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January 2017

Volume 89 No. 1

Adult Convention Information & Registration Form Distinguished Junior Members Past DJM Roundtable District 10 report

Saturday, March 18  •  New Richmond, WI

Unlimited Potential... MDF Goldwyn Breezer 40-ET    EX-91 EX-MS 3-05 2x 365 28,740 5.1 1465 3.3 948 ReserveGrandChampion,MidwestFallNational JuniorShow2015 3rdSenior3-Year-Old,MidwestFallNational2014 A maternal sister to Talent Barbara EX-95, Breezer goes back to the incredible Tony Beauty. She has one of the most unique pedigrees in the world. Her daugher was 3rd Fall Yearling at the 2016 International Holstein Show. Embryos sold to Japan and selling with Doorman embryos, she is due March 2 to Rainy. Her Absolute bred heifer sells as well.

Willows-Edge Avatar Mesoda    EX-90 at 3-04


Willows-Edge Real Mink-Red   Unanimous AA Winter Calf ’15 Nominated AA Winter Yrlg. ’16

Willows-Edge Susi Fushia-ET    EX-90 91-MS

SiredbySupersireanddueinMay,shehasEX-94&EX-91 HerdamisanEX-90Talent,Nom.AAR&WJr.3,then AdventMick,EX-9494-MS&Nom.Jr.AAR&W,then DueMarch1toRainy.Dam2E-91EX-MSAdvent,followed maternalsistersandtwoEXfullsistersthataremakingmoney EX-92Rubens,All-WIJr.2.HasaGP-832YredReality by3E-9392-MSRubensthenEX-92All-WISummerYrlg. for their owners. Dam is EX-94 94-MS Bolton Flicker - completes8gen.ofGMDs.Her4/16Doormandaughterisalso maternalsister&abeautiful8/16redRealitymaternalsister Completes9gen.ofVGandEXdams. selling. selling.PlusherJr.2prospectsiredbyRedburstsells.

Willows-Edge Dundee Impulse   

Willows-Edge Arch Imelda

EX-91 EX-92MS ImpulsewasGrandChampionasaSenior3-Year-Oldatthe District1Showin2016.HerdamisaVG-87Goldwyn,then EX-94LinjetIcon,EX-94,3E-91-allover200,000lft.She’s dueinJulytoDoorman.

Willows-Edge Glauc Marigold 1st Jr. Fall Calf, Midwest Fall National ’16

From Impulse and sired by Archrival, Imelda is a very specialJanuary23rdheiferthatcouldbeyourWinerYearling in2017!

DueinJulyandset-upfortheMilkingYearlingclassthisfall. HerdamanEX-91Laurinwith32,0004.91594.2nddam VG-88Linjetthen3E-90Charleswithover200,000lft.

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Excellent cows sell!

Willows-Edge Atwood Luxury   

Willows-Edge Atwood Lydia   

Willows-Edge Atwood Vagrant   

EX-91 EX-93MS

EX-90 EX-91MS

EX-93 EX-93MS

One of the many exceptional Atwoods that has her best days ahead. Dam 2E-90 Shottle with 37,500 and 1454F. She has a fancy Glauco summer calf selling and a VG-86 Goldsunmaternalsister.

Lydia was Reserve Jr. All-WISpring Yearling. Her dam EX-92 Jr. All-WI Jr. 3 with 31,880 4.9 1560. Next dam VG-88 Zenith with 38,000 4.6 1782 was Reserve Junior All-AmericanFallCalf.

Vagrantwasthe1st5YrOldatthe2016District1Show.Her damisanEX-90maternalsistertoAll-AmericanLeeVelcro. Next4damsEX-90,EX-92,2E-93All-WIAgedCow& ChampionB&OofWIChampionshipShow,then3E-92.She sellswithherbeautifulAvatar2yearold.

A sample of our babies...

Willows-Edge GL Lipgloss   

Willows-Edge Sanch Lynx   

Willows-Edge MolinRouge-Red

BornJune6,2016andsiredbyGlauco,herdamisAtwood ThisApril2016SanchezisfromAtwoodLydia,above,and Thispretty1/16RedbursthasaVG-87Rampagedamthat Luxurypicturedabove. shouldfollowinthisshowfamily’sfootsteps. carriesa4.8%BF!NextdamEX-90Outsidewith4.51112F, then3E-90withover200,000lft.-7gen.VG&EX.

Some of the 2-year-olds...

Willows-Edge Ab Taco-Red   

Willows-Edge Sid Vagary   

Willows-Edge Franco Improve   

VG-87 EX-MS at 2-09

VG-86 VG-87MS


TacoisaFebruarybornyoungcowthatwasamemberofthe winningBest3Femalesatthe2016MNStateFairR&W Show. Sired by the popular Redburst and due March 1 to Rainy.NeedaSr.3for2017?

Anextremelyyouthfulcowthatwillcompetewiththebestasshe matures.HerdamEX-91Sanchez,thenEX-94AALeeVelcro, EX-90,EX-92,2E-93All-WIAgedCow&ChampionB&O ofWIChampionshipShow,then3E-92.SiredbySid,she’sdue toDoormaninJuly.

Pictured10daysfresh!SiredbyWillows-EdgeAtwoodFranco, ayoungsireintheline-upatIPS.DamVG-86Durhamthat will see the classifier, 2nd dam EX-91, then EX-94 Icon, EX-94,3E-91-alldamsover200,000lft.

Henk & Bonnie Van Dyk

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VOLUME 89 No. 1

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On The Cover

This month’s cover features the members of the committee from Calumet County who are planning the 2017 WHA Convention in Appleton. Left to right - Tim Baumgartner, Deb Reinhart of Gold Star Farms, Angela Hoefler of Maurer Farms, Marilyn Nettekoven of Level-Plain Farm, Chris, Jeff and Bonnie Brantmeier from Hilrose Dairy, Sue Schultz of R-Su Holsteins, Jeannie Gasch, Jennifer Meyer of Jenlar Holsteins and Swiss, and Dave Geiser of Gold Star Farms. 4–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

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wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-5

2-05 3x 365 27,340 4.0 1088 3.0 819 A 9th generation EX RED Roxy!

GTPI +1961 2-05 3x 365 30,810 4.0 1226 3.2 990 Epic x EX-94 Gold Mae x EX-93 Sky Mae x 3E-95 Lead Mae!

GTPI +2131 2-03 3x 365 27,720 4.5 1242 3.5 968 A 7th generation EX sister to Apple!

KHW Redburst Acoustic-ET  EX-90 3Y

1659 10 1/2 Street, Barron, WI 54812 Ph: 715-537-9376 Bob’s Cell: 715-790-7202 E-mail: Herdsmen: Mike Mertins, Rodrigo Villalobos & Joe Witscher


RHA: 85 cows 3x 28,969 3.9 1120 3.22 932 No BST used All animals raised in freestalls. SCOTT & AMY COURTNEY 2564 Pole Line Road, Ridgeway, IA 52165 Home 563.387.0035 Cell 563.380.1318

Sale managed by:


And as always, Founded on Great Families!

Indianhead Kite Honey-Red  EX-91 3Y

Indianhead GM Extreme-ET  EX-91 3Y

11/9/16 Classification ~ 111.5 BAA 76 cows scored ~ 10 NEW EXCELLENTS ~ 57 in 1st or 2nd lactation 37 EXCELLENT  ~  31 VERY GOOD  ~ 8 GOOD PLUS

A Great Young Herd at INDIANHEAD Sells!

6–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-7

Wisconsin Holstein Briefs L The WI Holstein office is in search of a copy of the June 1968 Wisconsin Holstein News to complete our archived collection. If you have a copy you’d like to donate, please mail to WHA at 902 8th Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53913 or bring to any WHA event. K Our condolences to the families of Deb Krultz and Mary Turgasen, who passed away recently. Full obituaries are printed below. The Wisconsin Holstein News encourages readers and members to submit information for the Wisconsin Holstein Briefs column. We are looking for news of a wedding, birth announcement, award winner or death that Wisconsin Holstein breeders should know about. High quality, submitted photos will be printed if space is available. Please submit your information to the Wisconsin Holstein News by mail at PO Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813; or email to

Obituaries Deborah Krultz

Deborah E. Krultz, age 59, of Greenwood passed away at Saint Joseph’s Hospital, in Marshfield, on Saturday, November 19. Deborah Elaine Craig was born on February 7, 1957 in Neillsville, the youngest child of Thurman and Martha (Brown) Craig. She was the only one of her siblings to be born in Wisconsin, as her family moved to Willard, Wis., from Indiana, in January 1957. She attended Willard Grade School and graduated with honors from Greenwood High School in 1975. She then attended UW-River Falls where she studied Agricultural Education.  After graduation, she worked as a sales representative for Ralston Purina from 1979-1981, after which she farmed in Willard from 1981-1983. Deb married David James Krultz on February 12, 1983 at Grace United Methodist Church, in Greenwood. Together they owned and operated Broken Wheel Farms on his home farm northwest of Greenwood, where she continued to live after her husband’s passing in 2002. She later was employed as a receptionist at Loyal Veterinary Services from February 2004 to November 2016. Deborah was very active in various community organizations. She was a member of the county, state, and National Holstein Association, serving six years on the board of directors at the county level; the Clark County Farm Bureau, where she was named Women’s Committee Chairman; and was appointed to the WI Farm Bureau Federation Dairy Policy Committee in 1987. Both she and her husband, David, were very proud to be named the Outstanding Young Farming Couple in 1985 by the Wisconsin State Jaycees, and nominated parade marshals for the 1995 Dairy Days Parade. Being the daughter of a veteran, she was a member of the American Legion Auxiliary for 17 years, serving as treasurer for 11 years. She was also director and secretary for the Learn-A-Lot Preschool for three years. As her children grew older, her community involvement focused more on being a leader for the Willard-Braun 4-H club and active in the Greenwood FFA Alumni, where she was a lifetime member. She served as the Town of Warner treasurer for 20 years. Most recently, she had joined the Greenwood Public Library Board. After the closing of Grace United Methodist Church, she became a member of Immanuel United Church of Christ in Greenwood. Deborah had many interests, including reading, crossword and jigsaw puzzles, trying new recipes and spending time with family. After the sale of her own cattle and machinery, she always enjoyed a nice drive on a sunny afternoon to check out everyone’s crops and see their cattle grazing, while telling stories of past generations who owned each property. She will be dearly missed by her two children: Doug of Lake Hallie, Jenn of Spencer; her sisters: Mary (Jerry) Willis of Huber Heights, OH, Sandra (Craig) Gordon of Sun Prairie, Kay Hyland of Mishawaka, IN, Sarah (Jack) Trunkel of Willard; as well as her husband’s family: Dorothy Galiger (John Miller) of Sun Lake, AZ, Donna Reineke of New Berlin, M. Edward Krultz of Greenwood, Ralph Krultz of Greenwood, Gary Krultz of Greenwood,  Barbara (Steve) Koschak of Middleton, Bonnie (Tom) Brierton of Junction City, and Jana (Gary) Greenwald of Marshfield; her aunt, Mona 8–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

Brown of New Castle, IN; many nieces, nephews, other relatives, and friends. Preceding her in death were her husband, David, on October 30, 2002; her parents; her sister: Linda Waldburger; her in-laws: Selvian and Vicki Krultz, Jim Reineke, Judy Krultz, Barbara M. Krultz, and Richard Hyland.

Mary Turgasen

Mary R. (Nee) Turgasen, 94, of Richland Center, died Friday, December 16 at Pine Valley Community Village. She was born on March 5, 1922 on the Nee family farm near Richland Center, the daughter of John H. and Lena M. (Klos) Nee. On November 13, 1943, Mary was united in marriage to Frank B. Turgasen at St. Mary’s of the Assumption Catholic Church. Mary attended Richland Center High School. Her favorite subject was bookkeeping and she excelled at shorthand and typing. Her first job was working in the Richland County Farm Security office. She was transferred after two years to the Crawford County Farm Security office in Prairie du Chien where she worked until the birth of her first child in 1944. Her bookkeeping skills were well utilized throughout her life. She kept all the farm records for the Sylvan T Farms. She was the treasurer for the Richland County Homemakers and the Richland County Dairy Breakfast where she served until she was 90. Mary is a lifelong member of St Mary’s parish. She was proud to became a lay minister for the Diocese of LaCrosse. She served as the communion minister for homebound parishioners and nursing home residents and assisted with the rosary at visitations. Devotion to family and community were hallmarks of life for Mary. She was actively involved in 4-H, Homemakers and Richland County Farm Wives. Mary was a gifted gardener. The beauties of nature were deeply enjoyed and appreciated. Mary is survived by her children, Kay (Larry) Gundlach, Cottage Grove, John (Connie) Turgasen, Richland Center, Sue (Gene) Simpson, McFarland, and Ellen Turgasen, Madison; son-in-law John Ehlert, Fort Wayne, Indiana; 10 grandchildren, Larry Jr., Julie, Patrick, Shelly, Paul, Mark, Lisa, Sara, Nicole and Joshua; and 20 great-grandchildren; 2 brothers Tom and John Nee, a sister Jeri Kennah; and a brother-in-law Philip Turgasen. Mary was preceded in death by her husband Frank, two sons, Paul Turgasen and Mark Turgasen, daughter-in-law Jayne Dull Turgasen and daughter Mary Ann Turgasen Ehlert.


emories by aurice

In honor of Geraldine Cooper

is month’s question: What is the name of the first cow classified EX-97? Email answers to or mail to 902 8th Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53719

December’s answer: Jessica Pralle & Charlie Hamilton December’s winner: Vonda Nehls, Juneau Correct answers will be put into a random drawing for (2) coupons for an extra value basket and a (2) coupons good for a 2-scoop sundae sponsored by Culver’s. Junior members with a correct answer will also earn an additional $100 in Holsti-Bucks per correct answer.

