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July/August 2012

Volume 84 No. 7

Select Sires Feature Issue Breeder Profile: Dream-Prairie Holsteins District 2 Report

Cybil Fisher photo

Willows Edge Advent Malika EX-92 3-00 2x 365 29,483 4.6 1359 3.14 934 1st 5-Year-Old, Best Bred & Owned and Best Udder of the Show, Senior & Grand Champion of the Open & Junior Show, District 1 Show 2012 1st Junior 5-Year-Old, Midwest National Spring Show 2012 Reserve Junior All-American 4-Year-Old 2011 1st 4-Year-Old & Reserve Senior Champion, Grand National Junior Holstein Show 2011 Reserve Junior All-American Jr. 3-Year-Old 2010 Nominated Junior All-American Jr. 2-Year-Old 2009

Dam: Willows-Edge RI Miranda EX-90 2nd Dam: Willows-Edge Star Maiden EX-93 4-10 2x 365 28,260 4.4 1231 3.2 892 Reserve Junior All-American 5-Year-Old 2004 3rd Dam: Willows-Edge BC Maryke EX-90 3E Lifetime: 3108 200,520 4.2 8516 3.4 6757

Ms Jacobs Sanchez Janna-ET 2nd Sr. 2-Year-Old (1st Jr.), Reserve Senior & Grand Champion of the Junior Show, District 1 Show 2012 Dam: Valleyville Lheros Jenn-ET VG-89 EX-MS Can 3-09 2x 365 33,531 4.5 1505 3.3 1111 All-American & All-Canadian Sr. 3-Year-Old 2008 2nd Dam: Valleyville Integrity Brenna EX-90 2E Can 3rd Dam: Valleyville Lisa Jet VG-88 Can

This Select Sires pair teamed up to take home Champion honors of the Junior Show at the recent District 1 Show.

Premier Breeder: BAA: 111.6% Top BAA for herds 101-150 cows

’05, ’06, ’07, ’10, ’11 Midwest Fall National ’03 World Dairy Expo ’92-’01, ’04-’06, ’09, ’11 & ’12, District 1 ’94, ’96, ’97, ’03, ’05, ’06 WI Champ. Show ’96, ’98, ’99, ’00, ’02, ’03, ’10, ’11 MN State Fair

Henk & Bonnie Van Dyk Jordan & Claire New Richmond, WI 54017 PH: (715) 246-5454

Our-Favorite Anxious-ET VG-85 VG-MS at 2-05 2-00 3x 218 18,381 3.7 680 2.8 509 - due in December to Windbrook Sire: Golden-Oaks St Alexander-ET Dam: Our-Favorite Outburst-ET EX-93 2E 6-03 3x 365 46,890 4.0 1861 3.1 1432 Lifetime: 193,390 4.2 8070 3.3 6343 2nd Dam: Our-Favorite Conceited EX-92 3E GMD DOM 4-08 3x 365 44,330 3.7 1625 3.2 1430 Lifetime: 237,770 3.8 9080 3.4 7971

KHW Alxnder Ayako-ET *RC GTPI +2055 +456NM +3.2PL +2.99T +2.14UDC +3.00FLC - Pregnancies by Alchemy, Ladd-P & Supersire Sire: Golden-Oaks St Alexander-ET Dam: KHW Goldwyn Aiko-ET VG-89 DOM 2-06 2x 365 24,660 6.4 1568 3.8 937 2nd Dam: Kamps-Hollow Altitude-ET *RC EX-95 2E DOM 7-00 2x 365 39,690 4.7 1849 3.3 1310 Lifetime: 144,460 4.4 6295 3.5 5015

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On The Cover YOUR SUCCESS Our Passion is Select Sires’ brand promise. Select Sires’ member cooperatives East Central-Select Sires and NorthStar Cooperative offer Wisconsin dairy producers the most highly trained professional service team in the A.I. industry. Whether you need assistance in selecting the best genetics to meet your goals or help troubleshooting reproductive issues, NorthStar and East Central have the people and network to get the job done. Your success is not only our passion, but, as cooperatives, it’s our PURPOSE! 4–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

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Monroe County Twilight Meeting Thursday, August 16 ~ 7:30 p.m. • Meal & Judging starts at 7:30 p.m. • Door Prizes • Raffle • Semen Auction




hosted by elo ar olsteins Delvyn & Lois Martin & Family 5172 County BC, Sparta, WI 54656 Directions from Sparta: Take Hwy. 16 west to County BC, two miles on County BC to farm on left.

Our newest addition:

KHW Amabel-Red-ET EX-90 EX-MS at 3-11 2-02 353 30,150 2.4 734 3.2 972 • Redliner x Goldwyn Aiko VG-89 DOM x Altitude EX-95 2E DOM x EX-93 3E DOM x EX-94 4E DOM x EX-96 4E DOM August • Purchased at the Regancrest Command Performance, she will be flushed to Redburst - inquiries welcome!

The Vernon County Holstein Breeders invite you to the...

Vernon County Twilight Meeting Friday, August 10, 2012 Meal & Judging at 7:30 p.m. Program, Guest Speaker & Door Prizes at 8:30 p.m. Hosted by

J-Mac FarMs Joe & Darcy McClelland Family • One of Vernon County’s highest averaging herds

S3688 McClelland Lane, Viroqua, WI 54665 Directions to the farm: Take County Y between Viroqua and Westby to the west three miles to stop sign. Continue straight on County Y another mile to McClelland Lane, farm on left. Watch for signs. Our hosts: Josh (18), Jansen (13), Jozie (14), Joe, Darcy & J.J. (16) McClelland. 6–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

Grass-Ridge Steam Ships


5-09 305 37,600 4.4 1659 3.2 1191 Lifetime to date: 235,000 Mr Ships x VG-88 GMD Stoneham with 178,000 lifetime • Pictured after completing 200,000 • Now milking 196 lbs./day • An outcross pedigree! • She has a VG Toystory, milking Millions and a Sheen daughter • A true pleasure to work with!!

It will be a pleasure to have you join the Wood Area Holstein Breeders as we host the 2012 Wisconsin Championship Show, July 16-17 at Marshfield.

G R A S S 5882 County Rd. E Pittsville, WI 54466





wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-7

8–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

From your President -


Todd Stanek Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the summer. As I write this, we have just finished our District 1 Holstein show up here in Northwest Wisconsin. We have had just enough rain and with the early spring we had this year, the crops look great and are as far along as I can ever remember. I love summer and there are a bunch of Wisconsin Holstein events planned for our membership to take advantage of. Join us in Marshfield on July 16 and 17 for our Championship Show or attend the State Fair and our Futurity Show in Milwaukee on August 11. If you like picnics, then Sauk City is the place to be on Saturday, August 25. The Mitch Breunig family and Kevin Jorgensen will be hosting our state picnic at Mystic Valley Dairy. The morning of the picnic, our YAC committee is holding a golf outing at the Baraboo Country Club. Even if you’re not a great golfer but like to laugh - this is a must do event. We had plenty of laughter at last year’s outing. As you can see, we have something planned for everybody and I encourage all of our members to get out to one of these events and socialize with their fellow Holstein breeders. Have a great summer, Todd Stanek

Welcome to These New Members Adult members: James Ziemer, Cedarburg Split Rail Acres, LLC, Waldo Junior members: Austin & Katelyn Henschel, Elkhart Lake Eden Shambrook, Brooklyn Dylan Rowley, Loyal Ashley & Sydney Magnuson, Neillsville Dylan McGowan, Blanchardville Andrea Trost, Livingston Joe Adams, Spring Valley Justin Wachtendonk,, Bloomer Kayla Krahn, Menasha Renita McCluskey, Glenwood City Mitchell Goettl, Bloomer Alek Krueger, Wrightstown Breanna Feit, Bangor Joette Horkan, Reedsburg

By Dennis Devore, Holstein USA Regional Field Rep The Best Deal in Town

Sometimes it amazes me where inspiration comes from. Yesterday afternoon, my wife called me in distress. She was putting some laundry away and noticed that my teenage son’s bed was broken. “No big deal,” I told her. I would look for a replacement on my way home. I stopped at three different places, and coincidentally, all three had the best deal in town, at vastly different prices. This experience led me to reflect on a challenge I run into from time to time. There seems to be an opinion out there that small herds cannot benefit from HOLSTEIN COMPLETE. Some think it only helps large herds or herds that are behind in registrations, but this just isn’t true. Indulge me here as I slip into bedding store huckster mode as I try to explain. Let’s assume we have 40 cows to enroll. Your cost is $18 per cow (40 cows x $15.50 per cow plus $100 herd fee divided by 40 cows). The question is can we recover more than $18 per cow. Let’s see if we can: We can assume that we will get a 50% heifer crop, so that would return $4 per cow for registrations (40 cows x 50% x 8). $18 minus 4, gets us down to 14. Your classification benefit scores you $9 plus another $1.40 for the herd fee ($10.40) that brings us down to $3.60. Your pedigree would reduce it another $5.00, which puts you $1.40 into the black. A year of Tri-Star would add $3 dollars; your membership and a year of the Red Book would add another $2.50, for a grand total savings of $6.90 per cow. I’ve also run a scenario with 30 cows at $19 per cow your savings would be $7.10 per. At 20 cows, the per cow fee would be $20.50, and the return would be $6.55. If you really want to a big return, take your Red Book benefit as the RB+MM computer program. That’s a $250 value that would add another $4.25 to a 40 cow herd. Add in discounts to genomic testing and reduced Rhythms fees and you can plainly see there is a real financial benefit to COMPLETE at any level of enrollment. Now unlike my mattress selling role models, I will point out a potential downside. To recoup these benefits you have to use the programs. If you take advantage of all of the opportunities you will make out well. COMPLETE is a program that lets you take advantage of the best of our best products at a real savings... HOLSTEIN COMPLETE - it really is The Best Deal in Town!!! Just a reminder that the commenting period for the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding’s Business Plan proposal is open until 4 p.m. on July 16 (see Corey Geiger’s article on page 12). By the way, I found a really nice bed at a hardware store. Dennis Devore, Southwest WI & Iowa

Annual Supporters of Wisconsin Holstein Preferred Holstein Enthusiasts

Rural Mutual Insurance Company

Brian Greenman, 920-322-1194

Platinum Sponsors

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The companies and farms noted here are “Annual Supporters” of Wisconsin Holstein events. To be an annual supporter, these companies make monetary and/or in kind donations to various WHA events at certain dollar levels for the year. To join this group, contact WHA today at 1-800-223-4269.

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Dream-Prairie Holsteins Cary & Joy Moser Family, Wesby By Labecca Johnson, WHA Summer Intern

outstanding individuals. The daughters from Spring-Fort Enchantment Jody EX-95 3E were among his top achievements. Jody produced five daughters scoring Excellent, including an EX-91 2E Southwind daughter named Jina with 44,127M 1875F 1407P who influenced the Moser’s embryo sales with sales of embryos to Japan. An EX-92 2E Rudolph daughter from Jody was consigned to the first Regancrest Sale and went on to win the Milking Yearling class at World Dairy Expo for new owners Carrousel Farms. Her Durham baby calf, which also sold that day, would become the high seller of the Top Ten Sale three years later at $33,000. Today there are many members and branches of the Jody’s in the herd. As his journey continued, many other distinguished cows were developed including Dream-Prairie Encore Clover EX-92 2E who hen Cary Moser started farming in 1975 he only dreamed was Cary’s all-around favorite cow in the herd. “She was my favorite of having cows that would make an impact on the dairy because she had an outstanding personality and with all that she industry. Moser, along with his wife Joy, who’s career in emergency went through she was a fighter,” Cary stated. This outstanding cow was Reserve Intermediate Champion as nursing has lead to her current position as EMS educator for Mayo Health Systems, farm near Westby, Wis. They purchased the farm a Two-Year-Old at the 2000 Midwest National Spring Show. As she in Vernon County in 2000 and milk 140 Registered Holsteins, crop began her journey in the show ring she was faced with health issues 550 acres, and carry an inventory of 300 replacements and recipients. and was taken to the UW-Madison Vet School shortly before World Dream-Prairie Holsteins has three full-time employees, two part-time Dairy Expo where they diagnosed that her stomachs were fused together and told Moser that she only milkers, and Cary’s father serves as volhad a few weeks to live. Moser took unteer tractor driver. Clover back home and patiently cared Cary started his dairy career when for her as she fought for her life for nine he was a freshman in high school with years. In those amazing nine years, she the purchase of his very first Holstein. had ten daughters: four Excellent, one “I still have that family. I have one cow VG-89, two VG-88, two VG-86, and that goes back 11 generations to my one VG-85. Today, a granddaughter is very first animal in my barn and they one of the top cows at Dream-Prairie. just keep living on,” stated Moser. After Dream-Prairie Curio-ET, a VG-88 high school Moser rented a farm and Durham with 365 record of 40,757M began the pursuit of his passion of 2013F and 1206P as a five-year old was being a Registered Holstein breeder. the first cow to break the 2000 pound The cow that is pictured on their fat mark for the Mosers. farm sign is one of the founding cows This was only the start to a line that started the Moser’s line-up of of genetics that was outstanding. Excellent daughters. Dream-Prairie Dream-Prairie Encore Clover EX-92 2E Sierra-Acres Charles Sassy EX-90 2E Columbo Brandy EX-93 3E is a homeGMD DOM, known as Charlie to the bred Columbo daughter that had two Moser family, was an addition to the daughters including an EX-93 5E herd that produced 210,000 lifetime. Triple Threat that produced 267,449 She produced four daughters that had 11,422F lifetime. Together, these two a big influence in the herd. The most combined to be All-Wisconsin Dam & influential was Dream-Prairie Encore Offspring. Brandy’s other daughter was Celene, EX-90 2E with a record of a VG-89 Starbuck with 181,507 6-05 32,770 1407F and 1028P and an lifetime, and the dam of EX-93 3E EX-93 mammary system. Celene had Dream-Prairie Durham Brizil. “This a set of Durham twin heifers that are family was one of the first and most currently both scored EX-91 2E. Dreaminfluential, we still have a lot of Prairie Cookie-TW and Dream-Prairie offspring including some by Goldwyn, Cream-TW are identical twins according Shottle and Windbrook from that to genomics. Cookie is scored EX-91 family,” stated Moser. with an EX-92 mammary system and a As they continued to develop their Dream-Prairie Durham Brizil EX-93 3E production record of 4-09 38,472 herd, Moser worked with several


10–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

1956F and 1237P and Cream is scored EX-91 with an EX-93 mammary system and a production record of 5-05 38,862 1945F and 1223P. This outstanding duo has four Shottles, two Talents, a Bradell and Bruno heifers between the two of them, as well as an EX-90 three-year-old Jasper granddaughter currently in the Moser herd. Encore Celene’s maternal sister, Dream-Prairie SS Casper-ET was a September Storm that was scored EX-90 with an EX-92 mammary and production record of 4-08 365 39,101 2028fF 1169P. She has two Mr. Savage heifers. Kingsmill HI Metro Razzle-ET, VG-87 EX-MS, is a potential 13th generation EX and was purchased by Cary and Joy’s son, Logan. She has production credits to date of 134,127M 5.1% 6727F 3.7% 4832P in just four lactations and is due again in September. She has four Bolton daughters, one that is EX, one at VG-88 and two at VG-86; a VG-86 Affirmed; and a VG-85 Advent, all as three-year-olds. Razzle has not only proved her ability as a brood cow, but also has an outstanding record at four years of age of 37,841 5.2% 1977F 3.7% 1341P. “Over her lifetime the averages have been extremely high in both fat and protein production. I’ve never seen a cow family that consistently produces such high percentages consistently from generation to generation,” stated Moser. Moser’s line-up doesn’t stop here. BBVK Goldwyn Cookie-ET is scored VG-87 EX-MS as a two-year-old with a production record of 2-05 37,306 1512F 1211P and is a granddaughter of EX-97 3E Shoremar S Alicia. She has produced a Freddie son for ABS and several VG two-year-olds by Shottle, Jasper, Aftershock & Durable with pregnancies coming by Epic and Superlarge. Another cow in the herd that is in high demand is De-Su 8375-ET, GP-84 VG-MS, a Boliver sister to De-Su Observer with a two-year-old record of 37,397 4.2% 1582F 3.4% 1257P. She has many daughters with outstanding genetics among them including a Sherac at +2284 GTPI, two Shamrocks at +2350 and +2286 GTPI, and a Bookem at +2284 GTPI. She now has 14 daughters currently in the herd and one daughter by Destry sold in the 2011 National Convention Sale for $37,000. Dream-Prairie MrB Replay, VG-87, is a red carrier Mr Burns daughter from RegancrestDL Renita-ET VG-87, the Goldwyn Mosers sold for $50,500 in the 2008 Parade of Perfection Sale from the Regancrest Regina family. As a three-year-old she has a production record of 2-03 365 34,534 1291F 1065P. Replay has produced eight daughters to date; among them is the potential ninth generation Excellent. These daughters by Reality-Red, Durable, and Dusk are the building blocks in Moser’s line of outstanding cows from this family. As you walk through his barn today you will find the massive Dream-Prairie Mr B Beth, a VG-86 two-year-old Mr Burns maternal sister to Dream-Prairie Shadow Boxer. She has a production record of 2-04 35,222 5.1% 1794F 3.7% 1298P. Beth is due again in August with a heifer by Cameron and her son by Regancrest Ravish is at Semex. Her daughter Bethel, a Klassic Big Time daughter that was fresh in March, is currently milking 88 pounds. Her sons by Man-O-Man are currently heading to A.I. with genomic testing of +2431 GTPI +4.18T and +2261 GTPI. This family is one that has shown the potential that they could have an impact in the A.I. industry, with ties running back to the Barbies. Current bulls in A.I. include Bruno at ABS Global, Breaker housed at Semex, with Brett and, of course, Boxer both at Select Sires. More recent herd investments include a VG-85 two-year-old Sanchez from EX-95 RJR Goldwyn 1154-ET, an Alexander from All-American Long-Haven Goldwyn Rochelle EX-92, and a Boxer from EX-96 Tri-Day Ashlyn. Cary not only has outstanding genetics but also runs a herd average of 25,418 1016F and 814P with 146 milking cows. He will continue to head to the barn each morning as he continues on the journey of developing elite genetics and his passion for the dairy industry. Moser along with his wife, five children (Leah, Erin, Megan, Logan, and Courtney) and seven grandchildren have many memories from their involvement in the dairy industry and in their community; they have only missed one District Show in the last 41 years. “We have always been involved in our community with the kids winning awards in the showring and Junior Holsteins and Joy and myself serving as leaders for 4-H, Holstein, at church and for other community functions” stated Moser. With such passion and love for the dairy industry it is clear that the Moser family is on a path that will leave them with many memories and a lifetime of stories to share with future generations.

Sierra-Acres Charles Sassy EX-90 2E GMD DOM

Dream-Prairie Cookie-TW EX-91 EX-MS

De-Su 8375-ET GP-84 VG-MS

Dream-Prairie Mr B Beth VG-86 2Y

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-11

Holstein Foundation Now Accepting Applications for Young Dairy Leaders Institute Class 8 Brattleboro, VT: The Holstein Foundation is excited to announce that applications are now available for the eighth class of Young Dairy Leaders Institute (YDLI)! Class 8 will have on-site meetings in Albuquerque, N.M., in early February 2013 and 2014. Applications are due to the Holstein Foundation office by August 1, 2012, and may be downloaded from the Holstein Foundation web site, www. YDLI is a unique, three-phase dairy leadership program for young adults, ages 22 to 45, who are involved in the industry as active dairy producers or members of allied industry. Utilizing interactive workshops and a hands-on learning approach, along with individual projects, YDLI takes place in three phases over a twelve-month period of time. Each participant develops top-tier skills and the lasting personal network needed to succeed in today’s dairy business. Up to 75 applicants are selected for each class from across North America,

diverse in their backgrounds and roles within the industry. Englishspeaking international applicants are considered. “YDLI was truly was a life-changing experience for me. It is good to know there are so many talented and energetic young leaders in the dairy industry and I am sure the connections we made will help us for the rest of our lives,” said Andy Birch, a YDLI Class 7 graduate and dairy producer from Vermont. Visit the Holstein Foundation web site to view video testimonials from other recent graduates. YDLI is a cornerstone program of the Holstein Foundation. The vision of the Foundation, a 501(c)3 founded in 1989, is “a dairy industry with vibrant leadership.” For additional information, visit and click on “YDLI”, or contact Holstein Foundation Programs Manager Jodi Hoynoski at jhoynoski@, or 800.952.5200, ext. 4261.

