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February 2014

Volume 86 No. 2

Midwest National Spring Show rules & entry form Top Performer entries Breeder Profile: Crisdhome Holsteins District 1 Report

It’s Nomination Time! Nominated Junior All-American Aged Cow

Nominated Junior All-American Production Cow

WILLOWS-EDGE ADVENT MALIKA Excellent-94 5-03 2x 302d 32,140 4.6 1497 3.1 1009 A four-time Junior All-American Nominee in milking form! 2nd Aged Cow & 1st Jr Bred & Owned, Int’l Junior Holstein Show 2013 1st Aged Cow & Res Grand Champion of the Jr Show, WI District 1 2013 Owned by Jordan Van Dyk

WILLOWS-EDGE DUR MICHELE Excellent-94 2E 8-05 2x 365d 34,760 4.3 1498 2.9 1005 A three-time Junior All-American Nominee in milking form! Champion Junior Bred & Owned, WI Championship Show 2013 Reserve Junior All-Wisconsin 150,000 Lb Cow 2013 Owned by Jordan Van Dyk

Sire: KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET Dam: Willows-Edge RI Miranda EX-90 2nd Dam: Willows-Edge Star Maiden EX-93 3rd Dam: Willows-Edge BC Maryke EX-90 3E

Sire: Regancrest Elton Durham-ET Dam: Willows-Edge Star Maiden EX-93 2nd Dam: Willows-Edge BC Maryke EX-90 3E

Nominated All-American R&W Produce of Dam

Nominated All-American R&W Produce of Dam

WILLOWS-EDGE AD MELT-RED Excellent-92 5-01 2x 241d 22,983 4.1 933 2.8 651 RIP 2nd 4-Year-Old, MN State Fair R&W Show 2013 Nominated All-American R&W Produce of Dam along with her sister Mimic, pictured right. 1st Produce of Dam, WI R&W Championship Show 2013 1st Produce of Dam, MN State Fair R&W Show 2013

WILLOWS-EDGE ADVENT MIMIC-RED Excellent-92 5-00 2x 365d 34,170 3.9 1335 2.9 977 Nominated All-American R&W Produce of Dam along with her sister Melt, pictured left. 1st 5-Year-Old, MN State Fair R&W Show 2013 1st Produce of Dam, WI R&W Championship Show 2013 1st Produce of Dam, MN State Fair R&W Show 2013

Sire: KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET Dam: Willows-Edge Distrgen Mime EX-90 2nd Dam: Willows-Edge Broker Minah VG-88 All four of these cows trace back to one of Bonnie’s favorite homebreds – BLS Millies Astro Mollie, a VG-87 Astro Jet with a solid northern Wisconsin pedigree. The ‘M’ family has given us numerous nominations, Excellent cows and much excitement throughout Jordan’s Junior Holstein career which came to an end this past year. Inquiries always welcome on members of this prolific family! *Selling in the UW-River Falls Falcon Premier Sale - March 1, 2014* A 12/12 Lexor daughter of Willows-Edge Bolton Flicker EX-93!

Henk & Bonnie Van Dyk 931 140th Avenue, New Richmond, WI 54017 715-246-5454 |

Dream Prairie Complete Dispersal ~ 250 head selling ~ Westby, WI • April 4, 2014 • 10:00 a.m. Just a sample of what is selling! Dream-Prairie GW Alberta-ET VG-89 at 2Y Nominated All-American & All-Canadian Junior 2-YearOld 2013 All-Wisconsin Junior 2-Year-Old 2013 Reserve Grand Champion, Richmond Fair, Quebec 2013 Reserve Grand Champion, Brome Fair, Quebec 2013 Selling is her full sister fresh in January and four maternal sisters by Guthrie and Bossman. All of this, along with a very special offering of sexed Atwood embryos from the factory herself - a VG-88 Talent, who also sells open & ready for your flush program, with an extended pedigree being an EX-91 Stormatic, EX-97 Alicia and EX-94 Ada.

Dream-Prairie Recipe-Red-ET VG-88 EX-MS at 3-01 2-05 2x 365 33,490 3.7 1254 3.1 1027 Recipe will be a 4 year old for 2014 and sells with two September 2013 Doorman calves. Recipe is one of four full sisters by Reality-Red - all with Acme daughters selling. Their dam, an EX-92 Mr Burns with 39,680M and 1568F, sells along with daughters by Durable, Sympatico and Acme. This pedigree is 9 to 10 generations EX Saturdays!

Others selling are sired by: Atwood, Guthrie, Windbrook, Fever, Dempsey, Shottle, Goldwyn, Durham, Advent, Reality-Red, Bookem, Aftershock, Shamrock, Hill, Domain, McCutchen, Man-o-Man, Supersire, Man-o-Shan, Doorman, Armani, Goldsun, Enforcer, Jabir and Venture Proxy PP-Red. Cow families represented: Alicia EX-97, Highlight Tamara EX-97, Ashlyn EX-96, Elegance EX-96, Enchantment Jody EX-95, RJR Goldwyn 1154 EX-95, Bell Toni EX-94, Encore Tazz EX-94, Durham Brizil EX-93, Encore Clover EX-92, Encore Celene EX-90, Durham Regenia EX-92 with 10 generations EX Saturdays, 12 to 15 generations EX back to Audrey Posch.

140 Milking cows - 80 1st lactation, 35 2nd lactation; 50 bred heifers, 60 show age heifers, high genomic & polled heifers 12/13 RHA: 137 cows 25,739 4.07 1047 3.2 827 53,000 SCC BAA: 108.7 Cows are housed in a sand bedded freestall and tie-stall barn with outside feeding daily. Sale managed by:

Cary & Joy Moser & Family 264 Coon Prairie Ave., Westby, WI 608-634-3803 • Cell 608-632-1401

2564 Pole Line Road, Ridgeway, IA 52165 Home 563.387.0035 Cell 563.380.1318

Wisconsin Holstein Association 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913 Phone (608) 356-2114 Fax (608) 356-6312

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VOLUME 86 No. 2

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On The Cover

This month’s cover features the winner of our cover contest, submitted by Sara Harbaugh, Marion. Pictured are Logan (6), Jacob (8), and Madison (3) Harbaugh with Bella-Ridge Gins Beauty, a March 2013 Durham daughter of Bella-View Shot of Gin. 4–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

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wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014-5

Krull Dundee Ellory-ET EX-94 5-07 2x 365 39,670 3.8 1513 3.0 1207 Junior All-American 5 Year Old 2011 1st 5 Year Old, Senior & Grand Champion, Grand Natl. Jr. Show 2011 1st 5 Year Old, H.M. Senior Champion, Intl. Jr. Holstein Show 2011

Her Daughters: • Jasper Eventful EX-91 • Talent Express VG-88, owned by Aaron & Nicole Breunig • Fever daughter scored VG-85 • yearling by Goldwyn Dundee x Skychief Easter EX-90 x Elegance EX-96 3E GMD DOM

Krull Advent Smiley-Red-ET EX-93 94-MS 5-02 2x 365 30,382 4.2 1315 3.1 992 Reserve All-American Red & White 5 Year Old 2013 Nominated Junior All-American Red & White 5 Year Old 2013 1st Junior & 2nd Open 5 Year Old, Reserve Senior & Grand Champion of the Junior Show, International R&W Show 2013 1st Junior & 2nd Open 5 Year Old, Reserve Senior & Grand Champion of the Junior Show, Midwest Summer R&W Show 2013 1st Junior & 2nd Open 5 Year Old, Midwest Spring R&W Show 2013

Her Daughters: • 1st milking daughter fresh! Advent x Rocher Jordan Snow-Red EX-94 2E, Junior All-American R&W Aged Cow 2010 x VG-86 GMD DOM x VG-87 DOM x VG-89 GMD DOM x EX-94 3E GMD DOM x EX-95 3E GMD

Krull Shot Enough-ET EX-91 2E EVEEE 4-09 2x 365 34,790 3.8 1325 2.8 982 Her Daughters: • Baxter Elusive-ET EX-92 • Sanchez Eminem-ET EX-90 • Eatin Colby Cheese VG-88 • Sanchez Eponine-ET VG-87 • other offspring by Fremont & Guthrie Shottle x Throne Eugenia EX-92 x Durham Everything EX-91 2E x Elegant Rose EX-93 2E x Elegance EX-96 3E GMD DOM

Cindy, Cassy, Bryce & Carley Krull W7175 Mansfield Rd., Lake Mills, WI 53551 • Ph: 920-988-9426 RHA: 52 cows 24,803 3.8 939 3.1 729 BAA: 110.7% 19 PBR Awards Check out our new website at 6–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

Cassy and Bryce were recognized as Wisconsin DJMs and Carley as a YDJM at the recent Junior Convention. Cassy and Carley were also selected to submit books for the national awards. These three cows are their project animals and each has EX daughters - a great foundation for their future!

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014-7

We’re Ready for your Visit!

Elm-Mound Advent Rein-Red EX-90 2E

BKB Goldwyn Annie-ET VG-87 VG-MS

5-03 2x 365 33,760 4.0 1366 3.6 1168 Lifetime: 1356 110,850 4.0 4387 3.5 3929

• VG-87 3Y Mr Burns, fresh Secure & Durham heifer Dam: Stelbro Renita Ravel VG-88 EX-MS 2nd Dam: Stelbro Renita Ranger-Red EX-94 3E

3-05 2x 365 22,990 4.1 938 3.3 766 Selling a pick of her Fall 2014 Windbrook calves at the Wisconsin Futures Sale, February 21!

Dam: Shoremar S Alicia-ET EX-97 3E 2nd Dam: C Aitkenbrae Starbuck Ada EX-94 2E DOM

We are honored to be part of the WHA Convention tours - we welcome everyone to stop by on Saturday afternoon, February 22. BAA: 108.5% RHA: 23,000 4.0 925 3.2 725 Farm address: N4381 Pairie Rd, Bangor, WI

Johnson-Way Holsteins

Ar-Lor Holsteins

Tim Johnson

Bryan Stremcha

608-790-5095 •

Bangor, WI • 608-790-1925

Dam: Hauve Shottle Desire-ET EX-91 EX-MS 2-06 2x 365 27,950 4.1 1132 3.1 875 2nd Dam: Hauve Fred Dede-ET EX-90 EX-MS 4-09 2x 365 29,810 4.3 1268 3.0 886 3rd Dam: Snow-N Astro Jet Diana-ET EX-92 4th Dam: Snow-N Dellias Destiny-ET EX-91 DOM 5th Dam: Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95 2E GMD DOM 6th Dam: Snow-N Dorys Denise EX-90 2E GMD DOM

We invite you to come see Deidra and her herdmates during the WHA Convention farm tours. Even if you can’t make the convention, feel free to stop by anytime on Saturday, February 22 from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

Hauve Goldwyn Deidra EX-91 93-MS 3-06 2x 365 26,751 4.4 1168 3.1 838 - 7th generation EX Dellia - She has a fancy Windbrook heifer - 6 Goldwyn sisters, 1st one fresh scored VG-87 8–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

Hauve Farm Tyrone & Barb Johnson

21837 St. Hwy. 27, Cashton, WI 608-269-0695 •

Wisconsin Holstein Briefs J Our condolences to the families of Dorothy Gilbertson, Emily Jackson, Sherman Eustice and Marian Piper who passed away recently. Full obituaries are printed below. The Wisconsin Holstein News encourages readers and members to submit information for the Wisconsin Holstein Briefs column. We are looking for news of a wedding, birth announcement, award winner or death that Wisconsin Holstein breeders should know about. High quality, submitted photos will be printed if space is available. Please submit your information to the Wisconsin Holstein News by mail at PO Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813; or email to

Obituaries Dorothy Gilbertson

Dorothy Isabelle Gilbertson, age 85 of Hollandale died on Sunday evening, December 22, 2013 at the St. Mary’s Care Center in Madison. She was born on December 28, 1927 in Dodgeville to Palmer & Louise (Bramby) Anderson. She grew up in Hollandale, and attended the Hollandale grade and high school, graduating in 1945, and then went to the Platteville Teacher’s College for two years. She taught school in the Adamsville rural school for one year. She also substitute taught after she was married in many country schools and the Hollandale school. Dorothy married Otis LeRoy Gilbertson on July 8, 1947 in the Hollandale Lutheran Church. They began farming together in 1949 on their farm on the edge of Hollandale. Dorothy took an active role in the farm, milking with Otis twice a day, carrying the milk pails to the bulk tank. She named the family farm Gildale Holsteins when they started breeding registered cattle. Dorothy was baptized, confirmed, married and a life-long active member of the Hollandale Lutheran Church. Along with her work farming, Dorothy loved her husband, children and grandchildren. Her family enjoyed her Norwegian baking, cooking and traditions. She learned to sew from her mother, and did a lot of it for her family. She also loved gardening and the flowers and vegetables she grew. She enjoyed working on 4-H projects with her children. Dorothy is survived by her husband, Otis Gilbertson of Hollandale; three children, Mark (Vickie Mowbray) Gilbertson of Hollandale, Julie Hoege of McFarland, and Tamra Exterovich of Madison; five grandchildren; five great grandchildren; one great-great grandchild; and many nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents; her daughter Sheri Noble who died on June 30, 2005; two sisters, Phyllis Hanson and Helen Whitford and one brother Otis in infancy. The family suggests memorials be made to the Hollandale Lutheran Church.

Emily Jackson

Emily Jean Jackson, 63, passed away on December 26, with her family by her side. She was born on January 2, 1950, in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, to Emil and Della (Prange) Neuman. She was raised in Barron, Wisconsin, and attended Barron High School where she graduated in 1968. She married Kenneth Jackson on July 13, 1968. Emily was employed at Sterling Bank for 31 years, where she worked in various capacities. She was a member of First Lutheran Church, where she enjoyed singing in the choir. She was active in Barron County 4-H and Junior Holstein organizations, where she served as a general leader for many years. She enjoyed cooking and entertaining, and her first love was her family. Nothing brought more joy to her life than her six grandchildren. Emily had a warm and inviting heart and touched the lives of many. She is survived by her Husband, Kenneth Jackson, daughter, Melissa (Joel) Kietzman, Waunakee; grandchildren Hannah, Rachel, and Ava and son, Michael (Laura) Jackson, Barron; grandchildren Kaylee, Carter, and Brady; sisters Bonnie (Edward) Erb, and Ruth (Steve) Behrens, and father Emil Neuman; Betty Jackson; brother-in-law, Lyndon Jackson; sister-inlaws, Diane (Rod) Jorgenson, and LaVonne (Tom) Levar. Also survived by nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Emily was preceded in death by her mother Della (Prange) Neuman, and her father and mother in law Jerome and Vivian Jackson.