From your President Kevin Jorgensen Happy New Year! 2017 looks to be an exciting year for all of us! Milk futures are looking up, the days are getting longer, and there will be many exciting Holstein events throughout the year. But before we look forward, let me take a moment to look back at 2016 and WHA. The year was one of many successes. I can’t think of one event in the past year that did not go well or have excitement in it. Both the Junior and Adult conventions were filled with enthusiasm despite a below average dairy economy. We had the pleasure to hear from Mark Tauscher at our Adult Convention which was a highlight for me. Numbers were up at both state and spring shows and our inaugural WI Championship Junior Show had great interest and I think can be defined as a success as well. Additionally, our district shows had terrific participation and several had significant increases year over year. Our juniosr represented us well at National Convention including four of the six National Distinguished Junior Member Finalists. Joe Loehr of Mt Calvary was named the National Distinguished Younger Breeder as well. Our Spring and Championship shows expanded with Jersey breeders hosting their shows at the New Holland Pavillion with us and stay tuned as we continue to have more breeds that would like to join our events. We signed a second three-year contract with Alliant Energy Center and are booked there through 2020. Brian and Wendy Fust of Wausau hosted a marvelous state picnic in August and assisted in us raising another $13,650 for our scholarship program as well. The fall shows very highly successful for WI Holstein Breeders, solidifying the reputation that Wisconsin is one of the greatest sources of elite Holsteins anywhere in the world. We were saddened that Larry Nelson has decided to move on to a new career but thankful that he was able to lead the organization the past five years and we thank him for his dedicated service. We have retained some of Larry’s services to help us coordinate the shows at the Alliant Energy Center. It allows us to retain his expertise in the management of those shows as well as manage potential future

growth at these events. We are working at filling our Executive Director position and look forward to introducing a new leader to you soon. I do want to give a special THANK YOU to the rest of the WHA staff as Sharon Maffei, Ashley Yager and Laura Wackershauser have done a marvelous job of helping run the day-to-day operations of the organization as well as their own responsibilities in the interim. We are blessed to have such a dedicated staff. 2017 will have many opportunities as well. Calumet County has planned a great adult convention for us and I look forward to seeing many of you in Appleton at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel on February 24th and 25th. Several other initiatives are planned for the coming year and we look forward to talking about some of those at the convention. Best wishes again for a prosperous 2017 and I look forward to seeing you at the many events WHA has planned for the coming year. KJ

Welcome to These New Members Adult members: Rosemary Ketring, Mason Nate Bille, Waupun Junior members: Kevin & Katie Biese, Greenleaf Lily Jenson, Barneveld Luke Kramer, Wauzeka Ian & Marissa Spoke, Waterloo Julia Hutchinson, Oregon Vivian Lichty, Beaver Dam Rachel Kramer, Eastman Justin Brandel, Lake Mills Tamra, Elaina & Parker Ihm, Barneveld Cassidy Ewert, Watertown Claire, Emma & Dylan Bangart, Statford

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Starting at $1000 for the first year with set-up and monthly updates Contact Laura or Ashley with questions or to start your new marketing plan! wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-9

WHA Board of Directors Elections

At the 2017 Wisconsin Holstein Convention, elections will be held for four board of director positions. Erica Ullom is eligible for re-election after completing a term vacated by Dan Cnossen. Chad Ryan, Kent Wendorf and Tracy Nelson have completed their second three-year term and are not eligible for re-election. If you are interested in running and would like to run a bio in the February issue, please contact the Wisconsin Holstein News by January 15.

Sara Feldmann, Howards Grove Hello Holstein enthusiasts, my name is Sara Feldmann and I’m seeking election to serve on the Wisconsin Holstein Association Board. I was born and raised in Sheboygan County. Since a young age, I have been very involved in the dairy industry whether it be working on the farm, showing cattle or helping others with their show strings. I grew up on my family farm which is now operated as San-Ron Holsteins owned by Ron Roskopf where I’m the herd manager. We currently milk about 450 head 3x a day. I have also been employed at the Kettle Moraine Veterinary Clinic for the past 15 years. I’m very involved at the county level serving on the Holstein Board for nine years as treasurer and chairperson of District 10 for the past five years. I serve as Vice President of the Sheboygan County Fair and actively chaperone and mentor our junior program whenever opportunity presents itself. Throughout my entire life, I have exhibited cattle at local, state and national shows. The Holstein industry has played an important part of my life making me who I’m today. I have many great memories along the way and have meet many great friends. I would love to give back and help our association in promoting the industry and encouraging others to get involved.

Jim Kortz, Kaukauna My name is Jim Kortz. I have been a member of the Holstein Association for at least 40 years. I owned and operated a 100 cow dairy in Kaukauna as Kortz Registered Holsteins. The past 10 years I have directed my management skills to custom raising youngstock. I served six years on the Outagamie Holstein Association Board and am currently serving on the Outagamie Holstein Futurity committee. I believe working with the Junior Membership and allowing new technology to guide the decisions of the WHA is the future of this wonderful state. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve on the state board and would ask for your vote. GO BUCKY!!

Craig Krohlow, Black Creek Along with my wife Marlene, I’ve owned and operated Krohlow’s Registered Holsteins since graduating high school in 1979. The farm consists of 280 acres that produces the feed for our 40 cow milking herd along with the youngstock. I’ve been a national, state, and county member of the Holstein Association for over 35 years. I’ve also served on the Outagamie County Holstein board for three seperate six-year terms and also served as the District 7 Chairman for eight years. I’ve enjoyed coaching youth in 4-H and FFA dairy judging as well as judging at local fairs and youth judging competitions. Our family consists of children, spouses, and grandchildren: Ryan and Haley, Callie and Conway Krohlow, Tiffany and Nick, Brandi and Payton Prodell; and Travis Krohlow and friend Savannah Micke. Our kids were all active in the county Junior Holstein Association and continue their enthusiasm working in the dairy industry and more than likely will pass it on to the next generation. I’ve always had a passion for cattle and been excited to help others (especially youth) carry out their interest in agriculture. I’ve been very active in our county Holstein Association and would enjoy participating at the state level.

struggle with stray voltage and dad said it was hard for him to encourage any of us to stay on the farm. I ended up graduating from UW-Eau Claire with an Art Education degree. Since I had barely left Wisconsin, I took the opportunity to complete my student teaching in New Zealand where I was also head girls basketball coach and had the opportunity to travel both the north and south island for two weeks. After retuning from New Zealand I found a job teaching art and coaching in New Auburn. A few years later I found another K-12 teaching position closer to home in Independence where I coached volleyball, basketball and softball. In 2010 we finally solved the stray voltage problem on the farm and after our part-time help quit, I would teach at Independence, go to practice then head to the farm to milk cows. I soon found that I was more excited to milk cows than I was to go to school and made the decision to farm fulltime. I quickly found a love for genetics and cow families and began helping dad rebuild the herd. In 2015, I made the trip to the Apple Mania sale hoping to buy McGucci’s full sister. I did not get her and the whole way home I was kicking myself for not bidding one more time. Before we were even home I contacted Matt Engel to see what he had available. I had just read in Holstein International about Luck-E’s “A” family, particularly Asia and Atlanta, and was hoping to buy something from that family as a foundation animal. Matt invited us down and I made the trip a few days later with my dad and boyfriend, Graham. We were blown away with the phenomenal animals at Luck-E and ended up purchasing an EX-92 Attic. We had seen Atlanta there but I assumed he would never sell her so I never asked. A few days after our visit I called Matt again and said I was still really interested in something from his “A” family. When I heard Matt say “well what about Atlanta” I hit the floor. She showed up at Bert-Mar just fresh and ready to work, making almost 48,000! Just this spring her full sister, Asia, joined her at Bert-Mar and both have been flushed regularly. Leaving my teaching job was a stressful decision but I would do it a million times over. I get to work with my dad, my boyfriend and amazing cows every day and I am so excited in the direction Bert-Mar is headed!

Sherry Siemers-Peterman, Newton I have been a big fan and dedicated member of the Wisconsin Holstein Association for many years, both as a junior and as an adult member. The great friendships I’ve made by attending WHA events and shows are relationships I really enjoy and highly value. As a WHA board member, my constant goal would be to add value to a WHA membership for all of the very diverse members that we have. We need to do a better job of retaining those active young people that are graduating out of our outstanding junior program. We also need to attract and become a resource for younger dairy producers with larger herds in order to remain a viable organization in the future. To do that, we need to look at developing new programs or awards that are relevant to those producers so that they view us as valuable partners as they forge into the future of this changing dairy industry. While innovating for the future will be necessary, we don’t need to abandon the things that have made WHA a success for 125 years! Our state picnic, barn workshops, state convention, district and championship shows are all events in which we should continue to take great pride. We do need to keep looking for ways to boost membership attendance at one or all of these annual events. I’m so proud of the Wisconsin-bred Registered Holstein cow! I might be biased, but I think we have some of the best cattle in the world right here in the Badger state - whether you’re looking for show cattle, genomic list-toppers or simply great producing cows with superior type. We need to be more creative and assertive in promoting our world-class Holsteins as well as our passionate breeders, expert farm management and accomplished judges throughout the US and the world. As an enthusiastic and experienced member of the Wisconsin Holstein Association, I feel I would bring a unique perspective to the WHA Board of Directors and I humbly ask for your support!

Erica Lundberg, Osseo

Erica Ullom, Bloomer

I was born and raised on Bert-Mar Farms with my sisters Karla, Alyson, and Sarah. Growing up I was active in 4-H and FFA and was always busy on the farm. Unfortunately, the farm went through a brutal

My name is Erica Ullom and I’d like to announce my candidacy for re-election to the Wisconsin Holstein Board of Directors. I have served one year and in that year have been co-chair for the YAC, on the committee

10–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

for the Futures Sale and co-chair for the Wall of Fame. I have been involved with Registered Holsteins my entire life. My husband Travis and I live in Bloomer with our children Hannah (17) and Fritzy (15). I have been fortunate to farm with my parents Don & Liz Mayer on our 65 cow farm, Mayerlane Holsteins. Cows are our life; if we are not at the farm we are on one of our family “vacations” at a show, junior convention, or touring other Registered Holstein farms. I have been the advisor for the Chippewa County Junior Holsteins for the last five years and in January 2016 we hosted the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Convention in Wisconsin Dells. On the county level I have served on the Holstein board, helped with district show when we hosted, coached the 4-H judging team and chaperone the group of youth that go to Wisconsin State Fair from Chippewa County. I feel that the best way for this association to stay strong is to encourage youth and younger adults to stay with Registered Holsteins. Whether a kid has a calf as a project animal to build off of or you milk hundreds, there is a benefit to having Registered Holsteins. Our world and state dynamic is changing every day so our youth and younger adults need to be able to inform the public about our life which is Registered Holsteins and all that they do. I would appreciate your support and would be honored to represent you as a board member.

Thank you to the 2017 Convention Sponsors DIAMOND LEVEL CP Feeds

Upcoming Issues WI Futures Sale District 4 feature ads due January 11 Midwest Holsteins Junior Convention Results ads due February 8 Production Issue Adult Convention Results District 1 feature ads due March 10

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2017 Breeder Advertising Rates Black/White Rates PAGE Full Page 2/3 Page 1/2 Page 1/3 Page 1/4 Page

REG. $240.00 $180.00 $150.00 $115.00 $85.00

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OTHER CHARGES Full Color (4 Color Process) - $200.00 Second Color - Page - $60.00 50-60% Page - $45.00 < 50% Page -$30.00 Photos - $8.50 each Acquiring Photos - $5.00 each, plus costs Call Laura with questions or for Commercial Rates. 608-723-4933

PLATINUM LEVEL Calumet County Fair NorthStar Cooperative Inc. GOLD LEVEL Culvers Baker Cheese Inc. BMO Harris Bank Braun Electric Calumet County Dairy Promotion Foremost Farms USA Galloway Company Judd Roehrig Field Services Semex USA Twohig, Rietbrock, Schneider & Halbach S.C. Vern’s Cheese Vita Plus Zoetis SILVER LEVEL ALLTECH Inc Animart Badgerland Financial Badgerland Nutrition Calumet County Farm Bureau Country Visions Cooperative Dairyland Seed Diamond V Keller, Inc. Milk Products Riesterer & Schnell Sherwood Elevator St. Anna Veterinary Clinic Stanley Schmitz Tom Morris, LTD Vande Hey Brantmeier Automotive wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-11

2017 Wisconsin Holstein Convention February 24 & 25 • Radisson Paper Valley Hotel • Appleton, Wis. 333 W. College Ave., Appleton, WI 54911 • (920) 733-8000 A block of rooms has been reserved until February 7. Ask for the Wisconsin Holstein rate, $115 for a double room or $105 for a single. If registering online at the Radisson Paper Valley website, go to to get the group rate.

Convention Registration Friday Evening Dinner

Number of Tickets

Price/Person Postmarked by 2/7/2017

Price/Person Postmarked 2/8/2017 and after














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pre-registration required








The Avenue Buffet: Pork Loin & Baked Haddock

Past President’s Breakfast For Past WHA Presidents & spouses only

Saturday Luncheon Traditional Italian Buffet

Sign Making Workshop by kreative knotts, Brillion

# of sign you’ve chosen

Farm Tours Saturday Evening Banquet Duet Plated Dinner: Filet of Sirloin & Chicken Champignon

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Registration forms must be postmarked by February 7 to receive the lower rates. Ticket availability after the February 7 deadline will depend on the hotel caterer. There will be a trade board at the convention for extra ticket sales.