NATIONAL DIRECTOR’S REPORT It’s Your Last Chance to Comment on Future U.S. Genetic Evaluations To make a long story short, you have until 4 p.m. on July 16 to comment on the Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding’s Business Plan proposal that will forever shift genetic evaluations from USDA to the private sector. After final comments are received on the Business Plan, all the major players will review them and likely hammer out a deal later this summer. That said, I urge you to go to cdcb_info.html for full details on the five-page Business Plan and the previously released Cooperative Agreement. Do not delay, if you want to give input on the future of your business. I know this is an area of great concern to many of you. And to say the least, if there has been one issue that consumed more of my time representing breeders as an eight-year Wisconsin Holstein Association director, and now as a national director, it is genetic evaluations and genomics. In the meantime, I will share some highlights. On Friday June 15, the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding released its roadmap for operational and financial aspects of how U.S. genetic evaluations might be carried out once USDA takes a step back from providing this service. The five-page Business Plan discusses governance, data flow and collection, as well as future fees to fund the system. The initial budget is projected to be $1.153 million and it will expand to $1.84 million by the third year. As breeders review the Business Plan for the first time, you will want to turn to page 5. It is the chart most of us will want to review quite carefully. It contains the fees (surcharges) above and beyond the current genomic test costs to obtain information gathered on your animal’s genomic evaluations. The proposed fee schedule rewards those who contribute data to the system while it charges higher fees to those who do not participate in production data collection or breed sponsored programs such as classification which are essential to calibrate the entire system. It also places the largest cost center on males which are projected to account for nearly 80 percent of the fees collected. For breeders that have waited nearly five years to get information on their bulls, you can test them for $20 and receive a one-time evaluation. If you find a blue-chipper, and wish to receive continual updates, then you must pay $800 for that privilege. On the flip-side breeders should be able to recapture that expanded fee from semen sales. As stated earlier, all fees move upward on a sliding scale as a participant contributes less data to the system. There are also other important aspects that warrant careful review. Some include: • The fees are subject to change based on the number of tests run (fees collected from those tests) and expenses to conduct genetic evaluations. • The number of voting members for the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding expands from 9 to 12 with a system to further expand the 12–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

group to 14 to include some other allied industry partners (page 1). • It creates a provision to expand the number of nominators (a role currently handled by A.I. and breed associations) for genomic tests. (The nominators are important because they also collect the fees). • It provides a mechanism to continue Material License Agreements with individual organizations and protect data confidentiality. In addition, a provision has been added that seeks independent review of breed association type data. One unresolved question in my mind can be found on page 4 (North American genomic consortium). Our Italian and British friends already have access to our genomic information. Who else may one-day gain access and how will that be determined? As dairy producers, we will have 30 days to comment on the Business Plan (June 16 to July 16). The five-page document along with a one-page explanation can be downloaded by clicking here. Since the Council of Dairy Cattle Breeding has no website, comments can be emailed to one of the nine voting members... or the four Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding officers. Those emails include: Purebred Dairy Cattle Association (PDCA): John Meyer, Holstein Association USA, Neal Smith, US Jersey Association, Chuck Worden, Holstein Association USA, Dairy Records Providers (DRPs): Kent Buttars, National DHIA, Pat Maddox, CA DHIA, Dan Sheldon, National DHIA, National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB): Marj Faust, ABS/Genus < Keith Heikes, Genex, Bob Welper, Alta, Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB): Ole Meland, Chair, Jay Mattison, Vice Chair, Becky Payne, Secretary, Gordon Doak, Recording Secretary, In dairy we trust, Corey Geiger Holstein Association USA, National Director Immediate past WHA President

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-13



Provides millions of dollars of added-value services at little to no cost. The Select Mating Service (SMS), Program for Genetic Advancement (PGA) young sire sampling program, Select Reproductive Services (SRS), on-farm dairy management program support of PCDART and Pocket Dairy, A.I. training, and nitrogen tank fill service are a few of the services. Supports the largest nation-wide dairy progeny testing system, PGA. In this era of rapidly changing technology, genomic evaluations are enhancing genetic selection, however PGA remains a gold standard for the industry’s genetic improvement tools. There are over 3,100 PGA herds across the U.S. representing over 1.1 million cows. Supports one of the most innovative and economical dairy management software programs available in the U.S. PCDART and PocketDairy are unique, affordable, and user friendly programs that are backed by the world’s largest dairy processing center, Dairy Records Management Systems (DRMS). NorthStar’s DHI Services is rapidly expanding and our local team of DHI Information Specialists supports these programs through on-farm support and routine training workshops. Offers a wide variety of herd management products direct to your door. Our partnerships with other reputable agriculture companies allow you to have on-farm access to time tested and affordable products. Industry leading products like Bio Cycle™ direct-fed microbials, Convert™ Calf Direct-fed Microbials, Convert ™ Immpower™ Colostrum Replacer, 4XLA® teat dip, and Ivomec® Eprinex are examples of the reliable products available to help manage your herd. Makes employee development a high priority. NorthStar’s team of employees is over 200 strong and regularly participates in on-line Learning Center activities and team meetings to advance their knowledge, so we can better assist you in meeting your goals! Offers the most expansive lineup of progressive genetics in the world through our partnership with Select Sires. Select Sires is currently home to 21 of the top 50 GTPI active Holstein genomic young sires. Is passionate about your success. As a cooperative, NorthStar is directed by a board of directors which consists of producers just like you. Through their involvement and guidance, NorthStar provides helpful, value added services that businesses run by outside investors would not provide. NorthStar Cooperative offers all of this and more. Visit or talk to your area NorthStar Specialist to learn more about the ways NorthStar can help enhance your profitability.


Enhancing producer profitability through integrated services NorthStar Cooperative’s offerings to northern Wisconsin dairy producers have changed dramatically since our inception in 1944. You may be best familiar with the breed-leading elite genetics NorthStar provides as a member of the Select Sires federation; but we offer so much more.

NorthStar Cooperative...

Has an advanced A.I. reproduction team that creates and enhances reproductive efficiency on your farm. This team offers insemination services, breeding program management, and reproductive evaluation and consulting. Offers the most technologically advanced estrus detection system, SELECT DETECT™ through our partnership with Select Sires. Interest in SELECT DETECT continues to grow and producers using it site labor and financial savings due to the reduction or elimination of timed A.I. programs; as well as increased heat detection and pregnancy rates. Has increased DHI cow enrollment by more than 75 percent in the past 10 years. This growth is well above the industry average and signifies the progressive efforts of our team to enhance the value of management records provided through DHI Services. Utilizes the latest technology to help manage your herd in the most efficient way possible. Our team utilizes RFID technology, including hand-held data collectors, wands and milk vials; along with electronic milk meters, robotic shuttle sampling systems, PCDART, and PocketDairy. Offers you the opportunity to use your regularly collected DHI milk samples for expanded diagnostic testing for Johne’s, leukosis, BVD, progesterone, neospora, salmonella Dublin and contagious mastitis.

1 2

3 4 5

8 9




NorthStar Cooperative Board of Directors (L to R): Lyle Ott, Brillion, WI; Jeff Horning, Manchester, MI; Ken Gasper, Belding, MI; Andy Wolf, Octonto Falls, WI; Brad Crandall, Battle Creek, MI; Mark Ziel, Port Austin, MI; Dana Sue Kirk, St. Johns, MI; Dan Mielke, Colby, WI; Mike Heckaman, Argos, IN; Don Hoffelt, Bruce, WI; Dick Piechowski, Waupaca, WI. Missing from photo: Dave Goodrich, Deer Park, WI and Jason Benthem, McBain, MI.

14–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

Newly released Super Sampler at Select Sires -

Teemar Observer Adam-ET 7HO11504 GTPI +2405 +1764M +67F +55P +7.0PL +3.13T +2.92UDC +1.91FLC


Adam is an early Observer from a very influential cow family, via seven generations VG or EX. He goes back directly to Yarsons Apollo Haven Amber, the dam of Ambition (MGS of Ramos). His 5th dam is Dixie-Lee Aspen EX-92, the dam of Aaron - MGS of many great bulls including Man-O-Man.

His Dam:

Teemar Shottle Aloha-TW VG-86 VG-MS at 2-07 GTPI +2254 +944M +66F +42P +5.3PL +683NM +2.56T 2-02 2x 346 26,602 4.6 1225 3.12 836 Aloha’s Dam: Teemar O-Man Airtime (below) Granddam: Teemar Marshall Arlene-ET VG-86 2-03 2x 365 30,970 3.6 1114 2.9 898 3rd Dam: Dixie-Lee Adrielle-ET VG-85 GMD DOM 4th Dam: Dixie-Lee Aspen-ET EX-92 GMD DOM 5th-11th Dams: EX-93 2E GMD DOM, VG-86 GMD DOM, VG-86 GMD DOM, EX-90 GMD DOM, EX-91 3E GMD, EX-90 2E GMD, VG-85

Adam’s Granddam

Adam’s Maternal Sister

Teemar O-Man Airtime-ET

Teemar Bookem Already-ET


GTPI +2345 +817NM$ +52P • pregnancies by Maurice • Currently on our flush program

GTPI +1986 +968M +39F +34P +4.3PL +500NM 3-02 2x 365 27,250 3.8 1032 3.1 833 • Built to last - easily a future EX O-Man • Embryos exported & on our current flush program

Visit our website at

MARK & JUDI PAUL E1954 Hillside Rd., Luxemburg, WI 54217 920-412-2425 | wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/Au-


Twin Valley Holsteins People with Passion for High Type Cows that Last

estled in the rolling hills of Juneau County, lies Twin-Valley Holsteins, a family-farming operation that holds a deep and proud history of well-known cow families. This Registered Holstein herd has excelled with great success genetically under the ownership and skillful operation of John and Marge Roloff, along with their son John M. and his wife Katie. John and Marge also have twin daughters: Karen, who teaches first grade in Mankato, Minn., and Kristy, who works for UW-Madison Division of Information and Technology. John’s father, Ernest , bought the family farm in 1950. John graduated from Wonewoc-Center High School in 1969. He then attended college at UW-River Falls in 1970. He had always wanted to farm and returned home when a fire burned down the family’s barn. John and Marge have been farming since 1976 and then purchased Twin-Valley Farms in 1980. They now milk 100 cows twice a day in a tie stall barn. John M. and Katie currently own a large portion of the family herd. John M. studied Animal Science with a dairy emphasis at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. Upon graduating in 2000, he returned to the farm with the goal of owning the long standing, successful herd. Katie graduated from Southwest Technical College and earned a degree in Dairy Herd Management. Twin-Valley Farms, has a rolling herd average of 23,000 pounds with a 3.76% and 829 pounds fat and 3.02% and 676 pounds protein. The herd has a BAA of 110.1, with 25 Excellent cows and 36 Very Good cows. While no TMR is feed, each animal is fed an individual ration of haylage, corn silage, high moisture shell corn and a protein mix along with dry hay at night. John is responsible for feeding, breeding, and mating decisions within the family’s herd. John M. and Katie assist with the field work, milking the herd and with mating. The Roloff family stops at nothing to make sure their high producing, high type animals are kept healthy and comfortable, as they utilize mattresses in the stalls that are also bedded with straw. Marge serves


Twin-Val Durham Amanda EX-94 16–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

John and John M. Roloff with the “Queen of the Herd,” Twin-Val Damion D-Lucky EX-94. as the main caretaker for raising and feeding the calves that are housed in individual pens until they are moved to group pens at weaning. They own 420 acres and rent an additional 80 acres to grow all their own feed. The Roloff ’s have a great passion for Select Sires and have been very active in the operations of East Central /Select Sires. John previously served as a board member to the East Central/Select Sires cooperative, while John M. was once an intern at EC/SS while in college. In addition to their involvement with the cooperative, the Roloff ’s enjoy working closely with their Area Sales Manager, Kevin Cox, to keep their herd productive. Their enthusiasm for marketing high quality genetics is something the Roloffs pride themselves in. They strive to keep their herd size around 100 cows, but many animals are sold in sales throughout the Midwest including numerous privately off the farm. As you walk through the Roloff barn, it is evident cows with a combination of great udders and high production are what their breeding philosophy is built on. With type as their main focus, sires currently being used include Durham, Damion, Atwood, Guthrie and Braxton. Newer mating sires include Bradnick, Sanchez, Spearmint and Gold Chip. Most of the animals in the herd carry Durham somewhere in their pedigree but they still use Durham where the pedigree allows. With sincere pride, the Roloffs designate the most influential cow family on the farm to be the “Amy” family. John purchased Oak Cliff Dolan Amy and she had two daughters, Twin-Val Chief Mark Amy EX-92 4E with 296,000 pounds of milk lifetime, and Oak Cliff Clansman Amy VG-89 with 320,000 pounds of milk lifetime. One-third of the cows in the herd can be traced back to these two cows. Oak Cliff Clansman Amy had three daughters, a VG-87 Integrity, a VG-85 Blackstar and an EX-91 Durham. The Durham has a VG Morty along with several others on the farm. The Blackstar has an EX-91 daughter, Twin-Val Mark Wayne Amy who has an EX-92 daughter with numerous granddaughters in the herd. Twin-Val Chief Mark Amy had a VG-87 Encore granddaughter that produced over 100,000 pounds lifetime. Her daughter, Twin-Val Durham Amanda, is an EX-94 Durham that was sold to Regancrest Farms in Iowa. While at Regancrest, she was named Champion of the Midwest Fall National Show in 2007 and was named Reserve

Supreme Champion of the Open Show. Another influential cow family is owned by John M. and Katie, is the “Venus” family. Hi-Line Haven Abbot Venus was scored EX-90 and she has four daughters. Twin-Val Durham Violet was scored EX-93 and is a third generation Excellent. Violet has over 125,000 pounds lifetime and has two heifers, a VG-88 Morty and a VG-88 Adam who is at True-Blue Holsteins. The Roloff ’s favorite cow and queen of the herd is Twin-Val Damion D-Lucky, EX-94. She was named Grand Champion and Best Udder of the District 5 Show. Lucky is out of Twin-Val Morty Levi, VG-86 and the next dam is an EX-91 Granite. The main goal of the Roloffs is to breed high type, excellent cows that are built to last. Traits the farm breeds for are PTAT, Udder Composite, and frame traits with an emphasis on strength. On the horizon, John and Marge are ready to transition the farm to John M. and Katie Roloff and are excited to see what the future holds for their herd.

Twin-Val Damion D-Lucky EX-94


East Central/Select Sires

Your Success, Our Passion – More than a Brand Promise riginally established in 1941 as East Central Breeders Association Cooperative (ECBAC), East Central/Select Sires (EC/SS) has continued to grow and develop its product and service offerings. From providing top of the line genetics for dairy and beef producers throughout southern Wisconsin, to herd management products, to excellent customer service and training, EC/SS primary focus is to work with our member owners to maximize their overall profitability. The cooperative, based in Waupun, Wis., originally serviced the areas of Columbia, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Ozaukee and Washington counties, as well as portions of Dane, Jefferson, Waukesha and Winnebago counties. With the popularity of the Select Sires bull 7HO58 Elevation, the ECBAC Board of Directors decided to buy into the federated cooperative based in Ohio to fill demand for the new leader in Holstein genetics. In 1977, ECBAC became a member of the nationally recognized Select Sires federation. Today, EC/SS covers the southern 28 counties in Wisconsin. The cooperative teams up to employ nearly 100 professionals that are trained to provide superior genetics and top quality service. Our reproductive specialists, area sales managers, A.I. technicians, dairy program specialists (Select Mating Service evaluators) are responsible for bringing the highly sought after Select Sires products to the market place. In addition, these professionals offer a wide array of herd management products to assist in calf care, udder health, reproduction and other aspects of a dairy operation. With our broad range of expertise and continued commitment to the customers we serve, the EC/SS team is able to provide elite service combined with breed leading genetics and cutting edge programs. For many of our customers, their technician is the face that represents EC/SS. With nearly half of our technician force having more than 20 years experience in the A.I. industry, the knowledge and skills needed to provide results for our members is unsurpassed. Today our technician’s tail chalk over 125 herds on a daily basis, as well as perform the heat detection and breeding service. This form of service has allowed our total service numbers to see dramatic growth over the years. With the increased number of breedings throughout our service area, we have continued to grow our team of technicians to nearly 60 highly trained individuals. It is truly the outstanding individuals who are a part of the EC/SS team that make the cooperative thrive and succeed. Yet, the employees would not be able to deliver the outstanding service that they do without the expert guidance of the cooperatives board of directors. Made up of the region’s elite dairy producers and visionary


EC/SS Board of Directors Front, left to right: Dorothy Harms, Sec./Treas., Reedsburg; Steve Abel, President, Eden; Jeff Buchholz, Vice President, Westfield. Back, left to right: Randy Nigh, Viroqua, Rick Adams, Elkhorn, Larry Voigts, Platteville; Jeff Hendrickson, Belleville. minds, the cooperative is extremely fortunate to have the support and involvement of these outstanding individuals. Steve Abel, Eden; Jeff Buchholz, Westfield; Dorothy Harms, Reedsburg; Rick Adams, Elkhorn; Jeff Hendrickson, Belleville; Randy Nigh, Viroqua and Larry Voigts, Platteville all serve on the EC/SS board of directors. EC/SS is committed to providing the highest quality products and services. Through the efforts of our employees, we are and will continue to build on what our organization stands for... Your Success, Our Passion.

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-17

Saturday, August 25 • 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.• Mystic Valley! Join us on Saturday, August 25 for the Wisconsin Holstein Picnic at Mystic Valley. We look forward to this opportunity to introduce you to our herd. Food will be served from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. From 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., approximately 150 cows will be locked for your viewing. A new shop and heifer facility is under construction and we hope to complete it to house our calves by Braxton, Guthrie, Crown, Hero, Atwood and Gold Chip from our signature families.

Jenny-Lou Planet Tasia-ET VG-86 GTPI +2224 +92F +3.34T 1-11 299 28,560 1169 829 inc. Tasia is from an EX-91 Shottle full sister to Trump at Accelerated followed by the VG-88 BW Marshall sister to Toystory and Lou, then Toyane VG-89. She has embryos exported and carries several A.I. contracts. Currently at Sunshine Genetics and has a pregnancy by O-Daddy.

Other Herd Favorites:

Jenny-Lou Jet Stream 2294-ET VG-86 GTPI +1998

Jenny-Lou Gabor 2742-ET VG-86

3-00 365 39,093 4.0 1582 3.1 1235

1-10 202 19,130 723 564 inc.

2294 is Tasia’s sister and has been flushed extensively. She has pregnancies by Epic, Gold Chip, Bradnick and Colt-P and a Dorcy daughter that is due in November.

2742 is one of 10 milking Gabor daughters and recently moved up in score. She is from a VG-86 Toystory with over 49,000M 1837F & 1555P followed by a VG-86 Amateur with over 47,000M. 2742 has a November 2011 Crown daughter and is pregnant to Bradnick.

Jenny-Lou Tornado 2757 VG-85 Fresh 3/10/12 and two months over 100 lbs.

Jenny-Lou Marsh 2069 EX-90

2757 was Allison’s show heifer the past two years and calved in March and is already VG-85. She is sired by Jenny-Lou Shottle Tornado, the proven sire at Accelerated who hails from the highest production branch of the Toyane family. Her dam is a GP-83 2Y Damion and a GP-83 Magna. 2757 has a fancy March Guthrie heifer that Allison is also showing this summer.

Another new EX in June, she is a maternal sister to Tornado at Accelerated and is from a VG-86 Ricecrest Brett daughter of Toyane with 47,150 1797F & 1515P as a Senior 2-Yr-Old. She has a young GP-84 Goldwyn daughter as well as a yearling heifer by Bronco and a Million at Ripp’s Dairy Valley.

18–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

4-00 302 36,140 1521 1123

We enjoy our partnership with Select Sires and also own numerous animals with our friends at East Central; Eric Olstad, David Sarbacker and “Ke-Jo” Kevin Jorgensen. Here is a sampling our partnership ventures.

Wilstar Mich 2312 VG-88 3-03 365 43,870 1789 1301

Da-So-Burn Mich Dezzie EX-91

2312 is the best of over a dozen descendants of 2nd-Look Durham Juba EX-95 GMD DOM. Juba has over 215,000M and was All-WI 125,000 cow in 2008. 2312 is due in late June to Braxton and has two Sanchez daughters and a recently fresh GP daughter by Laurin. Owned with Ke-Jo.

Dezzie is one of our favorite young cows and is due in August to Braxton. Her dam is a VG-86 Goodluck with over 35,000M followed by a VG-88 Blitz with over 36,000M tracing back through the Debbie-Jo branch of the world-renown Dellia’s. Owned with Ke-Jo.

