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“Our envy always lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy. – Heraclitus Fletcher Discusses Prevalence of Domestic Spying See Page 21 •

C e l e b r a t i n g 4 8 Ye a r s o f S e r v i c e

Serving More Than 50,000 African American Readers Throughout The Metropolitan Area / Vol. 48, No. 38 July 4 - July 10 2013

Amon Payne, 9 and retired D.C. Superior Court Judge Mary Terrell enjoy a moment together during the Fourth Annual Civili-Tea at the Woman’s National Democratic Club in Northwest on Saturday, June 29. /Photo by Khalid Naji-Allah

Student Loan Rates Double President and Congress Failed to Prevent Increase By Stacy M. Brown WI Contributing Writer President Barack Obama has struggled to meet the expectations of African Americans as unemployment levels continue to soar in black communities, his health care plan remains questionable and many of his sup-

porters are growing increasingly skeptical by the day. Now, the first African-American president stands to alienate many of those who knocked on doors and pounded the pavement throughout the country to ensure his re-election to the White House, specifically young black college students.

“You have black students from low-income households about to enter college or who are already there and pressing toward graduation, persisting just as Obama urged them to do, only to have his administration pull the rug out from under them,” said Johnny Taylor, 39, president of the Thurgood Marshall College

Fund, a nonprofit organization in Northwest that raises tuition money for black students who want to attend college. Taylor, a mover-and-shaker in the fundraising arena, said that he’s disgruntled with Obama’s education policies. “We continually receive telephone calls, emails and visits from parents who call

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the president’s plan a disaster.” Obama and members of Congress failed to prevent student loan rates from doubling, as lawmakers recessed on Monday, July 1, prior to the Independence Day celebrations. The president’s policies re-

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Amtrak Commits to Hire More Veterans

At a special DC event, Amtrak has set a goal of 25% of new hires to be veterans by 2015. Also at this event a new locomotion to honor veterans was unveiled. Veterans interested in applying for a job at Amtrak should go to

Shown Here with the Police Honor Band is: “The Amtrak Veteran’s Locomotive that serves as a company wide tribute to the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. It features a red, white & blue paint scheme, 50 stars, & a specially designed logo with service ribbons given to distinguish a military member’s career. This diesel-electric powered P42 locomotive is the backbone of Amtrak’s fleet and is used in a variety of passenger services. Able to reach a top speed of 110 mph, the Amtrak Veteran’s Locomotive will be utilized across the Amtrak system & used for special events.”

Vietnam Veterans

(L-R) Joe Boardman (Amtrak CEO) & “Mickey” Thompson (Publisher Photo-JournalistSocial Sightings-The CoLumn & The MagaZine)

(L-R) Michael Rhodes (Dir. Adm. & Management-Office of Secty of Defense), Rep. Jeff Denham, Joe Boardman (Amtrak CEO), USNCL 56 WWI Vet Bohne Williams, & Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV)

WWII Veteran Honored (L-R) Robert Williams honors his WWII Vet Dad Bohne Williams USNCL 56

(L-R) Surrounded by invitees and others is Retired Lt.General Claude Kicklight (3rd from left) at the Amtrak event to unveil the Veteran’s Locomotion (L-R) Congressman Jeff Denham (10th Dist. Calif.), Atty. Yvonne Burke (Amtrak Bd. Memb.), & Joe Boardman (Amtrak CEO)

HIRE VETERANS! We were there when we were needed -- NOW PLEASE HIRE VETS!

Want to be a Social Sightings?

(L-R) GySgt Dexter Stering (USMC), with two Vietnam Veterans - “Mickey” Thompson (Publisher) - USMC, & Sheldon Givens - US Army


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2 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

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Dimitri Reeves, dancer, and Michael Jackson impersonator, paid tribute to the King of Pop in front of the historic Howard Theatre on June 25. The dancer embodied the spirit of Jackson with all of his moves. /Photo by Roy Lewis

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July 7 • E.T.

July 3 • The Great Zucchini

aMeriCan Market

friDay night Live

July 12 • Ashley Forrest

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Eligibility: District residents who have been certified by the District Department of the Environment’s Energy Office (DDOE) as income eligible may apply for the Economy II program this program. To apply, schedule an appointment with DDOE by calling 311. Households in which one or more individuals are receiving benefits from one of the following public assistance programs may be income eligible.     

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6/28/13 11:14 AM

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July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013


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around the region the Cycle of Women Break Domestic Violence By Tia Carol Jones

law enforcement. She said they threat,” she said. had come together to bring a Among the programs Marlow sense of uniformity in the way wants to see implemented are When L.Y. Marlow's 23-year- domestic violence victims and stricter restraining order policies, Visit our updated Web site old daughter told her the father survivors are treated. more rights for victim's families and give us your comments of her daughter threatened her “She's using her own personal to intervene on behalf of a vicfor a chance to win a gift from life, and the life of their child, story, her own personal pain to tim, a domestic violence assessThe Washington Informer she knew something had to be push forward,” Davis-Nickens ment unit coupled with further done. Out of her frustration said about Marlow. training for law enforcement with law enforcement's handling Davis-Nickens said anyone agencies, a Child's Life ProtecEmail comments to: of the situation, she decided to who reads Marlow's book will tion Act and mandatory counselrburke@ start the Saving Promise cam- “get it.” She said she “puts the ing for batterers. paign. of Columbia students received 2013 District this going spring. to They caseComcast in suchLeaders a way,and theAchievers averagescholarships “If weearlier are ever “It seems be ashot vicious cycleConwell, gathered for ato group with John vicecan president Government Affairs for Comcast; person get it.”ofShe said at theand Community cate domestic violence, we must that Mayor won'tVincent turn D.C. Gray;family and Thomas of Government andatCommunity for coin. endTucker, of thesenior day, director the book will look both sidesAffairs of the loose,” Marlow said.of Marlow Comcast. /Photo courtesy Comcast help people begin to have a dia- We need to address both the vicshared her story with the audi- logue about domestic violence. tim and the batterer,” Marlow ence at the District Heights Also present at the event was said. Domestic Violence Symposium Mildred Muhammad, the exMarlow would also like to see on May 7 at the District Heights wife of John Allen Muhammad, programs designed to raise Municipal Center. The sympo- who was sentenced to six consec- awareness among children in We represent victims of major sium was sponsored by the utive life terms without parole public and private schools. She medical malpractice such as Family and Youth Services by a Maryland jury for his role in feels children need to be educatSandra Robinson Jack Olender cerebral palsy. Center of the city of District the Beltway Sniper attacks in ed about domestic violence. All 5 lawyers were again elected has Muhammad awarded moreis And leaders have a Heights andHairston-Cooper the National Hook- Foundation By Muriel 2002. Mildred “We the havefuture to stop being pas“Best Lawyers in America” 2012 than $17.7 million in scholarships Up of Black Women. the founder of After the Trauma, commitment sive-aggressiveto the withcity.poor chilWI Contributing Writer Karen Evans is a nurse/attorney Marlow has written a book, to students an 17,000 organization thatnationwide. helps the dren aboutThompson, domestic of violence,” Darnika SouthAttorney/Pediatrician Harlow Case Karen Evans Melissa Rhea “Color Me Butterfly,” which is a Students write an essay which survivors of domestic violence Marlow said. Four years ago Hagos Hagos east is 19. She plans to attend the Robert Chabon, M.D., J.D. is story14about of isand their children. Marlow has worked to break reviewed by individual school was and four not generations overly excited Of Counsel. of Southern Maryland domestic violence. The book “I livedcounselors in fear foror sixprincipals. years. Six College the cycle of abuse in her family, about having to complete com-is guidance and major in computer science. inspired by her own experiences, years in fear is a long time. It is and is confident the policies she The program is competitive as munity service hours as part of and those of her grandmother, noted “I would like to open an IT comnot an easy thing to come out is pushing for will start that by D.C. Mayor Vincent C. the requirements to graduate her mother and her daughter. Gray of,” she process. she said “And yes, I would whosaid. attended the ceremony pany,” from Benjamin Banneker High She said every time she reads Mildred Muhammad said come “I plan toto take these policiesthis to back D.C. because at Comcast in Northwest. “We School. work In Memoriam excerpts Assigned from her to book, shewith still people who want to help a Congress and implore them to have at least 3,000-4,000 seniors Dr. Calvin W. Rolark, Sr. is where I started. I think part of elementary school childrencame at domestic violence victim must change our laws,” Marlow said. can not believe the words Wilhelmina J. Rolark all of the high schools in Turkey Thicket Recreation Cen- among is tountil takethese advantage from her. “Color Me Butterfly” be careful of how they go into being “I willa leader not stop poliThe Washington Informer Newspaper the District and the fact that the of ter in Northeast in an after school opportunities but also to bring won the 2007 National “Best the victim's life, and understand cies are passed.” THE WASHINGTON INFORMER PUBLISHER you were a phe- others program, Hagos looked forward 12 Memoriam Books” Award. NEWSPAPER (ISSN#0741-9414) is InDenise thatof she may selected be in is “survival Tia along Carol with Jonesyou.” can be reached Rolark Barnes Dr. Calvin W. Rolark, Sr. accomplishment,” he at to “I thewas endjust of the project. “Honpublished weekly on each Thursday. 16-years-old when nomenal mode”. 2013 Comcast Leaders and Wilhelmina STAFFJ. Rolark Periodicals postage paid at Washingmy eye first and my my said. estly, I was justblackened trying to fulfill “Before you get to 'I'm going Achievers® Scholarship Reton,THE D.C. and additional mailing of- NEWSPAPER (ISSN#0741-9414) is published WASHINGTON INFORMER students are planning to lips bled,” Marlow said. requirements,” he said. toThe kill you,' it started as a verbal WI Denise W. Barnes, Editor fices. News and advertising deadline weekly on Thursday. Periodicals postage paid at Washington, D.C. and additional Elaine Davis-Nickens, presi- attend local and out of state col- cipients from the District of Fast forward to May 28, 2013, Shantella Assistant Editor mailing prior News and advertising deadlineY.isSherman, Monday prior to publication. is Monday publication. Andent of the National Hook-Up that’s when Hagos and 11 other leges in the fall. Naje Crawford, Columbia: Announcements be received nouncements must must be received two two weeks prior to event. Copyright 2000 by The RonPOST Burke,MASTER: Advertising/ Marketing Director of Blackrepresenting Women, saidD.C. therePublic is no 17, will attend Bowling Green Kyndall Brown, Duke EllingWashington Informer. All rights reserved. Send change of addressseniors weeks prior to event. Copyright 2010 consistency the way domestic to The Washington Informer,All 3117Lafayette Martin Luther King,IV, Jr. Ave., S.E. Photo Washington, Barnes, Assistant Editor by esThe Washington Informer. and Charter inHigh Schools were State University in Ohio and ma- ton School of the Arts; Naje D.C. 20032.POSTMASTER: No part of this Send publication may be reproduced without written permisviolence issues are dealt with by jor in international relations. Naje, rights reserved. recognized for their commitment Crawford, Washington MatheKhalid Naji-Allah, Photographer sion from the publisher. The Informer Newspaper cannotStaff guarantee the return of change of addresses to The Washto community service, their aca- her two brothers and cousin were matics Science and Technology photographs. Subscription rates are $30 per year, two years $45. Papers will be received ington Informer, 3117 Martin Luther John E. De Freitas, Sports Photo Editor not more than a week after publication. Make checks payable to: demic achievement and leader- raised by Carlotte Crawford, their Public Charter School; Victor King, Jr. Ave., S.E. Washington, D.C. Dorothy Rowley, Online Editor ship skills. Each received a $1,000 great aunt who lives in North20032. No part of this publication may THE WASHINGTON INFORMER Dinarte, Cesar Chavez Public be reproduced without written permisscholarship from the Comcast west. Beaming proudly Carlotte Brian Young, Design & Layout 3117 Martin Luther King, Jr. Ave., S.E. • Washington, D.C. 20032 202 561-4100 • Fax: 202 574-3785 sion from the publisher.Phone: The Informer Foundation as part of its Leaders Crawford said “today shows that Charter Schools for Public Policy AssureTech /, Webmaster Newspaper cannot guaranteeE-mail: the return all my work to encourage her to - Capitol Hill Campus; DeLan& Achievers program. of photographs. Subscription rates are Mable Neville, Bookkeeper “I wrote my essay for this award strive for the best is working. She te Fludd, Thurgood Marshall $45 per year, two years $60. Papers will Mickey Thompson, Social Sightings columnist about my community service ex- took my words and went with it.” Academy Public Charter School; be received not more than a week after PUBLISHER “Children are a living message Lesha Gadsden, Spingarn High perience,” said Hagos. “One of publication. Make checks payable to: Denise RolarkPalmer, Barnes Social Media Specialist Stacey that we send to future genera- School; Lamia Gary, Hospitalmy teachers said he knew it came STAFF REPORTERS THE WASHINGTON INFORMER tions,” said John Conwell, vice ity High Public Charter School; Brooke N. Garner Managing REPORTERS Editor Tia C. Jones, Ed Laiscell, from my heart. At first I was an 3117 Martin Jr. Ave., S.E Carla PeayLuther King, Assistant Managing Editor Odell B. Ruffin, Larry Saxton, introvert with the kids but then I president of Government Af- Hagos Hagos, Benjamin BanWashington, Ron BurkeD.C. 20032 Advertising and Marketing Mary Wells, Joseph Young Misty Brown, Michelle Phipps-Evans, started to stand up and tell them fairs. “This event was created to Phone: 202 561-4100 Mable Whittaker Bookkeeper neker High School; Arnasha Eve Ferguson, Elton J. Hayes , Gale Horton Administration PHOTOGRAPHERS Fax:LaNita 202 Wrenn 574-3785 they had to do their homework honor you because you will make Salmon, Stacey Palmer, John E. De Freitas Sports Gay, EditorBarrington Lafayette Barnes, IV, Jones, McKinley Technology a difference in peoples’ lives.” and study hard,” he said. Victor Holt Photo Charles Editor E.John E. De Freitas,Wright, MauriceJoseph Fitzgerald, Sutton ,James High School; Michael Smith, Others agreed. “We began to bond and they Zebra Designs, Inc. Layout & Graphic Young Design Joanne Jackson, Roy Lewis, Robert Ken Harris / Webmaster Ridley, Victor Holt “Our intention is to shine the Dunbar High School; Tina began to tell me they wanted to light on you for your achieveL.Y. Marlow be a strong student like me. This Starr of Cesar Chavez Public CIRCULATION PHOTOGRAPHERS experience showed me how big ments and your work for positive Charter Schools for Public PoliPaul Trantham John E. De Freitas, Roy Lewis, a role model I was to them and change,” added Thomas Tuck- cy - Parkside Campus; Darnika Khalid Naji-Allah, Shevry Lassiter that’s why I am a leader because er, senior director, Government Thompson of Friendship Puba leader is someone who can be and Regulatory Affairs and prolic Charter Schools - Collegiate a positive influence and stand up gram emcee. “We began putting 4 / May 15 - 21, 2008 The Washington Informer / this event together about three Academy; Rodrigo Umanzor for what they believe.” Since 2001, the Comcast months ago,” he said. “We have a of Columbia Heights Education Campus. wi commitment to the community.”

WI Staff Writer

Beginning Their Next Chapter as Leaders

We have to stop being passive-aggressive with poor children about domestic violence. I plan to take these policies to Congress and implore them to change our laws. I will not stop until these policies are passed.