Sherman Eustice

Sherman Goodsell Eustice, age 96, of Belmont, Wisconsin, passed away on Friday, December 27, 2013 at Epione Pavilion, Cuba City. Sherm was born on October 23, 1917 to William Arthur and Margaret Ann (Jones) Eustice in Rewey, Wisconsin. He attended the Belmont Schools and graduated from Belmont High School in 1935. He helped his father in the Belmont Trucking business for 8 years. He married Rose Wunderlin on June 8, 1940 in Dubuque, Iowa. He and Rose farmed on shares and then purchased their own Moundvale Farm of rural Belmont in 1952. They retired in 1978. They led the Mound View 4-H Club for 40 years. He was a member of the board of directors of the Lafayette County and Wisconsin State Holstein Association where he was state president. He was also a member of the Lafayette County ASCS Committee, Platteville Consumers Co-op, Belmont Township Board and the First National Bank Board of Platteville, Wisconsin. Sherm was a member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Platteville. He enjoyed his friends and family. He enjoyed farming, going to Holstein events, swimming, playing bridge and bingo. Sherm was very proud of his own family and considered all of his friends his family. Sherm is survived by his three children, Bill of Hutchinson, MN; John (Kathleen) of Eagan, MN; and Josetta McNett (Doug Hecksel) of Belmont; daughter-in-law, Pat Eustice of Marshall, WI; son-in-law, Art (Madonna) McNett of Platteville; seven grandchildren, Misty (Glen) Ferguson of Missouri; Josie (Michael) Eustice-Juneau of Oconomowoc, WI; Matt (Laurie) Eustice of Marshall, WI; Phil Eustice of Marshall, WI; Buddy McNett of Belmont; Chip (April) McNett of Belmont; and Crystal McNett of Belmont; nine great-grandchildren; three sisters-in-law, Marietta Tarrell of Fennimore, WI; Cecelia “Babe” Wunderlin of Platteville; Marian Eustice of Platteville; and many nieces and nephews; and a special dog, Charlie. He was preceded in death by his parents, wife, Rose, his brothers, Don, Ron, and Bob Eustice; sisters, Bernita Miller, Beverly Eustice in infancy, Bernice Aurit, Grace Bockhop, Jayne Richardson, and Barbara Long; one granddaughter in infancy, Amy Joy Eustice. Memorials may be made to the Sherman G. Eustice Memorial Fund.

Marian Piper

Marian G. Piper, 94, of Lake Mills, died on Monday, Dec. 30, 2013, at the Agrace Hospice Care in Fitchburg. She was born on Aug. 23, 1919, in New Richland, Minn., the daughter of the late Robert and Louise (Thorson) Galloway. Marian married Alvin Piper of Watertown on Jan. 29, 1950, in the Ebenezer Moravian Church in Watertown. He died on June 22, 2003. She was a graduate of the Spooner High School and later graduated from Stout University in 1943. Following graduation, she taught home economics at St. Croix High School. Later she became an extension agent for Jefferson County and met her husband. Marian and her husband lived in Watertown for 20 years before moving to Lake Mills where they developed International Holstein Sales and Service which managed registered Holstein sales across the U.S. She had lived at Trinity Pines in Lake Mills from 2008 until October of this year. Marian was a member of the Lake Mills Moravian Church and its Women’s Fellowship. She had served as chairperson for the Moravian’s Market Day. Her hobby was sewing. Survivors include her daughter, Mary (Tom) Finley of Lake Mills; her granddaughter, Laura; other relatives and friends. Also preceding her in death was a brother, George. Memorials may be made to Wisconsin Council of the Blind & Visually Impaired, 754 Williamson St., Madison, WI 5370 or to the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association.

Membership Renewal Reminder & Notice of News cut-off

Membership renewals for 2014 have been emailed or mailed out to all members. If you have not received a membership renewal, please contact Sharon at 1-800-223-4269 or The February issue will be the last issue received for memberships not renewed by February 12. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014-9


Crisdhome Holsteins The Kruschke Family, New Richmond By Ashley Yager

risdhome Holsteins and the Kruschke family have been a part of the farming community since the purchase of their current location in 1910. Originally a grade Holstein farm, Richard Kruschke was the first to introduce registered cattle to the herd in the 1940s. Richard’s sons David and Chuck graduated from high school in 1968 and 1970 and went on to study at UW-Madison Farm and Industry Short Course before returning to the farm. Stalls were added to the barn in 1970 and again in 1973 to accommodate the now 100-cow Registered Holstein herd. A new calf shed was added to the farm in 2013 to house young stock. Breeding-age and bred heifers are housed on two different farms owned and managed by the Kruschkes. They run over 2000 acres of corn, soybeans, hay, wheat and snap beans for the local cannery in town. In addition, they do custom planting and harvesting for neighbors. The current farm management team includes Chuck and his three sons, Pete (30), Joe (27) and Jake (24), Chuck’s brother David, and employees Tyler Moore and David Larson. Pete and wife Carrie also have two children, Lillie (10) and Mitchell (6). Joe studied Ag mechanics at the tech school in New Richmond, and Pete is also a part-time trucker and works on the ambulance and first responders in town. Chuck and Jake take care of the cows, while Pete and Joe manage crops and David assists with crops and serves as the farm’s ‘fix-it’ man. Tyler and David primarily help with milking and chores. The Crisdhome herd is home to 100 cows with an additional 125 head of young stock. The herd’s Rolling Herd Average is 25,516 pounds of milk, with 3.7% 945F and 3.1% 782P, and includes a SCC of 110,000. The herd has received awards for milk quality the last three years from DHIA. The Kruschke family maintains an average herd age of 4-5 years that allows them to sell 20-30 head privately and at local sales each year. Crisdhome sends cattle to the Minnesota State Sale, Barron County Sale, UW-River Falls dairy club sale and UWMadison dairy club sale. The Kruschke’s herd boasts an impressive 111.9% BAA, with 53 Excellent, 43 Very Good and only two Good Plus cows. They have been PBR winners for the last 34 years, and as of January 2014 have the 4th highest BAA in the 101 to 150-cow category. The development of the herd has been nothing short of incredible, as a stroll through the present herd with multiple strings of Crisdhome Midnight


10–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

Excellent cows brings true admiration to a proven breeding program. When it comes to herd genetics, Gray-View B D Crissy, EX-93 GMD, has had the most impact on Crisdhome. Richard had over two-thirds Gray View Pidon Creator daughters in his herd during the late 1950s. More recently, the Kruschkes have purchased two branches of the Crissy family that split six generations from her two Triple Threat sisters that were EX-91 and EX-92. The first, Roy-Etta Rubens Gala-ET, EX-91, is a purchased descendant that has produced eight Excellent daughters in the herd, including five EX-92 or EX-91 point Advent daughters. Three of the five are red and white, and there are still four young Advents in the herd as two-year-olds or due spring 2014. Gala’s best record yielded 33,690M with 4.1 1394F and 3.1 1044P. The second branch stems from Holbric Gibson Christine, EX-93, a tenth generation Excellent Gibson who has produced an EX-92 third calf Durham, a VG-89 first lactation Durham, a VG-86 Goldwyn two-year-old and two Talent daughters scored VG-88 and VG-87 third lactation. Christine has additional Durham and Gold Chip daughters coming, and is currently a dry donor for the Kruschke family. Christine is another solid production cow, with her best record at 33,130M with 4.6 1539F and 2.8 944P. The Gala and Christine branches encompass 15-20% of the Crisdhome herd today. In May 2013, the Kruschke family gained their second homebred 94-point cow, Crisdhome Midnight Moonlite, EX-94 3E. A brood cow in her own right, Moonlite has an EX-91 third calf Lheros, a VG-88 second calf Spirte, a fall yearling by Braxton and Aftershock ET’s calving this winter. Her dam was an EX-92 Fred purchased from Fritz Larson in 2002. Moonlite’s lifetime production is just over 190,000 pounds milk, and she is due back summer 2014. The Kruschke’s ‘Direct’ line features another impressive group of homebred individuals, whose pedigree can be traced back to the late 1950s. Crisdhome D Direct-TW, EX-93, is a Durham daughter from EX-93 Juror Direct. Her twin sister, Crisdhome Durhams Direct-TW, also EX-93, has a daughter by Morty that is EX-92 and has four records over 33,000 pounds millk. Juror Direct had over 200,000 pounds of milk lifetime, and had an EX-91 full sister over 275,000 pounds of milk lifetime. She also had an EX-91 maternal sister by Rudolph. The outstanding individual trend continues with the ‘Beth’ family. Crisdhome Elton Beth, EX-92, had over 225,000 pounds of milk lifetime. She has an EX-91 daughter by Encore that topped 180,000 pounds lifetime and has Finest daughters in the herd. The Beth family has also produced Crisdhome Girl Shark Beth, EX-92, Crisdhome Haldrey Moonlite EX-94 3E

Betty, EX-92, Crisdhome Shark Bite, EX-92 and Crisdhome Juror Beth-TW, EX-92. The Beth family took off with the purchase of Ter-Rae Gov Beth, EX-93, an individual born in the late 1970s. The Kruschkes are dedicated to adding genetics to their herd in addition to developing their own key cow families. Recently added was Arethusa Stormi Memphis, EX-91, a second-calf four-year-old from Hillcroft Leader Melanie, EX-96. Hauve Mr Burns Dayna, EX-93, was purchased from Tyrone Johnson and is a sixth generation EX from Dellia. Also added was an Castleholm Rdiant Alisha-ET, VG-87, from Astrahoe Stormatic Radiant - a promising young cow owned with Luke Lensmire. In addition, the Kruschkes have recently added Milksource Aftrshk Aimee, VG-88, a first-calf Aftershock from Milksource Goldwn Africa-ET, EX-92. Budjon-JK Damion Dorie-ET, VG-86, also calls Crisdhome home and is a Damion daughter of Gold Dana Rae (EX-95) and granddaughter of Debutante, EX-92. Also from Debutante Rae, Scientific Delorean Rae, EX-92, is a Starfire purchased in 2013. Finally, Crisdhome has added an EX-91 second-calf Advent from an EX-94 September Storm from Liberty Rae, owned with the Kamms of Nova Holsteins. Some of the best older cows in the herd are sired by Durham, Advent, Finest, Juror, Lheros and Stormatic. Impressive young cows include Damion, Atwood, Sensation, Advent and Durham. The heifer groups are sired by Atwood, Aftershock, Gold Chip, Dempsey, Sanchez, Damion, Durham and Sid. Current service sires at Crisdhome include many of the same sires found in the heifer pedigrees, in addition to Barbwire and Redburst for Red and White Holsteins. The Kruschkes breed for type with their main goal to breed cattle with strong, wide front ends with great depth of rib and a wide rump, with quality udders and functional feet - individuals that can score EX and make 32,000 pounds of milk in a lactation. The Kruschkes only flush two to three cows a year, and look to develop all pedigrees forward rather than focusing on a select few cows in the herd. All cows that are flushed are mature cows that have proven themselves through natural daughters. David and Chuck are very active outside of the farm, as both serve in leadership roles in farming organizations. David is the St. Croix County Farm Bureau president, while Chuck has served as the St. Croix County 4-H judging team coach for 44 years. Chuck is also active on the fair board, the county dairy committee, and coaches 4-H softball. The Kruschkes have been fortunate to work with good people in the industry, and admit that Tom Morris has had an undeniable effect at Crisdhome as a friend and partner on cattle with three generations of Kruschkes. Tom also introduced Chuck to his wife, Mary, and has been a great friend of the family in lending advice, buying cows at sales for and with the family, and of course sharing stories and laughs over the years. Jake was fortunate to make industry friends during his tenure at UWMadison’s short course program, relying on Brandon Ferry and Luke Lensmire for a second opinion on purchasing a cow at a sale or making a mating at the home farm. Luke has been the head fitter for classifying at Crisdhome for five years and is always willing to help. The Kruschkes appreciate the opportunity to work with people like these on a daily basis, but also appreciate the leadership of the generations of Kruschkes before them. Richard paved a strong path for Chuck and David, and Chuck has done the same for his sons involved in the operation. There is no doubt after setting foot in the Crisdhome barn the amount of dedication and passion that goes into caring for the herd on a daily basis, and the Kruschkes hope to continue this tradition for years to come.

Welcome to These New Members

Junior members: Michelle Meinnert, Sheboygan Falls Faith Birkholz, Plymouth Laura Birkholz, Plymouth Carson Graf, Pulaski Reid Bores, Auburndale Natalie Ott, Berlin Nathan Daniels, Cobb Marissa Battist, Waterloo Jayden Schmitt, Milladore Laney Schmitt, Milladore Kelli Marschall, Barron Megan Marschall, Barron

Madeline Hensel, Pittsville Cadyn Voight, Shiocton Ian Brown, Arpin Tiffany Karl, Auburndale Matthew Fischer, Owen Jared Zutz, Kiel Zachary Dvorachek, Reedsville Emma Gwidt, Pulaski Madelynn Gwidt, Pulaski Sydney Gwidt, Pulaski Griffin Holewinski, Pulaski

Crisdhome Juror Direct EX-93

Crisdhome D Direct-TW EX-93

Crisdhome Elton Beth EX-92

In memory of

Emily Jackson Her many years of service to the Barron County Junior Holstein Association were appreciated by many. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014-11

Siemers Trigger 16280 GP-81 1-10 305d 35,787 3.6 1287 2.9 1041 4,422 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Ponterio Amateur FFA VB GP-82 2-05 305d 29,465 3.9 1149 3.4 984 4,235 pts. Francis & Kim Ponterio, Melrose Dirt-Road Ngra Charlene-ET GP-82 1-09 305d 29,570 4.5 1162 3.5 966 4,222 pts. Steve & Amanda Killian, Blair

Junior Two Year Olds

Vieuxsaule Freddie Tanya VG-87 2-05 305d 37,747 4.8 1764 3.3 1213 5,191 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo Dirt-Road ManOMan Cameo VG-88 2-00 305d 29,854 5.1 1535 3.7 1125 4,886 pts. Steve & Amanda Killian, Blair Jenny-Lou Niagra 2923 VG-86 2-01 305d 4.1 1367 3.1 1021 4,598 pts. Allison & Kayla Breunig, Sauk City Ever-Green-View Elaska VG-85 2-00 305d 33,120 4.6 1350 3.4 1057 4,587 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo Glenmark Just Donut-ET VG-88 2-00 305d 33,218 3.8 1282 3.2 1041 4,567 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo Kellercrest Super Blanca-ET GP-82 2-01 305d 34,660 4.2 1440 2.9 1014 4,556 pts. Andrew Keller & Kellercrest Registered Holsteins, Mount Horeb Ever-Green-View Etax-ET VG-86 2-02 305d 28,603 5.0 1347 3.5 983 4,550 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo Broeks Apricot-ET VG-87 2-04 305d 31,614 4.1 1283 3.3 1015 4,520 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo Siemers Planet Ella-ET 15552 VG-85 2-04 287d 34,759 3.8 1328 2.8 979 4,485 pts Siemers Holsteins, Newton Dirt-Road ManOMan Caviar-ET GP-83 1-11 305d 28,583 4.7 1339 3.5 997 4,476 pts. Steve & Amanda Killian, Blair Siemers Atlantic Sissy 14809 VG-85 2-00 305d 35,650 3.6 1192 3.0 1027 4,433 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Siemers Xplode Atlee-Ann-ET GP-82 2-01 295d 34,399 3.3 1148 2.6 907 4,169 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Siemers Dorcy Hoopje 15893 VG-87 1-11 305d 34,301 3.0 979 2.8 933 4,142 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Voight-Acres Atwood Rachel VG-88 2-03 305d 27,846 3.9 1086 2.8 783 4,115 pts. Bethany Marcks, Black Creek Ponterio Autobot Japanez-RC GP-80 2-01 305d 27,522 4.1 1123 3.2 864 4,047 pts. Francis & Kim Ponterio, Melrose Ponterio Pilot Rudder GP-84 2-00 305d 25,769 4.0 1025 3.2 814 3,999 pts. Francis & Kim Ponterio, Melrose Pfaffsway Sanchez Brynn VG-88 2-01 305d 26,885 900 756 3,926 pts. Larissa & Olivia Pfaff, Alma Center