Siemers Lightning Allana EX-90

Melarry Goldwyn Fate

Ms Apples Annesa *RC

1-10 298 25,750 3.6 920 2.9 735

VG-88 DOM GTPI +2008 2-02 365 34,420 3.7 1259 3.2 1093

Green-Corner Laurin Marva EX-92 2-02 365 34,930 4.2 1464 3.2 1134 Marva completes four generations of EX “Lead Mae’s”. Her dam is EX-91 Mich Missy, then Durham Mae EX-92 and Lead Mae EX-95. She has daughters by Damion, Crown and Braxton and has transfers by Goldwyn and Dempsey. Owned with Olstad, Sarbacker and Ke-Jo.

Allana scored EX-90 in June and is from an EX-90 GMD Outside from Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96. She is off to the races and has 4 test days over 120 lbs. and is already pregnant to Zelgadis. She has a February 2012 Guthrie daughter. We admire that every day she gets better and better. Owned with Ke-Jo.

3-03 309 32,910 1205 934

Fate has been our most prolific purchase to date producing over 100 embryos & has embryos exported & sons in AI. She is backed by an EX-91 Durham & an EX-93 Jolt. Her Shamrock daughter recently sold for $16,000 at the Regancrest Command Performance. Fate has 7 daughters at the dairy sired by Bookem, Jives, Hero and Braxton as well as pregnancies by Epic, Explode, Planet, Braxton, Hero. She remains on an intensive ET program. Owned with Ke-Jo.

Mystic Valley Dairy LLC Mitch Breunig

8667 Cty. Hwy. V, Sauk City, WI 53583 608.643.6818 • e-mail: BAA: 106.2% - Top 10 in the nation for 201-300 cows RHA: 425 cows 31,744 3.89 1234 2.99 950

GTPI +2191 Annesa is our Goldwyn from the world famous Apple EX-95 and Grand Champion R&W at World Dairy Expo. She is a full brother to the recently released Apples Armani*RC at Select Sires. She has generated tremendous interest worldwide and is bred to Snazzy *RC & will enter an IVF program later this summer. Her combination of high genomics, Red Factor & fabulous pedigree make her exactly what we are striving for in our breeding program. Owned with Ke-Jo.

Ke-o J

Kevin Jorgensen

801 Winter Ave. • Waupun, WI 53963 920-210-3992 •

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-19

PARADISE-D ALAN GLORIA N.C. 2-02 63 5179 4.2 215 2.9 150 inc. • Fresh March 8 • Windbrook son available Sire: 7HO10059 Mr Regelcreek Shot Alan-ET Dam: Paradise-D Flance Gelacia-ET EX-90 2nd Dam: Paradise-D BWMar Geneva-ET VG-86 GMD DOM 3rd Dam: Plackes SVF Luke Gail EX-92 4E DOM Next 7 generations all VG or EX

PARADISE-D INTEGRITY SICI EX-90 EX-MS at 3-7 2-03 363 27,160 4.2 1146 2.7 725 3-05 337 29,600 4.7 1399 2.8 816 • Daughters by Al & Windbrook Sire: 7HO4213 Robthom Integrity Dam: Paradise-D Lar Sigrid VG-87 2nd Dam: Maryline Form Shelby EX-93 3E DOM

PARADISE-D AL SEVEN-UP N.C. 1-11 158 12,030 4.0 487 2.8 336 inc. • Fresh December 4, due November 6 to Dusk Sire: 7HO10059 Mr Regelcreek Shot Al-ET Dam: Paradise-D Integrity Sici EX-90 EX-MS (pictured at left) 2nd Dam: Paradise-D Lar Sigrid VG-87 3rd Dam: Maryline Form Shelby EX-93 3E DOM

More from Select Sires: • Recently fresh Bogart - GTPI +2192 Dams: GP-84 Baxter x EX-90 Goldwyn x VG-86 GMD DOM BWMar Geneva x EX-92 4E DOM Luke Gail

• Paradise-D Domain Gortini, GTPI +2264 - will be flushed to McCutchen Dams: EX-90 GMD DOM Ramos x VG-86 GMD DOM BWMar Geneva x EX-92 4E DOM Luke Gail

Visit our website for updates from our June 26 herd classification 20–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

Dan & Nancy Pagenkopf

Craig, Ela & Alan • Scott & Haylee • Andrea 4613 County Rd. A, Lancaster, WI 53813 608.723.4017 e-mail:

Visitors Always Welcome

Beth Herges

Thoroughbred Pansy VG-87 EX-MS at 3-07 2-02 2x 365 25,649 3.3 848 3.0 772 3-05 2x 152 13,918 3.4 476 3.1 427 inc. • Sired by Durham Her Dam

Her Granddam

Windy-Knoll-View Pimlico-ET

Windy-Knoll-View Promis-ET

EX-93 2E


2-01 2x 365 21,960 3.4 740 2.9 644

4-08 2x 365 44,120 3.7 1633 3.2 1401 • 15 EX daughters • Next dam Ultimate Pala EX-94 3E DOM

Lang’s Twin Elm Farms, Inc. Fred Lang

2703 Four Mile Rd, Marathon, WI Phone: 715-443-2037 Fax: 715-443-3742 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-21


Edgewood Dairy rowing the herd from 32 cows in 1979 to 410 today, LaVerne and Cindy Lepak, owners of Edgewood Dairy represent the fourth generation of progress for the Portage county farm with the fifth generation working alongside them. LaVerne and Cindy’s children are all active with the farm. Daughter, Tracy (Omernik) is the herdsperson; Joseph is responsible for maintenance and the 1,700 acres of crops, and daughter Crystal (Kunst) feeds calves. Making progress involves utilizing new technology; and that’s what the Lepak family has done with many aspects of their dairy, including the breeding and reproduction program. Using genomic young sires is one of the ways the Lepak’s felt they could progress the herd at a faster pace. “We want to be ahead of the curve on our breeding program,” noted Tracy. “So one of the first steps we took was to invest in a few promising, high genomic females.” In the summer of 2011, the Lepaks purchased four high genomic females carrying the Langs-Twin-B prefix at the 2011 Central Wisconsin Summer Event Sale. The heifers purchased from that sale were flushed, with the resulting embryos being sold abroad, and any remaining ones were used in the Edgewood herd. The heifers purchased at that time included: Langs-Twin-B Atwood Channel-ET with a GTPI of +2061, a Shamrock daughter of Langs-Twin-B Shamrock Sham-ET who is +2379 GTPI, Langs-Twin-B Josey-ET, a +2243 GTPI Observer daughter and Langs-Twin-B Annie-ET who is +2204 GTPI. Along with purchasing high genomic females, Lepaks choose to use primarily high genomic young sires on the Edgewood herd. Through the Select Sires’ Select Mating Service (SMS), cows are matched with high genomic young sires and currently 7HO11331 LITHIUM, 7HO11351 SUPERSIRE, and 7HO11279 MOONBOY are all being used. Lance Rogalla, NorthStar Cooperative reproductive specialist is responsible for the cow and heifer breeding programs at the dairy. “We are really happy to have Lance as part of our team,” said Tracy and LaVerne. “He does a great job.” Heifers are bred based on signs of visual heat detection with gender SELECTed™ semen from high genomic young sires. “We began using sexed semen to grow the herd,” noted LaVerne and Tracy. “We run about an 80 percent conception on it and we’ve only ever had two bull calves. We’re happy with it.” Cows are bred based on data provided from Select Sires’ electronic heat detection system, SELECT DETECT™. Installed in the fall of 2010, the Lepaks decided to invest in SELECT DETECT to help make heat detection more efficient, effective and consistent. “There’s so much to do on the dairy, and we were worried about the complexity and compliance to maintain a synchronization program,” said LaVerne. “We decided to buy SELECT DETECT because we felt it would simplify heat detection and help us do a better job getting cows bred when we are doing other things. We’ve had SELECT DETECT for two years and I believe in it.” Cow comfort at Edgewood Dairy is a high priority and recent improvements have played a major role in increasing the herd’s rolling herd average by over 3,300 pounds in the past 12 months. In November 2011, the herd switched to sand bedding and the cows love it. LaVerne and Tracy mention, “The cows are more relaxed and rest longer with the sand bedding.” The Lepaks believe other significant contributors to the increased milk production are the ability to get cows bred back faster with SELECT DETECT and the advice their nutritionist Dave Strebe provides. Working with Strebe,


22–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

Tracy Omernik, Cindy, Joseph and LaVerne Lepak in the new calf barn. Photo by Sara Harbaugh

the Lepaks have not only experienced an increase in production; but a significant reduction in herd health problems including DA’s and ketosis. Calf care also received an overhaul about five years ago when a new calf barn was built to accommodate the expansion needs of the dairy. The barn includes 52 individual Calf-Tel pens, which allow for more individualized care of each animal and accelerated growth. “The calf barn provides a better growing environment and allows us to better protect the investment we’ve made in genetics,” said Tracy. The progress at Edgewood is ongoing as evidenced by the current expansion project that includes the addition of a 200-stall free-stall barn, which will allow the herd to expand to 600-650 cows. Taking advantage of technologies like genomic information, RFID and SELECT DETECT will assist the dairy in continuing its rich history of progress. “Everyone we work with takes pride in our farm,” agreed Tracy and LaVerne. “Everyone works well together and that will help us continue to make progress in the future as we grow.”

Luck-E Braxton Pacific (VG-88)

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-23

2--00 78d 5250 4.9 258 3.2 170 inc. GTPI +2070 +395NM +3.3PL +3.94T +3.27UDC +3.75FLC ~ Sired by Klassic Big Time-ET ~ Looking forward to seeing the classifier ~ Man-O-Man heifers coming, pregnancies & embryos by McCutchen & Headliner ~ Man-O-Man son going to Select Sires: Dream-Prairie Mom Best, +2431 GTPI +4.18T

Dam: Dream-Prairie Mr B Beth-ET VG-86 VG-MS at 2-08 2-04 2x 365 35,220 5.1 1794 3.7 1298 2nd Dam: Regancrest Gold Bretta-ET VG-88 VG-MS DOM 2-01 3x 365 34,610 4.8 1676 3.6 1249 Dam of 7HO10219 Shadow Boxer 3rd Dam: Regancrest Throne Brandi VG-86 GMD 4th Dam: Regancrest-PR Barbie EX-92 GMD DOM

District 2

Cary & Joy Moser Logan & Courtney Westby, WI • Phone 608-634-3803 24–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

Timza Durham Beauty EX-94 3E 7-01 365 44,880 4.1 1849 3.0 1358 9-04 125 15,769 3.7 581 2.7 427 inc. Beauty is from Miss Conquest Betsy 2E-93 with 27,450 and 121,500 lifetime. Next dams are 4E-95 with 34,150, VG Can and EX Can with over 168,000 lifetime. Beauty has daughters by Sanchez, Jasper, Fever and Palermo. She will be flushed again soon.

Hilrose Advent Allie-Red EX-91 HM All-American R&W Fall Yrlg. in Milk â&#x20AC;&#x2122;09 4-00 263 29,303 3.3 966 2.9 837 inc. Allie is from 8 generations of EX dams. Her EX-91 dam made 46,126. Next dam 2E-91 with over 106,070 lifetime followed by Dreamstreet Enhancer Alicia 3E-94 with over 224,670 lifetime. Allie has a VG Debonair daughter and is bred to Talent.

Hilrose Durham Bobbie Jo EX-93 3E 9-07 187 21,982 3.6 787 2.9 634 inc. Bobbie Jo just scored EX-93 at 10 years of age! She hails from a VG-86 Lee with 34,950. Next dams are EX with over 136,000 lifetime and 2E-92 GMD with 179,750 lifetime. Bobbie Jo has an EX Shottle daughter. Future flushes planned.

RHA: 30,182 3.9F 3.0P 111.3% BAA 22 Year PBR Award Herd 5 Time Herd of Excellence

HILROSE HOLSTEINS Joe & Chris, Andy & Ashley, Jeff & Bonnie Brantmeier

P.O. Box 54, Sherwood, WI 54169 (920) 989-1167 home (920) 989-3276 barn VISITORS AND INQUIRIES ALWAYS WELCOME

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-25

Select Homebred Favorites Hoch-Niedrig Verena EX-90 EX-MS 1-11 2x 318 23,150 4.2 964 3.3 754 2-11 2x 290 24,420 4.1 994 3.2 788 3-11 2x 240 21,870 4.2 927 3.2 700 Sire: Ocean-View Zenith-TW Dam: Hoch-Niedrig Karen VG-85 VG-MS 5-09 2x 339 31,640 3.6 1142 2.9 916 Lft: 160,700 3.5 5593 3.0 4829 2nd Dam: Hoch-Niedrig Louis Madiline 4-01 2x 305 31,000 3.4 1042 2.6 821 Lft: 105,700 3.4 3579 2.7 2819

Hoch-Niedrig Al Dahila GP-82 Sire: Mr Regelcreek Shot Al-ET Dam: Hoch-Niedrig Dante Danica EX-90 EX-MS 2E 5-01 2x 347 32,050 3.3 1070 2.8 898 2nd Dam: Hoch-Niedrig Nicolet 4-09 2x 305 31,230 3.5 1082 2.9 901 Lft: 110,530 3.6 4000 3.0 3292

We are proud of our homebred success with Select Sires - we currently have cows in the herd sired by Al, Eland, Million, Integrity and Socrates and heifers by Boxer and Damascus. We are currently using Mogul, Mayfield, Guthrie, Layne, Magnus and Hero and look forward to more good things to come!

Hoch Niedrig Farm BAA: 106.8% 9 EX • 27 VG • 30 GP

Cliff, Peg & Cyrus Jones 8363 Hwy. 14, Arena, WI 53503 608-574-1458 Cliff • 608-574-0491 Peg

26–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

Beginning in 1977, we have used Select Sires to build success into our Indianhead genetics; Elevation, Mars Tony, Rotate, Chief Mark, Blackstar, Advent, Damion, Durham and Pronto and today, Alexander, Sanchez, Guthrie, Braxton... The success of our breeding program through the years is evidence that they truly offer SELECT sires! Here are three current examples:

Back to the Great Bettys

Indianhead Durham Brietta EX-93 4-06 3x 365 32,915 4.1 1316 3.2 1041 • Daughters by Adolf (EX-91), Stardust, Goldman & Sanchez Sire: Durham Dam: Indianhead Derry Brie EX-93 Gr’Dam: Indianhead Kite Brienne EX-94 3rd Dam: Indianhead Lindy Brie EX-91 4th Dam: EX-91; 5th Dam: EX-94

Another “Tina”

Indianhead Pronto Tessa EX-90 3Y 2-02 2x 365 28,092 3.8 1061 2.9 • Daughters by Atwood Sire: Pronto Dam: Indianhead Milan Tina EX-92 8-11 3x 365 36,340 4.2 1538 3.2 1150 Gr’Dam: C Alanvale Inspiration Tina EX-95

5th Generation Excellent

Indianhead Cher-ET EX-90 3Y 3-06 3x 305 27,849 3.6 1083 2.9 843 • Bred to Dempsey

photos by Lea McCullough

Sire: Advent Dam: Indianhead Champagne EX-94 GMD

Robert & Karyn Schauf

Embryos & Young Foundation Cows For Sale

1659 10 1/2 Street, Barron, WI 54812 Ph: 715-537-9376 Bob’s Cell: 715-790-7202 E-mail: BAA: 111.7% RHA: 81 cows 25,947 3.85 991 3.1 Herdsmen: Mike Mertins & Craig Ross

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-27

B-Long Sassy

• calved 2/1/12 with a Mr Chassity Gold Chip heifer • milking 90 lbs./day Sire: Gen-Mark Stmatic Sanchez 10th generation homebred cow with nine generations of VG and over 30,000M

B-Long Fusion EX-90 2E 4-11 365 45,420 1444F 1282P Over 150,000M to date Sire: Robthom Integrity Dam: B-Long For Mustang VG-88 3-04 365 46,010 Lifetime: 137,400M Gr’Dam: B-Long Aerostar Seven EX-91 3E Lifetime: 317,110M 3rd Dam: EX-91 2E 176,030 lifetime • 1st Jr 125,000 lb. Cow & Production Winner, Midwest National Spring Show 2012

5-Time Herd of Excellence 28–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

Bruce, Brenda, Bryant, Brandon & Bret Long W10016 Fir Road, New London, WI 54961 715-752-3141 E-mail: 10 EX • 30 VG • 12 GP

RALMA DURHAM FIREBALL EX-92 EX-MS GMD DOM 2-05 2x 365 33,800 4.0 1364 3.2 1075 Fireball was a prolific flush cow with more than 75 Registered offspring. She already has 18 VG & EX offspring with more daughters to calve. We will be working with her daughters by 7HO10052 Time and 7HO10904 Colt P as well as Gold Chip pregnancies due in June.

MS LICI-RED-ET VG-88 VG-MS GMD 6-02 3x 365 57,050 3.6 2032 2.9 1657 Lici has sons in A.I. and exported embryos around the world. We will be flushing Lici’s fancy red 7HO8223 Lawn Boy P-Red, Ever-Green-View Luci-Red-ET, who was a recent purchase at the Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale.

We also have a polled, red Colt-P granddaughter of Gateway-Acres Daphne 2E-90 GMD DOM, 2-11 3x 365 46,040 3.7 1721 2.7 1235. We’re looking forward to the July calving of the 7HO9916 BigTime daughter Sandy-Valley Outside Ara 2E-92 GMD DOM. Our May classification resulted in 13 new VG by 13 different sires as well as a Hi Metro daughter receiving her second E.

HOLMLAND FARMS Richard & Grace Piechowski N1060 Hwy. 22, Waupaca, WI 54981 715-258-2757 • Alan Cordes, Herdsman 608-604-0639 7x Progressive Genetics Herd Award Winner wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-29

30â&#x20AC;&#x201C;wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

District 2

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-31


Fustead Goldwyn Guthrie EX-94

GTPI +1975 +398NM +3.11T +3.02UDC +1.75FLC

Fustead Goldwyn Mission-ET

Fustead Goldwyn Marble-ET



2-03 2x 365 31,040 3.8 1195 3.0 945 4-11 2x 305 26,480 3.8 1008 2.8 736

2-04 2x 365 29,010 3.9 1140 3.0 861 5-01 2x 365 35,490 3.3 1179 2.9 1016

~ She had the #1 GTPI Type heifers by 7HO10176 Shot Al & 7HO10052 Klassic Big Time at the same time.

~ Another full sister, Fustead Goldwyn Madison-ET is EX-90.