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The Young Adult Committee will be doing a drawing for vouchers for $100 rewards for use at the 2018 WHA Convention. If you are a first-time convention attendee and would like to be eligible for the rewards, please check the box below:

q I’m a first-time adult convention attendee Mail your forms with checks payable to “Calumet County Holstein Convention” to Chris Brantmeier, N7592 Hwy. 114/55, Sherwood, WI 54169 Questions? Please contact Chris Brantmeier at 920-989-1167.

Parking is available in the ramp that is connected to the Radisson Paper Valley via skywalk on Superior Street. The ramp takes cash or credit card and the entrances are marked accordingly. The maximum rate is $5.00/day. If staying Friday night and into Saturday, instead of paying $10.00, the Radisson will vaildate your parking, and the rate is $7.00. Additional parking is available in the ramp across from the PAC on Division Street. The charge will be $5.00/day with no validation available. 12–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

WHA Adult Convention Schedule

Junkin to Speak on “How to Overcome the Third-Generation Curse”

February 24 & 25 Radisson Paper Valley, Appleton hosted by Calumet County Holstein Breeders

In farm succession, everyone looks at the transfer of assets, but nobody has ever looked at the transfer of management and how farm families work together during that decade of transition. This is broken! Andy Junkin improves HOW farm families make decisions together by getting farm families to Focus on What Matters. His belief is that if the farm focuses on creating good successors and improving joint decision-making first, succession will be so much easier later on! Junkin’s own farm family fell apart due to farm succession/farm management issues. Over the past decade, Andy has been the best succession mediator in the country. Now he wants to get rid of the need for a mediator by evolving how farm families work together. Andy meets with dairymen weekly across North America to chair a half-hour family business meeting over SKYPE. Each week the farm plans “who is going to do what” and everyone is held accountable to getting done what they said they’d do. Each week the family brainstorms one way to improve production and how they work together. A subtle yet substantial part of the meeting is for both generations to contribute ideas to the meeting and make joint decisions. This both ensures that the next generation learns to critically think as a manager and learns family wisdom before succession starts. It also ensures that the farm makes sensible improvements and radically improves farm profitability. It gets everyone from butting heads to pulling together! While Andy encourages farm families to adapt to his methods when the successors are in their early 20s; they have been used to resolve the most dire succession cases where 40-something year olds are trapped in impossible situations. He saves family farms! In the three days after the convention, Andy will be delivering his workshop in person in Appleton. This workshop focuses on how farm families should groom their sons/daughters into the operation. Those who wish to attend must register prior to January 31 @ Sessions are 1:1 and limited to 9 spots.

Friday, February 24 Dairy Bar open throughout the day 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m. Registration open 1:00-3:00 p.m. WHA Committee Meetings 3:30-4:30 p.m. Seminar: “Transitioning Leadership of the Family Farm” with Andy Junkin 5:00-6:00 p.m. Pre-Sale Social Hour 6:00-7:00 p.m. Dinner Top Performer and Lifetime Production Awards presented 7:00 p.m. WHA Futures Sale hosted by Young Adult Committee Social with cash bar Saturday, February 25 7:00-8:00 a.m. Past President’s gathering (Past Presidents and spouses only) Registration & Dairy Bar open throughout the 8:00 a.m. day 8:00 a.m. Roundtable Discussion - “Financial Transition of the Farm” with Andy Junkin 9:00 a.m. WHA Annual Business Meeting Luncheon; recognition of juniors to compete at 11:30 a.m. National Convention; recognition of GMD and DOM, 40 & 50 Year Members, Wall of Fame inductees 1:00 p.m. Sign Making Workshop (pre-registration required) 1:30-5:00 p.m. Farm tours 5:30-6:30 p.m. Social Hour 6:30 p.m. Awards Banquet - WHA Board recognition; Advertising Contest winners; awards presented for Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder, Distinguished Service and Distinguished Breeder Dessert Auction to benefit Scholarship Fund Social with cash bar to follow banquet

Evolution of Dairy Products highlighted at Dairy Bar

You’re invited to experience the “Evolution of Dairy Products” that will be located in the Dairy Bar at the 2017 WHA Convention. We’ve partnered with local cheese plants to bring you timeless dairy favorites and a few fun new selections too. Add in the mix some vintage finds, a history lesson or two and passionate members of the dairy industry, our vision is to create a grand meeting place that feels both welcoming and inspirational as we share our legacy.

Sunday, February 26 WHA Board Re-organizational Meeting please note some items may change up until convention

Don’t Miss the Sign Making Workshop!

Saturday afternoon kreative knotts of Brillion ( will be offering a sign making workshop to be held at the Radisson Paper Valley. You will be creating your own custom wood sign, and no artistic ability is needed to be successful! As the artist, you will be able to pick your own colors, and choose from the pre-finished pine boards in the popular finishes of gray, black, antique white, barn red, and brown. The word layout cannot be changed and will look exactly as pictured. The more words selected, the more work/time it will take to complete your project. All necessary tools will be supplied including your 14 inch x 24 inch pre-finished pine board and aprons. So, let the artist in you come to the surface and create a custom design sign that you take home at the end of the workshop. Must be pre-registered by February 7th; no walkins available. Please include your email address on the registration form along with the number of the sign you have chosen.









wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-13


Hilrose Dairy and Fer-Crest Farms to host WHA Convention Farm Tours by Laura Wackershauser

Hilrose Dairy LLC Joe & Chris, Andy & Ashley and Jeff & Bonnie Brantmeier, Sherwood or nearly a century, the Brantmeier family has farmed in Sherwood, although the setting today is quite different than it was in 1921. First purchased by John and Clara Brantmeier, the farm is now owned and operated by the third and fourth generations, Joe and Chris Brantmeier along with their sons and daughters-in-law. Joe is still very active in the day-to-day operation and thoroughly enjoys serving on the board of directors for the State Bank of Chilton. Now retired after 27 years of teaching, Chris, stays busy as the full time bookkeeper for the farm and enjoys spending time with their six grandchildren. The family formed an LLC about five years ago in order to continue the family legacy and allow for the fourth generation to gradually take over. Andy, a graduate of UWThe Brantmeier Family - left to right: Andy, Ashley, Kylie, Chris, Joe, Madison’s Farm and Industry Short Course, is married to Bentley, Bonnie holding Blake and Jeff. Ashley and they have a daughter, Kylie. Ashley currently works as an Accounting Specialist for Milk Source. Jeff, a dairy science graduate of UW-Madison, is married to Bonnie and spring. They also have a strong market for selling replacements to they have two sons, Bentley and Blake. Bonnie, also a graduate of other dairy farms, often selling 70-80 fresh two-year-olds each year. UW-Madison, is a Communications Specialist at Milk Products, in Another way the Brantmeiers have added income is by cropping more land. They currently farm about 1200 acres, consisting of alfalfa, Chilton. The Brantmeier family is currently milking 92 cows with a rolling corn, winter wheat and soybeans. The Brantmeier herd has always had a strong reputation for being herd average of 32,371 4.0%F 3.0%P. The BAA is 111.4 with 40 Excellent, 58 Very Good and 6 Good Plus cows. The Brantmeier herd a high type herd with great longevity high milk production. They has been recognized nationally with the Progressive Breeders Registry currently have several cows over 200,000 pounds lifetime. To date, they have had eight cows go over 300,000 pounds of milk lifetime, award for 27 years and as a Herd of Excellence for six years. Since Jeff and Andy returned to the farm, the family has made two of which were over 400,000 pounds. The breeding program at Hilrose focuses on selecting bulls that several changes and updates to their facilities and diversified the operation to bring in extra income. Many of the updates were focused are high on type,udder composite and positive on components. They on improving the dairy’s calf and heifer facilities. A pasteurizer was have also started watching health traits more closey, with an emphasis installed in 2013 and started adding AddVantage, a whole milk on DPR and SCS. Current bulls being used are Doorman, Solomon, supplement product. This addition, along with expanding the calf Kenosha, Avalanche, Dempsey, Monterey and Crush. The Brantand heifer barn and adding tube ventilation, has improved the health meiers agree that they really like their Diamondback, Doorman and of their young stock. With improved calf health and their continued Beemer heifers. They also have several fresh heifers by Armani, use of ET and IVF, the Brantmeiers have an abundance of replace- Supersire and Hero that they are excited to work with and continue ments. This allows them to consign a number of calves to sales each to develop. Currently, there are a couple of cow families that they are working with heavily. The first is the family of Hilrose Advent Anna-Red, EX-94, who has been extremely successful in the show ring. Anna is an eleventh generation Excellent from the Dreamstreet Enhancer Alicia, EX-94 3E GMD DOM, family. Anna has a record at 4-11 in 344 days of 38,460 4.0 1531 2.9 1134. This past year, she was the first Aged Cow at the Midwest Spring Red and White Show, first at the All-Wisconsin Red and White Show and finished the show season by placing second at World Dairy Expo. She has been Nominated All-American Red and White Aged Cow for 2016 and 5 Year Old in 2015. Anna has a VG-88 Barbwire daughter as well as calves by Darwynn, Armani, Malone and Diamondback. There are pregnancies by Solomon and Avalanche and Anna herself is due in March to Darwynn. Many of the red cows in the Hilrose herd trace back to Enhancer Alicia, founded by a pair of Regrancrest Emory Derry-ET full sisters. The Brantmeiers have had four All-American nominations from this family, including a heifer that sold in Jauquet’s Tanbark Tribute that went on to be named the 2009 Reserve All-American Red and White Hilrose Advent Anna-Red EX-94 4-Year-Old for John Sullivan of New York.


14–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

Hilrose Lee Princess EX-93 4E GMD DOM

Greenlea Advent Leta-Red EX-94

Ayrshire in the Moy-Ayr dispersal at the Great Northern in 2001. Moy-Ayr Hermans Melvina was the first cow Brandon exhibited at World Dairy Expo, where she finished fifth as a 4-year-old. She was also a two-time Reserve Grand Champion Ayrshire at the Wisconsin Junior State Fair. Brandon’s first Registered Holstein purchase came in 2004 when he took home a fall calf from UW-Platteville’s Pioneer Dairy Classic. Platte-Vu Reg Fire-Red grew into an outstanding yearling and was third at the 2005 International Red and White Show at World Dairy Expo. These two cows helped grow Brandon’s interest in the industry and he decided to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison Farm and Industry Short Course. While attending Short Course he met Shi, who was in her freshman year at UW-Madison. Shi, along with her brother and two sisters, grew up a 45-cow Registered Holstein farm near Lone Rock owned by her parents, Tom and Mary Lurvey. Shi became involved in dairy judging and showing at a young age and sparked her interest in pursuing a degree in dairy science. After earning his two-year certificate in Dairy Farm Management, Brandon spent a few years traveling around the U.S. fitting and clipping cattle for shows and sales. He enjoyed this time and feels it was beneficial as it allowed him to meet new people and learn different philosophies and ideas. Brandon and Shi began renting his parents’ farm in 2010 and farmed there until the opportunity arose to purchase their current facilities in April 2012. The current herd consists of 70 cows with a rolling herd average at about 24,000 pounds of milk and a BAA of 111.7%. There are 28 Excellent, 29 Very Good and 18 Good Plus cows. They also have another 100 head of youngstock. Current sires being used include Solomon, Gold Chip, Moregold, Defiant, Reginald and Dempsey. They used Gold Chip very early on and really like the second calf cows currently in the herd, and are using him again. They also have a great group of Chelios two-year-olds in the barn. Brandon and Shi have recently purchased Greenlea Advent Leta-Red, EX-94, from Duckett Holsteins. Leta is a perennial show ring favorite and is a two-time Reserve All-American Red and White in milking form. She was also the Reserve Intermediate Champion at the Red and White Show at World Dairy Expo in 2009. Leta also has four daughters who were nominated All-American. She has a record of 3-08 2x 365 32,760 3.5 1153 3.4 1098 and will be flushed. Two other purchases from the Duckett herd were a pair of maternal sisters from Vangoh Durham Treasure, EX-96 with an EX-99 mammary system. Duckett Wndrk Thunder-ET is an EX-91 second calf WindBrandon & Shi Ferry with brook and is just fresh again. She has a VG-85 daughter Bryleigh first calf Chelios and several Reginald calves.

Another foundation cow in the herd is Hilrose Lee Princess. Princess, EX-93 4E GMD DOM, was Nominated Junior All-American Junior 3-Year-Old in 2004. She had three records over 50,000M and produced over 300,000 pounds lifetime. Her daughter, Rubens Patsy EX-93 3E GMD, was the Reserve All-American Fall Yearling in 2005.The favorite from this family is Hilrose Baltimor Penny-ET, EX-93, who has been IVFd heavily. The Brantmeiers have pregnancies by Doorman with a first choice of Penny’s four December heifers being offered in the WHA Futures Sale on February 24. Penny has two Dempsey daughters (EX-90 and VG-88 second calf), a VG-87 Shamrock, and heifers by Hero. She also has a VG-88 2Y Atwood that is +3.61 type, with embryos exported. Off the farm, the Brantmeier family is very involved in county activities, including the upcoming WHA adult convention. Chris is serving as the registration chair, Jeff is in charge of the farm tours, and Bonnie is the financial chair. Jeff is currently serving as president of the Calumet County Holstein Breeders and is one of the coaches for the county judging team. Andy and Ashley are serving as this year’s District 10 Show chairs. Another activity that the county Holstein breeders are involved in is the Rural-Urban Mardi Gras Banquet and Recognition Night held each February. Joe and Chris are proud of this event that started as a small gathering and has grown into a large fundraising event that allows the Holstein breeders and other small groups an opportunity to recognize their award winners. The funds from the event are given to many groups, including the exhibitors at the Junior State Fair and improvements at the Calumet County Fair. While the size of the farm and the surrounding town have changed, Hilrose Dairy and the Brantmeier family remain a vital part of the Registered Holstein business in Calumet County. With the fifth generation just starting to get excited about the farm and the show ring, this should continue for years to come.