The Washington Informer

4 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

D.C. Political Roundup


You Can Say It Like A Pro!

attended the meeting. Bonds, 68, and Orange, 55,  are resiLet us help you develop dents of Ward 5 and the communication skills Bowser, 40,  grew up to compete and win! in the North Michi■ Executive Presentation Coaching gan Park section of the ward. ■ Media Training   ■ Image Consultations Norton Rebukes ■ On-Camera Coaching Freshman Republican D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton is fighting efforts in the U.S. Congress to restrict reproductive rights for District  women and to exempt active memC O M M U N I C AT I O N S bers of the military 301.292.9141/FAX 301.292.9142/Mobile 703.819.0920 from its gun laws. Silas Jones is a former Ward 5 advisory neighNow, she’s trying to stop a freshman  Re- borhood commissioner and the new chair of the publican represen- Ward 5 Democrats. /Photo courtesy of Silas Grant tative  from banning the city from using its automated traffic enforcement systems. U.S. Rep. Kelly Bentivolio (R-Mich.) is circulating a bill that would prohibit the District – and no other jurisdiction or state – from operating its red light and speed cameras. He is Denise Rolark Barnes seeking co-sponsors Independent Beauty Consultant in the House for his www.marykay/ legislation. Norton, 202-236-8831 75, is livid at what Bentivolio is trying to do and she vows to stop him. “ Re p r e s e n t a t ive Bentivolio has been in Congress barely six months, but, with this bill, he has already violated his professed support U.S. Rep. Kelly Bentviolio wants to ban the for small government District’s automated traffic enforcement systems. /Photo courtesy of the Office of Rep. Kelly and local control of Bentviolio local affairs,” the delegate said. “Traffic laws here and everywhere in the ery congressional attack on United States are local safety our right to self-government, matters. In the District of Co- especially against congressional lumbia, like everywhere else, bullies who betray their own local traffic laws are written by well-known views on federal local elected officials, not members of Congress who are un- interference in local matters by trying to use the big foot of accountable to D.C. residents.” Norton said that if Bentivo- the federal government  against ‡ Please set all copy in upper and lowercase, flush left as indicated on artwork at these point sizes: Consultant name in 11-point Helvetica Neue Bo lio or his staffers received a traf- our local government,” Norton Beauty Consultant in 9-point Helvetica Neue Light; Web site or e-mail address in 9-point Helvetica Neue Light; phone number in 9-point Helvetica fic citation in the District, they said. “If Representative To the IndependentBenBeauty Consultant: Only Company-approved Web sites obtained through the Mary Kay® Personal Web Site program may should pay it. She said that Bentivolio wants to write local traftivolio is wrong if he thinks he can use the city for his political fic rules, he should resign from Congress and run for local ofpurposes. “We will fight each and ev- fice in Michigan.” wi ennis.c .saded /www Dennis : Sade Photo

By James Wright WI Staff Writer Ward 5 Democrats Elect New Officers The Ward 5 Democrats recently elected its new slate of officers for the 2013-2015 term. The election took place on June 24 at the Michigan Park Christian Church in Northeast. Silas Grant won his election as the chair of the organization and he’s ready to go to work.  “As the chair of the Ward 5 Democrats, it will be my job to raise the visibility and awareness of the organization throughout the ward as a whole,” said Grant, who lives in Northeast. “Ward 5 residents overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party. However, we aren’t in a position to take that for granted.” Grant, a former advisory neighborhood commissioner, said that fundraising and engaging the ward’s residents are important to the success of the Ward 5 Democrats. The other winners are: Ronnie Edwards, first vice chair; Timothy Thomas, second vice chair; Jon Mandel, third vice chair; Adrian Jordan, treasurer; Lateefa Williams, recording secretary; Debra Truhart, assistant recording secretary; Grace Lewis, financial secretary and Jeralyn Cave, corresponding secretary. Mark Jones, the Ward 5 representative to the District of Columbia  State Board of Education, served as a co-chair of the nominating committee that conducted the election. Jones said that the election went smoothly. “We conducted the election with integrity,” Jones said. “There were no major issues for the most part even though a few people complained about the timing of the vote. We made it clear to everyone that voting had to stop at 8 p.m.” Jones said that  247 ballots were cast for results. The Ward 5 Democrats is considered one of the most active Democratic clubs in the city. The club’s endorsement carries weight in ward and citywide elections and its political activities, such as candidate forums, are well-attended. D.C. Council members Kenyan McDuffie (D-Ward 5) and Anita Bonds (D-At Large), Vincent Orange (D-At Large) and Muriel Bowser (D-Ward 4)

around the region

The Washington Informer

July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013


Week of july 4 TO july 10

Black Facts Gallery Africa

“where fashion is art”

THE CENTRE AT FORESTVILLE 3217 Donnell Drive Forestville, MD 20747 301-736-8107

WOODMORE TOWNE CENTRE 2830 Campus Way North, #616 Lanham, MD 20706 301-773-8661 • 301-772-3726


July 4 1776 – The United States formally becomes a nation with the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The document was largely written by later President Thomas Jefferson. Amazingly, although he was a slave owner himself, Jefferson originally included a section in the Declaration denouncing slave traders and slave owners, but it was later deleted by Congress. 1881 – Booker T. Washington opens Tuskegee Institute (now university) in Alabama. It would become a leading center for the education of Blacks. July 5 1975 – Tennis star Arthur Ashe becomes the first Black man to win the men’s singles championship at Wimbledon defeating Jimmy Connors. Ashe was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. During his prestigious career he had become active in several social causes including frequent protests against the system of racial oppression known as apartheid in then white-ruled South Africa. Ashe contracted AIDS as a result of blood transfusion in 1988. He died of AIDS complications on February 6, 1993. July 6 1862 – One of the most pioneering and militant Black journalists in Black American history is born. Ida B. Wells-Barnett came into the world on this day in Holly Springs, Mississippi. The legendary journalist was also a relentless anti-lynching crusader and a fighter for women’s right to vote. She even made a stand against one of the more insulting laws of Jim Crow segregation nearly 70 years before Rosa Parks. In 1884, she refused to give up her seat on a train to a white man and move to an already over-crowded smoking car. She died in Chicago in 1931. 1957 – Althea Gibson becomes the first Black person (male or female) to win the sin-

gles championship at Wimbledon. Gibson was born in Silver, South Carolina and grew up in Harlem, New York. She died in September 2003. July 7 1906 – Baseball legend Satchel Paige is born in Mobile, Alabama. He was one of 15 children born to John and Lula Page. Paige first learned to pitch in a reform school where he had been sent at the age of 12 for shoplifting. He is generally recognized as one of the greatest pitchers to ever play the game. Baseball great Joe DiMaggio once said Paige was “The best and fastest pitcher I ever faced.” Paige pitched his last game in 1965 at the age of 60 throwing three shutout innings. The great Satchel Paige died on June 8, 1982. July 8 1914 – Jazz great Billy Eckstine is born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was raised in Washington, D.C. where he began entering talent competitions at the age of 7. Eckstine would become one of the dominant Jazz singers during the era of the big bands. He has been described as “an exceptional singer who never failed to impress.” Eckstine died of a heart attack in 1993. July 9 1893 – Dr. Daniel Hale Wil-

liams performs the first successful open heart surgery in American history. Williams established himself as one of the foremost African American surgeons in the history of this nation. In addition to the surgery, he taught at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee, Chicago’s Cook County Hospital, and he founded Provident Hospital in Chicago where he trained many of the nation’s early Black doctors and nurses. July 10 1972 – The Democratic Party holds its presidential convention in Miami, Florida. New York Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, the first Black person to actively seek the party’s presidential nomination, received 151.95 votes on the first ballot. Chisholm’s signature phrase was “Un-bought and un-bossed.” She died in January 2005. July 11 1905 – The Niagara Movement (forerunner of the NAACP) is founded during a meeting near Niagara Falls, New York. Among the most prominent Blacks at the meeting were intellectual and activist W.E.B. DuBois and newspaper publishers William Monroe Trotter and Ida B. Wells Barnett.

Shirley Chisholm

Buying Vinyl Records from 1950 to 1986, Jazz, Rock-n-Roll, R&B, Disco, Soul, Reggae, Blues, Gospel, and record format 33 1/3, 45s, and some of the older 78s. Prefer larger collections of at least 100.

CALL JOHN @ 301-596-6201 6 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

The Washington Informer

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Viewp int Elizabeth White Washington, D.C. While there have been many racial advances in this country since 1965, the Supreme Court shouldn’t have struck down this part of the Act. There hasn’t been that much change [in racial attitudes] if you really look at it. The nine states that had to adhere to the law will not change overnight – there’s a reason why the Supreme Court originally enforced the laws pertaining to those states. [Racial attitudes] in those states have not changed that much at all.

Audrey Ross Midlothian, Va. I disagree with the Supreme Court’s ruling. From my personal experience working on the presidential campaign for President Barack Obama, some people out there are still using the same tricks and tactics to discourage African Americans from having a fair and valid voting process. It’s obvious, at this point in time, that there is still a need to continue to monitor voting rights. The Supreme Court did not make the right ruling.


Ralph Belton Washington, D.C. I don’t think the Supreme Court made the correct ruling. I don’t think the nine states are completely ready. They’ve insisted and shown that they can still maneuver to their advantage and not recognize the minorities involved – basically try to cut us out of the process. I think the Supreme Court was wrong in its decision to leave it up to the nine states. In my mind, the states are still a bit immature about the whole process of democracy.

Raymond White Washington, D.C. I think the Supreme Court made its decision far too early. More time should have been given before the court ruled in favor of the nine states. The racial dynamic of the country is changing, and you have an influx of immigrants from all over the world, who are moving to our country. [Voting officials] from the nine states can now say whatever it is they want, or implement a new set of guidelines, moving forward.

Quincy Hendricks Takoma Park, Md. I disagree with the Supreme Court’s ruling. I don’t think the officials in the nine states are ready. While a lot has changed racially in the country, a lot has stayed the same – especially in some of the southern states that have a history of racial injustice. There needs to be a system of checks and balances until these states can show that they’re capable of giving every resident a fair chance to vote.

Levine School of Music Summer Classes at THEARC The Music Therapy Department at the Levine School of Music is excited to announce three new summer groups for toddlers, children, and adolescents with special needs.

Early Childhood and Elementary Music (Ages 4 months–6 years) Saturdays, time vary (July 6-August 3)

Toddler Tunes (Ages 3-5) Thursdays from 11:00am-12:00pm (July 11-August 15) and Thursdays from 2:00pm-3:00pm (July 11-August 15)

Interested in the cello? This camp is a great introduction to the instrument.

Get your child ready for school with this fun group that focuses on basic academic skills like letter sounds, colors, numbers, reading, and vocabulary. Songs, movement, and instruments will be used to help your child develop skills needed for school!

Join us for a wonderful time singing, dancing and playing instruments from all over the world.

Cello Kickstart Camp for Beginners (Ages 7-14) Monday-Friday, 3:15-5:15pm (July 8-12)

Intro to Piano for Young Musicians (Ages 9-12) Monday-Thursday, 5:00-6:00pm (July 15-25) This engaging piano camp provides an introduction to piano for beginning students.

Intro to Vocal Basics for Young Singers (Ages 9-12) Monday-Thursday, 6:00-7:00pm (July 15-25)

Musical Game Night (Ages 6-10) Thursdays from 3:00pm-4:00pm (July 11-August 15) This group uses musical games to help your child work on many skills needed for success in school and beyond. Come and join us for musical games!

Let’s Jam (Ages 11-16) Thursdays from 4:00pm-5:00pm (July 11-August 15)

Perfect for new singers, this class will provide the basics of good vocal technique.

Boot Camp for Singers (Ages 14- Adults) Monday-Thursday, 7:00-8:00pm (July 15-25) Learn the basics of vocal technique and production that are essential for all vocal music.

Explore a new instrument family or musical experience each week in this fun and social music jam group. Group members will explore new ways to find enjoyment through music with others!

Sight Reading for Singers (Ages 14- Adults) Monday-Thursday, 8:00-9:00pm (July 15-25)

6 Week Program Cost: $5 registration fee

Are your weak music reading skills holding you back? This class teaches you how to read the music you’d like to sing.

For more information and to sign up, please contact: Leanne Belasco, Director of Music Therapy (202) 686-8000 ext. 1103 or

For more information and to sign up, please contact: Regan Ford, Levine Campus Director at THEARC 202-610-2036 or enroll online at

All classes will be held at THEARC at 1901 Mississippi Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20020

The Washington Informer

July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013



No Experience Needed

24 Hour Income

Be Your Own Boss




SAMUEL RIGGS CNTR University Blvd. East – College Park, MD 20742


/Courtesy Photo


continued from Page 1 garding student loans have been criticized by numerous officials at the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), based in Northwest. Officials contend that the higher interest rates will inevitably make it more difficult for black students to afford a college education. “Obama’s denial of loans to black students is appalling, and a nasty surprise,” Michael Lomax, the UNCF president said last week, as the clock ticked down on the deadline to prevent an overall increase in interest rates. Other UNCF officials agreed. “It is particularly ironic that, at a time when the administration has set a goal to increase the nation’s college graduation rate to 60 percent by 2020, this policy shift occurs that will make reaching the goal impossible,” said Cheryl Smith, UNCF senior vice president for public policy and government. On Monday, July 1, the interest rate on subsidized Stafford loans, which are used to assist

8 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

The Washington Informer

undergraduate students, rose to 6.8 percent from 3.4 percent after Obama and Congress failed to reach agreement on an alternative plan prior to the deadline. The African-American community had previously complained that the president’s policies, which included denying many black students’ loans due to their parents’ less than pristine credit ratings, have jeopardized educational opportunities for young people of color. “The tougher credit criteria [creates] a disparate impact on under-represented minority students, the very ones who stand to benefit the most from a college education,” Smith said. By doubling the loan rate, approximately 7 million college students, including more than 1.5 million African Americans, are going to be adversely affected. “While some African-American students are fortunate enough to come out of college debt-free, many are not,” said John Wilson, executive director of the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), an

independent agency, aligned with the U.S. Department of Education. “Increasing the student loan rate at a time when America needs a workforce that can compete in this global economy is not smart business,” he said. Attending college shouldn’t be a luxury for a few, but a realistic goal for all students regardless of their economic backgrounds, Wilson said. College students are concerned, as well. “Doubling the rates on student loans is detrimental to all of us,” said Karen Frazier, a junior at Howard University in Northwest. “There are a lot of students here and around the country with so much talent, but if [we] can’t realize [our] dream of a degree, then the talent is wasted,” said Frazier, 21, a native Washingtonian, who lives in Southeast. Frazier could easily have quoted a famous line from “A Bronx Tale,” a 1993 film that starred Robert DeNiro, in which the protagonist tells a young wannabe gangster, “The

See RATES on Page 9


continued from Page 8 saddest thing in life is wasted talent, and the choices you make will shape your life forever.” The difference between the movie and this real life drama, which happens to be playing itself out in real-time, is that the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of lawmakers and the president. The interest rate hike will cost the average student an additional $2,500 in debt payments, said Rep. Maxine Waters, (D-Calif.), the ranking member of the House Committee on Financial Services. Waters, 74, said African Americans must take a stand. Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), chastised the president about his failure to halt the increase in interest rates. The president’s proposal included tying interest rates for federal student loans, which had been fixed, to the government’s cost of borrowing. Republicans countered by introducing a bill to set fixed interest rates on newly issued federal student loans, which would be pegged to the Treasury’s 10-year borrowing rate, plus an additional three percentage points “I’ve got to tell you, I’m very upset with President Obama and also the Republicans,” Harkin said. “This is the first president since 1958 that has advocated changing the basis from a 91day (Treasury)-Bill rate to a 10year Treasury bond. It’s a lot in terms of the interest kids are going to have to pay,” said Harkin, 73. The consequences will be devastating for blacks. “My mom is still paying back student loans and I wonder if I am digging the same hole for myself,” said Majiah McGraw, a Howard University Spanish major. “I will probably be paying my loans back for the rest of my life.” And, while McGraw, 20, scrambles to find solutions, many other students who attend HBCUs, including Howard University, Spelman and Morehouse, face precarious futures. HBCUs receive one eighth of the average endowments that white institutions of higher learning are provided

annually. Despite the smaller endowments, the majority of America’s black professionals graduate from HBCUs. “We know that African-American and Latino students have heavier educational loan debt than their white counterparts,” said Shuanise Washington, president of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation in Northwest. “We are concerned about the financial future of the next generation of leaders. They will have a hard time repaying their debt,” Washington said. New student loans increased from $56 billion in 2005 to more than $97 billion, three years ago, according to a study conducted by the U.S. Congressional Budget Office in 2011. For black student, the statistics are troubling. The current student loan debt ratio is 81 percent for blacks, 67 percent for Latinos and 64 percent for whites, according to data from the Center for American Progress (CAP), a think tank that develops new ideas for policymakers and scrutinizes current laws pertaining to education. “Higher student loan rates [will] create an undue burden on students and families of color in particular,” said Washington. “Many families are struggling to make ends meet and an increase in student loan interest rates, especially for a number of African-American households, could make a real difference in deciding on the feasibility of higher education.” Two-thirds of all students take out loans to pay for college, and their combined debt could have a broad effect on the housing market and overall economy, CAP officials said. African Americans and Latinos are expected to comprise more than 70 percent of net household income between 2013 and 2020, but student debt could undermine that figure, CAP officials said. “I’m telling you, the African-American community better look at this, and what this is going to mean to low-income students all over America,” Harkin said. “They better look at what it means in terms of how much they’re going to have to pay for these government loans.”wi






3 Hour Tours (Contact for times & designated pick-up locations)






July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013


Black Male Academic Problems Explored By James Wright WI Staff Writer

Preparing the District for Climate Change


Keith Anderson Director, District Department of the Environment

ast week, President Barack Obama outlined a bold new vision for how our nation will respond to climate change. He spoke of new limits on carbon pollution and protecting our communities from the threats of a changing climate. Already, the District has seen a foot of sea level rise since 1930. Our average temperature has risen 4°F over the last one hundred years. As temperatures and water levels rise, proactive steps are necessary to ensure to minimize our city’s impact on the climate and to protect the health and well-being of our residents. Fortunately, we have been hard at work reducing our own impacts on the climate. Between 2006 and 2011, the District cut its emissions by 12%. Driven by Mayor Gray’s Sustainable DC Planto increase our use of clean, renewable energy to 50% while simultaneously cutting our total consumption by 50%, the District Department of the Environment is at the forefrontof promoting clean energy usage and making buildings in the District more energy efficient. More than 75% of the District’s total carbon pollutioncomes from our buildings. And while we are making strides to ensure buildings are more efficient, we are also encouraging residents to use clean and alternative means of transportation. The District’s Capital Bikeshare system, for example, is making it easier for people to bike around the city. Additionally, the Circulator provides fast, convenient bus service along major routes. Fewer cars on the road mean a smaller climate impact and cleaner air for District residents. While important for our city, cutting carbon emissions will not safeguard us from the clear and present threats of hotter summers, more intense storms and higher water levels. DDOE is coordinating with the Office of Planning (OP), the Department of Health (DOH) and the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (HSEMA), and others citywideto make sure that the District is prepared for climate change threats. Already, DOH is working on the Resilient DC project to ensure we can respond to these threats to protect community health, especially for our most vulnerable residents. And we are coordinating with federal agencies to make sure our levees are strong and capable of withstanding higher water levels. There is no question that the District is being proactive and taking the threat of climate change seriously. With strong leadership both from President Obama and Mayor Gray, our city is pursuing aggressive action to address climate change. There is a lot at risk and we are already seeing the impacts. With persistence and commitment, we will make sure the District is protected andstrive to have a net positive effect on the climate. Strong local action will make a difference and we at DDOE are committed to being at the forefront, alongside Mayor Gray and President Obama as they lead this effort.