Their Dam: Regancrest-MWS Brit-ET EX-90 1-11 2x 365 31,080 3.4 1066 2.8 866 2nd Dam: Ms Regancrest Patrn Dee-ET VG-88 DOM 2-03 2x 365 30,670 4.0 1238 3.4 1031 32â&#x20AC;&#x201C;wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

3rd Dam: Regancrest Mellwood Della-ET EX-90 GMD DOM 2-01 2x 365 30,270 4.0 1219 3.0 894 4th Dam: Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95 GMD DOM 7-06 2x 365 35,610 4.0 1431 2.9 1035

Fustead Planet Snowy VG-85 VG-MS at 2-08 GTPI +2265 PTA +2204M +59F +65P +700NM +6.3PL +2.77T +1.94UDC ~ She has numerous embryo & A.I. contracts Dam: Fustead Shottle Suzy-ET VG-85 DOM 2-05 2x 365 29,670 3.9 1160 3.2 954 ~ Numerous high GTPI daughters 2nd Dam: Fustead Oman Shelly-ET VG-85 DOM 4-00 2x 365 33,920 3.9 1333 3.2 1093 3rd Dam: Velvet-View-JK Sarina-ET VG-86 GMD 4-02 2x 365 39,530 3.2 1281 2.7 1083 4th Dam: Sher-Est Prelude Sweet-ET EX-92 GMD DOM 5th Dam: Sher-Est S-Wind Saturday-ET EX-90 GMD DOM 6th Dam: Eng-Our-Acres Mark Sandy EX-91 GMD DOM 7th Dam: Buena-Vista Tony Sandra EX-91 2E DOM 8th Dam: Buena-Vista Riley Sandy EX-90 EX-MS

FUSTEAD HOLSTEINS Brian & Wendy Fust ~ Nicole, Jennifer & Tyler Roger & Darleen Fust R12653 Hwy. N, Wausau, WI • 715-842-5868/Phone • 715-848-0465/Fax wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-33


The ART of Fine Breeding Jeff Ziegler, Genomics Program Manager, Select Sires

elect Sires is committed to being the premier provider of superior genetics, and the addition of the ART (Aggressive Reproductive Technologies) program allows us to gain that genetic edge and better meet the diverse needs of Holstein breeders across the globe. The ART program involves the ownership and control of a Owning a few elite females will assist Select Sires in developing limited number of females with high genetic rank and unique pedigrees that fit the multi-country markets built by our federation. pedigrees. Through this program, creative matings are made to This vast market, with multitudes of breeding objectives continues to expand the genetic variety available to Holstein breeders. be a challenge to fulfill, particularly with the advancement of today’s Developed as the result of the direction of the Select Sires genomic tools. Seed-stock breeders want their matings to produce farmer-owned and controlled board high ranking offspring and while the of directors, the ART program genomic tool aids in this process, it “Through the ART and PGA programs, creates high quality bull calves for also creates more interest in using the young sire sampling (Program for Select Sires will continue to deliver the most same genetic lines, which leads to Genetic Advancement – PGA) that inbreeding concerns. diverse and elite offering of young sires.” complements, and does not replace, As a result, Select Sires broadbull calves that we continue to ened its range of bloodlines from purchase from seed-stock producers. Even with the implementation which future dairy producers can select from. This was done to create of the ART program, the vast majority (about 70 percent) of all calves additional genetic variation and to also utilize new tools to slow down sampled through Select Sires’ PGA are still a result of contract the growing concern of inbreeding facing the Holstein breed today. matings with dairymen like you. Through the ART and PGA In essence, Select Sires is willing to sacrifice a limited degree of programs, Select Sires will continue to deliver the most diverse and genetic rank to provide a wider array of genetics to better fit the elite offering of young sires to our valuable young sire herd users. domestic and international markets. Thus female ownership where Select Sires has complete and unique control of all matings, provides more assurance of meeting this diverse need in the Holstein breed. In 2009, Select set out to purchase a few females and embryos from unique, but genetically superior cow families. This search was done both domestically and abroad to assure only the best genes were acquired to lay the building blocks for the ART program. One of the early success stories of those embryo purchases was the internationally acclaimed Dorcy son, 7HO11314 Mountfield SSI Dcy MOGUL-ET. This unique, high GTPI and high Net Merit calf quickly became a sire father and embryo sire for markets abroad. He was bred by Marshfield Farms in New York, and he and his full brother 7HO11313 MIXER resulted, with no full sibling females. These bulls also reflect how naming will appear, as each ART bull that develops from embryo purchases has ‘S-S-I’ following the prefix of the breeding establishment. An early success story from an actual ART female ownership is the genomic young sire, 7HO11331 S-S-I Domain LITHIUMET. This early, high ranking Domain son resulted from the purchase of an outstanding Bolton daughter, from the exceptional ‘L’ family in the herd of Glen-Toctin Farms. The stylish yearling has now developed into an outstanding, highly thought of cow, for the Jeff Ziegler, Select Sires Genomics Program Manager (right) nationally recognized Brian and Wendy Fust herd in Wisconsin. This is a key component of the ART program, in that even though and Dave Thorbahn, Select Sires General Manager (left), these are high genomic heifers are owned and developed by ART, present Dr. David Faber, Trans Ova CFO (center) a picture of the true litmus test is still for each promising heifer to develop into 7HO11331 S-S-I Domain LITHIUM-ET. LITHIUM a milking bull mother that any breeder would be proud to own. is one of the first big success stories of ART work LITHIUM’s dam is very exciting and additional sons will enter the completely performed at Trans Ova. Select Sires program in the future. LITHIUM is also a good


34–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

example to show how ART matings on females owned by Select Sires, provides bull calves for future PGA sampling and will all carry the S-S-I prefix. While these two genomic young sires have hit the top of many lists, other sires of interest are being PGA sampled or soon will be. Very early sons of 7HO9545 Hero, 7HO9173 Plato, 7HO9052 Morpheous, and 7HO9030 Richman have all been developed from the daughter proven sire ranks. Some very early sons, sired by genomic young sires are sons of 7HO10524 Robust, 7HO10606 Observer, 7HO10849 Shamrock, 7HO10315 Paddy, and 7HO10721 Bookem; all ART developments as well. While some of these sire fathers are also used by seed-stock breeders across the country, it’s how they are mated that will keep them unique from the ART program. The Select Sires belief in creating pedigrees that will have unique characteristics for large scale commercial use is also a deciding factor in how these bulls are being developed. So what lies in the future of the ART program? This is a great question that continues to unfold. As the market changes, we hope to be able to quickly change to meet those new demands. As herds grow in size and demand a different mating approach to fit their management programs, sires will need to be customized to meet these new needs, as well as simplified programs to fully service these accounts. As technology evolves with the genomic tool, owning a few females allows Select Sires to quickly adapt to these new cost effective methods of building the very best set of sampling sires within the industry. As confidence builds in the genomic genetic evaluations that are under constant refinement, the ART program can deliver pedigrees stacked with the newest and most elite proven and genomic young sires with our willingness to take great risk in this pedigree development.

ART is another example of a long line of programs brought to you by Select Sires in our interest in not becoming just another A.I. stud. Superior sires with superior fertility, superior programs to fulfill all customer needs, and superior people to deliver this complete product line have only been enhanced since the introduction of ART to the Holstein program. We are excited about the future and look forward to watching ‘S-S-I’ become part of the Holstein breed success while creating an even more profitable enterprise for you, our end product user. Your success, with our passion will drive the ART program toward even greater developments than what we’ve seen thus far.

7HO11314 Mountfield SSI DCY MOGUL - ET

Debutante’s grandson from Destry’s full sister...

Scientific B Defiant-ET *RC 7HO11596 by Braxton Dam: Scientific Gold Dior Rae-ET EX-92 (by Goldwyn) 2nd Dam: Scientific Debutante Rae-ET EX-92 (by Durham)

Genomic Evaluation 4/2012 +929M +19F (-.05%) +15P (-.04%) +4.19 Type GTPI +1829 HA Comp.: +3.00UDC +2.79FLC +4.20BD +3.27DFM SCS 2.98 PL -.1 DPR -1.8 SCE 10% DCE 5%

Scientific Holsteins Matt & Mandy Nunes and family

11812 120th Avenue, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin 54729 • (715) 288-5838 email: •

Ask your Select Sires representative about DEFIANT! Defiant’s full sister, Scientific Donatella Rae-ET was 1st Winter Yearling & Junior Champion at the WI District 1 Show, June 2012. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-35

CRESTWOOD DURHAM EMMY VG-88 2-07 365 30,440 3.8 1182 3.1 971 3-09 365 34,849 3.8 1318 3.1 1081 5-10 365 35,330 3.1 1112 3.0 1059 ~ 4 daughters by 7HO8165 Million Sire: 7HO5157 Durham Dam: by 7HO4937 Bubba 2nd Dam: by 7HO4164 Jolt 3rd Dam: by 7H01897 Blackstar 4th Dam: by 7HO980 Mark

CRESTWOOD ADVENT CARLY-RED VG-85 2-01 307 24,380 3.8 926 2.8 684 3-01 365 27,218 3.5 975 2.9 799 ~ daughters by 7HO10904 Colt-PRed & 7HO8223 Lawn Boy-Red Sire: 7HO7872 Advent Dam: by 7HO6753 Canyon 2nd Dam: by 7HO6350 Eland

Proud to have worked for and with Select Sires in parts of five decades!

CRESTWOOD Loren & Anita Birkey 11379 School Rd., Wausau, WI House: 715-845-8601 • Cell: 715-573-7655 36–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

PARADISE-D RAGU GARMZAN-RED GP-83 1st lactation 2-04 365 27,620 3.9 1082 3.0 819 • Due in September carrying bull by Paradise-DND Soul • 1st Senior 3 Year Old & Res. Intermediate Champion, District 3 Show 2012 Sire: 7HO09305 RAGU-RED-ET Dam: Paradise-D Pdx Gabriann-Red VG-85 2nd Dam: Pardise-D Jordn Ginnette N.C. 3rd Dam: Paradise-D Brett Galena-ET VG-88 4th Dam: Plackes SVF Luke Gail EX-92 4E DOM Next 7 generations all VG or EX

PARADISE-D DBONR GRACJA-RED GP-84 2Y 2-01 201 16,431 4.1 678 3.0 496 inc. • Due in September carrying heifer by Scientific SS Dusk-ET • Daughter by Dudoc Mr Burns Sire: 7HO09552 DEBONAIR-RED Dam: Paradise-D Soul Gustia VG-87 2nd Dam: Paradise-D Brett Galena-ET VG-88 3rd Dam: Plackes SVF Luke Gail EX-92 4E DOM

Visit our website for updates from our June 26 herd classification Craig, Ela & Alan Pagenkopf

4613 County Rd. A, Lancaster, WI 53813 608.723.4017 e-mail:

Visitors Always Welcome

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-37

38â&#x20AC;&#x201C;wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012



Lirr Drew Dempsey

LPI +2406 TPI +2022 +3.21 PTAT - Ranked in the Top 5 for the last four summaries (twice #1) - Currently the #1 Conformation bull in Canada - He has a Shottle sister with Windbrook calves on the ground

Lirr Special Effect-P-Red

Lirr Special Dual PP-Red

+2115 GTPI +631 NM$ +6.9 PL - #1 Red GTPI & NM$ bull in the breed & he is polled

- #1 GTPI 100% polled bull - ALL calves will be polled

+1850 GTPI +4.0 PL

Both bulls are from a 77HO8223 Lawn Boy dam from the heart of the Derrwyn Special family. Her daughters include a Destry at +1979 GTPI and Homozygous polled red Mitey P and red Icicle P daughters.

All three of these bulls were bred by Ryan and are from Select Sired dams. Special thanks to Select for their interest in our genetics. We are proud to have both Dempsey and Golden in their active line-up. We are excited about our entrance into polled genetics with four polled flush age heifers over +2000 GTPI. Robert would like to thank all of the Wisconsin Holstein Association members’ support and appreciates the opportunity to have served as your national director for the past six years.

Randy, Robert & Ryan Nigh

S6274 Cty. Rd. N, Viroqua, WI 54665 608-675-3442 Farm • 608-606-9178 Ryan 608-698-2633 Robert •

District 2

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-39

Westphalia Durham Beth EX-93 3-07 365 36,229 3.3 1089 3.1 1123 Dam: Westphalia Gibson Betsy VG-86 2nd Dam: Westphalia Stardust Brandy VG-88 3rd Dam: Westphalia Troy Beauty VG-89 4th Dam: Westphalia Bell Billi EX-93 3E GMD DOM 5th Dam: Westphalia Valiant Bell EX-91 4E GMD DOM 6th Dam: Westphalia Astronaut Beatrice VG-88 7th Dam: Westphalia Ivan Chief Betty VG-88 GMD DOM Durham Beth traces back to the first Registered female purchased at Westphalia in 1955. She is due in October with her 4th calf and her offspring have the potential to become homebred ninth generation Very Good and Excellents. We are especially excited about her two-year-old Shottle daughter just fresh in March and we have Goldwyn pregnancies due later this year.

Chuck, Dustin, Eric & Brandy Westphal W6301 W. Byron Rd., Brownsville, WI 53006 Home (920) 922-9309 â&#x20AC;˘ Eric cell (920) 210-5337 E-mail: 40â&#x20AC;&#x201C;wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

Selected I ndividuals to develop our herd Linerway Colby Firefly-ET VG-87 VG-MS 2-00 304 26,100 2.8 745 2.8 724 2-11 335 39,310 3.2 1238 2.8 1096 ~ Sired by 7HO7615 Solid-Gold Colby-ET ~ Firefly is just fresh in April with a Sid heifer calf Dam: VG-85 at 2Y Freelance 2nd Dam: EX-92 GMD DOM Durham from the Juror Faith family

Go-Make Damion Eliminate EX-90 VG-MS 2-04 323 19,200 2.8 552 2.9 567 3-03 365 31,390 2.5 941 3.3 1035 4-06 333 33,330 2.5 822 3.0 1000 ~ Sired by 7HO7004 Erbacres Damion Dam: VG-87 Outside 2nd Dam: VG-88 Road Mark 3rd Dam: VG-85 Blackstar

Ryan-Vu Canyon Echo VG-87 EX-MS 2-01 348 30,330 3.7 1122 3.3 1000 3-05 262 26,750 3.4 896 3.1 830 inc. ~ Sired by 7HO6753 Canyon-Breeze Storm Atom-ET ~ Echo has a Gabor heifer at the farm Dam: VG-87 Gibson 2nd Dam: EX-92 2E GMD Encore, full sister to Electra EX-95 2E GMD DOM with numerous All-American awards 3rd Dam: Elegance EX-96 3E GMD DOM

We look forward to continuing to develop our herd with offspring from the above individuals. We are excited with the potential of these additional young cows: • Ryan-Vu Sanchez Destroy *RC GP-82 at 2Y, dam VG-87 by Talent, next dam EX-93 2E Leduc then Chief Adeen. Fresh in March and is milking 100 lbs./day. • The recent addition of Crescentmead Drm Luck, fresh in March, recently raised to VG-88 and milking 109 lbs./day. • A beautiful breeding-age Alexander granddaughter of Durham Bella. • Sandy-Loam Toulan-Red-ET VG-86 VG-MS, by Lawn Boy from a VG-87 EX-MS Talent from Ms Lava-Red-ET EX-92 2E GMD DOM. Toulan has averaged over 100 lbs./day so far this lactation. 42–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

The Gerritts Family • Greenleaf, WI Tom Gerritts 920-371-0172 Mike Gerritts 920-371-1206

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-43

Brood Cow Power

Webb-Vue Justice Montana

EX-91 6-09 3x 278 44,760 1508F 1099P PTA +1991M +43F +36P GTPI +1928

Montana’s daughter by Alexander

Webb-Vue Alexander Lisette

VG-85 2-00 3x 282 29,334 997F 767P inc. PTA +1766M +48F +29P GTPI +1858

More “Select” Favorites from Montana: • Webb-Vue Shamrock Kayla-ET PTA +2077M +65F +45P GTPI +2373 ~ born 6-14-11 & in our flush program

Webb-Vue Goldwyn Elvira-ET

EX-90 4-11 3x 365 53,410 1751F 1499P PTA +1290M +46F +39P GTPI +2029

Elvira’s daughter by Sanchez

Webb-Vue Sanchez Merna

VG-88 EX-MS at 2-07 2-01 3x 188 17,203 616F 497P inc. PTA +1389M +24F +34P GTPI +1931

Merna’s daughter by Explode: • Webb-Vue Explode Carina-ET PTA +1537M +58F +47P GTPI +2248 ~ Fancy calf with embryo contracts

• Webb-Vue Shamrock Heidy-ET PTA +1788M +65F +42P GTPI +2276

• Webb-Vue Domain Rhonda-ET PTA +2062M +49F +51P GTPI +2181 ~ born 7-13-11 & will be flushed soon


Robert & Peggy Webb

N5328 W. County A, Plymouth, WI 53073 Phone: 920-526-3504 • Fax: 920-526-3385 E-mail: 44–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

SELECTing Something Different from the Everything but Famous Kathryns

Honeycrest Fritz Amber

VG-88 GTPI +1869 1-11 2x 365 30,290 3.8 1153 2.7 819 3-03 2x 365 36,800 3.5 1293 2.6 967 4-07 2x 230 23,846 3.6 860 2.6 628 inc. ~ Milking 80+ lbs./day & due 11-23 to Petrone

~ Her Atwood daughter, Attagirl, was the 4th high seller at the 2012 MN Spring Special at $6000 ~ Another Atwood daughter just fresh, Massey bred heifer, fancy Fever fall calf & 5 pregnancies by Zelgadis ~ Amber’s Massey son at Select Sires: 7HO11160 Honeycrest Masy Ferguson-ET, +2079 GTPI. He has no Super, Planet, Shottle, Goldwyn, Oman, Marshal or Durham Her Dam: Honeycrest Outside Tease-ET VG-85 GMD 2-01 2x 365 31,080 3.5 1098 2.7 837 Next Dam: Honeycrest Patron Tanya-ET VG-87 GMD DOM 3rd Dam: Honeycrest Aerostar Mary-ET EX-90 2E GMD DOM 4th Dam: Honeycrest Blkstar Kathryn EX-90 GMD DOM

A daughter of Fritzland CJ Abe, Amber exemplifies what we are trying to accomplish here at Honeycrest... to breed great performing cows that have the ability to not only become Gold Medal Dams, but bull mothers as well. And all with pedigress that are outcross to most of what’s currently popular.


N6842 Cty BB Spring Valley, WI 54767

neycrest Ho The Traynors

Farms, Inc

715.778.5807 Bob 715.778.5860 Barn 715.977.0499 Cell

Home of the “Everything But Famous” Kathryns wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-45


Nor-Way-Pete Farm ow comfort and genetics go hand in hand in helping Nor-Way-Pete Farms meet their breeding goals. “Our goal is to breed cows that can last five lactations, score Very Good or higher and be trouble free,” said herd manager Dan Cnossen. Owned by Andy, Chad and Mary Peterson, the 250-cow Nor-Way-Pete herd currently ranks among the Nation’s Top 10 BAA Herds at 108.7% for herd size. The herd is currently home to 36 Excellent cows, including five 94 point animals of which there are two DURHAM daughters, one LELAND daughter and one BEST daughter. Besides being high scoring, the BEST is also high producing and will be the herd’s first cow to reach 200,000 in four lactations. “When we choose bulls we look at cow families, udder composite, foot and leg composite and frame,” Chad and Andy Peterson, owners of Nor-Way-Pete Farms, Inc. along with noted Dan. “Select Sires has the types of bulls that sire Dan Cnossen, herd manager and four homebred EX-94 cows left to right, the kind of cows we are looking for - great frames, Four-of-a-Kind Best Peg-ET, Four-of-a-Kind Dur Diamond, good udders and correct feet and legs. That’s why the Nor-Way-Pete Durham Norrie and Four-of-a-Kind Leland Lara. majority of semen we use is Select Sires. I also value Photo by Sara Harbaugh Lynn’s (Harbaugh, NorthStar Cooperative representative) opinion. When we talk he understands my goals and doesn’t waste my time.” other neighbors, were partners in the Four-of-A-Kind Holstein herd Nor-Way-Pete’s breeding program primarily includes proven since 1990. Today, the 100 percent registered herd consists of 80 percent sires. A few of the current service sires for the herd are DURHAM, Nor-Way-Pete animals and 20 percent Four-of-A-Kind animals. A team HERO, GUTHRIE, ATWOOD, ALEXANDER, BRAXTON and of seven people work together to operate Norway Pete Farm, with DEMPSEY. On occasion, a high genomic young sire is used when Andy and Chad being responsible for 950 acres of crops and feeding; they are out of a cow family and a proven bull that sires the daughter while Dan is responsible for the cows. pattern the herd is interested in. Milking daughters in the herd Like DHI testing and classifying, the Nor-Way-Pete team views represent an array of sires including SANCHEZ, MILLION, participating in Holstein shows as a way to measure their progress. ALEXANDER, GABOR, COLBY, DURHAM and MATHIE. In Both 2006 and 2010, Four-of-a-Kind Holsteins earned the Premier Visual heat detection is the backbone of the reproduction Breeder Award at their Wisconsin 4 District Holstein Show. program with Dan walking the cow pens three to four times a day. “At “In my opinion, one of the real benefits of working with Select our level of production, we needed to cut down on the twinning and Sires is the really good relationship I have with their people,” says that’s why we stopped synchronizing,” says Dan. “Twinning has Dan. “I have a lot of respect for their ability to know good cows from reduced 60 percent and of course that means fresh cow health is bad and to understand what I’m trying to do here to breed great cow better.” families. I’ve always felt Select Sires has had the best balance of Fewer incidences of Ketosis and other fresh cow ailments have production and type. Sure there are good bulls everywhere, but Select helped the herd reach its high milk production level. While generating Sires has more than anyone else.” a high rolling herd average isn’t a priority, the Nor-Way-Pete herd still boasts a record on three-times-a-day milking of 30,651M, 1,182F and 909P. Additionally, gender SELECTed semen is used on heifers as a tool to minimize difficult calvings, helping the heifers get off to a better start. Of course along with genetics, cow comfort also plays a role in developing high producing, long lasting cows. In 2002, the farm expanded to its current size and added a double-ten parallel parlor and free-stall barn. “When we built, we made the stalls bigger to accommodate the larger cows,” noted Dan. Additionally, fans are used in the warmer months and the curtain sided barn also helps keep cows comfortable. Three-times-a-day milking is also credited as being important for cow comfort. “If you have high producing cows, 3x milking helps keep the pressure off the udder and keep them comfortable. It also keeps our incidence of clinical mastitis down to a minimum,” said Dan. Prior to 2002, Nor-Way-Pete consisted of a 60-cow herd that was milked in a conventional stanchion/tie stall barn. In 2002, the farm expanded to its current size and facilities and Dan joined the team as Nor-Way-Pete Durham Norrie EX-94 herd manager in 2005. Dan notes that an integral part of creating the 3-2 365 3x 36,046 3.7 1332 3.1 1026 current Nor-Way-Pete herd is that Dan and Andy, along with two


46–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

Four-of-a-Kind Best Peg EX-94 4-05 3x 365 52,450 3.7 1946 3.1 1618 1st 125,000 lb. Cow, Best Udder of Show, Champion Bred & Owned, Senior & Grand Champion, 2012 District 4 Show Sire: Hidden-View Best Dam: Four-of-a-Kind BWM Maci-ET VG 2nd Dam: EX-92 3E GMD Emory 3rd Dam: EX-91 3E GMD Peg is the result of generations of Select breeding. She will hopefully be our first cow to go over 200,000 in four lactations. She is one of four EX-94 homebred cows sired by Select bulls. We have always depended on Select Sires to graduate those “balanced” bulls with outstanding type along with great production. From the days of Elevation and Fond Matt through the years of Blackstar, Chief Mark and Durham to today with Guthrie, Atwood, Alexander and Sanchez, we feel Select has always had the interest of the discriminating breeder in mind. From Charlie Will, Bob Sabo and Lynn Harbaugh we have always received exceptional guidance in our selection of the right kind of bulls. The best guidance I have received from someone at Select was in 1971 when I asked Dick Chichester how to use this new bull Elevation: “Ya’ll use him on a cow in heat!” Some of the best advice I ever received!

