 consecutive years Progressive Genetics Herd award 36 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

Iowa Spring Sale



-*/&38":($)*1$0$016''Ĺą&5    Eldo Pries




TJR, Vail and Price

#6%+0/Ĺą/*5;:%&45*/:Ĺą3&%Ĺą&5&9Ĺą&&9Ĺą.4     Chapman/ Budjon-Vail



&4,%"-&4503."5*$-&(&/%Ź&5&9ŹŹ&&9Ź.4     Dan Hovden

Also selling are 30 good, young milk cows, 15 bred heifers & a great selection of show age calves!

Sale Sponsored by: Iowa Holstein Association

38 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 39

photos by Cybil Fisher

High Honorable Mention 5-Year-Old

Nominated R&W Spring Yearling

Gildale Advent Primrose *RC

2nd-Look Bwire Dorito 8353-Red


~ due in June to Redburst-Red

5-05 3x 365 35,440 4.3 1524 3.1 1122

Her Dam: 2nd-Look RL Nacho 7288-Red GP-83 2nd Dam: Rose-E-Vue Advent Numbar-Red VG-87 5-07 3x 365 34,510 3.5 1202 3.0 1034

~ due in July to Armani Her Dam: Iowa-Hills Cousto Paris-ET EX-91 Grand Champion of the Junior Show, Midwest National Spring Show Grand Champion of Open & Junior Show & Best Udder, District 10 5-Year-Old Class Futurity Winner, Fond du Lac Holstein Futurity 2nd 5-Year-Old, International Junior Holstein Show (WDE)

3rd Junior Spring Yearling, Midwest Spring Red & White Show Junior All-Wisconsin Red & White Spring Yearling 5th Junior Spring Yearling, Grand International Red & White Show

Doug, Linda, Corey & Tammy Hodorff N3832 Hwy. W, Eden, WI 53019 Farm phone (920) 477-6800 • Farm fax (920) 477-2520 E-mail: 40 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

(Clockwise from top left) Kaianne, Kalista, Kayli Hodorff & Nick Schuster




 G)3 LQF



 G)3 LQF




+H]PK +LUUPZ7PLYZVU + H]PK +LUUPZ7PLYZVU [O(]LU\LÂ&#x2039;3HRL*P[`45  [O(]LU\LÂ&#x2039;3HRL*P[`45 1-(;)78,3078)-27 1-(;)78,3078)-277TVMRK 7TVMRK

42 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 43

44 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014


with a Touch of Black

Saturday, April 12 11:00 a.m. at Crescentmead Holsteins, Ixonia

Without a doubt, the best group of young show cows and heifers the RedFest has ever had!

Scientific Gold Dana Rae-ET EX-95 2E 5-05 2x 34,550 4.0 1369 3.1 1055 Reserve All-American 5 Year Old 2012 Selling is Dana Rae’s silky, black, stylish 9/13 Fever. Next dam EX-92 Debutante Rae herself. A calf with an All-American pedigree and breathtaking on top of it! Budjon, Kietzman & Woodmansee

Ms Candy Apple-Red EX-94

All-Amer. R&W 4 & 5 Year Old, 2012 & 2013 Reserve Grand Champion, Royal R&W 2013 Grand Champion, Quebec Int. R&W 2013 HM Grand Champion, Intl. R&W 2013 Best Udder of Show, Intl. R&W 2013 Selling is Candy Apple’s polled RED 9/13 Colt 45 and she is breathtaking with unlimited potential. Frank & Carol Borba, Frank & Diane Borba

MD-Hillbrook Sunburst-Red-ET EX-92

4x All-American Red & White Selling is Sunburst’s 12/12 super fancy B&W full sister by Redliner cut just like her sister. Also selling is her 2 year old sister by Destry and what an udder on these young cows. It’s show time! Todd Bushman

Budjon Redmarker Desire *RC EX-96 4E GMD Lft: 2637d 255,630 4.0 10,213 2.8 7204 All-Amer. & Grand Champion, WDE 2005 From the All-American Desire we have two 9/13 Absolutes - one RED and one B&W. Also, her fancy 12/13 RED Piccolo daughter sells - she’s stylish! Desire knows how to Cull & Vail make the All-American kind.

Stonden Snowman Red Desire-Red *VRC GLPI +2556 #1 Red Snowman

Crescentmead Radiant Rose EX-90 3Y

Desire-Red carries the red variant gene and is due in February. Her dam VG-88 EX-MS Gold Dancer-Red. Selling is her 11/13 RED Mogul, will have genomics in March. Also selling a RED calf 2nd choice of 13 female preg. from 5 Jabir, 6 Chevrolet & 2 Tango females to be born at Robert Eustice in MN.

2-02 2x 364 20,667 3.9 807 3.2 676 Selling from Rose’s fresh 16th generation EX Shottle sister is a 9/13 Triple Threat daughter. Jake Vande Zande Also selling a RED 12/13 Acme from a VG-86 2Y then 15 EX dams. Don Mayer

Mark Comfort & Robert Eustice

Hosted by

Sale Staff: Todd Wendorf Niles Wendorf Joe Kietzman Robert Yeoman Ron Roskopf

920-988-3323 920-342-9482 608-289-0096 405-880-2209 414-587-4402

Chad Ryan Dale Kranz Norm Nabholz Roger Turner Chris McCullough

920-960-1449 920-960-2566 563-590-3204 608-770-0012 608-214-9742

Todd, Christa, Landon & Mylie Wendorf W2444 Evergreen Rd., Ixonia, WI 53036 Directions to Crescentmead Holsteins - From I-94, go north on Hwy. 67 8 miles to Evergreen Rd., go left 1/4 mile to farm on right.

Sale managed by/Catalogs: Todd Wendorf 920-988-3323 or e-mail: Catalog online at and MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 45

46 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2104 - 53

48 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 49

40th Clinton County Classic March 29, 2014 · 10:30 a.m. · Carlyle, Ill. · 50 miles east of St. Louis

KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96 3E Reserve Grand Champion, International R&W ‘13 Selling her +2144 GTPI Numero Uno greatgranddaughter. Dam is VG-87 Super then EX-Stormatic. John Erbsen -- 815.275.4990

Budjon Redmarker Desire EX-96 4E Life: 2637 255,630 4.0 10,213 2.8 7204 All-American & Grand Champion WDE 2005 Her stylish Action-Red summer yearling sells! Budjon-JK -- 920.960.0350

Golden-Oaks Champ Rae-ET EX-93 3E 6-04 3x 365 41,590 4.1 1714 3.0 1240 Windbrook granddaughter of Champ Rae sells due in April. Dam is a VG-87 Aftershock. Heinzmann, Oertel, Twenhafel -- 618.718.7994

K-Lane Givency Kalie EX-92 3-01 2x 365 34,755 4.1 1448 3.4 1082 Grand Champion, IL State Fair 2009 Her Windbrook granddaughter sells! B-J-Grove -- 618.322.3523

Her Bradnick Jr 2 granddaughter due in June sells! Golden Oaks -- 847.224.7861

Selling a Braxton yearling due after the sale from her EX sister. K-Lane -- 708.878.8518

Ms Dundee Belinda-ET EX-95 2X Nominated All-American 1st C. Goldwyn x her full sister who topped the ‘13 Clinton County Classic. Oertel -- 618.779.9060

Savage-Leigh Jasper Leah EX-91 All-Indiana Sr 2 & Res. All-Indiana 4-yr-old ‘13 Her Goldsun spring yearling sells! Gingerich -- 574.536.3061

Budjon-JK Durham Embrace EX-95 2E 2X All-American Nominess Selling her fancy Atwood winter yearling! Budjon-JK -- 920.960.0350

SALE CHAIRMEN Lucas Clanton 618-322-3523 Bob Fruend 618-920-5375 Larry Kleiner 618-827-3468 Ron Debatin 618-669-2833 Josh Huelsman 618-541-1326 Harvey Harpstrite 618-224-9513

SALE FORCE Scott Courtney 563-380-1318 Larry Kleiner 618-827-3468 Dallas Burton 785-806-9774 Kenneth Hall 501-940-9711 Bruce Gingerich 574-536-3061 Brian Olbrich 815-482-7426

Sale Catalogs: Lucas Clanton 618-322-3523 Kate Geppert 573-814-3148

Rolling Spring G Esence EX-95 2E 5th Generation All-American Nominee Her fancy Advent spring yearling sells! Budjon-JK -- 920.960.0350

BVK Atwood Abrianna EX-92 Res. All-American Junior 3-Year-Old 2013 Her September 2013 Goldwyn calf sells! Jeff Butler -- 217.341.2437

50 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

Penn-Gate Festive EX-91 2E 1st C. 9/13 Atwood sells from Festive’s VG-87 Goldwyn. Next dams are EX-95 x EX-94 x EX-94. DoDel -- 618.830.4855

BKB Durham Adrianna EX-91 A VG-87 Goldwyn & her 6/13 Dundee granddaughter sell! Next dam is Alicia EX-97! Ludwig -- 618.960.6539

Wilra Ramos 598 EX-90 Choice of a flush sells from her fresh +2274 GTPI Shamrock! 5 offspring to date over +2400 & up to +2529 GTPI! Wilra -- 618.327.8082

Windsor-Manor Reva-Red EX-94 2E Selling a 2nd C. Golden PP x Reva from 5 12/13 Red & Polled calves. Next dam is 3E-94 Rubn Ruby. Golden Oaks -- 847.224.7861

RDF-Crawf Outside Rachel EX-90 Her fresh Damion sells! Heinzmann - 618.718.7994 5 Atwood & 5 Alexander embroys sell. Next 4 dams all EX. Oakfield -- 585.704.2501

MsMiracle Astro Dazzle EX-92 2E Her VG-86 2Y Sanchez sells! Next dam is EX-91 Skychief x EX-96 Linjet Murphy. Wendling -- 217.240.6196

Golden-Oaks Mark Prudence EX-95 11th gen. EX Alexander sells with her 12/13 Bradnick. From the Mark Prudence family! Willenborg -- 618.322.4074

Ernest-Anthony Durham Cameo EX-91 EX Jasper & her fresh Damion sell from an EX Gibson x Cameo. Next dam is 4E-94 R-Sapphire Charo. Woker -- 618.367.0263

Ri-Val-Re Adv Sully-Red EX-92 Her fresh Goldwyn 2-yr-old & fresh Atwood 2-yr-old granddaughter sell! Gueldener -- 618.920.6454

Bluff-Ridge Bones Dolce EX-90 Nom. Jr. All-American Junior 3-Year-Old 2013 Atwood pick of flush sells from Dolce’s EX-92 Durham dam. Bluff-Ridge -- 815.530.0331

Wesemann Best Velocity EX-92 2E Nom. Jr. All-American Senior 3-Year-Old 2011 Selling her Atwood senior calf! Telgmann -217.254.6449

Scientific Deluxe Rae EX-91 Selling 2 June +2203 PTPI Headliner’s from her Atwood. Next dam is Debutante Rae EX-92. Clayton Crest -- 574.277.0882 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 51

To Spring Fashions at the Northern:

R-R-Letters Sid Constance born 9-1-13 Sired by Pine-Tree Sid from R-R-Letters Cinderella-ET EX-91 EX-MS by Terrason 3-01 2x 342 25,760 3.8 989 3.4 866 Next dam:

Maternal sister to Cinderella: R-R-Letters Lyster Cherry EX-93 2E EX-MS

Gateway-Acres CC Charm EX-93 3E 6-03 2x 365 37,770 2.5 957 3.2 1196 Lifetime: 2423d 193,440 3.1 6065 3.2 6244

4-08 365 41,456 3.4 1421 3.0 1250 3rd Dam: Gateway-Acres MA Chris-ET EX-90 2E 4th Dam: Vigo-A Leadman Crystal-ET EX-90 DOM 5th Dam: Vigo Christina-ET EX-91 EX-MS

6th Dam: Vigo Elevation Jewell EX-94 2E GMD DOM 7th Dam: Vigo Royal Jewell EX-95 2E DOM 4 more VG dams

To the Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale:

R-R-Letters Braxton Kit-Kat born 9-2-13 Sired by Regancrest S Braxton-ET from R-R-Letters Laramie Kat VG-85 2-02 2x 304 19,720 4.4 876 3.1 619 2nd Dam: R-R-Letters Rubens Kitty EX-90 EX-MS 5-07 2x 365 30,750 4.2 1294 3.2 998 3rd Dam: R-R-Letters Champ Kity VG-86 4th Dam: R-R-Letters Milan Kozy VG-85 5th Dam: R-R-Letters Bstar Kutie VG-86 6th Dam: Crescentmead S-W-D Kutie-Twin EX-91 DOM 7th Dam: Wern Farms Kingpin Maple EX-90 GMD

Maternal sister to Kitty: R-R-Letters Rubens Koreen EX-93 3E 5-00 365 33,610 3.6 1208 3.1 1048

To the Outagamie Spring Sale:

R-R-Letters Sanchez Loretta EX-90 at 4-00 2-01 2x 365 30,720 3.6 1086 3.1 956 is Sanchez sells fresh. She’s from a VG-85 Rubens then a GP-84 Broker back to Kallanda Skychief Loni EX-93 2E.