10 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

The Washington Informer

One of the nation’s leading advocates for  children along with a principal of a well-respected policy research center recently convened a conference on how to prepare young black males for college, the workforce and life. Marian Wright Edelman, president and founder of the Children’s Defense Fund in Northwest and Michael Nettles, senior vice president of the Educational Testing Service (ETS), a policy evaluation research center in Princeton, N.J., brought together hundreds of educators, children’s advocates and academicians from across the country for a one day symposium at the National Press Club in Northwest on June 24. The group discussed ways to close opportunity gaps for the country’s young black males ages 15-19. Edelman said that addressing the educational and academic problems of young black males is critical. “Ensuring a quality education for all children is the unfinished business of the civil rights movement,” said Edelman, 74. “American schools are failing young black men, leaving them unprepared for college and career opportunities. Schools with 90 percent of more students of color spend $733 less per student per year than schools with 90 percent of more white students.” She stressed that the country cannot afford to lose talented students and future leaders because of its failure to act. Nettles said that the statistics on young black male graduation rates are abysmal. “Only 52 percent of black males graduate from high school in four years compared to 78 percent of white males,” he said. “One in four African-American students attends a dropout factory – a high school where the senior class consists of less than 60 percent of the freshmen who enrolled four years earlier.” The conference  also included panels where experts brainstormed and talked about topics such as establishing safe learning environments, providing rigorous high-quality instruction, building skills and capital for college and career success and moving toward success. African-American male leaders in the 15-19 age groups talked about their experiences in school and what needed to be changed to make the black male want to be more academ-

ically engaged. Ivory Toldson, an associate professor at Howard University and the editor-in-chief of The Journal of Negro Education, said that young black males sometimes have to deal with negative labeling by society. “Black men are often said to be an endangered species,” said Toldson, 39. “The distinction, it seems, only applies to black males and to animals. We may be a dying breed but if you look at the statistics of white males, you will see that they are dying also.” Toldson said that often black men are subject to a military-style environment in schools and he doesn’t think that’s necessary. “We have to learn to separate the kid from the statistics,” he said. Judith Browne Dianis, co-director of the Advancement Project in Northwest, agreed with Toldson about the environment that many young black males face in schools. “Schools either look like prisons or they are managed by prisons,” Dianis said. “Young black males are often disciplined for showing assertive behavior, no matter how benign. In some schools, a black male will get suspended from school threeto-four days for talking back to the teacher and 10 days for fighting.” Dianis said that in some cases, fighting in school has led to black males being arrested for disorderly conduct. She said that in Florida, black males make up 12 percent of the student population but comprise 45 percent of school-based arrests. “Young black males and young white males can do the same thing, but there are truly different results,” she said. Various speakers said that young black males need mentoring, higher academic expectations from themselves and their teachers and a more sensitive school environment. Edelman agreed with the majority of the speakers. However, she said action must be taken immediately to help young black men. “The greatest threat to America’s economic and military security comes from no foreign enemy but from our own failure to invest in the education of our children,” she said in her closing remarks. “Seventy-five percent of 17-to-24 year olds are not eligible for military service due to literacy levels and health-related problems. It is time that we close the gap between what we know works to educate our black male teens and what we do.”WI

Still The One.

around the region

AmeriHealth District of Columbia (DC) now offers the benefits, services and commitment of Chartered Health Plan. AmeriHealth DC is moving forward with the best of Chartered to provide you with the same high-quality personal care and services, delivered by many of the same people you’ve known and depended on for generations. We’re still the one for: • Transportation to and from appointments • Prescription drug coverage • Vision care and dental care

• Personal support from nurses • High-touch community outreach • And more...

AmeriHealth DC. Still the one.

This program is funded in part by the Government of the District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance.


The Washington Informer

July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013



Baker Running for Re-Election By Gale Horton Gay WI Staff Writer It’s nearly a year before the first ballot will be cast, but Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III has put potential rivals and the electorate on notice – he wants to keep his job. Baker announced his intention to seek re-election on June 20 at a fundraiser at the Newton White Mansion in Mitchellville. The event attracted an audience of nearly 500 supporters who paid $30 to $1,000 for a barbecue dinner that raised $120,000 for Baker’s coffers. “We’ve begun to turn Prince George’s around, now it’s time to turn the progress into lasting results,” Baker said at the event.

“We are no longer a county stuck in neutral, but a county set to soar.” Baker spoke of the progress made during the past four years citing ethics reform, decreased crime, $4 billion new development potential, reorganized government and work being done for a new regional medical center. He also mentioned improving quality of life in neighborhoods, investments in economic development and changes with the public school system as areas in which progress is being made but more is needed. “Opportunity is at stake,” said Baker. “I want to be your county executive for four more years to make sure we finish what we’ve started. Anytime I catch myself tempted to rest on my laurels

or stand on the foundation of achievements we’ve managed thus far, all I have to do is go get my hair cut or visit the corner store, or answer a call from some of you to realize we have a long way to go before reaching a utopian Prince George’s County.” A who’s who of top Maryland officials turned out for the announcement including Sen. Ben Cardin and Congressman Steny Hoyer as well as Gov. Martin O’Malley, Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler and Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. State’s Attorney Angela Alsobrooks and Prince George’s County Council Chair Andrea Harrison also gave supportive remarks. Baker was joined at the fundraising by his three children and

The Association For the Study of African American Life & History Hosts its 98th Annual Convention The 2013 NATIONAL BLACK HISTORY THEME:


The Emancipation Proclamation and the March on Washington October 2 - 6, 2013

Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker. /Courtesy Photo

his wife Christa Beverly-Baker, who has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. “On the most difficult days, when I think my burdens [are] too much, I am inspired and encouraged by how courageously you face yours,” said Baker to his wife. “On my best days, I am simply remembering and manifesting the many moments when you provided counsel, motivation, and support. I am blessed to have you as my wife, and Prince George’s County is blessed to have you as its first lady.” David Byrd, Baker’s campaign strategist, said research, fundraising and strategy consultants have been retained by the campaign. He estimates about $1.2 million will be needed to run a competitive race. The primary is June 24, 2014. Byrd said he doesn’t expect

there will be much campaign activity over the summer. There are no immediate plans to open a campaign office and hire staff, although interns and a large number of volunteers who previously supported Baker will be deployed to assist with outreach efforts, Byrd said. Baker also said at the fundraiser that some of his critics complain he’s trying to do too much, too fast. “You should put your career or your politics first,” he said is what he’s been told. “Don’t do anything controversial. Don’t take any risk.” However, Baker said he disagrees. “To them I say I didn’t seek the office of county executive, because I needed a job,” said Baker. “I sought the office to make sure the job got done.” wi

"Legacy of Hope" Giclee by Charles Bibbs, Artist-in-Residence

More than 1,000 individuals, community builders, historians, educators, business professionals, and students from across the nation will participate in this year's ASALH Convention. A number of events such as a teachers' workshop, an authors' book signing, youth day, Black history bus tours, and banquets will bring together a diverse group of people. With more than 175 panels featuring prominent figures in Black cultural studies and scholars from all disciplines and ages, the ASALH convention presents an exciting opportunity for your company or organization to gain visibility and promote your products or projects. Take advantage of this opportunity and showcase your company or organization as an exhibitor and advertiser at the Annual ASALH Conference.

 Register online at

 Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront 225 East Coastline Drive  Jacksonville, FL Make reservations now at 1.904.588.1234 Any questions call ASALH at (202) 238-5910 ASALH ¦ 2225 Georgia Ave., NW ¦ Suite 331 ¦ Washington, DC 20059

12 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

The Washington Informer


‘Washington Informer’ Receives Top Honors


he Washington Informer was among several newspapers to receive top honors during the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) Merit Awards ceremony, held June 26-29 at the NNPA’s annual convention in Nashville, Tenn. Each year, the association of more than 200 African-American newspapers located across the country and the Virgin Islands, recognizes member publications in 16 categories. The Washington Informer received second place in two of those classifications: Best Use of Photography for a Tabloid and Best Layout and Design for a Tabloid. “It is an honor to be recog-

nized for the work we do each week at The Washington Informer,” said Publisher Denise Rolark Barnes. “And to stand in the company of so many great publishers is proof that the black press is still holding on strong to its mission while continuing to produce excellent publications.” Also during the convention, Rolark Barnes was elected to the NNPA Board of Directors as an at-large member as well as president of NNPA Region II, which covers the northeast section of the U.S. and Kentucky. The St. Louis American, Miami Times and the Houston Defender received trophies for General Excellence, along with other publications which earned honors for best column writing,

church page, lifestyle section and feature story, to name a few. The NNPA Foundation also recognizes college students from across the country for their efforts in the field of journalism. This year, Merit Awards were bestowed on five Nashville-area college students who received NNPA scholarships to assist them with their educational needs. In addition, the newly-established Front Page Award – which recognizes individuals for continued dedication and service to the black press – was presented to columnist, commentator and media personality Roland Martin and longtime Miller Coors executive Larry Waters.wi

Publisher Denise Rolark Barnes receives the NNPA annual Merit Award on behalf of The Washington Informer, presented last week in Nashville, Tenn. The Washington Informer was recognized in two categories. /Photo courtesy of Kelvin Braxton

The Washington Informer

July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013


Florida Children’s Health Advocates Ready to Fight for Medicaid Expansion, Again By Khalil Abdullah Special to the Informer from New America Media

      •   •  •  

 

      

•     •   • 

   


Fiduciary Panel Attorney - Superior Court of the District of Columbia - Probate Division Former DC Fraud Bureau Examiner - Insurance Administration  Former Law Clerk for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)



STARTING AT $10 14 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

During the heated debate in Florida’s legislature over the expansion of Medicaid, children’s health advocates contend that the precarious status of the state’s uninsured children was slighted. They vow not to let that happen again. The legislative session, which ended in May, left the state as one of 20 that decided to forgo increased federal funding. Had the Medicaid expansion been enacted in Tallahassee, it is estimated that more than 1 million Floridians would have been provided access to health care through the $51 billion the state would have received for the program over 10 years. “The energy was really focused, and rightly so, on Medicaid expansion, but lost in the maze of rhetoric was the importance of getting that passed, not only for low-income individuals and families, but for children,” said Linda Merrell, coordinator of the Florida Child Healthcare Coalition. This summer, as advocates work on “getting Medicaid expansion back on the table,” she emphasized that time will “be devoted to raising significant awareness that this [Medicaid expansion] is about closing gaps for children as well.” Despite Gov. Rick Scott’s endorsement of Medicaid expansion after avowing to oppose it, his party’s Republican-dominated Florida House successfully shut down enactment of the law that would have raised the eligibility ceiling for Medicaid for individuals up to 133 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. One concern voiced by opponents is that the expansion would have allowed single, childless men – a cohort not eligible under the state’s current program – to become covered under the new expansion criteria. Little discourse, however, was directed at the consequences for children in the decision to decline the federal funds. Florida ranks second in uninsured children Ranking second in uninsured children, Florida has an estimated 500,000 children, or 12 percent of the state’s population, who The Washington Informer

are uninsured. The predictable result is that those children receive less primary care and have a higher mortality rate than their insured peers. Taxpayers are paying skyrocketing costs to cover the uncompensated care expenses hospitals incur from attending to the medical needs of children in emergency rooms when their parents cannot afford to pay those bills. The current situation is an irony not lost on Merrell. Her involvement in children’s issues reaches back to 1998, when Florida was one of three states chosen to launch a federal pilot project for what would become the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), which had been enacted the previous year. She recalled the federal law as a bipartisan deal successfully brokered by Senators Ted Kennedy, a Democrat, and Utah’s Republican Orrin Hatch. Merrell explained that the current structural complexity of Florida’s children’s health program, now known as Florida KidCare, was also the result of political compromises; each state was allowed to fashion its own version of the law to qualify for federal funds. Of state versions of SCHIP, Merrell asserted, “We have the most complex law for it in the nation.” She said the program has been administered by four different state agencies which, even when operating with good intentions, are often hamstrung by internal administrative procedures and systems that have yet to be reconciled, although some improvements have been made over time. Merrell argued that one key benefit of Medicaid expansion for children would be leveling of the bureaucratic obstacles of these “stair-steps” as more parents are brought into coverage. States, collectively, seem to face a universal problem of identifying children who are eligible for health care coverage. School enrollments are an obvious source of obtaining records, but Merrell pointed out that even once identified, retention of those children in a treatment regimen is also problematic. “Even if children have coverage, unless the parents are covered, they are less apt to bring them in for appointments,” she said. “What we know and what the

research shows is that uninsured children are more likely to become insured when their parents become insured,” agreed Nicholas Duran, health care coordinator with The Children’s Movement of Florida. Duran, who is leaving his position to work for Enroll America, a non-partisan organization that will focus on educating the public about the state’s federally mandated health insurance exchange, thinks he will be able to leverage public support for Medicaid expansion in his new role. Translating public awareness into civic action, he says, will be crucial to ramping up pressure for enactment of Medicaid expansion when the legislature reconvenes in 2014, or if they are called into a special session. “Many people don’t know what to do, but ask, ‘How can I help?’” Duran said. “The answer is constituents going to their elected officials and letting them know how this policy impacts their lives. The people have to realize that their voice does count.” Leah Barber-Heinz, advocacy director of Florida CHAIN, also views the run-up to the looming Oct. 1 medical insurance exchange as an ideal time to better inform the public about Medicaid expansion. She said a more engaged public could provide the push needed to move the legislature forward. Barber-Heinz noted that the Republican-controlled Senate had passed a bill in support of expansion. “Sen. Joe Negron’s bill was just what we needed and would have provided the state funds to draw down federal money,” she said, referring to the money Florida would have had to commit in three years after receiving 100 percent of federal funding for Medicaid expansion in 2014 through 2016. While Democrats rallied to support enactment in both chambers, even on the House side, Barber-Heinz said her organization also was pleased to recognize Republican state Rep. Mike Fasano as a champion of Medicaid expansion.wi This article is part of ongoing coverage by New America Media on the Affordable Care Act, supported by The Atlantic Philanthropies.

