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April 2013

Volume 85 No. 4

Adult Convention Review Top Performer winners Breeder Profile: Hardscrabble Farms District 1 Report

Junior 3 Year Old Top Performer

Ms Epinema-ET EX-90 EX-MS

4 Year Old Top Performer

by Mac

Ever-Green-View Maya-ET EX-91 EX-MS Dam: Miss Titanic Mystify-ET VG-85 VG-MS 2-03 3x 365 34,810 4.0 1382 3.4 1176 Gr’Dam: Miss Marshall Marjan-ET EX-91 GMD DOM 4-09 2x 365 51,570 3.8 1973 3.1 1584 3rd Dam: Miss Maui Miracle-ET EX-91 GMD DOM 4-03 2x 365 49,600 3.7 1853 3.3 1654 4th Dam: Miss Mark Maui EX-95 2E GMD DOM 5-11 2x 365 53,590 4.1 2222 3.1 1669 5th Dam: Gettinger Maggie EX-93 2E GMD DOM 7-11 2x 365 47,500 3.3 1573 3.0 1431

Dam: Ms Epiphany-ET EX-90 EX-MS 4-03 3x 365 47,820 3.9 1862 3.1 1459 Gr’Dam: Ever-Green-View Elsa-ET VG-89 GMD DOM 2-06 3x 365 46,880 4.4 2067 3.5 1628 3rd Dam: Ever-Green-View Elsie-ET EX-92 2E GMD DOM 4-09 3x 365 52,580 4.4 2313 3.5 1827 4th Dam: Ever-Green-View Le Grant-ET EX-90 2E GMD DOM 4-00 2x 365 50,280 3.7 1874 3.1 1576 5th Dam: Ever-Green-View Leisure EX-91 2E GMD DOM 7-07 3x 365 48,190 3.7 1788 2.8 1369

5 Year Old & OVERALL Top Performer

Ralma Goldwyn Mayfly-ET EX-91 EX-MS 2E

6 Year Old Top Performer

Ever-Green-View Elegance EX-92 EX-MS

5-04 3x 365 58,520 4.7 2734 3.4 1999 Dam: Ralma Finley Firefly-ET EX-91 GMD 2-03 2x 365 32,760 4.1 1349 3.3 1072 Gr’Dam: Ralma Durham Fireball-ET EX-92 GMD DOM 2-05 2x 365 33,800 4.0 1364 3.4 1139 3rd Dam: Ralma Juror Faith EX-91 GMD DOM 4-02 2x 365 47,860 4.5 2165 3.1 1497

Tom & Gin Kestell & Sons Joel, Clay & Chris

by Bolton

4-00 3x 305 47,870 4.4 2108 3.1 1477

3-02 3x 365 47,230 4.7 2230 3.4 1587

W4672 Co. Hwy. N, Waldo, WI 53093 Ph: 920-528-7063 Fax: 920-528-7428 e-mail:

by Oman

6-04 3x 365 62,430 4.5 2820 3.3 2053 Dam: Ever-Green-View Elegant-ET EX-91 3E GMD DOM 6-01 3x 365 53,910 4.1 2231 3.3 1754 Gr’Dam: Ever-Green-View Elsie-ET EX-92 2E GMD DOM 4-09 3x 365 52,580 4.4 2313 3.5 1827 3rd Dam: Ever-Green-View Le Grant-ET EX-90 2E GMD DOM 4-00 2x 365 50,280 3.7 1874 3.1 1576 4th Dam: Ever-Green-View Leisure EX-91 2E GMD DOM 7-07 3x 365 48,190 3.7 1788 2.8 1369

Total Performance never goes out of style! 2012 BAA: 110.1% - #1 in the U.S. for herds over 120 cows Current RHA: 36,664 4.0 1460 3.1 1138

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VOLUME 85 No. 4

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On The Cover

This month’s cover features the 2012 Overall Top Performer, Ralma Goldwyn Mayfly-ET EX-92, owned by Tom Kestell, Waldo. 4–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013

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wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-5

10th Generation Excellent

Krull Jeeves Edna EX-90 EX-MS at 3-05 +1816 GTPI 2-00 3x 315 28,800 3.2 916 3.1 879 9th gen: Krull Shot Enough EX-91 2E 8th gen: Krull Throne Eugina-ET EX-92 2E 7th gen: Krull Durham Everything-ET EX-91 3E DOM 6th gen: Krull Elegant Rose-ET EX-93 2E GMD DOM 5th gen: Krull Broker Elegance EX-96 3E GMD DOM 4th gen: Krull Starbuck Excellency EX-90 GMD DOM 3rd gen: Krull TT Excellency EX-90 DOM 2nd gen: Krull Bootmark Excellency EX-92 GMD DOM 1st gen: Krull Kingstead Excellency EX-92 4E GMD Thank you Krull Family!

My 3 daughters: 12th generation VG/EX - each as 3 year olds

2nd-Look Rubens 4581 VG-87 6-01 3x 365 37,800 3.8 1436 2.8 1073 Her daughters: - 2nd-Look SNZ Callie 7185-ET VG-88 at 3Y - 2nd-Look Talent 7194 VG-87 at 3-06 - 2nd-Look SNZ Cassie 7211-ET VG-88 EX-MS at 3Y These three maternal sisters are all milking in their second lactation and are 12th generation VG or EX tracing back to the Wenron Nancy’s.

Other March classification highlights: - 2nd-Look Boliver 5289 EX-90, 44,100M 1526F - Gildale Advent Primrose EX-91 - 2nd-Look Chinook 7165 EX-90 at 3Y - Pepper’s Freddie daughter GP-84 at 2Y - Wilstar Lion K 7409-ET VG-87 at 3Y, Junior All-American R&W Junior 2 Year Old - 2 VG Dorcy two-year-olds

Stop in for a Second-Look!

Doug, Linda, Corey & Tammy Hodorff N3832 Hwy. W, Eden, WI 53019 Farm ph: (920) 477-6800 • Fax: (920) 477-2520 • 6–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-7

T&L Haven Holsteins Complete Dispersal Saturday, April 27 11:00 a.m. Tom & Linda Paider & Chad Paider E652 Langes Corners Rd., Denmark, WI 53208

~ 90 Registered Holsteins sell ~ BAA: 110.6% (12 EX - 2 at EX-94) DHIR RHA: 27,124 3.7 1009 3.1 838

Lot #1

T&L Haven Goldwyn Tipper EX-92 2E EEEEE 4-05 2x 365 34,000 3.9 1320 3.3 1117 Tipper is a 4th generation homebred Excellent with each cow over 30,000. She has a son at Accelerated, a Numero Uno calf due in March, a +2079G Shamrock calf and a sensational Windhammer bred heifer. More selling with daughters & granddaughters: • T&L Haven Goldwyn Savanna EX-90 EX-MS 4-06 2x 365 35,880 3.6 1307 3.2 1145 Fresh 12-1-12 Milking 130 lbs. with 5 SCC • T&L Haven Jasper Tulsa EX-91 2E EX-MS 6-04 2x 306 29,190 3.8 1120 3.0 878 VG-87 & VG-88 dams Milking 98 lbs. with 31 SCC • T&L Haven Dawston Teralyn EX-94 2E EEEEE 6-03 2x 365 34,080 3.4 1167 2.8 944 Milking 93 lbs., back to back EX dams both over 1200F • T&L Haven Allen Jada EX-94 2E EEVEE 6-04 2x 352 30,401 3.6 1105 2.9 893 Due June 1 - another 3rd generation homebred EX! • T&L Haven Manat Fanmail EX-93 3E EX-MS 9-01 2x 365 32,600 3.8 1248 3.1 1011 Fresh 12-3-12 Milking 96 lbs., seven records over 1000F; EX-91 Outside dam • T&L Haven Mr Sam Fonda EX-91 EX-MS 4-01 2x 337 30,900 3.6 1106 2.9 891 Fresh 2-6-13 Milking 106 lbs. with 4.8%F; EX Jasper dam • T&L Haven Pagewire Brooks VG-88 3-03 2x 365 32,230 4.4 1408 3.3 1050 Due in June By Braedale Pagewire, from an EX Allen & a VG-88 GMD Rudolph • Mic-Mon-Dou Laurin Delara EX-91 EX-MS 3-02 2x 361 31,860 3.9 1236 Fresh 8-29-12 Milking 106 lbs. with 4.2%F & 76 SCC; from a GP-84 Durham & EX-92 Outside and 8 generations back to Dellia Directions to the farm: East of Green Bay 8 miles on Hwy. 29, then south on County V 4 miles, then east on Langes Corners Rd. to first farm on left. From Denmark - 5 miles east on County KB, then north 1 mile on County V, then east to farm on Langes Corners Rd.

More photos online at Catalogs will be online at Sale Managers:


8–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013


Welcome to These New Members Adult members: Luann Bunkoske, Horicon Brooke & Travis Behling, Augusta Tom Grady, Oregon Eric Haupt, Manitowoc Smith Pride Farms, LLC, Wittenberg Joshua & Nicole Miller, Glenwood City David & Amy Bechel, Elmwood Nathan Gaeteke, North Freedom Tom Symanski & Shauna Hinderliter, Marathon Mike Wachtendonk, Bloomer Lisa Kuehl, Brownsville Robert Pankow, Brownsville Sam & Andrew Berlin, Bloomer Tom LaCrosse, Kewaunee Alyssa Mau, South Wayne Tom Sherven, New Glarus Brad Goplin, Osseo Mike & Mary Giese, Alma Center Junior members: Tom Grady, Oregon Emily Olson, Platteville Logan Turgasen, Richland Center Abbie Jensen, Menomonie Ashley Studzinski, Rosholt Jeremy Zook, Eden Joost de Bruijn, Manitowoc Evan & Emma Ruesch, Vesper Shea Rettler, Hartford Whitney, Ferfecki, Pulaski Nathan Ferfecki, Pulaski Bryton & Alysson Ewald, Wautoma Eliza Endres, Waunakee Kyra Depies, Adell Maria & Megan Zillges, Larsen Bryanna Cavanaugh, Reedsville Summer Hammann, Barron Brianna Lemke, Chilton Tommy Stuessy, Brooklyn Jenna Achterhof, Woodville Maclayne Gilson, Seymour Alex, Dustin & Ethan Zarecki, Rudolph Colton Brandel, Lake Mills Kiley Gaedtke, Luxemburg Brock & Zach Nelson, Richland Center Aaron Katzman, Whitewater Caleb, Chloe & Aaron Hamm, Waupaca Justin Durst, Cazenovia Kaitlyn Owen, Pulaski Cathryn & Christopher Gunst, Poy Sippi Trey Lundequam, Cumberland Leane Dammen, South Wayne Abby & Madison Borchardt, Edgar Trevor & Marc Krentz, Berlin

Mark Your Calendars!

Vernon County Holstein Sale Saturday evening, May 11, 7:30 p.m. Vernon County Fairgrounds, north edge of Viroqua

Watch the May issue for a complete listing of our great line-up of sale consignments!

Wisconsin Holstein Briefs U Our condolences to the family of Donald Walters who passed away recently. A full obituary is printed below. The Wisconsin Holstein News encourages readers and members to submit information for the Wisconsin Holstein Briefs column. We are looking for news of a wedding, birth announcement, award winner or death that Wisconsin Holstein breeders should know about. High quality, submitted photos will be printed if space is available. Please submit your information to the Wisconsin Holstein News by mail at PO Box 49, Lancaster, WI 53813; or email to

Obituaries Donald Walters

Donald D.Walters age 82 of Prairie du Chien passed peacefully on March 13, 2013, at Mayo Clinic, Franciscan Healthcare in La Crosse, Wis. He was born August 12, 1930 the eldest son of Edwin and Lorna (McCord) Walters of Dutch Ridge in Wauzeka, Wis. He married Lucille DuCharme on March 10, 1950 at St. Gabriel’s Church in Prairie du Chien. Donald’s lifetime achievements included his part in raising a family of twelve children. The love of his grandchildren and great-grandchildren always brought a sparkle to his eyes. He enjoyed hunting and fishing with his family and was an avid card player. He always found time to cheer on the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, and the Badgers as he enjoyed radio and television broadcasts. Don was a career dairy farmer, following in his father’s footsteps, breeding high quality Registered Holsteins under the Luci-Don prefex. Luci-Don Pete Anita, who won Grand Champion at the Wisconsin and Minnesota State Fairs was the pride and joy of his dairy herd. Following his retirement after the Holsteins left the farm in 1992, Luci-Don Country Crafts was created. Together with Lucille they made many wonderful and useful wooden keepsakes for family and friends to enjoy. He also enjoyed part-time work at Bennett Hardwoods until his final illness. Don’s many years of service to his community included: Board Member of Crawford Electric Co-op and the Scenic Rivers Energy Co-op; Prairie du Chien Board of Education; Board Member of the Township of Prairie du Chien; Fire Warden; ASCS Committee; Crawford County Holstein Association and Dairy Herd Improvement Association. He supported the young people in 4-H and Junior Holstein Association by chaperoning many trips to the State Fair. He is survived by his wife of 63 years Lucille, brother Francis (Jinx) and Mary Walters, Wauzeka, WI, brother-in-Law Roger McCullick, his children M. Connie (Dean) Achenbach, Prairie du Chien, Christian, Cincinnati, OH, Nan (Howard) Wendland, Plymouth, MN, Robin (Becky) Linden, MI, Donna (Dean) Hartley, Soldiers Grove, WI, Gale (Jeffrey) Banta, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Judy (Brian) Stetter, Rockford, MN, Gwen (Mark) Adams, Maple Grove, MN, Susan (Jeffrey) Groom , Prairie du Chien, WI, Stewart (Sarah) Tomah, WI, Brenda (Kristjon) Sannes, Holmen, WI, 26 Grandchildren and 26 Great-Grandchildren. He was preceded in death by son Mark, infant daughter, his parents, sister Hazel Ann and Brother-in-law Milfred Romanek, and sister Patsy McCullick. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made in Don’s name that will be distributed to some of his favorite charities.