BAA: 110% 16 year PBR Herd Looking for an assistant herdsman. Call for details. 52 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

R-R Letters

Russell & Robert Letter

W4682 Cicero Rd. Seymour, WI 54165 Ph: (920) 833-7004

Treasure Š Lea McCullough/Cibil Fisher Photography

Homebred Treasure!

Schaufine Sunrise

Treasure VG-85

1st Place Milking Yearling NAILE 2013

Sunrise x Damion EX-90 x Approval GP-83 | Dam: 109,755 lifetime

To the Clinton County Classic:

Spring Consignments


To the IL PDCA Calf Sale:


Schaufine Aftershock 9.7.13 Aftershock x Blitz EX-90 x Throne GP-80 Dam: 4-8 365 34,314 2.8F 956 2.8P 955 135,000 lifetime Check out Schaufine Farms on Facebook for updates!

Schaufine Atwood 6.30.12 *Due to sexed Bradnick in June! Atwood x Givenchy VG-87 x Damion VG-85 x Adolph VG-88 x Outside x Lee EX-92 Dam: 2-0 365 26,930 3.9F 1,061 3.2P 854


Schaufine Sid GP-84 @ 2-2 Sid x Million VG-88 x Empire GP-84 Dam: 3-0 305 26,887 4.0F 1,085 3.1P 820

Boyd, Sandy & Amy Schaufelberger 618.267.2011 -

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2104 - 53

66th Illinois PDCA All-Breeds Calf Sale

Saturday, April 12, 2014 Champaign Co. Fair - 12:30

More Exciting Consignments: Fancy 12/13 Aftershock x Seaver x VG-85 Stormatic x VG-87. Heinzmann 9/13 Acme x EX Outside x EX-92 Durham x VG-87 x VG-87 x EX-90 x EX-93. Kleiner 12/13 Gabor x Moscow with 25,680m 3.3f 2.9p x Jetstream. Doll’s Dairy Selling a 12/13 Barbwire x 4 EX dams with an avg. LT milk over 210,000lbs 4.0f 3.3p! Miller Black-Lion Complete Chaos EX-93 95-MS Her 9/13 Absolute sells! Next dams: EX-91 x EX-91 x 2E-92 x VG-85. Zehrview

Golden-Oaks Champ Rae-ET 3E-93 Her 613 Goldsun granddaughter sells! Dam is VG-87. Potential 10th gen. EX Roxy! Golden Oaks

9/13 Shamrock sells from 2Y Freddie x Lavisha VG-89 x Savage-Leigh Licorice EX-92. Ludwig Selling a 3/14 ultrasound Blaze heifer. Pot. 11th gen. RED VG or EX! Dam is VG-85 x 3E-90. Ruppert 9/13 Goldchip sells x EX-91 Finley x EX-91 GMD Jolt x 5 more EX/VG dams. Clearfield Flashy 9/13 Windhammer sells x GP-84 FBI then 4 more VG dams! B-J-Grove Selling a 9/13 Aftershock x EX-90 Blitz x GP-80 Throne. Dam has over 34,000m. Schaufelberger

Ernest-Anthony Amaretto-ET EX-91 Selling a 12/13 Acme x 2Y Fever x EX-91 x Amaretto x EX-96 GMD x EX-96 Ashlyn! Engel

Hedge-Row Leadman Abby 5E-94 12/13 Spa sells from VG-85 Bolivia x VG-86 Hi Metro x Abby! Tons of milk in the family! Olbrich

Also selling a nice selection of show-aged calves -- Ayrshire -Brown Swiss -- Jersey -Milking Shorthorn Eskdale-NB Talented-Red-TW EX-91 Her 6/13 & 5/13 Redburst heifers sell. Grandam is Nom. AA R&W 2E-93 Advent Lucy. Janssen

12/13 Chelios sells from VG-85 Sanchez x 2E-92 x EX-91 Skychief x EX-96 Linjet Murphy. Wendling Selling a 12/13 RED Magenta x Red VG-86 Tycoon x 9 more VG/EX dams! Gueldener 9/13 Storm sells from EX-93 Stardust x EX-90 x VG-85 x VG-86. Red Carpet & Brookview 9/13 AltaAmazing sells from EX-91 Jasper x VG Zenith x 5 more VG dams! Rolling Lawns Selling a 12/13 Shan x EX Zenith x VG-88 Outside x 5 more VG/EX dams! Oertel 9/13 AltaCEO sells from VG-88 Garrrison with 34,710m 5.1f 2.8p x VG x VG. K-Lane

Catalogs: Gritton Graphics 815-745-2049 or Gene McCoy 217-840-0157 Catalog available on & after March 20

2014 Northwest Spring Sizzler Sale Friday, May 16, 2014 · 7:30pm · Freeport, IL SALE CHAIRMEN: Jerry Smith -- 815.275.6684 Kyle Koester -- 815.821.3344 Brett Zimmerman -- 815.541.6510 54 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

Now accepting consignments for Northern Illinois’ Premier Spring Sale! There will also be a Food Stand and Silent Auction benefiting the Northwest Junior Club!

Reserve Junior All-American Congra tulation Rachel, s Ben & Naomi!

Junior ear-Old Y e e r h T

Scottmore Atwood Daphne EX-90@3-4 +4.06GPTAT

Her Dam: Scottmore Roy Dafodil EX-93

6-00 365 2X 40,299 3.6 1437 3.0 1196 pictured at 6-10 Next Dam: Scottmore Jolt Daye VG-87 Lifetime: 215,940 3.9 8435 3.3 7022 Next 5 Dams ~ All VG ~ Lindy, Blackstar, Mark, Bell & Elevation

Scottmore Dancing Queen-ET,

Daphneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s September Bradnick, sells at the Iowa Spring Sale ~ March 15 ~ West Union, IA

To the Green/Rock Dual County Sale ~ March 15th ~ Brooklyn,WI

a Doorman X Scottmore Damion Mikki-ET

Type (4.22) Milk (1040) DF (2.95) RW (3.62) RUH (5.22) CE(5.5) GTPI (2153)



Mike & Kathleen Scott Family ?M[\OI\M1)Â&#x152;  [KW\\UWZM(VM\QV[VM\ MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 55


Russ & Rosie Bauman Edgar, WI • 715-352-3177

5117 CTH “N”, EDGAR, WI 54426 • 715-352-3656 Mike & Linda King Kevin & June King

Visitors welcomed by appointment

Welcome the newest addition to the Dream Team:

GRANDEUR HOLSTEINS Grandeur Fernand Tamiko-ET

born 1/3/13

Kendra Irene born November 18, 6 lbs. 13 oz.

+2289 GTPI PTA +1676M +64F +48P +5.5PL +2.27 PTAT

Dream Team Holsteins

An early Fernand from Grandeur Domain Tikvah BLIVEN FAMILY Phone: 715-257-7255

R865 Mount View Lane Athens, WI 54411

Don, Jenna, Malayna & Kendra Fahey 11360 Rainbow Dr., Merrill, WI 54452 715-539-8320


Gary’s Dairy Good-Time registered Holsteins

Gary Stankowski Owner Home: 3860 Sugar Bush Rd. Mosinee, WI 54455 (715) 693-3197 Farm: 543 Hwy. S Mosinee, WI 54455 (715) 693-0799


Dam & Daughter - Now both EX-93! Jo-Wal-Langs Gold Nadia-ET Jo-Wal-Langs Tlnt Nanny-ET JOE & GEORGE WALDVOGEL & Sons 3604 Merrill Ave., Wausau, WI 54401 Phone: 715-675-2858 • and

Lang’s Twin Elm Farms, Inc.

Fred Lang Marathon, WI Phone: 715-443-2037 Fax: 715-443-3742

Celebrating 25 Years at Crestwood! In March 1989 we made the move from Lane-Crest Farms, Amboy, Indiana, to Crest Farms in Wausau, WI.

Call Milkyhill Cattle Sales for rates. Will be done professionally. Barron Spring Sale - April 12th Vernon County Sale - May 10 ed mielke 715-574-2931

SCHREIBER ACRES LLC Lane-Crest Mark Easter EX-92 Born on Easter Sunday 1984, Easter was the first calf born at Crestwood. She is the fourth dam of Crestwood Durham Emmy, an important member of our current herd.


Loren & Anita Birkey Wausau, WI • 715-845-8601 56 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

Galen & Marlene

Bart & Brittany

2193 Wuerztburg Rd., Athens, WI 54411 Ph.: 715-223-4534 Cell: 715-680-0437

2213 Wuerztburg Rd., Athens, WI 54411 Cell: 715-613-9172


Ded-Dit Holsteins Excited about this summer yearling...

Ded-Dit Guthrie Badazzle Granddam: Briccows Talent Bewitched-ET EX-90 housed at Fustead Holsteins

Doug Dittmar 6006 - 3 Birch Street, Schofield, WI 54476 715-571-0843

DAL-SKI HOLSTEINS David & Paulette Lemanski Andrew, Dana, Anthony, Devin, Alex & Danielle 715-352-3382 Fax: 715-352-3038 3475 Cardinal Lane, Marathon, WI 54448 Visitors Welcome

MAR-BY HOLSTEINS Bosside Apl Arabella-Red February flush - 9 #1 embyros by Dual PP Dam: Ms Apple Danika VG-85 2nd Dam: Ms Delicious Apple-Red VG-88 3rd Dam: KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96 owned by Sam Nigon

Mark Bychinski B921 Century Rd., Spencer, WI 54479 715-659-3844

Long Winter? Need some sun?

