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2019-20 Recognizing the involvement and milestones of WICPA members

Having challenges is what makes life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.


he past year has definitely presented all of us with our own set of challenges. While volunteers are always important to the success of an organization, in challenging times they

are not only important but essential, and the value of their efforts is more accentuated and appreciated. Over the last year, member volunteers have worked with our WICPA staff to accomplish great things. Regardless of whether we were living the old normal, new normal or next normal, our volunteers kept the profession moving forward. This publication celebrates the efforts of the many individuals who have been involved in the many great volunteer opportunities the WICPA provides. On behalf of the board, I want to thank everyone who donated time, talent and resources during the past year. Your dedication helped elevate the WICPA’s mission and helped keep the accounting profession’s star burning brightly. We are grateful for your commitment and passion, even during challenging times, and your efforts are truly appreciated.

Neil R. Keller, CPA/ABV, CVA 2019–2020 WICPA Board Chair


Recognizing the involvement and milestones of WICPA members

Member recognition in this edition is based on the WICPA fiscal year of May 1, 2019 – April 30, 2020, unless otherwise stated.


} WICPA Board of Directors } WICPA Educational Foundation Board of Directors


} Accounting Career Awareness Grants } Advocacy Outreach } AICPA Committees } Continuing Professional Development Speakers } DECA & FBLA Judges } FutureQuest } High School and College Speakers } High School Educator Accounting Symposium and WEBIT Convention } Junior Achievement } Publication Writers } Young Entrepreneurial Scholars (YES)

10-14 CONFERENCE PLANNING COMMITTEES } Accounting & Auditing } Business & Industry Fall } Business & Industry Spring } Financial Institutions } Not-for-Profit Accounting } School District Audit } Tax


} Accounting Careers } Accounting Higher Education } Editorial Planning } Ethics } Excellence Awards Selection } Federal Taxation } Finance } Nominations } Public Policy } Wisconsin Taxation } Young Professionals


21-29 MEMBERSHIP MILESTONES } 1 Year } 5 Years } 10 Years } 25 Years } 40 Years } 50 Years



} WICPA Educational Foundation

Thank You! 2020




The WICPA Board of Directors provides strategic governance in accordance with the WICPA strategic plan, mission and vision. The board ensures the WICPA serves the diverse needs of members, enhances professional competency, promotes the value of members and the profession, advocates on behalf of the profession and builds community among members. Michael D. Akers Jeff Dewane Jon C. Gaines

Ryan J. Hanson Katherine L. Hauser Patrick G. Hoffert

Dan Holzhauer Ruth A. Kallio-Mielke Neil R. Keller

Wendy A. Peters Steven A. Pullara Matthew J. Schaefer

Angela C. Thomas Wendi M. Unger


The WICPA Educational Foundation Board oversees funds and activities to ensure the foundation plays a pivotal role in supporting programs to improve awareness and perceptions by educating students and educators about the exciting opportunities available to accounting professionals. Christopher M. Cholka Kenesha A. Coleman Paul J. Frantz Jessica B. Gatzke Katherine L. Hauser


Thank You! 2020

Elizabeth Hazi John R. Heindel Jessica M. Horning Wendy K. Potratz Roberta A. Ward



Each year, the WICPA Educational Foundation awards Accounting Career Awareness Grants to Wisconsin high school teachers who attend the annual High School Educator Accounting Symposium. Members assist in accounting activities held by these teachers by hosting a group of students for a firm or business tour, speaking to a class about a specific accounting topic or helping with an accounting-related project. Nathaniel T. Bartz Barbara A. DeBaere-Poppy Lisa K. Donnelly Stacey D. Donovan Lynn M. Gardinier Kari M. Johnson Ruth A. Kallio-Mielke Brett M. Killion

Brian Knoll Jason R. Krentz Jason R. Londo Jennifer N. McCarthy Shannon F. McCarthy Trevor Morris Paul J. Nyffeler William T. Penkwitz

Wendy K. Potratz Stephanie A. Potter Steven P. Rajek Earl John M. Stevens Joseph F. Zidanic


Members serve on task forces to review or develop legislation and serve as key legislative contacts by communicating with regulatory bodies, state and federal legislators through their testimony at hearings; as well as calling, meeting with and sending letters and emails explaining how proposed law changes will impact the accounting profession, the business community and individuals in order to achieve the most positive legislative outcomes. Kari A. Apel Axel F. Candelaria Rivera Linda J. Feirn Scott B. Franklin Michael E. Friedman

Jessica B. Gatzke Ryan J. Hanson Allyson J. Hofstede Tammy J. Hofstede Ruth A. Kallio-Mielke

Neil R. Keller Steven J. Koritzinsky Nicholas S. Lascari Thomas J. Nichols Daryl L. Ohland

Donna R. Scaffidi Jon P. Skavlem Wendi M. Unger


Members have been appointed to serve on an AICPA volunteer group or committee to share their expertise, representing their organization and the CPA profession in Wisconsin. Heather S. Acker Christine M. Anderson Rick E. Dreher Josephine L. Hammond Ryan J. Hanson Jacqueline S. Hensgen Ann M. Joda Robert S. Keebler Karen K. Kerber Jeffrey T. Lemmermann Terri M. Lillesand Michael I. Ruby Catherine M. Schweigel James A. Smolinski Wendi M. Unger

Thank You! 2020


Course Corrections Grant program helps steer high school students toward accounting careers

by Ken Wysocky


hen Bryce Pass and Maggie Gorman were students at Craig High School in Janesville, jobs in accounting weren’t appearing on their career radars. But Pass, who graduated from Craig in 2016, now is poised to graduate in May 2021 from the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater with a double major in accounting and finance. And Gorman — a 2015 Craig alum who graduated from the University of Wisconsin–La Crosse in 2019 with a major in accounting and a minor in economics — now is a tax associate at Eide Bailly LLP in Minneapolis. The catalyst for these unexpected career deviations? Attending Explore Accounting Day (EAD) programs at the University of Wisconsin– Whitewater — enriching day-long excursions made possible by $2,500 Accounting Career Awareness grants from the WICPA.


Thank You! 2020

“I didn’t know much about accounting as a career,” said Pass. “The EADs really helped me see what you actually do in accounting. It surprised me to see how many different ways you can go in accounting, from doing taxes to forensic accounting.” Gorman agreed. While she was good at math, she never considered a career in accounting — in part, she said, because she found the stereotypes intimidating. “I used to think accountants were sort of nerdy people sitting behind desks and crunching numbers all Maggie Gorman day, but that’s definitely not true,” she said. “Instead, you’re in constant communication with co-workers and clients. We’re often the first line of defense for handling their financial and tax questions.”

Bryce Pass

The EADs really helped me see what you actually do in accounting. It surprised me to see how many different ways you can go in accounting, from doing taxes to forensic accounting. — Bryce Pass

events aimed at providing hundreds of students with valuable insights into accounting careers.

