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Wicked Running Club Board Meeting Minutes Date: September 14, 2010 Salem Senior Center Presiding: Tim Short Minutes: Michele Campbell for Alison Phelan Roll Call: Tim Short, Shari Hewson, TR Ramsdell, Melissa Jaynes, Annie RoseWillis, Peter Raymond and Michele Campbell Missing: Alison Phelan, Kerry Phelan Special Guests: Shannon Downey, Mike Toomey, John Mahoney


Action Taken/Needed

Responsible Party

Mother’s Day Race2011

Shannon Downey seeks assistance with a new road race in honor of her brother who died of espophageal cancer. The goal of this race is to help educate the public, and raise funds to promote education for this unpublicized type of cancer. Course would be the same as Progeria race in Peabody. Proceedsgo to the Esophageal Cancer AwarenessAssociation. The level of Wicked involvement was discussed. Shari offered to serve on race committee after her Fall Frolic is over. The group suggested items for Shannon: contact police and parks and rec for Peabody; Wicked club members can be asked to volunteer. Shannon is already working with St. John’s Prep as her brother attended. Reviewed, amended and approved; Motion to accept report by Melissa Jaynes;2nd by Shari Hewson A Treasurer’s report was presented and reviewed @this meeting by Treasurer Melissa Jaynes. As of the meeting Wicked has $10,284.83in bank. $4000in scholarships has been withdrawn. Michele will give MJ a receipt for Mia Poppe’s fruit basket. Tim gave MJ incoming membership checks; Shari gave MJ incoming Frosty Four checks. Motion to accept report by Tim Short, 2nd by TR Ramsdell and Peter Raymond second (simultaneously). A Membership report was given by Tim Short, Annie was not present yet. There are about 238 paying members as of 9/14. Fiftenn are new in the past month – big month! November memberships will roll into 2011. Tim confirmed that anyone on a relay team must be a current member (per John Mahoney’s question. Motion to accept report by Tim Short, 2nd by Melissa Jaynes.

Shannon Downey; board will assist

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Tim Short will post to website Melissa Jaynes

Annie RoseWillis

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Clothing Report

Lynn Woods Recap

Summer Party

Lake Winni Relay Wicked Frosty Four

Club Elections

Mill Cities

A Clothing report was given by Michele Campbell. Shirt samples were passed around. Men’s long sleeve sample shirt style and pricing agreed to; Women’s version is too expensive and was a different fabric. Michele to go back to Atlantic Sports for alternatives. It was agreed to order more pullovers and hats for fall also. Michele will get pricing and email to group. Motion to accept report by Tim Short, 2nd by Annie RoseWillis. Five teams; first place achieved in Masters category. Organization from Wicked was good. It was suggested to include the parking lot at the finish. Club to repeat next year but hopefully with more teams. Four scholarships given; great to meet students and parents (for three recipients) Move date earlier so all students can attend and receive scholarships in person next time. Reserve a date in January 2011; but pick date in Fall. Update is one full team with 8 runners; 8am start. Sponsors are coming in already; Next meeting is Monday, 9/20 (Shari’s anniversary). Looking for volunteers. FFapplications will be in Fall Frolic bags. Some confirmed sponsors are: Stephen O’Grady Foundation, NSMed Center, Waters & Brown, Ernst & Young, Salem Five, BnSFitness. Raffle items needed (snowshoeslook confirmed). Food sponsors are Kettle Cuisine, Chick-Fil-A, Pirate Booty, Cliff bars. Tim stepping down, other open positions are: secretary, member at large; October is the start of the nomination process. Two week time frame and anyone can nominate others or themselves. Peter Raymond heading committee; will send email on 9/20 to ask for volunteers to serve, will mention 3 available positions, and stress that members who accept a position must serve their full year. Nominees and members invited to general meeting. Election held in December. Period for nominations = 10/4 – 10/15. No past president this time around Tim went to meeting at Claddagh Club. Wicked was one of 10 groups that promoted Mill Cities on its web site and was recognized for doing so. New changesfor upcoming relay: number of teams will be capped; increaseamount per team to $15 (funds needed for porta potties). They are looking for more volunteers from every club that participates and will come up with a team/volunteer ratio. Wicked suggests one team per division. Mill Cities are looking to upgrade

Michele Campbell

Tim Short

The Board

Tim Short Shari Hewson/Alison Phelan

Peter Raymond

Tim Short, Melissa Jaynes, Mike Toomey

General Meeting

their Web site with a blog style format. Wicked’s assessment: board was disorganized and not firm on team creation; people are not allowed to make their own teams for this event. It will be explained to members why: only 27 clubs are invited to participate, this is an opportunity for the club to be competitive (does not mean fast – slow runners are encouraged to participate also); it is the board’s responsibility to form teams that are able to perform at the highest level and with its best advantage. Mike and Melissa will draft email and help explain to club why this is the best approach. Being on teams with new people is also an opportunity to meet new runners. Email to go out soon maybe by 9/20. Wicked needs 5-10 volunteers to assist with traffic control. November 8, 2010. Board nominees should be present to discusstheir candidacies. 6pm a short board meeting; 6:30pm general meeting begins – pizza and refreshments.

MOTION TO ADJOURN by Tim Short, 2 nd by Michele Campbell @8:08pm Next Meeting; Monday, October 4, 2010, 6:30pm at the Salem Senior Center

The Board

September 2010 Board Meeting Minutes  

Board meeting minutes of the Wicked Running Club