From your President Marci Walker The 2012 Wisconsin Holstein Year officially ended in Marathon County, and what a phenomenal Adult Convention it was! A big thank you to everyone who helped each detail come together, and congratulations to all of our highly deserving award winners. If you’ve never had a chance to attend Adult Convention, I encourage you to put it on your calendar to share some time, education and good cows in the Tomah area in 2014 with your fellow Holstein breeders. In my first term serving on the board, I’ve had a chance to see the number of hours that go into our Association behind the scenes. Sincere appreciation goes out to everyone who served and gave your time individually or within committees to our Wisconsin Holstein Association in 2012, our events and functions wouldn’t be what they are without membership dedication. The commitment of our staff in 2012 was second to none and we are very excited about all the opportunities with them ahead of us, together we will see some great things in 2013. Spring is a time we look forward to in many aspects, and from a WHA view it’s the kick off of barn meetings, sales and shows. This year is especially exciting as we bring back the Wisconsin Showcase Sale on April 8 at the Great Northern in Fond du Lac, what an incredible line up, thank you for offering up your best! The Treasure Quest tickets have been on the streets for some time now and if you haven’t gotten a chance to get yours, I encourage you to do so before the limited number of tickets are gone, there are some fine pedigreed animals in this year’s quest! You can get a ticket from any board member or by calling the office. The winner will be drawn this year on April 20 at the Midwest National Spring Show in Jefferson, WI. As a part of my President’s column, I am going to include “Oh My Cow Pie Trivia.” This will be WHA related trivia. Walk-Era Dundee Oh My is an animal in our herd that has been an impressionable part of my farm life growth, so I am dedicating the trivia to her. Whoever is the first to email me the correct answer or response when the Wisconsin Holstein News hits the mailboxes, will receive an edible Oh My Cow Pie. This month’s question: What year will we be celebrating our 125th Wisconsin Holstein Anniversary? I am very honored and humbled to serve a second three year term on the Wisconsin Holstein Board, and serve as your 2013 President. Hearing and understanding all views of members and situations is important to me, I look forward to talking with you. Your President, Marci Walker

Monday, April 8 • 11:00 a.m. Great Northern Sales Arena, Fond du Lac Catalogs available online at • A tremendous group of young cows, show prospects & high genomic animals - all with superb pedigrees! • Junior members - there are some great project animals available! • Midwest National Spring Show entries accepted on anything purchased at the sale! wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-9


Hardscrabble Farms Tim & Tom Maier, Jim Falls By Ashley Curtis

Tim and Tom Maier pictured with their parents, Calvin and Eunice Maier

three row facility with an open front feed manger. Cows are also housed in the remaining original tie-stall barn. The 36 tie-stalls are reserved for the just-fresh cows until approximately 40-50 days, while also providing hospital space for any sick cows in three separate pens. Heifers on the operation are raised in hutches until weaning and then put into groups to about six months of age. At that point, they are sent to a heifer raising facility. The heifers come back to Hardscrabble Farms at breeding age until they’re checked pregnant. arming is in the blood for two brothers, Timothy (Tim) and At that time, the heifers are moved back to the heifer grower until Thomas (Tom) Maier of Hardscrabble Farms in Jim Falls. The seven months pregnant. They then return and are housed with the brothers’ parents, Calvin and Eunice Maier, purchased the farm, dry cows until calving. which they called Hardscrabble Farms, in 1966 with 40 milking cows. The brothers crop approximately 400 acres for 100% home use. There they raised Tim, Tom, and their four other siblings. They own 100 acres and rent the remainder from their father, brother Both Tim and Tom were actively involved in agriculture through Steve, and other landowners near the operation. Tim and Tom have 4-H, FFA, Junior Holsteins and Wisconsin Junior Dairymen’s about 70% of their field work custom done. Association. The entire family showed cattle at the Northern The cows on the Hardscrabble Farm operation are fed a TMR Wisconsin State Fair in Chippewa County, the District 1 Holstein with haylage, corn silage, high moisture corn, protein mix, distillers, shows and the Wisconsin State Fair. Tom continued his involvement and cottonseed, which is balanced for about 85 pounds of milk in the agriculture industry by serving on the Chippewa County production. They also top dress a little dry hay for the milking cows DHIA Board, and both brothers are members of the Chippewa and the dry cows get a mix with some free choice dry hay. County Holstein Association. Besides a handful of Brown Swiss, remnants of a close neighbor’s Tom has a herdsman degree from Indianhead Technical College herd, Hardscrabble is a nearly 100% Registered Holstein herd. Their in New Richmond, while Tim has a farm business management brother Steve maintains a separate herd code for his approximately degree from Chippewa Valley Technical College. 20 head of Registered Red and Whites. When Tom and Tim Hardscrabble Farms presently milks 135 cows in a double six purchased the farm in 2005, their dad had completely transitioned parabone milking parlor. Of the 135 milking cows in the herd, 25 the herd to registered. The farm has an RHA of 26,868M 3.4 995F cows are owned by Tim and Tom’s brother, Steve. Steve’s three 3.1 843P. children are involved in 4-H, Junior Holsteins and show at the Both Tim and Tom share the duties equally on the farm, running Northern Wisconsin State Fair and the Wisconsin State Fair. The a general partnership. Tim specializes in herd health, record keeping, brothers also furnish calves to and books, while Tom oversees four other kids in the commuthe day-to-day operation. Each nity to allow them to take part of the brothers milks the cows in the experience of showing at least once a day with the help cattle. Their sister Tammy and of their employees. her children also showed Hardscrabble Farms employs Hardscrabble cattle through one full-time hired man, Chad 4-H at the Eau Claire County Kettler. Tammy’s daughter, Fair. Kari Knuth, lives on the farm In 2004, the brothers where she works part-time as a prepared to purchase the farm milker while she finishes her from their parents by convertdegree in Dairy Herd Manageing heifer facilities into a ment at Chippewa Valley freestall barn for the milking Technical College. In addition, herd. When the purchase was their father, Calvin, still remains completed in 2005, they active helping where needed on converted a portion of the stall the operation. Steve’s son, barn to the milking parlor. Tyler, a high school senior, also Today, the milking cows helps on the farm every-other are housed in the freestall barn weekend. Steve’s other two Hardscrabble Moes Geo-ET VG-88 GMD DOM with space for 100 cows in a children, Alissa and Jake, are


10–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013

also beginning to assist on the operation. genomically. Hardscrabble Zoro Glasses VG-87 has a GTPI of +1925 Ninety-Five percent of the Hardscrabble Farm herd can be traced and a 2-01 3x 357d record of 26,994M 4.1F 3.6P. She is contracted back to three heifers that Calvin Maier purchased. One of those cow to Accelerated Genetics for a bull by McCutchen and is currently families is the foundation behind Hardscrabble Moes Geo-ET. pregnant to Lithium. The second daughter is Hardscrabble Redoak Looking back through Geo’s pedigree, seven dams carry the Glee-ET with a GTPI of +2285, +2.3 on type, +1.88 on udder, Hardscrabble prefix. Of those scored, nothing was below 81 points. +2.54 on feet and legs, and +1361M +92F +47P, and +713 NM. She Geo is a GMD, DOM, scored VG-88, and has a lifetime record of has confirmed pregnancies by Mogul, contracted to Accelerated Genetics, and is bred to McCutchen and contracted to Genex. 101,940M 4.2F 3.4P. She has a GTPI of +1703. Geo also has four nice Duplex At one time, Geo had nine daughters, one of which was EX, milking daughters in the herd, but two were VG-88 and the fourth only two remain today. She has 16 was VG-86. granddaughters milking and one Hardscrabble Farms uses the great-granddaughter. Her highest aAa evaluation system with Tim scoring granddaughter to date is making the majority of the breedVG-87. One of Geo’s daughters, ing decisions. The operation Hardscrabble Duplex Glex EX-90, focuses on higher type with good has one milking daughter, udder and feet and leg characterisHardscrabble Nifty Gift, scored tics. They do use some high TPI GP-83. Geo’s highest scoring bulls on some select cows, but the granddaughter is Hardscrabble remaining are bred for sound type. Talent Golden EX-90. Another Tim also tries to use around daughter, Hardscrabble Gretchen 50% genomic young sires, while VG-86, is the dam of a few of maintaining sound and sensible Geo’s other high scoring grandpedigree stacks. daughters - Hardscrabble Elmo The most popular sires in the Gemini VG-87 and Hardscrabble herd are Talent and Toystory and Prnt Golden VG-85. Hardscrabble Scp Geostar-ET they are currently using Atwood, Geo had a full brother that was an active line-up bull with Accelerated Genetics and she has had three Aftershock, Supersire, McCutchen, Lithium, Fever, Sid, and Mogul. Tim and Tom focus their marketing on selling bulls to AI. Prior other maternal brothers that were genomic young sires. Hardscrabble Moes Geo-ET comes from a solid line of genetics to purchasing the farm, their father had sold around seven or eight with high type and lifetime production. Both her dam and granddam bulls to AI companies. To date, Tim and Tom have sold a similar were EX, GMD, and DOM. Her dam, Hardscrabble Charm amount of contract bulls and have several additional contracts or bulls Gem-TW EX-90, had a lifetime record of 106,180M 4.6F 3.3P. Her being tested. They also sell about 10-15 bulls for breeding each year. The main goal of the operation is to keep high production levels maternal granddam, Hardscrabble Gemstone EX-90 had a lifetime with good-looking, stylish cows in the herd. In the future, Tim and record of 152,280M 4.1F 3.3P. Another branch of Geo’s family that Tim and Tim have been Tom foresee maintaining their current herd size and striving to working with quite a bit is her daughter Hardscrabble Scp Geostar- constantly improve the next generations of Hardscrabble Holsteins. ET, GP-83 DOM, and her two daughters that have tested high

Tank Talk Bears Grass Dairy, Inc., Augusta, Eau Claire County Donald Honadel, Donald & Tamara Schroeder and Gary Schroeder

RHA: 364 cows 25,379 3.7 939 3.09 784 BAA: 104% Currently using: Bomaz Marion Emerald 648-ET Coyne-Farms Bolton Dom-ET Coyne-Farms Dorcy-ET De-Su Gillespy-ET Farnear-TBR AltaAvalon-ET Fustead Goldwyn Guthrie-ET Regancrest AltaIota-ET Seagull-Bay Diamond-ETS Ursa-Grass O-Style Elmer-ET

Marshland Farms Inc., Cushing, Polk County John, James & Joe Lundgren

RHA: 120 cows 24,341 BAA: 107.3% Currently using: Coyne-Farms Dorcy-ET De-Su Gillespy-ET Farnear-TBR AltaAvalon-ET Sildahl-Jett Air-ET Domicole Chelios Maple-Downs-I G W Atwood-ET Siemers Toys Hero 9701-ET Ladys-Manor Man-O-Shan-ET

3rd Annual Brian Krull “BK” Memorial Bowling Tournament to Benefit Agricultural Youth

The Third Annual Brian Krull “BK” Memorial Bowling Tournament will raise money to benefit outstanding agricultural youth/FFA members at the Lake Mills High School. Since the bowling tournaments began four youth have been awarded scholarships totaling more than $2500 to further their education in the agricultural industry thanks to the generous attendance and donations at the 2011 and 2012 tournaments. A scholarship fund has been established at the Lake Mills High School to continue scholarships in Krull’s name. The bowling tournament will take place Saturday, April 6th at the Hering’s Fish Bowl, 137 Sandy Beach Road, Lake Mills, WI. You may register for bowling shifts in one of the following time slots--2:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. This will be a 9-pin tap tournament and entries will include individuals and teams. The cost is $15.00 per person and includes games/shoes. The Bowling Tournament will include raffles, a silent auction and prizes. “BK” Memorial Bowling Tournament T-shirts and koozies will be on sale. All proceeds will be directed toward the scholarship fund. For more information or to register for the bowling shifts, donate items toward the silent auction, raffle or make a monetary donation, please contact Cindy Krull at, 920.988.9426 or W7175 Mansfield Road, Lake Mills, WI 53551. All donations will be tax deductible under IRS rules and checks can be made payable to the Lake Mills Area School District-Brian Krull Memorial Scholarship Fund. Krull, a husband and father of three, was a lifelong resident of Lake Mills, WI and well-known agricultural leader and farmer. He died in a tragic farm accident in August 2010. Bowling was a joy in his life and an opportunity to get away from the farm and socialize with many friends in the Lake Mills area. At the Lake Mills Lanes, Krull was fondly known as “BK.” wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-11

2013 Wisconsin Holstein Convention hosted by Marathon County Holstein Breeders The Wisconsin Holstein Association held its 122nd Annual Convention on February 22 and 23 at the Stoney Creek Inn-Wausau in Rothschild, Wis. This year’s convention was hosted by the Marathon County Holstein Breeders and included a great weekend of meetings, farm tours, entertainment and Holstein fellowship. The weekend’s festivities began with the Region 5 meeting held by Holstein USA and was followed by the WHA Committee meetings on Friday afternoon. These committee meetings continue to be very productive and aid in the direction of the association’s yearly activities. Region 5 Meeting National Directors Corey Geiger and Paul Buhr, National Board President Chuck Worden and Holstein USA staff member Jodi Hoynoski led the Region 5 meeting. Jodi Hoynoski gave the State of the Association address on behalf of Holstein USA and John Meyer. Participation in member programs continues to be strong, with registrations, eartag sales and total revenue up and association income (through November) at $364,000. A report on director elections was given and it was announced that four members have declared for National Board Vice President: John Bierbaum, Gordie Cook, Bob Nigh and Hank van Exel. Corey Geiger will also be up for re-election at this year’s National Convention for his at-large position. With the change in by-laws passed at last year’s convention, any candidate that loses their regional election can then run for the at-large position. The meeting was opened up for questions from members. Several questions were raised on the upcoming change for genomic testing of bulls and how that would affect future data collection. There is some concern that the number of herds doing DHI testing and SET classifications will decline and the data for sires will not be as reliable. It was announced that there is an opening for the region 3 advisor for the national junior advisory committee and if anyone is interested to contact the state office. Jodi Hoynoski also informed the members present that Wisconsin is getting close to losing a delegate for the national convention if our “active” members continue to decline. Production Winners Recognized Convention attendees enjoyed a delicious buffet on Friday evening, and following the meal the association recognized several standout Holsteins and their breeders and owners. The 2012 Top Performers were named, as well as the 300,000 and 400,000 lb. production cows. The overall Top Performer winner for 2012 was Ralma Goldwyn Mayfly-ET EX-92, owned by Tom Kestell, Waldo. The evening finished with the fourth annual Wisconsin Futures Sale, coordinated by the association’s Young Adult Committee. Tom Morris handled auctioneering duties for the sale with Kevin Jorgensen reading pedigrees to a full crowd in attendance. The sale averaged $5,712 on 32 lots. High seller for the evening was lot 2 consigned by Summit Farms, Plymouth. This first choice of three high genomic Plan heifers from Webb-Vue Gabor Mycala-ET was purchased by Siemers Holsteins, Newton, for $26,500. Second high seller was lot 3, Royal-Vista Epic Esther-ET, an Epic from Mor-Yet Goldwyn 682-ET consigned by Royal-Vista Holsteins, Pickett. This +2388G heifer went to Oakfield Corners Dairy, Oakfield, NY. Selling for $12,000 was lot 8, a first choice of two Alchemy heifers from Winterlance Stol Joc Mia-ET VG-86 DOM, consigned by Sandy-Valley Holsteins and purchased by Johnson Holsteins, Baldwin. Neil McDonah, Trempealeau, offered a first choice of three Mayfield females from Larcrest Comet-ETS. Allan and Susan Lundberg, Osseo, will have their choice of these high genomic heifers for $9,100. Proceeds from the sale are used by the Young Adult Committee for their annual events and scholarships. Thanks to the success of these sales, the YAC has presented eight $500 scholarships to WHA young adult members and a $500 scholarship to the Distinguished 12–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013