Debra O’Leary

To hear about the field of accounting from people actually working in it and see what it would be like working as an accountant outside the walls of high school has been invaluable. — Debra O’Leary Teachers lead the way Teachers can apply for an Accounting Career Awareness grant only if they attend the WICPA’s annual Educator Accounting Symposium held in November. Grant money typically arrives in late winter and must be used by October 31 of the year in which it was awarded. This year, nearly $45,000 in educator grants was awarded to 32 high school accounting and business teachers for classroom accounting projects. Many of the projects involve multiple teachers, administrators, college or technical school faculty and CPAs. (See May/June 2020 On Balance for a list of recipients.) Business education teachers Debra O’Leary and Brandon Miles are the driving forces behind the events attended by Craig High School students. They’ve been teaching at the school for 12 and four years, respectively. The school has applied for and earned a grant nearly every year since at least 2009. The resulting thousands of dollars in grants has enabled students to attend a wide variety of

O’Leary said she’s grateful for the generosity of the WICPA and the opportunities and experiences the grants provide her accounting students. “All of the events expose our students to accounting as a career and allow them to see all the opportunities an accounting degree provides,” she said. “To hear about the field of accounting from people actually working in it and see what it would be like working as an accountant outside the walls of high school has been invaluable. Many of our students end up pursuing a career in accounting.”

Meaningful opportunities The grants typically fund two different events. One is often the annual EAD at UW–Whitewater, which includes a mock lecture from an accounting professor and gives students opportunities to talk with college accounting majors and graduates who now work as accountants. “While the students attend the lecture, we get a chance to talk to accounting professors to find out what Brandon Miles we can do to best prepare them for college,” Miles said. For Pass, who recently finished an internship at Wipfli LLP and would like to get into audit accounting, the mock lectures were influential. Getting introduced to the college experience while still in high school tied everything together for him and made it easier to decide on accounting as a career. “Hearing a panel of professionals talk about their experience made a big impression,” he noted. “I could see myself following the path they’d taken.” Pass says he is confident he made a sound career choice. Moreover, he thinks the EAD events are so beneficial that he’d like to come back as a speaker one day.

Gorman, who just finished taking the CPA Exam, firmly believes the EADs set her on a great career path. As she puts it, “I certainly feel pretty good about how things turned out.”

Business visits To reinforce that there are more opportunities in accounting than just working for an accounting firm, many schools supplement the EAD experience with a second field trip to an interesting business or accounting firm. These visits give students a firsthand, real-world viewpoint of accounting as they rub shoulders with accounting professionals. During the last 10 years or so, students at Craig have visited highprofile businesses such as Epic, a suburban Madison company that develops software to manage medical records; Skyzone, a trampoline park in Waukesha; the Milwaukee Bucks; the Wipfli offices in Madison; and the Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP offices in Janesville. Craig students must take Accounting I and II classes to participate. Miles said anywhere from 40 to 70 students attend the events. “They love it,” he said. “We do a student feedback survey, and they rave about the events.”

Invaluable benefits Without the Accounting Career Awareness grants, high school students wouldn’t get these valuable career insights. Much of the value of the grantfunded events lies in how they dispel long-held erroneous notions about accountants. “Students see with their own eyes that companies highly value accountants and that they have engaging, active roles in the businesses,” Miles said. “They see they’re key members of organizations — the oil that keeps the engines running. “It’s hard to put into words, but as an instructor, you see their eyes light up,” he said. “At the end of the day, you see them realize that this just might be what they want to do with their careers.”

Ken Wysocky is a freelance writer based in Whitefish Bay. Contact him at 414-962-6202 or

Thank You! 2020




Members share their expertise, develop leadership skills and promote their organizations while presenting to participants at seminars, conferences or breakfast meetings across Wisconsin to those who wish to expand their knowledge in specific technical areas, receive updates or enhance their soft skills. Austin C. Bennett Amanda R. Blomberg James D. Brandenburg Charles R. Bruce Kenesha A. Coleman Joann Noe Cross Patrick D. Erickson Greg Gavran Michael G. Goller Brad J. Hermes Sherri L. Huff Ruth A. Kallio-Mielke Robert S. Keebler Jeremy Keil Karen K. Kerber

DFI Sec. Kathy Koltin Blumenfeld Steven J. Koritzinsky Valerie L. Laufenberg Terri M. Lillesand James T. Lindell David L. Maccoux Robert A. Mathers Renee Messing Mary C. Miske Brad Netzel Tricia Nielsen June F. Norman Laura L. Rash Kevin M. Reardon

Christopher D. Roble Joseph F. Schirger Jr. David J. Schleicher Corina R. Schoenke Shannon D. Small Carver Smith III Jeffrey C. Stoub Rick J. Taylor Denise A. Vandenbush Michelle E. Walter Michelle L. Weber Justin D. Williamson


Members use their business and professional background to judge DECA and FBLA competitions. These professional business organizations for high school help students work toward a positive educational experience and successful careers. Paul B. Belschner Jessica Brandenburg

Kristen K. DeGrave Gary E. Fandek

Troy G. Hildebrandt Mark D. Laux

Aaron J. Pearce Carl L. Zaar Jr.


FutureQuest is an event for middle school students designed to close the skills gap by helping to improve student course selection and career preparedness when entering high school. Members attend to promote the accounting profession and skills needed to be successful. Lyssa L. Kemper Jennifer M. Paulson


In an effort to promote accounting as a career, members speak at high schools and colleges to inform students of the careers available in the profession. This career outreach takes place in classrooms with in-person presentations, panels and webcasts through Students & Leaders Network, presenting at career fairs, and attending Beta Alpha Psi and various accounting club events. Marissa L. Bahr Erin M. Belby Suanne M. Cain William B. Coleman Jessica M. Feiner 6

Thank You! 2020

Jennifer A. Flynn Brooke K. Hanke Ryan J. Hanson Haley M. Jones Neil R. Keller

Daniel B. Langer Jennifer M. Lilla Adam R. Meyer Danielle M. Moyer Alex L. Nysven

Danielle E. Oberndorfer Andrea C. Retzki Kyle R. Stephens Matthew D. Taylor Edward M. Thelen

Michael Uhen Hope H. Voigt Jing Wu


HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATOR ACCOUNTING SYMPOSIUM, WISCONSIN EDUCATORS OF BUSINESS & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (WEBIT) CONVENTION AND ECONOMICS WISCONSIN WORKSHOPS The WICPA High School Educator Accounting Symposium, Wisconsin Educators of Business & Information Technology Convention and Economics Wisconsin Workshops are annual events in which members provide firsthand accounting information, accounting career paths and technical updates to high school accounting, economics and business educators. Michael D. Akers Ann L. Daugherty

Ryan J. Hanson Jessica M. Horning

Ruth A. Kallio-Mielke Neil R. Keller

Brett M. Killion DFI Sec. Kathy Koltin Blumenfeld


The WICPA is a proud partner of Junior Achievement, an organization that helps children to value free enterprise through education programs. Members attend JA Career Days to interact with students in grades 7-12, providing personal stories, education decisions and how to apply skills learned in the classroom to the world of work. Members also help students learn how to create and run a business and manage money at JA BizTown and Finance Park, located in The JA Kohl’s Education Center in Milwaukee. Jeanne M. Bieser Elizabeth Hazi

Kale Post Todd B. Rakowski

Denise A. Vandenbush Adam J. Woznicki


Writing for WICPA publications, including On Balance, The Bottom Line and CPA2b, members are able to share their knowledge and expertise, receive visibility for their organizations and gain exposure to potential clients. They create thought-provoking articles incorporating updates and issues facing the profession, including accounting, tax, fraud, technology and human resources. D’Arcy A. Becker Jordan R. Boehm James D. Brandenburg Melodi L. Bunting Barbara A. DeBaere-Poppy Amie Dragoo Michael F. Fitzpatrick

