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July/August 2011

Volume 83 No. 7

Cow Family Feature Scientific Debutante Rae Wisconsin PBR & PGH Herds Breeder Profile: Triple-H Holsteins District 1 Report

photos by Beth Herges

Scientific Gold Dish Rae-ET


VG-88 EX-MS DOM GTPI +2024 2-05 3x 365 35,210 4.1 1427 3.4 1187 Dam: Scientific Debutante Rae-ET EX-92 GMD DOM 2-02 2x 365 32,930 4.4 1440 3.2 1070 All-American 4 Year Old 2005, HM All-American Junior 3 Year Old 2004 2nd Dam: Scientific Jubilant Rae-ET EX-90 DOM 5-11 3x 365 38,880 4.1 1608 3.4 1329 3rd Dam: C Hanoverhill Tony Rae EX-96 3E GMD DOM 6-11 2x 365 40,220 4.1 1661 3.3 1331 Next Dams: EX-94 2E GMD DOM, EX-90 GMD DOM, EX-97 4E GMD Roxy

Dish is the only *RC and *TV Goldwyn daughter of Debutante and is a full sister to Scientific Destry-ET. We have heifers by Baxter, Shottle, Laurin, Mr Burns, Super, Picolo, Magna P & Aaron-Red and more pregnancies coming by Colt P & Shamrock. Dish also has seven sons in A.I. by Shottle, Mr Burns, Laurin & Picolo.

We are offering two chances at daughters from Dish at sales this summer...

Central Wisconsin Summer Event Thursday, July 21 • Marathon, WI


Our-Favorite Dixie Rae-ET *RC

Our-Favorite Denali Rae-ET

born 2/10/11 GTPI +2066 PTA +421M +58F +41P +436NM +2.62T Sire: Long-Langs Oman Oman-ET

born 10/29/10 GTPI +2283 PTA +1263M +83F +68P +566NM +3.44T Sire: Long-Langs Oman Oman-ET

Summer Select Sale • August 19

Don’t miss your chance to get in on the highly marketable Debutante Rae family with one of these high GTPI heifers!

TODD & MARY STANEK E15265 Hillview Dr., Fall Creek, WI 54742 (715) 877-3116 • (715) 456-8718 cell (715) 877-2433 fax • e-mail:

From District 1

Indianhead Gold Mae VG-88 EX-MS 2Y

Indianhead Golden Treat EX-90 3Y

Indianhead Trinity EX-91 3Y

2-02 3x 365 27,980 4.1 1137 3.1 877 GTPI +1812

3-03 3x 365 35,227 4.4 1533 3.0 1040

3-03 3x 365 31,480 4.3 1351 3.1 927

Sire: Braedale Goldwyn Dam: Mayerlane-SA Sky Mae EX-93 7 generations of VG/EX from Lead Mae EX-95 2E

Sire: Braedale Goldwyn Dam: Ms Indianhead Treasure EX-90 G’Dam: C Allanvale Inspiration Tina EX-95

Sire: Braedale Goldwyn Dam: Indianhead Trilogy EX-94 Next 2 Dams: Milan Tina EX-92, Inspir. Tina EX-95

Indianhead Divinity EX-92

Indianhead Durham Brietta EX-92

Indianhead Britta EX-90 3Y

3-08 3x 357 33,021 4.0 1313 2.9 943

4-06 3x 365 33,532 4.1 1361 3.2 1063

3-00 3x 305 28,635 3.6 1037 2.9 846

Sire: Markwell Kite *RC EX Can Dam: Indianhead Encore Delight EX-92 4th dam is Dellia EX-95

Sire: Regancrest Elton Durham Dam: Indianhead Derry Brie EX-92 G’Dam: Indianhead Kite Brienne EX-94 6th generation EX

Sire: Tri-Day Adolf EX-94 Dam: Indianhead Kite Brienne EX-94 6th generation EX

Indianhead Dun Bonnie EX-91 3Y

Greenlea Talent Cat-Red-ET EX-92 3Y

Indianhead Kite Asia EX-91 3Y

3-02 3x 365 31,105 3.7 1147 3.0 922

3-10 3x 365 33,561 4.1 1379 3.2 1083

2-00 3x 365 28,669 3.9 1125 2.8 806

Sire: Dunox Dam: Indianhead Rubens Bobbie VG-86 G’Dam: Stookey Elmpark Blackrose EX-96

Sire: Ladino Park Talent *RC Dam: Yursden Kite Caramac *RC EX-94 All-American Junior 2 Year Old & 4 Year Old

Sire: Markwell Kite *RC EX Can Dam: Indianhead Aztec VG Next 10 generations VG & EX

BAA: 111.6% RHA: 65 cows 25,486 4.0 1013 3.0 753 Herdsmen: Mike Mertins & Craig Ross

Robert & Karyn Schauf 1659 10 1/2 Street, Barron, WI 54812 Ph: 715-537-9376 E-mail:

We have 25 more close springing heifers coming. Are you looking for a nice young milk cow with a pedigree to breed from? Call us!

Treat, Brietta, Cat by Cybil Fisher; all others by Lea McCullough

In May of 2009 we sold our milking herd. With a freestall full of superb heifers with terrific pedigrees, our milking stalls are filled up again. This young herd may be the best ever at Indianhead!

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VOLUME 83 No. 7

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On The Cover This month’s cover features Scientific Debutante Rae EX-92, the focus of this month’s featured cow family. This photo of Debutante was taken by Han Hopman of Holstein International shortly after she was named Reserve Grand Champion of the International Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo in 2005.

4–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August, 2011

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6–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2011

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August, 2011-7

Monroe County Daylight Meeting Sunday, August 21 ~ 12:30 p.m.

• Meal & Judging starts at 12:30 p.m. • Door Prizes • Calf Raffle • Semen Auction

hosted by

O-BRIDGE FARM Jeff & Kathy Schmitz Family 17708 Incline Rd., Norwalk, WI 54648 Directions from Sparta: Take Hwy. 16 east to County A, go right on County A & stay on A until Incline Rd., first farm on Incline Rd.

Two of Our Best to the

The Schmitz kids: Standing, left to right - Allyson, Aaron, Amy & Adam; kneeling - Amelia

Central Wisconsin Summer Event

Thursday, July 21 • at the farm, Marathon, WI

Langs-Twin-B Allyson-ET

VG-87 VG-MS at 2-06

GTPI +2104 PTA +1071M +38F +39P +578NM +5.2PL 2-04 2x 260 24,328 4.0 963 3.1 749 inc.


2nd Dam: Langs-Twin-B C-S Ashlyn-ET VG-86 DOM Next Dams: EX-90 GMD DOM Finley x VG-88 GMD DOM Christmas Fudge x EX-91 GMD DOM Juror Faith

Selling from Allyson: Langs-Twin-B Annie-ET born 7/21/10 Sired by Wa-Del Sebastian-ET GTPI +2204 PTA +1109M +38F +39P +579M +5.7PL

Ralma Goldwyn Carmen-ET GTPI +2210 PTA +736M +52F +29P +617NM +5.0PL


~ due September 18, 2011 & looks great! 2nd Dam: Ralma Christmas Cookie VG-89 EX-MS DOM Next Dams: VG-88 GMD DOM Christmas Fudge x EX-91 GMD DOM Juror Faith

Selling from Carmen: Langs-Twin-B Kaylyn-ET born 3/31/11 Sired by Ronelee Toystory Domain GTPI +2251 PTA +1204M +27F +30P +607M +6.1PL

Lang’s Twin Elm Farms, Inc. Floyd & Lloyd Baumann Marathon, WI • Ph: 715-443-3595 • Fax: 715-443-3833 8–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2011

Fred Lang Marathon, WI Phone: 715-443-2037 Fax: 715-443-3742

Wisconsin Holstein Briefs J There’s a new addition at Fischerdale Holsteins! Congratulations to Joe and Sarah Sarbacker and big sister Payton, Verona, on the birth of Braelyn Tes on May 3. She weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz. and was 20.5 inches long. I God blessed Chris and Courtney Booth, Plymouth, with their fourth child on May 3. Royce Allen Booth weighed 8 lbs. 14 oz. and was 21 inches long. Royce joins siblings Cole, Ava and Campbell. His grandparents are Al and Connie Ott of Forest Junction and Dean and Mary Kay Booth, Cuba City. T Our condolences to the families of Steven Broege, Richard Kretzchmar and Raymond Brubacher, who have passed away. Full obituaries are printed below. The Wisconsin Holstein News encourages readers and members to submit information for the Wisconsin Holstein Briefs column. We are looking for news of a wedding, birth announcement, award winner or death that Wisconsin Holstein breeders should know about. High quality, submitted photos will be printed if space is available. Please submit your information to the Wisconsin Holstein News by mail at PO Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813; or email to

Obituaries Steven Broege Steven J. Broege, age 50, of Janesville, died Friday, May 20, 2011, at Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center, Janesville. He was born on Jan. 24, 1961, the son of Elton and Marilyn (Mabie) Broege, in Janesville. Steve was a 1980 graduate of Craig High School and attended Farm Industry Short Course at UWMadison. He married Phyllis Martin on September 19, 1992, at St. John Vianney Catholic Church in Janesville. He worked as a dairy farmer for Brunland Farms Inc. and was a member of St. John Vianney Catholic Church, Janesville FFA Alumni, Knights of Columbus, and the Wisconsin Holstein Association. He is survived by his wife, Phyllis; three children: Kristen, Jenna, and Nicole Broege; his parents, Elton and Marilyn Broege of Janesville; three siblings: Elizabeth (Curtis) Domingue of Houston, TX, Paul (Janet) Broege of Janesville, and Marcia (Kipp) Hoscheit of Beloit; and many nieces, nephews and other relatives and friends. He was preceded in death by his brother, Gary Broege; grandparents; and father-in-law, Harold Martin.

Richard Kretzschmar Richard Kretzschmar, 81, of Mellen, a loving husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, passed away on May 24, 2011, at his home in Cozy Valley and is now resting peacefully with his Savior Jesus Christ. Richard was born on September 2, 1929, to Oscar and Ella (Franke) Kretzschmar in Cozy Valley. He attended the Cozy Valley School. On June 6, 1953, Richard and Ardith Warren were united in marriage at the Immanuel Lutheran Church in Mellen. Richard served in the United States Navy from 1948 to 1950 and was stationed aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Midway. He was a member of the Immanuel Lutheran Church where he served as an elder for several years. Richard was well-known throughout the state of Wisconsin and nationally as a respected dairy farmer known for his renowned dairy herd management practices. He and his family operated the Whispering Pines Dairy farm in Cozy Valley until 1995 when his son, Dave, took over the operation. He was very active in the dairy community, and a member and officer on several local and state dairy organizations and cooperative boards. His outstanding farming career brought him awards including the Jaycees Outstanding Farmer, The Wisconsin Master Farmer, Progressive Breeder for multiple years, and the CALS award from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Richard enjoyed life and his positive attitude garnered him many happy moments; some of which were watching his family grow,

spending time with the grandchildren and being a good role model for everyone. Farming remained an important aspect of his life; even after retiring he spent hours planting and harvesting in the fields. Richard still found time for his love of horses, cross country skiing, hunting and traveling. Survivors include his loving wife Ardith of 58 years, three sons and one daughter; Mark (Lois) Kretzschmar, James (Louise) Kretzschmar, David (Kathryn) Kretzschmar of Mellen; and Ann (Jason) Pundt of Clayton, CA. Also by 11 grandchildren and 14 greatgrandchildren; brother, Bob Kretzschmar, of Mellen; sisters, Margaret Holt, of Peoria, IL; Anna Warner of Watertown, WI; and many nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his parents; son Gary; sisters, Helen Ross Stam, Elizabeth Raml; and brothers, Paul, Oscar, Karl and Walter. In lieu of flowers, the family requests memorials may be made to the Immanuel Lutheran Church of Mellen or to the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge in Marshfield.

Raymond Brubacher A respected sales manager, judge, showman and herd manager during his life, Raymond “Ray” Brubacher of Brubacher Bros. Ltd., Guelph, Ont., died on May 9 at 84 years of age. Born on December 21, 1926, Brubacher grew up on the family farm where he helped with his father’s Summit View Holstein herd at Breslau, Ont., until it was dispersed in 1946. When he was 20, he travelled with a shipload of cattle to China. He then farmed in partnership with his brother Irvin for a few years. In 1951, Ray took the Elmwood Farms’ famed Skokie show herd in Illinois out on the show circuit and then went on to manage a dairy herd in Ohio for two years. In 1953, this bright and talented young man was hired by William Hayssen as manager for the Lakeside Farm herd at Elkhart Lake, Wis. Brubacher went on to make Lakeside one of the great herds and show places in Wisconsin. During his tenure Lakeside earned All-American awards and won Premier Breeder and Exhibitor banners at the National Dairy Cattle Congress, International Dairy Show and Wisconsin and Minnesota State Fairs. The farm developed numerous Gold Medal sires and dams, building on such well recognized foundation females as Plain View Inga, Linden Dictator Wimble Wimpy, Whirlhill Q Rag Apple Ariel and Darrow Ver Sensation. In 1964, Brubacher became the first Canadian to ever win the Klussendorf award. That same year, he also served as president of the Wisconsin Holstein Association. It was while Ray Brubacher was in Wisconsin that he started judging shows. Highly honoured as a judge, he officiated at many of North America’s leading Holstein shows including World Dairy Expo in 1968, the Royal Winter Fair in 1972 and the International Dairy Show in Chicago, Ill. He also judged at major shows around the world such as the Royal Shows in Australia, Scotland and England. Following the Lakeside Dispersal in May 1967, Brubacher returned to Ontario to become involved in his family’s sales management business. In 1969 with his brother and partner, Mike, they moved to a new, Modern arena near Guelph which still bears the Brubacher name. Ray read pedigrees and together he and Mike built a reputation of honesty and integrity, managing many of the top herd dispersals in Canada. In 1970, they initiated the Royal Revue and Royal Round-Up consignment sales. In 1985, Mike and Ray sold their interest in the company to Mike’s son, Michael, and Vernon Butchers. Ray continued to be involved in the business until his retirement in 1986. Since 1997, the company has been carried on by Jim, Brent and Scott Walker and Dennis Martin as Brubacher Sales. Following his retirement, Ray and his wife Eleanor enjoyed spending time at their winter home in Lakeland, Florida, where they had a very active social life. Ray had a passion for golf and liked to ride around the park visiting friends on his turquoise bicycle. He maintained his strong interest in the Holstein business until failing health overcame him. Ray Brubacher is survived by his wife Eleanor, daughter Cathy and her husband Don of Glenbeulah, Wisconsin, son Bob of British Columbia, daughters Meg and Amy of Guelph, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August, 2011-9