NOR-WAY-PETE FARMS, INC. RHA: 3x 252 cows 30,651 3.9 1182 3.0 909 6/11 BAA: 108.7%

Chad & Andy Peterson, owners 715-302-0482 Home of NOR-WAY-PETE & Four-of-a-Kind Reg. Holsteins Dan Cnossen, herd manager Visitors Always Welcome! 715-302-1327 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-47

1751 Cherry Drive, Eland, WI 54427

Level-Plain Book Dizzy-ET +2345GTPI PTA +2128M +53F +67P +751NM +6.4PL +2.58T +2.07UDC +2.41FLC Sired by De-Su 521 Bookem-ET Her Dam:

Level-Plain J Stream Dice GP-84 VG-MS at 2-05 GTPI +1830 +1055M +19F +36P 2-00 2x 365 29,580 2.8 820 3.0 899 Gr’dam: Ron-Nene Burt Dixie-ET VG-85 VG-MS 2-00 2x 365 32,430 3.3 1085 2.9 927 From the Dellias!

Level-Plain Bookem Dell-ET +2188GTPI PTA +1676M +64F +52P +664NM +4.6PL +2.15T +2.29UDC +1.12FLC Sired by De-Su 521 Bookem-ET Her maternal sisters:

• Level-Plain Beacon Deva-ET +2287GTPI +1071M +40F +39P +695NM +6.4PL +2.87T +2.81UDC +2.94FLC

• Level-Plain Gonzo Demi-ET +2398GTPI +1721M +54F +51P +778NM +6.7PL +3.06T +2.75UDC +2.51FLC Her Dam:

Ron-Nene Jammer Destiny-ET VG-86 VG-MS at 3-10 GTPI +2134 +1234M +45F +35P 3-08 2x 365 34,460 3.6 1230 2.9 996 Gr’dam: What-If Garter Danielle-ET VG-86 GMD DOM 2-01 2x 365 33,530 4.0 1331 3.0 995 From the Dellias!

Level-Plain Moman Camile-ET +2162GTPI PTA +1500M +48F +55P +680NM +5.4PL +2.0DPR GP-82 at 2-03 Sired by Long-Langs Oman Oman-ET Camile’s Jives heifer calf Central Wisconsin Summer Event will be selling in the Thursday, July 26 • Marathon, WI Central Wisconsin Summer Event. Level-Plain Jives Carmi-ET +2347 GTPI +1360M +56F +54P +810NM +7.6PL +2.06T +1.87UDC +2.64FLC Her Dam: Lake-Effect Brt Cuteness-ET VG-85 VG-MS at 3-06 Lifetime: 1221 118,560 3.4 4072 2.9 3460 Gr’dam: Lake-Effect Marthn Camille VG-85 GMD DOM At Level-Plain Holsteins we believe being different is worthwhile. We focus on breeding animals with unique sire stacks while developing pedigrees that will complete with the best. Modern animals with genetics you can depend on.

Level Plain Holsteins Keith & Nicole Nettekoven

N8350 Kesler Rd., Menasha, WI 54952 • 920-989-3773 • 48–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

VG-85 VG-MS at 2-07 GTPI +2098 1-10 365 25,850 4.0 1024 2.9 750 PTA +1534M +46F +38P +584NM +5.4PL +1.83T +1.89UDC ~ by 7HO8081 Ensenada Taboo Planet-ET Dam: Crest-View-Acres Key Swirl VG-88 5-09 2x 327 33,984 3.6 1220 2.8 852 inc.

Silka is fresh again and looking great! We would welcome inquiries for embryos. Visit our website,, for photos of other family members. Silka Daughters: • Crest-View-Acres Sherry • Crest-View-Acres Sprint-ET • Crest-View-Acres Silk-ET • Crest-View-Acres Sunrise • Crest-View-Acres Solo • Crest-View-Acres Shandy

by Manifold, GTPI +2182, born 10-26-10 by Super, GTPI +2149, born 6-20-11 by All-In, GTPI +2058, born 11-1-12 by Jives, GTPI +2323, born 1-4-12 by Supersonic, PTPI +2257, born 4-14-12 by O-Style, born 5-24-12

Silka Sons:

2nd dam: Stripes Finley Senora 2E-92 DOM 5-00 2x 365 38,100 3.5 1332 2.8 1057

• Crest-View-Acres Severus-ET • Crest-View-Acres Spruce-ET • Crest-View-Acres Scotty-ET • Crest-View-Acres Solo-ET • Crest-View-Acres Simon-ET

by Super, NM +658 at Accelerated by Super, NM +719 at ABS by Super, NM +731 at ABS by Robust, NM +838 PL +8.8 GTPI +2372 at Accelerated by Supersonic, GTPI +2257

Steve & Kay Holte

E7166 Tri-State Rd., Westby, WI 54667

District 2

Ph: (608) 634-4545 Cell: 608-632-1598 Fax: (608) 634-2549 e-mail: Herdsman: Mike Hall (608) 632-1509 Visitors Welcome wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-49

Families Matter

Jeffrey-Way Tullion EX-90

Jeffrey-Way Geneva-ET EX-92

2-02 365 33,048 3.6 1206 3.3 1093 Sired by Erbacres Damion

• Res. Junior All-Wisconsin Senior 3 Year Old 2010

Dams: EX-91 x EX-94 Hunter Teardrop x EX Mark Toni

4-07 279 30,515 3.7 1131 3.1 954 inc. Sired by Regancrest Elton Durham Dams: EX-94 GMD BW Marshall Gerti x EX-92 GMD x EX-93 GMD DOM x EX-92 DOM

Jeffrey-Way Tarita-ET EX-92

Jeffrey-Way Saphire VG-88

3-01 365 38,813 3.3 1311 3.1 1208 Sired by Jenny-Lou Marshall P-149

GTPI +2005 *RC *PO 2-05 365 32,664 4.0 1312 3.4 1100 Sired by Aggravation Lawn Boy P-Red

Dams: EX-92, 3rd Dam VG-88 then Format Tate EX-93 GMD DOM

Dams: VG-89 x Convincer Tranquil EX-92 x Format Tate EX-93 x EX-93 x EX-91 x EX-92

• Junior All-Wisconsin Senior 3 Year Old 2011

~ Heavily contracted & currently in our flush program ~ Believed to be the highest GTPI *RC *PO cow on the April run ~ Flush aged Red *PO Advent daughter

50–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

at Jeffrey-Way Jeffrey-Way Tish-ET EX-93 3-03 324 32,628 3.8 1250 3.2 1032 • Grand Champion, WI Championship Show Junior Show 2008 • Grand Champion, WI State Fair Junior Show 2008 • Reserve Grand Champion, District 6 Junior Show 2008

~ Daughters by Pronto, Sanchez & Guthrie

Jeffrey-Way Taliyah-ET EX-92 6-01 365 37,161 3.7 1373 3.2 1171

~ Daughters by Lou & Alexander Their sire: Regancrest Elton Durham Dam: Format Tate EX-93 GMD DOM 2nd Dam: Tripoli EX-93 2E GMD DOM 3rd Dam: Tina EX-92 2E GMD DOM 4th Dam: Mark Trudy EX-91 5th Dam: Bell Tiffany VG-87 6th Dam: Mars Tara EX-90 7th Dam: Wayne Taffy EX-93

Their full sister Tamiko was recently raised to EX-94. The Format Tate family is the cornerstone of our herd with 90% of the herd from this family. Progeny from this family continue to be in demand worldwide for embryos for breeding purpose. Select Sires has been a big part of this success as the pedigrees are loaded with Select Sires’ bulls.

N9385 Co Hwy CC, Belleville, WI 53508 Ph & Fax: 608-424-6382 Jeff cell: 608-636-3177 e-mail:

JEFFREY-WAY HOLSTEINS Jeff and Kate Hendrickson & Family

RHA: 27,028 3.75 1012 3.16 855 BAA 112.0% 40 EX • 29 VG • 1 GP Progressive Breeder 21 years wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-51

52â&#x20AC;&#x201C;wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

0 T EX-9 Honey-E y o R e dg Welsh-E


e Heid

Welsh-Edge Norman Harmony EX-91

i EX-9 0

Welsh-Edge Gingerheart-ET EX-92 3E DOM 9-03 2x 363 30,630 3.4 1030 3.0 926

191,451 lifetime to date

- Heifers by Mystical, Laurin & Alexander & bred back again We are excited about Gingerheart’s granddaughter: Welsh-Edge Al Hysterical +1976 GTPI

by Mr Regelcreek Shot Al-ET ~ Due August 25 to Ecoyne Isy & contracted ~ Pregnancies & embryos available by Glen-Toctin Super Large ~ Selling a 1st Choice Superlarge at The Marathon sale, September 8

Her Dam (pictured): Welsh-Edge Strmatic Hype-ET VG-88 VG-MS Durham Gingerheart’s offspring continue to shine, generation after generation. She has 20 classified daughters including 2 at 92, 3 at 91, 3 at 90, 2 at 88, 4 at 87, 1 at 86, 2 at 85 and 3 GP 2-year-olds. These daughters are sired by Astronomical, Roy, Stormin Norman, Tribute, Stormatic, Windy-Knoll-View Plaid and Pine-Tree Spearmint and we are looking forward to more good things with the next generation as they calve in.

BAA: 107.9% Dist. 2 Premier Breeder ’10 & ’11 Dist. 2 Premier Exhibitor ’10

Welsh-Edge Holsteins “Breeding & Feeding for Longevity”

Ralph & Sheila Petersheim & Family Viroqua, WI 54665 (608) 675-3893 e-mail:

District 2

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-53

Some of our Select Sires favorites making an impact at Rickland Holsteins

Rickland Plnt Catherine

VG-85 GTPI +2180 +1775M +58P +.85FLC 2-00 166 17,211 3.2 558 2.9 345 inc.

~ milking 120 lbs/day, projected at 30,000M

~ Sired by 7HO8081 PLANET Catherine is contracted by everyone that sees her. She is from a 7th generation EX Shottle from the Roxy family. She was flushed to Lexor for a Select contract with 7 embryos implanted and has a Kramer bull contracted to Germany. She is the modern kind with milk, protein AND plenty of type.

Her Dam (pictured): Terra-McCree PS Coupon-ET VG-87 DOM 4-05 365 35,340 3.5 1248 3.0 1062 2nd Dam: Poly-Kow Durham Candy-ET EX-91 3-08 365 35,990 3.3 1183 3.0 1075

Two High Outcross Robusts at Rickland Rickland Robust 3817-ET *TY

Rickland Robust 3821-ET *TY

+942M +89F +46P GTPI +2377 +789NM +5.3PL +.4 DPR +4 DCE +2.81T +2.36UDC +2.92FLC

+931M +63F +41P GTPI +2349 +795NM +6.8PL +1.0 DPR +4 DCE +2.58T +2.60UDC +2.44FLC

Their Dam:

Rickland Ramos 2684-ET

VG-85 2-05 365 32,401 4.5 1465 3.4 1101 Ramos 2684 is due July 25 to 7HO11203 LAYNE. She has a Rickland Trumpet son at Select. Her dam is a VG Toystory then EX Titanic and a VG-88 Addison. She also has one Epic born in May. 2684’s full sister also has a Robust son at Select Sires that has just been released. Both 3817 & 3821 will be flushed to Planet & OMan sons this summer.

Rickert Bros. LLC Home of Rickland Holsteins

Jim & Kelly, Greg & Laura, Andrew & Shannon, Don & Lila Rickert Eldorado, WI 54932 • • 920-872-2982 • Greg cell: 920-948-5150 RHA: 1000 cows 28,600 3.5 1000 3.0 864 ~ 17 Year Progressive Genetics Herd Award 54–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

Rickland Planet 2970-ET VG-85 GTPI +2207 +1535M +81F +700NM 2-01 224 19,127 4.2 795 3.0 566 inc. ~ milking 105 lbs./day, projected over 1100 fat Planet 2970 has two Uno pregnancies and is still being flushed for a Select contract. Her GP-83 sister, Planet 2975 has a 7HO10582 Jeeves Paul daughter that is +2300 GTPI and two pregnancies by 7HO11452 Parish. Both of these Planet sisters have plenty of contracts to fill. Their dam - from the Pandora Family

Rabur Gold Pluck EX-91 GTPI +2091 4-05 365 41,090 4.4 1798 3.3 1336 Pluck has early pregnancies from McCutchen and a Supersire due this fall for Select Sires. Pluck also has three O’Cosmo pregnancies due in November, she is due to calve in August to Super Large and has three Shamrock sons over +2230 GTPI available.

Rickert Bros. LLC Home of Rickland Holsteins

Jim & Kelly, Greg & Laura, Andrew & Shannon, Don & Lila Rickert Eldorado, WI 54932 • • 920-872-2982 • Greg cell: 920-948-5150 RHA: 1000 cows 28,600 3.5 1000 3.0 864 ~ 17 Year Progressive Genetics Herd Award wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-55


Endres Berryridge Farms, LLC Utilizing Programs that Breed Success for Dairy Operations uilding relationships and finding strong business partners passionate about the dairy industry like, East Central/Select Sires, has been one of the keys to the success of Endres Berryridge Farms, LLC of Waunakee, WI. Their operation is home to the third generation of three brothers and their families that have combined their interests, efforts and enthusiasm for dairy farming to build and maintain a highly effective dairy operation. In 1958, the brothers’ parents, Donald and Lucille purchased the 160-acre farm with 58 cows from Donald’s dad. Since that time, the business has expanded through the purchase of more land and expansions to the facilities. In 1996, the farm transitioned from a stall barn to free-stall housing and in 2006 the parlor was added. Currently, they are milking 350 cows, with a rolling herd average of 29,154M, 4.12% 1184F and 3.01% 878P. With the short-term goal of maintaining to marginally growing their herd size, the current facilities consist of a double 13 parlor and a six-row free-stall barn with enough housing to raise their young stock. The brothers behind Endres Berryridge Farms, LLC include Steve, Jeff and Randy. Steve and Randy team up to manage the dairy herd, as well as make the breeding decisions. Jeff oversees the care of the agronomy and equipment end of their business. The brothers take pride that the next generation enjoys the business and is active on the farm and involved in showing dairy cattle at the local, district and state level with much success. At Berryridge you will find a high level of quality Holstein genetics in this 100% identified herd. There are currently two standout cow families in the herd. The first stems from Ke-Jo Hi Metro 1920ET, EX-91. She has a top record of 4-07 3x 365 46,110 3.8 1730 2.6 1212. Her dam is VG-88 and her granddam is 2nd-Look Durham Juba EX-95-2E-GMD. Hi Metro 1920 currently has daughters by Sanchez (3), Guthrie and Colby.


Ke-Jo Hi Metro 1920-ET EX-91 56–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

Randy, Steve and Jeff Endres Another family of interest includes Berryridge Oman 1030-G, VG-88. Completing a two-year-old record 31,950, 4.9 1570 and 3.3 1067, she is one of the highest Genomic cows at Berryridge. She has a GP-83 Planet daughter that is contracted to Select Sires to 7H11203 Layne. Currently, all female offspring from the Planet are A.I. contracted. The Oman herself still carries an A.I. contract to Layne for Select Sires. The Endres’s are currently using a number of genomic Super Samplers through the use of Select Mating Service (SMS) program, including Gold Chip, Mogul, Bradnick, Mayfield, Petrone, Shamrock, Bookem, Observer and GW Atwood. Proven sires include Guthrie, Crown, Braxton, Hero, Shot, Dempsey and Planet. Randy commented that they like to use bulls with good type traits that sire sound cows, with dairy strength that will last for multiple lactations. Their twoyear-old pen currently consists of daughters predominately from Colby, Million, Sanchez, Alexander and Pronto. They will soon be calving daughters by Gabor and GW Atwood.

East Centra/Select Sires... Partnering for Your Farm’s Success

It is the people behind the product that have contributed to the changes in reproductive success at Endres Berryridge Farms. Kevin

Berryridge Oman 1030-G VG-88

Jorgensen, Director of Dairy Programs, with East Central/Select Sires has worked closely with the owners at Endres Berryridge Farms for the past 13 years providing both mating recommendations through the Select Mating Servce (SMS) and reproductive consulting with Select Reproductive Solutions (SRS). Kevin suggested Select Detect to the Endres brothers in early 2011 prompting them to learn more and do a thorough analysis. East Central/Select Sires brought together a team to discuss it. The team included, Kevin, Jeremy Konen, EC/SS A.I. Technician for Endres Berryridge Farms, Phil Dieter, EC/SS Reproductive Specialist, the herd’s nutritionist and veterinarian, as well as other key members of their team. The decision to implement the Select Detect system became an easy choice knowing that people with the passion to do the best for the herd were standing behind the product. One benefit of the program is the top-notch technical support provided by East Central/Select Sires. Randy stated, “The technical support that is provided from East Central/Select Sires is unmatched and has really made a difference when working with the system.” He continued, “Our technician, Jeremy, works so well with the system and is in tune with the cows, along with recognizing and helping us work toward our herd goals.” The relationship that Endres Berryridge Farms has with East Central/Select Sires and its professional work force branches over into other areas of the business as well. The opportunity to work with Hernando Duarte, East Central/Select Sires Bilingual Trainer, arose to increase communication and problem solving skills among the staff at Endres Berryridge Farms. After a few meetings and the building of a relationship with the employees of Endres Berryridge Farms, Randy noted that “Hernando has been an asset to our farm, the employees are comfortable with him and they understand each other very well.” He continued, “this is a solid working relationship that has fit a need within our operation.”

Select Detect Success

Heat detection is a vital component of any herd’s reproductive program and plays a major role in the profit of the herd. This is no different at Endres Berryridge Farms, LLC. With goals of getting more cows pregnant, culling cows on a voluntary basis and to improve the genetics of their herd overall, all while increasing milk production, Select Detect became a natural addition to the tools that Berryridge relies on to maintain a successful dairy operation. Endres Berryridge installed the heat detection system in April 2011 and the success that they have seen with Select Detect speaks for itself. Their herd’s pregnancy rate has increased over five percent and the overall conception rate of the herd increased eight percent since installation. Not only did they see increased pregnancies but a cost savings using 112 less units of semen on their herd in the first 12 months of using Select Detect. The success that Select Detect has brought to Endres Berryridge Farms can be broken down even further. Since the installation of Select Detect the conception rate on two-year-old cows has increased six percent, while conception rate on mature cows has increased nearly 10 percent. The Select Detect system has proven to be an excellent tool that Endres Berryridge continually relies on to maximize their heat detection. They have been able to detect more cows in heat with a higher level of accuracy, all while saving on labor and reproductive drug costs. While Endres Berryridge, LLC has seen many changes since its beginning, the brothers continue to have a firm breeding philosophy in place for creating high producing, high type cows that will last a long time. In conjunction with East Central/Select Sires, the future is bright and the opportunities are endless for this Dane County family farming operation.