Karin M. Gale Richard K. Gaumer Sara M. Johnson David J. Kamps Lyssa L. Kemper Sen. Dale P. Kooyenga Lisa M. Lang

Jeffrey T. Lemmermann Jacob S. Lenell Heather E. Martinez Arlene F. Petersen Kevin M. Reardon Jose E. Saenz David K. Schlichting

Carver Smith III Kyle R. Stephens Brenda L. Thalacker Michelle L. Weber Charles J. Wendlandt


Young Entrepreneurial Scholars (YES) provides minority high school students a career-enhancing experience as they participate in a two-week program offering academic and professional development to prepare them for a business career. Afterward, students begin six-week internships with members at various Milwaukee organizations. William B. Coleman Jon C. Gaines

John R. Heindel Scott B. Manske

Kenneth E. Robertson

Thank You! 2020



The unsung member benefit by Marcia Tillett-Zinzow


embership in the WICPA offers many benefits. The more commonly known are continuing professional development; networking opportunities through events and committee or board involvement; news on the website; updates through our e-newsletter, Frequency; and stories of interest in our award-winning magazines. But there’s one very significant benefit that most members never think about, and that is legislative advocacy — as in advocating for your profession and your clients. This benefit has the potential to affect all members and whatever business environment they operate in. Furthermore, it’s open to all members, and all members are encouraged to be involved. (You’ll find out how later in this article.) The advocacy program objective is to establish the accounting profession as a concerned, involved political resource. There are many key issues that could impact the way you do business, and the WICPA is your advocate when these issues come up.


Thank You! 2020

For example, consider the following: • If there was a proposed sales tax on audit, tax or consulting services, which would hinder operations and increase the cost of doing business, the WICPA would actively oppose that tax. • Earlier this year, when members wanted clarifying language about Wisconsin Act 368 and pass-through entity elections, the WICPA was able to propose new legislation. • The WICPA was also able to remove language from the Department of Revenue’s tax package that would have negatively impacted members. • More recently, the WICPA joined with other state CPA societies and the AICPA to successfully extend the IRS tax filing deadline and payments with no penalties or interest and to encourage our members of Congress to support proposed legislation to assist

individuals and businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. • The WICPA also worked with Gov. Tony Evers, the leadership of both parties in the legislature and regulators to successfully achieve extending the Wisconsin filing deadline and payments without penalty or interest, to include accounting service as an essential business in the Safer at Home order, and to provide extensions and waivers for CPA Exam candidates.

There’s strength in numbers The CPA perspective is needed and valued by legislators. Mike Friedman, CPA, tax director at Scribner Cohen & Co. in Milwaukee, pointed to the fact that, of the 132 Wisconsin state representatives and senators, only three are CPAs. He emphasized the strong contribution CPAs can make.

“The knowledge we have is different than that of other providers, and clearly we are well-respected and valuable contributors to some of the issues our legislators face,” Friedman said. “We have a lot of credibility.” Sen. Howard Marklein, CPA, is one of the three CPAs in the state legislature. He gave credence to the value the WICPA and its members bring to our elected officials. “Non-CPA legislators certainly don’t have the technical understanding that CPAs have,” he said. “CPAs are the subject-matter experts on those topics, and we need those experts to testify and explain in lay terms what the various proposals mean. I can’t imagine any tax proposals going through without their support — and the WICPA has been instrumental in advocating when any legislation arises that would affect the profession.” Sen. Marklein’s comment suggests the reason CPAs who go it alone won’t have much success getting traction on issues they feel the legislature should address. The term “strength in numbers” applies here in spades. The WICPA comes to government officials with more than 7,000 members behind it, and that carries both weight and influence. Board member Ruth Kallio-Mielke, CPA, director at Deloitte Tax LLP in Milwaukee, has become an active participant in advocacy. She said she never understood the power of the WICPA until she joined the board of directors. “I don’t think most members understand the power and influence the WICPA has. I didn’t realize the respect given to us by legislators until I saw, firsthand, what [WICPA President & CEO] Tammy Hofstede and Alice O’Connor, our lobbyist, are doing. I think they’ve created massive value for the members and for our profession,” she said.

I didn’t realize the respect given to us by legislators until I saw, firsthand, what [WICPA President & CEO] Tammy Hofstede and Alice O’Connor, our lobbyist, are doing. I think they’ve created massive value for the members and for our profession. — Ruth Kallio-Mielke, CPA

Your involvement benefits all Kallio-Mielke and Friedman both emphasized the importance of participating in advocacy, and Friedman offered two specific reasons. “First of all, you need to be proactively supporting the issues that affect our profession, but the second piece is to be advocates for our clients,” he said. “Tax legislation affects the public we are bound to protect.” Kallio-Mielke said the WICPA is a critical resource for firms when, based on their experience, they find something they think needs to be changed. “If an issue comes up that we feel strongly about, we can’t lobby because if we take one side or the other on legislation, we might be helping one client and hurting another. So none of us can really do it on our own; we can only do it through the WICPA.” Friedman suggested there are several ways members can get involved in advocacy, the most obvious being to become a member of the Public Policy Committee. But, he said, it’s actually just as important that you get to know your state and local representatives. “If you have built a relationship with a senator or assembly person, and you call them when an important issue comes up, they’re going to respond,” Friedman said. “If they have no idea who you are, they’re not going to listen to what you have to say.” If you have an issue impacting the profession that you think should go to

the state legislature, or if you just have an interest in a piece of legislation, Tammy Hofstede is always open to helping. She is also a person you can call if you want to get more involved in advocacy than just getting to know your state and local representatives. Kallio-Mielke said there are other ways, too. One of those ways is to join one of the committees — Public Policy, Wisconsin Taxation and Federal Taxation — that are involved in reviewing proposed legislation and making recommendations to Hofstede, who then takes them to the legislature. “When I receive proposed legislation (which the public has not seen yet), and legislators ask me what our members think, I immediately contact our committees for their input, since they are the experts,” said Hofstede. If the issue becomes an active bill, she will then act to support or oppose it, depending on the issue and its potential impact on the profession and/or our members. If appropriate, she will create a task force to work with regulators and collaborate on the language that should be used for the bill. If you would like more information about WICPA advocacy, contact Tammy Hofstede at 262-785-0445, ext. 4518, or Marcia Tillett-Zinzow is a Wisconsin freelance writer and editor. Contact her at

Thank You! 2020




The Accounting & Auditing Conference provides CPAs and financial professionals and their staff in public accounting, industry and government with information on current changes and timely issues in auditing standards, FASB, GASB, governmental managing, improving data and document workflow, accounting and financial reporting, as well as training in technology and soft skills. Morgan R. Blount Jackalyn M. Budish Christopher M. Cholka

Jennifer A. Craig Julie A. Craig Jodi L. Dobson

Joseph D. Haas Allyson J. Hofstede Tammy J. Hofstede

Gary A. Johnsen Richard A. Krueger Travis J. Lohse

Gary A. Schmid


The Business & Industry Fall Conference provides CPAs, CEOs, CFOs, controllers and accounting staff in industry, public accounting, government, education and nonprofits updates on current issues and tax implications affecting various areas of business and operations, human resources, technology, as well as new and improved ways to manage a changing workplace. Morgan R. Blount Frances E. Bosze Steve Boylan Becky R. Bradl Wendy J. Brown

Jason Bruner Greg Gavran Armand C. Go Ryan J. Hanson Robert F. Hartzheim Jr.