Triple-H Holsteins Scot & Becky Hammann, Barron By Michelle Heeg, WHA Intern

Clockwise from top - Becky, Scot, Brody, Summer & Brooke Hammann


arming is just in some people’s blood. This holds true with the Hammann family - a third generation farming family that grew up in the industry. Scot and Becky Hammann reside in Barron, Wis., with their three children, Brooke (9), Summer (5), and Brody (3), with another on the way in August. Becky and Scot always knew that they wanted to farm. Becky grew up on Emerald Acres farm in DePere, Wis. Scot grew up on the farm in Barron, which they currently rent from his mother. They intend to eventually buy the farm through a rent-to-own plan they have in place. Scot and Becky met at Lakeshore Technical College where the two attended school. Following graduation in 2001, they brought their cows to the farm. At the time, they had 40 Holsteins and 12 Jerseys. Since then they have grown to 45 Registered Holsteins and 45 Registered Jerseys, about 100 youngstock and 40 feeders. Scot also helps his mom to raise turkeys for Jenny-O in exchange for the manure to spread on the fields. The Hammanns run about 490 acres of hay, corn wheat and soybeans and grow all of their own feed. The cows are fed a TMR and dry hay separately and, weather permitting, the cattle are out on pasture. When the animals are not on pasture they are housed in a 35-cow freestall barn with mattresses. The cows are milked two times a day. Their barn holds 64 animals and they switch once to fit the additional animals. The Emerald-Acr-VR bred heifers and dry cows are 10–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2011

housed together and receive a hay and corn silage diet. Calves are fed milk replacer twice a day until they are three months of age, at which time they are weaned. They are also fed a 22% starter to attain growthy heifers that will produce well in the future. The show calves are separated at this point and put on a special show diet. The herd has a rolling herd average of 18,168 pounds on 93 cows with a 4.6% 836 pounds of fat and 3.4% 618 pounds of protein. Some of the bulls that they are currently using are Braxton, Fever, Windbrook and Atwood. Scot and Becky look for the best match for each animal in the herd and use young sires as well as proven bulls. They are not strong believers in genomics and instead breed mostly for type and milk. This allows them to have growthy cows that can pay the bills. They are looking for solid milk cows that will last for years in their herd and they achieve this through their breeding philosophy. Scot and Becky are very involved in the industry on the local and county levels. Scot is Vice President of the Barron County Holstein Association and Becky is the Young Farmer chair for the Farm Bureau. Both are also active members of their local FFA alumni. The Hammann family really enjoys showing and participates in shows whenever they can. They attend the Northern WI State Fair, District Show and State Show. Some of the larger shows that they have attended include World Dairy Expo and the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Kentucky. Scot is the fitter of the family and has the animals looking their best for all the shows. The Hammanns have had some success in the showring with the Holsteins, particularly with Emerald-Acr-VR DunFancy who was the first Fall Yearling and Junior Champion at the Midwest National Spring Show, District 1 Show and the Northern WI State Fair in 2007. This followed a great year as a Fall Calf, when she was Reserve All-Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Championship Show, first and Reserve Junior Champion at the Midwest Fall National Show and second Fall Calf at NAILE in Louisville, KY. From the Jersey herd, Triple-H Giller Cookie was DunFancy EX-90 sold to Jordan and Whittney

Ebert, Algoma, and was Nominated AllAmerican as a yearling. Fancy was one of this herd’s most influential animals and continues to make an impact after she has passed. Although she died in 2010, she has the most milking daughters in the herd with four Advent daughters, a VG-88 Goldwyn, a Stormatic, and an Advent at Emerald Acres. All of the daughters are stylish and Scot and Becky are looking forward to classifying the group in August. Fancy was classified EX-90 and had a two year old record of 24,274M 4.1 996F 3.2 764P in 305 days. Sired by Dundee, Fancy’s dam was an EX-90 2E Leif with 38,000M 3.1 1171F 2.8 1082P at 5-09 and 155,350M 4725F and 4635P lifetime production. An influential purchase for the Hammanns came with the addition of Budjon-JK Best Emulsion as a fall calf. They had been interested in getting an animal from the Elegance family and this was their opportunity. Scot and Becky own Emulsion in a partnership with Brad Wilson. A Hidden-View Best daughter, Emulsion’s dam is Budjon-JK Lee Emotion-ET VG-86 GMD DOM, then Elegance herself. Emulsion produced 33,310M 4.8 1587F 3.1 1023P at 2-02 and scored VG-89 last fall. They are hoping for great things from her as well as her daughters. Currently there are two daughters from Emulsion in the herd. One is a Dundee who is due to calve this fall and the other is a Very Good Pronto who has an Asteroid summer yearling. A favorite for the shows, EmeraldAcr-Vr Drhm Claret, took 2nd place Junior 2-Year-Old at the 2009 District 1

Budjon-JK Best Emulsion VG-89

Emerald-Acr-VR Drhm Claret EX-90

Show. She also placed third in her class at the District 1 show the following year. Claret is from a VG-86 Outside then Indianhead Whisper Claire EX-90 GMD. Claret is scored EX-90 and is looking good for the upcoming show season. Another cow that has had a huge impact on their herd was Crisdhome Rubens Beth EX-90, a cow that lit the fire in Scot to have a Registered herd. In three lactations she had a lifetime production of 125,570 pounds milk with 5.0% 6295 pounds fat and 3.6% 4516 pounds protein. Beth is the dam of Scot and Becky’s first homebred Excellent, Triple-HH Advent Brittny-ET, who was scored EX-91 2E and produced 36,150M 4.3 1565F 3.5 1272P at 4-04. Rubens Beth also has two other Very Good daughters and a Very Good Redliner granddaughter. As for the future of this herd and family, Scot and Becky want to continue to raise their family on the farm because they enjoy the cows and it gives them something to be proud of. They feel the farm is a great place to raise a family as it instills responsibility and allows the children to grow up working for what they want. They are looking to maintain the size of their herd and enjoy working to develop that one special cow that makes it all worthwhile.

Triple-HH Advent Brittny-ET EX-91 2E

Only a Few Spots left for 2011-2011 UW Farm & Industry Short Course Apply Now For Second Round of Scholarship Allocations Fewer than 20 spots are still available for the 2011-2012 Farm and Industry Short Course (FISC) at the University of WisconsinMadison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS). Prospective students are strongly encouraged to get their applications in. CALS offers the one- or two-year short course program to high school graduates interested in farming or one of Wisconsin’s many other agricultural industries. The program runs from November to April. Applications are accepted until October 1, but those who want to be considered for the second round of scholarship allocations should apply by July 15, says Short Course director Ted Halbach. Any applicants who submit financial information on their admission application will be considered for scholarships. The application form can be found at The program awarded more than $100,000 for the upcoming academic year during its initial scholarship allocation. Almost threequarters of admitted students qualified for scholarships, with awards averaging just over $1,000. Scholarships are awarded based on an applicant’s academic performance, financial need, leadership and extracurricular activities. Many students also receive scholarships for Short Course from businesses or civic groups in their own communities. The FISC curriculum includes more than 50 courses in the areas

of soils, crops, dairy, meat animals, general livestock, landscaping, agricultural engineering and agricultural economics. Students can earn a one- or two-year certificate requiring 20 or 40 credits, respectively, or they may pursue a specialty certificate in one of seven areas: crop and soil management, dairy farm management, farm mechanics, farm service and supply, landscape industry, meat animals, or pasture-based dairy and livestock. FISC offers a combination of classroom learning and hands-on experience, taught by UW-Madison faculty and staff. Up to 15 credits can be transferred to the CALS’s four-year degree program.

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Corey Geiger Dear Wisconsin Holstein Association members: Wisconsin Holstein has some great events planned this summer. As you learned last month, we have a Town Hall Meeting on Genomics on Thursday, July 21, at 1 p.m., at the Rib River Ballroom located at 3237 State Highway 29, Marathon, Wis. The panel will give breeders the opportunity to learn first-hand from four industry professionals who work extensively with genomics. One week earlier, the Wisconsin Championship Show will be held on July 11 to 12 in Fond du Lac, Wis. It is always a great opportunity to see the state’s best Holsteins. On August 4 and 5, the juniors will converge on the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, Wis., for one of the nation’s largest junior Holstein shows. That Saturday, August 6, the Dairyland Youth Auction will be held in the Coliseum. WHA directors Chad Ryan and myself will head the auction up which raises money for junior programming. The following Saturday, August 13, WHA will host the 25th WHA Futurity at 5 p.m. To round out the month, Scientific Holsteins, owned by Matt and Mandy Nunes, will host the WHA State Picnic on August 27. Earlier in the morning, the WHA’s Young Adult Committee will host the WHA Golf Tournament at the Ojibwa Golf Course, Chippewa Falls. It will begin at 8 a.m. Like our bowling tournament at the state convention a few years back, players will be randomly assigned to teams. The golf outing will be a best-ball format. We hope you can make it to some of these great WHA-sponsored events. With all the upcoming activities, this is a good time to bring up sportsmanship. While I have experienced some incredible displays of sportsmanship by both junior and adult members this past year, I have also witnessed some poor displays, in many cases by adults. I am as competitive as anyone; just ask my family and close friends. However, we should never allow competition to get in the way of learning experiences and being friendly with others. Events don’t always go as planned. That’s life. Adults should go out of their way to show good examples to our youth, especially at WHA events. Young people have watchful eyes and ears, and they emulate actions of those they look up to. By now, many members have read WHA’s job posting for the Member Services Manager position. We are accepting applications through July 15, and there is an announcement in this issue. If you know of a potential applicant, please encourage them to apply. Since late February, the board and staff conducted a thorough assessment of WHA’s labor needs. We updated all job descriptions, documented events, interviewed all employees, and we are now in the process of creating a WHA events manual for the entire year. At the conclusion of the three-month review, the WHA board felt it was very important to open up this position and passed the measure on a unanimous vote. It is our goal to have someone hired by October 1. The Wisconsin Holstein Association has many great awards that are given out during the year. One of the top awards is the Younger Distinguished Breeder Award which was presented for the first time in 1978. In many cases, previous award winners were encouraged to apply for the award by peers in their home county or another Holstein breeder. With all the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world, many of us don’t take time to encourage or nominate others for awards. I am asking you to take a moment to think about young Holstein breeders in your area. Surely there is a young breeder in your county who should apply for the award. Call the office at (800) 2234269 for an application. In addition to being recognized at the WHA Convention, state winners receive a $500 cash award. Lastly, it was my pleasure to speak at the Dodge County Holstein Day on the Farm hosted by the Hildebrandt Family last month. If your county association is having an event and would like me, another board member, or a WHA staff member to speak at your meeting, call the office at (800) 223-4269; turn to page 4 and call a board member in your area, or call my cell at (920) 650-0294. We would be glad to speak at your event. In dairy we trust, Your President, Corey Geiger 12–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2011

By Sarah Trapp, Holstein USA Regional Field Rep Genomic testing can be a good management tool for Holstein breeders and the new pricing makes testing affordable. The test take a sample of an animal’s DNA and analyzes it to indicate which genes are actually present. Genomic information gives an increase in reliability over traditional parent averages. The test results can be used for many practical applications, like assisting in making breeding decisions in your herd. There are now three options for tests, the 3K tests, the 50K test and the 800K test. The name of the test refers to the number of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) examined. The more SNPs examined, the more reliability that will be gained with the test. Here is a breakdown of the tests: 3K Genomic Test - $43 An economical way to test groups of animals in the herd to identify genetically superior animals 50K Genomic Test - $125 Use this test when you have an animal that is superior and want to increase her reliability 800K Genomic Test - $250 Use on the most elite animals in the Holstein breed Results of genomic testing usually takes about four weeks, however the information will not appear on the pedigree until after the next Genetic Update. You must get your sample to the laboratory by the first of the month to expect get results the following month between the 5th and the 10th. If you have questions on ordering genomic testing check out the website at or give Chris, Dennis or me a call.

Sarah Trapp Northern Wisconsin & UP Michigan

Welcome to These New Members Adult members: Neal Burken, Galesville Herman Hoffman, Conroe, TX Terry Mitchell, New Richmond Deric Wolf, Menomonie James Gilgenbach, Menomonie Austin McCulley, Reedsville Clayton Walsh, Lyndon Station Daniel Walsh, Lyndon Station hristopher Smith, Juda Andy Herr, Newton William McCluskey, Glenwood City Rodney Cooke, Eau Claire Kelsey Fink, Mt. Horeb Junior members: Sarah Burken, Galesville Emma Buss, Platteville Hunter Guy, Sparta Zachary Schindler, Bloomer Weston Patnode, Arkansaw Victoria Christoph, Luxemburg Drew Christoph, Luxemburg Mya DiGangi, Jackson Carter Steger, Prairie du Chien Solveig Argo, Wisconsin Dells Abby Walters, Wausau

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The Vernon County Holstein Breeders invite you to the...

Vernon County Twilight Meeting Friday, August 12, 2011 Meal & Judging at 7:30 p.m. ~ Program & door prizes at 8:30 p.m. Guest speaker: Dan Cnossen

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FRO-HOCK FARM Gerald Schumacher & Family E3870 Old 82 Ave., De Soto, WI 54624 Directions to the farm: From Viroqua - take Hwy. 14 south 2 miles, turn right on Hwy. 27 & go south 8 miles, turn right on Hwy. 82 to West Prairie, continue through West Prairie 2 miles to farm on the right. From De Soto - 9 miles west of De Soto on Hwy. 82 to farm on the left.

