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February 2017

Volume 89 No. 2

Top Performers Wisconsin Dairy Showcase rules & entry form District 4 report

Saturday, March 18 • New Richmond, WI

Unlimited Potential... Stranshome Perses Akayla-ET *RC VG-87 1st Senior 2-Year-Old, District 1 Show Nominated Junior All-American Winter Yearling Her maternal sisters: • Ms Stranshome AllTheWay-Red EX-90 Reserve Grand Champion, Intl. R&W Show 2015 • Stranshome Gold Annice - Reserve Junior Champion, Intl. Holstein Show 2015; All-American & All-Canadian Fall Calf 2014; All-American Fall Yearling 2015 From the EX-90 Kite Annette. Each month she has grown into herself and her upside is unlimited! Akayla is due April 23 to Redburst. Also selling are her Archrival embryos.

Milksource Atwood Jamari-ET EX-91

Ms Jacobs Sanchez Janna-ET EX-93 Willows-Edge Advent Malika EX-94 3E

Her dam, Luck-E Dundee Jenna EX-95 2E, was the All-WI Aged Cow 2012 & Nom. All-American & All-Canadian 4-Year-Old 2010. Next 2 dams EX 2E. Jamari made 30,197 4.5 1350F and is due March 28 to Redburst.

Grand Champion, MW Fall Natl. Junior Show 2013 Her dam, Valleyville Lheros Jenn, was All-American & All-Canadian Senior 3-Year-Old 2008 & Reserve Intermediate Champion at the Royal. There are 3 VG Goldsun daughters selling plus a just fresh Golden Dreams and a couple of granddaughters by Barbwire and Acme.

4x Jr. All-American nominee, Res. Jr. AA ’10 & ’11 Grand Champion, MW Fall Natl. Jr. Show ’10 Her dam, EX-93 Star Maiden, 2x Junior All-American & Grand Champion of Junior Show at Midwest Spring National Show 2004. Selling is Malika’s just fresh Goldwyn daughter, her just fresh Atwood granddaughter and her beautiful December 2016 Rainy calf.

Willows-Edge Brax Jambalaya

Willows-Edge Barb Journey

Willows-Edge GC MyFitbit

This January yearling from Jamari is very special - Combining the Talent Barbara Family with Lheros Jenn Her dam, a VG-87 at 2Y Absolute sells. This young Gold correct, sweet and loved by all. Backed by 4 EX dams. made sense to us... this winter yearling’s dam is a VG-88 Chip winter yearling is sure to continue the winning Goldsun from Janna. ways of the “M” family. From 6 gen. of VG & EX dams.

Follow us on Facebook for updated sale information - Farm is located 35 miles from the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.

From the Bolton Flickers...

Willows-Edge Atwood Frasia EX-91

Willows-Edge GD Frankie VG-88 2Y

Willows-Edge Mac Frosting

Member of 1st Produce at MW Fall National Nominated All-American Produce 2016 Due March 19 to Rainy, she’s ready for 2017 & gets better every year. From EX-91 AltaIota, then EX-94 Bolton Flicker. Golden Dreams maternal sister summer yearling sells plus a Cancun bred heifer.

Member of 1st Produce at MW Fall National Nominated All-American Produce 2016 Sired by Golden Dreams with an unbelievable udder! She’s due May 2 to Sid and sells with her June 2016 Sid heifer calf. AltaIota dam has embryos sold to Japan & completes 8 gen. GMD all VG or EX.

3-10 2x 365 33,939 4.8 1633 3.0 1041 Frosting and her dam Flicker are both EX-94 and both extraordinary brood cows. Her son Franco is at IPS. She has two Golden Dreams bred heifers selling. Frosting is due in March to Archrival.

EX-94 EX-95MS

A sample of the Reds...

Willows-Edge Des Matrix-Red VG-87 Willows-Edge Ab Louisa-Red VG-86

Willows-Edge B Lollipop-Red

Member of 1st Best 3 at MN State Fair R&W Show 4th at 2016 International R&W Futurity

1st Junior 2-Year-Old, MW Fall National Member of 1st Best 3 at MN State Fair R&W Show Her VG-85 Advent dam carries a 5.4% butterfat test Due April 2 to Rainy, this Destry is from an EX-93 By Absolute, she’s due in July for the 2017 show season to with 1520 fat. She is the Barbwire sister to Louisa that Advent, Nom. AA R&W Junior 3-Year-Old 2012. Reality. Her March 2016 Red Redburst daughter sells as can be your summer yearling for 2017! Dam has an EX-92 full sister that was Nominated well. Louisa completes 12 gen. of VG or EX dams! All-American R&W Produce of Dam.

More outstanding opportunities!

Willows-Edge Flash Vanquish EX-90

Willows-Edge Goldsun Vanna

Budjon-JK Atwd Eyeshadow-ET VG-86 2Y

Due in April to Sid, she’s from an EX-90 Durham, her Born in April 2016 from Vanquish, this beautiful heifer 1st Junior 2-Year-Old & BU, District 1 Show 2016 2nd dam is 3E-94 Lee Velcro, All-American Junior 3- has production and 7 EX dams in her pedigree. From EX-92 DOM Storm Emily, she’s a mat. sister to Year-Old 2007. Completes 7 gen. of EX dams! EX-95 Emilys Edair, Res. AA & Res. All-Can Junior 3-Year-Old 2010. 2nd dam EX-96 Linjet Eileen, then Elegance and 4 more EX dams. Due in April to Sid.

Henk & Bonnie Van Dyk

931 140th Ave., New Richmond, WI 54017

Ph: (715) 246-5454 | Henk: (715) 220-6307 | Bonnie: 715-220-6612

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On The Cover

This month’s cover photo is the winning entry in our annual cover contest. This photo of Ryan-Vu GChip Claudette-ET was submitted by Joey Opsal, Blue Mounds. 4–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017

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Kevin Jorgensen, President (2018)* - 920-210-3992 801 Winter Ave., Waupun, WI 53963 Chad Ryan, Vice President (2017)* - 920-960-1449 N4067 Twin Oaks Dr., Fond du Lac, WI 54937 Kent Wendorf, Secretary (2017)* - 608-689-2201 E4210 Hwy. 56, Viroqua, WI 54665 Pam Selz-Pralle, Exec. Committee (2018) - 715-334-3434 N4621 US Hwy. 12, Humbird, WI 54746 Craig Carncross, Exec. Committee (2018) - 608-592-2560 W13157 Co. Hwy. J, Lodi, WI 53555 Bill Calvert (2018)* - 608-732-2080 6038 County Rd. J, Cuba City, WI 53807 Steve Endres (2019) - 608-279-5952 7191 Hyer Rd., Waunakee, WI 53597 Joseta Halbur (2019) - 715-821-9672 120 E. Main St., Eden, WI 53019 Heather Jauquet (2019) - 920-371-7511 W2285 County Rd. S, Pulaski, WI 54162 Tracy Mitchell (2017)* - 715-307-1804 W5364 410th Ave., Ellsworth, WI 54011 Bryan Stremcha (2019) - 608-790-1925 N4381 Prairie Rd., Bangor, WI 54614 Erica Ullom (2019) - 715-933-0477 5398 County Hwy. A, Bloomer, WI 54724 *WILL HAVE SERVED TWO THREE-YEAR TERMS, INELIGIBLE FOR RE-ELECTION


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6–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017


From the Office


Saturday, April 22 • Over 100 head selling

Rob-Cri Dempsey Secret VG-88 3-02 2x 223 29,236 3.8 738 3.3 630 inc. 3rd at Wisconsin Holstein Futurity 2016 1st Junior 3-Year-Old, Central WI State Fair 2016 She sells due back in June. EX Sid maternal sister sells with her extended family - VG-86 fresh Lauthority, Golden Dream, and 5 Goldwyns. Also selling 3 VG Goldsun maternal sisters, GP-84 Windbrook, and 4 more Windbrooks.

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I’m Darin Johnson, the new Executive Director for the Wisconsin Holstein Association. At this point, I’ve only been on the job for a couple days, but I’m very excited and anxious to meet and work with all of the great members from across the state. To give you a brief history on myself, I grew up on a Registered Holstein farm in Bangor, Wis., and was actively involved in various Junior Holstein programs. I spent 11 years as a Regional Sales Representative for Holstein USA, based in Colorado and covered the surrounding states. I’ve also spent time working in the AI industry, and most recently, spent the last year working as an Ag Lender for River Bank, in Bangor. Coming up the end of February, is the Wisconsin Holstein Convention in Appleton. The Calumet County Holstein Breeders have been working to organize a great convention. It will take place February 24 and 25 at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel. Of particular note, is this year’s seminar on the transition of the family farm to the next generation. Andy Junkin will be speaking on the financial and leadership transition. Also, just around the corner, is the Wisconsin Dairy Showcase (Midwest Spring National Show) in Madison. It is scheduled for April 28 and 29. The entry form is included in this issue of the Wisconsin Holstein News and the online entry system should be open after March 1. Entries are due April 1, 2017. If you’re able to attend convention, spring show, or any other upcoming event, please come up and introduce yourself. I look forward to meeting you and working with the Wisconsin Holstein membership. Darin Johnson

Rob-Cri Durham Trendy EX-93 3E 4-00 365 38,990 3.4 1338 3.1 1198 Lifetime to date: 191,444 3.6 6968 3.1 6004 Her offspring: EX Guthrie, 2 VG Goldwyns, GP-84 Goldwyn and a Corvette fall yearling. Other family members include an EX-91 Alan, VG-87 Gold Chip, 2 GP-84 Gold Chips recently fresh & will be scored again before the sale, GP-83 Gold Chip, VG-85 1st calf Sid. Many more sell including 3 full sisters to Trendy & Treasure!

ROB-CRI HOLSTEINS Robert & Christine Barden

6487 Eckels Road, Plover, WI Bob cell: 715-340-5013 • Kim cell: 715-252-5124

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RHA: 2x 24,603 3.8 935 3.17 779 BAA: 109.2%

Sale Managers:



wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-7

Wisconsin Holstein Briefs L The WI Holstein office is in search of a copy of the June 1968 Wisconsin Holstein News to complete our archived collection. If you have a copy you’d like to donate, please mail to WHA at 902 8th Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53913 or bring to any WHA event. K Our condolences to the family of Charles Huser, who passed away recently. A full obituary is printed below. The Wisconsin Holstein News encourages readers and members to submit information for the Wisconsin Holstein Briefs column. We are looking for news of a wedding, birth announcement, award winner or death that Wisconsin Holstein breeders should know about. High quality, submitted photos will be printed if space is available. Please submit your information to the Wisconsin Holstein News by mail at PO Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813; or email to

Obituaries Charles Huser

Charles A. Huser, age 93, of Altdorf, Wis., died December 25, 2016 at Bethel Living Center, Arpin, Wis. Charles was born September 13, 1923 in Altdorf, WI to Frank and Anna (Wirtz) Huser. He married Jane Romanski on October 6, 1956 in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. She preceded him in death on October 2, 1999. He married Rose Pankratz Strozewski on June 29, 2002 in the Town of Sigel, Wis. Charles was a dairy farmer his entire life and in later years was a driver for the Department of Aging. Charles was a member and officer of the Wood County Holstein Breeders. From the 1950s his Honeyview prefix appeared on many animals and is still in use by his grandchildren today. His family continues to be very active in Junior Holstein activities. Charles was a caring man and could always be counted on to give a hand for the Holstein club and younger breeders. Charles was a member of the NFO for many years; the Serra Club of Wisconsin Rapids; the Knights of Columbus, Council #1558 of Wisconsin Rapids; the St. Joseph Holy Name Society; the Holy Rosary Holy Name Society and was a supervisor for the Town of Hansen. Charles is survived by his wife, Rose; five children, Peter (Cheryl) Huser of Vesper; Colette (Robert) Osgood of Pittsville; Joyce Huser of Berryton, Kansas; Mark Huser of Wisconsin Rapids; and David (Adele) Huser of Vesper; six grandchildren, Chris (Holly) Huser of Wisconsin Rapids; Craig (Erin) Huser of Vesper; Dustin (Tina) Huser of Vesper; Nathan (fiancé Carissa) Huser of Vesper; Sierra Huser of River Falls; and Alesha (fiancé Jared) Osgood of Marshfield; three great-grandchildren, Hadlee, Connor and Braxton; one brother, Edmund Huser of Tucson, AZ; and four sisters, Gertrude Pleyte of Tucson, AZ, Sister Elvon Huser of Springfield, IL, Elizabeth Bymers of Wisconsin Rapids, and Sister Elreda Huser of Japan. Charles is also survived by stepchildren, Donald (Brenda) Strozewski of Wisconsin Rapids, George (Carol) Strozewski of Wisconsin Rapids, Linda (Jacob) Dick of Marshfield, and Rita (James) Krasselt of Marshfield, and numerous step-grandchildren and stepgreat-grandchildren. Charles was preceded in death by his parents, first wife, Jane; five brothers, Louis, Victor, Joseph, Herman and Jerome; three sisters, Elaine, Nerine and Peteranda; granddaughter, Jana Huser and greatgranddaughter, Tirzah Huser.