Young Breeder award winners. Receiving scholarships to attend educational or industry events this year were Doug Wallerman and Bob & Shelly Hart (for more on these winners, see page 14). For the third year, the YAC also offered monetary rewards to first-time convention attendees to help with their convention expenses. WHA Annual Meeting Saturday morning kicked off with another great early bird session featuring Dr. Gordon Atkins on “The Role of Conformation Evaluation in an Industry Dominated by Genomics” (watch for more on his talk in our May issue). Following the speaker, the WHA Annual Meeting was called to order by President Todd Stanek and included committee reports from board members who head the various WHA committees and a report on the financial status of the Association. Minutes from the 121st annual meeting were presented and approved, followed by a financial report from Vice President Marci Walker. President Stanek delivered the annual President’s address, saying the board works well together and everyone knows their job. He also praised the association employees for a smooth transition during 2012. Stanek commented, “We were fortunate to have had Chris Williams work for the association for close to 20 years. Where we are today in regards to the finances and junior program can be attributed to Chris’ efforts.” He explained that the 2011 board was asked to hire her replacement, which they did with Larry Nelson and the transition plan was set up for 2012. Last year was the year to see if they hired the right person and he “looks forward to having Larry put his fingerprint on the association.” He finished by saying the board feels like they have a good team in place to run the association and finances look as good as ever. Nominations were opened up for four board of director positions. Paula Bovre, Todd Borgwardt, Marci Walker, Steve Killian and Chris McCullough were nominated from the floor and gave a brief introduction of themselves to those in attendance. Elected to their second terms were Bovre, Borgwardt, Walker and McCullough. Resolutions presented and passed at the annual meeting were as follows: Resolution 1: Whereas... the Wisconsin Holstein Association body of members attending the 122nd Annual Convention of the Wisconsin Holstein Association, would like to pay tribute to members or family members that have passed away during 2012. Be it resolved that we pay tribute to those members by standing and observing a moment of silence at this time. Resolution 2: Whereas... Chris Williams dilligently served the Wisconsin Holstein Association for 20 years from the WHA office. Be it resolved that we show our sincere appreciatino for her efforts at this time. Resolution 3: Whereas... the members of the Wisconsin Holstein Association attending the 122nd Annual meeting in Rothschild would like to express their gratitude to the Marathon County Holstein Breeders Convention Committee for the excellent job they have done in hosting this convention. Larry Nelson gave an update on WHA programs and the yearly objectives the staff worked on for 2012 and and have outlined for 2013. There was a clear focus on increasing sponsorships during 2012 and gathering members’ correct contact information at WHA events. He also reported that there was a 2% increase in membership in 2012, including over 120 new junior members. The staff is going to continue to work on the data integrity in our membership database and has introduced some new communication tools to help spread the word on association events. National Director Corey Geiger gave a brief summary and thanked members for their input during the Region 5 meeting held the day before. Representatives also spoke from WLIC, WDE, the National Dairy Shrine. Lunch Award Recognitions Saturday’s luncheon included a report on junior activities and recognition of this year’s outstanding juniors, including the Oustand-

ing Boy and Girl, Mitch Kappelman and Cara Biely. Also recognized were National DJM representatives Biely, Charlie Hamilton, Breinne Hendrickson and Katie Wendorf. Cara Biely, representing the JACs, presented Corey Geiger with the 2012 Friend of the JACs award. Wall of Fame inductees were announced at the luncheon, with presentations by Marlowe Nelson, Charlie Will on behalf of Select Sires and Matt Lippert. For more on this year’s Wall of Fame inductees, please see page 18. Also recognized at the luncheon were the 40 and 50 year members. Farm Tours Marathon County continued a great weekend with farm tours to two area herds with deep pedigreed cow families and high type individuals. Convention attendees had the opportunity to visit Nor-Way-Pete/Four-of-a-Kind Holsteins and Matthiae Farms. Thank you to these farms and all who helped with the farm tours for allowing WHA members to see such outstanding breeder herds. Saturday Evening Banquet Following a social hour, the annual awards banquet was held. The WHA board presented a thank you gift to President Stanek for a great year of leadership. Following the presentation of the advertising contest winners, Craig Carncross presented the Young Distiguished Breeder Award to Chad and Amy Ryan of Fond du Lac. Recognized with the Distinguished Service Award was Barb Kayser, Milton, and the

Distinguished Breeder honor was awarded to Brian and Wendy Fust, Wausau. Steve Holte spoke on behalf of the District 2 Holstein Breeders and invited everyone to attend next year’s convention to be held in Tomah. The Marathon County breeders did an outstanding job of gathering a great group of donations for a live auction. Proceeds from the auction were split between the Brad Fust Memorial Scholarship fund and the WHA Junior Association. Along with the silent dessert auction and a Treasure Quest ticket that was auctioned off, a total of $16,575 was raised for these funds. Thank you to all who donated and who purchased items in the auctions. Following the conclusion of the banquet, many convention attendees stayed for refreshments, socializing and dancing to a great local band. The Board of Directors met on Sunday morning and elected the following officers: President – Marci Walker; Vice President – Chris McCullough; Secretary – Paula Bovre; Executive Board members Todd Borgwardt and Kevin Jorgensen. Thank you to the Marathon County Holstein Breeders for all of the hard work put in for a great weekend of Holstein fellowship. Also, thank you to the many sponsors that made the convention possible and support WHA activities throughout the year.

WHA Past Presidents: front - Ray Kuehl, Steve Holte, Marlowe Nelson, Bonnie Van Dyk and Corey Geiger; back Bill Hageman, Henk Van Dyk, Jim Rickert, Mike McCullough, Roger Hildebrandt, Bob Schauf and Lynn Harbaugh

40 Year Members present at the convention: Allan Hanke, Rick Bovre, Eugene Lammers, Tom Morris & Don Schmidt

2012 Advertising Contest Winners Full page, Full color ads: 1. Walk-Era Farms (October) **Best ad of the Year 2. Stone-Front Farms (January) 3. Moorclose Holsteins (April) Full page, 2 color ads: 1. Welsh-Edge Holsteins (July/August) 2. Hilrose Holsteins (July/August) 3. Partee Holsteins (March) Less than Full page, Full color ads: 1. Lyndell Dairy (November) 2. Ryan-Vu Holsteins (February) 3. Blue Star Dairy (July/August) Best Calendar Ad: April - Indianhead Holsteins

40 Year Members

James Anhalt, Manitowoc WIlliam Brass, Sheboygan Rick Bovre, Fond du Lac Jon Detert, Marshall Dean Dorow, Wisconsin Dells Roger Goodrich, New Richmond Allan Hanke, Marathon Steven Hayes, Fond du Lac Dennis Jarek, Bonduel

Larry Kammes, Gratiot Dennis Kuhaupt, Slinger Eugene Lammers, Brandon Dean Leschke, Newton Kenneth Larson, Downing Thomas Morris, Amery Tom Paider, Denmark Ron Paider, Denmark John Roloff, Wonewoc

Less than Full page, 2 color ads: 1. Gildale Holsteins (March) 2. Honeycrest Farms (February) 3. Sugar Creek Dairy (July/August) Black & White ads, any size: 1. Krohlow’s Reg. Holsteins (October) 2. Gateway-Acres (February) 3. Double-D Holsteins (February) Commercial Advertising: 1. ABS Global (October) 2. Accelerated Genetics (January) 3. Taurus (June) Cover of the Year: February Frederick Schaffner, Trempealeau David Swenson, Marshfield Donald Schmidt, Hilbert Harold & Mary Thompson, Spring Valley Elmo Wendorf Jr., Ixonia

50 Year Members

John Selz, Humbird

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-13

Young Adult Committee Educational Awards The Young Adult Committee awarded two Educational Awards at this year’s convention. Proceeds from the annual Futures Sale help fund these awards as well as a $500 gift for the Distinguished Young Breeder. The committee also awarded five $100 “rewards” to first-time convention attendees to help with convention expenses. Receiving the rewards at this year’s convention were Rick & Kathy Seefeldt, Troy & Jaime Noble, Charles & Barbara Wellner, Melissa King and Jason Matthiae. These Educational Awards are intended for those whose main source of income is from the farm. Applicants simply answer four questions in 200 words or less per question and submit their applications in the fall. This year’s Educational Award recipients are Doug Wallerman and Robert and Michelle Hart. Doug Wallerman of Ridgeville Holsteins, Norwalk, Wis., in District 2 farms in partnership with his parents. They’ve had Registered Holsteins for 60 years and while Doug is active in all aspects of the farm, the role of herdsman is his favorite task. Doug grew up in Junior Holsteins attending 10 Junior Conventions, and showing at his District Show for the past 30 years! In the last few years, Doug has gotten more involved as an adult member through the Young Adult Committee, Brewer Trips, sale consignments and attending Adult Convention with his wife for the first time last year. He looks forward to hosting and assisting with planning of the 2014 Adult Convention in Tomah. Doug plans to use his education award monies to cover relief help while he attends the adult convention and also for expenses when he attends World Dairy Expo. Also from District 2 near Galesville, Wis., Bob and Michelle Hart have been busy re-establishing their Trempealeau County Holstein Association including their barn meetings and county futurity. Bob serves as the Trempealeau County Holstein Breeders President and Shelly as Secretary and they were co-chairs of the 2011 District 2

Holstein Show. They enjoy exhibiting their cattle at various shows and educating outside youth who exhibit their managerial Holsteins. Further, they’ve begun to organize trips for county Junior Holstein members to attend Junior Convention and served as the Dairy Bowl coach. Both Bob and Michelle grew up with dairy backgrounds and knew farming was to be their lifestyle of choice. They will use their YAC Education Award to attend National Convention where they plan to gain networking opportunities, a wider perspective to the variety of dairy operations and an increased awareness for their Holstein dairy operation and their county.

Marci Walker, far left, presents Doug Wallerman and Bob and Shelly Hart with their YAC Educational Awards

Distinguished Holstein Breeder - Brian & Wendy Fust presented by Dan Cnossen

It is my pleasure and honor to present this year’s Distinguished Breeder Award. I can think of no other person or persons more deserving. This award goes to a team. For as long as I have known them, they have bred their great herd of Registered Holsteins together. They are surrounded tonight by friends and family. Our convention this year is of course in Marathon County. What better time and place is there to honor 2 of our own, Brian and Wendy Fust? When Brian and Wendy were married in 1976 they bought 30 young Registered Holstein cows. These cows had better type, better pedigrees and were out of more popular bulls than the original herd. They continued to invest in animals over time and the herd continued to improve. At this year’s convention we recognized two of those animals from Fustead, both new Wall of Famers - Nectarlyn Billie Bob Mark and Fustead Emory Blitz are names known throughout the industry. For years, when I traveled in Europe I heard that the Dutch bull, Skalsammer Sunny Boy, had produced and sold the most semen in the world. You can imagine my pride when Blitz surpassed him, a bull bred by my neighbors and friends. Brian and Wendy also invested in one of the greatest cow families of all time, the Dellia’s. One of the most popular bulls of the breed currently, Fustead Goldwyn Guthrie, is a direct descendent of that family. Brian and Wendy have DHIR tested and classified since 1976.  They have received the Progressive Genetics Award for 21 consecutive years. They have bred 33 Excellent cows, 42 Dams of Merit, 15 Gold Medal Dams and 5 Gold Medal Sires. The Fusts will buy 5-10 individuals a year that have the right pedigrees for their clients. Most of the embryos they sell are to repeat buyers. They consign to some of the elite sales in the country and each year several Fustead-bred bulls find their way to A.I. centers around the country. Along with the many high genomic cattle they own, there is another very important family. Their son Brad wanted a show heifer. He purchased an Eland daughter at the KKK sale from Rick and Kathy Seefeldt. She

14–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013

grew up to be an Excellent cow and Brad won many ribbons with her. Brad wanted to flush her to Durham and Fustead Durham Evelyn was born. She was a good show heifer, but like most Durhams she was a much better show cow. Many here remember the 2008 Central Wisconsin State Fair at Marshfield. Chad Ryan was the judge and all four cows brought out for Champion were Durham daughters, including the junior two-yearold, Evelyn.  Brad was so proud. She was getting ready for the big time. Tragically, less than three months later, Brad was called home to heaven.  The next year, Brian and Wendy were determined to honor Brad’s memory and Evelyn was taken to Madison. Lynn Harbaugh had her strap and as she moved into 4th place in the junior three-year-old class, friends and family fought

back tears and smiled. The Fusts are very family oriented. Both sets of their parents supported them in their endeavors but I want to make a special mention of Brian’s dad and mom. Sometimes in this business we see problems in family transition. Roger and Darlene seemingly had zero problems turning the dairy end of the business over to Brian and Wendy. Roger remained a mentor and sounding board for Brian and he is missed very much. Brian and Wendy’s son Tyler is working full-time on the farm and their daughter Jennifer can be found milking cows most nights. They are both married and daughter Nicole is soon to follow suit. Brian and Wendy are very proud grandparents. For those of you who do not know them, the Fusts are very humble people. Brian does not get on a soap box and beat his own drum - ever. But he is very passionate about the Holstein cow and has served several terms on the board of the Marathon County Holstein Breeders, currently serving as president. He and Wendy have coordinated our weekend spring tours every year. He is also very active in District 4 activities. The Fusts are very active members of the New Hope Community Church and spearhead the annual youth benefit auction.