Voting Rights Act: Supreme Court Decision Shifts Focus to Congress By Khalil Abdullah Special to the Informer from New America Media Following the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Voting Rights Act, President Obama expressed “disappointment” in the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling in Shelby County v. Holder, which all but eviscerated Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, and called upon Congress “to pass legislation to ensure every American has equal access to the polls.” Other critics of the ruling, however, were not so temperate in their characterization of what could prove to be a game changer for ongoing efforts to counter voter suppression. “Within many of our lifetimes, brave men and women literally died for the right to vote, in the face of terror and intimidation from the Ku Klux Klan and others. Astonishingly, the court today effectively sided with the KKK, making it far easier to deny the vote to people of color, the poor, and anyone else who officials don’t want voting,” said Michelle Romero from the Greenlining Institute. “Make no mistake: Though the

court technically didn’t throw out the pre-approval provision, its decision today has the same effect, unless Congress acts,” she contended. “This is a deeply shameful decision, every bit as shameful as the Dred Scott case or Plessy v. Ferguson.” The “pre-approval provision” of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act requires nine selected states and other jurisdictions located mostly in the South (and chosen due to their historic patterns of discrimination against ethnic minority voters) to submit any changes to state voting laws and procedures to either the Department of Justice (DOJ) or the U.S. District Court for approval, before they can go into effect. Though the Supreme Court’s decision left Section 5 intact, Chief Justice John Roberts barred the use of Section 4, the data-gathering formula that provides the statistical underpinning for DOJ or the District Court to make their determinations. In essence, because there have been instances of minority voters successfully electing candidates of their choice since the passage of the Voting Rights Act, Roberts argued

NATIONAL that the past is no longer prologue to America’s current realities. He wrote: “There is no denying… that the conditions that originally justified these measures no longer characterize voting in the covered jurisdictions.” In a statement released after the decision, Judith Browne Dianis, co-director of the Advancement Project, sharply disagreed: “Ample evidence shows that [the] prior Section 4 formula – which enabled Section 5 to block more than 1,500 discriminatory voting laws from going into effect since its inception, including five last year – is still a critical necessity, and that the formula for those covered states was clearly appropriate.” “The Supreme Court today struck a major blow to our democracy. By stripping Section 5 of its powers, jurisdictions no longer have to justify any change in their voting laws,” said Tram Nguyen, associate director at Virginia New Majority. “Discrimination at the ballot box isn’t a thing of the past. Many states, including Virginia, have adopted Voter ID laws aimed at reducing turnout among minorities and low-income voters.” Similarly, Michael Waldman, president of The Brennan Center for Justice, rebuked the Court’s assessment

of today’s voting climate as inaccurate. “The Supreme Court’s decision is at odds with recent history. The Voting Rights Act was vital in 2012, not just 1965. For nearly five decades, it has been the nation’s most effective tool to eradicate racial discrimination in voting. And it is still critical today.” But Waldman also suggested that the Court’s decision leaves room for the Voting Rights Act to be restored. “There is a path forward. Section 5 stands. Congress now has the duty to upgrade this key protection and ensure our elections remain free, fair, and accessible for all Americans.” The Court’s ruling speaks to a concern for state sovereignty, in that certain jurisdictions are being held to a different standard than those not subject to the Section 4 formula. There is now a question as to whether or not Congress will attempt to craft a new formula for determining if and how Section 5 jurisdictions are suppressing voters. A new formula could conceivably even bring a greater number of states and jurisdictions under Section 5 coverage, given the deluge of restrictive state voting laws that have been enacted in recent years. According to data compiled by The Advancement Project: In 2013,

The Washington Informer

voter ID restrictions were introduced in 24 states; proof of citizenship laws in eight; restrictions to early voting in nine; restricting same day voter registration in six; restrictions on voting registration drives in eight; list maintenance and voter purges in six; restrictions on felon rights restoration in two; and penalties for student registration in two. These come on the heels of a number of other restrictive state voting laws that were passed before the 2012 presidential election. Most observers, however, are not convinced that the current Congress, already deeply divided along party lines on a host of issues, has the political will to design a new formula that will appease both parties. The Voting Rights Act received an extension of 25 years from Congress as recently as 2006. Recent polling shows an America nearly equally split on whether the Voting Rights Act should remain in effect. Given that, authorizing a new formula would be a calculated risk for incumbents whose constituents may, ironically, exercise their unencumbered access to the polls to remove those in Congress who dare to challenge the Court’s decision on Section 4.wi

July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013


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16 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013


Kimbro Believes Courage, Not Cash Key to Wealth By Shewanda Riley Special to the Informer from NNPA An unshakeable passion to see people do better financially is how many describe national bestselling author Dr. Dennis Kimbro’s over 20 year career motivating others to change their lives. Best known for the classic book Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, Kimbro has spent decades studying the economic conditions of African Americans. The statistics are alarming. According to his research, the average household income of Black America stands at $29,000, barely above poverty and more than 35 percent of Black children live in poverty. And because Kimbro believes your net worth equals your self worth, the figures concerning net worth are more astounding. Nearly 35 percent of African Americans possess zero net worth. Is it a lack of knowledge or a lack of opportunity? For Kimbro, it’s neither: the real issue is courage. ”As a race, unfortunately, we don’t pay homage to our financial elite. Wealth is the result of a conscious choice, action, faith, innovation, effort, preparation and discipline,” notes Kimbro. In his latest book, The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires, Kimbro shares the results of an exhaustive study of the success secrets of 1,000 Black millionaires. “Over a seven year period, I interacted with nearly 1,000 Black millionaires; wealth creators who started with nothing, built a financial empire without the use of a microphone or a ball,” explains Kimbro. In a recent phone interview with The Dallas Weekly, the Clark Atlanta University professor enthusiastically stated that their inspirational stories about how to build wealth must be told. Courage and a determination to passionately pursue dreams were the most common traits among those he interviewed. “This work is not about ‘cash’— it’s about ‘courage.’ It takes courage to chase your dream; it takes courage to save 10 percent of your earnings; it takes courage to forsake today in search of tomorrow; and it takes courage The Washington Informer

Dr. Dennis Kimbro is best known for the classic book Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice. / Courtesy photo to find a new set of friends because your current friends either disempower you or don’t believe in your future or your abilities,” reflects Kimbro. Hoping to revolutionize how African Americans view wealth, Kimbro is on a crusade to convert those who struggle with believing they can attain wealth. He brings that crusade to the Dallas Fort Worth area June 19th – 22nd. One way to change that mindset is get people to stop thinking about wealth simply as income. He explains that “Money follows people who respect it and who will use it the right way.” He firmly believes that once the African American community is better informed, the community will start making better choices. Kimbro notes, “If you know better, you can do better. If the average African American knew the current data surrounding the financial condition of his or her race, it would cause him to shudder.” According to Kimbro’s research, Black America is either in last place or next to last place when it comes to indicators that lead to financial success. These include credit worthiness, employment, home ownership, education, marriage and family stability, and savings. “And, as WEB Du Bois stated in The Negro in Business written in 1899, ‘The man or woman who won’t control his finances will control little else,’” Kimbro laments.

Despite these sobering statistics, Kimbro is hopeful that African Americans can improve their finances and become wealth builders. He encourages those who want to transform their finances to do the best they can. “If you can’t save 15%, do the best you can,” he suggests. Kimbro’s book discusses nine primary factors that lead to success and wealth building. “After seven years of empirical research, I can unequivocally state that wealth is not a function of circumstance, environment, luck, or the cards you are dealt. Starting with the simple question of ”What’s the key to generate a seven-figure income?” Kimbro found that the answer wasn’t just education or hard work but a combination of 7 best practices including faith. One fact that Kimbro learned from the millionaires he interviewed like Tyler Perry and Bishop T.D. Jakes was that a key component to success was a deep rooted religious belief. According to Kimbro, faith encompassed their belief to not be afraid and to not give up. “Faith is a verb and must include action steps,” he notes. Most importantly, Kimbro’s research for the book shows that acquiring wealth was not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. According to Kimbro, “Rich people make money and while the rest of us make excuses.” wi

business Business Exchange

Money Matter$

What Should Blacks Expect From Republicans? The National Republican Committee surely needs to convince Black Americans of the benefits of registering in their party. Is the Republican Party’s ideology that different from Blacks’? What will it take to get Blacks to vote Republican? If Blacks looked back over history they’d see that the relationship with Republicans has been one of nearly unanimous support of Republicans’ progressive policies and practices. The Grand Old Party was founded by anti-slavery activists in 1854 and dominated national politics from 1860 to 1932. Abraham Lincoln was the first of 18 Republican presidents. So, how is it that the party of Lincoln, now only gets about 10 percent of the Black vote? It’s time Republicans make moves that show contemporary Black Americans how they can benefit from their party, people and policies.  The most substantial political and economic strides that Blacks made from Reconstruction to the civil rights era were under Republicans. Legislative gains Blacks made in the 1950s and in minority enterprise and wealth development in the 60s occurred under Republican Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon. The Democrats have given Blacks ample reason to change their party and practices.  In 2009, the average net worth for White households was $113,149 and $5,700 for Blacks, 14 percent of Black Americans are unemployed compared to 7 percent of Whites, and over the past two years Black households’ median annual income fell more than twice as much as Whites.  Since Blacks have monolithically voted the Democratic Party into office over the past 40 years, one would think those numbers are terrific arguments for Blacks voting Republican.  Irony of ironies, Black voters continue their blind allegiance to ruinous Democratic leadership and policies. Up to now, no matter how poorly served Black America is by the Democrats they won’t listen to what Republicans have to say.  But, the Republicans aren’t exactly “locked and loaded.”  They have yet to clearly define their brand and “what it is” and “what it stands for.”  The time is near that the GOP implements activities and practices that position their message and image toward garnering 30 percent of Black votes in the 2016 national elections. To help build the party and its future, Republicans must show Black voters that “share far more values

Industrial Bank Industrial Strong

By Hermond Palmer VP/Director of Marketing and Sales

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The Time is Now!

By Hermond Palmer Vice President, Director of Marketing

By William Reed with the Republican Party than they realize.” The Republicans are on the same page as most Blacks on abortion, gay marriage, Christian values, and take a conservative stance on illegal immigration, school choice, being tough on crime, and supporting entrepreneurs. Republican Party people have to start working with Black Americans and using conservative principles to address issues impacting them. Nationally, and at local levels they have to introduce legislation advocating minority business development and resources to implement inner-city enterprise zones and micro-loan programs. Republicans should take the initiative to help in our cities and tackle issues among Blacks that Democrats have ignored for decades. The Republicans have little time to lose if they want to remain relevant in politics.  It’s imperative they discard old practices and start to make solid and lasting political inroads among African-American voters.  Some recent high-profile Republican gestures toward Blacks include the Speaker of the House’s hosting dedication of Frederick Douglass’ statue in the Capitol Hill Rotunda.  The statue’s unveiling was followed by Republicans’ release of a video by Sen. Tim Scott extolling Douglass’ civic and political leadership on behalf of Blacks.  And, RNC Chair Reince Priebus continued his “listening sessions” with community leaders in Cleveland, Ohio. Priebus said the Cleveland meeting was “part of the Party’s effort to grow and expand with different communities and groups.” A strategic mistake Priebus’ made was not starting his conversations in Cleveland with the Call & Post Black newspaper.  Over the years, from Pittsburgh Courier publisher Robert Vann to Call & Post publisher Don King, Black newspaper publishers have been influential in Republican politics and outreach. Reince and the Republicans need to utilize the best and most-effective ways they can find to connect with the nation’s 11 million Black voters.wi William Reed is publisher of “Who’s Who in Black Corporate America” and available for projects via the

The decisions we make today have a direct impact on the opportunities and choices we create for ourselves tomorrow. With that as a backdrop, the critical message here is that sitting idle, giving up, or doing nothing is not now – nor should it ever be, an option when it comes to building a future that is, at a minimum, financially stable or ideally financially secure. Create A Plan - Write Down Your Goals: Having goals is one thing. Actually getting to the point where one can create and implement an action plan to realistically achieve those goals is something else entirely. Being able to see and internalize your goals on a daily basis provides a constant reminder which can affect both your conscious and subconscious mind. Seeing your goals can inspire action in the form of strategizing and planning, helping to take conscious steps ultimately resulting in the achievement of said goals. Keep It Simple: People tend to think that everything related to financial planning is complicated, boring, or unattainable. Nothing could be farther from the truth. One of the keys to successful long-term financial planning is keeping it simple. Only deal with investment options or choices with which you are comfortable. If you feel you are starting from ground zero and do not know a lot about anything related to investing or money matters – no worries! It is never too late to start learning about managing your finances. A good way to start would be to: •

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Think of it like this, the first time anyone begins their academic education; they usually do not start at a college or high school level class. The usual route is to begin at preschool or kindergarten. The reason for this is to allow the learning process to be an evolutionary, cumulative experience. One in which certain fundamental concepts must be learned and mastered to serve as the foundation for future learning. The same is true for acquiring financial education and it does not take much. Financial education can begin with an act as simple as opening a savings account or a checking account. Another reasonable option to be considered would be to participate in your employer’s 401(k) plan as a way of preparing for retirement. By taking these actions, the excitement will come with tracking the growth of your investments and quantifying your investment success. Think of the confidence you will gain from participating in this process. Watching your savings account or your 401(k) account grow, and having the ability to pay bills out of a checking account that bears your name, can be remarkably liberating and empowering. Why? Because it gives you a sense of control over your present day finances, as well as your future finances. If you do not have a banking relationship and are in the market for a bank partner, know that Industrial Bank is ready to support you as you look to invest in yourself, invest in your dreams, and invest in your future.

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July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013



Students from the District who are participating in OSSE’s 2013 summer enrichment program are also attending Columbia University in New York City. /Photo Courtesy of OSSE Facebook Page

The Ryan Odelle Mance

Ivy League Schools Attract District Students


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Evening of Jazz and Awards Dinner Benefit

By Dorothy Rowley WI Staff Writer

5th Annual

Every year, students from across the country dream of being admitted to elite colleges and universities like Smith College in Northampton, Mass., and Stanford University in Connecticut. But for 47 District of Columbia high school students, such dreams – even if short-lived – have become a reality. “I just returned from two weeks of study at Boston University,” said 17-year-old Tanazia Matthews, a rising senior at Thurgood Marshall Academy in Southeast. “I had a wonderful learning experience – I studied

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The Ryan Odelle Mance


would be honored by your presence at its “Affirming African American Males’ Academic and Artistic Ascent”

5th Annual Evening of Jazz and Awards Dinner Benefit Saturday, July 20, 2013 7:00 – 11:00 PM Camelot by Martin’s 13905 Central Avenue Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 Donation: $65 per person

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18 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

The Washington Informer

business and infectious diseases. I got a chance to see what college life is like and [had] an opportunity to cultivate new friendships with students from other countries like China, Guatemala and Turkey,” said Tanazia, whose short program at Boston University allowed her to return home in time to participate in another summer academic project. “This was definitely a dream come true for me, because otherwise, I might not have considered attending an Ivy League school,” she said. “Now, I very much look forward to enrolling at Boston University after I graduate.” Tanazia and other students, who attend District of Columbia public and charter schools, are participants in the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE) Scholars program. The initiative, which is open to sophomores and juniors with a minimum 3.0 grade point average (GPA), launched in spring 2012 with 12 students who attended four colleges – including Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Penn. “The first program was so successful that schools began contacting us about participating,” said Gregory Meeropol, OSSE assistant superintendent for post-secondary and career education. “The goal of our program is to expose academically-motivated, low-income students from the District to tier-one colleges across the coun-

try, that they hadn’t [previously considered],” he explained. “It’s our hope that the schools will be so interested in our students, that they not only admit them when they graduate, but will provide them with a generous financial aid package as well.” This year’s program, which is tuition-free for students, is underwritten by OSSE and the U.S. Department of Education’s “College Access Challenge” project, and involves a dozen of the country’s top-tier institutions of higher learning. The schools also provide an opportunity for college-bound students to earn college credits. Fifteen of the students are from Ward 8 and nine live in Ward 7. Three of the Ward 8 students – Daniel Spruill (Friendship Collegiate Academy), Tai’lon Jackson (Ballou Senior High School) and Stewart Gray (Thurgood Marshall High School Academy) – are attending Stanford University at a cost of $10,000 each, for which Stanford is paying half. In addition, Kaila Warner-Jackson, from Phelps Senior High School in Northeast, is attending Smith College. All of the participants are spending up to eight weeks, immersed in courses that range from sociology and electrical engineering to neurobiology and Elizabethan literature. Aside from Boston University in Massachusetts and Stanford

See STUDENTS on Page 19

around the EDUCATION region

Tanazia Matthews attended Boston University for two weeks as a participant in the OSSE 2013 summer enrichment program. /Photo courtesy of OSSE Facebook Page

STUDENTS continued from Page 18 University and Smith College, the other participating schools are Barnard College and Columbia University, both in New York City; Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y.; Duke University in North Carolina; Northwestern

University in Illinois; Syracuse University in New York; Emory University in Atlanta; Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass.; and the University of Pennsylvania. While some of the students reached their destinations by train, others arrived by plane. Daniel, 16, armed with a 4.02

Daniel Spruill is a second-year participant in the OSSE Scholars program. The 16-year-old Friendship Collegiate Academy student admits being initially hesitant about attending Stanford University. /Photo courtesy OSSE Scholars 2013

GPA, enrolled in the program for a second year. Having arrived at Stanford nearly two weeks ago, he admits to being initially hesitant about the school due to a lack of information. “When I first participated in the OSSE program last year, I was in the 10th-grade and went

to Carnegie-Mellon,”said Daniel. “Because I didn’t know that much about Stanford, I wanted to go back to Carnegie-Mellon, but I’m glad I decided on Stanford because it’s exposed me to another possible school to apply to. Besides, when I got here, I walked around the campus and discovered it was just so beautiful, and that it’s one of the greatest colleges in America.” Kaila, 16, a rising junior at Phelps, said she heard about

“OSSE Scholars 2013” from her school counselor. “She told me it would be a good fit for me because of my academic achievement,” said Kaila who flew to Massachusetts on Thursday, June 27 to attend Smith for five weeks. “And it fell right into place, considering I was already looking for a program where I could go to college over the summer,” she said. While at Smith, Kaila who aspires to become an U. S. Air Force officer, will be taking a course titled, “Body in Motion,” which deals with fitness and nutrition, and “Truth in Advertising,” which she said focuses on contents contained in food products. Tanazia has some words of encouragement for students who aren’t sure if attending an Ivy League school would be a good choice. “Before the scholars program, I never thought about attending Boston U,” said Tanazia. “But as I found out, you never know what’s out there that’s right for you unless you give it a try. Take the chance and apply.” wi

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July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013




Mandela Leaves a Formidable Legacy For the past three weeks, the eyes of the world have been on South Africa and its revered leader Nelson Mandela. As the ailing human rights icon battles lung and respiratory problems, South Africans and his admirers and supporters worldwide are praying for his recovery or his peaceful transition. Mandela, who was elected South Africa’s first black president in 1994, spent 27 years behind bars because he refused to bow, bend or break under the weight of white oppression and he and the African National Congress chose to move from a position of non-violence to armed struggle. It’s easy to forget the true nature of apartheid with its legally enforced segregation of housing, education and public facilities; the denial of citizenship for people of color; the wanton slaughter of black men, women and children who took to the streets to oppose apartheid; the assassination of black political figures; and the full range of savagery visited on people the Dutch and British found in what became South Africa. Mandela, affectionately known as “Madiba,” is a giant of the 20th century who has left an indelible mark on his country, the African continent and the world. While he was groomed for leadership as a young man, becoming South Africa’s president was not his intention, but he learned patience and wisdom in prison and his preaching tolerance, reconciliation and peace went a long way to ensuring that his beloved country did not go up in flames. What is all the more ironic is what Juan Williams shared about Mandela when he and Armstrong Williams served briefly as his correspondence secretaries after his release in 1990. “… When he was a young man, all he wanted to do was rebel against his parents,” Williams recalled. “He just wanted to leave his family. He didn’t want to live in any township, he wanted to go to the big city, which for him was Johannesburg. He wanted to become a prize-fighter, wanted to learn the language of the Dutch settlers, wanted to be a poet. And then he wanted to get what he called a Western-style education. . . .” South Africa and the world are indeed fortunate that Mandela’s life encompassed so much more than any of those things because his destiny was to become, “Tata” the Father of the Nation.

