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In the summer of 1997, Jérémie Daclin launched Cliché Skateboards with little more then a Franc and a dream. In the decade and change since, Cliché hooked up some of the world’s best skateboarders, put Europe’s biggest spots on the map, released several of the most critically acclaimed videos ever, and changed skateboarding’s geographic scope forever more. Beyond Gypsy Tours, Lucas Puig, French Fred, Jojo, and Freedom Fries. Résumé is 320 pages of European skateboard history written by Mackenzie Eisenhour. Art Directed by ill-Studio in Paris, the high quality print hard cover book features some of skateboarding’s most memorable photography from Mike O’Meally, Oliver Barton, Olivier Chassignole, Alexis Zavialoff, Benjamin Deberdt, Fred Mortagne and more... Bon Voyage ! Check the video-teaser relesed for the event launch:

The exhibition includes a selection of prints among the best Résumé images, describing an entire decade of skateboarding: not just tricks but portraits, life on the road, illustrations and graphics from the most esteemed and representative european skateboard company: Cliché. Cliché skateboarding videos, internationally renowned as the most stylish, will be shown during the exhibition. The music selection will be proudly made by Cliché’s team riders. Some top Pro Skateboarders from Cliché team will take part in the event ending with a skate-session at the infamous Bastard Bowl: Jeremie Daclin, Flo Mirtain, Ricardo Fonseca, JB Gillet, Javier Mendizabal and Charles Collet. This event will take place on April the 17th, during Milano Design Week, starting at 6:00 PM, hosted by Bastard Store, via Scipio Slataper, 19 Milano. The venue is located in a converted old cinema close to Milan Central Station and includes: Bastard flagship store, a suspended bowl and offices for Comvert. Bastard HQ is also competing to become “building of the year”:

Following you will find sampler images from the book and pictures from previous Résumé events in Lyon (France) and Los Angeles (California).

for contact and inquires: +39 0362 185 54 5 skype: deadpol

Cliche Resume Exhibition  

Press Release for the Italian Cliche Resume event

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