300,000 lb. Cows

Dean Dorow, Wisconsin Dells Dorow Sailor Hogan Hero VG-86 309,800M 11,247F 9,751P Emerald Acres, De Pere Emerald-Acr-Vr Candle GP-83 304,680M 10,836F 8,958P Gene Nelson, New Richmond Hay-Crest Tesk Tumper EX-91 305,550M 12,430F 9,272P James Moret, Prairie du Chien J-Mor Rudolph Hayley-ET VG-87 301,850M 11,155F 9,652P James Senn, Campbellsport Senland Aeroline Salla VG-85 300,790M 9,545F 8,556P JC-Kow Farms LLC, Whitewater JC-Kow Prank Leonard EX-90 346,600M 10,191F 9,664P

Jeff Brantmeier, Sherwood Hilrose Lee Princess EX-93 309,090M 12,216F 9,176P Mystic Valley Dairy LLC, Sauk City Jenny-Lou Chil 643 VG-86 332,230M 11,183F 9,995P Ocean View Farms, Deerfield Ocean-View Fred Horizon-ET VG-88 301,720M 11,372F 8,739P Overtons Farms LLC, Oshkosh Overkrik Lach Emmet F-74 305,000M 10,538F 8,871P Randy Holthaus, Bangor Ar-Line Bonus Panic EX-90 306,600M 12,102F 9,321P Squires Farm Inc., Menomonie Dunn-Brook Eve of Joy-ET VG-88 329,770M 11,531F 10,293P

Wargo Acres, Lodi Wargo-Acres Melina VG-87 350,230M 11,138F 10,049P

400,000 lb. Cows

JC-Kow Farms LLC, Whitewater JC-Kow Contender Theme EX-91 446,720M 14,180F 13,143P Mark Ryan, Fond du Lac Ryan-Vu Storm Norma EX-92 418,090M 13,656F 12,112P

Distinguished Young Breeder Chad & Amy Ryan

Distinguished Service Award Barb Kayser

presented by Craig Carncross

presented by Ray Kuehl The Distinguished Service Award was started back in 1981 as a way to recognize the group behind the scenes of the industry that are enthusiastic and excited to support the association. Barb Kayser is the recipient of this year’s Distinguished Service Award. She has been a long-time volunteer for many state and county activities. She spent many years serving as District Show chairperson and has served on both the state Spring Show and Futurity committees. Barb has served Wisconsin members as a delegate to the National Holstein Convention and helped plan the National Convention when Wisconsin hosted in Milwaukee in 1986. She has also helped with the Rock County juniors, serving as chaperone to the Junior State Fair, Junior Holstein Convention and the National FFA Convention. Barb has been a long-time volunteer at World Dairy Expo and since selling their herd of cows, takes a week’s vacation from her job to work at WDE helping check in cattle and in the ring during the International Red and White show. She is also a PDCA certified judge and has judged county fairs for quite some time. She was named Wisconsin Farm Wife of the Year and Al and Barb were AMPI’s Young Outstanding Couple three times. Opening doors for Wisconsin Holstein women, Barb served as the first female on the Wisconsin Holstein Association Board of Directors. She also served on the Rock County Board of Directors as President, Junior advisor and on the sale committee. Barb farmed with husband Alvin near Janesville on Kayser Holsteins until the herd was dispersed in November 2003, after more than 50 years of active involvement in the dairy industry. Their 100 cow herd had a BAA of 107.9. Barb has a great passion for showing cattle and the family showed at an average of six shows per year on the county, district, state and national level. Barb and Alvin have been married for 50 years and have four children, Cindy, Diane, Dale and Dwayne. Dwayne passed away in a car accident several years ago. They also enjoy spending time with their five grandchildren.

I suspect this is just one of many awards that is going to come to this couple as they continue to carve out their careers in the Registered Holstein business. Chad and Amy Ryan, along with sons Dylan and Cameron, assist with the day-to-day operation of Ryan-Vu Holsteins and farm with Chad’s parents Mark and Mary Ryan near Fond du Lac. They currently have a herd of about 100 Registered Holsteins with a 112% BAA, ranking them second in the nation for their herd size. They have bred five AllWisconsin and seven Reserve All-Wisconsin animals as well as sending a dozen bulls to A.I., making them quite well rounded in this business. Both Chad and Amy grew up quite active in the Junior Holstein Association. Chad got his start with a county herdbuilder award in 1985 and got his first Registered Holstein calf from a neighbor. At age 9 Chad took out a loan to buy two more calves and continued to exchange labor on the farm and re-invested profits to help grow his herd of cattle. Chad and Amy were both recognized with the Outstanding Holstein Boy and Girl awards and that must have made them destined to be together and raise a family in this industry. I’ve been lucky enough to call this couple friends for many years as we went to college together. While at Short Course, Chad started his business of fitting cattle and has become quite accomplished in the sales arena as well. Anybody that knows him knows he has a natural ability to merchandise his own cattle as well as other people’s cattle. Chad also has quite a good eye for cattle as well and has been getting more and more invitations to judge shows on the county, state and national levels. Both Chad and Amy are accomplished judges and give back to the youth of Fond du Lac County by helping coach the 4-H team. Congratulations to this very deserving young couple!

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-15

Top Performer winners: Crystal Siemers-Peterman for Siemers Holsteins, Jay Jauquet and Amanda Killian

300,000 & 400,000 lb. Cow owners: Craig Carncross & Chad Ryan

Wall of Fame: presenter Charlie Will, Brian and Wendy Fust, Mary Piper Finley and presenter Marlowe Nelson

Convention attendees enjoyed seeing a great barn full of cows at Matthiae Farms

Cara Biely, Chair of the 2012 Junior Activities Committee, presents Corey Geiger with the Friend of the JACs Award. Herdsman Dan Cnossen presented a group of their favorite cows to visitors at Nor-Way-Pete/Four-of-a-Kind on the farm tours

16–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013

Adult Convention Fundraiser Auctions Thank you to the following people who supported the live auction, silent auction and Board Spouse Dessert Auction at the Convention. A total of $16,575 was raised for the Brad Fust Memorial Scholarship Fund, general scholarship fund and Junior Association programs. Dr. Scott Allenstein Kel Fraaza Todd & Sue Borgwardt Chad & Amy Ryan Don Fahey Lloyd Bauman Todd Stanek Tracy Nelson Marathon County Committee Kathie McCullough Tom Danhoff

Marci Walker Crave Brothers Jeff Jauquet Corey Geiger & Krista Knigge Synergy Dairy Kathleen O’Keefe Jill & Ed Mielke Rick Seefelt Abby Schliepp Matt Lippert Tom Anderson

Bill Hageman David Cooper Floyd Baumann Bonnie Van Dyk/Mary Kinyon Willis Gunst Chris McCullough Marci Walker Larry Nelson John & Marci Walker

2012 Top Performer Winners Junior Two Year Old

Senior Three Year Old

Six to Nine Year Olds

Synergy Planet Piper-ET VG-85 1-10 305d 38,536 4.9 1889 3.17 1221 5,322 pts. Synergy Dairy LLC, Pulaski award by Alpha Genetics & Holstein World

Dirt-Road TS Candice EX-91 3-11 305d 39,802 4.6 1832 3.3 1295 5,397 pts. Steve & Amanda Killian, Blair award by Alpha Genetics & Hoard’s Dairyman

Ever-Green-View Elegance EX-92 6-04 305d 52,840 4.5 2341 3.1 1604 6,813 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo award by Alpha Genetics & East Central Select Sires

Senior Two Year Old

Four Year Old

Siemers Pagewire 13031 VG-85 2-10 305d 46,614 3.7 1712 2.7 1258 5,154 pts. Siemers Holstein Farms Inc., Newton award by Alpha Genetics & Initial Design Embroidery

Ever-Green-View Maya-ET EX-91 4-00 305d 47,868 4.4 2108 2.9 1387 6,332 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo award by Alpha Genetics & Rowe Pottery

10 Years & Older

Junior Three Year Old Ms Epinema-ET EX-90 3-02 305d 40,791 4.7 1911 3.2 1279 5,450 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo award by Alpha Genetics & Wisconsin Holstein Association

2012 HIGH Top Performer Five Year Olds

Hilrose Lee Princess EX-93 10-00 305d 43,073 3.7 1597 2.6 1132 5,629 pts. Jeff Brantmeier, Sherwood award by Alpha Genetics & Supreme Awards

Ralma Goldwyn Mayfly-ET EX-92 5-04 305d 49,801 4.7 2364 3.3 1594 6,826 pts. Thomas Kestell, Waldo award by St. Joe’s Implement & Alpha Genetics

Synergy Planet Piper-ET

Ms Epinema-ET

Ever-Green-View Maya-ET

Ralma Goldwyn Mayfly-ET

Ever-Green-View Elegance

Hilrose Lee Princess wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-17

Wall of Fame Inductees Man - Alvin Piper

If we were to tell the entire story about Al Piper’s life and work, it would be a long session and would touch the life of almost everyone. It’s doubtful there was anyone in the Wisconsin Holstein business that knew more people than Al Piper did. From his earliest years as a part of Piper Brothers Farm, showing Holsteins at local, state and national shows, to his years of managing Holstein sales all across the U.S., he had friends who knew and trusted him in an extraordinary way. Al helped many young breeders who were just getting into the Registered Holstein business and he helped many older breeders who were ready to get out of that business. His International Holstein Sales business not only served in the merchandising of Holsteins, but it also was a training ground for several young men who started there and then went on their own – Keith Stump and Tom Morris especially. Al was a great supporter of Holstein Youth programs and would have been especially proud to have been able to watch his only granddaughter, Laura Finley, as she participated in many activities and especially this past year when she was chosen as Wisconsin Holstein Princess. Of course, credit should also be given to his wife Marion, who worked side by side with him at all of his sales and also their daughter Mary Lynn who became part of the business as soon as she was old enough to be of help.

Cow - Nectarlin Billie Bob Mark EX-90 GMD DOM

Nectarlin Billie Bob Mark comes from a deep pedigreed Central Wisconsin cow family and her legacy lives on through hundreds of thousands of offspring throughout the world. Bred by Craig & Becky Simson of Marshfield, Billie Bob has at least nine generations of continuous Nectarlin/Nectarlyn breeding back to 1956. Becky’s family, the Stuckerts, had bred cattle with the Nectarlyn prefix in southeast Wisconsin and when Craig and Becky started their own herd in Wood County, simply changed the prefix to Nectarlin. Craig had a job as a soil scientist at the UW-Marshfield Agriculture Research Station. Craig and Becky had a small herd of cows, what they could manage by themselves with Craig’s outside job. Becky’s parents later moved to the area and built a house on the farm as well. Billie Bob is a Walkway Chief Mark out of a GMD DOM Carlin-M Ivanhoe Bell. The rest of the sire stack includes Mars Tony x Glendell x Citation R Maple x Forest Lee Centurion Rocket x Irvington Pride Admiral x Wis Captain. Without exception, the matings behind Billie Bob represent some of the best sires of their era. The Stuckert’s were committed to using outstanding sires in their herd. Becky consigned Billie Bob to a sale in Wausau, but the sale was cancelled. Brian Fust had selected cattle for the sale and was impressed with the potential shown in Billie Bob, so he purchased the cow privately. In the Fust’s barn, classifier Dan Cnossen scored the Chief Mark daughter VG as a two year old and thought enough of Billie Bob that he made sure that his contacts in the AI industry knew about the young cow. To-Mar Blackstar was gaining attention at Select Sires before his official proof came out and semen was made available very early for the sensationally successful flush of Billie Bob x Blackstar. She has four Excellent 18–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013

daughters, all by Blackstar. In addition, there are 12 more Very Good daughters. Including her dam, there are five generations of DOM and four generations of GMD – with probably more to come. Billie Bob is also the start of five generations EX, three generations of EX-GMD-DOM and four generations EX-DOM. One of the Blackstar daughters, Fustead B-Star Blossom-ET EX GMD DOM, had an EX GMD DOM Tesk that is the dam of Fustead Emory Blitz. Blitz has received world-wide acclaim with a long and distinguished career at Select Sires where he produced over a million units of semen. Billie Bob and the Blackstar daughters represent a very complimentary and successful series of matings that was repeated exactly or in a very similar fashion across many herds in the county during the 1970s and 1980s: Blackstar x Mark x Bell x Marshfield x Glendell. The power of this series of crosses is undoubtedly an important foundation for the success of the million unit career of great-grandson Blitz. Beyond Blitz, this family’s genetics is already widely distributed in such Blitz sons as Baxter, Socrates and Armstead and maternal grandsons Guthrie, Fever, Windbrook and Stanley Cup. Billie Bob was developed from a family in southeast Wisconsin, born in Marshfield, developed in Wausau and now her offspring can be found in many dairy herds across the world.

Bull - Fustead Emory Blitz-ET EX-95 GM

Blitz’ granddam, Nectarlin Billie Bob Mark, caught the eye of Select Sires’ Charlie Will on a visit to Fustead Holsteins. Will suggested Fust consider using To-Mar Blackstar, who at the time had was not yet released. Fust agreed and Will supplied the pre-released Blackstar semen for the mating. That mating produced 11 calves, including Fustead B-Star Blossum-ET EX-90 GMD DOM and her three EX full sisters. Five bull calves also resulted, all of which went on to graduate into A.I. service as proven sires. Will then suggested mating Blossum’s best daughter, Fustead Tesk Bev EX-90 GMD DOM, to MJR Blackstar Emory-ET. Brian will admit he was not a fan of this mating, but went along with it and this mating resulted in Fustead Emory Blitz, now considered Emory’s best son. Fustead Emory Blitz-ET EX-95 GM is Select Sires’ number one all-time bull for sales and production with over 1,523,000 units sold. He has 34,955 daughters on his type proof and is still +1.36 on PTAT along with +1.21 for UDC and +0.95 for FLC. Blitz is +1441 GTPI and +1859 milk on 77,519 daughters. Part of the appeal of Blitz is his pattern of producing strong type that allows daughters to score high on classification day as well as produce a lot of milk. Of the 33,669 Blitz daughters identified with Holstein Association USA, 639 daughters had a 365-day record of 40,000 pounds or more; three of these are over 60,000 milk and 28 more are over 50,000 pounds. Blitz also has 263 Excellent daughters including two at EX-94, nine at EX-93 and 22 at EX-92. Blitz was just as popular in Canada as he was in the U.S. In 2005 he made history in Canada as the first sire to ever hold the top ranking for LPI, milk yield and type conformation simultaneously. He is the sire of popular sires Armstead, Baxter and Socrates and the maternal grandsire of popular sires Windbrook, Fever, Whiteface, Wallace, Watchout and Stanley Cup. These sires average +1853 TPI and +2.52 PTAT. Blitz is the sire of four Gold Medal Sire sons including Zimmerview Blitz Jintx-ET, Palmcrest Blitz Blade-ET, Creek Dorne-ET and Velvet-View-KJ Socrates-ET.