Obama Visits Africa

President Barack Obama is in Southern Africa on tour and Africans hope that the visit marks greater engagement between the president and the 54 nations on the continent. Even before this trip, Africans and other observers criticized Obama for what they see as a decided lack of real investment in, and attention to, countries in Africa. Others are concerned about the increasing militarization by the Obama administration across the continent under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Africa has largely avoided the global economic crisis and a number of nations are experiencing six percent growth. With regards to attention and investment, the U.S. is lagging behind China, India, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. China has offered African nations billions in loans and has also invested untold billions in infrastructure. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conceded that China has made major inroads in Africa but argued that America was playing just as important a role. The statistics and data say otherwise but as South Africa’s Ambassador to the U.S. said during remarks in 2011: “There is money to be made in Africa as an investor, trader or tourist,” His Excellency Ebrahim Rasool asserted. “The return on investment in Africa outstrips any such return anywhere else. U.S. economic salvation lies in Africa. Africa is third behind China and India [in terms of economic growth]. It is foolish to have the ground controlled by China. The U.S. needs the courage to cross the pond.”

20 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

Well Done!

I would like to congratulate your publisher, Denise Rolark Barnes and the entire staff at the Washington Informer for their achievement in winning a DCTV Viewers’ Choice Award. Your article in the June 27, 2013 edition by Barrington Salmon, “DCTV Honors the Best at Viewers’ Choice Awards,” shows just how talented and committed the people are who work for the paper and on the TV show. A lot of people are aware of the good work that the Washington Informer Newspaper does in providing our community with positive news coverage, but I bet not a lot of us know about the exciting work the Informer’s TV show does in terms of keeping viewers up-to-date on who’s who in the Metropolitan area, and what’s going on around the city. The Washington Informer is truly an asset to the entire Washington Metro area and I would again like to congratulate Ms. Rolark Barnes and her staff.

Understanding the ‘Brown’ Decision

Kudos to Shantella Sherman for her article, “The Road to Brown” appearing in the June 20 edition of the Informer. I was very pleased to read that the Washington Informer has embarked on a 12-month series to examine how the Supreme Court’s Brown v. The Board of Education decision has impacted public education in America. Particularly for African American and other disenfranchised communities, it is critical that an understanding is gained of how policies of segregation continue to favor some over others and deny all Americans equal access to quality educations. I look forward to an engaging series. Margaret Crudup Washington, D.C.

Getting the Ear of Elected Officials I would like to compliment the Informer and Mr. James Wright for the lovely and balanced article he wrote on the McMillan Park controversy, “Residents Fight McMillan Development Plan,” which appeared in the June 20 edition of the paper. Our neighborhood has been trying for years to get the ear of our government, asking our government to please listen to [residents] in the neighborhood [and recognize] that these proposed high-rise buildings and the destruction of the park are not the best thing for this historic site. Your article has presented that and thus helped our neighborhood, for which I am very grateful. Thank you! Kirby Vining, Stronghold Washington, D.C.

Leonard Meyers Washington, D.C.

Readers' Mailbox

The Washington Informer welcomes letters to the editor about articles we publish or issues affecting the community. Write to: or send to: 3117 Martin Luther King Jr Ave., SE, Washington, D.C. 20032. Please note that we are unable to publish letters that do not include a full name, address and phone number. We look forward to hearing from you. The Washington Informer


Guest Columnist

By Jesse Jackson

Inner Cities Need Disaster Relief, Too New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recently spoke at a conference sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative in Chicago on disaster recovery in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. The natural disaster caused an estimated $39 billion in damage in New Jersey. Christie talked through the plans for rebuilding after the initial steps to get power and water back up and return the area to “normalcy,” using some $60

billion in federal relief contributions. A disaster like Sandy causes a structural dislocation beyond local capacity. Storms, tornadoes, earthquakes and sudden de-industrialization are all disasters. Houses and roads are destroyed; the local economy is ruined; small businesses go belly up. In response, the federal government steps in, provides aid, works with governors and local officials to lay out a plan for redevelopment. The shore neighborhoods

slammed by Sandy and the communities hit by tornadoes in Oklahoma or floods in North Dakota all deserve aid. Yet we witness a disaster in cities across our nation that is equally devastating, equally beyond anyone’s fault, and yet essentially ignored at the national level. In our inner city neighborhoods, we witness mass unemployment, with businesses going bankrupt. By 2010, in 25 of the nation’s largest metropolitan regions, fewer than 55 percent of working-age black men were

Guest Columnist

employed. The afflicted neighborhoods suffer radical housing depletion from foreclosures and abandonment. Since Jan. 1, 2010, there have been 18,949 vacant buildings reported in Chicago. On average, 19 new buildings are reported every day. Many neighborhoods suffer from sharp reductions in public services — transit, postal service, health services. Schools are closed and teachers laid off. Instead of a plan for recovery, these neighborhoods are provided a plan for containment.

School discipline policies force students out of school and toward detention. Drug policies are used for mass arrests. Ohio State law professor Michelle Alexander reports that “about 90 percent of those sentenced to prison for a drug offense in Illinois are African American,” though studies show that whites are more likely to use and sell drugs. The inner city deserves a disaster relief plan — one that

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By George E. Curry

Blacks More Willing to Make Privacy Concessions Although the federal government secretly spied on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights leaders in the past, Blacks are more willing than Whites to have their privacy rights invaded if it will help investigate possible terrorists. A recent joint poll by the Pew Research Center and the Washington Post showed that a majority of Americans support the National Security Agency’s

tracking of telephone and Internet records of millions of Americans in an effort to make them safe from terrorists. According to the poll, 56 percent of Americans support the NSA obtaining special court orders to track telephone calls of millions of Americans to investigate terrorism. Forty-one percent found the practice unacceptable and 2 percent were undecided. However, on several key security issues, Blacks were more ac-

cepting of government intrusion than Whites. For example, pollsters asked this question: What do you think is more important right now – (for the federal government to investigate possible terrorist threats, even if that intrudes on personal privacy); or (for the federal government not to intrude on personal privacy, even if that limits its ability to investigate possible terrorist threats)? When you drill down to the race of registered voters who

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were interviewed, there were significant racial differences. Of Whites polled, 60 percent said yes, the government should be able to monitor everyone’s email and online activities; 36 percent objected. Among all people of color, 67 percent said yes and 30 percent said no. But among registered African American voters, 75 percent – 15 percent more than Whites – replied that such invasions were fine with them while 23 percent objected. Respondents were also asked:

As you may know, it has been reported that the National Security Agency has been getting secret court orders to track telephone call records of MILLIONS of Americans in an effort to investigate terrorism. Would you consider this access to telephone call records an acceptable or unacceptable way for the federal government to investigate terrorism? Overall, 56 percent of Amer-

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By Bill Fletcher, Jr.

Domestic Spying is Nothing New Forgive me if I come across as cynical, but why is anyone surprised by our domestic spying? I am not talking about the ridiculous situation with the IRS. That is a tempest in a teapot, and everyone knows that. No, I am speaking about the NSA spying. Think about it for a second, and really this comes down to how far back in history you want to go. For those of us who lived through the 1960s and 1970s,

there was the case of the FBI’s notorious Counter-Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) that was used to disrupt and suppress social justice movements and organizations, including but not limited to the Black freedom movement. Think of how many organizations were destroyed, activists imprisoned, killed or, literally, driven insane. Jump forward to 2001 and the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 Al Qaeda terrorist attacks. In a rush that would make an Olympic sprint appear to be a

snail’s race, the Patriot Act was passed by Congress without most legislators stopping to read it. We have been living with the Patriot Act ever since and this administration has never taken the slightest step to move to overturn it. Thus, we continue to have Guantanamo cages and targeted assassinations. And, of course, we have wiretapping. The Obama administration counters its critics by suggesting that this domestic surveillance has successfully thwarted numerous terrorist conspiracies. I

do not doubt for a moment that that is at least partially true. But that avoids a larger question. After all, a broken clock is right twice a day. The issue that the people of the U.S.A. have to address is the implication of living in a constant state of fear and never getting to the root of the larger problem of terrorism. Let’s be clear that in most discussions of terrorism, there is very little concern about domestic, right-wing terrorism. The proliferation of right-wing militias and other para-military for-

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mations is all but ignored by the mainstream media (and much of law enforcement) despite the fact that these forces constitute a greater threat to us in the U.S. than many Islamic jihadists. Let us also be clear that the policies of the USA frequently catalyze the actions of fanatics. Do we need to be reminded of how U.S. support for Muslim fundamentalists in their war with the then-Soviet Union in Afghanistan (in the 1980s), only

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By Cheryl Pearson-McNeil

Shopping ‘til We Drop I have a black belt in retail therapy, so I was thrilled when I first saw Nielsen’s new in-depth report, Brick by Brick: the State of the Shopping Center, because it confirms two very important things: our economy is growing stronger because jobs are being created and money is being spent; and as consumers, we are stronger than ever. You’ve probably heard the

line, “If you build it, they will come,” from the movie “Field of Dreams.” Well, that is happening all around us, no matter where you live. We consumers don’t just shop. We want a multi-faceted experience to play, eat, be entertained and engaged – and that’s what’s available to us. No matter where you live in the country, shopping centers – be they sprawling outdoor malls and shopping plazas, enclosed complexes, super centers, lifestyle centers, mega entertainment centers, value retail centers

(outlet malls) or intimate neighborhood centers – are expanding or shrinking according to what the consumers they serve need and want. Businesses want our hard-earned dollars, the competition is always on to do it better; to give us what we want; to meet our every need. Nielsen’s shopping center study reports that the number of large shopping centers has jumped 65 percent over the last five years. This translates well for employment. According to both the Department of Labor

Guest Columnist

and the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), the U.S. shopping center retail sector added 33,000 jobs in April. That accounts for one-fifth of the total jobs added that month. Labor Department figures show the industry has bounced back from its recessionary low in December 2009, recovering more than half a million jobs since that time. Between April of last year and April 2013, 213,000 of those jobs were filled. This means retail now employs 12.5 million people, which makes up

9.3 percent of all payroll employment. Additionally, the restaurants and bars that are part of the shopping centers generated another 38,000 new jobs. According to the Nielsen Restaurant Growth Index (RGI) that tracks restaurant openings and sales, there were 47,161 new restaurant openings in 2012. Many of those restaurants are located in Lifestyle Shopping Centers. More jobs mean there’s more money to spend. Total

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By James Clingman

Stop Spending and Start Producing “Stop that! I’m not going to tell you again.” I am sure many of you have heard your parents say those words more than once. Why? Because you always repeated what they told you not to do, right? Now that we are adults ourselves, some of us who are consciously aware of the state of the Black economy in this nation are saying the same thing to our people. “Stop that!” Stop spending so much and start producing more. Stop creating

wealth for every other group and virtually none for ourselves. Stop capitulating to the whimsical and dangerous malaise of “instant gratification.” Stop! The information that made me scream at our people when I read it was a well-written article, by Jeneba Ghatt, and featured in the online magazine, Politics 365. The title itself, “Black Spending Power to Hit $1Trillion by 2015, But Black Wealth is Dropping,” conjures up an immediate sense of, “Say what?” and “What the…?” The infer-

ence I drew from the title comprised a conundrum, an enigma, a paradox, an oxymoron, an irony, an inconsistency, a contradiction, and just plain out of order. My penchant for yelling, “Stop it!” has come from two decades of writing essentially what Sister Ghatt delineated in her article. And let me commend Claud Anderson, Tony Brown, and others who have been yelling a lot longer than I have about the foolishness of Black folks bragging about, or buying into others who brag about, so-called Black


spending (purchasing, consumption, or buying) power.” It may be power, but only for those with whom we spend our trillion dollars; it’s definitely a weakness for us. Can you see the untenable and downright ridiculous economic position Black people are in visà-vis having a $1 trillion annual income versus not having built a commensurate level of wealth with such a great deal of money? What sense does it make to even discuss Black spending power if we are not willing to leverage

that $1trillion into wealth for ourselves and our children? It’s similar to how we brag about how “powerful” our votes are, but we get very little in return for them. Jeneba Ghatt wrote: “Although Blacks make up 13% of the US population, they own merely 5% of all US firms and only 1.8% of companies that employ more than one person… More than half of Black-owned businesses had less than $10,000 in business

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By Askia Muhammad

LGBT=Sí; Afro=No Can there be any doubt about the duplicity of White America after the final decisions in the Supreme Court’s 2013 term were announced? Many people of all races and nationalities celebrated the decision by the court overturning the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) thus declaring that same-sex married couples are entitled to all the benefits for

which any other married couples are eligible. The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community was “delirious.” They were really happy. On the other hand, Black people, Hispanics, Asian Americans mostly were “devastated” by the court’s decision invalidating Title V of the Voting Rights Act. They were really disappointed. Just a few months ago, members of the LGBT community were arguing that theirs was a “civil rights” issue, likening prohibitions against their getting

22 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

“married” in the eyes of the law, with the legal prohibitions against inter-racial marriage half a century ago. But as the “real” Civil Rights movement was knocked back on its heels in the Voting Rights case, and knocked down (but not out) for “an eightcount” by the SCOTUS decision which further weakened (without totally invalidating) affirmative action, it’s clear to me that the LGBT movement has stepped on, and now over the Civil Rights movement to find its own place in the sun. Of course, The Washington Informer

individuals in committed longterm monogamous relationships deserve the same rights regardless of gender attraction. What likely really happened, in my opinion, is that Gay White males (and females) woke up one morning and discovered that they were not able to enjoy all the “White privileges” enjoyed by heterosexuals, and they didn’t like it, and went to work to get what was coming to them. That outcome is similar to the huge advances – outpacing Black folks in receiving benefits, con-

tracts, employment, etc. – White females gained from affirmative action enforcement. They kept stepping on, Blacks were left behind. What irks me most about the developments on the high court, however, is the sheer hubris, the duplicity, the rampant hypocrisy of one Justice Antonin Scalia, who voted with the majority to dismember the Voting Rights Act one day, and then voted with the minority, unable to preserve

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“Today when I look at Robben Island I see it as a celebration of the struggle and a symbol of the finest qualities of the human spirit, rather than as a monument to the brutal tyranny and oppression of apartheid,” wrote Nelson Mandela in an introduction to his sketches included in the Robben Island Bible exhibit. /Photo by Margaret Summers

David Schalkwyk, director of research at Folger Shakespeare Library, hopes people visiting the Robben Island Bible exhibit “see and learn something about how Shakespeare can be influential under unusual circumstances, and about the struggle for freedom and dignity in South Africa.” /Photo courtesy of the Folger Shakespeare Library

Shakespeare Writings Inspired South African Prisoners Sketches by Nelson Mandela Included in Exhibit at Folger By Margaret Summers WI Contributing Writer A book entitled “Collected Works of William Shakespeare” and nicknamed the “Robben Island Bible” was crucial in lifting the spirits of key anti-apartheid political prisoners in South Africa’s brutal Robben Island Prison during the 1970s. Among them was Nelson Mandela, who spent more than 18 of his 27 years in the prison before becoming South Africa’s first black president in 1994. “I wanted to exhibit the ‘Robben Island Bible’ at the Folger Shakespeare Library after I saw it,” said David Schalkwyk, 59, director of research at the library on Capitol Hill. Schalkwyk, who is also a professor of English at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, explained, “I got the idea to exhibit the book here when it was in London at the British Museum in 2012 during the Olympics.” The Folger Library exhibit, entitled “A Book Behind Bars: The Robben Island Shakespeare,” opened May 25, 2013. The exhibit also includes sketches of Robben Island locations by Mandela, which are being shown for the first time in the