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Heeg Named WHA Intern The Wisconsin Holstein Association has named Michelle Heeg their Public Relations Intern. Michelle is the 22 year old daughter of Scott and Linda Heeg. She has a 17 year old brother, Eric, who plans to take over the family farm. Michelle grew up on a sixty cow dairy farm just outside of Marshfield. Michelle has always had a passion for dairy, especially for the Holstein breed. She competed in dairy bowl and dairy judging for ten years. Showing was always a part of her life. She showed many years at the Central Wisconsin State Fair and Wisconsin State Fair. Michelle has

always believed in giving back and was more than willing to teach others in her 4-H or FFA anything they wanted to know about showing and fitting. Michelle was also active in the Wood County Junior Holstein Association. Michelle attends the University of Wisconsin- River Falls with a major in Agricultural Education and a minor in Dairy Science. This coming fall she will be student teaching in Neillsville and will graduate in December. From there, she plans to pursue a career in 4-H Extension, dairy public Relations or teaching. While working for the Wisconsin Holstein Association this summer, Michelle duties will include attending the District Shows and organizing the 25th Holstein Futurity. She looks forward to working with WHA members this summer!

SALE REPORTS Ladinodale Dispersal - May 25

KishHolm Summer Sensation Sale - June 11

Dennis & Nichole Gunst and their family from Theresa, Wis., dispersed their Ladinodale herd at the Great Northern Sales Arena on May 25, 2011. Dennis is the fifth generation involved in the development of Ladinodale Farm and the breeding of Registered Holsteins which began in 1944. Carefully planned matings by Dennis have resulted in more than a dozen Red & White Ladinodale bulls entering A.I. and a herd with cows like Ladinodale Advent Amy2Red, a recent ninth generation Excellent, and Ladinodale AmandaRed-ET, the #1 GTPI Red Cow of the breed. The red and white emphasis in the herd traced to the sixth generation Excellent matriarch, Dreamstreet Enhancer Alicia EX-3E94 GMD DOM, who had tremendous impact. The Alicia family accounted for nearly 40 of the 100 lots selling for an average of $3036. As one would expect, it was the herd’s genomic giants that created quite a buzz of excitement and interest. When the gavel came down the price for the #1 GTPI Red cow of the breed was $57,000. Ladinodale Amanda-Red-ET GP-84 VG-MS GTPI +2005 sold to The Amanda Partners, Mount Horeb, WI. This Lawn Boy two year old sold with a contract from Accelerated Genetics and additional contract interest. Her VG-86 27,710 4.8 1324 3.4 948 Paradox dam has several sons in A.I. including the former #1 GTPI Red Sire, Ladinodale Aaron-Red-ET GTPI +1973, who is a full brother to Amanda. The second dam by Rudolph is EX-91 3E DOM with 36,010 4.1 1839 3.4 1231, has six sons in A.I. and completes 7 generations Excellent. Lot 1A was Amanda’s red Destry daughter born March, 2011 with GTPI +2308. Ladinodale Aretha-Red-TW sold to Genetic Elite Group, Buenos Aires, Argentina for $36,000. The black and white twin, Ladinodale Destry Angie-TW *RC *PO GTPI +2013, sold to Sexing Technologies, Navasota, TX for $7,200. It was the new ninth generation Excellent from the Alicia family that claimed $6200 on the bid from Zernickes Landstad Dairy, Bonduel, WI. Ladinodale Advent Amy2-Red EX-90 sold fresh in March and milking 118 lbs. 4.1%f on last test. Her EX-91 2E Talent dam, Ladinodale Talnt Amy-Red-ET with 25,540 4.5 1148 3.3 848 sold to Ed Peck, Madison, WI for $5,400. A black and white favorite at Ladinodale was the beautiful uddered Goldwyn, Ladinodale Goldwyn Peanut VG-88 EX-MS. This 3 year old sold bred to Braxton, making over 23,000M and backed by a VG-86 24,270M Stormatic that looks to pick up some points, then 8 generations Excellent. Don & Liz Mayer, the breeders of Peanut’s dam, placed the final bid of $5,700 to add Peanut to the Mayerlane herd at Bloomer, WI. Peanut’s October, 2010 Super with a GTPI +2149 commanded $5,400 from Sexing Technologies. Another herd favorite, Ladinodale Durham Alexis VG-85 with 24,940 4.1 1024 3.6 894 at 3-04 sold fresh and milking 119 lbs. Alexis certainly needs to see the classifier and is sure to pick up several points! This Alicia family member was the selection of Emerald Acres, DePere, WI for $5,000. Great Northern Land & Cattle Co., Inc. managed the sale with Tom Morris yielding the gavel and Kevin Jorgensen providing the pedigree commentary. Rick Bovre, Darrell Worden, Bob Sabo, Chad Ryan and Jay Jauquet fielded bids from the nice crowd that filled the Sales Arena on a cold, rainy spring day.

Ken and Ashley Kishman, hosted the KishHolm Summer Sensation Sale, a partial herd dispersal and consignment sale, on Saturday, June 11, at their farm near Lone Rock, WI. The sale was managed by Kranzdale Sales, with Norm Nabholz reading pedigrees and Bill Stade handling auctioneering duties. At the end of the sale, 27 consignments averaged $2526 and the 41 KishHolm animals averaged $3317. High seller of the day was Lot 20, KishHolm Chasity, a 2-yearold Dundee that just scored VG-88 87-MS the day before. From three EX dams, Chasity was fresh at the end of March and sold to Justin Langer of DeForest, WI, for $11,000. The KishHolm “C” family were the headliners of the catalog and proved to be the sale highlights as well. Second high seller was Lot 1 - Debello-Hills Baby Chanae, EX-94, by Gibson. She sold for $10,000 to Herman Hoffman of Conroe, TX. Selling for $7400 was Baby Chanae’s EX-93 Linjet maternal sister. She sold to Troy Zoellner, Groton, SD. Rounding out the high sellers from the family was Lot 5, an EX-90 Durham that is ready for the summer shows. She sold for $8,600 to Brodie Bunkelman of Edgar, WI. High seller of the outside consignments was Lot 48, consigned by Dale Kranz, Columbus, WI. This VG-86 Rustler-Red daughter from the Blackrose family sold for $5,200 to Dan Bliefernicht of DeForest, WI. Selling for $4,900 was Lot 33, an EX-90 September Storm from GBM Val Blackstar Jean-ET, EX-94. Consigned by Wubbenhorst and Knutson, Westby, she sold to Delvyn Martin, Sparta, WI.

14–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2011

KishHolm Summer Sensation high seller, KishHolm Chasity, pictured with (left to right) sale manager Dale Kranz, new owner Justin Langer, Lexi Thompson and sale hosts, Ken, Grant, Ashley (holding Gavin) and Lauren Kishman.

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Board Member Profile: Marci Walker Family members: Marci and her husband, John, along with their children, Alli and Brett, help in the day to day operations of Walk-Era Farms. The farm is owned and operated with John’s parents, his brothers, and their families. They milk approximately 100 cows, market 25 head annually, and crop 850 acres. Since their beginning, they have bred 72 Excellent cows, six AllWisconsin and Reserve All-Wisconsin winners, three All-American Nominations, and one Junior All-American nomination. Future Plans: Walk-Era Farms plans on maintaining their current herd size, while continuing to improve their genetics. Bulls being used: Sanchez, Atwood, Damion, Braxton and Fever Hobbies & Interests: Marci puts her green thumb to work at home in her vegetable and flower gardens, while also enjoying time making “Marcelina’s Salsa.” She can often be found in the bleachers cheering on her children in baseball, softball, basketball, teaching Adult Sunday School or chairing Pastor Parish Relations at Trinity United Parish. Marci has enjoyed working together with Teresa Field and Sandy Madland since January to form the District 5 Junior Holstein Association. Why did you join the WHA Board? Marci joined the WHA Board because she felt it was a great way to stay planted in her roots and an opportunity to give back to an organization that has given so much to her for her career in agriculture, both as an older youth and as an intern. Goals during your WHA Board Term: She believes it is important to continue improving our electronic communications and marketing as an association that is growing through our young adult membership participation. Greatest Accomplishment: Thinking back to her years as a Junior member, Marci recalls her fondest memory growing up on a grade farm and breeding MP Horton Fancy, who went on to be recognized as a Reserve All-Wisconsin, and eventually an AllWisconsin. During this time, she also had the opportunity to serve as the WHA intern and met her husband while showing Fancy. More recently, her greatest accomplishment has been being a part of caring for and developing Walk-Era Dundee Oreo, who was recognized as Junior Champion of the Wisconsin State Championship Show, 4th Spring Yearling at the International Holstein Show, and nominated All-American in 2009. She says that while she loves caring for show heifers, ultimately her greatest memories and accomplishments are from the friendships and camaraderie that have developed over the years.

NMPF to Host Summer Foundation for the Future Meetings Arlington, Va.: The National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) today announced its Summer Grassroots Tour: 12 meetings in July and August that will bring together dairy producers and other key industry representatives to discuss the dairy policy reform programs proposed in NMPF’s Foundation for the Future. The meetings are slated to take place throughout the United States between July 12 and August 22. Each three-hour meeting will feature an in-depth presentation, and question and answer session led by NMPF’s Kozak, along with other staff. Midwest meeting locations include: Alexandria, Minn., Holiday Inn – July 20 Dubuque, Iowa, Grand River Center – July 21 Lansing, Mich., Ramada Lansing Hotel & Conf. Center – July 26 Green Bay, Wis., Comfort Suites – July 27 Stevens Point, Wis., Ramada Hotel – July 28 Dairy producers, milk processors, and other key industry stakeholders are encouraged to attend. Visit, email, or call NMPF at (703) 243-6111 for additional meeting and registration information. There are no fees to attend; however, space is limited, so register early. Foundation for the Future Website Updates NMPF recently updated the Foundation for the Future website to accommodate details about the Summer Grassroots Tour, and enhance visitors’ exploration of FFTF dairy policy reform programs. Updates at include improved accessibility of individual Foundation for the Future reform program details, the addition of producer testimonials, and the option to sign up as an official Foundation for the Future supporter. The website also offers dairy producers and industry stakeholders interactive tools and resources, including a margin protection calculator that helps producers determine an appropriate coverage level for supplemental margin insurance under Foundation for the Future’s Dairy Producer Margin Protection Program. Producers can input their annual milk production and select the percentage of base milk production the program will cover - along with any optional additional coverage - to generate scenarios of how the Dairy Producer Margin Protection Program will benefit their individual operations. In addition, features a news and resources section with the latest dairy policy articles and downloadable materials about Foundation for the Future, including frequently asked questions. “The website plays a crucial role in providing dairy producers and other important industry representatives the information they need to understand Foundation for the Future,” Kozak explains. The mission of Foundation for the Future, as envisioned by NMPF, is to provide the dairy industry with policy programs that dramatically improve the historical approach embodied by current programs, and foster a more economically viable and secure future for dairy producers, milk processors, and other industry stakeholders.

Upcoming Issues September Show Results, District 5 Ads due August 10

October John, Marci, Alli & Brett Walker

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Our-Favorite Pearl Rae-ET *RC Born: 9/2/2010 Sire: La Presentation Picolo-Red-ET PTPI +1711 PTA +2.49T +1.65UDC +2.62FLC

Her Dam:

Scientific Gold Dish Rae-ET VG-88 EX-MS DOM *RC *TV *TL GTPI +2024 2-05 3x 365 35,310 4.1 1427 3.4 1187

2nd Dam:

Scientific Debutante Rae-ET EX-92 EX-MS GMD DOM *RC *CV 2-02 2x 365 32,930 4.4 1440 3.2 1070 All-American 4 Year Old 2005 1st 4 Year Old & Reserve Grand Champion, World Dairy Expo 2005 H.M. All-American Junior 3 Year Old 2004 1st Junior 3 Year Old & Res. Grand Champion, Midwest National Spring Show 2004 3rd Dam: Scientific Jubilant Rae-ET EX-90 DOM 5-11 3x 365 38,880 4.1 1608 3.4 1329 4th Dam: C Hanoverhill Tony Rae EX-96 3E GMD DOM 6-11 2x 365 40,220 4.1 1661 3.3 1331 Next Dams: EX-94 2E GMD DOM, EX-90 GMD DOM, EX-97 4E GMD Roxy

We are excited to own this special Picolo heifer from Dish Rae and the outstanding Debutante Rae family. She will be flushed this fall - your inquiries are welcome!

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W2047 Hilbert Rd., Hilbert, WI 54129 Gene Drought ~ 262-210-1344 Bruce Scholz ~ 920-483-0852 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August, 2011-17