On-Q Jackman Sun-ET

+2465 GTPI +860NM (Jan. ’14) An early AltaJackman born September 2013 from the Apples! Will be flushing in early fall for contracts. February 2014: ~ Top 5 highest GTPI AltaJackman in the breed ~ One of the higher GTPI Apples in the breed

Her Dam: Ms Brandys Bella-ET

Steve, Sarah, Andrew, Alayne, Audree, Annica & Angela Marcis

+2266 GTPI by Armitage due in early March to Earnhardt P

F4016 Cty E Stratford, WI 715-687-2251 e-mail: RHA: 2x 28,137 3.8 1076 3.1 879 Home of the “H” Family

Har-Dale-Acres-JP Palace-ET Mogul x Har-Dale-Acres-JP Tr Pam-ET GTPI +2411 NM +800 - contracted to Genex & Select Sires - owned with Dr. John Prososki

Fred, Lynne & Matt Harder

8470 Hwy. H, Athens, WI 54411 Phone/Fax: 715-257-7480 • Matt cell: 715-571-3792

Her Granddam: Ms Apple Brandy-ET VG-88 3-01 2x 365 24,950 5.0 1240 3.8 951

3rd Dam: KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-96 2E DOM

On-Q Holsteins LLC Dan and Michelle Mielke

F2171 Huckleberry Rd, Colby, WI 54421 715-223-4371 Cell: 715-255-2356 email:

A Grass-Based dairy farm with Strong Cow Families Sam & Jenn Zimmermann Mason, Adelle, Neah & Garrison E2259 County Rd. Q, Ringle, WI 54471 Cell: 715-218-8619 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 57

MARATHON COUNTY HOLSTEIN BREEDERS Two Hot Heifers... Langs-Twin-B Jacey 5000-ET

FARMS “Striving for that fine line of genetic excellence”

born 8/7/13 GTPI +2465 PTA +1692M +68F +65P +790NM +4.3PL +3.11T +2.71UDC +2.39FLC 12/13

Langs-Twin-B Uno 5027-ET

born 11/25/13 GTPI +2416 PTA +1242M +88F +47P +808NM +5.3PL +3.16T +3.09UDC +2.28FLC 12/13

Classification Updates North-Log Sept Storm Enola-ET EX-90 4-03 3x 365 34,580 3.3 1138 2.9 1000 Dam: EX-92 Durham

North-Log Advent Snuggles-Red VG-86

Dam: Hartford Lotta-Hill 940 VG-87 VG-MS DOM 2-01 2x 365 32,490 4.8 1545 3.2 1049

4-07 3x 349 33,652 3.5 1165 3.0 1009 Dam: EX-91 Sept Storm

GTPI +2112 PTA +971M +68F +36P +582NM +2.9PL +2.23T +2.34UDC

9570 State Hwy. 153, Wittenberg, WI 54499 Telephone (715) 454-6217 Fax (715)-454-6775

Floyd & Lloyd Baumann

Carl & June Norrbom

Paul & Kim Norrbom Katelyn, Paige & Emily

Marathon, WI Ph: 715-443-3595 Fax: 715-443-3833

Lang’s Twin Elm Farms, Inc. Fred Lang Marathon, WI

Ph: 715-443-2037 Fax: 715-443-3742

Our Early Spring Consignments Owned by: Thomas & Florine Bunkelman Brooke, Brent & Brodie

Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale - March 15 A December 2, 2013 Bradnick Dam: VG-88 Decker with 36,000 3.7 1344

We at Tom-Kins Farm are looking forward to 2014 - no matter who or what, where or when, why or how, rich or poor, friends or not - we will make the best of what we have or have received in the past to make it big in the present. With that said, think about the good and the bad that have come forth to all of us because at the end of the day you never know when it will be the last.

Spring Fashions at the Northern March 22 2nd calf Million waiting to see the classifier! This great uddered young cow made over 32,000 3.9 at 2-02 Dam: VG-87 Pronto with 35,207 4.0 1432 2.8 979 2nd Dam: Shot Star EX-94 Next 3 Dams: EX-93, EX-92, EX-91

NOR-WAY-PETE FARMS, INC. 1751 Cherry Drive, Eland, WI 54427

Looking forward to 2014 shows and Brodie with his tractor pulling.

Home of NOR-WAY-PETE & Four-of-a-Kind Reg. Holsteins RHA: 3x 255 cows 30,283 4.0 1211 3.0 910 BAA: 108.3% - 1st in the nation for herd size

F4680 Walnut Rd., Edgar, WI 54426 Ph.: 715-352-2404 Fax: 715-352-7457 E-mail: 58 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

Chad & Andy Peterson, owners 715-302-0482 Dan Cnossen, herd manager 715-302-1327 Visitors Always Welcome!


To the Purple Ribbon Classic... We are sending Dolly’s September McCutchen heifer to the Purple Ribbon Classic. She is fancy & has a nice set of numbers too!

FUSTEAD HOLSTEINS The most recent addition at Fustead Holsteins:

Matt-Dari Elegant Dolly-ET EX-90 Dolly needs ot see the classifier & we’ll flush her soon with Armani *RC.

Sarah Patricia Fust born December 3

Also sending a real nice Magenta October calf, a great-granddaughter of Redrose EX-96.

Congratulations Tyler & Shannon - we are very happy for the new addition to the family!

John & Tineke Boschma H4370 Townline Rd., Colby, WI 54421 PH: 715-223-0534 Fax: 715-223-1114 E-Mail: RHA: 46 cows 25,956 1034F 806P BAA: 107.8%

Introducing Matt-Dari Mogul Payton-ET *TY PTA +1221M +66F +55P 73% +4.9PL SCS 2.63 +2.0DPR 5.1%DCE PTA +2.50T +2.78UDC +2.53FLC GTPI +2420 12/13

FUSTEAD HOLSTEINS Brian & Wendy Fust Wausau, WI

715-842-5868/Ph 715-848-0465/Fax

Tyler & Shannon Adam & Jennifer, Aiden, Bailey & Connor

L-L-M-Dairy L-L-M-Dairy President-ET +2465 GTPI PTAT +3.02 +1500M +73F +55P +1.6DPR

Available at Semex! His Dam

~ Available through Accelerated Genetics Dam: Matt-Dari Man-O-Man Peni-ET VG-85 2-03 2x 365 35,528 4.1 1461 3.6 1275 2nd Dam: S&E Shottle Panda-ET EX-92 2E 3-02 2x 365 32,490 3.4 1115 3.0 978 3rd Dam: Gunners-Will Patron Patti EX-93 3-04 2x 365 37,070 4.7 1728 3.8 1403

Matthiae Dairy Farms, Inc. Home of Matt-Dari Holsteins Maynard - Jason David - Michael 4839 Martin Lane, Marathon, WI Ph: 715-443-2347 or Cell: 715-370-8556 E-mail: RHA: 2x 29,978 4.0 1192 3.2 946

L-L-M-Dairy Million Prize VG-85 2-03 365 26,073 4.3 1126 3.1 811 Next dam: L-L-M Dairy J Stream Procky VG-87

L-L-M-Dairy E916 Hwy. Q, Ringle, WI 54471 PH: 715-845-7028 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 59


Introducing... After living out of a suitcase for two years working construction, Keith Bauman decided to look for something that would give him time home with his wife, Cassi and kids, Korbyn and Karsyn and later Chase. He turned to farming on his parent’s farm. Keith’s parents, Gary and Dianne, farmed for 42 years on Hill Top Acres in Edgar. They had only a few registered animals. Due to hips and knees being replaced, they decided to sell the cows. The barn then stood vacant until Keith and Cassi decided to start it up again and keep the farm in the Bauman name. This year marked 160 years since the farm was first run by a Bauman. The original plan was to only milk 30 cows, but that number quickly grew. Keith and Cassi bought cows from private sales and auctions to grow the herd. Keith had lots of good eyes to help select the cows that would be most suited for the herd. His uncle Russ told Keith to start out with three or four registered animals, as that was what he was told when he started. Keith and Cassi’s first registered animal was Crestwood Logan Iron Sandy, or to the family, Snookums. She was bought fresh from Loren Birkey. On May 9, 2011, our first registered calf was born. TripleK-C Rufus Colby. She is now milking and pregnant with her second calf. The Bauman’s quickly decided to buy mostly registered animals from there on out. By 2013, half of the herd was registered. As of January 2014, the herd has grown to 30 registered milking animals, 30 non-registered milking animals, 43 registered calves and 10 non-registered calves. Some of the most prized animals on the farm are son Korbyn’s show animals. They are TripleK-C Pxtn-Rd Miley-Red, Chancerys Dempsey Outstanding, and TripleK-C Bradnick Phancy. Korbyn has had two successful years of showing. He received two blues with Miley, one blue with Outstanding and a red with Phancy. He is looking forward to showing this year with TripleK-C Apl-Rd Montana-Red, TripleK-C G W Atwood Darcy, and TripleK-C Magenta Oregon-ET. In April 2013, Keith started to wonder about flushing animals. He made the trip down the road to see Floyd Baumann and Floyd talked Keith into it enough that they flushed two cows the end of the month. Cancerys Rubens Ozzie was flushed with Eskdale Magenta-Red and we extracted nine eggs. From that flush, there was one heifer and two bull calves born in January. Leesia Bridgette Bonie Brnt was flushed with Chassity Gold Chip. There was only one pregnancy from this flush and a bull calf was just born on January 1. Since then, the Baumans flushed five more cows and have had 20 confirmed pregnancies. They also have a cow on contract and her pregnancies will be coming in June. This is the next adventure for Keith and Cassi and they are very excited to see what it has in store for them. Thank you to the Marathon County Holstein Breeders for sponsoring this ad. Also, we would like to give the flush vet, Dr. Waylon Fischer, a huge thank you and Floyd for helping us get started with the flushing. Also to Gary and Dianne Bauman, Russ and Rosie Bauman, Duwaine Nowak, Don Mullins and Perry Phend with Select Sires and to everyone else that helped us in getting started with Keith’s lifelong dream of taking over the family farm. We look forward to our kids growing up and taking over the farm one day to have it in the Bauman name for 160 more years.

Keith & Cassi Bauman Korbyn, Karsyn & Chase W615 Cty. Hwy. N, Edgar, WI 54426 • 715-615-3552 60 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

)URP7KH/DQG2I,QÀQLWH9DULHW\ I think I can honestly say that we are all ready for spring to come. It has been a long, cold winter. Some of us haven’t had to deal with the snow, but the temperatures fall and the wind blows. The calendar says that spring will soon be upon us. Can’t wait! When spring comes so do many activities. The Central Plains Holstein Show will be June 7 at the Swiftel Center in Brookings and that is a month earlier this year, so entries will be available April 1 and due back May 10. Chad Ryan will be the judge this year. If any of you have been thinking about coming to South Dakota for the show, either to enter the classes with your Holsteins or to watch, this is the year. Entries are available by contacting the Association Secretary. The SD Holstein Association is moving their annual sale to be held the day before the show at the Swiftel Center. There will be cows, bred heifers and open heifers available

for you to purchase. Some consignments will be tied and some will be in pens and that is up to the consignor. Also, if you wish to consign an animal for the sale but would like to show her the next day that is up to you. Give our sale chairman, Brad DeBoer, or the sale coordinator, Mike Snyder, a call to consign. They are starting to look for consignments. Their contact information can be found in our ad for these events in this issue. Also, during these two South Dakota Holstein Association events, “Dairy Fest” will be going on. A new event for the region to celebrate the dairy industry, it is being hosted by the Swiftel Center and will feature many activities for the public. A well-known chef will be coming to prepare a “dairy gala” meal, education forums for adults and children, cooking contests featuring dairy products, dairy tours, display booths, judging contests, and many more activities will be held during “Dairy Fest” that will involve the public including state

dignitaries, SDSU coaches and players. With this event going on at the same time as our show and sale, this will give the public a chance to observe the great care and work that you as breeders give your Holsteins. Another spring event that will be happening soon in the upper Midwest is the Central Plains Dairy Expo, March 25-27 in Sioux Falls, SD. What a great way to reconnect with your dairy friends while walking through the many aisles of booths or attending the many breakout sessions. The Welcome Reception Concert this year features Aaron Tippon, Sammy Kershaw and Joe Diffie. Check out the website for the expo: Many dairy activities will be happening in South Dakota the next four months and I hope to see many of you at them from the Upper Midwest and beyond! Chris Thue, Association Secretary 605-360-3385 -

The South Dakota Holstein Association presents... The Pride of the Plains Sale

June 6, 2014 • Swiftel Center, Brookings, SD Brad DeBoer, Sale Chair, 605-949-0382 | Mike Snyder, Sale Coordinator, 608-963-9308 If selling or buying high quality cows or heifers contact Brad or Mike. Held in conjunction with

The Central Plains Holsten Show

June 7, 2014 • Swiftel Center, Brookings, SD • Chad Ryan, Show Judge Randy K. Gross, Show Chair, 605-864-1422 For entries contact: Chris Thue 605-360-3385

Dairy Fest

A celebration of the Dairy Industry will be held for the public on June 6 & 7 for the public at the Swiftel Center. Tours, contests, education and fantastic dairy food! MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 61

62 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

Selling at the Spring Fashions at the Northern on March 22 Tiffany’s RED Fever calf born November 2013!