From your President Kevin Jorgensen Go Pack Go! Football season is winding down but it seems almost more exciting this year! Perhaps because around November 1, all seemed lost and the Packers were going nowhere. At press time, we are one game away from the Super Bowl and win or lose, it has made for an exciting season. Equally exciting was the first weekend of January and the Junior Holstein Convention. One can’t help but be energized by hundreds of youth all coming together with a common love of the Holstein cow. Congratulations to all the contest winners but kudos to all that participated as you all won by honing your knowledge and skills. I also want to congratulate Kristen Broege and Logan Voigts as this year’s Outstanding Holstein Girl and Boy. They are excellent role models for our youth and are very deserving recipients. We are also excited about the upcoming Adult Convention on February 24 and 25 in Appleton. Calumet County has done a marvelous job planning what looks to be an action packed event. Join us Friday night for the YAC Futures Sale with one of the most powerful groups that we have ever offered. Andy Junkin will also be speaking on farm transitions with several breeders talking about their experiences. We also will be electing new members of the Board of Directors and recognizing several herds and breeders with multiple awards throughout the convention. I encourage you to attend the farm tours as Hilrose and Fer-Crest are both very impressive stops and are looking forward to your visit. We have been blessed to have Chad Ryan, Kent Wendorf and Tracy Mitchell serving on the WI Holstein Board of Directors the past six years. Their contributions are too numerous to mention but know that we are a better organization due to the time and talent they have given to WHA and I want to personally thank them for their efforts. We are also fortunate to have a large slate of candidates willing to serve as well and that bodes well for the future of our organization. Our new Executive Director Darin Johnson started January 16 and we as a board are pleased to welcome him to WHA. His extensive experience with Holstein USA along with his passion for the Holstein cow make him a logical fit to lead our organization. Make sure to welcome him personally when you see him at WHA events this winter and spring. Lastly, it has been a distinct honor and privilege to serve this organization the past 12 months as President. For a young farm kid from Waushara County whose first exposure to the Holstein industry was not until high school, this has truly been a special experience. I owe most of my significant experiences in life to the Holstein cow but more importantly the greatest part of my Holstein journey has been the people in this business. More on that at convention. Best Regards, KJ

Welcome to These New Members Adult members: Maria Pieper & Max Page, Sheboygan L & N Dairy, LLC & Nate Bille, Waupun Matthew Sterman, Hartford Jennifer Spoke, Waterloo Paula Schmitz, Slinger

Junior members: Wyatt & Morgyn Haumschild, Milladore Brynn Emery, Sullivan Ashley & Sarah Hagenow, Poynette Tamra, Elaina, Parker Ihm, Barnevald Claire, Emma & Dylan Bangart Ava Meulemans, Reedsville Abby Meyer, Chilton

8–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017

Zachary Servais, Bangor Jenna Schiffman, Waunakee Samuel & Sydni Mell, Waunakee Catherine Vickerman, Milton Grant Schneider, Ft. Atkinson Ben Widder, Kohler Easton Nelson, Richland Center

2017 Wisconsin Holstein Convention February 24 & 25 • Radisson Paper Valley Hotel • Appleton 333 W. College Ave., Appleton, WI 54911 • (920) 733-8000 A block of rooms has been reserved until February 7. Ask for the Wisconsin Holstein rate, $115 for a double room or $105 for a single. If registering online at the Radisson Paper Valley website, go to to get the group rate.

WHA Adult Convention Schedule Friday, February 24 Dairy Bar open throughout the day 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m. Registration open 1:00-3:00 p.m. WHA Committee Meetings Seminar: “Transitioning Leadership of the Family 3:30-4:30 p.m. Farm” with Andy Junkin 5:00-6:00 p.m. Pre-Sale Social Hour 6:00-7:00 p.m. Dinner; Top Performer and Lifetime Production Awards presented 7:00 p.m. WHA Futures Sale Social with cash bar Saturday, February 25 7:00-8:00 a.m. Past President’s gathering (Past Presidents and spouses only) Registration & Dairy Bar open throughout 8:00 a.m. the day 8:00 a.m. Roundtable Discussion - “Financial Transition of the Farm” with Andy Junkin 9:00 a.m. WHA Annual Business Meeting Luncheon; recognition of juniors to compete at 11:30 a.m. National Convention; recognition of GMD and DOM, 40 & 50 Year Members, Wall of Fame inductees 1:00 p.m. Sign Making Workshop (pre-registration required) 1:30-5:00 p.m. Farm tours 5:30-6:30 p.m. Social Hour 6:30 p.m. Awards Banquet - WHA Board recognition; Advertising Contest winners; awards presented for Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder, Distinguished Service & Distinguished Breeder Dessert Auction to benefit Scholarship Fund Social with cash bar to follow banquet Sunday, February 26 WHA Board Re-organizational Meeting please note some items may change up until convention

Andrew Junkin to Discuss Farm Transitions

I believe that the first five years that a son or daughter returns to the farm either makes or breaks the farm in 30 years time. Too often this transition of going from kid to partner is an awkward transition leading to dysfunctional family businesses. I’ve developed a workshop that helps farm families define a common strategy and then develop a career plan for how the son or daughter is going to work their way into the family business over the next five years. In a few hours we sit down and plan out the next five years that the son/daughter come home to join the family business. I believe that this program will radically improve the odds of your family’s farm transitioning to next generation smoothly and successfully by clearly defining expectations. A sample of my speaking can be viewed here: watch?v=RCgFkJZLtsw& To find out more about the program that can change your farm’s future, visit:

Saturday Early Bird Discussion

The Saturday morning roundtable discussion will include several members that have gone through their own family transitions as well as Dawn Haag on behalf of Badgerland Financial. They will talk about what they learned through their transitions and will answer questions as time allows. Dawn Haag has over 36 years of experience serving the agriculture community of southern Wisconsin as part of the Farm Credit System. She currently serves western Dane and eastern Iowa counties as an Assistant Vice President for Badgerland Financial. A graduate of UWPlatteville with a B.S. in Agribusiness, she has stayed close to her roots in southern Wisconsin. Dawn has years of experience with managing customer relationships, loan administration, credit investigation and credit analysis. In addition to her career with Badgerland Financial, she and her family own and operate a 180-cow registered Holstein dairy farm in Dane County. She has served on the Dane County Holstein Board of Directors, and has served as their treasurer for six years. In 2016, Dawn and her husband, Virgil, were awarded Dane County’s Distinguished Holstein Breeders Award. They have two children who are actively involved in the dairy farm and are making plans to transition to the next generation. Jim Rickert is a partner in Rickland Farms, Inc., a farm corporation formed in 1981 by parents Donald and Lila. He is also a partner in Rickert Brothers, LLC, which began in 1986. Currently, the farm is home to 1,025 Registered Holstein cows and 2000 acres, located near Eldorado in Fond du Lac County. The fourth generation has now been part owners of the LLC for the past three years, and includes Jim’s son, Andrew, and his brother’s son-in-law, Andy. The Rickerts herd has a rolling herd average on 1025 cows and 3x of 31,000 pounds milk, with 4.0% 1258F and 3.0% 946P. The Rickerts send several bulls to AI each year, and their breeding focus is a balance of production and type with higher genomics. They have 50 or more cows on the locator list, and are a 22-year Progressive Genetics Herd. Tony Brey returned to his family farm after graduation from UWMadison in 2007. Since that time, Cycle Farm has grown from 100 to 460 Registered Holsteins with a current RHA of 31,583M with 1122F and 1001P. Other accomplishments have included receiving Premier Breeder at the District 7 Show and being named the #1 ranking BAA herd for their size nationally. Additionally, the current #1 ranking PTAT sires, Cycle Dorman Jacoby and Cycle Mcgucci Jordy-Red, hail from Cycle Farm. Tony’s brother, Jacob, joined the operation full-time in 2015 after working as a classifier for Holstein Association USA. The brothers share in the daily management of the dairy farm which includes 1200 acres, 460 milking cows and 500 heifers. In 2016 Tony and Jacob purchased the farm from their parents Bill and Clarice, forming the partnership Brey Cycle Farm LLC. Tony’s wife Moriah works as an Assistant Vice President of Credit at Greenstone Farm Credit Services and assists with the farm financial work. Their son Evan (5) is already showing enthusiasm for the farm. Sandy Larson is one of the fifth generation family members that make up the team at Larson Acres Inc. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and received a Dairy Science degree. As Dairy Production Manager, Sandy’s responsibilities include working with the parlor supervisor and milking crew, public relations, working with local, county and state entities, DNR reporting, among other things. Larson Acres Inc. is where six Larson families spanning five generations combine their interests, efforts, and enthusiasm for farming to operate their dairy business in Evansville, WI. Starting out as one farming family with just 80 acres and six cows over 90 years ago, they have grown to over 5,000 acres of agricultural land and care for 2,800 cows. At Larson Acres, dairy farming is about producing high-quality milk. But it’s also much more than that. It is about doing what’s right for the families in our community, our animals and our environment. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-9


District 4 Breeders by Kati Kindschuh

Sky-Reach Holsteins Hank & Shannon Boschma, Athens Hank’s wife, Shannon, worked for Agky-Reach Holsteins, Athens, is owned Source Cooperative Services for 10 years as and operated by Hank and Shannon a DHI Field Technician and Technical Boschma. Along with their two young boys, Support Specialist, but left after learning Gabe, 2, and Jonah, 1, they milk 50 RegisJonah was joining their growing family. tered Holsteins in their tie-stall barn. With a Shannon originates from Tony, Wis., and current RHA of 24,831 with 3.52% fat and grew up on her family’s Guernsey farm. Her 3.1% protein and a BAA of 108%, Hank family exhibited the Grand Champion and Shannon are very proud of the herd Female at the 2016 World Dairy Expo, they’ve built together. Flambeau Manor RO Lauren-ET. From the outside looking in, you’d assume Needless to say, the Boschma’s have an that the Boschma family is just another young eye for cows that excel in both the show ring couple in the industry, but they have a story and in the bulk tank. As a young family in behind their success that is quite incredible. the dairy industry, the Boschmas have inHank’s family is originally from Holland, vested in deep cow families, and have found where they dairy farmed for three generasuccess, especially with their Red and White tions. At the time, Holland’s governing Holsteins, by using bulls from the Apple organizations were putting more and more family. Furthermore, they have purchased restrictions on dairy farmers, making it Hank and Shannon Boschma with sons registered cattle from local consignment harder on farmers to do their jobs. It was at Jonah and Gabe sales, and look to potentially invest in some this point that Hank’s parents made the cattle at upcoming sales this spring from decision to move to Prince Edward Island, Canada, and continue dairy farming in 1990. But by the time Hank outstanding Registered Holstein herds in the state. When it comes to breeding philosophy, Hank keeps it simple; was 20, his parents took a risk, and moved the herd again to America’s balanced cows. Cows that aren’t too big for his stalls, cows that have Dairyland, Wisconsin. With roots planted in central Wisconsin, Hank and his parents balanced udders, sound feet and legs as well as high components. continued to milk Registered Holsteins, but as time went on, Hank Hank says he has experimented with genomic bulls, but utilizes began to grow his own herd. He says, “I always wanted to milk cows proven bulls most often, using sexed bulls for breeding his heifers. Boschmas produce milk for Dairy State Cheese Co. in Rudolph, and farm.” The Boschma family has built a great relationship with a nearby small farmer to raise and harvest crops, cutting down on which has given them extra motivation to increase their butterfat equipment costs as well as time invested in planting and harvest content within their herd. Surprisingly enough, there are no Guernsey cows on the farm yet, even with Shannon’s background deeply rooted season. In April of 2009 Hank made the choice to purchase the farm they in the breed, but Hank says it’s not out of the question. Both Hank and Shannon hope to see their young boys grow up are on now and by September had moved his cows to begin milking at his own farm. His herd is primarily black and white Holsteins, but to enjoy dairy farming. Even at such a young age, the boys get bundled he has a selection of Red and Whites within the stalls of his barn. up to come outside and help mom feed calves, instilling a solid work After his most recent classification, Sky-Reach is home to nine ethic into them early on. Excellent cows with quite a few more expected to go Excellent after As Hank and Shannon look towards the future, they are excited classification this year. about the opportunities available to them. With the boys growing up


Sky-Reach Piston Angelic EX-90 10–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017