U.S. Mandela drew them while visiting the now defunct prison in the early 2000s to reflect on his time there. The artwork by Mandela is on loan from a private collection belonging to Bonnie Cohen, the wife of a member of the Library’s Board of Governors, Louis R. Cohen. Both made the sketches available for the exhibit. “I hope people will see the exhibit and learn something about how Shakespeare has been influential in unusual circumstances,” Schalkwyk said. “I hope people also learn about the Robben Island Prison, and the struggle for freedom and dignity.” Schalkwyk said the book is an example of how important the humanities are, particularly under conditions without material comforts “It reminds us that the humanities must be made available to ‘ordinary’ people, not just to scholars.” Coincidentally, Matthew Hahn, 40, a lecturer at St. Mary’s University College in London, and a theater director and playwright, had written a play about the “Robben Island Bible.” Schalkwyk and Hahn met at the British Museum exhibit of the book. Schalkwyk invited Hahn to stage a one night only

dramatic reading of his play on June 3, 2013 at the Folger Shakespeare Theater in support of the library’s exhibit. “More than 300 people attended the play,” said Schalkwyk. Hahn based his play on interviews he conducted with eight of the 32 former prisoners who selected their favorite passages in the book, wrote their names in the margins next to the passages, and penned the dates when they read them. Only 14 of the 32 are still living. The writings they chose and signed their names next to “provides fascinating insight into the minds, thinking and soul of those political prisoners who fought for the transformation of South Africa,” Hahn wrote. The book’s nickname stemmed from a deception used to get it past prison authorities. Robben Island wardens only allowed prisoners to have one book, other than a religious text. Political prisoner Sonny Venkatrathnam asked his wife to send him the Shakespeare anthology. She placed a dust jacket on the book featuring graphics of Hindu deities on the front and back, which tricked the wardens into believing the book was a Hindu “bible.” Prison authori-

ties would have otherwise barred the book, as they considered Shakespeare “subversive.” Venkatrathnam kept the book as a “souvenir” of his time in prison with Mandela and other anti-apartheid icons. The audience for the play and the exhibit found both enlightening and meaningful. “I think they show how an oppressed people can take an extremely negative situation and turn it into a positive,” said George Powell, 70, a retired high school sports coach, teacher and counselor from Northeast. Others agreed. “The ‘Robben Island Bible’ provided both spiritual and mental sustenance (to the prisoners),” said Mary Fraker, a writer who lives on Capitol Hill. “Some even used it to teach their illiterate brethren to read. I believe it’s not an exaggeration to say that the book saved lives.” “Seeing President Mandela’s signature next to the passage from ‘Julius Caesar’ was an incredible experience,” said Mary McCue, a freelance writer who also lives on Capitol Hill. “I found Mandela’s sketches poignant, given that he is now hospitalized with a lung infection stemming from the tuberculosis

The Washington Informer

Nelson Mandela. /Courtesy Photo

he contracted when he was imprisoned in Robben Island. Everyone should see this exhibit. It’s small, but very powerful.” “A Book Behind Bars: The Robben Island Shakespeare” will be exhibited at the Folger Shakespeare Library through September 29. The exhibit is free and open to the public. For further information, call 202544-4600.

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“The Will to Adorn: African American Diversity, Style, and Identity,” at the Smithsonian’s 47th Annual Folklife Festival.


he Smithsonian’s 47th Annual Folklife Festival features the country of Hungary and others, along with endangered languages and the aesthetics of African Americans. The festival got underway last week and resumes on Wednesday, July 3 through Sunday, July 7 on the National Mall. /Photos by Roy Lewis

24 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

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Horo scopes

july 4 - july 10, 2013

ARIES Before you spend your money check the quality of the goods. This rule applies to intangible goods as well. Make the first move with your honey this week. Be sweetly aggressive. Soul Affirmation: The enjoyment of good food is high on my agenda this week. Lucky Numbers: 11, 45, 51 TAURUS Let your creative juices flow. Advice from a child has a reward in it. On the job, coworkers will help you expand your sense of accomplishment. Only you can stand in your way. Soul Affirmation: I enjoy learning new things about myself this week. Lucky Numbers: 40, 53, 54 GEMINI Opportunity knocks this week, be ready and waiting. An old love resurfaces. This week is good for you financially. Look for a special opportunity at work. Families matter, spend time with yours. Soul Affirmation: I let myself experience my true ambitions this week. Lucky Numbers: 23, 28, 43 CANCER Creativity comes from a deep source. Take the chance to pursue creative goals. Others will understand later. You and a child can come to an unmatched understanding. Soul Affirmation: I do not allow demands to be placed on me this week. Lucky Numbers: 27, 31,52 LEO This week is a week to let your diplomatic side work for you. Forcing will get you nowhere. No man or woman is an island, focus on togetherness even if you are annoyed with people. Soul Affirmation: Charm is my middle name this week. Lucky Numbers: 1, 2, 8 VIRGO Take advantage of a burst of energy. Body and mind are in sync. Don’t take things too personally this week. You might get your feelings hurt. If you do, tonight is a great time to make-up. Make the call. Soul Affirmation: My hunches are right often this week. Lucky Numbers: 6, 16, 36 LIBRA You have wonderful ideas about interior decorating. Be ready to accept a great opportunity at work. Money doesn’t matter tonight; don’t make finances more important than they need to be. Soul Affirmation: I appear to others what I know myself to be. Lucky Numbers: 20, 29, 30 SCORPIO The influence of someone close can make all the difference in the world. Don’t go alone. Your achievements are closely tied to someone who might not have agreed with you in the past. Soul Affirmation: The grandeur of my presence reflects the sunshine of my soul. Lucky Numbers: 22, 45, 51 SAGITTARIUS You and your honey have so much to talk about, listen! He or she is trying to come out of a whole new bag. Accept! Change is a good thing this week. Expect to travel soon. Savor the thought. Soul Affirmation: What I’ve been waiting for has been here all along. Lucky Numbers: 16, 24, 35 CAPRICORN If nothing much is happening on the job, remember that chilling is good sometimes. Use this week to return phone calls and answer letters. Be low key. Wonderful things flow from what you don’t do. Soul Affirmation: All things work together for good. Lucky Numbers: 3, 6, 27

How Healthy Are Your Roots? As a family tree, we’re only as strong as our weakest root. And, is committed to helping demystify our past so that we better understand who we LIFESTYLE are. Knowing as much as possible about our family is imperative and this includes your family’s health history. Family members share genes, behaviors, lifestyles and environments that may very well influence, inform and project your family’s health profile. Do You Know? A family health history is a record of medical information for you and your close relatives. The benefits of collecting your family health history are enormous. First, it is a great education for the family. Second, it helps you and your doctor to identify the risk of having a medical condition. Knowing what “runs in the family” can direct you to make lifestyle choices and perhaps even change some environmental conditions that can help you live a longer, healthier and happier life. The information you trace and the changes you make will also benefit your children and grandchildren. Do You Know? Mapping your health history can take some time, but it can be extremely informative, fun and time well spent! Many of us have huge families, so I recommend you focus on the nearest three generations. Gather your immediate family’s information (including you), then work your way out through the family tree one generation at a time. Include your mom and dad and siblings, grandparents, and aunts and uncles and their children. Do You Know? Your family health history should include the current age or age at death and cause of death for each person. It should also list any diseases or medical conditions for each person and the age at which they occurred. For example, cousin Sam had kidney failure at age 36. Delve into what countries and/or regions your family comes from as genetic diseases occur more often in certain population groups and different diets and cultures can impact health risks. Document any birth defects or learning and developmental problems. And don’t forget about deceased relatives in the three generations. If possible, be sure to record any known illnesses. Do You Know? It only takes thirty minutes of walking, four to five times a week, to improve your overall health. Walking doesn’t require any special equipment, can be done alone or with a group and can be done almost anywhere! In addition to the physical benefits, walking helps to clear your mind and inspire new ideas. Other lifestyle changes may include what you eat, regular visits to a healthcare provider and taking medicine. Again, these changes can be made one at a time. Do You Know? You can make this a family project. Create questionnaires to collect and easily share your data. Pass questionnaires out during family gatherings such as holidays or family reunions or email to those near and far. Once compiled, add your health notes by name to your Family Tree and share as gifts or keepsakes. For more information and resources on fostering ‘healthy roots’ visit us at at AfricanAncestry. com and on Facebook/AfricanAncestry..

AQUARIUS You can turn that obstacle into an opportunity at work. Check out the players carefully. Watch your back and hold your tongue around workplace rivals. Aggressively seek agreement. Soul Affirmation: The slowness of my week gives me time to refresh my energy. Lucky Numbers: 9, 17, 38 PISCES Don’t let your outer space infringe on your inner peace. Control situations that might affect your ability to get that important job done. Remember people are only human. Soul Affirmation: I find many things about myself that I really love. Lucky Numbers: 5, 9, 16

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Over the years, Hyundai has consistently tweaked the Sonata recipe, creating a comfortable and likable mid-size sedan that is not just easy on the pocketbook, but also easy to live with as well. /Photo courtesy of Hyundai Motor America

No Longer Content to Follow, Sonata Leapfrogs Competition By Njuguna Kabugi WI Contributing Writer The automotive press, oblivious to real facts on the ground, has been heralding for several years the imminent ascendancy of the crossover as the de-facto family hauler. But despite the cheering squad chatter, the buying public has continued to reward mid-size sedans for their all-around family usefulness and respectable fuel economy. This week’s featured model, the Hyundai Sonata, provides even more proof why these sedans still represent the biggest auto sales category. Like most vehicles in the mid-size sedan class, the Sonata offers frontwheel drive, numerous safety features and a choice of trim levels that include sporty and plush variants. It’s as big as an Accord, more fuel efficient than a Camry, and is as fun to drive as both best sellers. Though the Honda and Toyota sedans tend to be generally stylistic timid, the 2013 Sonata is anything but. With wedgy sheet metal, a bold grille, fashionably oversized headlights, and a distinctive chrome spear that starts at the headlight and runs back along the base of the

26 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

The Washington Informer

greenhouse to the steeply raked C-pillars, the Sonata is a standout among its peers. The current Hyundai Sonata represents the fifth generation in the car’s lineage. It is testament that Hyundai, mired at the bottom of quality rankings throughout the 1990s and the early 2000s, has made a remarkable reversal. Unlike the early Sonatas that were essentially “disposable” cars – that is, cars that were cheap to buy and cheaper to throw away when they were broken, like Wal-Mart DVD players, the Sonata is well-designed and assembled. Earlier this year, the car received the most dependable midsize car award by J.D. Power and Associates in their 2013 Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS). It was also awarded Kelley Blue Book’s’s coveted “5-Year Cost to Own Award” and named one of the “BEST BETS” by The Car Book, America’s first consumer car buying guide. The Sonata’s interior is also dramatic, with strong shapes and flowing surfaces to complement the exterior design and wrap around the driver and passengers. The center stack features simple controls and relatively

few buttons. With a new lineup of only direct-injection four-cylinder engines – combined with a lighter body structure – the Sonata performs as well as the V-6 versions of some mid-size sedans, all while getting up to 35 mpg in base form or up to 33 mpg highway with the upscale Turbo model. Most Sonatas come with the 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, making up to 200 horsepower, with a six-speed automatic transmission. There are also two additional models: a 2.0T with a twin-scroll turbocharger, providing 274 horsepower and a 2.4-liter four hybrid that lets the Sonata Hybrid run on battery power alone at highway speeds. This version can hit 60 mph in 9.2 seconds, well within the acceptable range for a family sedan, while delivering gas mileage of 36/40 mpg. Sonata SE now comes with standard heated front seats and Sonata Limited comes standard with a traditional sunroof, while a panoramic sunroof is now part of the Limited Premium Package for 2013. Starting at $21,720 for a GLS, Sonata offers one of the best values in the mid-size segment. wi

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Phoenix Mercury Defeat Washington Mystics 101-97

Phoenix Mercury’s Diana Taurasi drives to the basket past Washington Mystics players Kai Vaughn and Ivory Latta on Thursday, June 27, at the Verizon Center in Northwest. Phoenix defeated Washington 101-97. Taurasi, who was named the WNBA Western Conference Player of the Week, scored 26 points with eight assists and four rebounds in just 32 minutes of play. /Photo by John E. De Freitas

Phoenix Mercury’s DeWanna Bonner shoots around Mystics player Kia Vaughn during the first quarter of WNBA action on Thursday, June 27, at the Verizon Center in Northwest. Bonner scored 22 points as the Mercury beat the Mystics 101-97. /Photo by John E. De Freitas

28 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

Washington Mystics player Ivory Latta drives past Phoenix Mercury’s Briana Gilbreath on Thursday, June 27, at the Verizon Center in Northwest. The Mercury beat the Mystics 101-97. /Photo by John E. De Freitas

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Vancouver Whitecaps Defeat D.C. United 1-0


Vancouver Whitecaps forward Camilo Sanvezzo and D.C. United defender Ethan White fight for the ball in the second half of Major League Soccer action on Saturday, June 29, at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium in Southeast. Vancouver defeated the United 1-0 on a penalty kick from Sanvezzo in the game’s 48th minute. /Photo by John E. De Freitas Players from Rockville’s Youth Soccer program were given an opportunity to show their soccer skills on Saturday, June 29, during the halftime of the Vancouver-D.C. soccer game. The halftime activity was presented by D.C. United’s soccer development program which encourages area youngsters to develop a love for soccer. /Photo by John E. De Freitas

D.C. United midfielder John Thorrington, and Vancouver Whitecaps midfielder Matt Watson fight for possession of the soccer ball in the first half of Major League Soccer action on Saturday, June 29, at the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium in Southeast. Vancouver defeated the United 1-0 before 13,112 fans. /Photo by John E. De Freitas

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The Minor Football League and Washington Chiefs Present

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“Nelson Mandela”

by Kadir Nelson c.2103, Katherine Tegen Books / Harper Collins $17.99 / $19.99 Canada 32 pages By Terri Schlichenmeyer WI Contributing Writer Your mother sent you to your room the other day. You hate that. You didn’t think you were being naughty but Mama did, and she punished you. You had to sit in your room alone for awhile and you cried, maybe, or pouted because it just wasn’t fair. Now imagine being locked in a room for years and years and years for no good reason. That’s what happened to a great man

in Africa, and in the book “Nelson Mandela” by Kadir Nelson, you’ll read about that man and his life. Rolihlahla loved to play with his friends, fighting pretend battles and hunting with slingshots on the grassy hills of Qunu,

South Africa. But he couldn’t play forever: Rolihlahla was smart, and smartness like that needed an education. Rolihlahla’s mother knew she would miss him while he was away, and she tried hard not to cry. At school, Rolihlahla’s teacher

refused to say his Xhosa name, so she called him “Nelson.” As Nelson grew, he attended the finest schools in Johannesburg. He became a lawyer so he could help his poor and powerless African countrymen. But something else bothered Nelson just as much as poverty: the South African government had a policy that split its citizens into three groups, and it wasn’t fair. They called it apartheid, and Africans hated it. So Nelson organized rallies and spoke to the people. He was jailed for speaking up, but he never stopped fighting against apartheid. He married and became a father, but he never stopped fighting. He organized rallies and protests, and never stopped fighting. A warrant for his arrest was put out, but Nelson never stopped fighting … Until he was caught, arrested, and imprisoned. He was sent to a small island where he sat in a tiny room every day, eating cold meals and working hard labor. He was there so long that when he got out, his children had all grown up. More importantly, South Africa had ended apartheid. Finally, after almost 28 years,

Nelson Mandela was set free. He was elected as South Africa’s new leader. And the people celebrated. You always want to give your child a good sense of history, whether it’s in the past or in the making. “Nelson Mandela” is a good book for both. Author Kadir Nelson gives kids just the right amount of information here; he’s honest in telling what happened, without being scary. Curious kids will appreciate that this book is made kid-friendlier with a two-page section at the end that could help answer lots of questions. But Kadir Nelson’s words are only half the appeal. Nelson is also the illustrator here, and his paintings – from the magnificent cover to every page inside – are addictive. It’s the artwork that makes this a book you’ll want to browse, whether your children are around or not. Kids ages 4-7 will love this story, and I think older grade schoolers will appreciate it, too. If your child needs a little time out for reading, “Nelson Mandela” is a book you should make room for. wi “Seniors! Expert Shows You How To Stop Losing Thousands In Retirement Savings!”

