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COM-DEX REMOTE MIC QUICK GUIDE How do I change the Remote Mic volume? Option 1

Press the on/off button (the side button) on the COM-DEX™ Remote Mic to cycle between volume options Low, Medium or High, identified with blue lights

Option 2 Open the COM-DEX app > Go to Remote Mic > Select High/Medium/Low (see Figure 1) Note: The Remote Mic will not show LED light changes when controlled through the COM-DEX app.

How do I start/stop Remote Mic streaming? Option 1

Press the streaming button (the front button) on the COM-DEX Remote Mic When paused, the top LED will flash green When live, the top LED will turn solid green

Option 2 Open the COM-DEX app > Go to Remote Mic > Select Play/Pause (see Figure 1)

Figure 1

How do I mute/unmute the hearing devices and only hear the Remote Mic? Option 1 Press the room-off button (the side button) on the COM-DEX Option 2 Press the Surroundings button on the COM-DEX app (see Figure 2) Note: the hearing device microphones are muted by default when the Remote Mic is on.

Reminders for EVOKE™ and BEYOND™ FUSION™2

Figure 2

If using the COM-DEX and the COM-DEX Remote Mic with the EVOKE and BEYOND FUSION2, it is recommended to use the EVOKE/BEYOND app OR the COM-DEX app, but not to have both apps running on the same phone. The COM-DEX Remote Mic should always be turned off during direct 2.4 GHz streaming from an iPhone® to EVOKE or BEYOND hearing devices. To prioritize 2.4 GHz direct streaming to an iPhone during a call or streaming, select Audio on the iPhone.

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COM-DEX REMOTE MIC QUICK GUIDE COM-DEX Firmware 1.3 Enhancements To pair the COM-DEX Remote Mic to a COM-DEX, the COM-DEX must be using Firmware 1.3. If the COM-DEX packaging does not show “FW 1.3”, it will need updating. To install COM-DEX Firmware 1.3 on existing COM-DEX devices, go to to install the COM-DEX updater tool. Once installed, users will have access to three new features. 1) Boost Function: Louder setting for streaming Option 1 Open COM-DEX app > Go to More > Turn Boost Volume of Streamed Signal to ON. (see Figure 3) Note: Once turned on, this feature will stay on until turned off.

Option 2 Long press Room Off (side button) while streaming music. Note: If this is attempted during a phone call, it will disconnect the COM-DEX from the phone.

2) Ability to use SIRI with the COM-DEX: User must activate SIRI on the phone. Once activated, SIRI will then be heard through the COM-DEX 3) Ability to pair with a greater variety of Bluetooth devices

Figure 3

Streaming play/pause

Power on/off and VC

COM-DEX Remote Mic

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