Vande Shot Tiffany-Red-ET VG-87 VG-MS GTPI +1705 2-06 2x 305 21,790 4.0 870 3.1 674 Dam: Vande Mutant Logan-Red VG-88 4-04 2x 365 28,930 3.7 1084 3.3 960 2nd Dam: Voight-Acres Laurier Linda VG-87 5-08 2x 365 31,970 4.3 1372 3.4 1100 3rd Dam: Voight-Acres Rudolph Indy VG-88

This calf will throw 50% red calves guaranteed. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Tiffany is 30 days fresh and looks great. We will be setting her up to flush soon.

Jas-K Holsteins Jason Kearns

21542 Thistle Lane, Gays Mills, WI 54631 | Home: 608-734-3416 | Cell: 608-306-2201 | E-mail:

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 63

Hilltop-LLC Laurin 3559

Royal-KG Buckeye 3195

EX-90 EX-MS at 5Y

EX-91 EX-MS at 7Y

4-02 3x 322 44,900 3.0 1329 3.1 1376 5-02 3x 305 41,743 3.2 1339 3.0 1250 Lifetime: 147,950 3.2 4725 3.1 4652

4-11 3x 305 36,260 4.0 1453 3.4 1235 Lifetime: 159,660 4.1 6582 3.4 5355

Fresh in February with a Brawler heifer

Due end of February to Seaver ~ owned by Kevin Greenfield

Hilltop-LLC Talent 3148

Hilltop-LLC Shottle 4925

EX-90 EX-MS at 7Y

VG-86 VG-MS at 2Y

4-10 3x 305 42,810 3.5 1491 3.3 1414 Lifetime: 149,641 3.6 5443 3.2 5445

2-00 3x 335 29,080 3.2 927 2.9 856 inc.

Flushed to Windbrook Managers: Rich, Cal & Loren Greenfield, 920-296-9289 Herdsman: Kevin Greenfield, 920-296-9292 N309 County Trk. Q, Markesan, WI 53946 64 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

She has a March Jerrick & is due to Atwood in April Dam: VG-86 VG-MS with 33,520 3.8 1274 3.2 1079 2nd Dam: 32,430 4.9 1582 3.4 1087 RHA: 1064 cows 31,410 3.5 1094 3.14 986 September 2013 classification: 105.4% BAA - 25 EX, 257 VG, 436 GP Find us on Facebook for more cow photos & herd updates

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2104 - 65

Trent Henkes Family Phone: 563-783-2479

3-5 365 25351 4.5 1127 3.4 847 Daughters by Destry, Legend-Red and Barbwire


~ Breeding Bulls & Cows For Sale at All Times ~ 11/13 BAA 111.3 29 EX 35 VG 2 GP

Stop at our farm on the National Convention Tour to see the rest of the team & meet the coaching staff!

3-9 365 26704 3.7 978 3.2 866 Pregnant to Golden Dreams


2-2 365 28748 3.2 899 2.8 786 Daughter by Domain

HENKESEEN SAN DAWNETTE VG-87-2Y 18467 165th St, Luana, IA 52156

3-6 347 24174 4.2 1007 3.4 824 Daughter by Legend-Red


3-8 314 22125 3.7 808 3.0 660 Daughters by Evolve and Goldsun



  6LUH 'DP





















'$**(77%522.   +2/67(,16 $<56+,5(6 'XDQHDQG0DU\1HOVRQ(ULN0HJDQ&KDUOLHDQG/HYL1HOVRQ7UDF\1HOVRQ%UHQGD$OH[DQG&DOHE0LOOHU                 Â&#x2021;:LQWKURS01    1-(;)78,3078)-27  7TVMRK  

28th ANNIVERSARY WAUPACA-WAUSHARA SHOW OPPORTUNITY SALE Saturday, March 15, 2014 • 12:00 Noon • Weyauwega Fairgrounds





EX-96 3E EX-99MS 4-10 2x 365 35,200 4.0 1399 3.3 1146 1st & BU 125,000 lb Cow, 2013 WDE Treasure’s June 1st Gold Chip sister sells. Dam is 2E-90 Linjet with 27,760M 1030F. Take your turn on the tanbark! Rob-Cri

EX-92 EX-MS 2-05 2x 361 25,380 3.8 959 3.3 826 This Goldwyn from Ashlyn 2E-96 makes them fancy. Ashore’s Durham summer yearling sells, a sister was Jr Champ of the Jr Show at MW Fall National. Bella-Ridge

EX-94 3E EX-MS 5-00 2x 365 38,220 4.1 1564 3.2 1230 Dixie makes All-American & high scoring daughters. An Atwood fall calf from Dixie’s EX Elegant will catch your eye. Blake

EX-93 EX-95MS 3-02 2x 365 26,170 3.9 1029 3.5 910 AA & All-Can Junior 3 Yr Old 2010 Grab this shiny Diamond from a VG-85 Shottle with 32,950M 1246F. 2nd dam VG-89 sister to Snow Velvet. L-L-M Dairy





EX-91 EX-MS 4-03 2x 365 34,130 4.6 1560 3.0 1039 The dam of this big record Redliner is Miss Special-Red 4E-94. Shear’s red Colt P summer yearling carries on the family tradition. Wilstar & Goldenberg

EX-91 2E EX-MS DOM 4-10 2x 305 31,660 4.9 1542 3.1 975 Mary’s dam is Factor Miata EX-94 with 36,906 4.2 1560. Mary’s summer yearling Redliner is special. She’s the red one for your string. Prososki

VG-87 VG-MS 2-06 2x 305 21,790 4.0 870 3.1 674 An October 2013 Lithium selling has a unique pedigree. Her dam is a VG-86 red Guthrie from Tiffany, a red Shottle. Dorshorst

EX-90 EX-MS 5-08 2x 365 41,380 3.5 1440 2.9 1206 A red September 2013 Rudolph-Red sells from Reva’s VG Advent. The Advent’s VG-88 full sister was a Junior All-American nominee. B-Long





EX-94 2E EX-MS 5-02 2x 365 38,730 3.3 1294 2.5 1135 A June Aftershock granddaugher of Best Friend’s VG-87 sister sells. 3rd dam Flip Friendship VG-89. Tricia Gates

EX-91 2E EX-MS 4-10 2x 365 34,220 3.7 1262 3.0 1016 Take your pick of Cassandra’s two female Atwoods due sale week. 2nd dam 2E-94 Dante, 3rd dam 3E-93 CC Charm. Gates

EX-93 2E EX-MS 6-08 3x 365 36,790 3.3 1229 2.8 1021 An Atwood fall calf sells from Greta’s VG-87 Outside with 27,950M 4.1 1150F. A showring sire stack. Cordes

EX-90 2E 4-04 2x 365 32,132 4.6 1465 3.4 1080 Rachel’s VG-87 EX-MS Jasper made 33,240 1311 1005 at 2Y. A Brokaw fall calf from the Jasper will be a winner. Paltzer





VG-89 Can 2-08 2x 365 26,933 3.9 1042 3.1 846 Willory was a productive Canadian campaigner. Her full age Guthrie fall calf is ready to show. Booth

EX-93 2E EX-MS 4-08 2x 305 27,240 3.6 978 2.8 760 Beauty’s dam is 4E-93 Durham Bella with 205,670 lft. Beauty’s Dundee fall calf looks the part to be the 9th gen. EX. Stone-Front

EX-92 3-10 2x 365 42,784 3.2 1380 3.0 1279 Lea’s summer yearling Damion is anchored by 5 generations of EX Canadian dams. She’s ready for the summer shows. Milksource

EX-91 3E EX-MS 6-07 3x 365 28,170 4.1 1151 3.1 867 Elisha is the 3rd dam of a fancy Lauthority fall calf selling. Dam VG-86 Durham, granddam VG-86 Talent. Norrbom

SALE STAFF: Sale Chairman: Tom Anderson 715-754-5869 Jim Hoskens, Pedigrees 920-366-7153 Ringmen: Jay Jauquet 608-279-3222 Lynn Harbaugh 920-420-1524 KML

70 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

Darrell Worden, Auctioneer 715-842-8098 Brandon Ferry 608-335-8861

28th ANNIVERSARY WAUPACA-WAUSHARA SHOW OPPORTUNITY SALE Saturday, March 15, 2014 • 12:00 Noon • Weyauwega Fairgrounds





EX-92 EX-MS DOM 4-00 2x 365 38,890 3.9 1517 3.3 1273 Get an early Doorman fall calf from Brocade’s contracted AltaGreatest 2 year old. 3rd dam is Barbie. Bremer

EX-92 EX-MS DOM 4-07 2x 365 40,540 3.4 1371 3.0 1218 Music’s daughter Planet Melody, VG-87 2Y, has 47,410M 1806F. Make your own Music with a flashy McCutchen summer yearling. Sandy-Valley

VG-87 DOM 2-04 2x 365 27,840 4.1 1142 3.3 901 A November 2013 Liquid Gold sister to S-S-I Domain Lithium sells. An opportunity to add the contract kind to your herd. Fust

EX-92 EX-MS DOM 4-02 2x 365 39,870 5.0 1999 3.1 1232 A Mogul fall calf, +2228 PTPI, from Dorrie’s VG-87 2Y Freddie sells. 3rd dam is Rudolph Daphne EX-90, 46,000M. Royola





VG-86 2-00 2x 360 27,020 4.5 1223 3.3 899 Solita’s dam is a VG Sharky. 2nd dam is 2E-94 Finley Sage and 3rd dam 2E-92 Rudolph Sadie. A September 2013 Day from Solita sell. Opsal

VG-87 2-09 2x 365 30,820 3.8 1198 3.2 971 Rayann’s dam is Lou Rapture, 2E-92 with 41,140M 1217F. Get Rayann’s March 2013 Mogul from the prolific Markwell Ravens. Buman

EX-92 2E EX-MS 4-05 3x 365 38,760 3.6 1382 3.2 1248 A Clark fall calf and four #2 sexed McCutchens sell from Magna. 2nd dam EX Throne, then Durham Mae and Lead Mae. Mayerlane & Green-Corner

EX-90 2E EX-MS 5-11 2x 365 36,200 2.9 1043 2.9 1037 The VG-87 Advent daughter of this 7th gen. EX has an Aftershock winter calf selling. Great sire stack. Bricco





EX-93 3-00 2x 19,970 3.8 753 3.1 627 Koreen’s EX full sister with 30,790 4.2 1294 has a Braxton fall calf granddaughter selling. Dam VG Laramie. High type and big components. R-R Letters

VG-85 2-02 2x 365 31,000 3.7 852 3.1 748 Ride this outcross Snowmobil into your genetic future. Dam is Deana’s GP-83 2Y Champ. Calf ’s Doberman sister has sons in A.I. and contracted again. Level-Plain

EX-90 2E EX-MS 4-11 2x 365 45,420 3.2 1444 2.8 1282 4th 125,000 lb. Cow, MW Spring Natl. ’12 Fusion is the 4th generation over 40,000M and 130,000 lft. Grab her Dempsey fall calf granddaughter. B-Long