Fer-Crest Farms Brandon & Shianne Ferry, Hilbert rowing up on their families’ dairy farms has instilled a love of the dairy cow in both Brandon and Shianne Ferry, one that brought the two of them together and now has them pursuing their dream of owning their own farm. Brandon and Shi, along with their 15 month old daughter Bryleigh, farm on 40 acres near Hilbert. They are excited to be hosting one of the farm tours during this year’s Wisconsin Holstein convention. Brandon grew up on Fer-Li Holstein Farm with his parents, Tim and Lisa, and sister Michelle near Pickett. While they had a few Registered Holsteins, Brandon’s first taste of the showring came after the family purchased an


wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-15

Her sister, by Fremont, is also EX and due in March. One of the foundation families of the Fer-Crest herd is that of Platte-Vu Reg Fire-Red, VG-88, and her dam, O-C-E-C Ranger Sassy-Red-ET, EX-91 3E, who Brandon purchased at the Platte-Vu Dispersal in 2005. Sassy was a very prolific flush cow and had two Excellent daughters and four Very Good daughters in their herd as well as one Excellent and two Very Good daughters in other herds. Brandon and Shi have granddaughters and great-granddaughters of these two cows by Mr Burns, Talent, Armani and Advent. Another foundation cow who is still in the herd at 17 years of age is Cobequid Spumante Beaute, EX-96 3E. Beaute was the Reserve All-American 5-Year-Old in 2004 and the Reserve All-Canadian Junior 2-Year-Old in 2001. She is still being flushed and has daughters by Durham, Armani, Acme and Atwood. Brandon and Shi house a handful of cows for others and one that they are excited to show off during the convention farm tours is Jo-Clar Outside Reese, EX-94. Reese, due in early March, sold as lot one in the 2015 Jo-Clar Dispersal and is backed by six generations of VG and EX cows. She is owned by Zach Lemke and has a daughter by Brady. They also have a small herd of Jerseys that are anchored by a full sister to TJ-Classic Minister Venus, EX-93 and Supreme Champion at World Dairy Expo in 2014. They also have several offspring from Forever Hopeful Tonya, EX-95. To help bring in some extra income, the Ferrys sell quite a few calves at sales throughout the year and replacement heifers to other dairymen. Prior to having their daughter, they were milking more than a barn full and were switching 12-15 cows, but have cut back to decrease the labor and time spent milking. Another source of added income is Brandon’s time spent selecting for and working at several Registered Holstein sales during the year. He has also become a well-respected judge and judges about a dozen county fairs, district and national shows during the year. Dairy Judging has also been a shared passion for Brandon and Shi. They were both on the judging team at Madison, with Shi’s team

16–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

O-C-E-C Ranger Sassy-Red-ET EX-91 3E placing 8th in the Intercollegiate Judging Contest and Brandon’s team placing 3rd in the Post-Secondary Contest. They enjoyed helping coach the Fond du Lac County 4-H judging team, along with Chad Ryan and Chris Pollack, for four years. One of their teams placed third at the National 4-H Judging Contest which earned them a trip to Scotland to compete in an international judging contest. Along with continuing to breed an outstanding herd of cows, Brandon and Shi are excited to raise their family in the same industry that has helped shape their lives. They have developed some great friendships with others they’ve met at dairy events through the years and the support from them and other industry connections have really helped as they work to make their place in the dairy world. They invite everyone to visit their herd on February 25 during the Wisconsin Holstein Convention.

Beth Herges

Hilrose Baltimor Penny-ET  EX-93 3-03 2x 365 37,480 3.9 1460 3.0 1137 4-05 2x 365 42,970 3.6 1565 2.7 1176 2nd Fall Yearling, Midwest Spring National Show 2012 Her Dam: Hilrose Rubens Patsy EX-93 4-09 2x 365 45,970 3.8 1761 2.9 1345 Reserve All-American Fall Yearling 2005

2nd Dam: Hilrose Lee Princess EX-93 3E GMD 3 records over 50,000M, over 300,000 lifetime Nom. Junior All-American Junior 3-Year-Old 2004

Selling Friday, February 24 at the Wisconsin Futures Sale H 1st Choice of four Doorman December calves from Penny H ~ Maternal sisters to the Doormans: EX 2nd calf Dempsey & a VG-88 Atwood 2 year old

We invite everyone to visit us during the farm tours at the 2017 WHA Convention on February 25! RHA: 32,371 4.0F 4.0P 111.7% BAA 27 Year PBR Award Herd 2008-2013 Herd of Excellence


Joe & Chris, Andy & Ashley, Jeff & Bonnie Brantmeier

N426 Military Rd., Sherwood, WI 54169 (920) 989-1167 home VISITORS AND INQUIRIES ALWAYS WELCOME

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-17

Thank You to the buyers of Wargo Acres’ genetics in 2016: Jacob Reidt Linda Speich Kamphuis Farms, LLC Lisowe Acres, LLC Dehnel Farms, Inc Dale and Katharine Twardokus John Krueger Five Star Dairy, LLC Crave Brothers Farm, LLC Dwight Hodorff Rex Aire Farm Mark and Angie Ulness Jeff, Mark and Terrie Sabel Thomas Ederer Paul Knier Statz Brothers Farms, Inc Feltz Farms Stempfle Holsteins, Maynard, IA Adam Faust Herman Neuheisel Sunnyside Dairy Farm, LLC Langer Dairy Farms Tarek Horkan Jamie Black, Constable, NY Sadie’s Organic Dairy Acker Farms Doug Rauls Brennan's Ridgeview Farms Dwyat Farms Mike Mahoney, Constable, NY Gordon & Emily Carncross | Craig & Jen Carncross W13157 Co. Hwy. J, Lodi, WI 53555 | 608-592-2560 Craig cell BAA: 108.3% on 300 cows

18–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

RHA: 31,522 3.8 1196 3.1 981

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-19

Looking forward to the New Year!

Cybil Fisher photos

Forest-Ridge Madge-Red-ET

Forest-Ridge A Mopsy-Red-ET Forest-Ridge Abslt March-Red-ET

VG-87 2Y Absolute x 3E-94 Jordan, Nom. AA x 3E-93 Rubens, Nom. AA Nom.JuniorAll-AmericanR&WSr.2-Yr-Old 1stSr.2-Yr-Old&HMIntermediateChampion, PremierNationalJuniorR&WShow ~ owned by Matthew Boop, PA It’s going to be exciting to see this great young cow develop!

Armani x 3E-94 Jordan, Nom. AA x 3E-93 Rubens, Nom. AA

Absolute x 2E-92 Sanchez x VG-87 2Y Advent x 2E-92 Talent x 3E-93 Rubens

Nom.All-AmericanR&WWinterYearling Nom.JuniorAll-AmericanR&WWinterYearling 2nd Open&1stJunior WinterYearling,Res. JuniorChampion,MWSpringR&WShow 5thOpen&2ndJunior WinterYearling, InternationalR&WShow 4thOpen&2ndJunior,All-WIR&WShow ~ owned with Bella-View ~ due in March to Defiant

Nom.All-AmericanR&WSpringCalf 2ndSpringCalf,All-WIR&WShow 7thSpringCalf,InternationalR&WShow ~ owned with Bella-View

She sells March 31!

Here’syourchancetogetinonthisnominatedfamily!SellingintheWisconsinFuturesSale onFebruary24inAppleton1st Choice Addiction-P from the EX-93 2E Advent sister to Madge and Mopsy! Kurt, Sarah, Adella & Ainsley Loehr W2133 Randellen Lane, Eden, WI 53019 Kurt: 920.602.0101 | Sarah: 608.792.7013 | FindusonFacebook! 20–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

District 10 breeders Manitowoc Winnebago


Fond du Lac


ThesuccessofthesethreeForest-Ridge animalswouldnotbepossiblewithout theguidanceandcareofourincredible partners,LynnandSaraHarbaughand family.Thankyouforeverythingyoudo!


My Gold-ET

EX-93 EX-95MS

2-01 3x 365 37,170 2.3 870 3.0 1127 3-02 3x 365 49,780 2.3 1168 2.8 1403 4-03 3x 365 77,477 2.6 1992 2.7 2055 Sire: Braedale Goldwyn Dam: Ever-Green-View My 1326-ET EX-92 2E GMD 4-05 3x 365 72,170 3.9 2787 3.0 2142 World record holder 2008-2016 My Gold, following in her mother’s footsteps, recently set the new world record for milk production. She’s the definition of Excellence... and the world’s new GOLD standard! District 10 breeders Manitowoc Winnebago

Ever-Green-View LLC

Tom & Gin, Chris & Jennifer Kestell W4672 Co. Hwy. N, Waldo, WI 53093 Ph: 920-528-7063 Fax: 920-528-7428 e-mail:


Fond du Lac


BAA: 110.9% Current RHA: 94 cows 3x 43,810 3.82 1675 3.1 1365 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-21

District 10 Report Watch for your chance to advertise & promote your county association in future issues. The February issue will feature District 4 - Clark, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Portage, Taylor & Wood counties.

District 10 breeders Manitowoc Winnebago


Fond du Lac


Calumet County

2016 Adult Membership: 30; Jr. Membership: 12 Adult Association officers - President: Jeff Brantmeier; Vice President: Larry Meyer; Secretary: Sue Schultz; Treasurer: Adam Schnell. The Calumet County Holstein Breeders closed 2016 with a sense of accomplishment for our many successes and excitement as we prepare to celebrate our 100 year anniversary as an organization in 2017. Activities in 2016 included our annual meeting and the Calumet County Rural-Urban Mardi-Gras Banquet and Recognition Night which were reported on in the May 2016 District 10 report in the Wisconsin Holstein News The annual June Dairy Month “Sundae on a Dairy Farm” promotion was held at Dallmann East River Dairy LLC, Brillion on Sunday, June 26. Our attendance record hit an all time high in 2016 with over 3700 attending. The Calumet County Holstein Breeders are one of the main sponsors. Calumet County Junior members Brianna and Austin Meyer attended the 2016 National Junior Holstein Association Convention in New York. Our organization is thrilled with the tremendous success our juniors achieved at the convention including Brianna being a member of the Calumet/Manitowoc County Junior Holstein Association dairy bowl team that represented Wisconsin in the national contest. Brianna won the junior division of the National Speaking contest with her speech about Goldwyn. Congratulations Brianna! Our adult and junior members exhibited at the Calumet County Fair, District Show, Wisconsin Championship Show, Wisconsin State Fair and World Dairy Expo. Our juniors who exhibited at the Wisconsin State Fair Junior Dairy Show had great success in 2016 including Mariah Tasch from Chilton winning the Holstein winter calf class. Mariah and her calf went on to be awarded the Reserve Champion Bred and Owned of calves and heifers. We wish all of our Calumet County juniors the best in the many opportunities they chose to participate in within the dairy industry. Our second annual Calumet County CP Feeds 3-Year-Old Futurity was held on September 4 in conjunction with the Calumet County Fair. Eighteen 3-years-old were paraded in front of an audience of over 500 attendees at the CP Feeds Futurity. Winning the 2016 highly competitive futurity was Dreamhaven Dempsey Rumchata exhibited by Krista Luedtke of Hortonville. Calumet County invites Holstein enthusiasts to attend the 2017 CP Feeds

Paul Juckem from Joul Farms; Greg Bohman from Bohman Farms; Adam Schnell from Schnell Farms; Ron Spaulding; Sarah Schnell, Schnell Farms; Deb Reinhart from Gold Star Farms; Angela Hoefler from Maurer Farms; Dave Geiser, Gold Star Farms; Dominque and Christina Schnell, Schnell Farms; JoAnne Juckem, Joul Farms; Chris and Joe Brantmeier from Hilrose Dairy; Matthew and Alicia Schnell, Schnell Farms; Gerhard Haggenmueller; Jeff, Andy and Bonnie Brantmeier, Hilrose Dairy; Jennifer Meyer from Jenlar Holsteins and Swiss; Sue Schultz, R-Su Holsteins; Marilyn Nettekoven from Level-Plain Farm; Jeff Zwiers from Zeescape Holsteins; Shianne Ferry from Fer-Crest Farm; Jeannie Gasch; Ashley Brantmeier, Hilrose Dairy; Richard Schultz from R-Su Holsteins; and Brandon Ferry, Fer-Crest Farm. 22–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

Futurity which will be held on Sunday, September 3, 2017. The Calumet County Fair is held Labor Day weekend. The Holstein Breeders coordinate the trophy sponsors for dairy classes and provide financial assistance. In 2016, the Calumet County Holstein Breeders donated over $4000 in contributions to dairy related activities at the county and state level. The Calumet County Holstein Breeders kick off 2017 and their 100th Anniversary celebration with the annual meeting on Friday, January 13. The Calumet County Holstein Breeders are honored to be hosting the 2017 Wisconsin Holstein Association Convention in Appleton at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel, February 24-25, 2017 in conjunction with the 100th Anniversary. The convention theme is “Shining Legacy... Bright Future”. We invite Wisconsin Holstein Association members and friends to attend the 2017 convention where we will be dedicated to focusing on our legacy and the future. Post convention the Calumet County Holstein Breeders will continue celebrating the 100 year anniversary through a series of planned events The Calumet County Holstein Breeders looks forward to serving as the District 10 Holstein Show hosts in June 2017.