Debutante Rae: A Bright Future at Scientific Holsteins By Amy Ryan

Scientific Debutante Rae *RC CV EX-92 DOM Although 2004 and 2005 were very exciting and rewarding for the Nunes family in the show ring, that is only the very beginning of the Debutante story for them. They flushed Debutante Rae numerous times and because they believed the value was going to be in her calves, rather than in selling embryos, all of her calves were born on their farm. This option allowed them to choose which daughters to keep and which to sell. Debutante Rae’s legacy is living on though her many ike many great Holstein stories, the Debutante Rae legacy at progeny, both female and male. Her red carrier status has allowed the Scientific Holsteins began with a dream – to establish a high type, Nunes family to develop some of the top black and white and red and good quality herd of Registered Holsteins as a foundation for the white genetics. According to a recent progeny report, she has 56 future. Matt & Mandy Nunes felt the best way to build this foundation direct offspring with 37 females. More specifically, the 34 daughters was investing in some strong brood cow families, one of these being classified averaged 86.8 points and a number of them are red or red the Roxys. carriers. On the bull side, she has two red and five red carrier sons This was a cow family that Matt fell in love with at a young age. For in A.I. this reason, he purchased Hanoverhill Tony Rae as a yearling when he Today, Debutante Rae has over 130 female descendants that worked the Hanover Hill Sale in 1987. This was a solid investment for reside at Scientific Holsteins, including 24 daughters and 106 grandthe Nunes’ as she developed into an EX-96 GMD DOM with eight daughters and great granddaughters. In total, that equates to about Excellent daughters and twelve Very Good daughters. 51 percent of the herd that traces back to Debutante Rae. The most well known Tony Rae daughter at Scientific Holsteins Of the sires used on Debutante Rae, Matt feels that her most well was Scientific Jubilant Rae-ET *RC EX-90 DOM, a Jubilant rounded daughters are by Roy, September Storm, Shottle and daughter who followed in her mother’s footsteps with eight Excellent Goldwyn. Scientific September Storm Destiny-ET *TV EX-91 and daughters. While embryos were exported from the Jubilant Rae, the Scientific Roy Delicate-ET *CV *RC EX-91 were two of the first Nunes also retained some for themselves including embryos by daughters of Debutante Rae. Along with being some of the first and Durham, which resulted in Scientific Debutante Rae-ET *RC EX-92. highest scored daughters of Debutante Rae, these two cows have This outstanding Durham daughter has truly established herself become Nunes family favorites as they continue to develop into great as brood cow extraordinaire in the Registered Holstein breed. While cows over time. she was always a herd favorite for Matt and Mandy and their four Destiny finished her second lactation 365 day-record at 4-04 with daughters, Katrina, Alexa, Julia and Geneva, she really began to 40,190M,4.6% 1860F 3.3% 1314P. She currently has daughters by generate attention in 2004 when she was first Junior 3-Year-Old, Drake, Goldwyn, Sanchez & Shottle and sons by Lou at Semex and Intermediate & Reserve Grand Champion and Champion Bred and Damion at Select Sires. One of her Drake daughters, Scientific Demi Owned at the Midwest National Spring Show. Rae-ET, is classified EX-92 with an EX-94 mammary, while the other She went on to be the All-Wisconsin Junior 3-Year-Old, Reserve Drake daughter is VG-85. Intermediate Champion and Champion Bred and Owned at the As Debutante Rae’s daughter by Roy, Delicate also offers a great Wisconsin Championship Show that combination of type and components summer. These winnings earned her with a completed record at 4-03 in 365 High Honorable Mention All-Ameridays of 38,640M 4.5% 1741F and can honors. 3.5% 1320P. Delicate was also flushed Then in 2005, Debutante Rae and has daughters by Laurin, became a household name. At the Goldwyn, Advent, Mac, Sanchez, Wisconsin Championship Show, she MD-Gold Chris & Shottle. Her eldest was All-Wisconsin 4-Year-Old, Reserve daughter by Laurin is classified VG-87 Grand Champion and Champion Bred as a two-year-old. and Owned. Later that year, she The use of Shottle and Goldwyn earned her status as one of the elite on Debutante Rae has produced some show cows in the industry by being the outstanding progeny with high genetic first 4-Year-Old, Reserve Senior and demand around the world. According Reserve Grand Champion of the to Matt, these matings could produce International Holstein Show. She was Debutante Rae’s best daughters yet. named All-American 4-Year-Old that The first of these daughters is year. Scientific Darling Rae-ETS *RC *TV Scientific SS Destiny-ET *TV EX-91 18–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2011


Scientific Gold Demi Rae-ET *RC *CV EX-90, respectively. VG-86, a cow that Alexa has the privilege to own. Other Goldwyns daughters sold include Scientific Gold Dew RaeWhile Matt and Mandy have not specifically transferred cattle into their daughters’ names, they have transferred embryos from their ET *RC *CV VG-88 and Scientific Gold Dana Rae *TV VG-88. best cows into the girls’ animals and the resulting calves belong to the Additionally, they have sold Scientific Daquiri Rae-ET *RC *TV girls. Alexa’s cow ended up with the Shottle embryo that produced VG-88 (Talent), Scientific Diva Rae-Red-ET *TV VG-86 (Talent), Scientific Dharma Rae-ET VG-87 *TV (Talent), Scientific Disco RaeDarling Rae, and thus, this became her heifer. The only CVM-negative red carrier Shottle daughter of Debutante Red-ET *CV VG-85 (Advent) and Scientific Deluxe Rae-ET *TV Rae, Darling Rae currently holds the top spot on the April 2011 VG-87 (Shottle). All of these daughters are doing well for their new Holstein Association USA Top Red and Red Carrier Cows List with a owners. GTPI of +2129G. She is also the highest NM$ Cow on that list at Debutante Rae’s sons are as equally impressive as her daughters. +527. Darling Rae calved at 2-04 and has a current record of 26,934M She currently has seven sons in A.I., with two proven sons by Septem5.0% 1336F 3.7% 989P in 364 days. ber Storm, Scientific SS Dusk-ET *RC Due to overwhelming global demand, and Scientific SS Deuce-ET *RC both Darling Rae does not have many available from Select Sires. Dusk is curoffspring here in the U.S. Almost every rently the number seven sire for Type at embryo that Darling Rae makes is +3.13PTAT and number one sire for exported. She has been flushed to Colt-P, Foot and Leg Composite at +3.65FLC in Lauthority, Atwood and Jordan and is still the Holstein breed here in the U.S. An SS currently on the flush program at Deuce daughter, Miss Deuce Rose Marie, Scientific Holsteins. She does, however, was just named 1st Senior 3-Year-Old have a red carrier Mac, a Sanchez and an and Intermediate Champion at the 2011 Atwood daughter at Scientific Holsteins, District 1 Holstein Show. and she had a Reality-Red daughter, Scientific Destry-ET *RC, DebuAlexas Realt Darling-Red-ET that topped tante’s Goldwyn son at ABS, is a high the Kingsmill Complete Dispersal this type and genomic sire at GTPI +2248G past May at $34,000. and +3.11 PTAT following the April 2011 proof release. Other sons in A.I. Another Shottle daughter with great Scientific Roy Delicate-ET *CV RC EX-91 include: Scientific Debonair-Red-ET potential is Scientific Darla Rae-ET *TR (Talent *RC), Scientific Demello-ET *CV VG-88 EX-MS. At +4.33T, Darla *RC (Shottle) and Scientific DirectorRae holds the number 2 spot on the Red-ET (Advent-Red), all at Select Sires. April 2011 Holstein Association USA Since such a large percentage of Top 100 PTAT Cows. At 2-02, she had a their herd descends from Debutante 365-day record of 24,100M 4.0% 973F Rae, the Nunes family has limited use of 3.5% 853P. Her April 2011 GTPI is the above mentioned sires. However, +2154G. there are milking six Deuce daughters, Darla Rae has been flushed a couple two of which are Excellent, two Dusk of times resulting in daughters by daughters and a few Destry, Debonair Million, Mac and Sanchez. She also has and Director daughters. two Fever pregnancies due later this year. According to Matt, Debutante Rae She is currently serviced with intentions has transmitted many qualities and like to calve back next spring. a good brood cow, truly lives on through Matt’s favorite daughter is Scientific her offspring. Specifically, she transmitGold Dior Rae-ET *RC *CV, a VG-89 ted power and frame, high components Goldwyn daughter that is number 4 on Scientific Darling Rae-ETS *RC TV VG-86 and overall workability to her progeny. the April 2011 Top Red and Red Her ability to transmit these qualities has Carrier Cow list and is also on the further reinforced the transmitting ability Holstein Association USA Top 200 of the Roxy family. GTPI Cows List at GTPI +2092G. Like her Shottle sister Darla Rae, she claimed This transmitting ability, coupled a spot on the April 2011 Top 100 PTAT with her show record, her globally Cows coming in at number 19 with respected sire Durham, her family’s deep +3.76T. components, her red factor and the recent Dior Rae calved at 2-02 and had a genomic results on her red factored 365-day record of 31,895M 4.7% 1484F offspring have really skyrocketed her 3.7% 1170P. While she is just fresh with family’s marketing appeal. So much in her second calf, she already has 25 fact, that Debutante Rae was recognized daughters by Mac, Shottle, Sanchez and as the Holstein International 2010 Global Braxton. The Nunes family has also Red Impact Cow of the Year, another shown Dior Rae and at the 2010 District tremendous honor for the Nunes family. 1 Holstein Show, she was first Junior In conclusion, Matt says that for 3-Year-Old and took home Intermediate their family, while all of honors have Scientific Gold Dior Rae-ET *RC CV VG-89 Champion honors. been very rewarding, the best part of Dior Rae has two sons, a red carrier Shottle son named Scientific working with Debutante Rae has really been the camaraderie with Shot-in-the-Dark-ET*RC at Select Sires and a January 2011 Braxton other Holstein breeders that she has brought them. They especially son. This Braxton son is also a red carrier that genomic tested PTA enjoy living here in Wisconsin as it offers a great place to raise their +1101M +4.73T which puts him near the top of the PTAT list. He family on a small farm along with a good Registered Holstein will be going to Select Sires. infrastructure that is always challenging them to do better. They are As mentioned earlier, all of Debutante Rae’s daughters were born very grateful to have this cow family, enjoy hearing about the success at Scientific Holsteins. However, the Nunes family has sold some of of family members owned by others and look forward to developing her prominent daughters as well. Those daughters include the their future herd under the Debutante influence. number 6 and 7 cows on the April 2011 Top Red and Red Carrier Cows List, Scientific Gold Dish Rae-ET *RC *TV *TL VG-88 and wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August, 2011-19

Saturday, August 27, 2011 • 11:00 a.m. Schedule for the Day: 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. 12:00 noon - 1:30 p.m. 1:30 p.m.

Open Barn, Games for all ages Judging Contest Lunch Judging Contest Reasons and Awards Chippewa Co. Juniors Fundraiser Auction: Embryos, semen, misc. items

Along with daughters and granddaughters of Debutante, we will have milking daughters of SS Deuce and Debonair as well as heifers by Destry and Dusk on display. Location: 11838 120th Avenue, Chippewa Falls, WI. Directions: 5 miles north of Chippewa Falls on Hwy 53. Take Tilden exit, #102. East to County Q and then north on County Q one mile. Turn right on 118th Ave. Left at the “T” onto 118th Street. Right on 120th Ave. to farm. Barron

53 Exit 102

Bloomer H Scientific Holsteins Chippewa Falls

to Minneapolis

29 Eau Claire

Katrina, Alexa, Matt, Mandy, Julia & Geneva 94

For Lodging and other area info:

to Madison

Scientific Holsteins Matt & Mandy Nunes and family 11838 120th Avenue, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin 54729 • (715) 288-5838 email: •

20–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2011

Sire: Goldwyn

Han Hopman

Scientific DEBUTANTE RAE-ET Scientific Gold Dior Rae-ET *RC CV VG-89 EX-MS 4/11 GTPI +2092 2-02 2x 365 31,895 4.7 1484 3.7 1170 Breed’s #4 GTPI Red Carrier ~ 1st Junior 3 Year Old & Interm. Champion, District 1 2010 Sire: Advent

Scientific Deco Rae-Red-ET *CV EX-90 2-02 2x 365 29,891 4.1 1224 3.4 1031 3-07 2x 225 21,288 4.3 908 3.3 707 inc. Sire: Shottle

EX-92 EEEEE DOM *RC CV 2-02 2x 365 32,930 4.4 1440 3.4 1132 7th Generation EX Roxy (sired by Durham) All-American 4 Year Old 2005

Sire: Shottle

Sire: Shottle

Scientific Darla Rae-ET *TR CV

Scientific Darling Rae-ET *RC TV

VG-88 EX-MS 4/11 GTPI +2154 2-02 2x 365 24,100 4.0 973 3.5 853 Breed’s #2 PTAT Cow at +4.33T

VG-86 4/11 GTPI +2129 2-04 2x 364 26,934 5.0 1336 3.7 989 inc. Breed’s #1 GTPI Red Carrier

Sire: Durham

Sire: Drake

Scientific Blessing Rae-ET *TR TV

Scientific Lipstick Rae-ET EX-92

VG-87 4/11 GTPI +2027 1-11 2x 365 27,510 3.6 1003 3.4 925

3-00 2x 365 34,424 3.7 1312 3.4 1211 ~ Grand Champion, District 1 Show 2011 Dam: Scientific Chantilly Lace-ET VG-89, sister to Debutante Rae

Scientific Demi Rae-ET EX-92 EX-94MS 2-06 2x 365 28,307 4.5 1274 3.5 983 3-10 2x 230 23,696 3.8 902 3.2 754 inc. Dam: Scientific SS Destiny-ET EX-91 2nd Dam: Debutante

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August, 2011-21

Silent Auction to benefit Chippewa County Juniors Saturday, August 27 WHA State Picnic at Scientific Holsteins, Chippewa Falls

Annual Supporters of Wisconsin Holstein

Rural Mutual Insurance Company

Brian Greenman, 920-322-1194

The Chippewa County Junior Holstein Association, in conjunction with the WHA Picnic on August 27, will be holding a silent auction with a large variety of items including embryos from local Holstein breeders and homemade cookies. The proceeds will go towards junior activites throughout the year and for the kids attending State Fair. For more information, please contact: Bill Buescher, Junior Advisor 715-382-5497 or 715-382-4147 (farm) e-mail: Contact us if you’d like a list of items selling when it becomes available.

The companies noted here are “Annual Supporters” of Wisconsin Holstein events. To be an annual supporter, these companies make monetary and/or in kind donations to various WHA events at certain dollar levels for the year. To join this group, contact WHA today at 1-800-223-4269.