Katherine L. Hauser Tammy J. Hofstede Dan Holzhauer Amy L. Hruby Paul J. LaRosa

Patricia E. Larson Debra L. Lenz Lynn E. Marek Tori M. Morrow Dennis W. Nelson

Carver Smith III Thomas R. Stapleton Susan M. Strautmann Matthew J. Zeratsky


The Business & Industry Spring Conference provides CPAs, CFOs, CEOs, controllers and accounting staff in industry, public accounting, government, education and nonprofits updates on current accounting and tax implications affecting various areas of business and operations, human resources, and technology, as well as new and improved ways to manage a changing workplace. Lynn M. Ardisana Frances E. Bosze Steve Boylan Becky R. Bradl Jason Bruner


Christopher M. Cholka Jennifer A. Craig Greg Gavran Jean M. Hansen Michelle M. Hicks-Tobias

Thank You! 2020

Tammy J. Hofstede Karen M. Hosterman-Ward Tom Jezo William P. Klingsporn Paul J. Krejcarek

Yuriy Ksenidi Patricia E. Larson Tori M. Morrow Jose E. Saenz Kelly M. Sics

Carver Smith III Thomas R. Stapleton Michael P. Sterk Susan M. Strautmann Matthew J. Zeratsky




What has been most personally rewarding about your volunteer experience?


Seeing the conferences come to life and watching the speakers do such a great job has been very rewarding. Just knowing that I helped to make a conference happen is quite satisfying. Additionally, it is rewarding getting fabulous speakers that I have known through other networks to be able to benefit fellow WICPA members.


How important do you believe it is for CPAs to be actively involved with the WICPA on committees or in other ways?

Julie Craig, CPA, Managing Partner, Gordon J. Maier & Company LLP

Accounting & Audit Conference Planning Committee Q. A.

How long have you been on the committee?

I have been on this committee three years, and in that time I’ve helped plan three Accounting & Audit Conferences.


Do you have a special interest or expertise that drew you to this particular committee?


I work in public accounting, and I’m very passionate about staying current on education. This committee focuses on both those things. I’m able to tap into my own


I think it’s very important that WICPA members get involved. It’s the people who show up who make things happen. If you want quality continuing education, then being part of a conference planning committee can help achieve that.


How do you manage your time between work and volunteering?


I prioritize what is most important and consider those things that fit with my goals first. Plus, I schedule things so that I keep an amount of time open for volunteering.

experiences in the industry to help in planning the conferences.


How do you believe your involvement contributes to your professional development?


Being involved on the committee has led to new contacts for professional guidance past the seminar, be it colleges or speakers that were engaged for the conferences. Also, it’s always great to share ideas on the latest challenges facing our industry in order to stay current with professional development so our firm can stay relevant to our client’s needs.

Thank You! 2020




that CPAs in the financial sector are facing. It is nice to have a conference that focuses on the issues that financial institutions must deal with, including regulatory and compliance issues.


How do you see your involvement on this committee contributing to your professional development?


Being involved with this committee has allowed me to meet and network with a lot of individuals in the financial institutions sector. Since I work in that industry, this is valuable when I need to bounce an idea or a problem off someone else to see how they handled a particular issue.

Ann Pascavis, CPA, CFO, Waukesha State Bank

Time to Connect the Dots A small but important time commitment keeps financial institution professionals up to date and gives them opportunities to form valuable connections.


How long have you been on the committee? How did you first get involved?


I have been involved with the committee for about 25 years. A partner at the firm I was with at the time was coming off the committee and encouraged me to get involved.

I spend a couple of hours ahead of time reviewing current topics and prioryear comments before the meeting. Then there is some time needed to line up speakers after the meeting, plus the time spent the day of the conference. I would say I spend about six to seven hours total.



There isn’t a lot of time involved. Once a year, we meet for about two hours to plan the conference.


About how much time do you need to devote to the committee each year?



Thank You! 2020


What rewards do you believe are derived from volunteer work in general?


There is always a sense of pride when you see the results of the work that you have done. It is important for those who can to try to give of their time — and time is one of our greatest resources.


What advice would you have for someone who’s thinking about volunteering for this or any other WICPA committee?


I would encourage newer CPAs to get involved in the WICPA. Networking is very important in this profession, and volunteering is a great way to make the connections that will make a difference in the future.

What do you see as the most valuable aspect of the Financial Institutions Conference to those who attend? The conference can keep you up to date with all the latest topics



The Financial Institutions Conference covers a variety of specialized topics that include regulatory and legislative updates, compliance issues, and the latest economic conditions that challenge both larger and community-based financial institutions. David E. Braden Daniel C. Carroll Eric Corbeg Nicholas A. Hahn Tammy J. Hofstede

William T. Hogan Bryan Johnsen Jay B. Kaun Yuriy Ksenidi Patrick S. Murphy

Matthew J. Nitka Ann M. Pascavis Wendy A. Peters Brett D. Schwantes Matthew J. Zeratsky


The Not-for-Profit Accounting Conference provides all levels of financial professionals in nonprofit and health care organizations with the knowledge, insight and strategies to use when facing accounting and financial challenges specific to their organizations. Conference topics include tax-exempt issues, fund-raising and risk management. Morgan R. Blount Marc A. Cadieux Jon C. Gaines Amy J. Gallagher

Greg Gavran John R. Heindel Tammy J. Hofstede Jessica M. Horning

Sherri L. Huff Sandra K. Jensen Natasha L. King Susan Lynch

Renee Messing Kelly K. Miller Todd J. Poppe Gary A. Schmid

Corina R. Schoenke Tanya M. Stamps Roberta A. Ward Michelle L. Weber


The School District Audit Conference, in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, provides the only training for auditors of Wisconsin public school districts and Private School Choice Program schools. This includes the latest auditing updates, developments and tools they can use to better serve school districts and their communities. Brian M. Anderson Krisztina M. Dommer Paul J. Frantz

Carrie A. Gindt Tammy J. Hofstede Karen K. Kerber

Charles N. Krueger Gregory J. Pitel Lisa M. Salo

Wendi M. Unger Mary L. Wolter


The Tax Conference is the must-attend event of the year for accountants, lawyers and business professionals who want to broaden their knowledge with the latest Wisconsin and federal tax laws and issues. This two-day conference appeals to professionals from all levels of experience, including CPAs in industry and public practice, as well as practicing attorneys, corporate counsel and business and financial managers. Lucien A. Beaudry Michael K. Benton Kenesha A. Coleman Daniel B. Geraghty Marge M. Graf Tammy J. Hofstede

Bradley J. Kalscheur Robert A. Mathers Christopher M. Morrissey June F. Norman Douglas J. Patch Kevin M. Reardon

Joseph F. Schirger Jr. Thomas H. Schmitt Roger H. Schroeder Susan A. Sowatzke

Thank You! 2020





How have you grown as a leader through your experience on this committee?


When I joined, I was a manager at Baker Tilly. At that point in my career, I was uncomfortable speaking in front of a group and communicating my ideas to others, and I didn’t know how to command a room. Through this experience, I think I have improved on all of these things; plus I have developed relationships with DPI and firms that have benefited me and my clients.

Wendi Unger, CPA, Partner, Baker Tilly, Milwaukee

Taking School District Auditors to School A strong belief in education, networking, and personal and professional development is making a difference for school district auditors throughout the state


You’ve been involved with this committee for many years. What motivates you to stay involved?