Fond du Lac County

2016 Adult Membership: 94; Jr. Membership: 39 Adult Association officers - President: Kurt Loehr; Vice President: Sarah Loehr; Secretary: Joseta Halbur; Treasurer: Lorna Bock. Junior Association officers - President: Darren Kamphuis; Vice President: Matthew Kramer; Secretary: Kati Kindschuh; Treasurer: Derrek Kamphuis; Director: Rachel Bock; Junior Advisor: Joseta Halbur. 2016 started off with a bang for the Fond du Lac Holstein Association. The junior members headed off to convention in January. Of the nine members that went seven of them came home with awards. Kaydence Hodorff and Emily Stumpf received 12 & Under awards, Kalista and Kaianne Hodorff received YDJM awards and were chosen as National YDJM candidates. Valerie and Matthew Kramer were awarded DJM awards and Matthew was also selected as National DJM candidate and was a delegate for the Wisconsin Junior Activities Committee. Kati Kindschuh was crowned as the 2016 Wisconsin Holstein Princess and also received a scholarship. Later that month we celebrated over 100 years of Holstein history at our annual meeting. Bob & Francine Galdi were awarded the adult service award and Paula Bovre was honored by the junior association for her commitment to their success and overall dedication to the organization. Matthew Kramer and Rachel Bock were also honored as scholarship recipients and Derrek Kamphuis was given the Outstanding Junior Award. In February, a very dedicated group of Fond du Lac County Holstein members headed off to Wisconsin Holstein Convention in Marshfield. Joseta Halbur was elected to the state Holstein Board of Directors while Paula Bovre retired as Board president. Fellow Fond du Lac member Jim Rickert announced his official running for the National Holstein Board of Directors position which would be decided at the National Holstein Convention in June. In June, Fond du Lac County hosted the District 10 Holstein Show. Judge Jerome Meyer placed 149 head of Holsteins throughout the day. At the end of the show, Ryan-Vu Sid Molly exhibited by Siemers Holstein Farms, Inc. was named Grand Champion of the Open Show. Several adult and junior members headed off to the National Holstein Convention in New York in June. Fond du Lac County member Joe Loehr was honored as the National Distinguished Young Breeder award. Junior members Kalista and Kaianne Hodorff were honored as YDJM Finalists and Matthew Kramer was honored as a DJM finalist as well. Fond du Lac County has a lot to be proud of when it comes to those actively involved in all facets of our dairy community. On July 22, the Fond du Lac County Holstein Association hosted its annual Agromatic Holstein Futurity in conjunction with the Fond du Lac County Fair. The judge was Jeff Brantmeier of Hilbert. Winning the five-year-old show was Westphal-Elg R Madhouse- Red, exhibited by Westphalia Holsteins and Madison Partners. Topping the two-year-old class was Ryan-Vu Chelios Mocha exhibited by Ryan-Vu Dairy of Fond du Lac.

In August the Fond du Lac Holstein Association hosted a Twilight Meeting at Kamphuis Farms LLC in Brandon. The evening kicked off with a judging contest. Kevin Jorgensen served as official master of ceremonies and we heard from Wisconsin Holstein Princess, Kati Kindschuh and Annaliese Wegner served as the official speaker telling us all about her adventures in agvocating. We would like to give a huge thank you to the Kamphuis family for opening their facilities to us for the event, as well as the committee for putting on a great meal and program. The 71st edition of the Fond du Lac Holstein Classic took place at the Great Northern on September 27. Topping the sale was Jolibois Floria Contend-Red-ET consigned by Milksource Genetics of Kaukauna. She sold to Starlight Genetics, Lebanon, IN, for $6000. Between the cows and bred heifers, the sale averaged $2958. A special thank you to Rick and Paula Bovre for spearheading the sale and continued support of our local organization. Throughout the summer months and into the fall the junior members took on a dairy promotion project known as “Milk Scarlett.” Scarlett is a life-size wooden cow with milk bottle teats that gives people opportunities to milk a cow. Scarlett traveled with the junior members to four dairy promotion events and reached over 1000 people in the Fond du Lac area. In October the junior members hosted a dairy bowl workshop to teach and recruit new members for dairy bowl competition at convention in January. Regular practices kicked off in late October and there is definitely a friendly atmosphere when it comes to practice. We are anxiously awaiting convention to see how the fruits of our labor pays off. While we embark on a new year of Holstein happenings, we are excited with all that we have accomplished in the past year and are looking forward to what the industry brings us in the future.

Manitowoc County

2016 Adult Membership: 80; Jr. Membership: 34 Adult Association officers - President: Matt Cracraft; Vice President: Mitch Kappelman; Secretary: Amanda Knoener; Treasurer: James Lepich; Directors: Josh Krahn, Amy Vos, Jason Miller, Angie Ulness and Vanna Leichtfuss. Junior Association officers - President: Maddie Zutz; Vice President: Lauren Siemers; Secretary: Clarissa Ulness; Treasurer: Garrett Ulness; Reporter: Bennett Borgwardt; Junior Advisor: Amanda Smith. The Manitowoc County Holstein association would like to congratulate the juniors for their accomplishments at the Junior Holstein Convention this year. Their hard work has paid off and we are extremely proud of them. The county Holstein breeders are also very excited for the new Ag Education Center being constructed in southern Manitowoc County. This will help promote the dairy industry as well as agriculture in Manitowoc County and Wisconsin. November 26th we had our annual banquet with 55 people in attendance. We had special guests Josetta Halbur, Corey Geiger, and Nic Schoenberger in attendance to give updates at the state and national levels as well as a presentation on the New Ag Educations Center coming to Manitowoc County. We would like to congratulate the exhibitors at this year’s WDE on a job well done. The Manitowoc County Junior Holstein Association has had a busy year! We starting our year off with the 2016 Wisconsin Junior Holstein Convention, where we sent two junior teams, a senior team, and a rookie team to the dairy bowl competition. One of our junior teams, comprised of Lauren Siemers, Clarissa and Garrett Ulness and Brianna Meyer, placed first in the dairy bowl contest and advanced onward to the National Convention in New York. The Manitowoc Junior Holsteins also won the banner contest, Bell-R-Ring contest, and scrapbook contest. Maddie Zutz was selected to participate in the Farm Tour trip. Multiple members enjoyed showing off their cattle at the Wisconsin State Fair. Lauren Siemers, placed third in the supreme showmanship competition at the State Fair. At the county level, many members also participated in showing and competing in showmanship. The Manitowoc County Junior Holstein Association also held a Fitting and Showing Workshop at Siemers Holsteins this past year.

Members attended Cow Camp, Badger Dairy Camp, and the PDPW Youth Leadership Derby. For a fun activity, the Jr Holstein members traveled to Polly’s Pumpkin Patch and explored the corn maze.

Sheboygan County

2016 Adult Membership: 75; Jr. Membership: 43 Adult Association officers - President: Luke Gartman; Vice President: Bryan Mauk; Secretary: Sara Feldmann; Treasurer: Katie Ulezelski; Directors: Chris Booth, Jerry Jens, John Helmer, Robert Schuricht, Kara Abraham. Junior Association officers - President: Jared Abraham; Vice President: Cole Booth; Secretary: Elise Bleck; Treasurer: Brady Bleck; Historian: Ava Booth; Directors: Adam Bindl & Savanna Ridge. The Sheboygan County Holstein Breeders had another successful year. This past spring we joined Manitowoc County on a tour in March. There were about 40 members that enjoyed three stops along the way at Mark Paul’s Teemar Holsteins, Dave & Stacy Jauquet and Jeff Jauquet’s farm and the final stop was at Adam Delfosse’s Delstar Holsteins. We enjoyed seeing or learning something new about each dairy. In June and July many members participated and enjoyed showing at the local district show and state show. The 17th annual futurity was held Labor Day weekend. We had a total of 340 entries and of those 29 animals were shown. Serving as the official judge that afternoon was Molly Sloan. The annual meeting was held in December with new officers elected. This past January we had over 40 Sheboygan County juniors, parents and relatives attend the Junior Holstein Convention in Wisconsin Dells. The activities we participated in included: Junior Dairy Jeopardy Contest where Jared Abraham finished 2nd overall and advanced to the National Contest where he placed 5th. In addition, we had a Rookie Dairy Bowl team, two junior teams, a junior team and a senior team. Highlights also include participation by many members in almost all contests/awards including: Young Distinguished Junior Members, 12 & Under recognition, Speaking Contest, Farm Trip Award, Junior Progressive Breeder Award, Long Range Production, Folding Display, Photography Contests, Advertising Contest, Top Dairy Bowl Seating Exam Award and Raffle ticket recognition. The 2016 show season was a success for Sheboygan County. All ages of youth exhibited at District and State Show, County and State Fair and World Dairy Expo this year. Many awards were won but overall each youth identified their greatest accomplishments were their new friendships and the leadership they acquired as they worked hard and presented their animals to the best of their ability. ·         Sheboygan County Junior also hosted three fundraising opportunities throughout the year. The first was the WHA Junior Calf Raffle Fundraiser. All families sold at least four packs of tickets in order to earn fundraising to attend the convention in January. Thank you to Synergy Dairy, Jay and Heather Jauquet and Cary and Linda Olson of Pulaski, WI for making this opportunity possible. The juniors also provided volunteers to work the county fair races fundraiser with the adult association and lastly the Sheboygan County juniors hosted their first-ever live auction at the Sheboygan County Junior Holstein Association Annual Meeting with Chad Ryan as the auctioneer. The donated items included: a Steel Cow painting, cheese, Johnsonville sausage and cutting board basket, home-made Christmas cooking basket, Bucks tickets, Badger tickets, hoof trimming, semen and photography certificates. Sheboygan County juniors would like to thank everyone who made donations to these events or bid on/ purchased these items to help us earn future opportunities for our members.  

Winnebago County

2016 Adult Membership: 24; Jr. Membership: 12 Adult Association officers - President: Joe Hughes; Vice President: Josh Silverthorn; Secretary: Michael Bradley; Treasurer: Cathy Silverthorn; Junior Advisor: Mary Bradley. Junior Association officers - President: Mitchell Crowley; Secretary: Hunter Crowley; Treasurer: Grace Peapenburg.

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-23

Sheboygan County Holstein Futurity

The 17th Annual Sheboygan County Holstein Futurity was held on Sunday, September 4 at the Sheboygan County Fair Park in Plymouth. Judge Molly Sloan placed 29 three-year-olds during this year’s Futurity. Mistresses of ceremonies were Ann O’Leary, the 69th Alice in Dairyland, and Courtney Booth of Booth-Haven Holsteins. Special guests for the event were Paige Nelson, the Wisconsin Holstein Princess Attendant, and Makayla Klumpyan, the 2016 Sheboygan County Fairest of the Fair. Presented by the Sheboygan County Holstein Association, the corporate sponsor for the futurity is Schulz & Dippel Trucking Inc. Platinum sponsors for the event include Karrel’s Dairy Equipment and Ongna Wood Products. Gold Sponsors were Adell Cooperative, Go-Sho Cattle Co., Kettle Lakes Cooperative and Masters Gallery. Taking home first place was Cow-Palace Fever So Real owned by San-Ron Holsteins and shown by Sara Feldmann. Second place was Lyn-Vale Goldsun Glaze-ET owned by William Schultz III and shown by Ava Booth. Taking third was Krullcrest Barb Baby-Red-ET owned by Hanke Farms and shown by Paige Vossekuil.

From the HElMErS

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District 10 breeders Manitowoc Winnebago


THE HElMErS John, Lynn, Bill, Judy, Erica & Andy Fond du Lac

side view - Cybil Fisher; ring photo by The Bullvine

Top 5 at Sheboygan County Futurity - (left to right) Sara Feldmann with Cow-Palace Fever So Real, Ava Booth with Lyn-Vale Goldsun Glaze-ET, Paige Vossekuil with Krullcrest Barb Baby-Red-ET, Bryan Mauk with Mauk-E-Way Dempsey Amora-ET and Katie Ulezelski with Lyn-Vale Solo Cup-Red


N6325 State Hwy. 67, Plymouth, WI 53073 920-946-0929 BAA: 106.9% RHA: 28,749M 3.51 1009F 3.1 885P

Cow-Palace Apple Trixie-Red Nominated All-American R&W Summer Yearling 2nd Summer Yearling, International R&W Show 3rd Summer Yearling, All-Wisconsin R&W Show 2nd Summer Yearling, District 10 Show 2nd Summer Yearling, Midwest Spring R&W Show Mr Apple Jack-Red-ET x Harvue Destry Twister VG-88 3-07 27,050 2.7 732 3.0 782 Backed by 5 more generations VG or EX dams

ThisyearwasaveryfunyearformyselfandTrixie.Thankstoallourfriendsandfamilywhohavehelpedusalongthisjourney. Welookforwardtowhat2017hasinstoreforus.San-RonHolsteinswouldliketowisheveryoneahealthyandsuccessful2017!!