An Exciting Addition at Gold-N-Oaks Our piece of the Debutante Family:

Scientific Sh Donia Rae-ET born 8/9/2009 Shottle x Gold Dior Rae

GTPI +2141 PTA +870M +53F +33P +484 NM$ +3.41 PTAT ~ 5 Bookem Pregnancies ~ Due in August to Dover Her Dam:

Scientific Gold Dior Rae-ET VG-89 EX-MS at 3-04 *RC *CV GTPI +2072 PTA +192M +48F +21P +404NM$ +3.70PL +3.76T 2-02 2x 365 31,900 4.7 1484 3.5 1112 • Full sister to Destry & Gold Dish Rae Dam: Scientific Debutante Rae-ET *RC CV EX-92 GMD DOM 2-02 2x 365 32,930 4.4 1440 3.2 1070 Next Dams: EX-90 DOM, EX-96 3E GMD DOM, EX-94 2E GMD DOM, EX-90 GMD DOM, EX-97 4E GMD Roxy

John & Judy Swenson • John & Jared 3211 Co. Trk. F, Barneveld, WI 53507 • (608) 516-3882 RHA: 25,378M 1014F 785P • BAA: 106.1% on 314 cows 12 Year PBR Award Herd 22–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2011


Debutante Rae: Unmatched Marketing Potential By Amy Ryan

most recently, she claimed the #7 spot on the Top Red and Red Carrier Cows list at GTPI +2015G. Demi Rae has made 64 eggs in four flushes and every saleable embryo has been sold. There are also pregnancies from each flush with contract commitments for potential males. Traffic flow at Speek-NJ has tripled since the addition of Deluxe and Demi Rae, with particular interest from Europe and Canada. According to Neil, these cows have given everything back, while exceeding their expectations. Deluxe and Demi Rae have become ike many descendents of C Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97, some of the matriarchs in this herd and a solid foundation to build Scientific Debutante Rae-ET *RC EX-92 is truly leaving her upon. mark on the industry as a marketing powerhouse. In fact, some Todd Stanek of Our-Favorite Holsteins in Fall Creek purchased owners of her offspring feel this branch of the family may possess Scientific Gold Dish Rae *RC *TV in the 2007 “Legends of the the greatest marketing appeal as it transmits the complete package Fall” Sale. This young calf was very intriguing to him as a Roxy in both black and white and red and white and a clean, red carrier Goldwyn from genetics. Debutante. In his eyes, she possessed the All of Debutante Rae’s daughters perfect combination of index, cow family were born at Scientific Holsteins as they and All-American pedigree to have did not export any of her embryos. unlimited marketability. However, Matt and Mandy Nunes were Interest in Dish Rae has always been never shy about sending her best to sales high and she has been on an intensive around the U.S. or to selling them flush program. Through the years, Dish privately. The Nunes family is always Rae has made 184 total embryos, and gratified to hear about animals that are most of those marketable embryos have excelling for their new owners. been sold overseas. This is definitely the case for owners After calving, she scored VG-87, a of Debutante Rae daughters, especially score that held for most of her 2-Year-Old here in Wisconsin. One of those owners is lactation, until she was recently raised to Neil McDonah of Speek-NJ Holsteins in VG-88. She started as the #5 CTPI red Scientific Shottle Deluxe Rae VG-87 Trempealeau, who purchased his first carrier cow, and after some genomic Debutante daughter, Scientific Shottle fluctuations, she now carries a GTPI of Deluxe Rae *TV VG-87 VG-88 MS, in +2024G and occupies the #6 spot on the May 2010. Top Red and Red Carrier Cows list. This *TV Shottle daughter of DebuEven with the GPTI fluctuations, her tante Rae is GTPI +2036G and has been demand was great. Along with embryos, a prolific flush cow for the McDonahs Our-Favorite has sold choices from her, with embryos sold domestically and with the highest daughter bringing exported to Northern Ireland, Australia $26,000 in the 2008 World Classic. Dish and Canada. Also, her first choice by Rae has also garnered attention from A.I. AltaChairman brought $18,000 in the companies, where she currently has seven 2010 International Intrigue Sale. sires in A.I. One Shottle son is near the Deluxe Rae is bred back and due in top of the genomic list in Canada, and December. She has seven heifers and five two Shottle sons and a Mr. Burns*RC son bulls on the farm, with three of those rank in the top 25 on the list of high rankScientific Gold Dish Rae *RC VG-88 bulls committed to contracts. All of her ing red carrier genomic sires. offspring thus far have tested at parent Dish Rae is still being flushed, but will average or higher. Along with flushing her, probably be bred back soon and IVF will Deluxe Rae has undergone in-vitro be used once she is bred. For Stanek, fertilization (IVF) for the last month, and marketing this cow has really been easy. between traditional flushing and IVF, she He credits the world renowned Roxy and has 30 pregnancies due in 2011 and more Debutante names along with the popularto come in 2012. ity of Dish Rae’s full brother, Scientific The McDonahs are so happy with Destry-ET *RC, for this success and looks Deluxe Rae, they invested in another forward to the opportunities her offspring daughter, Scientific Gold Demi Rae-ET offer. *RC *CV, in October 2010. Purchased Scientific Gold Dana Rae-ET *TV directly from Scientific Holsteins, this was purchased by Budjon Farms, Joel Goldwyn daughter has also proven to be Kietzman, Clark Woodmansee and Milk a sound investment. Two weeks after Source Genetics in the 2007 Chosen Few Scientific Gold Dana Rae-ET VG-88 arriving at Speek-NJ, she went EX-90 and Sale. Since her purchase, she has called 24–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2011


Budjon Farms in Lomira home. Tom Cull and his partners always admired the Debutante branch of the Roxy family and chose the *TV non-red carrier as she was a nice, straight lined heifer; one that would fit right in at her new home. This Goldwyn daughter calved two years ago in July and scored VG-88 with EX-MS. The group decided that her marketing potential lied in her live calves and thus, she underwent IVF, resulting in 22 calves. Some of those calves were sold in sales this spring and the remaining were split, with each partner retaining four calves. One daughter sold at the Milk Source Main Event sale for $7,800 and the top selling Dana Rae daughter brought $10,800 in the Crown Jewel sale. At that same time, Budjon Farms, Joel Kietzman and Clark Woodmansee bought out the Milk Source Genetics share of Dana Rae. According to Tom, Dana Rae fits quite nicely into the Budjon marketing plan as a high type full sister to Destry *RC and a Goldwyn with a deep pedigree. Although she hasn’t been shown yet, she is just fresh again and could be very competitive in the show ring this year. In addition, all of her calves are very uniform individuals that look even better than she did as a heifer. While the Dana Rae partners are hopeful for show ring success this year, she will be bred back again to allow her great type potential to develop with yet another calf. These four Debutante daughters are just a brief look at how the Debutante branch of the Roxy family has elevated itself to one of the premier branches of the Roxy family. The ability to offer index and type in both black and white and red and white genetics has brought unlimited marketing potential to Debutante offspring.

One to Watch For...


GTPI +2053

1-10 2X 365 28,673 4.0 1139 3.1 897 Actual Herd Dev.: +7466M +394F +294P Gloss has a Bowser son at Alta, a Russell at CRV, a Paddy going to Accelerated, and pregnancies by Attack, Bookem, Shamrock, Sherac, Trigger, and Gold Chip with AI contracts for each. Gloss also has a Bowser daughter, Honeycrest Bowser Glisten at +2476 GTPI - that’s #20 of the breed. She’s attracting a lot of interest, and has NO Shottle, Goldwyn, Rudolph, or Durham in her pedigree. N6842 Cty BB Spring Valley, WI 54767

neycrest Ho The Traynors

Farms, Inc


715.778.5807 Bob 715.778.5860 Barn 715.778.4960 Fax

Another Homebred Favorite Donamara Clyde Buckle EX-91 EX-MS 2-03 2x 358 30,070 3.1 926 2.8 839 3-05 2x 313 32,580 3.3 1063 2.7 874 4-05 2x 334 32,365 3.4 1113 2.7 881 inc. ~ Due July 26 to Palermo Sire: MD-Maple-Dell Fin Clyde-ET Dam: Donamara Bambino Blessing VG-85 5-00 2x 322 34,010 3.1 1042 2.7 928 Lft: 1365 120,630 4036F 3449P

Bears Grass Dairy Inc.

Donald & Tamara Schroeder • Gary Schroeder • Donald Honadel S8495 Cty. Hwy. V, Augusta, WI 54722 Barn phone: 715-286-2110 Donald Honadel cell: 715-450-3566 RHA: 338 cows 26,765 3.53 945 2.96 791 BAA: 102.8% Inquiries are welcome ~ We have springing heifers available, please call for more information. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August, 2011-25

Gerald Schiefelbein, Todd Stanek, Donald Schroeder, Dean Karow & Jeff Stalbusch.

Rusk County 2010 Adult Membership: 14; Jr. Membership: 3

Pierce/Pepin Counties

District 1 Report Watch for your chance to advertise & promote your county association in future issues. The September issue will feature District 5 - Adams, Columbia, Green Lake, Juneau, Marquette and Sauk counties.

Barron County 2010 Adult Membership: 59; Jr. Membership: 28 Adult Association officers - President: Dean Frisle; Vice President: Scot Hammann; Secretary/Treasurer: Jeff Wille; Junior Advisors: Tony & Aimee Pintens and Daren & Beth Sandmann. Junior Association officers - President: Jacob Pintens; Vice President: Tim Sandmann; Secretary: Amber Johnson; Treasurer: Katie Wille. The Barron Cty Holstein Breeders held their annual meeting in January at Rolling Oaks in Barron. Speakers and visitors included Bob Traynor representing the State Board of Directors, Ashley Yager from the WI Holstein Association, and Chuck Nelson who shared memories on the history of showing in Barron County. It was decided we would hold a Fitting & Showing Clinic and Twilight Meeting this June. We also voted to continue with the Holstein calf project we sponsor and Tim Sandmann was chosen to be the recipient. We encouraged members to attend the Adult Convention. Our Spring Sale held in April was very well attended and averaged $2400/head. The Barron County Juniors held their banquet in January where 22 members were honored with an activity award. Speaker Larry Hunt gave an interesting account of the history of the dairy industry and new officers and advisors were introduced. The juniors served ice cream at the Barron County Dairy Breakfast and at the County Fair. This year the Barron County Junior Holsteins honored Mrs. Sue Wolhk of Almena as “Friend of the Holstein Cow”. Sue has been the advisor of our juniors for many years, coordinating the many activities and keeping our youth involved. Sue was presented a model Holstein cow at the Barron County fair by Holstein Queen, Sierra Solum. The Juniors rounded out the 2010 fair by winning club herd. A group attended the state convention in January 2011 and participated in Dairy Bowl. In June, a member attended Badger Dairy Camp and enjoyed a great learning experience. We were represented well at the 2011 District 1 Holstein Show just held in Ellsworth, kicking off the start of a new show year. Congratulations to all the junior members for their great success in the show ring and in other dairy projects last year, and the best of luck to all in 2011.

Burnett County 2010 Adult Membership: 2; Jr. Membership: 0

Chequamegon Holstein Breeders 2010 Adult Membership: Ashland - 10, Bayfield - 2, Douglas - 0, Iron - 0; Jr. Membership: 0 Adult Association officers - President: Vern Gilles; Vice President: Alan Peterson; Secretary: Diane Tetzner; Treasurer: Caryl Peck.

Chippewa County 2010 Adult Membership: 57; Jr. Membership: 23 Adult Association officers - President: Steve Maier; Vice President: Matt Nunes; Secretary: Cheryl Foerster; Treasurer: Matt Buescher; Directors: Vivian Thompson, Leonard Seibel and Liz Mayer. Junior Association officers - President: Kari Knuth; Vice President: Katrina Nunes; Secretary: Katherine Thompson; Treasurer: Julia Nunes; Advisor: Bill Buescher.

Dunn County 2010 Adult Membership: 50; Jr. Membership: 3

Eau Claire County 2010 Adult Membership: 24; Jr. Membership: 8 Adult Association officers - President: Tim Adams; Vice President: Dean Solie; Secretary: Pete Gregor; Treasurer: Joe Matz; Directors: 26–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2011

2010 Adult Membership: Pierce - 40, Pepin - 7; Jr. Membership: Pierce - 11, Pepin - 0 Adult Association officers - President: Chuck Raethke; Vice President: Doug Rudesill; Secretary: Lanette Harsdorf; Treasurer: Tony Shafer; Directors: Justin Harsdorf, Dusty Tiffany, Peter Coyne & Tom Knegendof; Junior Advisors: Lisa Coyne & Tracy Nelson. The Pierce/Pepin Holstein Breeders hosted the District 1 Show on June 15 & 16. The group awarded one college scholarship and one calf project this year and is helping to sponsor junior members to their convention and State Fair. Tracy Nelson is serving on the WHA Board of Directors as well.

Polk County 2010 Adult Membership: 48; Jr. Membership: 35 Adult Association officers - President: Ted Johnson; Vice President: Rick Dado; Secretary/Treasurer: Karrie Melin-Swenson. Junior Association officers - President: Brett Getschel; Secretary: Mikayla Getschel; Treasurer: Chris Rassier; Junior Advisor: Sara Byl.

Price County 2010 Adult Membership: 4; Jr. Membership: 0

Sawyer County 2010 Adult Membership: 4; Jr. Membership: 4

St. Croix County 2010 Adult Membership: 42; Jr. Membership: 8

Washburn County 2010 Adult Membership: 4; Jr. Membership: 0

Wisconsin-Bred Bulls Into A.I. ABS Global

H Bomaz Poseidon-ET *TL TV sired by Ensenada Taboo Planet-ET; dam is Bomaz Buckeye 3874-ET classified VG-87. Bred by Bomaz Inc., Hammond. H Kellercrest Planet Bolt *TL TV sired by Ensenada Taboo Planet-ET; dam is Kellercrest Toystory Boston classified VG-85. Bred by Kellercrest Holsteins, Mount Horeb. H Lirr Mischo-ET *TL TV sired by England-Ammon MillionET; dam is Hendel Gldwn Mischa 2194-ET classified VG-87. Bred by Lirr Farm, Viroqua. H Crave Solstice-ET *TL TV sired by Brandt-View Z Earnit CRI-ET; dam is Crave O Man Sally 4206-ET classified GP-83. Bred by Crave Brothers, Waterloo. H Sandy-Valley Dominate-ET *TL TV sired by Ked Outside Jeeves-ET; dam is Sandy-Valley Laudan Tat-ET classified VG-87. Bred by Sandy Valley Farms, Stevens Point. H Sandy-Valley Cimarron-ET *TL TV sired by Ensenada Taboo Planet-ET; dam is Larcrest Cinnamon-ET classified VG-85. Bred by Sandy Valley Farms, Stevens Point. H Bomaz Mclovin-ET sired by Ensenada Taboo Planet-ET; dam is Bomaz Lookout 3249-ET classified VG-85. Bred by Bomaz Inc., Hammond. H Royal-Vista Elijah-ET *TL TV sired by Ked Outside JeevesET; dam is Mor-Yet Goldwyn 682-ET classified EX-91 DOM. Bred by Royal Vista Holsteins LLC, Pickett. H Heatherstone-V Maxim-ET *TL TV sired by Long-Langs Oman Oman-ET; dam is Regancrest Gold Milly-ET classified VG-87 DOM. Bred by Heatherstone Enterprises, Baraboo. H Rosylane-LLC Java *TL TV sired by Ensenada Taboo Planet-ET; dam is Rosylane-LLC Ramos 3122. Bred by Lloyd Holterman, Watertown. H Sugar-C Navs Solution-ET *TL TV sired by Ensenada Taboo Planet-ET; dam is Navs Mac Shawna-ET classified VG-86. Bred by Sugar Creek Dairy, Elkhorn.