Senior Two Year Olds

Siemers Outbound Facile 14382 VG-86 2-11 305d 42,590 3.5 1439 2.8 1320 4,929 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Dirt-Road Man-0 Chardonay VG-87 2-09 305d 36,295 4.1 1482 3.3 1177 4,863 pts. Steve & Amanda Killian, Blair Wargo-Acres Alexander 981 VG-87 2-10 305d 36,063 4.2 1518 3.2 1141 4,853 pts. Wargo Acres, Inc., Lodi

Junior Three Year Olds

Siemers Shottle Hianna-ET EX-90 3-00 305d 54,028 4.2 2261 2.9 1520 6,053 pts. Thomas L. Kestell, Waldo Ms Lenara-ET EX-91 3-03 305d 36,892 5.0 1828 3.4 1231 5,343 pts. Thomas L. Kestell, Waldo Ever-Green-View Maybe-ET VG-85 3-05 305d 42,915 4.2 1813 3.1 1328 5,283 pts. Thomas L. Kestell, Waldo EX-90 Ever-Green-View Dalphi-ET 3-03 305d 50,461 3.1 1498 3.0 1480 5,248 pts. Thomas L. Kestell, Waldo Ever-Green-View La Plume-ET VG-87 3-01 305d 45,935 3.7 1696 2.9 1342 5,236 pts. Thomas L. Kestell, Waldo Kellercrest Shtl Bridget EX-91 3-0 305d 33,854 4.94 1673 3.33 1128 5,097 pts. Kellercrest Reg. Holsteins, Mount Horeb Jenny-Lou Baxter Tracy VG-85 3-05 305d 39,600 4.4 1749 3.1 1210 5,093 pts. Mystic Valley Dairy LLC, Sauk City Jenny-Lou Gabor 2742 EX-90 3-00 305d 41,630 3.7 1524 2.9 1192 4,986 pts. Allison & Kayla Breunig, Sauk City Siemers Sanchez Tanna-ET EX-90 3-03 292d 41,555 3.7 1523 2.6 1064 4,859 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Siemers Sz T-Hia-Ella-ET VG-85 3-00 305d 40,759 3.8 1534 2.9 1160 4,838 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Ponterio Advent Octane VG-87 3-02 305d 32,018 4.4 1392 3.5 1122 4,712 pts. Frances & Kim Ponterio, Melrose Wiscit Airraid Gizzy 2945 VG-86 3-03 305d 41,211 3.0 1234 2.8 1162 4,560 pts. University of WI-Platteville, Platteville

Siemers Chase 14669 VG-85 2-09 305 37,533 3.9 1470 3.0 1118 4,730 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Hi-Lo-Valley Jayz Callie VG-85 3-00 305d 36,824 3.53 1300 2.78 1022 4,464 pts. Ashley, Alyssa & Amber Yager, Highland

Ponterio Glen Ziffle GP-84 2-06 305d 25848 3.9 997 3.2 833 3,978 pts. Valerie & Vanessa Ponterio, Melrose

Ponterior Mainstay Farming VG-86 3-00 305d 29,510 4.0 1175 3.4 1004 4,357 pts. Frances & Kim Ponterio, Melrose

12–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

Senior Three Year Olds

Four Year Olds

Ever-Green-View Lourdes VG-85 3-09 305d 42,354 4.8 1998 3.2 1326 5,506 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo

Siemers Die-Hard 11574 VG-88 4-07 305d 47,699 4.2 2006 2.9 1608 6,088 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Ever-Green-View Erma VG-85 3-10 305d 43,295 4.5 1919 3.1 1324 5,363 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo

Da-So-Burn Mich Dezzie-ET EX-94 4-06 305d 42,460 3.9 1674 2.8 1200 5,804 pts. Mystic Valley Dairy & Kevin Jorgensen, Sauk City

Ever-Green-View Latisha-TW EX-92 3-10 305d 53,744 3.8 2020 2.8 1494 5,808 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo

Siemers Matson Boss-TW VG-85 3-10 297d 46,217 3.9 1821 2.7 1242 5,245 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Siemers Moscow 12456 VG-85 3-09 305d 42,351 4.3 1847 3.0 1234 5,213 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Ms Elissa-ET VG-86 3-09 305d 42,819 3.9 1621 3.0 1383 5,157 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo Kellercrest Jeeves Anika VG-85 3-06 305d. 32,159 5.7 1851 3.5 1123 5,112 pts. Kellercrest Reg. Holsteins, Mount Horeb Jeffrey-Way Tulllion EX-92 3-07 305d 41,638 3.48 1450 3.25 1352 5,106 pts. Jeffrey-Way Holsteins, Belleville Milksource Jasper Angelica EX-90 3-09 305d 34,051 4.66 1589 3.57 1160 4,993 pts. Aaron Hass & Jim Abey, Evansville Wargo-Acres Mac Humor VG-85 3-11 305d 37,977 4.5 1723 3.0 1127 4,970 pts. Wargo Acres, Inc., Lodi Ever-Green-View Babble EX-91 3-07 305d 42,871 3.1 1321 3.0 1311 4,902 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo Pfaffsway Dillyn Ritz 3-07 305d 36,842 1419 1120 4,829 pts. Larissa Pfaff, Alma Center


Grass-Ridge Eli Intimidator VG-85 3-06 305d 44,055 2.8 1228 2.9 1284 4,650 pts. Grass-Ridge Farm, LLC, Pittsville Ofski Debonair Angelica EX-91 3-06 305d 28,262 3.4 956 3.0 840 4,076 pts. Fred Grubofski, Auburndale

Ken-Flo Potter 598 VG-85 4-11 305d 44,575 6.4 2864 2.9 1304 6,818 pts. Allan & Susan Lundberg, Osseo

Indianhead Tobi Anni EX-91 4-03 305d 43,098 3.9 1720 2.9 1225 5,763 pts. Indianhead Holsteins, Barron Ever-Green-View Etily-ET EX-90 4-04 305d 41,236 4.3 1720 3.0 1187 5,712 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo Ever-Green-View Loto VG-85 4-04 305d 42,115 4.2 1771 3.2 1277 5,698 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo Siemers Amateur 11414 VG-85 4-09 305d 46,039 3.5 1624 2.9 1307 5,581 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Siemers Potter 11290 VG-87 4-11 305d 48,480 3.2 1559 2.7 1308 5,580 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Hi-Lo-Valley Gwyn Ashlyn EX-90 4-04 305d 37,220 4.1 1539 3.1 1155 5,509 pts. Amber Yager, Highland Grass-Ridge Dearest Sharky VG-85 4-06 305d 35,761 4.3 1547 3.5 1253 5,450 pts. Grass-Ridge Farm, LLC, Pittsville Wiscit Mr Sam Breezy EX-90 4-02 305d 37,667 3.8 1429 3.2 1201 5,443 pts. University of WI-Platteville, Platteville Wargo-N-JD Shottle Darrah-ET EX-90 4-02 305d 39,487 3.6 1410 3.1 1211 5,426 pts. Wargo Acres, Inc., Lodi Kamps-Hollow Weigland AJ-ET EX-93 4-04 305d 35,862 4.1 1445 2.9 1046 5,391 pts. Ryan Weigel & Troy Weigel, Platteville Ever-Green-View Louise VG-88 4-00 305d 32,711 4.5 1477 3.6 1163 5,382 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo

Dirt-Road Shotle Cinderella VG-87 4-01 305d 34,549 4.3 1454 3.4 1154 5,361 pts. Steve & Amanda Killian, Blair Gratz-Ridge Affirmed Wonder EX-91 4-09 305d 31,705 4.4 1399 3.3 1046 5,278 pts. Edwin & Kerry Gratz, Darlington Dirt-Road TS Connie EX-91 4-10 305d 36,155 3.4 1237 3.2 1097 5,172 pts. Steve & Amanda Killian, Blair Gratz-Ridge Laurin Peace VG-88 4-04 305d 31,808 4.0 1268 3.0 963 4,974 pts. Edwin & Kerry Gratz, Darlington Tree-Hayven Gold Pati Girl EX-92 4-00 305d 25,067 4.1 1027 3.6 911 4,806 pts. Adam Borchert, Auburndale

Five Year Olds

Siemers Sharky 10990 VG-85 5-04 293d 45,742 5.0 2299 3.1 1415 6,364 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Morningview Elgnt Arleta-ET VG-87 5-06 305d 44,882 4.3 1901 3.0 1329 5,942 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo Siemers DieHard Vivet 10081 VG-85 5-08 305d 46,850 4.2 1968 2.8 1303 5,921 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Siemers Encino 10687 EX-90 5-04 305d 43,940 3.8 1680 2.9 1294 5,779 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Jenny-Lou Toystory 2071 EX-90 5-08 305d 41,472 3.8 1609 3.2 1320 5,734 pts. Mystic Valley Dairy, LLC, Sauk City Siemers Dihard Roamer 10058 VG-86 5-11 305d 43,792 4.0 1772 2.9 1282 5,734 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton Jenny-Lou Jetstream 2294-ET VG-88 5-00 305d 42,020 4.1 1723 2.9 1198 5,664 pts. Mystic Valley Dairy, LLC, Sauk City Ever-Green-View Lila-ET VG-86 5-04 305d 41,692 4.0 1646 3.1 1276 5,602 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo

Six to Nine Year Olds

Kellercrest Shottle Loni-ET EX-92 6-09 305d 49,163 5.3 2605 2.84 1397 6,870 pts. Kellercrest Reg. Holsteins, Mount Horeb continued on page 14

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014-13

Jenny-Lou Shottle 1890 EX-91 6-09 305d 42,626 4.0 1718 3.0 1265 5,820 pts. Mystic Valley Dairy LLC, Sauk City

Grass-Ridge Steam Ships EX-92-2E 8-11 305d 40,563 3.6 1462 3.0 1228 5,558 pts. Carl Lippert, Pittsville

Gratz-Ridge Durham Jorache EX-92 2E 6-02 305d 28,789 3.58 1025 2.97 854 4,747 pts. Edwin & Kerry Gratz, Darlington

Wargo-Acres Miss Stella EX-91 6-05 305d 45,196 3.9 1741 2.8 1234 5,813 pts. Wargo Acres, Inc, Lodi

Jeffrey-Way Tulip-ET EX-91 9-05 305d 40,518 3.8 1563 2.9 1137 5,538 pts. Jeffrey-Way Holsteins, Belleville

Indianhead January Girl EX-90 8-07 305d 28,912 3.5 1022 2.9 845 4,672 pts. Adam Borchert, Auburndale

Siemers Boliver 9589 VG-85 6-06 290d 45,272 4.1 1857 2.9 1294 5,801 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Ever-Green-View Tammy VG-88 7-00 305d 41,006 4.1 1652 2.8 1134 5,528 pts. Thomas L. Kestell, Waldo

10 Years & Older

Siemers Diehard Cross EX-90 6-01 301d 42,362 4.2 1784 2.8 1182 5,771 pts. Siemers Holstein, Newton

Siemers Oman Boo 8615 VG-87 7-04 305d 40,228 4.0 1579 3.1 1221 5,513 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Wargo-Acres Marmalade EX-90 6-07 305d 44,824 3.8 1547 3.3 1315 5,667 pts. Wargo Acres, Inc, Lodi

Siemers Tribute Amie 7325 VG-85 8-03 305d 45,190 3.7 1654 2.5 1119 5,423 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Siemers Blstoff Butter 9630 VG-85 6-02 305d 43,380 3.9 1706 3.0 1297 5,653 pts. Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Wiscit Mich Mallice 2445 VG-87 7-04 305d 35,155 4.5 1595 3.0 1045 5,353 pts University of WI-Platteville, Platteville

Jenny-Lou Revenue 822 VG-88 9-00 305d 39740 4.2 1686 3.0 1196 5,625 pts. Mystic Valley Dairy LLC, Sauk City

Wiscit Sosa June Bug 2515 VG-85 7-09 305d 38,323 1472 2.7 1018 5,140 pts. University of WI-Platteville, Platteville

Jeffrey-Way Manat Terra-ET EX-93 10-9 305d 40,725 4.2 1718 3.1 1269 5,887 pts. Jeff & Kate Hendrickson, Belleville Brunner-Creek Mrsl Gerti-ET EX-94 10-5 305d 37,655 4.4 1669 3.1 1161 5,760 pts. Jeffrey-Way Holsteins, Belleville Wargo-Acres Electra EX-90 12-3 305d 32,598 4.5 1451 3.2 1032 5,288 pts. Wargo-Acres, Inc., Lodi Jeffrey-Way Lyndsy EX-94 11-2 305d 36,258 3.3 1197 2.9 1052 5,179 pts. Jeffrey-Way Holsteins, Belleville Hi-Lo-Valley Leduc Lily-TW EX-90 2E 11-1 305d 27,733 3.7 1035 2.8 764 4,601 pts. Ashley Yager, Highland

Annual Supporters of Wisconsin Holstein preferred HolStein entHuSiaStS

Brian Greenman, 920-322-1194

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The companies and farms noted here are “Annual Supporters” of Wisconsin Holstein events. To be an annual supporter, these companies make monetary and/or in kind donations to various WHA events at certain dollar levels for the year. To join this group, contact WHA today at 1-800-223-4269. 14–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

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“Defining Beauty”

Columbia County DHIA

The registration form for the Convention was printed in the January issue of the News and can be found on our website at

Early Bird Session Panel Discussion - Adding value with Registered Holsteins Convention hotel: Cranberry Country Lodge 319 Wittig Road, Tomah, WI 54660 800-243-9874 or 608-374-2801

Room rates range from $58.95 + tax to $98.95 + tax, depending on room type. The rooms are all suites with queen or king beds, futon sleepers, and a few with whirlpools available. Overflow hotel:

Quality Inn

305 Wittig Road, Tomah, WI 54660 608-372-6600 Room rate for single and double beds is $89.00 + tax.

WHA Adult Convention Schedule Friday, February 21 11:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Registration Dairy Bar open throughout the day. 1:00-2:00 p.m. National Holstein update 2:30-5:15 p.m. WHA Committee Meetings 2:30 break-outs: District & State Show, Scholarship and Sales & Merchandising committees 3:20 break-outs: Futurity, Spring Show & Communications committees 4:10 break-outs: Legislative & Resolutions, Breed Improvement & Young Adult committees 5:00-6:00 p.m. Pre-Sale Happy Hour 6:00-7:30 p.m. Dinner Production awards presented 7:30 p.m. WHA Futures Sale hosted by Young Adult Committee; JAC & Princess Work Auction & Scholarship Auction Saturday, February 22 7:00-8:00 a.m. Past President’s gathering 8:00 a.m. Registration & Dairy Bar open throughout the day 8:00 a.m. Roundtable discussion with Frank Regan & Bob Miller; moderated by Corey Geiger 9:00 a.m. WHA Annual Business Meeting 9:15 a.m. Spouses’ outing to Burnstad Village Mall 11:30 a.m. Luncheon with Recognition of Juniors to compete at National Convention; Recognition of GMD and DOM, 40 & 50 Year Members, Wall of Fame inductees 1:00-5:00 p.m. Farm tours: Hauve Farm, Johnson-Way & Ar-Lor Holsteins and Pierce-Vale Farm 5:30-6:30 p.m. Social Hour 6:30 p.m. Awards Banquet Speaker: Tom Thibodeau WHA Board Recognition Advertising Contest Winners Distinguished Young Dairy Person Distinguished Service Award Distinguished Breeder Dessert Auction to benefit WHA Scholarship Fund 9:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m. DJ Sunday, February 23 WHA Board Re-organizational Meeting

Frank Regan – Regancrest Farm Frank along with his brothers, Ron, Charlie and Bill, his children, Brian, Sheri and Sean, and his nephew, Mitch, own and operate Regancrest Farm in a partnership. The farm is home to 700 cows with an expansion being planned to reach 900 cows. The Regan’s have received the Progressive Genetics Herd Award for 22 years with an average CTPI of +1790. Over 75 cows have earned Dam of Merit status and over 50 cows have been recognized as Gold Medal Dams. Regancrest continues to impact the breed worldwide with over 430 bulls sold into AI. One of the most notable brood cows developed by Frank and family is the world renowned Snow-N Denises Dellia, EX-95 3E GMD DOM. Dellia was named the 2005 Gobal cow of the year by Holstein International and was a runnerup in the Queen of the Breed contest. Dellia has produced 21 EX daughters, 39 Very Good daughters and 10 EX sons. Another prominent brood cow for the Regans is RegancrestPR Barbie, a former #1 type cow of the breed. Regancrest has received the Elite Breeder Award, named National Dairy Shrine’s 2006 Distinguished Dairy Cattle Breeder and World Dairy Expo’s 2007 Dairymen of the Year. Bob Miller - Mil-R-Mor Mil-R-Mor Farm is owned by Bob and Kaye Miller and managed by granddaughter, Lorilee Schultz. Two of Bob and Kaye’s children, Craig and Kathy, are also involved in the farming operation. As a native of Quebec, Bob Miller developed his eye for cattle through dairy judging, winning both the National and Provincial Dairy Judging Contests in 1951. Four years later, Bob moved to the United States and started his work as a herdsman. Eventually, he and his wife Kaye purchased their homestead in Dundee, Ill., just west of Chicago. It was here that Bob developed the Roxy family after she and nine other members of her family were purchased in 1974. Not only is “Roxy” a household name throughout North America being voted Queen of the Breed twice, but she was also crowned International Cow of the Century by Holstein International garnering 45% of the vote. Additionally, Roxy and her sister Rocket were also the selected as the All-Time All-American Produce of Dam, a title they still hold today. They are also the breed’s highest classified maternal sisters to date. Roxy’s influence can be seen in almost every Registered herd today. From breed leading type females and bulls to outstanding production leaders as well. According to Bob, “Type did bring her fame but production was her game, although it may be the best-kept secret of the Roxy legend.” She is the only EX-97 3rd generation 200,000 lbs. lifetime cow. Many of her offspring have gone on to make national and state milk, fat and protein records. Today, Bob’s breeding philosophy continues to be to breed Excellent cows that can produce 200,000 pounds of 4% fat milk. The Millers believe that kind of cow is a “labor efficient, profitable cow,” not only for registered breeders but the commercial market as well. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014-15

NATIONAL DIRECTOR’S REPORT Dear Holstein Breeders, The Holstein Association USA board of directors held its fall meeting in late November in Chicago, Ill. A number of important conversations and decisions took place and we’ll take a few moments to share some of the highlights. Activity in the Upper Midwest has been quite brisk. As part of its business objectives for 2013, our National Association is holding a membership contest within three divisions. In the large division, Wisconsin has added over 150 members and is the first state in that division to pass its goal. That excellent performance was met by Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Ohio which were all state’s that met goals of adding at least 15 new members in the medium herd category. Together these 7 states accounted for over 40 percent of the new members this year for the entire organization. Holstein Complete continues to pay dividends for both members that utilize the program and the Association. Through September, we were just shy 280,000 cows from 1,834 herds. This group only represents 12 percent of the membership, however these Holstein Complete herds account for 83 percent of the TriStar production records, 53 percent of the classified cows and 39 percent of registrations. On average, Holstein Complete herds save 14 percent on the bundle of services. In addition, an additional 5 percent is saved when running genomic tests. If your dairy hasn’t enrolled in Holstein Complete, contact your Holstein field representative to learn more about potential cost savings your herd could realize by utilizing the bundled services the program offers to breeders. Not only have Holstein Complete herds come to appreciate potential savings from using multiple services, so have all breeders that register cattle. In 2003, the average cost of registrations was $11.55. One decade later, costs for all registrations fell by $3.76 to $7.79 per Holstein. The savings have come about two-fold - members registering calves at an earlier age and people taking advantage of the $1 discount per head

when registering animals with eartags. From a revenue standpoint, this could be the first negative cash flow year in quite some time. A number of small factors have contributed to this situation including a slight down tick in registrations, TriStar, pedigrees and ear tag sales. While classification revenues are up, the SET program (Sire Evaluation for Type) is down 12 percent. Transfers are up substantially this year. This is in part due to some substantial large herd transfers. Even so, traditional transfers are up. Additionally, Agri-Tech Analytics, one of the nation’s four records processing centers, had revenues off the projected pace. As far as the Reserve Fund is concerned, it is up over 10 percent this year and is valued over $26 million. As for future projects, the Elite Cow Project now has 651 genomic samples in study. The Holstein genetic research team will be pouring over the data and plans to compare this group to the general Holstein population. In doing so, the team plans to potentially publish scientific papers to establish population baselines on these unique cows. After that takes place, the data will be shared with the greater dairy community. It should take a year to compete this process. On another genetics front, research on the feeding efficiency project continues to go well. In September, the first international discussion took place in Illinois. Attendees came from across the U.S. and 18 additional countries. This study could have industry-wide implications once the entire study is completed. The board also discussed several items relating to the CDCB (Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding). Efforts are being made towards finalizing the Material Licensing Agreement for HAUSA to protect our members’ best interest. Former president Chuck Worden is part of a committee set to hire two new employees to replace the interim administrators at CDCB. Lastly, the Association restructured its Dairy Herd Services Department. The newly created Holstein Genetic Services Department more correctly describes the products and services. It is our pleasure to represent you on the national Holstein board. If you have questions or concerns, we’d appreciate hearing from you. Your National Directors, Paul Buhr, Corey Geiger, Mark Kerndt, Boyd Schaufelberger

28th ANNIVERSARY WAUPACA-WAUSHARA SHOW OPPORTUNITY SALE Saturday, March 15, 2014 • 12:00 noon • Weyauwega Fairgrounds Big Index Family


Atwood Fall Calf




4-07 2x 365 40,540 3.4 1371 3.0 1218 Make your own Music with a fancy June 2013 McCutchen. Music’s daughter, Planet Melody VG-87, has a record at 1-11 of 47,410M 1806F. Sandy-Valley

4-02 2x 365 39,870 5.0 1999 3.1 1232 Dorrie’s dam is Rudolph Daphne, 2E-90 with 46,040M 1721F. A Mogul fall calf at +2228 PTPI from Dorrie’s VG-87 2Y Freddie sells. Royola

6-08 3x 365 36,790 3.3 1229 2.8 1021 A full aged Atwood fall calf from Greta’s VG-87 Outside sells. A state fair calf with a showring sire stack! Cordes

We will be having a semen auction and selling a Bonnie Mohr painting donated by B-Long Holsteins to benefit the Waupaca-Waushara Junior Holstein Association. The Waupaca-Waushara Holstein Breeders will be offering a 5% rebate to any WI Junior member purchasing a calf at the sale.

SALE STAFF: Sale Chairman: Tom Anderson 715-754-5869 Jim Hoskens, Pedigrees 920-366-7153 Ringmen: Jay Jauquet 608-279-3222 Lynn Harbaugh 920-420-1524 Catalogs: Dick Piechowski 715-258-2757

16–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

Darrell Worden, Auctioneer 715-842-8098 Brandon Ferry 608-335-8861

Catalog will be available online at

20–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

By Observer

Farnear Regan Toast-ET VG-86 VG-88MS

GTPI +2224

2-01 2x 311 22,674 3.9 895 3.4 760 Last test: 62 lbs. 5.4%F 4.2%P Dam: Regancrest-BP Bolvr Tab-ET EX-92 GMD DOM 2nd Dam: Regancrest-JB Tabitha VG-88 GMD DOM 3rd Dam: Regancrest Tesk Della EX-90 GMD DOM 4th Dam: Snow-N Denises Dellia EX-95 2E GMD DOM 5th Dam: Snow-N Dorys Denise EX-90 2E GMD DOM

• Her oldest daughter, Bosside Mogul Tessa +2399 GTPI, sold to T-Spruce Holsteins, MN • Her maternal brother - Tabber at ABS - is #24 on TPI list as a proven bull

Selling in the Wisconsin Futures Sale A pick from Toast by River-Bridge Co-op Troy-ET +2511 GTPI +1103M +67F +47P +975NM$ +1063CM$ +2.37T +2.40UDC +2.59FLC +8.9PL +2.50SCS +2.6DPR He’s a Mogul from Co-op RB Freddie Tinley VG-85 x Mascol x Trent x Patron x Elvin x Snow-N Dellias Del-EE EX-94 by Winken x Dellia EX-95 2E ~ pick from 8 embryos implanted or future flush

Next flush again to Troy - why? We just love this mating! Buyer satisfaction guaranteed!

John & Tineke Boschma H4370 Townline Rd., Colby, WI 54421 PH: 715-223-0534 Fax: 715-223-1114 E-Mail: RHA: 46 cows 25,956 1034F 806P BAA: 107.8%

For more news, check out our website

Rob-Cri Durham Trendy EX-93 2E EX-MS 4-00 365 39,003 3.4 1341 3.1 1197 Full sister to Treasure - Durham x Talk-About Linjet Try EX-90, plus 5 more generations of VG or EX

Selling at the Wisconsin Futures Sale, February 21: a choice of Trendy’s four Goldwyn calves born September 2013 More chances to find your Treasure... • A June 1 Gold Chip from Linjet Try sells March 15 at the Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale photos by Cybil Fisher

Vangoh Durham Treasure EX-96 3E EX-99MS 7-07 2x 365 35,300 3.8 1347 3.3 1158

- 1st 125,000 lb. Cow & Best Udder, World Dairy Expo 2013 - 1st 150,000 lb. Cow & Best Udder of Show, WI State Show 2013 - 1st 150,000 lb. Cow & HM Sr. Champion, MW Natl. Spring Show 2013 Congrats to Mike & Julie Duckett on another nomination for Treasure she has definitely stood the test of time!

• A December 6 Gold Chip from Linjet Try sells at the Purple Ribbon Sale on March 22

Or make your own Treasure! We have 5 IVF Durham sexed embryos by Try available. Inquiries are welcome, call Bob at 715-340-5013 or Kim at 715-252-5124.

ROB-CRI HOLSTEINS Robert & Christine Barden 6487 Eckels Road, Plover, WI 715-341-3065 • Bob cell: 715-340-5013 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014-21


Rose (EX-90)

2-2 364 20,667 3.9 807 3.2 676 Rose classified Excellent @ 3-09, after calving twice with twins. Isn’t this what a second lactation heifer should look like? She is sired by Durham out of a Goldwyn dam that goes back to Audrey Posch. Rose is due to calve in June with her fifth calf: a Gold Chip heifer calf. Rose has pregnancies due in September and embryos by Windbrook available. Her Sanchez daughter sells in the National Convention in Dubuque, Iowa. Rose is cared for by Brian & Koral Harbaugh, Postville, IA. We look forward to watching her develop. Inquiries welcome.

Robin Krohlow

Wauwatosa, WI | 414-258-2890 | 22–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

Selling at the WHA Futures Sale, February 21: Your choice of one of the following matings: 3 Corvettes due in September, 6 Atwoods due in September or 9 Malone-Reds due in September & October (all IVF female pregnancies)

Ms Apples Annesa-ET VG-85 GTPI +2134 *RC 1-11 2x 279 24,925 4.4 1105 3.4 854 inc. #4 GTPI Red or Red Carrier Cow of the breed (12/13)

Mystic Valley Dairy LLC Mitch Breunig

8667 Cty. Hwy. V, Sauk City, WI 53583 608.643.6818 • e-mail: 24 EX, 149 VG, 161 GP, 42 G RHA: 425 cows 33,045 3.9 1288 3.02 999

Ke-o J

Her Dam: KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-96 3E DOM 4-01 365 35,750 4.7 1682 3.5 1247 Res. Grand Champion, WDE 2013

Kevin Jorgensen 801 Winter Ave., Waupun, WI 53963 920-210-3992

Annesa is Apple’s highest GTPI milking daughter and is one of our most exciting young cows. Sired by Goldwyn and a full sister to Armani *RC, she continues to improve every day and is pregnant to Malone-Red and due next summer. We also have pregnancies by Ducati-Red and Dogma-P.

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014-23

photos: Go for Gin by Beth Herges, others by Cybil Fisher

Rosedale Go for Gin

Bella-Ridge Go for Broke-ET

Kingsmill Ashlyns Ashore-ET Bella-View Alex Ashanti-ET


VG-86 at 2Y


3-04 2x 365 34,000 4.2 1430 3.0 1030 Sired by Goldwyn, Go for Gin is a full sister to 2x Reserve All-American Rosedale Lexington, EX-94.

Sired by Braxton from Gin Reserve Junior All-American Milking Yearling 2nd Milking Yearling, Midwest Fall National & International Junior Holstein Show

Sired by Goldwyn and from the All-World TriDay Ashlyn EX-96.

Owned by Kayla Krueger

Lynn & Sara Harbaugh Jacob • Logan • Madison

“Defining Beauty”

3-06 2x 260 24,699 3.3 814 3.0 748 inc.