Mission-Bell Bax Diandra-ET EX-90

pasteurizer, they are able to utilize fresh cow milk as well as any treated milk that they may have. Since starting with the pasteurized milk, the Baumans have nearly eliminated scour cases within their young stock. Additionally, they’ve built a calf barn within the last two years, allowing them to raise their calves in a healthy, safe and prosperous environment. With the huge emphasis they place on calf care, Keith has been able to grow stronger, healthier heifers who breed earlier, get pregnant and calve with healthy calves. In addition to having calves grow exceptionally well, the Bauman family has a goal to breed their heifers at 12 months of age and ideally have them freshen with their first calf before 24 months. And isn’t there something about “Bred and Owned” that gets us Triple K-C Dairy excited? Keith and Cassi’s oldest son, Korbyn, has a strong interest Keith & Cassi Bauman, Edgar and desire to show the Registered Holsteins riple K-C Dairy is owned and operate on their farm. In conversation, Keith and by Keith and Cassi Bauman of Edgar. Korbyn discussed purchasing a show calf, Alongside their two children, Korbyn, 14, but opted to save their money for other and Chase, 4, they proudly milk 65 Regisinvestments. But after a successful show tered Holsteins on their 300 acre farm. season, and winning a class at their local Their current BAA is 104.6% and the RHA show with a heifer that was bred and owned, is 25,738 with a 3.69% fat and 3.21% the feeling of euphoria that accompanies protein test. But although their story seems such an accomplishment is one that is hard perfect, complete with a white picket fence, to replicate. they have worked extremely hard in order to The ability to breed an animal that does be the dairy farmers that they are today. well in and out of the show ring is just one Triple K-C Dairy has been in the of the many reasons people stay in this Bauman family name for over 140 years, but industry. At times when the economy makes only recently did it become an active farm you wonder how you’ll make ends meet or again. With transitions from generation to when things just don’t go your way and you generation, the cows were sold, the barn was can’t catch a break, those simple moments filled with heifers but something just didn’t make it all worth it. And that is the Baumans. feel right. For the last six years, Keith and his They work hard, have a lot of pride in their wife Cassie have started from scratch, buying work and don’t expect to receive any fame production cows, investing in Registered for it. Holsteins and more to make the dairy The sense of pride that this family has operate again. By investing in Registered for the dairy industry is telling. As they’ve Cassi and Keith Bauman with Holsteins, the Bauman family has been able worked to build up their herd of Registered to increase their overall percentage of 100% sons Chase and Korbyn Holsteins, their oldest son has been there for registered cattle, while currently over 75% it all. This experience has created and fueled of their herd is Registered Holstein cattle. his desire to work with Registered Holstein cattle, so as a birthday Since they’ve started, they’ve bred 14 VG cows, and have had present, his parents gave him his own prefix. This present, although cows rank in the top 10,000 for GTPI in the United States, a statistic is intangible to some degree, has allowed him to purchase his own that this family is very proud of. Keith and Cassi said they’ve dabbled heifers, breed them and register them through Holstein USA under with genomics, experimenting with what genomic testing has to offer, his very own prefix. When we look to the future of the industry, it is but always keep proven bulls in the back of their mind. definitely empowering to see youth who are actively seeking to stay As the Baumans have worked hard to build their herd into what involved and pursue their dreams. it is today, there is one aspect of the operation that they take especially But when it comes down to it, why do we delve into the Registered serious - calf care. Keith and Cassie both expressed the priority that Holstein industry? Is it because the returns on Registered Cattle are they place on ensuring that calves get the best start they possibly can. unmatched? Or is it because we want to be fancy like some of the Cassi says she “loves the calves,” and her love is evident with the larger show strings? Most definitely not. Why do the Bauman’s do it? remarkable health that their calves are in. By utilizing a small Because it’s the “best way to raise a family.” Good cows, great kids. That is the product of families in the Registered Holstein industry. That is exactly what the Bauman family is attempting and succeeding at doing. on the farm, they hope that they have an interest in dairy farming or potentially doing a little showing. Additionally, they hope to improve and add value to their farm by building either a calf barn or renovating their barn to fit the needs of their cows better - bigger stalls for larger cows, more box stalls, additional calf pens and so on. As for expansion? They are comfortable with the number of animals they are milking right now and don’t foresee any large expansions in the near future. The sky’s the limit at Sky-Reach Holsteins, where a young couple with a bright future look to make their mark as Registered Holstein breeders here in Wisconsin and beyond!


On-Q Holsteins LLC Sam & Jenn Zimmerman, Easton n-Q Holsteins LLC, Easton, is owned and operated by Sam and Jenn Zimmerman and their four children. The farm is home to 150 milking head of Registered Holsteins. But the journey to where they are today wasn’t a straight path, but this is what has given them the motivation to continue to grow and change with the times. Sam and his siblings grew up on the farm where his parents milked in a tie-stall barn. In 1997, the tie-stall burned to the ground and it was at that time that the family decided to change directions. Sam had married his wife, Jenn, graduated from college and they were both working in the agriculture industry. Together in 2010, they decided to build a low-cost parlor, something that Sam had worked with frequently while employed with UW-Extension. Slowly, they built continued on page 12


Korbyn and his bred and owned class winner, Triplek-c Guthrie Vanessa, at the 2015 Wisconsin Valley Fair

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-11

Sam & Jenn Zimmerman with Adelle, Garrison, Mason and Neah the herd up to what it is today, buying production cows to fill the stalls. One purchase that was a game changer for Zimmerman’s was a daughter of Ms Apple Brandy-ET EX-90, sired by De-Su AltaJackman, Ms Brandys Bella-ET now EX-90 and DOM. From Bella, the Zimmermans have over 25 granddaughters with more descendants to hit the ground this spring and summer. They made the choice to flush Bella extensively, using lower GTPI heifers as recipient cows in order to increase the herd’s overall genetic value. Sam says, “I truly believe in genomics,” as he continues to genomic test many of his heifer calves as well as bulls to potentially send to stud. This belief in genomics has led the Zimmerman family to new heights in 2016 as they’ve bred their first Dam of Merit, sold their first embryos overseas to China and were awarded a Progressive Breeder Award. Sam’s ultimate goal? He says, “To make good cows.” Cows that produce well, have strong pedigrees and are marketable to other Registered Holstein breeders.

Bella-On-Q LotsofLuv-Red-ET As times change in the world and in the dairy industry, Sam and Jenn keep a very open mind. Having dealt with family health problems in the past, they know that their faith will keep them on the right path. Sam comments that they believe in God and that things will work out the way they’re supposed to. As they have faced trials and tribulations, they’ve had many influences and mentors to help them along the way. Sam credits Twin-B Holsteins, the Bauman family, the Fust family and Matt Dorhorst, for their help to make the herd as successful as it is. Sam and Jenn have also built a great relationship with others in the industry, Lynn and Sara Harbaugh. Bella-On-Q LotsofLuv-Red is their most recent success in the showring, and the Zimmermans credit the Harbaugh family for growing and taking care of this exceptional heifer, who was nominated Junior All-American Red & White this year. With success in the show ring this summer, Sam expressed how much pride and joy animals like this give you, making

Allan & Sue Lundberg W12976 Huskelhus Rd., Osseo, WI 54758 Allan - 715-450-1989 Erica - 608-317-6052

Allan & Susan Lundberg proudly support their girls, their Holsteins, and their daughter Erica for election to the Wisconsin Holstein Association’s Board of Directors! 12–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017

all the sacrifices and risks worth it. Taking a big risk can have a big pay out, and those gambles are something that Sam has invested in, allowing him to develop some great animals. Although Sam and his wife are not classified as millennials, they keep a very progressive mindset. The generation that they grew up in saw the hard work and worn down bodies of their parents before them. Long days of milking cows in stanchion barns, surviving cold winters, blistering hot summers and more, Sam knew that was not the life he wanted to lead forever. So he created a concept called flexible farming. On-Q Holsteins LLC, is dependent on Sam’s executive decision making but the farm couldn’t run without the few employees on it. These employees have enabled Sam to make the distinction between work and home, a concept that many dairy farmers struggle with, simply because the farm is their entire life. This concept of flexible farming has enabled Sam and Jenn to be an active part of their children’s lives, go on family vacations and see the world before their retirement. Part of this concept is rooted in the loss of a family member too early in life, motivating the young couple to make the most of their life while they can, because you never know which day is your last. If you ask Sam what makes him the most proud, he would tell you it’s his independence from his parents on the farm. Financials, decision making and labor are all on Sam, something that he prioritizes in life. He says he utilizes his father’s wisdom and knowledge of dairy farming, but other than that, he wants his father to enjoy retirement. Although the path to where On-Q Holsteins LLC. has taken hasn’t been a straight and easy one, it has taught them to believe and trust in their faith, take risks and invest in the future of the Registered Holstein industry.

District 4 Report Watch for your chance to advertise & promote your county association in future issues. The April issue will feature District 1.

Clark County

2016 Adult Membership: 93; Jr. Membership: 41 Adult Association officers - President: Joe Meyer; Vice President: Todd Cerven; Secretary: Brian Denk; Treasurer: Dana Mayer; Directors: Todd Ertl, Maria Meyer, Steph Hughes, and Kristen Opelt. We had another busy year in 2016. In April we did our annual dairy tours. This past year we toured the dairies of Sander and Amy Penterman by Thorp, the Syryczuks of Lublin, and Windleway Holsteins of Lublin. It was nice to see inside some of the local dairies and ask questions on how they utilize new technologies for daily farm management and milk production. In July, the county hosted the District 4 Holstein Show. It was judged by Jim Sipiorski of NorthStar Select Sires. It was a huge success as always. In August the county association ran a cheese curd stand again at the Clark Count Fair in Neillsville. A lot of the senior members help out. The stand serves as our main fundraiser. The money made from the stand helps fund scholarships and community projects.


emories by aurice

In honor of Geraldine Cooper

is month’s question: Name the cow and owner who won the 2-year-old class at the 1969 Western National Show? (hint - she was also Junior All-American) Email answers to or mail to 902 8th Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53818

January’s answer: Linden Dictator Wimble Wimpy January’s winner: Wilfred Strack, Athens Correct answers will be put into a random drawing for (2) coupons for an extra value basket and a (2) coupons good for a 2-scoop sundae sponsored by Culver’s. Junior members with a correct answer will also earn an additional $100 in Holsti-Bucks per correct answer.

Marathon County

2016 Adult Membership: 120; Jr. Membership: 32 Adult Assoc. officers - President: Kevin King; Vice President: Lyle Matthiae; Secretary: Douglas Dittmar; Treasurer: Marlene Schreiber; Directors: Mike Borchardt, Floyd Baumann, Larry Bliven, Sam Zimmerman. Junior Assoc. officers - President: Noah Bilz; Vice President: Tyler Giddings; Secretary: Madison Borchardt; Treasurer: Abby Giddings; Reporter: Abigail Borchardt. The year started with our Annual Meeting in January. This meeting is to discuss what is happening in our county and to elect the board. Our Spring Trip this year took us to the Madison and Watertown area. We visited Heatherstone, Mystic Valley, Berryridge, Langers, Nasco, Hammertime Sale, and Sellcrest. It was a busy two days and everyone had a blast. Nobody could believe how big Nasco was. At our meeting we decided to have a calf and heifer sale. The sale was held on April 16, 2016 at the Don and Jenna Fahey Farm. Darrell Worden was the auctioneer and sold 43 lots. In August we have a cheese curd stand and sell curds at the Athens Fair and the Edger Steam Engine Show. This is our big fundraiser for the year. Also in August, Fustead Holsteins open their doors for the state Holstein Picnic, it was rainy on Friday and Saturday was overcast, but there was no rain during the picnic and the fundraiser auction went very well. Thank you to all the sponsers that donated. In October we held our awards Banquet. All first place blues in Holsteins and Red and White Holsteins from the Wisconsin Valley Fair get trophys. The lifetime production awards are handed out, Gold Medal Dams and Dams of Merit are reconized. We have a little pie auction and this year we sold a Brett Favre Hall of Fame Football. The money helped to send our juniors to their convention.

Portage County

2016 Adult Membership: 16; Jr. Membership: 5

Taylor County

2016 Adult Membership: 12; Jr. Membership: 4

Wood County

Langlade County

2016 Adult Membership: 4; Jr. Membership: 4

Lincoln County

2016 Adult Membership: 67; Jr. Membership: 40 Junior Association officers - President: Kenni Bores; Vice President: Emma Dimick; Secretary: Paige Proctor; Treasurer: Sierra Huser; Advisors: Adele Huser and Matt & Molly Dorshorst.

2016 Adult Membership: 9; Jr. Membership: 2 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-13

14–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-15

Echowood Mogul Pearl 160-ET VG-85 2-05 305 39,034 3.33 1299 2.83 1104 4587 pts. Brian Michael Begert, Neillsville Meado-Brook Dempsey 5257 GP-84 2-05 305 29,909 4.5 1355 3.5 1034 4553 pts. Peter & Shellie Kappelman, Manitowoc Meado-Brook Massey 5368 GP-82 2-01 305 33,973 4.0 1371 3.1 1060 4553 pts. Peter & Shellie Kappelman, Manitowoc

Junior Two Year Olds

Ever-Green-View Esposa VG-86 2-04 305 44,696 3.9 1742 3.2 1366 5310 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Broeks Charity-ET VG-86 2-03 305 35,277 4.5 1571 3.5 1228 5011 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Ever-Green-View Devine VG-87 2-01 305 36,803 4.3 1565 3.2 1189 4968 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Ever-Green-View Adrian-ET VG-86 2-05 305 37,612 4.1 1547 3.1 1184 4923 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Legacy-Sch Gillespy 8284 VG-85 2-00 305 34,737 4.4 1570 3.2 1110 4870 pts. Reuben Schloneger, Shell Lake

Berryridge S Sire 2184 VG-86 2-01 305 28,907 4.72 1365 3.23 934 4509 pts. Endres Berryridge Farms, LLC, Waunakee Echowood Day Apl-Blossom VG-88 2-04 305 35,973 3.42 1231 2.61 938 4389 pts. Dennis & Cynthia Begert, Neillsville

Senior Two Year Olds

Legacy-Sch Burt 7819 GP-81 2-10 305 36,507 5.3 1934 3.79 1384 5362 pts. Reuben Schloneger, Shell Lake Ms Sunview Se Suri-Red-ET VG-86 2-06 305 44,091 4.1 1829 3.0 1305 5336 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Legacy-Sch Garrett 8067 VG-85 2-09 305 37,675 4.7 1781 3.4 1261 5204 pts. Reuben Schloneger, Shell Lake

Siemers Snow 20984 GP-81 2-00 305 42,800 3.7 1565 2.8 1195 4864 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Kindia Mogul Harriet-ET VG-85 2-10 305 41,616 4.2 1744 2.9 1223 5125 pts. Endres Berryridge Farms, LLC, Waunakee

Siemers Morden Kary VG-85 1-10 305 39,860 3.8 1515 2.9 1142 4859 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Ever-Green-View Applepie-ET VG-85 2-06 305 39,455 4.1 1622 3.3 1283 5077 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo

Ever-Green-View Aura GP-83 2-02 305 40,980 3.6 1502 3.0 1208 4844 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo

Siemers Artes Hiawa VG-85 2-11 305 47,720 3.3 1573 2.8 1328 5045 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Siemers Mogul Kim 20751 VG-85 1-11 305 40,380 3.9 1569 2.7 1079 4816 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Ever-Green-View Amazing-ET VG-87 2-07 305 40,719 3.6 1482 3.1 1263 4961 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo

Valley-Drive The Bell Tolls VG-87 2-00 305 35,551 3.9 1371 3.2 1119 4720 pts. Valley Drive Holsteins, LLC, Campbellsport