VG-88 5-10 2x 365 23,660 4.1 935 3.0 686 Backed by 5 gen. EX over 200,000 lft. from the Matildas. A sleek 9/13 Braxton from Enticing’s EX Inspiration sells. Lensmire





EX-90 EX-MS 3-05 3x 365 27,310 4.1 1545 3.1 1165 Smoothe’s dam is a 2E-92 Durham, then show winner Lindy Sheen 4E-94. Make Atwoods & Jeeves with her embryos. Goettl

VG-87 3-05 3x 365 55,170 4.2 2292 2.9 1598 A Planet fall calf from this 4th National milk record cow should get your attention. Big potential here. Kestell

VG-85 2Y 1-11 3x 141 11,529 3.1 356 3.2 371 inc. Altitude’s dam was a 2E-92 Rudy with 177,940 lft. An Atwood fall calf from Altitude puts you in the running. Synergy

EX-90 EX-MS 3-08 3x 365 56,090 4.3 2395 3.0 1667 Lucille’s dam is Lici-Red, VG-88 & 57,050. Try to make Lucille’s Sept. 2013 Toystory the 3rd generation 50,000M. Kestell

For catalogs, contact: Dick Piechowski e-mail:; Ph: 715-258-2757 Catalog available online at KML

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 71

28th ANNIVERSARY WAUPACA-WAUSHARA SHOW OPPORTUNITY SALE Saturday, March 15, 2014 • 12:00 Noon • Weyauwega Fairgrounds




EX-94 3E EX-MS 5-07 2x 365 41,780 4.1 1696 3.5 1466 Selling a September 2013 Lauthority from a VG-87 Shottle. 2nd dam VG-88 Durham, then Rally. Made for the showring. Pfaffs & Wide-Open

VG-88 EX-MS 3-01 2x 294 23,929 3.3 801 2.9 685 Get ready to Rumba! Her fall yearling Bolt sells. Granddam VG Pontiac, 3rd dam VG full sister to Rally EX-94. Luedtke

EX-92 2E EX-MS GMD DOM 5-02 3x 305 41,400 4.3 1778 3.1 1288 Carmel is the franchise kind. Buy into the Ralma family with a spring yearling Mayfield from Carmel’s VG-87 2Y Meteor. Rugg

More Exciting Offerings... • A potential *RC Dempsey winter calf sells. Dam VG-88 Talent with • Amy Blake offers a growthy spring yearling Guthrie. Dam is GP 2Y 36,300M 1294F. 2nd dam VG Rubens. Country-Aire Alexander, 2nd dam GP with 31,190M. • Holmland sends a summer yearling Atwood from the Inas. Dam VG • A typey red October 2013 Redburst can be yours. Dam is a VG-85 Stormatic, granddam VG-89 EX-MS Prelude then 5 more VG dams. Reality, 2nd dam VG-85 Advent. Joe Hughes • Antiki Holsteins sells a B/R December Chelios calf from the • Oeh-My she’s a good one. A fancy winter yearling Dundee from a VG Million 2Y sells. Granddam VG Zenith. Burwood Elevation Darleen family. Dam is a VG Reggie. • Blaze your own trails with a Snowmobil fall calf. Dam is a VG-86 • Looking for milk? Take home this Bradnick winter calf from a VG-88 EX-MS Decker with 38,160 3.5 1351. Andrew Peterson Buckeye with 23,980M at 2Y. Krohlow • Willard Griesbach sends a flashy September 1 Toystory from a • Hilrose sends a good one. Buy a Sanchez fall calf from a 2 year old Roy. 2nd dam EX Goldwyn with 40,170 4.1 1659. GP-83 2Y Aspen. 2nd dam a VG-87 Damion. Waupaca-Waushara Holstein Breeders will be offering a 5% rebate to any WI Junior Holstein member purchasing a calf at the sale.To qualify, juniors must be a state member by March 1, 2014. We will be having a semen auction and selling a Bonnie Mohr painting donated by B-Long Holsteins to benefit the Waupaca-Waushara Junior Holstein Association.

72 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014


MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2104 - 73


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These T hheeesssee bbr breed-leading rreeeeeed d-lleeea ad a diiin d ngg cco n cows oow wss hha w have avvvee a numerous merous of offspring ffspring fspring selling!!! se





Due to the large amount of success stories that we have had from our first sale and with our heifer pens full; we feel that this is time to make plans for our next very special event. Watch W aattcchh for ffooorr m mo more oorrree uup upcoming ppcccooom miiinnngg iin m information. nnfffooorrrm maaatttiiiooonn. m

+$57) +$ 7) )25 )2 2 25 5' %RE 'LDQH(XVWLFH &R5G1Â&#x2021;%\URQ01 Â&#x2021;&HOOÂ&#x2021;UREHUWHXVWLFH#IURQWLHUFRP 1-(;)78,3078)-277TVMRK



*6 * 6;; (4@*6<9;5,@ 


Purple Ribbon Classic Saturday, March 22 • 11:30 a.m. • Marshfield Fairgrounds Park, Marshfield, WI

Atwood Spring Yearling

Spruce eDGe outSiDe tAnA eX-94 2e GMD

7-04 2x 365 56,600 4.1 2305 3.1 1764 A March 2013 Atwood from Tana sells. She has made 201,000 lifetime; granddam by Storm has 144,000 lifetime; 3rd dam over 100,000 lifetime. - Tom Kestell, 920-528-7063

Frosty Granddaughter Sells

hArvue roy FroSty eX-97 2e GMD 5-07 365 44,710 5.0 2222 3.0 1332 Supreme Champion, WDE 2009 & 2010 Selling is a September 2013 AltaJackman, +2166 GTPI, from Frosty’s Shamrock daughter at +1948 GTPI. - Mike & Julie Duckett

Show Potential

Other exciting consignments: - Big time Braxton summer yearling from a VG-86 2Y Alexander x EX-92 Goldwyn x EX-97 Tri-Day Ashlyn. Lynn Harbaugh, 920-420-1524 - 6/13 Shamrock, GTPI +2017 x VG-85 Outside x EX-92 Rudolph. Rudolph has offspring in AI. LLM Dairy, 715-297-8485 - 9/13 McCutchen from a Snowman 2 year old & 2 VG dams from the Christmas Fudge/Faiths. Michael Hughes - 9/13 Barbwire x Piccolo granddaughter of Debutante Rae EX-92 GMD DOM. Matt Nunes, 715-288-5838 - 9/13 Guthrie x GP-83 Damion x GP-82 Miles. T. Joe & Kathy Hughes, 920-426-5898 - 10/13 Magenta-Red x VG-88 Advent back to EX-96 4E Redrose-Red. John Boschma, 715-223-0534 - Red September calf from Arudolph-RED x VG-88 Miami x EX-90 GMD Outside. Hank Boschma, 715-205-7303 - Full age September Goldwyn Clark from EX-90 Airraid x EX-90 Sept Storm x EX-92 GMD DOM Durham Mae. Don Mayer, 715-568-3678 - 9/13 Goldsun x GP-83 Durham x EX-92 Approval x VG-85 Jolt from Dellias. Nova Holsteins, 715-760-0055 - 9/13 Absolute from VG-87 dam then EX-90, EX-91 and VG-85. Tom Horstmann - June 1 Sid x EX-90 Shottle x VG-87 Storm and six more VG and EX dams. Jack & Karen Vanderwerff, 715-238-7710 - Spring yearling Braxton x EX Million x VG-88 Fortune x EX-93 Champion x EX-91 Lee x EX-95 Mark Maui. Christy Oehmechin, 715-316-1216 - Spring yearling McCutchen x VG-87 Observer x VG-85 Goldwyn x Durham Barbie +2293 GTPI, +4.08 PTAT, +3.62 UDC. Sandy-Valley, 715-341-3065 - Goldsun bred for fall yearling x EX Durham x EX-96 Ashlyn. Doug Lemke, 920-371-7738 - 9/12 red Alchemy from 4 VG & EX dams sells bred to sexed Armani. Doug Lemke, 920-371-7738 - 6/12 red Daniel from 3 VG dams due in June to sexed Miami. Gary Gehrke, 715-652-8018 - 9/13 Goldwyn x EX-95 & HHM All-American StoneRise Durham Lizzy. Doug Lemke, 920-371-7738 - 12/13 Gold Chip sister to Vangoh Durham Treasure EX-96 99-MS. Dam is EX-90 Linjet. Bob Barden, 715-340-5013 - Braxton x VG-86 Talent x EX-91 2E Damion x VG-89 Leduc x VG-88 Blackstar. Pat Ledden, 715-305-3654 - 12/13 Sid x VG-87 x EX-91 x VG-88 dams. Wayne Blaser, 715-265-7758 - 12/13 Dorcy from EX-90 & EX-92 dams. Squires Farm - AltaOak winter calf, grandaughter of Nova-TMJ Golden Erin. Shamrock dam is +2242 GTPI. Tim Natzke - 9/13 Transformer P from Jas-K Guthrie Thea GP-84, +2111 GTPI. Dorshorst Farms - 9/13 Aftershock x VG-86 3 year old. Nice well-grown calf. Pfaffsway Farm, 715-964-1418 - 12/13 Aftershock x VG-86 Advantage x GP-81 Dallas x VG-88 Brave. Adam Borchert, 715-650-0326 More to come!

Doorman from Frostys

Duckett-SA Fruity

Gtpi +1992 nM$ +433 ptAt +2.91 A December 2013 Doorman sells from Fruity, the highest genomic Shamrock from Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97 2E GMD and 2x WDE Supreme Champion. - David Dyment & Sebastian Dion

Larson from this Special family

Derrwyn MiSS SpeciAl eX-94 4e DoM 5-02 2x 365 43,260 4.2 1834 3.0 1278 Selling is an October 2013 Larson from an EX-92 Talent & VG-87 from Miss Special. Next dams: EX-94, VG-86, EX-91, VG-85, VG-88 & EX-91. - Golden Oaks Farm

8 Generations EX

eo SieMerS AShlynS AnGel-et eX-96 3e GMD

Sale sponsored and hosted by wood Area holstein Breeders

GBM Shottle ASiA-et

4-03 365 41,370 4.2 1749 3.1 1277 A June 2013 Alexander from a VG-85 Damion then Butz-Butler Durham Angel EX-90 & Ashlyns Angel. The Damion’s maternal sister was Grand at the MW Spring National & WI Championship Show in 2012. - Adam Borchert, 715-650-0326

For more information or to order a catalog, contact: Jordan Freund - 715-897-5389 Gary Gehrke - 715-305-0530 Paul Lippert - 715-459-4735 and

2-01 3x 365d 41,500 4.2 1736 3.3 1390 December 2013 Lingo sells from 8 generations EX. Asia’s dam is Durham Annabell EX-90 DOM with 5 sons in A.I. - Royal-Vista, 920-589-2203

eX-92 DoM

MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 75

76 - MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014

LLooking ook oki kin ing forward for fo orw rwar ard to SSPRING PRI RIN ING NG NG aand an nd another annooth therr show shhow ow season! season on! 2013 Reserve All-American R&W Senior Best 3 Lyons-DL Rlity 7 Winks-Red EX-90 Lyons-DL Rly Baby Cakes-Red VG-88 Lyons-DL Secure Ginseng-Red VG-87

and an

2013 Junior All-American R&W Junior 2 Year Old 2013 Junior All-Iowa & All-Iowa Junior 2 Year Old Lyons-DL Secure Ginseng-Red VG-87

Our Spring p g Sale Consignments: g


Iowa Spring Sale - March 15, 2014

ͻ>zKE^ͳ>hZ,D'EsͳZ    A recently fresh two year old by Durham-Red x EX-90 Lyons-DL Talent Galena RC, a maternal sister to Lyons-DL Rubens Gem-Red EX-93

Red Fest - April 12, 2014

ͻ>zKE^ͳ>Z>/dzYh/>ͳZ    A tall Reality spring yearling x VG-86 Jet and a great-granddaughter of the 2X Reserve Junior All-American R&W Gem.