8 9




1. Chris McCullough takes bids during the auction at the banquet 2. BIMP Committee members 3. Princesses Morgan Behnke and Crystal Siemers-Peterman present a pedal tractor for the live auction 4. Members vote for the advertising contest 5. Amanda & Steve Killian at the Futures Sale 6. President Todd Stanek 7. Kathy Traynor, Corey Geiger, Tracy Nelson, Krista Knigge, Bob Traynor and Todd Stanek enjoy the dance 8. Kevin Jorgensen plays with the band 9. Marathon County members relax after a great convention 10. Kevin Jorgensen, Tom Morris and Chad Ryan work the Futures Sale 11. Mike McCullough teaches the Princesses to dance 12. Some of the offerings in the Board Spouse Dessert Auction

Annual Supporters of Wisconsin Holstein preferred HolStein entHuSiaStS

Rural Mutual Insurance Company

Brian Greenman, 920-322-1194

platinum SponSorS

Gold SponSorS

Stone Ridge Dairy Silver SponSorS

The companies and farms noted here are “Annual Supporters� of Wisconsin Holstein events. To be an annual supporter, these companies make monetary and/or in kind donations to various WHA events at certain dollar levels for the year. To join this group, contact WHA today at 1-800-223-4269.

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-19

The Barron County Holstein Breeders invite you to...

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days July 9-11, 2013 hosted by Breezy Hill Dairy, Alex & Mary Olson 147 16th St., Dallas, WI 54733

Daryl Alexander Kim Barta Bradley & Tawny Chandler Taylor Chandler Kevin & Jamie Charron Kerwin & Marilyn Cordes William Cordes Tyler Crosby Da-Ru Family Trust Allen Frisle Allissa Frisle Dean Frisle Gary Frisle Justyne Frisle Regina Frisle Steven Fronk McKenna George Adam Glessing Becky & Scot Hammann Brooke Hammann Summer Hammann David Haugen Mark Haughian Hazel Bush Farms Inc. Samuel Herr McKylie Hoff

Richard Huth Kenneth & Michael Jackson Tim Jergenson Lawrence Jerome Amber Johnson James Johnson Russell Johnson Michael R & Jane Klatt Mitchell Klatt Paul Knutson Keith Kolpack Chris Lentz Makenna Lentz Robert Lentz Gordon & Frank Manshaem Damon Meyer Elizabeth Moen Charles Nelson Craig Nelson Alex & Mary Olson C Lowell & Patricia Olson Samuel Olson Matthew Orne David Pintens Jacob Pintens Russell Rindsig

Ken Rohl Daren Sandmann Timothy Sandmann Gabriel Schauf Jacob Schauf Robert & Karyn Schauf Zachary Schauf Dan Schullo Al Schutz Alexis Sirek Abigail Solum Cathleen Solum Isaac Solum Kayla Solum Sierra Solum Kevin Splett Dane Thompson Verl Verhulst Collin Wille Jeff & Debbie Wille Katie Wille Bethany Wohlk Clayton Wohlk Glen Wohlk Kurt Wohlk

For more information, visit the website at 20–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013

Her Dam

Marshland Toystory Barba EX-92 EX-93MS 4-03 326 30,091 3.6F 3.0P

Marshland Derry Bagie EX-91 EX-92MS

+1870 GTPI +2.56T

Her Daughters: • Marshland Outbound Barbwire VG-87 at 2Y • Marshland Iota Bacardi (2/2012) GTPI +2088 +3.03T • Topside heifer & bull calves just born

Marshland Farms Inc.

122,363 4.4F 3.3P lifetime Dams: Marshland Manat Bogie VG-86 x Marshland Aerostar Booger VG-85 GMD DOM x Marshland Winken Bertie VG-88 GMD DOM

Other Daughters: • GP-84 VG-MS Sanchez 2Y • bred for 9/2013 to Avalon

• 9/2012 Large heifer

Happy Birthday to Great-Grandpa Johnny who turned 90 years young on March 20! 5 Year PGH, 2 Year PBR herd 100% homebred 107.3 BAA on 107 cows - 6 EX, 57 VG, 44 GP

The Lundgren Family • 2419 State Road 87, Cushing, WI 715-648-5581 •

Tuscobia Durham Idol EX-92 2E EX-MS

Gloryland Lucinda Rae-ET EX-90 EX-MS

4-11 2x 305 25,550 3.6 924 3.0 776 Grand Champion, District 1 2009 H Idol’s 3 Goldwyns are due in April & May H

6-02 2x 365 33,620 3.7 1240 3.3 1099 H We have granddaughters from Lucinda Rae by Sid (July 2012) and Windbrook (August 2012) H

Dam: Tuscobia Gibson Indira-TW GP-83 2-02 2x 305 22,350 3.4 771 2.9 644

Their Dam: Erinwood Roy Rae VG-87 VG-MS 2-03 2x 365 36,890 3.7 1348 3.0 1109

Our other favorites: • Pine-Tree Outside Melody-ET EX-92 2E DOM, from Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy 5-09 3x 305 35,370 4.2 1480 3.0 1045 - We have 2 Shottle calves from this A.I. family • Iowa-Hills Cousto Pearl-ET VG-85, from the Pala’s 3-10 2x 365 41,320 3.1 1274 2.7 1103 - We have Advent & Atwood daughters from Pearl due in the fall

Black Satin Holsteins Will, Amber, Nathan & Kathryn Cordes 412 17th Ave., Almena, WI 54805 • 715-357-3444 e-mail: 1/13 RHA: 2x 30,432M 1140F 940P BAA: 106.3% 6 Year PBR Herd 4th highest for milk of Wisconsin’s PBR herds 2012

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-21

District 1 Report Watch for your chance to advertise & promote your county association in future issues. The May issue will feature District 7 - Brown, Door, Forest, Florence, Kewaunee, Marinette, Menomonie, Oconto, Outagamie, Shawano, Waupaca & Waushara counties.

Ashland County

2012 Adult Membership: 7; Jr. Membership: 0

Barron County

2012 Adult Membership: 51; Jr. Membership: 23 Adult Association officers - President: Dean Frisle; Vice President: Scot Hammann; Secretary/Treasurer: Jeff Wille. Jr. Association officers - President: Dane Thompson; Vice President: Jacob Pintens; Secretary: Sierra Solum; Treasurer: Katie Wille. The Barron County Holstein Association held their annual banquet in January, with the main topic being 2013 Farm Technology Days that Barron County is hosting at Breezy Hill Dairy owned by our members Alex & Mary Olson. Many members are actively involved in the planning and execution of the show. We hold a Spring Sale and a Fall Sale at the Barron Sales Pavillion which were both well attended. We continued with our Holstein Heifer Calf Project, offering a $1000 interest free loan to applicants to purchase a calf. We also continue to sponsor class ribbons and awards at the state show, the Wisconsin State Fair, as well as the Supreme Champion Dairy Cow of the Barron County Fair. The Barron County Junior Association also held their annual banquet in January where members were given their activity awards. Larry Nelson updated us on the activities the WI Junior Holstein Association is planning for junior members. We also talked about the 2013 Farm Technology Days and the need for members to volunteer to help at the dairy exhibit in the youth tent. The juniors started last summer by having two members attend Cow Camp. We served ice cream at the Barron County Dairy Breakfast. Katie Wille was crowned as our Holstein Queen for the year at the Rice Lake Aqua Show. The Barron County Fair is in July and the juniors run an ice cream cone stand as well as passing out cheese sticks, milk & cookies during the dairy show. Also during the fair last year, the juniors honored Indianhead Holsteins, Bob and Karyn Schauf, with our “Friend of the Holstein Cow” award. We had many members represent Barron County at the Junior State Fair. Congratulations to all the junior members for their great success in the show ring and in other dairy projects last year.

national shows as a group to watch. There will be some juniors attending Cow Camp, Badger Dairy Camp and next year’s Junior Convention.

Dunn County

2012 Adult Membership: 43; Jr. Membership: 8

Eau Claire County

2012 Adult Membership: 26; Jr. Membership: 6 Adult Association officers - President: Donald Honadel; Vice President: Cade Stanek; Secretary: Tammy Smith Schroeder; Treasurer: Joe Matz. The Eau Claire County Holstein Association held its annual meeting in March with elections held. A recap of our 2012 year was highlighted by reminiscing about the District 1 Show that was hosted by Eau Claire County. The adults also sponsored the youth to the State Fair and sponsored a trophy at the Wisconsin Championship Show. Our spring and summer will be busy assisting the Augusta FFA and Augusta FFA Alumni with Night on the Farm to be held in June at Todd Stanek’s farm.

Pierce/Pepin Counties

2012 Adult Membership: Pierce - 39, Pepin - 8; Jr. Membership: Pierce - 17, Pepin - 0

Polk County

2012 Adult Membership: 38; Jr. Membership: 29 Adult Association officers - President: Ted Johnson; Vice President: Rick Dado; Secretary/Treasurer: Karie Melin-Swenson. Jr. Association officers - President: Ethan Dado; Vice President: Cody Getschel; Secretary: Mikayla Getschel; Treasurer: Chris Rassier; advisors: Hans Johnson, Gwen Dado adn Ginny Rassier. The Polk County Holstein Association has a food stand at the Polk County Fair and offers financial support for the juniors for trips and repair and maintenance of the food stand at the Polk County Fair. They also have a spring dairy banquet held in conjunction with all Polk County dairy enthusiasts and dairy youth (4-H and Junior Holstein members). The Polk County Junior members held a semen auction last fall for financial support of their activities. Members applied for and received WHA scholarships and the senior dairy bowl team represented Wisconsin at the National Holstein Convention last July.

Price County

2012 Adult Membership: 5; Jr. Membership: 0

Rusk County

2012 Adult Membership: 14; Jr. Membership: 3

Bayfield County

Sawyer County

Burnett County

St. Croix County

Chippewa County

Vilas County

2012 Adult Membership: 2; Jr. Membership: 0 2012 Adult Membership: 2; Jr. Membership: 0 2012 Adult Membership: 49; Jr. Membership: 26 Adult Association officers - President: Steve Maier; Vice President: Matt Nunes; Secretary: Cheryl Foerster; Treasurer: Matt Buescher; Directors: Liz Mayer & Erica Ullom. Jr. Association officers - President: Tyler Maier; Vice President: Justin Wachtendonk; Secretary: Fritzy Ullom; Treasurer: Eric Wachtendonk; Junior Advisors: Erica Ullom and Mike Wachtendonk. The adult association offers a calf loan to any youth in Chippewa County interested in purchasing a Registered Holstein calf. Any interested youth that is involved in Junior Holsteins, 4-H or FFA fills out an application and completes an essay with the winner selected by the board. The winning youth receives a no interest loan with the full payment due after two years. The adult board is in the planning stages for this year’s twilight meeting. Other events they help at and support are the Chippewa 4-H Fitting and Showing clinic and this year’s Area Animal Science Days. The Chippewa County Juniors had six members attend the Junior Convention in Janesville. We have a Spring Farm Tour planned to southeastern Wisconsin on March 29 and have plans to attend some 22–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013

2012 Adult Membership: 2; Jr. Membership: 4 2012 Adult Membership: 43; Jr. Membership: 10 2012 Adult Membership: 1; Jr. Membership: 0

Washburn County

2012 Adult Membership: 1; Jr. Membership: 0

Pride Lboy Today 829-P-ET GP-84 VG-MS GTPI +1928 2-00 365 27,147 3.7 1003 3.3 883 The future of the Holstein breed is polled. We feel confident that Today 829 will play an important part in it, and here’s why: • A beautiful individual with an outcross pedigree - Lawn Boy x EX-90 GMD Ramos with 42,000M x VG-87 Addison with 45,000M x VG-85 Mattie G with 1200F x GP-82 2Y Darkstar with 35,000M x VG-88 Skybuck with 40,000M x VG Eagle with 200,000 lifetime. • Her polled Numero Uno heifer, Tuesday 1126, is a sweet calf and will get genomics in April. • Her polled Sudan daughter, Sudan Touche 1022, is +1973 GTPI and +503NM, has two pregnancies by Cabriolet and four pregnancies and 5 frozen embryos for a German contract by Lou-P and will be flushed again. • Today is contracted to Genex and Accelerated Genetics, has three more pregnancies by Numero Uno and Galaxy, and she herself is due May 15 to the #1 GTPI sire of the breed, Supersire. We’re excited!

Barn: 715-442-5004 Chuck: 715-495-1186

R Green Acres, Inc.

Visitors Welcome Just 10 minutes from Hwy. 35 in Pepin

The Raethke’s - Myrna, Jeff, Jon & Chuck Pepin, WI ~ 20 year Progressive Genetics Herd wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-23

Hardscrabble Scp Geostar-ET GP-83 at 3-03 DOM 2-00 3x 303 25,350 4.0 1024 3.3 846 ~ sired by Net-A-Way Orion Scoop-ET Her daughters:

• Hardscrabble Redoak Glee-ET GTPI +2285 +1361M +92F +47P +713NM +4.8PL 2.91SCS +.9DPR +2.37T +1.88 UDC +2.54 FLC ~ pregnancies by Mogul; due in May to McCutchen ~ sired by Red-Oak-DB Baxter Bill

• Hardscrabble Zoro Glasses VG-87 GTPI +1925 2-10 357 26,994 4.1 1109 3.6 974 ~ pregnancies by Lithium; due to McCutchen ~ sired by Windsor-Manor Zoro 2nd Dam: Hardscrabble Moes Geo-ET VG-88 GMD DOM 3-05 2x 365 35,380 4.1 1437 3.3 1173 3rd Dam: Hardscrabble Charm Gem-ET EX-90 GMD DOM 4-04 2x 365 36,070 5.0 1810 3.2 1152 4th Dam: Hardscrabble Gemstone EX-90 GMD DOM

Hardscrabble Farms Tim & Tom Maier 19303 125th Ave., Jim Falls, WI 54748 • Barn 715-382-4355 Tim’s cell 715-828-9624 •

Other high genomic heifers: • Hardscrabble Fredie Quality GTPI +2151 Just fresh; from a VG-85 Toystory • Hardscrabble Bowser Queens GTPI +2013 Due to Latimer in April; daughters by Punch; from a VG-88 Toystory Inquiries welcome. Breeding age bulls for sale.