Sired by Alexander from Ashore All-WI Summer Yearling, Jr. Champion of Jr. Show & Reserve Jr. Champion of Open Show, WI Championship Show 1st Summer Yearling & Junior Champion, Midwest Fall National Jr. Show Owned by Paige Vossekuil

Purple Ribbon opportunities from these families:

N11912 Graetz Rd., Marion, WI 54950 920-420-1524 Lynn cell | 866-590-0241 Fax

• An awesome Aftershock sister to Broke sells March 15 in the March Madness Sale • A stylish Sid from Ashore sells in the UW-River Falls Falcon Premier on March 1 • A fancy Durham from Ashore sells in the Waupaca-Waushara Sale on March 15 • A special Braxton from Ashanti’s VG full sister sells in the Purple Ribbon on March 22 • Your choice of our cover girls sells at The Best of Triple-T & Heath on March 27

Purple Ribbon Classic Saturday, March 22 • 11:30 a.m. • Marshfield, WI




Lifetime: 2213d 229,970 3.3 7676 3.4 7709 HHM All-American 125,000 lb. Cow 2007 Selling Lizzy’s September 2013 Goldwyn calf. - Doug Lemke

4-10 2x 365 35,200 4.0 1399 3.4 1214 Reserve All-American Aged Cow 2011 Treasure’s December 2013 Gold Chip sister sells! Dam is EX-93 Linjet. - Rob-Cri Holsteins, 715-340-5013

3-06 2x 260 24,699 3.3 814 3.0 748 inc. Selling Ashore’s June 2013 Braxton granddaughter. The dam’s full sister is Bella-View Alex Ashanti, 2013 All-Wisconsin Summer Yearling. - Lynn & Sara Harbaugh, 920-420-1524


EX-96 EX-99MS


Sale to be held at the

- 6/13 Alexander x VG-85 Damion x EX-90 Durham x EX-96 Ashlyns Angel x Ashlyn. Borchert, 715-650-0326 Marshfield Fairgrounds Park, Marshfield, WI - 3/13 Braxton x EX-90 Million. Dam was 2nd place Senior 3 at District 4 2013. Christy Oehmichen, 715-316-1216 Sale sponsored and hosted by - 12/13 Braxton from VG-86 Talent and then EX-91 2E Damion. Pat Ledden, 715-305-3654 Wood Area Holstein Breeders - 6/13 Shamrock, GTPI +2017 x VG-85 Outside x EX-92 Rudolph. Rudolph has offspring in A.I. LLM Dairy, For more information or to order a catalog, contact: 715-297-8485 Jordan Freund - 715-897-5389 - 9/13 Transformer P, +2111 GTPI from variant red Jas-K Guthrie Thea-Red-ET GP-84. Dorshorst, 715-340-7271 Gary Gehrke - 715-305-0530 - 3/13 McCutchen x VG-87 Observer x VG-85 Goldwyn x Durham Barbie. +2293 GPTI +4.08 PTAT +3.62 UDC. Paul Lippert - 715-459-4735 Sandy-Valley, 715-348-2961 and The 2014 Purple Ribbon Classic features a super lineup! Follow us at

24–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014-25

26–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014-27

Left to right: • Meikah Dado wins Polk County Showmanship for 14 year olds and places 16th at State Fair. Her cow, Four Hands Shottle Ginah, was the 2nd place Senior 3 Year Old. Meikah was also 3rd in the state FFA Creed Speeking Contest. • Amery FFA goes to Scotland and competes at the Royal Highland Show. Teams placed 2nd and 8th. Team members were Laura Jensen and Chelsey Jensen, Ethan and Trent Dado. • Polk County 4-H Dairy Bowl team went to Australia to take in the dairies, beaches and the Royal Easter Show.

Left to right: • Polk County 4-H Dairy Management Team represents Wisconsin in Harrisburg, PA and was 1st place team. Team members were Ethan Dado - 1st individual, Trent Dado - 2nd and Laura Jensen - 4th. • Amery FFA wins at Harrisburg, PA: Trent Dado - 1st, Laura Jensen - 2nd and Ethan Dado - 5th overall individuals and top three for oral reasons. • Polk County 4-H Dairy Judging Team represents Wisconsin at World Dairy Expo and places 3rd as a team. Trent Dado was recognized for 1st place in placings and 1st individual overall. All team members placed in the Top 25 for reasons and 3 team members were recognized as All-Americans.

... and 2014 is off to a great start! Polk County Dairy Bowl wins at Junior Holstein Convention - on to Iowa!

Four Hands Holsteins

RHA: 430 cows 30,140 1061F 881P 103.9% BAA on 407 cows #7 in U.S. for herds over 400 cows

Rick & Gwen Dado Family

821 75th St.,  Amery,  WI 54001  •  715-268-5175 • Cell 715-491-1390

28–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

GREENLEA TALENT CAT (EX-94) 5-Year-Old class at the International R&W Show 2011

We want to honor and remember our dear friend, Emily Jackson, wife of Kenny Jackson, of Jerian Holsteins. Her cheerful smile, can-do attitude, generosity and hospitality will be so missed. We credit Emily for growing and developing our Jr. Association into an active, award-winning group, and for encouraging and helping many of our county’s Jr. Holstein kids, including our own.

INDIANHEAD CATALINA (VG-86, 3y) 2-01 365d 33,684 3.4% 1150 3-10 305d 38,338 3.5% 1377 Sire: Dudoc Mr Burns Dam: Greenlea Talent Cat (EX-94) All-American! Gr’dam: Yursden Kite Caramac (EX-92) All-American! Owned with Giovanni Cerri and Olivio Viani of Italy

Two Nearest Dams Winners At Madison & All-American!

INDIANHEAD MS ATHENA (EX-91) 5-00 365d 43,684 3.7% 1621 3.1% 1358 Sire: Pursuit September Storm Dam: Indianhead Caramel (EX-91) 3-11 365d 45,440 3.4% 1544 3.5% 1579

10th Generation Excellent!

BAA: 111.9% (40 EX, 32 VG, 2 GP) RHA: 3X 83 Cows 30,235 3.88% 1173 3.11% 942 Robert & Karyn Schauf | Herdsmen: Craig Ross; Mike Mertens 1659 10 ½ St., Barron, WI 54812 | P 715-537-9376 | C 715-790-7202 | F 715-537-5962 Email: |

GLORYLAND-HM MAGGIE (EX-90, 3y) 3-11 320d 35,877 4.0% 1430 3.3% Sire: KHW Kite Advent Dam: Greenlea Minday (EX-94) All-American! Gr’dam: Bar-Lee Marker Mandy (EX-94) All-American!

Two Nears Dams Winners At Madison & All-American!

Selling February 21 at the Wisconsin Futures Sale: First Choice of 7 Vekis Chevrolet pregnancies due April & May Dam:

Lars-Acres Fel Festival-ET VG-88 EVVVV at 3-00 2-03 2x 288 20,480 4.5 921 3.2 647 inc. +2082 GTPI +418M +66F +30P +426NM +3.16T +2.08UDC +2.88FLC • Sired by Shadow Boxer • Maternal sister is EX-91 DOM • Maternal sister to 14HO6047 Favre, +1986 TPI +3.23T, and 7HO10217 Feast, +1928 TPI • Already has 6 daughters over +2300GTPI 2nd Dam: Markwell Durham Felice EX-92 GMD DOM 3-10 2x 365 33,960 3.9 1330 3.1 1051 3rd Dam: Markwell Outside Finesse-ET EX-90 DOM 3-05 2x 365 37,870 4.0 1502 3.0 1155 Lifetime: 1463d 112,630 4.1 4662 3.2 3569

4th Dam: Ms Markwell Rudlp Rarity-ET VG-88 5th Dam: Markwell Thor Renee VG-87-CAN 6th Dam: Markwell Bstar E Raven-ET EX-95 3E GMD DOM 7th Dam: Markwell Mark Elite EX-92 4E GMD DOM 8th Dam: Rockalli Mars Emily EX-94 EX-94 4E GMD DOM

Selling on March 1 at the UW-River Falls Falcon Premier: Honeycrest Wis Radiant-Red, a fancy RED Wisconsin-Red heifer born June 3, 2013 from a VG-87 Reality with 2-02 2x 365 25,150 3.7 965 2.7 694 and proj. at 3-04 25,141 916F 64P. Her Granddam:

Honeycrest Lichtblick Ruby VG-88 4-01 2x 365 28,688 3.1 890 2.9 828 3rd Dam: Honeycrest Talent Raison-ET EX-92 2E 5-02 2x 365 34,037 3.3 1103 2.9 1005 Lifetime: 1585d 125,306 3.5 4402 3.0 3802 4th Dam: Honeycrest Ohio Rainbow-ET EX-92 2E GMD DOM 5-01 2x 365 40,446 3.7 1489 2.9 1175 Lifetime: 1799d 164,329 3.5 5825 3.0 4909 5th Dam: Honeycrest Comotion Reckless VG GMD

6th Dam: Honeycrest Glow Rebel VG Lifetime: 1676d 130,289 3.2 4216 2.9 3715 7th Dam: Honeycrest Ned Boy Reba VG-85 GMD DOM Lifetime: 1336d 115,967 3.2 3666 3.1 3630 8th Dam: Honeycrest Rocky Rona VG-87 GMD Lifetime: 1412d 109,165 3.3 3650 3.1 3383

We are excited to make these two offerings at the early spring sales. These two will be REALLY hard to let go and those are the best ones to buy! They’ll be a great addition to anyone’s herd.


N6842 Cty BB Spring Valley, WI 54767

30–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

neycrest Ho The Traynors

Farms, Inc

715.778.5807 Bob 715.778.5860 Barn 715.977.0499 Cell

Home of the “Everything But Famous” Kathryns

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014-31

32–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014-33

District 1 Report Watch for your chance to advertise & promote your county association in future issues. The April issue will feature District 5 - Adams, Columbia, Green Lake, Juneau, Marquette & Sauk counties.

Ashland County

2013 Adult Membership: 5; Jr. Membership: 0

Barron County

2013 Adult Membership: 50; Jr. Membership: 24 Adult Association officers - President: Dean Frisle; Vice President: Scot Hammann; Secretary/Treasurer: Jeff Wille. Jr. Association officers - President: Jacob Pintens; Vice President: Tim Sandmann; Secretary: Sierra Solum; Treasurer: Katie Wille; Queen: Allissa Frisle. The Barron County Holstein Breeders spent many hours in 2013 helping Barron County host the Farm Technology Days in July 2013. The group also hosts two cattle sales each year. The Barron County juniors were busy hosting activities in the Dairy Youth tent at Farm Tech Days. They also serve ice cream sundaes at the June Dairy Breakfast. During the county fair, members ran the ice cream stand and served cookies, milk and cheese curds. The group presented their Friend of the Holstein Cow award to the Roger Riebe Family. Eight junior members attended the recent Junior Holstein convention and participated in Dairy Bowl, Dairy Jeopardy, speaking and photo contests.

Bayfield County

2013 Adult Membership: 2; Jr. Membership: 0

Burnett County

2013 Adult Membership: 2; Jr. Membership: 0

Chippewa County

2013 Adult Membership: 47; Jr. Membership: 22 Adult Association officers - President: Steve Maier; Vice President: Matt Nunes; Secretary: Cheryl Foerster; Treasurer: Matt Buescher; Directors: Liz Mayer & Erica Ullom. Jr. Association officers - President: Tyler Maier; Vice President: Justin Wachtendonk; Secretary: Fritzy Ullom; Treasurer: Eric Wachtendonk; Junior Advisors: Erica Ullom and Mike Wachtendonk. The Chippewa County Holstein Breeders’ annual meeting will be held on February 20 at the Blue Moose. In March they will be selecting the winners of the calf loan. Chippewa County will be hosting the District 1 Show this summer on June 23 in Chippewa Falls. Everyone is invited to join them the night before the District Show for their twilight meeting at the fairgrounds during the showmanship contest. They encourage everyone to come see all of the kids show off their skills. The Chippewa County juniors will be having a fundraiser at the twilight meeting. The had an enthusiastic group attend the Junior Convention in January and members participated in Dairy Bowl, Dairy Jeopardy, the Banner Contest and Arts & Crafts contests. The group will be taking a spring farm tour again this year.

Dunn County

2013 Adult Membership: 42; Jr. Membership: 8

Eau Claire County

2013 Adult Membership: 22; Jr. Membership: 5 Adult Association officers - President: Donald Honadel; Vice President: Cade Stanek; Secretary: Tammy Smith Schroeder; Treasurer: Joe Matz.

Pierce/Pepin Counties

2013 Adult Membership: Pierce - 39, Pepin - 7; Jr. Membership: Pierce - 16, Pepin - 0

Polk County

2013 Adult Membership: 37; Jr. Membership: 20 Adult Association officers - President: Ted Johnson; Vice President: Rick Dado; Secretary/Treasurer: Karie Melin-Swenson. 34–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

Jr. Association officers - President: Ethan Dado; Vice President: Cody Getschel; Secretary: Mikayla Getschel; Treasurer: Chris Rassier; advisors: Hans Johnson, Gwen Dado and Ginny Rassier.

Price County

2013 Adult Membership: 6; Jr. Membership: 0

Rusk County

2013 Adult Membership: 13; Jr. Membership: 3

Sawyer County

2013 Adult Membership: 2; Jr. Membership: 4

St. Croix County

2013 Adult Membership: 41; Jr. Membership: 12

Vilas County

2013 Adult Membership: 1; Jr. Membership: 0

Washburn County

2013 Adult Membership: 1; Jr. Membership: 0

Dear Holstein friends, I still can’t believe an entire year has passed. It feels like it was just yesterday when I was crowned, and was feeling both excited and anxious about 2013. This year has been a once in a lifetime experience. Being the Wisconsin Holstein Princess Attendant has been a dream come true. I fondly remember watching the past princesses for many years, holding their hand at Cow Camp, being star-struck at every show, and even asking Princess Peggy (Coffeen) for her autograph. I always thought that being a princess for a year would be the “coolest” job ever talking about my favorite thing, Holsteins. And boy was I right! During my reign I have been very fortunate to take part in many exciting events. Traveling across this beautiful state, meeting many of Wisconsin’s finest breeders, and talking to hundreds of people who all have unique backgrounds has been very rewarding. Obviously I have many people to thank that have made this experience extra special. Morgan and I were blessed to have such an amazing Princess support team which consisted of: Laura Herschleb, Chrissy Meyer, Lisa Coyne, Barb Natzke and Peggy Coffeen. It was so comforting to know that wherever we traveled, we could always count on seeing a familiar face, ready to help us with anything. To WHA’s talented intern, Nicole Smith, who answered all of my silly questions about ribbons, to fixing my crown, and being a great friend to talk to after many hours ringside. To Larry Nelson, a man of many trades. One who can talk for hours on end, who’s catch phrase of “Right on!” never fails to make me smile, and for always being one email, text, or phone call away. It really made my job go smoother when you have such a driven and organized guy behind the scenes. And to my beautiful partner in crime, Morgan Behnke. This role allowed us to become great friends. I will always treasure our many adventures in my heart forever. From fighting in the show ring, laughing until we couldn’t breathe, and for getting me through the toughest and most painful time in my life, I will always keep her especially close to my heart. Lastly I want to thank each and every one of you, the members of the Wisconsin Holstein Association. Thank you for welcoming me with open arms, offering us suggestions, providing laughs and endless support. Thank you for persistently showing your desire for this incredible dairy industry that thrives off of passionate people like yourself. You have inspired me each and everyday to be the best advocate I can and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Forever thankful!