Lyons Ly yon ons ns H Ho Holsteins llsste teieiins ns

Doug, Lynnette, Carly and Michael 131 Military Road | Castalia, IA 52133



























563.419.0275 | BAA 108.8 ~ 7 EX 34 VG 7 GP











1-(;) )78,3078)-277TVMRK


Royola Roxbax EX-92 EX-MS at 4-08 GTPI +1898 PTA +301M +67F +14P +427NM +3.6PL +2.23T +1.75UDC 2-06 2x 365 28,170 4.5 1260 3.2 904 4-01 2x 305 29,667 4.4 1284 3.0 932 • Sired by Baxter • Atwood pregnancies due in April • EX-92 sister by Roy - Royola Roy Rock

Dam: Royola Ironrock EX-90 6-00 2x 260 28,590 4.4 1249 2.8 811 2nd Dam: Gateway-Acres Rdoph Rocket VG-88 EEVEV 11-01 2x 365 39,220 3.2 1274 3.0 1160 Lifetime: 282,520 3.2 1274 3.0 1160

3rd Dam: Hanover-Hill-R Dell Roxie-ET VG-85 4th Dam: Hanover-Hill Sheik M Roxe-ET EX-91 GMD DOM 5th Dam: Mil-R-Mor Roxette EX-90 GMD DOM 6th Dam: “Queen of the Breed” Roxy EX-97 4E GMD

Springhill-OH P Charade-ET EX-90 EX-MS 1-10 2x 319 25,460 2.6 653 2.8 719 2-10 2x 319 29,170 3.6 1039 2.9 849 4-00 2x 365 38,940 3.0 1174 2.7 1063 5-05 2x 189 23,741 4.3 1024 2.6 625 inc. proj. 305 34,598 1374 925 • Sired by Pontiac • 9th generation EX • Daughter by Palermo • Will be flushed this lactation

Dam: Springhill-OH Cloudburst-TW EX-91 2E DOM 6-07 2x 365 42,840 3.3 1431 3.1 1325 2nd Dam: Springhill-OH CV Clover-ET EX-92 2E GMD DOM 7-05 2x 365 39,770 3.3 1309 2.8 1099 3rd Dam: Springhill-OH CS Cari-ET EX-90 GMD DOM

4th Dam: Maspringhill Cherokee-ET EX-90 GMD DOM 5th Dam: Langacres Cleitus Jewel-ET EX-93 GMD DOM 6th Dam: Langacres Mars Holly EX-90 EX-MS GMD DOM 7th Dam: Langacres Glendell Heather EX-91 3E GMD DOM 8th Dam: Langacres Elevation Hope EX-91 2E GMD DOM

Don’t miss an opportunity to purchase a +2228 PTPI Mogul from a VG-87 Freddie daughter of Royola Shottle Dorrie-ET EX-92 DOM. She’ll be available in the Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale on March 15.

Tom & Sharie Anderson • Justin Hintz E4898 Cty. OO, Ogdensburg, WI 54962 Phone: (715) 754-5869 E-mail: RHA: 68 Cows 2x 25,723 3.73 961 3.10 797 MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 79

Welcome to Iowa in June!

Regancrest Dorcy BENISHEY VG-85 GTPI+2336

MS Regancrest MS TANYA-ET VG-85 GTPI+2249

Hickorymea Manoman OPINE-P PO VG-87 GTPI+2136

Rabur S PADORA-ET EX-92 GTPI+2018

A few other cows you will see in the barn: Siemers Snman CENTURIA-ET VG-85 GTPI+2283 Leaderwin Snoman MYSTERY-ET GTPI+2323 Siemers Shamrock JIN-ET GTPI+2251 We welcome you to Iowa for the National Convention in June and to Regancrest to see these cows along with many more!


Beth Herges

SUGAR-C NAVS B SABLE-ET GP-83 at 2Y GTPI +2001 sired by Bookem


2-01 3x 150 14,558 4.0 578 3.1 448 inc.

1-10 3x 168d 14,314 4.6 661 3.4 487 inc.

• 3 daughters at Sugar-Creek: 2 by Super Sire & a Numero Uno; our favorite Super Sire is Sugar-C SS Shelia-ET, GTPI +2257, +1846M +75F +71P Dam: Navs Mac Shawna-ET VG-87 VG-MS DOM GTPI +1887 4-01 3x 39,010 4.1 1592 3.3 1270, 3 sons in A.I. 2nd Dam: UFM-Dubs Shari VG-87 VG-MS DOM, GTPI +1849 3rd Dam: UFM-Dubs Eroy VG-87 VG-MS GMD DOM, GTPI +1748

GP-82 at 2Y GTPI +1996 • Her Gold-N-Oaks Magnus daughter looks great Dam: Baxter EX-90 VG-MS at 5Y with 29,900 5.7 1717 3.5 1041 2nd Dam: Durham with 32,690 4.2 1364 2.6 865 & 104,530 lifetime

An update on the Queen:

MS SUGAR-C ALEXNDR QUEEN-ET VG-88 EX-MS GTPI +1932 2-00 3x 365 37,940 3.7 1413 3.0 1140 • Her Number Ones are super heifers & two were born in December and are winter yearling candidates for this summer • Queen is due to Jabir in March with an ultrasounded heifer

Watch for our consignments to the Pride of the Plains in Brookings, SD in June 39

/ I-90

N5663 Hwy. O, Elkhorn, WI 53121 • Phone: 262-728-0702 • Cell: 262-374-0793 email: Herdsman: Curtis Horsens RHA: 32,052 4.0 1300 3.19 1020 2/13 classification: 211 head - 7 new EX, 54 VG, 90 GP


on adis

M to

Rick & Marleen Adams

Sugar Creek Dairy H e ke

o 3t


au lw Mi



MIDWEST HOLSTEINS, Spring 2014 - 81

!"#$%&"%'"()%*"+%&,$%-)&."/)0%!"/1$/&."/2 3$%)+$%40$)5$6%&"%7$%)%5&"4%"/%&,$%,"5&%6)8%&"9+2


Moondale Durham Eadie EX-94-2E


Moondale Leader Pat EX-94-4E


3 miles south past Kwik Star, then 1 mile west Visitors Always Welcome 29 EX 16 VG BAA 112.9% Lact. Avg. 25,150 1000 750

Moondale Durham Kelli EX-93-2E

Moondale Steffanie EX-95-2E

Dan & Nancy Moon 19475 155th St. Monona, IA 52159 Phone & Fax: 563-539-4562

Moondale Goldwyn Patty EX-92

Moondale Penny EX-95-5E

Walk-Era Dundee



Walk-Era Dundee



Nominated All-American Spring Yearling 2009 4th Spring Yearling, International Holstein Show 2009 Junior Champion,WI Championship Show 2009 Junior Champion, District 5 Show 2009 1st Spring Yearling & Reserve Junior Champion, MW National Spring Show 2009

Their Dam: Holbric Ravage Orsmby EX-93 3E, 6-06 365 39,191 4.2 1649 3.1 1197 Nominated Junior All-American 4 Yr Old in 2004 Next dams Mandel x Lindy x Sexation

9th Winter Yearling World Dairy Expo 2011 1st Winter Yearling,WI Championship Show 2011 2nd Winter Yearling & Reserve Junior Champion, Dist. 5 2011 2nd Winter Yearling, Midwest National Spring Show 2011 1st Senior 2 Yr Old & Res. Int. Champion WI Dist. 5 2012 1st Senior 2 Yr Old, Midwest National Spring Show 2012 7th Senior 2 Yr Old, WI Championship Show 2012

Where dreams of excellence are bred!

N9036 Lewiston Station Road Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965 John 608-432-3113 • Tim 608-697-2922

focusing on raising and caring for show heifers Thursday, March 27 • 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Wisconsin Holstein Spring Barn Meeting

Please join us as we host a...

Show heifer fever is hard to break! Oreo and Oh-My’s June 2013 Gold Sun sister “Oh Baby” is being made available for you at the Spring Fashions at the Northern sale on March 22.

Heifers l to r: Crescentmead Jasper Walk (Cybil Fisher), Frozenes Fortune Ravena (Cybil Fisher), Walk-Era Pronto Monty (Beth Herges), Walk-Era Dundee Oreo (Cybil Fisher), Walk-Era Dundee Oh-My (Cybil Fisher) & Walk-Era Champion Matrix (Cybil Fisher). Collage by Beth Herges. Please our website for additional information.

From the Office Hello WHA members, The year kicked off with strong attendance in January at our 2014 Junior Convention in Wisconsin Dells. A big thank you to our hosts Fond du Lac County for your countless hours and efforts. It was a smooth, energetic and enjoyable weekend where we recognized our unbelievable juniors of all ages. Congratulations to Breinne Hendrickson, Green County and Brett Hildebrandt, Dodge County on being named our Outstanding Holstein Girl and Boy for 2013. We welcomed numerous first time attendees to convention again this year and had some tough competition in Dairy Jeopardy, Dairy Bowl and speaking contests. Good luck to our national representatives in the DJM and YDJM contests as they will have sent materials to nationals by the time you read this article. Finally, it was great to see junior guests from Illinois and Iowa attend our event this year and get involved in our activities to share with their own state junior delegations as well. We started planning 2014 quickly after Junior Convention with our annual Junior Activities Committee meeting at the office in Baraboo. Many topics were covered such as improvements and enhancement to our junior convention. A few areas assessed included the length of the speaking contest due to the number of participants. An earlier deadline will solve this next year in order to accommodate the size of the contest. JACs identified rule changes in the dairy bowl contest in order to make that event stronger and talked about new professional development stations at convention for older juniors and those not participating in dairy bowl on Saturday. This idea was heard from many in attendance. The JACs this year will be making a concerted effort to reach out to each of you as Junior Advisors to garner your thoughts, recommendations and ways to assist your junior county members. Each junior advisor should have received a welcome email from your district’s JACs looking for such information along with their personal contact information by now. We have a strong, talented group that will be at your disposal in 2014. If you didn’t see their email or didn’t receive the junior update from the northwest JAs, call us at the office as it means we don’t have the right contact information on file for you or your county. Our 2014 WHA Princess Kayla Krueger and Princess Attendant Kristen Broege have been busy prepping, training and gearing up for a busy year. They joined the JAC meeting in order to be a part of the planning process of junior events and then completed their training with the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board and our royalty mentor panel in February. They are prepped and ready to hit the year rolling! Many of you had an opportunity to meet them at Adult Convention and see the talented ladies we have this year. If you would like Kayla or Kristen to attend, speak or present at one of your events, please fill out their request form found on the Royalty contact page of our website and I will get them scheduled on a first come, first served basis. We thank everyone that recently attended the Adult Holstein Convention at the end of the month in Tomah. Vernon, LaCrosse and Monroe Counties put together a great program and list of items to auction for the Junior Holstein Association and the Scholarship Fund. Congratulations to all our award winners. There will be more to come on winners and the events at convention in a later issue of the News. A busy spring season is about to kick off starting with the Spring Barn Meetings with guest speaker Nick Uglow discussing show heifer care with producers and helping each of you evaluate your programs and learn from best practices. We hope you can make one of these great sessions. A big thank you to our hosts! You can find more about them and our sessions located on page 28 of the Midwest Holstein section in this issue. Quickly following these meetings comes our Midwest National Spring Show in Jefferson on April 19. This will be our last year in Jefferson for a few years as we move to the Alliant Energy Center beginning in 2015. Make sure you utilize our online entry system to enroll for the show! A link can be found on our homepage or on the Spring Show page itself. It should make the entry process quicker and easier especially if you utilized the system for district shows last year. This system will be available for all shows in 2014. I have my fingers crossed that this nauseating cold and relentless winter will be behind us by spring barn meeting time and we are experiencing some spring weather! I am looking forward to seeing all of you out and about in the coming months and making 2014 another successful year! Larry Nelson, WHA Execute Director

Treasure Quest Success Each spring the Wisconsin Holstein Association holds their annual Treasure Quest. This year, the ninth winner will be chosen at the Midwest National Spring Show. We followed up with some past winners to see how they’ve done with their selection. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket for this year’s Treasure Quest, please contact a WHA Board member or the WHA office at 1-800-223-4269.