Ursa-Grass Toys Embassy-ET

VG-87 EVV+V GTPI +1820

3-05 2x 365 33,453 3.8 1263 3.2 1080 5-02 2x 283 26,474 3.8 1002 3.2 850 inc. Lifetime to date: 103,500 3896 3381 • Due again in May to Regancrest Paradise-ET • Currently has an O-Style son at Accelerated Genetics, available as part of their Geneforce line-up:

14HO07041 Ursa-Grass O-Style Elmer-ET +2283 GTPI +768NM$ 12/12 +1614M +51F +51P +5.9PL +2.0 DPR +1.9T 1.73UDC +1.99 FLC 2.64 SCS 6% CE

Bears Grass Dairy Inc.

Donald & Tamara Schroeder • Gary Schroeder • Donald Honadel S8495 Cty. Hwy. V, Augusta, WI 54722 Barn phone: 715-286-2110 Donald Honadel cell: 715-450-3566

24–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013

Dam: Honadel Ellipsis Empress-ET VG-87 5-06 2x 305 31,410 3.8 1208 3.5 1114 2nd Dam: Honadel Rudolph Elsie VG-87 VG-MS GMD DOM 3-04 2x 305 27,180 4.1 1112 3.3 910 3rd Dam: MIG Erinn-ET VG-85 GMD DOM 6-03 2x 365 33,360 3.4 1137 2.9 984

RHA: 364 cows 2x 25,379 3.70 939 3.09 784 BAA: 104% Inquiries welcome

THE 46TH OUTAGAMIE CO. SPRING SALE Friday, April 26th, 7:30 p.m., Seymour Fairgrounds, Seymour, WI





EX-94 2E 7-05 2x 365 36,980 5.0 1837 3.2 1186

EX-94 3E 5-05 2x 365 37,080 4.0 1493 3.0 1110

EX-90 2E 4-06 2x 365 40,350 3.7 1498 2.9 1167

EX-95 2E GMD DOM 4-08 2x 365 44,120 3.7 1633 3.4 1484

Alice’s showy Dundee sells fresh! Granddam EX-94 Adeen, then EX-94 Ada. It doesn’t get much better than this! MilkSource Genetics

VG-88 Goldwyn sells fresh! Her dam is Milkshake with 217,190 lifetime, then EX-92 with 36,000 1332F 1065P. Six generations EX or VG. Bill Schultz

VG-86 Shottle made over 30,000 as a 2 year old sells! She’s making another big record again & bred back to Goldsun! Dam EX-92 Talent, then Alabama with over 200,000 lifetime. Paltzer/Thurk

Alexander sells fresh with her 3/13 Gold Chip heifer! Dams: EX-92 2E Lee, EX-92 2E Encore then Promis & Pala. Potential Doug Lemke 5th generation EX. Also selling from the Pala Family is a fresh VG-86 at 2Y Aspen! Bob Letter





EX-93 7-03 2x 365 38,680 3.8 1471 3.1 1217

EX-90 4-07 2x 365 36,040 4.2 1500 3.3 1202

EX-93 GMD DOM 10-0 2x 365 50,450 3.7 1831 2.6 1353

EX-94 3E GMD DOM 7-11 2x 365 48,110 3.7 1764 2.8 1352

A red Talent sells fresh. Dam is an EX Rampage then All-American R&W KiteRed. 10 generations VG or EX. Ken & Andrea Moeller

Beautiful uddered VG-85 at 2Y Baxter sells fresh! Dam is VG with 34,140 then Racha and another VG-88 dam. High productive life and components in this Tim Voight family!

A potential EX Durham sells fresh, VG-88 as a 3 year old. Dam is VG Stormatic sister to Princess. Total package: type, production & longevity in this family. Hilrose

RED Destry sells fresh! Dams by Advent, VG-86 Sept Storm with 1419F then Dori. You won’t miss this beautiful uddered red cow! Opsal/Wilstar





EX-93 6-03 2x 365 39,480 4.1 1625 3.3 1295

EX-94 6-08 2x 365 31,020 4.3 1332 3.0 930

EX-90 3E 7-04 2x 365 31,139 4.1 1286 3.0 923

EX-93 DOM 3-08 2x 365 32,720 4.0 1323 2.8 919

A framey Sept. 2012 Windbrook sells! Dam is a very correct GP-83 VG-MS Alexander, then Shawna, EX-91 2E and EX-94. HUGE lifetime production in this family. Ragnar

A very correct June 2012 Windbrook sells! Dam is VG-88 EX-MS Shottle then Lucky. Mark Eggert

A tall, long stylish Sept. 2012 Goldsun sells. Dam is VG-87 with 1426F and 1112P, then Bandana, EX & VG-88 with 218,150 lifetime. Pete & Brenda Bricco

An Alexander sells with her very stylish December 2012 Destry calf. Dams EX with 41,650, EX-91 3E with 235,950 lifetime, GP-83 GMD then Angelina. Four-of-a-Kind Partners

68 lots sell from some of Wisconsin’s FINEST herds: 48 fresh 1st & 2nd lacation cows, 18 show-age heifers, and 2 embryo lots including 5 Red & White cows & heifers 2 Embryo lots sell: • Buyer’s choice: 5 #1 Sanchez or 5 #1 Dundee embryos from EX Lightning, then Stone-Front Iron Pasta EX-96. David & Derek Marcks • 5 #1 Damion embryos from VG-87 2 year old Goldwyn, then Budjon Redmarker Desire EX-96. Buman/Paltzer Sale Sponsored by:

FOR CATALOGS CONTACT: Sale Chairman, Tim Voight - 920-209-9372, e-mail: Catalog will be available online at

Holstein Breeders

SALE STAFF: Kevin Jorgensen, 920-210-3992 Mike Rohloff, 715-853-9099 Lynn Harbaugh, 920-420-1524 Jay Jauquet, 608-279-3222 Tim Schindler, 715-223-4014 wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-25

Wisconsin’s 2012 All-Americans Spring Calf Nom

Ryan-Vu Damion Relish, Chris & Jennifer Hill and Chad & Amy Ryan, Fond du Lac

Fall Calf Nom

Siemers Dstry Sunraygal-ET, Mike & Megan Moede and Hailey Jauquet, Algoma

Spring Yearling

HHM Crestbrooke Gap Torrie-ET, Kyle Natzke & Laura Finley, Fond du Lac Nom Vellhaven Ali Braxton Miracle, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton

Winter Yearling Nom

Spring Yearling Nom

Crestbrooke Gap Torrie-ET, Kyle Natzke & Laura Finley, Fond du Lac

Fall Yearling in Milk

HHM Brackleyfarm Chelios Cheerio, MilkSource Genetics, Kaukauna

Senior 2 Year Old Nom

Ehrke Ytina Gold Athiena-ET, Cierra Ehrke-Essock, Fort Atkinson

Junior 3 Year Old Nom

Blondin Goldwyn Subliminale-ETS, Budjon Farms and Peter & Lyn Vail, Lomira

Senior 3 Year Old Nom Nom

RF Goldwyn Halona-ET, MilkSource Genetics, Kaukauna Siemers Goldwyn Goldie-ET, Jordan & Whitney Ebert, Algoma

5 Year Old RES

Scientific Gold Dana Rae-ET, Budjon Farms, Joel Kietzman & Clark Woodmansee, Lomira

Aged Cow Nom Nom

Harvue Roy Frosty, Mike & Julie Duckett, Jim & Nancy Junemann and Scott Armbrust, Rudolph Luck-E Dundee Jenna, MilkSource Genetics, Kaukauna

125,000 lb. Cow HM Nom

Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS, Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Cleveland Midway How-El Drhm Roxy, Rosedale Genetics Ltd. & Nelson Ziehlsdorff, Oxford

Senior Best 3 Females

HHM Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Produce of Dam RES Nom

Produce of Siemers Damion Glam 9633-ET, Siemers Holsteins, Newton Produce of Scientific Debutante Rae-ET, Matthew Nunes, Chippewa Falls

Junior Best 3 Females Nom

Nom Nom

Fall Yearling in Milk

Dougal Lea Goldwyn Danita-ET, Kyle Natzke & Cally Strobel, Fond du Lac HHM Ms L-Maples-BO SG Durham 46, Jenna Langer, DeForest


Junior 2 Year Old

Cavanaleck Lana Rae-ET, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton HHM Synergy Destry Amore-ET, Mason, Carter & Evan Jauquet and Carmen, Mikayla & Spencer Haack, Pulaski AA

Senior 2 Year Old

Ehrke Ytina Gold Athiena-ET, Cierra Ehrke Essock, Fort Atkinson HHM Ryan-Crest Sanz Extacy-ET, Kyle Natzke & Dylan Ryan, Fond du Lac Nom Hoesly Dundee Rhianna, Jake & Paige Hoesly, Brodhead Nom Vision-Gen Snz Whip-A770-ET, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton


Junior 3 Year Old

Siemers Goldwyn Glams-ET, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton HHM Fischerdale Damion Reality, Elizabeth Sarbacker, Verona Nom Duckett Spirite Expresso, Trent & Travis Schafer and Austin Nauman, Norwalk Nom Quad-R Lyman Mustang, Tanya & Ryan Smith, Monticello


Senior 3 Year Old AA Nom

Siemers Goldwyn Goldie-ET, Jordan & Whitney Ebert, Algoma Luck-E Dundee Blizzard-ET, Trent & Travis Schafer, Norwalk

5 Year Old RES

Ms Del-Hollow Javent-Red-ET, Kyle Natzke and Kyle Demmer, Fond du Lac Pyramid Goldwyn Shimmer-ET, Jordan & Whitney Ebert, Algoma

Aged Cow

Siemers Gwyn Glam Thisup-ET, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton

Fischerdale Windbrook Etta, Elizabeth Sarbacker, Verona Crave Alex Glamourous 6984, Roseanne Crave, Waterloo Siemers Guthre Haybelle-ET, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton Siemers Dstry Sunraygal-ET, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton Fischerdale Fever Estero-ET, Elizabeth Sarbacker, Verona Ziems Dusk Lila, Renee Pierick, Prairie du Sac

Summer Yearling AA Nom

Crave Dusk Penny 6262, Roseanne Crave, Waterloo Whitnell Duplex Layla, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton

2012 Junior All-Americans

Fall Calf AA



Winter Calf RES Nom Nom

Fall Yearling

Siemers Holsteins, Newton

Spring Calf AA

Siemers Dundee Goldn-One-ET, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton

Langer Dundee Bubbles-ET, Jenna Langer, DeForest Siemers Fvr Hiadream-ET, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor & Lauren Siemers, Newton

26–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013

Hylite SS Alasandra, Andrew Sell and Mitch Immel, Watertown RES Dark-Horse Outside Diesel, Trent & Travis Schafer, Norwalk HHM Dalin Durham Taffy-ET, Brodie Bunkelman, Edgar Nom Paradise-D Rudy Gudie, Andrea Pagenkopf, Lancaster


125,000 lb. Cow AA

Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS, Crystal Siemers-Peterman, Cleveland

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Hello Holstein Enthusiasts! Spring is finally here! For many, spring means birds chirping, flowers, and sunshine. For Holstein enthusiasts, spring sometimes means unruly heifers resenting to be led, the smell of Revive and Orvis soap, and for kids - shaving cream! Spring always brings many positive connotations. For most, it’s an exciting time of the year - a new beginning of sorts. One thing I’m super excited for is our WI Holstein State Showcase Sale. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a state sale here in Wisconsin, and I’m looking forward to this event taking place. Having a state sale brings opportunities to both juniors and adults who are either looking to merchandize their cattle or even purchase a special heifer that could positively impact his or her herd. This sale will be an impressive reflection of the quality that Wisconsin continues to bring to our Holstein industry. An added bonus about this sale is that if you do purchase an animal on April 8 and decide that you would like to show at the Midwest National Spring Show, the Wisconsin Holstein Association will let you enter her without

any late fees! How neat is that? The Midwest National Spring Show is also right around the corner, coming up on April 20. I have many fond memories of Spring Show; from leading through a blizzard, to having a freezing bucket of water dumped on me (Thanks John Klossner!). Spring Show is always a great time to socialize with friends, and also watch or compete in the show as well. I can’t wait to see many of you there, and hopefully we won’t need to wear our snow-pants! One of my fondest memories of my childhood has to be the infamous Cow Camp. I attended two Cow Camps in my life and one of my favorite memories of Cow Camp has to be my first time attending. I was apprehensive on the ride there, because before this time I hardly knew anyone my age, except my cousin Jordan (Siemers), that had the same passion for cows like I did. I met so many new friends, laughed so much my belly hurt and got to just be me with a great group of Junior Holstein members! I encourage all youth who haven’t been to Cow Camp to give it a try this year and for those who have, I hope to see you again this year. I know you won’t be disappointed and you’ll have everlasting memories and learn a lot, too. Lastly, keep in tuned for updates on the bus we will have for the National Junior Convention in July in Indianapolis. Keep checking our Facebook page for Holsti-Buck opportunities! Shine Bright Like a Bovine! Crystal Siemers-Peterman

B REEDER B USINESS C ARDS KRANZDALE SALES, INC. Dairy Cattle Buyer & Broker • Auctions & Appraisals

DALE & JOEY KRANZ Want to have a sale? Call us! N3931 O’Connor Rd. • Columbus, WI 53925 Ph: 920-623-2246 • Cell: 920-960-2566 • Fax: 920-623-0435 e-mail: WI Registered Auctioneer #1008-52 Animal Dealer License #124006-AD

Rickert Bros. LLC Home of Rickland Holsteins

Doug, Linda, Corey & Tammy Hodorff N3832 Hwy. W, Eden, WI 53019

Jim & Kelly, Greg & Laura, Andrew & Shannon, Don & Lila Rickert Eldorado, WI 54932

Tel: (920) 477-6800 • Fax: (920) 477-2520 E-mail: • Tel: 920-872-2982

Stop in anytime for a second look!