Tank Talk

Genex Cooperative Genex Announces Changes in Dairy Procurement Department

To compliment our District report each month we present this column reporting what bulls some breeders from that District are using in their herds.

Bears Grass Dairy Inc., Augusta, Eau Claire County Donald Honadel, Gary Schroeder and Donald & Tamara Schroeder RHA: 365 cows 2x 26,403 3.61 954 2.99 790 BAA: 103.9% Currently using: Co-Op O-Style Oman Just-ET VA-Early-Dawn Sudan CRI-ET Ronelee SS Durable Fustead Goldwyn Guthrie Regancrest AltaIota-ET End-Road Shottle Micah-ET Bomaz Marion Emerald 648-ET Ladys-Manor Ruby D Shout-ET Kerndt-Premier Butze Kilobyte-ET

Indianhead Holsteins Ltd., Barron, Barron County Bob & Karyn Schauf & Sons RHA: 75 cows 316 25,792 3.9 993 3.0 760 Currently using: Maple-Downs-I GW Atwood Crackholm Fever Comestar Lauthority Fustead Goldwyn Guthrie-ET Erbacres Damion Braedale Goldwyn Scientific Destry

BAA: 111.6%

Librae Holsteins, Chippewa Falls, Chippewa County John Raether RHA: 51 cows 20,300 3.89%F 3.17%P Currently using: Larcrest Cabrera-ET Windy-Knoll-View Phoenix-ET Regancrest AltaIota-ET Ladys-Manor Ruby-D Shout-ET Ronelee SS Durable

Pepst Farms Inc., Centuria, Polk County Gene & David Peper RHA: 160 cows 28,933 3.83 1109 3.08 892 BAA: 106.9% Currently using: Golden-Oaks St Alexander-ET Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez Erbacres Damion Kings-Ransom P Richman Regancrest S Braxton Ms Atlees Aftershock Picston Shottle End-Road Beacon Jenny-Lou Mrshl Toystory Regancrest AltaIota

Shawano, Wis.: Genex Cooperative, Inc. has restructured its dairy procurement department which is charged with developing Genex’s strong genetic offering in accordance with the cooperative’s mission of maximizing the profitability of members and customers. “The Genex dairy procurement staff, now headed by Paul Haskins, is a very knowledgeable and talented team truly adept at using genetic selection to develop a lineup of high genetic merit sires,” stated Angie Coburn, Associate Vice President, Dairy Genetics. Haskins, recently promoted to Dairy Procurement Manager, oversees the contracting and/or acquisition of dairy animals and embryos throughout North America. He also works closely with the GENESIS nucleus program – the longest running nucleus program in North America. On the procurement team with Haskins are Dairy Procurement Specialists Scott Carson, Darin Johnson and Morgan Welper. In addition to Holstein procurement, Carson coordinates all Jersey and other colored breed activities. Johnson provides added input to GENESIS. Welper, promoted to a Dairy Procurement Specialist position in May, is the newest team member. She conducts procurement activities in Minnesota and will take on additional territory. Welper also assists with GENESIS and coordinates daughter and bull photography.

Filament Marketing Sime Named Summer Intern Madison, Wis.: Filament Marketing, LLC has selected Kelly Sime as their 2011 marketing communications intern. Over the course of the summer internship, Sime will put her skills to work in writing, editing and project coordination, and assist Filament Marketing and its clients on various marketing communications projects. A native of Stoughton, Wis., Sime is a May 2011 graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Sciences, with an emphasis in Dairy Science and Life Sciences Communications. As a student Sime was active in the Badger Dairy Club and the Association of Women in Agriculture, and was also a member of the UW Madison Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Team. Sime’s experience includes work as an agricultural marketing consultant through the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) and an internship at East Central/ Select Sires. She most recently worked as the World Dairy Expo media room assistant, where she refined her writing skills while developing press releases and helping edit and layout various articles.

East Central Select Sires Eibergen selected as Communications and Marketing Intern Waupun, WI: Connie Eibergen was recently hired as the East Central/Select Sires summer Communications and Marketing intern. In this position she will assist in a variety of projects involving writing, editing and graphic design, and will represent East Central/Select Sires at various events throughout the summer. Eibergen grew up on her family’s dairy farm in Granton, WI. Her father, Gary, along with his brothers, Keith and Eric, milk about 300 Holstein cows and run 1,400 acres of cropland. Eibergen will be a senior this fall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Life Sciences Communication with a business emphasis. On campus she is actively involved with the Association of Women in Agriculture, the Badger Dairy Club, the National Agriculture Marketing Association (NAMA), and the Collegiate FFA. “Connie brings with her a great deal of writing and graphic experience, as well as a passion for the dairy industry,” said Andrea Brossard Martin, East Central/Select Sires Communications Specialist. “We are very excited to work with her.” wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August, 2011-27

Wisconsin’s Progressive Breeder Registery Herds - 2011 Herd Name Bradley Afdahl Brian S. Berg Chad Pearson Charles M. Maurer Clayton & Teryl L. Bernick Clint & Heidi Zank Craig B. Krohlow Crisdhome Farm, Inc. Dale Uecker Daniel L. Vandertie Daniel Weaver, Jr. David D. Schaefer David V. Lee Donald R. Mielke Dorsland Farms Doug & Mary Urban E Dean & Wanda Good Eugene C. Peper Fabian J. Holewinski Garvey Homestead, Rick & Kris Garvey Gerald & Kevin Ihm Hendrik W. Van Dyk Hi-Lo Valley Holsteins Honeycrest Farms, Inc. Jack K. & Karen Vanderwerff James A. Moret Jeffrey & Mary Bradley Jeffrey A. & Kate Hendrickson John & Judy Swenson John L. Jens John P. & Kathy Endres John W. & Evelyn A. Hamilton John Wikman Joseph A. Brantmeier Judy Wubbenhorst Kellercrest Reg. Holsteins, Inc. Lawrence F. Jerome Lyle & Troy D. Opsal Mark & Angie Ulness Marshland Farms, Inc. Merlin A. Rohm Mike Raleigh Mystic Valley Dairy LLC R. Paul Buhr, Jr. Randy Holthaus Richard & Eric Olson Robert & Christine Barden Robert & Kris Weeden Robert W. Riemer Rodney D. Ray Roger & Debbie Schug Ron Paider Ronald Hackmann Ronny Rohloff Russell Letter Samuel N. Kinnard Scott J. Watson Steve & Amanda Killian Steven G. Holte Sylvan-T Farms, Inc. Thomas J. Kestell Todd T. Stanek Tom Paider Troy Klein W. David & Dawn Windle

Years Qualified 7 10 6 2 2 8 1 32 3 37 5 5 10 13 6 16 7 32 3 31 3 10 6 13 5 1 15 21 12 13 4 18 5 22 10 10 8 23 19 1 13 4 5 33 1 6 6 6 12 5 10 22 14 19 14 11 1 1 3 19 12 13 12 5 9

28–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2011

Homebred % 100 100 92.9 88 99.6 92 76.9 88 82.2 100 100 84.1 100 79.4 100 95 95.8 96.2 92.7 100 93.7 91.2 87.7 87.6 95.6 98.1 100 97 95.4 85.7 92.9 100 96.8 84.7 79.4 97.1 84.4 78.2 85.5 97 94.4 92.5 94 94.8 88.6 100 76.5 77.1 97.3 94.6 90.7 98.1 94.5 100 98.4 100 95 83.3 91.1 98.7 78.8 80 91.1 96.7 96.2

Avg. BAA 106.3 106.6 104.9 104.9 105 109.4 112.9 110.7 107.6 110.8 105.7 106.2 107.1 106 109.4 106.8 108.5 107.1 108 108.4 106.4 111.6 109.2 106.5 105.7 104.9 108 110.9 106.5 106.3 106.2 108.2 106.2 110.8 105.8 106.1 108.6 109.8 109.5 106.4 106.5 105.3 105.4 110 104.9 105.2 108.6 106.3 106.3 105.1 108.1 109.1 107.9 108.8 110.6 105.6 105.2 109.5 108.6 107.2 109.8 107.8 109.5 108 106.1

Avg. M 29241 26480 29399 28190 28389 28591 25796 26152 27288 28185 30401 31675 25959 30208 25548 27633 26976 29654 27048 28915 29643 25639 27657 26934 29873 25811 29620 29403 26408 26743 26710 27821 28184 32665 26944 29954 25720 30097 28741 26657 30853 32715 28610 28645 29019 28804 26644 29516 28758 26684 26734 28159 26280 26518 28135 28330 25420 30481 26190 27437 31352 27622 25850 25740 27710

Avg. F 1109 981 1079 998 989 997 985 960 956 975 1072 1067 944 1057 884 971 1035 1107 981 1032 1096 1069 1010 938 1012 970 1022 1078 964 929 1056 1099 1006 1208 1002 1124 939 1094 1054 929 1125 1086 1053 1014 1111 880 989 1072 1099 988 962 1015 962 1007 1026 1071 916 1105 951 953 1188 1022 933 982 986

Avg. P 917 775 877 854 849 844 768 757 800 832 901 913 754 896 779 877 834 903 821 854 884 772 821 751 885 765 862 896 788 787 769 829 822 956 822 902 781 882 883 815 941 974 878 834 889 855 801 852 867 807 784 822 770 804 828 850 752 972 778 798 951 870 776 781 830

Herd Name W. Thomas & Jerome Jens Walk-Era Farms, Inc. Wargo Acres Whittail Valley Dairy LLC William & Kathleen Olszewski William G. Zeleske William H. Calvert William J. Karrels

Years Qualified 14 7 18 7 5 8 3 1

Homebred % 94.9 93.1 84.1 91.9 87.5 100 84.7 100

Avg. BAA 107.7 108.9 107.7 105.4 106.6 104.9 108.4 108.1

Avg. M 25535 25805 26865 26615 26604 26893 26337 25791

Avg. F 959 954 958 963 963 930 886 935

Avg. P 757 812 821 832 822 776 809 760

Wisconsin’s Progressive Genetics Herds - 2011 Herd Name Years Qualified Avg. CTPI Allen O. Kohn 1 1558 Alvin & Roger Hildebrandt 10 1536 Andrew Syryczuk 1 1803 B-Long Holsteins 16 1560 Bears Grass Dairy, Inc. 12 1539 Bill & Barb Thiel 3 1588 Blue Star Dairy Farms 2 1542 Bomaz, Inc. 21 1725 Bremer Holsteins 7 1704 Brian & Wendy Fust 21 1759 Brian W. Denk 6 1688 Budjon Farms 9 1571 Cary & Joy Moser 4 1592 Chuck Jinkins 21 1548 Curtis J. Johansson 8 1771 Dale Uecker 4 1578 Daniel J. & Nancy Pagenkopf 11 1679 Daniel L. Vandertie 7 1684 Daniel M. Stelsel 2 1538 David R. Olson 18 1572 David V. Lee 4 1563 David, Patrick & Frank Paul Bauer 20 1821 Dennis A. Gunst 6 1542 Depies Shady Lane Dairy LLC 2 1564 Donald A. & Elizabeth B. Mayer 18 1576 Douglas Schmitt 17 1662 Dunworken Holstein 6 1616 E Dean & Wanda Good 8 1690 Earl Nettekoven 8 1624 Emerald Acres 13 1556 Endres Berryridge Farms LLC 4 1572 Floyd & Lloyd Baumann & Fred Lang 21 1768 Frederick C. Harder 4 1596 Garvey Homestead, Rick & Kris Garvey 21 1616 Gary Boyke 8 1566 Gary L. Housner 21 1710 Gerald & Kevin Ihm 11 1620 Gerald Gehin 1 1566 Glenn R. Brewer 12 1538 Grant Rudrud 4 1586 Helmer Dairy Farm, Inc. 14 1643 Holschbach Cloveredge Farms 6 1692 Honeycrest Farms, Inc. 16 1707 James A. Moret 11 1555 James H. Janes 19 1536 James J. Anhalt 6 1567 Jeff Henschel 21 1581 Jeffrey A. & Kate Hendrickson 17 1548 Jim Knutson 4 1579 Jo-Wal Farms 21 1580 John & Judy Swenson 4 1624 John & Tineke Boschma 3 1666 John D. & Joan M. Judd 19 1580 John F. Punke 12 1562 John L. Hass 1 1548 Joseph A. Brantmeier 4 1538 Joseph N. Wautier 20 1599 Kellercrest Reg. Hol., Inc. 12 1657 Kevin J. Griswold 5 1675 Klatt Family Dairy Trust 2 1550 Knoeck Bros., Inc. 15 1579

Years Qualified Avg. CTPI Herd Name Koepke Farms, Inc. 11 1634 Kurtis & Valerie Oberholtzer 3 1581 L-L-M Dairy 18 1641 Larry D. Bliven 10 1595 Larry J. Shambeau 8 1540 Liner Dairy LLC 6 1668 Lirr Farm 21 1707 Lyle & Troy D. Opsal 15 1685 Mark P. Paul 21 1748 Marshland Farms, Inc. 4 1555 Matthew Joseph Nunes 7 1679 Matthiae Dairy Farm, Inc. 11 1558 Merlin A. Rohm 7 1538 Michael A. Larson 13 1612 Michael II & Julie Duckett 3 1578 Michael, Jr. & Lori Propson 1 1544 Mike Raleigh 4 1676 Milk Source LLC 2 1558 Mystic Valley Dairy LLC 11 1589 Neil McDonah 3 1572 Peter & Shellie Kappelman 8 1592 Pond Hill Dairy Farm Limited Partnership 3 1607 R Green Acres, Inc. 19 1616 R. Paul Buhr, Jr. 21 1630 Randall A. Geiger 10 1606 Randall Lee Moret 2 1537 Richard & Eric Olson 10 1561 Richard C. Piechowski 7 1561 Richard Kamps 13 1599 Rickert Brothers LLC 17 1593 Ripps Dairy Valley LLC 1 1599 River Bridge Holsteins, LLC 17 1562 Ronald Hackmann 17 1718 Samuel A. Casper 4 1661 Scott Seward 21 1584 Second-Look Holsteins LLC 12 1580 Shiloh Dairy LLC 1 1569 Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc. 20 1621 Spring Grove Dairy 1 1653 Stanley R. Larson 15 1584 Steve & Amanda Killian 1 1728 Steven A. Brand 3 1677 Steven G. Holte 21 1705 Steven M. Marcis 13 1583 Straussdale Holsteins 12 1630 Sue Haase 1 1537 Sugar Creek Dairy 4 1564 Sunshine Genetics, Inc. 20 1864 Synergy Farm LLC 4 1647 Thomas J. Kestell 20 1704 Thomas M. Anderson 12 1593 Todd T. Stanek 17 1620 Towns Farms, Inc. 6 1566 United Pride Dairy 8 1598 W. David & Dawn Windle 12 1547 Wallace A. Behnke 4 1557 Wayne J. Blaser 1 1645 William & Kathleen Olszewski 8 1573 William G. Zeleske 8 1577 William J. Karrels 1 1619 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August, 2011-29

2011 Wisconsin Top Performer Application Form Name of animal: ______________________________________ Reg. # _____________________ Owner: _____________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________ Telephone Number ____________________________________________ Final Score ______________ Age at Classification ______________ BAA of Animal ____________ Lactation Number When Classified ____________

Months in Milk when Classified ___________

305 Day (or less) Record ___________________________________________________________________________________ Age Days Milk # BF% BF# True P% True P#

__________ X 20 or 30* + __________ + __________= __________ BAA #Fat #Protein Ranking Points

Copy Of Official Test Sheet To Be Submitted With Application Form Contest Rules: 1. Copy of Official Test Sheet to be submitted with application form. Also, a copy of the Registration paper to verify classification score. 2. Cow must be classified at least GP if a 2 year old or VG if 3 or older. 3. Cow must be classified during the 305 day lactation for which recognition is requested. For permanently scored cows, the permanent score will be used. 4. All production records will be for 305 day or less in lactation. 5. For records completed from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2011 and received in office by Jan. 15, 2012. 6. Cows must be housed in Wisconsin for the entire lactation to receive recognition. 7. This contest is for Wisconsin Holstein Association members. 8. All records will be entered on a TRUE PROTEIN BASIS. 9. *2 & 3 year olds use 20 for the multiplier; all older animals use 30 as the multiplier to obtain ranking points.