San-Ron Holsteins 24–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

Ron Roskopf, owner - 414-587-4402 • Sara Feldmann, herdsman - 920-980-9704 N7730 Dairyland Drive, Sheboygan, WI 53027 •

District 10 breeders Manitowoc Winnebago


Fond du Lac


2016 Distinguished Junior Members

Kristen Broege is the 20-year-old daughter of Phyllis and the late Steve Broege from Janesville in Rock County. Kristen owns and shows Rock-Edge Holsteins with her two younger sisters, Jenna and Nicole. Currently, she is a junior at the University of WisconsinMadison majoring in Dairy Science. On campus she is involved in Badger Dairy Club, Association of Women in Agriculture, National Agri-Marketing Association, and the Collegiate Dairy Judging Team. Kristen is currently Kristen Broege serving as the Junior Activities Committee Chair and shows at local, state, and national shows. In the future she hopes to have a career in dairy business and communications. Rachel Coyne is the 19-year-old daughter of Peter and Lisa Coyne of Spring Valley. She grew up on her family’s hobby farm raising show heifers and dry cows. Rachel has been involved with Junior Holstein since she was nine and has participated in showing, photography contests, dairy bowl and jeopardy, and served as a Junior Activities Committee member from 2015 to 2017. She has shown at the county, district, state and national levels and has worked for numerous show strings across Rachel Coyne the country. She is currently a freshman at the University of Minnesota where she is studying Animal Science and Agricultural Communication and Marketing. Kelsey Cramer is the 19-year-old daughter of Bob and Nikki Cramer. She has two older siblings, Bryan and Alyssa, and lives on her family’s dairy farm, RHC Holsteins, outside of Juda. She is a freshman at UW-Eau Claire where she is majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Kelsey is responsible for many different tasks on her family’s farm and loves working and showing her cattle. Throughout her entire life she has been involved with agriculture, and loves every Kelsey Cramer moment to advocate for the industry; she credits the Junior Association for helping her find and express this passion. Zach Endres is the 20-year-old son of Steve and Kathy Endres of Waunakee. He has two older sisters, Cassie and Lizi, and lives on Endres Berryridge Farms LLC. He is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in Dairy Science. On campus, he is involved with Badger Dairy Club, the Collegiate Dairy Judging Team, and the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. He shows cattle at the local, county, district, state, and national levels. In the future, he plans to pursue a career in dairy nutrition and to eventually return home to the family farm.

Zachary Endres

Kalista Hodorff is the daughter of Corey and Tammy Hodorff. A senior on the high honor roll at Campbellsport High School, Kalista is involved in 4-H, FFA and church activities. She enjoys playing soccer and basketball, and volunteers as a youth soccer coach. Kalista helps feed calves and additional farm chores along with her sisters, Kayli, Kaianne and Kaydence at their century family farm, Second Look Holsteins, LLC in Eden. Kalista Hodorff 26–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

Mason Jauquet is a senior at Pulaski High School. His parents are Jay and Heather Jauquet. They own and operate Synergy Dairy with his brothers Carter and Evan and his grandparents Gary and Linda Olson. Mason is a member of the Maple Grove Countryside 4-H and is a junior dairy leader in charge of helping several other kids who show animals from their farm. He is the Parliamentarian of the Pulaski FFA and Vice President of the Shawano County Junior Holstein Association. He is a participant on the county dairy bowl and dairy judging teams.

Mason Jauquet

Matthew Kramer, 20, is the son of Leo and Chris Kramer. His family operates Chrisleacres Registered Holsteins in St. Cloud. Matthew is a sophomore at UW-River Falls majoring in Dairy Science. On campus, he is active in Dairy Club and Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. He is the Fond du Lac County Junior Holstein Association Vice President. Matthew served on the Fond du Lac County Dairy Committee and was the 2014-2015 Campbellsport FFA Matthew Kramer Chapter President. Matthew has enjoyed showing and judging dairy cattle at the county, district, state and national levels. He was also a National Distinguished Junior Member Finalist in 2016. Carley Krull is the 19-year-old daughter of Cindy Krull-Begeman and the late Brian Krull of Lake Mills. Carley grew up on her family’s dairy and crop farm with her mom, sister Cassy, and brother Bryce. The farm currently consists of 40 Registered Holsteins, Red and Whites, and Jerseys along with 80 head of youngstock and 700 acres owned and rented. Carley has been active in Junior Holstein activities since she was a rookie on the Dairy Bowl team. She is a past DJM and YDJM Carley Krull recipient. Carley is also active in 4-H and other breed associations such as the Red and White Dairy Cattle Association, American Jersey Cattle Association and recently the American Milking Shorthorn Society. Carley is a freshman at Iowa State University where she is majoring in Dairy Science with intent to work within dairy cattle reproduction and/or nutrition and eventually return to the home farm. Katherine Larson is the 20-year-old daughter of Kevin and Julie Larson, Viroqua. She has a brother, Thomas, and lives on a 250 acre crop and heifer farm where she helps with all aspects of the calf and heifer care, field work and farm upkeep. Katherine has been involved in Junior Holsteins, 4-H, FFA, her school and church. She is currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville majoring in Agriculture Business. She is a member of the Pioneer Dairy Katherine Larson Club, Alpha Zeta, Collegiate FFA and Ag Business Club. Katherine has been a county officer for six years and participated in Cow Camp, Dairy Bowl, Dairy Jeopardy, speaking, folding display, photography, and ad contests, the Farm Trip Award and received several state and national cow awards. Katherine was also a past National YDJM and has shown cattle on the county, district, state and national levels.

Rachel McCullough, Juda, is the 17-year-old daughter of Chris and Kathie McCullough. She has a brother, Mac. Rachel is a junior at Juda Public Schools and is a member of the Juda FFA and Green County Junior Holsteins. She enjoys showing at county, district, state and national shows. In her spare time, Rachel likes to go to shows and sales with her dad. Rachel McCullough Austin Nauman, 19, is the son of Danielle Nauman and Scott Stanford. Austin attends the UW-Farm and Industry Short Course. This summer, he was the show cow manager for Sunrose Holsteins in Indiana. Austin graduated from Sparta High School, where he played hockey and was in FFA. He has participated in 4-H, Dairy Bowl, Dairy Jeopardy, and Dairy Judging and was a 2013 National YDJM winner. Austin owns 16 head of Registered Austin Nauman Holsteins, Jerseys and Ayrshires. He enjoys clipping and working at shows and sales, fitting and preparing animals, and is pursuing his dream of developing and marketing an elite herd. Hannah Nelson is the 17-year-old daughter of Tracy Mitchell and Marc Nelson. She is currently a senior at Ellsworth High School in Ellsworth where she resides with her mom, s ister Paige (19), brothers Mitchell (15) and Levi (9), Paisley (her Shorkie Poo puppy) and many pet barn cats and show heifers too numerous to name. She is very active in St. Francis Catholic Church, the Helpful Workers 4-H club where she serves as secretary, and the Ellsworth FFA chapter, where she is a student advisor.

Hannah Nelson

Megan Nelson is the 18-year-old daughter of Richard Nelson and Ruthann Anderson, and has a younger brother Ayjay. She graduated from Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau High School in May 2016. After graduation she started an internship at Ferme Jacobs in Cap-Sante, Quebec, through November. She currently works on Nelson Family Farms where they milk 170 Registered Holsteins. Megan is president of the Megan Nelson Trempealeau County Junior Holstein club. She owns 15 Registered Holsteins and has been showing for ten years at county, district, state and national shows. In her free time she enjoys helping younger youth with their dairy project, hanging out with friends, and working for other dairymen at shows. Paige Nelson is the 19-year-old daughter of Tracy Mitchell and Marc Nelson. She hails from Ellsworth where she grew up on her family’s hobby farm. Along with her siblings, Hannah, Mitchell, and Levi, she is responsible for the majority of the care given to show heifers that they own and raise. Paige is also actively involved on her grandparents’ 100 cow Holstein and crop farm. Her involvement includes helping as needed on the farm with clipping, feeding calves, and milking. Paige is attending the University of Wisconsin-River Falls majoring in Agribusiness and minoring in Dairy Science.

Paige Nelson

Nicole Pralle is the 19-year-old daughter of Scott and Pam Selz-Pralle. She grew up on a 400 cow dairy farm in Humbird. A sophomore at

Nicole Pralle

the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Dairy Science, she is active in the Badger Dairy Club, Association of Women in Agriculture Sentinel, Collegiate Farm Bureau, National Agri-Marketing Association Expo Chair and the collegiate dairy judging team. This past summer Nicole received the highest Holstein honor as a National Distinguished Junior Member. Currently Nicole is the secretary of the Junior Activities Committee. She plans to have a career within the dairy industry before returning as part of the fourth generation on her family farm.

Brooke Trustem, 18, is the daughter of Sandy Larson and Jim Trustem. She is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Dairy Science. She has two brothers, Dane (17) and Luke (14). Brooke and her extended family farm together at Larson Acres Inc. She has been showing cattle since she was five years old. Brooke’s daily responsibilities include caring for the show/sale cattle. Her other duties include being an assistant herdsman on the farm. Brooke is a member of the Magnolia 4-H Club, Evansville FFA Chapter and St. Paul’s Catholic Church.

Brooke Trustem

Alli Walker is the 17-year-old daughter of John and Marci Walker. She has a younger brother Brett and was raised on a 100 cow Registered Holstein dairy farm, Walk-Era Farms, near Wisconsin Dells. As an active member of the District 5 Junior Holstein Association, Alli participates in Dairy Bowl, Dairy Judging, showing and serves as an officer, including immediate past president. Alli is a senior at Portage High School and Alli Walker currently serves as FFA President. She is also involved with softball, basketball, National Honor Society, FBLA, Warrior Leadership Club and her church. She plans on a career working with animals in agriculture. Danielle Warmka is the 19-year-old daughter of Russ and Laura Warmka. She comes from a 500 cow dairy farm in Fox Lake. Currently, she is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she is actively involved in the Association of Women in Agriculture, Badger Dairy Club, and Collegiate Farm Bureau. Danielle has been showing cows for about 10 years at the local, state, and national levels. Over the years, her passion for the dairy industry has grown tremendously and Danielle Warmka she is continually getting involved in numerous activities. Some of her main activities she participates in, besides showing, are Dairy Bowl, Dairy Jeopardy, and dairy judging. In the future, she hopes to continue to support these youth organizations and activities any way that she can. Logan Voigts, 20, is the son of Larry and Kim Voigts. He has three older siblings, Adam, Matt, and Carrie. He grew up on his family’s farm, Voigtscrest Holsteins, where they milk 75 cows on 250 acres. Logan is currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Dairy Science with an Agricultural Business Management certificate. On campus, he is involved with the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, Collegiate Farm Bureau, Badger Dairy Club, and serves as the student represenLogan Voigts tative for the Wisconsin Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni Association. Logan is currently the President of the Lafayette County Junior Holstein Association. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-27

Distinguished Junior Member Roundtable Do you ever wonder what happened to the outstanding junior members from years past? As a bonus to the write-ups featuring this year’s Distinguished Junior Members, we decided to catch up with some DJMs from the last 30 years and ask them about their experiences with the Junior Holstein Association. Thank you to all who participated in the roundtable. 1. Tell us about yourself. Katie Wendorf, DJM 2012: I grew up on a 40-cow dairy farm near Viroqua with my parents, Kent and Anna, and my older siblings Chrissy and Brian. I graduated from Harvard University in 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. I am now an assistant researcher at New York University, focusing on antibiotic resistance and working toward a master’s degree in Biology.

Katie Wendorf Jenna (Wegner) Schmitz, DJM 2002: I grew up on my family’s farm, Wegnerlann Dairy near Ettrick that is owned by my parents, Jeff and Betty, and my brother Tom and his wife Annaliese. My sister Sarah and her husband Kurt own Forest Ridge Holsteins near Eden. Jenna and Nick Schmitz In 2007 I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a degree in marketing communications and animal science. On campus, I was active in Dairy Club and the Falcon Premier Heifer Sale. Currently, I am a marketing manager with Ralco based in Marshall, Minnesota. Ralco is a technology company providing livestock nutrition, animal health products and crop enhancement products to the agriculture industry in more than 20 countries. My husband, Nick and I live in Canby, Minnesota. Kathleen (Gilbert) Hafemeister, DJM 1997: My name is Kathleen Hafemeister. I was Kathleen Gilbert before I married Dave in the fall of 2010. Dave and I own a dairy farm in Hustisford, Dodge County. We milk 115 cows with two Lely Robotic Milkers (just installed in December of 2014). We own 80 acres and rent an additional 300. We have a four year old daughter, Alayna, and a two year old son, Ethan. I graduated from Madison Area Technical College with a degree in Veterinary Technology and worked as a Certified Veterinary Technician at the Cedarburg Veterinary Clinic from 1998 until just last month. I decided to spend more time with our children and continue to manage all Dave & Kathleen Hafemeister the farm accounting. with Alayna and Ethan Michelle (Barnhart) Woodman, DJM 1992: My name is Michelle Woodman (Barnhart) and I live near Muscoda in Richland County with my husband Tim, and our three very active boys, Mitchell (12), Tyler (10), and Maxton (7). I have been a Dairy Technical Consultant with Landmark Services Cooperative for the past 11 years and previously was a Dairy Nutrition Consultant at Bay Lakes Cooperative in northeastern Wisconsin covering Kewaunee, Brown, Oconto, and Marinette Counties for five years. I grew up in Richland County 28–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