B-Long Tootsy Bomb VG-86 2-11 305 42,378 3.2 1375 3.1 1318 4875 pts. Bret Long, B-Long Holsteins, New London

Dirt-Road Calamity Jane VG-85 2-04 305 31,280 4.5 1414 3.3 1023 4637 pts. Steve & Amanda Killian, Blair

Ever-Green-View Iola-TW VG-85 2-08 305 37,451 3.8 1411 3.1 1163 4746 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo

16–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017

Berryridge Mogul Amanna-ET VG-87 2-09 305 30,270 4.91 1486 3.44 1040 4720 pts. Endres Berryridge Farms, LLC, Waunakee Echowood Shamrock Roni GP-82 2-11 305 38,390 3.89 1492 2.84 1092 4688 pts. Dennis & Cynthia Begert, Neillsville Ms Ever-Green-View Decaf-ET VG-86 2-07 305 40,279 3.1 1237 2.9 1171 4588 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Echowood Day Trish VG-85 2-07 305 36,322 3.5 1272 3.01 1092 4518 pts. Dennis & Cynthia Begert, Neillsville Mapel Wood Mccutchen Loyali-ET VG-87 2-06 305 28,684 4.0 1145 3.7 1063 4448 pts. Peak Genetics c/o Alta Genetics, Watertown

Junior Three Year Olds

Legacy-Sch Gerard 7748 VG-88 3-01 305 42,166 4.2 1824 3.6 1489 5527 pts. Reuben Schloneger, Shell Lake Ever-Green-View Locivar VG-87 3-05 305 46,544 4.2 1962 3.0 1365 5511 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Jenny-Lou-KJ Jivs Ftloos-ET VG-87 3-05 305 42,480 4.31 1830 3.14 1333 5347 pts. Endres Berryridge Farms, LLC, Waunakee Siemers Goldchip Callista VG-87 3-05 305 49,061 3.6 1759 2.8 1390 5341 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Siemers Mogul 19392 VG-85 3-02 283 44,824 4.2 1883 2.9 1307 5330 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Ever-Green-View Etch VG-86 3-05 305 41,603 3.8 1558 3.0 1254 5002 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Meado-Brook G W Atwood 5129 VG-88 3-02 305 37,471 3.6 1336 3.3 1250 4802 pts. Peter & Shellie Kappelman, Manitowoc Echowood Gc Geepers VG-86 3-05 305 34,790 4.6 1602 2.99 1040 4796 pts. Dennis & Cynthia Begert, Neillsville Meado-Brook Sudan 5110 VG-85 3-00 305 34,460 4.1 1397 3.5 1190 4739 pts. Peter & Shellie Kappelman, Manitowoc

Meado-Brook Iota 5103 VG-85 3-01 305 32,731 4.5 1466 3.4 1123 4729 pts. Peter & Shellie Kappelman, Manitowoc

Ever-Green-View Abby-ET EX-90 4-03 305 43,495 4.4 1908 3.1 1344 6059.5 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo

Blksatin Emphasis Dora VG-89 4-02 305 41,593 2.66 1108 2.79 1159 5042 pts. Nathan W. Cordes, Stratford

L-Maple Hvezda Calli-Red EX-92 3-02 305 32,264 3.8 1195 3.3 1009 4534 pts. Budjon Farms & Peter Vail, Lomira

Siemers Cancun Danty 16457 EX-90 4-04 305 50,160 3.5 1776 2.9 1472 6055.5 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Five Year Olds

Senior Three Year Olds

Ever-Green-View Locket-ET EX-91 3-06 305 56,505 4.0 2263 2.8 1545 6088 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Broeks Ann-ET EX-92 3-10 305 55,767 3.8 2095 3.0 1586 5975 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Ever-Green-View Hiatus VG-87 3-06 305 52,008 3.8 1959 3.0 1557 5700 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Siemers Maui Beautify-ET VG-88 3-11 305 55,233 3.2 1777 2.6 1434 5411 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Broeks Apple Crisp-ET VG-87 3-06 305 43,087 4.1 1771 3.1 1346 5307 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Bosside Gold Chip Dana VG-85 3-09 305 52,571 3.5 1794 2.7 1377 5301 pts. Jenny Wackershauser, Sheboygan

EX-90 Ever-Green-View Etax-ET 5-02 305 48,224 5.2 2526 3.4 1628 6959 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo

Siemers Bookem 16810 EX-90 4-00 305 46,110 3.8 1774 3.1 1413 6024.5 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Berryridge Graybil 1650-G EX-91 5-01 305 45,540 4.8 2180 3.2 1478 6495.5 pts. Endres Berryridge Farms, LLC, Waunakee

Legacy-Sch Goldenboy 7606 EX-91 4-04 305 43,386 4.0 1731 3.3 1442 6010.5 pts. Reuben Schloneger, Shell Lake

Ever-Green-View Abiu-ET EX-92 5-03 305 45,396 4.5 2035 2.7 1241 6143.5 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo

Berryridge Fever Natilda VG-87 4-00 305 31,702 6.35 2012 3.67 1165 5902 pts. Cassandra & Elizabeth Endres, Waunakee

Siemers Planet Hosta EX-91 5-11 305 49,460 3.8 1920 2.8 1360 6117.5 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Ever-Green-View Azalea VG-88 4-00 305 49,315 3.4 1647 2.9 1434 5823.5 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo

Siemers Crimson 14394 VG-85 5-06 305 50,250 3.7 1852 2.6 1331 5900.5 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Siemers Explode 16832 VG-86 4-03 305 52,600 3.2 1688 2.7 1397 5790 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Ms Marlex-ET EX-90 5-11 305 46,895 3.2 1490 3.0 1380 5675 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo

Echowood Super Paige-ET VG-87 4-04 305 42,177 4.15 1750 2.99 1263 5725.5 pts. Dennis & Cynthia Begert, Neillsville

Pine-Tree Oman Cherrie-ET VG-87 5-11 305 38,153 4.72 1800 3.00 1145 5657.5 pts. Dennis & Cynthia Begert, Neillsville

Broeks Eras-ET VG-88 3-08 305 46,112 3.6 1678 3.0 1382 5274 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo

Berryridge Braxton 1887 EX-91 4-02 305 33,617 5.19 1746 3.25 1091 5674.5 pts. Endres Berryridge Farms, LLC, Waunakee

Meado-Brook Macguiness 4954 VG-85 3-06 305 40,252 3.9 1585 3.1 1248 4975 pts. Peter & Shellie Kappelman, Manitowoc

Meado-Brook Trigger Babylon VG-87 4-05 305 41,231 3.8 1562 3.1 1259 5531 pts. Mitchell J. Kappelman, Manitowoc

Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss EX-92 3-10 305 26,242 4.6 1195 3.4 861 4366 pts. Budjon Farms & Peter Vail, Lomira

Meado-Brook Advent 4666 VG-85 4-08 305 40,556 3.8 1531 3.2 1289 5467.5 pts. Peter & Shellie Kappelman, Manitowoc

Four Year Olds

Ever-Green-View Angora-ET EX-92 4-09 305 58,886 4.0 2235 3.1 1747 6849.5 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Teemar Iota Carly-ET EX-90 4-00 305 48,113 4.6 2222 3.3 1599 6628.5 Steve & Amanda Killian, Blair Ever-Green-View My Gold-ET EX-93 4-03 305 65,318 2.5 1621 2.6 1714 6235 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo

Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn-ET EX-95 5-05 305 32,807 4.4 1461 3.1 1023 5446.5 pts. Budjon, Vail, Abbott, Van Exel & Woodmansee, Lomira

Echowood Niagra Dayze VG-86 4-09 305 41,983 3.63 1525 2.71 1136 5341 pts. Dennis & Cynthia Begert, Neillsville KHW Regmnt Apple A2-Red-ETN EX-94 4-06 305 28,618 4.7 1353 3.8 1057 5340 pts. Frank & Carol Borba, Frank & Diane Borba, and Genosource, Modesto, CA Lottos Atwood Lizette-ET EX-94 4-02 305 30,356 4.0 1201 3.1 946 5084.5 pts. Budjon Farms, Clark Woodmansee & Peter Vail, Lomira

Pine-Tree Shottl Aldamae-ET EX-91 5-03 305 41,444 3.24 1,344 2.88 1194 5375.5 pts. Dennis & Cynthia Begert, Neillsville Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal-ETS EX-95 5-11 305 32,763 3.7 1201 3.0 983 5146.5 pts. Budjon Farms & Peter Vail, Lomira

Six to Nine Year Olds

Ever-Green-View Latisha-ET EX-92 6-03 305 60,192 3.5 2120 2.7 1615 6602.5 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Broeks Annie EX-91 7-05 305 48,167 4.2 2018 3.1 1467 6322.5 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo Ever-Green-View Etily EX-90 6-09 305 47,443 4.2 2000 3.0 1402 6207 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-17

Siemers Ally 10764 EX-93 7-08 305 45,810 4.1 1939 3.0 1313 6152 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Stetson Holsteins complete dispersal Thursday, April 6 • Stetsonville, WI

Ever-Green-View Le Plume VG-87 6-00 305 57,208 3.0 1785 3.0 1642 6139.5 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo

An example of what will be selling: STETSON HOGAN RAZOR VG-88

Ever-Green-View Le Vegie-ET EX-90 8-02 305 51,061 3.2 1597 2.8 1392 5794 pts. Thomas J. Kestell, Waldo

3-06 365 31,375 3.6 1115 3.3 1039 • Due before sale to Atwood Razor’s stylish Durham heifer sells bred to Reginald. Her dam: Stetson Dundee Razzel, VG-85, 1939d 132,437 4.0 5233 3.3 4309 lifetime.

Gran-J Sh-Pontiac Shade-ET VG-88 7-03 305 40,869 4.29 1752 3.07 1254 5748.5 pts. Brian Michael Begert, Neillsville

STETSON BRADY MARY VG-86 2-03 349 29,095 3.5 886 3.0 744

Siemers Goldwyn Goldie-ET EX-94 6-04 305 38,799 3.8 1431 3.4 1289 5650 pts. Whitney Ebert, Algoma

• Due after sale to Absolute Her dam: Vaarendahl Marsh Buckle, EX-90, 1713d 131,808 3.8 5045 3.2 4212 lifetime.


Echowood Miss Prim-ET VG-88 6-03 305 39,629 4.48 1774 2.75 1091 5607.5 pts. Dennis & Cynthia Begert, Neillsville

2-00 361 22,880 4.3 981 3.3 752 Fresh in January. 8 of her family members sell along with embryos by Goldchip and Absolute. Her dam: Stetson Lheros Joy, EX-90, 2022d 161,853 3.3 3415 2.9 4728 lifetime.

Milksource Goldwyn Africa-ET EX-95 7-10 305 36,581 3.4 1237 3.0 1093 5292.5 pts. Budjon Farms & Peter Vail, Lomira

Stetson Holsteins Steve, Kathy & Josh Langteau

10 Years & Older No entries

W4378 Cty. A, Stetsonville, WI • 715-678-2110 or 715-678-2511

31st ANNIVERSARY WAUPACA-WAUSHARA SHOW OPPORTUNITY SALE Saturday, March 18, 2017 • 12:00 noon • Weyauwega Fairgrounds Cosmopolitans


All-American Family




2-00 2x 365 30,380 4.8 1459 3.5 1052 A summer yearling AltaSuperstar, +2594G, sells from this EX Mogul. Granddam VG-86 GMD DOM Robust, 1-11 30,430 4.4 1348 3.5 1053. Sandy-Valley

3-06 2x 365 35,770 3.4 1207 3.3 1177 A spring yearling Armani sells from this 10th generation EX Enhancer Alicia. 2nd dam Advent Amy EX-90, 3rd dam EX-92. Wils-Gold

4-00 2x 365 38,990 3.4 1338 3.1 1198 A Goldwyn fall calf from Trendy sells. Her full sister is already VG-87 2Y with 30,180 at 1-10.Trendy’s full sister is Treasure, EX-96. Rob-Cri

We will be having a semen auction to benefit the Waupaca-Waushara Junior Holstein Association. The Waupaca-Waushara Holstein Breeders will be offering a 5% discount on any calf purchased by a WI Junior Holstein member.