Education. I believe that we will never learn everything that we can learn. Being involved in this committee enables me to assist in educating the school district auditors statewide.


Why is this conference important to the professionals who attend it?


The conference brings auditors into close interaction with the Department of Public Instruction


Thank You! 2020

(DPI) personnel. The largest portion of the conference is DPI talking about changes in their department, sharing findings from prior years, and reporting on what is new for auditors in the upcoming audit season for schools and new programs. It also enables school district auditors from across the state to network.


How do you manage to make time for your volunteer work with the WICPA when you have such a busy work schedule?


I am a very organized person — sometimes to a fault. I don’t sleep much. I believe when things are important to you — like family, job, the WICPA — you just find the time. Things fall into place most of the time. There are always bumps in the road, but you hit those, regain control and keep on moving.


What benefits do you think WICPA involvement — on a committee or otherwise — holds for young professionals in particular?


Education, networking, personal and professional development, making the profession better, promoting the profession and fighting for the profession are just some of the benefits. Getting involved is a great way for young professionals to grow their careers.


What has been most rewarding to you about being involved with this committee?


Working closely with DPI, networking with other firms and, ultimately, educating others have been most rewarding.



The Accounting Careers Committee promotes, educates and excites students about the changing roles of the CPA and the unlimited opportunities in accounting careers. Renee R. Bardenwerper Joshua Baumann Bryce Becker Mark Bichler Christopher M. Cholka Dorothy Conduah

Robert V. Du Charme Ada Duffey Jon C. Gaines Jodi Gissel McDowell Michelle Goetsch Tammy J. Hofstede

Renee M. Johnson Amy L. Kowalchuk Jennifer L. Kramer Amy L. LeVeille Tori M. Morrow Melissa A. Nielsen

Ben W. Pechan Todd B. Rakowski Sarah E. Roberts Kelly M. Sics Nathan W. Smith Barbara A. Stransky

Scott M. Syrjala Denise A. Vandenbush Jane M. Weiss Adam J. Woznicki Tiffany M. Ziegler


The Accounting Higher Education Committee consists of educator representatives of Wisconsin colleges and universities with accounting programs intended to qualify graduates to take the CPA exam and obtain a CPA license. This committee provides a forum for college educators to serve as resources to each other, the WICPA and Wisconsin legislators, regulators and other policymakers. Michael D. Akers Michael R. Amidzich D’Arcy A. Becker James R. Blinka

Joann Noe Cross Lisa A. Derouin Thomas R. Determan Paul M. Fischer

Jason J. Haen Tammy J. Hofstede Brett M. Killion Thomas N. Kuenzi

Catherine Lau Gary L. Olsen Aimee J. Pernsteiner Wendy K. Potratz

Katherine K. Schuessler Stacy A. Stinson Susan M. Strautmann Terry D. Warfield


The annual On Balance editorial planning meeting is an opportunity for members to critique content published in the magazine. Members are encouraged to share issues and trends affecting their business, clients and the accounting profession. Feedback is used to help plan the editorial calendar for the coming year. Jordan R. Boehm Steve Boylan James D. Brandenburg Wendy J. Brown Melodi L. Bunting Elizabeth L. Colson Greg Gavran

Tammy J. Hofstede Jeffrey T. Lemmermann Robert A. Mathers Edward H. Rueter Gerald J. Schmit Jr. Edward M. Thelen


The Ethics Committee oversees the effective regulation and enforcement of the AICPA Code of Professional Conduct. Wayne Ehlert Carrie A. Gindt

Tammy J. Hofstede John A. Knepel Sr.

Barbara A. Pippenger Barry S. Sattell

Terry T. Strittmater

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The Excellence Awards Selection Committee reviews nominations for the award categories and selects the recipients honored at the Member Recognition Banquet & Annual Business Meeting. Michael D. Akers Scott Blazek

Christopher M. Cholka Tammy J. Hofstede

Wesley R. Jones Neil R. Keller

Kyle R. Stephens Angela C. Thomas

Roberta A. Ward


The Federal Taxation Committee regularly engages in dialogue with the IRS, discusses new developments in federal taxation matters and keeps WICPA members informed of new developments in tax authority, practice and procedures. Gordon J. Adler Kari A. Apel Johnnie C. Bannier Jr. Michael A. Bark Lucien A. Beaudry Ronald C. Berman James D. Brandenburg Melaine D. Brandt Michael D. Donahue Christie A. Felton Scott B. Franklin Mary L. Fredrick Jessica B. Gatzke Tammy J. Hofstede Rebecca W. Jungwirth Tricia A. Knight

Deborah A. Kossow Nicholas S. Lascari Terri M. Lillesand Robert A. Mathers Holly B. Muehl-Pett Christopher P. Olson Douglas J. Patch Lucas L. Petzold Kevin M. Reardon Christopher E. Rosborough Michael J. Scholz Michael P. Slye Jeffrey C. Stoub Dale G. Van De Loo Brad M. Voght Jonathon R. Wendorf


The Finance Committee oversees the financial activity of the WICPA, including the annual budget, audit, investments and net assets. Lucien A. Beaudry Jessica B. Gatzke

Ryan J. Hanson Katherine L. Hauser

Tammy J. Hofstede Neil R. Keller

Wendi M. Unger


The Nominations Committee reviews applications for the open positions of the WICPA Board of Directors and selects a slate of nominees to be voted upon at the Member Recognition Banquet & Annual Business Meeting. Michael D. Akers Ryan J. Hanson


Thank You! 2020

Katherine L. Hauser Tammy J. Hofstede

Neil R. Keller Lucas L. Petzold

Kyle R. Stephens Wendi M. Unger



The Public Policy Committee is vigilant in monitoring public policy issues that impact the profession and in recommending and implementing appropriate actions and responses to our state’s elected representatives and other policy-making bodies. William R. Ahlstrom Thomas J. Alberte Kari A. Apel Stanley M. Babicz Kyle J. Beld Robert J. Cottingham Gerald E. Denor Jeff Dewane Paul M. Fischer Michael E. Friedman Karin M. Gale Jessica B. Gatzke Emma Grall Jean M. Hansen Ryan J. Hanson Theodore E. Hart Tammy J. Hofstede Sherri L. Huff

Angel M. Johnson Jeffrey W. Kowieski Nicholas S. Lascari Ryan Maniscalco Edwin A. Miller Tricia Nielsen Steven A. Pullara John R. Reinhart Michael I. Ruby Matthew J. Schaefer Thomas H. Schmitt Frederick J. Sitzberger Keana Spencer Angela C. Thomas Denise A. Vandenbush Jane M. Weiss Randall J. Wichinski


The Wisconsin Taxation Committee regularly engages in dialogue with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, discusses new developments in Wisconsin taxation matters and keeps WICPA members informed of new developments in Wisconsin tax authority, practice and procedures. Kari A. Apel Michael A. Bark Morgan R. Blount Nick N. Boegel Craig A. Cookle Tiffany M. Davister Jack E. De Young Barbara A. DeBaere-Poppy Jeffrey W. Dvorachek Sarah L. Evans

Alyssa R. Geracie W. Richard Gerhard Michael J. Gordon Emma Grall Douglas E. Gross John C. Healy Tammy J. Hofstede Laura A. James Jennifer E. Janecek Henry A. Jasper