on my parent’s dairy farm and Tim and I are very happy to be raising our sons in the county I grew up in. For my undergraduate degree I attended UW-Platteville for Animal Science and then attended graduate school at Washington State University in Pullman, Wash., where I obtained my Michelle and Tim Woodman with sons Master’s of Science Tyler, Mitchell and Maxton degree in Ruminant Nutrition focusing on modeling amino acid utilization. While living in Washington, I was exposed to the dairy/agriculture industry in the Pacific Northwest which I am fortunate to have had the experience. Tim Heeg, DJM 1987: I grew up on my family’s farm, Heeg-View Holsteins, outside of Marshfield. After graduation from UWRiver Falls, I was hired by Wisconsin Holstein Association as Field Representative. I worked there for two years, in which time I organized the shows, sales, and junior activities. I also traveled the state, visiting many members’ farms along the way and wrote monthly articles for the Holstein News. I even served as interim manager for the Association for a Tim Heeg couple of months, as the search went on for a new manager and editor. A lot for a farm boy just out of college to deal with... I loved my time at WHA, but wanted to work closer to home and family back in Marshfield, so I then worked for a couple of years in the A.I. industry in Marshfield before starting my career in ag education, my major in college. I began teaching agriculture at Marshfield High School 21 years ago, and have remained there as teacher and FFA advisor ever since. Our ag program and FFA has seen a lot of success in that time, and I’ve coached several different state winning FFA teams, including dairy judging, food science, parliamentary procedure, ag mechanics, environmental science, and even horse judging! 2. What were your involvements in the Junior Holstein Association and what is your current involvement in the Holstein Association/Holstein industry? Wendorf: My Junior Holstein activities included dairy quiz bowl and dairy jeopardy every year at the convention, as well as dairy judging and showing throughout the year. I also had various leadership roles in the Vernon County Junior Holsteins and served as a member of the Wisconsin JAC. Schmitz: From an early age, I was involved with the Junior Holstein Association thanks to older Juniors in my county. I attended Junior Holstein Convention every year, served on the Junior Activities Committee and exhibited at the county, district, state and national level. Hafemeister: I grew up on a small Holstein dairy farm in Jackson (Washington County). Growing up, I wanted to show calves and cows at the county and state fair but our local 4-H didn’t have any other “dairy kids”, so I joined the Washington County Junior Holsteins which led me to joining the WI Junior Holsteins. Not only did I enjoy showing calves but became involved in Dairy Bowl and other Dairy Promotion events. I was elected to the JAC in 1997 and was chairperson in 1998. I continued to show Holsteins from my parent’s farm until I was in my mid-20s when I became too busy with my career.

I’m currently waiting for our daughter to begin showing calves (if she’s interested), but have a few more years to go. Hopefully then our involvement in the Holstein Association will pick up again. Woodman: Growing up, my father instilled in me the appreciation of quality dairy cattle and I quickly gained a passion for everything about them. I was also fortunate to have parents that allowed myself and my siblings to be active and participate in the local, district and state Wisconsin Holstein Association functions. I showed cattle at all levels, participated in Dairy Bowl and Dairy Judging, served on the Junior Activities Committee and also received numerous Distinguished Junior Member Awards. Despite not living on a farm myself now or actually showing cattle, I am still able to be a part of the industry I love through my nutrition profession and work with dairy cattle almost on a daily basis. A handful of the producers I work with now are friends that I grew up showing cattle with through the Junior Holstein Association, this is a true testament to the forever connections you make in the dairy industry. Heeg: I was very involved as a junior in shows, dairy judging, dairy bowl and the rest, in our active Wood County Junior Dairy Club. We won a state 4-H title in dairy judging, and I earned All-American honors in judging at WDE as a 4-Her and collegiate judge. I served on the Junior Activities Committee, helping plan Cow Camp and the Junior Genetic Gem sale, both great experiences that helped me in the future. I later served as a delegate to National Holstein Convention several times over the years. I also have coached the Wood County 4-H dairy judging team for the past 24 years, including one state championship and national runner-up team. I also served as long-time superintendant of the Central Wisconsin State Fair-Open Class show, a very strong dairy show with over 425 head shown yearly, and I serve as announcer for several dairy shows around the state. Each year, I judge several shows around the state, and have judged at county, regional, and state shows, along with Wisconsin State Fair. 3. What were the greatest benefits from your participation as a junior member? Wendorf: The most valuable thing I gained is confidence in my own abilities as well as the confidence to speak in front of a crowd. I also made many friendships with other enthusiastic people who share my interests. Schmitz: The greatest benefit to me as a Junior Holstein member was the relationships. I really enjoyed getting to know people from all over the state and country with different dairy backgrounds. It’s inspiring to see these same people as leaders in the dairy industry today. Hafemeister: One of the greatest benefits for me in joining the Junior Holstein Association was how it brought out leadership qualities in me. I was very shy and quiet when I first joined the Junior Holstein Association, but I became involved in many activities, starting at the county level with various officer positions, and working up to state level events and competitions. Through these activities I learned how to conduct meetings, make decisions, talk to groups and had great opportunities to travel around the state meeting new people. Woodman: There are many benefits I gained through my participation as a junior member, one would be the sense of responsibility and an appreciation for how hard work and persistence pays off. The many interviewing processes I went through for some of the awards I received were also excellent practice for future interviewing for college and in my career. I also gained invaluable leadership and organizational skills while serving on our county board and the Junior Activities Committee. Lastly would be the positive experiences in the dairy industry and the people I have met that made me realize that this was the industry I intended on making a career in. Heeg: My junior membership helped build me into who I am today. My experiences in dairy judging and dairy bowl were not only fun, but instilled a love and understanding of the dairy industry into me. I met so many people through my years of junior membership, through the county activities, state conventions, shows, and the JAC, that became friends, many of which I still work with today. I also

learned leadership and organizational skills through offices I held at county and state levels. 4. What was your favorite activity or memory during your years as a Junior Holstein member? Wendorf: Dairy Bowl was definitely my favorite activity every year. My favorite memory was being a member of the Vernon County junior team that made it to the national finals in 2008. The convention was held in Wisconsin Dells, so there was plenty of home state pride and support. Schmitz: My favorite activity as a member was the Junior Holstein Convention. It was always so exciting to come together as an organization, catch up with old friends, make new friends, compete and recognize the outstanding members of the association. Many iconic events have taken place at Convention – you had to come back each year! Hafemeister: My favorite activites were showing calves and cows at the Washington County Fair and Wisconsin State Fair. It wasn’t only the time at the fair that I enjoyed, but the prep before like planning a “fair theme” and training and clipping the calves. Being on the Dairy Bowl team and going to the state Junior Holstein Convention was a definite close second to the fairs though. Woodman: There are so many parts of the Junior Holstein Association I enjoyed, first and foremost would be the people and friendships that I made that remain still today. These friendships were developed doing some of the things I truly loved which included the numerous shows I attended, judging and dairy bowl events, the camps, the workshops, and the State Conventions. Three of my most memorable moments would be serving on the Junior Activities Committee (too many fond memories to list!), being named the Wisconsin Holstein Girl in 1995, and my cow Poet, being named as Reserve Junior AllWisconsin 3-Year-Old. Heeg: As I write this, so many different memories float around my head, but I’d have to say my best memories are from dairy bowl. Our team worked so hard over all of those years at our weekly practices at each other’s houses. We were perennial runners-up in the state finals in dairy bowl, placing second at least five times, and we’re even the reason for the current practice of showing the teams their scores during the contest, after losing one exceptionally difficult championship match against Lafayette County where I had miscalculated our score in my head, and thought we were behind, and thus time to guess on the last few questions, when we actually were well ahead. (That one still stings!) Even though we never were able to get over the hump and go to nationals, I treasure all of those memories! 5. Any other information you would like to share with us? Schmitz: There are endless opportunities in the Junior Holstein Association that you can and should take advantage of. Getting involved and participating in things that may make you uncomfortable will only benefit you in the long run. The relationships, experience and skills that you develop will make a big impact on your future. Hafemeister: I’m glad I had the opportunity to be a part of the Junior Holstein Association. I learned so much, have many great memories and made longtime friends. I’m looking forward to getting my kids involved as soon as they are old enough (hopefully they’ll be as interested as I was!). Woodman: I want to encourage Junior Holstein members to consider a career in the dairy and/or agriculture industry. The opportunities are limitless and having a solid background gaining some of the benefits that you do from such an organization will open many doors for you. It is an ever changing industry but very exciting to be a part of ! Heeg: I’d encourage today’s juniors reading this to get more involved! You won’t realize until much later how the activities that you’re involved in now and the people you meet now will affect your future. Take advantage of all of the opportunities that are offered to you in this and other organizations!

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-29

2016 Wisconsin Top Performer Application Form Name of animal: ______________________________________ Reg. # _____________________ Owner: _____________________________________________________ Address:_____________________________________________________ Telephone _________________________________ E-mail _________________________________ Final Score ______________ Age at Classification ______________ BAA of Animal ____________ Lactation Number When Classified ____________

Months in Milk when Classified ___________

305 Day (or less) Record ___________________________________________________________________________________ Age Days Milk # BF% BF# True P% True P#

__________ X 20 or 25* + __________ + __________= __________ BAA #Fat #Protein Ranking Points Contest Rules: 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Production records completed from January 1 to December 31, 2016. Limit of 5 applications per age division and postmarked by Saturday, January 14, 2017. All production records should be 305 days or less. Cow must be classified at least GP if a 2 year old or VG if 3 year old or older. Classification should be from the lactation being submitted for award. You may also submit a pedigree for classification verification if needed. For permanently scored cows, the permanent score will be used. Cows must be housed in Wisconsin for the entire lactation to receive recognition. This contest is for Wisconsin Holstein Association members. All records will be entered on a TRUE PROTEIN BASIS. *2 & 3 year olds use 20 for the multiplier; all older animals use 25 as the multiplier to obtain ranking points.

Materials to be submitted with the application form for eligibility:

1. 2. 3.

A copy of the Official Test Sheet for the lactation being considered. A copy of the registration paper as proof of registration and ownership. A copy of the official BAA print out of traits provided after classification on farm or received in mail.

Send entries to: WI Holstein Assn., 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 or fax 608-356-6312 or email 30â&#x20AC;&#x201C;wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-31

2016 Royal Winter Fair The Tradition Continues

A group of Wisconsin Holstein enthusiasts and friends made their annual trek to Toronto for the Royal Winter Fair. The group consisted of Al Silverthorn, Joe Hughes, Bruce Hoeft, Gene Nehls, Dean Solie, Chuck Westphal and Dave Rose from Wisconsin and fellow Holstein breeder Craig Harris from Utah. The delegation spent several days visiting outstanding Holstein farms and two days at the Royal Winter Fair for the Red & White Holstein show, Black & White show, the Sale of Stars, and the horse shows. The group visited the following Holstein farms - Bossdale, Quality, Hanalee, Faris-View, Raivue, Cavanalac, Karnavilla, Darcroft, Hanalee Farm II, Smithden, Claynook, Walnutlawn, Erlin, Sharmaple, Fieldhouse, Browndale, Maplewood-Vogue Cattle Co., Wesport, Holtby Holm, High Point, Beckholm, Phlogsway, Emberdale, Key Fay-Astonian, Crovalley, Ronbeth & Clarendale. The Canadian Holstein farms range from older, well-kept barns remodeled with modern conveniences to state-of-the-art, newer comfortstall barns with the newest innovations and recently built freestall barns with robotic milkers and every inovation for the comfort of the cows and the owners. One township we visited had 60 active dairy farms with 15 of them being new robotic operations - mostly for 100 cows with two robots. Several of the Wisconsin group have been to the Royal several times. For Dave Rose, it’s 52 years - never a year missed for 52 years! There is a place reserved for you again next year Dave! A great and enjoyable time was had by all - what happens in Canada, stays in Canada! Plans are already being made for next year.

Bossdale Farms with Ed Bos & family - breeding the “Canadian kind” with 92% Excellent and Very Good

Hank & Nancy Hazeleger and son Gary at their new and beautiful Hanalee Farm II - great type with index and genomics.

B REEDER B USINESS C ARDS Dwight & Shelly Mayer 4965 County Rd. E, Slinger, WI

REGISTERED HOLSTEINS & BROWN SWISS Breeding age bulls, heifers, calves and young cows available - we sell only from our best lines. Call Dwight’s cell: 262-224-6838

Rickert Bros. LLC Home of Rickland Holsteins

Doug, Linda, Corey & Tammy Hodorff N3832 Hwy. W, Eden, WI 53019

Jim & Kelly, Greg & Laura, Andrew & Shannon, Don & Lila Rickert Eldorado, WI 54932

Tel: (920) 477-6800 • Fax: (920) 477-2520 E-mail: • 920-960-9640

Stop in anytime for a second look!

RHA: 1037 cows 31,221 3.9 1220 3.0 943 21 Year Progressive Genetics Herd

32–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017

WHA Present s...

The 2017 WI Holstein Treasure Quest What is the WI Holstein Treasure Quest? This event is a celebration and promotion of high caliber calves and their breeders and owners. Proceeds from this event benefit the state association members and fund the state picnic held each year.

What can state members do to get involved?

State members can enter Registered Holstein heifers born between March 1 and December 31, 2016. Any state member can nominate a heifer using the form below. All entries must be received with a fee of $50 by February 1, 2017. By entering your calf in the Treasure Quest, you are committed to potentially having the calf selected as the winner. Members can also participate by purchasing a lottery ticket for the chance to win one of the entered calves. There will be 125 lottery tickets printed, and 123 of them will be sold for $100 each. The remaining two tickets will be auctioned off; one will benefit the WHA Scholarship fund and the other the WHA Juniors. These auctions will be held at the state adult convention and spring show, and the tickets purchased will automatically be in the top 12 drawing.

When and where is the drawing held?