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30 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

The Washington Informer

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The Religion Corner


‘Nobody But God’ This week’s column revolves around my friend and sorority sister the Rev. Dr. Unnia Pettus, who penned the book, “Nobody But God: A Journey of Faith from Tears to Triumph.� She’s releasing her second book later this year. Pettus, continues to do God’s work – her ministry is thriving – and she waits patiently for better days. Despite, her many years of chronic health problems, coupled with domestic violence, she got up and walked away from a wheelchair and volunteered to campaign for President Barack Obama. She serves as an inspiration to all of us, and I thought I’d share her story with you. After being paralyzed for months, Pettus, through the grace of God, miraculously emerged from her wheelchair and embarked upon a mission – the pain didn’t matter – although, she used a cane – she wanted to make sure that the president was re-elected. From my vantage point, she was back to her old self, prior to her stroke. Pettus has 23 years of public relations, marketing, crisis communications, advertising, and grassroots organizing experience. She’s served as the press secretary to former D.C. Mayor Sharon Pratt and has worked as the strategic communications director for the Service Employees International Union. She was also appointed as Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area press secretary for the 2000 Democratic Presidential Campaign for Vice President Al Gore and Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.). As founder of Pettus & Associates, a public relations and marketing firm, she serves as an adjunct

professor teaching public relations and entrepreneurship courses at her alma mater, Howard University, in the School of Communications. Her cognate coursework for her doctoral program completed at Howard University’s School of Divinity with a dissertation, examined the role of clergy across seven historically Black church denominations in Washington, D.C. A top-ranked college of Journalism graduate from the University of Maryland at College Park, Pettus is a graduate fellow with her Ph.D. in Mass Communications as of May 2003. Seven years ago, she founded the Nobody But God Outreach Ministries, with the purpose of providing support services and counseling for victims of domestic violence, survivors, and their families. That same year, her spiritual memoir, “Nobody But God: A Journey of Faith From Tears to Triumph,� was released nationally. The book received prominent national media attention from news organizations that included CNN, Radio One, NNPA newspapers, and The Washington Post. Completing her second book in the series, “Nobody But God: My Testimony of Faith, Kept By His Grace,� to be released this summer, is a chronicle to her testimony of faith. It will include a message from her mother, and long-time health caregiver, Ms. Beverly N. Hudgens, regarding her insight on how God has used “the good and the bad to worked together for His good� in both of their lives. She was appointed to work as a service coordinator by the 57th Presidential Inaugural Committee (P.I.C.) for Obama for America, D.C. Campaign Director, Pettus

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with Lyndia Grant served as the Faith Service Coordinator for the National Day of Service “Interfaith City-Wide Food Drive, under the leadership of Kouri Marshall, an official P.I.C. event held at Trinity Washington University. The day included an interfaith service, and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack participated in the event. At her home church, she serves as Associate Minister of Independent Church of God in Washington, D.C. under the leadership of Pastor Claritha A. Stewart. Pettus was invited to become a charter member of the first time ever, Religious Council of the D.C. Democratic State Committee. They represent all denominations. A member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. since 1990, she will celebrate with the Delta’s at the Centennial Conference this month. Hats off to you, my sistah, as “Nobody But God� continues to keep you, as you go from trials to triumph. Congratulations!wi

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Lyndia Grant hosts a radio talk show, Think on These Things, on WYCB 1340 AM, Radio One, Fridays at 6 p.m. She speaks all across the country, visit her website at, send comments to lyndiagrant@gmail. com, or call 202-518-3192.

Listen to

“Praise In The City� Radio Show Title

Lyndia “The Columnist�

Radio Show Highlights •Talk Show Format •Inspirational Guests •- Weekly Health Segment “Stop Fanning the Flames!â€? Finance in the Black Community •- Let’s Talk Politics Radio-One: WYCB 1340 AM

Lyndia “The Media Guru�

Author Speaker Fundraiser Event Planner Religious Columnist Community Organizer Radio Feature Speaker Washington Times Writer Washington Informer Religious Columnist “For we Walk by Faith,

Not by Sight.�

Lyndia “The Author�

The New Public Affairs  Talk Show Hosted by Praise 104.1’s Sheila Stewart   Saturday 5:30am-6:30am on Praise 104.1 For more info visit  

Will You Sponsor “Think on These Things�


The Washington Informer

July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013


religion BAPTIST

african methodist episcopal

Pilgrim Baptist Church

Historic St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Rev. James Manion Supply Priest Foggy Bottom • Founded in 1867 728 23rd Street, NW • Washington, DC 20037 Church office: 202-333-3985 • Fax : 202-338-4958 Worship Services Sundays: 10 a.m. Holy Eucharist with Music and Hymns Wednesdays: 12:10 p.m. - Holy Eucharist Email: All are welcome to St. Mary’s to Learn, Worship, and Grow.

Blessed Word of Life Church Dr. Dekontee L. & Dr. Ayele A. Johnson Pastors 4001 14th Street, NW Washington, DC 20011 (202) 265-6147 Office 1-800 576-1047 Voicemail/Fax Schedule of Services: Sunday School – 9:30 AM Sunday Morning Worship Service – 11:00 AM Communion Service – First Sunday Prayer Service/Bible Study – Tuesday, 6:30 PM e-mail:

Campbell AME Church Reverend Daryl K. Kearney, Pastor 2562 MLK Jr. Ave., S E Washington, DC 20020 Adm. Office 202-678-2263 Sunday Worship Service 10: am Sunday Church School 8: 45 am Bible Study Wednesday 12:00 Noon Wednesday 7:00 pm Thursday 7: pm “Reaching Up To Reach Out” Mailing Address Campbell AME Church 2502 Stanton Road SE Washington, DC 20020

Mt. Zion Baptist Church Rev. John W. Davis, Pastor 5101 14th Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20011 202-726-2220/ 202-726-9089 Sunday Worship Service 8:00am and 11:00am Sunday School 9:15am Holy Communion 4th Sunday 10:00am Prayer and Bible Study Wednesday 7;00pm TV Ministry –Channel 6 Wednesday 10:00pm

700 I. Street, NE Washington, D.C. 20002 Pastor Louis B. Jones, II and Pilgrim invite you to join us during our July and August Summer schedule! Attire is Christian casual. Worship: Sundays@ 7:30 A.M. & 10:00 A.M. 3rd Sunday Holy Communion/Baptism/Consecration Prayer & Praise: Wednesdays @12:00 Noon @ 6:30 P.M. – One Hour of Power! (202) 547-8849

Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ Drs. Dennis W. and Christine Y. Wiley, Pastors 3845 South Capitol Street Washington, DC 20032 (202) 562-5576 (Office) (202) 562-4219 (Fax) SERVICES AND TIMES: SUNDAYS: 10:00 am AM Worship Services BIBLE STUDY: Wonderful Wednesdays in Worship and the Word Bible Study Wednesdays 12:00 Noon; 6:30 PM (dinner @ 5:30 PM) SUNDAY SCHOOL: 9:00 AM – Hour of Power “An inclusive ministry where all are welcomed and affirmed.”

Twelfth Street Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 1812 12th Street, NW Washington, DC 20009 Phone: 202-265-4494 Fax: 202 265 4340

Church of Living Waters

Rev. Paul Carrette Senior Pastor Harold Andrew, Assistant Pastor 4915 Wheeler Road Oxon Hill, MD 20745 301-894-6464 Schedule of Service Sunday Service: 8:30 AM & 11:00 AM Bible Study: Wednesday 7:30 PM Communion Service: First Sunday

St. Stephen Baptist Church Lanier C. Twyman, Sr. State Overseer 5757 Temple Hill Road, Temple Hills, MD 20748 Office 301-899-8885 – fax 301-899-2555 Sunday Early Morning Worship - 7:45 a.m. Church School - 9:30 a.m. Sunday Morning Worship – 10:45 a.m. Tuesday – Thursday - Kingdom Building Bible Institute – 7:30 p.m. Wednesday – Prayer/Praise/Bible Study – 7:30 p.m. Baptism & Communion Service- 4th Sunday – 10:30am Radio Broadcast WYCB -1340 AM-Sunday -6:00pm T.V. Broadcast - Channel 190 – Sunday -4:00pm/Tuesday 7:00am

“We are one in the Spirit” e-mail:

Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church Rev. Dr. Michael E. Bell, Sr., • Pastor 2498 Alabama Ave., SE • Washington D.C. 20020 Office: (202) 889-7296 Fax: (202) 889-2198 • 2008: The Year of New Beginnings “Expect the Extraordinary”

Crusader Baptist Church

Isle of Patmos Baptist Church Reverend Dr. Calvin L. Matthews • Senior Pastor 1200 Isle of Patmos Plaza, Northeast Washington, DC 20018 Office: (202) 529-6767 Fax: (202) 526-1661

Rev. Dr. Alton W. Jordan, Pastor 800 I Street, NE Washington, DC 20002 202-548-0707 Fax No. 202-548-0703

Sunday Worship Services: 8:00a.m. and 11:00a.m. Sunday Church School - 9:15a.m. & Sunday Adult Forum Bible Study - 10:30a.m. 2nd & 4th Monday Women’s Bible Study - 6:30p.m. Tuesday Jr./Sr. Bible Study - 10:00a.m. Tuesday Topical Bible Study - 6:30p.m. Tuesday New Beginnings Bible Study - 6:30p.m. Wednesday Pastoral Bible Study - 6:30p.m. Wednesday Children’s Bible Study - 6:30p.m. Thursday Men’s Bible Study - 6:30p.m. Friday before 1st Sunday Praise & Worship Service - 6:30p.m. Saturday Adult Bible Study - 10:00a.m.

Sunday Morning Worship 11:00am Holy Communion – 1st Sunday Sunday School-9:45am Men’s Monday Bible Study – 7:00pm Wednesday Night Bible Study – 7:00pm Women’s Ministry Bible Study 3rd Friday -7:00pm Computer Classes- Announced Family and Marital Counseling by appointment E-mail:

“The Amazing, Awesome, Audacious Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church”

“God is Love”

Third Street Church of God Rev. Cheryl J. Sanders, Th.D. Senior Pastor 1204 Third Street, NW Washington, DC 20001 202.347.5889 office 202.638.1803 fax Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship: 11:00 a.m. Prayer Meeting and Bible Study: Wed. 7:30 p.m. “Ambassadors for Christ to the Nation’s Capital”

Sunday Worship Services: 7:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Holy Communion: 2nd Sunday at 7:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Sunday Church School: 9:20 a.m. Seniors Bible Study: Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. Noon Day Prayer Service: Tuesdays at Noon Bible Study: Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Motto: “A Ministry of Reconciliation Where Everybody is Somebody!” Website: Church Email:

Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church Bishop Alfred A. Owens, Jr.; Senior Bishop & Evangelist Susie C. Owens – Co-Pastor 610 Rhode Island Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20002 (202) 529-4547 office • (202) 529-4495 fax Sunday Worship Service: 8 AM and 10:45 AM Sunday Youth Worship Services: 1st & 4th 10:45 AM; 804 R.I. Ave., NE 5th 8 AM & 10:45 AM; Main Church Prayer Services Tuesday – Noon, Wednesday 6 AM & 6:30 PM Calvary Bible Institute: Year-Round Contact Church Communion Every 3rd Sunday The Church in The Hood that will do you Good!

ST Marks Baptist Come Worship with us... St. Mark's Baptist Church 624 Underwood Street, NW Washington, dc 20011 Dr. Raymond T. Matthews, Pastor and First Lady Marcia Matthews Sunday School 9:am Worship Service 10:am Wed. Noon Day prayer service Thur. Prayer service 6:45 pm Thur. Bible Study 7:15 pm

We are proud to provide the trophies for the Washington Informer Spelling Bee

Reverend Dr. Paul H. Saddler Senior Pastor Service and Times Sunday Worship Service 11:00 a.m. Communion every Sunday 11:00 a.m. Sunday School 10:00 a.m. Bible Study Tuesday 12Noon Pastor’s Bible Study Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Motto; “Discover Something Wonderful.” Website: Email:

Mount Carmel Baptist Church

52 Years of Expert Engraving Services

Joseph N. Evans, Ph.D Senior Pastor 901 Third Street N.W. Washington, DC. 20001 Phone (202) 842-3411 Fax (202) 682-9423 Sunday Church School : 9: 30am Sunday Morning Worship: 10: 45am Bible Study Tuesday: 6: 00pm Prayer Service Tuesday: 7:00pm Holy Communion: 3rd Sunday 10: 45am

32 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

The Washington Informer

religion Baptist

All Nations Baptist Church

Advertise Your Church services here: call Ron Burke at

202-561-4100 or email

Rev. Dr. James Coleman Pastor 2001 North Capitol St, N.E. • Washington, DC 20002 Phone (202) 832-9591

King Emmanuel Baptist Church Rev. Daryl F. Bell Pastor 2324 Ontario Road, NW Washington, DC 20009 (202) 232-1730

Sunday Church School – 9:30 AM Sunday Worship Service – 11:00 AM Holy Communion – 1st Sunday at 11:00 AM Prayer – Wednesdays, 6:00 PM Bible Study – Wednesdays, 7:00 PM Christian Education School of Biblical Knowledge Saturdays, 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM, Call for Registration

Sunday School – 9:30 am Sunday Worship Service – 11:00 am Baptismal Service – 1st Sunday – 9:30 am Holy Communion – 1st Sunday – 11:00 am Prayer Meeting & Bible Study – Wednesday -7:30 pm

Website: All Nations Baptist Church – A Church of Standards

“Where Jesus is the King”

Zion Baptist Church

Israel Baptist Church

Full Gospel Baptist Church

Emmanuel Baptist Church Rev. Dr. Clinton W. Austin Pastor 2409 Ainger Pl.,SE – WDC 20020 (202) 678-0884 – Office (202) 678-0885 – Fax “Come Grow With Us and Establish a Blessed Family” Sunday Worship 7:30am & 10:45am Baptism/Holy Communion 3rd Sunday Family Bible Study Tuesdays – 6:30pm Prayer Service Tuesdays – 8:00pm

Sermon On The Mount Temple Of Joy Apostolic Faith

Florida Avenue Baptist Church Dr. Earl D. Trent Senior Pastor

Rev. Dr. George C. Gilbert SR. Pastor

623 Florida Ave.. NW • WDC. 20001 Church (202) 667-3409 • Study (202) 265-0836 Home Study (301) 464-8211 • Fax (202) 483-4009

4504 Gault Place, N.E. Washington, D.C 20019 202-397-7775 – 7184

Sunday Worship Services: 10:00 a.m. Sunday Church School: 8:45 – 9:45 a.m. Holy Communion: Every First Sunday Intercessory Prayer: Monday – 7:00-8:00 p.m. Pastor’s Bible Study: Wednesday –7:45 p.m. Midweek Prayer: Wednesday – 7:00 p.m. Noonday Prayer Every Thursday

9:30AM. Sunday Church School 11:00 Am. Sunday Worship Service The Lord’s Supper 1st Sunday Wednesday 7:00pm Prayer & Praise Services 7:30pm. Bible Study Saturday before 4th Sunday Men, Women, Youth Discipleship Ministries 10:30am A Christ Centered Church

Matthews Memorial Baptist Church

Rev. Keith W. Byrd, Sr. Pastor

Rev. Dr. Morris L Shearin, Sr. Pastor

Rev. Charles Y. Davis, Jr. Sr. Pastor

5606 Marlboro Pike District Heights, MD 20747 301-735-6005

Dr. C. Matthew Hudson, Jr, Pastor

4850 Blagdon Ave, NW • Washington D.C 20011 Phone (202) 722-4940 • Fax (202) 291-3773

1251 Saratoga Ave., NE Washington, DC 20018 (202) 269-0288

14350 Frederick Rd. Cooksville, MD 21723 (410) 489-5069

Elder Herman L. Simms, Pastor

2616 MLK Ave., SE • Washington, DC 20020 Office 202-889-3709 • Fax 202-678-3304

Sunday Worship Service: 10:00 A.M. Sunday School: 8:30 A.M. Holy Communion1st Sunday: 10:00 A.M.

Sunday Worship Service: 11:00 am Sunday School: 9:30 am Wed. Bible Study/Prayer: 6:30-8:00 pm Holy Communion 2nd Sunday Pre-Marital Counseling/Venue for Weddings Prison Ministry Knowledge Base

Prayer Service: Wednesday at 6:30 P.M. Bible Study: Wednesday at 7:00 P.M.


Mount Moriah Baptist Church

Advertise Your Church

Sunday Worship Service 10:15AM- Praise and Worship Services Sunday School 9:00am Monday: Noon Bible School Wednesday: Noon & 7PM: Pastor’s Bible Study Ordinance of Baptism 2nd Holy Communion 4th Sunday Mission Zion Baptist Church Shall; Enlist Sinners, Educate Students, Empower the Suffering, Encourage the Saints, and Exalt Our Savior. (Acts 2:41-47)

St. Luke Baptist Church Rev. Aubrey C. Lewis Pastor 1415 Gallatin Street, NW Washington, DC 20011-3851 P: (202) 726-5940 Sunday Worship: 11:00 a.m. Sunday School: 9:15 a.m. Holy Communion: 11:00 a.m., 3rd Sun. Bible Study: Monday - 7:00 p.m. Prayer Meeting: Thursday - 7:00 p.m.