SALE STAFF: Sale Chairman: Tom Anderson 715-853-3013 Jim Hoskens, Pedigrees 920-366-7153 Darrell Worden, Auctioneer 715-842-8098 Ringmen: Jay Jauquet 920-639-6408 Lynn Harbaugh 920-420-1524 Catalogs: Dick Piechowski 715-258-2757

Watch for the catalog & sale updates on Facebook - 18–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017

2017 Wisconsin Dairy Showcase Show Rules ANIMAL HEALTH RULES AND REGULATIONS/DAIRY CATTLE ALL CATTLE - Health requirements for the Wisconsin Dairy Showcase are the same as the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture’s requirements for intrastate movement of cattle. Please visit the DATCP website for the most recent rules - Documents/FairRulesAnimalHealth.pdf It is highly recommended that all animals shown at the Wisconsin Dairy Showcase be vaccinated for BVD according to your Veterinarian’s recommendations. It is also highly recommended that animals be tested for Persistently Infected (PI) BVD animals. This is a once in a lifetime test to insure that the animal is not a PI or shedder animal carrying the BVD Virus. Cattle infected with ringworm, warts, or mange may not be exhibited unless the veterinarian in charge determines the ringworm lesions or warts are inactive and incapable of transmitting the disease. Any cattle found with ringworm, warts, mange or scab shall be removed from the premises of the show. Show management is responsible for maintaining records of persons who have exhibited at the show and the identification of animals shown for 2 years. Acceptable forms of animal identification for breeding animals are (1) an official metal ear tag, (2) a breed registration number, or (3) a breed registration tattoo. Junior Ownership: Junior exhibitors shall be in competition with Open Class Cattle. To compete for junior awards the exhibitor shall not have passed his or her 21st birthday before January 1 of the year of the show. TO COMPETE FOR JUNIOR RIBBONS AND TROPHIES, ALL JUNIOR EXHIBITORS MUST HAVE THE ANIMAL’S OWNERSHIP REGISTERED OR TRANSFERRED BY THE RESPECTIVE BREED ORGANIZATION INTO THE INDIVIDUAL NAME OF THE JUNIOR EXHIBITOR ON OR BEFORE JUNE 1. TRANSFER APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE SHOW. Holstein USA’s Junior Leasing rules will be in affect at the Midwest National Spring Show. (For complete Junior Leasing rules, please see the Holstein USA website at a. More than one Junior exhibitor may own an animal in partnership if the animal is exhibited by the partnership throughout the entire show season and the names of all Junior partners are listed on the registration certificate. Adult-Junior and family or farm partnerships are not acceptable. b. To be eligible to compete, entries must be shown by the Junior owner in all cases, except by prior written approval. Alternate leadsperson forms must be submitted to the Holstein Association representative by 5:00 p.m. the day before the show. If approved, another National Junior Holstein member the same age or younger must show the animal. Adults are not allowed to show, in any case. A leased animal may only be shown by the Junior lessee. c. Managerial projects may be exhibited in Open Class competition. However, they are not eligible for Junior awards. d. To be considered for Junior Awards, exhibitors must identify themselves as a qualified junior member upon check-in to show management. e. It is the responsibility of the Junior owner to prove ownership of animal by hard copy (on paper). f. According to Holstein Association USA’s National Junior Show Ring Policy, exhibitors must be a minimum of nine years old to participate. Bred and Owned: An award will be given in all the female classes for the highest placing animal bred and solely owned by exhibitor. To be considered for Bred & Owned awards, one of the original owners must be listed as one of the current owners. Where a herd is registered in the names of different members of a family and where the herd is one unit, all entries may be considered as exhibits of one breeder. Junior Bred and Owned: An award will be presented in all the female classes for the highest placing animal bred and solely owned by a junior exhibitor; the junior exhibitor must be leading the animal during the class as stated in the rules of Junior Ownership. To be eligible for Junior Bred & Owned, the name(s) listed as breeder and owner on the registration certificate must be the same. Adult-Junior partnerships are not acceptable. Family unit or farm partnerships will not qualify for Bred & Owned awards unless all partners are Junior members and listed on the certificate under breeder and owner. Production Awards: In all Holstein cow classes, except the Junior & Senior 2-Year-Olds, the cow with the highest 305 day milk production record will be recognized. The recognition will be based solely on total milk production without regard to the milking frequency or the testing program. Records should be entered on the entry form and verified at the time of check-in with an official machine printed test sheet or an official pedigree. Best Udder: A Best Udder ribbon will be awarded in all milking cow classes. The Best Udder cow in each of the milking classes will compete to select the Best Udder Cow of the Show. Premier Breeder Award: The breeder winning the most points on six (6) animals, all exhibited in the single classes, shall be designated Premier Breeder. No entry is required, and the winner of this award need not be an exhibitor at the show, or need not be the current owner of any of the point winning animals. In classes with ten or less animals, no more than two head per breeder will be counted toward premier points. In case of a tie, additional animals will be counted, one at a time, until the tie is broken. Breeder Defined: The owner of the dam at the time of service shall be considered the breeder of the animal. Where a herd is registered in the names of different members of a family, and where the

herd is one unit, all entries may be considered as exhibits of one breeder. Otherwise, when animals are bred in partnership, each unique partnership is considered a unique breeder. Premier Exhibitor Award: The exhibitor winning the most points on six (6) animals, all owned and exhibited in the single classes, shall be designated the Premier Exhibitor. All exhibitors will be eligible for this award, and no entry is required. In classes with ten or less animals, no more than two head per breeder will be counted toward premier points. In case of a tie, additional animals will be counted, one at a time, until the tie is broken. Exhibitor Defined: The exhibitor must be the owner. In case a herd is registered or bred in the names of different members of a family, residing on one farm or breeding establishment, and where the herd is one unit, all entries may be considered as a single exhibitor for all group classes and Premier Exhibitor. However, members of one family, where cattle are not housed as one unit, will not be considered as a single exhibitor. When animals are owned in partnership, each unique partnership is considered a unique exhibitor. The point system for determining Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor Awards: Milking Females: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 40 38 36 34 32 30 28 26 24 22 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 Junior Females: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 GENERAL RULES 1. All animals exhibited at the Wisconsin Dairy Showcase must be accompanied by the registration certificate or emailed copy from the respective breed association; no photocopies or confirmation letters will be accepted. If an animal is identified with Holstein Association USA eartags, two official eartags must be in the animal’s ears for entry to be accepted and allowed in showring. All animals exhibited must be Holstein Registered or Qualified by the Holstein Association USA, Inc. or registered with the Holstein Association of Canada with 87% or greater purity. 2. Ownership shall be established by the name listed on the registration certificate; or the presentation of the certificate of registration along with a completed transfer and the appropriate fee, which will be retained by a Holstein USA representative and forwarded to the Holstein Association USA, Inc. or US Jersey. The Wisconsin Dairy Showcase show management and the Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors reserve the final and absolute right to interpret the rules and regulations of the Shows and will settle and determine all matters, questions, or differences in regard thereto or otherwise arising out of, or in connection with the Shows. In the event a question arises concerning an animal’s age, show management may request that an individual registration certificate be checked at ringside. HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION USA, INC. SHOW RING POLICY Showing cattle is an important part of promoting, merchandising and breeding Registered Holsteins for breeders and Holstein Association USA, Inc. It is also in the best interest of Registered Holstein breeders to maintain integrity and present a positive and progressive image of themselves and their cattle in the showring. Holstein Association USA works cooperatively with the Purebred Dairy Cattle Association (PDCA), show management, exhibitors and judges to give encouragement, direction and uniformity to the National Holstein Show program. I. ETHICS At all times, Registered Holsteins shall be treated in a humane manner and in accordance with dairy quality assurance practices so as to protect the health, safety and welfare of the livestock and the consuming public. No person shall present for exhibition or exhibit an animal which he or she knows, or has reason to suspect, is affected with or has been exposed to a dangerously contagious or infectious disease, illness or illegal or non-approved use of drugs, medication and/or prohibited substance or residue. The position of Holstein Association USA is that all animals presented for exhibition shall be in their natural conformation and structure, free of any alteration or modification caused by unethical fitting. A. The following practices or procedures are considered unacceptable and defined as being fraudulent and/or unethical in the showing of Registered Holstein Cattle: 1. Misrepresenting the age and/or milking status of the animal for the class in which it is shown. 2. Treating the animal, particularly the udder, internally or externally: a. with an irritant or counter-irritant, b. using a device to artificially create or enhance the udder crease, c. using other substances as detected by testing that cause changes in the udderto artificially improve the conformation. 3. Surgery or unethical insertion of any matter under the skin or into body cavities, performed to change the natural contour or appearance of the animal’s body, though not to preclude practices required or involved in normal management.

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-19

4. Criticizing or interfering with the judge, show management, or other exhibitors while in the showring, or other conduct detrimental to the breed or the show. B. The following practices and procedures are considered to detract from the image of the showring when carried to excess and will be taken into consideration by the show judge in placing animals within a class: 1. Changing the natural color of the animal is prohibited. However, external applications of cosmetics that affect only appearance may be used, including by way of example hoof polishes and false switches. 2. The maximum allowable length of naturally growing hair anywhere on the topline is not to exceed 1½ inches. Exhibitors will be required to comply with this rule before the animal is allowed to enter the ring. 3. Addition of foreign objects, including but not limited to hair or hair substitutes (except for false switches), cloth or fiber, to change the natural contour or appearance of the animal’s body is prohibited. 4. Unsportsmanlike conduct by exhibitors. 5. Improper fitting practices such as overfilling and over-bagging. 6. Externally sealing the teat end with a preparation that does not harm the anImal’s skin is permissible. Natural teat placement will be given preference over artificially positioned teats. C. In keeping with the basic philosophy of Holstein Association USA, ethics are an individual responsibility of the owner of each animal shown. Violations of these policies are subject to the disciplinary provisions of the Association Bylaws. 1. The act of entering an animal in a National Holstein Show is the giving of consent by the owner, exhibitor, fitter and/or absolutely responsible person (hereinafter referred to as “Exhibitor”) for show management to obtain any specimens of urine, saliva, blood, milk or other substances from the animal to be used in testing. Materials may also be collected by ultrasound and photographic methods and by direct examination of animal. 2. The act of entering an animal in a National Holstein Show is the giving of consent by the owner, exhibitor, fitter and/or absolutely responsible person (the “Exhibitor”) to have disciplinary action for violation of this Showring Policy taken by show management, the state in which the show occurs, and/or Holstein Association USA without recourse. WISCONSIN DAIRY SHOWCASE SHOW RING POLICY The following practices or procedures are unacceptable in the showing of Registered dairy cattle: 1. criticizing or interfering with the judge, show management or other exhibitors, or other conduct detrimental to the breed or show; 2. misrepresenting the age or ownership of an animal or the number of calvings and/or stage of lactation; 3. Surgically or unethically inserting any matter under the skin or into any body cavity to change the natural contour or appearance of the animal’s body is prohibited and is a violation of the showring policy and code of ethics. After 12 a.m. on the day in which an animal is to show, no administration of fluids by stomach pump is allowed, unless show management is notified, deemed therapeutically necessary, and is done under supervision of a Veterinarian. 4. balancing the udder by any means other than by leaving naturally produced milk in any or all quarters; 5. treating the udder internally with an irritant, counter-irritant, or any other substance to temporarily improve conformation; 6. overfilling or overbagging of udders; 7. treating the udder externally with an irritant, counterirritant, or any other substance to temporarily improve conformation (allowable practices/substances include sealing and setting teats, but not shrinking/shortening of teats); 8. Treating the animal, particularly the udder, internally or externally, with an irritant or counter-irritant, or other substance to artificially improve the confirmation (this is to include any external pressure applied to the udder crease to artificially enhance it, i.e. roping). 9. administering epidural anesthesia (blocking tails) and/or applying any irritant either externally or internally to the perineal (rectum and vagina) area; 10. inserting foreign material/articles under the skin, into the topline or on the feet (Administration of acceptable medications is permitted.); 11. performing surgery of any kind to change the natural contour of appearance of the animal’s body, hide or hair. Not included is the removal of warts, teats and horns, clipping and dressing of hair and trimming of hooves; 12. draining fluid from hocks unless authorized by a veterinarian at the show. 13. Excessive manipulation of hair and/or the use of any hair not naturally attached to the animal or the use of any substance or material which is intended to resemble or imitate hair. We will follow the rules and guidelines set forth by World Dairy Expo. 14. mistreatment of animals; 15. any un-sportsmanshiplike conduct during the event. MONITORING PROCEDURES The Ethics Committee, as defined below, shall have the authority to inspect all animals to determine if violations of Wisconsin Dairy Showcase Show Ring Policy have occurred. To help in this regard, the Ethics Committee has the authority to perform and review results

20–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017

of the following: 1. An ultrasound examination of the udder of selected animals immediately upon completion of respective milking class competition. It shall be the exhibitor’s responsibility to deliver selected cow to the designated testing area. Within a reasonable time following said testing, the ultrasound official shall submit his/her report to the WI Holstein Association. If an animal fails to show up for ultrasounding with a full udder, show placings will be revoked and reported to All-American contest officials for the appropriate breed. 2. a milk out of any individual cow and/or 3. the collection and testing of any of the animal’s body fluids and/or 4. the use of any other technology that may be useful in determining if a violation in any animal based on placement, random selection, or suspect characteristics. 5. The Ethics Committee or show management may, at any time, require the delivery to them of any hair samples or hypodermic syringe, needle, or other device, swabs, cloths, or other material, or samples or any medicine, preparation, or substance, whether in liquid or other form, in the possession or control of exhibitor, fitters, agents or person acting on behalf of the exhibitor for laboratory analysis. ENFORCEMENT PROCEDURES 1. Show management shall appoint an Ethics Committee to monitor violations at the Wisconsin Dairy Showcase. The Ethics Committee will be on the grounds for all shows. 2. Complaints of alleged violations must be presented to the Show Chairman or a member of the show management of the respective show immediately, except ultrasound results as noted above. 3. If it is suspected that a violation will occur if an animal is shown the exhibitor will be informed by show managment that the showing of that animal may result in a violation of the Wisconsin Dairy Showcase Show Ring Policy. If the exhibitor decides not to show that animal, no violation will have occurred. 4. All complaints of alleged violations (as is designated in Enforcement Procedure point #2) received by the Show Chairman or a member of the show management must be presented to the Wisconsin Holstein Association for review by the Ethics Committee within five (5) days of receiving notice of alleged violations, with the Ethics Committee to make a decision on the violations within ten (10) days of receiving such notice. 5. The show managment coordinator will notify the accused exhibitor immediately of the Ethics Committee decision that a violation has occurred and all the supportive evidence will be shared with the exhibitor. Within thirty (30) days Wisconsin Dairy Showcase Show Committee shall review the findings from the Ethics Committee and make a recommendation to the Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors of the disciplinary action. The exhibitor will be able to participate in the Show Committee meeting. The Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors shall meet on the same day to review the findings from the Ethics Committee, recommendations from the Show Committee and hear any presentation the exhibitor wishes to present. 6. The accused exhibitor must notify Wisconsin Holstein Association within seven (7) days of receiving the violation notice of their intent to participate in the Show Committee meeting and/or the Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors meeting, which is set for reviewing the evidence of the alleged violation(s) and the disciplinary action to be taken. 7. If the alleged violator is found in violation of the Wisconsin Holstein Association Show Ring Policy, the Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors, at its discretion may pass onto the violator(s) its costs associated with the violations, enforcement and review of violation(s). Cost associated with the review and/or appeals process must be paid in full; if this assessment is not paid in full the violator(s) will not be in “good standing” with the Wisconsin Holstein Association and therefore be denied any and all membership benefits of the association (voting, showing, etc.). 8. Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors &/or the Show Committee may consider previous violations by an exhibitor in their decision of disciplinary action. (see*) 9. An animal found in violation of the Wisconsin Holstein Association Show Ring Policy will receive no premium monies or awards or placing(s). 10. During this entire process the Directors of the Wisconsin Holstein Association Board, the Ethics Committee, the Show Committee, its staff and members will not be obligated to maintain confidentiality. Violations Penalties (Penalties for violations at the Wisconsin Holstein Association sponsored shows.) i. 1st Offense - a minimum of one year probation to a maximum of one year suspension for the animal(s), owner(s), and/or fitter(s) or their representatives either individually and/or a combination thereof from all Wisconsin Holstein Assoc. state sponsored shows. ii. 2nd Offense - minimum one year suspension to a maximum of three years suspension for the animal(s), owner(s), and/or fitter(s) or their representatives either individually and/or combination thereof from all Wisconsin Holstein Assoc. state sponsored shows. iii. 3rd Offense - minimum of five years suspension to a maximum of barred for life for the animal(s), owner(s), and/or fitter(s) or their representatives either individually and/or combination thereof from all Wisconsin Holstein Assoc. state sponsored shows. *Violations prior to 1/1/2004 shall not apply; any violations after 1/1/2004 shall be cumulative.