RHA: 975 cows 28,091 3.5 1001 3.0 844 17 Year Progressive Genetics Herd

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WHA’s Great Holstein Treasure Quest

2013 Calf Entries


Ames-Way-NM Alexandr Victim Born 9-3-2012

Reg. #71619061


Cleland Brbwre Kayla-Red-ET Born 12-1-2012

Reg. #142259540

Sire: Golden-Oaks St Alexander-ET Dam: Ames-Way-NM Shotle Victoria VG-85 2Y 2-00 2x 115 9,496 3.7 354 3.0 276 inc. 2nd Dam: Ames-Way NM Atlas Venice-ET VG-86 2Y 2-02 2x 305 23,920 3.6 851 3.2 760 3rd Dam: Ames-Way Encore Varona EX-93 4th Dam: Ames-Way Lindy Vadison EX-92 5th Dam: Ames-Way AJ Vanetta EX-94 6th Dam: Ames-Way Ultimate Vanessa EX-90

Sire: Hylite Barbwire-Red Dam: Cleland Advent Korie-Red-ET EX-92 EX-MS 3-03 2x 305 23,290 4.7 1085 3.3 765 2nd Dam: Cleland Vrr Kyra-Red-ET VG-86 VG-MS 3-04 2x 305 22,370 3.4 763 3.3 731 3rd Dam: Crull-CKC Marker Kobie VG-87 VG-MS *RC 4-09 2x 305 26,230 3.2 843 2.9 748 4th Dam: Cleland Ray Kobra-Red-ET VG-85 5th Dam: Weeks Sbbl Krista 6-ET VG-86

Owner: Paul & Sarah Trapp & Neil McDonah, Taylor

Owner: Jim & Vicky Cleland, Clinton

Cleland Advent Korie-Red-ET EX-92

Ames-Way-NM Shotle Victoria VG-85


Favorite-K Sid Ivy Born 9-22-2012

Reg. #142083949


Krull Braxton Etalic Born 9-13-12

Reg. #142121104

Sire: Pine-Tree Sid-ET Dam: Kinyon Stormatic Ignore-ET EX-90 3-06 3x 365 33,550 3.9 1297 3.0 996 2nd Dam: Kinyon Integrity Indian-ET EX-92 2E 7-04 2x 365 30,820 4.5 1387 3.2 977 3rd Dam: Kinyon Linjet Ideal EX-96 2E 4-08 2x 365 44,943 6.0 2700 3.7 1685 All-American Aged Cow 2006 4th Dam: Kinyon Blackstar Idaho EX-93 GMD DOM 5th Dam: Kinyon Sexation Ida EX-91 DOM

Sire: Regancrest S Braxton-ET Dam: Krull Sanchez Etaly GP-83 3Y 1-11 2x 23,120 3.1 723 2.9 682 2nd Dam: Krull Encore Ethel EX-90 EX-MS 8-03 2x 365 23,030 3.5 802 2.9 672 3rd Dam: Krull Skychief Easter EX-90 EX-MS 4th Dam: Krull Broker Elegance EX-96 3E GMD DOM 5th Dam: Krull Starbuck Excellency EX-90 GMD DOM 6th Dam: Krull TT Excellency EX-90 DOM 7th & 8th Dams: EX-92 2E GMD DOM, EX-92 4E GMD

Owner: Todd Stanek & Marty Kinyon, Fall Creek

Owner: Elizabeth Sarbacker, Verona

Kinyon Linjet Ideal EX-96 2E 28–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013

Krull Encore Ethel EX-90

2013 Calf Entries


Lyn-Vale Windbrook Gigi-ET Born 6-6-2012

Reg. #71821991


Meyervilla WL Skye Rae-ET Born 9-2-2012

Reg. #142244324

Sire: Gillette Windbrook-ETS Dam: Baycroft Rubens Glorious-ET EX-91 3E GMD 4-11 2x 365 43,030 3.5 1489 3.0 1310 2nd Dam: C Nipponia Broker Gloria-ET EX-91 2E 7-00 2x 331 22,110 4.0 895 3.1 688 3rd Dam: Glen Isla Starbuck Gloria EX Can 5* 5-03 2x 365 26,607 4.1 1082 3.4 906 4th Dam: Glen Isla Warden Glenna EX-90 5th Dam: Glen Isla Sen Gracela-ET EX Can

Sire: Willsbro Larson-ET Dam: KM&EW Goldwyn Sun Rae-ET EX-90 EX-MS 2-05 2x 305 29,010 3.7 1059 3.2 925 2nd Dam: Scientific Sweetie Rae-ET EX-92 2E 3-11 2x 365 28,020 4.2 1189 3.3 924 3rd Dam: Scientific Jubilant Rae-ET EX-90 DOM 5-11 2x 365 38,880 4.1 1608 3.4 1329 4th Dam: C Hanoverhill Tony Rae EX-96 3E GMD DOM Next Dams: EX-94, EX-90, EX-97 4E GMD, EX-90

Owner: William Schultz III, Waldo

Owner: Tyler Meyer, Darien

KM&EW Goldwyn Sun Rae-ET EX-90

Baycroft Rubens Glorious-ET EX-91 3E GMD


Miss Fever Dramatic Born 7-10-2012

Reg. #142064656


Ms Burst Ruth-Red-ET *PO Born 12-6-2012

Reg. #71341193

Sire: Crackholm Fever-ET Dam: Miss Aspen Dimaggio EX-90 4-01 2x 365 28,110 4.1 1142 3.3 932 2nd Dam: Sapa-Ska Durham Danielle EX-93 2E 2-11 2x 365 32,870 3.5 1151 3.1 1022 3rd Dam: Sapa-Ska Mo Dangles EX-91 2E 4th Dam: Sapa-Ska Blackstar Darci VG-89 GMD DOM 5th Dam: Juddale Rotate Dafney VG-88 GMD DOM 6th Dam: Rands Wonder Dawn EX-92 3E GMD DOM

Sire: Lookout P Redburst-Red-ET Dam: Kulp-Dale Adv Romona-Red-ET VG-88 EX-MS 2-02 2x 365 24,270 4.8 1154 3.6 865 2nd Dam: Golden-Oaks Rmn Rae2-Red-ET VG-88 VG-MS 4-08 2x 365 28,390 4.4 1255 3.4 966 3rd Dam: Golden-Oaks Perk Rae-Red-ET EX-90 4th Dam: Scientific Beauty Rae-ET EX-90 *RC Next Dams: EX-90 DOM, EX-96 3E GMD DOM, EX-94 2E GMD, EX-90, EX-97 4E GMD, EX-90

Owner: Wide Open, T. Pierson & Legendholm, Alma Center

Owner: Casey & Billie Olson, New London

Sapa-Ska Durham Danielle EX-93 2E

Kulp-Dale Adv Romona-Red-ET VG-88

Each of these calves has the chance to be chosen in the 2013 WHA Treasure Quest, sponsored by the Wisconsin Holstein Association. Tickets can be purchased for $100 each - the winning ticket gets a brand new heifer calf and the winning breeder a $7000 check! For more information or to purchase a ticket, contact a WHA Board of Director, member of the BIMP Committee, or the office at 1-800223-4269. The winner will be drawn at the Midwest National Spring Show, April 20, in Jefferson, WI. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-29

30–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013 Interest on Futurity entry fee accounts and any sponsorship monies may be used to offset show expenses at the discretion of the WHA Board of Directors and the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity Committee.

DRESS CODE: Every exhibitor must have formal dress to show in the Futurity. (Minimum requirements for men include a shirt, tie and dress pants while women should wear a dress, business suit or the equivalent.) Exhibitors not meeting the minimum dress code requirement will be denied entry into the show ring.

MISCELLANEOUS: Neither the Wisconsin Holstein Association nor the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity Committee is in any way responsible for the condition of the premises in which the Futurity is held and is not liable in the event of accident or loss of persons or property. All matter pertaining to the showing of the Futurity are subject to the rules, regulations and health requirements of any WI Holstein Association sponsored show along with those for the show at which the Futurity is held.

Address ____________________________________________________________________________ Signature of Exhibitor _____________________________________ Mail Futurity Entry to: Wisconsin Holstein Association, 902 8th Ave., Baraboo, WI 53913

Name of Owner __________________________________________________________________________________ Phone _____________________________________

Full entry fees must accompany entry form or sent within the appropriate time noted above.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Late entries will be accepted until April 30, 2013 for $50 per animal.


Full Name of Animal Date of Birth Reg. Number Sire Sire’s A.I. Organization ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2015 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity Official Entry Blank

PURSE: The purse in this event shall consist of all monies received by the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity (plus interest earned) as nomination fees, less the actual expenses incurred in its promotion and management. All Futurity monies shall be kept in a separate Futurity Fund and used only for Futurity purposes. The purse in this event will be divided among the first forty Futurity placings as follows: 1st place winner - 15% plus sponsorship monies 2nd..................12% Next ten places ...........2% each 3rd ....................9% Next ten places ........1.5% each 4th ....................8% Next fifteen places ......1% each 5th ....................6% (If 100% of purse money is not distributed by above breakdown, the balance will be split equally amongst all participants.) REFUNDS: When nomination fees and the payment in connection with the Futurity are received, they are committed for the purse of this event and no refunds will be made, whether or not the animal is shown or its eligibility discontinued by owner. In the event however, that any condition should arise which prevents the showing of the

OPEN CLASS SHOWING: If the show is held at the Wisconsin State Fair, all animals shown in the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity are eligible upon proper entry to be shown in the open class competition of the Holstein Show. It is the responsibility of the animal’s owner to fill out the necessary forms for open class competition.

Futurity, the right is reserved to cancel same and refunds made to persons owning females that have been nominated, their share of all monied accrued after the deduction of actual expenses in the promotion of the Futurity. SALE OF ELIGIBLE ANIMALS: When an animal that is entered in the Wisconsin Holstein Futurity is sold, the eligibility may be transferred to the new owner, and it shall be his responsibility to inform the Futurity Committee of the change of ownership. The seller shall inform the buyer that the animal purchased is already entered in the Futurity. To aid in this, exhibitors will receive an entry certificate for each animal after entry payment has been received. New owners will need to sign an entry form after notification of entry into Futurity.

2015 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity

PURPOSE: To stimulate interest in the breeding and exhibiting of outstanding Officially Identified Holsteins of 87% RHA or higher. To promote the Registered Holstein breed and dairy industry to the general public with an appealing and memorable presentation. PROCEDURES: An animal is nominated by an owner. All nominations are the responsibility of the owner. Dates, fees and rules will be followed to the letter. ELIGIBILITY: Any registered Holstein female that was born September 1, 2011 through August 31, 2012 is eligible for the 2015 Wisconsin Holstein Futurity. FEES: Entries, along with $35 per animal, must be postmarked on or before January 1, 2013. Animals may be late entered from January 2 - April 30, 2013 for $50 per animal. Full entry fees must accompany entry form or sent within the appropriate time noted above.

LAST CALL! Late entries will be accepted until April 30, 2013

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-31


The Wisconsin Holstein Association will be updating our Farm Tour Map this year. This guide is a valuable tool in boosting knowledge of the quality Holsteins that Wisconsin is known for. Participation in the Farm Tour Map will include: - A detailed printed map of Wisconsin indicating where participating farms are located. - An online Google map showing exact location of participating farms for online viewers with a link to your website. - A directory that lists breeders and their information by county. - Distributed at various events including conventions, twilight meetings and World Dairy Expo. - Bonus promotions in the News when events are in your area of the state. If your farm is interested in participating in the 2013 WHA Farm Tour Map, please send the following information along with $30.00 (check or money order) to WHA at 902 8th Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53913. Interestd breeders may also call the office to pay by credit card. If you have any questions or concerns please call the WHA office at 1-800-223-4269.

OWNER’S NAME __________________________________________________________________________ FARM NAME ______________________________________________________________________________ ADDRESS ________________________________________________________________________________ COUNTY ____________________________ TELEPHONE # _____________________________________ E-MAIL _____________________________ WEBSITE __________________________________________ DIRECTIONS (Give a short set of directions from nearest main state road or highway) __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ HERD SIZE ________

BAA _________

Circle the focus of your herd/breeding goals:

RHA ___ x ___________M ____% F ________F ____% P ________P GMD’s or DOM’s





Join Us! The 6th Annual WHA Young Adult Milwaukee Brewer Outing

Sunday, May 5, 2013 • 1:10 p.m. • Brewers vs. Cardinals Join Wisconsin Holstein’s young adults ages 22-45 for a day at the ball game! For $35, guests get a ticket, a bus ride to the game, and great camaraderie with fellow young Holstein enthusiasts! Attendees are invited to bring a dish to pass and must provide their own beverages. One bus will leave from the Oshkosh & Fond du Lac areas and a second will travel the western side of the state with pick-ups in Tomah & Madison. Sign up for this fun annual trip soon - tickets go fast and we only have a limited number available!