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-57

Our “Select” Ravens

Deervue-Acres Rapunzel-ET

Deervue-Acres Rita-ET

VG-85 VG-MS at 2-11 GTPI +2150 PTA +779M +64F +33P +732NM +7.3PL

VG-85 VG-MS at 2-09 GTPI +2053 PTA +926M +62F +32P +624NM +5.8PL

2-00 2x 365 34,080 3.9 1320 3.1 1051 - contracted to Select, pregnancies by Gold Chip, Epic, Mogul & Lithium and calves on the ground by Gold Chip, Epic & Ross (Ross at +2300 GTPI) Sire: 7HO7712 Velvet-View-JK Socrates-ET

2-06 2x 302 27,639 4.9 1368 3.5 976 inc. - pregnancies by Numero Uno, due in January to Lithium Sire: 7HO7712 Velvet-View-JK Socrates-ET

Deervue-Acres Ruby-ET VG-85 VG-MS at 2-05 GTPI +1934 PTA +117M +57F +18P +421NM +3.5PL

Their Dam: Deervue-Acres Raven-ET EX-90 EVVVE 2E DOM by Boliver GTPI +2030 +574NM +4.9PL

2-02 2x 300 21,031 4.9 1048 3.6 760 inc. - contracted to Select, pregnancies by Mayfield & due in January to Lithium Sire: 7HO8221 Golden-Oaks St Alexander-ET

5-00 2x 365 42,170 4.6 1947 3.3 1403 - due in September to Shamrock, daughters due in July by Planet & Alexander and calves on the ground by Gold Chip & Shamrock

2nd Dam: Deervue-Acres Outside Robyn VG-87 GMD DOM 3-11 2x 365 40,100 4.8 1941 3.2 1280 3rd Dam: Deervue-Acres Rudlph Olivia VG-85 5-04 2x 365 25,030 5.4 1345 2.7 710

Raven’s Sons at Select Sires: Deervue-Acres RENEGADE 7HO10650

Deervue-Acres RICHMOND-ET 7HO11173

GTPI +1964 PTA +692M +54F +31P +451NM +2.6PL +1.80T +1.35UDC +2.96FLC

GTPI +2191 PTA +1058M +94F +44P +617NM +3.4PL +2.88T +2.20UDC +2.58FLC

BAA: 108.4% RHA: 190 cows 23,014 3.9 907 3.2 742



58–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

Jim & Kim Henschel Sarah, Austin & Katelyn W7031 Hickory Lane, Elkhart Lake, WI 53020 920-876-3610 • e-mail:

Bosside Rvn Victoria-Red *PO

Will be scored in August

2-02 138 9583 4.1 3.97 3.1 293 inc. - Lawn Boy x VG-88 Advent x VG-86 Sept. Storm x EX-92 Durham x EX-92 Rudolph x EX-95 Blackstar Raven - Her natural Logo heifer calf is PP - Her RED & Polled Larson is already at Semex - 1st flush for Semex with Curr-Vale Destined resulted in 2 male pregnancies; 2nd flush for Accelerated with 7HO11477 McCutchen - 7 embryos; 3rd flush for DairyBullsOnline with Pine Tree Relief P *RC on 6/27 & 4th flush for Select Sires Other Select Sires bulls we used were 7HO10606 Observer, 7HO10920 Gold Chip, 7HO10849 Shamrock, 7HO11138 Maurice, 7HO11477 McCutchen, 7HO11314 Mogul, 7HO11331 Lithium, 7HO11419 Headliner and 7HO11351 Super Sire. For the Red and Whites, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re using 7HO10904 Colt-P-Red, 7HO11030 Dakker *RC, 7HO1163 Ladd-P-Red & 7HO11309 Any-Red.

We hope to have 50-60 lots for our Tag Sale on October 19 - the Lord willing. John & Tineke Boschma H4370 Townline Rd., Colby, WI 54421 PH: 715-223-0534 Fax: 715-223-1114 E-Mail: RHA: 42 cows 26,631 1050F 808P For more news, check out our website wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-59

60â&#x20AC;&#x201C;wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

Ever-Green-View Elegance EX-92 EEEEE 2-05 3x 365 35,130 3.7 1306 3.3 1165 6-04 3x 365 62,430 4.5 2820 3.3 2053 ~ 2nd National Fat & 3rd National Protein ~ According to Holstein World, she is the #1 combined fat & protein cow in the U.S. in the past 15 months. She is #2 for milk during that period. Sire: O-Bee Manfred Justice-ET Dam: Ever-Green-View Elegant-ET EX-91 3E GMD DOM 6-01 3x 365 53,910 4.1 2231 3.3 1754 Gr’Dam: Ever-Green-View Elsie EX-92 2E GMD DOM 4-09 3x 365 52,580 4.4 2313 3.5 1827 legance is probably the world’s best all around Oman daughter. She just completed a 62,000 pounds of milk record with over 2800 pounds of butterfat. Elegance completes 5 generations of Excellent homebred cows that average well over 50,000 pounds of milk, E 2000 pounds of butterfat and high protein also. ALL these generations are scored Excellent, Excellent in the mammary, and are Gold Medal Dams and Dams of Merit. This has never been done before in the Holstein breed. Elegance also has two outstanding two-year-old daughters, both scored VG-87 and with VG and EX mammaries. This is the same cow family as the world record cow, My 1326. This is the BEST we have to offer and should be a positive influence on anyone’s breeding program.

Farnear Shottle Favorite-ET VG-87 88-MS 3-03 3x 365 55,170 4.2 2292 3.1 1702 ~ 3rd National Milk & 3rd National Fat Sire: Picston Shottle Dam: Fly-Higher the Franchise-ET VG-86 VG-MS GMD Gr’Dam: Ralma Durham Frisky-ET VG-88 VG-MS GMD DOM Her son: 7HO11273 Ever-Green-View Fonsy-ET (by Super) GTPI +2313 PTA +1200M +8.3PL +750NM +2.54T +2.47UDC +2.15FLC ~ #20 GTPI bull at Select Sires in December 2011 Favorite comes from one of the premier cow families in the US today. She milked over 190 lbs. for several months on her way to her 55,000+ three-year-old record. Favorite is contracted to Semex, Select Sires and possible other contracts pending. Favorite was just recognized as the 3rd ALL-TIME HIGH Junior three-year-old in the U.S.!!

Tom & Gin Kestell & Sons Joel, Clay & Chris

W4672 Co. Hwy. N, Waldo, WI 53093 Ph: 920-528-7063 Fax: 920-528-7428 e-mail: 2011 BAA: 110.2% - #1 BAA for herds over 130 cows Current RHA: 35,444 4.0 1413 3.15 1115 true protein wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-61


Wisconsin, a Major Source for Select Sires’ PGA Sires by Charlie Will, Holstein Sire Manager and Scott Culbertson, Sire Analyst, Select Sires isconsin continues to be a leading source in the U.S. for elite young sires to enter Select Sires’ progeny test program, the Program for Genetic Advancement (PGA) and proven sires into Select’s active lineup. We seek bulls bred in Wisconsin because the state has many elite cow families and outstanding breeders who are great to work with. Wisconsin breeding programs produce top genetics for many different breeding desires, high type, great production with fitness traits, as well as Red and/or Polled Genetics. Today, the Select Sires active lineup includes 37 proven and high genomic young sires that are available to dairy producers throughout the U.S. 7HO8743 Scientific DUSK-ET*RC EX-94 is a premier type bull for all colors! One of the early sons of the popular Debutante Rae-ET, EX-92, you know her stellar show career and Roxy pedigree. DUSK is a breed leader for feet and legs at +3.24 FLC. He’s a sire father who has crossed over to the show ring as well siring the Reserve Junior Champion at World Dairy Expo this past year. Known for siring huge rib cages and great dairy strength, his popularity is growing as more calves start to mature! Huge components, the added red color, and breed leading feet and legs, make DUSK a popular bull around the world! 7HO9173 Bomaz Potter PLATO-ET VG-88 represents everything that the Bomaz breeding does! Great commercial sized cows that benefit your bottom line! Bred by brothers Bob and Greg Zwald, PLATO is a great seller at Select! Almost +2000 for GTPI, this early Potter son x VG-87 Manat x EX-90-2E Finale crosses so well on many popular bloodlines. PLATO sires average size cows, with good dairy strength, strong udder attachments and a deep crease! And 6% CE just adds to this customer satisfaction bull! 7HO9264 Lirr Drew DEMPSEY VG-86 debuted as the premier GLPI bull in Canada when released. Bred by brothers Robert and Randy Nigh of Lirr Farms in Viroqua, this unique bred

Goldwyn son x VG-88 Derry x EX-90 Mtoto sires way more strength and power yet has the big sweep of rib and chrome to their mammaries like Goldwyn. A great component bull and well over +3.00 for Type, this Canadian proven bull through Select Sires PGA - Canada program will make great long lived cows with show ring style as his calves start to head to the show ring! 7HO9357 Bremer Allegro MAXUM-ET is unique in A.I. as he is one of very few bulls that have risen in his TPI value ever since released! Bred by Ferdi Seeuws of Sheldon, MAXUM brings a different pedigree for a +2081 GTPI bull with his sire being Allegro x VG-87 Blitz x VG-88 Rudolph! MAXUM is a great sire for health traits and high conception, yet sires cows with slightly above stature and clean boned with silky udders. The kind that get better with age and it’s reflective in his proof each sire summary! 7HO9420 Fustead Goldwyn GUTHRIE-ET EX-94 and his maternal grandsire Blitz, Select Sires #1 lifetime semen selling bull, are bred by Brian and Wendy Fust of Wausau. GUTHRIE is the #54 TPI sire on Holstein’s Top 100 List and also ranks #2 for Type and UDC of all the Top 100 TPI sires. Brian had the foresight to buy a choice flush sired by Blitz, from the Regancrest Patron Dee cow, a granddaughter of Della herself, the dam of Durham. Combining Brian’s breeding, Blitz with Regancrest Della’ family was the magic cross that resulted in Brit, an Excellent Blitz daughter that produced over 31,000 lbs. of milk as a senior yearling. Brian mated Brit to Goldwyn which turned out to be a magic cross that resulted in GUTHRIE and two Excellent and one VG-88 full sisters. Fustead is now building on the next generation with a +4.00 GType daughter of GUTHRIE’s Excellent full sister, sired by 7HO10052 TIME, an exciting high GTPI and GType sire likely to graduate in August of 2012 as a proven sire. Like Durham, GUTHRIE is a high type calving ease sire. GUTHRIE calves are fancy and growthy, and sure to make many high scored daughters, and many that will also show.

7HO8743 Scientific DUSK-ET *RC daughter: Crave Dusk Penny 6262 1st Fall Calf & Res. Junior Champion of the Junior Show, 2011 Midwest National Spring Show Roseanne Crave, Waterloo, Wis.

7HO9173 Bomaz Potter PLATO-ET daughter: Diedrichs Plato 21-Grade Daniel Diedrich, Fond du Lac, Wis.


62–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

7HO9545 Siemers Toys HERO 9701-ET EX-92 ranks #27 on Holsteins Top 100 TPI list at +2026 and is #1 for Type and UDC among Holsteins Top 100 TPI sire list. HERO is bred by Siemers Holsteins of Cleveland, a herd known for beautiful cows that give lots of milk. HERO’s impressive dam, Durham Hast had an amazing high wide rear udder - you could almost see it from Lambeau Field 50 miles away, and she knew how to use it. Hast produced an impressive 46,270 lbs. of milk with 4.4%F 3.2%P as a senior-two-year-old. HERO’s daughters follow his dam’s eye popping conformation traits. HERO’s exceptional components, solid fitness traits, and off the chart conformation traits make for a very popular sire. Based on HERO’s high genomic prediction, Select Sires used him as a mating sire for sons a year before he received his first daughter proof and it paid dividends, resulting in 7HO11329 DAYSTAR, the first HERO son to be sampled in A.I., and out of none other than Ronelle Outside Dabble-ET EX-91. 7HO9754 Matt-Dari Sharky DAYTON-ET EX-92 is bred by Matthiae Dairy Farm, of Marathon and is the #39 TPI sire on Holstein’s Top 100 list. Maynard Matthiae and his grandson Jason are in charge of the genetic program, and they like to breed high producing, good looking cows. You will most certainly be impressed when you walk through their tie stall barn and see a barn full of great uddered cows with very correct feet and legs, and they all look like milk. DAYTON has two Excellent maternal sisters that make a pair of fifth generation Excellent’s in this amazing home bred herd of cows. If you believe in cow families you will enjoy a visit to see the cow family that created DAYTON. DAYTON is best known as a high production sire with over +1,300 Milk, +.10% F and +.02% P, yet maintains a nice +1.95 T. DAYTON gets cows pregnant as evidence of his high +1.7 SCR. DAYTON can be considered an outcross sire as he has a Shottle, Goldwyn and Planet free pedigree. 7HO10904 Sandy-Valley COLT-P-Red-ET is bred by the Bauer Brothers of Sandy Valley Farms in Scandinavia and is the most exciting polled and Red bull in the breed since his semen release in 2011. Still over +2000 GTPI, COLT-P-Red has raised the bar for top Red and Polled genetics. COLT-P-Red has been used extensively as a mating sire for sons, as well as a flush sire for embryos. The COLT-P-Red calves are fancy and some are sure to be hitting the tanbark this summer. He has also been very successful in siring high genomic offspring. Used early as a sire father, Select already has sons over +2300 GTPI. COLT-P-Red offers so much more than most Red bulls... he is polled, +700 Milk, has exceptional fitness traits (2.75 SCS, +5.3 PL, +1.5 DPR) and offers impressive udder (+2.31 UDC) and feet and legs (+2.07 FLC). COLT-P-Red is a prime time sire to use for summer breedings. His +4.1 SCR says he will get cows pregnant.

7HO11103 Mr GoldNOaks MAGNUS-ET VG-86 is bred by Marbella Syndicate of Barneveld. John Swenson of Gold-NOaks Farm is one of the primary owners and the breeder of the Marbella cow family. The Marbella cow family is an impressive type family; all the cows for five generations are big and strong with exceptional width and depth, ideal feet and legs, and outstanding udders. Marbella herself was the first +4.00 genomic type cow in the breed. She is from an EX-94 dam and earned VG-89 the first time she was scored. Marbella has three VG first lactation Ramos daughters and three VG first lactation Active daughters. She can make outstanding type daughters from sires not known to sire high type. That’s the power of a cow family. MAGNUS makes Holsteins Top 100 GTPI sire list and made Select’s sire of sons list early. He already has sons nearly +2400 GTPI, evidence he can make the high ones. High components (+.11% F, +74F, +.09% P, +62P) and his impressive type (+3.44 T, +2.46 UDC, +2.73 FLC) makes it easy to want to use this 7% CE sire throughout the herd. 7HO11173 Deervue-Acres RICHMOND-ET is an impressive young bull that classified Excellent at exactly two years of age. Bred by Jim Henschel of Elkhart Lake, RICHMOND is one of highest GTPI sons of his very popular second crop sire ALEXANDER. RICHMOND’s dam’s cow family is known for their consistent ability to transmit moderate stature, strength and width throughout, great feet and legs, snugly attached udders, and very high components. RICHMOND has a full sister and four

7HO9264 Lirr Drew DEMPSEY daughter: Jendo Dempsey Blanche VG-85 Doug & Melanie Nifong, Orfordville, Wis.

7HO9420 Fustead Goldwyn GUTHRIE-ET daughter: Heeg Bros Guthrie 6520 GP-81 Heeg-Bros Dairy LLC, Colby, Wis.

7HO9545 Siemers Toys HERO 9701-ET daughter: Siemers Hero Kara 12618 EX-90 Siemers Holstein Farm, Inc., Newton, Wis.

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-63

maternal sisters that scored VG as two-year-olds, and they are by four different sires, evidence that the cow family is consistently shining through. RICHMOND is expected to follow his cow family traits with an impressive +.24% F +.04% P, moderate stature, great udders (+2.06) and great feet and legs (+2.60). He also gets cows pregnant as evidenced by his impressive +3.2 SCR. 7HO11179 Teemar Observer ADAM-ET is bred by Mark Paul of Luxemburg. ADAM’s dam, Shottle Aloha, and granddam, O Man Airtime, are pees in a pod with moderate stature, great dairy strength, exceptional feet and legs and welded on udders. They are the kind of cows that last forever. ADAM will rank with the breeds best genomic young sires with over +2400 GTPI. ADAM is strong on all the traits most dairyman appreciate including: high production (over +1,700 Milk), plus for F% and P%, high PL, low SCS, 7% CE and around +3.0 on Type and UDC. ADAM will certainly be a sire of sons, as well as a flush sire for the embryo market. 7HO11203 Kellercrest Super LAYNE-ET is bred by Kellercrest Registered Holsteins, Mark and Tim Keller of Mount Horeb. LAYNE ranks #11 among the high TPI genomic young sires. His dam, Shottle Loni is Excellent and is the ideal combination of dairy and strength, as she easily produced back to back 41,000 + milk records. She also has a tremendous set of feet and legs which help her get around and compete in a large free stall operation. LAYNE has very impressive genomic information, over +1,500 Milk, exceptional fitness traits (2.64 SCS, +8.7 PL, +1.6 DPR) and is 7% CE. Add to this his impressive type credentials of (+2.97 T, +3.10 UDC, +2.47 FLC) and he makes for a very balanced breeding bull. Select has used LAYNE as a mating sire, and the first sons are just being born. 7HO11273 Ever-Green-View FONSY-ET is bred by Tom Kestell of Waldo, a herd that has one of the highest herd averages

7HO9281 Badger Bigshot-ET daughter: Nehls Bros Bigshot 13505-Grade Nehls Bros Dairy, Juneau, Wis. in the nation. Tom demands a lot from his cows and he expects them to always work hard, yet they have the really good udders and feet and legs it takes for a cow to last a long time. FONSY’s dam, Shottle Favorite, produced over 55,000 lbs. of milk as a three-yearold, and the next three dams all are over 33,000 lbs. milk. Having Durham in the pedigree as the third dam and Juror Faith herself as the fourth dam adds confidence that FONSY’s genomic predictions could be for real. FONSY makes Holsteins Top 100 GTPI list of genomic young sires with semen available. He fits the needs of many dairymen looking for a more moderate statured cow with good type

More Wisconsin Bred Sires at Select Sires Proven Sires 7HO9550 7HO9424 7HO9281 7HO7428 7HO9270 7HO9356 7HO9429 7HO9265 7HO8704

Super Sampers 7HO11589 7HO11327 7HO11106 7HO11407 7HO11309 7HO11192 7HO11107 7HO11019 7HO11497 7HO11110 7HO11102 7HO11100 7HO11495 7HO11596


Bomaz, Inc. John & Judy Swenson Larry Meyer Bomaz, Inc. John & Judy Swenson Dennis Rozmarynoski Heather Henschel Lirr Farm Honeycrest Farms, Inc.