Brian M. Kelley Richard J. Kollauf Steven J. Koritzinsky Gerri A. Kroepfl Kenneth A. Larsen Sr. Andrew J. Mathes William B. Mayer Nicholas J. Newhouse Thomas J. Nichols William G. Nolan

Daryl L. Ohland Karen J. Renner William J. Rewolinski Zachary R. Rieboldt James A. San Fillippo Richard A. Scott Paul M. Senger Jon P. Skavlem Michael P. Slye Gregory A. Stein

Dale G. Van De Loo Brad M. Voght Allan T. Young


The Young Professionals Committee is focused on inspiring students to enter the accounting profession by promoting engagement, networking, event attendance and speaking to students in high schools and colleges. Kevin J. Behm Joseph W. Boucher III Ross W. Bukouricz John Calewarts Christopher M. Cholka Kara Coleman Ann L. Daugherty

Brooke K. Hanke Kayla M. Hembel Allyson J. Hofstede Tammy J. Hofstede Haley M. Jones Lyssa L. Kemper Conner Laabs

Brooke Leiterman Bethany Manteufel Adam R. Meyer Edwin A. Miller Leary Morris Danielle E. Oberndorfer Kale Post

Katlynne Provos Andrea C. Retzki Jesse W. Roberts Sarah E. Roberts Jose E. Saenz Michael C. Schafer Megan E. Schultz

Kortni Smith Shelby L. Sonnentag Kyle R. Stephens Kyle N. Stone Aron N. Van Pelt Brenna Van Rooy Andrew D. Witt Thank You! 2020


The More You Put Into It We congratulate Nick Lascari on his retirement and thank him for his many years of service to the profession and to the WICPA. by Donna Pinsoneault


hen Nicholas Lascari, CPA, CGMA, CEA, joined the WICPA as a young tax accountant in 1970, he received some sage advice from another member, John Cerny, CPA. At the time, Cerny was tax director at Arthur Young and Company, where Lascari was employed.

preparing for the day’s sessions — going over committee assignments, speaker introductions, etc. We hear a knock on the door, and when I open it, this gentleman says, ‘I’m running for president. You have 650 people coming here today. Would you mind if I give a speech?’

“He told me, ‘If you’re going to join the WICPA, do so as an active member, not just to golf in the annual outing,’” Lascari said.

“So I go to the committee and say, ‘This gentleman wants to give a speech,’ and they say, ‘His opponent isn’t here, and we don’t really have extra time on the schedule. So — no!’

Taking that advice seriously, Lascari became deeply involved in WICPA activities over the years. One of his first volunteer ventures was the Federal Taxation Committee, which he joined in 1975. This led him to serve as chair of the Tax Conference Planning Committee, and at the 1978 Tax Conference, he had his first experience with a national leader. As he tells it: “The group is sitting around a breakfast table at the Pfister Hotel Joined the WICPA Joined the Federal Taxation Committee


Thank You! 2020

“I’ve worked with Gaylord Nelson, Bill Proxmire, Bob Kasten and many presidents,” Lascari said. “The only president I didn’t meet was Jimmy Carter.”

Wrapping up the story, Lascari said, “I ask you: How many people ever said no to Ronald Reagan?”

Because of his involvement with the Federal Taxation Committee, Lascari played a key role in developing legislation such as the 1986 revision to the Internal Revenue Code, strongly influencing items that mattered to many people. One example stands out.

Reagan wasn’t the only leader Lascari encountered in his volunteer roles. He has informed and

“We were sitting in Dan Rostenkowski’s office,” Lascari said. “He was chair of the House Ways and Means Committee,

Key role in the revision to the Internal Revenue Code

Helped start the process of getting someone committed to every representative in the state

Received the Spirit Award




Chair of the Tax Conference Planning Committee


“I go back to the gentleman and say, ‘I’m sorry, but you can’t do it.’ And he says, ‘Well, I’ll be running again next year, so please give me your vote.’”

influenced important legislation and developed friendships with key leaders such as former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, former 5th District Rep. Jerry Kleczka, former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and more. Over time, as AICPA’s key person contact for the state of Wisconsin, Lascari was responsible for developing legislation with national leaders and lawmakers.

Received the Spirit Award

Retired from Gordon J. Maier & Company

Received the Distinguished Career Award



whether volunteering with the WICPA is important, you’ll hear a resounding Yes! “Volunteering is important because it enhances your knowledge and depth in the profession,” he said. “The best thing a new member can do is join a committee — Federal Taxation, Wisconsin Taxation, Not-ForProfit Planning, Finance — whatever your interests are. You expand your knowledge, and you network with your peers. Many times, you can get answers from your peers when you have a dilemma. They may have had a similar problem that they solved and can provide input into solving yours. and we were talking about the changes being proposed to the Code. I said to him, ‘Do you know you are taking away the mortgage interest deduction?’” “He said, ‘What? That can’t be!’” Lascari had discovered that one of Rostenkowski’s staff had written into the bill that the mortgage interest deduction would no longer be allowed. “Rostenkowski called the rookie staffer, who admitted that he had excluded the deduction,” said Lascari. “He did it because he didn’t think it was fair that he, a renter, wasn’t getting any benefit from it, while other staffers who owned D.C. brownstones were. He ordered the staffer to remove that item from the bill.” Working with the WICPA led to experiences with the AICPA as well. A friend of Paul Ryan from the launch of Ryan’s political career, Lascari was asked if he could get Ryan to speak at an AICPA Council meeting. Ryan was head of the House Ways and Means Committee at the time. As Lascari tells it: “I gave Paul a call and, sure enough, he came in front of the Council, gave a one-hour speech and answered questions from the audience. Afterward, the AICPA leader said, ‘We have never had such a high-ranking official give a presentation to us. Thank you!’” Saying Thank You! to Nick Lascari is definitely on our minds as well. Recently retired from Gordon J. Maier & Company in Racine, Lascari’s career includes a long list of contributions and distinctive honors. He may have said no to Ronald Reagan, but if you ask him

“Volunteering is amazingly interesting,” he added. “It gives you an opportunity to network with other professionals, to work your way up the chain of command and to work with taxation and public policy. Plus, you meet some very good people.” Lascari believes it is especially important for CPAs to network with public policymakers, especially those starting out, such as U.S. Rep. Bryan Steil, who was elected to Paul Ryan’s former seat. “We want to get somebody committed to every representative in the state of Wisconsin,” he said. “We started that process in 1998. Wisconsin is one of very few creative states. It’s unbelievable what we’ve been able to do.” Lascari is the only person to hold the WICPA titles of president and chair of the board in the same year (2012). “During my term as chair, we changed a lot of the governing policies,” he said. “One of those was changing the board president title to chair and the organization’s executive director title to president and CEO — the role Tammy Hofstede is now in.” Nick Lascari has been a significant contributor to the profession, building a solid platform well deserving of the WICPA’s gratitude. But it’s the stories that Lascari treasures and the lifetime of experiences that he hopes other CPAs will embrace. “It’s your profession,” he said. “The more you put into it, the better it becomes!”

In addition to the involvement mentioned in this article, Nick Lascari has also served the WICPA on the committees listed below, and for many of them, he was the committee’s liaison to the WICPA board. He has been recognized several times, receiving the Spirit Award in both 2002 and 2017 and the Distinguished Career Award in 2013. u

Wisconsin Taxation Committee


Not-For-Profit Conference Planning Committee


Finance Committee


Editorial Planning Committee


Advocacy Outreach


Public Policy Committee

Donna Pinsoneault is a freelance writer based in Brookfield. Contact her at Thank You! 2020


EXCELLENCE AWARD RECIPIENTS The WICPA Excellence Awards recognize accounting professionals for their leadership, achievements and dedication to the profession.