2017 Wisconsin Dairy Showcase Entry Form 2017 Jersey Spring Show Fri., April 28, 2017 • 10:00 a.m. 2017 Red & White Spring Show Fril, April 28, 2017 • 10:00 a.m. 2017 Midwest National Spring Show Sat., April 29, 2017 • 8:30 a.m. ALLIANT ENERGY CENTER, MADISON, WI

Entry Fee Schedule $30.00/entry if postmarked on or before 4/1/17 $50/entry if postmarked 4/2/17 to 4/15/17 (may not be listed in the show book) $100/entry if postmarked after 4/15/17 (will not be listed in the show book) Online entry system will be available after March 1 -; Mail entries to: WI Holstein Association, 902 8th Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53913 All entries must be accompanied by full entry fees to be considered an entry late fees will apply to those entries without proper entry fees.

Standard Agreement for Owners to Exhibit at Wisconsin Dairy Showcase Must be signed and accompany a WI Holstein Show Entry Form I agree I am personally responsible for the care, welfare, and condition of my animals during the period of the Show. I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own actions and failures to act and for the actions and failure to act of all of my employees and anyone else who assists me with the fitting, care, and show preparation of my animals. I promise that I will abide by the Wisconsin Dairy Showcase Show Ring Rules and the Show Ring Policy and Enforcement Procedures for dairy cattle, and any other show rules and regulations. I will also ensure that all of my employees, agents, contractors and others who assist me with the fitting, care, and show preparation of the animals comply with the same requirements. I understand that a failure to adhere to such requirements could result in disciplinary measures including possible suspension or ban of me, my employees and helpers, the animal(s), the owner and/or the exhibitor of the animal(s) from the Show and future Shows and the public reporting of disciplinary action, including to any association registering purebred livestock. I release and agree to hold the Show, the Show organizers and its officials, directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents, and volunteers (collectively the “Show organizers”) harmless from any action taken under this agreement, the Wisconsin Dairy Showcase Show Ring Rules and the Show Ring Policy and Enforcement Procedures and any other Show rules and regulations, and release the Show organizers from and against any injury, damage or loss suffered during or in connection with the Show, whether or not such injury, damage or loss resulted from or was contributed to, directly or indirectly, by the acts or omissions of the Show organizers. The undersigned further certifies that: a. any animal entered is not currently barred from showing at any future dairy show in North America; and b. no owner of the entered animal, whether direct or indirect, is currently barred from showing any other animal at any future dairy show in North America; and c. that he/she will not knowingly employ any fitters or agents to represent him/her or his/her animal(s) that may be barred from any dairy show in North America.

I HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE Standard Agreement for Owners to Exhibit at the Wisconsin Dairy Showcase. Date _______________________

Premise ID # _______________________

Name of Owner/Exhibitor ________________________________________ Phone ________________________ Email ___________________________ Full Address ____________________________________________________

____________________________________________________ SIGNATURE OF OWNER OR OWNER’S AGENT:

____________________________________________________ Stalling Request: ____________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________

*Must be signed and dated with full entry fee for entry to be eligible for show.

WI DAIRY SHOWCASE CLASSES To make an entry, indicate the breed and class number. For example: J-1, H-1 or R-1. 1. Winter Calf - born Dec. 1, 2016 - Feb. 28, 2017 2. Fall Calf - born Sept. 1 - Nov. 30, 2016 3. Summer Yearling - born June 1 - August 31, 2016 4. Spring Yearling - born March 1 - May 31, 2016 5. Winter Yearling - born Dec. 1, 2015 - Feb. 29, 2016 6. Fall Yearling - born Sept. 1 - Nov. 30, 2015 7. Junior & Reserve Junior Champion (Junior Show) 8. Junior & Reserve Junior Champion (Open Show) 9. Junior Best Three Females (Fall Yearling & under, animals must be shown in their individual classes. All must be bred by the exhibitor & at least one owned, solely or in partnership, by exhibitor. Each exhibitor limited to one entry.)

10. Unfreshened 2-Year-Old born March 1 - August 31, 2015 11. Junior 2-Year-Old Cow born March 1 - August 31, 2015 (must be fresh) 12. Senior 2-Year-Old Cow born September 1, 2014 - February 28, 2015 13. Junior 3-Year-Old Cow born March 1 - August 31, 2014 14. Senior 3-Year-Old Cow born September 1, 2013 - February 28, 2014 15. Intermediate Champion & Reserve Intermediate Champion Female (Open Show) 16. Four Year Old Cow born September 1, 2012 - August 31, 2013 17. Five Year Old Cow born September 1, 2011 - August 31, 2012 18. Six Year Old and Older Cow born before September 1, 2011 19. Production Cow Class (Must bring proof of production to check-in; cows may only be switched from another milking cow class to this class with additional paid entry fee. Holstein cows must have 150,000 pounds lifetime. Red & White cows must have 125,000 pounds lifetime. Jersey cows must have a minimum of 10,000 pounds cheese yield and meet current breed average component levels of 4.8% Fat and 3.65% Protein)

20. Champion Bred & Owned of the Junior Show 21. Senior & Reserve Senior Champion Female* (Junior Show) 22. Grand & Reserve Grand Champion Female* (Junior Show) 23. Best Udder of Show* 24. Champion Bred & Owned of the Show* 25. Senior & Reserve Senior Champion Female* (Open Show) 26. Grand & Reserve Grand Champion Female* (Open Show) 27. Best Three Females 28. Produce of Dam 29. Dam & Offspring 30. Premier Breeder* 31. Premier Exhibitor* 32. State Herd (6 animals earning points as in Premier Breeder/Exhibitor)

For questions in regards to Holstein group classes, please consult Holstein USA’s National Show program. Jersey Show management reserves the right to cancel any classes due to lack of participation.

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-21

NAME ____________________________________________________ FARM NAME ___________________________________________ ADDRESS ________________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP _______________________________________

Breed-Class #__________ Animal’s Name_______________________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth ____________________ Reg. #: __________________________ Tattoo #(if applicable): ___________________________ Sire: ____________________________________________________

Dam: __________________________________________________

Exhibited by:_________________________________ Production Record (305 days or less): ________________________________________ Please check if applicable: ❏ Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Owned ❏ Junior Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Leased Breed-Class #__________ Animal’s Name_______________________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth ____________________ Reg. #: __________________________ Tattoo #(if applicable): ___________________________ Sire: ____________________________________________________

Dam: __________________________________________________

Exhibited by:_________________________________ Production Record (305 days or less): ________________________________________ Please check if applicable: ❏ Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Owned ❏ Junior Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Leased Breed-Class #__________ Animal’s Name_______________________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth ____________________ Reg. #: __________________________ Tattoo #(if applicable): ___________________________ Sire: ____________________________________________________

Dam: __________________________________________________

Exhibited by:_________________________________ Production Record (305 days or less): ________________________________________ Please check if applicable: ❏ Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Owned ❏ Junior Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Leased Breed-Class #__________ Animal’s Name_______________________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth ____________________ Reg. #: __________________________ Tattoo #(if applicable): ___________________________ Sire: ____________________________________________________

Dam: __________________________________________________

Exhibited by:_________________________________ Production Record (305 days or less): ________________________________________ Please check if applicable: ❏ Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Owned ❏ Junior Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Leased

WI Junior Holstein Member Agreement The purpose of this organization is to encourage youth to promote the Registered Holstein industry. The Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association is open to membership for those persons under the age of 21 as of January 1st of the membership year. To be eligible for membership, all applicants must sign this agreement and agree to abide by the rules hereinafter set forth. Failure to honor any of these rules may subject the junior member to immediate revocation of membership status, including the opportunity of participation in WI Holstein Association sanctioned activities and events. For those members that turn 21 during their last year of junior membership, they may continue to receive junior recognition at Wisconsin Holstein Association shows through the duration of the WI Championship Show if their 21st birthday occurs before said show. The following rules shall apply to all junior members: 1. Use or possession of any alcoholic beverage, whether or not in connection with an Association event, is strictly prohibited for anyone under the age of 21. Controlled substances are strictly prohibited by anyone. 2. No member shall engage in any behavior prohibited by state statute, local ordinance or Board Policy (which shall include, but is not limited to vandalism, theft, truancy, assault, threats to personal safety or property and flagrant misconduct). 3. Members, at all times, shall demonstrate good citizenship and recognize the value of setting and adhering to the highest standards of conduct and performance. 4. At all Association sponsored functions, activities and trips, the rules of conduct specified by adult chaperones and advisors shall be at all times observed by members. 5. All members shall recognize the right of the Wisconsin Holstein Association’s Junior Activities Committee, the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Holstein Association and its staff, adult advisors and chaperones to have the authority to enforce the rules as established and authorized herein. Members and/ or their parents/guardian shall accept any financial responsibility for the enforcement of the provisions herein.

6. For the purposes of the observance of the rules of membership herein, there is established a Board which shall consist of the WHA Staff, WHA Board of Directors and the WHA Junior Activities Committee. The purpose of this Board shall be to oversee the fair application of the rules of membership and afford the right of due process. A member of this Board must be contacted while the violation is occurring. If they cannot be reached, concrete proof must be provided against the accused. Pictures help but are not concrete proof of violation. If applicable, the accuser must be willing to provide information in support of a claim that a member has violated this policy. Due process shall be afforded by: Explaining the evidence against the member, giving the member an opportunity to explain his/her version of the facts, thereafter, it is a matter of discretion by the Board whether to have the accuser/observer summoned and whether to permit cross examination of said individuals. The following procedure is in place if it is determined that a member has violated the alcohol and controlled substance policy: 1. 1st warning, written and verbal, with privileges taken away. The severity of the privileges revoked will be decided by the Board mentioned above. 2. 2nd offense will be looked at by the WHA Board with membership revocation. ( Junior membership reinstatement may be requested after revocation of membership by meeting with the WHA Board of Directors) I have read and discussed the above rules and agree to accept and faithfully abide by them as a member of the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association. Junior Name: (please Print): _________________________________________ Junior Signature: __________________________________________________ Parent or Guardian of Junior Member

Date: _____________________

Signature: _______________________________________________________ This Agreement must be signed by all junior members in order to participate in Wisconsin Holstein Association sponsored shows & activities.

**A signed & dated Standard Agreement for Owners to Exhibit at Wisconsin Holstein Association Sponsored Show must accompany this entry blank.