2011 Winners - Kurt & Sarah Loehr, Eden Calf selected - Bella-View Shot of Gin 1. How often have you participated in the Treasure Quest, either by buying tickets or entering a calf ? We have never entered a calf, but have bought tickets a few times. The year we won, we bought a guaranteed top 12 at adult convention so that proceeds benefitted the scholarship fund. 2. Why did you select Shot of Gin at the Treasure Quest? There is a long story here! In the summer of 2010, Lynn and Sara (Harbaugh) brought Rosedale Go for Gin and her Durham sister to Forest Ridge to calve in. They had been purchased in the Rosedale Sale in 2009. Gin calved here with Shot of Gin and she lived here until 3 months of age. However, she had some health issues while on milk, and never really took off, but I was pretty attached to her. Over the winter (back at Lynn and Sara’s) she continued to improve and Lynn decided she was good enough to enter in the Treasure Quest and show at Spring Show. Once we knew that she was entered in Treasure Quest and we had a top 12 ticket, we knew right away that we would pick Shot of Gin - no hesitation! We also knew that Sara didn’t really want to give her up, so we worked out a deal with Lynn and Sara that they would still own half and she would continue to live at their farm. 3. Give us an update on Shot of Gin and her offspring? Shot of Gin was nominated All-American Fall Yearling in 2012, calved in April 2013 and was scored VG-89. She has an Alexander daughter (owned by Kayla Krueger) and Durham daughters. One of the Durhams has done well for the Harbaugh and Loehr kids: 1st and 1st Junior Spring Calf at District 7 and 2nd Spring Calf at the Midwest Fall National Show. She was also on the February WHA News cover. 4. What are your future plans for her? Shot of Gin was sold in the 2012 March Madness Sale in Frederick, MD. She has since been sold again and is owned by Breeze Hill Holsteins. 5. Any other comments you would like to make about the animal or the Treasure Quest? For us, the Treasure Quest really got the ball rolling on the great partnership that we have with Lynn and Sara. It also helps to buy a guaranteed top 12 ticket!

2013 Cover Contest Thank you to all of our entrants for this year’s contest! Watch future issues for information on the 2013 Cover Contest. Entries will be due November 15 & can be submitted at anytime.

2nd Place: Elizabeth Sarbacker, Verona

3rd Place: Elizabeth Sarbacker, Verona

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014-19

20–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014

Futurity, the right is reserved to cancel same and refunds made to persons owning females that have been nominated, their share of all monied accrued after the deduction of actual expenses in the promotion of the Futurity. SALE OF ELIGIBLE ANIMALS: When an animal that is entered in the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity is sold, the eligibility may be transferred to the new owner, and it shall be his responsibility to inform the Futurity Committee of the change of ownership. The seller shall inform the buyer that the animal purchased is already entered in the Futurity. To aid in this, exhibitors will receive an entry certificate for each animal after entry payment has been received. New owners will need to sign an entry form after notification of entry into Futurity. OPEN CLASS SHOWING: If the show is held at the Wisconsin State Fair, all animals shown in the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity are eligible upon proper entry to be shown in the open class competition of the Holstein Show. It is the responsibility of the animal’s owner to fill out the necessary forms for open class competition. MISCELLANEOUS: Neither the Wisconsin Holstein Association nor the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity Committee is in any way responsible for the condition of the premises in which the Futurity is held and is not liable in the event of accident or loss of persons or property. All matter pertaining to the showing of the Futurity are subject to the rules, regulations and health requirements of any WI Holstein Association sponsored show along with those for the show at which the Futurity is held. DRESS CODE: Every exhibitor must have formal dress to show in the Futurity. (Minimum requirements for men include a shirt, tie and dress pants while women should wear a dress, business suit or the equivalent.) Exhibitors not meeting the minimum dress code requirement will be denied entry into the show ring. Interest on Futurity entry fee accounts and any sponsorship monies may be used to offset show expenses at the discretion of the WHA Board of Directors and the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity Committee.

Address ___________________________________________________________________________ Signature of Exhibitor_________________________________________ Mail Futurity Entry to: Wisconsin Holstein Association, 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913

Name of Owner __________________________________________________________________________________ Phone _______________________________________

Full entry fees must accompany entry form or sent within the appropriate time noted above.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fee Schedule: Payment of $35 per animal due by January 1, 2014; Late entries will be accepted from January 2 - April 30, 2014 for $50 per animal.



Full Name of Animal Date of Birth Reg. Number Sire Sire’s A.I. Organization ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2016 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity Official Entry Blank

PURPOSE: To stimulate interest in the breeding and exhibiting of outstanding Officially Identified Holsteins of 87% RHA or higher. To promote the Registered Holstein breed and dairy industry to the general public with an appealing and memorable presentation. PROCEDURES: An animal is nominated by an owner. All nominations are the responsibility of the owner. Dates, fees and rules will be followed to the letter. ELIGIBILITY: Any registered Holstein female that was born September 1, 2012 through August 31, 2013 is eligible for the 2016 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity. FEES: Entries, along with $35 per animal, must be postmarked on or before January 1, 2014. Animals may be late entered from January 2 - April 30, 2014 for $50 per animal. Full entry fees must accompany entry form or sent within the appropriate time noted above. PURSE: The purse in this event shall consist of all monies received by the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity (plus interest earned) as nomination fees, less the actual expenses incurred in its promotion and management. All Futurity monies shall be kept in a separate Futurity Fund and used only for Futurity purposes. The purse in this event will be divided among the first forty Futurity placings as follows: 1st place winner - 15% plus sponsorship monies 2nd................12% Next ten places ........2% each 3rd...................9% Next ten places .....1.5% each 4th...................8% Next fifteen places ...1% each 5th...................6% (If 100% of purse money is not distributed by above breakdown, the balance will be split equally amongst all participants.) REFUNDS: When nomination fees and the payment in connection with the Futurity are received, they are committed for the purse of this event and no refunds will be made, whether or not the animal is shown or its eligibility discontinued by owner. In the event however, that any condition should arise which prevents the showing of the

2016 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity LAST CALL! Late entries will be accepted until April 30, 2014

Join Us! The 7th Annual WHA Young Adult Milwaukee Brewer Outing Sunday, May 11, 2014 • 1:10 p.m. • Brewers vs. Yankees Join Wisconsin Holstein’s young adults ages 22-45 for a day at the ball game! For $35, guests get a ticket, a bus ride to the game, and great camaraderie with fellow young Holstein enthusiasts! Attendees are invited to bring a dish to pass and must provide their own beverages. One bus will leave from the Oshkosh & Fond du Lac areas and a second will travel the western side of the state with pick-ups in Tomah & Madison. Sign up for this fun annual trip soon - tickets go fast and we only have a limited number available! Give the WHA office a call (1-800-223-4269) or email to reserve your spot today!

B REEDER B USINESS C ARDS KRANZDALE SALES, INC. Dairy Cattle Buyer & Broker • Auctions & Appraisals

DALE & JOEY KRANZ Want to have a sale? Call us! N3931 O’Connor Rd. • Columbus, WI 53925 Ph: 920-623-2246 • Cell: 920-960-2566 • Fax: 920-623-0435 e-mail: WI Registered Auctioneer #1008-52 Animal Dealer License #124006-AD

Rickert Bros. LLC Home of Rickland Holsteins

Doug, Linda, Corey & Tammy Hodorff N3832 Hwy. W, Eden, WI 53019

Jim & Kelly, Greg & Laura, Andrew & Shannon, Don & Lila Rickert Eldorado, WI 54932

Tel: (920) 477-6800 • Fax: (920) 477-2520 E-mail: • Tel: 920-872-2982

Stop in anytime for a second look!

RHA: 975 cows 28,091 3.5 1001 3.0 844 17 Year Progressive Genetics Herd

Dwight & Shelly Mayer 4965 County Rd. E, Slinger, WI

REGISTERED HOLSTEINS & BROWN SWISS Breeding age bulls, heifers, calves and young cows available - we sell only from our best lines. Call Dwight’s cell: 262-224-6838 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014-21


Enter for the 2016 WHA Futurity

Wisconsin Junior Holstein members ruled the show in 2013, held at the Wisconsin State Fair in August. Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to showcase your three-year-old in West Allis. Late entries are due April 30, 2014. Remember, the Futurity winner takes home over $1500! Visit the web for an entry form today.

Midwest National Spring Show

Show season is upon us! This year’s spring show will once again be held at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Jefferson, WI. Just a friendly reminder to dress warm for the show on the 19 of April! Also the deadlines for entries are coming up on April 1. Don’t forget to buy your Treasure Quest ticket and win the calf !!! A great way to start or improve your herd! Entries will be accepted online this year as well, starting March 3.

Convention Contest Rule Changes Dairy Quiz Bowl *Rule Change - Eligibility #7* Counties and/or recognized clubs that are not able to form a complete team will be allowed to join with other counties that can’t form a team in that age division. It is recommended that teams be formed by two counties, however if this cannot be achieved permission must be requested from the Junior Activities Committee for the majority vote. Individuals that want to participate on a Wisconsin team may submit their names to be drawn to make a team. *Rule Change - Dairy Bowl Rules #6* Each team will receive 2 verifications (i.e. challenges) per contest (entire contest). All challenges must come from a team member. The answer and/or the source must be presented from the team captain. Teams will have five (5) minutes to verify the answer. (omitted: and will be allowed a maximum of two sources.) Coaches cannot help the team during the challenge. *Rule Change - Dairy Bowl Rules #7* No electronic devices (including laptops, cell phone, tablets, etc.) will be allowed in the dairy bowl contest room and/or holding area while competition is taking place. A laptop provided by WHA will be available in the contest room if online sources are needed to be referenced in a challenge. A $50 fine (payable immediately) will be assessed for breaking this rule.

National Convention Forms

For those competing at National Holstein Convention this summer, entry deadlines are approaching. Dairy bowl, dairy jeopardy, and speaking are due on the 3rd of March to the WI Holstein Office. Junior progressive breeder, breeder of an excellent cow, and breeder of a multiple “E” cow forms are all due to the National Holstein Office no later than May 1, 2014! Dairy bowl, jeopardy and speaking forms were sent out to those who qualified while all breeder forms can be found at juniors. Good luck to everyone!