Michael D. Donahue

This award recognizes an accounting or business educator for their contributions in academia and the accounting profession. The recipient has demonstrated innovative techniques in teaching and motivating students.

This award recognizes an individual who is a CPA working in public practice. The recipient has demonstrated significant achievements that have contributed to the success and growth of a firm.

ACCOUNTING STUDENT Ashley R. Rieder This award recognizes a college accounting student for their commitment to success in the accounting field. The recipient has demonstrated leadership skills, involvement in an accounting or business club and contributions to the community.

BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT Tori M. Morrow This award recognizes an individual working in an accounting role in business and management. The recipient has demonstrated blending information technology, financial decision-making and progressive management techniques that have helped a business move forward.

COMMUNITY SERVICE – INDIVIDUAL Denise A. Vandenbush This award recognizes an individual for their dedication and commitment to community service activities at the local, regional or state level. The recipient has demonstrated leadership and positively impacted the community.

COMMUNITY SERVICE – ORGANIZATION Cousins Subs, Accepted by Christine A. Specht This award recognizes an organization for their community service contributions at the local, regional or state level. The recipient has initiated or increased their community service activities and reinforced the profession’s reputation for commitment to the public good.



Thank You! 2020

DISTINGUISHED CAREER Joseph W. Boucher This award recognizes an individual for their outstanding achievements and efforts throughout their career. The recipient has demonstrated exemplary leadership and ongoing commitment of service to advance the accounting profession, the WICPA and the community.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION IMPACT Keana L. Spencer This award recognizes an individual who champions diversity and inclusiveness in the accounting profession. The recipient has demonstrated impactful contributions through organization initiatives, engagement in mentoring or coaching programs or promoted diversity initiatives through other organizations.

WOMAN TO WATCH Jessica B. Gatzke This award recognizes a female accounting professional. The recipient has demonstrated superior leadership, improvements in the workplace, significant contributions to the profession and mentorship of other professionals.

YOUNG PROFESSIONAL Jose E. Saenz This award recognizes an individual age 35 or under who serves as an emerging and dynamic leader in the accounting profession. The recipient has demonstrated involvement within the community, has been engaged in one or more professional organizations and has served as an example for others entering the profession.


1-YEAR MEMBERS Matthew L. Adams Julie J. Ager Lindsey C. Akre Charles F. Albers Dilcia Alkhaldi Michael Anger Alan M. Arts Thomas R. Auer Jacob R. Babcock Matthew M. Babel Michael Ball Carrie T. Baumann Daniel B. Becker Brian R. Begalke Matthew E. Bell Robert D. Belter Leif E. Bergquist Danielle Berndt Alexandra Beyer Joseph Bichler Michael T. Bier Justin Biese Jalissa A. Bishop Rachel Blumenshine Amy A. Boerst Lauren N. Bogumill Katie J. Bolen-Irwin Jessica Bower Stephanie Brinker Cory Brummeyer Jason Bruner Hayley Bruss Kevin A. Buchholz Eric D. Buss Shannon R. Campy Ann M. Cekosh Tony Chau Maria Chereji Jack Clapham Mollie Collette Jonathan J. Collins Susan J. Connor Ryan Coon Matthew W. Cooper Paul W. Cooper

Jonathan G. Covek Matthew Curtis John M. D’Angelo II Dee L. De Bauche Jessica L. DeBack Caitlin DeBruin Taylor Debs Zachary D. Degeneffe Dominic J. Demerath Kimberly D. Dickinson Sophia Diederich Britley Diermeier Aaron Dixon Vincent Dombrowski Krisztina M. Dommer Kevin Doro Paul D. Dozier Jennifer L. Drescher Weiser Amber M. Drewieske Tara R. Dubois Matthew Durtsche Kathryn Eaton Matthew Eckert Justin Erickson Anthony Fabris Tyler Fallahi Shannon L. Feuerhelm Matthew Flasher Cooper Flesch Daniel Fochs Beth M. Frazer Kimberly A. Freese Kelly A. Friedrichsen Sydney (Sehee) K. Fritzel Dale H. Gamez Emily L. Gapinski Conor Garvey Wendy S. Garvey Abby L. George Rachel Gierach Dora M. Glanville Lydia Glatzel Terri A. Gohlke David Golden Matthew Goodman

Kaitlin Gramins Todd W. Gray Tara M. Greenwood Reid Gresens Brittany R. Greuel Robert R. Grey Michael G. Grinwald Richard Grochowske Sara Gross Adam Guernsey Catherine M. Guffey Jazmyn Haack Holly M. Halfman Ashley C. Hall Derek J. Hammen Alex M. Hanneman Adam J. Hanson Chelsie C. Hardy Matthew R. Harlowe Jennifer A. Hays Jennifer Hebson Amanda M. Hein Mary Helgemoe Justin Herman Michelle L. Herro Jason J. Hiatt Cassidy J. Hickman Dana M. Hinske Scott Hird Anastasia Homava Rachel N. Huben Dylan J. Huber Kyle M. Huebner Brian W. Huels Amanda Hytry Todd M. Jacoby Swati Jain Patrick T. Jamieson Chad R. Janke Magdalena Jaworska Bryan Johnsen Angel M. Johnson William C. Jolly Monica L. Jung Anissa Kalms

Vanessa J. Kane Ryan Karow David J. Katauskas Jr. Thomas M. Kegel Jeremy Keil Michael A. Kelash Levi Kelley Katherine Kennedy Kim Kiesow Angela King John Kinsella Kelly L. Kjell Nicholas J. Klimek Bill D. Kocha Christine Kong Craig W. Koprowski Nicole M. Kozlovsky Jordan C. Krainer Andrew Krueger Jaimie Krueger Jordan Krutza Kyle J. Kryszak Erich B. Kuss Sarah LaBerge Bailey Lambie Rebecca Lamermayer Morgan L. LaPlant Jonathan S. Lapworth Jay M. Laurila Kelly J. LaVallee Brooke Leiterman Allison Lemke Michael C. Lenzie Ben Liebmann Margaret Londo David W. Luken Dana Lutton Jeffrey A. Mahnke Tom E. Malone Melody A. Mansfield Lisa S. Mautz Zachary Mayer Shannon F. McCarthy Patrick M. McCarville Michelle M. McClelland

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1-YEAR MEMBERS, CONT. Christopher McCullick Jenni L. McIntosh Benjamin F. Mckay Emily E. McKillip Shawn McLarney Donna M. Mendyke Derek Merten Justin Metz Derek W. Meyer Ryan J. Michalski Morgan L. Mielke Rebecca M. Miller Kevin Mineard Kristie L. Mineard Melissa L. Mischler Robert E. Monroe Sheila E. Moran Jeremy D. Moritz Katherine C. Morris Nathan M. Myhre Chad Naidl Keren Nass Olin Nelson Zach Newsome Adam Nichols Sandy Nies Jill Niles William G. Nolan Sara R. Nonn Chris M. Novoa Matthew B. Nowak Alex L. Nysven Thomas M. O’Brien Ryan G. ODesky Nicole J. Olesen Emily M. Olson Zachary E. Olson Colleen E. ONeill Brian Palm Derek J. Patten Benjamin Paulson Joseph R. Peterson Kristin P. Peterson Katie R. Petroske Somphavanh Phanouvanh