Hammond Barneveld Unity Hammond Barneveld Denmark Manawa Viroqua Spring Valley


Matthew R. Johnson Floyd & Lloyd Baumann & Fred Lang Thomas M. Anderson Edward Peck Edward Peck Synergy Farm LLC Don, Randy & Richard Hamm Second-Look Holsteins, LLC Kenneth H. Larson Crystal Siemers-Peterman Marbella Syndicate Heatherstone Ventures Kenneth H. Larson Matthew Joseph Nunes

Baldwin Marathon Ogdensburg Mount Horeb Mount Horeb Pulaski Fredonia Eden Downing Cleveland Barneveld Baraboo Downing Chippewa Falls

64–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

(+2.47 UDC, +2.15 FLC), he offers exceptional fitness traits (2.50 SCS, +8.3 PL, +2.8 DPR) and is 7% CE. 7HO11308 Straussdale SSI DOM ERIE-ET is bred by Mariah Strauss of Straussdale Holsteins in Lake Mills, and is a herd that through early genomic testing identified an up and coming elite cow family. In 2009 genomics identified Planet Ella, as the #1 GTPI heifer in the breed. She later developed into a VG-87 two-year-old that completed over 37,000 lbs. milk, 1,385 F and 1,075 P. Today Ella ranks as the #6 GTPI milking cow in the breed. The second dam is a VG-86 Shottle with over 29,000 milk and the third dam is an EX-92 Spike daughter with over 36,000 milk. Spike was a Durham son at Select also bred by Straussdale that turned out well but did not quite have high enough numbers to graduate into the lineup. ERIE, an early Domain son, will likely be just the first of many outstanding sons of this outstanding cow family. ERIE’s GPA shows good production (over +1,400 Milk), solid fitness traits, CE, and outstanding conformation traits (+3.15 T, +2.89 UDC, and +1.98 FLC). 7HO11345 Mr GoldNOaks SUPERBOWL-ET is also bred by the Marbella Syndicate of Barneveld and out of the great Marbella cow family. SUPERBOWL is appropriately named after the Green Bay Packers impressive 31-25 win in Super Bowl XLV over the Pittsburg Steelers. Just like the Packers, SUPERBOWL is destined to be great, sired by Super, a highly ranked proven sire, and from the very consistent Marbella cow family. If he matches his genomic predictions, this Top 100 GTPI sire will sire a lot of milk (+1,600), impressive fitness traits and just as impressive type (+3.48 T, +2.73 UDC, +2.33 FLC). SUPERBOWL is a popular mating sire for sons and a flush sire for the embryo market. 7HO11487 Sandy-Valley THOR-ET is a high genomic Observer from the heart of the Tory family at Sandy Valley Farms. Terry Tory EX-93 has been an amazing brood cow with nine Excellent offspring from seven different sires. THOR already has

a maternal sister by Domain over +2400 GTPI so this family will continue for many generations to come. THOR has a rare combination of high milk (over +1,600) and high DPR (+1.4). THOR is a Top 100 GTPI sire with 2.72 SCS, +7.1 PL, 6% CE, +3.03 T and +2.75 UDC. 7HO11488 Sandy-Valley BRANSON-ET is a Top 50 GTPI sire also bred by Sandy Valley Farms. BRANSON hails from the great Regancrest Barbie family, one of breed’s greatest type transmitting cow families. BRANSON is the result of adding a touch of fitness traits with Ramos and a big time production Planet son as the sire in Observer. BRANSON is the best combination of his pedigree and with high components, great fitness traits (2.80 SCS, +6.8 PL, +1.6 DPR, 6% CE) and +2.96 T and +2.97 UDC. BRANSON is a mating sire for sons. 7HO11585 Sandy-Valley STERLING-ET makes a very elite stop at #17 on Holsteins Top 100 GTPI list at over +2400. Also bred by Sandy Valley Farms, STERLING’s dam and granddam are the highest producing dam and daughter pair ever at Sandy-Valley Farm. So it is no surprise with Planet as a MGS and Bolton as a MGGS that STERLING is expected to become a major league production sire. With over +2,100 Milk, +.08% F, +93 F, +.02% P and +68 P, STERLING will compete with the top of the breed, and his +3.21 T, +2.72 UDC, +2.18 FLC and 7% CE make him a sire father for sons, a popular flush sire for embryos, and an easy bull to use in any breeding program.

An Update from Sugar Creek Adding Time-Tested Genetics to the Herd Hendel Shottle Miami-ET VG-88 EVEVV GMD DOM GTPI +1814 50k 4-05 3x 365 37,400 3.4 1226 2.8 1056 • Miami’s dam is Durham Mitzi, EX-90 GMD DOM with 42,810M & next dam VG-88 with 42,360M. Sticking with our philosophy on time-tested genetics, we purchased Miami’s 7HO10524 Roylane Socra ROBUST granddaughter - a September 2011 heifer with GTPI +2009 and from an Alexander dam with 4 Robust sons going to A.I., all over +2300 GTPI. Stop by & visit - we like visitors!

Rick & Marleen Adams N5663 Hwy. O, Elkhorn, WI 53121 • Phone: 262-728-0702 • Cell: 262-374-0793 email: RHA: 618 cows 32,625 3.96 1293 3.12 1015 May 2011 classification: 403 head 104.4% BAA 4 EX, 102 VG, 219 GP & 78 G wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-65

66â&#x20AC;&#x201C;wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-67

68â&#x20AC;&#x201C;wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

AI & INDUSTRY NEWS ABS Global ABS Global Introduces 2012 Summer Interns

DEFOREST, Wis.: ABS Global, Inc. has named Cara Biely the progeny promotions intern, Jordan Simonson the advertising and promotions intern and Tiffany Langteau the dairy performance program intern for the summer of 2012. As the progeny promotions intern, Cara Biely will be responsible for tracking and preparing ABS Global progeny for picturing opportunities. She will also help to coordinate daughter tours. “We are very excited about the expertise Cara will bring to ABS. She has been very involved in the dairy industry and we welcome her perspective in dairy genetics,” stated Josey Morris, U.S. progeny promotions supervisor. Biely has a wide array of experiences in the dairy industry, including being an owner of Car-Cor Holsteins with her brother. She is attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in dairy science where she was the dairy science communications and marketing intern. She participates in various student organizations including Badger Dairy Club, the Association of Women in Agriculture and the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA). As the advertising and promotions intern, Jordan Simonson will be responsible for various outreach initiatives aimed at sharing the ABS story with dairy farmers across the globe. “Jordan will be instrumental in executing many marketing tactics this summer,” stated Brenda Gilbertson, advertising and promotions manager. “He empowers a strong passion for marketing with industry knowledge and we are eager to utilize Jordan’s skills while he gains experience to supplement his education.” Simonson is a junior majoring in life sciences communication and agricultural and applied economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He previously was the communications intern for UW Discovery Farms and works during the school year as the student marketing assistant for CALS Career Services. This past year he was a part of the University of Wisconsin-Madison NAMA Marketing Team where they placed fourth at nationals with their

plan to market an artificial insemination product. As the dairy performance program intern, Tiffany Langteau will be responsible for developing educational tools for the ABS sales force related to Genetic Management Services® (GMS), Technical Services and uddercare solutions. “Tiffany is a great addition as the dairy performance program intern. With her many experiences at a breed association and her family farm, she will bring new ideas to the GMS®, technical and reproductive services areas to better service customers and increase herd profitability,” said Emily Novinske, Data Manager. Langteau is a junior majoring in dairy science and agricultural marketing and communications from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. She was the intern for the National Red and White Dairy Cattle Association and is the marketing manager for Cinn-Apple Holsteins. She is very active in the University of Wisconsin-River Falls Dairy Club and an active member of the Red and White Dairy Cattle Association.

Select Sires Brown Joins Select Sires as Communications Specialist

PLAIN CITY, Ohio: Select Sires has hired Danielle Brown as sales and marketing communications specialist. In this role, she will manage the writing and production of Select Sires’ customer newsletter, Selections; coordinate all press releases; and work closely with the sales and marketing team to promote Select Sires’ many programs and services. Brown, a native of Wisconsin, will be based at the company’s headquarters in Plain City, Ohio. “I am delighted to welcome Danielle into the Select Sires family. With impressive internship experiences at Vita Plus and Hoard’s Dairyman, and a strong passion for the dairy industry, I sincerely believe she will be a great asset to the sales and marketing team,” stated Lyle Kruse, vice president of U.S. market development for Select Sires. Brown is a recent graduate of the University of WisconsinMadison with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science in Dairy Science and Life Science Communications. During her time at the university, she was a member of the dairy judging and dairy challenge teams. She also took an active role in the Badger Dairy Club, Association of Women in Agriculture and National Agri-Marketing Association.

B REEDER B USINESS C ARDS KRANZDALE SALES, INC. Dairy Cattle Buyer & Broker • Auctions & Appraisals

DALE & JOEY KRANZ Want to have a sale? Call us! N3931 O’Connor Rd. • Columbus, WI 53925 Ph: 920-623-2246 • Cell: 920-960-2566 • Fax: 920-623-0435 e-mail: WI Registered Auctioneer #1008-52 Animal Dealer License #124006-AD

Rickert Bros. LLC Home of Rickland Holsteins

Doug, Linda, Corey & Tammy Hodorff N3832 Hwy. W, Eden, WI 53019

Jim & Kelly, Greg & Laura, Andrew & Shannon, Don & Lila Rickert Eldorado, WI 54932

Tel: (920) 477-6800 • Fax: (920) 477-2520 E-mail: • Tel: 920-872-2982

Stop in anytime for a second look!

RHA: 975 cows 28,091 3.5 1001 3.0 844 17 Year Progressive Genetics Herd wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-69

District 2 District 2 Report Watch for your chance to advertise & promote your county association in future issues. The September issue will feature District 1.

Buffalo County

2012 Adult Membership: 17; Jr. Membership: 5 Adult Association officers - President: Eric Moe; Vice President: Andy Engstrand; Secretary: Billie Dittrich; Treasurer: DonDittrich. Junior Association officers - President: Jordon Dittrich; Secretary: Tessa Bragger; Treasurer: Korlen Dittrich; Junior Advisor: Don Dittrich.

Jackson County

2012 Adult Membership: 32; Jr. Membership: 10 Adult Association officers - President: Jerry Schmidt; Vice President: Charlie Bue; Secretary/Treasurer: Sara Larson. Junior Association officers - President: Bailey Larson; Secretary: Grace Curran; Junior Advisors: Dan & Carla Stetzer.

LaCrosse County

2012 Adult Membership: 33; Jr. Membership: 19 Adult Association officers - President: Randy Holthaus; Vice President: Jeff Heuer; Secretary: Jason Heuer; Treasurer: Jody Hoyer; Jr Advisor: Randy & Linda Holthaus. Junior Association officers - President: Cole Hoyer; Secretary/ Treasurer: Ranae Holthaus.

Monroe County

2012 Adult Membership: 51; Jr. Membership: 11 Adult Association officers - President: Bryan Stremcha; Vice President: Lee Pierce; Secretary: Adam Schmitz; Treasurer: Keith Giraud; Directors: Beth Leis, Mike Parr & Jamie Waege; Junior Advisor: Amy Schmitz. Monroe County will be holding their annual Twilight Meeting on August 16 at 7:30 p.m. at Delo-Mar Holsteins, Delvyn & Lois Martin’s, Sparta.

Trempealeau County

2012 Adult Membership: 28; Jr. Membership: 11 Adult Association officers - President: Bob Hart; Vice President: Alan Lundberg; Secretary: Shelly Hart; Treasurer: John Giemza; Junior Advisors: Amanda Killian & Larry Nelson. Junior Association officers - President: Megan Nelson; Secretary: Chris Killian; Treasurer: Reece Lehman. Our kick off for the 2012 year started with our annual membership meeting which was held at the Alan Lundberg family farm located in Osseo. After a wonderful potluck meal, the Lundberg’s offered a farm tour. We thank the Lundberg family for hosting the event and look forward to scheduling more Day/Twilight meetings in the future. In addition, the Trempealeau County Holstein Breeders will continue to offer a Two-Year-Old Futurity class at the county fair. As far as the junior involvement, Trempealeau County had six juniors attend the state convention back in December. We are excited to see the junior involvement and wish them the very best in state Junior Holstein competitions and events. Other junior involvements for the year will include the following events: Cow Camp, District 2 Holstein Show, National Holstein Convention, Fitting and Showing Clinic on July 9, County Fair, WI State Fair as well as local sponsored events. Most of all, we appreciate all of our members and their efforts in reorganizing our county group over the past couple of years. We are a group dedicated to promoting the Holstein breed and also hold great support towards our youth group as they are the future of our organization.

Vernon County

2012 Adult Membership: 49; Jr. Membership: 23 Adult Association officers - President: Joe Harbaugh; Vice President: 70–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

Randy Nigh; Secretary: Gary Thompson; Treasurer: Anna Wendorf; Directors: Steve Holte, Paul Buhr. Junior Association officers - President: Colin Landis; Vice President: Katherine Swenson; Secretary: Katherine Larson; Treasurer: David Petersheim; Historian: Courtney Moser; Junior Advisor: Cary Moser. The Vernon County Holstein Breeders hold several annual events including a county sale in May, member banquet, District Show, twilight meeting and golf outing.

Tank Talk To compliment our District report District 2 each month we present this column reporting what bulls some breeders from that District are using in their herds.

Indies-View Farm, Melrose, Jackson County Jerry & Jan Schmidt

RHA: 55 cows 2x 20,653 4.13 852 3.17 655 BAA: 111.1% Currently using: Glenn-Ann Palermo-ET Karona Gold Luster-ET Lirr Drew Dempsey Toc Farm Goldsun Gillette Windhammer-ETS Pine-Tree Sid-ET Indies-View Legend-P-Red-ET Lawnboy x EX-91 Sept Storm x EX-93 3E Arnell Elegant

Wisconsin-Bred Bulls Into A.I. ABS Global

★ Mr RosylaneLLC Macon-ET *TL TV TY sired by Sully Altameteor-ET; dam is Rosylane-LLC Ramos 3562. Bred by Rosy-Lane Holsteins, Watertown. ★ See-More-View Arkyn *TL TV sired by Schillview Oman Gerard-ET; dam is See-More-View Planet Acorn. Bred by Merlin & Peggy Rohm, Seymour. ★ Rosylane-LLC Jazzie *TL TV TY sired by Laeschway Jet Bowser-ET; dam is Rosylane-LLC Ramos 3417. Bred by RosyLane Holsteins, Watertown. ★ Sandy-Valley Terris-ET *TL TV TY sired by Long-Langs Oman Oman-ET; dam is Sandy-Valley TS Terra-ET, classified GP-81. Bred by Sandy Valley Farms, Stevens Point. ★ Hilly-Valley Garret Skip-ET *TL TV TY sired by Schillview Garrett-ET; dam is Paradise-DND Mil Snieg-ET, classified GP-83. Bred by Jones Bros Dairy LLC, Mount Horeb.

2012 Breeder Advertising Rates Black/White Rates PAGE Full Page 2/3 Page 1/2 Page 1/3 Page 1/4 Page

REG. $240.00 $180.00 $150.00 $115.00 $85.00

6x OR MORE $210.00 $155.00 $130.00 $100.00 $75.00

OTHER CHARGES Full Color (4 Color Process) - $200.00 Second Color - Page $60.00 50-60% Page - $45.00 < 50% Page -$30.00 Photos - $8.50 each Call Laura with questions or for Commercial Rates. 608-723-4933

C HANCERY FARM Milking Herd & Bred Heifer Dispersal 62 Registered Holsteins sell ~ 51 cows & 11 bred heifers

Friday, July 20 • 11:30 a.m. Randy Cashmer, owner • 715-387-3884 S2830 N. Frey Avenue, Marshfield, WI Directions from Marshfield: Two miles north on Hwy. 13 to Mann St. (at stop lights), turn right or east on Mann St. Go one city block to Frey Avenue, turn left on Frey Avenue - 1st farm on right.

Chancerys Damion Ruby VG-86 at 2Y

Chancerys JR Sapphire VG-86 at 3Y

Chancerys Linnie Vertanc VG-85 at 3Y

Chancerys Advent Rowdy VG-87

Sired by Damion, Ruby is due in Sept. to Aspen. A beautiful young cow! Dams: GP81 Rubens, GP-80 Milan, VG-86, VG-86 w/111,000 lft., VG-86 & VG-87.

Sired by my Outside son, Dale Jr., she is due in November with a Dempsey heifer. Dams: VG-86 Kite & VG-85 Encore w/over 164,000 lft.

Sired by Linnie (Semex young sire), she made over 26,000 at 2 years and first five tests this lactation all over 100 lbs. & up to 135 lbs. Dams: VG-85 w/over 149,000 lft., VG-86 w/115,767 lft., VG-86 & VG-86.

An Advent due in October to Larson *RC with a heifer calf! She made over 22,000 at 2Y. Dams: VG-85, VG-86, GP-80, VG-86, VG-86 w/111,000 lft., VG-86 & VG-87.

Chancerys Rubens Ozzie VG-85 at 3Y

Chancerys Jasper Ophelia VG-85

Chancerys Kite Benita GP-82 at 2Y

Chancerys Rubens Jazzie GP-82 at 2Y

Sired by Rubens from a VG-85 dam, she’s pregnant to Dempsey with a heifer calf and produced over 21,000 at 2Y.

Sired by Jasper and pregnant to Redburst, made over 25,000 at 2Y and over 23,000 at 3Y. Dams: GP-81 with over 24,000 at 5Y and GP-82 with over 23,000 at 3Y.

Sired by Kite, she’s pregnant with a Redburst heifer calf. Dams: VG Dundee, VG with over 22,000 at 3Y and 3rd dam VG with over 22,000 at 4Y.

Sired by Rubens, she’s pregnant with a heifer calf by Conneticut (Semex young sire). She’s making over 18,000 at 2Y.

Others selling: • Victory-TW: Like oldies? G-78 2Y Stardust, pregnant with Dempsey heifer calf, sells along with her just fresh twin sister. Maternal sisters to Vertanc (pictured). • Hazel: GP-81 2Y Linnie (Semex young sire) with over 21,000 already. She’s due in October with Bolivia heifer calf. Dam VG-85 Emory with records up to 26,000. The Emory has a maternal sister selling by Terrason that is EX-90 with over 100,000 lft. and due in December to Laurin. • Motown: A G-79 2Y Champion sells dry & due in August with Aspen heifer calf. Dams: GP-84 with over 22,000 at 3Y, VG-86 with records up to 26,700, & VG-85 with over 138,000 lft. • Jade: GP-84 Terrason that made over 19,000 at 2Y. She’s pregnant to Shotgun with a heifer calf. VG dam and VG-85 4th dam with 30,828 976 785 at 5-11 and over 123,000 lft. • Mocha-Red: GP-80 2Y Advent due in December to Larson *RC. Dams: VG-86 Rubens with 3 records over 22,000 and 26,800 at 4Y, VG-85 by Milan with 158,447 lft., & VG-85 Avenger with over 138,000 lft. • Luckie: GP-82 Roy that made over 19,000 at 2Y and is pregnant to Dempsey. Dams: VG-85 with records up to 25,931 & over 116,000 lft., VG-85, GP-84, GP-83, GP-81 & VG-85 with over 139,000 lft. • Barbra: Lheros two-year-old with EX-92 3E dam with 176,617 lft.

• Britni: VG-87 (1st score) Aspen - needs to see classifier! Dam EX Emory with 5-0 32,091 1145 846. • Maternal sisters - Falin, a fancy two-year-old Lheros & Fayette, a Talent with 24,095 828 758 at 3Y and due in August to Advent. Their dam VG Stardust with over 22,000, 3rd dam Chancerys BC Foxy Lady EX & HM Junior All-American Spring Calf 1996, 4th dam EX-91 3E. • Spring: VG-85 (1st score) Terrason. Fresh 4/1 with an Atwood heifer - she needs to see a classifer! Would show & has a two-year-old sister by Lheros selling! VG Linjet dam also sells. 3rd dam VG-88 & 1st Junior 3-Year-Old at 2000 District 4 show. • Cassie: GP-82 (1st score) by Rubens and due 7/20 to Advent. Records of 23,214 654 718 at 4-01 and 25,766 915 733 at 2Y. Dams: VG-85 over 23,000, VG-87 with over 121,000 lft., EX-91 3Y with over 27,000, EX-92 with over 148,000 lft., EX-91 with over 22,000M. • Razz: A Kite fresh 3/18 - nicest heifer I’ve ever calved, you will fall in love with her! Maternal sister to Rowdy (pictured). Animals selling sired by Dundee, Jasper, Damion, Advent, Talent, Aspen, Terrason, Final Cut, Rubens, Lheros, Linjet, Kite, Spirte, Outside & Roy. Service Sires: Advent, Aspen, Atwood, Bam Bam, Bolivia, Damion, Daniel, Dempsey, Force, Larson, Laurin, Redburst & Shotgun.