Give Laura a call at 608-723-4933 or e-mail to reserve your spot today! 32–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013

From the Office It’s time to “spring ahead” into 2013. A successful annual convention is behind us and I must say the bar was raised due to the combination of a phenomenal presenter in Dr. Gordon Atkins and an unbelievable amount of fundraising for our juniors and scholarship programs. Not to mention the exceptionally gracious hosts in Marathon County and the outstanding members we were able to recognize within our Association. Hats off to everyone that made convention not only exciting and fun, but one for the ages! A comment we heard a few times over the weekend was one of “momentum” and we are trying to ensure that not only continues in 2013 but escalates to the next level. Here at the office, we hit the ground running at the beginning of the year. The JACs kicked off the year mapping out 2013 junior programs, making enhancements and adding new ideas to current events. Similar to the Marathon group, everyone is looking at how we can raise the bar in events and programs in order to make them better for our membership. One of the things we did last year and will continue again this year is opening the lines of communication, seeking insight from all areas of our membership and truly assessing the success and approach to our current activities. Prioritization will be the key to success in moving the dial forward so your input is very valuable to us here at the office. Though we experienced an increase in our state membership in 2012, Holstein USA tells us that we are on the verge of losing a delegate vote based on national membership numbers. That is sad to hear. To be considered a national member, you must be an active member and that means you are submitting registrations, transfers and/or participating in national programs. Spread the word to others, ask if they are currently a national member and if so, are they taking advantage of their membership. Being a member of both the state and national associations makes a lot of sense based on the incentives and offerings that are in front of you as an adult Holstein breeder or junior Holstein member. Let’s keep that momentum going and ensure we don’t lose a delegate to represent our great state on the national stage. Our state membership renewals are also due and needed by June 1, 2013 if you plan to participate in our upcoming summer show season and numerous activities around the state. Give us a ring to pay by credit card or put your check in the mail to ensure you are set for summer. Remember that Junior ownership of animals needs to be squared away by this date for both heifers and cows as well. Our national DJM and YDJM representatives have submitted their materials to nationals. We have an impressive group of juniors this year and we hope to hear great things this month in regards to recipients of these awards from Wisconsin. With that, we are also planning to take a bus to national convention again so if you haven’t submitted your interest in riding with, check with us quickly to ensure we still have room for you! Currently, the office staff has been finalizing Spring Barn Meeting logistics, locking down the details of the 2013 Spring Show taking place this month in Jefferson, selling Treasure Quest tickets like crazy, coordinating the upcoming District Show planning meeting, building an online show entry system, processing an impressive group of scholarship applications, attending annual Holstein meetings around the state and lining up the Junior Farm Trip taking place April 13 & 14. An item I want to call our members attention to, however, is the number of requests we receive at the Wisconsin Holstein office from International dairyman and/or DATCP searching for bred heifers for sale from Wisconsin. Requests have recently come from Turkey looking for 1,200-2,400 head and Mexico looking for 1,000-1,500 head depending on price. The group from Mexico has been out east and to California, yet not feeling satisfied or finding what they are looking for, they have hopes of purchasing Wisconsin bred heifers. I have been working with International Economic Development consultants from the WI Dept. of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection to try and assist in filling these requests and ensuring that our members are aware of the opportunities and reaping the rewards of Registered Holsteins. I am currently assisting DATCP to build a lead list of Registered Holstein members interested in this opportunity. If you are interested, please send your contact information my way at the office. The value of Registered Holsteins is the ability to merchandise our Holsteins and supplement our bottom line. I hope to open the door and introduce members to an opportunity, that’s all. DATCP completes the background check and ensures the legitimacy of these international inquiries before putting them in contact with you. As this edition of the Holstein News reaches you, it will be time for the Wisconsin Showcase Sale at the Great Northern in Fond du Lac. As President Walker mentioned, the success of our events here in the association is heavily dependant on the hard work and determination of our members, staff and Board of Directors. This sale is no different. A huge thank you needs to go out to the Sales and Merchandising Committee for their countless hours and determination in bringing the sale back and making sure it is a success. What a great way to offer our high quality genetics to others! Enjoy the State Sale, Spring Show and good luck to all of those members that have a heifer entered in the Treasure Quest contest. As you participate in and attend these events in April, take a look at the momentum taking place in the Wisconsin Holstein Association. We hope to keep that going into the year. And I truly hope that by the time you read this article, spring is actually here! Until next time, Larry Nelson, WHA Execute Director

The University of


STUDENT PROFILE Name: Frank Behling Hometown: Fox Lake, WI High School: Waupun Area High School Class Size: 180 Farm: Wildweed Holsteins & Jerseys Major: Dairy Science Why did you decide to attend UW-Madison? I chose UW-Madison because it has a good dairy science program and the professors are very willing to share their knowledge with the students. I wanted to gain more knowledge about dairy cattle and related fields, such as farm management, and cropping systems. What has been your most memorable college experience? Friends that lived in the room next to me put 600 extra WDE programs in my room. To retaliate I tore them into smaller pieces and deposited them into their room. I also taped a sheet of programs together and completely covered their door. What has been your favorite course? I enjoyed Farm Systems Management because of the math and learning about the financial side of farming. I liked Dairy Cattle Reproduction where we are taught the theory and then get to apply it as we ultrasound ovaries in cows and track their cycles with ultrasound. It’s really neat to see how the different hormone treatments affect the cow’s ovaries. And I liked Agriculture Finance because I gained a greater understanding of finance and how it affects farm operations, and I learned how to select the best investments. What are your future career goals? After graduation, I plan to return to the family farm to milk cows and cash crop.

UW-Madison Dept. of Dairy Science

Inquiry Lives Here

1675 Observatory Drive Madison, WI 53706 Ph. 608-263-3308 Fax 608-263-9412 Contact: Beth Heinze

wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-33


Jordan Seimers Selected as Wisconsin Delegate for Area III Junior Advisory Committee Hello Fellow Junior Holstein Members, It is with great excitement to inform you that I, Jordan Siemers, have been selected by our second year JAC’s to represent the great state of Wisconsin for the Area III Junior Advisory Committee at National Convention in July. I have been actively involved in Junior Holstein at the County, State and National levels. I have competed in all competitions at both State and National Conventions, participated in workshops and have shown at all levels of competition as well. I have attended and competed at six National Junior Holstein Conventions and even led cattle at the 2011 National Convention Sale. It has been such an awesome experience to be part of such a wonderful association over the years with great involvement in Junior Holsteins and having wonderful adult mentors to guide me along the way. It is great to belong to an organization that loves the same thing that I do - Holsteins and the dairy industry. It feels like extended family anywhere I go when Holstein enthusiasts are present. I feel it is my time to give back to Junior Holstein for all that it has done for me. I am 17 years old, which to some may seem young, but I know that I am a great team player, have the ability to communicate with a variety of people, am an effective public speaker, a logical decision maker, a quick problem solver, reliable, and honest. I always go the extra mile, whenever I am doing something I love to do. I look forward to representing Wisconsin and serving as the next Area III JAC for the National Junior Holstein Association. Best Regards, Jordan C. Siemers

Junior Membership and Junior Ownership Deadline

Be sure to have your Wisconsin Holstein junior membership paid in advance of any upcoming WHA events or activities this spring and summer. Memberships are currently due and need to be paid in full before June 1, 2013. This is also the date that all heifers and/or cows need to be transferred to a Junior’s name in order to be eligible for Junior recognition. No transfer applications will be allowed at the shows so make sure you get your paperwork in and set before the summer show season begins. Remember that partnerships between two or more juniors are allowed if all juniors are a Junior Holstein member. No other partnership qualifies for Junior recognition.

We’re Heading to National Convention in July

The Wisconsin Holstein Association in partnership with the Minnesota Holstein Association has reserved a charter bus for those planning to attend the National Junior Convention in July. If you are interested in attending and have not submitted your form, please contact us at the office to see if there are spots still available at 800.223.4269 or email It will be much more affordable than flying and likely to not exceed $100 pending the number of attendees on the bus. 34–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013

National Award Form Deadlines

Letters were sent out in January to our state representatives for Dairy Jeopardy, Dairy Bowl, speaking, essay folding displays and more. Please make sure you are aware of upcoming deadlines for nationals. The Wisconsin Holstein Association will submit entries for the State Banner, Scrapbook, Digital Scrapbook and Dairy Jeopardy participants. If you plan to participate in the other contests as our representative, please ensure that you have entries in by the dates noted below: April 1, 2013: Dairy Bowl and Dairy Jeopardy. The office will submit entries for Dairy Jeopardy and notify those representing Wisconsin that your materials have been submitted. May 1, 2013: Prepared Public Speaking, Junior Progressive Breeder, Junior Breeder of an EX, Multiple E Cow, Production Awards and Folding Displays. The folding display contest is open to all Junior Holstein members and the state will be able to take the displays with us should we have enough to make the bus a go for Nationals. If you know that you cannot compete for any reason, please let us know at the office so we can find an alternate immediately. As you submit your materials to Nationals, please send a copy to Larry at the office as well! We will make members aware of any open slots available for alternates as soon as possible. All forms can be found online at

Images Wanted for State Scrapbooks

If you have photos from any of our numerous events from last year, please send them our way in order to include them in the State Scrapbook and Digital Scrapbook. Images can be mailed to the office at 902 Eighth Avenue, Baraboo, WI 53913 or emailed to Last year, our State Scrapbook placed 3rd and our digital scrapbook 5th. Let’s keep the momentum going and try to achieve 1st place in both!

$$ Holsti-Buck Corner $$ April Holsti-Buck Questions - by SE JAC Cassy Krull

1. Who was the 2012 World Dairy Expo Supreme Champion Cow? Where in Wisconsin was she housed? ($5) 2. Who were the Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champions of the 2012 Wisconsin State Championship Show? ($5) 3.Who was the Supreme Champion Showman at the 2012 Wisconsin Junior State Fair? ($4) 4.What county will the State Holstein Picnic be held in? ($2) 5. What Wisconsin native was recently announced as World Dairy Expo’s Dairy Woman of the year? What farm does she reside from? ($10) 6. When are the dates of the 2013 World Dairy Expo and what is this year’s theme? ($6) 7. What is the name of the Wisconsin Juniors Facebook Page? Have you liked it yet? ($7) 8. What JAC members attend the University of Wisconsin-Platteville? ($4) 9. JAC members attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison? ($5) 10. What farms hosted this year’s spring barn meetings? ($4)

Please include your name and county and send to the Wisconsin Holstein office, 902 Eighth Ave, Baraboo, WI 53913 or email by Tuesday, April 30.


Join Us for Cow Camp 2013! Beaver Creek Reserve, Fall Creek, Wis. This year, cow camp will be held at the Beaver Creek Reserve in Fall Creek, Wis. Any youth ages 14 and under are welcome to attend. Junior attendees do not have to be a Junior Holstein member so invite a friend that may be interested in learning more about the dairy industry. Cow Camp is a great way to learn about Registered Holsteins, gain handson experience with heifers, make new friends and have some fun at the same time! The JAC’s will be your camp counselors again this year! The registration form and tentative schedule can be found printed below and is also available online at www. Registration forms are due by Wednesday, May 1, 2013. Make sure to include your shirt size on the form. Each camper will receive a newly designed 2013 Cow Camp shirt!

Tentative Cow Camp Schedule Saturday, May 18

Please eat lunch prior to arrival 12:30 p.m. Registration 1:00 p.m. Orientation & Introductions 1:30-5:00 p.m. Workshops 6:00 p.m. Evening Meal with a hike before 11:30 p.m. Curfew Sunday, May 19 7:30 a.m. Hike with the JA guys 8:30 a.m. Breakfast 9:00-11:30 a.m. Workshops 11:30 a.m. Cow Camp write-ups & group photo 12:00 noon Lunch 1:00 p.m. Ag Olympics 1:30 p.m. Campers dismissed

Cow Camp Registration May 18 & 19, 2013 - Beaver Creek Reserve, Fall Creek, Wis. Camp Fee - $45/person (Junior or Chaperone) Campers should be 14 & Under Name: _____________________________________________________ Age: ______ Adult or Junior (Circle one)

T-Shirt Size: _______

Boy or Girl (Circle one)

Address: __________________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________ State: ____________ Zip: _________________ Email: ________________________________ Cell Phone: _____________________ County: _________________ Return to: WHA, 902 8th Ave, Baraboo, WI 53913. Registration deadline is Wednesday, May 1, 2013. wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013-35


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A year ago I was writing about what a great spring it was and how enjoyable the warm weather had been - boy were we lucky! As I write this, we’re still waiting for some warm weather and the snow to start melting. We’ve had several great spring barn meetings, and while the weather may not be ideal, the host farms did an outstanding job hosting the barn meeting and we had a great presenter in Karl Burgi. This issue contains a review of the Adult Convention held at the end of February in Rothschild. Thank you to the Marathon County Breeders that did a wonderful job hosting us for the weekend. I heard several times from our members that it was one of the best conventions in a long time. Congratulations to all of our award winners and honorees. You can read more about the convention starting on page 12. Also in this issue is the selection of calves entered in this year’s Treasure Quest. If you haven’t already purchased your ticket, please contact the office to do so before the Midwest National Spring Show. Which of these deep pedigreed calves would you take home if you won? Coming up next month is our Foot & Leg issue and another Genomic Stars feature. If you have an elite cow or heifer you’d like to advertise, please give me a call by April 10. We will also be featuring District 7. The June issue will be our next Midwest Holsteins issue and we’ll be sending extra copies to the National Convention in Indianapolis. What better way to get some extra coverage for your advertising dollars? And the July/August issue will be our annual AI feature issue, this year focusing on Accelerated Genetics. Watch the next couple of issues for more information on the special rates for this issue. If the warmer spring weather ever does arrive, don’t forget to get out there and take some scenic photos for our 2013 Cover Contest. This year’s theme is “Here, There and Everywhere.” Until next time... 36–wisconsin HOLSTEIN news/April 2013




April 2013 Classifying in Adams, Crawford, Juneau, LaCrosse, Monroe, Portage, Richland, Sauk, Vernon & Wood counties 5 Pineylawn Holsteins Complete Dispersal, Ed & Kathy Montsma, Fond du Lac; managed by Bill Stade Auction & Realty, 11:00 a.m. 8 WI Showcase Sale, Fond du Lac 13 Redfest with a Touch of Black at Crescentmead Holsteins, Ixonia, managed by Todd Wendorf 19 Midwest Spring Red & White Show, Jefferson 20 Midwest National Spring Show, Jefferson, 8:30 a.m. 26 46th Annual Outagamie Spring Sale, Seymour 27 T&L Haven Complete Dispersal, Tom & Linda Paider & Chad Paider, Denmark, managed by Bill Stade Auction & Realty and Jim Hoskens Ltd. 30 2015 Futurity late entry deadline May 2013 Classifying in Barron, Buffalo, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, St. Croix & Trempealeau counties 4 Celebration III Sale, hosted by Duckett Holsteins, Marshfield, managed by Mike & Julie Duckett 5 YAC Brewer game outing 11 Vernon County Sale, Viroqua, 7:30 p.m. 18-19 Cow Camp, Beaver Creek Reserve, Fall Creek June 2013 Classifying in Ashland, Bayfield, Burnett, Chippewa, Clark, Douglas, Florence, Forest, Iron, Lincoln, Marinette, Oneida, Price, Rusk, Sawyer, Taylor, Vilas & Washburn counties 14 District 10 Holstein Show, Chilton 15 District 4 Holstein Show, Marshfield 17 District 1 Holstein Show, St. Croix Falls 18 District 6 Holstein Show, Stoughton 19 District 7 Holstein Show, Seymour 20 District 5 Holstein Show, Westfield 21 District 3 Holstein Show, Lancaster 24 District 2 Holstein Show, West Salem 26 District 8 Holstein Show, Jackson Other Upcoming Events July 7-11, 2013 National Holstein Convention, Indianapolis, IN July 9-11, 2013 Farm Technology Days, Barron County July 15-16, 2013 WI Championship Show, Lancaster July 28, 2013 Sheboygan County Summer Picnic, Kyle and Bryan Mauk, Mauk-e-way Holsteins, Plymouth

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Foot & Leg issue featuring Genomic Stars & District 7 Ads due April 10 Midwest Holsteins issue National Convention issue featuring “Hot Dams” & District 3 Ads due May 8 AI Issue - Accelerated Genetics featuring District 5 Ads due June 7


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April 2013 issue of the WIsconsin Holstein News featuring Adult Convention review, Top Performer winners, District 1 feature and Hardscrabbl...

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