Dr. Lucius M. Dalton, Senior Pastor 1636 East Capitol Street, NE Washington, DC 20003 Telephone: 202-544-5588 Fax: 202-544-2964 Sunday Worship Services: 7:45 am and 10:45 am Holy Communion: 1st Sundays at 7:45 am and 10:45 am Sunday School: 9:30 am Prayer & Praise Service: Tuesdays at 12 noon and 6:30 pm Bible Study: Tuesdays at 1 pm and 7 pm Youth Bible Study: Fridays at 7 pm

services here: call Ron Burke at

202-561-4100 or email

Web: Email:

Rehoboth Baptist Church

St. Matthews Baptist Church Rev. Dr. Maxwell M. Washington Pastor 1105 New Jersey Ave, S.E • Washington, DC 20003 202 488-7298 Order of Services Sunday Worship Services: 9:05 A.M. Sunday School: 8:00 A.M. Holy Communion 3rd Sunday Morning Prayer Meeting: 7:00 P.M. (Tuesday) Bible Study: 7:30 P.M. (Tuesday) Theme: “Striving to be more like Jesus “Stewardship”. Philippians 3:12-14; Malachi 3:8-10 and 2 Corinthians 9:7 Email: Website:

Salem Baptist Church

Sunday Apostolic Worship Services 11:00 A.M and 5:00 P.M Communion and Feet Wash 4th Sunday at 5:00 P.M Prayer/Seeking Wednesday at 8:00 P.M. Apostolic in Doctrine, Pentecostal in Experience, Holiness in Living, Uncompromised and Unchanged. The Apostolic Faith is still alive –Acts 2:42

New Commandment Baptist Church Rev. Stephen E. Tucker Pastor and Overseer 13701 Old Jericho Park Road Bowie, MD 20720 P: 202 291-5711 • F: 202 291-5666

Early Worship Service 7:30a.m Worship Service 10:45a.m. New Members Class 9:30a.m. Holy Communion : 1st Sunday -10:45a.m Church School 9:30a.m. Prayer, Praise and Bible Study: Wednesday 7p.m Bible Study : Saturday: 11a.m. Baptism: 4th Sunday – 10:45a.m “Empowered to love and Challenged to Lead a Multitude of Souls to Christ”

Peace Baptist Church

Rev. Dr. Michael T. Bell 712 18th Street, NE Washington, DC 20002 Phone 202-399-3450/ Fax 202-398-8836

Sunday Worship Service - 11 am Sunday School - 9:45 am Bible Study & Prayer Wed. - 7 pm Substance Abuse Counseling 7 pm (Mon & Fri) Jobs Partnership - 7 pm (Mon & Wed) Sat. Enrichment Experience - 9:30 am

Sunday Morning Worship Service 7:15 am & 10:50 am Sunday School 9:30am Sunday Morning Worship Service 10:50am Wednesday Prayer & Testimonies Service 7:30pm Wednesday School of the Bible 8:00pm Wednesday - Midweek Prayer Service 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

“A Church Where Love Is Essential and Praise is Intentional”

“The Loving Church of the living lord “ Email Address

Shiloh Baptist Church

First Rising Mt. Zion Baptist Church

Rev. R. Vincent Palmer Pastor

Rev. Alonzo Hart Pastor

Rev. Dr. Wallace Charles Smith Pastor

Rev. Reginald M. Green, Sr., Interim Pastor

621 Alabama Avenue, S.E. • Washington, D.C. 20032 P: (202) 561-1111 F: (202) 561-1112

917 N St. NW • Washington, DC 20001 (202) 232-4294

9th & P Street, N.W. • W. D.C. 20001 (202) 232-4200

602 N Street NW • Washington, D.C. 20001 Office:(202) 289-4480 Fax: (202) 289-4595

The Church Where GOD Is Working.... And We Are Working With GOD

Sunrise Prayer Services - Sunday 7:00 a.m.

Sunday Morning Prayer Service: 8:00 a.m. Sunday Church School: 9:15 a.m. Sunday Morning Worship: 10:40 a.m. Third Sunday Baptismal & Holy Communion:10:30 a.m. Tuesday Church At Study Prayer & Praise: 6:30 p.m.

Morning Worship: 8:00 a.m Church School : 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship: 10:55 a.m. Bible Study, Thursday: 6:30 p.m. Prayer Meeting,Thursday : 7:30 p.m.

Sunday Service: 10 am Sunday School for all ages: 8:30 am 1st Sunday Baptism: 10: am 2nd Sunday Holy Communion: 10 am Tuesday: Bible Study: 6:30 pm Prayer Meeting: 7:45 pm

Motto: God First

The Washington Informer

Holy Trinity United Baptist Church

Sunday Worship Services: 7:45am & 11:00am Sunday school For All Ages 9:30am Prayer Services Wednesday 11:30am & 6:45pm Bible Institute Wednesday at Noon & 7:45pm “Changing Lives On Purpose “ Email: Website:

Advertise Your Church services here: call Ron Burke at

202-561-4100 or email

Pennsylvania Ave. Baptist Church Rev. Dr. Kendrick E. Curry Pastor 3000 Pennsylvania Ave.. S.E Washington, DC 20020 202 581-1500 Sunday Church School: 9:30 A.M. Sunday Worship Service: 11:00 A.M. Monday Adult Bible Study: 7:00 P.M. Wednesday Youth & Adult Activities: 6:30 P.M. Prayer Service Bible Study

Mt. Horeb Baptist Church Rev. Dr. H. B. Sampson, III Pastor 2914 Bladensburg Road, NE Wash., DC 20018 Office: (202) 529-3180 Fax: (202) 529-7738 Order of Services Worship Service: 7:30 a.m. Sunday School: 9:00 a.m. Worship Service: 10:30 a.m. Holy Communion: 4th Sunday 7:30 a.m. & 10:30a.m. Prayer Services: Tuesday 7:30 p.m. Wednesday 12 Noon For further information, please contact me at (202) 529-3180.

July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013


legal notices SUPERIOR COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Probate Division Washington, D.C. 20001-2131 Administration No. 2013 ADM 517 Pauline E. Robinson Decedent Paule G. Levadas, Esq. 1629 K Street, NW, Suite #300 Washington, DC 20006 Attorney NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT, NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND NOTICE TO UNKNOWN HEIRS Janice Hinton, whose address is 601 East Randolph Road, Apt. 312, Silver Spring, MD 20904, was appointed Personal Representative of the estate of Pauline E. Robinson, who died on January 27, 2013 without a Will, and will serve without Court supervision. All unknown heirs and heirs whose whereabouts are unknown shall enter their appearance in this proceeding. Objections to such appointment shall be filed with the Register of Wills, D.C., 515 5th Street, N.W., Building A, Third Floor Washington, D.C. 20001, on or before December 13, 2013. Claims against the decedent shall be presented to the undersigned with a copy to the Register of Wills or filed with the Register of Wills with a copy to the undersigned, on or before December 13, 2013, or be forever barred. Persons believed to be heirs or legatees of the decedent who do not receive a copy of this notice by mail within 25 days of its first publication shall so inform the Register of Wills, including name, address and relationship. Date of first publication: June 13, 2013 Janice Hinton Personal Representative TRUE TEST COPY Anne Meister Register of Wills Washington Informer

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34 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

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36 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

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our inner cities is as remorseless and as powerful as that that ravaged the shores of New Jersey, the wildfires spreading in Colorado, the tornadoes that have devastated parts of several states. It is time for action. When there is a disaster, few complain about federal help, few say the relief should come only from the state or private entities. No one says that the people in the path of the storm are on their own. As Gov. Christie said at that Chicago conference:

jackson continued from Page 21 includes things like insurance relief, federal aid, a development bank and loans. The inner city needs reconstruction and infrastructure. Just as the shore communities of New Jersey needed a plan for recovery and development after a natural disaster, so do our inner city neighborhoods ravaged by forces beyond their control. The disaster that has afflicted

curry continued from Page 21 icans said the NSA action was acceptable and 41 percent said it was unacceptable. A bare majority of Whites – 53 percent – found such activity acceptable, compared to 44 percent who considered it unacceptable. Among African-American voters, 62 percent found the practice acceptable and 37 percent found it unacceptable. A similar divide appeared when respondents were asked: Do you think the U.S. government should be able to monitor everyone’s email and other online activities if officials say this might prevent future terrorist attacks? Fifty-five percent of Black voters said yes and 44 percent said no. Among Whites, the numbers were flipped. Only 42 percent said yes and 55 percent said no. Amazingly, Blacks are more trusting of the federal government even considering its past abuses. As I mentioned in a column last year: “From 1956 to 1971, the FBI operated a program called COINTELPRO, an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program. Initially established to spy on organizations suspected of communist ties, the program was expanded by J. Edgar Hoover to include the Southern

“No one in my state was arguing to me that Tuesday, Oct. 30, ‘Governor, you should privatize the response to this storm from here on out,’ ” he said. “This is one of those things that, regardless of where you fall on the ideological spectrum, you would agree that this is government’s responsibility.” wi Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. is founder and president of the Chicago-based Rainbow PUSH Coalition. You can keep up with his work at

Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Black Panther Party, the Nation of Islam, the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), the National Lawyers Guild and other left-leaning groups. “A congressional committee, chaired by Senator Frank Church, issued a report that concluded, ‘Many of the techniques used would be intolerable in a democratic society even if all of the targets had been involved in violent activity, but COINTELPRO went far beyond that… the Bureau conducted a sophisticated vigilante operation aimed squarely at preventing the exercise of First Amendment rights of speech and association, on the theory that preventing the growth of dangerous groups and the propagation of dangerous ideas protect the national security and deter violence.’” The goal of COINTELPRO was to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, or otherwise neutralize” organizations that the FBI deemed “subversive.” The FBI harassed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. until his final days. Under the leadership of J. Edgar Hoover and with the approval of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, the FBI wiretapped King’s home and office tele-

phones, decided not to tell King of credible threats on his life, taped what the FBI claimed were illicit sexual activities and mailed them to Dr. King’s wife. And perhaps in its most disgusting move, as David Garrow recounts in Bearing the Cross, a Pulitzer-Prize winning book about Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement, the FBI tried to get the civil rights leader to commit suicide. An anonymous letter and copy of taped sex recordings were mailed to King at his SCLC office in Atlanta. The letter said, “There is but one way out for you. You better take it before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation.” If anyone has reason to distrust the federal government’s monitoring of its citizens, it’s African Americans. Yet, we continue to hope against hope, placing our trust in people and institutions that have sought to destroy us.wi George E. Curry, former editor-in-chief of Emerge magazine, is editor-in-chief of the National Newspaper Publishers Association News Service (NNPA.) He is a keynote speaker, moderator, and media coach. Curry can be reached through his Web site, You can also follow him at currygeorge and George E. Curry Fan Page on Facebook.

allies of the jihadists and their Saudi/Qatari sponsors? Instead of asking the big questions, too many of us have decided to live in a permanent state of fear of the next terrorist attack. That fear has translated, for more than 12 years, into a willingness to close our eyes to the erosion of civil liberties; the unapologetic enthusiasm of the U.S.A. to engage in torture and targeted assassinations; and the

audacity of initiating aggression in violation of international law and precedent, all in the name of opposing terrorism. Just so that I am not misunderstood, this problem did not start with the Obama administration, and, unless we do something, will not end with the Obama administration. There should be no surprises here about domestic surveillance. Instead the time has come to draw a line. Author-

Fletcher continued from Page 21 to abandon Afghanistan, contributed to the 9/11 blowback? Do we need to be reminded that the NATO intervention in Libya unleashed weapons caches that have spread AK-47s throughout North Africa? Do we need to think for more than a second about the implications of intervening in the Syrian civil war as

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itarianism never suggests an end to freedom; rather, it promises safety and security against the threat of the moment. Wi Bill Fletcher, Jr. is a Senior Scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies. He is the immediate past president of TransAfrica Forum and the author of “They’re Bankrupting Us” – And Twenty Other Myths about Unions. Follow him on Facebook and www.

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July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013


the past recession and changing consumer tastes. An example is the Disney Store, which has closed one-third of its stores since 2008. Borders bookstore, also closed its doors and I openly wept because it was a place that no matter how old he got, my son and I could still agree that Borders was one of our favorite places, (and one of the rare places during his early teen years where he was not embarrassed to be seen with me). Sometimes, we let our fingers and plastic do the walking and shop on our computers, tablets or phones instead of heading out to the physical stores. Nielsen’s shopping report shows that although e-commerce is growing, representing 5.4 percent of retail sales in the last quarter of 2012, consumers still spend most of their money at brick and mortar locations. (Makes sense, because as convenient as online shopping can be, we still like to touch, compare, try on

and have an “experience” in the actual stores). The report also reveals that affluent suburban families are more than twice as likely to shop online as the average American household, spending about $200 online a year and that e-commerce will continue to grow over the next five years. Although e-commerce can be a double-edged sword for retailers, it’s projected that it is going to work particularly well for those establishments that take advantage of promotions both online and in their stores. Look at what we’ve done. Again, our consumer preferences have re-shaped another entire industry. That’s why our consumer choices and behaviors are so important. That kind of power is heady stuff.wi Cheryl Pearson-McNeil is senior vice president of public affairs and government relations for Nielsen. For more information and studies go to

receipts in 2002, compared with onethird of White-owned firms and 28.8 percent of Asian-owned firms.” Two questions: Where have you heard or read that before? And, what does that say about our willingness to support Black businesses with Black dollars? “Stop it! I’m not going to tell you again.” That is, until the next time I tell you the same thing, and the times after that, just as any good parent does out of love for their children. But in addition to my continuing to rave about our economic condition, and offer ways to ameliorate our situation, I will continue to encourage folks like Ghatt to enlighten us. It’s the same message with a different messenger, but all in the line of Booker T., Garvey, Bethune, DuBois, Elijah Muhammad, Luke Edwards, Robert Wallace, and Brooke Stephens. In his own inimitable style (If you know him you will understand),

Claud Anderson, author of Powernomics and president of the Harvest Institute in Washington, D.C., responded to the article by saying, “Bragging about how much Blacks consume is like a crack addict bragging about how much money he spends to consume crack. It’s the producers and sellers of crack that have the power, not the consuming addict. All the crack addict has is a bad habit that consumes brain tissue and wealth. Like the crack addict, we as a race, simply consume what others produce. We enrich those from whom we purchase…we have enriched every racial, religious, and ethnic group on this earth except ourselves.” I am sure Claud’s parents told him a hard head makes a soft behind, and he is constantly telling us the same thing, calling for us to wake up and have our dollars start making some sense by putting them to work for us rather than for everybody else. Ghatt ended her piece by also offering some wise words: “[The

Nielsen Report] should be…a call to arms to better educate ourselves on saving and growing money so that it lasts longer than one pay period.” I continue to say, “Stop the madness, folks.” It’s way past time that we grow up, despite what was done to us in the early years of this country; it’s time we take charge of our own economic empowerment by holding on to more of that $1 trillion a lot longer than we do at present. This reminds me of a song I heard growing up: “The eagle flies on Friday, and Saturday I go out to play; Sunday I go to church and kneel down on my knees and pray.” Yes, they call it “Stormy Monday.” I wonder why. wi Jim Clingman, founder of the Greater Cincinnati African American Chamber of Commerce, is the nation’s most prolific writer on economic empowerment for Black people. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati and can be reached through his Web site,

in 2006 by a 98-0 vote in the Senate and 390-33 in the House, with 15,000 pages of Congressional data compiled over a period of 20 months of rigorous hearings. The Voting Rights Act was signed into law by Republican President George W. (for worst in history) Bush. If that combination does not constitute an expression of “the people’s Representatives in Congress and the Executive” then I don’t know what possibly could be more demonstrative of the will of the peoples’ representatives.

Justice Scalia was perfectly comfortable voting to assert “judicial supremacy” in that case which might have benefited Black people, who he considers a coterie trying to force the society to grant undeserved entitlements. The final irony in the DOMA case is the litigant. She is Edith Windsor, who went to court because when her wife died she had to pay an additional $360,000 in federal taxes on the estate. Most folks I know will never see $360,000 in their entire lifetime of earnings. And that’s just the amount

of the taxes, not the value of the entire estate. I’ve never known any real Civil Rights “victims” fretting over and going to court to settle a $360,000 tax beef. So here we are. Thanks to our friends on the Supreme Court, it’s plain to me that America has declared in its recent decisions concerning DOMA and the Voting Rights Act, that the message being sent out is unambiguous: LGBT=Sí; Afro=No.wi

mcneil continued from Page 22

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Muhammad continued from Page 22 DOMA. Justice Scalia was apoplectic. He said in his dissent in the DOMA case which he read aloud from the bench, “That is jaw-dropping. It is an assertion of judicial supremacy over the people’s Representatives in Congress and the Executive,” adding that the framers of the Constitution created a judicial branch with limited power in order to “guard their right to self-rule

against the black-robed supremacy that today’s majority finds so attractive. “We have no power under the Constitution to invalidate this democratically adopted legislation.” But that’s what conservatives always say: liberal judges are “legislating from the bench” when they overturn laws conservatives don’t like. And yet in the case of the Voting Rights Act, Justice Scalia voted to overturn legislation that was passed

38 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

shopping center sales for 2012 were more than $2.4 trillion, an increase of 2.8 percent over 2011. There’s good news, too, for the smaller guys – those neighborhood centers or community centers that we all love, where we do our quick grocery store runs, dry cleaning or grab our morning coffee. Their numbers have remained constant. However, those small shopping centers that are anchored by a convenience store are growing because convenience stores (c-stores) are increasing even faster than the overall market, up 4.9 percent over the last year compared to 3.7 percent for the overall market. The picture is not so rosy for everyone, however. We all had our favorite specialty stores that either no longer exist or have closed locations as a result of

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40 July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013

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The Washington Informer

July 4, 2013 - July 10, 2013


The Washington Informer July 4, 2013  

The Washington Informer - July 4, 2013

The Washington Informer July 4, 2013  

The Washington Informer - July 4, 2013