If you’re attending the WI Championship Show in Marshfield, come out and take a look - we are only 5 miles from the fairgrounds. Contact Jim Hoskens for absentee bidding. 20 of the 50 cows selling are EX or VG and 35 cows are first or second lactation. Herd was due to be classified in August but due to my recent health problems, they must sell now. This was a premier show herd in District 4 in the 1980’s & 1990’s, winning over 30 classes resulting in 21 champions. Same breeding - same great individuals! This has been a closed herd for over 20 years. I always bred for type and tried to get as much milk as I could with clover and grass. No TMR - no BST. Herd average is 20,127M 695F 581P. Contact sales manager for a catalog or view online at Randy Cashmer, 715-387-3884

Call sale manager for catalogs: Christensen Sales Corp., Abbotsford, WI - 715-223-6345 Registered Wisconsin Auction Co. #33 website: e-mail: Sale Staff: Tim Schindler, Curtiss, WI - Auctioneer, 715-223-4014, Reg. Wisconsin Auctioneer #191 Jim Hoskens, Pedigrees - 715-366-7153 Financing available from Christensen Sales

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-71

Clean off your clubs... practice your swing... it’s time to golf!


sponsored by the Young Adult Committee Saturday, August 25 • 8:00 a.m. Baraboo Country Club, Baraboo, WI

• 4-person Best Ball Tournament • All ages & skill levels welcome • Cost is $40/golfer & includes 9 holes & half of a cart • Teams will be selected at random to maximize fun & interaction Call Laura at 608-723-4933 or email to sign up. We are also looking for sponsors for the tournament. If you are interested in sponsoring a hole for $50 or would like to become a major sponsor of this event, contact Laura at 608-723-4933 or

72–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

East Central/Select Sires Honors Employees

Waupun, WI: East Central/Select Sires held their annual awards banquet on June 2, 2012 at the Crowne Plaza in Madison, Wis. The evening consisted of a social hour, dinner, a message from the board of directors and presentation of the performance and service awards. Jay Ludeman of Lake Mills took home top honors by being named Area Sales Manager (ASM) of the Year. He was also honored for earning the highest Area Direct Herd Unit Percent Increase, Area Diversified Product Volume and Area Diversified Product Percent Increase. Ludeman provides artificial insemination services and offers semen and product sales to dairy and beef producers in parts of Jefferson, Rock, Walworth, Green and Dane counties and supervises seven Member Service Representatives in his region. Runner-up ASM of the Year was Region A headed by Brian Kelroy and Eric Westphal. Region A was awarded for having the highest Area Direct Herd Unit Volume, Area Total Unit Volume and SMS Volume. Kelroy of Marshall is an ASM with East Central/Select Sires and offers semen and product sales to dairy and beef producers. Westphal of Eden is a Select Mating Service (SMS) Evaluator. Kurt Barnes of Kiel was honored with the Member Service Representative (MSR) of the Year Award. Barnes received several awards that contributed to him winning the MSR of the Year, including Area Direct Herd Unit Volume, SMS Volume and Area Contribution. In addition, he was honored

for reaching his 130,000 first services milestone. Barnes provides artificial insemination services and offers semen and product sales to dairy and beef producers in Fond du Lac County. Doug Rake of Freedom received the Runner-up MSR of the Year Award. He was also honored at the banquet for earning a 90,000 services certificate. Rake provides artificial insemination services and offers semen and product sales to dairy and beef producers in parts of Sauk County. The Outstanding Effort Awards are given to employees who go above and beyond the call of duty every day. The Outstanding Effort Award for an MSR was presented to Matt Staner of Platteville. Scott Nelson of South Wayne received the Outstanding Effort Award for Relief MSRs. The Outstanding Effort Award for Other Employees was presented to Eric Westphal of Eden. Ranking first in other categories of sales and service were: Steve Kacuba, Beaver Dam, Dave Hahn, Campbellsport, Tom Budde, Beaver Dam, Loren Polkinghorn, Dodgeville, Glen Stewart, Lomira, Kevin Cox, Sparta. Awards for total lifetime firstservice inseminations were also presented. They were awarded to: Tom Budde, Beaver Dam, Howie Minnema, Fond du Lac, Dave Hahn, Cambellsport, Bob Boatman, Darlington, Kurt Barnes, Kiel, Steve Kacuba, Beaver Dam, Doug Rake, Freedom, Chris Meyer, Loganville, Kevin Farnsworth, Deerfield, Dale Griebenow, Watertown, Steve Otteson, Arlington, Road Alton, Monroe, Glen Kottke, Fond du Lac, Dan Potterton, Mineral Point, Brian Immel, Cambellsport, Eric Gudex, Oakfield, Aaron McMillan, Oshkosh Nate Watson, Elkhorn, Roger Belling, Fond

Have you visited the new Wisconsin Holstein website? Visit us at

du Lac, Sandy Hoppmann, Wilton, Casey Degnitz, Fredonia, Jim Membler, Pickett, Ryan Besaw, Omro, Bill Daentl, Portage, Jim Suddeth, Stoughton, Zach Warnes, Spring Green, Don Bahr, Platteville. Recognition was also given to employees for length of service milestones: 30 years Frank Blahnik, Cuba City & Kevin Farnsworth, Deerfield; 25 years - Bryan Witt, Browntown; 20 years - Dan Potterton, Mineral Point, Dan Reilly, La Valle, Kurt Barnes, Kiel, Darwin Clifton, Potosi, Kim Smith, Waupun; 15 years - Kitty Richter, Waupun; 10 years - Loren Polkinghorn, Dodgeville, Phil Dieter, Middleton; 5 years Wayne Dieter, Platteville, Bill Daentl, Portage, Eric Westphal, Eden. The University of

WISCONSIN MADISON Dairy Science STUDENT PROFILE Name: Jennifer R. Holle Hometown: Baldwin, WI High School: BaldwinWoodville High School Class Size: 100 Farm: HolleOaks Dairy 100 Registered Holsteins Major: Dairy Science

Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison? I knew attending UW-Madison would give me the opportunities to become involved and gain practical experience in the dairy industry while receiving a top-notch education. At the time, my plan was to go to vet school and I wanted to be where I could make connections - Madison was the place to be! What has been your most memorable college experience? Representing UWMadison and competing in the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge this year in Roanoke, VA. The competition was such a practical learning experience and the sponsors made it a great networking opportunity. What has been your favorite course? Dairy Science 375 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Reproductive Management of Dairy Cattle with Milo Wiltbank. I learned how to AI, ultrasound, and got to do some embryo transfer while learning the fundamentals about managing reproduction on a dairy farm. What are your future career goals? This fall I will be attending UW-Madisonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s School of Veterinary Medicine. Afterwards, I plan on getting a job as a large animal veterinarian within the dairy industry and perhaps do some embryo transfer/IVF. My ultimate goal is to become a consultant or return to academia so I can provide farmers with the most recent data and technology to help them successfully manage their farms.

UW-Madison Dept. of Dairy Science

Inquiry Lives Here

1675 Observatory Drive Madison, WI 53706 Ph. 608-263-3308 Fax 608-263-9412 Contact: Beth Heinze

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-73

Cow Camp 2012 Orange Team At the Online Registration station, we learned that it is really easy to register calves. You can download EASY online for free. When you register your cattle you may also order tags of different colors at the same time. Some other things we learned are that you need to take a picture of a calf if you want to cut off the tags. Also, a calf under 3 months of age is free to register! Green Team Dr. Matthew Dorshorst taught us about the uterus and where calves sit in the uterine horns. Matthew showed us what the calves look like when they are 35, 60, and 80 days old. He also showed us how to tell if a calf is a female or male. We also learned that if a cow has twins and they both sit in the same uterine horn they are most likely to get aborted, but if they each sit in a different horn, they most likely go full term. Purple Team In Dr. Dave Selner’s Dairy Judging session, he went through all of the traits on the new PDCA scorecard and also characteristics of each breed. We talked about what a perfect, 100-point, cow would look like. We thought it was interesting that Dr. Selner compared mobility to how Donald Driver danced! We learned that it’s important to have a wide, long rump because the rump is the roof of the udder. Blue Team We were visited by a hoof trimmer who has traveled the world trimming dairy cattle’s hooves. He showed us all of his different types of tools he used and explained what they were used for, but that mostly you need to be trained to use them. They he explained to us some of the different types of infections cows can get, like a bacteria infection, hairy warts, and abbesses. He showed us how to wrap certain types of sores and that wraps can only stay on for up to 4 days. We also learned that some cows may need blocks put on their toes. Next he showed us how to trim fair heifer’s hooves. All the campers had a lot of fun learning about the importance of our show cattle’s feet. Red Team We had a great time learning about showmanship. We learned about the basics including not wearing your farm logo on your show polo shirt. You should wear white clothing and follow the new regulations released this year in Hoard’s Dairyman. It was fun practicing with the calves and having hands-on training with them. White Team We got to see four organs of a dairy cow on day two with Dr. Dorshorst. The heart, kidney, liver, and a lymph node. We were able to see two different kidneys, with one being infected with bacteria, which was discolored. The other was dark purple and healthy looking. The liver was being attacked by a parasite called a liver “fluke” that was eating the cows liver out. Also, we saw a cow heart with infected valves. Lastly we saw an example of a cancer that had enlarged the lymph node. It was kinda gross, but a lot of fun and learned a lot! Pink Team One of the educational stations at Cow Camp was bedding pack etiquette. We learned that you don’t want anymore or any less that six to eight inches on your pack. Any less, and it is not comfortable. Any more and it is too much to dispose of. Shavings are sprinkled in to hold the pack together and a bank-board is used to straighten out the pack. Yellow team This year we tried something new at Cow Camp. We would like to thank Ryan Pralle for coming up with the “Farmer’s Olympics.” The Farmer’s Olympics is a bunch of chores that a farmer has to do thrown into a game of rapid succession. We had to wake up to the alarm clock in the morning at station one and throw on some bib overalls and baseball cap. We had to then crack an egg open for breakfast. Then the hat was passed on to the next person in the relay. They had to milk a “cow” (aka a bottle) into a bucket to get two ounces of milk. That person then handed their hat off to the next teammate who had to get two scoops of feed to their individual buckets. They handed the hat onto the next person who had to move a bale of hay from the pile to the hay manger (Nate failed miserably). After the bale, the hat was handed off to someone who had to scoop manure into a wheelbarrow. And finally, the last teammate received the hat and went to get the “escaped cow”, which was a painted barrel, back into it’s pen. The last task was to remove and slam the hat on the ground followed with a mighty victory whoop! We all had lots of fun and greatly enjoyed the games and look forward to what comes next year!! 74–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012


Junior Judging and Classification Contest

The Junior Activities Committee will be holding their annual Judging and Classification contest for youth under the age of 21 at the Wisconsin State Championship Show, Monday July 16. Show us your judging skills and take home top honors this summer. WI State Championship Show Wood County Fairgrounds, Marshfield, WI Monday, July 16, 2012 Registration: 8:30 a.m. Start time: 9:00 a.m. • Age divisions, as of January 1, 2012: - Junior (14 and under) - Senior (15 and over) • Cost: $4 per individual/$12 per team of four

State Championship Show – Junior Events Monday, July 16 8:30 a.m.

Registration for the Junior Judging and classification contest 9:00 a.m. Junior Judging and Classification contest begins. Reasons will be optional again this year for Seniors. *Big Bale Roll to follow the contest 2:00 p.m. Holstein Heifer Show 7:00 p.m. Showmanship contest for eligible Junior and Senior contestants. Juniors that placed in the top 3 at their District Show are eligible to compete.

Tuesday, July 17 9:00 a.m.

Holstein Cow Show

2012 Junior Raffle

A Registered Holstein calf has been donated by MilkSource Genetics of Kaukauna, Wis. A special thank you to Jim, John, Jamie, Eric and crew! To learn more about MilkSource please visit their website at New items in the raffle this year include UW-Madison Men’s Hockey tickets and a round of golf with cart for two! The JACs are pulling out all the stops for the biggest Junior fundraiser of the year! Thank you to our donors: UW Men’s Hockey Tickets (set of two) - WHA Wander Springs Golf Course, Greenleaf, WI - 2 rounds of 18-holes w/golf cart Confections for Any Occasion by Joel - Gift Basket UW-RF Dairy Club - Gift Basket WI State Farmer - Gift Accelerated Genetics - Semen Certificate Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin - $100 Gift Certificate ABS Global - Gift CRV - Gift Holstein World - Vest Country Today - Subscription Animart - Holstein washing kit Nasco - $50 Gift Card EC/Select Sires - Semen Certificate Alta Genetics - $50 Gift Certificate Cattle Connection - Vest Badger Dairy Club - Gift International Protein Sires - 10 Units Barbwire Semex - Gift World Dairy Expo - WDE passes & gift basket Agri-View - 1 year subscription & $25 word classified ad Wisconsin Holstein News - Advertising Certificate Hoard’s Dairyman - Educational Package

WI Junior State Fair – Junior Events

The annual Big Bale Roll contest will take place the night of Wednesday, August 1 in the Coliseum at State Fair. Then, the Tug of War contest and Ice Cream Social will take place again this year on Sunday, August 5. The JAC’s want to see a lot of participants in both of these events this year and remember it’s never too early to start getting your teams together. We hope to see you there!

Junior Award Forms

All 2012 Junior Award Forms will be available online for download the beginning of July under the Awards/Juniors area of our website. A hard copy can be obtained by calling the office at 1.800.223.4269. A majority of the forms will be due on Monday, October 1, which falls a day before World Dairy Expo. Please plan accordingly and have your application postmarked by October 1.

2012 WHY Friend Award

Juniors, have you been thinking about a special adult that has helped you throughout your junior years? The WHY Friend award is given each year at the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Convention to two individuals, the categories including; 5 years and under and 5 years and over. Juniors, to get your leaders or persons that have impacted your junior Holstein group to be recognized as an outstanding leader, all you have to do is submit an application by December 1, 2012. This is an award that can be thought about through the summer as you continue with showing and summer activities.

Calendar of Events JULY 16 Junior Judging & Classification Contest, Marshfield, 9:00 a.m. 16 Big Bale Roll contest at State Show, Marshfield 16 State Showmanship Contest, Marshfield, 7:00 p.m. 16-17 WI Championship Show, Marshfield, 2:00 p.m. Monday; 9:00 a.m. Tuesday AUGUST 1 Big Bale Rolling Contest- Wis. State Fair Grounds 2-4 WI Junior State Fair Breed Shows and Showmanship contest 5 Tug-of-War Contest & Ice Cream Social, Wis. State Fair Grounds 11 WHA Futurity 25 WHA State Holstein Picnic, Mystic Valley Dairy, Sauk City OCTOBER 1 Junior Award forms DUE (postmarked) DECEMBER 28-30 2013 Junior Holstein Convention, Janesville, hosted by Rock County

Holsti-Buck Corner

1) How many District Shows are there in Wisconsin? 2) Name our 3 national DJM representatives that competed at National Convention. 3) Name the Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Females of the Junior Show from all District Shows. 4) Name the Grand and Reserve Grand Champion Females of the Junior Show at State Show. Send your entries to Larry, 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 or email by August 1, 2012. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012-75


ACKY WPoint of View Editor’s Comments

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this great feature issue - it sure is packed full of great breeder ads and info from Select Sires. Thanks to all of the breeders that took advantage of our great rates for this issue and a special thanks to all at Select Sires that helped put it all together... from Kelly Bristle Ekovich and Andrea Brossard at the NorthStar and East Central offices, to all the sales reps out in the field who helped push ad sales. All of your effort made this one of our best feature issues in several years. If you missed this issue’s deadline for advertising don’t fret - we have more great things to come this fall. Our September issue will feature all of our District and Championship Show results, along with District 1. The October issue will be another Midwest Holsteins issue and will showcase State Fair and Futurity results. And we’ll also be working on the 2013 Breeder Calendar - call early to reserve your preferred month! By the time you get this in your mailbox, the summer will be almost half over. I hope you’ve had a chance to attend some of our District Shows and are planning to join us at the Championship Show in Marshfield. There are also several counties hosting Daylight or Twilight meetings - these are a great opportunity to get out and visit with other Holstein breeders and to see some great herds of cows. Be sure to visit the WHA website at Larry has worked hard on a total site re-design and would love to hear your comments. And be sure to check us out on Facebook where we post some up-todate results at our shows as time allows; it’s a great way to know who the winners are even if you can’t make it to the show! Looking for something fun to do this summer? Join us for the 2nd Annual WHA Golf Outing the morning of the State Picnic. This even is open to all members and those of us who golfed last year had a great time. I hope you’ll join us! Until next time...




July 2012 Classifying in Columbia, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Jefferson, Marquette, Rock & Walworth counties 9 Trempealeau County Fitting and Showing Clinic, Pine Knoll Farms, Galesville, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. 16-17 Wisconsin Championship Show, Marshfield, 2:00 p.m. Monday/9:00 a.m. Tuesday 20 Chancery Farm Dispersal, Randy Cashmer, owner; managed by Christensen Sales, Marshfield, 11:30 a.m. 26 Central Wisconsin Summer Event, hosted by Twin-B Dairy; managed by WI District 4 Holstein Breeders, Marathon August 2012 Classifying in Langlade, Marathon, Menominee, Oconto, Outagamie, Shawano, Waupaca, Waushara & Winnebago counties 2-4 WI Junior State Fair breed shows & showmanship contest 10 Vernon County Twilight Meeting, hosted by J-Mac Farms, Joe & Darcy McClelland Family, Viroqua, 7:30 p.m. 11 WHA Futurity, 5:00 p.m., WI State Fair Park 16 Monroe County Twilight Meeting, hosted by Delo-Mar Holsteins, Delvyn & Lois Martin & Family, Sparta, 7:30 p.m. 25 WHA Golf Outing, 8:00 a.m., Baraboo Country Club 25 WHA State Holstein Picnic, Mystic Valley Dairy, Sauk City September 2012 Classifying in Adams, Crawford, Juneau, LaCrosse, Monroe, Portage, Richland, Sauk, Vernon & Wood counties 4 WHA Board Meeting, Baraboo, 10:00 a.m. 8 The Marathon Sale, Athens 10 Frozene Farms Complete Dispersal, managed by Great Northern Land & Cattle Co., Inc.; Fond du Lac 17 Car-Bon Complete Dispersal, Carl & Bonnie Werner, owners; managed by Great Northern Land & Cattle Co., Inc.; Beaver Dam 25 Fond du Lac Holstein Classic, sponsored by Fond du Lac Holstein Breeders Assoc.; managed by Great Northern Land & Cattle Co., Inc., Fond du Lac October 2012 Classifying in Barron, Buffalo, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, St. Croix & Trempealeau counties 1 Junior Award Forms due to WHA office (postmarked) 2-6 World Dairy Expo, Madison 19 Bosside Tag Sale, Colby November 2012 Classifying in Ashland, Bayfield, Burnett, Chippewa, Clark, Douglas, Florence, Forest, Iron, Lincoln, Marinette, Oneida, Price, Rusk, Sawyer, Taylor, Vilas & Washburn counties December 2012 Classifying in Brown, Calumet, Door, Kenosha, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Sheboygan, Washington & Waukesha counties 1 WHA Board Meeting 28-30 2013 Junior Holstein Convention, Janesville, hosted by Rock County

Other Upcoming Events Feb. 22-24, 2013 2013 Adult Convention, hosted by Marathon County April 8, 2013 WI Showcase Sale, Fond du Lac

76–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012


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Representing us at the Central Wisconsin Summer Event Thursday, July 26, 2012 • Marathon, WI

RAGNAR BN CALIFORNIA-ET VG 2Y 2-3 3x 353 29,160 4.0 1166 3.2 939

CALIFORNIA is a beautiful Bolton that hails from the heart of a great Ragnar breeding family. Her 2E-92 GMD dam by Stormatic has 44,430 3.9 1736 3.3 1463 and already has several EX daughters. Her 3E-93 GMD DOM grandam, Linjet Callie, has career credits of 243,000, and the next dam was also EX with 147,000 LT. CALIFORNIA sells fresh and off and flying. She’ll be rescored before the sale. PLEASE join us for a fun-filled evening at Twin-B!

Deronda Tom & Sandy Morris Farm

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Holstein Association Representatives Sarah Trapp W16080 Merlin Road, Taylor, WI 54659 608-525-2901 cell: 608-628-1978 e-mail: Chris Lyons W 5979 Lee Dr., Fort Atkinson, WI 53538 920-563-1082 cell 920-723-2406 e-mail: Dennis Devore 1905 9th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 cell: 319-270-5038 e-mail: 78–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/July/August 2012

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Daughter of ROCKWELL: Cycle Norma Rockwell, Cycle Farm, Wisconsin

well 1637,

Meadowood Rock Daughter of ROCKWELL: Enge in Enge Meadowwood Farm, Wiscons



USA 137941663 100% RHA-NA aAa: 234156 DMS: 126, 561 April 2012 Sire Summary:

TPI +2068 Milk +1920 +.07% +90F +.01% +60P 82%R Type +2.18 UDC +1.21 FLC +1.97 Calving Ease = 7% 60 daughters 40 herds

Design by Laura Wackershauser Wisconsin Holstein Publications

ONLY PROGENY TESTED BULL +2.00 TYPE & 150 LBS. FAT AND PROTEIN Sire: Jenny-Lou Mrshl Toystory-ET Dam: Brigeen Morty Rhonda EX-92 DOM 2-00 2x 365 34,270 4.4 1494 3.2 1092 Gr’Dam: Brigeen Convincer Rhonda EX-95 2E GMD DOM 4-10 2x 365 66,420 4.3 2839 2.9 1943

3rd Dam: Brigeen Emory Raisa-ET EX-92 2-00 2x 365 22,820 3.6 813 3.1 701 4th Dam: Brigeen-C Integrit Robin-ET EX-95 2E DOM 5th Dam: C Haselmere Prelude Rhoda EX-91 GMD Descends from “Queen of the Breed” Roxy

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July/August 2012 Wisconsin Holstein News  

July/August issue of the Wisconsin Holstein News featuring Select Sires, District 2 and Dream-Prairie Holsteins breeder profile

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