Send entries to: WI Holstein Assn., 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 or fax 608-356-6312 or email 30–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2011

Hendrickson’s Holstein Holler

Hello Holstein Devotees! I’m sure many of you have been busy getting your animals ready for shows, as well as all the other farm tasks to take care of during the summer. Through all the busy, hard-work we are carrying out, I think we all deserve to reward ourselves with some enjoyable shows, so I hope to see everyone at the Wisconsin Championship Show held in Fond du Lac, July 11 and 12, as well as the Futurity and State Picnic both held in August! On May 21, I attended Cow Camp, where I was able to be a camp counselor, along with Carrie and a few of the JACs. It was a very successful 25th anniversary, the kids learned a lot of information about taking care of their dairy cows. Many stations were set up by professionals from the industry and I thank them for taking time out of their busy schedules to teach the campers! They also had a scavenger hunt, a couple of hikes, bonfire, dairy bowl, dairy jeopardy, a greased watermelon race, and the oh-so wonderous shaving cream fight that they could not stop talking about! Even after multiple showers and working outside I could still smell shaving cream in my hair days after! I also attended the Fitting and Showing Clinic at the Dodge County Fairgrounds hosted by Animart. There were experienced and non-experienced dairy cattle lovers all willing to learn more to improve their skills! While attending Cows on Concourse that took place on the square in downtown Madison, I was able to walk around and inform others of my position and what the Holstein Association has to offer. I was even entered into a cream puff eating contest. I’ve never seen someone eat a cream puff as fast as the gentleman who won! I volunteered at the open house for Animal Health Management, where we had to deal with plenty of wind, and a dangerous tent that kept falling down, but in all had a successful turnout and served customers plenty of delicious food! I was even able to work near one of our fellow JACs, Laura Elliot, for she was there for the day with her internship position. As it was June Dairy Month, many dairy breakfasts have taken place. At the Sauk County Dairy Breakfast I helped pass out milk and assisted parents who had their hands full with balancing plates of food, as well as their children! Even with the cooler weather and rain the

Position Announcement:

WHA Member Services Manager Position: The Wisconsin Holstein Association, the nation’s largest state dairy breed organization with 3,300 members, is seeking qualified candidates for a Member Services Manager. The successful candidate will organize and lead multiple Association events. In addition, the Member Services Manager will develop and execute effective communication strategies to the Association’s members and industry partners. Potential applicants are expected to be knowledgeable with the association management, registered cattle, the dairy industry, and agriculture. Applicants must have outstanding written and oral communication and presentation skills. He or she should be proficient with various types of office equipment and the Microsoft Office Suite. Skills in website development and electronic media will be beneficial attributes for the position. Applicants should be able to manage multiple priorities, posess excellent organizational skills, meet deadlines, balance budgets, and work well with committees and Association leaders. Candidates with marketing skills and capabilities are also encouraged to apply. Previous job experience would be valuable. The position will be based out of the Wisconsin Holstein Association office located in Baraboo, Wis., with approximately 35 to 40 percent travel within the state. The successful applicant will oversee various Wisconsin Holstein Association events to maintain or upgrade the level of quality and funding of these events. This manager will develop the Association’s communication plan for electronic media and prepare Association releases. In addition, this person will coordinate key Junior events including: Junior Convention, Cow Camp, and the Junior Trip. Along with these responsibilities, this position also will attend and be support for the various yearly events of the Wisconsin Holstein Association. This position will report to the Wisconsin Holstein Director of Operations. Applicants may call the Wisconsin Holstein office for any questions in regard to this position. Please send a cover letter, resume, and a minimum of three references with telephone numbers to contact, one to be from a past employer. Mail resume to Wisconsin Holstein Association, 902 Eighth Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53913 or e-mail to chrisw@ Resume should arrive by Friday, July 15, 2011. Wisconsin Holstein Association is a membership organization with the purpose of promoting the Wisconsin Holstein Registered breed.

night before, they carried out a successful breakfast, with a tremendous turn-out! I would like to wish everyone good luck with all of their Holstein extravaganzas carried out throughout the busy summer. It’s great to see such a wonderful industry come together, and I’m very lucky to be a great part of it. I love my position as ambassador for the Wisconsin Holstein Association and I look forward to the rest of the summer and visiting with all you Holstein admirers out there! Hollering On,

Breinne Hendrickson 608-444-7340

The University of

WISCONSIN MADISON Dairy Science STUDENT PROFILE Name: Rayme Mackinson Hometown: Pontiac, IL High School: Pontiac Township High School Class Size: 180 Farm: M & S Dairy Major: Dairy Science

Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison? I chose UW-Madison because I wanted to learn from the best and have a good time doing it. What has been your most memorable college experience? Being a member of the 2008 Big Ten Track and Field Champions. We were the defending Big Ten Indoor Champions, and probably were not the favorites for the meet, but the meet was at home in Wisconsin, and we smoked them. I took second in the long jump that meet with a jump of 24’10”. The Shell was packed with UW fans and alumni there to watch us bring home the championship. What has been your favorite course? Dairy Science 375- Reproductive Management with Dr. Wiltbank and Jerry Guenther. It was a lot of fun to learn from an expert like Dr. Wiltbank for the in-class teachings. The hands-on/lab portion of the class was even better with Jerry. From preg checking cows to scanning ovaries, I enjoyed everything in that class. You can take a lot away from that class and implement so many things back home on the farm. What are your future career goals? Get my master’s in Animal Science/Dairy Science Management at the University of Kentucky and then return home and expand the family farm.

UW-Madison Dept. of Dairy Science

Inquiry Lives Here

1675 Observatory Drive Madison, WI 53706 Ph. 608-263-3308 Fax 608-263-9412 Contact: Ted Halbach

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August, 2011-31

25th Anniversary Cow Camp The weekend of May 21 and 22 marked Cow Camp’s 25th year and it was a weekend filled with fun, learning, friends, and lots of shaving cream. With almost 50 youth in attendance, the campers came eager to learn at the various sessions and even more eager to drench the JAC's with shaving cream. The juniors were divided into eight different color groups and each group compiled their favorite things from each session. The Green group told us about Dairy Bowl and Dairy Jeopardy. The juniors answered questions about herd health, dairy marketing, dairy judging, acronyms, and other odds and ends. Some of the juniors learned new acronyms, and new ideas about herd health. Many of the campers agreed that buzzing in and answering the questions was their favorite part. The Purple group told us about the Advertising clinic run by Kristin Natzke. They learned how to create posters and advertisements about a cow. What they liked best was that they got to present their advertisement to everyone. This was something new for everyone in the group and they all enjoyed it very much. The Blue group told us about the Classification clinic presented by Jerome Meyer. During the classification station they learned what a classifier does and that there are only two 97 point cows alive today. Campers learned the linear traits and the breakdowns. They learned the six brackets and that they are created by combining major breakdowns. They really liked this station and what it taught them. The Red group talked to us about the fitting and washing stations. They learned different clipping techniques and that they need different blade sizes for different parts of the body. The fitting workshop was fun and interesting. The washing clinic helped them learn better techniques on washing and how to be more efficient. The tips for showmanship will help them this show season and many to come. They learned the importance of washing the topline and also how important it is to get all of the soap off the animal. The next session was presented by Dr. Matt Dorshorst. He came and talked to the campers about embryo transfer. The Pink group got to tell us about this station. During the ET/Vet Station with Matt, the campers got to learn about ultrasounding and how to flush a cow to collect embryos. They learned that in an ultrasound picture, liquids show up black and solids show up white. They then got to look at all of the equipment used to collect embryos from the cow. He showed them how to run the flushing liquid in and out through the filter. They also got to learn about the different parts of the reproductive tract. Matt informed them that it is impossible to tell a camel embryo from a cow embryo. The workshop was awesome! The Black group told us about the calf feeding station, presented by Kevin Larson. While they were at this station they learned about calf feeding, care, and about their shelter. When a calf is born we know we need to dip the naval in 7% Iodine. We also learned that if our farm uses a heat lamp in a calf pen it needs to be extra secure in the calf hutch so it doesn't start a fire! They learned a lot at this station. The campers had an opportunity to learn how to photograph a calf with Kathy DeBruin. The yellow group informed us of this station. They really enjoyed learning on how to picture a cow. They didn’t realize how much work went into the whole process. They thought seeing the different techniques on making noise was really cool, especially Mabel, the goat and secret weapon. The different people involved were front and back feet people, a tail and halter person, noisemaker and photographer. They enjoyed being able to take part in all of these positions. They learned a lot and had a lot of fun, even though the calf probably didn’t! Our last group, the Orange group, wrote about another station with Vet Matt and the cow organs he brought with him. The campers were taught about the liver, heart and tongue. It was very interesting to learn about the heart and the different places where the blood enters and exits. The heart was very cool to feel, every part of the heart had a unique texture. They learned that the tongue only has one muscle, and it felt like sandpaper! They were surprised by the size of the tongue, they thought it would be smaller, but it was huge! They also learned the functions of the heart, tongue and liver. They learned that the arteries are larger than the veins, due to pressure. They were only able to see about a quarter of the liver and it was very large! It was one of their favorite stations at camp! As you can see the campers had a lot of opportunities to learn, but they also had plenty of fun in between and after their sessions. We had a campfire, roasted s’mores, sang songs and watched a movie. We also went on many hikes, had a greased watermelon race and of course had the famous shaving cream fight! Although we had a little rain, it didn’t put a damper on the weekend and everyone was still able to have a great time! A special thank you to Badgerland Financial for their donation for the 25th Anniversary Cow Camp t-shirts. 32–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2011

WHA State Championship Show Junior Events July 11, 2011 8:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m.

Registration for Youth Judging & Classification Contest Youth Judging and Classification Contest starts Reasons are optional for contestants To follow Contest – Big Bale Roll Noon Lunch sponsored by East Central/Select Sires 2:00 p.m. WHA Championship State Heifer Show 7:00 p.m. Youth Showmanship Contest – Junior and Senior divisions

JR Judging and Classification Contest The JAC’s will be holding a Judging and Classification contest for youth under the age of 21. There will be two age divisions - Junior, 14 & under as of January 1; and Senior, 15 & over as of January 1. Awards for the contest are sponsored by Accelerated Genetics. Your junior team may give reasons as a group and the senior team members have the choice of giving reasons as individuals. This all takes place Monday, July 11, at the Fond du Lac County Fairgrounds. Registration will be at 8:30 a.m. with judging starting at 9:00 a.m. Cost is $4.00 per individual or a team (up to 4) for $12.00.

Junior State Fair Fun Activities On Wednesday evening, August 3, following the Outstanding Junior Dairy Exhibitor competition, the JAC’s will be holding a Big Bale Roll in the Coliseum. On Sunday, August 7, the JAC’s will continue their Junior State Fair tradition with the annual Tug-O-War Contest followed by an ice cream social. Watch for signs at State Fair for time and place and bring your friends!

Junior Award Forms All Junior Award Forms are now available for download from the WHA website at or copies can be obtained by calling the WHA office at 1-800-223-4269. REMINDER – All WI Holstein Junior Award forms that are due on October 1 are due in the office by October 1. No award forms will be taken in at World Dairy Expo due to the late dates of World Dairy Expo this year.

$$$ Holsti-Bucks $$$ Due August 1, 2011 Answer the following questions for Holsti-Bucks! You may send your answers to WHA, 902 8th Ave, Baraboo, WI 53913 or you may email to Remember to include your name and county! 1. Name as many of the Grand and Reserve Champions of the Junior Show of each of the 2011 District Shows and their owners. 2. Name the animals and owners of each of the Grand & Reserve Champions of the Junior Show at the WHA State Championship Show. 3. Name the animals and owners of the Grand & Reserve Champions of the WHA State Championship show.

2011 Junior Raffle Sponsors Thank you Sandy Valley Farms!! The Bauer family has generously offered to donate a 2011 Registered Holstein heifer calf to the WI Holstein Juniors to benefit all participating counties in selling the WHA Junior raffle tickets.