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Ashley Pierce Alex M. Plaster Noelle Poppe Steve M. Potkonjak Laura Poupitch Shawn M. Prell Matthew Prentice Jennyfer R. Primeau Nicole E. Prochnow Michael J. Ratto Nathaniel R. Redig Katherine Rieger Scott G. Riess Brian Ripley Joseph Roberts Carol B. Robinson Tramaine Robinson Jessica Rogers Curtis J. Rowe K’trina Ruff Katie A. Sam Jason T. Sands Leslie A. Sauer Kyle Schaaf Allan P. Schmid Abigail Schmidt Trenton D. Schmidt Nicole B. Schmitz Brett Schneider Sara E. Schnelle Craig Schommer Phil M. Schultz Elizabeth Schuman Preston Schwalenberg Laura A. Schweitzer Joshua Seider Angela Sellen Julia D. Sennes M John B. Silseth Tania Sinha Lawrence Skor Brian Snyder Kelli Sobczak Lindsay Spielman Jeffrey M. Squires

Erin M. Stanek

Heather Verhagen

Jason M. Steers

Terry D. Warfield

Thomas R. Stapleton Matthew J. Stephanie Earl John M. Stevens Alex G. Stewart Laura Stinski

Morgan Stone

Jeffrey C. Stoub

Sandra L. Swiderski Bola Taiwo

Nicole Theriault

Josh A. Thompson Michael J. Thon William F. Ticali Travis Tinder

David J. Towne

Katherine L. Trzebiatowski Emily Upstrom

Brandon C. Upton Bo Van Handel Jeffrey S. Van Kristy Vang

Nicholas P. Vargosko

Andrew T. Wall Randy Warnke

Rose M. Warren

Bonnie J. Watson Andrea Weber Molly Weil

Melanie T. Weitermann Derek E. Wilber

Victoria A. Wilke Austin Willborn

Alexandria Winger Ellen Wolf

Barbara Jo Wolff David W. Wong Ki Xiong

Brian D. Zaletel

Ammna Zaman

Andrea Zimmerman HaLeigh Zipperer Zachary Zirzow

Elise R. Zuleger


5-YEAR MEMBERS Linda Amann Brian M. Anderson Donna Aspenson Jeffrey S. Audretsch Suzanne M. Baierl Dustin E. Bakalars Nathaniel T. Bartz Sheridan Bearheart Brian G. Becker Caitlin Behncke Zachary D. Berghouse Patricia A. Birschbach Mallory Bocek Joshua M. Boeldt Robert Bohnert Carmi S. Brawley Holly L. Breien Stacy L. Brieman Katherine Bula Ting M. Burazin Rachel A. Burrow Kenneth G. Calewarts Matthew J. Calhoun Margaret Carmichael Sherry L. Carney Daniel C. Carroll Elizabeth L. Chizeck Kathleen Ciantar Matthew Cimpl Kenesha A. Coleman Kelly A. Cowhig Rychelle L. Czaplewski Tony J. D’Alessio Stephen Daniels Ann L. Daugherty Christopher D. Davis Megan A. Decker Dana A. Delsman Brian DelVecchio Amanda K. Djurickovic Linda M. Dolezalek David J. Doro Michael F. Drews Daniel S. Ellenberger Sarah L. Evans Ryan T. Filtz

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Diving Into the Profession

— And Then the Ocean

Photo courtesy of Baker Tilly

Q. A.

Thomas Werblow, CPA, has been an active WICPA member for 50 years. He served as chair of the Ethics Committee for 17 years and received the WICPA Achievement Award in 2008. A 1964 UW–Madison graduate, Werblow passed the CPA Exam in 1969 and dove headfirst into the WICPA in 1970. We caught up with him recently and asked him about his career and life after retirement.

What organizations did you work for during your career?

It’s a long story, involving many mergers. In 1965, I went to work for Fonteine, McCurdy & Co. in Milwaukee. The firm merged with Arthur Young & Co., which eventually merged to become Ernst & Young. Then I worked for an Oshkosh firm by the name of Kimball, Lamb, Rieckman & Co. before going to Schumaker Romenesko in Appleton, which merged with Virchow Krause, which ultimately became Baker Tilly Virchow Krause. And that is the firm I retired from.

Q. A.

What made you want to become a CPA?

I always enjoyed math in high school and my accounting courses in college. My father was a CPA, but I don’t think that was a big factor. It just kind of turned out that

way. He couldn’t influence me any more than I could influence my children. My oldest son, among many of his majors was accounting, but he told me he hated accounting and never wanted my job! He ended up an attorney.


The profession has gone through many changes over the years. What do you see as the one thing that has changed public accounting the most during your career?


I think the advent of the computer and all the programs that are available affect all aspects of accounting, and one of those is the ability to work from home. One of my basic tenets was that I never brought work home. When I left the office, I left work there. Now — not just because of the coronavirus situation,

but even before that — people are actually being encouraged to work at home. That is a huge change in the way things are done.

Q. A.

Tell me a little bit about your family.

This August, my wife and I will have been married 50 years. We have a daughter, two sons and five grandchildren, who keep us busy with their various sporting events. I told you that my oldest son is a lawyer. My younger son is a “spec-writer” for a large industrial company that works with architects, and he has to spec-out (insert specifications on) the plans the architects draw, in terms of hardware and doors and such. And my daughter, who is the youngest, is an event coordinator. She had a background in radio and television production and now works with a lot of organizations, traveling around the country organizing events for them.

Q. A.

What keeps you busy in retirement?

Keeping up with family, especially the grandkids, keeps us busy. Also, my wife and I are scuba divers, so we try to take scuba diving trips, and that’s fun and interesting. Our last one was to Tahiti, where we got to dive in the South Pacific, actually diving with sharks and not being afraid of them. We’ve gone diving in St. Lucia in the Caribbean, and we’ve been to Cozumel a number of times. Sometimes we’ve gone with two of our grandchildren, who are certified divers. All of my children are certified, too. They’re not as enthusiastic as we are, though.


What sage advice can you pass along to the young professionals of today?


You’ve got to keep up with technology and the rapid changes that are happening in the profession. Things are changing much more rapidly than they did 50 years ago. You should also spend some time volunteering with the WICPA. I always thought it was important to give back to the profession.

Thank You! 2020



CPAC & LIF CONTRIBUTORS Jan. 2019 – Dec. 2019 Heather S. Acker Christine M. Anderson Brandon D. Andries Anthony J. Balistreri Roberta L. Bastle Paul F. Batchelor Mary J. Behling Danny R. Beine Timothy J. Beine Donald N. Bernards Todd C. Bernhardt Douglas K. Berry Jeffrey T. Blattner Kelly J. Bradley James D. Brandenburg Erik B. Bunnell Daniel E. Buttke Todd A. Carpenter Justin C. Chesbrough Christine M. Dahlhauser Jeffrey W. Danen Brad W. DeNoyer Chad R. Derenne Jeff Dewane Andrew N. Dilling Jodi L. Dobson Jeffrey W. Dvorachek Barbara G. Ecklond Wayne Ehlert Brigid Elliott-Boger Christine M. Fenske Michael F. Fitzpatrick Paul J. Frantz Michael E. Friedman

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