Crystal Siemers-Peterman

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From your President Marci Walker Dear Holstein Enthusiasts, What an exciting and inspiring time to see so many young members and active participants at the 2014 Junior Holstein Convention in Wisconsin Dells. A sincere thank you to the hosts from Fond du Lac County and to the WHA Staff for organizing such a great event! An extra special “well done” to each of you that met milestones as you prepared, grew yourself and competed for activities and events! The junior leadership in the 2014 Junior Activities Committee and Princess and Princess Attendant is very exciting, congratulations on your roles! I wish all of those going on to compete at the National Holstein Convention all the best, we are confident you will represent Wisconsin very well! LaCrosse, Monroe and Vernon Counties have put together a super schedule of activities and really have some fantastic meal prices for us for the 2014 Wisconsin Holstein Adult Convention. If you haven’t attended in the past, the meal rates and first time attendee reduced rates are too good not to take advantage of ! Thank you to these counties

and their efforts in organizing! Your chance to consume the ultimate Oh My Cow Pie will be at the WHA Adult Convention Banquet on February 22 at 6:30 in Tomah, see you there! Be sure your calendar is marked with our upcoming spring WHA Barn Meetings focusing on show heifer care: March 17 Bella-View Holsteins, Lynn & Sara Harbaugh; March 20 – Oeh-My Holsteins, Craig & Christy Oehmichen; March 27 - Walk-Era Holsteins. As my year of Presidency winds down, I want to say “thank you” for the opportunity to serve, this role wasn’t something I had sought out, but am truly appreciative to have had. I mentioned in a column once before, my eyes have really been opened to the number of Junior and Adult committee volunteer hours that make our association what it is in addition to our very talented staff, THANK YOU for all that you give to our organization. It has been my pleasure to have met so many new people and further develop prior relationships during 2013 while hearing and representing your views as we continue to work to make our great Wisconsin Holstein Association even better. May you be blessed with fruitful spring sale and planting seasons! Your President, Marci Walker

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2014 Midwest national Spring Show Rules RulES FoR 2014 WISConSIn HolSTEIn SPonSoRED SHoWS ANIMAL HEALTH RULES AND REGULATIONS/DAIRY CATTLE All CATTlE - Health requirements for the Midwest National Spring Show are the same as the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture’s requirements for intrastate movement of cattle. Please visit the DATCP website for the most recent rules - Animals/pdf/FairRulesAnimalHealth2014.pdf It is highly recommended that all animals shown at the Midwest National Spring Show be vaccinated for BVD according to your Veterinarian’s recommendations. It is also highly recommended that animals be tested for Persistently Infected (PI) BVD animals. This is a once in a lifetime test to insure that the animal is not a PI or shedder animal carrying the BVD Virus. Cattle infected with ringworm, warts, or mange may not be exhibited unless the veterinarian in charge determines the ringworm lesions or warts are inactive and incapable of transmitting the disease. Any cattle found with ringworm, warts, mange or scab shall be removed from the premises of the show. Show management is responsible for maintaining records of persons who have exhibited at the show and the identification of animals shown for 2 years. Acceptable forms of animal identification for breeding animals are (1) an official metal ear tag, (2) a breed registration number, or (3) a breed registration tattoo. Junior ownership: Junior exhibitors shall be in competition with Open Class Cattle. To compete for junior awards the exhibitor shall not have passed his or her 21st birthday before January 1 of the year of the show. TO COMPETE FOR JUNIOR RIBBONS AND TROPHIES, ALL JUNIOR EXHIBITORS MUST HAVE THE ANIMAL’S OWNERSHIP REGISTERED OR TRANSFERRED BY THE HOLSTEIN ASSOCIATION INTO THE INDIVIDUAL NAME OF THE JUNIOR EXHIBITOR ON OR BEFORE JUNE 1. TRANSFER APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE SHOW. Holstein uSA’s Junior leasing rules will be in affect at the Midwest national Spring Show. (For complete Junior Leasing rules, please see the Holstein USA website at a. More than one Junior exhibitor may own an animal in partnership if the animal is exhibited by the partnership throughout the entire show season and the names of all Junior partners are listed on the registration certificate. Adult-Junior and family or farm partnerships are not acceptable. b. To be eligible to compete, entries must be shown by the Junior owner in all cases, except by prior written approval. Alternate leadsperson forms must be submitted to the Holstein Association representative by 5:00 p.m. the day before the show. If approved, another National Junior Holstein member the same age or younger must show the animal. Adults are not allowed to show, in any case. A leased animal may only be shown by the Junior lessee. c. Managerial projects may be exhibited in Open Class competition. However, they are not eligible for Junior awards. d. To be considered for Junior Awards, exhibitors must identify themselves as a qualified junior member upon check-in to show management. e. It is the responsibility of the Junior owner to prove ownership of animal by hard copy (on paper). f. According to Holstein Association uSA’s national Junior Show Ring Policy, exhibitors must be a minimum of nine years old to participate. Bred and owned: An award will be given in all the female classes for the highest placing animal bred and solely owned by exhibitor. To be considered for Bred & Owned awards, one of the original owners must be listed as one of the current owners. Where a herd is registered in the names of different members of a family and where the herd is one unit, all entries may be considered as exhibits of one breeder. Junior Bred and owned: An award will be presented in all the female classes for the highest placing animal bred and solely owned by a junior exhibitor; the junior exhibitor must be leading the animal during the class as stated in the rules of Junior Ownership. To be eligible for Junior Bred & Owned, the name(s) listed as breeder and owner on the registration certificate must be the same. Adult-Junior partnerships are not acceptable. Family unit or farm partnerships will not qualify for Bred & Owned awards unless all partners are Junior members and listed on the certificate under breeder and owner. Production Awards: In all cow classes, except the Junior & Senior 2 Year Olds, the cow with the highest 305 day milk production record will be recognized. The recognition will be based solely on total milk production without regard to the milking frequency or the testing program. Records should be entered on the entry form and verified at the time of checkin with an official machine printed test sheet or an official pedigree. Best udder: A Best Udder ribbon will be awarded in all milking cow classes. The Best Udder cow in each of the milking classes will compete to select the Best Udder Cow of the Show. Premier Breeder Award: The breeder winning the most points on six (6) animals, all exhibited in the single classes, shall be designated Premier Breeder. No entry is required, and the winner of this award need not be an exhibitor at the show, or need not be the current owner of any of the point winning animals. In classes with ten or less animals, no more than two head per breeder will be counted toward premier points. In case of a tie, additional animals will be counted, one at a time, until the tie is broken. Breeder Defined: The owner of the dam at the time of service shall be considered the breeder of the animal. Where a herd is registered in the names of different members of a family, and where the herd is one unit, all entries may be considered as exhibits of one breeder. Otherwise, when animals are bred in partnership, each unique partnership is considered a unique breeder. Premier Exhibitor Award: The exhibitor winning the most points on six (6) animals, all owned and exhibited in the single classes, shall be designated the Premier Exhibitor. All exhibitors will be eligible for this award, and no entry is required. In classes with ten or less animals, no more than two head per breeder will be counted toward premier points. In case of a tie, additional animals will be counted, one at a time, until the tie is broken.

Exhibitor Defined: The exhibitor must be the owner. In case a herd is registered or bred in the names of different members of a family, residing on one farm or breeding establishment, and where the herd is one unit, all entries may be considered as a single exhibitor for all group classes and Premier Exhibitor. However, members of one family, where cattle are not housed as one unit, will not be considered as a single exhibitor. When animals are owned in partnership, each unique partnership is considered a unique exhibitor. The point system for determining Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor Awards: Milking Females: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 40 38 36 34 32 30 28 26 24 22 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 Junior Females: 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 gEnERAl RulES 1. All animals exhibited at the Midwest National Spring Show must be accompanied by the registration certificate, email confirmation or fax copy from the Holstein Association of America; no photocopies will be accepted. If an animal is identified with Holstein Association uSA eartags, two official eartags must be in the animal’s ears for entry to be accepted and allowed in showring. All animals exhibited must be Holstein Registered or Qualified by the Holstein Association uSA, Inc. or registered with the Holstein Association of Canada with 87% or greater purity. 2. Ownership shall be established by the name listed on the registration certificate; or the presentation of the certificate of registration along with a completed transfer and the appropriate fee, which will be retained by a Holstein USA representative and forwarded to the Holstein Association USA, Inc. The Spring Show Committee and the Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors reserve the final and absolute right to interpret the rules and regulations of the Shows and will settle and determine all matters, questions, or differences in regard thereto or otherwise arising out of, or in connection with the Shows. In the event a question arises concerning an animal’s age, the Spring Show Committee Chairperson may request that an individual registration certificate be checked at ringside. HolSTEIn ASSoCIATIon uSA, InC. SHoW RIng PolICy Showing cattle is an important part of promoting, merchandising and breeding Registered Holsteins for breeders and Holstein Association USA, Inc. It is also in the best interest of Registered Holstein breeders to maintain integrity and present a positive and progressive image of themselves and their cattle in the showring. Holstein Association USA works cooperatively with the Purebred Dairy Cattle Association (PDCA), show management, exhibitors and judges to give encouragement, direction and uniformity to the National Holstein Show program. I. ETHICS At all times, Registered Holsteins shall be treated in a humane manner and in accordance with dairy quality assurance practices so as to protect the health, safety and welfare of the livestock and the consuming public. No person shall present for exhibition or exhibit an animal which he or she knows, or has reason to suspect, is affected with or has been exposed to a dangerously contagious or infectious disease, illness or illegal or non-approved use of drugs, medication and/or prohibited substance or residue. The position of Holstein Association USA is that all animals presented for exhibition shall be in their natural conformation and structure, free of any alteration or modification caused by unethical fitting. A. The following practices or procedures are considered unacceptable and defined as being fraudulent and/or unethical in the showing of Registered Holstein Cattle: 1. Misrepresenting the age and/or milking status of the animal for the class in which it is shown. 2. Treating the animal, particularly the udder, internally or externally: a. with an irritant or counter-irritant, b. using a device to artificially create or enhance the udder crease, c. using other substances as detected by testing that cause changes in the udder to artificially improve the conformation. 3. Surgery or unethical insertion of any matter under the skin or into body cavities, performed to change the natural contour or appearance of the animal’s body, though not to preclude practices required or involved in normal management. 4. Criticizing or interfering with the judge, show management, or other exhibitors while in the showring, or other conduct detrimental to the breed or the show. B. The following practices and procedures are considered to detract from the image of the showring when carried to excess and will be taken into consideration by the show judge in placing animals within a class: 1. The maximum allowable length of naturally growing hair anywhere on the topline is not to exceed 1½ inches. Exhibitors will be required to comply with this rule before the animal is allowed to enter the ring. 2. Addition of foreign objects, including but not limited to hair or hair substitutes (except for false switches), cloth or fiber, to change the natural contour or appearance of the animal’s body is prohibited. 3. Unsportsmanlike conduct by exhibitors. 4. Improper fitting practices such as overfilling and over-bagging.

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5. Externally sealing the teat end with a preparation that does not harm the animal’s skin is permissible. Natural teat placement will be given preference over artificially positioned teats. C. In keeping with the basic philosophy of Holstein Association USA, ethics are an individual responsibility of the owner of each animal shown. Violations of these policies are subject to the disciplinary provisions of the Association Bylaws. 1. The act of entering an animal in a National Holstein Show is the giving of consent by the owner, exhibitor, fitter and/or absolutely responsible person (hereinafter referred to as “Exhibitor”) for show management to obtain any specimens of urine, saliva, blood, milk or other substances from the animal to be used in testing. Materials may also be collected by ultrasound and photographic methods and by direct examination of animal. 2. The act of entering an animal in a National Holstein Show is the giving of consent by the owner, exhibitor, fitter and/or absolutely responsible person (the “Exhibitor”) to have disciplinary action for violation of this Showring Policy taken by show management, the state in which the show occurs, and/or Holstein Association USA without recourse. WISConSIn HolSTEIn ASSoCIATIon SHoW RIng PolICy The following practices or procedures are unacceptable in the showing of Registered dairy cattle: 1. criticizing or interfering with the judge, show management or other exhibitors, or other conduct detrimental to the breed or show; 2. misrepresenting the age or ownership of an animal or the number of calvings and/or stage of lactation; 3. filling an animal’s rumen unnaturally with liquid (tubing); 4. balancing the udder by any means other than by leaving naturally produced milk in any or all quarters; 5. treating the udder internally with an irritant, counter-irritant, or any other substance to temporarily improve conformation; 6. overfilling or overbagging of udders; 7. treating the udder externally with an irritant, counterirritant, or any other substance to temporarily improve conformation (allowable practices/substances include sealing and setting teats, but not shrinking/shortening of teats); 8. Treating the animal, particularly the udder, internally or externally, with an irritant or counter-irritant, or other substance to artificially improve the confirmation (this is to include any external pressure applied to the udder crease to artificially enhance it, i.e. roping). 9. administering epidural anesthesia (blocking tails) and/or applying any irritant either externally or internally to the perineal (rectum and vagina) area; 10. inserting foreign material/articles under the skin, into the topline or on the feet (Administration of acceptable medications is permitted.); 11. performing surgery of any kind to change the natural contour of appearance of the animal’s body, hide or hair. Not included is the removal of warts, teats and horns, clipping and dressing of hair and trimming of hooves; 12. draining fluid from hocks unless authorized by a veterinarian at the show. 13. Excessive manipulation of hair and/or the use of any hair not naturally attached to the animal or the use of any substance or material which is intended to resemble or imitate hair. We will follow the rules and guidelines set forth by World Dairy Expo. 14. mistreatment of animals; 15. any un-sportsmanshiplike conduct during the event. MonIToRIng PRoCEDuRES The Ethics Committee, as defined below, shall have the authority to inspect all animals to determine if violations of Wisconsin Holstein Association Show Ring Policy have occurred. To help in this regard, the Ethics Committee has the authority to perform and review results of the following: 1. An ultrasound examination of the udder of selected animals immediately upon completion of respective milking class competition. It shall be the exhibitor’s responsibility to deliver selected cow to the designated testing area. Within a reasonable time following said testing, the ultrasound official shall submit his/her report to the WI Holstein Association. If an animal fails to show up for ultrasounding with a full udder at the Midwest National Spring Show, show placings will be revoked and reported to Holstein USA and Holstein World. 2. a milk out of any individual cow and/or 3. the collection and testing of any of the animal’s body fluids and/or 4. the use of any other technology that may be useful in determining if a violation in any animal based on placement, random selection, or suspect characteristics. 5. The Ethics Committee or Show Chairman may, at any time, require the delivery to them of any hair samples or hypodermic syringe, needle, or other device, swabs, cloths, or other material, or samples or any medicine, preparation, or substance, whether in liquid or other form, in the possession or control of exhibitor, fitters, agents or person acting on behalf of the exhibitor for laboratory analysis. EnFoRCEMEnT PRoCEDuRES 1. The Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors shall appoint an Ethics Committee to monitor violations at all state sponsored shows. The Ethics Committee shall consist of 2 WHA Board members and one non-board member; this committee will be anonymous. 2. Complaints of alleged violations must be presented to the Show Chairman or a member of the show management of the respective show immediately, except ultrasound results as noted above. 3. If it is suspected that a violation will occur if an animal is shown the exhibitor will be informed by the Show Chairman that the showing of that animal may result in a violation of the Wisconsin Holstein Association Show Ring Policy. If the exhibitor decides not to show that animal, no violation will have occurred.