Raffle tickets have been sent to County Junior advisors and individuals if you would like to request more please feel free to call the WHA office (1-800-223-4269). Other raffle items include: • UW-River Falls Dairy Club - gift • WI State Farmer - certificate • Genex/CRI Coop - semen certificate • Accelerated Genetics - semen certificate • PDPW - gift • ABS - semen certificate • CRV - gift • Holstein World – gift • Bovine Boutique - gift • Country Today - subscription certificate • Animart - Show package • Nasco - gift • East Central/Select Sires - semen certificate • Alta Genetics - certificate • Cattle Connection - vest • UW-Madison Badger Dairy Club - gift package • International Protein Sires - semen certificate • Green Stone Financial - gift • Semex - certificate • World Dairy Expo - 4 one-day passes • Wisconsin Holstein News - advertising certificate • Hoard’s Dairyman - gift package The 2011 Fundraiser drawing will be on December 30, 2011 at the Junior Holstein Convention in Eau Claire, Wis., hosted by Clark County Junior Holstein members.

2011 Junior Calendar of Events July 11 Junior Judging & Classification Contest, registration at 8:30 a.m., contest starts at 9:00 a.m. 11 State Showmanship Contest, 7:00 p.m. 11-12 WI Championship Show, Manitowoc August 4-6 WI Junior State Fair Breed Shows & Showmanship 13 WHA Futurity 27 WHA State Holstein Picnic, Scientific Holsteins, The Nunes Family, Chippewa Falls, WI October 1 Junior Award Forms due in WHA office 4-8 World Dairy Expo December 28-30 Junior Holstein Convention, Eau Claire, hosted by Clark County For more information on upcoming events - visit the website or WHA Facebook fan page! wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August, 2011-33

2011 WHA Committee Members Communications Co-Chair Corey Geiger Co-Chair Paula Bovre Editor – Laura Wackershauser Angela Brown Marci Walker Bonnie VanDyk Carla Gunst Amy Ryan Angie Ulness Kari Stanek Becky Kramer Annie Hulle Jen Staudinger Sara Harbaugh Emily Novinskie Brenda Murphy Nicole Breunig Brenda Gilbertson Vicki Cooper Danyel Hosto Amber Elliott Midwest National Spring Show Co-Chair Todd Stanek Co-Chair Chad Ryan Mark Gilbertson Bob Gates Kelli Cull Michael McCullough Charles Westphal Roger Hildebrandt Wallace Behnke Bill Ehrke, Milkhouse Chair Cheryl Ehrke Barbara Kayser Barb Natzke Bill Hageman David Hitner Richard Mayer Josh Rynes Katie Phend Maria Holle Myriah Osley Julie Retzlaff Shayla Danz Gary & Melanie Peterson Brenda Murphy Kristin Natzke Joshua Sazama Lindsay Morris Glen Lebal Brenda Gilbertson Amanda Sell Marty Kinyon Katie Ulezelski Tracy Nelson Legislative & Resolutions Chair Kent Wendorf Angela Brown Jim Rickert Brian Herr Doug Hodorff Robert Nigh Henk Van Dyk Rick & Karen Rhodes Linda Hodorff Philip & Karla Johnson Maurice Cooper Joan Judd John Steinhoff Matt Dorshort Ron Sersland

Futurity Chair Angela Brown Mark Gilbertson Robert Gates Robert Nigh Roger Hildebrandt Bill Nass Russell Ridge Jr. International Protein Sires - Ron Sersland Boehringer Ingelheim Shane Sorg Yvonne Preder Bill Ehrke Karen Rhodes Jennifer Wackershauser Catherine Agnew Cheryl Ehrke Laura Herschleb Larry Olson Brian Bolan Richard Mayer Brian Behnke Tim & Barb Natzke Christa Wendorf Sarah Loehr Stephanie Boeder Dawn & Gregory Hockerman David Hitner Shayla Danz David & Jaime Owen Jeffrey Zwiers Gary & Melanie Peterson Heidi Heller Amanda & Steve Killian Lindsay Morris Krista Kasten Kristin Natzke Darrell Christoph Brad Gollnik Richard Reeson Bob & Karyn Schauf Sales & Merchandising Co-Chair Chad Ryan Co-Chair Dan Cnossen Lynn Harbaugh Mike McCullough Scott Pralle Eugene Nueser Tom Morris Henk Van Dyk Martin Kinyon Rick & Paula Bovre Willis Gunst Daniel Peterson Les Terpstra Randy Nigh Steve & Amanda Killian Albert Martin Victor Voigt John Judd Kevin Jorgensen Nathan Dorshorst Richard Reeson Dale Kranz Glen Lebal Jeremy Henschel Les McCracken Joe Martin David Trager Orville Kemink Brad Gollnik

34–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2011

District & State Show Co Chair Chris McCullough Co Chair Todd Stanek Mark Gilbertson Lynn Harbaugh Kelli Cull Paula Bovre Todd Borgwardt Dist. 1 - Bonnie Van Dyk Dist. 2 - Paul Trapp Dist. 3 - Angela Brown Dist. 4 - Steve Langteau Dist. 5 - Chris Davis Dist. 6 - Todd Hoesly Dist. 7 - Craig Krohlow Dist. 10 - Sarah Wegner Dan Peapenburg Bill Case Joshua Rynes Kathleen O’Keefe Katie & Charlie Bue Steven Fronk Chad & Amy Ryan Myriah Osley William Hageman Kevin Coffeen Maria Holle Julie Retzlaff Steve & Amanda Killian Dawn & Gregory Hockerman Katie & Grant DeBruin David Hitner Cheryl Ehrke Shayla Danz Jeffrey Zwiers Clayton Wohlk Gary & Melanie Peterson Heidi Heller Jeff Lambrecht Lindsay Morris Glen Lebal Barb Kayser Joe Martin Victor Voight David & Jaime Owen Brian Coyne Katie Ulezelski Sara Feldmann Orville Kemink Ryan Bass Scholarship Chair Corey Geiger Chad Ryan Matt Lippert Brian Herr Jim Rickert Andrew Buttles Dr. Tera Montgomery Dr. Rick Daluge Patti Hurtgen Tim Buttles Rebecca Kramer Jim Olstad Sarah Harbaugh Catherine Agnew Krista Luedtke David Selner Russell Rindsig Donna Dorshorst Ted Halbach Linda Hodorff Lisa Coyne Josetta Halbur Ryan Bass

Breed Improvement/ Membership & Promotional Chair Matt Lippert Brian Herr Doug Hodorff Lynn Harbaugh Jeff & Lynette Doornink Robert Gates Todd Stanek Andrew Buttles Dean Solie John Steinhoff Krista Luedtke Bruce & Brenda Long Randy Nigh Jeff Werfelmann Ray Buttke Steven Fronk Dean Johnston Robert & Francine Galdi Jeffrey Zwiers Dan Peapenburg Dan Cnossen Young Adult Committee Co-Chair Marci Walker Co-Chair Tracy Nelson Advisor - Robert Traynor Lynn & Sara Harbaugh Ashley Yager Emily Novinskie Keith Engel Erik & Brenda Gilbertson Willis & Carla Gunst Josetta Halbur Beth Herges Annie McCullough Chad & Amy Ryan Paul & Sarah Trapp Angie & Mark Ulness Jenny Wackershauser Laura Wackershauser Katie Ulezelski Paul Lippert Amber Elliott Financial & Building Chair Todd Stanek Marci Walker Corey Geiger Matt Lippert Todd Borgwardt Other Board Reps WI Cattleman’s Association Mitch Breunig World Dairy Expo Wallace Behnke WI ID Consortium Marci Walker PDCA - Scott Pralle, Bill Case & Chris McCullough Please call the WHA Office at 1-800-223-4269 if you would like your name removed from a committee list or if you would like to volunteer to become an active member of one of our committees. Committee members are reminded to send us your updated email address so we can do more correspondence by email.

Mark Your Calendar... Thursday, July 21 • 1:00 p.m. • Marathon, Wis.

Forum on HOW GENOMICS IS RESHAPING DAIRY CATTLE BREEDING Join us on Thursday, July 21 at the Rib River Ballroom in Marathon, Wis., for a discussion panel to help breeders better understand the impact of genomics and how the technology may fit into their breeding program. Panel members include: Curt Van Tassell, USDA’s lead researcher on genomics Charlie Will, manager of Holstein sire selection for Select Sires Jay Jauquet, regional sire analyst with Alta Genetics & partner at Synergy Dairy, Pulaski Tom Schmitt, Morningview Holsteins, Durango, Iowa

The Rib River Ballroom is located at 3237 State Highway 29, Marathon, WI 54448 (5 minutes from downtown Wausau, west on Hwy 29). This forum is being hosted by the Wisconsin Holstein Association. All are welcome to attend. For more information on the forum or what WHA has to offer, please call 1-800-223-4269 or visit our website at

Clean off your clubs... practice your swing... it’s time to golf!


sponsored by the Young Adult Committee Saturday, August 27 • 8:00 a.m. Ojibwa Golf Course, Chippewa Falls, WI

• 4-person Best Ball Tournament • All ages & skill levels welcome • Cost is $40/golfer & includes 9 holes, half of a cart & 2 drink tickets • Teams will be selected at random to maximize fun & interaction Call Laura at 608-723-4933 or email to sign up. We are also looking for sponsors for the tournament. If you are interested in sponsoring a hole for $50 or would like to become a major sponsor of this event, contact Laura at 608-723-4933 or wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August, 2011-35


ACKY WPoint of View Editor’s Comments

A busy, busy June has flown by - the District Shows are completed and we’re finishing up final details for the Wisconsin Championship Show to be hosted by Fond du Lac County on July 11 & 12 in Fond du Lac. I hope you can take a day or two to join us for this show. Also coming up in July is the Town Hall Meeting on Genomics scheduled for July 21 at the Rib River Ballroom in Marathon. This should be an excellent opportunity for you to hear from some of the industry’s best that are working with Genomics each day and from Curt Van Tassell, USDA’s lead researcher on Genomics. For more information, please contact the WHA office at 1-800-223-4269 or any of the board members. Calling all golfers! The Young Adult Committee is hosting a 4-person best ball golf tournament the morning of the WHA State Picnic. If you are interested in golfing, please give me a call or email to reserve your spot. Cost is $40 per golfer & we promise a good time! We are also looking for a few more hole sponsors, so if you are interested in that please contact me as well. Should be a great day in Chippewa Falls - I hope you’ll join us at Scientific Holsteins for the picnic. You can see the schedule for the day and more information on page 20. Deadlines for the fall issues will be here before we know it - the summer is a great time to get some cows photos taken in preparation for your marketing needs this fall. Our September issue will include all our show results from the summer and will feature District 5. The October issue will be another Midwest Holsteins edition, with ads going to Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and South Dakota. Both of these issues will be featured in our World Dairy Expo booth - a great opportunity to get some extra bang for your advertising buck. And don’t forget to call to sign up for the 2012 Breeder Calendar which will also be distributed at WDE. Feel free to call anytime with questions. Until next time...




July 2011 Classifying in Adams, Crawford, Juneau, LaCrosse, Monroe, Portage, Richland, Sauk, Vernon, & Wood counties 11-12 WI Championship Show, Fond du Lac, heifer show on Monday at 2:00 p.m., cows start at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday 21 WHA Town Hall Meeting on Genomics, Rib River Ballroom, Marathon, 1:00 p.m. 21 Central Wisconsin Summer Event, hosted by Twin-B Dairy, Marathon, sponsored by WI District 4 Holstein Breeders 28 Partee Holsteins & Jerseys Dispersal, Ken & Kathy Elliott Family, held at the Cow Palace, Kaukauna August 2011 Classifying in Barron, Buffalo, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, St. Croix & Trempealeau counties 4-5 Wisconsin Junior State Fair Dairy Show 12 Vernon County Twilight Meeting, hosted by Fro-Hock Farm, Gerald Schumacher & Family, De Soto, 7:30 p.m. 13 25th Anniversary WHA Futurity Show, West Allis, 5:00 p.m. 14 Wisconsin State Fair Open Dairy Show 20 Door County Twilight Meeting, hosted by Bryersquart Farm LLC, Butch & Kay Jeanquart Family, Forestville, 6:00 p.m. 21 Monroe County Daylight Meeting, hosted by O-Bridge Farm, Jeff & Kathy Schmitz Family, Norwalk, 12:30 p.m. 27 WHA Golf Tournament, hosted by the Young Adult Committee, 8:00 a.m., Chippewa Falls area 27 WHA State Picnic, hosted by Scientific Holsteins, Matt & Mandy Nunes family, Chippewa Falls, 11:00 a.m. September 2011 Classifying in Ashland, Bayfield, Burnett, Chippewa, Clark, Douglas, Florence, Forest, Iron, Lincoln, Marinette, Oneida, Price, Rusk, Sawyer, Taylor, Vilas & Washburn counties 6 WHA Board Meeting, Baraboo 8 Jerland Complete Dispersal, Larry Jerome Family, Barron, managed by Tom Morris Ltd. 24 The Marathon sale, Athens, sponsored by the Marathon County Holstein Breeders October 2011 Classifying in Brown, Calumet, Door, Kenosha, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Sheboygan, Washington & Waukesha counties 1 Junior Award Forms due in WHA office (no award forms will be accepted at World Dairy Expo) 4-8 World Dairy Expo, Madison 7 World Classic, managed by Tom Morris Ltd. 21 Bosside Holsteins Tag Sale, Colby 22 Great Northern 30th Anniversary Celebration, Fond du Lac, managed by Great Northern Land & Cattle Co., Inc., assisted by MD-Hillbrook November 2011 Classifying in Dane, Grant, Green, Iowa & Lafayette counties 5-6 PDCA Youth Leadership Derby, contact PDPW at 1-800-947-7379 December 2011 Classifying in Columbia, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Jefferson, Marquette, Rock & Walworth counties 2 WHA Board Meeting 28-30 Junior Holstein Convention, Eau Claire, hosted by Clark County Other Upcoming Events Feb. 24-25, 2012 Adult Convention, hosted by Waupaca-Waushara Counties July 16-17, 2012 WI Championship Show - Marshfield

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TPI +1722 Milk -232 +.09% +15F +.03% +1P 80%R Type +2.92 76%R UDC +2.31 Foot & Leg Comp. +1.85 DPR +0.6 PL +0.8 SCS 3.07 Calving Ease = 9%

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July/August 2001 WI Holstein News  

The July/August 2011 issue of the Wisconsin Holstein News, featuring the Scientific Debutante Rae cow family, PBR & PGH herds and District 1...

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