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“ This campaign is well integrated and engaging....� Heinz Salad Cream

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• My business background adds value to a Branding Agency • Branding is not just about external customers • Design is one small part of an Agencies work • My strengths are strategic thinking and concept development • I am heading in the right direction • Promote myself as a Graphic Designer not a Designer/Accountant • Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with the Design world

What I know now

• To experiment and push boundaries • Make extensive use of all the Uni facilities • A placement with Elmwood • Build on type and layout skills • Build on design for print

• Develop a varied portfolio • To collaborate with other students • Record my time to assess the real cost of live projects

What I want this year

Live Briefs Campaign to promote the Loft Space Re brand XTG Hairdressing Prospectus for a Dance School Research Brief Links between Culture/Design/Music Skills driven Briefs

Competition briefs Type and layout /ISTD 2008/ 80 years on ISTD 2013 Assessment brief 01/10/2012 Collaborative Briefs

What makes a successful App

Self Branding and promotion


Year books - Leeds College of Art

Level 6 Briefs

Project plan

Title A critical analysis of the position of Vans, the brand, in youth culture; exploring its recent resurgence in popularity with young people, in context of Material Culture and Popular Culture Theory Tutor Richard Miles Next steps Survey of 11-18 year old people Vans history The Consumption Reader Commodity fetishism - Marx v Baudrillard


Open to collaboration Open to collaboration

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Design Strategy presentation  

Year 3 BAGD presentation