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4. All complaints of alleged violations (as is designated in Enforcement Procedure point #2) received by the Show Chairman or a member of the show management must be presented to the Wisconsin Holstein Association for review by the Ethics Committee within five (5) days of receiving notice of alleged violations, with the Ethics Committee to make a decision on the violations within ten (10) days of receiving such notice. 5. The Wisconsin Holstein Association Director of Operations will notify the accused exhibitor immediately of the Ethics Committee decision that a violation has occurred and all the supportive evidence will be shared with the exhibitor. Within thirty (30) days Wisconsin Holstein Association Show Committee shall review the findings from the Ethics Committee and make a recommendation to the Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors of the disciplinary action. The exhibitor will be able to participate in the Show Committee meeting. The Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors shall meet on the same day to review the findings from the Ethics Committee, recommendations from the Show Committee and hear any presentation the exhibitor wishes to present. 6. The accused exhibitor must notify Wisconsin Holstein Association within seven (7) days of receiving the violation notice of their intent to participate in the Show Committee meeting and/or the Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors meeting, which is set for reviewing the evidence of the alleged violation(s) and the disciplinary action to be taken. 7. If the alleged violator is found in violation of the Wisconsin Holstein Association Show Ring Policy, the Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors, at its discretion may pass onto the violator(s) its costs associated with the violations, enforcement and review of violation(s). Cost associated with the review and/or appeals process must be paid in full; if this assessment is not paid in full the violator(s) will not be in “good standing” with the Wisconsin Holstein Association and therefore be denied any and all membership benefits of the association (voting, showing, etc.). 8. Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors &/or the Show Committee may consider previous violations by an exhibitor in their decision of disciplinary action. (see*) 9. An animal found in violation of the Wisconsin Holstein Association Show Ring Policy will receive no premium monies or awards or placing(s). 10. During this entire process the Directors of the Wisconsin Holstein Association Board, the Ethics Committee, the Show Committee, its staff and members will not be obligated to maintain confidentiality. Violations Penalties (Penalties for violations at the Wisconsin Holstein Association sponsored shows.) i. 1st offense - a minimum of one year probation to a maximum of one year suspension for the animal(s), owner(s), and/or fitter(s) or their representatives either individually and/or a combination thereof from all Wisconsin Holstein Assoc. state sponsored shows. ii. 2nd offense - minimum one year suspension to a maximum of three years suspension for the animal(s), owner(s), and/or fitter(s) or their representatives either individually and/or combination thereof from all Wisconsin Holstein Assoc. state sponsored shows. iii. 3rd offense - minimum of five years suspension to a maximum of barred for life for the animal(s), owner(s), and/or fitter(s) or their representatives either individually and/or combination thereof from all Wisconsin Holstein Assoc. state sponsored shows. *Violations prior to 1/1/2004 shall not apply; any violations after 1/1/2004 shall be cumulative.

ClASSES 1. Winter Heifer Calf - born December 1, 2013 - February 28, 2014 2. Fall Heifer Calf - born September 1 - November 30, 2013 3. Summer Yearling Heifer - born June 1 - August 31, 2013 4. Spring Yearling Heifer - born March 1 - May 31, 2013 5. Winter Yearling Heifer - born December 1, 2012 - February 28, 2013 6. Fall Yearling Heifer - born September 1 - November 30, 2012 7. Junior & Reserve Junior Champion (Junior Show) 8. Junior & Reserve Junior Champion (Open Show) 9. Junior Best Three Females (Fall Yearling & under, animals must be shown in their individual classes. All must be bred by the exhibitor & at least one owned, solely or in partnership, by exhibitor. Each exhibitor limited to one entry.) 10. Unfreshened Two Year Old – born March 1 - August 31, 2012 11. Junior Two Year Old Cow - born March 1 - August 31, 2012 (Must be fresh) 12. Senior Two Year Old Cow - born September 1, 2011 - February 29, 2012 13. Junior Three Year Old Cow - born March 1 - August 31, 2011 14. Senior Three Year Old Cow - born September 1, 2010 - February 28, 2011 15. Intermediate & Reserve Intermediate Champion Female (Open Show) 16. Four Year Old Cow - born September 1, 2009 - August 31, 2010 17. Five Year Old Cow - born September 1, 2008 - August 31, 2009 18. Six Year Old and Older Cow - born before September 1, 2008 19. 150,000 lb. Cow Class (Must bring proof of production to check-in; cows may only be switched from another milking cow class to the 150,000 lb. class with additional paid entry fee)

20. Champion Bred & Owned of the Junior Show 21. Senior & Reserve Senior Champion Female (Junior Show) 22. Grand & Reserve Grand Champion Female (Junior Show) 23. Best Udder of Show 24. Champion Bred & Owned of the Show 25. Senior & Reserve Senior Champion Female (Open Show) 26. Grand & Reserve Grand Champion Female (Open Show) 27. Best Three Females 28. Produce of Dam 29. Dam & Offspring 30. Premier Breeder 31. Premier Exhibitor 32. State Herd (6 animals earning points as in Premier Breeder/Exhibitor) *For questions in regards to group classes, please consult the Holstein USA’s National Show program

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Premise ID #

Midwest National Spring Show Entry Fee Schedule

$25.00/entry for heifers if postmarked on or before 4/1/14 $30.00/entry for Unfreshen 2 Year Olds & Milking Age Cows if postmarked on or before 4/1/14 $50/entry if postmarked 4/2/14 to 4/5/13 (may not be listed in the show book) $100/entry if postmarked after 4/5/13 (will not be listed in the show book)

*Must be signed and dated with full entry fee for entry to be eligible for show.

Stalling Request (animals will be stalled at this year’s show):

Full Address


Name of Owner/Exhibitor



I HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE Standard Agreement for Owners to Exhibit at Wisconsin Holstein Association sponsored shows.

b. no owner of the entered animal, whether direct or indirect, is currently barred from showing any other animal at any future dairy show in North America; and c. that he/she will not knowingly employ any fitters or agents to represent him/her or his/her animal(s) that may be barred from any dairy show in North America.

Age ________ Milk ____________ Fat _______

Protein _______

Date of Birth __________________ Reg. # _____________________

Sire: __________________________________________________________ Dam: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Please check if applicable: Exhibited by: _____________________________________________________ ❏ Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Owned ❏ Junior Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Leased

Production Record of Animal 305 days or less: No. of Days: _______

Animal’s Name________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP ________________________________________________________________________________

Class # ________________


NAME ________________________________________________________ FARM NAME ____________________________________________________________________________________

2014 Midwest National Spring Show April 19, 2014 • 8:30 a.m. JEFFERSON COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS, JEFFERSON, WI Mail entries to: WI Holstein Association, 902 8th Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53913 Online entry system will be available after March 1 - All entries must be accompanied by full entry fees to be considered an entry late fees will apply to those entries without proper entry fees.

Must be signed and accompany a WI Holstein Show Entry Form I agree I am personally responsible for the care, welfare, and condition of my animals during the period of the Show. I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own actions and failures to act and for the actions and failure to act of all of my employees and anyone else who assists me with the fitting, care, and show preparation of my animals. I promise that I will abide by the Wisconsin Holstein Association Show Ring Rules and the Wisconsin Holstein Association Show Ring Policy and Enforcement Procedures for dairy cattle, and any other show rules and regulations. I will also ensure that all of my employees, agents, contractors and others who assist me with the fitting, care, and show preparation of the animals comply with the same requirements. I understand that a failure to adhere to such requirements could result in disciplinary measures including possible suspension or ban of me, my employees and helpers, the animal(s), the owner and/or the exhibitor of the animal(s) from the Show and future Shows and the public reporting of disciplinary action, including to any association registering purebred livestock. I release and agree to hold the Show, the Show organizers and its officials, directors, officers, employees, representatives, agents, and volunteers (collectively the “Show organizers”) harmless from any action taken under this agreement, the Wisconsin Holstein Association Show Ring Rules and the Wisconsin Holstein Association Show Ring Policy and Enforcement Procedures and any other Show rules and regulations, and release the Show organizers from and against any injury, damage or loss suffered during or in connection with the Show, whether or not such injury, damage or loss resulted from or was contributed to, directly or indirectly, by the acts or omissions of the Show organizers. The undersigned further certifies that: a. any animal entered is not currently barred from showing at any future dairy show in North America; and

Standard Agreement for Owners to Exhibit at Wisconsin Holstein Association sponsored Shows

2014 Midwest National Spring Show Entry Form

40–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

________________________________________________________ FARM NAME _____________________________________________________________________________________

Members and/or their parents/guardian shall accept any financial responsibility for the enforcement of the provisions herein.

The following rules shall apply to all members: 1. Use or possession of any alcoholic beverage or controlled substances strictly prohibited. 2. No member shall engage in any behavior prohibited by state statute, local ordinance or Board Policy (which shall include, but is not limited to vandalism, theft, truancy, assault, threats to personal safety or property and flagrant misconduct). 3. Members, at all times, shall demonstrate good citizenship and recognize the value of setting and adhering to the highest standards of conduct and performance. 4. At all Association sponsored functions, activities and trips, the rules of conduct specified by adult chaperones and advisors shall be at all times observed by members. 5. All members shall recognize the right of the Wisconsin Holstein Association’s Junior Activities Committee, the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Holstein Association and its staff, adult advisors and chaperones to have the authority to enforce the rules as established and authorized herein.

The Junior Holstein Association is open to membership for those persons under the age of 21 as of January 1st of the membership year. The purpose of this organization is to encourage youthful interest in the promotion of the Registered Holstein industry. To be eligible for membership, all juniors must sign this agreement and agree to abide by the rules hereinafter set forth. Failure to honor any of these rules will subject the junior member to immediate revocation of membership status, including the opportunity of participation in WI Holstein Association sponsored activities and events.

Junior Member Agreement

Parent or Guardian of Junior Member - Signature: _________________________________________

This Junior Member Agreement must be signed by all junior members in order to participate in Wisconsin Holstein Association sponsored shows & activities.

Date: _____________________ Date: _____________________

Junior Member Signature: _________________________________________________________

Junior Member Name: (please Print) ____________________________________________

I have read and discussed the above rules and agree to accept and faithfully abide by them as a member of the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association.

For the purposes of the observance of the rules of membership herein, there is established a Board which shall consist of the Director of Operations of the Wisconsin Holstein Association, the President of the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Holstein Association and the Chairman of the Wisconsin Holstein Association Junior Activities Committee. The purpose of this Board shall be to oversee the fair application of the rules of membership and afford the right of due process to all members. Due process shall be afforded by: explaining the evidence against the member, giving the member an opportunity to explain his/her version of the facts, thereafter, it is a matter of discretion by the Board whether to have the accuser/observer summoned and whether to permit cross examination of said individuals, due process must be initiated within 120 days of receipt of membership revocation.

Sire: __________________________________________________________ Dam: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Please check if applicable: Exhibited by: _____________________________________________________ ❏ Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Owned ❏ Junior Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Leased

Protein _______

Date of Birth __________________ Reg. # _____________________

Age ________ Milk ____________ Fat _______

Animal’s Name________________________________________________________________

Production Record of Animal 305 days or less: No. of Days: _______

Class # ________________

Sire: __________________________________________________________ Dam: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Please check if applicable: Exhibited by: _____________________________________________________ ❏ Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Owned ❏ Junior Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Leased

Protein _______

Date of Birth __________________ Reg. # _____________________

Age ________ Milk ____________ Fat _______

Animal’s Name________________________________________________________________

Production Record of Animal 305 days or less: No. of Days: _______

Class # ________________

Sire: __________________________________________________________ Dam: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Please check if applicable: Exhibited by: _____________________________________________________ ❏ Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Owned ❏ Junior Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Leased

Protein _______

Date of Birth __________________ Reg. # _____________________

Age ________ Milk ____________ Fat _______

Animal’s Name________________________________________________________________

Production Record of Animal 305 days or less: No. of Days: _______

Class # ________________

Sire: __________________________________________________________ Dam: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Please check if applicable: Exhibited by: _____________________________________________________ ❏ Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Owned ❏ Junior Bred & Owned ❏ Junior Shown & Leased

Protein _______

Date of Birth __________________ Reg. # _____________________

Age ________ Milk ____________ Fat _______

Animal’s Name________________________________________________________________

Production Record of Animal 305 days or less: No. of Days: _______

Class # ________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP _________________________________________________________________________________


Tea Time with Teapot

Hello Fellow Holstein Enthusiasts! My name is Kayla Krueger and I am truly honored to be your 2014 Wisconsin Holstein Princess. I am the 19-year-old daughter of Tyler and April Krueger. To those who may not know, “Teapot” has been my nickname since I was able to walk. I used to run around singing “I’m a little Teapot…” (because I really was short and stout). I also use ‘Teapot’ for my prefix, and thought it would only be appropriate to use in my column. I am very active on my home farm, where we milk 60 Holsteins south of Marion in Waupaca County. I am a 2012 graduate of Marion High School and currently a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, double majoring in Dairy Science and Life Sciences Communication. On campus, I am very active in the Association of Women in Agriculture and the Badger Dairy Club, while serving leadership positions in both organizations. Many of you may have seen me busy in the showring picking up manure at World Dairy Expo this past fall! I have been heavily involved with the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association since I was 10 years old. Throughout my time as a junior attending many shows, conventions and various other activities, I always dreamed of one day becoming Holstein Royalty and my dream has finally come true. Words cannot describe my excitement for this upcoming year. I am ready to commence on this life changing experience and meet so many people who are passionate about the Holstein cow as well as the dairy industry as much as I am. It was truly inspiring to see all the excitement and huge numbers in attendance at Junior Convention. A huge ‘Congratulations’ goes out to each of the juniors acknowledged at the convention for their participation and awards. I deeply encourage all of you to get out of your comfort zone this year and try something new - take advantage of opportunities when they are presented to you. This exhilarating organization has so much to offer! Upcoming this month is the adult convention, hosted by LaCrosse, Monroe & Vernon County Holsteins Breeders and is being held on February 21st and 22nd at the Cranberry Lodge in Tomah. As this will be our first event of the year, Kristen and I are extremely thrilled to be able to meet all of you and take part in the festivities. Please be sure to stop and introduce yourself to me, I’m looking forward to meeting all of our inspiring members. Also, be sure to follow Kristen and I on our Wisconsin Holstein Princess Facebook page to keep up-to-date and follow us at our various events throughout the year. If you have an activity you would like us to attend in 2014, please fill out our request form under the Contact Us page of the WHA website and send to Larry to get it on our calendars. ’Til our next cup of tea! Kayla Krueger


risten’s attle omments

excited to spend this year representing the Holstein cow with Princess Kayla Krueger. As we move past Junior Convention, we look on to Adult Convention at the end of this month. I am looking forward to socializing and getting to know more of our junior and adult members in the Association, so don’t be shy! Remember to “like” our Facebook page and fill out our request form online if you’d like to see either Kayla or I at an event in 2014. Stay Warm Cattle Caretakers, Kristen Broege

The University of


STUDENT PROFILE Name: Mara Budde Hometown: Beaver Dam, WI High School: Beaver Dam High School Class Size: 280 Farm: worked at Brossard Dairy Farm & Wildweed Holsteins & Jerseys Major: Dairy Science & Life Sciences Communication Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison? I always wanted to attend the UW because of the vast opportunities available to students in all agriculture majors. I started as an animal science major, as I grew up with hogs, but later realized I wanted a career within the dairy industry so I switched to dairy science. I would not have had that chance at other schools. What has been your most memorable college experience? My junior year, our National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) marketing team placed fourth in the nation at the annual competition with a dairy-related product. It was incredibly gratifying to use my dairy knowledge to help the team earn this honor. What has been your favorite course? Dairy reproduction with Milo Wilbank and Jerry Gunther was my favorite course. It was very hands-on and practical, plus, Milo and Jerry are great instructors. What are your future career goals? I’m currently the dairy editor at Agri-View where I cover events and write informational articles for producers. Long term, I would like to own and operate small herd of Holsteins and Jerseys while educating the non-ag community about agriculture.