T-Shirt Design Contest

We are looking for t-shirt designs for promotional t-shirts for the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association. Junior members should submit a design that could be used to advertise the junior association. Designs must be submitted to the office by May 1, 2014, and voting will take place in May and June through the WHA News and website. The winning design will be unveiled this summer and available for purchase. Designs should be submitted to or send to the office at 902 8th Ave, Baraboo WI 53913. 22–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014

2014 Calendar of Events March Spring Barn Meeting, Bella-View Holsteins, Marion 17 20 Spring Barn Meeting, Oeh-My Holsteins, Abbotsford 27 Spring Barn Meeting, Walk-Era Farms, WI Dells April 1 Midwest National Spring Show entries due 1 National Dairy Bowl & Jeopardy entries due 18 Midwest Spring Red & White Show, Jefferson 19 Midwest National Spring Show, Jefferson 30 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity LATE entries due. Must be postmarked on this date to be entered. Late fee applies. May 1 National Junior Progressive Breeder, Production Award forms & folding display entries due 3-4 Cow Camp, Sugar Creek Bible Camp, Ferryville June 13 District 10 Holstein Show, Sheboygan County Fairgrounds, Plymouth 16 District 2 Holstein Show, Jackson County Fairgrounds, Black River Falls 17 District 6 Holstein Show, Rock County Fairgrounds, Janesville 18 District 4 Holstein Show, Taylor County Fairgrounds, Medford 18 District 5 Holstein Show, Sauk County Fairgrounds, Baraboo 19 District 8 Holstein Show, Dodge County Fairgrounds, Beaver Dam 20 District 3 Holstein Show, Grant County Fairgrounds, Lancaster 23 District 1 Holstein Show, Chippewa County Fairgrounds, Chippewa Falls 23 District 7 Holstein Show, Waupaca County Fairgrounds, Weyauwega 25-28 2014 National Holstein Convention, Dubuque, Iowa July 14 Junior Judging & Classification Contest, Mineral Point 14 State Showmanship Contest, Mineral Point 14-15 WI Championship Show, Mineral Point, hosted by Iowa County

Contact the JACs:

Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Northeast District; 920.242.7507 Rachel Hartlaub, Northeast District; 920.287.1965 Jessica Pralle, Northwest District; 715.533.0902 Cassi Miller, Northwest District; 608.669.5925 Cassy Krull, Southeast District; 920.253.9428 Andy Sell, Southeast District; 920.253.0052 Sean Brown, Southwest District; 608.553.1412 Charlie Hamilton, Southwest District; 608.330.1223


Join Us for Cow Camp 2014! Sugar Creek Bible Camp, Ferryville • May 3-4 This year cow camp will be held at Sugar Creek Bible Camp in Ferryville on May 3-4. Our tentative schedule is for registration to start at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday and getting campers settled in. Our workshops for the first day will include a first aid station, cattle photography, feeding your fair calf and showmanship. We will start the next morning with our morning walking trail adventures and breakfast. The stations for day two will include a

station by Dr. Matt Dorshorst, DVM, farm safety, what’s in your show box and a fun arts and crafts project with our WHA’s intern, Morgan, and the WHA Princess and Attendant. We are very excited to have another great cow camp and see many familiar faces and meet new ones at this year’s event. See you in Ferryville on May 3 and 4!

Tentative Cow Camp Schedule Saturday, May 3 12:30 p.m. Registration 1:00 p.m. Orientation & Introductions 1:30-5:00 p.m. Workshops 6:00 p.m. Evening meal with a hike before 11:30 p.m. Curfew Sunday, May 4 7:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m. 9:00-11:30 a.m. 11:30 a.m. 12:00 noon 1:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m.

Hike with the JA guys!! Breakfast Workshops Cow Camp write-ups & group photo Lunch Ag Olympics/Games/Shaving Cream Fight Campers dismissed

Any youth age 14 and under interested in any breed of the dairy cow are welcome to attend. Have fun while learning about cows and meeting other youth from across the state! Cow Camp is also a great way to get to know your Wisconsin Junior Activities Committee members! Cow Camp this year will provide some excellent opportunities with science workshops and more! Look for updates and additional details in the April WHA News. Details will also be posted on the web at

Cow Camp Registration May 3 & 4, 2014 - Sugar Creek Bible Camp, Ferryville, WI Camp Fee - $45/person (Junior or Chaperone) Campers should be 14 & Under Name: _________________________________________________ Age: ______ Adult or Junior (Circle one)

Boy or Girl (Circle one)

❏ Youth

T-Shirt Size: ______ ❏ Adult

County: ___________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________ State: ____________ Zip: _________________ Email: ___________________________________________ Cell Phone: ______________________ Return to: WHA, 902 8th Ave, Baraboo, WI 53913. Registration deadline is Friday, April 11. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014-23


ACKY WPoint of View Editor’s Comments

Is it spring yet? I know that’s what is on everyone’s mind these days. And while I’m finishing this issue up it’s 35 degrees (yeah!)... but there’s another big storm brewing for tomorrow. It just doesn’t seem to end. Let’s hope the long winter means it will be a nice spring and even better summer! Thanks to everyone that advertised this month & helped make it another great Midwest Holsteins issue. You’ll notice that we’ve added some editorial pages to the Midwest section this time around... the editors thought this would be a nice addition and give our readers a chance to see what’s happening in the other states. The June issue of Midwest Holsteins will be the souvenir book for the National Convention in Iowa. Rates will be slightly higher for this issue to help offset Iowa’s added printing and mailing costs, but it’s really a great opportunity for advertisers to reach a larger audience at a reasonable price. If you’re interested in advertising for that issue or have any questions, please give me a call. Our annual Barn Meetings are coming up this month. Information for each of the three meetings can be found on page 28 of the Midwest section. I encourage you to take time to attend at least one of the meetings each host is looking forward to having you and it should be a great presentation for anyone raising heifers, not just show heifers. Next month’s issue will be our Production issue and we’ll be including “Top 10” lists for the state leaders in milk, fat and protein along with the winners of our Top Performer contest. This is also the perfect time to get in a last minute ad for your late spring sale consignments. Give me a call by March 10 if you’re interested in advertising in the April issue. Don’t forget to buy your Treasure Quest tickets and sign up for the YAC Brewer Game outing - more info on those events is included in this issue. Until next time... 24–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014




March 2014 Classifying in Dane, Grant, Green, Iowa & Lafayette counties 15 Green|Rock Dual County Sale, Wisconsin Farm Auction facility, Brooklyn, 12:00 noon 15 Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale, Weyauwega, 12:00 noon 17 WHA Barn Meeting, hosted by Bella-View Holsteins, Marion, 11 a.m.-3 p.m. 20 WHA Barn Meeting, Hosted by Oeh-My Holsteins, Abbotsford, 11 a.m. 22 Spring Fashions at the Northern, Fond du Lac, managed by Great Northern Land & Cattle Co., 11 a.m. 22 Purple Ribbon Classic, Marshfield, managed by Wood Area Holstein Breeders, 11:30 a.m. 27 WHA Barn Meeting, hosted by Walk-Era Holsteins, Wisconsin Dells, 11 a.m. 28-29 Milksource Tag Event Sale, Kaukauna April 2014 Classifying in Columbia, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Jefferson, Marquette, Rock & Walworth counties 4 Dream Prairie Holsteins Complete Dispersal, Cary & Joy Moser family, Westby 12 Barron County Spring Sale, Barron Pavilion 12 RedFest with a Touch of Black, hosted by Crescentmead Holsteins, Ixonia, 11 a.m. 18 Midwest Spring Red & White Show, Jefferson 19 Midwest National Spring Show, Jefferson, 8:30 a.m. 25 Outagamie County Holstein Sale, Seymour 30 late entries due for 2016 WHA Futurity May 2014 Classifying in Langlade, Marathon, Menominee, Oconto, Outagamie, Shawano, Waupaca, Waushara & Winnebago counties 3-4 Cow Camp, Sugar Creek Bible Camp, Ferryville 10 Vernon County Holstein Sale, Viroqua June 2014 Classifying in Adams, Crawford, Juneau, LaCrosse, Monroe, Portage, Richland, Sauk, Vernon & Wood counties 13 District 10 Holstein Show, Sheboygan County Fairgrounds, Plymouth 16 District 2 Holstein Show, Jackson County Fairgrounds, Black River Falls 17 District 6 Holstein Show, Rock County Fairgrounds, Janesville 18 District 4 Holstein Show, Taylor County Fairgrounds, Medford 18 District 5 Holstein Show, Sauk County Fairgrounds, Baraboo 19 District 8 Holstein Show, Dodge County Fairgrounds, Beaver Dam 20 District 3 Holstein Show, Grant County Fairgrounds, Lancaster 23 District 1 Holstein Show, Chippewa County Fairgrounds, Chippewa Falls 23 District 7 Holstein Show, Waupaca County Fairgrounds, Weyauwega 25 - 28 2014 National Holstein Convention, Dubuque, Iowa 29 Calumet County Sundae on the Farm, Grandview Dairy July 2014 Classifying in Barron, Buffalo, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, St. Croix & Trempealeau counties 10 Central Wisconsin Summer Event, hosted by Twin-B Dairy, managed by District 4 Holstein Breeders 14-15 Wisconsin Championship Show, Mineral Point, hosted by Iowa County 22-26 50th Anniversary National Red & White Convention, Elkhorn 25 50th Anniversary National Red & White Convention Sale, Elkhorn 26 2014 International Intrigue Sale, hosted by Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna; managed by Butler-Fellers Auctions 27 WHA Picnic, hosted by Budjon Farms with St. Jacobs ABC, Lomira August 2014 Classifying in Ashland, Bayfield, Burnett, Chippewa, Clark, Douglas, Florence, Forest, Iron, Lincoln, Marinette, Oneida, Price, Rusk, Sawyer, Taylor, Vilas & Washburn counties July 31-Aug. 10 Wisconsin State Fair, West Allis 9 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity, West Allis

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MIDWEST HOLSTEINS ADVERTISERS Bella-View Holsteins ........................ 26-27 Dodge County Holstein Association ........ 72 Dream Prairie Dispersal .................. 34-35 Hilltop Dairy ........................................ 64 Janestead Dispersal ................................ 9 Jas-K Holsteins...................................... 63 Kamphuis Farm .................................... 63 Lonely Mile Holsteins ............................ 76 Marathon County ............................ 56-60 Milksource............................................ 39 Oeh-My Farm ...................................... 31 Purple Ribbon Classic............................ 75 R-R Letters ............................................ 52 Ran-Rose Holsteins................................ 36 RedFest with a Touch of Black ................ 45 Ripps Dairy Valley ................................ 32

Holstein Association Representatives Sarah Trapp W16080 Merlin Road, Taylor, WI 54659 608-525-2901 cell: 608-628-1978 e-mail: Chris Lyons W 5979 Lee Dr., Fort Atkinson, WI 53538 920-563-1082 cell 920-723-2406 e-mail: Dennis Devore 1905 9th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 cell: 319-270-5038 e-mail: 26–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/March 2014

Rosedale ................................................ 6 Rotesown Dispersal .............................. 44 Royola Holsteins .................................. 79 Second-Look Holsteins .......................... 40 Spring Fashions at the Northern ........13-15 Sugar Creek Dairy................................ 81 UW-Madison ................................ 5 & 21 Walk-Era ............................................ 84 Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale ................................................ 70-72

566HO1192 MR


USA 139330256

100% RHA-NA EX-92 *TY *CV *TL *TD aAa: 126 DMS: 234, 123

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December 2013 Sire Summary: Type +3.01 84% Rel. UDC +2.78 FLC +2.03 GTPI +1612 Milk -761 +.20% +23F +.08% -3P 87% Rel. SCS 2.92 Calving Ease = 10.8% 48 daughters 21 herds APPLE JACK daughters are averaging: 80.5 final score, 83.3 AASC and 26,284 lbs. of milk APPLE JACK-RED daughters: (top) Andy & Lyn Buttles, Wisconsin and (bottom) Glen Brown, Utah

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March 2014 Wisconsin Holstein News  

March 2014 issue of the Wisconsin Holstein News featuring Midwest Holsteins, Barn Meeting info and Junior Convention Results.

March 2014 Wisconsin Holstein News  

March 2014 issue of the Wisconsin Holstein News featuring Midwest Holsteins, Barn Meeting info and Junior Convention Results.