The raffle drawing will be held following the selection of Intermediate Champion at the 2017 Midwest National Spring Holstein Show on Saturday, April 29, 2017. Ticket holders must not be present to win, however, they do need a representative to choose a calf or bucket on their behalf. Ten tickets will be drawn on the day of the show, and they will be joined by the two tickets auctioned for a chance to win a new Holstein calf. Eleven winners will receive consolation buckets, valued at $100 each and one lucky ticket holder will go home with a calf. The breeder whose calf is chosen will receive a check for $7000, and those not chosen get to return home!

Where can I get my ticket?

Tickets can be purchased from any WHA board member or Breed Improvement committee member, or the state office by calling 1-800-223-4269.

Additional Information

All calves entered prior to spring show will be on display at the show and led into the ring at the time of the drawing. The Wisconsin Holstein News will feature a special section on the entered calves in the March and April issues.

WI Holstein Treasure Quest Calf Entry Form Heifer’s Registered Name ___________________________________________________________________________ Registration # _______________________________ Sire: __________________________________________

Birthdate ______________________________ Dam: __________________________________________

Dam’s Production Record: ______ Age ______ days ______________ M ________ F ________ P Owner’s Name: ___________________________________________________________________________ Address: __________________________________ City, State, Zip: _______________________________ Telephone: _______________________________

E-mail: _______________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________ o I have enclosed my $50 non-refundable application fee. Due by February 1, 2017 to WI Holstein Association, 902 Eighth Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53913

By entering your calf in the Treasure Quest, you are committed to potentially having the calf selected as the winner. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-33

Nutrition Notes... Managing Without BST by Kurt Breunig, Premier Cooperative Nutritionist With many processing plants pulling Posilac, some herds may have to make changes in their management practices in the next year. Next are a few areas which can have a large impact on production. The astute dairy herd mangers realize the importance of making sure the transition cows get the primary focus and attention. This is probably the best return on time for the dairy herd. By grouping cows pre and post calving so they can be fed to take off faster, we will see higher peak milk production and improved reproductive performance. This strategy requires feed additives that specifically target these cows to enhance health and lower stress. The high production herds already realize the importance of this practice. Without Posilac we will need to milk cows with lower days in milk, thus we need to raise pregnancy rates. Talk with your herd veterinarian on the procedures needed to accomplish this. The research is already done on these programs so we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Sharpening our focus on the little things will help improve the milk production to help regain the income lost from not using Posilac. Using products to enhance health most typically pay dividends. Are you using an inoculant on your forages? This practice reduces the loss of feed nutrients due to the faster fermentation, so less feed is burned up. The other advantage of these products is more available protein and energy. Having a high RFQ forage that has high NDF digestibility will do two things. First, this kind of forage lowers feed costs. Secondly, cows will produce more due to the fact they are consuming more feed in high quality forage. Selecting your seed this fall is paramount on getting these hybrids. There are many farms already doing this with their forage management, and having products like Harv Extra and BMR get us there easier. These hybrids allow more flexibility and lengthen the harvest window. Many of you saw how difficult this summer was to make 170 RFQ haylage. Even by harvesting on 25 day intervals we wouldn’t get this quality on high fertility soil. Next year will have different growing conditions, but having the ace in your back pocket with these hybrids just makes a lot of sense. Talk to your Premier agronomist on how to manage these hybrids as they do require more management. Calving in quality replacements with heifers calving at 85% of mature cow weights, as well as implementing a feeding program to double the calf ’s birth weight in 60 days, will also pay dividends. Research at Cornell has proven this many years ago, and many articles can be found with a program to fit your operation. Next, are you monitoring your heifer’s growth and comparing to the rest of the herd? Growth and development are key indicators on future production for first calf heifers. Additionally, genomic selection of heifers or sires can increase your success of higher producing heifers. One thing most herds have noticed is the animals with higher genomics are not only performing better on milk production but also are seeing benefits of increased health traits. In summary, I have suggested three management areas herds can work on to improve cow performance. First, fresh cow performance affects peak milk and reproduction. Second, forage quality, which improves milk production without adding more purchased feed cost. Finally, a quality calf program can lower the health issues which can rob profits and can lead to improved production. And finally, a tool that many are using today, genomics. This technology can accelerate performance, increase your health traits and speed up your herds genetic progress. With the progress our industry is making we will continue to see more 30,000 herds and more elite herds pushing to 40,000 on RHA. Premier Cooperative is the oldest farm and consumer supply cooperative in the United States. Founded in 1893, Premier serves members throughout the southwest quarter of Wisconsin, northern Illinois, eastern Iowa, and SE Minnesota. Its Natures Grown Organics brand is sold in retail outlets and directly to producers in over 17 states. With locations in 19 communities, Premier’s 350 employees provide agronomy, animal nutrition, propane, bulk petroleum, grain, hardware, lumber, automotive, and convenience store products and services to about 7,500 members and thousands more customers. As a cooperative, Premier returns its profits to its members each year as patronage refunds. For more information about Premier visit

The University of


STUDENT PROFILE Name: Sara Harn Hometown: Brooklyn, WI School: Homeschooled Farm: Kalos Brown Swiss Major: Dairy Science/ Ag Business Management Certificate Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison? A few factors went into my college decision strength of the dairy judging program, reputation of the dairy science department, and location. I wanted an opportunity to be on a winning dairy judging team, to receive a world-class education, and be close enough to home to still be able to show my heifers. Because of these factors, UW-Madison was the only school I applied to. What has been your most memorable college experience? Being named the Top Individual in the World Dairy Expo collegiate dairy judging contest is something that I will never forget. Working with my teammates and coaches over the years and ending my judging career with a win was so sweet. What has been your favorite course? I loved my senior capstone course (Dairy Science 535). This class was hands-on and allowed me to use my education in partnership with my classmates to assist Hurtgenlea Holsteins in Elkhorn, Wis., create plans to meet future goals. What are your future career goals? I graduated in December and started my career as a Marketing Associate at Filament Marketing in Madison, Wis.

UW-Madison Inquiry Lives Here Dept. of Dairy Science 1675 Observatory Drive Madison, WI 53706 Ph. 608-263-3308 Fax 608-263-9412 Contact: Ted Halbach

34–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017


2017 Junior Membership Renewals

All membership renewal notices for 2017 were sent from the office in October 2016. All members received green renewal cards this year with notification of 2017 membership amounts. Please submit the card with payment to the office by January 15, 2017. In order to exhibit at WHA shows and attend junior events, membership for the year needs to be paid. If members have not seen a notice, they should contact Sharon at the office. Please help your staff keep an updated database and let us know if you have not received your renewal postcard.

Scholarship Opportunities

The 2017 Wisconsin Holstein Scholarship applications are due March 1, 2017. The association has awarded an average of nearly $16,000 to members in order to assist them in their rising education expenses. Each year, loyal donors contribute items to the scholarship auctions at Junior and Adult Conventions in order to sustain our memorial scholarships and general scholarship fund. Thank you to the members who purchase these items in our auctions, and to the donors that offer these items for auction. Be sure to watch the February WHY page for additional memorial scholarships that will be available in 2017. A link to the scholarship application will be posted on our website under the calendar of events and on the junior awards page. Watch social media for deadline reminders as well.

2017 Calendar of Events February 1 2017 Treasure Quest Heifer entry deadline National Holstein Women’s Scholarship Application Deadline 1 24 Wisconsin Holstein Futures Sale, Holiday Inn, Marshfield March 1 Deadline for Wisconsin Holstein Scholarship Applications Deadline for John and Isabelle Ames Memorial Scholarship 1 April Midwest Spring Red & White Show, Madison 28 29 Midwest Spring National Holstein Show, Madison Wisconsin Holstein Futurity LATE entries due. Must be 30 postmarked on this date to be entered. Late fee applies. May 20-21 Cow Camp, Ferryville June 13 District 1 Show, Ellsworth 19 District 2 Show, Viroqua 20 District 6 Show, Janesville 21 District 10 Show, Chilton & District 5 Show, Baraboo 22 District 4 Show, Marshfield & District 8 Show, Jefferson 26 District 3 Show, Lancaster 27 District 7 Show, Sturgeon Bay 27-July 1 National Holstein Convention, Bellevue, Washington July 9 Junior State Show, Showmanship Contest & Judging Contest 11 Wisconsin State Championship Show, Madison

PDPW Youth Leadership Derby – Apply for a Scholarship to Attend Today!

Wisconsin Holstein will be awarding scholarships to attend the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisonsin’s Youth Leadership Derby - a two-day, overnight educational experience. Applicants must be 15-18 years old. Interested youth can submit the short application form available online at by March 10 to Wisconsin Holstein at 902 Eighth Ave, Baraboo, WI 53913.

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-35


ACKY WPoint of View Editor’s Comments

Happy New Year! Whether we’re ready for it or not, 2017 is here. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and had a chance to spend some time with family and friends. As we look forward into 2017, you can see there are already many sales on the spring calendar of events. While it’s sad to see some of these great herds disperse, it’s also an excellent opportunity for others to get in on some of the great cow families that have made these herds so well-known. This issue includes information on the upcoming WHA Convention. Calumet County is excited to host a great event in celebration of their 100th Anniversary. I hope you can join us in Appleton on February 24 and 25! Next month we’ll be featuring District 4 breeders as well as the WHA Futures Sale consignments. If you are interested in advertising please give me a call or email by January 11. The March issue is the first of three Midwest Holsteins issues for the year a great opportunity for you to get the word out about any spring sale consignments. With the short month and a big issue, please keep in mind that ads will be due February 10. A couple of reminders of upcoming deadlines. Top Performer entries are due January 14 - the form is printed in this issue or is available to download from our website. We are also looking for calf entries for the 2017 Treasure Quest. That form is printed in this issue as well. If you have any questions about the Treasure Quest, please give our office a call. Calf entries are due February 1. We are still offering some discounted rates on new contract advertising packages for 2017. If you think you’ll be doing four ads or more during the year (any size), please give me a call to discuss our package rates. And a reminder that we are now offering website design services. If you would like to get a website set up for your farm or herd, please give us a call! Until next time... 36–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017




January 2017 Classifying in Brown, Calumet, Door, Kenosha, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Sheboygan, Washington, Waukesha counties 6-8 Junior Convention, Glacier Canyon Lodge, Wis. Dells, hosted by Dane County Junior Holstein Association 14 Top Performer entries due February 2017 Classifying in Dane, Grant, Green, Iowa & Lafayette counties 24 WHA Futures Sale, Appleton 24-25 Adult Convention, Radisson Paper Valley Hotel, Appleton, hosted by Calumet Co. March 2017 Classifying in Columbia, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Jefferson, Marquette, Rock & Walworth counties 4 Apple Mania II, hosted by Apple Partners LLC 4 Purple Ribbon Classic Sale, Marshfield, managed by the Wood Area Holstein Breeders 11 18th Badger Invitational, Madison 18 Willows Edge Holsteins Complete Dispersal, New Richmond 18 Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale, Weyauwega 25 Sale of Excellence at Rosedale Genetics, Oxford 31 Quest for Success III at Bella-View Holsteins, Marion April 2017 Classifying in Langlade, Marathon, Menominee, Oconto, Outagamie, Shawano, Waupaca, Waushara & Winnebago counties 1 Milk Source Select Sale, Kaukauna 7 Indianhead Holsteins Dispersal, Barron 15 RedFest with a Touch of Black, hosted by Crescentmead, Ixonia 22 Rob-Cri Complete Herd Dispersal, Robert & Christine Barden, Plover 28-29 Wisconsin Dairy Showcase, Madison (Midwest Spring National Show) May 2017 Classifying in Adams, Crawford, Grant, Juneau, La Crosse, Monroe, Portage, Richland, Sauk, Vernon, Wood coounties 12 R&R Letter Complete Dispersal, Seymour 20-21 Cow Camp, Sugar Creek Camp, Ferryville June 2017 Classifying in Barron, Buffalo, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, St. Croix, Trempealeau counties 13 District 1 Show, Ellsworth 19 District 2 Show, Viroqua 20 District 6 Show, Janesville 21 District 5 Show, Baraboo 21 District 10 Show, Chilton 22 District 4 Show, Marshfield 22 District 8 Show, Jefferson 26 District 3 Show, Lancaster 27 District 7 Show, Sturgeon Bay Future Dates WI Championship Show July 10-11, 2017 Alliant Energy Center, Madison

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING • Embroidery • Awards • • Caps • Jackets • Shirts • Halter Bags/Saddle Bags • Director Chairs • Blankets/Hoods/Sheets Stock Designs Available “Personalizing One or More”

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STgenetics Representatives Serving Wisconsin Dairymen

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Brian Greenman Agent Commercial, Farm & Personal Insurance

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Reproductive Ultrasound and Fetal Sexing Sandy Curran, DVM 608/469-6100

3 Enhance the value of your elite donor cows and heifers with ET & IVF. 3 Three veterinarians & a professional staff manage 200 embryo donors. 3 Donor cow comfort and individual attention are our specialty. 3 Donors are seen by many buyers of elite genetics. 3 A full service AETA Certified Embryo Technologies company

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Embryo Transfer and Fetal Sexing We offer a full range of reproductive services... • Fetal sexing by ultrasound • EU Certified Collection Facility • Embryos available Matthew Dorshorst, MS, DVM Phone: 715-340-7271 Junction City, WI 54443 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/January 2017-37

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January 2017 WI Holstein News  

January 2017 issue of the Wisconsin Holstein News featuring WHA Convention information, District 10 feature and Distinguished Junior Members...

January 2017 WI Holstein News  

January 2017 issue of the Wisconsin Holstein News featuring WHA Convention information, District 10 feature and Distinguished Junior Members...