Hello, friends. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kristen Broege and I hail from Janesville in Rock County. I am the daughter of Phyllis Broege and the late Steve Broege. I co-own a small herd of Registered Holstein cattle with my younger sisters, Jenna and Nicole. I am a seventeen year old senior at Janesville Craig High School. I plan to be a UW Badger next year and study Dairy Science and Life Science Communications. My hobbies include volleyball, shopping, and hanging out with friends. But like most of you I’m sure, my favorite thing to do is spend time with my beloved bovines. I began my passion for the Holstein cow by helping out on my family’s farm and eventually joined the Wisconsin Holstein Association when I was eight years old. I have continually participated in many shows, quiz bowl, dairy judging, and plan to stay involved for many years to come. Inquiry Lives Here UW-Madison One of my favorite activities has always been Junior Convention and I would like to Dept. of Dairy Science sincerely congratulate all the juniors who competed in contests and won awards at Junior 1675 Observatory Drive Convention. Also, a special thank you to Fond du Lac County for hosting a wonderful Madison, WI 53706 convention and allowing all of us to “Rope Our Dreams.” As many of you may have noticed Ph. 608-263-3308 from my emotional speech at the banquet, I am truly honored to serve as the 2014 Princess Fax 608-263-9412 Attendant. In my speech I did forget to mention one person who I could truly never thank enough for getting me where I am today. My father always encouraged me to do my best, Contact: Ted Halbach especially in agriculture. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of this position. I am very wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014-41


Rabur Holsteins donates Embryo Package for Junior Association in Futures Sale

Rabur Holsteins and R.Paul Buhr, Jr. of Viroqua has donated a package of three #1 embryos sired by 7HO8477 Willow-Marsh-CC GABOR-ET (Select Sires), to be sold in the Wisconsin Convention Futures Sale on Friday, February 21, at the Wisconsin Holstein Adult Convention in Tomah. Proceeds will benefit the Junior Holstein Association. Paul remains committed to making good, profitable females from his herd, and these embryos come from Rabur Gold Panocha-ET, EX-90, daughter of productive life queen, Rabur Outside Pandora, EX-91 3E GMD DOM. Panocha is a sixth generation Excellent.

Scholarship Opportunities

The 2014 Wisconsin Holstein Scholarship applications are due March 1, 2014. All Holstein Association members pursuing a college degree are encouraged to apply, with agriculture majors given the highest consideration. Applications can be found on the Wisconsin Holstein website at and should be mailed to WHA, 902 8th Ave, Baraboo, WI 53913. There are several $1,000 memorial scholarships available, which include the Brad Fust, Gordon Berg and Doris Morris memorial scholarships. In addition, two new memorial scholarships have been set up to begin in 2014. The John Klossner memorial scholarship was established by John’s family and will be given to a student that is a leader and role model furthering their education at a four-year University. The John Selz memorial was established by his family in his honor. John was an accomplished dairyman and lifelong advocate of developing Wisconsin Holstein youth. The John and Isabelle Ames Memorial Scholarship is also available but requires a separate application process from the Wisconsin Holstein sponsored awards. This form can also be found on our website. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to help fund your education!

2014 Calendar of Events

Rabur Goldwyn Panocha-ET EX-90 Lifetime: 1,681d 124,640 4.1 5074 3.3 4120

Dorsland Farms donates Embryo Package for Scholarship Fund in Futures Sale

Dorsland Farms, Matt, Molly and Ben Dorshorst of Junction City, have donated a package of five #1 embryos from a mutually agreeable sire on two red Guthrie daughters. The buyer can take their choice of number of embryos from each female (i.e. two from one, three from the other, or five from one). The dams are full sisters – Jas-K Guthrie Tart-Red-ET, VG-86, and Jas-K Guthrie Thea-RedET, GP-84. Scored only 11 days fresh, both heifers have something to offer, with Thea at +343 NM$ and Tart +1951 GTPI and +2.84 PTAT. A very generous offer to benefit the Wisconsin Holstein Scholarship fund from the Dorshorst family!

Jas-K Guthrie TartRed-ET, VG-86

+1951 GTPI, +391 NM$, +2.84 PTAT, +.3 DPR

Jas-K Guthrie TheaRed-ET, GP-84 +1881 GTPI, +502 M, +343 NM$, +.5 DPR

42–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014

February 21 Wisconsin Holstein Futures Sale, Cranberry Country Lodge, Tomah March 1 Deadline for Wisconsin Holstein Scholarship Applications 1 Deadline for John and Isabelle Ames Memorial Scholarship 17 Spring Barn Meeting, Bella-View Holsteins, Marion 20 Spring Barn Meeting, Oeh-My Holsteins, Abbotsford 27 Spring Barn Meeting, Walk-Era Farms, WI Dells April 18 Midwest Spring Red & White Show, Jefferson 19 Midwest National Spring Show, Jefferson 30 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity LATE entries due. Must be postmarked on this date to be entered. Late fee applies. May 3-4 Cow Camp, Sugar Creek Bible Camp, Ferryville June 13 District 10 Holstein Show, Sheboygan County Fairgrounds, Plymouth 16 District 2 Holstein Show, Jackson County Fairgrounds, Black River Falls 17 District 6 Holstein Show, Rock County Fairgrounds, Janesville District 4 Holstein Show, Taylor County Fairgrounds, Medford 18 18 District 5 Holstein Show, Sauk County Fairgrounds, Baraboo 19 District 8 Holstein Show, Dodge County Fairgrounds, Beaver Dam 20 District 3 Holstein Show, Grant County Fairgrounds, Lancaster 23 District 1 Holstein Show, Chippewa County Fairgrounds, Chippewa Falls 23 District 7 Holstein Show, Waupaca County Fairgrounds, Weyauwega 25-28 2014 National Holstein Convention, Dubuque, Iowa July 14 Junior Judging & Classification Contest, Mineral Point 14 State Showmanship Contest, Mineral Point 14-15 WI Championship Show, Mineral Point, hosted by Iowa County


2014 JAC Committee Members Charlie Hamilton Hi, I am Charlie Hamilton. I am the son of John and Evie Hamilton and live on our 60-cow Registered Holstein farm in Grant County. I am very active on our farm and enjoy working with our cattle and all aspects of the farm. I have been active in Junior Holstein, and appreciate the opportunities it has provided. I am looking forward to serving as the new southwest district JAC and meeting with young Holstein enthusiasts! Jessica Pralle Hi, I am Jessica Pralle. I am the 18-year-old daughter of Scott and Pam Selz-Pralle. I’ve grown up on my family’s 400-cow Registered Holstein farm in Clark County. I am very passionate about Junior Holstein and its members, and cannot wait to get to know and meet you all!

Andy Sell

Hello everyone! I am Andy Sell and am very excited to be your new southeast district JAC! I am currently a freshman at UW-Madison studying dairy science. On campus, I am involved in Badger Dairy Club and the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity. I am really looking forward to building new friendships with members over the next two years! Crystal Siemers-Peterman My name is Crystal Siemers-Peterman and I am so excited to be your new northeast district JAC. I am 18 years old and currently attending the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities studying agriculture and food business management. I grew up on our family’s 2,700-cow dairy farm, Siemers Holsteins, in Newton. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I can’t wait to serve you the next two years. Let’s have a great 2014!

Pictured (seated L to R): Rachel Hartlaub, Cassi Miller and Cassy Krull; (standing) Sean Brown, Andy Sell, Jessica Pralle, Crystal Siemers-Peterman and Charlie Hamilton. Northwest Cassi Miller, Chair – Jessica Pralle – Northeast Rachel Hartlaub, Vice Chair – Crystal Siemers-Peterman – Southeast Cassy Krull, Secretary – Andy Sell – Southwest Sean Brown, Treasurer – Charlie Hamilton –

2014 WHA Junior Raffle Congratulations to the WHA Junior Raffle Winners Grand Prize Calf: Aubrey Smith, Lancaster, WI Additional Winners: Campbell Booth Hans Palm Evie Hamilton Olivia Klossner Angela Brown John Gile Mykayla Getschel Grant McCullough Dan Rahn Jim Kraus Mark Gartman

Allen Gabsch Michael Kuffel Joseta Halbur Travis & Erica Ullom Dawn Reichwaldt Todd Schroeder Dave Loonstra Erica Helmer Jason Hockerman Colby Powell Aaron Makos

Thank you to our Junior Raffle Sponsors:

Forest Ridge Holsteins Confections for Any Occasion by Joel UW-Platteville Dairy Club Wisconsin State Farmer Accelerated Genetics Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin ABS Global, Inc. CRV Holstein World Country Today Animart NASCO East Central/Select Sires Cattle Connection UW-Madison Badger Dairy Club International Protein Sires Semex World Dairy Expo Agri-View Hoard’s Dairyman Wisconsin Holstein Publications & Wisconsin Holstein Association wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014-43


ACKY WPoint of View Editor’s Comments

It’s certainly been a cold couple of months in Wisconsin. Hopefully this issue will give you something to enjoy reading while you’re trying to get warm during a break indoors. We had a nice response to our double-buy opportunity with Holstein World with a bunch of great ads this month. You’ll also find ads for consignments in the Wisconsin Futures Sale to be held during the WHA Convention. It looks to be another great line-up for the first sale of our spring sale season I hope you’ll be able to join us in Tomah on February 21. Mark your calendars for the WHA spring barn meetings. There are three meetings scheduled and the topic for this year is show heifer care. Along with a nutrition expert, each host will be speaking about their facilities and heifer raising protocols. This will be information that will apply to any type of herd and I hope you’ll make time to attend at least one of the meetings. If you have an item to add to our calendar of events, please give us a call or email and we’ll include it in the list here as well as on our website. Included in this issue is the Midwest National Spring Show rules and entry form. Please take a moment to review the rules and submit your entries by April 1. You will also be able to take advantage of our online entry system anytime after March 1. Coming next month is our spring Midwest Holsteins issue. If you have a consignment in any spring sales, this is a great opportunity to get the word out to not only breeders in Wisconsin but throughout the upper Midwest. If you’re interested in advertising, please give me a call or email by Friday, February 7. Thank you to those that submitted entries for our cover contest. The winning photo is featured on this month’s cover and the other winning submissions will be printed in next month’s issue. Watch future issues for details on the 2014 Cover Contest. Until next time...

44–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/February 2014




February 2014 Classifying in Brown, Calumet, Door, Kenosha, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Sheboygan, Washington & Waukesha counties 21 WHA Futures Sale, Cranberry Country Lodge, Tomah, 7:30 p.m. 21-22 WI Holstein Convention, hosted by the La Crosse, Monroe & Vernon County Holstein Breeders, Cranberry Country Lodge, Tomah March 2014 Classifying in Dane, Grant, Green, Iowa & Lafayette counties 1 UW-River Falls Falcon Premier, River Falls; managed by UW-River Falls Dairy Club, assisted by Tom Morris Ltd., 12:00 noon 15 Green|Rock Dual County Sale, Wisconsin Farm Auction facility, Brooklyn, 12:00 noon 15 Waupaca-Waushara Show Opportunity Sale, Weyauwega, 12:00 noon 17 WHA Barn Meeting, hosted by Bella-View Holsteins, Marion, 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. 20 WHA Barn Meeting, hosted by Oeh-My Holsteins, Abbotsford 22 Spring Fashions at the Northern, Fond du Lac, managed by Great Northern Land & Cattle Co., 11:00 a.m. 22 Purple Ribbon Classic, Marshfield, managed by Wood Area Holstein Breeders, 11:30 a.m. 27 WHA Barn Meeting, hosted by Walk-Era Holsteins, Wisconsin Dells 28-29 Milksource Tag Event Sale, Kaukauna April 2014 Classifying in Columbia, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Jefferson, Marquette, Rock & Walworth counties 4 Dream Prairie Holsteins Complete Dispersal, Cary & Joy Moser family, Westby, 10:00 a.m. 12 Barron County Spring Sale, Barron Pavilion 12 RedFest with a Touch of Black, hosted by Crescentmead Holsteins, Ixonia 18 Midwest Spring Red & White Show, Jefferson 19 Midwest National Spring Show, Jefferson, 8:30 a.m. 25 Outagamie County Holstein Sale, Seymour 30 late entries due for 2016 WHA Futurity May 2014 Classifying in Langlade, Marathon, Menominee, Oconto, Outagamie, Shawano, Waupaca, Waushara & Winnebago counties 3-4 Cow Camp, Sugar Creek Bible Camp, Ferryville 10 Vernon County Holstein Sale, Viroqua June 2014 Classifying in Adams, Crawford, Juneau, LaCrosse, Monroe, Portage, Richland, Sauk, Vernon & Wood counties 13 District 10 Holstein Show, Sheboygan County Fairgrounds, Plymouth 16 District 2 Holstein Show, Jackson County Fairgrounds, Black River Falls 17 District 6 Holstein Show, Rock County Fairgrounds, Janesville 18 District 4 Holstein Show, Taylor County Fairgrounds, Medford 18 District 5 Holstein Show, Sauk County Fairgrounds, Baraboo 19 District 8 Holstein Show, Dodge County Fairgrounds, Beaver Dam 20 District 3 Holstein Show, Grant County Fairgrounds, Lancaster 23 District 1 Holstein Show, Chippewa County Fairgrounds, Chippewa Falls 23 District 7 Holstein Show, Waupaca County Fairgrounds, Weyauwega 25 - 28 2014 National Holstein Convention, Dubuque, Iowa 29 Calumet County Sundae on the Farm, Grandview Dairy July 2014 Classifying in Barron, Buffalo, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, St. Croix & Trempealeau counties 10 Central Wisconsin Summer Event, hosted by Twin-B Dairy, managed by District 4 Holstein Breeders 14-15 Wisconsin Championship Show, Mineral Point, hosted by Iowa County 22-26 50th Anniversary National Red & White Convention, Elkhorn 25 50th Anniversary National Red & White Convention Sale, Elkhorn 26 2014 International Intrigue Sale, hosted by Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna; managed by Butler-Fellers Auctions 27 WHA Picnic, hosted by Budjon Farms with St. Jacobs ABC, Lomira


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February 2014 Wisconsin Holstein News  

February 2014 issue of the Wisconsin Holstein News featuring Top Performer entries, MW Spring Show rules & entry form, Crisdhome breeder pro...

February 2014 Wisconsin Holstein News  

February 2014 issue of the Wisconsin Holstein News featuring Top Performer entries, MW Spring Show rules & entry form, Crisdhome breeder pro...