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wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-23

Wisconsin Holstein Young Adult Members Young Adult Feature - Jordan Freund The passion and drive behind members of the dairy industry is undeniable, and for Jordan Freund of Auburndale, this shows through the continued development of his career and contributions as a young adult on his home farm, his professional career, and involvement with the local Holstein breeders. Discovering the Passion Jordan’s first experience on a farm came when he was ten years old; his mom began dating a farmer who eventually became his stepdad. The dairy farm had everything a young boy could want and he was enamored from day one. Located in Wood County in the heart of America’s Dairyland, the farm is home to 1000 tillable acres and 400 head of cows, young stock and steers; mostly Holstein. While most of the herd consists of grade Holsteins, the Freund family is constantly working to improve their herd through the use of artificial insemination, purchasing deep-pedigreed Registered Holsteins, and use of embryo transfer. The Freunds have been breeding with Select Sires for five years with their second and third crop of AI bred animals showing real promise. The young cows are starting to outperform the 3+ lactation cows, which is very exciting for the future. The summer following the move to the farm, Jordan showed a grade Holstein at the Central Wisconsin State Fair Junior show. After falling in love with the fair, several registered animals were purchased which allowed Jordan to exhibit at the Open Show and eventually at the Wisconsin Junior State Fair. He continued to participate in local cattle shows throughout high school, but was unsure of his career plans following graduation. Finding a Job that Fit Jordan left farming for a few years to pursue several other jobs and hobbies, but luckily the work ethic and respect that he was taught on the farm helped him thrive. Jordan completed a Dale Carnegie course, which he highly recommends, but has always demonstrated a willingness to learn and grow. While Jordan continued to own and breed several Registered Holsteins, he decided in 2014 that his passion was working with dairy cattle and the people who love them. This led him to Northstar Cooperative. Jordan worked for two years as a DHI technician but was ready to transition to the genetics side of the dairy industry. He recently began an AI role where he is looking to expand his knowledge and the presence of Northstar Cooperative Select Sires in his area. Getting Involved In the fall of 2013, Jordan mentioned to county members that he would love to help select consignments for the Purple Ribbon Sale; after all, talking to farmers is one of his favorite things to do. That steamrolled into being elected to the Wood Area Holstein Breeders Board, and Jordan became co-chairman of the Purple Ribbon Classic (PRC). It has been an incredible experience. The sale was already in its 24th year, so Jordan had a lot of guidance. Each year he learns more about himself and gets quality time talking cows with some amazing breeders around the state and country. Although he didn’t get involved until he was in his early 20s, the relationships Jordan has grown from his work with Wood County Holstein Breeders are invaluable. He is a firm believer in buying offspring not only from great cattle, but also from honest and hardworking people. Jordan hopes to continue the strong tradition of the PRC with another 30 years of highlighting the best that breeders have to offer. Capitalizing on Outstanding Leadership The most important thing about the Wood Area Holstein Breeders and PRC organization is that it is all for the benefit of county residents. Most of the supplies and labor force for the PRC are donated. The bonus from this is what they can do, specifically for their juniors. Covering the cost of hotel rooms for Junior Convention, paying for a flight for a junior that qualified for nationals, and creating 24–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017

a scholarship program are all examples of what can be accomplished when people donate time and effort to the community. “I strongly suggest that people get involved on the county level. Most people on the board also have active farms that have to take priority, so no one is ever asked to do more than they can handle. Volunteering, just a little bit of time, goes a long way to make your community better!” Jordan admits. “The leadership before me has been astounding. I cannot thank these people enough. On our county board, Dennis Bangart, Bob Miller, Gary Gehrke and Pat Slattery have been a huge influence and continued support system for me. My parents, Phil and Stacey Vruwink, have been nothing but supportive for me in my love of Registered Holsteins and its growth. They continue to teach me everything from treating cows to what it really means to not quit until the job is done -365 days a year. There are two peers who make what I do on the local level possible, and I do not thank them enough. Paul Lippert and my twin brother, Tyler Freund, are my sounding boards for everything both positive and negative. I lean on those two for most of my activities within the Holstein universe.” Jordan adds to the list of special people to thank, including his wife, Brittany. “We had been friends for several years, but as soon as I got her to the farm she fell in love, and so did I! We were married on Supreme Saturday in 2014 and our daughter, Charlotte, was born this past December. Dairy farming can be a tough road, but it is how we plan to live and raise our daughter. The principles of compassion, work ethic, and respect are valued and refined nowhere quite like a dairy farm.” When Jordan and Brittany were married, they picked Fre-Gen (Freund Genetics) as their prefix. They have been purchasing cattle through the Purple Ribbon Classic and other sales with the goal of growing their herd and eventually marketing those genetics. They have offspring going back to some great brood cows like Krull Broker Elegance, Debutante Rae, Prudence and Ultimate Pala, as well as some special Wood County cows. Through ET work and using AI, the Freunds hope to build on the genetics those respected breeders have bred before them. The Fruends exhibit at the district show and Central Wisconsin State Fair with the dream of someday showing a bred and owned cow on those famous colored shavings. Do you have a suggestion for a young adult feature? We’re always looking for new story ideas. Contact Laura or Ashley with any suggestions!

Beth Herges photos



EX-93 2E



5-03 2x 365 38,186 3.7 1421 2.9 1089

3-08 2x 365 32,214 4.5 1448 3.4 1080

3-05 2x 336 31,572 2.8 870 2.7 845

Dam: Elm-Lawn-G Linjet Shawna EX-93 4E Dam: Vangoh Durham Treasure EX-96 3E All-American Production Cow 2013 2nd Dam: Elm-Lawn-G Charles Sugar EX-91 3E Reserve All-American Aged Cow 2011 3rd Dam: Elm-Lawn-G Stwart Susie EX-94 5E Nom. All-Canadian Mature Cow 2011 Daughters by Sid (EX-90) and Clark and she Nom. All-American 125,000 lb. Cow 2010 is due in March to Gold Chip. She is owned Nom. All-American Sr. 3-Year-Old 2007 with Kurt & Sarah Loehr. 2nd Dam: Talk-About Linjet Try EX-90 2E Next 5 dams VG or EX

Dam: Frozenes Talent Marcia-ET EX-92 2nd Dam: Sellcrest US Mandy-Red-TW VG-88 Nom. All-American R&W 4-Year-Old 2005 All-American R&W Jr. 3-Year-Old 2004 Next 8 dams VG or EX

Daughter by Barbwire.

Daughters by Reginald.

OUR-RIVER GOLDWYN BLITZ EX-94 2E 6-01 3x 334 45,870 2.7 1224 3.3 1524 Lifetime: 1712d 166,964 3.6 6018 3.5 5817 1st 5-Year-Old & Res. Senior Champion, Midwest Fall Natl. 2014 2nd 6-Year-Old & Older, Midwest Fall Natl. 2015 Dam: Ouriver Dundee Barbie EX-90 2nd Dam: Ouriver Lyster Belinda VG-85 2Y Can

Owned with Jason Volker & Dan Hovden

To the Wisconsin Futures Sale A super stylish Sid from Blitz born September 3.

We invite you to see these cows and their herdmates on Saturday, February 25 during the WHA Convention farm tours.

Fer-Crest Farms

BRANDON & SHIANNE FERRY W2650 Harvestore Rd., Hilbert, WI 54129 • (608) 335-8861 • Inquiries Always Welcome wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-25

To the Wisconsin Futures Sale: Lea McCullough photo

Choice of 3 Doorman heifers from

Mead-Manor GC Jubilee-ET VG-87 VG-MS

2-00 3x 365 27,400 4.4 1204 3.1 840 3-03 3x 305 27,256 4.1 1127 3.2 885 Jubilee is a Gold Chip from an EX-93 2E Derry, followed by an EX-91 2E GMD DOM Durham then 5 more VG or EX dams, all GMD DOM. These July 2016 Doormans are +3.18 PTAT, +2.68UDC and +2.17FLC. Don’t miss this golden opportunity!

Managers: Rich, Cal & Loren Greenfield, 920-296-9289 Herdsman: Kevin Greenfield, 920-296-9292 N309 County Trk. Q, Markesan, WI 53946

RHA: 1226 cows 30,476 3.56 1084 3.24 987 November 2014 classification: 105.2% BAA - 35 EX, 294 VG, 465 GP Find us on Facebook for more cow photos & herd updates

To the Wisconsin Futures Sale! choice of 5 calves from Atlanta 4 Jordy-Red calves due in August & 1 Solomon due in September

Luck-E Advent Atlanta EX-94 7-04 365 47,682 1568F 1286P ~ Dam of 100HO11612 Luck-E Ladd Atlanta-P RC & her daughters around the world are turning heads! ~ Her full sister, Asia, is the dam of Adonis & Awesome-Red! ~ Dams: VG-87 Blitz x EX-90 Skychief x EX-94 Starbuck

Allan & Sue Lundberg

W12976 Huskelhus Rd., Osseo, WI 54758 • • Allan - 715-450-1989 • Erica - 608-317-6052 photo by Farmgirl Photography

26–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017

Nelly photo by Lea McCullough; Candy by Cybil Fisher

Sunnyside Nelly Atwood

Sunnyside Candy Heztry-Red

VG-88 VG-MS at 2-02

VG-86 at 2-01

1-11 3x 365 32,750 4.4 1443 3.3 1094

1-11 2x 142 9,708 3.9 382 3.3 318 inc.

1st place Fall Yearing in Milk, Mideast Fall National 2015

1st place Fall Yearing in Milk, International Red & White Show 2016

~ Atwood x Sunnyside Niki Jasper EX-90

~ Heztry x Sunnyside Carma Destin-Red EX-90

Selling in the Wisconsin Futures Sale a choice of 3 Doorman calves, 2 born October 25 & 1 born October 31. These calves are very fancy & will make great Junior State Fair calves!

She sells at the Quest for Success III! Due back in June, Candy will be a great addition to your show string!

Todd & Susan Borgwardt Family 12629 Newton Rd., Valders, WI 54245 Farm: 920.758.3440 Todd: 920.973.1497 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-27

28–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-29

Selling February 24 in the Wisconsin Futures Sale:

Shiloh-USA Flagshp Calia-ET +2802G

born 10/20/16

+1605M +92F +57P +878NM +6.6PL +2.79T +2.00UDC +2.11FLC S-S-I 1stClass Flagship-ET x Shiloh-USA Kingboy Calla-ET +2635G x Shiloh-USA Mogul 9017

Shiloh-USA Mogul 9017 VG-89 EX-MS at 3-04 +2228G +435NM +2.58T +2.45UDC +1.70FLC 2-01 3x 305 27,330 4.2 1135 3.1 837 3-00 3x 329 29,750 4.3 1164 3.5 956 inc. Don’t miss this outstanding calf from a brand-new, fabulous cow family. Following the December sire summaries, Calia was the 3rd highest Flagship heifer in the breed and she has a HOT future in front of her!

Gordon & Cathy Speirs 6592 Ridge Royale Dr., Greenleaf, WI 54126 920-371-3304 • 30–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-31

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Livestock genetics innovator STgenetics™ has rolled out a new flagship A.I. product that packs twice the number of sex-sorted sperm cells per straw as its previous products, leading to conception rates that are very close to those achieved using conventional semen. High fertility SexedULTRA 4M™ sex sorted semen boasts 4 million cells per straw. Previous SexedULTRA™ semen straws contained 2.1 million cells per straw. During a field trial in Germany conducted by STgenetics in collaboration with German Genetics International, SexedULTRA 4M™ delivered conception rates comparable to conventional semen packaged at a concentration of 15 million cells per straw over 7,500 inseminations. “The increased conception rate of SexedULTRA 4M™ is due to improvements in sperm biotechnology, the media that nourishes and invigorates the sperm during the sorting process, and improved sorting machine technology,” said Dr. Vish Viswanath, leader of STgenetics’ Research and Development Team. SexedULTRA 4M™ high fertility sex-sorted semen is even more effective when combined with genomic testing to ensure that producers get the most out of their mating plans. Genomic testing through a company like Genetic Visions-ST in Middleton, WI, allows producers to identify their highest genomic value animals and to evaluate in-depth their entire herds. Creating a breeding plan around genomic testing and SexedULTRA 4M™ high fertility semen ensures that the best females in the herd deliver replacement heifers. SexedULTRA 4M™ high fertility sex sorted semen is available on most of STgenetics’ elite dairy sires. Customers can search STgenetics’ sire offerings at www.STgen. com and can get more information by contacting STgenetics via email at or by phone in the U.S., 800.525.2953, or internationally, 920.921.6029. 32–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017

B REEDER B USINESS C ARDS Dwight & Shelly Mayer 4965 County Rd. E, Slinger, WI

REGISTERED HOLSTEINS & BROWN SWISS Breeding age bulls, heifers, calves and young cows available - we sell only from our best lines. Call Dwight’s cell: 262-224-6838

Rickert Bros. LLC Home of Rickland Holsteins

Doug, Linda, Corey & Tammy Hodorff N3832 Hwy. W, Eden, WI 53019

Jim & Kelly, Greg & Laura, Andrew & Shannon, Don & Lila Rickert Eldorado, WI 54932

Tel: (920) 477-6800 • Fax: (920) 477-2520 E-mail: • 920-960-9640

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RHA: 1037 cows 31,221 3.9 1220 3.0 943 21 Year Progressive Genetics Herd

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-33

Courtney’s Cattle Crossing Hello Holstein Friends & Family, What a fabulous Junior Reunion! The Wisconsin Junior Holstein Convention in Wisconsin Dells was certainly a great way to reconnect with junior members that we may not have seen since State Fair or World Dairy Expo. There were so many first-time attendees that have now joined our Holstein “family.” A tremendous thank you goes out to the Dane County Junior Holstein group and their adult leaders for a very successful convention! Since I have not had the chance to meet all of you quite yet (but hope to meet as many of you as I can over the next year!), let me tell you a little bit more about myself. My name is Courtney Moser and, along with my parents, Cary and Joy, and older brother, Logan, I reside at Dream Prairie Holsteins in Westby located in Vernon County. As some of you may recall, we had a dispersal in 2014, but we never stopped milking, and our farm continues to be home to our 80-cow milking herd and 90 heifers. We have one farm dog, Lena and two house dogs, Ole and Sven. If you haven’t guessed by now, our community is rich in Norwegian heritage and we certainly embrace it. In 2015 I served as Westby’s Syttende Mai Princess, and last year I traveled to Norway with local Sons of Norway members. We visited a dairy farm while we were there, and while traveling up the picturesque fjords, we saw farmers harvesting hay by hand with pitchforks and then allowing the hay to dry on their fence line. Being able to see a foreign country’s way of farming was certainly eye-opening and makes me appreciate the technology that we are able to harvest our forages with. Not only do I enjoy traveling, but I love to connect with the people I am with and those I meet along the way. As Kelsey and I travel throughout the great state of Wisconsin (and Washington for National Convention) as your 2017 Wisconsin Holstein Association royalty, I have no doubt that we will meet so many new Holstein friends, and I hope you are one of them. I look forward to connecting with our adult members who are able to attend the WHA Adult Convention, February 24-25. Until then, safe travels, and I’ll see you at our next cattle crossing. Courtney Moser 2017 Wisconsin Holstein Association Princess

Kelsey Lynn

Fills You In...

Hello fellow Holstein lovers and enthusiasts! It’s my honor to introduce myself to you as your 2017 Wisconsin Holstein Association Attendant! My name is Kelsey Cramer, and I’m the 19-year-old daughter of Bob and Nikki Cramer. I have an older brother and sister, and we reside on our family farm, RHC Holsteins, in Green County. I’ve been a very active junior member on the county, state, and national level since 2004. I have shown cattle, participated in speaking contests, attended state and national conventions and so much more. I am a freshman at UW-Eau Claire, where I am majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Upon graduation, I will have my Master’s Degree and a certificate in American Sign Language. I want to take a moment to “fill you in,” on how my column got its name. As I said, I have an older brother, and he loves to tell anyone how “chatty” of a person I am, which is... true. I have loved advocating for the dairy industry and the Holstein industry ever since I could talk. When I was sharing possible ideas of what I wanted to name my column my brother pitched in the idea of “Kelsey Lynn Fills You In.” As I get the chance to fill all of you in with what Courtney and I will be up to this year! Again, I’m very excited and honored for this year to travel around the state with Courtney to represent this great association! Please, if you see Courtney or I come say, “Hello.” We’d love to meet you all. Also, just a reminder that Adult Holstein Convention will be February 24-25th at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in Appleton. This year’s gracious host is Calumet County. Until the next time that I can fill you in, Kelsey Cramer

34–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017

Need your message to reach every WI Holstein member? Advertise in the Wisconsin Holstein News! Our magazine reaches over 2200 WI Holstein members each month. Call Laura today to reserve your ad space for the March issue. 608-723-4933 The University of


STUDENT PROFILE Name: Bradley Warmka Hometown: Fox Lake, WI School: Waupun Area Jr./Sr. High School Class Size: 177 Farm: Warmka Holsteins Major: Dairy Science with a certificate in Ag Business Management Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison? I chose to attend UW-Madison because it is one of the top dairy science programs in the country. In addition, the staff at UW-Madison is full of well-known industry professionals that allow me to make connections I can use in the future. UW-Madison gave me the best opportunity to learn and develop into the best that I can be. What has been your most memorable college experience? My most memorable experiences in college are when I get to venture outside of the classroom to participate in hands on learning and meet other industry professionals. An example of that was the recent Purina Nutrition Experience course that included doing a farm audit, attending the Leading Producer Conference at the WI Dells and visiting the Purina Nutrition Center in St. Louis. What has been your favorite course? It is hard to nail down just one class as my favorite throughout my education, but there are two classes that I am just beginning this spring and I believe they will have a high impact on my education while here at UW-Madison. DY SCI 375: Training for Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge and DY SCI 535 Dairy Farm Management Practicum are the two classes that I am excited to get further into. These classes will combine all the skills that I have learned in my first three and a half years of college and I can directly apply them when consulting with local farms, which is a skill I value highly. What are your future career goals? As of now my future goals are to someday be back on the home farm, but as my college career is winding down I cannot wait to see some of the opportunities that may be presented to me.

UW-Madison Inquiry Lives Here Dept. of Dairy Science 1675 Observatory Drive Madison, WI 53706 Ph. 608-263-3308 Fax 608-263-9412 Contact: Ted Halbach


2017 JAC Committee Members Sam Minch – Northwest

My name is Sam Minch and I am the 19-year-old son of Glenn and Shelby Minch. I did not grow up on a farm, but worked for Honeyview Farms of Vesper for the past 5 years. I currently attend UW–River Falls where I am a sophomore majoring in dairy science with a minor in agricultural business. On campus I am involved Dairy Club and Block and Bridle. When I was in high school, I was an active member of 4-H and FFA. Showing cattle, participating in convention competitions, and Wood County activities are some of my favorite Junior Holstein activities. I am excited to serve as a JAC and can’t wait to see everyone at the events though out the year!

Jessica Steger – Southwest I am Jessica Steger and I’m the daughter of Tim and Char Steger, Prairie du Chien. I was raised on a small dairy and beef operation, Steger Farms, run by my dad and uncle. We milk a combined 60 Registered Holsteins and have a small commercial beef herd, but most of my time is spent working with the dairy herd. I enjoy showing my registered dairy cattle through the Crawford County Holstein Junior Holstein Association and am currently the president. I’ve also been active in FFA, and served as the Crawford County Dairy Princess in 2013. I’m currently a sophomore at UW-River Falls double majoring in Dairy Science and Agricultural Business. On campus, I’m involved in UW-River Falls Dairy Club, Collegiate Farm Bureau, Collegiate Honor Society, and the National Residence Hall Honorary.

Caleb Hamm – Northeast

I am Caleb Hamm from Waupaca County, and am the 19-year-old son of Robert and Terri Hamm. I come from a small hobby farm south of Waupaca. My siblings and I started the hobby farm and decided to start our own Registered Holstein herd. Currently, we have six heifers and one milking cow. I am employed at Wilstar Holsteins where I milk cows and help with daily chores. I am a freshman at UW-Madison studying dairy science and pre veterinary medicine. On campus, I am involved in Badger Dairy Club and the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. I hold a job at the Dairy Cattle Center and will be taking over as a student coordinator in the spring semester. It has always been a dream of mine to be a JAC and I am very excited to be on this committee!

Carley Krull – Southeast

I’m the 19-year-old daughter of Cindy KrullBegeman and the late Brian Krull of Lake Mills. I grew up on my family’s dairy and crop farm with my mom, sister Cassy, and brother Bryce. The farm currently consists of 40 Registered Holsteins, Red and Whites, and Jerseys along with 80 head of youngstock. I’m a freshman at Iowa State University majoring in Dairy Science. On campus I’m involved in the ISU Dairy Club, Pre-Vet Club, and Collegiate FFA and Agriculture Education Club. I’m active in 4-H and other breed associations throughout the year in addition to my involvement in the Junior Holstein Association. At the 2017 Wisconsin Junior Holstein Convention I was recognized as a scholarship recipient and a DJM. I’m excited to be a new member of the JAC because it will allow me to be a role model and positive influence to the Wisconsin Junior Holstein youth. I look forward to getting to know both the junior and adult membership even better over the next two years.

Scholarship Opportunities

The 2017 Wisconsin Holstein Scholarship applications are due March 1, 2017. All Holstein Association members pursuing a college degree are encouraged to apply, with agriculture majors given the highest consideration. Applications can be found on the Wisconsin Holstein website at and should be mailed to WHA, 902 8th Ave, Baraboo, WI 53913. Please read the form carefully, follow all guidelines and be sure to include all required materials. There are several additional memorial scholarships available, including the Brad Fust Memorial Scholarship, John Klossner Memorial Scholarship, John Selz Memorial Scholarship, and two memorial scholarships for two-year and short course schooling, the Marlowe Nelson Memorial Scholarship, Dorris Morris Memorial Scholarship, and Geraldine Cooper Memorial Scholarship. Also available is the John and Isabelle Ames Memorial Scholarship. The John and Isabelle Ames Memorial Scholarship requires a separate application process from the Wisconsin Holstein sponsored awards. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for funding education!

2016 WHA Junior Raffle

Congratulations WHA Junior Raffle Winners and Thank You Sponsors

Grand Prize Winner of Heifer Calf from Synergy Dairy, Jay & Heather Jauquet and Gary & Linda Olson of Pulaski, WI – Liz Mayer, Bloomer Baking Basket – John Turgasen Zoetis/Bonnie Mohr framed print – John Turgasen WI State Farmer Ad & Subscription – Kenadee Weigel Agri-View Subscription – Campbell Booth Badger Kids basket – Morgan Cooper Holiday treats basket – Heather Thorgerson Movie basket – Jada Schaub Fudge basket – Stacey Termaat Holstein love basket – Emily Geiger Movie basket #2 – Evie Hamilton Specialty snack basket – Virgil Haag Candy & Photo basket – John Judd Coffee basket – Levi Martin Hockey tickets – Kristin Klossner River Falls gift package – Rae Nell Halbur Jetstream Genetics gift basket – Ty Harbaugh Hoard’s Educational package – Brian Staudinger WHA News $50 ad certificate – Larry & Kim Voigts World Dairy Expo gift basket – Ben Widder Semex $25 gift card – Hannah Hensel Badger Dairy Club basket – Krull Farms Cattle Connection vest – Jessica Steger 10 Units Semen from Northstar Cooperative & East Central Select Sires – Mark Brown NASCO show supplies basket – Amber Elliott Animart gift basket – Elizabeth Gunst Country Today Certificate – Savanna Ridge $100 Semen certificate by Accelerated Genetics – Kristin Klossner ABS gift basket – Carrie Warmka Pioneer Dairy Club basket – Jake Brey 10 Units Semen by ST Genetics – Denise Sebranek 10 Units Semen by International Protein Sires – Bryce Crowley

JAC Contact Information Northwest Southeast

Nicole Pralle, Chair – Sam Minch – Joseph Opsal, Vice Chair - Carley Krull –

Southwest Northeast

Zach Tolzman – Jessica Steger – Katie Bauer – Caleb Hamm – wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017-35


ACKY WPoint of View Editor’s Comments

It’s hard to believe it’s 2017, let alone the fact that I’m already finishing up the February issue. March will be here before we know it which means we’re that much closer to spring! You can see our calendar is full of events for the next few months, including the Adult Convention, many sales and the first shows of the year. I hope you’ll join us in Appleton on February 24 and 25 for the convention. Along with our regular activities, we’re going to have two seminars on farm transitions. The first, on Friday, will feature Andy Junkin who has made it his life’s work to help other farm families make a successful transition from one generation to the next. And Saturday morning we’ll have a panel discussion featuring some WI Holstein members who have gone through a farm transition. Next month will be the first of our Midwest Holsteins issues for the year. Advertisements in the March issue will go to members and subscribers in Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois & Michigan - over 5,000 readers between the five states! With a shortened month and a big issue, we’ll have a tight deadline of February 8 for space reservations and ad info. Please give me a call if you’d like to advertise in that issue. April’s issue will be our annual Production issue and will also include the recap of the Adult Convention. If you have a high producing cow you’d like to talk about, give me a call by March 1. This issue also includes the rules and entry form for the Wisconsin Dairy Showcase in April. We’ve made it easier for exhibitors and made one uniform set of rules and entry form for all breeds. Please take a moment to read through the rules as we’ve updated some things. All entry forms will need a signed copy of the Agreement for Owners before their entries will be considered complete. The online entry system will be open after March 1. Thank you to those that submitted entries for our cover contest. The winning entry by Joey Opsal is on this cover and I’ll be printing our other top entries in the March issue. We had many great entries this year and you may see several of them on the covers of our Midwest Holsteins sections during the year.

Until next time...

36–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2017




February 2017 Classifying in Dane, Green, Iowa & Lafayette counties 24 WHA Futures Sale, Appleton, 7 p.m. 24-25 Adult Convention, Radisson Paper Valley Hotel, Appleton, hosted by Calumet Co. March 2017 Classifying in Columbia, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Jefferson, Kenosha, Marquette, Milwaukee, Racine, Rock, Walworth, Waukesha counties 4 Apple Mania II, hosted by Apple Partners LLC, Grean Northern Sales Arena, Fond du Lac, 10:30 a.m. 4 Purple Ribbon Classic Sale, Marshfield, managed by the Wood Area Holstein Breeders 11 18th Badger Invitational, Madison 18 Willows Edge Holsteins Complete Dispersal, New Richmond 18 Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale, Weyauwega 18 Green|Rock Dual County Sale, Green County Fairgrounds, Monroe, 12 noon 25 Sale of Excellence at Rosedale Genetics, Oxford 31 Quest for Success III at Bella-View Holsteins, Marion April 2017 Classifying in Langlade, Marathon, Menominee, Oconto, Outagamie, Shawano, Waupaca, Waushara, Winnebago counties 1 Milk Source Select Sale, Kaukauna 6 Stetson Holsteins Complete Dispersal, Steve & Kathy Langteau, Stetsonville 7 Indianhead Holsteins Dispersal, Barron 15 RedFest with a Touch of Black, hosted by Crescentmead, Ixonia 15 Barron County Sprint Sale, Barron Sale Pavilion, 11 a.m. 21 Outagamie County Spring Sale, Seymour 22 Rob-Cri Complete Herd Dispersal, Robert & Christine Barden, Plover 28-29 Wisconsin Dairy Showcase, Madison (Midwest Spring National Show) May 2017 Classifying in Adams, Crawford, Grant, Juneau, La Crosse, Monroe, Portage, Richland, Sauk, Vernon, Wood counties 12 R&R Letter Complete Dispersal, Seymour 20-21 Cow Camp, Sugar Creek Camp, Ferryville June 2017 Classifying in Barron, Buffalo, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, St. Croix, Trempealeau counties 13 District 1 Show, Ellsworth 19 District 2 Show, Viroqua 20 District 6 Show, Janesville 20 District 7 Show, Sturgeon Bay 21 District 5 Show, Baraboo 21 District 10 Show, Chilton 22 District 4 Show, Marshfield 22 District 8 Show, Jefferson 26 District 3 Show, Lancaster Future Dates July 10-11, 2017 WI Championship Show, Alliant Energy Center, Madison September 17, 2017 WHA Picnic, Gildale Holsteins, Hollandale




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February 2017 Wisconsin Holstein News  

February 2017 issue of the Wisconsin Holstein News featuring District 4, Top Performers and Wisconsin Dairy Showcase entry form and rules.

February 2017 Wisconsin Holstein News  

February 2017 issue of the Wisconsin Holstein News featuring District 4, Top Performers and Wisconsin Dairy Showcase entry form and rules.